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Neo Emolga
03-25-2011, 02:48 AM



For the last hundred years, the force known as the Agents of Oblivion have consumed the life of a myriad of worlds under the leadership of the Doombringer, a rebel archdemon whose power over darkness and infernal pain is nearly infinite. This demonic and enigmatic force is known to have been a dark uprising to even the darkest pits of Hell, a force so vilely corrupt and twisted that even Hell recognizes them as an enemy as Oblivion continues destroying even their brethren demons simply for sport and entertainment.

The Agents of Oblivion, legions of fiendish creatures hidden in shadowy camouflage, concealed behind dark, twisted masks of truly macabre nature, remain as an all-consuming enigma and as riddles hidden within shadows. Some have only caught glimpses of them, recollecting Oblivion spawn as dark-skinned creatures with horrifying eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and clad in midnight-colored armor. Meanwhile, they are feared for their grizzly ability to turn souls into fuel, reducing spirits and essences into nothing more than gasoline to power their destructive and macabre war machines and engines to further their campaign of complete erasure to all peace and life. With immortal souls as their source of energy, they could only grow more powerful, more destructive, and more relentless.

The Black Prophecy, a foreboding vision that has spread across the universe through the mystics, seers, and the soothsayers, has foretold there is no hope, and that the Agents of Oblivion cannot be stopped. The worlds that have fought against this force had met virtually no success, falling to the legions like lambs to the slaughter. Every single one of them, even yours, have all fallen to the wrath of oblivion, leaving nothing but desolate emptiness where there was once life… once happiness…

But you were different…

Your soul was one that the Agents of Oblivion could not harvest, even after they brutally slaughtered your mortal shell in their bloodlust. You had seen them destroy the world you called home, the once lively cities reduced to nothing more than blackened husks, and the bodies of once living and breathing people and creatures that lived in peace, now forever silenced. And you had seen them kill everyone around you, reap their souls, and destroy everything you and they held dear. But when they killed you, yours was a soul they could not touch, for yours was like a candle light in darkness, a light that drove back all shadows and evil. Neither you nor they understood why you were different from all the others, but the fact of the matter remained. The Agents of Oblivion tried to capture you and even just attempt to contain you, but they could not touch the radiant light that shone from your soul as you drifted away from the wreckage of the world you once knew…

…and you were denied death, barred from passage to the afterlife, but too strong in spirit to become a ghost or a lost soul, and instead became a wandering light. Seeing you as a mysterious radiance that could not be scratched by Oblivion, in its dying breath, the very world that had once been your home relinquished its power, its mysteries, and its essence unto you in the hopes that you would carry the strength to perhaps defend another world from the horrors and atrocities that had claimed and devoured yours. It was then that you realized the very world you lived upon was a living being in itself, and here, it had made you the beneficiary to all it’s power…

The power of the world had sacrificed its last essence unto you gave you incalculable potential, filling your soul with light, power, and possibility that the Agents of Oblivion could only dream of. To them, you were forbidden fruit, a well of such infinite power that they simply couldn’t have, and it nearly drove them to insanity and madness. However, the Doombringer, albeit frustrated that he couldn’t harvest your now bounteous soul, allowed you to drift away, knowing that while your soul was empowered after the doom of your planet, your ties to the world of the living were severed, and you were helpless to stop the Doombringer and his Agents of Oblivion from continuing their campaign. In the end, he laughed, knowing the only thing you were capable of now was simply watching him and his vile armies crush the universe in his grasp…

…and you simply drifted away from everything you had ever known…


“I have heard the words of despair, the cries among the seers silenced, the eyes of the universe gouged. I have felt your light, and ask you… would you want to live again? Would you want one more chance to see, feel, and befriend once again? Would you be willing to help me, while I bestow life upon you once more?”

It has seemed that after being denied death, being barred safe passage to the realm of the afterlife, your only choice was reincarnation from this mysterious being whose voice you have never heard before.

