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Credit to Neo Emolga for the title.
Is it the end of the world? Or just the beginning?
The Pokémon world, everyone knows of it. A place where humans and creatures called Pokémon work together and live in harmony. People sometimes keep Pokémon as pets when others train them to become stronger and compete in battles or contests with other trainers. There are organizations that try to steal Pokémon or have a higher goal, but their plans are usually stopped before they have a chance to even get started. It seemed like everything was on the road for a good life.

Or should I say was on the road for a good life. Everything changed over night it seemed like to both people and Pokémon.

The once beautiful planet is becoming barren. Water sources are drying up and forests are dying. It is believed that this harsh change was partly brought on by the advances in science, but by this point in time it has been forgotten what actually happened. Science was pushed aside and people started to go back to the ways of old when they forged weapons and armor by hand with hammers and when they lived off the land, and if you thought that people still had a strong connection with Pokémon companions then you would be mistaken. With the limited natural resources, fights broke out between the Pokémon and humans, which eventually lead to a full-scale war. It wasn’t until the war broke out did the planet start to get in even worse shape due to it being their battle ground.

After some scientific experiments had negative affects on the environment, which lead to some Legendaries to be angered but put their abilities to trying to fix the damage done. When the earth became the battleground for the Pokémon and human race, things got worse. Aside from the oceans drying up and forests burning down leaving little greenery, national disasters are starting to become more frequent. Earth splitting earthquakes and massive tornadoes are tearing up the fragile planet crust. Volcanic eruptions may seem like that when the lava cools it's strengthening the surface, but it is changing the layout of the land. Not only are the Pokémon and humans have to survive fighting each other, they have to survive the natural powers of the earth that are in disarray.

Whereas the humans continue to change leaders, the Pokémon have had constant leaders. Leading the Pokémon army are the Musketeer Trio or Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. Cobalion is often referred to as the leader and main strategist, Terrakion is the brute strength of the group and often watches over the training of the recruits under their ranks, and Virizion tends to stay off the battlefield and helps with getting injured Pokemon to safety and helps make herbal remedies for their injuries or sicknesses. The three of them are against the human race with a passion, and believe that the world cannot return to its once beautiful state if they remain on the planet. Humans are contaminating the environment and need to be eliminated is the common idea the three share.

However, another trio of legendary Pokémon has rebelled against the Musketeers and believe that Pokémon and humans have to work together as they once did in order to bring the world back to where it once was. These three are the Legendary Beasts, made up of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. The three all work on strategy, training their lower ranks, and making rounds to make sure injured and sick Pokémon have what they need to be comfortable as they recover. Even though they do share the responsibilities, Raikou prefers to be a strategist, Entei likes to be right on the battlefield, and Suicune tends to make extra rounds to check up on their weakened companions. They believe that with Pokémon and humans working together, there is still hope to at least revive the earth and bring back the oceans and forests, even if it will not be the same as it once was.

When the Legendary Beasts rebelled against the Musketeers, a Pokémon civil war broke out. People noticed this and decided to take advantage of it to try to get the upper hand in the war. This caused the Musketeers to be enraged and they decided that any Pokémon that followed the Legendary Beasts and wanted to reestablish a partnership with the humans were not fellow Pokémon and had to be put in their place. They don’t think that though under Raikou, Entei, and Suicune need to be eliminated like humans do, but they need a reminder of what the human race has done to their world. And those reminders usually end up being physical.

Something similar has broken out with the humans, where some of them have hope to once again work side-by-side with Pokémon when others believe that they are too much of a pain to deal with and need to be taken care of "properly". Chaos continues to rule, and the rest of the Legendary Pokémon have tried their best to remain out of the battles but are at the end of their rope. The war has to come to an end, one way or another. Will the partnership between Pokémon and humans be reestablished and stronger than ever? Or will the two continue to try to ride the world of the other until only one of them remain?


-All PE2K rules.
-Must remain at a highest of a PG13 rating. There can be blood, violence, very mild cursing, and love, but anything that would make this a R rating or higher must remain out of the post and taken to the PMs if you feel the need to RP the scenes out.
-"Bunnying" is only allowed when a player will be inactive and he or she has asked for his or her character to not be left behind and has given permission for another player to play that character.
-Respect other players. If there is any disrespect towards another player or the RP itself, a warning will be given.
-Players' characters can die. It might be rare, but it can happen.
-Love is love, so please respect the players' decision if they decide to have their characters fall in love with each other. That includes same gender couples.
-No one liners! Please at least one, if not too much to ask two paragraphs in each post. And please try to be literate. My suggestion- type out your post in some sort of word document with a spell check.
-Fake moves are allowed, like for example those who know me know I have a Houndoom (or in this case Houndour) that knows a move called Ice-Flamethrower. However, if it is not a pretty much self explanatory damaging move, please at least give me some history on that move. If it has added on affects, I really need to know how the move works. I would just like to know how your Pokémon character learned the move and what it does in the History section of the sign up sheet.
-Some Legendary Pokémon can be playable characters, so if you are interested in playing a certain one please post or PM me which one you would like to play as and I will tell you if it is available or not and how it is tied into the RP plot give you my opinion on how I believe that Legendary may be tied into the plot. However, it will just be my opinion and in truth you can do whatever you like with that Legendary, just as long as you give it a gender since in my opinion most of the Legendary Pokémon should have a gender at least refer to your Legendary as more masculine or feminine, having your character referred to as "he" or "she" instead of "it".
-For the time being, only one Legendary Pokémon per player. I want to see how many people sign up first, and later on I may increase the number.
-If you are going to be inactive for whatever reason, please post or PM me out of courtesy so I can tell the other players of the inactivity and none of us think you are just blowing us off.
-Lastly, have fun! How this RP plays out depends on the players, so even I have no idea how it will play out or what the outcome will be.


Musketeers alliance:
Surge (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3283704&postcount=10), played by CM
Mystery (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3285059&postcount=31), played by Hitmonfighter
Lucent (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3288773&postcount=63), played by aeoneeveemoon
Legendary Beasts alliance:
Techno (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3284558&postcount=21), played by Hitmonfighter
Chrono (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3285325&postcount=33), played by Redmario
Gina Seraphina (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3285481&postcount=36), played by CM
Kiseki Kagami (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3285791&postcount=37), played by DarkAmethyst
Gaia (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3285834&postcount=41), played by Pyroboy74
Dunev (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3287717&postcount=45), played by aeoneeveemoon
Aurora (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3289030&postcount=65), played by White Wolf of the Snow
Stormbreaker (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3289030&postcount=65), played by White Wolf of the Snow
Human alliance:
Agana Lilith (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3288097&postcount=49), played by CM
Kyndeyrn (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3288100&postcount=50), played by CM
Chrissie (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3288126&postcount=51), played by aeoneeveemoon
Blaire Kailon (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3288279&postcount=53), played by Pyroboy74
Darkclaw (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3284283&postcount=19), played by aeoneeveemoon
Kyosan (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3284573&postcount=23), played by Tombi
Dahlia Kanon (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3287847&postcount=47), played by Moonlight


Thunder roared and lightning flashed. Rain was assaulting the dry crust of the earth for the first time in weeks. Normally it would be a welcomed since the valley filled with drinkable water in deeper slopes, but today was different. The water ran red down into the small slopes. In the valley lay bodies, some still moving and trying to get to help. Cries and whimpers were heard. They no longer cared about the battle they were in, but to get out and get helped.

From a cliff north of the valley was a large yellow shape. It's ruby red eyes scanned the area, disappointment showing on its features. The purple cloud on its back moved with the wind, which was stronger on the creature's perch. It was obvious that that losses were disturbing, as well as that no one was helping the survivors. As lightning struck behind the tiger-like creature, it let out a mighty roar.

