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Neo Emolga
04-26-2011, 04:29 AM


Dark Science: Black Consternation is the sequel to the original Dark Science RP. However, you don’t need to have taken part in the first RP to take part in this. Everything significant that happened in the last RP is summarized in this one.

Meanwhile, you’re definitely free to use any characters from the first RP.


It all started with Xexan, an organization funded by the Unova government. In the beginning, they were allowed to bend the rules of ethical scientific research, and in several cases, break them without repercussion. Barred from Unova regulations, they were allowed to practice unethical testing on Pokémon in order to obtain advanced scientific knowledge. One of their projects involved trying to find the cure of the Tempest Virus, originally created by a terrorist group called Desert Sun. The virus was a rapidly-spreading biological warfare weapon intended to only kill humans, covering them with massive tumors before turning them inside out, twisting their minds into that of deranged, feral beasts before death claimed them. But in the process of trying to find a cure, the virus was released in a laboratory accident, and in order to save the lives of their infected colleagues, Xexan’s scientists were forced to turn them into Pokémorphs and Chimeras, human creatures with Pokémon likenesses. The operation worked and saved the lives of the scientists, due to the fact the virus was meant to target humans, but leave Pokémon unaffected. After the event was reported, the Unova government left Xexan on its own to fend for themselves, not wanting to readmit the creatures these Xexan scientists had become back into society. Even those that hadn’t been affected were exiled under the suspicion that they also carried the virus, or weren’t fully human either.

As a result, Xexan’s scientists continued their unethical work, using abducted Pokémon trainers and their Pokémon as lab specimens to experiment on to advance themselves as a new species. One of Xexan’s members, Aur Morose, had separated from the rest of Xexan, and was contacted by Unova’s Department of Energy, Damien Vickers, under the alias of Mr. Shadow. Mr. Shadow pressured Aur for the Tempest Virus, giving him government grants and protection of Xexan in return. With Aur’s compliance, the Unova government was continuously being set back from trying to find Xexan and bring them to justice due to Mr. Shadow’s efforts.

Mr. Shadow’s plan was to use the Tempest Virus, making it appear to be a natural viral outbreak. In the meantime, Mr. Shadow had Salvatore Biotech create the cure for the virus, which he intended to use as leverage for all those attempting to survive the grizzly outbreak. As part of his plan, Mr. Shadow would be the hero for saving people with the cure, and would have the power to decide who lived and who didn’t. With it, Mr. Shadow expected to reign supreme and rise as the new authority figure of Unova.

However, he didn’t expect Aur to betray him. Aur had given him a reprogrammed version of the Tempest Virus, and when it was released in Icirrus City, the cure that Mr. Shadow obtained from Salvatore Biotech had failed to work. Mr. Shadow’s agents, as well as thousands of Unova citizens, were the first to be infected. It wasn’t long until Xexan had caught word that dreaded Tempest Virus had been released. Knowing their time was limited, they prepared to turn as many civilians into Pokémorphs as they could, not only to save lives to aid their cause, but to also strengthen their support, research, and protection. Many of those saved by Xexan swore to help protect it, regardless of Xexan’s continued unethical testing on Pokémon.

Struggling against time, Mr. Shadow managed to improvise a solution to survive against the Tempest Virus. Unlike the method of turning people into half human, half Pokémon creatures used by Xexan, Mr. Shadow’s operation involved using cybernetic implants to turn humans into cyborgs, fitted with permanent visors and gas masks on their faces to protect against the Tempest Virus. Meanwhile, to combat with Xexan’s research, Mr. Shadow allowed those who had undergone the operation to be enhanced with new, cybernetic capabilities. Unlike Xexan’s Pokémorphs and Chimeras, Mr. Shadow’s cyborgs were incapable of pain, could easily survive limb amputation and have limbs reattached, and were made to be lethal weapons, able to turn appendages into concealed firearms and stabbing weapons.

Mr. Shadow called this new band of survivors "Siphon," targeting the rich, the powerful, and the strong, attracting wealthy syndicate leaders, military personnel, and authority figures. Now, Mr. Shadow operates in secret, trying to pull anyone with strength and power to his cause, attempting to put himself in the leading position of Unova, and eliminate Xexan as a competitor. As Xexan gathers humans to turn into Pokémorphs, Siphon gathers humans to turn them into cyborgs, seeing far more potential in cybernetics than in genetic manipulation. Humans who haven’t been infected find themselves at crossroads, having two choose between two evils, or be taken by the Tempest Virus. With Unova now quarantined from all the other regions in the world, only time can tell who will still be standing at the end of a dark, inhuman war.


The Tempest Virus incident would never be forgotten by you. Even after all the Pokémon testing, it was the incident that caused Xexan to take that first step toward a completely different world. What Xexan discovered was mankind was capable of using the traits, the powers, and the potentials of Pokémon, and bestow them upon themselves. As the discoveries continued, it lead you and your colleagues to believe anything could be accomplished, and it wasn’t long until genetic manipulation had become a way of life, and what Xexan hoped to be a new culture. However, as you discovered, it cost you your hope of ever returning to the normal world of human civilization.

Later on, Xexan had resorted to kidnapping Pokémon trainers, using them and their Pokémon to further the achievements and possibilities of science. Their sacrifice led to new discoveries, and in all cases, you felt the means would be justified by the results. It became Xexan’s goal to one day prepare humanity to take the next step, to become like Pokémon in traits and power.

When the Tempest Virus was released, Fennel Yew, one of the leading Xexan scientists, had issued the command to secure as many human civilians as possible, turn them into Pokémorphs, and save their lives, taking the first crucial step toward not only saving humanity, but changing humanity, and allowing Xexan’s personnel to change civilization and once again rejoin the new society they would create. But even so, the experiments, the testing on Pokémon, and the continued development of science would not stop, not when there was so much more to discover.

As one of Xexan’s personnel, or as one of the citizens saved by Xexan now sworn to help the organization continue its objectives, it’s your mission to continue Xexan’s campaign of research, protect it from Siphon and all others that would try to destroy it, and bring in as many humans as you can to change them, and prepare for the new society to come. The ends will justify the means.

► Protect the Xexan organization at all costs from Siphon and other entities that oppose Xexan’s practices. If lives must be sacrificed to do so, then it must be done without question or hesitation. Xexan has come too far to lose everything and give up the discoveries and innovations it has uncovered. To lose it all would even be a disservice to all of the Pokémon and humans that were sacrificed to discover these innovations. Meanwhile, Siphon must be stopped and destroyed before they create an army of unfeeling, inhuman machines.
► Continue Xexan research. The more that is uncovered, the more it can be used to benefit mankind, and allow it to evolve to become the prime species. Possibilities beyond imagination may be only moments away from discovery. You must continue to uncover what you can and not be stopped by Siphon or anyone else for that matter.
► Find humans, and turn them into Pokémorphs. The Tempest Virus is spreading, and its effects could rapidly kill every last human in Unova. Save whoever you can, the more people Xexan protects from the virus, the more support they will gather.