“My name is Arceus, and I, along the world I have created, are in crisis. The people of this world, and the many creatures called Pokémon that inhabit this world live every day in fear, anxiety, and pain. They know the end is coming, the words of the coming of Doombringer have reached them, and the visions of the Black Prophecy have challenged and strained their hopes. I can revive you and reincarnate you as one of our own, give you life while you give them hope and something to believe in once again. Please, don’t let them and the world I created for them fall into the hands of Doombringer…”

It was then that your vastly empowered soul had drifted throughout space to the world of Pokémon, still alive and clinging on to the will to survive, despite the darkness of the Black Prophecy that had reached them. All around this mysterious world, you saw its humans, its creatures called Pokémon, and how they lived and trained together, but now did so with worry, with despair, and stress that kept their eyes affixed to the skies, wondering how much longer they had before the force that had already claimed and consumed so many planets and worlds would consume theirs. Together, they prepared for a war and a horror that so many other worlds, including your world, had failed to survive and endure…

But there was one factor Doombringer and his Agents of Oblivion had not considered…

…there was a vital element that the dark visions and predictions of the Black Prophecy had not accounted for…

You. You and the new body and life that Arceus would give you…

…they did not foresee your reincarnation…

…they could not see there was a new defender among the people and Pokémon of this world had not seen ever before in their lives…

And you said yes, yes to new life, to new hope, and the chance to avenge the world that you once knew, once loved and lived upon, and had given you the power and chance to use its energy and spirit to defend another world from falling into the wrath of Oblivion…

Arceus’s world of Pokémon is next on Oblivion’s list…


One by one, Arceus had gathered the souls of those granted the relinquished powers of the worlds they had come from, establishing the Infinite Circle, a unity between Arceus, his battalion of legendary Pokémon, and you, one among several vastly powerful sleeper cells made to be hidden anonymously among the living of Arceus’s world as either common people or Pokémon, but hiding power that dwarfed that of even Arceus legendaries.

It was then that Arceus had taken your blessed and strangely powerful soul, and had allowed you to breathe new life, opening the eyes of your new body and form, you find yourself among the members of the Infinite Circle, Arceus, his legendaries, the top human commanders of the world, and others like you that inherited the power and will of the worlds they had once lived upon, gathered together before the end of all things.

It is here in this hallowed ground that you begin what will be a defiant stand against Doombringer and his Agents of Oblivion. The souls of Arceus’s world would be especially valuable to his campaign, but he does not know the powerful souls he was forced to leave behind have now come to stand against him…

You are a beacon of light and hope in a time of great darkness and despair. You are one of several saviors that may very well hold the keys of this world’s survival, and the salvation of the entire universe…

…but even you have yet to understand the reason why…


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Neo Emolga
03-25-2011, 02:49 AM
Kyrael the Emolga
Sootopolis City, Hoenn
Five Days…

I carried the dreams, the soul, and the remnants of a world that was stripped of life and hope in my heart. Many would consider it to be a massive burden, a large responsibility, but I saw it as a hope and as something to preserve, like the way a father watches over their child. And as this child had protected me, it was my turn to return the favor.

The creator of this new world I walked upon, Arceus, had gathered the others in a waterborne, protected city called Sootopolis in the Hoenn continent, revered to be hallowed ground. Anyone and everyone that held a significant role in the unfolding crisis had been gathered there as the members of the Infinite Circle, the last alliance of souls that resisted the campaign of Doombringer and his Agents of Oblivion. There, I saw the ones Arceus had considered to be his legendary Pokémon, the commanders of the elements and forces of nature, and the legion of the most powerful defenders of this planet. Besides them were the human leaders, commanders, and faction overseers that directed the use of the human militaries and militias that would be using technology, weaponry, and tactics at their spear against Oblivion’s legions.

“Five days…” The pink feline-like Pokémon named Mew had told the Infinite Circle. “That’s all we have until they arrive.”

“There’s already been signs of their coming,” Commander Jason Gray, a seasoned and scarred human military General told the Circle. “Crops are failing for no reason, some of the land has already become blighted, and our scientists have already been logging in new diseases that we just can’t diagnose and don’t have the cures for. Though I’m sure most of you were already aware of this.”

I recalled it myself, and I knew these were definitely signs of their arrival. Pestilence, starvation, and sickness started off mild, and then on the last day, most of the soldiers were too weak, too sick, and even too insane to fight. Oblivion claimed them quickly and early, and left no soul untouched.

