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Master Zorua
04-09-2011, 03:09 AM

For a world to start anew, the old world must break, shatter and reform. So thought the people that did this, anyway. The people that broke the world before its time. Some did it to see what would happen. Others did it to bring their own beliefs to the fore, and mold an infant world to their liking.

Catastrophe can bring people together, or it can tear them apart. In this case, it did both to different people, as people began to influence the world around them, and with the world, the people who inhabited it. The people so infinitely different from one another, with different ideals, different powers, and different minds. Some fell before the ideals of others. After all, strength of body and mind was needed to forge the world anew.

Apparently, only one ideal came to pass, striking down the others, talking them out, or fusing their ideals with itself. And that was how the world came to be as it was today.

But it's only a matter of time until someone craves change. The world will fall yet again in the endless cycle of life, death and life again.

It is then that you, man or woman, adult or child; a child of God and Lucifer, of good and evil, of sin and regret, of earth and fire, will have to forge your ideals anew. Or you'll never survive. To make the world yours, you must nurture it, make your decisions, break your barriers, and start anew. Hesitation means only death or failure.

From the scripture of -_ ----____--___(The blur of nature prevents you from reading any more.)

Life is ever changing, ever evolving. While wars rage in the Middle East and tyrannies fall, most of the world enjoys some measure of peace. But that peace is about to come crashing down. The world of man, the world of heaven, and the world of hell are about to collide upon the world, and the fate of it all will be in the hands of a small handful of humans.

While the calamity has not yet occurred, there are already factions at work: the Soul Saviors and the Servants of Gaia.

The Soul Saviors believe that the world should be united under one 'true' religion, and that all other faiths should be assimilated. They seek to unite the world under Order.

The Servants of Gaia feel that humans should take charge of their destiny and that the worlds of the divine and the world of mortals should remain separate, allowing everyone to worship as they wish without any one entity pulling the strings. They seek humanity's freedom through Chaos.

Neither has given into violence, but debates between the two largest factions have been tense at best. But none of them could prepare themselves fully for the coming End of Days.

1.> No Godmodding
2.> Obey PE2K rules
3.> You cannot start off with any Judeo-Christian holy figure (angel/arch-angel etc.) as your partner.
4.> This isn't Pokemon. You will start out with and have only one contracted demon as your partner. Said demon does not need to be evil and can come from any non-christian mythology.
5.> Please remember that this RP will present figures from mythology and religion in a less conventional and more controversial light. If you're religiously sensitive, it might be best not to join.
6.> Remain active! Too many good roleplays die off when everyone has to wait on one person. Try for at least 3 posts a week.
7.> No one starts out affiliated with SoG or SS. Your interactions with NPCs and personal choices will decide your affiliation, if any.
8.> In circumstances involving PvP, please discuss things out in the OOC thread and try to decide on a winner beforehand.
9.> No bunnying without permission


A relatively sunny day washed over the city. Despite that, and despite the fact that it was well into July, a slight chill had settled in, pricking at the arms and legs of those making their way through the city, and forcing them to rub at them in irritation to try and return a sensation of summer warmth.

It wasn't incredibly packed in the city today. The tourists who usually made this place so busy during the summer months were nowhere to be seen. Most likely they had stayed in their homes to escape the unseasonal chiill permeating the air, as well as the thin fog descending over the area; not quite enough to blot out the sun, but thick enough to be noticeable.

Yet where there were people, there was still the buzzing of conversation, the beeps of mobile phones and other such mechanisms. People lined up at food kiosks and shops to buy useless trinkets and "local delicacies" for twice their worth. Even those who weren't gathered in the busiest parts of town were lounging casually in the sparsely populated park, where the trees blocked out some of the worst of the cold.

Master Zorua
04-09-2011, 03:11 AM
Robert Masters
Sublime Park

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!" Announced a single male referee as he yelled into his cordless microphone. Out at the event center of the park, a boxing ring was set up, and a good number of spectators had set up their lawn chairs and blankets on the well manicured grass. Today was a martial arts exhibition featuring the top martial arts students from the various dojos in the city.

Robert stood in a tent where all of the participants were getting ready. Most of those there saw Robert as the one to beat. Robert was not only a great martial artist in his own right, but he was the son of the world champion. Despite Robert's desire to simply be known for his own skills, he was always held up to the standard of his father.