Xexan Sign Up

Name: <First and last name of your character>
Gender: <Male or female.>
Age: <How old your character is.>
Pokémon Forms: <The Pokémon your character has become a Pokémorph or Chimera of, and what features of these Pokémon they have. Any combination of features, abilities, and traits is allowed, but no legendaries.>
Description: <What your character looks like.>
Personality: <Your character’s emotional attitude and emotional intelligence.>
History: <Background history of your character.>
Powers: <Many of the scientists have granted themselves new powers, such as regeneration, heightened senses, and other unnatural abilities. You’re allowed to choose and create a few, but don’t go too overboard.>
Pokémon: <1-6, what Pokémon your character has. No legendaries.>
Other: <Any miscellaneous details not included above, such as skills, traits, equipment, and so on.>


The cyborgs of Mr. Shadow’s Siphon faction are the pinnacle of human ingenuity. As an emissary or warrior of Siphon, you have been protected from the Tempest Virus. While you are less human and more machine now, you feel no pain, no sickness, and no fear. Meanwhile, you are capable of faster, stronger physical performance that could never be possibly achieved by humans. As technology revolutionized the world before the Tempest Virus outbreak, so shall it be with Siphon and the advancement of cybernetics.

It is your mission to carry out the will of Siphon and Mr. Shadow, who has made it clear he wants Xexan destroyed, and everything they’ve created to be eliminated. Armed with the power of the media and propaganda, Mr. Shadow is confident that he will reign above Xexan, and you will be there to help him. Genetic manipulation and the mutants it has created have no place in Unova’s future. Meanwhile, it’s your mission to save and turn any humans with potentials to benefit Siphon into cyborgs. Unlike the Pokémorphs and the Chimeras of Xexan, many cyborgs are still more like humans than their adversaries in terms of appearance. Many humans with potentials that Siphon can use would be willing to become partially machine to survive the virus as opposed to be twisted into a mutant.

As one of Siphon’s operatives, it’s your mission to ensure the success of Siphon as it continues to tap into the vast possibilities of cybernetics. Meanwhile, all those that oppose Siphon, including the mutants of Xexan, must be eliminated. Technology will carry the future, and no better faction can prepare it than Siphon.

► Defend the campaign of Siphon, and destroy Xexan and all those that are out to destroy the technologically advanced faction. If Siphon falls, incalculable, unsalvageable losses of technology will be the aftermath, a defeat that is unacceptable. You must defend Siphon at all costs, and destroy Xexan and its horde of deranged, twisted mutants.
► Continue the cybernetics research. The more Siphon upgrades its technology, the more firepower and the more strength Siphon will command, paving the way for the future, and putting its enemies at its mercy. As technology has served Siphon well in the past, you must continue that vision, and prove to Siphon’s enemies that vision is real through using your new technological capabilities.
► Find humans with potential to benefit Siphon, and turn them into cyborgs to help further the campaign. The faster you act and the more people you recover, the more people you save from the Tempest Virus, and instead help to benefit the Siphon cause.

Siphon Sign Up

Name: <First and last name of your character>
Gender: <Male or female.>
Age: <How old your character is.>
Description: <What your character looks like.>
Personality: <Your character’s emotional attitude and emotional intelligence.>
History: <Background history of your character.>
Weapons and Implants: <All of Siphon’s operative cyborgs have implants, concealed weapons, and other technological boosters to help them perform with superior effectiveness in both combat and versatility. Detail what kinds of technological implants your character has.>
Pokémon: <1-6, what Pokémon your character has. No legendaries.>
Other: <Any miscellaneous details not included above, such as skills, traits, equipment, and so on.>


You woke up to find Unova had become a nightmare, where all that was once familiar to you had become foreign, twisted, and became a horror you wouldn’t wake up from. It all started with abductions, missing trainers that no one knew the whereabouts of. However, that was nothing compared to what happened only a short time ago.

The Tempest Virus was released in Icirrus City, infecting men, women, and children. Already, the first symptoms and signs of infection have become present as those who are now infected become overwhelmed with tumors and cancerous growths, robbing them of their bodies and their minds before they become deranged in both mentality and appearance. Only after they’ve suffered painfully are they finally allowed to die.

Now, anywhere in northern Unova isn’t safe. The virus is spreading, and there isn’t much time. Meanwhile, it has become known to you that Xexan, a rogue scientific research organization, is trying to gather as many humans as they can and subject them to genetic manipulation. Aside from them, Siphon is hunting for humans that can help serve the purpose of Mr. Shadow, using the media and propaganda to persuade you to join him. You’re running out of time, and either you must turn toward Xexan or Siphon, or find some other way to survive. However, because of the virus, Unova has been quarantined, and no other region wants anything to do with the nightmare that has overtaken Unova.

You must run, and somehow survive and stop both evil organizations from continuing their work. Either that, or give in if all else seems to fail…

► Survive for as long as you can, and stay away from northern Unova. The Tempest Virus is spreading, but you still have time before the virus covers all of Unova. In the meantime, avoid being found by Xexan or Siphon, unless you’ve given up the fight, and just want to find some way to survive…
► If possible, shut down Xexan and Siphon. Though your character may not initially know it, Xexan was responsible for the trainer abductions that resulted in countless numbers of dead Pokémon and trainers, and continue to practice on living test subjects, resulting in humanity becoming strange, foreign mutations. Meanwhile, though you have yet to discover it, Siphon was originally responsible for the Tempest Virus outbreak in the first place, now trying to turn humanity into a new nightmare of machines. Both of them have visions to change the future, a future where humanity is no longer present…
► Gather any other humans you can, and try to put a stop to the nightmare. Xexan and Siphon may underestimate the power humanity may still have. The more people you gather to help you, the better chance you have at stopping both factions, and maybe, by chance, discover a cure to the virus that doesn’t involve such macabre, inhumane consequences…

Name: <First and last name of your character>
Gender: <Male or female.>
Age: <How old your character is.>
Description: <What your character looks like.>
Personality: <Your character’s emotional attitude and emotional intelligence.>
History: <Background history of your character.>
Pokémon: <1-6, what Pokémon your character has. No legendaries.>
Other: <Any miscellaneous details not included above, such as skills, traits, equipment, and so on.>

Neo Emolga
04-26-2011, 04:43 AM
Alex Waters
Xexan Technician
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol (somewhat)

Ever since Fennel issued the order to go find humans and turn them into Pokémorphs, the lab had turned into a nuthouse. As a result, activity intensified, people weren’t watching where they were going, tried to cut in line, and you had some people coming in like they badly needed to go to the bathroom out of fear from the virus. Then, on the way out, some people were content with the Pokémorph form they got, others acted like there was actually some way of undoing it and rerolling the die to try for something else. Some of them even came and complained to me, as if I could actually do anything about it.

As I was carrying a big old load of computer equipment in the hallway, I had gotten stopped by one guy who just came out of the surgery room who yeah, wasn’t the luckiest guy I’ve ever met, and wanted me to do something about his Probopass form. I’ll admit, he looked ungodly awful with it, and if I were him, I’d wear whatever I could to cover that up. Would be pretty hard considering his now blocky, bulging body, but I’d even wrap myself with duct tape if I really had to.

“Please, you’ve got to help me, I can’t live like this!” He complained, showing me the weird, blue and red nose-shaped body he had with the weird cylinder cap thing on his head. “I look… ridiculous like this! Why even put Pokémon like this your Pokémorph gene collection!? Who would ever want to be a Pokémorph of this!?”

“You know, I thought we kind of made it clear we’re not being choosey about this whole thing,” I told him, repeating what Cress and several of the other scientists told me and were telling everyone else standing on line multiple times. “You take what you get, that that’s how it goes, man. We need to move the line along and can’t be taking orders like this is a drive-thru. Besides, I’m a tech guy, I don’t do that stuff. So unless you’ve got a laptop with a fried processor, I can’t help ya.”