Except for mine. I didn’t understand why or what caused me to be different, or why any of these others were different. What was it that I didn’t know? It felt like such a burning question, but I didn’t know what the answer was or what I needed to do to find it out, and until I did, I felt like I was riding on a mistake, on an assumption that could be horribly wrong but I wouldn’t be aware of it until it was far too late to turn back.

“Five days…” I muttered to myself. “There’s not much time at all…”

“I would kindly like to ask the human commanders to begin preparation as we begin ours,” Arceus told the Circle. “Oblivion is upon us, and the Black Prophecy shows no sign of being false proclamation. Already, we have evidence here among us that tells us the worlds before ours have failed.”

And we, the arrivals, were that evidence. We were proof that each one of us resembled the doom of a planet, the crushing and evisceration of an entire world. Where we and our kind had failed, would these people and Pokémon hold them back? At the moment, I saw very little difference between this world and the world of Talraka and Hedigar. While the legendary Pokémon had intriguing powers and capabilities, did they really have enough?

I wanted to believe they did. I wanted to believe all of us had something the other worlds didn’t. Something Oblivion didn’t see.

I had to believe…

Master Zorua
03-25-2011, 03:32 AM
Robert the Time Lord
Sootopolis City, Hoenn

It took some doing but it was finally finished. This enemy that was coming was unlike anything anyone had faced before. However, this world had one advantage, one I'm sure our enemies won't be expecting. This world has those that had experienced what the Agents of Oblivion were capable of, their technology, and their tactics. Considering how they went about destroying worlds, they seemed to have a more vicious mentality than even the Daleks were capable of, and just as much of a superiority complex.

I have to say, as I look upon this new hybrid weapon, that both a sense of pride and the taste of bile comes upon me. A handheld weapon that combined the sonic technologies of my friend, The Doctor, the lazer technologies of The Master, and a personally shameful yet much needed weaponry technology of the Daleks. It was an weapon capable of obliterating a target. I had already done test trials on boulders and scrap tanks. The lazer creates the entry wound, while the sonic waves that travel around the lazer weaken the molecular structure of the target, and finally the Dalek phazon which encompasses both beams atomizes the weakened target, leaving nothing left but the base elements, all scattered into the wind.

I had other projects ready as well. A modified sonic screwdriver that was tinkered with to include Pokeball technology, allowing me to capture, store and release Pokemon, making Pokemon selection as easy as the press of a button. Also I managed to develop a mind shield helmet, in order to protect the mind of those who wear them from psychic damage and manipulation. AT the very least, the footsoldiers would have a better chance of survival against these demons and any mind manipulation attacks.

I exited my TARDIS with the new weapon in hand, along with a thumbdrive which held the schematics and instructions of how to mass produce these for the military application. I would have to ensure that this data would be destroyed after this war, should we survive it. The last thing this universe needs is for Dalek technology to exist ever again.

I walked in on the meeting and looked over to the General and held out the thumb drive. "General, take this. The data for the weapon I created is on that, and this weapon might give us the best chance of hurting or even killing those bastards. I have to admit, it disgusts me to have to taint Time Lord technology with Dalek weaponry, but we've few options available. Should we win the day, I would ask that this data is deleted and all weapons produced from that data are destroyed as well. Such a weapon is too dangerous for it to fall into the wrong hands." I explained with a commanding yet respectful tone.

I had to hope The Doctor was still alive and working on his end to help us out. However, all I could do was expect the worst and plan on that. If he's somehow still alive out there, I'll be both shocked and grateful. For now, I'm one of the few best hopes this world has.

03-25-2011, 04:35 AM
Alexander Aymes
Sootopolis City, Hoenn

IAs I pulled myself off the ground my head spinning I thought myself to be insane before I recognized the voice that echoed in my mind as I floated in limbo now knowing what I heard to be true. This massive being know as Arceus had given me my new body to help him, and his small army protect their world from the very thing that destroyed my world: Oblivion. As I scanned the room I noticed other humans, and even more creatures know as Pokemon, but they seemed different than the others. I felt a strange power emitted from their bodies, and I felt connected to them some how, and that was when a pink floating Pokemon that addressed itself as Mew spoke to us all.

