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Neo Emolga
04-08-2011, 01:45 PM


The government of Unova established Xexan as a biomedical research and development firm, which started off with government funding to sponsor its activities. Located in a private location a few miles north of Undella Town, the operation was kept silent from the public, knowing a few unethical sacrifices would have to be made to ensure Xexan was able to create medicines, procedures, and technology. Unova’s government, knowing there would be protestors about the operation if it were made public, kept it quiet, feeling that the research created by Xexan would benefit the greater good of both Pokémon and people, and in the end, Unova didn’t feel guilty in the slightest as they took a utilitarian mindset. For the sacrifice of a few wild Pidoves and Patrats, humans and other Pokémon could live longer and healthier lives as a result of conclusive testing. To Unova, it was a sane and responsible choice. No one needed to know about it.


In time, the government lightly benefited from Xexan’s research, but nowhere near what they were expecting. As a result, the Unova government demanded that Xexan fully disclose their research and produce something feasible and useful, or the Unova government would cut their funding. When there was no response from Xexan, several Unova investigation agents traveled to Xexan’s confidential location. Three days later, they lost contact with the agents and no one knew anything about their whereabouts. All communication with Xexan had been cut.

Xexan had gone rogue. By the time the Unova government had assembled a Special Weapons and Tactics force to infiltrate the location, they found the Xexan headquarters as a derelict. However, because the scientists they hired to manage and run Xexan’s operations had left in haste, they found some pieces of evidence that suggested Xexan’s activities were out of control and were beyond anything the government wanted. Detailed notes about experiments and tests revealed how absolutely deranged and psychotic these scientists had become, from decapitating a Miltank in order to run an experiment to see how long they could keep the severed head alive to exchanging limbs between humans and Pokémon to see if they would be able to function. The more they dug up, the more they realized how grave the situation had become. Missing trainers and their Pokémon were experimented on in the most inhumane ways, but they knew… this was only a fraction of what Xexan was doing… only just pieces of whatever mad science they had been doing just to please their dark, diabolical curiosities.

However, even after investigating everything in the derelict laboratory, they had no idea where Xexan was operating now or what they were doing. For the last five years, Xexan had been operating with stolen money, and selling their findings to new… more unethical buyers, including two terrorist groups the government only knew about in speculative rumors, Strangled Cross and Second Dusk.

…Meanwhile, the trail had gone cold for Federal Bureau of Investigation of Unova. Everything in the Xexan Undella Town location was a dead end. They needed answers, and the long list of now missing individuals was becoming the material of fear and hysteria…


Xexan has been operating for years, still undetected by the Unova government. There are one of three paths you can take, each with their own role in the storyline. What happens to Xexan, the missing trainers, and the Unova Investigation is now up to you…


For years, you’ve been working as an investigator for the Unova Federal Investigation Bureau, still trying to find anything about the missing trainers, and trying to separate the facts from the false urban legends. You know that Xexan has been hidden for quite some time, and you’ve been looking for leads and trails, but for the last five years, you’ve found nothing, and neither have your colleagues. Other FBI agents believe it’s a cold case and that Xexan is dead. Maybe there was a time you also believed that for a short while, but something’s wrong, you can feel it from the missing persons reports. True, sometimes Pokémon trainers plunge into deep trouble on their journeys, but fatal outcomes and long-term cases of trainers missing were rare. But for the last fifteen years, it’s been rampant, and you just have the hunch there’s a connection. You need the proof, but you need a lead. They’re out there… somewhere.

Before long, a dossier is handed to you, a classified order from the Unova government itself. When you open it, you’re immediately aware the government is deadly serious about completely eliminating Xexan, and its clear the don't believe the rogue organization is just an urban legend. The missing persons report revealed some rather alarming statistics, more than the Unova government was willing to tolerate. The connections were there, but at the moment, there was no means to draw a line between point A to point B… wherever point B was hiding.

Eliminating Xexan has become a high-level government priority, involving multiple branches of the Unova government, including local law enforcement, the National Security Agency, the Unova FBI, the Unova National Guard, and several other government entities. After reading how dire the situation has become and that Unova is willing to spend any sum of money to ensure Xexan is eliminated, you read that deadly force has been authorized.

Something big is about to go down, and you have a feeling you’re going to be right in the middle of it…

NOTE: You are also free to play the roles of police officers, NSA agents, FBI agents, and any other government operatives that would be involved in the operation.


Project K1-A3.

You were just another Pokémon trainer like all the others, with goals, hopes, and dreams of your own. It was all cut tragically short when you were attacked from behind, and never saw what hit you. When you woke up, you found yourself in a laboratory… somewhere inside Pinwheel Forest… or the laboratory south of Chargestone Cave.

Those next seven days were hell. Mutants, hideous juxtapositions of creatures that only vaguely resembled humans with Pokémon-based appendages and features had been your captors. Many of them still wearing their white lab coats, you immediately concluded these were mad scientists that had completely lost their minds, turning themselves into Pokémon monstrosities. You saw other trainers, like yourself, and their Pokémon, brutally experimented on, often resulting in their death… or worse. Meanwhile, the research obtained from these vicious experiments resulted in what the scientists were creating for themselves, piecing parts and powers of Pokémon unto themselves to do the unspeakable.

You were selected for Project K1-A3, the experiment you thought would be your death sentence. They left you with only one of your beloved Pokémon, and took away the others, wailing and crying as you knew you would never see them alive again, sounds that would traumatize you for the rest of your life. Before they injected anesthetic into you, they asked you one brutal question…

Would you die to save your Pokémon?

Like any good trainer, you said you would, but you knew they would take it the wrong way. Instead of taking your response seriously, they used it only for a statistic, as they had no intention of ever releasing your Pokémon regardless of the response you made. Shortly after, you were put to sleep, almost certain you would be waking up in whatever afterlife had been intended for you. But no… no, that’s not what happened…

You found yourself waking up surrounded by nature, seemingly free from the nightmare you had witnessed moments ago, only the escape you thought you miraculously achieved had been twisted. You found yourself in the body of the one Pokémon they left you with before you were separated from the others. Somehow, Project K1-A3 had actually been a success… they had managed to transfer a human’s mind and consciousness into the body of one of their own Pokémon. Immediately, your first thought was to run… run as far as your new body could take you and hopefully get help and tell someone about the horrors you witnessed, but you realized one hideous flaw. You could no longer speak and articulate English words, and there was virtually no evidence that said you were a human trapped in the body of your own Pokémon. If you were to come into contact with other humans, they would so easily mistake you for a wild Pokémon, and might even try to catch you. But you knew about Xexan, knew something had gone horribly wrong. Someone had to know. Someone had to stop them before the madness continued.

In the meantime, they were monitoring you with an implant device, one that could track your location, vital signs, and even your emotions, stress and tension levels, and brain wave patterns. That was the reason behind Project K1-A3 after all. To see how differently humans would behave as Pokémon in natural environments. To you… it simply meant you stepped out of one nightmare and into a whole new one…


They would never understand.

They thought you were mad, but you were able to separate the genius from the insanity. There was nothing mad about extending one’s lifespan, nothing insane about granting power and strength to oneself, and nothing daft about going beyond imagination if it could vastly benefit all of mankind. Xexan was founded on the belief that some sacrifices needed to be made to benefit humanity. You were one among many of Xexan’s members that believed Pokémon were present for mankind’s purposes, whatever purposes mankind desired to fulfill, whether it was for researching them, training them, battling them, entertainment, experimenting on, or whatever purpose mankind saw fit. The bounty of research that had been created once all the rules were pushed aside was worth everything. The government wouldn’t understand… and neither would the trainers or their Pokémon. The sacrifices needed to be terminated, buried, and forgotten about. But the byproduct of the research… it would soon be your gift, your new age to be unraveled before the public.

Like your fellow colleges, you used the research to benefit yourself, perhaps splicing your DNA with a Pokémon become to turn yourself into a hybrid of sorts, called a Pokémorph, or perhaps used multiple Pokémon to become a Chimera, to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, the power, the potential you tapped into was beyond imaginable. You were able to do things you never dreamed of before, able to play god even for a short while. It was clear technology could rule over nature, and you and what you created were living proof. When stifling rules were pushed aside… anything was possible.

But you had to protect this vital research, guard it from the ignorant fools that would seek to destroy it simply on the basis of morality. Life everlasting and power overwhelming was worth the cost of a few lives, but they would never agree… not until they were forced to agree, forced to behold the power of what Xexan was able to accomplish, forced to experience it themselves… or die. You refused to let this bounty of knowledge and innovation be wasted, especially after all it’s been through. And you… you would use all the powers and potentials at your disposal to ensure the experiments continued, even if the cost was high. To lose everything Xexan worked on for years would be a deplorable waste of energy, innovation, and potential.

They would either let Xexan continue with its experiments, or they would die. There was no alternative…


As an Unova Investigator/Government Operative

At the current moment, the Unova government has made it crystal clear they want Xexan terminated, but they don’t know where they’re located or what horrible things they've been up to. Meanwhile, you have very little in the ways of evidence and trails that would lead you to where they’re located. Trainers have gone missing all over the region, and witnesses have almost always been unreliable sources, never having a clear idea of what might have caused the abduction or when it happened.

“Deadly force has been authorized” are the words that have been on your mind. The Unova government has some pretty bad feelings about this, and you can’t say your thoughts are all that much different.

► Find the two hidden Xexan locations in Pinwheel Forest and south of Chargestone Cave, along with any other locations or safehouses Xexan may try to establish if they know they are being pursued. However, you have zero evidence at the RP’s start that suggests they are there. You need confirmed proof without getting yourself into trouble. Trainers aren’t the only ones that have gone missing, and you don’t want to find yourself falling into the same horrible fate that has befallen countless trainers and Pokémon already.
► Find and apprehend or terminate all Xexan personnel and activities. If possible, rescue anyone you can. Your only warning is to be ready for anything. The Unova government has no idea what to expect and can't guarantee the safety of anyone.
► Be on the lookout for anything that doesn’t seem normal or appears out of place. It may be the only lead you’ll get.

As a Victim Trainer

Right now, you’re still very unused to being as one of your own Pokémon, but for the most part, you can move, walk, attack, and behave just as a normal Pokémon would. You still have your memories and you seem to be in good health despite what happened, but you’re unable to articulate and speak English. Meanwhile, you can actually understand other Pokémon and they can understand you, something that might be helpful in your mission. The problem is, right now, you’re perfectly aware that if any human were to spot you, they would easily mistake you to be a wild Pokémon. Somehow… someway, you need to prove you’re not the pure, wild Pokémon they think you are, and you’ll need to somehow alert them that something horrible has happened. However, you know that you’re being monitored at the same time. The people you may be trying to alert and communicate with could very well be the next victims if you’re not careful enough, and if they find out about what you're trying to do, you and the others of Project K1-A3 may be in serious trouble. Meanwhile, there’s no way to remove the implant unless you’re taken to a Pokémon Center where surgery can be conducted. Also, the implant is under your skin, meaning there’s little means to reveal its presence besides the small bump in your skin and the surgical incision and stitching that is located there.

► Find and alert someone about Xexan, but it has to be done in a way that doesn’t require direct vocal communication. Humans won’t understand you (their Pokémon will, however), but you can still use body language and gestures. Meanwhile, you still have your human memories and knowledge. Somehow, someway, you’ve got to let someone know.
► Stay alive and avoid getting captured. To an unsuspecting human trainer, you’re a wild Pokémon that can be caught. You can’t do much to stop Xexan trapped in a Pokéball…
► Avoid letting yourself become a lure to entrap other human trainers and making it too obvious to Xexan that you're trying to expose them. While Xexan may be monitoring you and have a fix on your location, don’t let the human trainer you were trying to alert be their next victim…

As a Xexan Scientist

Xexan is the most important thing on your mind right now, and so is keeping it alive and operational. The government, the trainers you’ve operated on and the Pokémon that were necessary sacrifices… you know that you’re doing it for their own good as a species. Even your newfound powers, potentials, and aspects speak for themselves regarding the benefits that have come from this research. To you, the cost is worth it, and necessary as well. However, you know that they’ll be after you, and as a loyal scientist to Xexan, you know you need to do everything in your power to stop them. Right now, you’re more powerful than humans and even their Pokémon, but the research needs to be protected, and the operations need to continue.

► Protect the Xexan organization at all costs. If lives must be sacrificed to do so, then it must be done without question or hesitation. Xexan has come too far to lose everything and give up the discoveries and innovations it has uncovered. To lose it all would even be a disservice to all of the Pokémon and humans that were sacrificed to discover these innovations.
► Continue Xexan research. The more that is uncovered, the more it can be used to benefit mankind, and allow it to evolve to become the prime species. Possibilities beyond imagination may be only moments away from discovery. You must continue to uncover what you can and not be too distracted from what the government is trying to do.
► Keep Xexan operations secret. The world isn’t ready to know about what you have unraveled here, but someday they will, and the new world will be one of perfection, power, and incredible potential.


Can be found in the sign up thread right here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=113196).

Neo Emolga
04-08-2011, 02:43 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Unova FBI HQ, Castelia City, Unova

“…any means necessary.”

“Deadly force is authorized…”

They really were serious about taking down Xexan. Still, as much as I wanted to say I had everything they needed, the years worth of evidence we had was all inconclusive. The problem was these weren’t murders we were talking about, these were abductions, which probably became murders later on… or worse.

I was standing before the conference meeting, having to present everything I managed to uncover since the last meeting, and somehow tie it all together. It was like having a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, having only a hundred of the pieces interlocking, and still trying to explain what the rest of it was to the conference. It was a mess, and trying to make sense of it wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time. Most of the other agents looked tired, the coffee obviously wasn’t doing its job, and there was nothing like having to present really inconclusive evidence with possible assumptions on a Monday morning.

“As you know, I’ve been trying to follow the abduction patterns from where trainers were last seen before they disappeared,” I told the other fourteen members of the meeting. “From what I’ve managed to uncover, abductions have been happening all throughout Unova, whereas before, when Xexan was based in a single location, they were mostly happening around Route 13 and 14, near Undella Town where they were based.”

I showed them the overhead satellite picture of Undella Town, the two routes, and red dots to represent where trainers were last spotted. Then, using the region map, I drew a highlighted circle around the area where the abductions were taking place.

“This is the findings of results over five years ago,” I told the conference. “Today, it’s a much different story. Abductions aren’t limited to a single location anymore. Nacrene City and Route 3 are infamous ‘plucking zones’ for trainer abductions, but if there is a Xexan location somewhere around there, it’s going to be hell to find considering that side of Unova is a pretty elusive area. Searching every nook and cranny could take years.”

I was sure they knew that already. Thing was, we didn’t have years to do it, we needed a lead and we just simply didn’t have it yet. I still found it hard to believe that no one had seen any of these scientists abducting anyone. And if they were using Pokémon, how were people missing that also?

“Mistralton City is another abduction hotspot,” I told the meeting, bringing in another diagram of the Mistralton City area. “Route 6 and 7 have been under police patrol for quite a while now, but it still keeps happening, often to the police themselves. We’ve had seven cops suddenly go missing during the past four months. These lab rats seem to be pretty talented when it comes to dismantling radios quickly. One minute, we had audio contact, and the next minute, it was like they suddenly stopped existing.”

Still, the truth was, there were areas where trainers were rapidly being abducted, and areas where it was light. From what I could tell, these Xexan people had some idea that they knew exactly where to strike, and how to counteract police psychology.

“We’ve been telling trainers to keep their tracking monitors on,” Hank Stone, another FBI agent told me. “We’ve been providing this for them for months now, why isn’t it working?”

“Could be possible some kind of miniature EMP device is used before the trainer is abducted,” I told him, figuring that was the only way I could have been done. “I know what you mean though, we’ve told trainers to travel in groups but it’s pretty rare for that to be the case. Most trainers in fact go it alone.”

“What about the plant idea?” Sarah Connors suggested. “It may be the only solution.”

It was the idea of dressing up police officers and government agents as civilian trainers, hoping to use them as bait to hopefully get some kind of signal or message about where they are and where they were being taken. Still, I didn’t think it was a good idea. Even if we did this, all we would get is another abduction spot, just another red dot to add to the map. These scientists had ways of disarming and deactivating all electronic equipment before they hauled them off to god knows where.

“It’s risky,” I told her, knowing what we were dealing with. “Using agents or police officers as bait could have some pretty nasty effects.”

“Agent Logan,” Kevin Saddler, the head FBI controller, told me, “if this keeps going on, Unova’s Senate is going to have to shut down the Pokémon League until this matter is resolved. People would get hysterical. We need something to counter this.”

“Well, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open,” I told the meeting, ending my presentation early. “I’ll continue working on it.”

I then took my seat. I wasn’t too proud of what I managed to accomplish there, but it was better than letting the argument bowl out of control. I knew Saddler had some pretty crazy ideas, but this was risky and I would hate to see it screw up and end up with more people lost, dead, or god knows what after they were taken to Xexan.

Master Zorua
04-08-2011, 03:21 PM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Lostlorn Forest

The past few days had been harrowing. Avoiding trainers had become much easier as he learned how to create illusions and mess with their minds, but dealing with the wild Pokemon was no picnic. Not all were friendly to him, especially since he still had to learn the territories of others. Still, the task of getting food and water was rather trying. Most groups of Pokemon were protective of certain areas where berries and fruits grew.

Robert rested himself in a hollow log, which he stuffed with leaves, scented herbs and grasses. He had been living off of a few oran berries and the river for water. At least for the moment, he had a small territory of his own. However, survival was only one aspect on Robert's mind. While he knew he'd most likely never be returned to his body, he knew Xexan needed to be stopped. He needed to start formulating a plan to get the word out without placing himself in extreme danger.

Robert's ears perked up when he heard the sounds of battle not too far away from his make-shift den. Curious, he went over to peer through a bush to see what was going on. He saw was three Venipedes attacking a Vulpix, a Pokemon that was not native to the Unova region. In his mind, this was either another trainer trapped in a Pokemon's body, or it was a Pokemon that managed to escape Xexan's grasp. Focusing his power, Robert created the illusion of a raging Druddigon. As he caused the Illusion to 'attack' one of the Venipedes with a Dragon Rage attack, Robert used a focused blast from the bushes of Night Daze, nailing the Venipede in the exact same spot that the illusion Dragon Rage hit, causing the Venipede to be sent flying into a tree behind it. The fake Druddigon let loose a mighty roar, scaring the others away.

The Vulpix also looked plenty scared, but that fright turned to confusion as the Druddigon suddenly vanished. Robert popped out from the bush and walked over to the injured Vulpix. <Are you alright?> Robert said in Pokespeak. While he could no longer speak English, he could speak and understand Pokespeak just as fluently.

The Vulpix winced a bit in pain. <I feel a bit woozy.> she replied. Robert moved over to the Vulpix and slid his head beneath her left front leg and hoisted her up onto his back. He carried the weakened Vulpix back to his den and slid her off of his back. He walked over to the three berry bushes and plucked an oran berry and a pecha berry. He placed them down before the little Vulpix.

<Here, eat these. The pecha will cure you of any poison they hit you with, and the oran berry will make you feel better.> Robert explained. The Vulpix gave a nod and began to eat the berries he provided her. She began feeling better, but the experience still left her exhausted. <Come. You look like your tired. You can rest in my den if you'd like.> Robert suggested as he moved himself into the grass and herb-filled log.

The Vulpix smiled and joined him, laying herself beside him. <Thank you.> she replied before she drifted off to sleep

Raven X
04-08-2011, 03:42 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Unova FBI HQ, Castelia City, Unova

I was in the middle of this entire meeting. Even though I did not work for the F.B.I anymore, I still paid them visits every now then. I could hear Chris Logan's explanation of everything. I sat there listening and taking minor notes. I could tell that he was a very smart agent. He might even be worthy of joining the U.I.B.P.P.A. I could tell he meant business even though I knew a lot of more about the investigation since I have been assigned to it the last six months.

Everything was going in the way that the F.B.I wanted it to go like. Even though I was one of the best, I wanted to keep my mouth shut than listen. "Silent and listen are spelled with the same words", my dad always told. In other words, you can learn more by shutting up than talking all the time. I took a peek at my comp comparing my notes to their notes.

I wonder what they would do with this situation. One agent named Hank Stone mentioned a tracking device. This device was given to trainers whenever they started their journey. It would be added to as a little chip installed on their Pokedex, Poketch, and that new Pokemon cell phone, and it should always be on during the entire day, no exceptions. The Pokemon League also encouraged traveling in groups rather than traveling alone. But whenever they were traveling in groups a lot of reports of harassment and battery charges were always being produced. The rate of it was six cases every hour.

That was one of the reasons, why I decided to move to the F.B.I and not just stay with Sex Crimes. Another agent named Sarah Conner came and stated of planting an agent to look like a trainer and let them be captured. This was a smart idea but unwise. One thing I learned was that being stupid is knowing what you are suppose to do and not doing it and ignorant was when you didn't know what to do and not doing it. It was smart but if trainers were caught with their Pokemon but what was the difference between them and a F.B.I agent or even a U.I.B.P.P.A agent.

Agent Chris Logan was thinking the same idea it was very dangerous . I then press a button on my mini computer. It was a high simulator that could evaluate a situation and tell the user what would be the most likely outcome. I then put in the information of the plant idea and their was a one in twenty chance that the F.B.I agent would be captured as well. I then listened to my mentor, my father Dr. Robert Dinkins, SR. He often said that with the most tough cases you should just take all of your notes and throw them in the garbage can and start a fresh.

He literally did not mean it like that, but he what meant was to look at it from a different angle. Look at the case as if you are the criminal. Even though with all of these kidnappings, the scientist actually thought they were doing the right thing by capturing trainers and doing whatever they were doing. Still who authorized them to even start this devil's man job, the government. Everyone now and then I started to think what made me pursue this career. I decided that when this meeting was over, I would talk with Agent Logan and ask if he would mind if we partnered up with this case.

Master Zorua
04-08-2011, 04:05 PM
Atrus Gumshoe
Pokemon Cruelty Investigator
Unova FBI HQ, Castelia City, Unova

Atrus st through the briefing, taking out some beef jerky from a bag he brought and munched on it as he listened. Quite frankly, every part of this investigation was disturbing in every sense. Scientists, missing trainers, and plenty of speculations floating around.

Atrus wrote down notes of information about the case and the ideas that were going around. He wasn't all too thrilled about the baiting idea. It'd be a high risk, and given how skilled these abductors were that they'd go so far as to ensure any tracking devices were dealt with, this would seem like sheer suicide.

Atrus began thinking the best thing to do, provided he was not assigned to something else, would be to investigate the hot spots for any evidence of how the abductions occurred, or for any clues the initial investigations may have overlooked.

Neo Emolga
04-08-2011, 06:40 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Unova FBI HQ, Castelia City, Unova

Kevin Saddler still didn’t seem to agree with me. Hank Stone had presented more details on what he believed Xexan was doing with their captives, but I knew most of these were suspicions. By now, he had covered most of the already acquired evidence, so now he was just trying to make speculations as to how all these experiments were related, what Xexan’s objective was now, and how they were going to go about doing it.

Sarah Conner went into the personal lives and reports of particular trainers that had gone missing, all stuff I thought was irrelevant. She made speculations that it was possible these cases were connected, and that Xexan had motives to possibly target these specific trainers. To me, this was a waste of time, as it was clear the only thing Xexan wanted were Pokémon trainers, people who were out on a year-long or longer journey by themselves, and wouldn’t suddenly be missed if they weren’t heard from in a few days. Not to mention nobody knew where they were, so it made them easy and ideal targets.

“I think it’s about time we try a different tactic,” Kevin Saddler told the meeting. “Agent Logan, as much as I find your geographical data descriptive, it hasn’t been helpful now, nor has it been helpful for the last two years. The area is too generalized, and there’s no way to narrow it down. Agent Stone, your evidence is a clear indication that we’re running out of time, and need to change our pursuit methodology immediately. Conner, unfortunately, your data is not relevant in this case, as Xexan is targeting trainers to be used as lab specimens, this has nothing to do with personal motives or selective discrimination. Xexan is after any trainer they can get their hands on, and any trainer that travels along or in a small and easy to manage group.”

I figured there was at least one thing I could agree with him. As for the data I had, sure, the situation was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but I at least narrowed it down to that. Had it not been for me, we would be trying to find a needle in a whole barn of haystacks.”

“That’s why I’m going ahead with the plant operation,” Kevin told the meeting. “We’re already investigated all the alternatives, and the only thing it’s done is cost us time and god knows how many lives. I plan on dividing up our field operatives into groups of three. Two of these operatives will be spotters for the third, while the third will be the target, dressed to resemble a civilian trainer. Spotters need to remain out of plain sight and need to ensure they bear no mark or association with the FBI. I plan on deploying our operatives in these ‘hot spots’ you mention, Agent Logan. Hopefully, we can turn our bad luck into some good luck.”

I still believed this was a pretty bad idea, but Kevin put up a strong argument. We tried everything already. Kevin’s variant of this idea was slightly better, involving two spotters to watch the back of the potential target, but there was always some kind of risk involved.

“Both spotters need to have their eyes on the target at all times,” Kevin told us all. “I don’t want anyone screwing this up.”

After that, he dismissed the meeting. Frankly, I didn’t see any good coming out of this, but I figured considering the way this whole situation has been running for the past few years, we needed some kind of relief from this losing streak.

04-08-2011, 06:58 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest

There was nothing, absolutely nothing wrong, about doing this.

No way in hell could any man, woman, child, trainer, or even lawyer, who often twisted words around for their clients, ever accuse Xexan of any wrongdoing. Well, they could, but they couldn't be truthful about it.

Fennel thought of it this way: People were put into mass hysteria and panic by war, something maddeningly bloodthirsty, and sometimes compleatly pointless; Thousands of lives-no, hundreds of thousands-put to slaughter by two countries or more unleashing hell upon each other, often over something petty and worthless to fight over. Sure, fighting out of self-defense wasn't all that needless, and indeed, she'd support it. But a meer argument over a few acres of land? Quite needless.

Now, as for Xexan...Well, they also put the citizens of Unova into mass hysteria and panic, despite them not knowing about them, and it put anyone who worked for Unovan government in a very high level of hysteria, for they did know. But they wouldn't tell the people what exactly was going on. They could also explain the slaughter of each and every Pokemon and Trainer: They attempted to do it for a greater good, a better world for Pokemon and Humans to live in, and each life that died was dedicated to that purpose. Sure, some wars were thought over these kinds of things, but this, this was far more productive and useful than any war had ever been. Call them mad and insane, call their ideal destructive, but they were certianly not like Team Plasma-what they did would make things, make things that would be many gifts to mankind, each gift actually helping both Humans and Pokemon achieve a better tomorrow, unlike those ludicris heratics of Team Plasma, whose ultimate goal would have been a great disservice to both Humans and Pokemon. And even the separation of Pokemon and Humans wasn't it. Ghetsis was just fooling them all, trying to rule the world.

That's what she thought. It was bad, if one looked at one side, but if one looked at another, what would you see? pretty much the opposite. But when choosing which side to take, one must look at both with an equal mind, free of all bias, and pick the path that one would think had the better cause.

Bias did include ethics. She still felt like it was wrong to treat the captive trainers (or 'lab rats,' as they were called by her colloges) the way they did. They had the right to at least be told what the heck was going on. But there was no way that she could let them leave...No, no, they needed them for their experiments, the ones that would attempt to change the world. She felt no wrong in keeping them prisoner, and had no problems with what they did with them once they decided they would experiment upon them.

So here she was, watching as a Xexan scientist that had some experiments with surgery implant a device that could possibly give humans Psychic powers on a Trainer's body. She kept her eyes at the monitors...If the Trainer died, the experiment would be a failure. And that would be a bit of a loss on Xexan's part-They had to kill three Alakazams, five Gothitelles, and a Mushana (Other than her own Mushana) to make it, and it was a one-shot use; once it was implanted, there was no way to remove it.

The Surgeon seemed to be wrapping up, and it seemed as if putting the implant in the Trainer's brain did not have any immediate negative effects. No harm done...So far...

...The Surgeon was finished. The trainer's head was hole-less, with only the stitches in the back of his head to notify anyone of anything wrong. His work hasn't killed the boy in the implanting, and he was now going through a decontamination shower, to keep any disease the subject might have caught from spreading around. This was administered to many of the subjects prior to any experimentation, to keep anything unwanted from slipping in and altering results.

It took a full three minutes for any change to happen. Her ears noticed the change in pace of one of the monitors...The Trainer's heart was starting to speed up it's pulse...Rapidly...

...This was about the time that the anesthetic wore off, but the heart's rate was too fast for this, even then...Her coworkers now started to notice the change, the blipping of the monitor growing faster and faster.

"His heart rate is picking up, and far too fast." Fennel said. She liked her new voice. She wasn't talkative when dealing with her fellow scientists, but when alone or with her Pokemon, she was a chatterbox. "We're losing him." She added.

...No guessing was even needed. They kept writing down notes, but it didn't need any guesses to tell what would happen next...Or did it?

The body suddenly exploded, in a bloody and violent blast that was stopped from touching the scientists by a barrier between what was left of their subject and them. Fennel winced. She wasn't phobic of blood, but she was reminded of the disease that would have obliverated her Musharna-Except that the resulting blast of guts and gore would have turned black, this was exactly like it.

"I want video footage, slow motion. We need to know where that blast originated from." Fennel said. One that just might have happened to walk onto the scene, and not understand the circumstances, would have thought that fully grown men were taking orders from a girl of 16, even with the 9 tails sticking out of her rear, and the 'dress' that sheilded her upper body from view, sprouting from her own skin.

She wanted to know what happened, why it happened, and what they would do next time to avoid it happening...They only had five more of those implants.

She had to do this experiment, along with an experiment to see if Pokemon could evolve beyond their regular threshold with a machine that apparently stimulated the brain to trigger evolution, and a similar experiment to see if Humans with Pokemon Genes (like herself) could do likewise.

Not to add in the times when she had to take watch over the Captives, the times when she was sent out to subdue and kidnap unsuspecting Trainers, and the time she had to take to eat and sleep, and care for her Pokemon.

She was a busy girl.

Neo Emolga
04-08-2011, 09:01 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
En Route to Nacrene City, Unova

They had assigned me to be one of the “targets,” to be deployed to Nacrene City and try to act out like I was a lone trainer. I wasn’t too crazy about it. Kevin Saddler may have been right, we did exhaust a lot of resources trying to come up with alternatives, but this was dangerous. Still, if he was right and this actually worked, I guess it was that much for the better. However, if it didn’t work and all it did was kill a few of our agents, it was not going to be a pretty picture at all.

Before heading out of Castelia City, they told me to make sure the badge was put away, make sure the Pokéballs I had were in plain sight to easily identify me as a trainer, and to make sure my two spotters kept a far enough distance away. They allowed me to keep my gun, which I figured was an obvious alternative, though I knew if I had been attacked, we needed my attacker alive for interrogation.

At the moment, I didn’t have any spotters yet. I wasn’t sure who had been assigned to me, but if I didn’t get anyone by the time I arrived in Nacrene City, I was going to have to find a police officer or other government agent in Nacrene to do the job.

I took the black Lincoln government car along Skyarrow Bridge. Driving by car was fine to reach the deployment point, but once I reached the site, I was going to have to travel on foot to make it look like I was a trainer. Trainers usually never traveled by car, they traveled by foot to challenge other trainers and to catch wild Pokémon. They also suggested letting one my Pokémon out and letting it travel alongside me.

Hopefully it was just going to be like old times…

04-08-2011, 09:45 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Nacrene City Secret Lair

"Hurr." A man in full patient garb lying on an operating table, his head literally bolted to an apparatus keeping his skull from moving even the tiniest bit, groaned.

"Jack, dammit, do your job, the patient's waking up," Aur yelled.

"Yes sir!" The young man, barely out of his teens, ran over to adjust the dials on the side of the anesthesia machine. The patient on the table moaned again, then fell silent. Jack ran back out of the room.

Aur went back to poking around inside the man's brain. Taking out a small, carefully-crafted plastic device connected to a wire, he inserted it through a hole drilled in the man's skull and stuck it on the frontal lobe.

"DNC-C4-02 is now in place," Aur announced into the microphone. "Commence activation protocols."

While his Porygon ran the necessary processes needed to turn on the advanced electronics within the device, Aur inserted another small chip into the man's head, placing it right near the site of the hole in the skull and connected it to the first with a hair-thing wire. This, being a simple passive wireless interface, didn't need any special activation sequence.

"DNC-C4-02 online," said Ezekial, his Porygon-Z through the speakers connected to the computer mainframe. Aur proceeded to seal the patient's head back up, plugging the hole with some bone substitute that would help the healing process and replacing the little flap of skin he had cut away and sealing it with some spray-on super glue.

While he removed the latex gloves on his hands, Aur used his upper legs to carefully adjust the dials on the anesthetizer. Despite their size and strength, they could be remarkably delicate in operation. Which came in handy when he needed to be a one man surgical team. Well, one and a half, if you counted Jack.

"Jack!" Aur yelled into the doorway as he continued to dress out of surgical garb. "Get in here!"

"In a second!"

Aur rolled his eyes. Jack's seconds were always quite long, and he didn't feel like waiting for the boy's personal activities at this point. "Turing app, off!"

The sounds of blasting aliens with plasma weaponry stopped coming out of the doorway immediately. "Get in here." In walked the boy with a completely blank expression on his face, staring out into whatever was in front of him with no sign of thought. "Take care of the patient until he wakes up," Aur ordered, before walking out into the hallway.

The floor of what Aur called his "lair" was covered in a lush, high-quality carpet. This was less because Aur liked carpets than because his four legs had a tendency to badly scratch any other kind of surface he walked on. Not to mention the constant clanging of metal on tile got quite annoying after a while. The lair itself had enough square feet to be considered a mini-mansion, it being the former site of one of the largest server farms in the world. But as the years had went by, the computers here became obsolete, and the building was abandoned. Now Aur had refurbished it for his personal use.

He walked into his room, and plugged his upper legs into his little control center. After his transformation, he had designed an interface with which he could directly connect to his computer system. With the four brains of a Metagross in his body, he could manipulate computers faster than any human possibly could dream of.

Aur began sifting the internet. In the meantime, he ran a small program that made the human parts of his body lift weights. He had to keep up his image, after all, even if he was a giant half-crab thing now. But the change was worth it. Because with the computational capabilities of a Metagross and his own innate creativity, he was probably now the smartest being on the planet.

He didn't need to prove it to anyone, but the proof was there. After his transformation and the separation of the Xexan scientists, Aur had toyed with the financial system to get money for his operations. With his newfound abilities finding the patterns and predicting the rise and fall of corporations became child's play, and he soon had more than enough to set up his lair in Nacrene. Exercising his intelligence to see his limits, Aur had cured cancer and built a cold fusion reactor out of (mostly) ordinary parts that was actually the power source for the lair, just to spite an old physicist friend who had claimed it was impossible. The world didn't know about his achievements, of course, but Aur had never needed other people's acknowledgement.

It wasn't always so perfect, however. His human brain and his Metagross brains weren't always perfectly in sync. As a result, Aur was unable to apply his profound capabilities to all tasks equally, especially ones that could not be overcome with the application of massive amounts of processing power.

After managing his investment portfolio some more, Aur disconnected himself from the computer. Walking back into the surgical room, he gazed upon his greatest creation of all.

Jack was helping the other man off the surgical table, both with utterly blank expressions. The origins of this project called back to his time at Xexan. In his explorations of the brain, both Pokemon and human, Aur had accidentally happened upon a strange phenomenon when impulses were applied to the human brain in a very specific way. If any surgeon decided to cut open Jack's head and look inside, he would find a strange anatomy indeed. For Jack was missing 40% of his brain, the missing portions having been replaced with electronics that Aur had designed and implemented into the boy's head. The result was most useful. Aur had created the programmable human.

"You awake?" he asked the man, who had just got off the table and was now standing up.

"Yes," he replied in a monotone.

"Who are you?" Aur asked.

"James Yodrian."

"Who am I?"

"Aur Morose."

"What are you to me?"

"Your faithful servant."

Aur smiled lightly. Since his invention of the programmable human, he had been constantly refining the techniques needed to modify people to his cause. He had generally gotten the process down to a three-hour long surgical procedure. But this latest chip prototype could be even faster. Installation of the system itself took only a few minutes, although opening up the skull of course, took as long as standard surgical procedure. But it might just be what Aur needed...

Not that the system had disadvantages. The chips, of course, were enormously expensive in both time and money to make, and it felt almost physically painful to waste one in the way that Aur was about to. And they didn't always work, although typically the more of the patient's brain Aur removed the less likely they were to resist. Although then they were also less likely to resemble their old selves and thus weren't very useful for blending back into society. Jack, for instance, remained incredibly incapable of normal social interaction even when his Turing app, the program that contained his personality, was active. Since his relocation Aur had only attempted the procedure three times.

Aur pulled out a small revolver and cell phone from a nearby cupboard. "Turing app on," he ordered, and the two people in front of him seemed to wake up from their dream state. He handed James the gun. "Your clothes are in the chair over there. Go home, kill your wife, kill your daughter. Then put your phone up to your ear and turn it on. If you're still alive set your home and fire and burn yourself to death."

James nodded without hesitation. "Yes sir." He walked over to his clothes.

Aur needed to test all the functions of the chip: how much control it gave and its self-destruct function. The man's phone had been modified to give a very small EMP blast that would shut down the chip but would dissipate before it could damage anything that was further away than his head. The chip was programmed to fry the brain it was in if it was ever destroyed. A monitor in the man's chest would tell Aur if the self-destruct sequence had worked, then proceed to start a fire that would consume the man's body, hopefully leaving behind no trace of the mechanisms.

Even if the self-destruct mechanisms didn't work perfectly, there was still nothing that the police could use to trace them back to Aur's location. He didn't doubt that they already suspected that a Xexan was in the region. His abductions of trainers was enough to tip them off to that much. But they couldn't find where exactly he was.

"Sir," Ezekiel said as Aur walked back into his control room.

"Yes?" Aur replied.

"Our target is leaving the medical conference," Ezekiel reported. "He's going to see his mistress, alone, and is taking Haxorus Road."

Aur's lips parted in an almost baring smile. It was a set-up so perfect that he could have hardly done better had he designed it himself. "Well then, we had better get going," he said softly. After all this waiting, and plotting, the opportunity had finally arrived to set his plans in motion.

"Oh brave new world, that has such people in it!"

04-08-2011, 11:31 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel forest

The camera tells no lies. The people that set up the scene, and the people that watch it, do. Therefore, it was logical to view the video camera that was positioned inside the surgery room.

The halls were not without Security Cameras-They took the utmost caution in making sure nobody will manage to escape, and as such a security camera was tucked away in a very hard-to-spot location in every hallway, every room other than the Scientist's rooms, and even the air ducts. The Scientist's rooms were also a less-than-desirable place to be if one's intention was to escape-the rooms were made of thick metal, though the Scientists that live in them could decorate it as they saw fit.

And these security cameras could zoom in really close.

Hilda, along with the Surgeon and the Scientists, watch the Surgeon leave the room, watch the boy for a few minutes, and watch him suddenly explode in a furious spray of guts and gore.

Then they watched it all again, this time in slow motion, watching with particular care the Surgeon's work and the Boy's explosion.

The first run through, everybody there could identify that the blast originated from the boy's skull, meaning something went wrong with the implant.

However...It took Fennel several runs through it before noticing the cause.

"Pause it. Right there" Fennel said, pointing at the Surgeon's moving arm, just as he was putting in the implant. "Maximum zoom in." She added, which was done at once. One that studied well the art of the brain would note that the Scientist put the device at an inproper part of the brain...A part that controlled such internal things as heart rate, and a part that shouldn't have been touched by the implant at all.

The Surgeon realized his mistake right then and there. He attempted to flee, but Hilda's body proved be far quicker than the 43 year old's body. He wasn't infused with any genetics of any Pokemon...Making it easy.

"You...You...You idiotic nincompoop!" She yelled, with a tone that was threatening despite the youth obviously lightening it. "You said you had an expertise in these fields, you said you could do this no problem! THERE'S A PROBLEM!!" She screamed, pointing at the screen, where the Surgeon's mistake was still clearly noted. The other scientists, all of whom had Pokemon Genetics, took a few steps forward.

"No, he's mine!" She shouted at the scientists, who immediatly stopped cold.

And without further ado, she turned her back, letting one of her tails sweep the Surgeon's leg, forcing him to become deaf. Three more tail swipes later, and he also became blind, mute, and now had full-body Paralysis. Perfect for weapons testing, a part of Xexan she despised, no matter what. War wasn't her thing. But sending incompetents like the Surgeon definatly wasn't a waste of personell. "Take him to Project N14-C3." She said calmly, recalling the particuarily nasty interragation weapon that was recently made, and was functioning at full potential.

"Right away sir!" One of the Scientists said. The Scientists took the former Surgeon, and dragged him along, going directly towards where the weapons testing was. Had he been able to speak and hear, he would have been screaming, and had he not have full-body paralysis, he'd be struggling to loosen himself from their grip. But he'd feel every excruciating moment of pain that machine could give.

She had to, in the meantime, walk through the second hold, one of three in the Xexan compound, to get to her other, more sucessful project.

And as she was walking by, she couldn't help but cast a brief glance on some of these prisoners. Most were regular trainers, though some were Police cops, some were civilians with no Pokemon whatsoever that just happened to pass through, and she swore she had one of the Gym Leaders of Striaton city at the time-Cress, she thought it was. He went to Project X11-J7, a Project devoted to the remoddeling of minds, which could be used to teach people, modify their memory, or in Cress'es case, rewrite his whole consious being. He was now one of the Scientist's, Fennel recalled-She swore she recalled crossing paths with a man in these halls that had the same hairstyle.

However, before she could leave the hold, another prisoner caught her eye.

This prisoner must have been on steroids, there was simply no other explamation as to how he could be so masculine. Light, peach colored skin, hair that stood up straight on his head, a cranium that did look a little bit box-like, and eyes that seemed to stare at her, and not really see at all, like he was dead; Anyone that saw the certian, back and forth motion of his chest could conclude otherwise. This man was also in a criss-cross formation regarding his legs, one that wouldn't have kept place if he was really dead. However, what was really astounding was what was around his neck-a whole iron necklace of iron balls, ten total, which should weigh, considering the size was about that of the average PokeBall, was about 5 pounds each. That was still 50 pounds, all carried on his neck. Impressive...enough.

"You." She said, rather loudly. It wasn't a yell, it was just to snap this guy back into reality. He did regain the look in his eyes, the look of consious thinking. However, even then, he didn't shift his position too much.

"What 'bout it?" He said. His voice was deep, but the definate element of annoyance was in it.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"Mario. Don't mock it." He said. Fennel stifled every last bit of the giggles she was nearly overcame with-The thought that this guy had the same name as a videogame character was mockable. However, she didn't want to figure out if Mario could break the chains of his cuffs-They weren't rusty, but he looked like he could rip it apart by flexing, he appeared so strong. Mario closed his eyes, as though pretending to consider Fennel Nonexistant. Fennel herself huffed, and walked out. She had more important things to do.

...Albeit she'd keep an eye out on Mario. Those muscles were almost inhuman, and she knew that subjects that survived weren't transferred back to their original cells after experimentation.

Saraibre Ryu
04-09-2011, 09:01 AM
OOC: It sucked but I made my opening >_<

Yune Scio
Intelligence Mercenary
Nacrene City Museum
Affected RPer’s: Neo

Standing there in the museum, waiting for some random guy to show up just so she could watch him. This was honestly a joke to her. Being put wrongfully in prison for Arceus knew how long, only to drag her ass out of it, admit she was right and give her specialized training to watch someone. Yeah, Scio was not happy. Maybe this guy would screw up and she’d have another job to do. So long as Xenan was out of the way, she could have her life back, her record cleared completely as if nothing ever happened. Scio knew it all along that she was right. She seemed to stare at the Dragonite skeleton, as if to burn those words in it’s skull. Oh if she only could bore words into people’s heads...that’s be a neat power.

She stood there, hat and coat on, looking nothing that out of the ordinary. It would of helped her blend in more if she hadn’t had a shiny Litwick perching on her shoulder the entire time. The soul sucking thing gave anyone who looked at them funny an eery gaze, basically creeping anyone within five feet of the woman away. Scio scratched the side of the living candle, happy he was there. Scio considered him her good luck charm, though if anyone else knew that, they’d very much disagree, considering Litwick’s reputation.

Getting bored, she decided to go walk around the building, and find some other exhibit to try and stare holes into. The curator she could tell was tense with paranoia, probably about Lit-Lit setting something on fire. The shiny Litwick was rather well behaved and wouldn’t set the museum on fire, that is, unless it was a Xenan facility in disguise, then she would have to have her Litwick burn the place down.

‘Whoever this person I’m spotting is supposed to be, they better get here damn fast...’

Raven X
04-09-2011, 01:20 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Unova FBI HQ, Castelia City, Unova

The meeting was dispersed with the planting idea a success. I was assigned to be the spotter for Agent Logan but by time I turned he was already gone. I took out one of my Pokeballs and sent out my Pokemon, Braviary. I showed him a picture of Logan and ordered him to follow him until I return. I then decided to have a chat with Agent Kevin Saddler my once boss. As I walked up to him he was finishing putting away the files, when he saw me a smile crept along his face.

“Robert”, he started, “How are you”?

“I have seen better days Saddler”, I replied offering my hand in a handshake. He then took it firmly, like how any man should.

“I was sorry to hear about the death of your dad, son” the man replied.

“Yes I know it was tragic thing but at least he did not give any information about the country”, I replied. My dad was in secret services and he was sent on a mission to Kanto to stop a group called Team Rocket. Yet soon they saw through him and captured him and tortured him for hours on end.

“But we can all rest knowing you, his son and one of the greatest agents are out there”.

“Thank you sir, well I should be going on my mission”.

“Good Luck”.

After that friendly chat, I went outside the building. If this planting idea was going to work, I would have to change a little bit. I went to my car and got some extra clothes out. I then changed into a blue shirt, black jeans, and sneakers. After I was done I checked my comp, Braviary was still following Agent Logan. I then took out my other Pokemon, Golurk. Golurk was a giant yet it was known for flying at incredible speeds. I hopped into his hands and got on his shoulders. The Golurk gave a nice happy moaning sound and was ready. Golurk was also kinda of like my compass, he knew where all of my Pokemon were. After all Golurks are sometimes called Pokemon Guardians. “Follow Braviary”, I said.

“Golurk”, the Pokemon said as it took to the skies. I was reading on some of my information while we were flying and noticed that another spotter would be there. A girl actually. I decided to go and talk to her later but for right now I have to find Agent Logan. Soon Braviary started to come into our sights. I then hopped from Golurk to my Braviary and returned Golurk giving him the compliment of a good job. “Braivery, whenever Agent Logan stops start to hover the skies and make sure you can see him”, I said, I will be down there with Dewott”.

I will be down there with Dewott. “Braivery, Brav”, the Flying Pokemon said.

Dewott would be an excellent choice because if something was to happen, Dewott could easily run very fast being the most agile Pokemon I had. I decided that I would have to be very far back from Agent Logan to not give anything up. Braivery started to slow down as Agent Logan did. “Okay”, I thought, “It now begins”.

04-09-2011, 01:57 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Tiny Road in the Middle of Nowhere Near Nacrene City

Alfonsen Judica was a world-renown doctor. He was the guy that could cure you when everyone else had marked you "dead man walking". Brilliant and charming and very rich, he had spent decades developing a family-friendly reputation in order to appeal to more patients (and therefore, make more money): that of a caring, loving husband and devoted kind father, a philanthropist and all-around nice guy. So it would be quite a scandal if the world found out he had was having an affair and even bought his mistress a lodge nestled deep within the forests surrounding Nacrene City. Not nearly enough to ruin his career, of course, but still something worth avoiding.

So the affair was kept secret. Alfonsen met his mistress rarely, made up excuses to go to Nacrene alone all the time. As head of some rather-important medical association, he had the power to select the location of their yearly medical conference and always chose Nacrene, citing it's small, clean air as the reason he liked it so much. And whenever the conference was over, he would sneak off along the lonely, winding forest roads to meet his mistress.

Aur had been tracking the man for months now. He would be a very useful piece in his game. Haxorus road was a tiny little thing that almost nobody ever took, being so out of the way from anything. So it was a perfect ambush site. Sitting in the back of a tractor-trailer that Jack had parked across the road, he was engaged in conversation with Ezekiel.

"Oh, I just remembered," Ezekial said. "The results from that exam came back."

"Which one?" Aur asked.

"The one where you drained out your body's blood. Well, it turns out that the performance tests were normal. So while you have blood, you don't seem to use it for anything."

"So I guess I'm a true virtual being, then," Aur sighed. It was a quality of Porygons that they didn't have internal organs. Or in fact, any kind of organs at all. You could chop a Porygon into little tiny pieces, and the pieces could still be functioning. Of course, the Porygon wouldn't be very useful in that state. But if Aur didn't need blood, and, as he already knew, he didn't need to eat or drink, then that meant most of his internal organs were just taking up space.

"Not so. We don't know whether you use your nervous system or not."

For obvious reasons. Aur didn't feel that ripping out his spinal cord was a good idea. He had detected signals in his nerves already, but there was no way to know without more advanced testing that the signals did anything useful.

"Hey, someone's coming," Jack, who was in the cab, said over microphone. "I think it's our target."

There was the sound of braking. Aur heard a car door open and close. "Yeah, it's him," Jack said.

"Hey!" Alfonsen yelled. "What's going on here!"

Jack stepped out of the cab and pointed a rifle at him. "Please get in the back," he said, gesturing at the container car.

There was a noticeable pause before the response. "Ok, ok." Sounds of shuffling feet. "Look, if it's money you want, I'm insured for up to-"

The door of the container car swung open, and Alfonsen, his hands on his head, saw the large half-human half... thing standing in front of him behind a complete portable surgical setup. "But it's not money we want, doctor" Aur said, smiling. "It's you." And with that, he walked over to the doctor, legs making metallic pinging noises with every step, and stabbed a syringe into his arm. Alfonsen collapsed into Aur's hands.

He turned to Jack, hefting the unconscious doctor onto his back. "Pull the truck onto the side of the road." And with that, it was to the operating table.