“Come on, please, there’s got to be someone who can do something about this!” He continued whining. “Please, can’t you guys make an exception just this once!? I’ll do anything!”

“I’m no surgeon, but I know it’s impossible to change it once it’s been done,” I told him, shrugging. “Just wear a bed sheet over it or something, I don’t know.”

I just turned around and walked away. Chances were good he was going to bother Cress about it at least another five times, try to get back on line, and once he was kicked off of that, spend another two hours harassing every scientist and surgeon in the facility for a second chance before finally giving up, and learning to cope with it sometime within the month.

But it felt like this happened every ten minutes when someone came out of the surgery examination rooms. One girl even complained about getting Beautifly as her form and said it “was not her style.” I couldn’t believe it. Yeah, tell that to the people that got Garbodor, Weezing, and Purugly, I’m sure they would have loved to give her a piece of their mind. Regardless, all of this was enough for me to get called onto the “Exit Staff” at least three times a day to help show those who were unhappy with their new forms the door and bid them happy trails to go help the next people on line. Despite all the warnings and all the “WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU GET! NO QUESTIONS!” signs on the walls posted every five feet, people still tried. All it did was slow things down and annoy everyone.

After shuffling my way down the white-tiled hall as effectively as my Lilligant feet could take me, I arrived at one of the research rooms to drop the stuff off. After pushing open the door with my leafy waist, I stepped inside the dimly-lit research room and found Sami, the Lopunny and Whimsicott Chimera, who we nicknamed “Puffy Bunny” for short, because she literally was 10% bunny, and 90% obnoxiously huge puffball for whatever daft reason she decided on Whimsicott for. I realized she had been waiting for me to drop off this stuff, and instead of working off of another computer in the meantime, she just decided to chew the fat until I was done fixing this one.

“It’s done,” I told her after rewiring everything and hooking it back up. “It’s your video card that keeps coming out. I stuffed it in another PCI slot, it should be good to go now. As for the first one, I reattached a new slot, but the solder and glue need to dry and cool down though.”

“Uh huh,” She nodded, paying way more attention to her iPad and her game of Angry Birds, probably having not the slightest clue what I was talking about.

And I headed out of there.

With that done, I stepped back into the dimly lit hallway, and shut the door behind me, always having to check I didn’t slam the door on any leaves or petals that were attached to me. I had already done that at least four times and swiftly tripped and landed face-first on the floor because of it, making myself look like a total idiot in the process. And of course, after turning around, that’s when I ran into… her.

“Alex, what’s the update on the Tempest Virus?” Jewel asked me, holding a clipboard and a cup of coffee in her hands.

No hello, no good morning or anything like that, but I didn’t particularly care, and I figured she probably knew that.

“Last heard it reached Mistralton and Opelucid,” I told her from what I last saw on the scanner readouts as I leaned against the wall. “How go the surgeries?”

“Oh, I haven’t been working on those lately,” Jewel shrugged with a casual smile, flexing her white Swanna wings. “Ever since Fennel brought back Mew, I’ve been working on advancing the Evolutionary Chemical Project. It was a major success on Fennel, so preparing it for the rest of Xexan’s personnel has been my objective as of late. I’m sure you’ve seen her, she looks incredible now and has new powers, and on top of all that, she is expected to now live for one hundred forty thousand and thirty years! Imagine everything she’d be able to do and experience with a lifespan like that! Of course, if we keep advancing it and she keeps using it, she’ll practically become a goddess.”

I honestly didn’t know what I’d do with myself if I was expected to live for that long. Regardless, she kept on talking about it, and it seemed like the whole thing excited her to almost being giddy. Meanwhile, I tried to look like I was interested as she yakked on.

“Of course, Fennel got first choice because she’s one of the head scientists and she brought back Mew in the first place, but… oh, I’d love to try it on myself!” Jewel told me with a wide smile, clasping her hands together as she got all excited and dreamy. “Longer life, more pristine beauty, bigger majestic wings, and more silky white fur… if it was up to me, I’d call it the Infinite Christmas Project!”

Yeah, whatever. I figured if I woke up one day to see her having suddenly outgrown being able to fit in the lab because she turned herself into an oversized twelve-ton furry goose, I’d have a good idea of what happened.

“Well, I gotta go,” I told her, figuring she could go on all day about this stuff I really wasn’t interested in. “Chances are good they’re going to want more people to show the newly unhappy Pokémorphs the exit. Might as well head over there early rather than have them nag me when I’m in the middle of something.”

“Ha ha, well, you go have fun with that,” She told me, turning around and heading back to her lab.

Yeah, whatever. Breaking up with her was worth it.

Supremist Rain
04-26-2011, 06:18 AM
Ceaser Dasillion walked down the dimly lit corridor towards the Pokemon Habitat Simulation Room or PHSR for short. He needed a to take some samples from a few of the pokemon there so that he could continue his research for the Elemental Chips he was in the process of designing. Ceaser came to a huge door that had "POKEMON HABITAT SIMULATION ROOM" plastered across it in large, bold, red lettering, he placed his microchipped finger on the scanning pad and a light beam slid down the screen underneath it, there was a click and the door slid open.

Inside was a huge space the size of a small city that was covered in the various types of pokemon terrain. There were forests and mountains and lakes and everything in between. Although Siphon beleived that experimenting on pokemon was unlawful and disgusting some of their research did require pokemon DNA samples however there were strict rules as to what could be taken from a pokemon. The only things the Siphon members could use from pokemon were small blood samples or else a few strands of hair, scales etc. nothing major that would cause the pokemon harm, and after the pokemon was no longer needed for research it was released back into the wild. Although it was often found that when it came time for a pokemon to be released it would return due to Siphons PHSR being so exact and somtimes even better than the wild.

Ceaser could see numerous pokemon as soon as he walked in the door but not the one he was after, Vaporean. Ceaser had decided to create a water elemental chip first and he needed a tiny blood sample so that it could be analysed. To make searching for a pokemon easier each pokemon has a tracking collar on it, that is removed before release. Ceaser walked over to the computer that had data on all the current inhabitants of the PHSR and searched for Vaporeon. After a few short seconds a map came up with a little flashing dot on it that indicated where Vaporeon was currently residing within the PHSR, it was by the lake.

Ceaser climbed into one of the small all terrain vehicles that was provided and made the 5 minute drive to the lake. Upon arriving he spotted Vaporeon sun bathing on a rock in the middle of the lake so he switched the vehicle to boat mode and zoomed across the lake to where Vaporeon was resting. When Ceaser reach the rock Vaporeon looked up from its slumber and smiled, Ceaser found that alot of the pokemon inside the PHSR had taken a liking to him which made collecting samples alot easier.

"Sorry Vaporeon but I need a tiny little sample of blood please" Ceaser exclaimed to Vaporeon.

"Vaporeon" it replied and gave a nod of approval and went back to sleep.

Ceaser pulled out a tiny little needle no bigger than a pin and slid it into Vaporeon. Vaporeon took no notice and continued its slumber. Ceaser extracted a few drops of Vaporeons blood and placed it into a vial he had in his lab coat. He then pulled out a treat that was specially designed for Vaporeon and left it on the rock beside the sleeping pokemon. Ceaser turned the boat towards the shore than made the journey back to the entrance.

When he reached the entrance Ceaser climbed out the vehicle and walked back down the hall towards his lab.