"Five days..........That's all we have until they arrive" It spoke in a somber tone.

As I looked down at my fist I, and I clenched it tightly feeling the coursing power in my new body. I knew that I owed these beings more than I could ever repay. They gave me new life, and they gave me a second chance, and now there was a chance a would waste a second life like I did my first.

"No......" I whispered to myself so none could hear it. " I will not waste my life again, and I will not let this world die like so many others have" Taking my eyes off my fist finally I take a deep breath, open my eyes, and hear Arceus begin to speak off the preparations that need to be made by both Pokemon, and human alike, and deliver a dark reminder of the Black Prophecy. I lock eyes with the human General Jason Grey, and approach him quickly feeling full of energy that seems to have no limit, and sprint up to him feeling all of my negative thoughts slipping away, and think to myself.

We have a chance to win this war, and I'll be damned if I don't do more than anyone here to help.

03-25-2011, 04:13 PM
Elizabeth Grace Shriver
Sootopolis City

My head was swimming as I pulled it up, wave after wave of nausea hitting me like tonnes of bricks. As my vision cleared and my head stopped throbbing, I took a look around. Needless to say, I was terrified. I sat on one side of the room, accompanied by other beings, and across us seemed to be creatures ranging in size, colour, looks and general ferociousness.

A small pink creature spoke. "Five days," I was shocked as the sound of it's voice filled me mind, "that's all we have until they arrive." the creature's voice seemed to have a tone of sorrow. A man, I recognised him to be a human, listed the signs they've had. All of which my homeplanet Emroyn had seen before being destroyed. The leader, Arceus as I recall him saying his name was, told the human male that all human forces were to begun preparations as the Pokémon began theirs (I recognised the name as it was whispered around the humans).

Five days and I had to relive the horror once more. At least I could try harder this time. In my petite voice I spoke up. "Excuse me, um, Arceus, yes?" I was nervous about speaking in front of all these people, "you mentioned crops and disease... I was wondering. Um. Is there anything that I could do to help? I've alway been quite medical and agricultural, I'm sure there's something I could do. I don't want this world to face the same fate as mine." I looked sullen, and my eyes looked away from the mighty creature known as Arceus, to the smaller pink one known as Mew (Once again I had heard the creatures name being spoken). I stared at Mew as I awaited my answer.

Neo Emolga
03-25-2011, 11:09 PM
Kyrael the Emolga
Sootopolis City, Hoenn
Five Days…

I had remembered the pestilence that the human Commander spoke of. The most painful part of this reality was the fact these people and these creatures called Pokémon had no idea of what horrors Oblivion was capable of. To call them sadistic and vile were compliments. There were no words to describe how evil they truly were. But to me, it brought up one question. What exactly would they do when they had crushed and grinded down everything? Would they weep because there was nothing left to destroy? Or would they turn on each other until only the worst and most vile creature among them stood alone, surrounded by a dead universe only to realize he had conquered nothing, for nothing would be all that remained?

Evil always turns on itself. Never once has a reliable alliance among the wicked ever been established.

“Excuse me, um, Arceus, yes?” One of the female Arrivals had asked the god. “You mentioned crops and disease... I was wondering. Um. Is there anything that I could do to help? I've always been quite medical and agricultural, I'm sure there's something I could do. I don't want this world to face the same fate as mine.”

“Go to where they need you most,” Arceus advised her. “The region of Johto has been hit the hardest by this pestilence, and its waters, its forests, and its denizens have all succumbed to various diseases. But please, if you intend to go there, we cannot risk having you succumb to these diseases. Commander Jason Gray can provide you with rations, but you must not eat anything that comes from the ground.”

“Most of my men and I have started wearing gas masks also,” Commander Jason Gray informed the Arrival. “I’m not sure if you have anything like these where you come from, but it will protect you from the toxins that have recently been circulating in the atmosphere.”

I remembered this warning sign, however. I recalled that in Talraka, the continent of Aishia was the first to be hit by the pestilence. Commander Gray’s speculations were right, when the arrival time drew closer and closer, the situation there would only get worse.

And Aishia was where they struck first…

“Beware, they will strike Johto first…” I told the others, realizing the pattern.

“How do you know?” Mew had asked me, looking at me curiously as she seemed to effortlessly float in the air.