Neo Emolga
04-09-2011, 07:44 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Nacrene City, Unova

Nacrene City was disturbingly quiet and somber, like the whole town was mourning over a funeral. Very few people outside, lights on all the time, it was as if the entire town had gotten terribly paranoid. The driver pulled up the Lincoln to the police station, and upon getting out of the car, I met up with Kenneth Donavan, a fellow FBI agent who had been already stationed here for several months. Inside the station, cops were busy as hell, shuffling through papers, trying to get the latest on the newest missing persons to be reported, and interrogating potential witnesses and people who claimed they “saw something.” The station was stifling hot as well, I could barely feel any trace of circulation in there.

Donavan looked deadly serious about this, his black hair combed back, his face and jacket ridiculously clean like he was putting himself up for sale on Ebay, and his tie was pure black with a silver tie clip. No personality to it whatsoever.

“Agent Logan, I’m Special Agent Kenneth Donavan,” He told me in a firm and serious tone as we exchanged a handshake. “So you’re aware, Yune Scio and Robert Dinkins have been assigned to be your spotters. Mobile 1 will be Yune Scio, who is a reliable intelligence freelancer who we’ve hired for this assignment, and Mobile 2, Robert Dinkins, whom you probably already know, is a fellow FBI agent of yours that will be accompanying you on this mission. They will be monitoring your location and condition at all times while you proceed to take on the role of a typical Pokémon trainer. Due to the nature of this operation, it’s critical you do whatever you can to remove suspicion. We’re going to need you to remove your badge and your personal radio. We’re giving you an Xtransceiver instead, so you can use that to contact us if some is going on. And we’d also like you to change your clothes.”

They didn’t tell me about this now. If I changed my clothes, I wouldn’t be able to conceal the pistol as easily, and I knew not a whole lot of trainers walked around waving firearms. Still, I decided to at least hear him out before making that call.

“Exactly what am I going as?” I asked Agent Donavan.

“A Pokémon Breeder,” Donavan told me. “They’re high priority targets for Xexan, they typically carry a lot of Pokémon on them, establishing a motive for Xexan as they have more test subjects to experiment on once they’ve been subdued. Judging from your appearance, you only have three Pokémon, but we’ll supply you with the necessary others to complete the look.”

“What about my gun?” I asked him, knowing I really didn’t want to part with it just in case. “I’m not giving that up, Donavan.”

“Your spotters will have their guns, that’s what they’re there for,” Donavan insisted. “Don’t be trying to act like a tough guy, Logan, we’re trying to have them go after you, not to have you go all James Bond and Bruce Lee on them. And don’t be looking at everyone and everything like you’re trying to size them up for a fist fight. If things get ugly and a real fight breaks out, I’ll ensure you get your gun back.”

I sighed, and just handed him my badge and the Sig Sauer. In return, he handed me a black and silver duffle bag with a change of clothes. He also handed me a list on a piece of paper, and I took it and started reading it.

“What’s this?” I asked him, looking at the piece of paper.

“We need you to talk in code,” Donavan told me. “Pokémon breeders aren’t going to go around telling people on Xtransceiver they spotted a target and it needs to be taken down. Instead, these phrases and actions will resemble different situational statuses. If Xexan is watching you, they won’t suspect anything if they hear you speak these phrases.”

I looked down the list, and I couldn’t help roll my eyes.

Mobile 1 – Yune Scio
Mobile 2 – Agent Robert Dinkins


<Look up at sky> - Notify Mobile 1 and Mobile 2 to move in closer.
<Stretch arms and muscles> - Notify Mobile 1 and Mobile 2 to fall back.
<Left hand on hip> - Notify Mobile 1 to move in, have Mobile 2 cover for Mobile 1.
<Right hand on hip> - Notify Mobile 2 to move in, have Mobile 1 cover for Mobile 2.
<Rub face> - Be on the alert, possible threat detected.


“Seems like a nice day outside, I probably should let them out for some fresh air.” – Situation normal, no threats detected.
“I wonder if I’d find any new Pokémon north/south/east/west from here.” – Changing direction, heading north/south/east/west.
“I wonder if there’s any Pokémon in the grass over there.” – I think I’m being followed.
“Bess doesn’t look so well today.” – Need immediate backup, visual on confirmed suspects acquired.

“You’re serious about these?” I asked Donavan, a little doubtful about this list.

“Logan, I’ll be honest, everything else we’ve tried hasn’t worked,” He told me, looking like he was getting impatient. “Act in character. That’s all. You’re not stupid, so just head out there, and do what you’re supposed to do. HQ also recommends traveling with a Pokémon with you to again, complete the look.”

I figured that while I didn’t exactly like this plan, it was better than nothing.

“Anyway, Yune Scio and Agent Dinkins will be notified about the situation, and will be aware of these covert signals,” He told me. “Remember. Act in character. I don’t want to have this situation compromised.”

I nodded, and after shrugging, decided to head over to the bathroom and change. I sure was hoping this would work.

04-09-2011, 08:36 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel forest.

Project F9-E3: The Fast Controlled Evolution Accelerator, Or FCEA for short. The FCEA did exactly what it's title suggested: it forcibly evolved Pokemon and Humans with Pokemon genetics beyond their regular ability, and also allowed the addition of extra types to Pokemon, Pokemorphs and Chimeras. It was the only other project Fennel was working on at the time, and she was absolutely thrilled about it's current patterns. So far, the test runs have been sucess after sucess, each time producing the desired amount of evolutionary energy needed to evolve specific Pokemon, and Humans given Pokemon genetics. Moreover, they had made impressive progress with the machine. This was something she was liking more and more by the minute.

However, those were just tests and simulations, and live specimens had yet to be tested. Moreover, it wasn't just that-the real speed bump was the size the machine needed to be-A whopping 24 feet tall. The original one, the prototype, was only half of that. That required materials. And for materials, they needed cash. And for cash, they needed buyers to buy their research. Strangled Cross and Second Dusk were good providers of these, but it wasn't enough.

Regardless, they were still trying. It took time.

Although she liked hearing of the experimentation, when she heard that they couldn't use the machine yet, as the minimal size was 24 feet tall, Fennel was rather dissapointed. She kept her cheer up, waiting for when this marvel of science was truly finished.

Fennel was about to walk out, when a voice rang on the intercom.

"Fennel Yew, please report to the bottom floor, section D. You are being assigned to a new Project: Project U8-C14

U8-C14? That was a new one. She walked casualy out of the room, strode back into Second Hold (She took another glance at Mario, whose stance didn't change in the brief time she was out), walked through, and proceeded to take the elevator down once she got out. She hit B6, and a mechanical voice said 'Elevator Going Down.'

Once the Elevator stopped and opened it's door, Fennel proceeded to where she knew section D was, taking the second door on the right side.

She was looking quite shocked. Far from the usual sights she saw in a lab, it seemed as though plants had decided to sprout up everywhere, taking on a lot of life. Every type of flora she could care to name was present, along with several she didn't know the name to, and a few that looked compleatly new. It wasn't just plants inside, but Grass Type Pokemon too-It seemed they had more growth on them than usual.

Fortunatly, this jungle of growth was inside a containing box, as any other site of an experiment. The Scientist that greeted her was...Yep, that was Cress, alright-He had the hairstyle. So she did see him.

"Hello, miss Yew! I am Dr. Cress Noairt, and it is a pleasure to be working with you!" Cress said, as he extended his hand. He remained compleatly human, though he wore a lab coat over his waiter grab-a much more suiting clothing choice for one whose brain was removed of all memory of being a Gym Leader, and instead being a Scientist.

"Hello, Dr. Noairt. Fennel replied, taking the hand and shaking it in a buisness shake. She looked back at the jungle in a box. "So, what is Experiment U8-C14 about?" She asked.

"Ah, yes, I knew you'd be curious!" Cress replied eagerly. Fennel wasn't suprised-Xexan scientists 'reconfigured' Cress'es mind to think that his ultimate passion was to be a scientist, and had a greater passion to work loyally for Xexan. They didn't want him wavering. "Experiment U8-C14 is an experiment similar to the one you are also working on, Project F9-E3. However, unlike that project, it is made specifically for one Pokemon Type. That one over there is the testing for Grass-Types. The particular serum for that one also has a posotive effect on plant growth, as you can clearly see!" Cress said, making a slight gesture to the incredible amounts of plants inside the box.

"Would the results of the subjects be stronger than if I would use the FCEA on them?" Fennel asked.

"Very much so! In fact, our most successful test was 1.7 Times more potent than if the FCEA was used. It's all possible thanks to chemicals that not only stimulate Evolution, but also infuse the powers of the Plates found in the Underwater Ruins, while we were still in Undella Town." Cress said. "It would also allow for the user to become the The type the chemical works on best, if they weren't already, though the additional power would be weaker, only 1.4 times more potent." Cress added.

"Great. How far are you ahead?" She asked.

"We have only used it on some Pokemon in actual experimentation, but we haven't covered all 17 types. We've already used Eevee for all 17, but considering it's unstable genetics, they don't count. Moreover, we have yet to try this on Pokemorphs or Chimeras." Cress said.

"OK, this seems good so far. Has anyone tried two of these chemicals at once?" She said.

"Yes, most definatly! Only on Eevee, though. However, the result has produced, to use the common term, Eeveelutions of every type combination possible, and has given them 2.3 times more potent than if we used the FCEA on them!" Cress said. This experiment was looking better and better. "In fact, we've even tried it with three different chemicals!" Cress added. "Every type combination possible with these have been used, but only on Eevee's. However, the potent they show afterwards is 2.8 times more potent than if they were sent to an FCEA!" Cress said. "Oh, I almost forgot, it seems as if when these chemicals are used, the life span also increases, which is equal to the amount of times more potent than if they were sent to an FCEA."

"Alright, this seems quite sucessfull. However, I have one more question. Is this contributing to the FCEA research? I would like to know, seeing as thist seems to stem from that project." Fennel asked.

"Compleatly! We've made sure to contribute some of our resources to that." Cress said.

"Thank you. I will need no more questions now. Is there any experimentation going on right now?" She asked, in an ironic fasion.

"We were actually about to start up the last few types of Pokemon right now!" Cress said. "We were just waiting for you, miss."

"Well, let's not keep them waiting any longer!" Fennel said, looking quite happy at the prospect. If everything kept going as planned, then she could use these chemicals on herself, not only to increase her power, but her lifespan. At best, she'd get 2.8 times her current lifespan...2800 years seemed quite a large lifespan to her.

04-09-2011, 09:27 PM
Jalen Yono (Riolu)
Route 4 >> Castelia City

I was heaving as I treaded through route 4. I was abducted here and now I was left in the exact same place. Being a Pokemon, the entire place seemed amazingly large. The amount of Darumakas ambushing me in packs is ridiculous, and I had to take refuge in a small cavern hidden behind a rock. Inside the cavern were three Scraggy making plans, but luckily they didn’t see me, so I peeked in and launched an aura sphere. Then I dragged them a good distance away. They for sure weren’t dead, and I was too nice to kill the innocents, but I knew they wouldn’t leave for me and I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be able to find their way back when they woke up again.

To me, how these Pokemon could’ve survived is ridiculous. I definitely wasn’t in the best environment, I would do better in a foresty area. That’s why I’ve been using my internal compass combined with my instincts to travel where I believe is south, so I can get to Castelia City. I’ll replenish myself there – I can’t imagine it being too hard to find something on the streets. I’d have to throw a sad face on, but I wouldn’t have to try because I’ve already had a sad face for a long time and it seems to be a very hard thing to get rid of.

Depressingly, my health was already considerably bad because I assume that the people that took me didn’t think my health would have an effect on the outcome of the experiment; I was only eating dried up bits of bread. I wonder if Pinwheel Forest has any sitrus berries around, those are my favorite, and considering I’m not human, I don’t think I’ll be dining on butter noodles or broccoli and cheese soup any time soon.

In my little shelter, I’ve been taking advantage of the strength and endurance that comes with being a Riolu. If I knew RaiRai had this kind of potential, I would’ve really worked him hard to make him the best of the best. I was moving rocks to create a nice little dug-out shelter. I knew this was wasted effort because I was going to be leaving to Castelia City later on, but OCD got the best of me and I had to adjust the space to my liking.

Being as thirsty as I was, I decided to take a peek out of the cave and climb the hill above to see if I could find a water source from a bird’s eye view. I did so, moving the boulder out of the way with ease. I scaled the rocky sides of the hill. It was hard to get a good grip because I really couldn’t hold onto the sand all that easily. I managed to get up, and took a look around. There was no water source in sight…

A tear trickled down my cheek. Still, nothing in sight. I broke down there. I knew then that if I didn’t get out of this desert soon, I was done for. So, I decided to commence my plans to get to Castelia City. I stumbled down the hill and made my way to a central area of the route. I knew this place so well, I traveled on it so much to and from Nimbasa City. I looked around for familiar land features that could tell me where I was. When I started seeing people walking by in only two directions, I knew where I was. I turned left and made my way down the path I’d traveled before with less vibe than back then. I felt unsafe. I never felt so small and never felt the world to be this big. I could make out the station between Castelia City and Route 4 a bit ahead, it was a small hike away. It wouldn’t be long before I got to Castelia City.

04-09-2011, 10:53 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Tiny Road in the Middle of Nowhere -> Lair

Aur snapped his fingers a couple times around the face of Doctor Judica. "Hey hey, time to wake up, now. The anesthesia wore fifteen minutes ago, stop sleeping."

Alfonsen groaned, and his eyes fluttered open. Aur stared into them, then picked up a small flashlight and waved the beam into the patient's eyes. "Retinal response is normal. Are you awake?"

Alfonsen sat up, his eyes dim and unseeing. "Yes."

"Who are you?"

"Alfonsen Judica."

"Who am I?"

"Aur Morose."

"What are you to me?"

"Your faithful servant."

"Good." Aur gently slapped the doctor's cheek a few times to check his reaction. "Turing app on." Alfonsen's eyes gained spark, and he blinked several times and shook his head, as though confused. He looked around the inside of the container, at his hands and feet, then finally at Aur. "Go to your mistress," Aur said. "You're a couple hours late, but I'm sure you can think of an excuse. Act normal. You will remember the operating instructions when the time comes to execute then."

"Yes sir." Alfonsen slowly got back up and got out of the container. Aur watched him get back into his car, then turned on the intercom. "Alright Jack, time to go home."


It took a while for the truck to get back to the warehouse. Aur stepped out of the container car and looked around. The warehouse looked unchanged. Sitting on the outskirts of the city, close to nothing except rocks and dirt. There was no reason for anyone else to come here, except maybe for some raucous teens to go exploring. Aur had installed a silent alarm system that would warn him whenever anything approached the warehouse. It had a tendency to be set off by random Pokemon, but that was worth the price. Anyways, Ezekiel was the one who monitored the system.

Aur walked into the warehouse and knocked on some random junk lying around in a particular pattern. A gaping hole proceeded to open up in the ground, like the maw of some great beast that was trying to swallow him. The entrance into the lair was virtually impossible to spot when it was closed, although one might be able to find it if one knew what one was looking for. And the sequence of knocks was set up in a specific way that it was very improbable that the system could be opened accidentally.

Aur descended into the control room. After Jack finished parking the truck behind the warehouse, he too entered the tunnel, and closed the entrance behind him. With that, they had safely returned, step one of Aur's plan complete.

Aur consulted a file on his control desk conveniently labeled "Master Plan". Taking out a pen, he scribbled something at the end of the several pages already inside. "Add 3 eggs, but only the egg whites. Mix vigorously." When that was done, he turned to Ezekiel. "How are we on test subjects?" he asked.

"Running low," the voice came out of the speakers. "Only 3 left."

Aur sighed. "Guess it's time to go trainer hunting again. Well, I think Jack needs to eat first. Ezekiel, get me a virtual pizza."

04-09-2011, 11:47 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest

The last few types to be tested were Normal and Dragon. The former to be tested of them was the Dragon Type, which Fennel Arrived just in time for.

And as she rounded the corner of the flooded Water Evolution Chemical Testing area (A extremely large Lumineon with extra fins and a powerful Hyper Voice attack was swimming inside), and, to her dismay, found the test subject.

"A Druddigon?!" She yelled. If the body shape and size and the jowl weren't a immediate and complete giveaway, the wings, too big to be a Dragonite's and two rough along the edges to be a Flygon's, were certianly going to. Moreover, there wasn't any restraint for the Druddigon's anything, it was just asleep. It was simply begging for disaster.

"Err...Most of us feared that a Hydregion or a Haxorus would break free after evolution, and we needed to test these on fully evolved Pokemon. In since Druddigon are already fully evolved, as they don't evolve at all, and we didn't get any Altaria...they were the most likely canidates...We're not happy about it either." Cress said, obviously regretting the situation with every inch of his being.

"Ugh! Keep the Anesthetics on high! I seriously do not want that thing getting loose!" She barked to the other sicentists, who immediatly started twisting knobs.

A mechanical Voice started up. "Scanning Subject...Confirmed Subject: Druddigon. Approximate Power level: 34..."

Her Pokemon were at least 55 in Power Level, meaning that she'd be able to restrain this beast easily. Nevertheless, she sent out Musharna. Her sister popped out, and although looked like she was sleeping in midair, was truly just making sure her powers worked. Indeed, when this was done, she settled down on the floor, eyes still closed, but on all fours, as a Musharna should be.

"...Applying Dragon-Type Evolutionary Chemicals in Five..."...A mechanical arm poked out of the cealing..."Four..."...It started heading downwards, towards the Druddigon..."Three..."...It was just feet away..."Two..."...It was just four inches away now..."One..."...A Complete pause...

And suddenly, the arm started spraying a navy-blue spray everywhere in the room. It coated the Druddigon compleatly, and then some. When it was finished, the Arm came back up to the cealing, and was out of sight.

Looking at the Druddigon, Fennel noticed that the Chemicals were gone. They must have been absorbed into it's skin...

Then, almost immediatly after Fennel made this conclusion, the Druddigon started glowing in that navy blue color the chemical was...

...The body grew and expanded, and the wings became much larger...And the One head split to make two, like a Dieno to a Zweilous...The beast that stood before her was definatly the product of a Druddigon's evolution, but the crimsion color had darkened to a cardinal color. Moreover, two of those spiky lower jaws, and two heads that obviously went with them, were put on it's head. The anthestetics had worked, even after the Evolution, lest it had gone on a brutal rampage.

"Evolutionary process complete. Druddigon's new power level is now 95."

"Alright, please tell me that the thing is a lover, and not a fighter!" Fennel said, almost pleading to the scientists.

One of the scientists raised his hand. "Actually, I caught that one!" He said. "And yes, it's docile. Very docile. Didn't want to attack me at all until my Fraxure hit it twice." He added.

"Thank Arceus!" She said. The Scientist walked in the room, and put a Ultra Ball to the head of the Druddigon Evolution. It was whisked back inside with a wiry and Arbok-like beam of energy. The PokeBall in itself was a marvel of technology. Alright then, about the other one...What do we have to work with for the Normal Type? An overactive Slacking?" She said, mockingly.

"We have a Audino for this one." Cress said, making Fennel highly relieved, as they walked to the last box, tucked away in the last cranny of the room.

Fennel almost dropped her jaw in suprise. The Audino was shiny. Shiny, dear Arceus. Whoever caught this speciman was a lucky man indeed. The Audino was leaning back in a corner of the room, looking like the devil itself, with an evil grin and devious and dark intent in the eyes. Fennel was both disgusted and scared of that look, though inwardly, mainly because Audino were healers at best, and this Audino looked like it would have a kick out of slaughtering every legend in Unova. She was going to look nonchalant about it, though.

The same was done as before, only with a few changes; The Audino's power level was 7 instead of 34, and a white chemical was sprayed in every direction over a navy-blue one.

...And no Evolution was happening...

"...No effect?"

"...We had a feeling about it...I knew the chemical wasn't reactive enough..." Cress said. Fennel slapped her-no, Hilda's face. Failure. Her least-favorite word.

The Audino was snickering inside the room, a 'kehehehehe' that was the sound of a troublemaker when his victims got upset. The Audino was apparently delighted at the failure of the experiment...Wait. Audino can't snicker. Well, they could, but not with a 'kehehehehe,' it was more like a 'Nididididi.'

The Audino itself seemed to realize this as well, and corrected itself. However, Fennel took a sharp look at it.

"Did anyone catch this with a PokeBall?" She asked.

"No. Caged it. We've also used it on an experiment to see if one could forcibly apply the Shiny Gene...His Shiny Gene was the one donated to the other Audino's, If you needed to know." Cress said simply. Fennel's piercing look turned to an evil grin to match the Audino's.

"Well then...I presume it'll come out of my paycheck for this...But why not?" She said, as she walked in with an Ultra Ball in her hand. Time to make it six. The Audino opened it's eyes briefly, having closed them while it snickered.

"Ah, sh*t." It muttered under it's breath. The Ball was flung at the Shiny Audino at the speed of a rocket, and the Audino was taken inside it, and it put up no resistance. The ball didn't even inch from where it was, it just clicked to notify everyone of the lock closing.

Lucky Fennel.

(Ooc: The Audino is a stalker!)

04-10-2011, 01:58 AM
Jalen Yono (Riolu)
Castelia City

It wasn’t long before I made it to the station between Route 4 and Castelia City, and it was a bit tough getting by with all the people walking through. Just as I had gotten to the station, I realized that any normal person would view me as a wild Pokémon. This killed my plans to give a sad face for food, because it could be a bit risky. I was going to have to forage for food if I wanted to kill off the starvation that was causing my body to slow down. Oh well, I could manage, but I needed to be quick, and I could do that. All of my speed and agility still applied to me in RaiRai’s body, but it wasn’t really working because of my hunger and thirst, but I endured it and pushed on. At the station, I smuggled myself through by actually jumping up to some beams hanging from the ceiling, then I moved along them monkey bar style to get to the exit. I jumped out an open window high above, rather than going through the main entrance. I landed in a lined up array of flowers on the side of the pathway. I climbed up the nearest office building and had a rooftop view of the area. My legs were burning from pushing them so hard and with no energy to fuel them. I ran along the rooftops dodging branches and jumping from building to building until I got to the square, where I caught a glimpse of my target: the Fountain of Unity. I could easily jump in there and get myself a drink. It is said to bring Pokémon and trainers together, and nobody would bother to catch a Pokémon there due to the chances of destruction in attempts to catch it. It was still a good distance away, when I realized that I’d have to take an alternative route. Past the office buildings were sky scrapers, and there was no way I could climb up one with the limited energy I had. So, I went around them, on the outskirts of the city. I took the treetops as my way of traveling, and leapt from branch to branch and treetop to treetop, passing by the sky scrapers. I moved closer to the city rather than the outside, and was hugging the outskirts of the city. I managed to jump and roll to prevent damaging myself into the square, where I bolted into the fountain. Oh hell, I was more excited than ever. With the first sip of water I no longer felt parched anymore, and I was dunking myself in, trying to take as much water as possible. Oh, how joyous it was…

…However, I wasn’t done. I still had to worry about my hunger needs. Well, that didn’t stop my excitement, as I had an easy way of finding some grub. After having my fill of water, I needed something to munch on, so I scouted around for any picnicking civilians or trainers. Three rangers having a conversation caught my eye. I noticed they were munching on Poké bits. That’s what peaked my interest. When I saw them all laugh jovially, I took that as my chance to swindle their bits. I lurched in and pushed over the ranger holding the bag of bits. She screamed as she fell over, the bag of bits falling out of her hands into mine. Now, what did my instincts tell me to do? Eat the food or run? Luckily, my instincts overpowered my hunger and I ended up running.

“THAT RIOLU IS A THIEF!” She shouted, pointing at me as I ran with my head turned over my shoulder. Now a few people were actually running after me. I managed to outwit them down an alleyway in which I pretended to have jumped into a dumpster, but in actuality, I was climbing up the sky scraper it was leaned against, while four people piled the dumpster in search of me, digging through trash. I stifled a giggle and took advantage of my momentum to jump to a lower building so I wouldn’t have to climb so high. From there I once again ran from the rooftops until I glimpsed the sea and Castelia’s many docks. It was really a beautiful view, but that’s not exactly what I was looking at. I was more focused on Skyline Bridge – I was going to find a way to get to Pinwheel Forest from there. I jumped down from the rooftops, landing right in the middle of the path to the station between Skyline Bridge and Castelia City.

04-10-2011, 02:51 AM
Masekios Prieto (a.k.a. Maite)
Xexan Scientist
Inner area of Pinwheel Forest

The soft sounds of a Pidove stirred Maite, causing her to sit up. She had previously been lounging in a moss covered tree, her faithful Gloom, Royce, wandering around below. He was happily spreading his obnoxious smell throughout the little section of forest Maite was currently in. As such, all of the Pokemon had cleared out of their dens, tree-holes, and other such nesting areas for the moment. There were no Pokemon in the area that were immune to the smell, such as Grimers.

And for that, Maite was thankful. It wasn't as though she disliked her work, as a matter of fact, she rather enjoyed it, but she needed breaks into the wilderness every now and again. It was an odd side-effect she had noticed after her splicing. Well, one of many, but she hadn't quite expected the instincts for the wilderness to come along. Her little trips rejuvenated her senses, and allowed her to relax more than she could in the cold, metal confines of the lab. She wished Xexan was able to experiment freely, out in the open. Then she wouldn't have to make these little side trips, and could spend all day on her research. But no. They couldn't allow those who didn't understand to catch them. Speaking of which...

The Pidove that had roused her from her lazing was obviously far from the smell, otherwise it wouldn't have sounded so quiet. Still, if it was close enough to hear, it was time to leave. Maite didn't want the Pokemon getting curious enough to brave Royce's scent. Even so, she didn't exactly want to leave. She hadn't even been around for an hour, and already the Pokemon were wanting to move back in. Maite's mouth pulled down into a frown.

'I might have to make some adjustments to Royce's smell again,' Maite thought, 'The Pokemon are getting too familiar with it, even though it's only been a week...'

She fingered her mask, tracing her fingers along the contours of the cheekbones before it gave way to her fleshy jaw. She loved her mask. It had been carved from actual bone, an actual Pokemon skull, in fact, and Maite loved it. When contemplating, she always felt the smoothed surface of her mask or other adornments. Something about that just helped her focus her thoughts and keep her peaceful.

Mind made up, she jumped down to a lower branch, grabbing it with her hands before dropping quietly on the ground. She was glad for the moss everywhere, even though she knew she would prefer to be in rough terrain. Grasslands, mountains, plateaus, all that harsh land. Even so, the moss muffled sounds and provided soft surfaces on which to lounge and walk. She could easily move about without a single sound.

Wrinkling her nose, Maite walked over to her Gloom. She may have been immune to his poison, but his smell still got to her. Not a much as those who had never smelled it of course, but her nose still detested it. It didn't help that she had to keep re-modulating his smell either. Those pesky wild Pokemon kept trying to get to the source, and she had to make the smell vary from time to time so that they couldn't get used to it. She bent down and tapped Royce, waiting until he turned around.

"Time to leave," She said.

Royce gave one of his usual goofy smiles before toning down the amount of odor he was releasing. The reduced smell would still keep wild Pokemon away, but at a smaller radius that was more useful for traveling. He wouldn't dissipate it completely until Maite was back in the base though, as she didn't want wild Pokemon watching her.

Maite began walking back to the lab entrance, sighing as she though of all the work she still had to finish. There were the new assignments she had taken on, her older experiments that needed to get finished up or re-worked into something new, and now she had to mix up Royce's smell again... Royce followed his partner, though she remained lost in thought.

"So much to do. I wonder if the others have had any success." Maite was thinking of the other scientists at the lab. Most of them were working on completely separate projects, except of course for the small team she worked with, but Maite enjoyed collaboration. She found that they tended to produce their best work when they combined ideas and procedures. After all, the K1-A3 hadn't been produced by only one department.

Maite pushed these thoughts aside as she neared the entrance. She would have to wait until she could finish some of her current experiments before suggesting a collaborative procedure.

"Royce. Smell off, please."

Maite walked through the hallways, trying very hard not to let her toenails click on the metal floor. Not only did it get tiresome to hear, but some of the scientists who hadn't been spliced with Pokemon DNA were disturbed by the obviously animalistic sound. Not that Maite really cared, but she knew people worked better when they weren't focusing on something outside their research.

Before she went back to work though, Maite headed for her personal room. She knew how others felt about the way she smelled after her little excursions. Add that to the list of things people got distracted by. She couldn't even let Royce wander around without her underlings getting antsy, like Royce was going to let his stench out at any minute. He was trained better than all that. Still, she had to admit that Gloom odor clung like nobody's business, and even she would be glad to get the smell off before returning to research.

She turned into the nearest stairwell and started down, leaping several stairs at a time for expediency. She preferred taking the stairs so much more than the elevators. Not only were they more efficient, but they made less noise. Having reached her floor, Maite stepped out into a similar-looking hallway to the one she had come from. She turned left and made her way down several doors until she reached the one with her name on it.

Stepping inside, she placed her mask, bracelets and anklets on a small dresser by the door. She then moved to the bathroom area, making sure to lock the door after her. Though she knew no one would dare disturb her, especially while taking care of personal hygiene, old habits died hard.

She took her shower quickly and got fresh clothes from her dresser, tossing the dirty ones into a hamper-like container with similar smelling clothes. The hamper, of course, kept the smells from wafting through the room.

Thus prepared, Maite walked back to the stairs and down to the lower levels. She knew she had a lot to catch up on, and she was determined to get started.

Neo Emolga
04-10-2011, 05:45 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Nacrene City, Unova

It took me about twenty minutes to change. Definitely didn’t look and feel myself at the end of it, but I figured that was probably the point. I now wore a green apron over a white t-shirt, brown shorts, and a pair of green sneakers. Meanwhile, I had a green bandana over my head with a white Pokéball emblem on the front. Besides that, the belt of six Pokéballs I now wore was in obvious plain sight. Three of them were for my own Pokémon, and the other three Donavan gave me consisted of a Pichu, a Cleffa, and an Azurill. If things got ugly, I definitely wasn’t depending on those three to save my neck. Besides all that, I also wore a backpack, loaded with Pokémon food, medicine, water, supplies, and loads of other stuff.

Well, they definitely got the look right. I headed out of the bathroom, and met up back with Agent Donavan.

“Looking good, Logan,” He told me with a nod. “Yune Scio and Agent Robert Dinkins will be notified to keep a close eye on you. I suggest for you to start moving around, act like you’re alone, and get out of sight. There’s a lesser chance of you being targeted in a populated place like Narcene City than on one of the routes around here. Get out there so we can begin the operation.”

At least I wasn’t alone when it came to this plan. Other agents had to dress up as civilian Pokémon trainers, trying to see if they could bring Xexan out of hiding. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a bit like we weren’t thinking Xexan’s scientists had gotten extremely talented at capturing trainers alive.

“What are you going to be doing in the meantime?” I asked him.

“There’s a tracker hidden in your apron,” Donavan informed me. “Even if they somehow destroy it, we’ll have the last known location of where you were before the signal was lost. If it goes down, I can immediately send reinforcements to that location. There’s also a very small hidden camera in your bandana. We can see what you can see, at least for two hours. Lastly, you have the hidden microphone, or the ‘bug’ as we call it.”

Well, that was relief. I figured there were probably enough safeguards to the point where if Xexan tried to abduct me, the FBI and police would be all over them, even if I hadn’t been aware I was being tracked.

“Keep an eye on me,” I told Donavan. “If what you say is right, then this plan should work without a hitch.”

“Trust me, you’ll be fine,” Donavan told me. “Now get out there, and hopefully this whole thing works.”

I nodded, and left the police station. Truthfully, maybe Donavan was right, this was a sneaky but viable method to draw these guys out of hiding and luring them out to strike. All we needed was to apprehend just one of them, and we’d interrogate the hell out of them for the location. Get that, and we were gold. Considering the situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Special Forces were deployed and tore their little penthouse apart.

I decided to let Zephyr out of his Pokéball, and travel with me. Upon emerging from his Pokéball, the Emolga looked at me curiously.

“Just a part of a crazy plan, buddy,” I told him, letting him climb aboard my shoulder. “Stay with me, I could use another set of eyes on the lookout.”

He nodded, and perched himself on my shoulder, trying to casually look around as I proceeded to leave the town. I figured I would try first on the town’s outskirts, and then slowly make my way toward Pinwheel Forest, and then Skyarrow Bridge. After that, I would turn around, go back to town, and go out the other side, all the while, I’d be traveling alone as much as I could, and not try to get too close to other people.

I sure hoped these spotters were ready for this…

Raven X
04-10-2011, 12:33 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Nacrene City, Unova

Now Agent Logan was talking to an agent named Kenneth Donovan. I wanted to go and see what they were talking about, but I knew that some Xexen scientists might try and see what was going on and I will jeopardize the whole mission. I took a breath and took a seat by a nearby restaurant. A waitress came and I order Dewott and I favorite, six biscuits and tea. Three for me and three for Dewott. When they came with the order Dewott was very happy and started digging in. I smiled at the Water Pokemon and he smiled back at me in content.

I then started to eat my biscuits and drink my tea. My comp then started to beep. I looked at it and it was a new message from Agent Donovan. It was talking about the different signals that Logan will do to warn us about different things.

Mobile 1 – Yune Scio
Mobile 2 – Agent Robert Dinkins


<Look up at sky> - Notify Mobile 1 and Mobile 2 to move in closer.
<Stretch arms and muscles> - Notify Mobile 1 and Mobile 2 to fall back.
<Left hand on hip> - Notify Mobile 1 to move in, have Mobile 2 cover for Mobile 1.
<Right hand on hip> - Notify Mobile 2 to move in, have Mobile 1 cover for Mobile 2.
<Rub face> - Be on the alert, possible threat detected.


“Seems like a nice day outside, I probably should let them out for some fresh air.” – Situation normal, no threats detected.
“I wonder if I’d find any new Pokémon north/south/east/west from here.” – Changing direction, heading north/south/east/west.
“I wonder if there’s any Pokémon in the grass over there.” – I think I’m being followed.
“Bess doesn’t look so well today.” – Need immediate backup, visual on confirmed suspects acquired.

I wonder who Yune Scio was, after all, she was not at the meeting. I just guessed she was a Freelancer. Once we were done eating, I explained the situation to Dewott about him having to keep a very close eye on Agent Logan.

I then noticed Agent Logan walking out of the bathroom, probably from changing because he did not look the same. I took a picture and showed it to Dewott, Dewott nodded and replied by saying its name. Agent Logan started walking in the area of Skyarrow bridge. I got up and knew I could not directly follow him instead I decided to be in the forest. Quickly I started running and climb up a tree. I then started directly jumping from tree to tree until I had him in plain sight. Once I did I started to relax knowing that no one would be able to see me.

Agent Logan also had his famous Emolga tailing him, all apart of the plan.The message also said to put my earpiece in. So I plug a wireless USB and put the black bluetooth in my ear. I had a some sound and I decided to try it.

“This is mobile 2 paging to Pokemon Breeder do you read me”, I ask, “If you can hear me just raise your right hand over a Pokeball. Now it was on. This would decided if we could finally put a stop to the Xexan Scientists... or whatever they are.

Master Zorua
04-10-2011, 12:55 PM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Lostlorn Forest

A couple of hours went by before the Vulpix woke up. Robert looked over to his new friend. <How are you feeling?> he asked. The Vulpix smiled and nuzzled Robert's muzzle affectionately.

<You're really nice. Thank you.> she replied Robert chuckled a bit, though he felt a bit weirded out at the same time. His Pokemon were always affectionate to him, but this was the first time he was shown affection as a Pokemon. It seemed to have a much more intense feeling.

<So, what brings you to the Unova region? I've always believed Vulpixes originated from the Kanto region.> Robert asked. <Oh, and my name is Robert, a Zorua. Do you have a name?> he added to his first question.

The Vulpix smiled and gave her response as she remained resting against his side in the makeshift den. <My trainer called my Farah. She was a trainer from Kanto, but we got separated somehow. I was in my Pokeball, so I don't know exactly what happened. But when I couldn't sense her presence, I forced my way out and I saw some guy in a white outfit push her into some sort of wheeled machine and headed into a forest. I tried to go after them, but I was attacked by some other Pokemon and chased away. Most of the Pokemon here seem so hostile. You're the first one that's shown me kindness.> she replied before nuzzling his cheek. <And you're kinda cute too.> She added.

Robert blinked to her last comment, feeling rather dazed and confused. Still though, what she described brought only one conclusion. <I know what happened to your trainer then, because a similar thing happened to me, and I can tell you from personal experience, we're going to need to find your trainer fast, or you might never see her again.> Robert replied before looking off to the trees in front of them.

<You see, those thugs who kidnapped your trainer kidnapped me and my Pokemon as well. While you may not believe it, I used to be a trainer. Those goons kidnapped me and did all sorts of horrible experiments on me and my Pokemon. Most of my friends didn't survive. Their last experiment put my consciousness into my Zorua. I can only guess that my Zorua's consciousness is in my human body. When I woke up, I was in Pinwheel Forest to the south. Like you, I was attacked by wild Pokemon.> Robert explained.

The Vulpix blinked in disbelief before hopping out of the log den. <Then we can't waste time! Let's go and find her! She's my best friend in the world, and I won't let those creeps hurt her!> she spoke. Robert gave a nod to her and walked out of his den.

<Alright, but first we're going to need to go to Nimbasa City in the west. I need to get to a Pokemon Center to get anything those mad scientists put into my body out. If there's any sort of locator device inside of me, they'll know I'm coming and set out to catch me or worse. We need the element of surprise on our side.> he replied.

<But can we get there without being captured? My Pokeball was broken by a wild Pokemon, and I don't want to belong to any other trainer than my master Lilly.> she asked Robert. Robert replied with a wry grin and chuckle.

<No need to worry Farah. You know that massive Pokemon that helped you out earlier and vanished? That was an illusion. My illusion. I have the power to create illusions, so I'll just make myself look like a human, grab a jacket to hide my tail, and carry you into the Pokemon Center.> he replied. <Now, let's go. Your trainer needs our help, and to be honest, it'll take more than just us to save her, but I'm going to do everything in my power to see that group of psychopaths brought down for good.>

04-10-2011, 01:34 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPer's: Neo Emolga

Hiding just out of sight of the path through Pinwheel Forest, Aur sat down in the dirt, his legs folded and tucked in against his body. His eyes were open, watching the surrounding forest and listening for sounds of movement, but his mind was occupied with calculations.

Other than improving the DNC (Desire and Needs Controller) systems, his primary research goal of the past few years had been into virtual Pokemon. The mechanisms by which the Porygons and creatures like himself were able to sustain themselves in a decidedly non-virtual world were very ill-understood at best, even by the scientists who had first created the Porygons. Those scientists did not understand what they were doing; they had merely accidentally discovered a way to make code come to life, and tried to use it to their advantage without knowing how or why it worked. Hence the massive bugs with Porygon-Z. And a lot of them didn't care. Back when Xexan was still in the employ of the government, Aur had been in contact with those scientists often. And the decided lack of curiosity annoyed him greatly.

For he suspected that the mechanism by which the Porygons and he existed were a part of something far, far greater. After all, it was the first and only time humanity had created life out of nothing. And not just any life. It was a life that ran on computer code, that could transform between matter and pure information in the form of electrical impulses, that didn't need energy inputs and generated no waste. The Porygons defied the laws of physics, and somehow their creators by and large didn't care how they did it. Well, maybe it wasn't the creators, but the corporate officials in charge of the research that only cared about the results. But still, no research was going on into what Aur suspected would be the greatest discovery... ever.

The Code of Creation, he called it. An algorithm, or system of such, that could manifest itself in time and space without having to be channeled through matter, a chain of code that existed in a vacuum and could be manipulated to do... well, anything. The idea was difficult to comprehend, even for Aur. But if he could harness this power...

"Someone's coming," Jack said over microphone. "I... think it's a Breeder. He has an Emolga on his shoulder and a lot of Pokeballs."

Aur stopped his calculations and saved his data. He hoisted a submachine gun on his back and checked the grenades on his side. One of the few useful contacts he had kept from Xexan was with the weapons dealer. And hey, this was Unova. No amount of government regulation could stop the production and distribution of thousands of new and old weapons across the continent.

"Go ahead, challenge him to a battle," Aur ordered, and slowly wandered forward to peer out at the path from behind a bush. Jack, armed with Aur's three Pokemon, was walking
out towards the other trainer, a man who indeed did look like a breeder.

There was something... suspicious about the breeder, however. His gait, his posture, the way he looked around and at Jack suggested someone that wasn't a happy-go-trainer like the kinds that wandered around here usually. That might be due to the rumors of missing trainers that had been filtering around, but the breeder's body language didn't say "I'm nervous," but something more akin to a surety of purpose.

Quietly, Aur turned on a radio reciever attached to one of his upper legs. The connection was direct interface, so Aur heard the sounds in his head. He shifted the range around, through the common radio stations and into the police bandwidth. Nothing there beyond the usual. He kept searching around, looking for anything unusual, but it wasn't likely he would find anything. Even if there were secret radio chatter going on, even the most basic encryption system would defeat Aur's little radio.

Nothing to do but watch and wait, then. "Hey!" he heard Jack yell. No microphone anymore, Jack had removed it a while ago. "Wanna battle?"

It was pretty normal for trainers to challenge each other when meeting in the wilderness, so this strategy wouldn't arouse much suspicion from the victims. Aur kept low, out of sight. The breeder's reactions would give reams of information.

Raven X
04-10-2011, 03:06 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Pinwheel Forest, Unova

I was still watching Agent Logan and was waiting patiently for something to pop out. Suddenly out of the blue a man come walking with three Pokemon, a Porygon-Z, Volcarona, and Galvantula. This was good for it showed that Logan was actually being taken for as a Pokemon Breeder. Since there was surround sound on Logan's earpiece, Robert and Yune could hear what was being said. The man had challenged Logan to a battle. But something wasn't all the way right. I could not put my finger on it but I did not trust that man.

I could not put my finger on it but something was up. The way the man smiled or look, I didn't know. Maybe it was a trap. I wanted to send my Dewott out but I didn't want a scientist catching him. I had to tell mobile 1. “Mobile 1 please move a little closer to the target for closer observation”, I said. My Braviary was still in the air, no one was looking so I motioned it down.

“Braviary, scout the area and see if they have anyone hiding in the trees and come right and tell me”, I said, “If not just keep your eyes on Logan”.

“Brav Braviary”, the Flying Pokemon said flying back into the sky. Braviary started flying again back into the sky. Where was mobile 1 she should have been here by now. This was just one reason why I didn't like the Intelligence Mercenary. I believed that if someone was really good why couldn't they just joined the F.B.I or better yet the U.I.B.P.P.A. I took a sigh knowing that it could be a while. I grabbed the small pistol and lined the hole by the person's leg. This was just in case scenario. If even the slightest thing went, the dude's knee cap would be very bloody. Dewott saw me and he too began to get ready.

Neo Emolga
04-10-2011, 04:10 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya, Raven X

It had been a while since I did any Pokémon journeying or training, but it was a bit nostalgic. I figured the outfit getup was a little off, but I figured breeders probably spent hours and hours cleaning Pokémon stalls, giving the creatures baths constantly, feeding them, and so on. Definitely not the cleanest job out there.

“This is mobile 2 paging to Pokémon Breeder,” I heard Robert Dinkins tell me, “do you read me? If you can hear me just raise your right hand over a Pokéball.”

I did exactly as he said, putting my right hand over one of the Pokéballs, but only for a few seconds. It was good to know at least he was watching my back, but as for Yune Scio, I hadn’t heard from her once. Still, a freelancer like her might have had her own ways of handling a situation like this. Besides, if I got caught, she didn’t get paid, and probably wouldn’t get hired again for a while. Since I doubted she wanted that, she had to be watching from somewhere.

In the meantime, the route was almost vacant in an eerie way. Usually all kinds of foot traffic would be seen coming and going, especially to a place like Castelia City. Here, it was like viral apocalypse happened and not a soul was in sight. Still, I tried to act like I was on the lookout for wild Pokémon.

The “seems like a nice day outside” phrase wasn’t going to be too convincing in this case. The sky was somewhat cloudy and gray, meaning rain could only be a few minutes away. Meanwhile, I made small talk with Zephyr the Emolga, even though I couldn’t understand anything he was saying in return.

“Sky doesn’t look too convincing,” I told Zephyr, seeing it was about to rain any minute. “Ugh, I’m not a big fan of getting wet either.”

“Emol…” Zephyr sighed, looking up at the sky with a bit of dismay as his ears drooped a bit.

Pinwheel Forest would probably provide some cover against the rain, but if things got intense, like a thunderstorm, I’d probably need to get out of there and find cover. The guard house before the Skyarrow Bridge would probably be a good place to stay dry if things got bad.

Out of the blue, another trainer had spotted me, and approached me. The kid was barely in his teens, had short black hair, and a pretty outgoing attitude.

“Hey!” I heard him shout, fingering a Pokéball in his hands. “Wanna battle?”

I took a look at him, and remembered exactly what Donavan said. Act in character. This was the oldest implied rule in the history of Pokémon training, and I sure didn’t forget it.

“Ha, you know what they say when two trainers exchange glances,” I told him with a smirk, knowing I learned that rule early when I first started training many years ago. “Go, Indigo!”

I grabbed the Espeon’s Pokéball and threw it into action, stepping back from the trainer to build some distance between me and whoever he was going to bring out to battle Indigo. With a flash of light, the light then materialized into Indigo the Espeon, suddenly realizing she was now called in to take part in a Pokémon battle. It had been a little while since we last had one of these, but she still stood ready, poised to strike and waiting for the kid to bring out his first Pokémon.

“And trust me, I’m not going to go easy on you because you’re a kid,” I told him with a confident smirk. “Bring it on.”

What the kid was doing out here by himself, I didn’t know, nor was I going to ask him. Any of that FBI investigator stuff was going to have to be put on the back burner, and make it look like it never happened. He didn’t look nervous about anything that was going on and I certainly wasn’t going to get nervous about it either.

Saraibre Ryu
04-10-2011, 04:23 PM
Yune Scio
Intelligence Mercenary
Narcene City

Scio scoffed at the encrypted language she was given about the entire operation. Xenan wasn’t stupid, and before she thought this whole thing was a bad idea to begin with. She couldn’t help it however, she just did what she was told and was to do anything to get Xenan into the history books of secrecy. Oh well, now being on top of the museum, she could get a decent view of the forest from there. She had a small scope she was using to watch this Agent Logan from her hide away on top of a building and under open of the air conditioners. She heard everything that was going on but didn’t speak. Spotters weren’t the ones to be found, and as far as she was concerned, she didn’t exist right now.

She watched her Spotee as she noted it in her head, and saw a man come up to him and challenge him to a battle. Now something interesting was going on. Scio watched the mans face, trying to read it for any micro expressions that would give her a reason to say something. So far, nothing unusual. Scio went to look at the Emolga on her guy’s shoulder. Pokemon seemed to have an instinct of their own that was stronger than humans, though, no Pokemon was the same. Scio kept going between the new stranger and the flying electric rodent, though it was hard to see the Pokemon’s face when it’s back was turned to her. Another issue was that she had her Galvantula taking a nap on her back as cover for the just in case. She knew it would cause some light flickering down in the museum but whatever made the best cover.

Scio wished to have sent in one of her own Pokemon into the area to fake a wild but none she had were very native to the area. She could of tried swarm reports to make a cover but she still had nothing. She just had her little fancy hand telescope and a long ways to look from with a large electric spider on her back and cold concrete on her front. If anything, Scio was going to remember every detail of this one guy by memory, and watching his face for any signs of the slightest twitch. Doing that wasn’t going to be easy at all.

Then the battle began, Logan pulling out an Espeon by the name of Indigo. Scio knew this battle could stall out some time so she could read this guy. Scio didn't trust anyone, hell she didn't even trust the government anymore, but she had less trust in this Xenan thing. A battle would bring out some trueness in this strangers face, as all battles did. Scio hoped to pick up something fast so she could determine what to do about this guy.

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04-10-2011, 05:29 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo Emolga, Saraibre, Raven X

Upon hearing Jack's challenge, the breeder took a moment to respond. In that moment, his previous behavior vanished, replaced by a confident but reserved stance. “Ha, you know what they say when two trainers exchange glances,” he said, smirking. He grabbed one of the Pokeballs on his belt and tossed it into the air. "Go, Indigo!"

The two backed up a little to make some space for the battle. Jack did so as well, putting down his backpack on the side of the road. “And trust me, I’m not going to go easy on you because you’re a kid,” the breeder went on. “Bring it on.” He acted quite natural in this scenario, though there was just the tiniest hint of bluster going on beneath the surface. That wasn't suspicious though. Perhaps Aur had just been paranoid.

The Espeon, though, could be a valuable find. Aur was interested in Psychic-type Pokemon due to their special properties, although if the breeder had sent out a Porygon Aur would be spraying him with bullets right now. Depending on what else the breeder had, this could be a valuable catch.

"Helias!" Jack called, tossing the Volcarona's Pokeball into the air. The giant fire-moth's bug type attacks would be useful against the Espeon. The boy showed zero uncertainty about his actions, acting in every way how an ordinary trainer would. That was one of the best aspects of the DNC: subjects had zero malicious intent as they carried out their orders, and thus had no reason to feel guilt or fear or nervousness. Even the most powerful Psychic-type Pokemon could detect no ill intent in Aur's pawns.

Jack was making the first move. "Bug Buzz!" In response, the Volcarona began to vibrate its many wings, rending the air with a screeching noise.

Neo Emolga
04-10-2011, 08:04 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya, Raven X, Sarabre Ryu

I was a bit surprised to see this kid had a Volcarona on him. Definitely wasn’t suspecting that one. Around his age, I was still training Pidoves and Patrats, but I figured times changed, technology made things easier and faster, and what not. His Volcarona immediately attacked with a Bug Buzz attack on the kid’s order. On a personal level, the sound was pretty annoying, but it wasn’t even directly aimed at me, it was focused on Indigo. Like any other psychic type, she didn’t take it too well.

“Eeee!” Indigo screamed, wincing at the effect.

“Get out of there and strike back with a Psychic attack, Indigo!” I shouted back to her, hoping that would suppress the kid’s Volcarona with one of the Espeon’s specialties.

She quickly and deftly leapt out of the attack’s range, though I could tell what had been just an annoyance to me was hell on her, and it was slowing her down. However, she took an offensive stance, glared at the Volcarona with red, gleaming eyes, and surrounded it with a mind-crushing wave of violet-colored psychic energy.

“Espeon!” Indigo shouted, showing the fire bug no trace of mercy.

“Emol! Emol!” Zephyr cheered for her.

I wasn’t sure if this would finish it off, there was no telling how well this kid trained this thing until I saw the results of this attack. Of course, I regretted a bit how I hadn’t been training Pokémon for a while, but still, there was no reason why I couldn’t win this one.