04-26-2011, 05:54 PM
Alex Tailleon

Alex was Intimidated by the large city of Castelia City. The Buildings and ports were very long and tall compared to the buildings back in Straition city. I look around and see people walking around, then i walk over to an alley and take notice of no one in there. i walk around and then spot these shadowy figures. I then hide behind the dumpster and listen to their conversation. All i was able to hear was something about some company called Xexan and a plauge that has spreaded throughout the northern part of unova. I stay quiet as i listened to the rest as it wasnt really understandible in terms for me, so then i peek out to see them, and they had walked away. i sigh with relief and decide to stay there in the alley behind the dumpster till people cleared up from the walkway.

Hours passed bye, then it was night time. i needed someplace to stay, so i run down to the street, and then i look down all the streets, of which were completelly empty. i didnt know where to stop for the night. i then look down liberty pier, then down unity pier, and all the other piers, but no boats were there. i then hide under the pier then send out my lillipup, panpour, and snivy. the three were shivering from the cold breeze coming in from the sea. I then sit down and the three pokemon cuddle up by me. i smile due to the fact i havnt had recent success in trying to capture much pokemon going to the fact that my most recent addition panpour was abandoned in the dreamyard. I look at the three of them, then my attention goes to lillipup and panpour who were fighting over who was going to lay down in my lap. i break it up and set all three of them in my lap as i grab a blanket and surround the four of us with the nice warm blanket. the pokemon then fall asleep and i lean back, wondering how i am to live without any of my family alive. i can remember them screaming bloody murder, then they pull suicide to end their pain from some plauge they caught while visiting my cousin from mistrallion city. I then start dozing off seeing theres maybe one option on how to stop the plauge. that one option, is destroying the creators of the plauge.

04-26-2011, 07:49 PM
Nikolai Holmes
Xexan Bodygaurd
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: n/a

I was thinking hard while searching through the documents I had laid out before me, looking for something, anything really, that would help me find out where father was being held. I had no idea if he was even still alive or not, but he had to be. A monster of a man like him would never willingly be taken to Siphon. How could he? I’m still amazed that father could even be overpowered. I needed to find answers and fast. I’m not sure how long it would be until the damn tempest virus would take to reach across the nation. I wasn’t sure how long I was in my office, but I didn’t want to be disturbed so I locked the door. I wasn’t sure if that would do anything, but so far it hasn’t so I wasn’t worried. My senses were on constant alert as usual. That’s when I sensed someone coming, it was Rolph, one of the newer scientists at Xexan.

I waited until I was sure he was right in front of my door before saying, “What is it Rolph? I’m rather busy here.”

I could see his aura jump a bit in surprise as he stopped his hand from knocking on the door, but as always he kept his voice calm as he replied, “You know I hate it when you do that. Besides I have a new assignment for you, if you’d let me in.”

I let out a sigh and walked over to the door to unlock it, “What is it this time? It better be something interesting, all I’ve been doing since I joined up is research. It’s been boring as hell.”

The man who stood before me was a pale green, and where his ears should’ve been were huge flowers. He wore a white lab coat and his flowery dress made him look like he was the most ‘fabulous’ <OOC:it's rather hard to be sarcastic when wrighting :D IC:> man in Xexan. Honestly though, I couldn’t a man stand to be a Bellosom Pokemorph, but that was just me, ”Well it should be, you’ve been given a top priority mission. You are to be the personal guard of Ms. Fennel Yew. The details are in this folder,” Rolph told me while handing the manila folder to me.

I started to go through the folder, not much was in it just a photo, some background info and other crap that I never pay attention to. “Thanks Rolph, I think this actually might be interesting for once, being a guard for the creator of the K1-A3 experiments is bound to have some fun. Anyway I might even get to find out more info on my father’s whereabouts…” that last part I said more to myself than anything. I let Rolph take his leave, to be honest the guy creeps me out sometimes, and headed back to my desk to organize the mess of paper that was laid about. I wasn’t quite sure where she was but it shouldn’t be too hard to find her when all I have to do is search for the right aura. After cleaning my office, I slipped through the shadows in search of Fennel, wondering how she would take this.

Master Zorua
04-27-2011, 12:53 AM
Simon and Robert Zidane
Outside Castelia City

It was one nightmare into another. On the bright side though, Robert's Zorua was still alive, even though he was now in Robert old and now genetically modified body. Still now that this virus was out, a lot more people's lives were at risk. <All this because of greed and power.> Robert commented as he and his Zorua, now named Simon and in a body that looked like a Arcanine Pokemorph with Salamence wings, headed into the woods, staying off of the main road.

Night was falling. While the streets were practically deserted, neither Robert nor Simon wanted to draw too much attention to themselves. "Well, I suppose we can camp out here master, providing it doesn't start to rain." Simon spoke as he looked at a small clearing in the forest. Robert, now a Zoroark due to his battle with a Liligant that tried to trick him when they reached White Forest, began using his claws to dig a small fire pit. Farah peaked out from Robert's hair and took a look around before hoping out of his hair and onto the ground.

<Well then, I'll go and find us some berries to eat.> the vulpix spoke before she scampered off into the forest. Simon walked over to a fallen, dead tree and began to cut it up for firewood. Robert picked up the lumber and began setting it in the fire pit.

"This whole thing is weird. I mean, why would humans create something to kill other humans? And then when it gets loose, they go into a panic and all of this mess happens? What does it benefit anyone?" Simon asked. Ever since he gained Robert's body, he had quickly learned how to access Robert's brain and learned how to speak human, and his consciousness and DNA genetic modification allowed him to speak and understand Pokespeak.

Robert shook his head a bit while Simon used Ember to light the firewood in the pit. <There are some really messed up people in this world. People who make weapons like that care only about having power over other people. People like that care nothing about anyone else but themselves, and they don't care who they hurt. But when things go public and they are about to lose what bid for power and control that they had, they'll do everything to try and turn the situation in their favor.> Robert explained, thinking the best answer that he could come up with.

"And now because of Xexan and Siphon, a lot of people are going to die if they don't become a morph or a cyborg. I know there are bad humans in this world, but that those bad humans would ever go this far, it's makes me furious and sad at the same time." Simon replied.

<And that's why we need to get to Professor Juniper. She's the one who gave you to me when I was going down that path. I did bad things just to survive, but after I met you and we went on our journey, I could see how wrong I was about the world and the people in it. If anyone can find a cure for this virus without getting involved in a power struggle, its her. And if we can take care of the virus, then we can go after those two groups that are responsible for it and make sure nothing like this ever happens again.> Robert spoke.

Farah returned, carrying a few small branches with pecha berries hanging from them. Robert smiled as he sat down and took them from Farah and began dividing the berries up so the three of them would have an equal amount. Farah hopped into Robert's lap and curled up, nuzzling his belly. Robert chuckled and gave her a berry, letting her eat it out of his paw.

Simon chuckled a bit as he watched the scene. "Looks like you got yourself a girlfriend when you were out." Simon teased. Robert laughed a bit while Farah continued eating the berry. <Well, considering the fact that I very much doubt that you and I will ever end up back in our original bodies, I figured I'd make the most out of being a Pokemon.> Robert jested back.

<Well, he did save my life, and I like him! He reminds me a lot of my trainer Lilly before Xexan took her away from me. Considering what Robert told me they did to him and other trainers and their Pokemon, I'm not even sure she's still alive or not. But I'm okay as long as I'm with him.> Farah explained.