“The Eye of Oblivion…” I told her, recalling the horrors I had seen. “Whatever it sets its sights on is the new target, and that target begins to corrode and decay just from being seen and gazed upon by such an unholy presence. Where I came from, there was a continent called Aishia, and the Eye once gazed upon it, causing all its lands to literally rot from the inside out. It leaves the area defenseless, the people too weak to fight, the creatures too sick to even open their eyes…

…by the time they arrived, whoever was still alive simply asked to be massacred… if they even could.”

There was shock and concern among the rest of the Circle, but I knew… I had seen and felt that unholy force. In my nightmares, I saw the Eye of Oblivion, digging away at the souls of the living. Everyone was there, mortified that they could not see what was destroying them from within…

I was the only one that could see it… and there were times… I wished I couldn’t… and I didn’t have to…

“There’s no way we can evacuate everyone…” Commander Gray warned the rest of the Circle. “If that Emolga is right, our only choice is to have machines and automated weaponry take their place. But there’s no way we’ll have enough!”

“Take what you can, General,” Arceus advised him. “Ensure your warriors are prepared with hazmat suits, and only use Pokémon that can resist the toxins, whether they are steel, rock, ground, or poison types themselves. But for the others… it’s far too dangerous for them to remain there. Be careful, panic and hysteria will only make the situation worse.”

It was then that Commander Jason Gray had saluted Arceus, and left the Circle.

“I want you two to go with him,” Arceus told the two of us. “The purifying power the both of you have can cleanse vast areas, and can keep our defenders there from succumbing to this Eye of Oblivion. Work quickly, but not with reckless haste. The sooner you two arrive in Johto, the better. Time is growing short…”

“It will be done,” I bowed before the god.

It was then that Commander Gray had shown us the way to his awaiting helicopter, positioned on the roof of one of the buildings. I knew… seeing this continent of Johto in its early stages of disease and strife would bring back horrible memories, but I knew, as long as I lived and breathed again, I would do everything I could to ensure this world would not join all the others that were shaken, cried out in pleas, only to be suddenly silenced.

I had joined Commander Gray, who still seemed surprised I had taken on the likeness of the small, sky squirrel Pokémon. I couldn’t help but smile, because I truly did hope the Agents of Oblivion would make the same foolish mistake to so badly judge a creature’s strength and ability simply by its size and appearance.

However, hopefully, that strive of mine would be much longer lived than it had been the first time…

03-25-2011, 11:59 PM
Alexander Aymes
Sootopolis City, Hoenn

I shuffled in place as he heard the others discuss the heavy amount of disease, and pestilence affecting a area called Johto, and one of the Pokemon that he sensed the heavy energy inside knew much about what it truly meant. According to the small squirrel this Johto area is going to be where the invasion will begin. As the General, squirrel, and another human made their way to a helicopter, and made ready to depart for the point of invasion. I thought my powers might help, but they seemed like they knew more than I could.

I came to the realization of the fact that I knew very little of what we are really fighting. I knew that they destroyed everything, and devoured the souls of their victims, but besides that I was ignorant to our enemy. Being confined to a bed for twenty years has limited my
" street smarts " to minimum levels. I decided that I needed to learn more, and fast about what Oblivion, and its Agents really were.

Running from where I had been standing towards the group of Pokemon with Arcues standing in the center of them. I figured the leaders would know the most out of any of the inhabitants of this world about Oblivion.

"Excuse me!" I spoke loudly, and quickly wanting them to notice me. "I thank you for my chance to live once again, but I want to ask you for one more thing. Please explain how can we fight these things? I don't know if you know, but I haven't been out of the same room for twenty years until very recently so I know little about what is to come except that I'm going to fight. I feel I won't be much help anywhere else so tell me how to kill these unholy bastards!" I waited silently, shaking where I stood for any kind of response from them.