04-10-2011, 09:24 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo Emolga, Saraibre, Raven X

The Bug Buzz hit the Espeon hard, making the cat-thing squeal in pain. “Get out of there and strike back with a Psychic attack, Indigo!”

The Espeon jumped backwards out of the sound attack's range. Suddenly Helias was surrounded by a violent hue of energy that started crushing the flaming moth. A loud screeching noise filled the air, filled more with rage than with pain.

"Shake it off! Fiery Dance!"

Aur frowned. Jack was a poor battler, he knew this from past experience. The boy had no sense of strategy or tactics, merely using one offensive attack after another. Sometimes, brute force worked. More often than not it didn't, but it tended to suffice against newer trainers. Unfortunately those were the kind that weren't too valuable. Jack also lacked the ability to really learn from his mistakes. Here and there, sure, but it took an exceptionally large screw-up for the boy to change his ways. Perhaps that was a side-effect of the brain alterations, Aur didn't know. Boys his age were often like that even if you didn't go poking around in their skulls.

Responding to new order, Helias found an momentary slackening in the Espeon's application of psychic energy and shook itself free of the attack. Flapping its wings, it twisted its body in such a way that could only be described as a dance. Scales started to fly off its wings, burning as the Pokemon wreathed itself in flame and massive waves of heat poured off of it, all aimed at the Espeon.

04-10-2011, 09:48 PM
OOC Now I see that it's Skyarrow not Skyline.

Jalen Yono (Riolu)
Castelia City >> Skyarrow Bridge >> Pinwheel Forest

I ran over to the station between Castelia City and Skyarrow Bridge. My mouth dropped at the first glance. It was way longer than I ever imagined. It’d be an hour long on the trainer’s walkway! I had to take an alternative plan, which was to get to a lower level of the bridge and hitch a ride there. I dashed back to Castelia City and took the car path to the bridge. There, I caught a glimpse of a truck slowing down to pick up someone waiting on the side of the road. I jumped onto the side and last second dipped into the back of the truck. It had a lot of carpentry supplies in it, it probably belonged to some sort of contractor. I stabilized myself as it started moving. Once I’d gotten used to it, which didn’t take too long, I lifted my head just up to my eyes outside of the truck. I had a beautiful view of Skyarrow bridge and the ocean below. It really struck me that I didn’t appreciate things like this enough. Suddenly, the truck swerved into another lane, swinging me over. I had one hand latched onto the side of the truck, the rest of my body flying free in the wind…the car was moving so fast that I couldn’t hold on, and I flung off to the car behind in the next lane over. I slammed into the windshield, giving a perfect view of a screaming middle-aged woman with two giggling boys in the back, maybe my age. I didn’t want to get in a car accident and with the speed that we were moving at, no doubt it would happen – it was like a blind man drunk driving a car while steering with only his knees. I rolled, trying to input the energy to do so, because the wind wasn’t on my side on this one. I managed to roll off the side of the car, gliding in the wind until I collided with the railing on the side of the bridge. I landed on the side of my face, and I now had a large bruise on it. This was really aggravating, especially considering I would now have to walk all the way to Pinwheel Forest. Turns out, I was only a two minute walk there. Once I got to where the station would be above me, I climbed up a post until I got to the trainer’s walkway above. Not wanting to be seen by people passing by, instead of jumping to the pathway I jumped to the side of the station and sidled on a small piece of flooring below me until I was on the other side. I moved a bit into the trees, not wanting to be seen. However, when I glanced to my side at the pathway, there was nobody there. Not one single soul. That was real weird. This was Pinwheel Forest, there was no other way to get to Castelia City from Nacrene City by walking tan through Pinwheel Forest. As I progressed on through the cleared path, I approached the grassy clearing. There I saw two people Pokemon battling. One looked a lot older than the other, which you don’t see too often. I never, I mean never tried to battle against older people, as no doubt they have stronger Pokemon and more experience. The older looking one had a dedicated breeder getup, which might’ve explained the Espeon next to him (A lot of breeders work with Eevee due to their split DNA; I don’t blame them, I once considered specialty breeding too) What really struck me was that the younger one actually had a Volcarona. And I thought I was lucky to have RaiRai! I climbed to the top of a nearby tree to observe while tending to my bruises; tending meaning constantly rubbing while in excruciating pain. I didn’t worry about them noticing me, they were concentrated on their battle and only the breeder was facing me – he wouldn’t see me unless he looked up. Although, being a Riolu, anyone native to Unova would be fascinated to find me and would definitely try and capture me.

Master Zorua
04-10-2011, 10:36 PM
Atrus Gumshoe
Castelia City
Affected NPCs: Yodrian's wife and son

Back at the precinct, Atrus began assigning patrol routes. Unlike normal rounds, Atrus made sure that every patrol was overlapping by half an hour, ensuring that the security of Castelia's citizens was heightened to match the kidnappings. He also made sure every pair had at least one psychic or aura pokemon.

With his shift over, Atrus's first thought was getting ready for bowling night. Tonight he and four others, including his neighbor James, who was the arguably the best bowler on the team. Atrus, in retrospect, was arguably the worst. But his antics kept the rest of the team laughing and enjoying themselves.

Atrus parked the car in his own driveway before walking across the street and knocking on the door. A young woman, looking to be in her early 30's, answered. "Oh, good evening detective. I take it you and James are going out for your league night?" she spoke after she opened the door.

Atrus chuckled gave a nod. "Yup! He's rather lucky. Most married guys have to sneak out just to go bowling." Atrus teased. Veronica laughed along with the scruffy detective.

"Well, he's not home at the moment. Why don't you come in? I'm sure Johnny wants to say hi. I'm sure he'll be home soon." the lady spoke. Atrus smiled and entered into the house.

"Don't mind if I do." Atrus responded as he walked in. A little boy about five dressed in his blue footsies pajamas ran over into the living room and bounced up and down a bit.

"Unca Gummy! I taught Gandalf a new trick!" the little boy said before looking over to the hallway. From out of said hallway pounced a very big and overly excited Arcanine, much to Atrus' and Veronica's surprise. The Arcanine knocked Atrus backwards and into the nightstand, knocking off the lamp and the phone, both of which broke into pieces upon landing on the hardwood floor. "I taught him how to evolve with a shiny red rock I found!" the boy finished as the Arcanine began licking Atrus' face repeatedly.

"Gandalf, go lay down! Johnny! Where did you get a fire stone from and why did you evolve our Growlithe without my permission? Now look, Gandalf hurt our neighbor, and the lamp and phone are broken!" Veronica scolded the little boy.

Atrus got back onto his feet once the Arcanine got off of him. "Oof. Don't worry about it, I'm alright. Besides, I'm pretty good at repairing broken electronics. Can't do anything for your lamp, but if you'd like, I'll take this phone with me, and when I get back to my place tonight, I'll fix it up, right as rain." Atrus said with a smile.

Veronica sighed a bit and gave a smile to Atrus. "Sure. If you can't trust a cop, who can you trust?" she joked as she got a paper bag for Atrus to use. Atrus put the pieces and bulk of the phone into the bag and helped clean up the shattered lamp. However, Atrus didn't know right yet that he had found something important. He placed the paper bag inside his bowling bag where his bowling uniform, shoes and ball were kept.

"Well then, I guess I'll go and buy a new lamp once James gets home so I can use his car." Veronica spoke with a smile before she went off to go and do the dishes.

Neo Emolga
04-10-2011, 10:44 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya, Raven X, Sarabre Ryu, Dylan

Indigo put the pressure on the Volcarona, but the pain and exhaustion she was feeling from the previous attack slowed her down, and caused her slack when it came to the Psychic attack. The Volcarona broke free of the pressure, and unleashed a Fiery Dance attack as a reprisal. The Volcarona unleashes the waves of flames and fire upon Indigo. There weren’t a whole lot of places she could take cover either, leaving her only crouching as the flames engulfed her. She cringed and turned away before trying to stumble away from the battlefield. In truth, I knew even after that, she could still fight, but I wasn’t going to force her to do more of this.

“You did good, Indigo, return!” I told her, aiming the Pokéball’s red beam at her to return her for some rest.

Once the beam landed on her, she transformed into a red, translucent light and was returned to the Pokéball. Thing with this kid was that having a Volcarona was unusual, but not impossible. However, it did make me wonder what kind of other Pokémon he had with him. Not to mention what he was doing out here in the first place. The kid didn’t seem like the kind that would be worried about kidnappers, but still, I knew Xexan wasn’t going to try and capture every person they saw on the road.

“One more,” I told him, grabbing Crash’s Pokéball. “I sure love a good Pokémon battle, but I’m behind on my catching quota. Let’s see if you can handle this guy.”

As nostalgic as this was, I didn’t exactly have all day for it. Not to mention I didn’t want to exhaust all of my Pokémon and then end up in deep crap with Xexan. Plus, I needed to be alone with the spotters watching rather than wondering when this little boxing match would be done. Xexan wouldn’t attempt an abduction during a Pokémon battle. Still, it was quite possible any breeder could want to get back to catching Pokémon rather than have a 6vs6.

I then tossed Crash’s Pokéball, and suddenly the Arcanine emerged with a flash of light. The tiger-colored Pokémon looked at his adversary, and prepared himself.

“Nail that Volcarona with an Extremespeed!” I shouted to Crash.

Bracing himself, he lunged at the fire bug with a furious, blitz charge, one that would slam into the Volcarona before it even had the chance to blink. Hopefully with that and the Psychic attack from earlier, it would be enough to take the sucker out.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Riolu, watching the battle from a tree branch. Seemed pretty unusual to see one of those around here, but I focused on the battle for now. Not even a breeder would suddenly put a battle on hold to try and catch a Pokémon. Not to mention that wasn’t what I was really here for either.

As Crash flew at the Volcarona like a bullet, I prepared for the satisfying results.

04-10-2011, 11:31 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, En Route to Outer Pinwheel Forest.

She stared at the monitors for a few minutes. The monitors showed a view of a Pokemon Breeder...And Jack, Aur's literally mindless servant. Something did seem kind of...off...about both of them. The nature of popping up unexpectedly was Jack's issue, but that was an issue anyone could have made. However, the Breeder seemed quite...different. Both were engaged in battle, both standing out with strong and fierce Pokemon.

It was Fennel's turn to oversee the forest with extremely-well disguised cameras, and Fennel came about for an interesting scene. However, she had more than one monitor to watch, and her eyes darted amoung the monitors, checking as many Locations as possible.

There were also some nearby monitors, detailing the status of the two Pokemon that she was assigned to keep an eye out for. The computer that was wired wrote the notes down itself, leaving space for Fennel to jot down notes if nessicary. One-A Riolu-was traveling through pinwheel forest, and to her suprise, was actually watching a battle. Adreneline was pretty high, but it's need for food was evident, as was massive amounts of pain. Fennel had disagreed with putting the Riolu back in the desert where they were found, and not in a more suitable location. Fortunatly, now the Riolu was most certianly in a place where food and water were easily accessible. The other-A Zoura-was in it's natural habitat, Lostlorn Forest. It was in good condition, though the monitors mentioned it did use a Night Daze attack a few minutes ago. It seemed to be conversing with another Pokemon, considering it was making a call. The other Pokemon in the conversation was close enough that it's cry could be heard. The cry was a Vulpix'es cry, no doubts.

After taking a glance at those monitors, she looked at her most recent 'capture,' which was being guarded by Hilda. The Audino tried to escape from the room two times now, and Fennel barely managed to stop him the second time.

The Audino's name was Necros, a name that apparently was given to the Trainer that held him in a PokeBall for the longest period of time. After putting the Audino at gunpoint to answer, in clear english, every question she asked, the Audino had answered quite willingly and truthfully. According to him, he had been born along humans, but passed along from Trainer to Trainer quite quickly due to his knowledge of how to haywire a PokeBall. He caught on to english one of the times he was captured, simply by reading a Dictionary. The last time he got caught, he barely escaped-The ball he got caught in was the escape-proof Master Ball, but he got lucky; when the Trainer let him out to eat, the trainer stupidly turned his back to him, and Necros shot off into Pinwheel Forest before his captor could react. He lived in the wild for a little while before being caught by Xexan in a cage.

And he wasn't intent on staying in Xexan for any period of time, as his actions obviously proved. The Audino, though still showing his evil grin, was quite desperate to get out from day one of his capture, and just because he was caught in an Ultra Ball in addition to being trapped in Xexan didn't make this desire any less potent. Fennel made a mental note to herself to sedate him for an hour if he tried it again.

Turning back to the monitors, she noticed something. It was nearly unidentifiable in the bushes if the Zoom wasn't put in, but when Fennel zoomed in close enough, Something that looked suspiciously like a cop came into focus. He was in the depths of the bushes. A Dewott was nearby him, and it looked ready to pounce on something. Upon closer inspection, she saw that the figure was either an F.B.I. or a U.I.B.P.P.A. Agent. She still didn't understand the difference. Each Region had their own F.B.I., why have a U.I.B.P.P.A. on top of that?

Aur had to know. Separated from almost all contact with Xexan, there was no known way she knew of to alert him to the threat. If he made any moves, the trap would be sprung, Aur would be caught or killed, and would provide a lot of information either way. Moreover, if he did get caught and spilled the beans, then Xexan would be in serious trouble.

And now, she had to go save his skin.

"Necros, Return!" Fennel called, pressing the button on her Ultra Ball, sucking Necros back in. She wasn't concerned of the chance he would escape at the time, this was more important. Besides, keeping him in her box would serve her well, as well as keeping his escape chances at zero. After the light sucked the Ultra Ball in the PC box, She gestured to the only other two Pokemon out, Musharna and Hilda.

"We've got a problem. A trap's been set by some Government officials, and we need to get to Aur. I don't know where he is, and I don't know how to contact him, so I guess we're going to look for him." Fennel said, looking at Hilda and Musharna. Musharna, being naturally slow, was returned to her PokeBall, whist the much faster Hilda remained.

"Let's go." She said, exiting the doorway, Hilda in tow.

04-10-2011, 11:39 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo Emolga, Saraibre, Raven X

The twirling flames surrounding Helias engulfed the Espeon as well. From his angle, Aur could not see the reaction of the Psychic Pokemon, but he imagined it to involved quite a bit of cringing. Maybe even some screaming. Volcarona fires were hot, after all, and they didn't get much hotter than in its signature move.

"You did good, Indigo, return!” The breeder called back his Espeon, which returned to his Pokeball in a flash of red light, conveniently evading the rest of Helias's attack. Its target gone, the Volcarona ceased dancing, and the fires wreathing its body gradually evaporated. "“One more," the breeder said. "I sure love a good Pokémon battle, but I’m behind on my catching quota. Let’s see if you can handle this guy.”

He tossed out another Pokeball, and an Arcanine erupted onto the scene. Aur raised an eyebrow. He had never seen an Arcanine in person before. He thought they were native to the Kanto and Johto regions, rare in the wild, and pretty hard to raise and evolve.

“Nail that Volcarona with an Extremespeed!” The Arcanine bolted forward, almost disappearing to the human eye, and slammed into Volcarona. Aur sighed. Although it wasn't likely that Jack could have avoided the attack, not preparing for an attack straight out of the Pokeball was grave mistake. Helias went rolling across the ground, its wings crumpling as they kept being squashed beneath its body. Yet it still staggered up, weakly. Jack wouldn't recall a Pokemon until it fainted entirely, and Aur didn't want to see his Volcarona get knocked out entirely.

Well, he had seen it enough. Aur reached into his pocket, pulled out his cell phone, and punched in a few numbers. At the same time, he shut off all his other electronics. Except one. From Jack's backpack came a loud, annoying rap song. The boy, surprised, looked over at his backpack on the side of the road. "Uh, one moment please." He walked over with his back to the breeder, opened up the pack, and reached inside.

Instead of pulling out a phone, however, Jack pulled out a small black cylindrical objected drilled with holes. The breeder, of course, couldn't see it. Jack stared at the cylinder for all of one second before his programming kicked in. Turning around in a single, swift motion carrying a surety of purpose the boy never could have achieved by himself, he pulled the pin and pitched the stun grenade straight at the breeder.

It clattered at the breeder's feet, still rolling quickly. BOOM. The flash-bang was loud. It left Aur's ears ringing even from all the way up in the forest, and had he not turned around his vision would still be spotty. The two battlers and their Pokemon had it much worse. Knowing there was no time to lose, Aur bolted down from his hiding place, jumping into the middle of the road in a single, enormous leap, and picked the breeder off the ground by his shirt before he had a chance to recover. With his other hand, he set off a powerful EMP pulse with the one electronic he hadn't turned off, attached to his side. One of his upper legs whipped around to rest its point at his throat. "Get your Arcanine back in his ball," he ordered. Having set off the EMP, his free hand grabbed his gun and pointed it at the breeder to emphasize the point.

Raven X
04-11-2011, 12:20 AM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Pinwheel Forest, Unova

I was still in the trees with his Dewott throughout the whole battle. I still had my pistol lined up with the trainer’s leg. After he kind of defeated Logan’s Espeon with his Volcarona, he took out a cell phone and typed a few numbers. Then as if on cue his book bag started playing a rap song. I could not love this kind of music; even Dewott started covering up with ears. The trainer then took this kind of device from his bag.

In a flash, a bang was produced. I hurried to do my job. “Braivery quickly come down ad help us,” I said, “Haxorus, go down there and give Logan a hand, Dewott you too”. I then threw my Haxorus’s pokeball right down there. “Mobile 1 call in all available units in the area, I’m going in”. Quickly I jumped from the tree. My ears were still ringing with the flash bang. Haxorus dove and tackled the trainer who produced the flash bang.

My eyes quickly scanned the area for where ever Logan was. My eyes soon found the horror. I was staring at a mutated male. His body was practically from three different Pokémon, a Porygon-Z, Metagross, Ariados. He also had a device pointing at Logan’s head. “Dewott use Razor Shell on that thing”, I commanded. My Dewott did exactly as I said and pulled both shells from its sides and began to make them glow, he then threw them in a very swift motion. I then aimed my pistol with the thing’s hands as he was holding the device. I then pulled the trigger and let the bullet whizzed over the mutated being.

04-11-2011, 01:05 AM
Alyse Hadder <Arcanine>
deep in Pinwheel Forest

The last few days were complete hell and confusion for Alyse Hadder. She had at least gotten used to being in her new body, but the pain and sadness that she felt was still great. She had never dreamed anything like this could happen; it was madness. She saw herself in a reflection at the small stream of water she was drinking from, a thick scar lanced across her left eye, and everything from the elongated snout to her fangs, to her eyes, was her precious beloved Archie. The Arcainine she had traveled with ever since she began her journey those long years now. Overwhelming sadness filled her heart once more and she let out another howl of agony. She had turned her thought to what had started all of this, it happened so suddenly that she never knew what exactly had happened.

One thing she had remembered was that she was near the entrance to the Pinwheel Forest, after that was confusion and scattered memories, though one that shone as though etched in her memory was what the strange creature had asked her.

“Would you die for the sake of your Pokemon?” the humanoid had said in a distorted voice.

The question stung her to the very core, of course she would and she gave her answer. After that though she saw the creature make and evil grin and let out a hallow laugh then darkness filled her vision. When she woke up she found herself back in Pinwheel forest not remembering what happened or how she ended back at the spot where she was abducted.

A few days had passed, but she still had no idea what to do, she had avoided capture thus far but only because she was deep enough in the forest that not very many people traveled there. She knew she must find a way to stop the people at Xexan and warn others about what she was doing, but how she was going to do that, she didn’t know.

Master Zorua
04-11-2011, 01:49 AM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Lostlorn Forest -> Nimbasa City

Robert walked up to the edge of the forest and hid behind some bushes with Farah along side him. As a trainer, Robert had been to the city and knew his way around. But as a wild Pokemon, getting in would be the hard part. There was always one little flaw to his human illusion, and that was the presence of his tail. It always remained exposed when he used his human illusion form. He needed to get a trench coat or robe of some sort, something that would hide the tail.

Once Robert was sure the coast was clear, he dashed for some shrubs in the backyard of one of the suburb houses laying just outside of the city limits. He motioned for Vulpix to follow suit. The young Vulpix ran as fast as she could, making it into the bush just before a few trainers passed by the house along the trail road leading to Route 16.

Robert could see some movement in the house, silhouettes cast upon the windows. Robert waited patiently, and within fifteen minutes, the people inside the house left to go to the city in their car. While there was still a risk that someone else could be inside, Robert needed to get his paws on something that could hide his tail, otherwise getting into the city without having every trainer tossing Pokeballs at him would be near impossible.

Robert found the back door was unlocked and cautiously slipped inside by opening the sliding glass door. Once inside, Robert took a look around, keeping close to anyplace he could hide. Finally, he managed to get into one of the bedrooms.

While there were no trench coats or coats that would be long enough, there was a red bathrobe. Carefully, he jumped up, broke the plastic hanger with his teeth, tossed the lower part of the plastic hanger aside and used his power of illusion to make himself look human. After donning the robe, he ran outside, scooped up Farah and began to head into the city. He looked like a teenage kid who had just woken up, appearing as if he were wearing sneakers with no socks, a two piece white with blue pin-stripe button pajamas and the real red robe covering him, hiding his bushy, short black tail.

Now was the hard part. The city was bustling, and being unable to speak English anymore, he'd never be able to hold a conversation. Instead he acted as though he was in an emergency, as though something were seriously wrong with the Vulpix he carried. He began quickly passing by other people who at most just shot him an odd glance due to the fact that he looked like he didn't bother to get dressed. However, that was better than the alternative. All he needed to do now was to get to the Pokemon Center.

Neo Emolga
04-11-2011, 03:20 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya, Raven X, Sarabre Ryu, Dylan

Crash the Arcanine slammed into the Volcarona, sending it straight to the ground. Even after taking a beating like that, the kid insisted to let the Pokémon keep going, which was fine by me. He wouldn’t have had much that Crash would be weak against. And then, the kid had a cell phone call right in the middle of the battle. Well, it was annoying, but not uncommon.

“Uh, one moment please,” He told me, reaching into his backpack as the ringtone was that of a rap song.

I waited as Crash returned to my side, and we waited. I saw he pulled out what I thought was his cell phone at first. I didn’t pay much attention to him or it until he threw it at me. For a minute, I didn’t understand what was going on until I saw it land near my feet, and realized it wasn’t a phone… was a grenade. In that last second, I suddenly realized that’s how they did it.

It went off, and my eyes and ears were suddenly killed by the hideous bang and the massive flash of white light. I couldn’t see a thing after that, and immediately, I tried rubbing my face, half out of natural reaction, half to signal the spotters there was a serious problem.

“Damn it…” I muttered, trying to break away from it.

I stumbled and ended up on the ground. Unfortunately, Crash and Zephyr were in no condition to do anything either, the flash bang grenade pulverized them as much as it did to me. I could have been traveling with one, two, or even six Pokémon out and walking with me, they still would have been nailed if this is what they were using to take trainers out. As I rolled onto my back, I knew it was up to the spotters now, I was in no condition to fight back like this.

Then, someone or something grabbed me by my shirt, pulling me off the ground. A second later, some kind of electromagnetic pulse was set off, and I knew my camera, the bug, and the Xtranscevier were all fried in that.

“Get your Arcanine back in his ball,” I heard a new voice order me as I suddenly felt some kind of cold, steel clamp wrapped around my neck.

“H-How, I… can’t see for crying out loud!” I shouted back at him, or whatever the heck this new person was.

I felt something else pressed against my head. That, I knew, was a gun. I kept trying to blink, but my vision was still shrouded, and I knew it would be at least another few minutes before it cleared up. If the spotters could call it in and attack, that would buy me enough time to have Crash and Zephyr attack once they recovered. My communications were dead, but those were replaceable.

From the little I could see, Robert Dinkins immediately moved in. If he called this in on radio, we were gold, this would have been worth it to even have a flash bang grenade go off in my face. However, from what I could see, the thing holding me down wasn’t human or Pokémon. It was some kind of freak, a combination of human and Pokémon parts. Was this what Xexan was doing? Good lord, these guys were out of their minds.

“Mobile 1 call in all available units in the area, I’m going in,” Robert Dinkins called in. “Dewott use Razor Shell on that thing.”

Thank God, now all we needed was for Yune Scio to radio Donavan for backup, and we could actually put an end to this whole thing. If Agent Dinkins’s Dewott successfully distracted the mutant, I could get Crash and Zephyr back in and nail both the mutant and his trainer accomplice. From interrogating both of them, we would get exactly what we needed. Now, we just needed to capture them, instead of them capturing me.

Hopefully this insane plan would actually work after all…

Saraibre Ryu
04-11-2011, 06:23 AM
Yune Scio
Intelligence Mercenary
Narcene Museum Roof -> Outer Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPer's: Neo, Kya, Raven, whoever else is around Neo...

Scio watched the battle from her spot, having the better eye on the other guy and the small surrounding area to watch for anything suspicious. Scio didn’t really watch the battle, though it made it a hell of a lot more difficult to read faces. She kept watching, only having to move the slightest millimeter to see a few meters away from her spotee. Nothing unusual yet, however it’s then she noticed that there was someone looking like a cop getting too close for her liking to the one she was spotting. Scio got tense, and her shiny Galvantula noticed the change in her nervous system pulses and woke up immediately, looking at her trainers head.

Scio watched the other stranger as the phone went off and he turned around. She couldn’t seem him well enough, but just enough to make her get up from her place. She watched and everything seemed in slow motion. As the boy went to pull something out of his bag, she saw the tensing of a muscle in his arm, and then the next thing she knew, flash and bang.

‘God dammit, stupid common cops screw this up too much.’ She thought to herself, losing her jacket. “Shorai!”

The Galvantula spat a strong web at the nearest tree, grabbed her trainer and swung off the roof of the building. Scio let out two Pokemon from her Pokeball’s: One flashed into a emerald green Scyther, the other, an electrified monochrome Zebstrika. Enja and Dancer were her two most trusted field mates’ Enja was damn fast and could move much faster than Scio could to get to point A. Dancer was Scio’s first and was always the back up initiative. She snapped and made a couple of hand gestures, and the two were on their way.

“Scio sent a recorded message onto the feed of the stand by back up she made earlier so she still didn’t need to use her current headset to do so.

‘All Pidove in the forest, scramble scramble.’

It was a loop that would repeat for awhile. Scio went into combat mode, mentally preparing herself for anything. This other spotter Scio tagged as a moron and would need all the held he could get. Enja was an elite trained Scyther, and Dancer was the best of his breed.

Scio moved in, her Galvantula practically grappling her from one tree to the other as fast as it could just outside the city now. Enja, already speeding down to the flashpoint beyond what the human eye could follow, just as stated in the Pokedex, she would do her thing, with Dancer following as back up. Enja, speeding on her way, doing dashes, bounding off trees, anything to make her move faster. The green blur fit perfectly in the lushness of Pinwheel Forest, her speed was her invisibility. Once she saw agent Logan, and what was holding him down, the mantis Pokemon saw the gun at Logan’s head and without losing her massive momentum, took her long scythe and went for the monster’s wrist, knowing that some even blunt attack, should that of been the case, would trigger a nervous reaction to drop the gun. Enja would then aim for the monster’s critical points moving as fast as she damn could without being hit. Dancer would then follow with a coordinated Flame Charge.

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04-11-2011, 09:16 AM
Cetna LaKuu <Haxorus>
Deep Pinwheel Forest.

Cetna Awoke to a bright light in her face. This wasn’t like the other lights she had in her face before. It had a warm, nice feeling to it. She slowly opened her eyes, only to blind herself more. *That was pretty silly…* Cetna thought to herself. She sat up, wondering why she was on the forest floor. Was everything that happened to her a dream? A nightmare? She didn’t know what was real anymore, but she was certain that, torment, she went through wasn’t true. No one is that cruel. She sat up and stretched. It did feel good to stretch after what could only be assumed to be a dream. She felt like she really was in a chair strapped down and… she didn’t want to remember it again.

Cetna stood up and felt an odd sensation. Did she have a growth spurt over night? It was a weird feeling, but an unmistakable one. She had never measured up to the trees so closely. She usually could jump up to the lowest branches, but now they were in grabbing reach. Maybe she had been this tall, but her growing was so small she didn’t notice. That explained it. She shrugged off the new feeling and went to find her stuff. She realized she was very hungry and thirsty. Where did she put her bag? She started to frantically look for it and heard her belly rumble. She laughed awkwardly and looked down at her claw rubbing her bel-WHAT?!

Her claw?! A CLAW!?!? She looked at her other hand and saw another claw. She looked down more and could barely see her feet over some large oval shaped appendages. She felt them, and they were sharp to the touch. She panicked more and more when she suddenly realized something flicked her in the back. Turning around, there was nothing there. Then it flicked her again, and she grabbed for it and hurt herself. Was this a tail, was it her tail? A dark and horrible thought crossed her mind the second she put all the facts together. She ran forwarded, something told her a water supply was ahead of her. She found a small pond and fell into it. She stood up, and when the water finally settled she could she her -then- worst fear.

She looked like a Haxorus, more importantly, like her Haxorus. She recognized the same scars that were on this body that matched her own Haxorus’ body. Her fear turned to disgust, then pain, and finally ended on rage. She punched the water, hoping that making the water reassemble would change the picture. Of course she knew in the back of her mind that it wouldn’t, but she had to try. When this led to no avail, she let out a howl of rage that made the small Pokémon around her scatter in fear.

Realizing she had not imagined the past few days, she wondered the forest. She had to find some way to get her body back and get her haxorus back. But at the very least she had to make those freaks pay for what they did. Did they have no conscience? Remembering how some of them looked, she thought they were just mindless monsters, wondering from experiment to experiment like wild pokemon on instinct. She was so enraged, all Cetna could see was red. She tried to calm down, but the thought of her Haxorus being dead, or worse, would set her off again. Having strong emotions sucked.

04-11-2011, 01:04 PM
Tiffany Devlin
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Underground Monitoring Station 13C, Pinwheel Forest >>Skyarrow Bridge>>Castelia City
Disease Level: 1

Tiffany gazed at the monitors blankly, letting the numbers and images flow over her eyeballs and seep into her brain, even with her eyelids half closed and her posture slouching a bit in her chair, her mouth an emotionless line cutting across her face.

“…huh,” she remarked after about a solid minute of this.

She felt the two guards assigned to her security detail immediately react and go into hyper alert, checking for possible enemies. Tiffany rarely said anything aloud, so for her to make such a noise was tantamount to sounding an alarm. She, of course, didn’t even bother enlightening them as to what had occurred to her. There was no point; they’d only panic.

What had captured her attention were two things at once. Firstly there was the situation in Pinwheel Forest above, where it seemed a couple of other Xexan members had fallen victim to a government trap. This in itself didn’t surprise her, she had felt the presence of nearly everyone in the area, but lacked the motivation to actually do anything about it. Aur was a big boy. He could handle himself. And if he couldn’t, she was sure someone else would come to his aid. And if they didn’t, well, she had contingency measures in place.

“…Copy all the data to the Silver Needle. We…might need to pull out from here,” she murmured dreamily.

All at once her guards scrambled to do as she said, not questioning. This wasn’t so much out of respect as out of efficiency, as they learned rather quickly that Tiffany did not respond well to questions, if at all.

Secondly, there was the location of and data on the newly released Zorua subject. He apparently had made it to Nimbasa city, and from what she could make of the data monitoring his biological responses, didn’t seem to be exhibiting signs of extreme fear or heightened adrenaline. These were what she would expect of such a valuable Pokémon in a populated area. Everyone would be trying to catch him. This didn’t seem to be the case.

Regardless, Tiffany felt it necessary that she go to take a closer look. Of the many Xexan scientists, she was most suited to wander around on the outside, not having any expressed Pokémon traits that would give her away. The injections she took periodically and carried with her could easily be explained as insulin shots for diabetes. And while most of Xexan would be focused on the incident occurring within the forest, she had a premonition that something needed to be done about the Zorua. Leaving him wandering within a city unchecked was dangerous, especially if he’d managed to find some way to disguise himself.

“You…get the car. Take me to…Nimbasa,” she said, pointing her finger vaguely at one of the guards.

He saluted her and nodded. “Yes miss!”

She slowly got out of her chair, taking a small satchel with her, full of two weeks worth of treatments. The situation could get stressful very soon, and she didn’t want to risk driving her illness into its advance stages. Once past Level 3, she wasn’t confident she’d be sane enough to protect Xexan. She could just as easily perceive them as the enemy in her delusion. That would be disastrous for all concerned.

As she followed the guard, she grabbed her sole Pokéball, holding it in both hands as she walked, like a precious object. Seeing her with a Pokéball like that, she knew most people would assume her to be someone’s rich reclusive daughter, or a shy new trainer, guarding her one beloved friend. She could get the guard to play her father or butler or driver with little effort, they’d all been briefed thoroughly in such procedures.

They reached the surface some distance away from where the events in the forest were going down, the guard letting her into a sleek, yet understatedly expensive vehicle. The classy car was all part of their cover too, as no one would find someone having their daughter driven through Unova odd given the current situation, especially if that someone was rich. Even having said driver carrying a weapon wasn’t out of the ordinary, though for obvious reasons, he kept it mostly hidden.

The drive across Skyarrow Bridge was relatively uneventful, though Tiffany did half raise an eyebrow at the slight vision she got from the place, seeing images of a Riolu clinging onto cars. No doubt he was one of the subjects from K1-A3. She hadn’t been too concerned about his data, as he seemed to be expressing the very natural desire to reach Pinwheel Forest, though in light of her recent vision, she might have to communicate to the others to keep a closer eye on him to make sure he didn’t do anything suspicious.

If she got around to it, that was.

Right now, her concern was primarily on the Zorua.

“Shall we make a rest stop here, or continue on to Route 4, miss?” came the voice of the guard as they coasted into Castelia City. Having the appearance of wealth meant they breezed by most security checkpoints too. Tiffany found that vaguely amusing.

“…keep going,” she murmured after a few minutes. “If they stop us…tell them you’re escorting me to the Music Hall.”

“Yes miss. You do look the musical type, if I say so myself. You could play the timpani,” he chuckled, glancing in the rearview mirror to see her face.

She blinked once.

“That…was a horrible pun…”

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Aldous HuxleyCrizier
Nimbasa City

Aldous looked around in the area, ignoring the weird looks everyone was giving him for wearing such a strange lab coat. Thankfully the wings were covered so he wouldn't be caught by the government or something, but it didn't hide the fact he was completely standing out. Anyone could see that he was a crazy scientist.

Not that he gave a crap. Screw the public! None of them knew what good he was doing for all of them; they were all idiots and fools. Grumbling, he thought back to the reason he was here, instead of working on a project that would actually put his brains to good use. He was here to kill his parents, rich douchebags they were. Right now, only the newspaper records and his parents know he existed. He had already erased his entire existence from the records thanks to his Porygon-Z; he volunteered to go so he could kill them, but now he was regretting it. His weak body was a little tired, and he was bored out of his mind from walking.

Passing the Pokemon Center, he noticed a weird presence, definitely a Pokemorph, with his Psychic scanning that was permanently on. Screw the morph, he thought, and walked on. He was now focused on how to kill his parents. Poisoning, heart attacks, and explosions came to mind at first. He decided to go with explosions. Because, you know, chaos and disorder is cool. The only problem he had with that was they wouldn't be dying painfully, but FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS are kind of worth it, right?

There it was. The biggest house in the city, probably, even with all the rich people in here. Sadly the house was pretty much alone so the fire wouldn't spread, but it'd get a lot of attention, that's for sure.

"Explosion," he softly muttered to his Electrodes who he had just designed for this mission. People were bustling about, and a few of them would be killed. He knew that his father always kept a cellar of gasoline downstairs; if they managed to reach there, going one at a time, it'd create a giant wall of fire that obiliterates everything.

He casually walked a few steps, then when no one was looking, teleported out of the way of the explosion. See ya in hell, Mom and Dad, was the last thought he had before hearing the huge KABOOM.

Master Zorua
04-11-2011, 03:38 PM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Nimbasa City

Robert stopped in his tracks when an explosion struck in the city. The people around him started to panic, some running to their homes while others ran towards the source of the explosion. Whatever was happening, it provided him with the perfect distraction. With people clearing the streets and more focused on the explosion than on the illusioned human in his jammies.

Robert ran into the Pokemon Center, carrying Vulpix in his arms. Upon reaching the front desk, he placed Vulpix on the front desk. Before Nurse Joy could greet him, Robert jumped overthe desk and dropped his illusionary form, the robe falling over across the desk as the Zorus landed behind the desk.

"Oh my! Now this is strange. What is it you want little one?" Nurse Joy asked. However, Robert looked over to the Audino, the only being there he could communicate with. <I need a pen and a piece of paper. Please, hurry!> Robert spoke to the Audino.

Confused by the request, the Audino walked over and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, placing it before the Zorua. Taking the pen into his mouth, Robert began to work the pen with his head. While he couldn't speak human, he still knew how to write in English, though using his mouth and head to move the pen was a bit more difficult. Ultimately, he managed to write a short message:

X-Ray Me
Don't talk

Nurse Joy gave the Zorua a puzzled look. This was the first time she saw any Pokemon write in human speak, and the request itself was odd. However, she was not one to turn down Pokemon in need. Picking up the Vulpix and Zorua, she placed them atop a gurney and brought them into the operating room.

Nurse Joy placed the Zorua into the X-Ray machine and began the scan. After taking a few scans, she took a look at a few of the scans. On one of them, she noticed a computer chip-like object close to the right scapula. Taking the X-ray negative, she showed it to the Zorua. Robert pointed at the chip with his paw, then extended a claw and made a scratched X on the chip.

Nurse Joy still felt it wierd that the Zorua requested on the paper that she said nothing. However, that chip was not something that should be found in a wild Pokemon. Picking up the Zorua, she went into the surgery area with Vulpix following behind her. Joy measured out and injected the anesthetic. After several minutes, Robert was knocked out.

The surgery took all of ten minutes to perform, the trickiest part was removing the prongs from the nerves and muscle tissue. Once the chip was removed, Nurse Joy sutured the incision up and placed the chip in a collections container, just in case it had any sort of value.

Nurse Joy finished up by giving Robert a shot of Antisedan to help wake him up, as Antisedan is a reversal agent of the anesthetic Dextomator. It would take Robert five minutes to begin to awaken from his slumber. Still, it would be a little while before he was back on his feet.

"Why on earth would that thing be inside a wild Pokemon?" Nurse Joy asked herself as she placed Robert beside his waiting friend. "Even weirder, how does a Pokemon know how to write English?"

<We really shouldn't stay here.> the Vulpix spoke to Robert. She felt worried. Being in a place swarming with humans. Right now they were in the only safe place in the whole city where they couldn't be captured.

<I...know...> Robert muttered as he began to try and stand on his feet. He felt a bit disoriented, but he knew they had to keep moving and soon. <Once the...grogginess leaves me....we'll find a way to leave. I knew...they placed something inside of me. Those psychos wouldn't just let me roam about...unchecked. Now I can go where ever I want without worrying about them.> Robert spoke before taking in a deep breath, slowly regaining his composure.

Nurse Joy, who had stepped out for a moment, returned with some car keys in hand. "Well, you're looking better. I don't know what's going on, but if you two stay here, unless you have trainers of your own, you'll be captured. I'll bring you both to Lostlorn Forest. You should be able to thrive there in the wild until you meet a trainer you like."

04-11-2011, 05:08 PM
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Tiffany Devlin
Xexan Scientist
Castelia City >> Route 4 >> Nimbasa City
Disease Level: Oscillating between 1 and 2
Affected RPers: Master Zorua

They managed to pass through Castelia city with little incident, though Tiffany almost stopped the car when she thought she saw her brother watching them from behind a building. Knowing that it would be impossible for Alex to be here, coupled with the fact that she didn’t specifically sense his presence, she realized she had gone up to Level 2.

Irritated that her disease could get the better of her like that, and then even more irritated that she was getting irritated, she took out one of her prefilled syringes of suppressant formula and jabbed it straight into her jugular vein, wanting to get it as close to the source of her problems as possible, namely her brain.

The guard noticed her behavior and watched concernedly in the mirror as he pulled out onto Route 4, but didn’t say anything. It was better for Tiffany to deal with her disease on her own, she had said so herself. If any of them tried to help her, she might view them as a threat and refuse the treatment. It had to come from her and her alone.

Halfway along the desert road, though, he had to ask, since she was looking out of the window in an uncharacteristic manner.

“Feeling any better, miss?”

She turned to face forward slowly, her eyes half lidded once again.

“…I’m fine, thank you. Just a…build up of tension,” she explained. She even managed a kind of smile.

“Very good, miss. We should be in Nimbasa City shortly.”

Tiffany nodded and went to looking back out of the window. At one point she glanced down, staring at the floor for a second, before giggling mutedly to herself.

“Something wrong, miss?” asked the guard.

Tiffany didn’t respond, merely just looking out of the window again. She wondered briefly if she should tell him there was a third presence clinging to the bottom of the car, but decided against it. He’d probably shoot the offending Pokémon on sight, and she’d hate to lose a valuable research subject just because he was hitching a ride on their car.


Arriving in Nimbasa City, Tiffany found her stress levels rising once again. Not only had a huge explosion from further downtown occurred that she just knew was the work of one of the other Xexan scientists, but she’d just been informed that they lost the signal for the Zorua. She honestly considered frying out the brain of her fellow Xexan member when she caught him for being such a careless idiot, but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. She had bigger problems to deal with.

They parked the car outside the Pokémon Center, and Tiffany made sure to keep a tight grip on her Pokéball, playing the shy daughter once again and taking her Pokémon for a checkup. The guard was well versed in his role too, being a mix of a butler and a bodyguard escorting her, because her parents were simply too busy to take her anywhere.

Tiffany ignored the familiar feeling of the disease starting to creep in on her, suppressing it herself by assuming her role, focusing on playing it perfectly down to the last detail. It helped calm her and lower the level slightly. She focused too on the minds and presences around her, realizing in her distraction she had quite forgotten about the Krokorok, who must have gotten off earlier.

She did sense the one she was looking for though. There was no mistake about it; she could feel the presence of a Zorua and a Vulpix nearby, inside the Pokémon Center. It had to be the subject. He’d last been heard communicating with a Vulpix, so it was safe to assume the two traveled together. Her lips twisted up into a pale smile and nodded to the guard once, tugging on his sleeve.

He strode in the front doors with purpose, smiling and ushering Tiffany in as if she needed some gentle convincing, calmly approaching the front desk. Nurse Joy seemed to be absent from it, so he rang the bell for service and waited.

04-11-2011, 08:45 PM
Damon Bunker (Krokorok)
Route 4 > > Nimbasa City

Because Xexan had enough subjects being dumped off in various locations that weren’t conducive to their Pokémon type, they made a point of leaving Damon in an environment where his kind would naturally thrive, wondering if this would perhaps make the transition process any easier.

As far as Damon was concerned, it made it a thousand times worse. Seeing his Krokorok’s natural habitat, feeling the sand beneath his feet, wriggling his claws in it in a way that felt so pleasant…it all just heightened the truth that not only had he let his Pokémon die, but he had literally stolen one of their lives.

For a day he refused to do anything but cry softly to himself, curled up against a dune, shivering as he stared at his friend’s former body, feeling so out of place within it. It was like he was a parasite that had latched onto something without knowing how to let go, and he hated every minute of it.

By the second day, hunger and survival instinct won out over feeling sorry for his friends, and he found himself trawling the desert for food and water, his stomach (no, Krokorok’s stomach…he was just borrowing it) feeling painfully nauseous. He found some small desert vole-like animals that he managed to bring himself to kill and eat after reasoning that, as this wasn’t his body, it was his job to look after it as best he could until Krokorok could have it back.

On the third day, Damon was slowly getting used to working his Pokémon’s body, actually even taking a guilty pleasure in enjoying it. He never realized just how different everything looked from his friend’s perspective. The nights were incredible with his ability to see the heat radiating off of everything, something he definitely appreciated. It was like having his own personal nightlight that set the world in soft, comforting glows to help lull him to sleep.

He hadn’t forgotten what had happened though. Every moment he wasn’t caught up in doing something necessary, like shielding himself from a sandstorm (having protective membranes was all well and good, but those grains of sand were still annoying as hell), or digging out a small burrow in the sand to rest in during the cold nights (he’d seen many animals do something similar on a nature documentary once and it seemed to help), he was thinking of what to do.

He wasn’t sure what Xexan really wanted with all this. He knew they were monitoring him somehow, probably from something they put inside him so it wouldn’t be noticed. He tried to rationalize what they could gain from this, how they could help Pokémon. He truly, honestly wanted to see some good in what they did. He had to. Otherwise he couldn’t comprehend why they would inflict such horrors on innocent creatures like that.

That was another reason why he tried only to survive at first, not to do anything else. He didn’t know what sort of things they could do to him, and consequently his Krokorok, if he didn’t act the way they wanted him to. He remembered a spy story he had read once where the evil organization had secretly injected the entire child population with gold plated nano devices filled with poison that targeted the heart, able to go off with a press of a button. He wouldn’t put it past someone who could do something so barbaric to Pokémon to put a failsafe like that in place.

Then he remembered what they had done and he realized above all else that he had to stop them from doing this to others. If they were left alone to carry out such horrible tests, then who knew what would happen to all the Pokémon in the region, not to mention all of the innocent humans too?

Making up his mind one day finally, he made his way carefully toward the main road cutting through the desert, intending to follow it to the nearest city. He wasn’t sure which way was which, nor was he sure which city would be the better option. He knew he also had to be careful, as he was likely to run into trainers on the open road that would probably want to catch him considering he was an already evolved form of a Sandile. Saved them the trouble of having to do it themselves.

Damon walked alongside the road for a while, his feet treading lightly upon the warm sand, claws digging into it a little, smiling a bit to himself. If Krokorok and he were ever reunited…he would make sure to talk to him non-stop about how wonderful it was to see and feel what it was like to be him. He’d tell him how incredible it was for him to have survived out here for as long as he did as an abandoned Sandile.

Suddenly he saw a car coming and quickly burrowed into the sand, peeking his snout out. It was unlikely anyone would actually get out of their car to catch a Pokémon on the side of the road, but it paid to be careful. As it drew closer, he saw that it was a rather nice model of car, certainly more expensive than most people he knew could afford. It slowed down a little too as it approached. Damon could see the driver looking back to the backseat, concerned about something.

Then a wild idea popped into his head. He had claws and he was a lot smaller than usual. He’d seen a few shows and read a few books where small animal characters had clung to the underside of cars in order to hitch a ride somewhere. Would it be possible to do the same?

Feeling kind of giddy and excited (and perhaps a bit suicidal), Damon waited until the car was coasting up to him, scurrying out of his hiding place and quickly latching on to the network of axels and pipes and parts he could get his claws sunk into, hugging his belly up and tucking his tail as close to his body as possible, just managing to fit.

It wasn’t exactly comfortable by any means. Even when the car was going slow, Damon kept having awful visions of him becoming a skidmark on the pavement, or at least having the scales on his back scraped off. When it was going fast, his brain practically shut off and he clung to the car for dear life, whining to himself, promising whoever would listen that if he got out of it alive he’d do anything. This ‘anything’ ranged from kissing the ground repeatedly in front of everyone, to letting himself be caught by some little girl and dressed up in pretty outfits and made to dance and sing and have tea parties.

At last there came a point when he could hold on no longer. As soon as the car came to a stop for a red light, the exhausted desert Pokémon let himself drop down from under it, quickly scurrying onto the sidewalk and into a nearby alley, panting and shuddering, the smell of oil and exhaust overwhelming his senses, making him feel sick. He sunk against the wall, his eyes closing, snout drooping, reasoning that he’d go find someone…anyone…but only after he recovered from that ordeal.

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Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected: Jesus Christ, people

“H-How, I… can’t see for crying out loud!” the breeder yelled.

"Fine," Aur muttered, and proceeded to put his gun back on his back, grab the breeder's Pokeballs and call back his Pokemon for him.

Then it all went to hell. A Dewott jumped out of the forest and rushed at him while another man, clearly a government agent came out shooting. Aur took a millisecond to register the fact that the breeder had been a set-up, an eternity in machine time. He immediately reacted, rearing up on his hind legs to bat away the Dewott, forcing the small Pokemon to change the direction of its momentum or be impaled on metal spikes. The movement caused the gunmen's bullets to hit him on the lower body, where it merely bounced off the metal. "Tear!" he yelled at Jack, who was applying a Full Restore to the Volcarona. The boy tossed the used-up item away and dove back into the backpack.

Then two more Pokemon bolted in, a Scyther and a Zebstrika. The Scyther got to him first, its blade aiming for Aur's free hand. Using the Pokemon breeder as a makeshift weapon, Aur swung the man around, forcing the Scyther to have to cut through their own agent to get to him. Moments before the Zebstrika would have been on him, another black canister clattered to Aur's feet. There was a hissing sound, and a huge volume of thick white gas erupted into the air, obscuring all vision.

Tear gas. Being no longer a true biological organism, Aur was immune, but pain, coughing, blindness and breathing disruption would be in full force on these Pokemon, as well as the breeder. With the smoke obscuring his form and the tear gas on them, the surrounding Pokemon were unable to attack.

It wouldn't last, of course. Even as Aur bolted backwards, still dragging the breeder along with one arm on his leg, high winds were beginning to dissipate the gas. The Pokemon would still be incapacitated for a while longer, since tear gas's effects worked for quite a while. But it was time to get going.

As he ran past Jack, who was busy prepping another grenade, Aur grabbed the boy by the cuff with his other hand, causing him to drop the primed grenade. Two seconds later, there was a loud boom, and Aur heard the shrapnel land around him. But he was already far, shooting into the forest as fast as his legs could carry him, certainly faster than any human could run. Behind him he heard the constant thuds as the two people he was dragging along kept hitting rocks and sticks on the forest floor. He imagined it hurt, but didn't care.

Helias was following him too, the moth Pokemon having little trouble keeping up with her master. The layout of the forest meant that an agile being could move quicker than a merely fast Pokemon, so the Zebstrika wouldn't be of much use. Nevertheless, Aur was unsure if his head start would hold.

"Helias! Set flame!"

An angry buzz erupted from the Volcarona as it flapped its wings furiously, sending massive amounts of burning scales pouring off of its wings. The light scales were driven by the same high winds that had dissipated the tear gas so quickly, setting trees and bushes on fire. Within instants a veritable lake of fire was separating them from the path, a fire that was spreading quickly.