An official came into the tent and called out to the group of combatants. "Robert Masters, Jack Hathaway, you're up!" The man called out. Robert shot a glance to his first opponent and gave a smile. "Good luck." he spoke in a polite tone of voice. The other guy just sneered before walking out. Robert scratched the back of his head a bit. "What's his problem?" he openly questioned. Shrugging a bit, Robert made his way out to the ring.

Robert tucked in the little wolf figurine necklace under the collar of his gi top and lept up into the ring with a single jump. Robert stretched out his legs a few times after landing on his feet in the ring before taking up his fighting stance. It wouldn't be long at all until the match would be underway.

04-09-2011, 04:31 AM
Melinda Lawson
Central District
Melinda stood up straight and stretched her back with a smile. She was currently working on her blue BMW. She currently had dust and oil on her hands, and she took a cloth from her back pocket to wipe her hands off. She was quite pleased with herself. She also wiped her forehead before she put the hood back down on the car, completing her work on the engine for the day.

"Mindy, dear, can you come look over the store front while I go get your brother from school?" Mrs. Lawson called out form the front.

"Sure thing, Mom! Let me finish up in the shop first," she called back, putting the cloth back in her back pocket.

She walked over and clocked out since her shift in the shop was over and she went to change out of her blue jumpsuit and into something more comfortable. (The outfit she changes into is the same one in the pic in the SU) Once finished changing, she looked over the necklace her mother gave her. It had a blue crystal on it, and either side there was a silver bead. She couldn't help but smile.

"You really are pathetic, aren't you?" Melinda heard.

She turned to see a woman taller than her with long, straght brunette hair and dark green eyes. Her outfit was all black, the top being a button up tank top with the top three buttons undone, showing a bit of skin, and dark denim jeans. Melinda knew that this person wasn't really there since she was the only one who ever saw or heard her. She had three mental disorders, and two seemed to work together- her DID and schizophrenia. With her DID she has two alternate personalities, and with her schizophrenia she can see and hear the two when they are not the personalities in control.

"I'm not in the mood, Z, so beat it," Mindy said, her bright mood quickly turning sour thanks to her bipolar disorder.

The alternate personality chuckled as Melinda put the necklace on and walked past her. After she walked past Z just disappeared. Melinda had put on a fake smile when she saw her mother before the older woman left, but she saw past it but said nothing as she left the shop to pick up the youngest member of the Lawson family. Standing behind the desk with the cash register, Melinda put her elbow on the wooden surface and rested her head in her hand with a heavy sigh.

"Now I'm not so sure if today is going to be a good day," she mumbled before looking over the store, waiting to see if any customers were to come in.

04-09-2011, 06:53 AM
Daniel Reid
Residential District

It was a sunny, bright day, and Daniel was going to take the day off from studying myths. Ever since he found that lance tip, he read non-stop about folklores and legends of various cultures. But today, it was going to be a day of respite; after all, reading too much can harm your eyes, and Daniel figured he'd be a mythologist until the day he died. He unconsciously rubbed the lance tip he found a few days ago. Originally he was going to send it to the Archaeologists' Society, but he suddenly had a thought it wasn't a real one. It felt pretty natural to touch though, and Daniel then decided it would be his good luck charm.

Stepping outside his luxurious apartment, he took a deep breath in and almost chocked from the disgusting stench. He had lived around here for a few years now, but he just couldn't get used to the after-effects of his father's corporation. At the first step, he noted that he had no one to go to. He didn't mind not having a really close friend, but it was somewhat disappointing to not have someone to share the beautiful day, even if he had nothing to do. The first thing he was going to do was get out of the residential district, since the stench was still irritating his eyes and nose. As he walked hastily out of the area, he remembered the flyer he received a few days ago about the martial arts exhibition. Sublime Park lacked the smoke from the industrial district, and the martial arts could give him some entertainment. It was a long walk though, but the time would help him sort things out.

Raven X
04-10-2011, 12:45 PM
Samuel Adam Jackson
Sublime Park

Samuel Adam Jackson, or just S.A.J even was taking a good long stretch. He along with about sixteen competitors had entered into the world Bushido contest where everyone would fight each other using swords. Along with this competition was a nice Martial Arts Tournament. Samuel had already made it to the Finals and the fight between him and this girl name Jade Furikou was to take place after the Martial Arts tournament. Samuel stopped his stretch and went closer to the ring.