Master Zorua
03-26-2011, 12:49 AM
Sootopolis City, Hoenn

After the meeting was over, I glanced over to the the one asking questions about how we were going to fight these beings. I felt perhaps I could at the very least clarify the means a bit. I walked over to the man and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Think of dealing with this enemy as one would deal with a disease. The first step is to treat the symptoms and stabilize the patient. In this case, starvation and military unpreparedness due to food shortage. These are things that can be solved by gathering food from various places, and in my case, going to different periods in the timeline of this world to gather various foods to help distribute to the people. Isolating and treating the diseased people and learning how to keep the disease caused by this unholy gaze from spreading while having our fighting forces kept separate to minimize any casualties to illness will help on those fronts." I explained a bit to the young man before looking up to the sky.

"Next, you identify, target and cure the illness, which in this case are the agents of Oblivion. Given the fact that their strategy is to cripple and weaken their targets before attacking, I imagine they would not be able to actually handle a well coordinated assault from healthy soldiers and brilliant tacticians like myself. For now, our priority is to prevent the troops from starving, keep moral high despite the odds, and having all of us who have managed to escape being devoured learn each other's powers, strengths and weaknesses so when battle comes we will be a truly unstoppable force, those are our current goals." I finished explaining to the man.

03-26-2011, 01:06 AM
Piaoyang that flamably luvable Charizard :>
Sootpools City, Hoenn

Piaoyang was silent as he listened to the others speak, his mind was still reeling from the horrors of what happened to Kalas and how he was unable to do anything about it. As he thought back, he remembered how when he got to the council only to find a trap set up for him. All he could do was watch in terror as his world was drained of all life. Being an elemental, the essence of life, that was no easy task. He saw in his mind’s eye how the great Alamar Plains were the first to be corrupted by the Oblivion. Bringing himself back to reality, he started to pay attention to what was going on. A small pink Pokemon was floating around as it spoke. It reminded Piaoyang of an Ignaut, a small creature with a serpentine like head, a feline body and a tail that was twice as long as it was.

“Five days…” The Mew spoke the Infinite Circle. “That’s all we have until they arrive.”

This wasn’t all that surprising to Piaoyang, his dream gazing had yet to be wrong about events that were etched into the fabric of time and could not be prevented, but what he failed to see was how this would all end, for two visions had come forth. One was complete destruction, such as that of Kalas, of the world Arceus had created and the other was salvation, only time would tell which of the visions would come to pass. Johto was going to be the first target of the Oblivion, the signs were there and it presented itself, if vaguely as if in a haze, in the dream gaze. Piaoyang heard a strange looking squirrel talk of how the Oblivion had taken his home, sympathy burst forth from Piaoyang. He knew how hard it must be to relive the devastation that had ravaged his world.

Piaoyang however was an elder elemental, his sense of duty to the protection of life and hatred of the Oblivion forced him into action. He ruffled his new wings and stepped forth, “I believe I can help out where I’m from I was an elder air elemental, I can bend the particles in the air to make it safe for us to breath,” he spoke in a low, hallowed voice that nonetheless carried throughout the vicinity they were in, “If it is amenable to you Acreus, I would like to accompany them.”

03-26-2011, 04:41 AM
Elizabeth Grace Shriver
Sootopolis City

When Arceus said "You two", I assumed he meant me and the odd being that floated near me in the room. "Um, Arceus?" I tried to get his attention, "If I were to go to this land... Johto, was it? Do you think I could try to... Well, um, heal a person infected with the disease first?" I sounded a slight bit naive, thinking I might be able to heal, or at least dullen the pestilence that was killing the land. But if it could be done, then it must be done. I would not let this land go down too. I made a promise to my family. My dead family. Slaughtered and harvested by these "agents". Now, it was their turn to be slaughtered. Put in their place.

Before I heard Arceus' reply, I turned to the man who asked how we could fight the shadow beings. "Quite simply," I answered his question with a slight tone of malice now taking over my voice, "you kill them how you would any other creature. Just kill it. It doesn't matter how. In my previous life, I didn't go out without a fight. I managed to kill one before I was killed too." my eyes looked around awkwardly as I mentioned only killing one of the Agents. "They're a bit like any other creature. Or at least, the ones I faced were. Hunting in packs, and not leaving any one behind. They were savage."

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03-26-2011, 05:53 AM
As I was waiting for an answer from the group of creatures a man came up behind me, and place a hand on my shoulder, and began explaining to me in his own words how we should go about fighting the Agents.