"Vol!" The Sun Pokemon finished. They didn't want to leave a trail of fire all the way to the warehouse, after all. The fire would buy time, which was all Aur needed. The agents would be forced to find a way around it, and it would probably burn up any discernible trail that they might leave.

Raven X
04-11-2011, 10:13 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Pinwheel Forest, Unova

“Damn, damn, damn”, were the only words I could say, “Yune go and get help I’ll pursue this character”. After I said that, I turned around only to have a grenade go off right in front of me. “Damn, damn, damn”, I said returning Dewott. “Golurk come on out”, I said continuing. Quickly I jumped on Golurk and told the Pokémon to fly as fast as it could towards the thing. It was a very good thing that I used Golurk because now the creature was making fire everywhere. I had to do something but sending Dewott down there was insane. I just had to find the creature. After scanning the area I finally found it and saw how he was dragging Logan through shrubs and rocks. I pretty sure his face would be very bloody.

“Golurk, go down there and get in front of the thing”, I said. “Golurk the Pokémon said as it went down at a very fast pace. Golurk then jumped in front of the thing. In both of its hands were a Focus Blast. “Don’t move even if Logan would die with this attack he would rather want that than see you escape”, I said pointing the gun at the thing’s head. I’m pretty sure Logan would still want to be alive but I was not going to risk losing another trainer, I needed answers and this guy could give it to us. “Drop Logan and put your hands behind your back, very slowly”, I remarked.

Neo Emolga
04-11-2011, 10:47 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya, Raven X, Sarabre Ryu

The mutant simply returned my own Pokémon to their Pokéballs, though there wasn’t much they could do. I at least was able to cost him precious time by having to do that. I knew he was Xexan, and he wasn’t going to sacrifice two less Pokémon that he could potentially use as test subjects. Especially not considering how vacant the routes were, and how intense police patrols and government surveillance had become. His cover was blown, and after an event like this, he wouldn’t get too many more chances.

Indigo was down and out from the fight, while Crash and Zephyr had been brutalized by the flash bang grenade. Regardless, it didn’t matter. Even if Robert Dinkins couldn’t put a stop to these guys, the tracking signal going down would be enough of a signal for Donavan to deploy agents and police to this location. They now had an exact abduction site to work with, and fragments of the tools these Xexan guys used. I could tell the mutant, nor his human assistant, had expected this to be a set-up.

Just as Agent Dinkin’s Scyther intended to attack the mutant, he used me as a human shield. It was then that another grenade had been used, this one being a tear gas one. Just as my vision was starting to clear up, I had to shut my eyes again to avoid getting the gas in there. Shortly after that, the human assistant used yet another flash bang to stun Agent Dinkins and his Pokémon. Using the gas as both a suppressor and a shrouding, the mutant leapt into the forest, dragging both me and his human assistant along. I had the displeasure of getting beat up by the various rocks and sticks that were around the forest on the way there. Still, I was man enough to handle a few bumps and cuts.

“Helias! Set flame!” The mutant shouted.

I opened my eyes a bit to see the Volcarona unleash an inferno, using it to deter anyone from following him. Likely, Donavan’s agents and police officers wouldn’t be able to pursue with that kind of blaze consuming Pinwheel Forest without getting the fire department or their water Pokémon to handle it. I could also tell the mutant was also trying to destroy any trail of evidence he was leaving behind, but I knew Donavan would be smarter than that. He’d use the point where the tracking beacon went down and the site where Dinkins saw the mutant heading as a reference point. Then, he’d use the direction the mutant was heading as a directional reference point, pair it with wear the fire originated, leaving him to a very likely location where the Xexan lab was located. He’d probably also get a few rangers to help his men pick up the trail beyond what the fire destroyed. I could tell, the mutant was trying to improvise for a situation that had gone to hell for him, but there was only so much he could do.

As he dragged me and his assistant further away, I was hoping Donavan’s agents and cops could get me out of here before this freak used me as a test subject. But either way, I couldn’t help but smirk a bit when I knew I would likely be the last of Xexan’s victims. For the better, Saddler’s plan actually worked. If this guy warned the others that government agents were disguising themselves as trainers, they would become much more tentative and would waste more resources and time to discern who was a real trainer and who was a government plant, while real trainers would have a better chance at escaping or avoid being targeted. And if this guy didn’t warn them, then his Xexan friends would fall into the same trap this guy did.

“Run all you’d like,” I told the mutant with a snicker, feeling confident. “They already know, and they will find you. But tell me, how long did you really think you could keep this going for?”

No matter what this guy did, I still couldn’t help but get a certain satisfaction out of what just happened.

It was then that Agent Dinkins’s Golurk had come down in front of the mutant, readying a Focus Blast in both hands.

“Don’t move,” Agent Dinkins told the mutant as he pointed his gun at his head. “Even if Logan would die with this attack he would rather want that than see you escape. Drop Logan and put your hands behind your back, very slowly.”

“Ha ha,” I laughed at Agent Dinkins. “Dinkins, this guy already knows he’s screwed, no need to kill me or him. Donavan will have his agents in pursuit soon enough, the guy tried to use fire to cover his tracks, but the rangers would still easily follow the trail this guy created as he dragged me and his lab rat. They’ll probably be here in a few minutes.”

Even if Dinkins killed the mutant, the kid could still be interrogated to no end, and we already knew the Xexan location was in close proximity, likely in the direction this guy was traveling in. There wasn't much they could do about this now.

04-11-2011, 11:00 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected: Jesus Christ, people

“Run all you’d like. They already know, and they will find you. But tell me, how long did you really think you could keep this going for?”

Aur found it quite impressive that the breeder could find the time and energy to speak while his face kept planting into rocks and logs and dirt. But now wasn't the time to come back with a snappy reply.

It was then a rather large Golurk slammed down into the ground in front of them, crashing down through the trees. Aur skidded to a stop in front of it, just out of range of its Focus Blast. Surprise, there was a man riding it, pointing a gun at him. Aur started trajectory calculations.

“Don’t move,” Agent Dinkins told the mutant as he pointed his gun at his head. “Even if Logan would die with this attack he would rather want that than see you escape. Drop Logan and put your hands behind your back, very slowly.”

“Ha ha," the breeder laughed. Although he probably wasn't a breeder. “Dinkins, this guy already knows he’s screwed, no need to kill me or him. Donavan will have his agents in pursuit soon enough, the guy tried to use fire to cover his tracks, but the rangers would still easily follow the trail this guy created as he dragged me and his lab rat. They’ll probably be here in a few minutes.”

Done. In a feat of agility that would have been amazing to any neutral observers, Aur leaped straight upwards, deftly avoiding any attack the Golurk could have attempted; the golems were strong, but not known for their agility and reflexes. Aur started skittering upside-down across the branches, his legs automatically finding places to set up upon as he ran on the tree-bottoms just as fast as he did on the ground. Bullets may have whizzed past him for all he knew, but he didn't care about them.

It only took moments after getting past to Golurk for them to arrive on a marker inside his mental map. With his enemies still in pursuit, Aur dropped down from the trees and landed through the ground, breaking a hole in the dirt as he landed in a dirt tunnel that was just large enough to fit him.

He started running again. Helias was right behind him.

Neo Emolga
04-11-2011, 11:42 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya

The mutant had evaded the Golurk with a jump I didn’t think was possible, but somehow, he pulled it off. After that, he made his way along the tree branches, moving quickly like some kind of cybernetic spider. It was strange to thing this thing had made something so unnatural seem like something he had been doing his entire life.

Shortly after, he leapt down, and somehow fell through the ground. It suddenly made sense. They probably had this entire operation underground. He then started running again, trying to break away from Dinkins. I wasn’t sure how well the agent could keep up, but I knew that Golurk wasn’t fast enough to keep up the pace with this guy. Truthfully, I was hoping he’d just wait for backup and lead the rest of the other agents and cops on the right path once they arrived. If he could direct them, they’d be able to pursue, but if he tried chasing this guy by himself, this mutant could kill him, and the agents would be left without a guide.

Meanwhile, my face and body was pretty beat up. I had a little blood coming out of my nose, a few bruises on my forehead, a cut on my lip and cheek, and a few other injuries. The rest of my body had been given somewhat of a beating, but I imagined the mutant’s assistant probably looked no better than I did. Yeah, what a great way to treat your apprentice. I imagined that kid probably resented this mutant quite thoroughly.

In the meantime, I mentally kept a lookout for landmarks and indications of what path this guy was taking, just in case I needed to make an escape and needed to know what path lead out of here.

Master Zorua
04-12-2011, 12:28 AM
Atrus Gumshoe
Castelia City

After about half an hour, a car pulled up into the driveway. James was home and walked into the door. His wife opened the door and welcomed her husband. "Good evening dear. Your friend came by to bring you to the bowling center." she spoke. James glanced over to Atrus and gave a nod, but then noticed the missing lamp and phone.

"Hey hun, what happened to the lamp and phone?" James asked. Veronica gave a bit of a sigh. "Well, our son somehow found a fire stone and evolved our Growlithe. When Atrus arrived, the Arcanine jumped on top of him and knocked him into the side table."

James gave a bit of a sigh. "I'm sorry Atrus. I hope you're not hurt." James said. Atrus chuckled a bit and shook his head. "No need to worry about me, I'm fine. I've taken stronger knocks to the head than that." the scruffy police detective said with a laugh.

"Anyways, I'll go and get my bag. Hun, why don't you take the car and go get a new phone and lamp." James spoke. Atrus was about to talk to James about the phone, but Veronica cut him off. "Sounds good. We needed to get a new phone for a while. I mean, no one uses a rotary phone anymore except us."

James shook his head a bit. "I happened to like the retro stuff. But oh well, get what you want." With that, the man headed into the bedroom and got out his bowling gear, put everything into his own bowling back and followed Atrus out across the street to Gumshoe's personal van which was parked next to his cop car. The two went off then to pick up the others and enjoy a nice long evening of bowling.

04-12-2011, 12:53 AM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Raven X and anyone else that's in a ten-feet radius.

Fennel was inches from opening up one of multiple hatches to the outside, the one closest to the scene, when a huge crahsing sound came from above her.

Pinwheel forest was no earthquake zone. She carefully got the special weapon Xexan members used for some of thier...Capture operations.

It was called the AMPLE, or Anti-Material and Personal Long-range EMP generator. It had three modes-A regular gun, a persician weapon at best, was one. The second was in the name-A blast of energy that was basically contained EMP. They got the ability to make this by taking off the electricity-generating parts of a Magnezone. The third mode was a recent addition-a Ultrasonic sound generator that could knock out any Person or Pokemon that didn't have either Soundproof or Special Ear Plugs within a 10 feet radius. It also screwed with computers, radar, and other small electronics, and one exploded in testing of the Ultrasonic Generator too (An ipad). Speaking of Ear Plugs, she put them in her ears (It was slightly irritating), and put them in Hilda's too. She wanted to remain consious.

She silently opened up the hatch, almost perfectly concealed in the ground.

Her mind went off like a cannon with suprise and fright, but she kept silent and had a facial expression of not caring, even though that this was definatly something to care about. A Golurk, big as it got, was standing right over the hatch. She knew that Golurk were rare beyond all reason in Dragonspiral Tower, the only place where they were naturally located. Anywhere else is fishy. Very fishy. Extremely fishy. Like how Magikarp aren't located in Unova when they're located in basically every other body of water, fresh and salt water. That's fishy too. Though there was a difference between the two-The Magikarp question was a highly confusing one, and was still to be answered, even when Xexan took some time to check it. However, the Golurk problem Fennel was facing meant only one thing.

A trainer. Maybe the Breeder, maybe the cop, maybe Aur.

Did she wait, after making these conclusions? No. She turned to the Ultrasonic Generator. She didn't fire it, she just turned it on. However, the AMPLE's systems kept the transition silent.

And her finger was to the trigger, about to unleash a barrage of sound. If she was noticed, she would just put the cap back on. The thing was blastproof-It could take multiple close-range simotanious Hyper Beam attacks from enraged Gyrados-and could only be opened from the inside. And she wasn't compleatly out.

She hoped Aur was near. Better yet, she hoped Aur was on it. She meant no harm to him, but she wanted to know if Porygon were fatally affected by the Ultrasonic pulses. However, the odds it being Aur were one in three, and she really didn't care who was on top. If it was the Breeder or the U.I.B.P.P.A. Agent, then woot, another test subject.

04-12-2011, 01:05 AM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Lair outside Nacrene City
Affected: Neo, Raven, Sabbie

The dirt tunnel lead right into the basement of the warehouse. He didn't stop sprinting at full speed until he reached the door. Dropping Jack but keeping the other hand firmly on the government agent, he shoved the door aside and yelled to Jack, "Pack up. Shove everything worth keeping into the transporter and set it for A-7, and everything else into the incinerator."

The boy was battered and bloodied, but his programming didn't allow for him to respond to any of Aur's orders with anything but his full effort. "Yes sir," he said, and ran off. They had prepared for this scenario before, ran drills and the like. Sometimes it paid to be paranoid. Like now.

It was time to leave. Aur rushed to the control room, still dragging the agent, and released Ezekiel from his Pokeball. "Get in," he ordered, gesturing to the computer. "Send everything to the A-7 laboratory. Turn on all the defenses." Nodding, the Porygon-Z flung himself into the computer, dissolving into the electronics of the computer. One by one the various screens turned on, displaying the activation of the outer electrified fence and gate and the priming of the mine field and feed from many cameras that surrounded the warehouse. Both were primitive defenses and were unlikely to stop committed pursuers, but they would buy time. And that was enough.

"Helias," he called to his Volcarona, who appeared somewhat annoyed at being dirty and having crumpled wings from flying inside the tunnel. Nevertheless, the Sun Pokemon responded to his call with enthusiasm. "Watch him," he ordered. "Torch him if he moves a muscle."

And it was on to the moving. Jack could handle the small stuff as the two of them ran around in a slight panic, but only Aur could move the big things. Although exhaustion was beginning to creep in at the sides of his consciousness, he refused to allow himself to be tired. There was no telling when the police would arrive at his doorstep.

First order of business was the cold fusion reactor. Aur slammed the off switch, pulled out the enormous plug, picked up the table-sized machine, and carried it all the way to the transporter room. Inside, Jack was already shoving data disks and vials and beakers into the machine. It was another Xexan machine, based on the same technology that transferred Pokemon between Pokemon Centers instantaneously, and in truth, had little to modify. A system that could handle anything from Wailords to Pikachus only needed some upgrading to handle anything else. In this case, the device plugged into a network of emergency Xexan bases across Unova. One by one, the various things shoved into the transporter disappeared in light.

"Aur," Ezekiel said from the speaker. "Mr. Shadow would like to speak to you."

Now? Snarling, Aur stormed into the control room, where Volcarona was still single-mindedly staring at the agent. Ezekiel turned on a video feed with the so-called "Mr. Shadow." His appearance was nothing but a dark silhouette against a darker background.

"Your delivery is late, Morose."

"It's coming. I'm busy." Aur had no time for this.

There was a crashing noise, and Jack ran past the room carrying armfuls of stuff.

"I see. Finally got found, did you?"

"Yeah. You'll get your virus." After I'm done with it, Aur added mentally.

"I'd better." The silhouette was replaced with a downloading bar. Aur snorted in disgust.

Jack ran back into the room. "Everything of import's been transported," he said.

"Viral agents? Chemicals? Surgical equipment? Everything in the K6-94 room?" When Jack nodded yes, Aur was satisfied. He trusted his own programming skills enough to know that Jack wouldn't mess up on a task this simple.

"Time to go then. Helias, return." Aur called back the Volcarona's Pokeball and grabbed the agent by the shirt again. "Ezekiel, prime the self-destruct sequence to the transporter."

"Roger." The Porygon-Z then jumped back out of the computer.

Aur put Ezekiel back in his Pokeball too, then started running to the transporter room. He quickly shoved the agent, Jack, a few other things, and finally himself inside. A tight fit. He slammed the button on the side of the interior of the transporter pod. There was a flash of light.

Aur stepped out of the pod. The experience, as always, was disorienting. It took a few moments for him to get his bearings. He stepped out of the pod into complete darkness. After searching for the light switch for a few moments, he found it. Slowly a bank of fluorescent lights turned on, rolling across the ceiling seemingly without end, revealing an enormous, drab, concrete bunker.

This was an emergency Xexan bunker, in case one of their active bases needed to evacuate. Back in Nacrene, the C4 inside the walls of the lair would have detonated, sending the entire underground complex and the warehouse above up in an enormous mushroom cloud of dust. There was no way to guarantee the FBI couldn't find anything to trace to Xexan in the rubble, but it would have to do.

"Now," Aur said, hoisting the agent by his shirt and dropping him on the floor. "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now."

Master Zorua
04-12-2011, 02:05 AM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Nimbasa City

Nurse Joy placed the Vulpix and Zorua on the table. Before she was going to go through with releasing them into the wild, she wanted to make certain that they did not have a trainer. If they did, she would have to bring at least the Zorua to the police, simply because what she pulled out of the Zorua did not look anything like a microchip that many trainers have had placed between the shoulder blades in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. That ship had spikes that connected to various nerves. Whatever it was, it wasn't anything used in the medical profession and could be used in a cruelty case.

She heard the front bell ring, but she just wanted to make sure of this one thing before she went to see who it was and what was needed. "Now then, do you two have a trainer?" Joy asked. Robert figured this would be the best time to get the proverbial ball rolling. While he didn't know for how long he was under Xexan's 'care' for, he knew it had to be long enough for him to be listed as missing. Robert used his illusion ability to make himself look exactly like he did when he last came to that Pokemon center before the abduction.

Nurse Joy blinked a bit. She saw many trainers every day, but this face seemed familiar. Nurse Joy took out a piece of paper and a pen, knowing that the Zorua could write, and placed them on the table. Robert returned to his natural Zorua form and took the pen in his mouth and began to write his name.

Robert Zidane

"Alright. And what about you Vulpix. Do you have a trainer?" she asked. Farah shook her head. While Robert at least knew how to write human speak, she didn't. After all, she was never human to begin with, while Robert was a human trapped in a Zorua body.

"Well then, once I take care of the trainers outside, I'll send you both on your way. Just wait in here." she said before she walked out of the operating room and shut the door behind her and walked into the connected treatment room. From the treatment room, she entered behind the desk and addressed the two at the counter. "Good evening. How can I help you today?" she asked.

Vulpix looked over to Robert. <Can we trust her?> Farah asked. Robert gave a nod of his head to his fiery companion.

<At this point, she's the only one we CAN trust. Every Nurse Joy I have ever known cares about Pokemon, and won't ever let anything bad come to befall any Pokemon that needs her care. However, That chip confirmed my suspicions, and chances are those scientists have been tracking my every move, meaning they'll know I'm here. We need to leave post haste. Nurse Joy will take us out of the city, and from there we'll begin our search for those Xexan goons. Or if we're lucky, we might be able to reach Kanako Town. Professor Juniper will help us for sure! She'll recognise me since this body is the Zorua she gave me when I was just starting out as a trainer.> Robert said to his Vulpix companion.

04-12-2011, 02:55 AM
Tiffany Devlin
Xexan Scientist
Nimbasa City
Disease Level: 1
Affected RPers: Master Zorua

The wait for Nurse Joy to appear was sufficiently long enough for Tiffany to narrow in her ESP on the people and Pokémon within the Center, trying to glean some of their thoughts in an effort to determine what was going on. She established that the Zorua she sensed in back was without a doubt the one she was looking for, and indeed, he had his chip removed. She also learned that he was enlisting the aid of Nurse Joy, though the full extent of what she knew and how much he’d managed to convey to her was unknown.

This meant she could either kill Joy (she groaned inwardly) and prevent any further information leaks, or let her go only to follow her as she left the Pokémon Center, then kill her and whoever else they came in contact with. It might be interesting to find out who exactly the test subject thought were his allies.

The explosion caused earlier actually worked largely in her favor, as the authorities would be far too distracted to notice a missing nurse until it was too late. Tiffany could even have the guard shoot her in the face as soon as she walked out and she doubted there’d be so much as an alarm raised for several hours.

“Good evening. How can I help you today?” asked the unfortunate nurse in question as she came out to greet them.

Tiffany looked away, biting her thumbnail, pressing close to the guard and clutching her Pokéball tightly to her chest. He chuckled and petted her on the head lightly, leaning on the counter to speak to Joy.

“Forgive us for interrupting, but Miss Tiffany here is rather concerned about her Liligant. It hasn’t had a checkup in over a year and I’m afraid her parents just haven’t had the time to listen to her. I felt it best we get her to a Pokémon Center right away.”

Tiffany looked up at Joy with wide, soft eyes, trembling a little, the very model of the young rich girl who hardly ever saw the light of day.

“If you have the time, would it be possible to run a quick exam of her? Also…well, I hate to ask this but…” He leaned forward to whisper a bit more privately to Joy. “Would it be possible for her to accompany you to the exam room? Helen, her Liligant…well it’s her only real friend in the world. She can’t bear to be separated from her for even a moment. She’d even release her from her Pokéball if her parents hadn’t strictly ordered to keep it inside at all times when not at home.”

One might think the guard was a rather brilliant improvisatory actor, but the truth of the matter was that Tiffany was feeding him most of the lines in a mixture of telepathy and subtle squeezes of his arm. She looked up at Joy with the saddest, yet lightly tinged with hope eyes that she could muster, still holding tightly to her Pokéball.

The two looked as harmless and innocent as it was possible to look without overdoing it, and given the unlikelihood of Joy knowing that someone would be coming after the Zorua, Tiffany was fairly confident this plan would work. If it didn’t, it would simply be a fun exercise that she had tried. No skin off her back.

Out would come the gun and into the exam rooms they would go.

Neo Emolga
04-12-2011, 04:24 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya

He took us both to a warehouse, and I could tell at that moment this mutant had done something to this kid to make him completely obedient and submissive. The kid was virtually nothing but a puppet, ensuring the simplest command of the mutant was fulfilled at all costs. That was not normal, especially not from a kid his age. Kids that age barely ever listened to anything someone else told them.

After that, he used his Porygon Z to turn on the area’s defenses. I couldn’t help but laugh inside, these guys were struggling and getting reckless.

“Helias,” He told the Volcarona. “Watch him. Torch him if he moves a muscle.”

He then used a transporter device to start relocating as many pieces of evidence and equipment as he could.

“Aur,” A voice on a speaker spoke to the mutant. “Mr. Shadow would like to speak to you.”

Mr. Shadow? Man, these Xexan guys were really letting this stuff get to their heads. And apparently, Mr. Shadow was exactly just that. His video feed came up and there was nothing but a silhouette.

“Your delivery is late, Morose.”

“It’s coming,” Aur replied impatiently. “I'm busy.”

The kid came back with handfuls of more junk. The kid looked like a train wreck, but it made me think that if he looked that bad, I probably didn’t look much better.

“I see,” Mr. Shadow observed. “Finally got found, did you?”

“Yeah. You'll get your virus.”

“I'd better.”

It was then the kid came back to the room, sooner than I thought.

“Everything of import's been transported,” the kid told him.

Damn, already? I was hoping it would buy Dinkins and Donavan a little more time to get over here and find me. Looked like I was on my own. By the time they found this place and dealt with the defenses, these guys would be long out of here. From the looks of things, they wouldn’t find much besides evidence that suggested there was a Xexan operation around here, but they pulled the plug and relocated elsewhere.

“Viral agents?” Aur asked. “Chemicals? Surgical equipment? Everything in the K6-94 room?”

The kid nodded.

“Time to go then,” Aur replied. “Helias, return. Ezekiel, prime the self-destruct sequence to the transporter.”

I figured there wouldn’t be much left of it, and Donavan and his CSI experts wouldn’t be able to track where the transport was sending its supplies and occupants off to. Aur then shoved me, the kid, a load of his junk, and then himself into the transporter. The flash of light was irritating, but after a few disorienting moments, the lights turned on, and I realized we were in an underground bunker.

Yeah, I bet this is where all the fun beings.

It was then Aur grabbed me by the shirt, and got really touchy.

“Now,” Aur growled, dropping me to the floor. “Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now.”

“Well, Aur, if that is your name,” I told him, managing a weak smile despite the pain. “Why would you after going through all the trouble to bring me here? Yeah, the whole breeder thing was a set-up. The FBI and the cops are really onto you now, and I’m sure you and your friends are already starving for more lab rats to run some experiments on. But I figured they’ve had trouble lately now that trainers are being watched by cops, are actually cops in disguise now, and have been avoiding the roads entirely. It only gets worse, Aur. I sure hope you can afford to blow up more of your own labs like this for every human trainer you abduct, because it’s going to keep happening until you’re down to your last one.”

I was sure it wouldn’t make the mutant happy to hear that, but it was the truth. Xexan, without a steady intake of good, healthy humans and Pokémon to experiment on, would have a lot of difficulty trying to conduct the kind of research they were doing here. As the cops and FBI got grizzlier, the trainers more paranoid, and the roads more vacant, it got harder. In the meantime, Dinkins already could testify to seeing Aur as a mutant, and could tell that to Donavan. Once Xexan was down to its last foxhole, Unova would send in its Special Forces, loaded for bear, and put an end to the whole thing in one vicious bloodbath many ammo casings later.

The truth was, Aur wouldn’t let me go to waste. As morbid as it sounded, I was beat up, but still living and breathing, and was a potential test subject like any other trainer they hauled in here. Meanwhile, I had six Pokémon, three of which were mine and the other three came from lord knows where, but they could still be tested on. The fact of the matter was Aur was going to realize that Xexan had limited options. To kill a potential test subject when Xexan was already having harder times getting potential specimens was just terribly wasteful. The government and the cops were going to learn Xexan was using flash bangs and stun grenades to secure their victims, and that knowledge was going to wreck them when it came to finding out who their suppliers were and where they were having them made. It was only a matter of time until Xexan was smoked out of their hole, and to have already lost this much wasn’t a good sign for them.

“Your choice, Aur,” I told him, knowing he wouldn’t let me go to waste. “I’m no good to you dead, as I’m sure you know that.”


Robert Dinkins, JR. (With permission from Raven X)
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Pinwheel Forest, Unova

I was frustrated. That mutant, that thing, ran off with Agent Logan, and my options were limited. Xexan was more dangerous than I thought. They weren’t just inhumane in nature, they were no longer human period. They completely lost their minds, their bodies, and their souls.

At the moment, I wanted to chase after them, but there was little I could do. That creature was just too fast. I had already shot at him before, only the bullet did nothing. The truth was, I needed help. Agent Kenneth Donavan and the others were on their way. I looked behind me, and shortly after, I had seen his rangers in the distance. I hailed them down, and shortly after, they found me. Donavan was there with them, and he didn’t like the looks of this.

“Agent Dinkins?” He asked me, looking surprised. “What the hell just happened?”

“It’s serious, Donavan,” I told him, looking toward where that creature dragged Agent Logan. “Xexan… I saw a man, transformed into... a monster, a human with the features of a Metagross, a Porygon-Z, and an Ariados. They took Agent Logan and everything. I tried to pursue them but there was little I could do to chase him down. All I know is they headed in that direction.”

“I didn’t believe it either,” Donavan told me. “We saw it for just a glimpse. Something-”

And then something happened. A sudden explosion rocked the ground, and immediately, Donavan, his escort, the rangers, and myself quickly turned to see a dust cloud form in the distance. It was in the exact direction I had seen that monster run off to.

At that moment, I suspected the worst…

04-12-2011, 06:23 AM
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Masekios Prieto (aka Maite)
Xexan Scientist
Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

Maite couldn't help herself, she giggled. She laughed as the monitors flickered in front of her, showing quite an amount of damage being done in the forest. Not that she enjoyed seeing her little retreat destroyed, but she did enjoy watching the back and forth between Aur and all those others. It was extremely interesting. So interesting in fact, that she had gotten distracted from her experiments by watching. So much for getting things done today.

Still, she realized that she may actually need to help out. Fennel had left the room she was currently in only a short time ago, as some of the other scientists could attest. She was probably going to take care of those pesky agents...

"No fair!" Maite said, causing her Persian to glance over. "Lavimi, how long has it been since I got a fresh catch all to myself?"

Lavimi appeared to think while licking her paw, rubbing said paw on her forehead to cleanse herself. She then looked back at her partner, making a rather unsatisfied sound between a meow and a hiss.

"Exactly." Maite turned back to the screens and watched as Aur disappeared into his little hidey-hole. "Humph. He'd better come back here once he's done. I haven't been so worked up in five months!"

Purring, Lavimi rubbed against Maite, her eyes looking mischievous. "Ah, yes, you remember that too?" Lavimi purred and flexed her claws at the memory. "We got a replacement for him eventually, and its not like he went to waste or anything." The Persian yawned, stretched, and began heading for the door. "Ah, yes. Can't miss any more than I have," Maite mused, "Where do you s'pose Aur'll come out?"

A small beeping from the monitors gave her the answer she needed. Maite watched as the location for an active transporter came through and scowled. "A bunker? Geez."

Maite got up to follow her Persian. She'd have to take care of the government operatives first. If she was lucky, maybe she even be allowed to have one of them. The thought motivated her. "Lavi, sniff Ms. Fennel out please. I believe she will require our assistance."

Lavimi growled a bit as if to say, 'I'm not a Poochyena,' but she obliged and easily picked up the trail. Maite followed as Lavimi lead her to one of the upper floors. Then down a passageway that trailed just beneath the surface of the ground, comparatively to how deep the rest of the lab was. Of course, Maite wasn't exactly sure what she'd do, as she didn't want to send her Pokemon out there. That would give whatever air-hole she was using away. Not to mention that fact that the lab was near... And they might be able to escape from Pokemon attacks. Thus far, the operative only knew of the tunnel that Aur had used, and that led far from the lab. Into Narcrene City, she was sure. So giving away how close they were was not an option. They had to capture them all, not one escaping. They had probably seen quite a bit. Then again, wouldn't Fennel have thought that through? Yes.

Maite paused as she passed a rack of experimental weapons. Not exactly her forte, but she'd need something different for this situation. She looked through before selecting something labeled R.A.T. Curiously, she picked it up. She was certain they hadn't made a weapon solely for Patrats...

Lavimi growled. Oh right, she was supposed to be heading for where Fennel was. Maite pocketed the strange device, vowing to try it out later, and quickly followed her partner. They were getting close now, as Maite could smell the other scientist without even getting close to the floor. "Let's go." Lavimi and Maite bounded through the final hall before coming to a sudden incline. Fennel's scent was all over the place, and Lavimi affirmed the scientist's presence by a slight nod. Lucky Lavimi, she could see in dim lighting.

Maite and her partner walked stealthily, toward the tiny source of light the hatch was letting in from outside. There were no lights on the inside for this part of the tunnel, so as not to alert anyone or anything on the outside.

Maite moved into sight of Fennel, making sure not to startle her. The last thing they needed was for their location to be given away to the people on the surface. Of course, Fennel must have smelled her by now, but Maite was never exactly sure whether she had a keen nose, even if she had spliced with a Ninetails. Maite moved her arms a bit to get the needed attention before pointing upwards and mouthing, 'How Many?'

04-12-2011, 09:38 AM
Jalen Yono (Riolu)
Pinwheel Forest

I watched in amazement as the battle turned into a full-on fight. It was really intense. The younger one threw a specialty grenade – I didn’t feel the effects of it excluding the ringing sound because I was a good distance away, but it wasn’t me in danger, it was the breeder. I had to do something, but in my current condition I didn’t feel like fighting. I dumped the bag of Poké Bits into my mouth all at once. I intended to save them, but I could visibly see that I wouldn’t need it in Pinwheel Forest, with all the berry trees in the area. Then something hit me.

This is how I was abducted on route 4.

I was challenged to a battle, and I willingly accepted. After a short battle I was held at gunpoint. I was distracted of course, my eyes only on the gun and its unknown wielder. Then I was hit from behind and hell began.

I couldn’t let an innocent breeder have the same fate as me. Hell, I couldn’t let anyone have the same fate as me! I presumed this man was some sort of operative for Xexan. I was watching for a short time, and I was real shocked seeing so many firearms thrown into the mix. Agents jumping out from bushes. It was confusing and too fast-paced for me to fully understand. When a blast of fire erupted from a Volcarona, that was my sign to run. The tree I was on burst into fire and I bolted off at a speed I was proud of. I jumped down onto a trail, where I saw a small fissure in the ground – a little tunnel. I ran through and I saw what was supposedly a breeder, loads of junk, and the Xexan agent all in a moshpit in a machine of some sort. They disappeared though. Suddenly, a huge explosion set off in the room. I was blown back 30 feet, lying there in the middle of the path, temporarily disabled on moving. I screamed in pain, but I just laid there while I had the chance.

Master Zorua
04-12-2011, 01:08 PM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Necros

As Nurse Joy was about to answer, two trainers and Officer Jenny came into the Pokemon Center. The Pokemon the two trainers carried, a Cincinno and a Petilil, looked like they were in critical condition. "These two Pokemon were hit by debris of the explosion downtown. I've done what I can to keep them alive and stable for this long, but they need medical attention now." Officer Jenny explained.

"Please, help our friends." one of the trainers, a young boy asked in a begging voice. Nurse Joy nodded and took Cincinno into her arms. "Of course. Officer Jenny, take the Petilil and follow me into the surgery room." She replied before looking to the owner of the Liligant. "My apologies. If you can wait for a bit longer on the exam, I must see to these Pokemon. When I return, I'll take care of Lilligant first thing." She spoke. The two ladies entered the exam room and closed the latch, causing the medical treatment light over the door to light up red.

After this a few more trainers, travelers who had just gotten off of Route 16 and came for a break, entered into the building. "Aww man, first that major explosion scared away the wild Pokemon, now the nurse is busy? Oh well, let's break out our dinner and eat here while we're waiting." one of the trainers said to the two others she came in with.

Inside, as Officer Jenny walked by a table, she noticed a piece of paper with a name written in large letters on it. However, her priority was to get the Petilil into the surgery room where Nurse Joy would begin treatment.

"Just set the Petilil down on the second table." Nurse Joy instructed. Once Jenny had done so, Nurse Joy began hooking IV catheters to the two Pokemon and began to work on finding the root cause of the Pokemon's bad condition so she could treat it. "By the way Officer Jenny, there's a weird chip over there on the table that I took out of that Zorua down there. He came in without a trainer along with that Vulpix. If you could, could you have that chip examined? Also that Zorua wrote down that he belongs to a trainer named Robert Zidane. If you can, I'd ask that you bring those two Pokemon somewhere safe or release them into the wild somewhere, That Vulpix is wild and seems to be attached to the Zorua."

Jenny picked up the chip and examined it. The name rang a familiar bell, but she needed to check the missing trainers roster to make sure. "Just leave it to me." the officer spoke. After taking the chip, she picked up the two Pokemon and exited the Pokemon Center through the rear exit and brought the two Pokemon with her to her motorcycle. Placing them in the passenger buggy on the side, she raced to Police HQ.

Once she arrived, Jenny got off of the motorcycle and looked to the two Pokemon. "Come on you two, follow me." Robert and Farah hopped out of the cab, but as Jenny walked into the building, Robert nudged Farah to follow him and began bolting for the west exit of the city.

<Why aren't we going with that other woman?> Vulpix asked as she ran alongside Robert.

<Because I need to get as far away from that chip as possible. They know I'm in this city, and I don't want to take the chance of waiting in one area. Without that chip, they can't track me. That will make our travels easier. Besides, with that chip and my name in the hands of the police, they'll be able to start cracking down on those Xexan scumbags. In the meantime, we need to get a few more allies. I know I'm not the only one Xexan experimented on. If there are others out there like me, we need to recruit them.> Robert replied as he ran.

Fortunately the alleyways were pretty deserted. Robert had lived in Nimbasa city before when he was a street orphan and had to keep evading the law whenever he stole food or clothing. As he was zigzagging through the alleyways and rerouting himself towards the south gate, he saw a lone Krokorok with no trainer around it, and it wasn't looking healthy. Having a big guy on his side would give him a bit more safety, providing it was wild. As Robert passed across a grocery store with some berries along the outside on sale, Robert hopped up, tossed a few orans and peches down to Farah, Picked up what she couldn't carry by grabbing the stems in his mouth and headed over toward the Krokorok.

Robert released his berries once he got to the giant sand gator and rolledand oran and a pecha to it. <You don't look too good. Eat these, they'll make you feel better.> Robert said Robert then proceeded to take one of the other orans he had nabbed and munched down on it. He knew they couldn't stay long, but the potential to gain an ally was worth the risk. Not to mention, they still needed to eat in order to keep up their strength.

Back at the police HQ, Jenny noticed that the two Pokemon were no longer behind her. She felt a bit worried, but she had a priority. Sitting down at her desk, she began to look at the name of missing trainers. Right around the bottom of the alphabetically by last name list was Robert Zidane. "So, that Zorua did belong to one of the missing trainers. Which means it more than likely fled in order to find its trainer. I need to get this info to the FBI right away." Jenny spoke as she took out the chip. All police had orders given to them earlier in the day that anything related to the missing trainers was to go to the Unova FBI.

Placing the chip in a transfer cube, Officer Jenny opened her report program, filled in the information and sent a fax to the FBI about her findings. Placing the cube into a device much like the Pokeball transfer device at the Pokemon Center, she punched in the FBI receiver number and watched as the red energy light turned the bot into energy and transfered it. With that part finished, she left to go and track down the Zorua.

04-12-2011, 02:54 PM
(OOC: Curses! A mob of NPCs! My one weakness! XP I'll have Tiffany's post up after class, here's Damon's in the meantime)

Damon Bunker (Krokorok)
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Master Zorua

Damon blinked his eyes open blearily, thinking he could hear a voice talking to him. His stomach felt twisted and bloated from all the fumes he’d inhaled, and his vision took a little while to focus.

<…look so good. Eat these, they’ll make you feel better.>

He saw a Zorua and a Vulpix standing in front of him, the former nudging an Oran and Pecha berry towards him. He smiled a little, reaching down to take them, popping them into his mouth and chewing slowly, as he was working up the ability to actually swallow something down.

<Th-thanks….> he murmured gratefully, starting to feel the berries take effect and replenish some of his strength.

He slowly stood up once he was done, the three foot three croc looking down at them both with his dark eyes softly. This only went to show how caring and intelligent Pokémon truly were. How could anyone harm such wonderful creatures?

<You might have saved my life,> he smiled warmly. <I’m never doing that again. Clinging to the bottom of a car, what was I thinking?>

Damon chuckled and shook his head, rubbing the back of it, his snout swaying from side to side.

<I’m Damon, by the way. What’re your names?> he asked, holding out a scaly paw.

He had absolutely no idea whether this was the proper way to greet another Pokémon, especially considering neither of them had hands, but he figured he could shake their forepaws or something. And if not, well, he supposed he’d have to tell them his story.

He just hoped it wouldn’t scare them off.

04-12-2011, 03:46 PM
Alyse Hadder <Arcanine>
Pinwheel forest
arp:Neo, Lusankya and way too many people for me count o.O let's just say i'm following lus....

She ran, ran as fast as she could as if by doing such an act she could rid herself of all that had happened. It felt amazing with the wind rushing through her fur and the landscape looking like a blur. It felt as though she was flying across the land, nothing could’ve prepared Alyse for this sensation. She knew Arcanine looked as though they flew across the land when they ran from experience she had even ridden on her own as he ran at top speed across open land. What she had not felt though was the pure joy in the sensation, no matter how far or fast she ran she never felt winded. Through her running, new emotions raged forth. She wanted revenge; revenge for her family, revenge for what those creatures had done to her. She wanted to know what became of her partners. As the rage burst forth, she felt an intense heat course through her body.

Sparks ignited and flames erupted and engulfed her entire body. It surprised her so much that she failed to notice what was in front of her as she crashed headlong into a thick leafy tree. She had no idea that she could still use Pokemon attacks. The after effect of the Flare Blitz that she had just used hurt like hell. It was like a thousand little needles repeatedly jabbing at every pressure point on the body however, the effect only lasted a few seconds. It surprised Alyse how much it stung then she remembered how often she had used the attack with Archie. More sadness filled her heart.

Before the emotions could consume her though, she thought she heard voices. While her vision had dimmed a little bit, her other senses mainly those of smell and hearing were elevated to beyond what she had thought was possible. She lifted her head and sniffed strange as scents filled her nostrils. She had smelt a huge amount of different scents. Moving stealthily, she crept towards where the smells grew stronger. Keeping to the bushes she peered out and saw a multitude of people and pokemon. A fierce battle seemed to have taken place flames were everywhere as people scrambled about. A familiar fear crept through Alyse, she had feared fire for as long as she knew. She tried to calm herself by taking deep breaths and closing her eyes to everything. As she did she caught hold of a familiar scent, it had the same feel as whatever had captured her in the first place.

Enraged now she looked for where the scent was coming from, then she would strike. She found a large hole nearby and a surprised looking man besides a Golurk. The smell was coming from the hole, Alyse knew her Arcanine knew how to use agility. She had hoped that she would be able to use it to catch up to whatever had made the hole so she could first interrogate it on what had happened to her family, then she would rip it limb from limb. A sharp glint shot across her eye as she felt an enormous amount of energy fill her body. She ran with all her might and what ever happened it must’ve looked like a blur to anyone who saw her but she rushed down into the tunnel with little regard to her own safety. As she ran she caught the smell of whatever it was still a ways a head of her as well as another scent. This one seemed to be badly wounded and barely seemed to be conscious. If they had taken another trainer, she wouldn’t let that happen. She let out a howl of rage and put on a burst of speed further heightened by the agility she had used before. Soon, she thought, soon I’ll catch up to you and you won’t be tearing any one away from their partners ever again.

04-12-2011, 05:03 PM
Cetna LaKuu <Haxorus>
Deep Pinwheel Forest.
Affected RPers: Neo Emolga, Dylan, bleepbloop

Cetna was still enraged at the thought of those monsters killing her friends. The worst thing Cetna could think about, however, was if she was in Haxorus’ body, was Haxorus in hers? If her best friend wasn’t in her body, then she would be dead. But, if she was, then would it be possible to switch them back? She had so many questions. It was at this time that Cetna realized she had to calm down and find someone to help her. She had assumed that since she was experimented on, they would have to be watching her. Logic dictated they had something in her to do so. *I better choose my actions carefully from now on. If I do the wrong thing, another person might get trapped like me.*

So Cetna set off. She wasn’t sure where to go, but since she had already walked away from her starting point, she might as well keep going in the same direction. Soon, she could hear people yelling and pokemon screeching. She heard an explosion and then looked through a bush. What she could see was a giant red blur that whizzed past and then into a hole. There was no way in hell that she would catch up to that, but she went to look anyway. As the blur went in, an explosion went off, and a Riolu popped out.

Even though she was a pokemon, Cetna still had all her memories and knowledge, and could use them. This might be a bad thing for the people that robbed her of her friends, but they would have to wait. A Rilou was pretty rare around here, especially in a forest. When she turned to go to the little guy, see saw a giant group of people. They were standing around and talking, with a Golurk in the background. They looked like official looking people. They might be able to help her. She became so happy, suddenly started running at them, waving her right claw in the air rapidly. Then she remember she was a pokemon, and pokemon don’t run at people to give them hugs if they are wild. They run at people to attack. She also couldn’t leave the little Riolu on the ground. She stopped between them both, and wasn’t sure how she would stop them from attacking her, if she could at all, or wether to stay with the Riolu to protect him since he looked pretty banged up.

04-12-2011, 08:58 PM
Tiffany Devlin
Xexan Scientist
Nimbasa City
Disease Level: 1
Affected RPers: Master Zorua (kind of)

Tiffany managed to remain calm, mostly because she noticed the people approaching the Center long before they actually did so. The guard almost reacted to Officer Jenny suddenly bursting in, but she silenced him with a hard squeeze to his forearm.

“Of course, it’s no trouble at all. Come Tiffany, we’ll take a little trip around the city and come back, okay?” he smiled.

She nodded quietly and forlornly, looking concernedly at the hurt Pokémon as if she hoped they would be all right. She clutched the Pokéball closer to her chest, afraid her Liligant might suffer a similar fate. The guard gently led her out, speaking comfortingly to her.

This act continued until the reached their car and Emily frowned ever so slightly, her eyelids drooping.

“This…could be a problem.”

“Should we follow the nurse once she leaves, miss?”

“They won’t leave with Joy. They’ll leave with Jenny. He’ll want to get away from the Pokémon Center as soon as possible before he’s tracked down. Joy will be too busy tending to those hurt Pokémon.”

As she spoke, Officer Jenny’s motorcycle sped past the parking lot, allowing the guard a very clear view of the Pokémon in the sidecar.

“There she goes! What’re your orders, miss? Do we pursue or…miss?”

Tiffany didn’t respond. She was staring blankly ahead of her, barely even acknowledging his words. She glanced downwards and pulled a small transceiver out of a pocket in her jacket, sifting through messages, data, and other vital information.

“…she has the chip with her. Joy must have given it to her to examine.”

“What?! But if that’s the case, Xexan could-“ he began, already starting the engine before she cut him off.

“…it’s unimportant. By the time they figure out what the device even does, Xexan will either have already been discovered and destroyed, or everything will have been successfully evacuated and the evidence destroyed,” Tiffany muttered boredly.

She placed the device to her ear, speaking into it, presumably connecting to whomever she was in charge over back in Pinwheel Forest.

“…Is the Silver Needle ready yet?”

“98% completion, Miss. We should be ready to launch in five minutes, barring interruptions,” came the reply.

“…good. Launch as soon as you’re ready. Pinwheel has more or less been compromised. The destination will be my personal safe house in Opelucid City.”

There was a pause on the other end.

“Miss? Begging your pardon, but no one else in the organization knows about that safe house. Are you suggesting-“

“…There is a possibility Xexan will be entirely compromised. I’m an unofficial staff member. My name doesn’t appear on any of the lists. Should I be connected to Xexan, I would appear to be more of a test subject than a scientist. They would treat me as a victim. By keeping my research hidden, not only can I ensure our safety, but the future of Xexan as well.”

She delivered this speech with the same monotone she had countless others. It was the same tone she’d ordered Pokémon to be put down with, or people to be killed. It truly was all the same to her.

“We understand, miss. We’ll notify you when we’ve successfully launched.”


The guard in the front seat frowned as he looked at her, having visions of slashed paychecks and sleepless nights keeping a lookout for the cops.

“So what shall we do, miss? The Zorua is escaping and the police probably have the information and chip on file by now.”

She smiled softly, her eyes still half lidded, staring at the screen of her transceiver device, something on it flashing and illuminating her pale skin with a steady rhythm of light.

“Tell me…if you were in this Zorua’s shoes. Paws. Whatever. What would your first priority be?”

“To get as far away from the chip as possible, I’d imagine,” the guard said.

“And assuming that you managed to ditch the motorcycle and your escort when it came to a stop at its destination…which is incidentally the police station…what direction would you run in?”

“Let’s see…I’d probably want to leave the city. The West Gate would make sense. It is the closest.”

She nodded slowly, as if she were considering it. “And let’s say, hypothetically, that you actually had a brain and thought ahead to your eventual destination. Most of these trainers came from the Southern Region. A lot of them would probably want to seek allies in their families…or perhaps the few Pokémon researchers down there who could help them.”

The guard raised an eyebrow. “But how could they help? Their scientific knowledge is horribly limited compared to Xexan’s.”

She chuckled softly. It was under her breath, deep, and made the hairs on the back of the guard’s neck stand up.

“…I forget sometimes…none of you have intimate knowledge of how a child’s mind works…” She shook her head. “Regardless…he would probably head towards the south…keeping out of sight, naturally.”

The guard nodded. “So where does that leave us?”

She smiled and showed him the screen, pointing to a little red flashing dot in the southwest area of the city. On the side of the screen, information was being registered as the chip belonging to a certain other subject that had been placed into the body of a Krokorok.

“What would you say…” she began, staring at him over the top of the device. “…the chances of our two subjects running into one another are?”

With a sudden smile of understanding himself, he put the car in gear and began pulling out of the parking lot. She sat back, slipping the device back into her pocket, concentrating. It wouldn’t even matter if they had an exact location. As long as she got within five hundred meters of any of them, she’d be able to pinpoint exactly where they were.

It was odd. She almost felt happy. This was just like hide and seek back in school.

04-12-2011, 10:01 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Laboratory A-4 Under the Desert

“Well, Aur, if that is your name," the agent said, with a smile that annoyed Aur. "Why would you after going through all the trouble to bring me here? Yeah, the whole breeder thing was a set-up. The FBI and the cops are really onto you now, and I’m sure you and your friends are already starving for more lab rats to run some experiments on. But I figured they’ve had trouble lately now that trainers are being watched by cops, are actually cops in disguise now, and have been avoiding the roads entirely. It only gets worse, Aur. I sure hope you can afford to blow up more of your own labs like this for every human trainer you abduct, because it’s going to keep happening until you’re down to your last one."

Aur narrowed his eyes. The agent didn't know it, but Aur's personal research depended far less on capturing trainers and their Pokemon than he imagined. Most of the abductions had been from the neighboring Xexan site, which, being a far larger base than Aur's little lair, had more advanced and more foolproof tactics. Aur had merely been planning on increasing his stock before coming here to the A-7 laboratory anyways, once the virus had been delivered.

"Your choice, Aur. I’m no good to you dead, as I’m sure you know that.”

Aur took a Pokeball from his belt and released his Galvantula. "Keep him from moving," he ordered. At the same time he took Helias back in her ball. The Galvantula could spit web to keep the agent pinned if necessary, which was far better than setting him on fire.

After picking up one of the machines from around the transporter, Aur walked over to the far side of the room and switched on another bank of lights. As the fluorescent light came streaming down, they revealed a gargantuan tube, surrounded by various equipments and smaller tubes, that took up the entire wall running lengthwise, and indeed, the entirety of which could not even be seen. The A-7 laboratory was one of a kind, housing a medium particle accelerator that had been built at Aur's request. The desert was the only place where they could build something like that without being noticed.

He put down the machine and plugged tubes into the accelerator, and spent a while at the consoles in front of the massive device turning it on. Once the loud hum of the accelerator was sending vibrations throughout the entire room, Aur walked back to the agent.

"While it's true that you're little use to me dead other than for spare parts," Aur said, "you're mistaken if you believe that I am in dire need of test subjects. My research has been straying further and further from biology and deep into the realms of quantum physics, thanks to Ezekiel here." He gestured to the Porygon-Z, who was floating there looking at the agent. "Porygons are indeed the most fascinating Pokemon in the world, truly unique in every aspect. How, do you propose, that a series of representations of zeroes and ones can take physical form?"