After about an hour of discussion and eating, the trio curled up together, resting against one another to sleep.

04-27-2011, 01:23 AM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Marline Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Location Alpha
Affected RPers: Bleepbloop.

'Fennel Yew.' Her name was commonly heard ever since she obtained Mew, and had the Evolutionary Chemicals used on herself. The reason why is because both events had a monumentous impact. The abilities she gained were a very hot topic in conversation, particuarily her new lifespan. One-Hundred, Fourty-Thousand and Thirty years total. And she'd only look like she was 35 or something similar by then. That was practically being immortal. As for Mew, well, she tried writing down as much as she could think of, but still had a lot of ideas by the time she was halfway through her second page as to what Mew's genetics could be used for.

However, the only other thing that was talked about with equal importance was the Tempest Virus, Siphon, and the newfound rush of Genetic Surgeries. Xexan's surgeons were never busier. She was partially glad she wasn't a surgeon. To do as much Genetic Surgery as they did in one week was highly antagonizing on their part-Some of the surgeons had the stench of blood on them so badly that the scent was noticed first before they actually came into view. They pay that Xexan now had to give to their surgeons due to their massive workload was large enough that some surgeons said that "The Smell of Blood is the Smell of Money." Meanwhile, Siphon was posing a large threat to Xexan, using propaganda to attempt to sway many to their cause, and turning those that did sway into cyborgs.

Fennel didn't hate the cyborgs. The cyborgs were people that either hated the means that Xexan did their research, forcefully kidnapped by Siphon, believed they had a better chance with the cyborg route than the Pokemorph route, or simply didn't want to look like a mutant-and Fennel could understand most of that. Prior to joining Xexan, she would probably have hated the kind of work Xexan does for the sheer lack of ethnics, and everything else was simply preferrance, or bad luck. She didn't hate the research they conducted, either. Technology was what gave rise to modern society, and could benefit the human race as much as Xexan's research did. What she did hate about Siphon is their leader.

Damian Vickers deserved to be locked up in the N14-C3 for a very long time. Five years at least. Most of Xexan knew that Damian Vickers was responsible for the Tempest outbreak in the first place, and his attempt to wipe out massive amounts of the population was highly cruel, highly unjustified, and made whatever Xexan did quite lighthearted in comparison. Fennel also hated Siphon's goal of eliminating Xexan and all of their research, as well as make any Pokemorph look like a monster without a mind. Fennel felt that the cyborgs were far more likely to be mindless than the Pokemorphs, and a lot of the Pokemorphs they had were quite elegant. She could name quite a few. Moreover, the research Xexan had was too good to be destroyed; It seemed irrational to destroy what was created to help mankind.

All of it was talked about a lot. But she had work to do.

An Examination room that wasn't in use when the Tempest Crisis came about, and wasn't being used for surgery, was now being used as a war room of sorts, to discuss the crisis at hand in it's entierty. The people in the room were the people that would lead Xexan, as a scientific company and as a faction out to destroy Siphon. These people were not just Xexan's scientists, but also some non-Xexan employees that either had experiance in these matters, or were already good leaders. They met, once a day, discussing the opposition that Siphon was determined to bring to their table, the stuff they'd have to have compleated by the time Siphon started to actually attempt to attack Xexan, and other things that were in serious need of serious discussion.

Fennel was amoung these people, and was one of the most prominent; she had already aquired fame as the creator of the Portable Dream Machine, and the addition of capturing Mew and the wielder of incredible power to this meant that Fennel was respected by the non-Xexan people, despite being the youngest-looking member.

And she was at one of these meetings, which was just getting underway. Cress was usually here as well, but this time was absent, being forced to deal with the people that weren't looking at the abundant amount of posters that clearly stated that the Genetic Surgery was permenant while waiting in line, and disaproved of the 'choice' of Pokemon to be genetically fused with. Sometimes it was the exact opposite-sometimes people were so happy at the results that they personally had to thank Cress.

Henceforth why another man, a millitary officer by the name of Hunter Jinik, and ranked as a major, would start the conversation. Hunter was a Pokemorph of a Sceptile, something he was indifferent about-his new green skin, sharp leaves that could qualify for knives, those odd yellow balls on his back that sucked in sunlight, and the massive 'Tail of blades,' as Hunter called it, blended in nicely with his green eyes, his tall and physically fit stature, and his personality of being calm, cool, and collected. Xexan ran into him quite early, as his home was in the nearby Nacrene City. Hunter had agreed to being a Pokemorph with little more than the news of it, thinking that he'd rather be half-Pokemon than half-'unfeeling tin can.'

"Good day, Gentelman. As some of you already know, I am Hunter Jinik, a Major in the Unovan Army." Hunter said, settling down the minimal amount of chatter in the room, and focusing attention on himself. Everyone that spoke in the room announced who they were. "I am hear to discuss to you a topic that I am confident that the rest of you are already aware of. Siphon has expressed an obvious intent to destroy Xexan. Now, I am aware Siphon's recruting patterns point out that they are more picky than us, picking out those that would serve Siphon better than regular civilians." He said, stating the fact. "Now, it would appear that considering we take anybody that we can, we would have the advantage of numbers. However, Siphon's ability to pick talent out from the crowd, and add them into their number, is making the odds that we will outnumber them to a game-changing extent little." Hunter said.

"Mr. Jinik, I would like to state something." Fennel said. The formality was simply because this was a time for serious discussion. "Everyone here already knows that. We're here to discuss how to stop it." She said. "Do you have anything as per a solution to the problem?" Fennel asked

"Actually, Ms. Yew, I do." Hunter said. "The main reason behind Siphon's gain of numbers is due to their propoganda, which we lack. This is obvious enough, however, the data I've noticed from some quick study I've made about it makes the situation about it more grim than we realized." He added. Hunter pressed a button on the podium he spoke from (Everyone spoke from the podium), making a screen behind him light up. The screen showed four line graphs. Fennel instantly realized he was dodging her question. She hated it when that happened.

"These graphs show the sales of four different products being sold to the public, and the X value is the percent of advertising seen by consumers during a show." He said, pointing to the bottom of the graph. " The Y value is the total gross income produced by the products. It is obvious to see that the more advertising that is being produced, the more the product is purchased, and the more money the company made." Hunter said. "Siphon is making sure that the amount of their propoganda seen by civilians that aren't protected from Tempest Virus is equivelant to about twenty-five percent." He said. The twenty-five percent mark on all four graphs gave some very high sales. "We have absolutly no advertising." He added. The zero percent control had, in contrast, very low sales.

"This next Graph showes current and projected growth rates for both sides, assuming no casualties and no conflict." Hunter said, as he pressed another button, changing the graph. Two lines-one Blue for Xexan and one Red for Siphon-showed that Xexan was off to a good start, Siphon's recruitment failing to start until 2 days after Xexan started, and Xexan already having more personal to begin with. However, where they were right now put Xexan only at a small margin higher than Siphon, whose growth was far larger than Xexan's. The projected growth rates, at the end of the graph, showed Siphon having a large margin against Xexan. "The only reason we're currently equal is because Xexan had their version of the cure out quicker, and that caught those that were very quick to get immune to the Tempest virus. However, at the rate that Siphon's recruitment rate is expected to be...Siphon may very well outnumber us." Hunter concluded.

"...So how do we stop it?" Said another person in the room.

