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04-09-2004, 09:08 AM
There were once 5 superheros fighting crime and saving the world from the evil villian called Slade. Once those 5 Heros followed Slade out of the City and Destroyed him once and for all. Back at the city no one came to stop the Villians of the Streets. Lots of banks being robbed, Muggings and Deaths were rising in the city. As the Heroes Returned they agreed on making 5 new Members of the Titans and make them the new force calling themselves the Titans X. There was already one member on the Team already. Her name was Terra. But they had to find the other 4 but 1 was coming there way.

* You hear footsteps and puffing and huffing sounds. A boy aged 14 was running though the streets. A copule of Mugs chased after him. Them he saw the 6 people that he wanted to see *


* Terra shot bricks and stones to her enemys while Beast Boy changed into a T-Rex and Roared most of them out. Robin used his Kung-fu skills and Starfire, Cyborg and Raven shot Beams into them. Then suddenly a Crimson beam shot into the Muggers. As the titans turned around they saw the boy whit his hand in front of his face, he shot the beam *

Robin: Who is that kid?
Raven: Don't know, Don't Care!
* Shots the Beam and Roasts Raven *
???: I Think you guys just step aside
* They Step aside. The boy rages with anger and a Beam appears getting Bigger and Bigger. *
* As he said those words the Huge Giant Beam Shoots into the Muggers. They run crying. But as we look to the Left the Titans also got shot and there all Roasted. *
Robin: Looks like we found our X Leader * Goes on the floor *

End of Chapter 1 - Intro

04-13-2004, 08:04 PM
* Back in the Titans place we find the boy and the Titans *

??: Name's Andrew, But i call myself Renegade.
Robin: Andrew or i mean Renegade, how did you get your powers.
Renegade: Well while back i was a normal child and doing fine but alot of terrible things happened. One time i just got into a rage and blasted a shot of beams. I crushed the house down. Anyway i'm here to become a titan, I Know all your names and skills.

* Renegade walks from the left on the end and walks slowly to the right, the Titans are in a line *

Renegade: First up the Funny Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: How's it going dude!

Renegade: Not Bad Not Bad. Next up the Grumpy Raven
* Raventurns Angry *
Raven: Who you calling Grumpy
Renegade: No need my friend no need. Now coming to the Big Boy Cyborg, still hitting those touchdowns!

Cyborg: Of Course man of course, so simple getting thru these easy chumps.

All except Renegade: SAY WHAT!

Renegade: Laughs} Heh good one. Ok, * Moves on * Looking good Starfire!

Starfire: Thank you for those kind and humbull remarks

Renegade: Heh no need it's ok. Serious Robin, thought your with Batman or something.

Robin: Nope just Plain old self.

Renegade: Right, Right. *Stops* Look who we have here. Robin you didn't tell me you had a cute girl in your team. Terra is it?

Terra: * blushes * Yes it is. Nice to meet you Renegade

Renegade: Nice to meet you to Terra * Shakes her hand *. So where are my teammates

Robin: Well we already got one on your Team. Err She's in front of you.

Renegade: I see. Me and Terra on the same side, I'm Loving this.

Robin: Now Renegade, do the assault course.

Renegade: Don't mind if i do, and if Terra won't mind joining me if that's ok, oh yeah and make it Xtreme mode.

* All are shocked *

Robin: Xtreme Mode. But Terra........

Renegade: Don't worry. I've got it under control

Part 2 Ends