Aur walked back over to the machine he had planted at the accelerator. There was a stream of pure black material coming out of it into a glass chamber, forming a small sphere. After pressing a few buttons, Aur opened the chamber and extracted the black ball. It was a fascinating object, completely and utterly black, absorbing all incoming light that fell onto it, the blackest object possible.

He walked back over to the agent and pulled out another object from the pile, this time a strange system that had gloves and sheathes attached by huge numbers of wires. He motioned to Jack, who walked over and helped put the sheathes on Aur's upper legs as Aur slipped on the gloves.

Aur took out the black sphere and held it up to the light for the agent to see. "I call it Voidium. It's a substance composed primary out of tiny singularities, or black holes as you might call them, that have assumed negative and positive charges and are held together in a delicate lattice by a web of normal matter. Quite unstable, as I have been unable to keep the singularities from evaporating for more than a few minutes. Although I have developed a new theory on that, and had intended to come back here to test that anyways."

He placed the black sphere into a chamber on the apparatus he was wearing and plugged it into the cold fusion reactor. "At any rate, a few minutes is enough for temporary usage of this machine." After a few moments, he waved his hands in the air. Before him appeared a glowing, white orb, whose light slowly dimmed until it was no longer glowing. Although it appeared white, upon closer inspection it actually was a myriad of shimmering colors.

"This machine," Aur explained, happy that he could finally talk to a human that could be considered sentient, "uses the Voidium to boost some of the virtual particles that are constantly appearing at all points in space and annihilating each other, into reality. One half of the particles are normal matter, which can be used for any purpose. The other half, a kind of material I have dubbed 'negative matter', has negative mass and charge. A cousin to antimatter, if you will, that is necessary to keep the conservation of mass and energy happy. The negative matter conveniently exists in dimensions that we cannot perceive. The normal matter, however, we can perceive, and it can be used for anything."

The white ball began changing colors, from yellow to brown to orange to red to gold to silver and beyond. "Any element, from Hydrogen to Ununoctium. And any compound of any series of elements, with the right algorithms. And any form that those compounds and elements can take, with more precise algorithms."

He made a separating motion with his hands, and the ball exploded into thousands of tiny orbs and flew into the air around them and stopped, sitting there like little stars. The hand motions weren't really necessary, as Aur was controlling the apparatus via direct interface. But he liked them.

"My machine is generally not very useful. Due to the unstable nature of the Voidium, it can only boost so much matter before the Voidium runs out. And the generated matter will annihilate with its negative matter counterpart as soon as my device loses power. But, it can form necessary materials for temporary use..."

Aur made a motion with his hand as though playing with clay, and the little spheres came back together into one big ball. The ball slowly began to shrink and take form, finally turning into a small, cylindrical device with a plug on the end and stringy tentacles on the other.

"I believe that Porygons exist using a similar method. But rather than using a machine, something about their algorithms communicates with the very essence of the universe itself, allowing their self-contained non-propagating waveforms to, by some intrinsic nature, to passively generate bodies for them using this particle boosting."

Aur grabbed the cylinder out of the air, and turned his full attention to the agent. "Now, tell me about yourself, and all that you know about the government's investigations in Xexan. We can start with your name. And if you should prove recalcitrant, then I will have to resort to more... invasive procedures."

James Yodrian
Castelia City

James came home to find out that his son had somehow obtained a Fire Stone and had evolved their Growlithe into an Arcanine. That was going to be a big headache. Gandalf was well-behaved, but trying to keep an Arcanine around the house, happy and fed, was going to be a way bigger headache than a little Growlithe.

Oh well, there was nothing that could be done about that now. Although he would definitely have to find out how the kid managed to get a Fire Stone. Those weren't exactly just left lying around in backyards. Had he stolen it? No, James didn't raise a bad child.

Now he was on his way to go bowling with a couple of his friends. As they drove, James tapped one of them on the shoulder. "Hey Atrus," he said. "What did you want to talk to me about in front of my wife?"

04-12-2011, 10:39 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Just barely outside Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Inner Pinwheel Forest.
Affected RPers: Whoever's controlling Robert Dinkins, JR.; Anyone in a ten-foot radius nearby Robert Dinkins, JR.

Something nagged at her mind, her finger quite able to pull the trigger, but her body simply denying the effort.

One voice said wait. This one person could have backup all around him, out of the 10-foot radius, and then what? They'd escape, that's what. They'd escape, tell the government, and they'd pin them down. One lab out...Though she heard rumors that people from their Bravo Location (The one south of Chargestone Cave) were building a third lab, a Theta location, in Challenger Cave.

The second voice said fire. What if those people surrounding him were in the 10-foot radius? Moreover, what if they were to see her, sticking out of the hatch, with a gun pointed at a Golurk?

The third voice said to calmly close the hatch, and grab more scientists. They'd be able to overwhelm these forces. However...That would take time. And these could be subjects if she subdued them. That was valued. And what if they left while she was gone?

...She was mentally conflicted.

Then the explosion came. The Government officials were closeby. Their attention was directed to the explosion. They'd be leaving, and now.

The third voice was now dead. Now it was time to act. Act now.

She put the tip of her gun just slightly over the hatch, still hard to detect. However, the ultrasonic pulse emmited from it was definatly heard, stunning all those who happened to be just too close to where that Golurk was standing. The Golurk and it's trainer were definatly in the range of the pulse. She knew that the average height for Golurk was 9-foot-2, and if anyone was on top of it, that someone would have to be almost as tall as the Golurk itself to keep out of range.

And then she remembered that the Golurk was most likely going to fall down. The advice was to get away from falling Golurk, as they were heavy enough to casue minor tremors-and instant death to whoever dared stand beneath where they were going to fall. Even if she didn't get them all, she'd have them running fast enough-and far enough-to get out of the way of over 700 pounds of weight crashing to the ground. And whoever was on top of the Golurk could easily and stealthily be taken inside.

(Ooc: The post is short, but heck to that.)

04-13-2011, 12:31 AM
Masekios Prieto
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Inner Pinwheel Forest.
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

Maite's hands slapped over her ears as the pulse sounded. So that's what Fennel had been holding. It must have been one of those newer weapons. Maite had never really paid attention to that section of study, since she felt she was perfectly capable of fighting on her own. Not only that, but she was far more interested in experimenting with genes than weaponry. What was more likely to change the world?

At this moment in time though, she needed to focus. Maite was glad for the ground over her head, keeping most of the sound from reaching the tunnel. A split-second later, the scientist noticed her Persian tensed and stumbling a bit. Maite immediately covered Lavimi's ears as opposed to her own. She valued Lavimi enough to protect her instead of herself.

Of course, it was a bit too late, as the pulses were already over, and had done their damage. Lavimi wasn't as stunned as she would have been had she been standing above ground where the screech went off, but her ears were rather sensitive, and even the protective layer of ground wasn't quite enough. Lavimi sagged into Maite's arms, breathing slowly and deeply. Maite could tell she needed rest, and recalled the Pokemon, watching as she disappeared into the little unit.

The sound wore on Maite as well. She, too, had sensitive hearing, thanks to the splicing, and her head was starting to develop a marvelous headache. She'd need to get some rest eventually, but for now, she was curious as to how the people on top made out.

She hoped that enough of them had been gathered around to get stunned. Oh, how badly she wanted live, new experiments. At this point, she wasn't even going to be picky about the condition. Fennel hadn't noticed her before, so this time, Maite stood much closer before making a few motions.

Maite then noticed a familiar Pokemon heading towards her from the direction she had just come from. She recognized the little plant just before he reached her, so she bent down to greet him. She put her finger to her lips, indicating that they might still want stealth to take the people above, before rubbing one of Royce's leaves. That Gloom. Of course he'd know exactly when to show up. She was glad he wasn't giving off any sort of smell. It was something he had to do in the base every day, but now Maite was especially glad, given the current situation. Also, his abilities could be very useful for subduing the people who weren't as close to the blast. Of course, she end up having to mix an antidote, but she was certain she could finish it before the subjects were damaged... or mortally wounded.

Maite stood up again, looking at Fennel for some sort of recognition. She couldn't exactly look out of the cap herself, since Fennel was there, so she needed information on how many people or Pokemon were still managing to crawl around up there.

Neo Emolga
04-13-2011, 03:40 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Underground Bunker, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya

Aur didn’t exactly like my attitude, but hey, I still had blood running down my face and came one step closer toward looking like a raw hamburger. I had the right to be a little peeved about being dragged around like a sack of potatoes. Aur then took a Pokéball from his belt, released a Galvantula, and pointed at me.

“Keep him from moving,” He ordered.

I figured I wasn’t going anywhere anyway. Looking around, I took a glance at all the various machines and devices that Aur had gathered and assembled here. The amount of technology and science involved was insane, it was like this guy traveled back in time two hundred years from the future and brought all his stuff along.

“While it's true that you're little use to me dead other than for spare parts,” Aur told me, “you're mistaken if you believe that I am in dire need of test subjects. My research has been straying further and further from biology and deep into the realms of quantum physics, thanks to Ezekiel here.”

He then introduced me to his Porygon-Z, who was floating only a short distance away. Couldn’t help but think the whole Porygon line of Pokémon was definitely a strange one. I still couldn’t tell if they were really living, more like AI, or something else completely altogether.

“Porygons are indeed the most fascinating Pokémon in the world, truly unique in every aspect,” Aur continued. “How, do you propose, that a series of representations of zeroes and ones can take physical form?”

“Beats me,” I shrugged.

It was why I majored in criminal justice, and not science. The numbers and calculations would have caused my head to bust.

He then headed back to his machine, and removed a jet-black ball from a canister within the device. What that stuff actually consisted of was something that was beyond me. Aur then presented it before me, and I just looked straight at it.

“I call it Voidium,” He told me, letting me look right at it. “It's a substance composed primary out of tiny singularities, or black holes as you might call them, that have assumed negative and positive charges and are held together in a delicate lattice by a web of normal matter. Quite unstable, as I have been unable to keep the singularities from evaporating for more than a few minutes. Although I have developed a new theory on that, and had intended to come back here to test that anyways.”

So this is what this guy was working on? I didn’t know half of what he said, but I figured if this guy really wanted to build a world-ending superweapon, he probably could have done it already.

“At any rate,” Aur said, putting the black orb back in the device, “a few minutes is enough for temporary usage of this machine.”

After waving his hands, he then conjured a second orb, which started glowing until it became white. However, after squinting my eyes to get a better look at it, I noticed it was actually made up of many colors at once. Weird stuff, the guys back at the station would never believe any of this crap if I told them.

“This machine,” Aur said, swelling up with pride, “uses the Voidium to boost some of the virtual particles that are constantly appearing at all points in space and annihilating each other, into reality. One half of the particles are normal matter, which can be used for any purpose. The other half, a kind of material I have dubbed 'negative matter', has negative mass and charge. A cousin to antimatter, if you will, that is necessary to keep the conservation of mass and energy happy. The negative matter conveniently exists in dimensions that we cannot perceive. The normal matter, however, we can perceive, and it can be used for anything. Any element, from Hydrogen to Ununoctium. And any compound of any series of elements, with the right algorithms. And any form that those compounds and elements can take, with more precise algorithms.”

The ball he showed me changed into all kinds of colors. It was the weirdest and yet most interesting thing to look at. Still, anything? It almost reminded me of scientific alchemy in a way.

With a wave of his hands, the ball was divided into smaller pieces, which continued to levitate in midair.

“My machine is generally not very useful,” Aur confessed. “Due to the unstable nature of the Voidium, it can only boost so much matter before the Voidium runs out. And the generated matter will annihilate with its negative matter counterpart as soon as my device loses power. But, it can form necessary materials for temporary use...”

Anything the guy wanted for a limited time. I definitely wouldn’t say the machine was useless, and considering what the guy made already, it probably wouldn’t be long before he found a means around it so he could create as much as whatever he wanted in whatever quantity he wanted.

With another hand motion, the divided pieces reunited back into the sphere he had before. The ball then shrunk in size, forming into a cylinder device with a plug on the end and tentacles on the other. It reminded me of that creepy thing Agent Smith plants into Neo through his navel.

“I believe that Porygons exist using a similar method,” He told me as his hypothesis. “But rather than using a machine, something about their algorithms communicates with the very essence of the universe itself, allowing their self-contained non-propagating waveforms to, by some intrinsic nature, to passively generate bodies for them using this particle boosting.”

His guess was probably much better than mine. What he planned on using that finding for, I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to know either. He then grabbed the cylinder out of the air, and then turned to me.

“Now, tell me about yourself,” Aur demanded, “and all that you know about the government's investigations in Xexan. We can start with your name. And if you should prove recalcitrant, then I will have to resort to more... invasive procedures.”

“Name’s Chris Logan, FBI,” I told him, figuring there wasn’t much I was hiding by revealing that. “I’m pretty sure you know why the Unova government wants Xexan out of commission. And I’m pretty sure you know Xexan originally started off as a government secret that most trainers would have been against, but deemed necessary for the greater good.”

I wasn’t sure how long Aur had been with Xexan, as I didn’t have any staff manifest that the government had on these guys. But, I figured he was aware about most of this already.

“The truth is, Xexan is getting greedy, Aur,” I told him, making him aware of these facts. “The government already has a grim idea of what you guys have been doing, but I can see they don’t know the half of it considering what you’ve been doing here and what you’ve even turned yourself into. Meanwhile, Pokémon trainers getting abducted by the truckload creates hysteria, ignites media attention, and the government wants it neutralized. Meanwhile, the government doesn’t want the people to know exactly what’s been happening to abducted trainers, and with good reason. They’d probably be freaked out of their minds if they found out kidnapped trainers and their Pokémon were becoming lab specimens.”

That was something I was sure Aur already knew, but I figured I’d at least confirm his guesses about that.

“As for me,” I continued, “the plan was to dress up as a Pokémon trainer, a breeder in this case as a higher priority target, and travel alone with two spotters watching my back. Agent Dinkins, who you already met, was one of them. The other was Yune Scio, who I hadn’t talked to at all. Meanwhile, I was wearing all kinds of tracking equipment, including a camera, a tracking beacon, and an audio bug. Hate to say it, Aur, but they already got a good look at you at least for a few seconds, and I’m sure they now know the situation is deeper than they thought.”

Still, from what I could tell, Aur wasn’t directly connected to the rest of Xexan, at least not anymore. His warehouse lab was definitely too small to be a main Xexan laboratory, not to mention far too understaffed to have been taking this many trainers. I figured there had to be a larger secondary location somewhere else nearby.

“The choice is yours, Aur,” I told him, sitting back. “You can tell all your friends what we’ve been doing, but it only works in our favor, as now you won’t be able to tell a real trainer from a hidden FBI agent or police officer in disguise, and that gives normal trainers that extra bit of protection. As for Xexan, someone has to shut it down. Every trainer Xexan experiments on, every human being you guys kill or unnaturally turn into something else is someone’s kid, someone’s brother or sister, someone’s friend or family member. And those Pokémon, they’re that person’s companions, their friends, and in some cases, the only family they’ve got left. It’s wrong what you guys are doing. And if you guys aren’t going to end it by yourselves, then someone else has to.”

And I left it at that.


Robert Dinkins, JR. (With permission from Raven X)
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Pinwheel Forest, Unova

Something hit me out of nowhere, a stunning effect that crippled everyone around me. I looked up to see even Golurk had succumbed to the effects despite his massive size.

“R-Run…!” I barely managed to speak.

Donavan, the other agents, and his forest rangers just barely managed to get out of the way before the massive colossus collapsed to the ground. However, it was more like they were only just able to fall out of the way. The stunning effect was too severe, and I wasn’t sure how much longer it would last.

I wasn’t sure who or what had set that off, or what caused that explosion, but it was clear… Xexan was still close by. We had walked on their turf, and now they were trying to do whatever they could to protect it. However, I knew it wouldn’t be that way for long…

04-13-2011, 10:56 AM
OOC All work and no roleplay makes Dylan a dull boy...I literally had ten minutes to right this so don't rant on my short post!

Jalen Yono (Riolu)
Pinwheel Forest

As I laid there, a Haxorus appeared in front of me. At first, I was scared, because I've heard they are extremely territorial. Then, I thought for a moment; what would a Haxorus be doing in Pinwheel Forest? It would've been weird to see a Riolu here for sure, considering they're from Sinnoh, but if a wild one were to make it to Unova (Through some means of boat or plane) then I could see Pinwheel Forest being its turf. I've always wanted to go to Mistralton Cave to find an Axew to train, but there are also Fraxure and Haxorus there too. Is that where it came from? Hell, maybe it was even a test subject for Xexan as well, either way, this couldn't be it's territory - but otherwise, they're nice...I hope. I managed to get a few words out.


My scrapes were really burning now, and I must've been hit by a fragment of metal or something because there was a nasty deep one on my right arm. I went to look at it, when I thought I saw a part in my skin under my arm where it tightened up. What was this? I pushed it a bit and felt something hard. A chip? Was it from Xexan? Whatever it was, it needed to go out, and it was too deep into my skin for anyone to visibly see - although I could feel it easily. I needed to get back to Castelia City. I had a plan to get it noticed, but I'd easily be remembered from that little chase...It's a good memory to see a Riolu in the city, isn't it?

Master Zorua
04-13-2011, 06:21 PM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Nibasa City

Robert listened to the Krokorok. it was rather odd that the pokemon was able to know what the word 'car' meant. So either this pokemon had a trainer, or this pokemon, like himself, was a trainer that Xexan got their mitts on.

<My name is Robert, and my lovely companion here is Farah.> Robert spoke. His comment caused the Vulpix to blink and shyly look away. <Anyways, have you ever heard of a bunch of murderous wack-jobs known as Xexan?> Robert asked. If this was one of Xexan's experiments, chances were good he had a tracking chip as well. If so, he'd need to bring the sand croc to another town to undergo the surgery.

They couldn't stay in this town, that much was certain. At this point he saw there were three options: head back towards Lostlorn Forest, make their way through White Forest and make it to Black City; go west and go through the forest and plains to get to Driftveil City; or go south across the desert of Route 4 and Pinwheel Forest to get to Castelia City. Regardless, they were going to need to discuss the options and fast. If Xexan wasn't already in the city, they were certainly going to be.


Atrus Gumshoe
Castelia City

Atrus chuckled a bit as he pulled into the parking lot of the bowling alley. "Oh nothing important. I was gonna tell you not to worry about the phone since I told her I could fix it. I still will, if for no other reason than to give me something to do and give it back like new or better. Usually fixing stuff helps me focus my mind, especially when it comes to difficult cases like the whole incident with the rising numbers of vanishing trainers." Atrus replied. As he parked the van, he took his duffel bag and exited the van, locking the driver side door.

Entering the bowling alley, Atrus signed his team up, reserving lane 10, and then headed into the locker room to get changed into his bowling outfit. After removing his bowling ball and a combination strong lock, he locked up his bag and headed out to the lane.

(You can go ahead and play through to the end of the bowling scene)

04-13-2011, 07:37 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Whoever Controls Robert Dinkins, JR.; Fakeblood; Whoever's in a Ten-Foot Radius of Fennel

The Effects were as planned-The Golurk had fallen, with a and had stunned most people to the ground. Had she not noticed Maite, who was a very sensetive hearer, unprotected from the Ultrasonic pulse, she would have kept it going long enough for the knockout.

She briefly stopped her Ultrasonic pulses, picked two sets of earplugs off the wall-one for Maite and one for her nearby Gloom-and said "Government! Get ready to subdue them!" before shoveing them into their ears, all hastily. However, she had a reason to do this. At this point, the Government agents and Rangers were all on the ground, still recovering from the Ultrasonic Pulse, but unless they moved quickly, they'd be on their feet again. And the open hatch was a clear tip-off of where their base was. In truth, there were multiple hatches that served as exits and entrances into the Xexan lab, but one entrance discovered and they were compromised. There was still hope to keep their location secret-by catching them.

As a bonus to sucess (if they were sucessful), they'd get a Golurk-and the biological information surrounding it was almost infinate. It was a complete mystery how a living, breathing Pokemon could have been built by a race of people that lived almost 3000 years ago. Sure, Genesect and Mewtwo were also created by humans, but Genesect was around prior to getting a large cannon attatched to it, and Mewtwo was technically cloned from Mew.

This time, Fennel actually climed out of the hatch, silently, and making sure to keep low to the ground, crouching down behind the Golurk. Hilda followed, mirroring her trainer's movements as accuratly as possible. Once she was out, Fennel pointed the barrel over the Golurk's body and pulled the trigger. She still had the Ultrasound on, and she let it fly again. If anything was in range, they'd be kept down this time. They'd be unconsious after 5 seconds of this.

And hopefully, she'd see quite a few people faint. Maite's Gloom would come in handy in keeping the other's that were out of range down, as well as her curses. She'd use Full-body Paralyzing curses, Blinding curses, Deafening curses, and Muting curses. She couldn't have them moving, seeing, hearing, or yelling.

(Ooc: Again, dumb short post.)

04-13-2011, 08:24 PM
Alyse Hadder <Arcanine>
Pinwheel forest
arp: the pinwheel gang, latio, flakeblood and yeah...
Safe Guard effect:5/5

Before she could catch up with the thing, Alyse heard an explosion that shook the tunnel she was in, luckily it didn’t cause a cave in. She did however proceed with more caution towards the origin of the explosion. As she reached the end of the tunnel, she found the way blocked by debris. She tried to physically move all the concrete and stone that was there by scratching and gnawing at it, but it was proving fruitless. There was one way left, but how would she do it? Alyse knew the she couldn’t stand seeing the flames, but she knew she must. Gathering up her courage, she took in a deep breath and breathed. Small embers came out as she used her ember attack.
*This won’t work,* She thought to herself. Alyse then thought back to how she had felt during her flight through the forest. Maybe it was emotion that caused the allowed Pokemon to use their attacks. It was worth a try, however she didn’t want to try the Flare Blitz again anytime soon that attack was painful. She thought back and let the rage fill her to the very core again and as she took in a deep breath, she felt the same intense heat she had when she used the Flare Blitz. She let it out and a stream of fire raged from her mouth, blowing the debris far from the entrance. She smiled with pleasure that her feelings for her family could be used as a weapon now. She entered into the bunker and saw more destruction.

She searched for any evidence that would let her know what had happened to the creature that stole her family away from her. It was to no avail however, even her heightened senses could tell her that the creature and whatever it was carrying were no longer in the bunker. She feared she would never have a second chance to find the thing again, she decided to head back down the tunnel and get back to the forest, maybe the people there would help her find that creature. She headed down the tunnel as she got near the end, more voices and could be heard. She smelt new scents, and one of them defiantly had the same feel as the thing she was chasing earlier.

Before she could even reach the entrance of the tunnel though, a horrible earsplitting sound emanated through the air. She tried with all her might to stay conscious, but the sound was deafening and it jarred her head. She struggled to stay conscious, she wouldn’t let another one escape like she did with the first. As she felt her conscious, slip she felt a strange power come over her. A greenish light surrounded her and the noise of the sound waves came to a dim buzz in her ears. She had remember that she taught Archie Safegaurd! Maybe it was Archie’s body reacting subconsciously to help his trainer once more. It would be like him, Archie was always helping out Alyse. A sadness unlike any she had felt before welled up inside her. Then she turned it into rage, she would get revenge for partner. She burst forth from the hole and stared down at the thing looking at the Golurk she had passed on the way into the tunnel and she let out a deep throated menacing growl. She wasn’t about to let this one escape.

04-13-2011, 09:13 PM
Damon Bunker (Krokorok)
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Master Zorua

<My name is Robert, and my lovely companion here is Farah.> said the Zorua.

Damon smiled and nodded at them both, chuckling a little at the Vulpix’s shyness, finding it incredibly heartwarming. People so seldom got to see this side of Pokémon, their true feelings and personalities…for him to witness it so close at hand made him feel for the creatures all the more.

<Anyways, have you ever heard of a bunch of murderous wack-jobs known as Xexan?>

That made Damon pause and stare at them again, the blacks of his eyes widening even further. He tried taking a step back, only to find his heel pressing against the wall of the alley.

<I…impossible! Don’t tell me you two are also…?>

He started to tear up. If these two were in the same situation as him, then all their Pokémon…countless more than just his…he couldn’t even bear to think about it.

<Oh God…I thought…I hoped…I was the only one…> he murmured softly, gritting his teeth, shaking slightly before looking up.

<I’m sorry, I’m not helping, am I? It must be hard for you guys too…>

Damon wasn’t sure what to do or where to go from here. The shock of finding two supposed victims of Xexan was too distracting for him to think up a plan. The fact that the two could also potentially be Xexan’s own Pokémon sent as a trap didn’t even occur to him. The poor croc really was too trusting sometimes…but in this case it might just very well pay off…


Tiffany Devlin
Xexan Scientist
Nimbasa City
Disease Level: 1

Send Helen out masquerading as a subject of K1-A3. Establish a psychic connection with her so she would always have a pair of eyes on the rebellious subjects. It was a tempting idea.

Tiffany was hesitant to do so for two reasons though. One was the very simple logistical reason that Helen’s name would not appear on any of the missing trainer’s lists, so if she was discovered to be a fake, it could provide a trail back to her owner. The Lilligant had never been registered, but that didn’t mean there hadn’t been a few people who’d seen the two together.

The second was that she simply didn’t trust Helen enough to get the job done. She rarely used the Pokémon as it was, and wasn’t sure exactly what sort of relationship would develop between them if she let the Lilligant out of her sight for a significant period of time.

“…stop there. By the curb,” she said suddenly.

The guard managed to pull up with just enough control so as not to make the tires squeal furiously when he pressed the brake pedal down.

“They’re with him. I can feel them.”

The car was parked a couple of blocks away from the alley Robert and Damon and Farah were currently stopped in. The guard turned to face her, leaning across the space between the front seats.

“So what are your orders, miss? Do we capture them? Kill them?”

“…the Vulpix serves no purpose. She can probably be killed if necessary. The Krokorok I’m still receiving data from, and it is a simple matter to replace the chip inside the Zorua if we capture him.”

Tiffany thought about it, frowning a little, her eyelids still drooped lazily over the tops of her eyes, sighing. The guard was growing impatient with their quarry so near, but he knew better than to act without her explicit permission.

“…that Officer…she could come here. We shouldn’t risk exposing ourselves. I would rather like to avoid killing her myself.” She paused. “It takes a lot out of me…”

The guard nodded, remaining silent. If they moved at all, they not only had the chip within Damon’s body, but Tiffany’s ESP to tell them where they were going, so he wasn’t worried about losing them.

Suddenly she sat up and took the Pokéball out, frowning and staring at it.

“…I’m thinking…too much. Been with adults for too long,” she said, tossing it to the floor of the car and releasing the Pokémon within.

Helen stood demurely inside the car, her head bowed, looking very much like her owner in her subdued nature. The two females gazed indifferently into each other’s eyes, understanding things about one another that the guard, glancing back and forth nervously between the two, completely missed.

“…Sorry to do this to you,” Tiffany said with an utter lack of emotion. “But I would like for you to leave this car and join the test subjects outside. You will pretend to be one of them. Sympathize with them. Become their friend even. I don’t really care how.”

Helen nodded softly. “Gant.”

The guard frowned. “Miss, isn’t this a bit risky? Plus the timing and everything…”

“…you’re thinking too much like an adult. The subjects are children. They are naturally more compassionate and trusting. They want friends. They want allies. They’ve already simplified in their minds that they can’t trust humans save for a small few they know intimately. Naturally, they’d welcome another Pokémon.”

“But miss-“

“…hold this,” she said, handing him her satchel, taking out a small scalpel. He took it, wondering what she was up to.

“…Helen. Come closer.”

“Lil, gant.” She did so without any hesitation.

Tiffany paused, her grey eyes roaming over the plant Pokémon’s form a little before calmly and methodically opening a small incision in her white abdomen. The Lilligant didn’t even flinch, just closed her eyes a little more, looking a bit teary.

“…good. Now hold still,” her trainer said in that same, flat tone, slowly stitching her up, covering the wound. It was fortunate that being mostly plant, the process was relatively mess free.

“They’ll probably ask if you’ve had your chip taken out. This will prove that you have.”

“Gant, lil…” Helen said softly, looking at her trainer.

Tiffany simply returned her to her Pokéball before glancing out of the window, focusing on the Pokémon still out there.

“Drive a few blocks away from here. I’ll toss her out there.”

04-13-2011, 10:03 PM
Masekios Prieto
Xexan Scientist
Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Whoever Controls Robert Dinkins, JR.; Latio-Reol; bleepbloop

A resounding thud could be heard from above, as though something, or someone, had fallen to the ground. Apparently, it was heavy enough to make the ground quiver. Maite's eyes widened in surprise and curiosity, but she was cut off as Fennel noticed her. The scientist grabbed some earplugs off the wall - why hadn't Maite seen that? How embarrassing - and walked over.

"Government! Get ready to subdue them!" Fennel said before pushing the earplugs into both Maite's and Royce's ears. Maite just kind of nodded, despite the fact that she would very much have liked to make a snappy opinion. It was neither the time nor the place for arguing, or else the government officials would up and try to escape. That was unacceptable. More than anything at that moment, Maite wanted to grab some of the people for her testing. So, she held herself in check and watched as Fennel moved towards the hatch again. Pushing the hatch open further, Fennel climbed out, her Dewott following her.

Maite yawned and stretched her jaw, trying to get her ears used to the plugs. She generally disliked using such things, but it was necessary. She practically already had a migraine, as her ears were just too sensitive for this, and it wasn't as though she could help much with that ability of hers in this situation. They just needed to knock out everyone in the vicinity and drag them in. Royce didn't even really seem to register anything that had happened, as he was just rolling his feet back and forth, from toe to heel and back, smiling as usual. Then again, Gloom's didn't have much in the way of ears in the first place, being plant Pokemon, so he probably didn't care at all about the earplugs.

Gesturing with one hand, Maite moved to the hatch before turning back to Royce. He followed, and Maite took Royce into her arms. She pushed him out into the forest, making sure that he was on firm ground before moving to pull herself out. Halfway through, Maite heard another one of the sound blasts from Fennel's weapon. This time though, it was muted, thanks to the earplugs. Maite nodded in approval before coming out of the gap completely. These earplugs worked better than she might have hoped, though she should have known, since they were likely improved plugs some scientist had made.

Maite crawled on all four limbs, moving each limb one at a time and placing it far in front of her, doing the same even with her legs. She made sure to shift her weight in order to keep it evenly distributed, and herself balanced. Royce was also moving in an appropriate manner, though he didn't need to crouch down in order to be short enough. Not like he could have if he tried though, since his forelimbs weren't made to carry his weight.

A few seconds later, they were both hidden behind the Golurk close to Fennel and her Dewott. So that's what had made the crashing noise. Maite was quite impressed that one of the operatives had this Pokemon, since they weren't exactly found everywhere. She was already excited about it. Not only were Golurk hard to find, but they were partially ghosts. Ghosts were especially interesting to Maite, and she couldn't wait to get started in investigating this one.

First things first though, so she looked over the Golurk and checked on the people. It looked as though quite a few of them had barely managed to stumble out of the way when this Golurk fell over. They also looked to be, well, in pain. Or perhaps just trying to fight off the numbness of their bodies. A few of the Rangers looked as though they might explode any minute they were concentrating so hard; Their faces were even lovely shades of purple. Maite smirked, wondering how long they'd be able to keep it up. Most likely only for a few more seconds. Maite tugged at Royce and made a few small motions with her hands. The Gloom nodded in response to these signals, and began internally preparing his poison. As soon as Fennel was done with that device, he'd check on anyone still moving. Anyone able to so much as twitch would get a nice dose of Royce's poison as a precaution. Not enough to kill them of course, that would be a waste, but just enough to make them incapable of thrashing around or concentrating enough to contact anyone. Poison did wonders for making coherent conscious thoughts shut down.

That was about when Royce pushed at Maite. She looked at her partner and shook her head. It wasn't time yet. Royce was insistent though, and kept pointing. Maite finally looked where he was pointing and noticed a Pokemon that seemed unaffected. Was that an Arcanine? Maite lit up upon seeing it, though it looked more menacing than happy, as there was a hungry look in her eyes. She noticed that it was standing by the hole that Aur had jumped into. So then... it likely didn't belong to any of these operatives, otherwise they would have followed it. Most people were just that attached. Therefore, either that was a trainer's Pokemon that had escaped from the labs, or it was an experiment from project K1-A3. Either way, it looked ready to kill; It might have come back for revenge. Cute, but it was time to work.

Maite made a few motions to Royce again, with Royce responding by taking a battle stance. He moved slightly closer to the Arcanine, making the distance that of a typical battle while also putting some between himself and the people his partner was working on.

"Gloom..." he said, though it was obviously drowned out by the blasts of sound. He had a serious face now, as opposed to his relaxed smile, and he constantly made adjustments to his position. Royce was ready for that Arcanine, type-disadvantage or not.

Master Zorua
04-13-2011, 10:29 PM
Robert Zidane (Zorua)
Nibasa City
Affected RPers: Necros

<Farah is not one of their experiments, but I fear her trainer may be. Either way, you should know, if you don't already, that you have a tracking chip inside you somewhere. I figured out that much after I woke up in the forest east of here. Doesn't make sense for them to toss out their experiments and not monitor them. But since I got my chip removed here, I know that if they aren't in this city, they soon will be.> Robert explained. In reality, he had already chosen to believe that they were already in the city. Being in the city worked both against them, yet also in their favor. Xexan couldn't do anything openly to them without drawing attention. However, they themselves could easily be overwhelmed by trainers wanting to catch them.

<The way I see it, we have three options: We can head towards Black City in the east, go west to Driftveil City, or go south to Castelia. So long as that chip is inside of you, Xexan will always know where you are. While we could risk using the Pokemon Center here, our presence would put Nurse Joy's life in danger more than it already is. The police have the chip that was inside of me and my name, so that should get the ball rolling. Ideally, I want to find others like us, or at least other Pokemon willing to stand with us. Xexan uses underhanded tactics to catch trainers, but I doubt they'd be expecting an all-out war against an army of wild Pokemon.> the Zorua surmized.

<Regardless, we need to decide our course of action and get out of here, and see about getting the tracking chip removed, if you haven't already gotten it removed.> Robert added.

Raven X
04-13-2011, 10:29 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Pinwheel Forest, Unova

“Dang it”, I thought. Why the heck would I chase after these insane people? I should’ve gone back and got some help but that wasn’t like me. It looked as though my Golurk was going to become captured and used as a test experiment. I could not allow that to happen but I could not move either. I had a special device on my Comp where I can press the button and any of my Pokemon can come from their pokeballs. But what was the use if I could not move.

My Braviary was now on the ground also going through the effects of the device, my Dewott was as well, and my Haxorus. We didn’t have a choice but to look at our partner slowly be dragged away in a net. I knew there wasn’t much I could do, I didn’t want to die and faking like I was dead seemed liable. The only thing was how can a person could die from this device. The only thing it could do was mostly make the person dead. I knew I had to do something. Wait my right wrist was shivering very fast. Perhaps if I can control it, I could use the rock as a stylus and bring out Emboar or maybe Bisharp to help in the fight. No then they would just continue to use the device, I had to call for help.

I waited until I was positively sure they were not looking. I then started tapping the screen against the rock but soon my arm stopped twitching and my whole body was dead weight to me. I had to try and convince that I was dead. Slowly I used an ancient Yoga technique that allowed the person to appear to stop breathing. Hopefully they would notice, as soon as they were gone, I would be on their asses as white on rice.

04-13-2011, 11:43 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Laboratory A-7

“Name’s Chris Logan, FBI,” the agent said. “I’m pretty sure you know why the Unova government wants Xexan out of commission. And I’m pretty sure you know Xexan originally started off as a government secret that most trainers would have been against, but deemed necessary for the greater good. "

The truth is, Xexan is getting greedy, Aur. The government already has a grim idea of what you guys have been doing, but I can see they don’t know the half of it considering what you’ve been doing here and what you’ve even turned yourself into. Meanwhile, Pokémon trainers getting abducted by the truckload creates hysteria, ignites media attention, and the government wants it neutralized. Meanwhile, the government doesn’t want the people to know exactly what’s been happening to abducted trainers, and with good reason. They’d probably be freaked out of their minds if they found out kidnapped trainers and their Pokémon were becoming lab specimens.

"As for me, the plan was to dress up as a Pokémon trainer, a breeder in this case as a higher priority target, and travel alone with two spotters watching my back. Agent Dinkins, who you already met, was one of them. The other was Yune Scio, who I hadn’t talked to at all. Meanwhile, I was wearing all kinds of tracking equipment, including a camera, a tracking beacon, and an audio bug. Hate to say it, Aur, but they already got a good look at you at least for a few seconds, and I’m sure they now know the situation is deeper than they thought. The choice is yours, Aur. You can tell all your friends what we’ve been doing, but it only works in our favor, as now you won’t be able to tell a real trainer from a hidden FBI agent or police officer in disguise, and that gives normal trainers that extra bit of protection. As for Xexan, someone has to shut it down. Every trainer Xexan experiments on, every human being you guys kill or unnaturally turn into something else is someone’s kid, someone’s brother or sister, someone’s friend or family member. And those Pokémon, they’re that person’s companions, their friends, and in some cases, the only family they’ve got left. It’s wrong what you guys are doing. And if you guys aren’t going to end it by yourselves, then someone else has to.”

Aur chuckled at Chris's accusations. "So, in other words, you know next to absolutely nothing." He laughed then turned away, and starting pacing in front of Chris, hands clasped behind his back, eyes towards the ground. "Remarkable, really. Shadow is playing your strings like a cello." He continued to face some more, metal legs making a distinctive noise on the concrete floor with every step, then finally stopped and face Chris.

"The truth is, Chris, that even those of us that want to stop, can't. What would we do if we stopped? Should we turn ourselves in? Ah, but that would just expose our monstrosity to light, and get us fined, jailed, executed even. And what if we were just to leave, go and hide, try to put all this past us? We would be hunted by Xexan and its associates, some of which are far more deadly than Xexan, and the government as well. And of course, many of us look like this," he gestured to himself. "There are not many places where we can hide well. And even those of us who do not, how can we live like that? How long could any of us survive like that? We are scientists, not spies. I doubt most of us would make it out the door. That is why, even though I have tried to distance myself from Xexan, I still remain in contact."

Aur went back to pacing. "I cannot claim that I have not hurt anyone. My sins are vast, although not yet as grand others. And yet there is a method to the madness. When we left the government, it was argued that there were things that could be done, in the name of progress, that morality would hinder. We could do so much good, if we took upon the price on ourselves, the price that others were not willing to pay. Has that price been worth it? I cannot objectively say. But Xexan is at least decades, probably centuries ahead of the rest of the world in technological progress. So the price has not been for nothing."

"As for this," Aur said, gesturing to his lower body again, "this has more to it than you might assumed. When Xexan was founded, one of our first assignments was to discover a cure for a certain disease. We were provided the virus, but not informed of what it did or where it came from. We released it into cell cultures. The results were horrifying, but as you would not understand why I will not explain it to you. The virus itself was incredible. A delicate purposefulness in all its form, a creative spark in its processes that was incredible. Its contagious power, the way it warped the host cells, toyed with them like puppets, was frightening. There is no doubt in my mind that it was engineered by someone. And I cannot imagine that anyone outside of one of the powerful governments--Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, possibly even Unova, could have done it. Then, one day, there was an accident." Aur stopped moving, and his eyes turned towards the ceiling, unfocused, seeing the old memories that had been avoided for so long. "I'm not sure what happened. I think one of the assistants' Pokemon got loose. The virus was released into the laboratory. We quarantined that entire block. There were no effects for the first week or so, but then..."

He shuddered involuntarily. "It was worse than we predicted. Enormous tumors grow on all regions of your body, turning you into this misshapen... abomination, barely recognizable as human. And your mind turns to nothing, you turn into a raging animal, unable to register the fact of your own existence, until you die." He closed his eyes.

"But there was something remarkable. The virus did nothing to Pokemon. And so, the few scientists that had survived in that room, in a desperate attempt to save their own lives, spliced their own DNA with that of their Pokemon. And it worked. When, a month later, we were sure the inside of the block was safe, they were still alive. And not just alive. Thriving. They were faster, stronger, smarter than they were before. Many of us," Aur smirked, clearly referring to himself, "were captivated by their new forms. We had to compete. And so, without thinking about the consequences, soon developed newer, safer methods, and did this to ourselves."

"At that point most of us had been at Xexan for a long time, isolated from the rest of the world, so the thought that we could never return to society was a small matter. But as people began to yearn for their friends and families, but did not dare to reveal their new monstrous forms to them, there was a growing movement that we should split from the government. That wasn't the only reason, of course. It was around this time that our research became more like what it is now. Ethics were cast aside as we climbed towards the future atop a rampart of corpses. I daresay that the transformation removed something innately human about us, made it seem more okay to do anything in pursuit of our goals."

"A few of us," Aur continued, again referring to himself, "did not want to leave. But the majority was overwhelming, and the chances of survival alone were scarce at best. And so we went rogue."

Aur now turned to Chris, and leaned in close. "But now, let us put your investigative skills to the test. I will give you a few clues and questions, and you tell me what you think."

He stood back up and crossed his arms across his chest. "One. How do you think a group of government researchers could have so easily gone rogue? We were scientists, after all, not spies or criminals. We had no experience, no idea of how to split from the government and develop an underground network. And where were the watchdog groups, the congressional and military oversight committees? There's a committee that oversees a group that counts the number of times Pidoves sneeze! How could Xexan not only simply disappear from the government's eyes, but also establish an enormous network of bases and laboratories across the continent?"

"Two. How is it that despite all its power, the Unova government has been so unable to see even a shadow of Xexan? Look at you! You've been reduced to pretending to be Pokemon trainers in an effort to root us out! The FBI and the police forces are not stupid, and when it comes to being criminals Xexan is no better than any other group. It's ridiculous that even after all this time, you know next to nothing about how we work and what we do."

"Three. That man, 'Mr. Shadow', that you saw earlier, is not part of Xexan. In fact, I don't think the rest of Xexan even knows about his existence at all. He contacted me precisely because I have split from the rest of the organization and do not communicate with it much at all."

"Four. 'Mr. Shadow' has requested that I give to him the very virus, the biological weapon that I told you about earlier, offering me a pardon for what I've done, a government grant and approval for my research."

"Now tell me," Aur said, meeting Chris's eyes. "What can you conclude from this information?"

James Yodrian, NPC
Castelia City

Bowling went well. As usual, James had had the highest score on the team. Also as usual, Atrus had the worst. Nonetheless, it was every bit as fun as it always had been. So when they got home, close to midnight, James was feeling quite happy.

His children and his wife were already asleep as he opened to door and walked inside. Gandalf was sleeping on the rug in the middle of the living room, his previous little home in the kitchen now too small for him. James would have to buy a bigger bed for him tomorrow.

He went up to his bedroom and quietly sneaked inside. His wife, thankfully, slept like a log. It would take a Wailord falling through their roof to wake her up. He slowly sat down on the bed, and looked at her face. So pretty. He was so lucky to have her.

But she needed to die. This James knew. The thought or question of why never entered his mind. Without hesitation, he took out the revolver from his pocket, pointed it at the woman's heart, and pulled the trigger.

The gunshot rang out through the house. A few moments later, he heard his daughter downstairs, crying. He stalked downstairs, gun still in hand, and entered her room.

"Daddy?" she asked, tears in her eyes. "I'm scared!"

James did not reply. Instead he lifted the gun and aimed it at his daughter, who couldn't see in the darkness of the room. But before he could pull the trigger, something huge and fluffy impacted him in the back, sending him crashing to the floor.

"Gandalf!" James screamed. He stood back up and stared the Arcanine in the eyes. The pet growled at him, yet it was an expression that had as much confusion as menace. James aimed the gun again, this time at the Pokemon. And as the Arcanine, his reflexes dulled by confusion, leaped at him, he pulled the trigger.

Gandalf's lower body smacked into James's head, knocking him to the floor. But the Pokemon impacted the wall with a heavy thud, and did not get back up.

James turned his eyes to his daughter again.

Neo Emolga
04-14-2011, 01:28 AM
OOC: In order to avoid a lot of copypasta, I’m just going to summarize the last post.

Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Laboratory A-7, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya

Aur told me everything regarding where Xexan stood as an organization, how they first started off, and why many of these scientists now resembled things that were neither human or Pokémon. It all started with an accident, Aur told me. A virus that Xexan was working on a cure for, but the only real cure they found was in Pokémon, who were immune to it. In the end, he told me the only way to save themselves was to become partially Pokémon, like in Aur’s case. Only they kept going, realized it granted them more power and intellect. To me, I figured they should have only used it on the personnel that were directly affected. But then again, I didn’t know the nature of that virus. From the way Aur described it, it sounded like all hell broke loose with that thing.

I was a bit surprised he was willing to spill so much information out, but I wasn’t exactly sure what was real and what could be made up. For the moment, I assumed it was all real, just to set it as the hypothetical. Right now, Aur had motive to lie, unless he was telling me this to see and gauge my reaction, and had no intention of letting me leave this place alive.

“I don’t know how Xexan went rogue, Aur,” I told him, sitting upright. “I figured something happened where you guys kept limited correspondence to buy yourself time to pursue other ideals. You know, told Unova’s feds only the minimum of what they needed to know, and kept everything else quiet. Or maybe they lost interest in what Xexan was doing. I don’t know. You know how it is, Aur. I investigate crimes, track down missing persons, get answers. Xexan was unlike anything I’ve worked on before.”

“As for the Unova government not being able to find Xexan, there’s a reason for it,” I told him. “Criminals are hard to track down also. Same thing with terrorists, with serial killers, drug dealers, the whole nine yards. We’ve got our hands full around the clock. Maybe for the longest time, they didn’t believe you were that dangerous. Maybe they didn’t know what was really going on. They all have their hands full. It’s not a pretty picture, and every week it’s another endless haul of evidence, crime reports, and endless paperwork we have to sift through, what CSI finds, who is a suspect, and who is really innocent. Compared to all that, watching to see what some scientists were working on was a trivial matter. And then came the day trainers went missing. Then came the day we found the abandoned lab near Undella Town and realized all hell had hit the fan.”

“I don’t know who Mr. Shadow is, who he’s working for, or what his deal is,” I told Aur, looking down at the ground. “I’m not going to jump on the idea that the government has a mole within its branches, not unless I have something substantial that proves it. As for the virus, I don’t know what he wants with it. For all I know, he could be a terrorist giving you drug money. You know how it is, Aur, I can’t go off of speculation alone.”

With that said, that was as much as I could answer. I wasn’t one to jump to conclusions. I didn’t know what Mr. Shadow really wanted, if he was trying to terrorize the world, or if even was even a threat in the first place. How could I know if this was all real or just some made up plot Xexan came up with?

“Now, it’s my turn,” I told Aur, coming up with my own questions. “What do you want with me, Aur? Why even tell me all this? When you dragged me in here, I thought for sure all I was going to be to you was something to inject and watch for the next week to see if I turned into something else or simply just curled up and died. You want me to go back and tell them this? Tell the FBI what you told me? I’ll tell you right now, they won’t believe anything. This ‘Mr. Shadow’ means nothing to them. To them, it would be some conspiracy theory you tried to implant in my mind to see how far it would go.”

“When it came down to us,” I told Aur, “we needed a non-lethal way to get to Xexan and find out where they were through interrogation, and the only way to do that was to draw Xexan out, lure them with something they’d be after, like a trainer, like a Pokémon breeder. You told me you’re not after Pokémon or humans for testing, but then why did you go after me?”

And then it came down to what I really wanted to know. What Aur was aware of that I kept wondering about.

“So you gave Mr. Shadow this virus,” I told him, pretending Mr. Shadow, according to Aur’s statements, was real. “What if he starts using it? What if people by the thousands die because of this? What’s your solution, and what are you hoping to make of all this?”

That was all I could only wonder about. Exactly what kind of future Xexan was really hoping for, and how they intended to bring the rest of us with them.

04-14-2011, 02:28 AM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Laboratory A-7
Affected RPer's: Neo Emolga

Chris's conclusions weren't what Aur would have hoped. But then, he could have hardly have expected the man to arrive at the same conclusion that he had. There was far too much of a gap between the two of them.

“Now, it’s my turn,” Chris said “What do you want with me, Aur? Why even tell me all this? When you dragged me in here, I thought for sure all I was going to be to you was something to inject and watch for the next week to see if I turned into something else or simply just curled up and died. You want me to go back and tell them this? Tell the FBI what you told me? I’ll tell you right now, they won’t believe anything. This ‘Mr. Shadow’ means nothing to them. To them, it would be some conspiracy theory you tried to implant in my mind to see how far it would go. When it came down to us, we needed a non-lethal way to get to Xexan and find out where they were through interrogation, and the only way to do that was to draw Xexan out, lure them with something they’d be after, like a trainer, like a Pokémon breeder. You told me you’re not after Pokémon or humans for testing, but then why did you go after me?”

“So you gave Mr. Shadow this virus. What if he starts using it? What if people by the thousands die because of this? What’s your solution, and what are you hoping to make of all this?"

Aur feigned surprise. "Solution? I have no solution." He stroked his chin, in thought. "Sitting in a room underground, unable to influence the outside world save in the most inconsequential of ways, how can I change the way the world works when I cannot even enter it? I have played along with Shadow's game like a good pawn, so far. And yet, perhaps even a cornered Rattata can bite."

He started pacing again. "As for why I am telling you this, call it a foolish hope. A foolish hope that by not playing the game perfectly, I can ruin it. I do not know what will become what I have told you here. I suppose, in the best case scenario, this whole situation blows up and you agents have someone new to chase. I certainly don't expect your superiors to believe me. I don't even expect you to believe me. But, if you are so close-minded as to not even accept the possibility, perhaps I am wasting my time talking to you after all."

He looked up at the ceiling. "Perhaps I am a fool for seeing conspiracies where there are none. I rather doubt it though. The situation with Xexan goes beyond what could be reasonably expected out of human stupidity, or human brilliance. When we went rogue and attempted to contact other underground criminal organizations, it all came so easily. Contacts practically rained down on our doorstep, willing to help us for bargain prices. Black market suppliers of the necessary materials, organizations that taught us how to communicate in secret and how to hide behind corporations and facades and build bases and laboratories under cities and forests and deserts without being noticed. Organizations that came to help us, and then vanished mysteriously once they were done. I thought nothing of it at the time, but in hindsight it was all too easy. I cannot imagine that we did not have help."