"We have to prove that their advertising isn't compleatly true. We have to prove that Pokemorphs are NOT all that Siphon says they are, and we have to bring Siphon's faults to mind." Hunter said. At last, something to aim for. It wasn't as hard as it would seem, as Xexan was equally capable of producing Pokemorphs that were truly beautiful and the last thing comparable to a monstrosity.

Muttering was heard for a bit, even after Hunter said 'Thank you,' and sat down. Fennel knew that the propoganda was a big factor why some people chose Siphon over Xexan, and she knew that it was important to prove that it wasn't as bad as Siphon made it seem, nor was Siphon without it's faults as well.

Albeit he tried to not give attention to himself, a man entered the room-A Bellossom Pokemorph, from the looks-and walked over to Fennel, in a manner that immediatly silenced the murmurs. This was a total disruption of the meeting at best, therefore meaning that said Bellossom Pokemorph better have a extremely good excuse for being here. It better be something Fennel needed to know.

"Miss Yew, I've assigned a Bodyguard to you, for your saftey." He said. "I forgot to tell you prior to telling your bodyguard, Nikolai Holmes, so I came to tell you so you don't...Err...Mistake his intentions." He added.

A bodyguard?! Well, it was important enough to grant a passable excuse for the meeting, but honestly, Fennel was extremely dangerous as it is. Firebreathing, Cursed Tails, Floating Blue Flames she can conjure at will, Suprising physical strength, Two Encrypt 143 pistols, an AMPLE, two Knives, a Permafrost 117 Sniper rifle, and incarnations that can cause extreme headaches and mental instability all make for a very fierce fighter. Fennel had all of those things.

As the man walked out of the room, Fennel refocused her attention to the meating. She had something of her own to say.

Neo Emolga
04-27-2011, 02:26 AM
OOC: Supremist and Nova Eevee, if you guys wouldn’t mind including the header of what your character’s name is, side affiliation, and location is, it would help other RPers find you and interact with your characters.


Alex Waters
Xexan Technician
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol

My shift of “Exit Duty” had been over. I was on break for a little while considering all the systems were up and running without a hitch or a scratch. But that was short-lived when someone else came into my work area. I turned around and looked to see it was “Puffy Bunny,” or “Sami” if I felt like being politically correct, which was somewhere between never and nowhere. The big Lopunny and Whimsicott Chimera practically took up the entire doorway and then some, but she really didn’t seem to care or be concerned with any of that.

“What’s up, Bunny?” I asked her casually. “Don’t tell me that computer’s video card got messed up again.”

“Not that, it’s a few other things,” She told me quickly and frankly. “Hunter Jinik informed Fennel that we’re having competitive issues with Siphon. Turns out, they’re marketing themselves with advertising and propaganda. If the trend continues, Siphon’s going to outnumber us, and I think it’s pretty clear Fennel doesn’t want that.”

I was pretty sure none of us wanted that, really. However, what she wanted me to do about it, I wasn’t really sure. Heck, I didn’t know how this involved me in the first place.

“Nothing to sweat over,” I told her, kicking back. “It’s a matter of product, price, place, and promotion. Forget the whole issue the Tempest Virus. People don’t need to be reminded of that. What we need to do, is make becoming a Pokémorph seem like a really good and awesome new start on life. Kind of like… buying a new house, or getting married. Something like that.”

Problem was, I didn’t think Xexan had the recording studio, the equipment, and the budget to do something like that. Whatever money we spent into this meant spending less into research.

“Shouldn’t be too hard to do that,” Bunny told me, looking optimistic. “Fennel should show herself on TV, and tell the world how Xexan’s research has changed her. Alongside her should be all the good-looking Pokémorphs that greatly benefitted from their transformation.”

“But… let me guess, that’s not my part,” I told her, nodding slowly. “Fennel probably wants me to do something a bit more malicious to Siphon’s side.”

“Well, she never confirmed that,” Bunny replied, looking a little sheepish. “Why don’t you find out what you can do, and let Fennel decide what kind of plan she’d like you to implement?”

“I’m all over it,” I told her, sitting up and turning the computer on.

She then left, and I loaded up the system. Linking to Siphon’s website and networks wasn’t difficult at all. In truth, I wasn’t all too crazy about letting people know about my hacking ability. To me, it just seemed geeky. From what I could see, they had an informative walkthrough on what the cybernetic conversion process was like, advertising it as painless, reliable, and tried to convince the reader that they were trustworthy and knew what they were doing. They also dumped in a lot of statistics of how many people have come to Siphon already to undergo cybernetic treatment.

There were a bunch of options we had, plenty I could see right off the bat. Those FBI documents that guy Chris Logan gave to us could be pretty handy if we uploaded those for everyone to see that Siphon and that Vickers guy were the reason there was a Tempest Virus in the first place. Yeah, I was sure that those “trustworthy” feelings Siphon was trying to instill in people would take a royal beat-down if they read up on this. Or, I could go the alternate route, and make those documents viral on the internet.

Taking down Siphon’s site wouldn’t be too hard either. Just meant coding a few algorithms that sucked up their bandwidth like no tomorrow, so loading times were slow as a three-hundred year old dog chasing a slug uphill in a blizzard. They wouldn’t be able to tie it back to Xexan either, not the FBI’s documents, and not the bots either. Even if they did, it didn’t matter.

She was in a meeting at the moment, so I decided to email her instead. Around Fennel, people needed to treat her like she was the queen of a really important country. For that, Jewel was right, we needed to treat her like a goddess. Pissing her off meant getting a crapton of really painful and miserable curses.

-Hey Fennel

Bunny informed me of Siphon’s propaganda scheme and all that other stuff. She told me that Xexan might start their own advertising campaign, which is cool, but I was wondering if you’d like me to shower a little rain on Siphon’s parade. Remember those really confidential documents that FBI guy, Chris Logan, gave to us? I’m sure people would get a kick out of learning Siphon’s the one responsible for the Tempest crap in the first place. Besides that, I could mess around with their website, eat up their bandwidth, and essentially make it hard for anyone to look at it. Can’t say I can do much to their television ads, but I’ve only just gotten started.

And yeah, don’t worry about the bots I’d be programming. They’ll latch themselves onto another anonymous people on the internet without them knowing, and they’ll call up bandwidth from Siphon’s site without displaying any actual content. That way, no one knows its Xexan who’s doing it.

But yeah, just give me the go, and I’ll start picking poisons for them. But, if you’d rather play it on the safe side and play nice with them for a while, hey, it’s no problem.


With that said, I just waited for Fennel’s response. In the meantime, I figured I’d get to work on fixing those Blackberries people were having trouble with. Apparently the new teleconference ap was being a little schmucky lately, and it required me having to update the hardware on all of them first. It was an easy job, just tedious. I figured some nice techno music in the meantime would make that whole thing less of a drudgery.

04-27-2011, 02:52 PM
Alex Tailleon
Castelia City

Alex woke up in the middle of the night to the feeling of cutting down of trees. he gets up, puts His pokemon back in their pokeballs, and heads out of castelia city. just as he get out, alex hop onto trees and spot three people sleeping. ALex manage to shed a tear casue he is really shy and barely talks to people. he sees the firewood and then sighs. Alex couldnt tell why people liked chopping trees down, but he leaps off the tree and gets a closer look at the wood, only to see it was from a dead tree. He calms down a bit knowing that dead trees are not good for anything for burning. I then climb back up a tree and then i feel tired again. i then fall asleep, unaware that i was not conceiled by tree branches.