Just then the red eyes saw something much larger push its way through the carnage in the valley. It glared at the creature, it being the tank of the apposing forces. It was plowing through the fallen humans, and only helped a Pokémon out when it was certain that it would fully recover or join its side. For a moment the two mighty beasts' eyes met before the second decided it was finished and ran to the only large forest that was left. The first beast roared again before disappearing deeper into the mountain.

This was the world now. Humans against Pokémon as well as Pokémon against Pokémon. No one can remember how it started, but somewhere in history the humans thought it would be better to use Pokémon instead of forming friendships with them and the Pokémon retaliated. Within the Pokémon group, some decided that it was best to eliminate the human race while others believed the old bond could be fixed and started a civil war. The outcome is still unclear, but one thing is for certain at this time. It's survival of the fittest and none of the forces that are defending their beliefs are giving in.

04-29-2011, 11:51 AM
Techno, Genderless (Male), Genesect.
Alliance: Legendary Beasts.
Affected Players: None.

The sounds of thunder, rain and lightning... Flashes from the thunder and darkness from the clouds in the sky... It was yet another day... Another day where many would die on this battlefield... Both human and pokemon... But why... Why can't humans and pokemon life together... Why can't they have peace... Why can't there be peace in the world... Why did this happened to the world... And the real question would be... How could they let this happen...!

I was looking at the sky. I saw the rain falling down... The darkness disappear by the thunder and lightning... But it came back again... I sat on a rock, on a mountain. I then looked at plains. I saw pokemon fight against humans, but I also saw pokemon fighting other pokemon... Why, oh why, couldn't they have peace... I wasn't sure of that... I closed my eyes... I was thinking... I opened my eyes again and jumped of the mountain. "I will not stop until there is peace between humans and pokemon." I shouted in a robot like voice. Then I began to fly... I was flying above the clouds... It seemed so much nicer without those clouds and thunder... The sunshine felt warm... I stayed here for a while...

Mystery, Genderless (Male), (Shiny) Ditto.
Alliance: Musketeers.
Affected Players: None.

I hided in a cave. "Blah... I hate rain... It makes me sad..." I said to myself. I was hoping someone from the alliance would come and bring me back. "Guess I have to stay here for a while..." I said while I sat on a rock. I concentrated myself to hear the waterdrops. But I ended into almost falling asleep. "Wha-... No... I have to stay awake!!" I said while I slapped myself. I was looking around, but there was nothing but a bunch of rocks. I sighed. I heared a roar, but I didn't really care. I could take any kind of enemy unless it would be a legendary pokemon. But I was just waiting till the storm would fall...

04-29-2011, 06:45 PM
Rain continued to fall and slowly turn the red water clear. Thunder crashed before another streak of lightning lite up the darkness. Both forces on the east and west sides of the valley were still on adrenalin rushes from the high of battle, but for just a short time there was a truce to retrieve the fallen comrades.

The valley was the only place that really had much activity. The forests to the west was the territory of the Musketeers, a group of Pokémon who believe that it is all the humans fault for the state the earth is in. To the east was the remains of a great city where the remaining humans reside who believe that Pokémon should be treated as animals and become pets or be used to make their lives better. It still was able to use electricity, so lights could be seen in the darkness. Great mountain ranges to the north housed a rebel group of Pokémon who want people and Pokémon to once again work together. And finally, the south had underground tunnels that were lived in by the people and Pokémon who were not on any one side but their own.
Surge and Gina
Musketeer and Legendary Beast
Musketeer Territory
A dark shape walked through the forest, growling under this breath about the pelting rain. He shook his fur out to once again try to dry it, but as soon as what water was on his black fur was gone it was immediately replaced. He again growled before his ears perked up. He heard loud stomps, only getting louder. It was only moments later when one of the Musketeers broke through the tree line. The Houndour bowed his head to his leader.

"Go make sure the human girl hasn't escaped while we were battling the humans," the Cavern Pokémon said before going off somewhere.

The small dog-like Pokémon nodded before going to where they prisoners were taken. It was a small clearing, but there was only one clear path into it since it was surrounded by thorn bushes. At the moment they only had one human prisoner, but it was a valuable one. This human was a blacksmith and could make armor for the Musketeer forces. When the Houndour broke through the tree line, he saw a silver haired human female still tied to a tree. It didn't appear that she has tried to break the rope that was around her neck, so it seemed like this human was smarter than she looked.

Surge then began to wonder when the Musketeers would start to make her make armor. The humans had weapons and armor, so now he believed that it was time for the Pokémon to have that as well. But he himself wasn't going to force this woman yet. It wasn't his place and he was sure he would be punished for doing something he was not ordered to do. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the girl move, so he turned to see what she was doing. It looked like she was just attempting to get more comfortable, but that would be hard in this weather and her location. There was soft grass, but she didn't have enough slack in the rope to allow her to lay down. All she could do was lean against the tree she was tied to. Once he was sure that she wasn't going anywhere, Surge decided to report that she was still there. He hoped that there was probably a mission he could do or if he could have time to train afterwards. He was still energetic with the battle that had just ended.

Eternal Moonlight
04-29-2011, 09:11 PM
Neutral Territory

The rain was cool, fresh, but it fell almost violently, as if the sky was in a rage. In its almost infinite darkness one could make out the faint seems between each group of cloud, but it really wasn’t easy. Unless, of course, a quick flash of lightning burst randomly, allowing one swift peek around before vanishing. The wind, it seemed, was also agitated, gusting and howling about, carrying along small debris.

Most of the others stayed inside the tunnels, not wanting to get wet. However, as water was such a precious resource, they’d put out pots or other objects capable of storing the liquid. Nobody wanted to miss out…

The lone girl sitting on the moist grass was no expectation; she sat quietly beside a jug, which was slowly filling. Her brown/purple eyes scanned to horizon, as if searching for something. The lightning strikes didn’t seem to faze her, nor did the loud growls the sky seemed to make. One could tell she’d been out for a while, her clothes were soaked through, and her blouse was completely see-through at this point. Luckily for her, she was also wearing a grey shirt underneath, which didn’t become transparent when wet.

A few good meters behind her was a wide entrance to one of the tunnels the southern area of known for. The neutrals called this place home; it made good shelter and was off from the main battlegrounds used by the opposing fractions. Too often, the Beasts and the Musketeers would engage in combat, slowly gnawing at each other in a struggle for control. Then, of course, there were those humans who thought Pokémon were nothing but tools for exploitation, they added nothing but fuel to the problem plaguing the world’s remains.

The girl herself wasn’t a perfect neural, like some of her neighbours. Her beliefs tended to match those preached by the Beasts and their followers; both parties, humans AND Pokémon, had a part to play in this mess. What was keeping her from joining that fraction? Well… she had her reasons…

From inside, two Pokémon watched. One was a red and green dragonfly, the other was a cream coloured feline. They seemed to stare just outside just as expressionlessly as the girl; however, it didn’t appear to be searching for anything. It was almost as if they were just there to be there…

The rain wasn’t letting up, and most of the items left out were now starting to overflow, the water slowly leaking down the sides and into the soggy soil. It would probably be a good time for the inhabitants to come out and collect them, but nobody came. The cat, having noticed this, let out a soft sigh, only audible to the Yanma beside her.

Nothing changed. Would it ever..?

04-30-2011, 01:36 AM
[Dunev] Entei (M)
Beasts' Camp
Watching the rain fall...

The battle-weathered Entei stared at the sky, wondering whether Arceus was watching the war unfold below and delivering an omen. He wondered who this anger was for: for he and his siblings, or for the accursed, overzealous Musketeers.

He also wondered whether it was just rain.

He rose, yawning, stretching his black-cuffed legs and shaking his powerful shoulders, making his long, thick mane whip raindrops all around me. The camp was unusually still: most were out hunting, or in the battle. Raikou had assured Dunev that camp was usually, in fact, near silent because of so much need to hunt, but he was unused to the stillness and didn't, frankly, enjoy it. The only reason he was here at all was that Raikou had impressed the need for a guard upon him. As usual, Dunev could not argue with his brother's logic, as the last time a real battle had been fought, the camp had been torn to shreds.