"As for your FBI, do you have so little faith in it? Countless other crime rings have been rooted out in the time since Xexan went rogue, some older and even more powerful than our relatively new organization. Even the organizations you have not yet been able to destroy, I am sure you know more about than Xexan. Yet about us, you know nothing. You know we were once a government organization, you know we kidnap trainers, you know we do research. And that is all. Really? A teenager could figure out as much. And this is all the famed Unova Federal Bureau of Investigation could come up with after all these years? Xexan did not vanish yesterday. Our operations have been long, and large, and obvious. It's not just trainers. We steal, from corporations and government organizations, from hospitals and drug companies and Pokemon researchers. We purchase enormous amounts of concrete and steel and wire. How much do you think this particle accelerator cost? Unova is incompetent, but not that incompetent. Xexan is smart, but not that smart. How can you not see that which is right in front of your nose?"

"You are clearly not a high-ranking official. Which is unfortunate, since you would know much more about the inner workings of your government. It is true, all I have is a hypothesis. I have little evidence to suggest it, except for what I believe is clear evidence that there is something going on. Shadow may not be related to it at all. I don't know. I do not ask that you believe me. But, I may hope that, if you should return to civilization, that you may look into this with your own eyes and ears."

He sighed, and stopped pacing once more. "As for why I went after you, I did say I did not need you. That does not mean, however, that you are not nice to have. And by that I mean that it is a convenient option to have a ready supply of Pokemon around. When I set out to capture you, I was already planning on moving my operations here. Here, where the desert is three week's travel in any direction by foot, where I am highly unlikely to find trainers or Pokemon coming to my doorstep. True, I do not need them right now. But I cannot change the future."

He clasped his hands in front of him. "And that's the greatest question of all, is it not? The future. I have designs, I will admit. Some of them may even be called grand designs. But those are not relevant to the present. The virus has not yet been delivered. Yet I cannot not deliver it. There is no doubt that Shadow can get a hold of another Xexan scientist to deliver it to him if I do not. I cannot change the future by shifting the responsibility onto someone else. But, I have set things in motion that will change the virus. Make it less virulent, less contagious, to the best of my ability. Oh, it will still surely kill many people. Many, many people. But it will not be able to wipe out an entire continent as per its original design."

Aur walked over to one of the machines around the transporter, and took out a small vial. He walked back over to Chris and held it up to the light. "I do not know Shadow's plan. Perhaps he intends to hold the country ransom. Perhaps he is working for another region that has designs on conquering Unova. Perhaps he has some political motive to make the people perceive the government as weak, and ineffective--which, if you believe Xexan has truly gone all this time unhindered without help, it certainly is. But, I know, from rumors of the grapevine and my research and my own logical mind, that he needs a cure. Perhaps he already has one. Perhaps he is still getting one. Whatever it is, it won't work."

"But this will."

Master Zorua
04-14-2011, 02:54 AM
Atrus Gumshoe
Castelia City
Affected RPers: Lusankya

Once again, Gumshoe made more gutterballs than strikes, but he still enjoyed himself. Not to mention his Ninetales would often chuckle at his blunders, yet always end up laying her head on his lap when he sat down after each turn. With friends and Pokemon, even the problems with the Xexan threat seemed to take a backseat.

However, things were about to take a turn for the worse. Just as Atrus was about to get ready for bed, he heard a gunshot ring out from his neighbors house. Without hesitation, or the common decency to at least throw something on over his pajamas, Atrus grabbed his loaded 9mm and ran to Jame's House. As James had shot the Arcanine, Atrus had kicked in the door and made his way to the children's room, where he last heard a gunshot fire from. Flipping on the light switch, he saw a disturbing sight. The Arcanine was dead, or at least close to death.

But what troubled Atrus even more was the fact that it was James who had a gun in his hand, and the fact that Arcanine was atop of him. Atrus lifted his gun and pointed it at James. "Alright pal, I don't know what's going on, but you'd better toss that gun aside right now! We can talk about everything as soon as you do that." Atrus said with a commanding voice. Both James' daughter and son ran and hid behind the scruffy and pajama-dressed cop. Atrus kept his gun pointed at Jame's gun. If he tried to shoot at Atrus or the children, Atrus would ensure that a 9mm bullet found its way into James's gun-holding hand.

"Kids, go across the street to Uncle Gummy's house. Daddy and I got some talking to do." Atrus spoke to the children, his trained eyes never leaving James's gun holding hand.

Neo Emolga
04-14-2011, 05:04 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Laboratory A-7, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya

He was beginning to think I was a waste of time. I knew what he wanted me to believe. He wanted me to believe the Unova government was actually in on it, that they allowed for all this to happen and wanted it to happen, that this “Mr. Shadow” was actually a member of the Unova government in secret. His assumptions that the ringleader could attempt to hold the nation hostage wasn’t far off if this was really the case.

But it was the questions of “if” and “could be” that I found were bothering me. It was like Aur wanted me to go back to the FBI, and help him discover what the FBI really did know, and if we were just being thrown around like puppet lemmings to head into the fire. He wanted me to believe it was worth losing my job over, worth ending up in jail and turn against everything I believed in for the last decade. He wanted me to believe him and betray everyone else.

Forget that.

“You’re the one giving him the virus, Aur,” I told him. “What do you owe him? What leverage does he have over a genius like you? Even if you’re right, you’re putting a weapon in his hands. Sure, you may be protected against it, but the rest of Unova isn’t. So is that really your solution? Give the rest of Unova the ‘cure’ by becoming the same creatures you and the rest of Xexan have become?”

Still, it made me wonder if Xexan was that radical to attempt to change that many people. I wouldn’t put it past them, and considering what this guy had in his arsenal, it might have had the means to do it.

“As for me, no, you’re not getting my Pokémon,” I told him, standing my ground. “Sure, if you’re right about this bunker being the middle of nowhere, yeah, no one will ever find it, and you’ll probably be safe here for the rest of your life. I figured that much already. But if you think I’m going to stand here and hand my Pokémon to you, it’s not going to happen. I’m in no position to fight you, but whatever you do to them, you do to me first. I’m not the kind of jackass that lets others take the fall for him.”

“As for what’s in that vial, I have a feeling I know what it is,” I told him, seeing as he seemed to have a lot of faith in it. “You told me yourself Pokémon were resistant to the virus, and by becoming what you are now, it was the only way to avoid it. In that vial, you probably have the means to change someone into something that you are now. That’s my best guess. Maybe it’s your plan to give him the virus, but then give everyone, or at least whoever you can, this cure before he has the chance to use the virus, making the virus useless as a weapon. In the process, you turn everyone into the same creatures that you and your colleagues have become. You save the nation, so to speak, and society welcomes you again, as now you’ve turned everyone into the same creatures you have become, allowing you to come back to a new civilization that you can take credit for creating.”

Regardless, I looked down, avoiding eye contact with him. Essentially, I was powerless in this scenario. I couldn’t fight him, change his mind, make him see things from my point of view, or even try to make a run for it. It seemed as if he wanted me here until I was ready to believe him, help him, and give anything for his cause. But I just couldn’t willingly do that.

“All you’ve really done is surround me with a lot of ‘what ifs,’” I told him, feeling honest about that. “A lot of varying conclusions, a lot of hypothetical situations, and a lot of guessing as to what’s right and not, what could be and where it all goes from here. All I can say is, I can’t draw the line and make the choice without something concrete to go by, and I can’t take your word for it. Show me something I can see that proves what you’re saying is right.”

Saraibre Ryu
04-14-2011, 06:28 AM
Yune Scio
Intelligence Mercenary
Nacrene City

Scio was treating Enja’s burns and patting Dancer on the side for bringing her back in one piece. She could tell the Scyther was cursing to herself over her failure and Dancer was disappointed as well. Shorai, a bit less depressed but nevertheless added to the somber tone. Scio was pissed off that a hell blaze and a stupid cop messed up the whole plan. She already knew it wasn’t going to work, but that was complete and utter failure to the max in her mind. If she was expected to do her job right, she was going to need more reliable resources, that meaning the people the government made her work with.

'At least Lit-Lit has some idea of where to start.' She thought to herself, knowing the shiny Litwick was the only thing impervious to those flames just a few minutes ago it seemed. Having come back, once everyone was rested, she would go gather her own information.

As she sat with a few of the other ‘back up officers’ who took their time coming, one of the head honcho’s in charge came up to Scio, looking rather angry.

“What the hell was that?” The man Scio couldn’t be bothered to remember the name of of ranted at her. “Spotters my ass, you did nothing!”

“Don’t you talk to me about doing nothing.” Scio quickly replied defensively. “I had my plan worked out and set, it was that damn stupid cop who screwed our cover. Not to mention setting half of the forest on fire was a bit of an obstacle. Had you not decided to go with a common cop on this, it may of turned out better, but none of you seem to really grasp who you’re dealing with.”

“Neither do you it seems. You were taken out of prison and you can certainly be put back in it for--”

“For what? Knowing what the hell was going on years ago? Nu-uh, you don’t have that card anymore and it’s not in your deck to play it regardless punk.” Scio jabbed him in the shoulder for emphasis. “You leave me to do this my way and you can tell that to whoever your boss is. Otherwise you’re on your own.”

Scio walked out of the small warehouse, her three Pokemon following behind her. Dancer gave the guy in the jacket a quick stomp and glare before following Enja to make sure she didn’t keel over. She female stood, rather unhappy and thinking of her next move. She looked at her bandaged up Scyther and knew only time could heal her, even if she was a pretty fast healer. Dancer and Shorai was fine, and her shiny Litwick had given her just a bit of information to go on.

Scio needed a place to think, a place that would give her ideas and something to catalyze her thought process. She needed to think and rest her Pokemon. After a moment, she knew where she had to go. Gathering up her equipment and throwing it into her backpack, she returned everyone to their Pokeball’s, save for Dancer who was still rather healthy from the blaze. Mounting his back bare, she nudged his sides and the zebra took off like a bolt outside the city. Scio held onto him tightly, knowing that he was only going to get faster. She started to work out what the hell she saw in those few seconds of video, as it certainly wasn’t human or Pokemon, at least, not just one thing. The fire wouldn’t of been set if their hidden operations wasn’t somewhere near the vicinity, otherwise they could of just run well and far. Scio didn’t want to assume that Enja was faster than whatever the hell she encountered was, though she’d like to think so. There was also that kid accomplice as well, the one who challenged her spotee to a battle.

She knew that if she was going to get more answers, Celestial Tower was going to help.

OOC: Crappy but ehhh....brain no compute.

04-14-2011, 10:08 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Raven X, Bleepbloop, Fakeblood, whoever's in sight range.

She looked out from above the Golurk, and to her delight found every last ranger and officer there to be unconsious. As a bonus, along with the Golurk a Haxorus and a Dewott (other than Hilda) had also been caught in the range of the Ultrasonic Pulse, and were compleatly unconsious.

And then a Braviary fell down, out of nowhere. Fennel almost forgot-Flying Pokemon were particuarily vurnerable to the Ultrasonic.

She immediatly took every belt (The one that held every PokeBall a Trainer had) off of all the officers and Rangers, and checked for the conveniant red light on the PokeBalls to see if any Pokemon was currently inside. Almost every Pokeball had the light on, except for one, which had two light on, four off. She pressed each one, and the Golurk, the other Dewott, the Braviary, and the Haxorus were all sucked inside. She grinned. That was about 19 Agents.

Then she frowned. She remembered that there were only 18 open cells left. Pokemon could be stored in PokeBalls, and could be stored in greater quantity...But there wasn't a way to do that for humans yet. She'd have to take one, give it amnesia, and drag it off far from this location. Or just feed it to carnivorous Pokemon. Then she noticed one of the bodies suddenly having his wrist go into a spasm.

The U.I.B.P.P.A. Agent, Robert Dinkins, JR. (A quick check of his body revealed his U.I.B.P.P.A badge, stating his name), was the one that had the twitchy wrist. Fennel decided that the agent was going to have the amnesia of the whole day's events. Of course, when she checked his heartbeat, she found that it practically wasn't there-practically being included because this man needed a heartbeat to move his wrist. OK, Cold sleep-the ability to slow one's heartbeat to the point where human senses could no longer detect it-was nothing easy to learn, but the fact remained. Appearing dead didn't make someone dead.

She poked the man with her fifth tail, giving him the curse of amnesia, making him have not even the slightest recollection of the day's events. With this, he fell unconsious-this was part of the amnesia curse, something she found the first time she tried this. He'd be out for one hour.

She quickly whipped out Spiral the Excadrill, who popped out. He looked around at the scene, and awaited a command. Said command came quite quickly.

"Spiral, see this body?" Fennel said, pointing at Dinkins. "This man is alive, but has been given unconsiousness from an amnesia curse. I need you to get this body as far as you can get it, without being seen by any human. If you can, get it to the end of this island, to the beach at the end, and either way, put him somewhere discreet." She said.

After taking a few other important items-including the Comp on his right wrist-Spiral immediatly took the body in one hand, and rushed towards the location of the Pinwheel beaches. They weren't visited often, so that would be a perfect location to hide a body. Even if this wasn't dead.

More scientists started coming out of the hatch, and everyone present started hauling bodies inside. It wasn't long before everyone was inside the building, their electronics taken and disabled. Astoundingly, Spiral managed to come back in this time period, the body hidden well. He must have found some place better to hide Robert Dinkins, she concluded. She returned Spiral.


Spiral had looked all over on the way to the beach for someplace where he could tuck the unconsious agent. Then he thought of something clever.

He found a suitable and well-hidden location, in a small cranny made by a few bushes, and began to drill into the ground. When the hole seemed deep enough-not something he couldn't escape from, but not something that was too small-Spiral slid the body down in a comfortable position, and jumped out of the hole, then returned to her Trainer, suprised at his speed in finding a location to hide the agent.

Raven X
04-14-2011, 11:39 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
On a beach, Unova

My eyes open to see nothing but sand and some water. Quickly I shuffled around. “Where the hell am I”, I said to myself getting up from the ground. I then decided to check my Comp. and see where I was. I quickly rolled up my sleeve but nothing was there. I then checked my belt to bring out my Braviary and get a better look around where I was. Yet Pokeballs were there. Where were Dewott, Emboar, Bisharp, and the others? A panic then began to come over me. I paced up and down the beach trying to see how I would contact U.I.B.P.P.A. I finally decided to just start walking hopefully they would be a coastal city or town nearby.

I could not remember any of the last things that happened to me. I remember going into Pinwheel Forest but after that everything was just black. How did I lose my Pokémon and my Comp.? I kept my head forward. As soon as I found someone I would ask for a phone and call the director of the U.I.B.P.P.A and see if he can send me my old Pokémon and then send me a my old Comp. Even though it didn’t have any of the features of my new one that apparently disappeared I could just ask for the parts and install the information at a Pokémon Center. I soon saw a girl and boy having a friendly Pokémon battle; I decided to ask for their help.

The boy was using a Zorua and the girl was using a Riolu. This reminded of my first Pokemon, a Zorua and a Riolu. They of coursed evolved since then and been in their Pokeballs for a very long time. But after U.I.B.P.P.A would send me their balls, I would take a nice warm-up and they will be good as they once was. I also had an Unfezant, a Zebustrika, a Carracosta, and a Gothitelle. The little girl commanded her Riolu to use Force Palm on Zorua. Yet the little boy’s Zorua was slightly faster and easily dodged the attack.

“Um, excuse me but I need help”, I said.

The boy and girl looked me over. “But sir, you are a grown-up what can you possibly need help from us”, the girl said.

“Can you point me to the nearest Pokémon Center”, I asked?

“Sure it is in Castelia City”, the boy said.

“Thank you but where do you head”, I asked.

The kids looked at each other as if I was a foreign alien. The girl was the first to speak, “Sure just continue going this way”, she said pointing in the east. I nodded a show of thanks and started walking. Soon I started to run and I started to see the city coming in view. I remembered this place. It was near Pinwheel Forest. Hopefully I would trace my steps again and find my Pokémon. Hopefully I could find another investigator and get them to come with me. I soon ended up the Pokémon Center. I used the phone and called the Director Gregory Essence.

“Hello director”, I started.

“Robert”, he said in a happy voice,” Where are you and what is the current situation”.

“Well everything is bad news”, I started. I then explained how Kevin Straddler of the F.B.I put us into groups and how I ended up in Pinwheel Forest and how I and Logan were broken up as a group and how I didn’t know where he was or where Yune Scio was.

Essence was quiet and then he said what he was important, “Get your lazy butt up and find them. I will send you your old team right now and your spare Comp. While you were gone Scientist Timothy Grant fixed it and remodeled it”.

I gave a relieved sigh. This was going to save time. I then said Thank You and I hung up and went to the P.C and then different Pokeballs started to come out. I then put all of them on my belt. Also a bag of extra clothes came. In the bag was another Comp. I hooked it up on my left wrist and started typing different things. Now the Comp. had a mini-EMP installed, also with all of the other things I had on my old Comp. I then grabbed the bag and went to the bathroom and changed into a three piece black suit and. I had my U.I.B.P.P.A badge under my jacket. I also had a Smith and Wesson pistol by my side.

My Comp. had a message that they had an investigator named Atrus Gumshoe. I decided that I would need to find him. On my Comp. it had a database of all investigators from 1990-2011, I typed his name in and I was able to track him from the chip in his phone. I then started to pursue him. Hopefully he would be willing to help me.

04-15-2011, 12:12 AM
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Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Laboratory A-7

“You’re the one giving him the virus, Aur. What do you owe him? What leverage does he have over a genius like you? Even if you’re right, you’re putting a weapon in his hands. Sure, you may be protected against it, but the rest of Unova isn’t. So is that really your solution? Give the rest of Unova the ‘cure’ by becoming the same creatures you and the rest of Xexan have become?”

Why yes, it was. How pleasant of him to figure that out.

“As for me, no, you’re not getting my Pokémon. Sure, if you’re right about this bunker being the middle of nowhere, yeah, no one will ever find it, and you’ll probably be safe here for the rest of your life. I figured that much already. But if you think I’m going to stand here and hand my Pokémon to you, it’s not going to happen. I’m in no position to fight you, but whatever you do to them, you do to me first. I’m not the kind of jackass that lets others take the fall for him.”

As if he had a choice in the matter. Still, his determination was laudable.

“As for what’s in that vial, I have a feeling I know what it is. You told me yourself Pokémon were resistant to the virus, and by becoming what you are now, it was the only way to avoid it. In that vial, you probably have the means to change someone into something that you are now. That’s my best guess. Maybe it’s your plan to give him the virus, but then give everyone, or at least whoever you can, this cure before he has the chance to use the virus, making the virus useless as a weapon. In the process, you turn everyone into the same creatures that you and your colleagues have become. You save the nation, so to speak, and society welcomes you again, as now you’ve turned everyone into the same creatures you have become, allowing you to come back to a new civilization that you can take credit for creating. All you’ve really done is surround me with a lot of ‘what ifs. A lot of varying conclusions, a lot of hypothetical situations, and a lot of guessing as to what’s right and not, what could be and where it all goes from here. All I can say is, I can’t draw the line and make the choice without something concrete to go by, and I can’t take your word for it. Show me something I can see that proves what you’re saying is right.”

At that Aur laughed. "Well then, that leaves us at an impasse then. What wonderful webs we humans weave." He stepped away back into the transporter and pulled out a jug of water and Logan's Pokeballs. He also picked up a piece of paper and scribbled something on it. "Come." He started walking into a tunnel that slowly sloped upwards. Behind Logan, the Galvantula growled, motioning for him to follow. The man didn't really have a choice. As they walked up the dark tunnel, Aur continued to speak.

"You want me to do to you what I will do to your Pokemon? Very well. And yes, you have guessed accurately at my intentions. As well as it is possible for you to guess, anyways. In the end, I cannot change your mind by force. Well I can, but it would be in a much more literal sense, and that gives neither of us much profit."

"I will, however, give you a warning. There is no doubt in my mind that the virus will be released in Unova. I know enough about Shadow to discern that. Whether it will be within the next week, or the month, or the year, I do not know. But when it does, the afflicted shall run through the streets as beasts, spreading their disease far and wide. Quarantine will be impossible. I have set in motion events that will weaken the virus, but there is little I can do without the necessary instruments. Your police will have their hands full. Your superiors will probably not believe you, but when you start hearing about it, you will be better informed than most at least."

Aur suddenly stopped. He slammed a button on the side of the tunnel with his fist. Ahead, a slat of light suddenly shone into the tunnel, that grew wider and wider until it was a passable entrance. The searing sun and desert heat poured into the tunnel, and the sand, whipped by powerful winds, bit at their skin like so many tiny insects.

He tossed the Pokeballs and the water to Chris, and pointed out across the desert. "Travel straight south from here, and you will eventually come to Castelia. I presume you have some Pokemon that can carry you. And, though I doubt you will, don't try to release your Pokemon here to attack me. This entrance is not as benign as it looks."

"Finally, a parting gift." Aur offered the slip of paper. "Coordinates of the Xexan base in Pinwheel Forest. Consider it a gesture of goodwill. As you might have garnered from our conversation, I do not agree with all that my associates do, and that laboratory is an especially troublesome one. You can tell your superiors that you defeated me and stole the coordinates from me. Or you can tell them the truth, it matters little. Once you leave this place you will not be able to find it again. Go back, and soon enough you will have all the evidence you need. And I daresay, when that time comes, you will wish fervently that you did not."

And with that, Aur crossed his arms in front of his chest. "We stand on the brink of a tempest, Logan. The tectonic plates of history are shifting, and the quake that is building is enormous. At the minimum society will be irrevocably changed, and at the most you may soon be wondering if we shall not all fall up into the sky. My only advice is that you not be afraid to take the plunge. It is only when you fall, that you learn whether or not you can fly."

04-15-2011, 01:01 AM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan secret location Alpha

Ever since she first realized the presence of the Golurk in the forest, she was highly curious as to how one lived. Therefore, the Golurk she obtained from the U.I.B.P.P.A. was quite usefull.

She quickly upgraded her Xtranceiver with the Comp's programming; a wise move due to the comp's versatility. The Comp gave her Xtranceiver a few programs that it couldn't have normally obtained. In particular, she liked the ability to hack into the Government's database and mess with data. It was something she didn't use yet, but she realized it quickly.

However, her Xtranceiver's new abilities were far from what she was concerned about right now.

Her concern was to the Golurk's power source. As Golurk wasn't an actuall living thing, but rather a living machine, she felt not even the slightest twitch of regret from this.

She got a good deal of scientists in the room where the Golurk was, starting a project-Project G5-U9, a project devoted to the research that could be obtained from the Golurk.

And Necros was present for it. The Shiny Audino was about to pop out of the Ultra Ball when Fennel stashed it in the PC, and when it popped out, he found himself in the exact same spot he was captured. And he got captured again, with a Quick Ball. Nevertheless, he was quite pleased at the idea of taking the Golurk apart. Apparently, one of the trainers he lived with had one, and that was one he particuarily disliked.

Henceforth his evil grin being particuarily evil. Fennel realized, quite quickly, that this Audino wanted people and Pokemon to suffer, and he liked it when that was witnessed firsthand. He giggled a little about the idea to start by taking the Golurk's head off.

An idea that was rejected. The easiest way to a Golurk's insides was the seal on it's chest. AMPLE's in the room were turned to their EMP mode, pointing at the Golurk's chest, as a Machamp and Hariyama cross was pulling the seal off it's chest. The reason for this was that a Golurk's energy would go out of control if the seal was removed. And this was when theory would be coming into play-Nobody really knew what happened afterwards.

Fennel kept pointing at the Golurk's chest, not wavering an inch, EMP mode on. She wasn't taking chances with the EMP, which would hopefully take advantage of Golurk's mechanical nature, and cease the Golurk's energy fluxuations (The most accepted theory so far).

And with a loud noise, the seal was ripped off-as well as part of the chest. A blinding light was spurring from the chest, a contained inferno that just had it's restraints removed, and was now showing it's furious power...

"F-f-f-f-FIRE!" Fennel said, stuttering due to the sharp light. However, she kept her aim right, and pulled her trigger.

Multiple condensed EMPs came shooting towards the Golurk's chest, and at once, immediatly quelling the bright light. The Machamp and Hariyama Chimera was nowhere to be found, though a pile of ashes definatly indicated where he was inciderated. Fennel rushed to the Golurk's chest.

The machinery inside was obviously the product of peoples that were ahead of the current times-And this was the time of Xexan, when the world was decades ahead, unwittingly, but definatly. This was machinery of the likes Fennel never laid eyes on. Contraptions of unknown languages were abound, like organs in a person. She crawled inside, using a gap between the machines.

The sheer sight of this was enough to spurn thousands of questions inside Fennel's mind. But one stood out: Was humanity far more advanced before time could be recorded? What went on that allowed this technology to exist?

One machine caught her eye-one that was obviously taking the toll of being hit with the EMP. Fennel caught sight of a switch on it, and when she noticed a small light, identical in color to the Golurk's previous patterns, she immediatly switched it to the other position.

The orb of energy was silenced once more, and Fennel removed the contraption that made it with more ease than she anticipated. She ran out of there as soon as this happened, as she was quite afraid of if there were booby traps in the giant's body.

She rushed through to a table where tools were to be kept, and put the contraption on the table in unoccupied space.

"Don't touch this!" Fennel said. "Don't touch this, or you'll destroy everything in a massive supernova of energy! Including your body!" Fennel added.

One scientist immediatly took the machine, and put it in a lead box nearby. The Scientists got to work, dissasembling the Golurk. Necros could be heard all the while, laughing like the disection was a very funny joke.

Today, a giant breathed it's last breath, and gave birth a whole new world of technology.

04-15-2011, 01:28 AM
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Damon Bunker (Krokorok)
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Master Zorua

The Krokorok nodded solemnly when he was told about the chip, frowning and glancing across his body.

<I suspected as much…I just wasn’t sure what to do about it. I was thinking of maybe trying to catch Nurse Joy as she left the Pokémon Center at night, but beyond that…>

He shrugged his thin shoulders.

<I’m not sure where we should go either. If we don’t get my chip removed before we leave here, then they’ll know where we’re headed obviously, but if you already went to the Pokémon Center here then they might be watching it in case I do the same…>

The sand croc struggled to remember what he could from those cheap thriller spy stories he’d read before going to sleep every night. Unfortunately, none seemed to offer up any advice for being forced into a Pokémon’s body with a tracker in a city that could be full of people out to get you.

He brightened though, when Robert suggested finding others like them, or other Pokémon, warming to the idea for rather obvious reasons, given his nature.

<That’s right! If we stick together, they’ll have a harder time fighting against us. Plus it’ll draw more attention to them if there’s a lot of us!> he grinned, already picturing a horde of assorted Pokémon storming into laboratories and warehouses and delivering a nice beating to the bad guys.

It seemed like Robert would be the de facto leader of the group, given the Krokorok’s willingness to listen to what he said. Whether this would be a characteristic of a natural Krokorok or whether it was a product of having a human mind, well…that’s what Xexan wanted to find out, wasn’t it?


Tiffany Devlin (co-starring Helen the Lilligant)
Xexan Scientist
Nimbasa City
Disease Level: 1
Affected RPers: Master Zorua

Making sure no one was in the vicinity to see the action, Tiffany rolled down the window of the car and tossed Helen’s Pokéball out, the guard not even slowing down. It bounced once against the pavement and then sprang open, letting the Lilligant out, who shivered and stared around for a second before realizing where she was and what she had to do.

Helen carefully picked up her Pokéball and hefted it up into a nearby trash can, her leafy arms gripping it before whipping outwards and releasing it high into the air, falling into the crinkling plastic with a satisfying ‘thwump’.

This done, she cautiously proceeded forward on her four small tendril-like feet, her sweet aroma trailing through the air behind her in an almost visible pink cloud, making her way towards the area she knew the others were hiding in, following her mistress’ instructions.

The Lilligant looked scared and confused as she wandered on her own through the alleyways of Nimbasa, shivering, her red eyes softly glancing around, wondering what was going to happen to her. It was easy to fulfill her role as a runaway subject, the poor Pokémon felt such a sense of loss and loneliness from being separated from her mistress that she could easily translate into mourning over her own fate as an experiment. That impromptu surgery scar of hers still hurt slightly as well.

She finally reached the alley that the other three Pokémon were in, peeking around the wall shyly, her leaf-like hands curled around the corner, afraid to speak or do anything herself. Mistress would approve of her approach though. It would be better for them to discover her rather than she discovering them.

Neo Emolga
04-15-2011, 03:30 AM
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Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Laboratory A-7, Unova
Affected RPers: Lusankya

Aur confirmed my suspicions. If everything was to unfold the way he said it would, Mr. Shadow would release the virus in Unova, and because of the virus’s nature, it would spread like wildfire, rapidly infecting one person to another, turning them into monsters. From the way he described it, these abominations would be living nightmares, and the transformation into the kinds of Pokemon-based creatures that Aur and his colleagues had become would be the only real, sane solution in a world that would rapidly go insane.

He handed me water, the location coordinates of the Xexan base in Pinwheel Forest, and my Pokémon. His warning was pretty clear that Mr. Shadow would be releasing the virus soon. Showing me the exit to the facility, I looked outside to see the desert, making me glad I actually decided to ditch the business suit. What happened to Donavan and the others, I could only guess, but I needed to go.

“Consider it a gesture of goodwill,” Aur told me as I was about to leave. “As you might have garnered from our conversation, I do not agree with all that my associates do, and that laboratory is an especially troublesome one. You can tell your superiors that you defeated me and stole the coordinates from me. Or you can tell them the truth, it matters little. Once you leave this place you will not be able to find it again. Go back, and soon enough you will have all the evidence you need. And I daresay, when that time comes, you will wish fervently that you did not.”

I figured this may have been the reason why he separated from the others, why he no longer wanted to practice on living creatures, and instead focus on a different aspect of science.

“We stand on the brink of a tempest, Logan” He told me. “The tectonic plates of history are shifting, and the quake that is building is enormous. At the minimum society will be irrevocably changed, and at the most you may soon be wondering if we shall not all fall up into the sky. My only advice is that you not be afraid to take the plunge. It is only when you fall, that you learn whether or not you can fly.”

“I’ll find out what I can,” I told Aur, facing the exit. “You’re right though, there is something that isn’t right about all this. I may not have the means of stopping it entirely, but I may be able to buy you time. If Mr. Shadow realizes someone is out to expose him, it may distract him, force him to take precautions, make alternations to his plans, costing him time you can use. I don’t care if it costs me my job, my reputation, or whatever. Right now, I have the advantage of not being a suspect, and I have resources and connections I can use. If there is something to find, I will find it.”

It was then that I headed out of Aur’s laboratory, and into the desert heat and sand. Out of the five Pokémon I had, Crash the Arcanine was the only one that would have any chance of carrying me out of this. I pulled his Pokéball off of the belt, prepped it for use, and released him in a flash of light. It only took a second for him to obtain his bearings, but after he looked at me, he realized where we were. I climbed upon his back, held on tight, and pointed him in the right direction. With furious speed, he charged south, heading toward Castelia City.

Aur was right that I would never remember where his lab was. Within only a few seconds, it had disappeared in the distance, replaced with nothing but the sandstorm that furiously blew behind us. I knew Aur said it would take several weeks to get out of here on foot, but with Arcanine, I wasn’t sure. From what I could see, we cleared several miles in only a few minutes.

But I knew, when I got back to Castelia City, I was going to find the answers I needed.

04-15-2011, 08:35 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha

The Golurk was still a mystery to Fennel. They've found a wealth of technology they never really could find before. However, the machines were incredibly similar to the organs of a Pokemon, to the point where it startled Fennel. How could this Pokemon even exist?

The original theory was that a Golurk was just a huge statue that got possessed by a spirit with special powers, said spirit storing it's energy source in the center. However, what they found proved another thing-Golurk weren't just that. They were machines, living machines, with extremely powerful energy sources and bodies that could use this energy effectively. The sheer size demanded the power to be massive, and the miniature nova unleashed by opening it's chest up proved that.

But these things had lived for thousands of years prior to right now...And they were descripted in the paintings of the Relic Castle, showing similar preformances and power. It meant that these things either had a very strong energy source, or their bodies could function as it's own perpetual motion machine, giving it infinate energy with just a start-up. It was all just speculation, for now. Either way, what they discovered could greatly benefit all of the world.

However, they wouldn't give so much as a word of this discovery to a soul other than Xexan, until they needed such a barganing chip on their side. This was too much to ever consider giving up.

Fennel was thinking these things while she stared at the critical peices of tech they recovered from the Golurk's body. The Golurk would not live again-it was dead, and dead for good. So the question remained...

"So...What do we do with the rest of it?"

"I think we should dispose of it. It has no value to us anymore." Said one scientist.

"No, it can have value. A Golurk's hide is very tough, we can use it for inventions that need that kind of marterial!" Said another scientist.

"Or, we can test to see if there's any genetic material on the Golurk, genetic material that we can use to make Pokemorphs and Chimeras, and the like." Said a third scientist. "It'll also tell us if the thing's got any biological relations, or if we're looking at a very sophisticated robot." He added.

Several other suggestions were bounced around, ranging from making good luck charms out of the Golurk's skin to seeing what could break such a hard shell. Fennel liked no idea in particular, and she had other things to attend to at the moment, so she let the arguing scientists be, taking Necros along with her (After Hilda held one of her Scalchops to Necros'es neck). She was going to project U8-C14 again (The Scientists for Project F9-E3 reported that they wouldn't be able to test anything until they got the needed materials to make an FCEA), and like the last time, she had to pass through second hold.

She gave a glance at Mario, who was still in a state of total focus on...Whatever it was. He was still alive, though. Fennel was still impressed at Mario's muscle mass, but that never came into any outward expression. Mind over matter.

She kept silent on the way down to the U8-C14 room. However, once she entered, Cress was ready to recieve questions.

"Have you gotten anywhere?" She asked.

"Most certianly! We've wrapped up all the tests with Pokemon, and all tests proved posotive and sucessful, minus the Normal-Type chemical tests, of course. We've since proved the Normal-Type chemicals non-reactive, and useless to the experiment. We're keeping to it, though." Cress replied.

"Where are we now?" Fennel asked.

"We are at the Pokemorph testing. However...It's a failure, compleatly. For some reason, the human genes are interfearing with the evolutionary chemicals, and therefore, we can't get testing done." Cress said.

Necros chuckled darkly under his breath. Hilda gave him a good jab with her Scalchop.

Fennel was kicking herself. Again? A second project at a complete standstill again? She groaned. She'd be bored to death if she didn't have some work to do.


"Well what?" Fennel said, looking at Cress with a piercing gaze.

"...There is a chance that Mew genetics could potentially solve the problem..." Cress said. Before Fennel got to ask how, Cress spoke up again. "Some scientists here believe that Mew's genetics will ignore the human genes in the Pokemorphs and Chimeras, and would work to evolve them. If we could aquire such genes, we could make the project work."

Fennel liked this. There was a way to solve the problem. But there was one problem-It wasn't like she could just walk over to the grocery store and buy the genetics of Mew for 1.99$, for more reasons than one. "OK, so all we have to do is find one hair from the world's most difficult-to-find Pokemon, extract the DNA, and apply it, all without being seen by the public and without spending the fortune it would cost. How do you suppose we do that?" Fennel asked.

"...I was just saying that it was possible if we have them..." Cress said innocently. Fennel might have slapped herself, had she not notice her Xtranceiver.

A news article had popped up-one that detailed something that was golden. Xexan couldn't miss this opportunity. It was the solution that Cress couldn't give.

A Mew hair had just arrived at Driftveil city, and would be transported to Nacrene city on land. The hair's route would have to be through Pinwheel Forest, where they could set an ambush, and forcefully take the Hair.

Fennel's luck just kept getting better. First, the capture of every Government agent in the area, all of their Pokemon, and a Golurk thrown in as one of them to boot. Then, the discovery of all the pre-historic technology inside the Golurk. And now, the chance to grab a Mew hair, the single most priceless item for genology study.

She had to quickly assmeble a group that would be able to do this quickly and quietly. This was the chance of a lifetime, and you don't miss out on those chances.

Raven X
04-15-2011, 09:27 PM
Robert Dinkins, JR.
United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike (U.I.B.P.P.A)
Castelia City, Unova

I admired the different buildings that were in Castelia City, after all this was the biggest city in the Unova Region. Yet, U.I.B.P.P.A didn’t want to base it here because it would put a lot of people in danger. They chose to have their headquarters in the ocean between Sinnoh and Hoenn. The base was then guarded by a variety of Gyrados that was trained by top Water Trainers. The base underwater was at least 50 stores stretching all the way into the ground and was the size of five football fields. The base included a lot of areas and so it was very big, every ten years the base had to add another story.

I continued through the streets and soon made a right turn into a neighborhood. My Comp. stated that Agent Gumshoe was still in his house, yet it was 3:33 am. I soon saw his house. The door was still open and I walked inside. On the couch, I saw two children very scared shivering as if they saw a Ghost. “Hello”, I said in a quiet voice, “What is wrong”.

“D-D-Dad-Daddy ha-ha-had a a a a a g-g-gun an-an-and kilt Arcanine”, the boy said. I nodded and I quickly put the pieces together. Obviously something was wrong with their father and fired a gunshot and Atrus heard it and ran to the scene. Since he was still over there I had a feeling he would need more help. I didn’t want to take out my gun out on them so I just ran outside, yet I didn’t know which house was theirs. I ran back inside and ask them where it was the boy slowly got up and walked to the door and pointed at a door.

I did the same thing with my Comp. My Comp. was able to scan any building and easily get the blueprints for it. I saw they had a window on the first floor so I went by it and open it took out a pokeball. “Go Gothitelle”, I said. The female Pokemon came out with an excited look on her face.

“Goth. Gothitelle”, she said. I figured it was a hello since the last time I used her, it was on a mission of infiltrating a base that belonged to Team Rocket. That day she saved my lives by using protect from all the bullets then using Physic to reflect some more bullets at the Team.

“Gothitelle”, I started,” use Physic on the window. We have to have the element of surprise”. The Pokémon’s eyes then turned blue and the window started to move and the window was lifted. I then climbed in and took out my Smith and Wesson. This wasn’t an ordinary gun. I could use it to kill or just as stun. Quickly I ran through the house. I ended up in a bedroom and a woman was lying down with blood everywhere. She was already dead and there was nothing I could do for her. I then continued through the house.

I soon saw Atrus by a doorway. I went right behind him. I then saw a man and he also had a gun. I didn’t want to say anything. All I did was pull the trigger five times right in the man’s chest. The sound protruded throughout the whole neighborhood. I then went and checked his pulse, he would make it. I then touched my Comp. and called the dispatch sector. “Agent Dinkins to dispatcher I would need a bus on the double at the Yordian’s house”, I said talking into the Comp. I didn’t care what they had to say next so I hung up.

“Atrus Gumshoe”, I said, “My name is Robert Dinkins an agent of the U.I.B.P.P.A or United Investigative Bureau of People and Pokémon Alike. Do not worry about the man, he will be find the bullets were set to stun. I need some help and you are the only person that I can trust. Let’s wait until the ambulance comes over here and then I will explain everything”. I had a feeling that he would accept after all he would have access to all of the U.I.B.P.P.A’s technologies and he might even be promoted when this was done but we had to be careful, I could not lose another man.

Neo Emolga
04-15-2011, 09:47 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
En Route to Castelia City, Unova
Affected RPers: None

As Crash the Arcanine rushed through the desert sands, I was thirsty and hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink for a while. Still, I gave the water to him, since I was just riding, he was doing all the running. The heat was pretty harsh, and I had tossed away the apron, finding it unnecessary at this point. By now, most of my injuries from being dragged around in Pinwheel Forest had started to heal.

Aur hadn’t given me any means to contact him, probably for good reason considering they could trace the line. Maybe he had it all figured out, realized when and how he’d try to distribute this cure. Still, it made me wonder who Mr. Shadow really was, and how I was even going to try and find out who he was and where he was operating from. But most of all, why use a deadly virus to kill so many innocent people? What was there to gain from such a massacre?

There were still no signs of life as we moved on, but I felt we were getting closer. I knew what I was going to do when I got back. I was going to formally request level 5 security clearance from the NSA, and use the location coordinates of the Xexan Pinwheel Forest as a reason. With that clearance, I was going to get all the names of the people involved with Xexan, find out who initiated the operation, and who was still in the government that had administrative access. Aur was right. Somewhere along the line, someone in the government had to have allowed Xexan to operate unchecked. There had to be another reason why Xexan had gone rogue, and not just to play god. Why would someone like Aur want to save people if he simply could care less about the ones he operated on? Was there some deeper purpose to it all?

I soon saw Castelia City in the distance. I knew the NSA had been somewhat generous when it came to giving security clearance, but right now, it seemed like figuring out who Mr. Shadow was and where he was located was critical, especially considering Aur already warned me I was running out of time. If I could possibly stop him before he did anything with the virus, countless lives would be saved.

It was worth taking any risk…

04-15-2011, 11:51 PM
Masekios Prieto
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: bleepbloop

While Fennel was starting to check on all of the operatives, Maite had been quickly discovering that Royce was at a larger disadvantage than she first thought. Not only was this Arcanine at an obvious type advantage, Maite had forgotten to take into account that this fire Pokemon had not been affected by the sound blasts. A few seconds into battle, Maite figured out why. This Arcanine knew Safeguard. Royce's typical strategy was ruined, as none of his poison would affect the fire Pokemon at all. The smaller Gloom was forced to avoid and evade while pummeling the foe with grass-type attacks that did barely any damage.

After only a few minutes of this, during which time Maite had been helping Fennel move bodies around, Royce stumbled. Though he somehow managed to remain standing, his breathing was too heavy, and Maite knew he couldn't keep that up.

"Royce, come."

The Gloom instantly obeyed his partner, shuffling behind her while keeping a wary eye on Alyse. This Arcanine was not an escaped Pokemon, it was an experiment; Maite was sure of it now. It battled too intelligently on its own, like a human, and it seemed too clumsy to have been in that body its entire life. Maite fingered a pokeball in a pocket of her lab coat, thinking intently before flipping her wrist to release the contained Pokemon. A flash of light accompanied the opening of the pokeball, but it somehow didn't seem to fully dissipate. Floating next to Maite was a Chandelure, her flames burning a ghostly blue.

"Shyama, capture it please," Maite said, pointing towards Alyse. Though she would rather this experiment stay in the forest and continue providing data, it was too close to the situation. She would have to... edit some information before releasing this experiment back into the wild again. The Chandelure moved towards Alyse, receiving a blast of fire for her efforts. Once the stream of flames died down however, Shyama appeared completely unharmed. Maite smirked and Shyama hummed.

"She's immune to fire, by the way."

Shyama moved in to continue the assault while Maite moved Royce and the rest of the people into the base.

"You go straight to the labs, you hear?" Maite commanded her Gloom, "Almas is there, and you tell him to turn the F.R.P. machines on for you."

Royce nodded and started back down the hallway, making sure to avoid the multiple bodies that were getting dragged to holding cells.

After a short time, and a the last of the bodies dragged into the hole, Maite turned back and noticed just how beat up Alyse was looking. It looked as though Shyama's immunity to both fire and physical attacks left the experiment with few options for fighting back. Not only that, but she probably wasn't all that used to being a Pokemon anyways. Oh well, it was getting close to that time. She'd better wrap things up.


The Chandelure hummed in response, understanding the tone of voice. As she concentrated, her fire burned brighter, slowly building into a large flame above her head. Letting out what could almost be described as a screech, Shyama released a vortex of blue fire at Alyse. It was almost too large to escape from, and the fact that the Arcanine froze for a few seconds didn't help. She only barely managed to avoid the main blast, though some of the fire scraped her side.

"Too bad about all those fire attacks you tried. Didn't you listen to me?" Maite asked Alyse. Shaking her head, she motioned for Shyama to continue.

Before the Chandelure could so much as twitch, Alyse bolted into the forest. Maite first stood still in shock, then ran a few steps before stopping again. She couldn't go after an experiment like this. She only had two of her Pokemon, and one was resting. She'd have to wait until she had rested and gathered all of her Pokemon to go after the Arcanine. Turing abruptly, Maite cursed and slashed at a tree, making a nice long gouge in it.

Later on, Maite had retreated into her lab, still fuming about the loss. She had thought that the experiment would be so enraged, it would fight until it had no chance of escaping. Apparently, she had miscalculated.

Scowling again, she turned to her right and asked, "Done yet Almas?"

All she got for a reply was a small grunt and a ding from the machine in front of her. After the doors opened, Royce and Lavimi walked out, perfectly healthy. Maite nodded, content with how the machine was continuing to perform. The FRP, or Fast Recovery Process machine, was modeled after the healing machines used in Poke Centers. It could speed up a Pokemon's healing process exponentially; It was also designed to work on Pokemorphs and Chimeras, like many of the scientists at Xexan were. Furthermore, it contained processes for curing every disease that had a stable cure, and at roughly a third of the time it would normally take.

"Good. Thank you Almas."

A small thump was the only reply as Almas jumped from his stool. He walked over to Maite and looked up blankly.

"Well, we'd better get going if we want to catch it."


Bunnied with bleepbloops's permission

Alyse Hadder <Arcanine>
Pinwheel forest
Burn Intensity:4/5
Affected RPers: Flakeblood

Alyse may have been new to this body, Archie's body, but she was more confident when she realized she would be fighting against a grass-type Pokemon. She was wary of fighting, but this Pokemon belonged to one of the very things who took everything away from her. She built up her rage at her lost family, feeling the familiar heat inside of her. As soon as the Gloom was within range, she let loose a stream of fire, causing the little Gloom to scramble out of the way. Though she was reluctant to keep seeing so much fire, she was determined enough to get past this Pokemon and put a stop to the psychos behind him.

She danced around the small area that they had unconsciously defined as the battlefield, trying to mimic the way she remembered Archie had moved as he battled. However, it soon became apparent that the Gloom had far more experience battling as a Pokemon. The Gloom almost effortlessly dodged Alyse's attacks when she didn't plan and time them properly, and the grass Pokemon was soon shooting globs of acid at her. She tried to avoid them, but she wasn't able to attack as well when dodging at the same time. She moved in to try and get a good blast of fire on it when the Gloom turned and spit acid right at her. She yelped and tried to back away but she was too close and couldn't change directions that quickly. Alyse braced to feel the poison hit her, but it never came. Quickly opening her eyes, she saw a small green spot hovering slightly above her. That's right, she had Safeguard!

Alyse gained much more confidence now that she knew the poison couldn't reach her, and was quickly leaping in to attack the Gloom at every opportunity. The Gloom was quickly tiring, as its poison attacks did nothing, and even its Petal Dance did very little. The grass type was getting hit more often now, as its agility could not match that of an Arcanine's, experiment or not. Soon enough, one of the scientists called the tired Pokemon back.

"Royce, come."

Alyse then realized that she had been able to hear someone speak. That ultrasound must have stopped. Taking a good look at her surroundings for the first time since the battle had started, Alyse was mortified. Over half of the people that had previously been in the clearing were now gone, most likely kidnapped by the scientists in front of her. Why hadn't she been paying more attention? She had been so focused on protecting herself in battle, she hadn't even noticed where the people had been taken. Alyse growled in frustration before turning her eyes towards Maite. Alyse wouldn't let anyone suffer the same way she had. She moved into an attack position, glaring daggers at this non-person. She smelled disgustingly like both human and Pokemon. She must be one of those monsters Alyse vaguely remembered seeing.

The scientists stared down Alyse for a few tense moments before releasing another Pokemon. She was slightly surprised when it turned out to be a Chandelure. She had expected this monster to send out a Pokemon with a type advantage, like water, or ground. Then again, she had used a grass Pokemon first. Perhaps she wasn't too bright when it came to real battling. That was fine with Alyse though.

"Shyama, capture it please," Maite said, pointing towards Alyse.

'Like hell you will,' Alyse thought venomously. As soon as the Chandelure, Shyama, began it's approach, she built up an intense heat and unleashed it all on the enemy Pokemon. It had to be one of the strongest bursts of flame she let out of her maw yet. But as soon as she cut off the flow of fire, there was the Chandelure, looking perfectly fine. Alyse was stunned. Even though it was a fire Pokemon, it still should have taken some damage. Even its other ghost half couldn't have let it avoid that attack. Still, there Shyama was, simply floating in front of her, humming contentedly. Or perhaps it was laughing at her.

"She's immune to fire, by the way." Maite smirked.

No, fire Pokemon weren't immune to fire. Not unless... Alyse was shaken out of her thoughts as the ghost began moving towards her again, forcing her to retreat. Once again, she jumped around to avoid attacks, in this case, little bursts of blue flame. This time, Alyse tried to watch where the rest of the people were being taken, but Shyama seemed to be purposely preventing that, dragged Alyse's attention back to the battle with a vicious attack each time her eyes seemed to wander. It wouldn't have worked nearly was well if it hadn't been spitting fire. Alyse's fear kept her from ignoring the flames as much as she wanted to. Alright then, so the only way to see and stop these crazy people was to defeat this Chandelure. Alyse once again built up her anger, anger at her situation, anger at having to waste time, and anger that this Chandelure kept spitting fire at her. She released several more bursts of flame, each of which hit the ghost head on but still didn't seem to make a significant impact. In frustration, Alyse lept at the Pokemon, trying to scratch or bite it. Of course, this didn't do anything either.

There was only one thing left to try, but Alyse was almost didn't want to. Her Flare Blitz was an extremely powerful attack. It should be able to hurt the Chandelure, even if it was at a high level. Even so... that attack was painful. Not only that, but she didn't want to be covered in flames again. It took a few more moments for Alyse to make up her mind. She had gotten a glimpse of the area around her, and there were only a few people left. She had to finish this now.

Letting every ounce of anger and sorrow she could find pour into her, she quickly felt the familiar burning sensation over her body. Determined and slightly scared, she charged the Chandelure, hitting it directly in its face. The Chandelure wobbled and crashed onto the ground, Alyse's momentum having knocked it down. She was about to congratulate her success when the Pokemon moved. She could only watch as the ghost slowly rose back into the air, looking scraped from contact with the ground, but otherwise healthy.

For the next minute, Alyse was pummeled again and again by Shyama as it used protect. By this time, Alyse's Safeguard had faded, giving her less protection from the charging Chandelure. By the time the scientist who owned it walked close enough to be seen again, Alyse was feeling tired.


The Chandelure hummed in response, and its fire burned brighter, slowly building into a large flame above its head. It screeched before releasing a large vortex of fire straight for Alyse. She had never been good with fire. Seeing so much of it made her freeze for a few seconds before realizing she had to move out of the way. Jumping to the side, she barely managed to avoid the main blast, with some of the fire scraping her side. Pain seared in the area the fire touched, indicating a burn. Alyse realized that the Chandelure must have used Inferno. But, how had that attack been so strong?