"Think of dealing with this enemy as one would deal with a disease. The first step is to treat the symptoms and stabilize the patient. In this case, starvation and military unpreparedness due to food shortage. These are things that can be solved by gathering food from various places, and in my case, going to different periods in the timeline of this world to gather various foods to help distribute to the people. Isolating and treating the diseased people and learning how to keep the disease caused by this unholy gaze from spreading while having our fighting forces kept separate to minimize any casualties to illness will help on those fronts." The man spoke to me as I turned to face him.

His words bounced around in my head as I contemplated what he had told me. According to him we need to help each other first before we actually fight anything. He then continued to explain further, but I was distracted still pondering what he had already said. I caught the brief end of what he said that we need to learn more about each others powers, and sustain the army. I figured I couldn't help much with the moral issue the army had, but I was almost certain I could remedy the supply shortage, but before I could say anything to the older man a woman standing nearby spoke giving her thoughts on how to fight the Agents

"Quite simply," The woman began to speak "You kill them how you would any other creature. Just kill it. It doesn't matter how. In my previous life, I didn't go out without a fight. I managed to kill one before I was killed too." I notice her look around as she mentions killing one. "They're a bit like any other creature. Or at least, the ones I faced were. Hunting in packs, and not leaving any one behind. They were savage."

I found it interesting how the two had totally different responses to my question. The older looking man gave me a way to sustain the soldiers, and had a strategy. While the woman simply told me what they were like, and how to kill them. As I looked at both of them I realized that while we are all blessed with power from our destroyed worlds we are all incredibly different, and that will make it a task to cooperate if any of our personalities clash in the slightest.

"Thank you both for the info I'm sure it will help me very soon." I turn to face the older man more directly, and continue to speak. " As for the food problem I think I might have a way to ease the burden." I take a step back, and close my eyes as I feel the heavy energy coursing through my veins focus on my hands. I slowly open my eyes, and see a bright white aura surrounding both of my hands. I face my palms towards the ground, and I let instinct consume my mind as I speak one simple word.

"Creation." As I speak the light falls from my hands, and slowly descends to the ground. As it reaches the ground its brightness dulls some, and it seems to settle almost like a shadow underneath both my hands, and feel the limitless possibilities that that light gives me. " Alright I think I can do this just tell me what supplies we need, and I'll get you some." I speak with an half-hearted grin on my face. "I'm Alexander by the way. You can call me whatever you want though."

Neo Emolga
03-26-2011, 06:51 AM
Kyrael the Emolga
Sootopolis City, Hoenn
Five Days…

The question of how we would fight these abominations had come up, and it was a valid question. One of the responses from the others seemed valid, that Oblivion depended on the defenses being weakened after being poisoned by the Eye of Oblivion. While we could counteract that, there was another element of the equation that I realized might be how we would be able to organize a potential reprisal.

“We definitely need the defenses to be ready and healthy,” I agreed with the other arrival. “But from what I can tell, these Agents of Oblivion seem to relish the harvesting of the souls. They don’t strike already vacant and uninhabitable planets, they strike the ones with life, with living creatures that have souls.”

I thought long and hard about it, but I began to see where the issue lied. I eventually came to the conclusion that the same thing they sought after was the same thing that kept the alive.

“The hunger for the souls of living creatures because it seems to empower them,” I told the others. “I believe… that’s what we need to do, and its someone only we have the potential to do. We need to free the souls from Oblivion’s grasp. The souls are immortal, which means the spiritual energy that they radiate is being used to drive Oblivion’s machines of war and destruction, and used to empower their troops. Every soul we free means Oblivion will get that much weaker. But the issue is… we have many, many souls we need to free. Trillions…”

“It seems there will many of them, though,” Arceus replied, seeming concerned. “How do you intend to fight them, release the souls, and keep the lands cleansed all at the same time?”

“If we work together, it might be a possibility…” I replied to him, thinking to myself. “However, the odds are slim. Chances are good the Agents of Oblivion won’t be able to be fully destroyed until all the souls are released and are granted safe passage to their final resting place.”