The fight was between Robert Masters and Jack Hathaway. This should be a very good fight especially if one of them were the son of one of the greatest Martial Artist. Samuel made a small ball of fire where as no one could see him with it. He then started playing with it slightly tossing it up in the air waiting for the match to begin. Samuel wasn't a gambling person but if he was, all of his money was on Masters.

Master Zorua
04-10-2011, 11:21 PM
David and Isis Remoria
Soul Saviors HQ

From a secluded room atop the Soul Saviors mega church. David looked out onto the city from the balcony terrace. "I hope you're aware of the importance of today, Isis." The man spoke as he turned and fixed upon her with a stern look that chilled her ever so slightly. "For you to bring more people into God's embrace is truly a precious gift."

"Yes Father." Isis bowed with the respect her father commanded, the hem of her purple dress scraping the floor as she did so, and when she raised her head again, her father had returned to tinkering with the computer on his desk.

"Remember, Isis. This will turn the righteous onto His path, and the sinners will be burned in the holy flame. That holy flame with ignite tonight. You must use that holy flame to judge the sinners. That is why you are our exalted one." David spoke with a calmer, yet still stern tone of voice.

"Yes Father." repeated Isis. This was the longest conversation she and her father had had in a while, sad though it sounded. They were so separated on the outside. She wasn't even allowed to call him Father in public, and in private...their schedules kept them apart. How long would they be apart now?

As Isis left the room and headed down the hallway to the elevators, one of the young nuns hailed her with a raised hand. "Lady Isis?" Isis soon snapped out of her reverie to glance at the woman staring at her. "Are you alright? You look very pale."

"I'm fine." Isis smiled slightly. "You don't need to worry about me. Just get through this day so that we can all go home."

"Yes, Lady Isis." The woman bowed. "The Lord be with you."

"And also with you." Isis said in response, which prompted the woman to continue with her work, seeming delighted that she had had a chance to speak with the exalted one. Soon that would be the least of the woman's concerns.

She didn't even know what was going to happen yet, and she was so caught up in her adrenaline rush that it didn't hit her just how dangerous this would be. Isis' father had said that only the sinners would be purged, and that had convinced most of the Soulsavers of their own self assured safety.

How wrong they were.
Caroline & Nero Hale
Mother HQ

Caroline gazed out down at the Soul Saviors HQ from her high rise HQ at the heart of the city. From out of nowhere, she began laughing into the wind as her son stood in the room. "Look at them. Gathered like lambs to the slaughter." The woman crinkled her nose in her repulsion of the Soulsavers below and released her hold on her scarlet curtains, letting them drape silently back into place.

She walked over to her desk, arms folded over her chest as she traipsed back and sat down, glancing up at her son, still staring at the curtains with a neutral expression etched onto his face. "Nero."

The boy shivered almost imperceptibly, and looked over at his mother, who had a playful smile on her face, a smile full of sadism, lust and a solid strength that would not be broken. "This is our time, son. Watch them. Watch those God fearing imbeciles prattle on about their God. Their God who has forsaken us without provocation time and time again. Let's see how long they last."

Nero nodded, and even as he did, a muscle spasm twitched across his face, and he winced in pain, a motion only some people could pick out behind his mask of indifference. His mother gave a simpering smile and stood up, walking over to him and placing her hands firmly on his shoulders. "It'll be just fine. Even those pesky little side effects will fade with the coming of the new world."

The boy bit his lip, unsure and unfamiliar about his mother's touch and words. Rarely was she this maternal. Would all this change the world? Would this new world of hers really let him live a normal life again? Could things really ever go back to normal? He doubted it, but he would do it anyway. He would change the world. But the change he had in mind was also very different from what his mother desired.

"It's time to go." Nero looked down at these words, but he knew it was necessary. "Go somewhere with plenty of people, and stay away from any of those Soulsavers out there. Those bible bashing imbeciles will almost certainly try to recruit you for their useless cause."

Nero nodded shakily and made his way towards the door, closing it behind him as his mother made her way back to the window.

She at first lifted the curtain to brush it aside, but then stared at the fabric and her own hand for a brief second, then tore the curtain down altogether, the metallic rail plummeting to the ground, scraping off the wall with a grating screech before landing with a dull thud on the pale red carpet.