"Too bad about all those fire attacks you tried. Didn't you listen to me?" Maite asked Alyse.

Then it all clicked. Some fire Pokemon had the ability to absorb fire attacks and add that to their attack power. This Chandelure must have had the same ability... Which meant that all of her attacks had just been powering it up. She felt exhausted and disgusted with her mistake. The monster shook her head, motioning for Shyama to continue. Alyse knew she was in no shape to fight any longer. Before the others could move, she turned and bolted into the forest. She didn't know how long she ran, but she must have covered some distance with the speed she was at. She soon came to a few fallen trees that made a nice shelter. She walked inside and curled up to look at her wound. The burn wasn't as bad as it could have been, and it was only on one side of her body, but it hurt. She lay her head down on her front paws, trying to think up a new plan.

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04-16-2011, 01:43 AM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha

She got the information on the intercom, she got a group together, she made sure each one was good in the art of stopping large things and trainer capturing, and she made it absolutely clear that they couldn't get a second chance, and made it absolutely clear they needed to move the important stuff soon.

This was a Mew hair they were talking about.

a Mew hair-or really, Mew DNA-is one of the most valuable objects in the world, and the most valuable object in the world of biology-Mew's DNA is like that of a Universal Stem Cell, capable of repairing any kind of body structure of any kind of living being. Mew itself is priceless-you could own all of Unova, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the whole of the U.I.B.P.P.A., and every last man, woman, child, Pokemon, plant and mineral in all of them-all just in exchange for the Legendary Pokemon.

But the actual Pokemon's worth was trivial in this case, though good reason to look for it, if news of it's appearance in Unova was present. In since Mew was out of the question, the next best thing was it's hair. Said hair was conveniantly on a collision course with Xexan operatives.

Fennel kept in mind that if she sucessfully stole the Hair, Unova would be in massive Debt to Johto, the Region that loaned it to Unova for their Museum. Fennel thought that Unova's ability to devote time and effort to Xexan would be drastically shorthanded if Unova had to pay huge amounts of money to Johto, huge amounts that probably were taken out of the Unovan Government's budget; specifically, the Unovan Government's budget for such areas as the F.B.I. and the National Guard.

Henceforth why they were taking the Hair to begin with.

They were going stealthy on this occasion. They were using a special material that would allow for their cameoflauge-It was based off a Keckleon's ability to change color (minus the red stripe that compleatly removes the stealth factor), and would use the special spray-on substance to easily take the item. It wouldn't be movie-style laser beam traps-this would be motion sensor, heat-detector, and other high-tech security measures. This had to be flawless. Unova was not going to go into debt with Johto, they'd avoid it at all costs.-the two region's relations were already shaky from tests of the Poketransfer system from Professor Park, which made the test subjects unwilling participants. Park was arrested shortly afterwards, but Johto never got over it.

She also gave one order-Take all valuable research, captive trainers and Pokemon, tools, chemicals, and whatever else that can possibly be carried, and take it to a secret storehouse nearby. One flaw in the theivery, and the whole of Pinwheel will be flooded with Government forces, and discovery then would be incredibly likely; It would be in that case that all Xexan forces would immediatly flee, using the teleporters they owned, to either their backup lab in Twist Mountain, or-if it was completed-the new Theta location in Challenger Cave. It was what they'd avoid at all costs. Unova was NOT looking forward to what would happen if that hair was stolen.

They had their plans set out-they'd knock out their security systems with their elite hackers, infiltrate through the air ducts, one of them would lower themself into the Mew exhibit, take the Mew hair, and get out. They'd wait until midnight-the Keckleon stealth system had it's flaws, mostly noticable reflections of light on the chemical, which would be much less noticable if there wasn't too much light.

She had to go through Second Hold thrice during preparation, and each time, she looked at Mario. One time, a Zororak Pokemorph that was with her at the time looked at Mario too. He maintained the same stance he had since the first time she saw her.

Now, it was odd. "Does he move at all?" She asked the half-Zororak, removing Mario from his dream-like trance. He immediatly stood up (The muscles seemed to really stand out with his movement) and stretched his body out, as much as the shackles would allow. Nothing was under him, but what really creeped Fennel out was that he seemed to want to make sure that escape for him was inevitable...

"Either find an experiment for him, or keep a larger guard around this one. I've got a bad feeling about him..." Fennel said.

"Are you scared of me?" Mario asked in response.

"Are you hitting on me?" Fennel's rhetorical question was shot with massive sarcasm, and some anger. The idea that she'd hit on him was enough to do that. It was also enough to make Mario shrug, and resume his crossed-legs stance.

Fennel decided that he was trying to escape by making her emotionally attatched. She'd personally witness the experiment they had in store for him...

04-16-2011, 03:49 AM
Becca Halliel
somewhere outside Chargestone Cave

I couldn’t do anything to help them. At least Roxie might be okay. Please be okay...

Noises began to stir Becca. It was hard to comprehend at first. All that she could make out was garbled sound. An engine maybe? A small engine. Then she heard voices. Her mind was so hazy she could not understand everything and only caught small bits of what was being said. Something "activated"? "Tracking"? What were they talking about? It was taking time for her senses to return to her. She was laying on her side on something hard...was it metal? A ridge in the surface of her resting place was digging into her shoulder. She shifted slightly, trying to ease the discomfort.

“The anesthetic is wearing off.” The voice she heard was as hard and cold as the surface she was laying on. “Unload and let’s move on.”

Someone lifted her up, but there was little she could do in protest in her current condition. Her body was being painfully slow in responding. She was laid down none too gently on a softer surface. Still trying to open her eyes, she noticed that her nose seemed to be working better than usual. Under the smell of exhaust, grass and earth she could single out the man who had just put her on the ground. And beneath that, what else was there? Some part of her mind began to pick out the faint traces of Pokemon, telling her it had been some time since they passed by. What was going on? Slowly, she managed to open her eyes to a world of blurs. It was dark outside, and her eyesight was still trying to focus. All she could see were three figures, two standing and one sitting on a large object.

“Do you mind hurrying?” The cold voice came from the one sitting, and he sounded irritated. “We don’t have time to hang around. There’s been word of trouble in Pinwheel Forest so we can’t afford to be caught out here.”

The other two climbed on to the strange object behind the first. As her vision slowly began to clear, Becca realized the first was sitting on an ATV, and the others had sat down on the short trailer it was towing. There was a burst of exhaust from the small engine as it turned to pull away, disappearing into the trees. She was left alone in the forest, and it was strangely quiet even after the men left. As her vision began to clear, she realized that she was seeing almost as well as she could during the day. Maybe even better. What had they done to her? It was obvious she had some kind of drug given to knock her out. The one man said that she had an anesthetic and it was taking a long time for the feeling to return to her limbs. She jumped slightly as a paw came into her field of vision.

Wait...she had just raised her hand to rub her face. Experimentally, she tried to lift her hand again...and again a paw moved in front of her face. Alarmed, she jumped to her feet. All four of them were terribly shaky, the anesthetic had not yet worn off and they barely held her up as she trembled. Her pulse raced as panic began to set in. Her head jerked when there was a flash of light to her left. More flashes lit the area around her as her body sparked in its stressed state.

<What’s happening?> The question was quiet and hoarse from her dry throat. But more than that, it wasn’t her own voice. While it still sounded feminine, it seemed deeper and somewhat coarse.

Looking down at her front feet, she realized they looked familiar. Dark paws with bright stripes around the back of the leg. She tried to turn her head to look over her shoulder and nearly fell from a wave of dizziness. The sound of water nearby made her ear twitch. In an attempt to keep her mind from reeling further, she focused on stumbling towards the small brook. It seemed to take forever to move her body the few yards to reach it. The water went downstream slowly, creating a fairly smooth surface. Fearfully, already guessing what she would see, Becca looked down into the calm water. Even in the dark, her new eyes could clearly see the face staring back that was not hers.

<A Luxray!> Sparks again began to race across her body as she cried out hoarsely. <I’m a Luxray! Why!? Why am I a Pokemon!?>

Terror mounting, she looked around, hoping that someone would step out and tell her she was imagining things, or that she would wake from the terrible dream she was having. Then, she saw something, a raw area around her wrist. It was on both paws. Glancing back at the water, she could barely see a few open spaces in the fur around her neck that had scabbed over. Despite the growing panic, a terrible thought began to creep up. Her mind raced to the last image she remembered seeing before being put under; Roxie, struggling and tearing against restraints to reach her trainer.

Fearfully, she turned her head back again, closing her eyes to fight off the wave of dizziness. She really did not want to see what she had guessed was there anyway. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked over her shoulder...and saw a bright yellow shape, like the silhouette of a Butterfree where it should have been a four-pointed star on the end of her tail. Staring, she knew there was no way another Luxray would have that exact scar. Her legs failed and she collapsed to the ground.

<Roxie... I’m in Roxie...in her body.> The sudden realization that her best friend was gone broke her heart, and she was all alone.

Neo Emolga
04-16-2011, 05:53 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Castelia City, Unova
Affected RPers: None

After heading back to my apartment to get washed up, patched up, and return to the office with respectable clothing, I had contacted NSA for the security clearance I needed, telling them I had possible coordinates to a Xexan laboratory, but needed to confirm if they were authentic and match it was previous information acquired from previous investigations. The NSA had little time to verify, considering they were already trying to run countless reports on trainers that had gone missing and finding out who may have been involved.

I had the displeasure of finding out that Agent Kenneth Donavan and Agent Robert Dinkins had been lost in Pinwheel Forest, and no one knew what happened to either of them, or the agents and rangers that had accompanied Donavan in the forest. I suspected both of them were probably in Xexan’s hands now, and I didn’t want to imagine what exactly happened to them. I had little time to waste though. I would only be given security clearance for a limited time only, and I needed to make the most of it.

I didn’t know the real name of Mr. Shadow, or the real name of the virus. Within the FBI’s and the NSA’s database, I searched for any documents and correspondence between Xexan and the government, starting with the very beginning. Only a few of these documents were confidential, and they only led me to inconclusive results. However, I had found the accident report that led me on the right trail.

The disease that Aur and the rest of his Xexan colleagues was called the Tempest Virus. Aur and the others were never told how it came to be and where it came from, but with the security clearance, I uncovered that it was initially found in Orre. It was originally a biological terrorist weapon found in the hands of an insurgent group called “Desert Sun.” The reason Xexan was commissioned was because the Orre Liberation Army was not sure if Desert Sun had been completely eliminated, or if they still had biological weapons with the Tempest Virus loaded in the warheads. All they knew was that the Tempest Virus was extremely lethal and dangerous. In the possible event Desert Sun was still active and had used the biological weapon, a cure would be on hand thanks to Xexan’s efforts. It was all starting to make sense now.

After cracking into another confidential document, it was realized that the path to finding the cure was extremely complicated, costly, and required a tremendous amount of sacrifice. Xexan believed that if the Tempest Virus was ever released, its effects would be on the level of apocalyptic. Everything was matching exactly what Aur told me. I printed out the documents, just in case I needed additional evidence.

It was then that I had come across the Xexan accident report that detailed the virus’s release in the lab, and how multiple scientists had been infected. From the report, I had learned Aur’s last name was Morose, and I had learned the names of all his other colleagues as well. The details of what the virus did to them was the stuff of a horror movie. Forced to take drastic steps to save their lives, Xexan used an untested method, and turned those scientists into the Chimeras, humans administered with a mutagen that turned them into the Pokémon based creatures based off of multiple Pokémon. As documented in the accident report, Xexan had found the cure to the Tempest Virus, only it involved a massive amount of genetic manipulation. As a result, they found the solution, but it wasn’t an ideal one. If the virus had a breakout in public sectors, civilization would have to completely change, just as Aur had predicted.

As Aur said, it was impossible for these scientists to return to civilization once they had administered the life-saving mutagen. Spreading knowledge about the Tempest Virus would spread hysteria, and it was clear very few people would be brave enough to give themselves the mutagen. But back then, returning to the world as the creatures they had become was no longer an option, as they would be seen as carnival freaks.

I had managed to find the correspondence between Xexan and the Unova government. The higher-ups of the government knew what had happened to Xexan’s scientists, only they abandoned them, wanted nothing to do with Xexan even after they had devoted their lives and sacrificed their humanity to achieve what the government had originally set off to do, even if it wasn’t the perfect solution. Even if it wasn’t the easy pill or vaccination that make everything right. Under those circumstances, Xexan was totally innocent, but they why… why had they started kidnapping trainers and their Pokémon? What was the purpose for them to continue testing? When did they lose sight of their original mission? It was here that I realized Aur had separated from the rest of Xexan when they had lost sight of what their original purpose was. Now, it was based more on their obsession of playing god, trying to go even beyond turning themselves in Chimeras. Still, why was Aur helping Mr. Shadow by giving him the virus? That was the one thing I couldn’t figure out.

I spent hours trying to dig for the answer, and I knew I was running out of time. However, before long, I managed to find it, knowing I was taking a heavy risk by accessing these confidential documents. From what I discovered, one branch of the government had established contact with Aur Morose after he had separated, keeping the rest of us in the dark with regards as to why and when. The one government branch I thought would have had nothing to do with Xexan suddenly had more ties to them that I could have possibly expected.

But the branch in question surprised me. The Unova Department of Energy, lead by the Secretary of Energy Damien Vickers. Why them? I kept looking into it, and I had realized something…

“…Three. That man, 'Mr. Shadow', that you saw earlier, is not part of Xexan. In fact, I don't think the rest of Xexan even knows about his existence at all. He contacted me precisely because I have split from the rest of the organization and do not communicate with it much at all…

…Four. 'Mr. Shadow' has requested that I give to him the very virus, the biological weapon that I told you about earlier, offering me a pardon for what I've done, a government grant and approval for my research…”

Mr. Shadow was within the Unova Department of Energy. He was the source of Aur Morose’s government grants, and the only one that would have power to grant him the approval for Aur’s research was Secretary Damien Vickers himself…

It was how and why Aur had developed Voidium. It was how Aur was able to continue his work undetected while several other government branches scrambled to find answers. Something about Aur’s research, Vickers must have realized Aur’s experiment hadn’t worked completely to his design. But why use a virus that would kill so many people? What kind of a solution was that!? Aur only needed more time, how much time was still a serious question, but what was driving Vickers to be in such a hurry?

I had obtained the last of the documents. I knew I didn’t have much time, the other agents would realize I was using NSA security clearance for unauthorized intentions, but the depth of this was massive. If I didn’t confront Secretary Damien Vickers himself, he could do something that would end countless lives. I still didn’t have the exact answer why, but there was no better person to ask… than the man himself.

04-16-2011, 07:26 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Inner Pinwheel Forest, En-Route to Nacrene City Gym/Museum
Affected RPers: Possibly Fakeblood, if he want's to jump in.

They laid out the plan to snatch the Mew Hair already...But one thing still needed to be addressed.

"Alright, people!" Fennel adressed the crowd of scientists that were going on the mission to steal the Hair. These people included a Zororak Pokemorph by the name of Karl Bartouski, a Machamp/Metagross/Conkeldurr Chimera (who had six hands, two of them holding two concrete cylinders, and a metal hide) by the name of Evan Hulin, and a Whimsicott and Meganium Chimera named Lauren Dylin.

"We've got a few issues. The security system isn't one of them. However, the Mew Hair is at the back of the Museum, where Leader Lenora the third is." Fennel said. She remembered Lenora Junior, who was Gym Leader during the Plasma Crisis. Lenora the Third was her mother's spitting image, save the fact that she's stronger. "She is a competent Gym Leader in both her Pokemon Battling and her thinking-meaning that we can't just assume that the defenses we can hack aren't the only ones there." Fennel added.

"There's also the guard. We're not talking about the regular, stereotypical fat guy that sits and stares at a Monitor all day and all night, sleeping through both with a box of donuts on his lap. We're talking about highly trained guards, with years of experiance, and still in their prime too. They have highly accurate aims, well-developed muscles, and intelligant minds. We've got the edge in being stronger, faster, smarter, and having better weapons-but they've got home advantage and numbers." She said, making sure that there wasn't anything to be cocky about. Confidence-especially Overconfidence-killed more men than curiosity killed Meowth, Persian, Skitty, Delcatty, Glameow, Purugly, Purrloin and Liepard, along with as many people killed by the Tempest Virus combined.

Tempest. The name wasn't pretty. Only Xexan rouges had the insanity issues to dare try to modify it to make it stronger. There was genius, and there was insanity-And the latter in Xexan was not tolerated. Xexan tried to help humanity, not kill it. It was by chance hacking into Government files a few months ago that one person within Xexan realized the name and origin of the virus. It was a side-goal to find and eliminate any Xexan scientist or former Xexan scientist (Or really, anyone) that could be accused of tampering with the Virus in any way other than finding what was a possible vaccine to it, and kill them.

Fennel snapped back to reality. "A review of the plan, just in case: We get Evan here to hack the security system, shutting it compleatly down, and Lauren will slip in through any cracks through the walls, while me and Karl will enter through the Air Duct. Lauren will check the Mew Hair room for Guards, and if there are any, We and Lauren will use the AMPLE's Ultrasound to knock them out, and kill whoever's not unconsious. We get the Mew Hair and get out, as fast as possible." She said.

The four were at one of the hatches while they said this. With this, she opened up the hatch, revealing a night sky, cloudy and dark, with a new moon and a massive storm brewing.

Her operatives opened up the hatch, and adjusted to the darkness. Karl was quick in doing so, as well as Fennel, both sharing genes with Pokemon that are used to darkness. The road to the city had nightlights, but they chose an exit out of the lab far away so that they wouldn't be traced easily.

It took a small hike to reach the road, shining out of the darkness like miniature suns. Dustox, migrating from foregin regions, were fluttering around the lamps, casting shadows. The road was deserted-people feared the mysterious force that abducted trainers and thinned the Pokemon population, making no differentiation between either in it's quest to devour all sentinant life into seeming nonexistance.

The people's fear allowed them to roam the streets freely this night.

04-16-2011, 09:11 PM
Masekios Prieto
Xexan Scientist
Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: bleepbloop

Moss was good. That was Maite's thought as she traveled through Pinwheel forest. The moss and other greenery that seemed to grow on any and every surface in the area muffled sound. This was the reason Maite was tolerant of it, for she wouldn't be able to move with such stealth were it not for the green parasite that quieted her footsteps. Walking besides her were three of her Pokemon, each moving in a similarly hushed manner.

Lavimi, the Persian, was especially good at adjusting her muscles to the surfaces, walking with the stealth only a cat could ever manage. Each step she took seemed non-existent, the soft pads of her paws absorbing each impact.

Royce, the Gloom, though he wasn't nearly as good at stealth, was perfectly at home in the forest. He knew every plant they passed, and used it to his advantage. Though his steps weren't as soft as his partner's or Lavimi's, he knew instinctively which areas were best to step on.

The final Pokemon, Almas, was probably the stealthiest one there. As a Sableye, his type worked to his advantage. He could see with absolutely clarity in the dark, just as though it was day. He easily slid in and out of the shadows, blending in flawlessly.

Maite was proud of each of her Pokemon, though she was disappointed Shyama could help in this case. He lights would give off her position immediately. Oh well. Lucky for the little group, the night sky was almost pitch black. The moon was starting a new cycle and clouds drifted across the stars. Maite was certain that the Arcanine experiment was in the area, so she kept all her senses at full alert. She wasn't about to let it run all over the place and run the risk of having it tell somebody. A couple of tweaks in the lab ought to fix that right up though. Then she could release it again; the data it would transmit was still valuable.

A small breeze rustled the trees, making Maite and Lavimi pause. They looked at each other, both having smelled the same thing. It was the scent of a fire Pokemon. What kind it was, neither could tell, since Lavimi was a feline, and Maite was only a Chimera. Still, Maite was pretty sure fire Pokemon weren't native to the area, which meant there was a high chance that it was their run away.

They turned and began tracing the scent, Royce and Almas keeping close. It wasn't too far fro their location, but it would still take a fair amount of time to get there, especially if they were to keep their presence unknown.

04-17-2011, 12:09 AM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Laboratory A-7

Aur watched Logan ride off into the desert for about six seconds. After those six seconds the man and his Arcanine disappeared into the sandstorm. "It will be interesting to see if you die," Aur murmured to himself. He bore no ill will against the agent, but the answer would show much about the man's character.

Aur turned around, shut the door, and descended back into the laboratory. "Ezekiel," he said. "How is our doctor doing?"

"He's sent an email," the Porygon reported, after diving into the laboratory consoles. "The operation was a success."

Aur nodded his approval. They had attacked the surgeon Alfonso because one of his patients, the head of a microbiological engineering laboratory at Castelia University, had been on his schedule for an experimental new surgery to remove his brain cancer. During the operation, Alfonso would slip a DNC chip into the man's brain, then give him the viral agent in the form of a parting gift. That chip contained programming that would cause the laboratory head to make the modifications to the virus in his laboratory using equipment that Aur did not have access to. Then he would deliver it to the drop point in Aur's stead.

Aur sighed. Alfonso and the department head would go on to lead normal lives, likely with no one ever finding out about their control chips. The situation, at any rate, was out of his control now. Aur had given his commands to his pieces; now it was their job to carry them out. He could not give further instructions without revealing himself.

"Come," he ordered. "We have much to do."

His new theory that would allow for stable Voidium by adjusting the mass of the singularities and the lattice around them, as well as creating a channel whereby the substance could simply let ambient energy from heat and light that fell upon it through the singularities rather than being absorbed, allowing for the singularities to maintain mass in the delicate balance. That in and of itself required a great deal of energy for the particle accelerator. The next few hours were spent adjusting the accelerator's parameters to allow creation of the new Voidium.

"Alright," Aur said. "Let her rip."

The hum of the accelerator grew ever louder. Aur gazed at the containment chamber in growing anticipation. Finally, there was a flash of light, and there was his Voidium, sitting in the chamber.

His hands were trembling slightly as Aur put on gloves and delicately removed the Voidium from the chamber. He quickly deposited it in another radiation detection device, and started taking readings.

Good news. The readings were exactly what he predicted. That meant that the Voidium should be stable. Aur let a sigh of relief hiss out from between his teeth.

Then, on to stage two. The matter-energy projector that he had demonstrated to Logan needed to be modified, miniaturized and made useful. Aur had told Logan that the projector was not useful, and that was true. It needed to be hooked up to a large power source, was fragile, and useless without Voidium. However, with a source of stable Voidium, the device could potentially generate its own power, as much of it as it needed. With that new portability, Aur would create what might very well be the most flexible tool (and weapon) ever designed.

"The virus will be released soon," Aur said to Ezekiel, not really expecting a response. "Once Shadow finds out his cure doesn't work, he will come after me. And when he does, we'd best be as far away from here as possible."

Neo Emolga
04-17-2011, 12:22 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Castelia City, Unova
Affected RPers: All, pretty much. XD

Damien Vickers.

I couldn’t imagine what kind of spawn of Satan climbed into his mind, but I didn’t have much time. It took me some time before I was able to find out where his office was. Meanwhile, I had obtained all the necessary documents I needed to prove his connections with Xexan, though it would make him just a suspect as to when the virus was deployed. It wouldn’t prove he was the one doing it. I now knew why Vickers wanted to contact Aur, but why use the Tempest Virus?

I had to have several security checks on me performed before I could even get close to him, but thankfully, the NSA security clearance was still there, though I figured it wouldn’t survive the hour. When I arrived at Vickers’s office, I sincerely felt like stuffing my gun in his face, but I knew I wouldn’t get out of here alive.

His office was nothing short of luxurious, almost to a sickening degree. His desk, bookcases, and cabinets looked like they were worth more than my yearly paycheck alone.

“Agent Chris Logan?” He asked me, looking a bit surprised. “Exactly why did you want to see me?”

I shut the door behind me. I then looked him straight in the eye.

“You had contact with a Xexan informant,” I told him, knowing the truth. “Aur Morose. The Tempest Virus. I found the connections between you and Morose, and how you had been using the alias ‘Mr. Shadow’ during the durations of your conversations.”

“That’s confidential information that’s far outside your pay-grade,” He told me, looking like he wasn’t intimidated at all. “Exactly how do you intend on proving it anyway? Telling everyone the sweet nothings that Aur whispered in your ear? How likely do you think they’ll believe me over what a creature like Aur told a nobody agent like you?”

“No,” I told him. “This isn’t about the truth, Vickers. This is about stopping you before you kill billions of innocent people.”

He simply sat back, looking like not a trace of this was bothering him. He looked at me like I was only speaking stupid, and had no idea of what was really going on when I knew it was the absolute truth.

“Very clever, using NSA security clearance against me,” Vickers told me. “Do you want to know why I intend on using the Tempest Virus? The truth is, Logan, that as the Secretary of Energy for Unova, I’ve realized that in less than ten years from now, mankind will be subject to the consequences of its own overpopulation. In the last ten years, energy consumption has more than doubled. And it has continuously doubled time and time again. At this rate of doubling, the entire world has less than ten years until all the lights go out, and complete anarchy will take place.”

“And killing incalculable people is your solution to that?” I asked, really wondering if he was still sane.

“The world can’t support a world of billions and billions of people, Agent Logan,” Vickers told me. “Humanity is like a virus that multiplies until every natural resource is consumed. In an overpopulated world, democracy dies as each individual becomes less important. Human dignity, convenience, and decency dies when there are far too many people to accommodate them all, and people have to fight for the things they want. Now, I could simply allow for humanity to be at war with itself, nation nuking nation over the last drop of oil or last stone of coal and turn the world into a volatile wasteland in the process, or I could stop it all before it starts. We have far outgrown our own carrying capacity, Logan. There is no reason why the entire world must be the sinking ship because of the hole that mankind is creating.”

“There’s… got to be another way…” I spoke, barely able to respond to that.

“There isn’t,” He told me strongly. “Now, Aur believes he is brilliant, but he is not. I already have the cure to the Tempest Virus, but obviously there won’t be nearly enough for everyone, which would defeat the virus’s purpose. I had Salvatore Biotech create it, and it’s far better than the grizzly mutagen that Aur and his colleagues created that turns people into inhuman beasts. With my cure, people will survive and live on as normal humans. My intentions is for the Tempest Virus to destroy 99.9% of the world’s population, leaving us with an estimated seven million people remaining, what the population should be. The virus only targets people, so instead of humanity destroying itself and everything on the planet with it with the anarchy of war and weapons of mass destruction, only humans will pay the price. Nature will be intact, and the virus will die once there is no one left to infect. Massive cities will crumble through age and lack of maintenance, and in their place, nature will reside once again. We must die, so that we may survive.”

I wasn’t going to deny overpopulation was a serious problem, but this was not the solution. I didn’t have the answer, but I knew this couldn’t be it. Couldn’t he realize all these people were more than just a statistic?

“I’m not going to let you do it,” I told him.

“You’re already too late, Agent Logan,” He told me in a cold voice. “The Tempest Virus is being deployed in Icirrus City as we speak, mainly to drive the gullible to believe it originated from Dragonsprial Tower as some kind of divine judgment. In less than a few days, it will spread across the region, and in less than a month, it will be all over the world. By the end of three months, it will all be over.”

He showed no fear, and I could tell he intended to use the cure on himself. Whether the rest of the world died, he didn’t care.

However, no matter what I did to him, nothing would stop it. Whether I shot him, strangled him, or simply let him go, nothing would change…

Knowing it was too late, I allowed him to live, hoping the regret and the guilt he would feel would sting and hurt him far more than any bullet. But that was all I could hope for now…

04-17-2011, 02:00 AM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Laboratory A-7 -> Distortion World

The modifications to the M/E Projector were relatively simple, compared to how hard making the damn thing had been in the first place. First, Aur altered the Voidium Containment Chamber to be able to extract the virtual energy that the Voidium was a catalyst for. The energy would be annihilated after being used, thus preserving the conservation of matter and energy. At the same time, he had to cover the wires with plating and reinforce the frame; while the vulnerable exposed wiring and fragile plates were good enough for laboratory work, they would break down in an outside environment easily.

The entire thing seemed counter to Aur's knowledge of basic physics. After all, the conservation of matter and energy and the second law of thermodynamics were things you learned in high school. And yet, even if in the long run his device preserved conservation, it defied the second law of thermodynamics. It would appear that, even though the energy he used disappeared after he used it, it still did work, and thus, countered entropy.

Perhaps thermodynamics was really broken, and this was an exception to the law. Or perhaps, that virtual energy was taken from elsewhere, some great store of zero-point energy in a parallel plane of existence. Aur didn't know, and for the time being, he didn't care. It was enough that the Matter/Energy Projector worked. Well, there was the odd chance that if he used it too much that it would cause a rapid breakdown of all matter and energy in the universe, but he didn't consider that likely.

While he had made the modifications, the particle accelerator had been running the entire time, producing Voidium, which Jack was placing into specialized containment units. After Aur was done here, he wouldn't be coming back; hence it was rather important that he get all the Voidium he can while he still had access to the accelerator.

Finally, it was done. Aur tried the frame on, slipping the coverings on his hands and his upper legs. He moved around in it, stretching his limbs. It reduced his flexibility a little bit, but not as much as he had expected.

Aur snapped his fingers, and a brilliant ball of light appeared in the air before him. Working his hands around it, he manipulated the ball via his upper legs' direct interface, changing its size and color. He snapped his fingers again, and the ball vanished. He then produced balls of matter, and changed their shape and size. Finally, he started making small machines, little electronics and toys.

The test went without a hitch. With that done, Aur plugged into his console, and starting downloading blueprints. Phones, flashlights, tools, and weapons: guns, blades, rocket launchers. He wasn't sure how effective they would be, since any projected matter leaving his immediate vicinity would start to disintegrate almost immediately, but it was worth a shot. Even if they didn't work, he could still use directed energy as a weapon. Traveling at the speed of light, there was no way that could self-annihilate before it reached its target.

"Um, Aur?" Ezekial asked through the speaker. "Something's wrong with the accelerator."

Aur frowned and hurried over. He had never run the accelerator this long before, yes, but he didn't see why there should be a problem with it.

He took a glance at the control panel and instantly knew something was horribly, horribly wrong.

"What the hell? The cycles per second are off the charts!" He manipulated the displays, showing more information. Energy output and collisions per second were climbing exponentially, yet there was no increase in the energy input! "Impossible," Aur muttered. "Impossible!"

The accelerator didn't seem to hear his declaration of disbelief. The readings continued to climb, higher and higher. The display started blinking red as the energy went into the danger zone. Aur was theorizing; did it have something to do with the Voidium build-up? Maybe residue inside the accelerator was causing virtual particles to be boosted into reality inside? But that shouldn't make it keep climbing... unless the extra energy was boosting even more particles into reality, causing a positive feedback cycle that...

"Oh son of a-" Aur ran back to towards the transporter. "Ezekiel! Jack! Get out of the lab!"

The two wasted no time. Ezekiel instantly separated himself from the computer, and the two ran for the exit. Aur had to get the cure first; other than the M/E Projector, it was his most important thing. Vial in hand, he pushed the cure into a pocket and raced up the tunnel as fast as his four legs could carry him.

Bzzzshhttt. There was a sound like crackling electricity, then silence. And then, a huge, moaning noise, as if some elder god were sucking in everything into its maw. Aur stole a glance behind him; chasing him up the tunnel was a huge black wall of nothingness.

He burst out into the sand and kept running, but the sand bogged him down. Behind him, a huge black orb was emerging from the surface, sucking the sand into it. Aur started to fall, sideways, into the orb. Last time I trust the lowest bidder!

Neo Emolga
04-17-2011, 05:19 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Castelia City, Unova
Affected RPers: None

I hated everything about him. But I was left with nothing. Countless people were going to die, and the only one who could do something about it was Aur and the rest of Xexan. Meanwhile, Vickers was just sitting there… smiling. It wasn’t long until he had gotten a phone call.

“Ah, its that special moment,” he told me.

He picked up the phone, held it to his ear, and put it on speaker.

“How did it go, Eugene?” Vickers asked, still smiling.

“They deployed the Tempest Virus like you said,” this guy named ‘Eugene’ told him. “But… something’s wrong. Carl and Leo were the guys I hired to do it. Vickers, both of them got infected.”

“But you gave them the cure and vaccinated them before they deployed it, right?” Vickers asked, a bit surprised.

“Of course,” Eugene told him, still sounding puzzled. “Listen, things are getting pretty serious over here. The virus is already in town, and news of it is all over the news stations. Thing is, media teams can’t even get close without getting infected themselves. They’ve been showing nothing but aerial shots, but they don’t want to show exactly what the virus has been doing.”

Suddenly, there was silence, and the smug grin that was on Vickers’s face was fading. Somehow, I got a feeling not everything was going according to plan.

“Eugene, how many operatives did you have deployed in Icirrus?” Vickers asked him in a cold, serious tone.

“I had six,” Eugene told him. “Carl, Leo, Sonya, Ben, Hank, and Victor. I haven’t been able to contact any of them, and I swear, I gave them all the cure like you said. Vickers, I don’t get it, I thought you said this thing would work! What the hell happens now!?”


With an aggravated thrust of his hand, Vickers sent the phone flying across in the room in anger, where it smashed against the door and left an indentation before crashing to the carpeted floor. I was taken back a bit, but it didn’t take a genius to realize what exactly happened.

Aur Morose had betrayed Vickers, AKA Mr. Shadow.

“I do not know Shadow's plan. Perhaps he intends to hold the country ransom. Perhaps he is working for another region that has designs on conquering Unova. Perhaps he has some political motive to make the people perceive the government as weak, and ineffective--which, if you believe Xexan has truly gone all this time unhindered without help, it certainly is. But, I know, from rumors of the grapevine and my research and my own logical mind, that he needs a cure. Perhaps he already has one. Perhaps he is still getting one. Whatever it is, it won't work.

But this will.”

It was easy to see that Aur had modified the virus, so that the cure that Vickers had created was useless against it. Instead of being saved and choosing who got to survive and who didn’t, Vickers was going to die like the rest of us. He wasn’t going to be a part of the seven million people he thought were going to be saved. Now, it was quite possible the number of human survivors would not even be that high. It was up to Aur now to decide, and I realized what was going to happen next. Aur’s cure would involve the mutagen. The only remnants of humanity that would survive would be those that would choose to become the same Chimeras that Aur and his Xexan colleagues had become. Those that didn’t, or simply couldn’t get their hands on the mutagen in the first place, would get infected and would die.

“Aur betrayed you,” I told Vickers. “And you deserve it. You were going to try and play hero, weren’t you? You would have had the cure to give to those willing to do anything for you and you would have commanded such a massive amount of leverage because of the virus and because you had a cure you thought would be superior to Aur’s. But now, you have nothing. Nothing but seven billions deaths on your hands, including your own.”

“Shut up!” Vickers snapped, becoming enraged. “You idiot, you haven’t won anything. And neither has Aur. Right now, he’s probably dead himself.”

“And how could that be?”

“His accelerator… ha ha ha!” Vickers laughed madly. “So, he killed me, but in the end, I killed him.”

I was left only wondering exactly how Vickers pulled it off, but I didn’t know. Something told me I didn’t want to know. But if Aur was dead now, he wouldn’t be able to distribute the cure to anyone. There was no telling who would be left alive.

I stood up out of my seat. I knew everyone was going to be on the brink of hysteria, but there was nothing anyone could do about it. Everything depended on Aur… on Xexan, and the very organization we had been trying to stop and destroy now held the last hope of humanity, and that hope was as inhumane as possible. When I turned around to leave Vickers’s office, I looked back and stared at him for only a moment. It was the only reason why I hadn’t shot him right in the face…

“I hope you rot,” I told him just before heading out.

As I stepped out of his office and shut the door behind me, I knew everything was about to change. I didn’t know what I was going to do. The next few days were going to decide everything. There was no running and there was very little time left…

04-17-2011, 06:13 AM
Becca Halliel
somewhere outside Chargestone Cave
affected RPers: will find someone eventually

Becca had not moved from that spot for hours. Barely letting herself fight off the weakening anesthetic, she had dozed on and off. She had long given up on everything being a terrible dream. Instead she lay there, thinking about how badly she had failed her dearest friends. She never considered the fact that there might have been nothing she could have done when they were all captured anyway. How did her mind end up in Roxie’s body? And if she was here, what happened to Roxie? Was the Pokemon’s mind trapped in what used to be her body, trapped for other terrible experiments? And why do this anyway? What did they have to gain by letting her go like this? Were any of her Pokemon saved from the horrible fates faced in the lab? She just let everything eat at her.

Worse, while she was awake, her vision continually shifted. She knew that Roxie, like most Luxray, had been able to see through objects. But, she had not expected it to happen to her on and off against her will. She would be looking at a tree one moment then looking behind it the next. Unused to such a thing, it gave her a headache and every time her vision changed her mind would begin to panic again. All-told, she was growing further exhausted mentally.

It was some time before something stirred her. Something lightly fell on her head. Dismissing it as a twig or leaves, she let it leave her mind. Then she felt something moving. Lifting her head, it stopped only for a moment. When it started moving again, Becca felt her skin crawl and automatically jumped upright, shaking her head.

<Heyheyhey! Stopstop!> The voice that called at her was quick and surprisingly gruff. <C’monc’mon! Buzzy’s just sittin’ here.>

Whatever ‘Buzzy’ was, he was clinging to her fur. She looked down at the water she was still standing beside. Right between her ears was a Joltik. His tiny beaded eyes stared back at her in the water.

<Sorrysorry. Not a lotta Pokemon round here anymore. And you got lotsa sparks to share. They’re flying all which ways.>

It was true. Small arches of electricity continued to leap across her body at odd intervals. <Sorry, I don’t know how to stop it,> she said quietly, lying back down. While she was somewhat startled that she could understand the Pokemon, it did make sense and she was just too depressed to really let it register.

<Don’t know how? That’s sillysilly. How do you evolve an’ not know?> he asked in confusion. <An’ your voice’s all scratchy. Why doncha drink? Water’s right there.>

Fresh teardrops dripped off the Luxray’s cheek as she sighed. <I don’t know how, because I didn’t evolve. Roxie did. I’m not supposed to be a Pokemon at all. And I don’t feel much like water will fix any of my trouble.>

The Joltik seemed a little surprised. <So you’re a human? You one of those the monsters got?>

Becca lifted her head straight up at that, trying to look up at the small Pokemon. <You know about them?>

Of course he did. Buzzy explained in his quick speech that he was small and able to hide where he could still see things. She realized that he called the scientists monsters because they weren’t human or Pokemon and he did not know what else to call them. He also said that they were the reason so many Pokemon were gone from the area. Becca had been wondering why it was so quiet in the middle of a forest. The wild Pokemon had been disappearing because of the monsters and a lot of those remaining had fled to avoid the same thing. The monsters took humans too. But the humans never came back out. When asked why he had not run away with the other Pokemon, he said that he could hide, so as long as there were some Pokemon for him to get static from, he would be okay. But, it was getting harder since so many Pokemon were gone.

<Even other Joltiks like Buzzy are gone. They got tootoo close tryin’ to get electric from the monsters’ house. Get too close, you get catchered.>

Becca looked quizzical. <The monsters’ house?>

<Yupyupyup. Where they go in an’ out. Past the bottom of the sparky mountain. They make their own electrics. Easy for Joltiks to find,> he said with some pride.

Standing upright suddenly, Becca looked left and right. <Buzzy, do you know where we are? Can you point me towards the nearest humans?>

The smaller Pokemon perched on her head tilted his own. <Suresure. You follow the water upstream. Then go straight to the people path. There’s human cities both ways. Howcomehowcome?>

Becca did not answer right away as she began trotting along the side of the narrow brook. She quickly realized that the monsters’ house was a lab, and most likely the one where she had been held. When he said that he knew where it was, figuring that “sparky mountain” meant the area of Chargestone Cave, her first reaction was to go there and try to find any of her Pokemon that might have survived. But, she quickly realized that was a bad idea. There was no way she could enter that area without being captured again. She had to find help. Unsure where or how the get help, she had to find someone. Getting anyone to understand would be difficult. The alternative was to give up on her Pokemon and allow this to happen to other people. She had to try.

Following the water, she spoke up to the Joltik. <You might want to get off if you don’t want to leave home.>

<Nahnah. You got lotsa sparks to share. ‘Sides, you gonna need Buzzy to find monsters’ house when you get back,> he said correctly guessing her intention.

<You know, you’re pretty smart, Buzzy.>

She received a snicker in response. Becca was glad to have at least another Pokemon to help her along, though she could not bring herself to show it. Her mind was still wrapped around everything that had happened to her and her Pokemon. She trembled slightly at the thought and focused herself on reaching civilization.

04-17-2011, 01:34 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Distortion World

When Aur woke up, he wasn't sure that he had.

Huge landmasses floated above and below. Columns and rock and sand extended in every direction, forming strange web of stone of terrain. Wind raced through the tunnels created by the twisting spires of yellows rocks while the specks of sand were driven against his body. It was like how M. C. Escher might have depicted a desert.

Aur briefly imagined pinching himself to check if this was a dream. But no, dreams made even less sense than this.

The particle accelerator had overloaded as residual Voidium built up within the system had begun propagating itself indefinitely, causing a catastrophic chain reaction that had somehow opened up a hole in space and time to... this place. But wait. The accelerator was designed to purge all the Voidium from its interior every cycle. There shouldn't be any possibility of singularity build-up. Perhaps his accelerator had been tampered with?

Aur wouldn't put it past Shadow. He knew that the man had been spying on him for a long time. He was closely involved with Xexan and probably knew all of their laboratory locations... including A-7. And if he had spies within Xexan, it wouldn't be that hard to sabotage Aur's reactor while he was away.

Aur looked around. He was standing on the edge of a massive floating hemisphere of sand. It would appear that the entire laboratory had been sent to this realm. Below, beyond all the floating land and twisting spires, was a huge, nebulous mass spiraling into some invisible hole beyond.

Jack was lying on the sand, staring up into the sky as though this were just a beach excursion. Ezekiel was still asleep. Aur walked over, picked up the Porygon-Z by the tail, and shook it. Ezekiel promptly woke up, flailing in panic.

"Calm down," Aur said, and let go of the Pokemon, letting it fall to the ground. With that, he descended back into the laboratory to get test equipment.

Neo Emolga
04-17-2011, 08:18 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Skyarrow Bridge, En Route to Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: None

I made up my mind. I didn’t want to die, not to the grizzly nature of the Tempest Virus that Aur had described. I had gotten into my car, and prepared to drive east on the Skyarrow Bridge… which I imagined in a few hours, would be packed endlessly with cars and trucks trying to evacuate Unova in mindless hysteria over the virus. They didn’t know yet, but they soon would…

“It was worse than we predicted. Enormous tumors grow on all regions of your body, turning you into this misshapen... abomination, barely recognizable as human. And your mind turns to nothing, you turn into a raging animal, unable to register the fact of your own existence, until you die.”

I didn’t want to imagine what was happening in Icirrus City right now. It was possible that the first symptoms of this Tempest Virus were only mild until they grew and escalated more and more. The nightmare that Aur described was something I couldn’t bear to watch myself. And second of all, I didn’t want to be claimed by it. If surviving and escaping it meant becoming something like Aur, I was prepared to make that choice. And maybe, just maybe, I could help a few people along the way.

The Skyarrow Bridge seemed to be enveloped with a stillness like the calm before the storm. For now, the bridge was normal, but I could just see wall to wall cars and trucks abandoned as people fled to Castelia City to take any boat they could away from Unova. I still had the chance to do that, but I knew the virus would be circulated around the world in time. At least one of the boats would be carrying an infected person who no one suspected had actually caught the Tempest Virus. The only way to truly escape it was to no longer be human.

I left the radio off. I didn’t want to hear about the sickness in Icirrus City that no one suspected of being anything serious yet. If Aur could no longer save these people, perhaps there was something I could do on my own. Even if it meant plunging myself onto Xexan’s front door, and leaving myself at their mercy to try and find the mutagen that they created. And worst case scenario, if I failed to get it from Xexan, dying in their hands would be far better than letting the virus consume my body and sanity.

As I followed the location that Aur gave me, I took a deep breath and sighed. Hopefully, somehow, I’d pull out of this alive, even if it could never be the same.

04-17-2011, 10:05 PM
(Ooc: My my, does every RP I take part either go to Apocalypse, or is set in a Post-Apocalyptic world?)

Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
En-Route to Nacrene City

Fennel's walk, until the near end, was in silence. None of the four dare bring out any Pokemon. They wouldn't need any, though all six were on them.

Fennel's concern, however, was Necros. The Shiny Audino said it himself and had demonstrated it; He could escape a PokeBall. This meant that Necros could free himself, which would draw attention to the area. That meant that Necros freeing himself could reveal her presence, and therefore spoil her stealth. A Pokemon suddenly busting out of it's PokeBall in front of a guard would be enough to tip said guard off.

"This just in! Iccirus City is-"

Oh crud. She forgot to turn the Xtranceiver off. She was about to flick the off switch, when she saw the screen.

She saw people getting infected with the Tempest Virus.

"-Being ravenged by a mysterious force! We are not sure if this is a Pathogen or a curse from the gods, but we're keeping live!" The reporter yelled, from an arial view of Iccirus, smothered in snow.

Dear Arceus. She immediatly phoned in the Tempest Virus Workers.

"Hello?" A voice rang. It was too dark to see voices.

"It's Fennel. I've just heard that Iccirus City has gotten thick with Tempest, and I don't know how. Tell me you've got some sort of vaccine!" Fennel barked.

"...Dear Arceus..." The voice went. "...We don't have one yet. All we've got is the Genetic Manipulation Route."

Her coworkers heard what she said, and what the news report said...They muttered amoung themselves for a minute...Before it came into sight. The Nacrene City Gym and Museum. That's where they needed to be.

Fennel got hit with a stroke of brilliance. A Mew hair is what they needed. Mew DNA could repair all wounds-and give human recepiants an immunity to the Tempest virus. They didn't even need to look only partially human, the Mew DNA could turn into human DNA and still keep the immunity to Tempest.

Ironic that their theivery would save the world. Very ironic. But very fortunate.

One more thought struck Fennel. She dialed another number, a number that was for the Scientist that also announced things over the Intercom.

"Hello?" The intercom scientist said. "Oh, Fennel, hi! Have you heard about the Tempest Virus in Iccirus?"

"Yes, yes I have. Henceforth why I need you to make an announcement. I want every person that we find to come out a Pokemorph or a Chimera. Our captured Trainers don't count, but everyone that comes to our front door comes in, becomes a Chimera or a Pokemorph, and get's out! Got it?" Fennel said.

"Alright, I'll make the announcement, Madm!" The Scientist said before hanging up. Fennel was glad she was an important figure in Xexan. She got the authority to make these desicions.

Neo Emolga
04-17-2011, 10:33 PM
OOC: Well, I originally didn't intend for that to happen, but... :P

Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: None

I stopped the Buick once I reached the outskirts of Pinwheel Forest. It had taken me this far, but now I had to head out on foot. I kept the keys, just in case. Trying to head anywhere in Unova without a car or a flying Pokémon wouldn’t be fast enough, and even though I didn’t have the later, if I had a cure to distribute, the Buick would be my best alternative from getting to where I needed to be.

It had all come down to this, and I could honestly say this wasn’t how I was hoping things would turn out. The radio had been off the entire time, and half of me wanted to know how far the virus had really spread, and the other half just didn’t even want to hear anything about it at all. Vickers was now paying the price for the crime of his own arrogance. Aur was dead, and unfortunately, there was nothing he could do now. It was ironic now that Xexan, who had been the government’s supposed enemy, was now their only hope of saving lives. Somehow, I had to find a way to trust them, or at least hope they’d give me an escape from this nightmare.

Even if that escape was just death. Better to die swiftly, than to be gutted and turned into an abomination.

I used a GPS device to track where the location of the Xexan lab was, according to Aur’s coordinates. Contrary to Aur’s belief, no one in the government knew about this coordinates besides myself. I figured now the government would have a much bigger priority on their hands than Xexan, and if I was to depend on Xexan for help, I wasn’t about to expose them. I never did find out what happened to Agent Donavan or Agent Dinkins, but that was past now, even if they were dead. As I made my way through the forest, I knew it would be some time before the Tempest Virus reached down here. However, I didn’t want to wait.

I crossed through the streams, not caring if I got my shoes and my business suit wet. Branches and twigs snapped and shifted under my feet, while the canopy of trees blocked out most traces of sunlight. In truth, this was a brilliant place for Xexan to hide, and it was no surprise how they had managed to evade the FBI for so long. However, it was clear that some branches of the government had lied to us the entire time. It was a conspiracy theory, only this time, it was true, and I proved it. However, by the time I put together all the pieces, everything had been swept away by Mr. Shadow’s actions. He tried to become the hero, and instead, all he was going to be was a dead villain, doomed to suffer the same painful fate he was going to put everyone else into.

As I continued through the forest, I could tell I was getting close. The point on the GPS was drawing near, and soon, I would have the answer I wanted.

04-17-2011, 11:58 PM
(Ooc: Raven X, another one of your original Pokemon's time has come. Specifically, Your Bisharp.)

Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Nacrene City Museum
Affected RPers: N/A

They were at the Museum. The key to saving thousands, possibly millions of lives was in here, guarded by people who were unwittingly delaying the salvation of many.

Now that she thought about it...There was more to it than that. This would also open the door to the Evolutionary Chemicals for Xexan, as well as many more experiments. But now wasn't the time to think about the future-now was the time to create it. Xexan's goal was to asset the human race, trying to make sure every sacrifice would pay out many times fold. No matter what, there wasn't (or they tried to avoid) experiments where there wasn't anything to be gained.

And now, they didn't even need to kill for a gain. The world's fate rested on the hair, and she would seize it.

The first step was as planned. Hulin's power in this operation would lie in his hyper intellect and ability to hack. It took only minutes for him to shut the system down.

Then came the infiltration. Fennel found an air duct big enough and strong enough to fit and support two Half-human half-Pokemon beings, and was screwing off the hatch to this air duct. Meanwhile, Lauren was taking full advantage of her Whimsicott genetics, allowing her to slip into any gap the wind could, and a few that couldn't. The contortionary she was able to pull off was startling to the point that Fennel was thankful she didn't see it. However, Lauren's purpose was to make sure that the Guard wouldn't get the jump on them. She'd radio in if they suspected something fishy was going on, and would stop the guards if she could. With that thought, the last screw was taken care of, and the entrance to the air duct was open.