04-27-2011, 10:03 PM
OOC: sorry if its rather short, im trying to finish Tobias's su lol... it's turning out to be about as long as Latio's :D

Nikolai Holmes
Xexan Bodyguard
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Pinwheel Forest, Unova
Affected RPers: Latio-Reol kind of…

Keeping to the shadows and staying unseen was my specialty. It really wasn’t that hard to find Yew, I broadened my mind and found her aura almost at once. She was up and across a few floors from where I was. I also sensed Rolph on his way to Yew as well, perhaps he forgot to tell her that I would be like him… I just hoped that Yew wouldn’t be too angry with Rolph. I slid through the halls up to the room where she was I also noticed there were other auras in the room as well, I decided to conceal mine I didn’t want to disturb any sort of meeting that Yew was in, it could be fatal…. Anyways as I slid through the shadows I caught a few words of what everyone was saying. I stayed unnoticed in a dark corner of the room and from the looks of things it was serious, Siphon was using the media to shoot down Xexan, and from what I’ve seen they were doing a good job of it. One of the wonders of being able to slip through solid object is that you never have to take a long route. I sensed Rolph on his way up and as he entered the room, he turned heads as usual. Being a Bellossom Pokemorph was an occupational hazard if you were trying to stay unnoticed.

He headed over towards the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, everything from her waist length golden hair to her flawless skin to her crystal clear blue eyes screamed of beauty, even her tails that signified her being a Pokemorph was beautiful. It was hard to believe that this woman was Fennel Yew and that she was already over a hundred years old. As Rolph gave his message to Yew, she seemed to explode with rage. While her façade remained calm, I could sense what others couldn’t, the calm of her aura from before the message raged around her. I decided to stay hidden in the interest of my own self preservation. If what I read from her portfolio were true, I could be in for a whole world of pain.

04-28-2011, 01:37 AM
(Ooc: Neo, is there a separate DS thread for this, or are we using the original DS thread?)

Fennel Yew/Hilda Marline Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha

She attempted various times to get her say during the meeting, but there were two people that managed to get before her in speaking, and the last person to speak took the words right out of her mouth, to an extent that it was almost like the speaker plaugerized her own words, or was psychic-However, at points, there was such differentiation that it definatly wasn't the former, And the Speaker was a Zororak, Weavile and Bisharp Chimera-meaning that the last thing he could have is psychic powers of even the slightest kind.

So that was just coincidental.

Regardless, she had places to be. She walked out of the room, and she found Cress, holding a clipboard and a pencil, looking like something really nasty went down.

Cress was misinformed. The Scientists did have it right that it would be a Pokemon that lived deep underwater, and used electricity for lighting and catching pray. However, Cress had never read the Pokedex entry for an Eelektross before, apparently, because although Eelektross recently gained the ability to hover through the ability Levitate, An Eelektross'es original habitat was in the ocean. Cress never got the name of the Pokemon in question, and considering that Cress was born after the change was recorded in Eelektross, Cress'es misunderstanding was quite acceptable.

By the end of the surgery, Cress'es legs (to his dismay) were no more. In exchange, Cress gained a massive tail to work with. Cress originally noted that Eelektross had small flippers somewhere on their tail, but the surgeons said that the Eelektross was homozygous ressesive for having flippers, meaning that instead of having flippers, the donating Eelektross had a huge tail instead. Cress could use this tail to slither on the ground like an Ekans, or coil it to rest. Cress also gained electricity-generating organs, and patches of bright skin on an otherwise dark aquamarine skin was now on his body, glowing in varying intensities based on his mood (Or if he wanted to fry something). His hands were elongated, and now his fingers were claw-like, and could produce a particuarily nasty amount of electricity. His hairstyle was replaced by a ponytail-like fin interconnected with his back, and a multitude of fins on his head in a kind that were meant to be strictly for the purpose of making a substitute for the lack of hair. He could also breathe underwater. The greatest change, however, was the ability that was the reason Cress really despised using his legs-the ability to move around like a snake in the air (Like Rayquaza) for reasons that even Xexan still had to identify, at maximum speeds slightly faster than running.. Cress was at mixed emotions: He liked all the abilities he got, but he disliked the fact that he lost his legs (Though he got used to the tail).

He was a regular sight to Fennel, and Fennel got used to the strange appearance Cress now had. However, Cress'es appearance meant that she had a million more 'unsatisfied' reports to deal with. Cress really didn't like it either, but considering he honestly looked pretty bad, some people stopped after they saw him (especially seeing the lack of legs). However, Cress'es look meant that some people were particuarily rowdy.

"Alright, what idiot decided to ignore the posters this time?" Fennel asked, immediatly putting two and two together.

"A Probopass Pokemorph. He didn't get the concept of 'no takebacks.' He was yelling right off the bat, and I reasoned calmly with him, saying that there seriously wasn't any developed way to undo it...He went to cussing, and I told him to either stop talking, or leave. He punched me in the shoulder." Cress said. "He honestly punched me with a fist made of metal rock, and was aiming for the chest too. I managed to move a little, make it hit me in the shoulder, and it still sent me to the other side of the room. I let out electrical discharge from the severity of the blow...He's paralyzed. I'm lucky that I didn't get a bone broken or anything." He added. Fennel identified the shoulder that got hit; it was the right shoulder, considering he was right-handed, but was holding his pen in his left, and holding the clipboard on his right.

Cress seemed to be racking his nerves over something other than the Probopass Pokemorph. "..Miss Yew, I would like to start a project that could change the DNA of the participants of the Genetic Surgery, so that they could change into another kind of Pokemorph, if we have time." Cress said in one breath, obviously trying to get saying it over with. "I understand the severity of the circumstances, and what they therefore dictate, but I would wish to find some way to make those far too displeased to deal with it change it, somehow." He said, quite quickly afterwards, as though to give his reasons before Fennel could deny him. Cress looked like he had just laid witness to something he did that he had absolutely no control over-Like his body was possessed when he said it, and it was cussword that he said.

Fennel thought it over a little. The idea was good-Change a person into another kind of Pokemorph if they weren't satisfied with their original choice. It was indeed impossible to remove the effects entierly once it was done, but to change the species one was a Pokemorph of could prove to have posotive side effects...Especially for those that were determined to be a Pokemorph, but weren't so pleased at the original results.

"It'll have potential, so long as we can. I'll consider it." Fennel said, making Cress'es face shine like gold. "However, I won't even think of making anything about this project until the amount of people that comes in goes down enough to manage it." Fennel added sternly.

"...Thank you, Miss Yew!" Cress said. He obviously liked it that his idea was accepted.

Fennel had to be elsewhere, so she just left right then, leaving Cress to his excitement.

Her Xtranceiver made that pinging sound while she walked. She looked at it, and the screen changed, proclaiming that Fennel had new email from Alex Waters, the Computer Technician that got really unlucky with who to break up with.

It stated the attempt of a Viral attack on Siphon's site. A viral attack on the most technologically-advanced faction in Unova. A sucessful one would be like finding a male Lilligant-pretty much impossible. The other option was to release documents on the Tempest Virus and it's source. Fennel liked it, but she thought that if they would whip that out at Siphon, Siphon might whip out the 'unethical testing' card, and make it even.

She'd reply later, she had places to be, people to meet, and to think of something.