"Summon your God if you can," she murmured to the window. "He won't save you, and we all know it. This is our world now." She turned away from the window, and smiled, seemingly to thin air. "Isn't that right, Yami?"

04-12-2011, 12:36 PM
Daniel Reid
Sublime Park

It didn't look like he got there a moment too late. The battle between Jack Hathaway and Robert Masters was about to get under way. As much as he was ignorant about the martial arts world, he knew that Zack Masters was the greatest martial artist possibly to ever live- similar to Michael Jordan for basketball.

Not much was happening. The crowd was a bit tense, possibly from watching the champion's son. He knew the fight would start soon.

Master Zorua
04-12-2011, 01:37 PM
Robert Masters
Sublime Park

"Let the match begin!" the referee called out. Robert and his opponent paced back and forth, each one throwing fake-out jabs, each one gauging the other's strength.

Jack made the first move, throwing a high roundhouse at Robert's head and then following up with a spin kick at Robert's side. Robert swayed his upper body back to avoid the roundhouse, and then allowed for the spin kick to land, only to grab it with his right arm while then slamming an open palm into Jack's gut.

The blow caused Jack to bend forward, allowing Robert to then use his left hand to grab Jack bu the shoulder, and with a twist of his hip, flipped Jack onto his back, and them down with a first to the chest.

Jack managed to use his free foot to kick Robert off of him. As Robert regained his footing from the foot shove, Jack flipped back up and onto his feet and began throwing a flurry of strikes at Robert's chest and head. Robert deflected most of the blows, though some managed to land upon his chest. Finally, Robert caught both of Jack's hands by the wrists, released one as he spun himself around, and finished the fight with a roundhouse to the side of Jack's head, knocking Robert's opponent unconscious.

After a ten count, the referee raised Robert's right hand. "Round one goes to Robert Masters!" the ref declared. The small crowd cheered as the young martial artist left the outdoor ring and went back into the waiting tent. There were still three fights left for him before the final bout, but the others still needed to go through their own battles.


Isis Ramona
Central District

Ises left the building and began looking around for people to interact with. Spying a blonde woman dressed in a casual fashion but had a face that held the rigidity of a hard worker coming out of the corner of her eye, Isis took interest. Her light hair framed her face as she tilted her head to one side. There was something different about this one. Something that told her to talk to her. And talk she would.

She was fully aware that her robes would make her seem somewhat eccentric in a one on one conversation, and she usually spoke to the masses of people who gathered and left the one on one dialogs to her father. But now it was her turn. She had many questions on her mind about the spiritual state of ordinary people, and finally not having to be cooped up in the church gave her a sense of freedom.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" She smiled warmly, hands clasped together at her stomach to give her an air of warmth. "May I have a word with you? I'm interested in the thought processes of the people in this city, and I would like to hear your opinion on my questions." she spoke in a rather pleasant and polite tone of voice.

04-12-2011, 03:40 PM
Melinda Lawson
Central District
The say continued on rather slowly, but Melinda's good mood soon returned to her. She helped a couple find parts they needed to replace on their vehicle and gave some advice on how to do it safely since the husband wanted to replace them on his own. Another gentlemen came to get some accessories for his truck and had a few questions which Melinda happily answered. There really wasn't any activity after that, so she had stepped outside to take a small break. It seemed like a nice day even though there was a light fog, which was strange in Melinda's mind.

"Excuse me, ma'am?" Mindy heard, so she turned to see if it was directed to her. She saw a girl that looked a little younger than her, but by her first impression this girl seemed to be kind. "May I have a word with you? I'm interested in the thought processes of the people in this city, and I would like to hear your opinion on my questions."

"Let's do it!" Melinda then heard a voice. She knew who's it was, but the person could not be seen. She mentally cursed herself for having the mental diseases she had. "It could be fun, and we could make a new friend out of it."

"Seems like a waist of time to me, Abby," Z's voice then spoke out. "Besides, I doubt that this girl would want to be friends. She just wants some questions answered and then go and ask the same questions to someone else. Rather annoying if you ask me."

"Well I wasn't asking you!" Abby replied to the other personality, pouting.

Ignoring her two alternate personalities, Melinda smiled and nodded. "Sure, I don't mind answering a few questions," she said, giving her full attention to the other woman.