She crawled into the now-open air duct, not caring for the abrupt coldness of the metal. This was far more important. Lives rested on this. And her experiments, of course. Karl followed suit quickly afterwards, brushing up against her tails. He was an ally, one immune to her cursed tails.

It took a few minutes to reach the duct that led to the special exhibit room, the one that changed every other month to show another fascinating exhibit that really wasn't worth keeping for more than two months at a time. In this case, the Mew hair was shown in the far back of the room, with only two guards, standing in front of the entrance...They were behind them...She quietly unscrewed the small window of the air duct, checking the body expressions of the guards-and the guards themselves. They looked capable of doing fifty push-ups right then and there, they were so masculine.

Her work done with unscrewing the grate, she carefully removed it, making sure there wasn't any clanging noise when she did...She placed a small device on the edge of where the grate was, one that had a rope, connected to a pack that Karl was wearing. Karl would use his Illusion ability to become as see-through as possible, making it so that if one of the guards were to look behind him while Karl was being lowered, he'd see nothing. Carrying the vial back up was a different matter entierly-if the guard looked back then, then it wouldn't matter if there was an Illusion on the Box or not (as if Karl would be that dumb), they'd raise an alarm, despite the lack of an alarm to raise.

And, miracuoulsly, Karl managed to get his hands on the glass vial that held and magnified the Mew hair.

And Fennel's worst fear-and the most likely one at that-was immediatly realized. With a flash of light and a loud noise, Necros materialized over the grate, probably not guessing his masterful escape would place him in midair. And if the noise and flash of light weren't enough, Necros managed to shout "AH HA!" in an incredibly loud noise. Then he noticed his lack of a platform to stand on, and said "Ah sh*t." before falling down with a loud 'thud!'

And to add to it all, Karl's jerking on the container (which seemed to be rooted to the spot) was too much on the air duct, which forcefully and suprisingly gave way a little more than expected, tilting Fennel's positon enough to make that position in midair, falling down.

And she hit unconsiousness when she hit the ground. It certianly wasn't fatal, but it certianly was enough for Fennel to be out for a while.


Cress Novairt
NPC Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha
Affected RPers: Neo (Technically)

"OK, people!" Cress said, standing before his team of the best surgeons Xexan had to offer. Cress was in the same boat himself. Nearby was a dead Bisharp, recently killed, as were many other Pokemon, one from each belt they had taken from other trainers. The Bisharp genetics would go to the first one coming in.

"We've got to give whoever comes in here Pokemorph or Chimera Genes. Pokemorph's easier, so we'll do that." Cress said. "We might be dealing with multiple patiants at once, and we aren't being picky. Unless they try to kill us upon entry, or they have the virus themselves, we are taking them and giving them the Genetic Infusion of one Pokemon only. They don't get a say in it-I don't care if they don't want to be a Gothitelle Pokemorph, if it's the genes we give you, it's the genes you use!" He added, setting the guidlines. "We can't be sloppy, but we can't be slow either. We will be responsible for everyone's well being, and we can't afford to make mistakes, or take too much time." He said.

"Everyone on standby-I need people on those operating tables, and I need people at the gates. I'll take that one!" Cress said, making it final. He was wearing a Racal suit, one previously supplied. Considering he was human, he'd need this. Thank Arceus for government supplies.

He was calm, cool, collected...And weilding a Encrypt 143 Pistol, just in case things got ugly.

04-18-2011, 03:45 AM
Alyse Hadder <Arcanine>
Pinwheel Forest
Burn Intensity: 2/5
Affected RPers: None

Alyse stopped near a stream, taking large gulps of water. She had been running to avoid that monster from before, but she had to be careful as well. Running through everything she came to would only lead a trail back to her, and she didn't want to be easy to find. Not only that, but wild Pokemon lived in the forest. She had already angered a few Whirlipede by crashing straight into them. After that, she was just happy she got away with only a couple scrapes; none poisoned either. Alyse was a lot more careful after that little incident, keeping her speed up while also trying to use her now more precise sense to warn her of upcoming obstacles.

It had already been several minutes of this intense chasing, but Alyse could still smell that horrific smell. The one like that of a Pokemon and human mixed together. So, after taking a few gulps, she took off again, jumping over the small stream like it was nothing. Carefully, she began angling her flight. She wanted to circle back and get to that same location. She wasn't sure how it would help, but maybe if she could find the way in, she could mark it. After all, those people had disappeared awfully quickly. There had to be an entrance to a lab nearby. Then if only she could get authorities to go and see the entrance...

So, she slowly began altering her course, making sure that her pursuers weren't coming any closer. By trying to run the outside of a circle, as opposed to the inside her foes were running, she was giving them a major advantage. To keep from falling behind, Alyse had to push herself to her limits, trying desperately to keep ahead while running the longest distance. Eventually though, she felt herself gaining ground.

With a renewed hope, she burst forward, trying her best to swerve around the native plants. Thankfully, it seemed her burn was already beginning to heal, so it didn't slow her down too much.

Then, just like that, the scent was gone. Alyse paused, taking in a deep breath to confirm it. The master and the Pokemon who had been tracking her had turned and gone the other direction. She sniffed again. Well, whatever it was that had caught their attention, it might give her enough time to mark the place of her battle and leave before getting caught. Then she could make sure that the reason she had turned around wasn't anything serious.

It took time, but finally she found the area she had battled at. Ironically, it was that monster's own smell that told her she was in the right place. She had obviously been upset about Alyse getting away, for she had made a huge gash in a tree nearby.

Well, there was really no time to waste. Alyse got to work. She dug small holes, sniffed, and tried everything to find where the entrance might be. It had to be hidden, since the labs hadn't been found out by the government yet. This might take some time.


Masekios Prieto, aka Maite
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo Emolga

Maite froze. A new smell drifted to her, one that definitely wasn't from a Pokemon. She paused, completely indecisive as to whom she should follow. Biting her lip, she glared and thought. Though she needed to make sure the Arcanine wouldn't give people suspicions about their location... They'd dealt with a situation like that just recently. Not only that, but it was highly improbable that a Pokemon as rare and powerful as an Arcanine could simply walk up to a trainer and explain the situation. No, she'd get captured first, perhaps even before she could talk to the trainer's Pokemon.

Fine then, she'd decided. The human who was now stalking through the forest near her was the biggest threat at the moment, especially if they had been near when the earlier events had transpired. Now wouldn't that be lovely.

She turned and bolted back in almost the same direction as she had come. This human was getting awfully close to the base... Maite climbed a tree and began jumping fro limb to limb to save time. She'd go so much faster without having to weave through roots and other flora.

Her Pokemon followed her without hesitating, Lavimi successfully dodging plants on the ground with more grace than Maite could ever manage, Royce somehow going through every plant without a single problem, and Almas following Matie's tree flight.

A few tense moments later, she landed on a tree close to the source of the smell. There were obvious sounds coming from the same direction. Twigs snapped, ferns rustled as they were were pushed aside, and a wet squishing noise appeared to accompany each step. It was as though this person wasn't even trying to be stealthy. Or perhaps humans were simply more clumsy than she remembered. It had been quite a while since she could call herself one...

Pushing such thoughts from her mind, she silently fell from her tree, landing on a nice green patch of moss. Gliding through the brush, Maite made sure each of her Pokemon were following her before peeking around a trunk. The man was average looking, except for the obvious signs that he was not bothering to keep himself clean from the forest. He also looked determined, confident, but maybe desperate? He carried himself like a government operative. Was he? He didn't appear to have much equipment... Or back up. Maite could smell that much.

Hm. In that case, there was only one way to find out everything at once. One fast way. Maite slipped out from behind her tree, stopping directly in the man's path.

"Well. What have we here?"

She looked him up and down, appraising him. Royce followed his partner, but the other two stayed in the shadows, ready to provide surprise back up if needed. The Gloom flounced over to Maite's side, his goofy grins plastered on as he looked Logan. The man was tall.

"Care to tell me what you're doing here?" Maite asked, rubbing her nails on her shirt.

She had abandoned her lab coat long before, as she knew it would have hindered he chase of the Arcanine. Still, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out who, or rather what, she was. He certainly looked smart enough, and chances were he'd probably come close before. Why else would he be wandering directly towards the lab?

"You're obviously not lost. Not with the way you were carrying on." She had noticed the GPS he had by now.

Did he have coordinates to the lab? Where could he have gotten them from? Either the government was hot on their tail, unlikely since he had no back up, or someone on the inside had given him the location. Maite didn't like the implications of that last answer, so she simply waited to see how this man would react.

Neo Emolga
04-18-2011, 04:21 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Unova
Affected RPers: Flakeblood

I had taken off my business jacket, casting it aside. Truthfully, at a time like this, it made me wish I had been wearing those Pokémon breeder clothes again. They were way more comfortable than this.

It wasn’t long until I had been found by a Chimera of a Houndour, Crobat, and Sandshrew. These Xexan scientists had definitely gotten stealthy. I hadn’t heard her or seen her coming at all, and before I even had the chance to blink, she was right in front of me, accompanied by a Gloom.

“Well. What have we here?” She asked me curiously, looking me over. “Care to tell me what you're doing here?”

“It’s pretty simple,” I told her. “Xexan knows the way to stop becoming infected by the Tempest Virus. I already know it was released in Icirrus City, and it will only be a matter of days before it spreads all over Unova. From what I’ve heard, becoming infected is pretty grizzly. I’m willing to do anything to avoid becoming the kinds of monsters that thing creates.”

“You're obviously not lost,” She told me, taking note of the GPS. “Not with the way you were carrying on.”

“You’re right, it was Aur Morose who gave me the coordinates,” I told her, telling her the truth. “However, right now, the government is no longer your problem. They have their hands full trying to deal with the virus, so I can guarantee you Xexan is the least of their concern right now considering what that virus is capable of. And yes, Aur told me everything about it. He told me the only cure you discovered was to turn those who were at risk of infection into Pokémorphs or Chimeras. That’s why I’m here. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive. No one else knows about these coordinates, only I do. I’d rather leave this knowledge in Xexan’s hands than try to let the government take over when they’ve screwed up so much already.”

I opened my jacket, and revealed the insides.

“I’m not armed,” I told her, showing her I didn’t have a single weapon on me. “And I don’t have any tracking beacons or radios on me either, not that anyone would care considering either the government is going to try and stop the virus or simply evacuate. If you help me, I’ll return the favor.”

There wasn’t much choice I had in the matter.

04-18-2011, 05:33 AM
Masekios Preito (Maite)
Xexan Scientist
Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo Emolga

This man was being pretty straightforward with her. Not only that, but despite the fact that he looked desperate, he didn't really looked frightened. He didn't smell it either. That old saying about Pokemon being able to smell fear? Maite had found out first hand that it was correct. Well, it had been for her genes. She didn't know about every Pokemon. Still, he was completely blunt and to the point.

“It’s pretty simple,” he was saying, “Xexan knows the way to stop becoming infected by the Tempest Virus. I already know it was released in Icirrus City, and it will only be a matter of days before it spreads all over Unova. From what I’ve heard, becoming infected is pretty grizzly. I’m willing to do anything to avoid becoming the kinds of monsters that thing creates.”

Maite scowled and looked away. The Tempest virus. That was something she had never wanted to think of again. She was certain that her memory loss from that time period wasn't a side-effect. Her mind purposely shoved those memories into some small, dark corner of her mind so that she would never accidentally run into them, so that she would be able to carry on in life.

Yet here it was, that same virus, only spreading throughout the continent. ...right? She went to pull her communications device from her pocket before realizing she didn't have any. Her connection to the news was still in her lab coat. She made a frustrated 'tch' before looking back at the man.

"It was Aur Morose who gave me the coordinates,” He was now saying. “However, right now, the government is no longer your problem. They have their hands full trying to deal with the virus, so I can guarantee you Xexan is the least of their concern right now considering what that virus is capable of. And yes, Aur told me everything about it. He told me the only cure you discovered was to turn those who were at risk of infection into Pokémorphs or Chimeras. That’s why I’m here. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive. No one else knows about these coordinates, only I do. I’d rather leave this knowledge in Xexan’s hands than try to let the government take over when they’ve screwed up so much already.”

Well, he did seem well informed about the virus. He wouldn't risk coming here if he had no idea what that little bugger was capable of. But Aur. She was upset. More than upset. She felt like toppling another tree. Some of these scientists were so full of themselves, believing they were allowed to do whatever they anted, just because they got some fancy playthings. Not that this man didn't act sincere, but how could she trust Aur's judgment now? And speaking of sincere, the man had just opened his jacket.

“I’m not armed,” he said. She looked, and sure enough, no metal. Her nose wasn't sensitive to pick up any hidden weapons, but Lavimi's was. She felt confident that the Persian would intervene if she was in immediate danger.

“And I don’t have any tracking beacons or radios on me either, not that anyone would care considering either the government is going to try and stop the virus or simply evacuate. If you help me, I’ll return the favor.”

So, this man walked in totally defenseless, desperate, and actually wanting to be experimented on. It was almost too good to be true. Maite pushed out a long breath that sounded like a cross between a sigh and a groan.

"I have had it up to here with him!" she said, making a motion in the air just above her eyes. "That damn Aur, he's so conceited. Granted, I appreciate the willing specimens, but Groudon be a water Pokemon if that doesn't make me pissed."

She paced a bit before stopping to look at Logan again. It was so tempting. So very tempting. Fennel had snatch that Golurk before, and Maite had been so excited about the ghost specimen. Then she only received one of the people she helped to drag into the lair. How fair was that? So a live specimen... a willing specimen...

"..." Maite hesitated, wondering if it was a crazy thing to do. Hmph. Maybe so, but if this man was right, she'd soon be getting more people here than she could ever handle.

"Fine. Fine! But I've need some information from you. You'd better answer fast too, because if you're telling the truth, that virus will spread faster than you could ever imagine." Maite closed her eyes, took a calming breath, and looked up.

"One, your name. Just because. Two, are you the man Aur ran away with? He left us in quite a mess with that little stunt." Maite had suspected that since he mentioned Aur's name. Aur didn't leave people able to remember so much as their own name, or even a bit of free will, when he let them wander back to civilization. Not usually.

"Three, you said whatever. Whatever it takes to survive. You realize that if we end up administering the cure to thousands of people, we'll run out of Pokemon." Her smile looked sadistic as she spoke the next part, though her eyes showed pain. "Surely you didn't think obtaining genetic material was a simple process? It kills the Pokemon you retrieve it from. And the sample only works once. So... Are you willing, not only to sacrifice the necessary life, but to give up your own Pokemon to save others?"

She paused, letting it sink in. "Four," she said quietly, almost consolingly, "How in the world do you intend to return the favor?"

Neo Emolga
04-18-2011, 10:06 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Unova
Affected RPers: Flakeblood

The Chimera was definitely frustrated with Aur. I could tell, it seemed like they still hadn’t gotten over his separation from the rest of Xexan, taking drastic choices for his own intentions. Still, he had his reasons, and they had theirs.

“Fine. Fine!” She told me, looking a bit like she was losing patience. “But I've need some information from you. You'd better answer fast too, because if you're telling the truth, that virus will spread faster than you could ever imagine.”

It was definitely not a lie, and I had a feeling she was right about the virus being able to spread at a ridiculously fast pace. I could tell from the look in her eyes that the Tempest Virus was not something Xexan took lightly, and yet they were just about the only ones that really knew about it besides the Unova Department of Energy, who had their entire plan badly backfire in their faces.

“One, your name,” She requested. “Just because. Two, are you the man Aur ran away with? He left us in quite a mess with that little stunt.”

“My name is Chris Logan,” I told her straightforwardly. “And yes, I am that man.”

“Three, you said whatever,” She reminded me. “Whatever it takes to survive. You realize that if we end up administering the cure to thousands of people, we'll run out of Pokémon. Surely you didn't think obtaining genetic material was a simple process? It kills the Pokémon you retrieve it from. And the sample only works once. So... Are you willing, not only to sacrifice the necessary life, but to give up your own Pokémon to save others?”

Something didn’t seem right about that. I knew from my own FBI investigations that obtaining DNA genetic material required only obtaining a small fragment of the body, such as hair, saliva, skin cells, epithelial cells, and so on. Exactly what was Xexan doing to the point where it required killing Pokémon in order to get DNA? Or was it really more of a matter of just getting more Pokémon to experiment on, and that this was more of a way of having a bargaining chip?

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but I know enough that you don’t need to kill a Pokémon to get its genetic material,” I told her, really hoping I wasn’t making a stupid mistake by coming here. “One hair, one cotton swab in the mouth, or one drop of blood and you’ve got it. I’ve worked with CSI enough times to know it doesn’t take much. So obviously you want them for a different reason.”

“The truth is, I don’t know of a whole lot of people that would give up their Pokémon to save their own necks,” I told her, knowing I sure wouldn’t make that choice. “In fact, the people that would let their Pokémon take the fall to save their own asses are the kinds of people you don’t want to save. Those are the uncaring, unsympathetic maggots that lead to the kind of corruption that created the Tempest Virus in the first place. And yes, I read the files. It was created as a biological warfare weapon by terrorists. Look, I’m no scientist, but if what you’re saying is absolutely true, even though I couldn’t understand why that would be the case, then I can honestly say you’re not going to save many people at all. The only ones that would willingly let their Pokémon die for their own sake are the kinds of people that would betray Xexan later, much like how they would betray the Pokémon that trusted them. But if it’s not necessary, then make the right choice, and let’s save whoever we can without the costly sacrifice of life. Xexan carries the only future mankind has left for it. Ask yourself… what kind of future would you like that to be, and ask yourself if that’s the kind of future you’re building now?”

“Four,” She asked quietly, almost consolingly, “How in the world do you intend to return the favor?”

“I could try to help any way I can,” I told her, knowing even though I wasn’t a scientist, that wouldn’t make me useless. “Not everyone is going to beg for the cure. Some will try to steal it, some may try to blackmail you for it, and others may even try to kill you for it. But if you trust me and I trust you, I’ll do whatever it takes to stop them and make sure the same kinds of people that started all this aren't the ones to live on so they continue it.”

However, if this wasn’t going to end the way I thought it would, then there was no running. Letting Zephyr, Crash, and Indigo die because I wanted to live just wasn’t right in the slightest. Would I really want to live every day of my life regretting the choice I made, feeling endless guilt about what I had done? To me, that was no way to live. Even if it meant escaping the Tempest Virus, I would sooner shoot myself in the mouth with the pistol that was in the glove compartment of the Buick than let my Pokémon die in my place.

And I had a feeling that if everyone else was forced to make this choice, then all of Xexan’s energy, time, and research would have been for nothing, for there would be no one to use everything they had learned.

04-18-2011, 12:45 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Nacrene city Museum, En-Route to Xexan Secret Location Alpha
Affected RPers: Fakeblood, technically Neo

Fennel awoke, at last. She had a headache that hurt like hell, but that was nothing compared to the sight she first saw.

She saw a slaughterhouse. She was suprised she survived the bloody massacre that obviously occured while she was unconsious. The bodies of Multiple Guards, along with Lauren's and Karl's, were now bloody heaps, some missing body parts that Fennel identified to be feet from their bodies.

It was beyond disgusting. She turned around 360 to identify anything that might be the cause. She only got to 180.

Right behind her, where the Mew hair should have been resting, was nothing. The Mew hair was long gone. Obviously, whatever was the cause of all the death here was also the Mew hair theif. Someone bet her to the punch.

And, to cap it all off, Necros was long gone too. Obviously, he awoke before she did, and ran out of here...If he was alive or dead was up for debate. Fennel stared at the Quick Ball that used to contain him, which was still in useable condition, as the only fortune that came out of hell...Fennel was convinced that she was dead, that seemed to be the only logical solution...And that this was hell...She thrust her Quick Ball down at the ground in disgust. She was wrong all along. Her choice to reveal her mistakes as a way to get Xexan to go rouge was beyond bad, and she'd pay the price for it, eternally.

The sound of a Pokemon being caught in a PokeBall was heard to her right, and Fennel looked in that direction, towards where the exit was, and where her Quick Ball was contending with a Pokemon, from the looks of the wobbling.

It closed, too, the sound of a 'click' emitting from it.

Fennel immediatly disregarded her last theory on being dead and in hell. No way would hell give her the satisfaction of catching a Pokemon. Moreover, her headache was going away, which shouldn't have been happening if that was her fate...She replaced the empty spot on her belt with it.

She then decided to at least see what she caught. She threw the PokeBall back out.

A brief moment, when the figure was nothing but light...Then a figure that looked like an embryo spawned, a figure that Fennel was suprised to see, very suprised. The figure itself was equally suprised at her capture.

However, Fennel immediatly put the Figure back into the Quick Ball after catching the sight of it. She was gasping. She couldn't be proved wrong yet.

She ran out of there, ran like hell (She stopped focusing on hell at this point-if this was hell, she'd see infinate amounts of people infected with Tempest outside.), ran towards the Xexan location at Pinwheel Forest, ran like the wind, and prayed to Arceus that she wasn't too late.

She had what she needed, and then some. She had unwittingly caught the actual Mew, lured in by the thought of seeing humans marvel at her own hair, and the sight of all the bloodshed that was apparent...She probably turned around when she slammed the Quick Ball into the ground, which then shot into the airspace that she was occupying...Dear Arceus, that capture was the luckiest capture of her life.

She burst through the Double doors at the entrance, which was oddly blood-free and still totally intact, she herself still wondering what caused all that violence in the back room...Who did it?

The streets were devoid of any Tempest-infected life forms, and to see Tempest-infected life forms was torture to extreme extents for Fennel. No man wanted to see the gross power of the Tempest Virus...

...The intercom buzzed.

*"I just heard that Aur Morose was the one to unleash the Virus on Iccirus city!*" Said one voice.

*"WHAT?! WHO DID?!"* Fennel roared. Aur Morose was the cause of all this?! She'd have him cursed with a 1000-year incurable Tempest Virus, which would pierce through the resistance Pokemon Genetics supplied. And then she'd put him in the N14-C3. That would be the best show of the year.

*"Madm, I'm sorry, but this is not the time! We're ready to give the Pokemon Genes to whoever shows up!"* Cress said.

*"Well what are you waiting for?! Tempest to hit Pinwheel?! I want people out there, Trainer hunting, so we can administer the cure!"* Fennel yelled.

*"Right away, Madm!"* Cress said. *"Maite! You've got anyone up there with you? Bring him down here NOW! Don't harm him, don't ask questions, just do it!"* Cress than yelled to Maite over the intercom.

Neo Emolga
04-18-2011, 03:47 PM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Unova
Affected RPers: Flakeblood, Latio-Reol

It was the question I was wondering about. Killing millions of Pokémon to save millions of lives just wasn’t right. However, before the Chimera responded, a second one had come up from the ground and joined her. Like Aur, she was also a Chimera, a combination of a Furret and an Eevee, giving her a coat of brown and beige fur, a long tail, and long ears.

“Maite!” She told the other Chimera, looking like she was in a hurry. “Come on, we don’t have time to waste on this! Bring him in and let’s get other people in here already! Fennel just confirmed Aur released the Tempest Virus in Icirrus City!”

“No, he wasn’t the one who released it,” I told her, knowing she wouldn’t be aware of who really did. “And I have proof. It was Aur who reprogrammed the virus, but it was Damien Vickers, the Secretary of Energy, who had the virus released. He was planning on using the cure developed by a biotech corporation to be the hero and command leverage over everyone else. However, it didn’t work against Aur’s newer version.”

“Are ya sure about that?” She asked me, looking doubtful about that.

“I have proof in my car,” I told her. “A whole pack of strictly confidential documents that I had to cheat the system to obtain. If none of this virus stuff had been going on right now, I’d probably be in a prison cell right now.”

It was true, I had to break the rules. There was no other way of going about it. I led the Furret and Eevee Chimera with me to the Buick, backtracking my way through the forest. Meanwhile, I discovered she was definitely quite talkative.

“So, Aur’s not the guy?” She asked me, reconfirming that. “Whole darn thing’s a real mess, ain’t it? Hey, name’s Chibi by the way, I’m mostly an assistant. I’m hopin’ they let me in on this new plan of theirs, it would finally give me a chance to prove I’m good for something more than fetchin’ stuff for people!”

“Something tells me you’ll have plenty of opportunity for that,” I told Chibi as we made our way through the forest. “As for Aur, he’s not entirely guilty. I told him not to give Vickers the virus, but he did anyway, even though he did make it backfire in his face. I’m guessing Aur had some kind of backup plan, but he didn’t expect Vickers to betray him. From what Vickers said to me, it sounds like Aur’s dead.”

“Hmm, not sure how I feel about that,” Chibi replied, looking off as we continued on. “Part of me feels like the guy deserves it, the other part wishes this could have worked out some other way. Like I said, whole darn thing’s a mess.”

I felt like that myself. It wasn’t long until we had arrived back at the Buick. After unlocking the doors, I opened the passenger’s side car door, pulled out my briefcase, and found the printed documents I prepared earlier. In truth, I knew Xexan could make use of these. It contained proof that the Tempest Virus was created by a terrorist group named Desert Sun, something they didn’t even know about. It also showed correspondence between Aur and the Department of Energy. Vickers would never tell me the full truth, and I could only guess where he was now. If I didn’t know any better, my guess would be that Vickers was trying to create a backup cure, even in the midst of the virus still spreading. Seeing as he had kept taking his chances already, I wouldn’t put it past him. However, these documents spoke for themselves. With these documents, Xexan would not be hunted by the government any further, not in the future and definitely not now with what was going on.

“Well, this is the stuff,” I told her, handing Chibi the documents. “Tell Fennel or whoever is in charge that a lot of this will explain what’s going on. Vickers compromised our investigations to achieve his own goals. We never found Xexan because of it.”

“Nah, we’re just good and you don’t wanna admit it!” Chibi laughed. “Ah, I get what you’re sayin’. So, this Vickers guy was actually a mole, huh?”

“Pretty much,” I confirmed her beliefs.

She started heading back to the lab, and I followed her. It didn’t take her very long to backtrack all the way back to the lab.

“Ya know, Cress already gave us the order to find whoever we can and turn them into Pokémorphs or Chimeras, whatever’s faster and easier,” Chibi told me along the way. “Still up for it?”

“I already read the reports on what the Virus does, and Aur told me everything about it,” I told Chibi, knowing the grim reality of this thing. “I haven’t seen it in action yet, but the thing sounds like it gets real ugly real fast. I'd rather not be a part of it.”

“Man, even that’s an understatement,” She told me, making her way over branches, twigs, and a small stream of water. “But yeah, I figured that! Well, we can help ya, but the only thing is there’s no tellin’ what ya’ll become after your genetics have been messed around with. I mean, I was able to choose because we weren’t pressed for time, ya know? But now, as Cress told us, you don’t get a say in it, if it’s the genes we give you, it’s the genes you use! We've got to hurry, and I expect a whole freakin' line of people waiting to try and get in once they figured out what we're doin'!”

I was lucky they were willing to do it in the first place. Whatever I got, I figured I would just make the best of it, knowing it would save me from becoming the tumor-overwhelmed abominations that the virus were turning the infected into. Becoming like any Pokémon couldn’t be worse than that.

“So come on, we haven’t got all day, man!” She told me, grabbing my arm and heading in the other direction toward the lab. “Hopefully you’re not the only guy I save today! Hey, when you’re all done, think ya could help me get some more people down over here? Ya seem like a cool guy to work with, and we're gonna need all the help we can get, I'm sure.”

“It’s a deal,” I told her. “How long do you think this is going to take?”

“Mmm, hopefully not too long if all goes according to plan,” Chibi told me as we rejoined Maite at the entrance. “Feels kinda cool savin’ lives, ya know?”

From what I read in the reports, Xexan would only have roughly around a few days before the virus spread all the way to Pinwheel Forest, and it would be too late to save anyone else in Unova. In truth, I saw this as Xexan redeeming itself for everything it had done earlier. It seemed ironic that the organization the FBI was trying to stop was the organization that would save people even after another branch of the government betrayed us. Vickers betrayed everyone by releasing the Tempest Virus, and even though there was little hope of him being able to stop the virus from killing him and his cohorts, it was still possible. He would try to be the hero still, even after being the villain. However, with the documents that I gave Chibi, he would never accomplish that. It was cold, hard proof that Vickers was responsible for the virus’s release. If Vickers somehow survived the virus outbreak, these documents were enough proof to ensure he paid for what he did. No matter what happened, he would never become the hero.

As I followed Chibi toward the underground Xexan lab, hopefully I would be able to help her and the rest of Xexan gather as many people as I could before the virus reached southern Unova.

04-18-2011, 06:44 PM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Inner Pinwheel Forest, En-Route to Xexan Secret Location Alpha.

Fennel was blitzing to get this whole thing over and done with. And she was very able to. Mew-not just it's hairs, but the actual Pokemon-was in a randomly tossed Quick Ball that luckily hit the Mew without either it's or Fennel's realization until after the capture.

And now, one person was lucky enough to get Genetic Information.


Fennel was suprised like hell, and she turned to her left to find out what had. A girl, only nine years old or so, was just standing there, illuminated under the lights.

Fennel would ask quite a few questions, but Fennel couldn't wait. She hit the Ultrasound, and it took three seconds for the kid to fall into an unconsious state. She'd just think it was a nightmare if she was to go home into her house, but now wasn't the time for that.

Rush, dash, flee, sprint, whatever, she now had a nine-year old kid to carry too, and Fennel hoped that there weren't any other people watching that.

She had to get there, just get there. And she was closing in. She had to get there.

Tempest in Iccirus...Tempest in Iccirus...The words were in her heart...And it kept her running.


Cress Noviart
NPC Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha
Affected RPers: Neo

Cress could see Chibi from here, and she was the one to come with the Government official-the one who had the stolen documents, from the Com Chatter.

But he so wasn't interested in that right now.

"Ah, Chibi! You've got him! What's your-Oh, We'll get the formalities done later, Now is not the time!" Cress said, still in his Racal Suit.

"I hope you like Bisharp, your the first one, and that's the first gene's we've got for you. We can't afford to be choosy, we use what we can." Cress said. "Pokemorphs are much easier, Chimeras are when we have time!" He added.

"We've got quite a bit of technology, and we were going to gift these kinds of weapons for you, but you seemed quite unwilling to tolerate our existance...So there you have it!" He said, rounding a corner.

"Maite was just teasing you on the whole kill-a-Pokemon-to-be-a-Pokemorph thing, we're not exactly heroes of the people, but we don't need that much DNA for Gene Splicing-She probably was reffering to when some scientists decide to remove the body parts of other Pokemon entierly and attach them to thier bodies-but it's rarely done, Genetic splicing offers more for less..." Cress went on. He wasn't really paying attention to answers.

"...Gah! Tempest in Iccirus! The insanity of it all! The idiot that would do such a thing, we'd sentance to a year in the N14-C3...It's a torture device, used strictly for people that truly deserve such things...Anything that goes in there will experiance bloody hell on every inch of their body...We weren't expecting to use it, but It looks like we might just. Aur might have modified the virus, but modifying it is just as bad as releasing it. I honestly hope he died. The A-7 labrotory is still emitting signals...Very faint ones at that." Cress said. At this point, they were in the surgery room.

"Don't worry, you won't feel a thing! You don't need to be consious for this!" Cress said, as he gestured inside, where the surgeon team was at the ready.

In truth, Cress wasn't known for being chatty-he was just making sure the man didn't get to uncomfortable on the way there. Looking at the Chimeras in some cases was the reason Cress stayed away from being a Pokemorph or a Chimera in the first place. However, now was differnet.

"I'll be doing it too-Lanturn Genetics, from what I hear. I don't want to wear this around all the time." Cress said, gesturing to the Racal suit.

04-18-2011, 10:24 PM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Distortion World

The results of his tests were mind-blowing. From what he could tell, all the matter around him consisted of the exact same negative matter that his ME Projector generated as it boosted virtual particles into reality. If that was correct, that meant he was in an entire negative universe here. In that case, it was somewhat odd that he didn't automatically annihilate upon touching the matter here, but that might be due to the fact that his body was composed of real particles, not mere virtual particles that had been temporarily boosted into a level where they could interact with real particles. The existence of this universe also confirmed his hypothesis that the reason why the negative matter didn't manifest in their universe during the boosting process. Whenever the ME device projected matter, the negative matter manifested here.

Well, if the accelerator overload had got them here, maybe it could get them back. The systems had suffered minor damage, mostly from overheating, but it wasn't anything that Aur or Jack could repair within a few hours. Aur made Jack do it; with his computer-assisted reflexes and movement, he could be more precise than Aur could. Plus, Aur felt like exploring.

So he set out, with Helias and Ezekiel, leaving his Galvantula behind to guard the laboratory. He walked across this strange, otherworldly desert, crawling across one of the enormous sideways columns that connected his piece of land to another one. As he walked, he noticed that the world was not static. The landmasses moved. At first this worried Aur, who wondered if the moving landmasses meant that he would be unable to get back to his lab, but as he continued to observe their shifting, they seemed to move in predictable patterns. That meant that he would be able to return to the accelerator.

The sands continued for as long as he could see, and he had been walking for quite a while now. This portion of this universe was evidentially an analog of the desert in which Laboratory A-7 had been built under. He sighed. If that was true, then there would be nothing beyond his bizarre landscape for weeks worth of travel. He turned around, and started walking back. Yet this world was not infinite, for if it were there was no way he would be able to see the swirling dark clouds of some plasma-like substance beyond. But was the boundary just an illusion? For as he walked, it seemed to get no closer.

Aur was about halfway back to the laboratory now. He wondered what the situation was back in the real world. Had Tempest been released yet? If so, it would at least be a while before the plague spread throughout Unova. People wouldn't start really getting sick in droves for at the very least a week after the initial release. Aur had that long to release his cure in the meantime. It was an elegant solution to the pandemic problem: contain the cure within a virus of its own, in this case a shell consisting mostly of material made from the original Tempest virus. But this counter-virus replicated itself primarily in Pokemon, not humans And it was here from which the virus would derive snippets of genetic code from the Pokemon it infected, then from the carrier Pokemon spread to humans, where it would detect the Tempest virus, then modify the genetic code that Tempest attacked, starving the virus out of the host.

Aur doubted anyone else could have produced so elegant a solution. Once his counter-virus was released, it should solve the Tempest problem by itself. It was the only way one man could produce enough cure to save a region.

A sudden haunting cry pierced through the air, interrupting Aur's reverie. He looked up and around--and there was the source. A huge, flying black... thing. It took a few moments for Aur to recognize it. Giratina.

So, they were in the Distortion World? If so, that would confirm Aur's suspicion of this place being a negative-matter parallel universe.

"Well, screw the accelerator," Aur said. Both his brains raced with possibility. If he could capture Giratina, not only would that be the ticket back home, but it would catapult his research forward another hundred years into the future! "Back to the lowest bidder!"

He started running, scuttling forward as fast as his legs could carry him. Giratina was flying below, heading towards the laboratory--it was probably curious about the massive dimensional disturbance earlier. Aur squinted, triangulating distance and speed, calculating trajectory... and jumped.

A leap of faith. Surprised, Ezekiel and Helias were a few seconds late in following. Aur was almost to Giratina when suddenly, he felt the pull of gravity shift, and he began falling in another direction. ****! Directing his arms upward, he manifested a pair of cables in the air around him, and imbued them with enough momentum to shoot up towards the legendary dragon and wrap around its tail.

Aur's velocity pulled the cables taught, and centripetal force swung him around in a circle, falling below Giratina and shooting upwards. Aur squinted again, flying through the air, judged the time, and let go at the right moment. He fell, the cables disintegrated, and he landed right on Giratina's back.

Surprised, the dragon started writhing, trying to turn its head so it could see what had fallen onto its back. Aur started scuttling forward. His Ariados genes would come in handy now.

Neo Emolga
04-19-2011, 12:00 AM
Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Unova
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

I followed her into the underground Xexan lab. The lights were substantial, not as bright as they could have been, but I figured they only tried to get replacement bulbs when they really needed them. Meanwhile, the walls weren’t exactly gleaming clean, but I’d be an idiot to complain about the way they handled these. Meanwhile, the tiled floor hadn’t been cleaned in a while, but to me, that was only trivial.

“Ah, Chibi!” One of the other Xexan researchers addressed her, who was still wearing a Racal suit. “You've got him! What's your-Oh, We'll get the formalities done later, Now is not the time!”

In truth, I wanted to help Chibi as soon as possible. There was no telling when the virus would make its way down here, but we needed to do everything we could before that happened.

“I hope you like Bisharp,” He told me, “you’re the first one, and that's the first gene's we've got for you. We can't afford to be choosy, we use what we can. Pokémorphs are much easier, Chimeras are when we have time! We've got quite a bit of technology, and we were going to gift these kinds of weapons for you, but you seemed quite unwilling to tolerate our existence...So there you have it!”

“Ah, that’s Cress,” Chibi told me with a smile. “You’ll get used to him, trust me.”

There really wasn’t much time to talk about it. Normally, I would have tried to tell him things from my point of view, but there really wasn’t time. The virus forced our hand on this one, but if it hadn’t been necessary, I likely wouldn’t be here right now.

“Maite was just teasing you on the whole kill-a-Pokémon-to-be-a-Pokémorph thing,” Cress told me. “We're not exactly heroes of the people, but we don't need that much DNA for Gene Splicing-She probably was referring to when some scientists decide to remove the body parts of other Pokémon entirely and attach them to their bodies-but it's rarely done, Genetic splicing offers more for less...”

“Still sounds pretty grizzly,” I replied, trying to push aside the ethics for now.

“Yeah, messy as all hell too,” Chibi told me, sighing. “Lots of blood to clean up. I swear, I don’t even smell the disinfectant anymore.”

"...Gah! Tempest in Iccirus!” Cress continued, changing the subject. “The insanity of it all! The idiot that would do such a thing, we'd sentence to a year in the N14-C3...It's a torture device, used strictly for people that truly deserve such things...Anything that goes in there will experience bloody hell on every inch of their body...We weren't expecting to use it, but It looks like we might just. Aur might have modified the virus, but modifying it is just as bad as releasing it. I honestly hope he died. The A-7 laboratory is still emitting signals...Very faint ones at that."

“Well, there’s no full confirmation,” I told him. “Vickers told me he had someone tamper with the accelerator to his machine. I’m not sure if that killed Aur or not, but judging from the complexity of that machine, it could have. There’s no real way of knowing, however.”

I was mixed when it came to hoping Aur died or not. It was true, Aur could have decided not to give Vickers the virus in the first place. None of this would have happened, and Aur could have protected himself if Vickers attempted to get retribution. He could have worked around not having his government grants. However, I figured Vickers blackmailed Aur into compliance, threatening to give the FBI and the NSA the location of his bunkers. That was the only explanation I could give for his actions.

It wasn’t long until we had reached the surgery room. It was dimly lit with gray walls and a lot of strange medical equipment.

“Don't worry, you won't feel a thing!” Cress assured me. “You don't need to be conscious for this!”

It was then that I had met the surgical team, all consisting of various Pokémorphs and Chimeras. From what I could tell, they looked eager to get started. I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about that.

“I'll be doing it too-Lanturn Genetics, from what I hear,” Cress told me, trying to assure me things would be alright. “I don't want to wear this around all the time.”

“Well, good luck with it,” I told him frankly. “Considering what that virus is capable of, you can’t go wrong.”

04-19-2011, 01:04 AM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha
Affected RPers: Neo

After what seemed like an infinate amount of eternities, with an added eon thrown in due to the kid's weight, Fennel at last found one of the hatches. She opened it with her foot and rushed in like a bullet.

"Get this kid to a surgical room, STAT!" She yelled. Several Surgeons put her on a table, and started rushing her towards the next-nearest room (The nearest was occupied by the Government official).

She had a headache. A scientist came up to her, one whose voice she couldn't tolerate at all. She didn't hate this scientist, it was just that he was an Exploud Pokemorph with a southern accent. That wasn't pretty to hear. It was like whatever he said was being roared from an Arcanine. he came up to her.

"Hey, Miss Fennel!"He said. Ugh, that voice was irritating.

"This is not the time!" She yelled. "Do you have a signal from the A-7 Lab?"

"Uhh, yes mam." He said. "But why do ya-"

"I need you to blow it up. Use the C-4 in the walls." Fennel said. They implanted C-4 into all of thier bunkers, in case they needed to remove the evidence of their being there.

"Mam, I'm sorry, but we already tried that, and it don't work. The signals ain't strong enough for that." He said.

"D**MIT!" She yelled, in a rare burst of cussword. "Send out an alert to Bravo Location, tell them to get their hands over here NOW! Also, tell them to keep a very sharp eye out for Aur Morose, and if he's seen, Kill him on sight!" She yelled.

"Yes Mam!" He said, running off to the communications room. Ugh.

She had ran down all the way to the bottom floor, to the Evolutionary Chemical Project. Cress was absent, but not another scientist.

"You. I've got something for you." Fennel said.

"So, you've got the Mew hair?" The scientist asked.

"Take a look!" She said, throwing out the PokeBall.

Mew materialized in front of the Scientist. She looked around frantically for a few seconds, staring at the two chimeras, with a worried and panicked expression on her face.

"D-d-dear Arceus...Mew...In the flesh..." The scientist said, as he poked Mew with a Needle. A bit of blood came out, while Mew yelped at the sudden poke.

"...All you need to do is just put it in your mouth while applying the chemicals...That's it...Mew..." The scientist said, still staring at the New Species Pokemon, the creator of all life on the planet.

"Well, take me to one of them! I'll take The Fire, Ghost and...Psychic Evolutionary Chemicals." She said, thinking a little about the last one. She then withdrew Mew, feeling that she'd need to have her mind rewritten before she could do much to assist.

"...Very well...Madm..." The scientist said, still staring at the Quick Ball that contained Mew with incredible interest. "...You'll need to take off some clothes...There's a special suit that'll survive throught the Evolutionary process over there..." The Scientist added, pointing to a spot in the lab. Fennel quickly changed into the new clothes, which weren't exposing in the slightest. Fennel also slipped her whole belt, and all the Pokemon she had with it, into the nearby Computer Box, to keep that Scientist from stealing it. She has extremely powerful anti-hacking software installed in her Box, and she was not losing Mew. She saw jealousy in the eyes of the scientist. Fennel was put inside the room, and was given the little bit of Mew Blood in a cup to put in her mouth.

"Application of chemicals is to begin in 5...4...3..." The Machine went, as Fennel put the Mew blood in her mouth. It had a wierd taste to it...She never expected blood to taste sweet.

And, without further ado, what would change Fennel forever began. The Evolutionary Chemicals sprayed upon Fennel, a spray of Red, Purple and Pink substances upon her, and she already felt a newfound power flowing inside her...

And, the chemicals were, as planned, absorbed into her skin.

She felt really funny, but she really liked it.

And then it truly started. The flash of light was familiar in the sense that she knew what it was, but different in it's colors, a mix of red, purple and pink that never intertwined. And that light was all she saw, for a few minutes. And all she felt was changes, for those few minutes.

But it was brief. Fennel felt like it took both a near-infinate amount of time to finish, and barely time at all. But, regardless of her inability to say how long it was, the flashing was over, the new body she obtained felt regular, and the Scientist was visibly seen shaking like a living earthquake nearby.
She realized that the Mew Blood she had in her mouth had vanished.

The door was open, fortunatly, and she didn't register a extreme height change. She walked out of the room and over to a mirror in the corner of the lab.

She gasped. It retained all of her beauty from before, gave no changes that would spoil the sight of it, meaning that her general appearance, as per her human features, had changed little. It was where it wasn't human where it was most evident.

For starters, she had more tails. Eleven tails were now present, the two new additions being shaped exactly like her fifth tail from before. The sixth tail with this form was larger, more spiky, and had three tips at the end. The odd golden lock on her hair had grown into a small tail on her head.

Meanwhile, the odd 'dress' and the 'necklace' were now intertwined together, the former reaching up high enough that the latter was over it, and the dress now was a little longer in the back (Though it couldn't touch her tails), and now she had two purple locks of hair, with razor-sharp ends to them, dangling just over her eyes. It made no irritation, to her delight. Her eyes had a slight tint of indigo to their color, too, but otherwise still looked like the pools of liquid crystal she had for eyes before.

Her teeth were a little more like a carnivore's; they looked sharper, but they still looked capable of eating plants all the same. However, she knew that she'd have an easier time chewing up meat.

To cap it all off, a few balls of fire were positioned behind her, an eerie light-blue, and they seemed to move at her will. She felt delighted at her new appearance. She was equally happy that she was still able to fit on all of her old clothes, meaning no annoying clothes she'd have to wear while finding something more comfortable to wear.

She walked up to the scientist, shivering as though he just saw a ghost. And technically he did. He saw Fennel. However, while she was putting on her old clothes, a more hardened scientist came in, one that she liked for his ability to remain calm in a crisis, though she never knew the name to. He looked like he was going to tell what those chemicals did beside change her appearance.

"OK, Fennel, The result of the application of the chemicals has, for starters, increased your lifespan far more than anticipated. You can now live to over one hundred fourty thousand and thirty years."

The result was enough to make Fennel giggle in delight.

"Due to the Ghost-Type Genetics, this also means that you'll only look in your thirties when you do die, due to a Ghost-Type's inability to grow and develop." The scientist said. That made her giggle more.

"The curses that your tails can produce can last to match your new lifespan, and have become far more potent. Moreover, you can also produce 'helpful' curses, but that was always there." He droned on. He had that habit. "The same goes for your incantations, they've also become more powerful. The effects last a week, unless you decide to relinquish the effects early." He added. So her magical powers increased further too. She never really did believe in magic until she heard about what a Mismagius could do, and saw a Mismagius do it.

"You've also gained Telepathy, thanks to the Psychic-Type Genetics. Communication with anything in a short, twenty-foot radius is possible, with Pokemon or Human, and it may be heard by whoever you wish." The scientist said. Telepathy would get taking used to, Fennel thought.

"You've gained the ability to control those blue balls of fire you probably saw while looking in the mirror. They can't go very far from your positon, only three feet from you farthest. You can only control four at a time, too. However, I can't even tell you how many ways you could use this." He said. She already concluded that.

"You've also gained the ability to breathe fire. I think that's enough to understand on your own." The Scientist said. True, that needed little explamation. "And the only other thing I should tell you is that you need more meats in your diet. And that's it."

Fennel would have came out of there skipping with joy, but Tempest was abound in Unova. So she came out of there, all buisness. She was at the head of the group that would make the difference. This is what she wanted. She wanted to help humanity.

And she came upon the Operating rooms, and saw the gov't official that the intercom had buzzed over. She thought it best to greet him.

"Hello, I'm Fennel Yew. Yes, the Fennel Yew that invented the Portable Dream Machine a centruy ago...Keep the question to yourself how I still look sixteen, We've got an operation here, and it's one you need done. I'm only here to oversee it." She said in a brisk tone.

She wasn't a surgeon herself, so she couldn't operate on him. However, she at least knew what was a dumb mistake, and she'd try to keep those mistakes out of it; Henceforth her overseeing it.

(Ooc: Feel free to play out the operation, Neo.)

Neo Emolga
04-22-2011, 04:27 AM
OOC: Raven X intends on using Logan as an NPC for the next RP, so I thought I’d see this through and not leave it hanging.

By the way, the new RP will start on the 26th, but feel free to keep posting in this one until then. Chances are good not too much will change from this one to the new one in terms of unfolding events.

Chris Logan
FBI Agent
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Unova
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

They had prepped me for surgery, and I could tell they had gotten quite efficient at doing it. Cress did, however, say I would be asleep during the operation. I guess that was a bit of a relief. Just before they had taken me into the surgery room, one of the head scientists, Fennel Yew, greeted me. I could tell an extensive amount of genetic manipulation had been performed on her, even going beyond being a Chimera of a Ninetales and a Mismagius. The first words that came to my mind when I looked at her were "enigmatically beautiful." Her grace and elegance were beyond anything that could have been accomplished naturally.

“Hello, I'm Fennel Yew,” She told me in a cheerful voice. “Yes, the Fennel Yew that invented the Portable Dream Machine a century ago...Keep the question to yourself how I still look sixteen, We've got an operation here, and it's one you need done. I'm only here to oversee it.”

“I appreciate it, Dr. Yew,” I told her, knowing the operation would save my life.

It was then that they had me change my clothes, taking off the muddy and wet business suit in exchange for the kind of loose-fitting pajama-like garb a hospital patient would wear. Shortly after that, they injected me intravenously to a clear plastic bag filled with anesthetic. It would only be a matter of time before I went to sleep, and they performed the operation.

After lying down on the stretcher, I waited as the Xexan surgeons prepared for the operation. They worked quickly, and once they were finished, it was a simple matter of waiting until I drifted off to sleep.

Eventually, it did come.


I woke up, feeling disoriented, not sure where I was, what I was doing here, or what was going on, but eventually I suddenly realized and remembered my whole purpose for being here. After coming to my senses, I looked at myself, now as a Pokémorph of a Bisharp. The first thing I noticed were my hands, now encased with a silvery metallic coating that had a similar resemblance to medieval gauntlets. Meanwhile, my torso had been encased in a black steel armor, along with two pairs of circular blades surrounding my chest. My shoulders had also been covered with the same steel like armor in the form of red shoulder pads. My thighs had also been covered in the same red metallic armor, while my lower legs and feet had the same silver-colored armor as my hands. Lastly, upon my head was a steel helmet-like covering, with an axe-like blade coming out from the center. Oddly enough, it felt perfectly normal, there was no strange tingling sensation or discomfort. Arising from the bed, I planted my feet upon the ground, stood up, and moved around, feeling somewhat different, but still, I knew I could easily get used to this new form in little time.

It wasn’t long until one of the surgeons had knocked on the door, and after entering, I realized it was a female surgeon, one that was a Chimera of a Swanna and a Cinccino. The combination almost gave her the appearance of a soft, fuzzy angel. She was holding a clipboard in her hands, and seemed to have a satisfied look on her face.

“Well, looks like you’ve settled into it quite nicely,” She told me, pleased with the results.

“Excellent work, thanks,” I told her, looking at my gauntleted right hand again. “I appreciate it.”

“Oh, its no problem,” She told me with a smile. “Well, unfortunately, we need to let you go. With the virus outbreak, we’re expecting a new haul of people coming in here to have the operation performed on them as well, and we’re going to need all available space.”

I nodded, and with that, I headed out, climbing out of the lab before I stepped outside, back in Pinwheel Forest. Thankfully, at least now I was protected from the Tempest Virus, but in the end, I knew, this was only just a new beginning in a whole new chain of events that were about to unfold.

And there was no telling how it was all going to end, either.