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04-01-2011, 07:51 PM
Six years ago, on a remote island off the coast of the world-renowned Kanto region, high authorities from all over the world began constructing a breathtaking wildlife park which would surely hypnotize the nation with its dazzling sights and spectacles.

Now, the park has opened to the public, and wowed audiences worldwide with its spectacular array and diversity of Pokemon, all contained and captivated in suitable and sustained environments.

As unbelievable as it seems, the park fails to control all its inside problems and dilemmas without the valuable help from its one of many tireless, hardworking workers and managers that are the real key behind the inexplicable success the park has achieved over the last five years.

That's where you come into the picture. In this RPG, you either play as a veterinarian, a security ranger, a maintenance worker, or a Pokemon keeper patrolling the park.

And so with that, I welcome to the most ultimate Pokemon conservation park ever in history!

The Pokemon Park contains every single species of Pokemon ever recorded inside its walls, excluding legendaries, all split up into various categories revolving around its type. [E.g.: Grass, Fire, Water etc.]

There is also a visitor compound, a maintenance shed, a museum, a gift shop, a restaurant, along with many other vital necessities that are vital to keep the park in good condition for the public.

Available positions:
Maintenance worker: His/her job is to keep the park in a good condition, and make sure it is well presented to the public eye. This may involve smaller jobs involving the trash, but it also includes chores like constructing new enclosures for recently arrived Pokemon.
Security Ranger: His/her job is to control the Pokemon if violence ever resorted between them, or if they escaped their enclosures. Basically, they protect the public, whether it be from a violent man or a stray Pokemon.
Veterinarian: Obviously, his/her job is to nurture sick Pokemon, or newborn juveniles, and tenderly care for any Pokemon that has wound up in some trouble.
Pokemon Keeper: His/her job is to control the animals by feeding them, caring for them, and cleaning them or sorting out any problems they may have.

Guidelines for signing up: [My entree is in brackets]
Name: [Sammy Torres]
Gender: [Male]
Job: [Head Pokemon Keeper]
Appearance: [Naturally dresses in the provided uniform to work as a keeper at the park, and likes to wear something cool but smart if out elsewhere. He has medium brown hair, with a few blonde streaks running across, and a tanned face. He has a good build, as a result of a strict fitness regime he forces himself to follow.]
Bio: [Sammy got the job at the park after working as head keeper at Fuschia Safari Park for 4 years. He has degrees in Pokepaleontology, Pokezoology and Pokebiology.]
Pokemon [Optional]: Snorlax, Archeops, Carracosta, Shroomish.]

Doesn't have to be too lengthy, just follow my example. Make sure you include everything vital though.

Anyway, here it is! The ultimate Pokemon park is open!


04-03-2011, 06:04 AM
Name: Damien Parkes
Gender: Male
Job: Security Ranger
Appearance: Wears tan cargo shorts, tan hiking boots, white socks, a dark green polo shirt with the park logo on. Damien is a 6 foot 2 inches tall caucasian with short, spiky, light brown hair, he has a rather athletic build.
Bio: Damien has just left college with a Qualification in Poke'mon Care and Control, he applied for the Security Ranger job after getting bored of working at the Pewter City Poke'mart.
Pokemon: Spearow, Nidoran M, Nidoran F, Pidgeotto

Added a picture for you

04-03-2011, 05:56 PM
Oh, this is a very interesting idea.

Name: Colette Sheridan
Gender: Female
Job: Maintenance Worker
Appearance: Dresses in one of the park's uniforms: khaki shorts with a brown belt, brown hiking boots, and a blue shirt with the park logo and a catchy phrase about keeping the park clean on it. Her shirt is one size too large, so she usually ties a knot at the bottom of it. She has light brown eyes and similarly colored hair that goes just past her shoulders. While she is working, her hair is usually in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck, though her bangs are very disheveled and untidy. Being 18 years of age, she is about the average height of 5' 6".
Bio: Colette is usually traveling to different Pokemon contests, but her travel funds were dwindling. So, in an effort to build up her funds again, she has taken a job at the Pokemon Park.
Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Mightyena, Swampert, Quilava, Dewgong, Aipom

Let me know if I need to alter anything. =]

04-03-2011, 06:04 PM
Your both in! But one problem Fakeblood, is that age 14 seems a little young, so do you mind switching to 18? Might want to change the height in doing so aswell, otherwise, great profile and thanks for signing up!

04-03-2011, 06:08 PM
Reserve me a Pokemon Keeper, please?

04-03-2011, 06:18 PM
Reserved for 5 days.