04-29-2011, 01:59 AM
Aur Morose
Xexan Scientist
Distortion World

Giratina was not happy with the crab-man on his back. Aur couldn't really blame it for it. He wouldn't have enjoyed having a crab-man crawl on his back if he were a gigantic extra-dimension eldritch ancient dragon. Well, that was impossible to really know for sure, but Aur didn't think he would. At any rate, he hypothesized that he would be a lot more effective about it.

Lacking the flexibility to turn its head all the way around so it could look at its back, Giratina could only feel a strange something climbing its dorsal side. Aur wasn't about to let it find a way to do any more than that anytime soon, so he immediately started attacking, manifesting a pair of metal blades in his hands to start slicing at its skin. "Helias, Fiery Dance! Ezekiel, Zap Cannon!"

Unfortunately, he lacked the kind of super effective moves that would have been nice to have against a legendary Pokemon. He wished he hadn't left his Galvantula in the laboratory; he was also something that would have been nice to have in a fight. As his two Pokemon started their corresponding moves, the Volcarona unleashing a torrent of flames while the Porygon-Z firing a beam of electrical charge at the eldritch dragon, Aur continued to slice at the Pokemon's back.

The moves connected; it would have been absurd if they hadn't, of course, being this close. Giratina roared, more in rage than in pain. It suddenly swerved to the right. Aur caught a glimpse of one of the massive, horizontal beams of sand incoming, and quickly started scuttling onto Giratina's side.

Boom. There was an enormous tremor, and Aur would've fallen off if he didn't have Ariados genes enabling him to stick to practically any surface. Giratina had slammed its back into the sand beam, attempting to crush him; fortunately, Aur could crawl onto its side in straight defiance of this world's strange gravity. Giratina whipped its head around, and out of the corner of its eye, caught a glimpse of its tormentor.

It was angry now. Giratina took off, sweeping past the Helias and Ezekiel, who had just caught up after having been caught completely unprepared for Giratina's sudden swerve. Aur decided to try projecting hand grenades and tossing them up towards Giratina's head. The attack seemed to be effective; Giratina roared again, this time more in pain than rage, then suddenly shot downwards--perhaps temporarily blinded, and simply heading in a random direction now?

Whatever the reason, they were now headed straight for a sandy landmass. With no way to control his unwilling steed's movement, Aur turned around and headed for Giratina's tail end as fast as he could. He reached it at about the same time Giratina plowed into the sand. Aur jumped, in an effort to reduce his velocity, but the force he managed to apply was meager at best, and he ended up leaving a small crater in the sand a little after Giratina did.

A chilling screech. Giratina had been unfazed by its collision, and now took back off into the Distortion World's sky. Aur could only look on in disappointment as his target flew away into the distance, blending in against the gargantuan swirling clouds that were the background of this strange dimension.

Helias and Ezekiel finally caught up. Aur shook his head. "Back to the lab," he said. They needed to figure out something to do.

05-05-2011, 01:34 AM
Fennel Yew/Hilda Marline Livinal
Xexan Scientist
Xexan Secret Location Alpha, Inner Pinwheel Forest
Affected RPers: Neo

Another round of testing the AMPLE's Ultrasound pulses. That meant another batch of test subjects. These subjects included a Braviary, a Bellossom, an Exploud, and a few Trainers. The purpose was to test a stronger Ultrasound pulse for the AMPLE.

Fennel was here mainly because of the looming threat of Siphon, and the need of weapons. Siphon had more of a focus on producing powerful weapons, and Fennel heard a rumor about a Siphon Project meant to make a laser that could take on a Pokemon Type. Xexan wasn't so focused prior, only producing three new models of weapons ever since finding three conveniant blueprints for them. These weapons were the Encrypt 143 pistol, the AMPLE, and the Permafrost 117 sniper rifle. Now, they had to focus at least a little more than they normally would, considering that even with the powers of Pokemon, they'd definatly need weapons, especially considering the new Pokemon-Type Laser. Siphon was going to definatly outdo them in terms of making new technology, but that didn't mean Xexan couldn't try to make sure that they didn't fall too far behind.

A scientist, one with special earplugs and Exploud genes (And a southern accent), was going to test. The main reason for the earplugs even though being part Exploud made that irrelevant was that there could always be a chance that Pokemon with soundproof could still be affected by the Ultrasound pulses.

Fennel saw the monitors, checking for how loud the sound was, and how quickly it would make specific targets faint. It also displayed vital signs of the subjects. Fennel made a mental note to check the Braviary's vital signs sharply. The Braviary was the one that fell down after Fennel unleashed an Ultrasonic pulse to knock out nineteen governmental agents, and Fennel thought that the chance that it might die from being hit was there.

The Exploud Scientist was in position-He pointed the barrel of the AMPLE up, making sure that no subject was closer than another. All the subjects were aligned in a circular pattern, so this worked.

"Unleashin' the Ultrasonic Pulse in three! Two! One!"

The bellowing of the Exploud scientist was nothing painful at all in comparison to (What Fennel assumed) was a extremely powerful Ultrasonic pulse. The Exploud that was being used to test if the Soundproof ability would work to sheild it was wobbling a little, but everything else fell flat to the ground in three seconds.

Save the Braviary. The Braviary just died flat-out in two seconds upon hearing. Fennel assumed such an outcome already, but it was still rather nasty to see something drop dead like that. That was the bad news.

The good news was that the AMPLE had a new Ultrasonic Pulse generator, much more potent than before. It even affected Soundproof Pokemon, slightly.

It got Fennel wondering what to do with the tech salvaged from the Golurk. She still had the fond memory of taking out what was recently identified as the energy source of the Golurk. It certianly could be applied in a manner to benefit Xexan.

It also got Fennel wondering how the Golurk thought. That was what really stood out. The Golurk behaved like a normal Pokemon, with but it was one hundred percent Machine, zero percent biological creation. Perhaps the brain of the Golurk was like a hyper-complex AI system of sorts?

...She had better things to do. Like quickly type up the response to Alex Water's Email.

Alex Waters.

The solution you have given me is appliable. However, it is presumed that it will not work. I understand that these Bots you plan to use to drain energy from Siphon's website are very hard to relate back to Xexan, but definatly not impossible-What's to stop Siphon from finding the anomynous people the The bots cling to, finding the Bots themselves, and find who made them? I would also assume, considering their highly advanced technology, that Siphon would have a ready defense for such things. Considering this, until we know the full range of their computer technology, I would like you to instead increase our ability to defend against viral attacks.

I did not plan any advertising campaign, nor did anyone else. The reason for this is that the current state of resources mainly beign devoted to the actual creation of Pokemorphs. Once there isn't as big of a rush to make Pokemorphs, projects such as an advertising campaign would be possible.

Fennel Yew.

There. A nice and simple Email that told Alex her concern about it. She sent it quickly. She was very busy.

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Master Zorua
07-04-2011, 12:23 AM
Simon and Robert Zidane
Outside Castelia City

Simon heard a noise up above them as the sun rose up. He saw something up in the treetop above, though he wasn't sure what it was. He no longer had his sense of smell and sharp eyes that he did when he was a Zorua. Now he knew what it was like to be human, to have a rather mediocre range of senses.

Simon stood up and shouted to the being up in the tree. "Hey!" he called out. Robert and Lilly stirred from their slumber. Lilly lapped at a wet spot on her muzzle before yawning and stratching out on Robert's lap. Robert opened his eyes wearilly and looked around, wondering what Simon was yelling for.

07-04-2011, 02:02 AM
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