It wasn’t going to be easy, but it was the best idea I had at the moment…

Master Zorua
03-26-2011, 07:12 PM
Sootopolis City, Hoenn

Robert looked over to Arceus and the Emolga. "You said we have five days, correct? So long as they don't send an advanced guard to attack us within those five days, I think we should plan in steps instead of tackling everything at once. For now, I'm going to do some experiments. That 'gaze' of thiers has to work like some sort of light frequency, something that can penetrate the ozone of the planet without being filtered out. If I can find out what wavelength or frequency is being produced, I can work on creating a sort of barrier to filter that out. After which I can attempt to treat those who are sick from the gaze by loading groups of them into my TARDIS, hopping back to a random point in time so I can treat them at a normal pace, and then return them here to one minute after I loaded up the last patient and then take others. And if I can get a working barrier over each town, or at least some towns, then that will be one more advantage for us as iut will prevent others from getting sick and stop the crops from dying off. It'd also give us more fighting manpower. Once the gaze problem is dealt with, we can focus on some defensive and offensive tactics." Robert explained.

It was going to take time for the experiments, construction of the devices, and treating the sick. Something on the scale he spoke of would take months. However, as a Time Lord who could travel into the past, present and future, he'd be able to do these things at a reasonable pace without costing them more than a day or two in the present. For him, time was at his command, and thus it was his ally.

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Sootopolis, Hoenn
Oblivion Count: 5

Cat blinked.

She knew a bit about souls and was quite confused, frankly, about why everyone was dithering about timelines and how to kill things and free souls.

She had actually been thinking about it for a long time. Why hadn't Oblivion harvested her, or any of them? Why had their souls been allowed to carry on, only to fight against Oblivion? She touched the brim of her hat nervously and looked at the top of Arceus' head. She then looked up at the sky, but that was fruitless. The sun wasn't there and all she could see was a circle of blue. There were no stars in this place and frankly it drove her mad; she wanted nothing more than to fly among those heavenly bodies, whom she could understand and who did not dither.

She knew how to kill.

She knew about souls.

She knew Robert's suggestion was quite possible, given his time traveling abilities.

But she didn't know why Oblivion hadn't taken them for energy.


She had a very crazy hunch, though.

She pushed through the crowd of humans - some of whom were shorter than she - and gave a few muttered 'excuse me's to those such as a blond in black with a blue, jet-finned dragon beside her; a teenageish boy with spiky black hair and a yellow rodent on his shoulder; and a rather large white plesiosaur-gone-dragon with a stern look. She squeezed into the main group around the Alpha Pokemon, lifting her muzzle to speak.

“Excuse me!” this time the words were very loud. “I agree with pretty much all of what these people have been saying and all that, but... There’s something else we haven’t taken into account. Why hasn’t Oblivion taken us to fuel their war machine? Why let us live on to keep up the fight?” she paused to let everyone around her mutter among themselves.

“Excuse me,” called the blond Cat’thlynn had bumped into before, “but what does this have to do with the task at hand? No offense, but that’s just pointless speculation.”

“Not at all!” Cat cried. She pointed with her staff; her thoughts began to flow like water as they often did when she was on a roll. “I think I may have figured something out. The Changed... Our spirits were all too strong to pass into the great After, yes? So maybe, just maybe, our spirits are too powerful for Oblivion to handle. Maybe our souls have enough sunlight to make their proverbial moon go nuclear.

“If one of them were somehow gotten to consume one of our souls, then perhaps the light within us could kill them in and of itself. Perhaps that is why, despite our power, we were left untouched.

“Either that, or I’ve just come up with a great way to commit suicide.”

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Elizabeth Shriver
Sootopolis City

I turned my attention back to the God-like Pokémon, Arceus. "So? I asked, then continued, "Where're we all gunna be needed? You'd best give us our assignments and send us on our way. We came here to help, so let us help." I didn't mean to sound so blunt, but I wanted to help straight away. I refused to let this world go the way mine did.

As I awaited my answer I let my eyes trail around the room. They stopped on a man creating a... Box? Crate? Out of nothing. I was quite astounded. I stared at it for a second as I awaited my answer. From a glowing mass of white light, there now stood a wooden crate. I was amazed. Then I remembered I was awaiting a reply and turned my eyes back to face Arceus. Just because I was a guest to their world, their dying world, doesn't mean I should throw away good manners.