The Entei suddenly whipped around. A shredded Girafarig was wobbling into camp. He ran up to her, barking, "Healers! Now!" She fell against his side and he supported her as they hobbled awkwardly to the Healers' dens, with Dunev acutely aware that she was on his blind side. The equine was letting out low moans.

"Dunev, I see Giratina," she whispered. "Will he come for me?"

"No!" Dunev growled. He stopped as a crowd of Pokemon - mostly grass-types, as well as a couple of Blissies and the like - surrounded them, easing the Girafarig off of my shoulder.

Dunev bent down and growled in her ear, "Be brave; you are a warrior. Be brave like Arceus, and he will protect you, live or die."

Then Dunev turned abruptly and dashed out of the Healers' den. He looked up at the thundering sky and let out a huge roar, furious at his 'father'.

Oh, Arceus, thought the Entei, why did you let this happen?

04-30-2011, 07:50 AM
OoC: I just want to say that even though I will be NPCing the remaining leaders, I want everyone to know that if you have an idea for any of them feel free to put them in your post without having me to post as them. They are currently NPCs, so if needed anyone can post with them. And also, Hitmonfighter, can you please delete some of the -'s in your post? It makes it way too wide to where the horizontal scroll bar is needed and that makes it difficult to read and type out posts.

Jelani (NPC)
Legendary Beasts
Legendary Beasts Territory
Lightning clashed again as Jelani, one of the Legendary Beasts, returned to his mountain home. He was displeased that some of his forces were in the battle was was between the Musketeers and humans, but he understood where they where coming from. The ones who have given their loyalty to him and his siblings want nothing more than to reestablish the lost bond. But still his forces were now having to deal with unexpected, and unneeded, casualties. The Thunder Pokémon roared out as thunder sounded, releasing some of his frustration. He had to be calm in order to lead his comrades to victory. If he let his emotions lead them, then his cause would experience more loses than needed.

After cooling off, letting the pelting rain wash away his frustration, he entered a tunnel that lead to a clearing inside the mountain. Above the clearing was a layer of crystal, protecting the people and Pokémon under it from the weather. This is where the injured were usually taken. He saw that some of his follow Pokémon were seriously injured and a few might not make it, but he swallowed his growl and turned his head to his sister in leadership, Aurora. She was a slender Suicune, her fur shining in the dim light. No one would guess that she was in many battles since her scars were covered under soft blue and white fur unlike Jelani, where some of his scars could not be covered by his thick yellow and black pelt.

"How many are we going to lose?" he asked.

"I can't be certain, Brother," Aurora replied. "We are doing all we can to heal the injuries, medical herbs for those not as bad and using healing techniques on those with more serious injuries to speed up the healing process, but it is still uncertain."

The tiger-like Pokémon sighed, letting his head fall. He did not like hearing that at all, and he knew that their brother would not be happy with it either. This war needed to end, otherwise he believed that both sides would end up killing each other. He then turned his gaze to Aurora, his red eyes meeting hers.

"Why do you think Arceus has left us? He abandoned all of us, human and Pokémon, to fight this out when clearly He can put an end to this."

"Maybe He thinks it's time for us to learn how to deal with these problems on our own. If we are to reunite Humans and Pokémon, then it shall be done. If we are to just fight until one or both of us perish, than that will be the outcome," Aurora replied to Jelani, her voice soft and soothing despite what she was saying.

"I hope it's the first one," Jelani said before lifting his head. "I better find Dunev and report to him. I couldn't find any other companions in the valley that were still fighting for life. It was mainly the loses from the Musketeer and human forces."

The Suicune nodded before the Raikou turned to leave. He gave one last look around and prayed that all his comrades would survive to fight another day for what they believed in. If any were to join their ancestors, then he vowed to not let them down and fight with all his might for their beliefs before exiting the cave to find the other leader.
Agana Lilith
Human City
The rain continue to pour from the havens, hitting the windows violently. It seemed like there was no end in sight and the falling rain was only getting heavier. It just how the weather was now, it took a small rainstorm to the extreme and risked flooding the valley. A woman leaned back in her chair to watch the rain hit and fall down the outside of the window in her dimly lit office, stroking the fur of a violet feline that was curled up on her lap.

"It looks as though this rain will stay for a few more hours before clearing up," she said in a calm, low voice, leaning back a bit more.

The attendant in the room took in a breath to say something, but it didn't go unheard by the woman. With her foot she slowly turned the chair around with a stern look in her eye. That look quickly silenced the male attendant, who now realized that what she said was a statement that was not meant to be replied to. She kept the chair where it was, but turned her head and rested it in the palm of her hand to continue to look out the window.

"How many have we lost?" she then asked, looking at the man in the room.

"About 48% of our men who went into battle, Ma'am," he replied, his voice clearly sounding his nervousness.

"How many captured by the enemy?"

"None, Ma'am."

"And how many did we manage to capture?"

"About 20 strong Pokémon, Ma'am."

The woman smirked as her hand now lay still on the cat. She turned her chair the rest of the way as she picked up the feline to put it on her desk before resting her elbows on the cherry oak desk. She looked at the area map she had spread out on the surface, thinking.

"They will have to be put in their place soon. They now have new leaders they must respect," she said, but then glared when the lights flickered. "Status report on the generator."

"Most of the electric Pokémon have run out of electricity. The only ones still running strong are the Electivire and Zebstrika we captured a few days ago."

"Well then, looks like we need to use this storm to our advantage. Hook up all remaining Electrics and any Pokémon who have the ability Lightning Rod to the generator and set them outside. I'm sure they'll be hit by the lightning, which we could use to recharge the generator. With this much lightning flashing, I'm sure we could get a almost a good month's worth of electricity."

"Right away, Ma'am," the attendant said before quickly exiting the room.

Agana then sighed, leaning back against the chair as the feline Pokémon stretched and meowed. She couldn't help but smile at the cat, stroking her behind the ear.

"Things are going to become more difficult, Cher," she said as the cat purred. "But not for us. That is if my plan works. I need to get someone, or more like something, on the inside of the Musketeers and Legendary Beasts. That way I can know how much they are suffering from these battles and if they have anything we need. It seems like both get more Pokémon out of no where, which isn't too bad seeing as though we are getting better at capturing the ones that could possibly strengthen our forces."

Agana then picked up Cher, her precious Purrloin, and held her as she turned again to watch the storm. She then felt some pressure on her legs, and when she looked down she saw a gray and black canine head resting there. She smiled, recognizing it as another one of her pets. This one was Wolfgang, a Mightyena. Her other pet was hiding in the shadows somewhere in the room, and that would be her Seviper she called Venom. She smirked as thunder roared, not doubting that she would lead the humans into victory and that finally the Pokémon would be put into their proper places.

04-30-2011, 08:09 AM
Chrono Genderless (Male) Celebi
Legendary Beast
Near the border of Musketeer Territory and Neural Territory


Forever flowing like a river with all its twists and turns... Forever continuously reshaping and reforming itself...

It was on this river that a lone pokemon floated slowly along. Its small green body was quite visibly beaten and battered. Fresh traces of blood dripped slowly from a deep wound across its closed right eye indicating its unconscious state. For a few more moments the creature continued its journey before eventually slipping through a small light blue opening along the rivers side suddenly disappearing from sight.

The woods to the west of the valley were deafly silent where only the sound of the heavy rain could be heard. This slight calm was quite a pleasant change from the terrifying battle which occurred a few miles east not to long ago. The silence was soon broken as a sudden flux of light blue energy sparked through the forests tree line causing a small time portal opened up letting the small green pokemon tumble out onto the soft grassy ground rolling limply until he stopped abruptly by hitting his back upon a thick tree. Minutes passed before some raindrops of the heavy downpour woke the small pokemon from its slumber.

"Where... where am I?" spoke the creature with a weak yet still masculine tone as he tried to pick himself up before a sudden sharp pain coursed through his body forcing him to slump himself back upon the thick trees side. For a while he breathed heavily as he tilted his face up feeling the rains downpour upon his face, his mind beginning to calm itself ever so slowly. Despite the his obvious attention to the pain through his body one thing stood out in his mind.

"I've failed you Arceus..." he gasped as a few lone tears began to trickle down his uninjured eye quickly mixing in with the heavy rain. Mustering what little strength he could he pushed himself to his feet breathing heavily he steadied himself uneasily on his feet allowing him a better look at his surroundings. Around him was sparse forestry which was very uncommon to see in the new world order except in one place which made Chrono shudder in realization.

"I'm still within Musketeer territory..." he mumbled as he tried move himself once again only to drop down onto one knee.

"It's no use. That last jump into the time stream nearly drained me of the last of my strength. I need to get some energy if I am to survive..." he said as he held his hand firmly onto the large tree he had tumbled into just earlier.

"I've sorry old one. I swear your sacrifice will not be in vain..." he thought as he closed his eyes before beginning to channel the natural energy before him. Soon the large tree began to glow a light green hue before small streams of natural energy began to flow from it into Chrono. As more and more energy began to channel into his body, the visible wounds littering his body began to slowly heal themselves, first his cuts, then the bruises, before his final wound across his eye cleanly closed itself leaving only deep scar tissue in its place. With a final relived breath he attempted to stand once more finding it much easier than before albeit still quite sore yet much better than his previous condition.

Opening his eyes once more he saw the once strong healthy tree in front of him had become withered and dying. Its once thick green leafy foliage had now become dried withered crisps of there former selves and began to flutter downward onto the ground. With a heavy sigh Chrono stood up before checking his body for any leftover injuries finally ending his self exam as his hand grazed across the deep scar running across his eye.

Was this wound to be his punishment? A continuous reminder from Arceus to remind him of his defeat against the legendary trio...

"There is no time to dwell on the past." he said determinedly as his expression changing to match his words. "Although I may be still weakened from my previous battle against the Musketeer leaders, the rest of it should return once I jump to a previous period." he said as he readied himself to make another jump into time.

With a quick burst of speed Chrono began to run a quick speed before taking into the air, wobbling slightly at first before he steadied himself in mid flight. As his flight path became corrected he closed his eyes attempting to open a portal into time. As he strained his mental might he quickly gasped in realization opening his eyes just in time to turn himself to avoid a head on collision into another tree causing him to tumble back down onto the muddy ground as he slid painfully to a stop.

For a moment he lay there his tired body doing its best to recuperate itself before he slowly brought himself into a sitting position. Breathing heavily he stared down at his hand which was shaking nervously as one would do when under a lot of stress. His mind instantly registering what had just happened to him.

"I've lost my time travel ability..." he stuttered weakly before staring up into the darkened rainy sky.

"Why Arceus... Why do you test me..." he said as he slumped down onto the cold wet ground as the heavy rain continued to rain down upon his back.

Little did Chrono know that a small Pidgy has taken notice of his entire ordeal and with a quick flap of its wings took to the air eagar to report his unique findings to his musketeer leaders...

04-30-2011, 01:47 PM
Chrissie (Human)
Human Alliance
Human City Outskirts

A lone girl sat on a disused, graffiti-splattered park bench, feeling totally helpless. Her grey eyes looked up to the heavens, matching the storm clouds in color. When the lightning flashed, it revealed the tears shining in them like more of the endless raindrops. She knew that a battle had just been fought, and that more lives had just been lost for an utterly pointless cause.

It was worse for Chrissie than for most others. Firstly because she cared - unlike many of the other people around here - and secondly because she could hear thousands of voices in her head, moaning in pain, weeping with grief, not to mention the moans and weeps of the Lugia who had once been her friend.

She stood up suddenly, looking around. She sensed someone approaching and, to take her mind off of the voices, turned her focus instantly to his intent.

"Well then, looks like we need to use this storm to our advantage. Hook up all remaining Electrics and any Pokémon who have the ability Lightning Rod to the generator and set them outside. I'm sure they'll be hit by the lightning, which we could use to recharge the generator. With this much lightning flashing, I'm sure we could get a almost a good month's worth of electricity."

She narrowed her eyes and glanced lovingly behind her. What at first appeared to be a mound of golden-orange fur was curled up next to where she'd been sleeping. On closer inspection, it was the electric-type Pokemon called Raichu, and it was sleeping soundly and peacefully, curled nearly into a ball with its lightningbolt-tipped tail gripped between its forepaws. Chrissie didn't particularly care to wake him, but she knew he would be less happy being hooked up to the generator than being woken. She reached into her bag, slipped out a minimized Pokeball, and aimed it at the Raichu. She pressed the button in the center down, and the sphere snapped open, sending out a red beam of light that engulfed the snoozing electric type, who stayed asleep even as it was carried by the light into the Pokeball. The little bicolor orb snapped shut just as Chrissie heard footsteps behind her.

One of the 'grunts' was approaching, carrying an umbrella and looking more nervous with each flash of lightning. A quick glance at his thoughts told Chrissie that he was the same man whom she had sensed.

"Ma'am," he said, "I'm going to have to ask you to turn in any electric-type Pokemon you have, or Pokemon with Motor Drive or Lightningrod, for the storm's duration."

Chrissie feigned a puzzled look. "I don't have any Pokemon like that."

The man frowned at her. "Are you sure?"

"I'm positive," said Chrissie. She smiled and gave the man a friendly wink before walking away, taking a quick glance behind to make sure she wasn't being followed. She was looking up at the tall building where Agatha Lillith, the woman who was more or less the leader of the humans, resided. As she did, a stray thought wandered across her mind:

"I need to get someone, or more like something, on the inside of the Musketeers and Legendary Beasts."

Chrissie stopped dead in the middle of the road, feeling like one of the forks of lightning had hit her - that is to say, Chrissie was thunderstruck. She thought about how sometimes humans joined the Legendary Beasts, how sometimes those three great pillars of strength accepted those humans who wanted peace again. She had once thought of joining them, but then it had been just the start of the war and the companionship of her own kind had seemed too great a sacrifice. Besides, even if she was bold enough to leave, there was every chance that her treason would have been found out and punished.But now...

Okay, guys, this is our chance!

Chrissie ran toward the building, her feet splashing and blond hair whipping in the rain. She didn't stop until she got to the door, where an attendant stopped her.

"What do you want, kid?" he demanded.

"I need to talk to Miss Lillith," Chrissie told him, "and trust me, it's important."


[Dunev] Entei (M)
Beasts' Camp
Legendary Beasts

Dunev suddenly snapped his jaws shut. He heard someone approaching through the camp entrance, and saw a black-striped yellow pelt plodding in. He growled. The battle must have been over; if his brother was here for help, he would have been running. His growl deepened as he smelled his brother's blood.

He walked back over to the healers' cave, where he found the Healers shedding tears over the Girafarig's body, trying to smooth her fur with sprigs of good-smelling leaves, preparing her body for a traditional burial. A Chansey looked up at him; her eyes were round and brimming with tears. "We couldn't save her," whispered the rotund Egg Pokemon, "her jugular was lacerated. We have to bury her like the other dead."

Be brave like Arceus...

Dunev shook his head. There simply wasn't time for remorse. "Jelani is coming," he growled, "and his slow tread tells me that the battle is over. Others can bury her. Right now you should all get to the cave and heal the wounded."

"But -" argued the Chansey.

Dunev snarled. "Do not defy your leader. I will oversee her burial. Just go." As the Healers nervously began to pack up their supplies, Dunev took a deep breath and walked toward the camp entrance to meet his brother.


[Darkclaw] Luxio (M)
Neutral Territory; Near Musketeer Territory.

The Luxio sat alone in the rain-spattered grass, absently watching the storm clouds pour down their fury on the earth. All the fur on his body was slicked down with the rain, dripping onto the ground and flying about at random when a gust of wind blew over him. Lightning was flashing, making the tip of Darkclaw's tail twitch.

He knew of the battle in progress and was staying well away. Darkclaw had never wanted to hook up with the Musketeers or the Beasts - there was nothing to offer anymore from either of those leaders than to pledge your soul and die for their cause; they demanded nothing less than zealotry and sacrifice. Darkclaw hadn't found anything worth such yet - not since his friends had been killed by humans. He had often thought of getting revenge - which he did, occasionally, when a stray human appeared - but he didn't need to join the Musketeers for that.

Suddenly, a Pidgey passed above him. Darkclaw reacted instantly, leaping high. His teeth clicked emptily and he missed the little bird by a whisker, and he landed on his paws with an angry growl. Prey was scarce nowadays, and he needed all the food he could get his fangs around. His stomach rumbled as if in agreement, and he clawed at the earth in frustration.

Suddenly his ears twitched. Darkclaw had heard a faint voice, and when he opened his mouth he tasted an unfamiliar scent, smelling of forest plants and of bizarre energy. With a little growl, Darkclaw followed the smell until he got to a clearing. He gasped in astonishment. A small, green, big-headed body was lying on the ground, limp as a corpse, with mud spattering it. A pair of translucent blue wings twitched on its back - the only sign of life. Darkclaw had found something much more interesting than a Pidgey.

He had found Celebi.

04-30-2011, 07:01 PM
Agana Lilith
Human City
A low hiss snapped Agana out of her thoughts as well as the weight of Wolfgang's head leaving her leg. Still in her office chair, she turned to see her Seviper moving by the door. His tongue flickered out every few seconds, tasting the air. Clearly someone was approaching and it wasn't scheduled. The large snake then slowly slithered his way over to his owner, rubbing his head against her left leg. She placed her hand on Venom's head, running her thumb over his scales.

"Ma'am, a young woman is here to see you. She says it's important," a male voice spoke to her over her intercom.

"Well then," she mused before looking at her three dark-types, "what do you think I should do, my pets?" But she did not get a reply in words, only sounds. What amused Agana was that the opposing Pokémon have learned how to speak human languages, but since she raised these three to be her pets from when they first hatched they never had the chance. She slightly leaned back in the chair, Cher now again resting her lap. After a moment she leaned forward again and held down a button on the intercom. "Go ahead and let her in. I'm interested in what she has to say."
Jelani and Aurora (NPCs)
Legendary Beasts
Legendary Beasts Territory
Jelani shook his fur once more, not having found Dunev in his quarters. He had found his scent, and it turned out that the Volcano Pokémon had made his way back to the medical center, where the Thunder Pokémon just was. Before entering the cave once again, he held his head high after taking a deep breath. He knew that his brother was not going to be happy, so he needed to be calm when talking to him.

The Raikou found the fire-type leader by a Pokémon. By the leaves and flowers on it, he came to the conclusion that whoever was under the greenery passed on. He let a low growl escape this through before making his way over to the Entei. In the corner of his eye he also saw Aurora making her way over, probably finishing her rounds here.

"Dunev, we lost another one?" she soft voice called out before the Suicune stood next to her brother.

"We are losing too many without even being in the battles," Jelani said, standing on the other side of the Entei before lowering his head to the fallen comrade. "My Arceus watch over you in the other world," he then said under his breath, but his two siblings could have heard him. After a moment he then raised his head as Aurora picked up where the healers left off, knowing they had more important matters to attend to. "We have no more casualties. I don't think any of the others who decided to join the fight without our knowing will pass on, but their injuries should be a reminder that they should not join a battle that is clearly between the humans and Musketeers."

The Musketeers (NPCs)
Musketeer Territory
It was obvious that someone was not happy; at all. A large gray Pokémon pushed his way through the trees and bushes. He snorted before making his way to a clearing where a large, old tree stump was. The rain didn't even seem to phase him as he made his way to the stump. Moments later, another Pokémon appeared. This one was blue in color with his head held high. On another side of the clearing, a green Pokémon made her way through the trees with grace in her step.

"Alexander," the blue one said, lowering his head to the large gray Pokémon before doing the same to the green on, "Artemis."

"The humans have captured more Pokémon out of my ranks, William," Alexander said, obviously not happy.

"It's not his fault, now is it?" Artemis replied. "You were the one who decided to attack the humans."

The Cavern Pokémon glared at the Grassland Pokémon, but her posture didn't change. Her head was high and she had a smile on her face. However, when they both heard a low growl they turned to the Iron Will Pokémon. William was clearly not happy with his fellow Musketeers. With Alexander's rage and Atremis' confidence in what she says, he knew that a fight could possibly break out between the two. When he glared at the two, he could see them physically relax a bit.

"The humans do have things we could possibly never get a hold of or use," William started, "but maybe it's time to start strengthening our forces. Perhaps we should get that human female to start putting her talents in use for us. Sadly with this rain we won't be able to get a fire up to temperature to make metal soft enough to shape, but as soon as the weather lightens up we need to have her make armor for us."

Just then a black shape stepped through a bush and into the clearing. It bowed its head toward Alexander. "Sorry for interrupting, but I thought that I should report directly to you that the human girl is still where you left her. It appears that she has not even tried to escape."

"Thank you, Surge. Go take some of the new recruits and train them. I will be there momentarily to supervise," Alexander replied to the Houndour before the dog-like Pokémon again bowed his head and left the clearing. He then agreed with William before Artemis nodded, showing her agreement with having the captive make their forces armor. "But who will watch over her?"

"I'm here most of the time, so I could when I'm not making my rounds," Artemis said. "William can also watch her from time to time. You can focus on training our forces."

It was agreed by the tree before they parted way. Artemis needed to return to attending to the wounded, and William offered to go with her to see the damage for himself. Alexander, however, decided to go to the training grounds to see how the Houndour would get along training the new recruits.

Sight of the Stars
04-30-2011, 08:56 PM
Legendary Beasts
~Dawn will shatter over a broken land
and there will be no one to pick up the pieces.~

The thunder was ear-splittingly loud, but she did not hear it. Her ribbons rippled slowly, solemnly, and her mane did not billow violently like it normally did, even in the biting wind.

Too many were dying, and too many were dying fast.

Aurora's azure eyes slipped to Dunev and Jelani, her brothers. The echoing whispers of the Pokemon whose dying words had reached her ears stroked the back of her mind. She dipped her head and finished the treatment she had been delivering to the Pokemon at her paws. Treatment had been administered to all of these wounded now, but how long until more came was uncertain. She returned to her siblings.

"This rain just won't stop," she said, looking down the slope that their camp sat atop. "We should be safe from flooding, though, unless this rain continues for another few days, then the lower setups might be put into danger."

Aurora sighed, her head drooping and her eyes closing. Her claws kneaded the ground as anger temporarily flared within her. She did not blame their creator, Arceus, for this. She blamed the Musketeers. She hated them with a passion, but knew she wouldn't be able to help herself if she saw one of their troops dying. It was a result of war, and was going to happen, but a spark of hope inside of her told her that healing someone from the opposing side could add slightly to their ranks, or it could decimate them from the inside.

Legendary Beast
~The sun will set over a bloodied battlefield
and the moon will rise to solemnly greet the spirits of the dead.~

A lone, snake-like figure twirled slowly through the ozone.

From the ground, he was not visible, but from here he could see the battlefield below him. Ice, lightning, sputtering fire, and earth was thrown and blasted about at opposing Pokemon. Soldiers fell, but from here the Rayquaza could not tell which affiliation they belonged to. There were battles in the skies as well, but none of the Pokemon could see him at this height, nor could they stand the heat if they were to come up to this altitude. This left him with solitude, which was a companion he was tired of.

He observed the battle with a distressed gaze.

04-30-2011, 11:05 PM
Chrissie (Human, F)
Human Alliance
Inside the HQ

The man at the entrance nodded the okay. "She says to let you in."

For a second, Chrissie experienced a moment's doubt. After all, how the heck could she explain knowing Agatha's intentions without sounding like a lunatic? Oh, I heard you thinking about it? No. That didn't work in real life. Almost unconsciously, her hand fetched up against her Raichu's Pokeball. The peace of his dreams stole through her, and she relaxed somewhat.

Keep a level head, she thought. Panic won't make the sanity factor stronger, after all. The secretary nodded her towards an elevator, and said, "Top floor." Chrissie nodded thanks to the woman before entering, and pushing the corresponding button. The elevator churned upward, making Chrissie's heart leap into her throat. Her thoughts were racing. What if she gave her intentions away? What if she was denounced as mad? What if... What if when she went to the Beasts, they discovered who she was?

She took a deep breath. Relax, Chrissie. It isn't as if you can't fight your way out of most situations.

She had the most faithful team of Pokemon around, and she had been taught psychic arts by a Lugia. She would be fine.

Naturally, when the elevator dinged and the door slid open with a smooth motion, the first two things Chrissie saw were dark-types. Chrissie wasn't openly afraid of dark-types, but her psychic powers barely enabled her to interpret their speech, let alone defend herself against them. Chrissie kept her eyes on the Mightyena as she stepped out of the elevator. Then she looked at Agatha Lillith. "Um, hello, Ma'am. I... I had an idea of sorts. You see, I bond well with Pokemon and I was thinking that we could use more information on the Legendary Beasts' movements. With your permission, Ma'am, I'd like to try and... find this information for you."


[Dunev] Entei (M)
Legendary Beasts
Beasts' Camp

"Perhaps we should have helped them," Dunev growled. "Are you forgetting what we fight for, Jelani? If we don't attack the Musketeers' forces then how will they die? We need to move to action, fool!" he looked at Aurora and gave her a look. "Aurora... Have you been healing the enemies' wounded again? You know we cannot afford for any of the Musketeers' Pokemon to survive." He looked up at the sky, at the rain that would not stopped.

"Blitzkreig is what we need," he growled suddenly. "We need to strike the Musketeers now, while their losses are heavy, and fast. If we hit them now, with all that we have, we can topple them. And once the aggressors of this war are gone, the war itself will perhaps end."

[Lucent] Lugia (M)
Musketeer Alliance
Flying above the battlefield

Lucent hovered uncomfortably around the battlefield, looking down at the human corpses with guilt. His own claws were bloody, as was his beak, from the killing, but this was when the remorse began.

The regret the adolescent Lugia felt wasn't a stranger. Almost every day it seemed to eat him whenever he made any sort of move. He was constantly questioning himself and torturing himself with guilt. He wanted revenge against the humans for killing his clan, but...

Not like this. Not corpses strewn all over the grass. Not so many lives tragically short, not looking into every human face for that blond hair, that grey gaze...

He swung his tail around and changed his course. Chrissie wasn't dead; he hadn't even sensed her here. There was nothing for him her, in fact, but regret and pain. He landed with ease near the training clearing, where a young Houndour sat training the recriuts. Lucent knew he probably should have sought out Artemis or another healer, just as he knew that they were all busy with more dire cases and that the rainwater was already working its own special magic upon him. He basked in it, feeling the sting in his wounds diminish somewhat as the rain ran down him.

Sight of the Stars
04-30-2011, 11:19 PM
Legendary Beast
~Pleasure is a fickle thing; a luxury.
Luxuries are something we cannot afford.~

Aurora shot Dunev a look, and gave a slightly sarcastic laugh. She wasn't the happiest legendary in the world, and seemed strangely irritable today, though she did her best to muffle the emotion. Her brother throwing accusations at her wasn't helping much.

"You wish. We'd probably have more in our ranks if I had been," she said, then snorted. Her azure eyes blazed with a cool flame. Her alabaster paw-pads were brown from the mud. "Haven't been able to find any of theirs or ours. We're fighting what the humans would call a 'guerilla war', where the object of both sides is to inflict as many casualties as possible."

Legendary Beast
~In this world of blood on the ground
I have learned to ignore the sound
of the enemies at my claws
and try to forget what I saw.~

Encounters with the Lugia that came into Stormbreaker's view reminded the Rayquaza that the legendary had his doubts on occasion, had doubts that this was the right way to sort out their problems. In a way, their opinions were similar, but their affiliations differed greatly. At first, he was about to dive down and attack. The Lugia had been low in the air, but he hadn't wanted him to go any higher. And then the Rayquaza encountered second thoughts, and withdrew. He kept an eye on the Lugia, then dipped downward, past the ozone layer. He dipped into the clouds of the trophosphere, circling, his form eventually flashing in the gaps of the clouds.

05-01-2011, 12:00 AM
Chrono Genderless (Male) Celebi
Legendary Beast
Near the border of Musketeer Territory and Neural Territory

Sleep had come suddenly to Chrono as he opened his eyes to see nothing but quiet darkness all around him. Standing up he looked carefully around him seeing nothing but complete darkness in all directions. And after giving a sigh of relief he knew in an instant where he was.

He was no longer within the regular yet not fully within the void that lies beyond but somewhere in between. He had been to this place once before many years ago. It was here that Arceus would be able to contact him...

"Arceus! Your humble servant Chrono is here! Please grant me an audience so that I may be comforted by your wisdom!" he shouted into the darkness before humbling kneeling down onto one knee.

A few eerily quiet moments passed before a thick fog began to roll in directly in front of Chrono who kept his head respectfully downward. From the thick fog bank a creature began to form itself into a sort of equine like being. Its body color although being very wispy was white with a gray, vertically-striated underside, the pattern of which has similar recurrences on the underside of the creatures mane, tail, and face, and four pointed feet are tipped with gold hooves. Finally as the creature was fully formed its eyes emanated a bright yellow glow before it opened its mouth allowing its deep voice to echo throughout the world.

"Arise my faithful Servant..." his deep voice boomed as Chrono respectfully obeyed.

"I am honored that you would meet me amongst this plane of existence exalted one. My mind is filled with questions that only your wisdom can answer."

"I'm afraid our time is too short for that my child. My shade you see before you cannot withstand itself for too long in this darkened world. You must complete your quest if you are to save this world."

"But why can you not simply change this world back to what it once was?" questioned Chrono impudently interrupting his creator to which he quickly regretted as Arceus began to speak once more.

"It is true that I can restore the world to its former glory in an instant but I cannot change the evil that lies deep within the hearts of its inhabitants and without changing that the world would quickly fall back into darkness..." he said with a heavy sigh.

"Then why do you take away my time travel abilities? Surely there is some point in time where I could do more good than now?" he said glumly to which Arceus simply shook his head.

"No my child. Only now can you hope to save this world. You have the power to heal the hearts of those who have forsaken my name and grown closer to the darkness." he said as his body had slowly begun to disperse.

"But what if I fail again my lord? What if I can do nothing to stop the terror that is plaguing this world?" he began to say frantically as he saw more and more of the god pokemon begin to disappear.

"There will be others to help aid you in your quest. Seek the pokemon to the south and the north for only as you stand united with them shall your true strength return to you." he said as nearly all of him had begun to disappear except his glowing yellow eyes.

"But! But..." Chrono stammered trying to think of anything to say before his creator disappeared from him.

"Do not fear my child. Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for I Arceus your God will be with you wherever you go..." his voice drifted off as his glowing eyes surged brightly blinding Chrono as he felt his mind be quickly pulled from the realm.

"ARCEUS!" he screamed as he quickly whipped his head up only to see himself back where he once was his body still lying in the thick mud as he brought himself to his feet. However his attention was quickly brought to a lone Luxio who stood his eye filled with surprise at its apparent discovery. With a sudden movement Chrono brought himself to his feet ready to defend himself against any attack.

As he stood there Chrono had stared deeply into the pokemon's eyes which to him had seen much pain, much strive, with traces of anger yet still and longing desire for acceptance before Chrono boldly spoke out.

"Who are you?"

05-01-2011, 02:06 AM
[Dunev] Entei (M)
Legendary Beasts
Beasts' Camp

Dunev snorted at Aurora and turned his back. "In a guerrilla war, it's a battle of improvisation and tactics: ambushes and the like. Total war is where the goal is casualties." He half regretted his words from before but didn't take them back, instead trying for a graceful excuse. "Now, my sister and brother, if you do not mind... The quiet of the camp does not suit me, and does nothing but make me very irate. I think I shall withdraw to the forest, and attempt to find us some prey."

Then Dunev turned and bounded away, his long white mane billowing smoothly behind him, looking for all the world like the smoke of a fire this deluge was putting out.

[Darkclaw] Luxio (M)
Near Musketeer Territory

Darkclaw lifted his muzzle, trying not to feel nervous. If this Legendary Pokemon was with the Musketeers - or even worse, working with the humans - he could be in some serious trouble for not taking a side or just being a Pokemon, respectively. He pushed the wave of fear away and let his fur lie flat along his back - and with the rain, that, at least, wasn't hard.

"My name is Darkclaw," he snarled, "and I'm neutral in this war, if you don't mind, so don't start your 'pity my side' spiel." That gotten across, his voice grew slightly less tense and he said, "And I can tell you're a Celebi... What's your name, and how in Arceus did you get here?"

Sight of the Stars
05-01-2011, 06:19 AM
Legendary Beast

An earsplitting lightning-strike kept Aurora from hearing Dunev's first words. She winced as her ears rang. She heard him say something about prey and run off, and then shook her head, clearing her mind and hearing.

An Aerodactyl flew into camp, bearing a Ninetales missing two tails and a limb. Horror briefly flashed through Aurora's eyes, and then determination. She sprinted towards the covered area where the wounded were taken.

Legendary Beast
~Fickle things, these humans are
It's hard to believe they've come so far.~

Stormbreaker grew bored of watching the Lugia. He rocketed upwards, back into the ozone layer, and drifted through the thin air, towards neutral territory. Being the controller of the sky and its elements, he liked to know what was going on in the world below him. He descended back down into the first layer of the atmosphere, twirling through the thunderheads. Lightning arced and flashed torwards his horns, which were like lightningrods, and then faded.

He dipped below the clouds, where there was a thick haze due to the rain. The tunnels lay below him. His long, green form spiraled and circled. What was this girl doing out in the rain? He couldn't gather the details, but he hoped that it wasn't another human trying to kill herself. Since Crystal, Stormbreaker had maintained his soft spot for humans, especially females, without knowing it. He dove down a bit lower, moving more slowly to get a better look.

Eternal Moonlight
05-01-2011, 08:10 AM
Neutral Territory

Time passed, but looking at the scene, one couldn’t tell. The rain continued to dart down to the sky, crashing softly against the moist blades of emerald green grass. Small, light objects blew with the ever violent breeze, adding an extra chill to the air. Flashes of brilliant lightning, the loud banging echoes of thunder, they hadn’t faded into the everlasting darkness…

From their shelter, the two Pokémon continued to observe the outside world. The dragonfly wondered why his trainer, his friend lingered on in such conditions. He knew she’d be much better off coming back inside the spacious tunnels, away from the harsh external weather. Although she wasn’t ill often, the thought of her getting sick also crossed his mind; treatment was rare and tended to be costly. They had nothing of value to give…

Dahlia really didn’t know what she was even looking for, maybe it nothing. Maybe it was an excuse to be here, alone in the depths of the storm. Either way, something inside seemed to be enjoying this, despite the gnawing sensation of the wind striking her moistened skin. Her clothes made for poor protection against the elements, never having been designed for such a purpose. Of course, by now, they were fully saturated with water, and clung onto her body, adding more unpleasantness…

The cat also hoped that her friend would return, but this thought didn’t consume her mind. Her large eyes, having drifted from the overflowing pots, were now scanning the area, almost in imitation of her trainer. There didn’t seem to be anything too unusual, the weather having driven most to take shelter. Anything could happen, however…

“Huh?” The girl’s mouth worded the simple response, something had finally been spotted. She was actually surprised, but not stunned. It did, however, take a few moments for her to get herself up and back toward her Pokémon.

The look on her Meowth’s face gave away the fact that, she too, had noticed the distant movement. From what she could make distinguish, it came from above the cloud line, and seemed to be headed in their direction.

Dahlia figured it wasn’t a person. She quietly debated if this was worth actually investigating, but she didn’t have the time to make up her mind. The feline’s large whiskers twitched abnormally and she darted outside, in the direction the movement came from. Yanma and the girl knew something was wrong, this was uncharacteristic of Min.
Not hesitating, Dahlia followed, although moving at any execrated pace was difficult because of the wet grass and the slopped landscape. Tripping wouldn’t be hard, not under these conditions, made even worse by a lack of light.

What was happening?

Sight of the Stars
05-01-2011, 08:34 AM
Legendary Beast
~Curiosity may have killed the cat
but satisfaction brought it back.~

The rain continued to pound the earth in rippling sheets, gouging ridges into the earth where the rain flowed down hills and slopes.

A patch of turbulence and wind sheer interrupted Stormbreaker's smooth flight. His form spiraled with jerky movements as he fought control over his own body. Despite being powerful, her was caught in a vacuum. He went downwards, forcing himself below the spot where updrafts and downdrafts clashed. The green dragon's body moved in wave-like ripples as his head fought the updrafts, sending a ripple down his body, and the updrafts made his end go upwards.

Finally, he struggled out of the wind. It had been a particularly nasty spot that had been forming rotation for a while, but nothing became of it. Good. Recently, Stormbreaker's control of the weather had been faltering a bit. He could lessen the rain, but not stop it. It would have taken the combined effort of both he and Suicune, and neither had the energy. Below the cloudline he dove, into plain sight, not caring who saw him. He could have been an easy target if the rain did not make his form hazy. His gaze flickered to the side as he descended, feeling strangely exhausted.

The girl had began pursuing a Meowth that had dashed out of the tunnels. The Meowth headed in Rayquaza's direction, followed by the girl and a Yanma that had also emerged from the vast, complex depths of the dank tunnels. The Legendary Pokemone spiraled to the ground, pulling up as he neared the muddy eath. He drifted softly at the base of a large tree, and compacted himself under it.

Sleep had been scarce, and the particles that he fed off of that used to thrive in the ozone layer was dwindling dangerously. He had never tried greens or Pokemon or humans before for food, but he did not plan on trying it anytime soon. It seemed a bit barbaric. His emerald plates glistened with water that rolled down them. His markings glowed dimly. Rest, he needed rest, but there was that human and those two Pokemon coming...

Stormbreaker pulled himself awake, analyzing the situation. There was a human, a Meowth, and a Yanma. The human couldn't hurt him, the Yanma had a limited moveset that mostly would not affect him, and the Meowth would be of little worry. Reinforcements could be called, but humans were noisy and he could quickly stumble or glide away before they reached him.

This Pokemon was unsure of what to do. This was the first chance at rest that he had gotten in weeks, and yet he was reluctant to take it. The Sky Tower was so far away, and it would take too long to get there just to rest. Besides, maybe he could make a human friend or two. Being the entity of the sky had its downfalls. Pokemon couldn't fly up to that height, and if they could they would be terrified or overly respectful of him, and both would become annoying. But humans, humans were strangely bold, if not reckless, and the girl's Pokemon might make decent companions. And...

He snapped out of it. He was still unsure of whether he could trust this human. Think, Stormbreaker, think! His mind drifted, his concious flickering. He was felt so tired, and needed rest. Here of all places. He curled himself around the tree and allowed himself to drift into a light doze. Maybe he could catch some sleep before the human made it to him...

05-01-2011, 10:46 AM
Techno, Genderless (Male), Genesect
Alliance: Legendary Beasts
Where: Somewhere in Neutral Territory.
Affected Players: None.

The sun still felt warm on my skin, but I knew I couldn't stay flying for always. Then I decided to look on the cold ground under the clouds. I flew downwards. When I was down I looked around but nobody to see. I flew a little bit around. "No life form detected..." I said in a machine-like voice. Then I landed on the ground. I was back on the cold floor and I began to run. After a while I heared a voice, I wasn't sure if it was a pokemon or a human but I had to check it out. It could be someone who worked for eighter the Humans or the Musketeers. If that would be that case I would search and destroy it eighter way. If it would be someone who is neutral I could maybe make him or her to work on our side. After a while I spotted a trainer with both a Meowth and a Yanma, but in the sky I saw Stormbreaker, the Rayquaza that was both strong and fast. I would better leave them alone because Stormbreaker would probably deal with the trainer and her pokemon. I then walked away and flew into the skies again.

(Mystery is still in the cave, doing nothing really.)

05-01-2011, 01:47 PM
[Lucent] Lugia (M)
Musketeer Alliance
Musketeer Training Grounds

Watching new recruits train was fun and all of that, but Lucent had something better to do.

He knew of a place where a lake was still miraculously there, and he knew it could help heal him; it was as clear and unpolluted as if a Suicune walked over it every day.

Heck, one probably did. The lake lay deep in the territory of the Legendary Beasts, sheltered among there cliffs in shade.

Lucent knew that going to it was a crazy risk. If he was caught, at best he would be sent away with some serious injuries. At worst, he would be killed or taken prisoner. The two worst parts of the war were that he couldn't trust his fellow Pokemon, and that there was barely even a body of water for him to recuperate in.

Lucent looked out at the Houndour scrambling about with the other Pokemon and wondered how long it would be before his doubt set in. If he was going to get anything truly done it would have to be before then, so he kicked his legs and lifted up powerfully into the air, flying toward the Beasts' territory, with the doubt brewing. He had made a decision that with his luck would get him killed.

Eternal Moonlight
05-06-2011, 01:45 AM
Artemis/William (NPCs)
Musketeer Territory

The Musketeer trio was not known for co-operation amongst themselves, as demonstrated in the last encounter. However, that being said, they wouldn’t allow differences to hinder their overall objective, and the link that bound them, destroying (or at least enslaving) the human race. They’d seen the effects of those vile creatures, none of them good, from forcing battles onto Pokémon to destruction of habitat. How could the Beasts be so blind to all this? Why would they want to protect such greedy beings?

William would never know, but didn’t care so much anymore. It was useless to ponder; they’d made enemies of themselves by this point. Like any other human and Pokémon against them, Suicune, Entei and Raikou would suffer the consequences. At this point, he just shook his head. This was not the right time. With that, the duo arrived at their destination, the Medical Wing.

Alexander was not lying. There was not an empty spot, the Blissey nurses look floored and some of the injuries looked ghastly. William felt a little sickly, but tried to push this aside. Artemis, on the other hand, went to consult with one of the pink and white Pokémon. The last fight had, indeed, not been kind to the Musketeer fraction…

(00C:Don’t forget that Raikou and the Musketeers are NPCs. If you guys want/need them for a post, go ahead!)

Neutral Territory

What was Min thinking, what made her just rush off? Dahlia couldn’t help but ask herself as she followed her Meowth. The rain seemed to have let up some, although this didn’t really change the situation much. The earth was still soggy and she was still soaking wet. On top of this, thunder and lightning failed to follow suit, still indicating the storm was not yet past.
Flitter, however, welcomed the change. The lack of rainfall made it easier for him to fly, which was always nice.

“What the heck?” Dahlia let out a small shout, the silhouette of… Rayquaza seemed to lurk straight ahead. This was shocking, if not a little frightening.

Min, who was still ahead finally stopped, turning back to check on her trainer. In the distance, she seemed to notice an object flying, but figured it couldn’t be as important as the legendary sky serpent. She then returned her gaze back down to Dahlia who had also ceased her movement forward.

“Min come back,” she called, and the feline could tell the girl was both worried and frustrated. At the back of her mind, Meowth knew staying put was the better choice. There had to be a reason the legend had come, and finding out was important. It was dangerous, yes, but since the emerald green creature had not yet responded aggressively, it wouldn’t be in a rage…

Sighing, the neutral started forward, slowly, hoping that her Pokémon wouldn’t try to go any closer…

00C: Bleh! Not my best work, especially Dahlia, but I wanted this up.

05-09-2011, 03:52 AM
OoC: Sorry for the wait. Been really busy plus the quick posting between a few players just totally messed me up. From what I can tell right now I just need to play as Agana, but if I am mistaken please let me know.

Agana Lilith
Human City, her office
Agana patiently waited for this girl to enter. Cher was on her lap, purring as she purred. Wolfgang had moved to the front of the desk. He kept his red eyes on the door as Venom slithered under the desk to be hidden. It wasn't long until the door opened to reveal a young woman. She had appeared nervous, and Agana couldn't help but smile a bit. She's let that this girl entered the room itself without permission. (I think I forgot to mention this, but there is a hallway between the elevator and the office so permission needs to be given for anyone to enter the room.)

"Um, hello, Ma'am. I... I had an idea of sorts. You see, I bond well with Pokemon and I was thinking that we could use more information on the Legendary Beasts' movements. With your permission, Ma'am, I'd like to try and... find this information for you."

Agana then had a small glare in her eyes. She was not tapping the wooden desk with her nails, not pleased. No one, absolutely no one, spoke to her unless she have to go ahead. Walking in was one thing, but speaking was another. Wolfgang growled at the young woman, also noticing that Agana didn't say that this girl could speak.

"This is rather interesting," she said, her voice low. "I was just thinking of finding out what's going on behind the scenes with them. Makes me wonder why you now come to me with this idea."

Sight of the Stars
05-14-2011, 02:18 AM
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Legendary Beast

Stormbreaker's head lifted.

'Bout time, he thought.Slow humans and their Pokemon.

His gaze fell upon the girl, and suddenly it softened by unmeasureable amounts. For a moment, he saw Crystal with her Pokemone gathered around her. Her Zebstrika, Tsukiarash, and her Seismitoad, Lymphyus, whom she always complained about how she was glad he evolved because the tadpole with the creepy child's face defaced her team, but loved with all of her heart. Then there was always Kuragari, her shiny Charizard, whom she had spent her life with. There was constantly Kalahaq, the shy Sawk, that never made a sound but always defended her with his life. And that damned Sigilyph, Senencia, that always teased Stormbreaker and tossed Psywaves and Psybeams at him when his back was turned. But there was always Stormbreaker himself, almost like one of her Pokemon, but still wild and free as the wind.

The mirage of his mind faded, and he saw the girl and her Yanma and Meowth, but his eyes were still warm. He unfurled himself from the tree and rose up, hovering. The round plates on his body spun slowly, and his markings glowed softly. He stared at the Meowth, amusement in his eyes.

"What a brave Pokemon you are, Min," he said softly to the Meowth, using the name that the girl had used. His head lowered to the Meowth's eye level. For a moment, his vision zipped back to Crystal, and he was staring into the eyes of Senecia as he pinned the smaller Pokemon out of irritation by the wings, while the Sigilyph tickled his arms with Psywaves. He let the Pokemon up, and she fluttered about his massive head.

"And what a brave girl for following," he added, his head rising.