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03-27-2011, 05:29 AM
I have some crazy ones that play out like movies in my head, and I'm not even myself in alot of them. Some are silly, some are terrifying and grotesque aswell as violent and vividly so.

Anyone else share this with me?

03-29-2011, 05:18 PM
I have some crazy ones that play out like movies in my head, and I'm not even myself in alot of them. Some are silly, some are terrifying and grotesque aswell as violent and vividly so.

Anyone else share this with me?
i had a dream that the united states was getting bombed
[1:04:24 PM] ReoPai: and we were at this huge crisis center, me and tommy
[1:04:27 PM] ReoPai: and we got seperated
[1:04:30 PM] ReoPai: and like
[1:04:37 PM] ReoPai: me and tommy had special powers
[1:04:43 PM] ReoPai: like I could breathe fire and fly
[1:04:47 PM] ReoPai: and Im not sure what tommy could do
[1:04:53 PM] ReoPai: but like there was this evil metal zombie guy
[1:04:59 PM] ReoPai: and like gah it was so hard killing him
[1:05:27 PM] ReoPai: I stomped his head repeatedly till it exploded.
then he stood back up and I threw him off the balcony place. then went in search of tommy.
[1:05:37 PM] ReoPai: [they were tyring to get all civilians into this lockdown place to be safe from radiation
[1:05:46 PM] ReoPai: but i ran from the enforcers and stuff
[1:05:49 PM] ReoPai: to go find tommy
[1:05:50 PM] ReoPai: well
[1:05:54 PM] ReoPai: all the lights went out
[1:05:58 PM] ReoPai: and the only light there was
[1:06:02 PM] ReoPai: was when a bomb would drop
[1:06:09 PM] ReoPai: then Id keep calling out tommys name
[1:06:24 PM] ReoPai: and blasting the **** out of the evil guys before they could shoot me
[1:06:27 PM] ReoPai: and it wasnt so much I could fly
[1:06:28 PM] ReoPai: it was..
[1:06:33 PM] ReoPai: I could jump reaaally high and far
[1:06:36 PM] ReoPai: almost like no gravity
[1:06:40 PM] ReoPai: and rawr
[1:06:43 PM] ReoPai: was scary dream
[1:06:52 PM] ReoPai: I never did find tommy before I got woked up by mooch
[1:07:48 PM] .RainbowLemonJerss.: You always have the strangest dreams hurrrrr
[1:08:00 PM] .RainbowLemonJerss.: Dreams like getting bombed always **** me up D;
[1:08:08 PM] ReoPai: xDD ouch

convo wif my friend jesssss.

Professor Geoffrey
03-31-2011, 02:51 AM
Oh... um... odd, certainly.

My dream last night was, oddly, that my competition for drum major (also known as **** *********; censored for her privacy) shook hands with me prior to our auditions.

~Professor Geoffrey

The pokemaster
03-31-2011, 09:29 AM
Most of the dream I have (that I can remember) seem to be short, and tend to be based around some kind of relationship with someone. Whether we're like going out or friends having an argument, that kinda thing. I dunno why, maybe it's some kinda psychological issue. :\

04-21-2011, 12:23 PM
I barely remember my dreams. I have three I can remember with any clarity... And they all happened ages ago.

First one was... I don't know even how to explain it... Well, if you've ever played Super Mario Sunshine, and there were those levels where you were like in this place where it was all black and these people were like singing the Mario theme acapella, you see could see old Mario sprites in the background, and all the platforms were moving, and the level was REALLY HARD, it was kind of like that level. (I just realized how trippy that sounded.) But, anyway, yeah. I think I died at the end.

And then there was one involving a Christmas tree and that costume that kids will wear, with the white face mask. They're supposed to be the grim reaper. It's like they jumped out from behind the christmas tree and chased me into a different room where there were more of them. I might point out that I was scared stiff of those costumes because a friend had jumped out and scared me on Halloween. I think I woke up screaming. Looking back, it was just kind of odd.

The third is the least clear, which is odd because I had it the most recently. I vaguely recall it involved a magic locket and a girl in a tower. And a dragon. Gave me a story idea. Too bad I didn't write it down... ^^'

...I swear I was not on anything when I had these dreams...

04-21-2011, 02:06 PM
A scattered dream that's like a far off memory... A far off memory that's like a scattered dream.

I don't usually dream, and the few dreams I have I don't really remember. I just remember one specific dream, and in that dream I was in Kingdom Hearts.


04-21-2011, 02:35 PM
I trip up in my dreams, and I flinch so it's like I fall over irl. I hate it -.-

One I've had was I was in this obstacle course with other people I didn't know, apart from there were traps and people died. It had the puppet from the SAW films.

And everything was candy! ;D

04-28-2011, 02:00 PM
...I hate "night terrors."

But anyways, the focus of the vast majority of my dreams are certain places, and rarely certain people. Mostly in...well, rather bizarre--if not surreal--amusement parks with all of these crazy, sometimes dangerous rides. Though one thing is in common with a lot of them: most of them are adrenaline rush-provoking rides.

I'm about always myself and am conscious of my actions and thoughts (im also able to physically feel quite a few things and sensations.), though sometimes I find myself seeing myself in some third-person point of view, most particularly in an oversold point of view.

A lot of the times a certain person will either change their appearance to that of a different person's, or never have looked like who they actually were to begin with.

Nightmares are rare for me; most of my dreams are incredibly bizarre and very thought-provoking the following morning.

A lot of dreams also pertain to video games...most particularly super-secret-hidden endings / ending levels especially.

Nonetheless, I love all of my dreams, they're all SO very interesting.

By the way, I can also remember certain dreams from a long time ago.

05-24-2011, 06:34 AM
I have a lot of nightmares when I was young! Now I gain much less dreams!
Zombie, werewolf, vampire, snakes everywhere, ghost chasing, oh, many types```It is really not amusing! :crackup: