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Dwarf Fortress: The land of daggers

Seven years ago, in the war of Durmagi the last dwarven nation (The nation was called; Unova.) had fell. Out of all of the blood that was shed in the battle of Yllance, that ended Unova only seven dwarves survived. These survivors were twelve years old, the age that passage to adult hood could be entered, and for them they entered it after seeing there families killed, their friends kidnapped and eaten by the hungry werewolves of Kukato. They ran, hiding only at night when the werewolves awoken, to hide anywhere they could. Crying, comforting, and supporting each other while on the run they traveled near many old dwarven fortress once filled with merchants, now decaying with age and erosion. These dwarves had made some pacts with a few human and elvish nations they had met along the way, hoping to help protect them.

The rouge dwarves finally came upon the castle of Meglor, a strong and sturdy Illithid nation in the north. (Illithids- (in my mind at least.) Are tall creatures, they have skin the color of the water and were great weapon and armor makers. Illithids live for three-hundred years at minimum unless killed in combat like many of them are. They make for poor warriors, but they have to risk it in order to protect their selves. But while they may not be strong when it comes to brute strength, they are cunning in intellect and can outsmart many enemies but not all of them. They do not replicate like the other species of this world, instead of delivering a baby whole, they deliver eggs while they are asleep.) The Illithids currently had a war being waged on their home fronts with the werewolves them selves, took a liking to the dwarves. They lent one guard who was a competent sword Illithid who was named, Ivan Shicko. And they lent one birthmother Marla Yion, so that incase the Illithid country of Meglor should fall, they Illithids them selves would live on elsewhere.

The Illithid king told the nine refugees, that there was a land far away where the werewolf menace had yet to reach, that would be safe for approximately one-hundred to three-hundred years. And so they left Meglor, and reached this place after five years of traveling. They spent two years in the local town working for enough money to get the essentials, some picks, some axes, seeds, etc. And after two years of working they finally got enough money, and went to the spot they were told about all those years ago. They named this new land The Land of Daggers, and the new civilization they were, was The Dangerous Warriors.

The Land of Daggers: STRIKE THE EARTH!

(The Illithids were wrong, two years(in rp years) after the rp starts an ambush will happen. That’s all the info you get though)



ILLITHIDS- Illithids- (in my mind at least.) Are tall creatures, they have skin the color of the water and were great weapon and armor makers. Illithids live for three-hundred years at minimum unless killed in combat like many of them are. They make for poor warriors, but they have to risk it in order to protect their selves. But while they may not be strong when it comes to brute strength, they are cunning in intellect and can outsmart many enemies but not all of them. They do not replicate like the other species of this world, instead of delivering a baby whole, they deliver eggs while they are asleep

WEREWOLVES- They are a dangerous race of ravenous beasts, that were once human. Some say that they were just cursed hundreds of years ago, others say they were born that way, but no one knows. But well anyways, the new werewolves born really are born werewolves not human. They are strong and fast, but not smart. They do not carry weapons, but can seriously hurt a dwarf or Illithid or even a human with ease.

GOBLINS- A unique race, this one is. Not strong but not weak. And at the same time, not dumb but not smart. Unfortantly they are savages, and believe in sacrificial suicides. There are many in number though, seeing as how the women of this race do nothing but have children.

ELVES- Tree hugging hippies. Hate people who deforest areas. Will start a war if you try to trade anything made out of wood to them. Avoid at all costs >.> .

HUMANS- Medium height, weak in strength and somewhat dumb. Deforest to much land at one time, and don’t think about replanting. Many believe them to be a disease.

CREATURES- These can vary from domesticated animals dogs, cats, etc. To dangerous wild creatures, such as mummies, giant sand worms, bone dragons, etc.


No godmodding (no saving your self all the time and basically being god. No controlling others characters, no controlling the plot unless it is accepted by me austbot. (plot controlling is ex.- bob and bill are going on an adventure. Bob- I cant see a thing in this cave! Bill- ah look out it’s a basilisk! *casts spell that sends them into another dimension.) I will seriously get mad at you if you do something like that. I also done a horrible example with a ton of misused grammer and such, but then again grammer is my weak point, but still I do stuff a lot better than that. Look at one of my fan fics, the latest one if from like a year ago and yet Ive wrote a crap ton more since then and am getting better.)
Violence, Romance, Language- please keep to pg-13 for the kiddies on this site. Thanks :D
No invincible characters
No super powers
Limit 3 characters per person.
Put ‘Carpet Bagger’ somewhere in your SU to show you read the rules

(Yes there are some races that cant be played. Ie, if two people get the two Illithids, then no one else can be an Illithid.)
One male sword Illithid
One female birthmother Illithid
Seven dwarves, jobs professions and gender vary.
Werewolves, no limit. cant have to many enemies can we?
Goblins no limit. cant have to many enemies can we?
Humans no limit, just don’t go crazy kids!
Elves, no limit. Just don’t be a pain
Creatures, ah where it gets fun, no limit. Gotta have something that aint just like a random rabbit at the fort and such that can be a pain.


JOB: n/a if creature
FATAL FLAW: (gotta be unique :P. what is the one thing that plagues your character? Is s/he an alcoholic, a gambler, what?!?)


NAME: Shadow Visgraud
AGE: 19
APPEAREANCE: http://i41.tinypic.com/30kbleo.png
RACE: Dwarf
JOB: Farmer
PERSONALITY: Shadow is a quiet young man. He is nice and kind to many, but has Anger management problems. Tends to get into trouble a lot, and always is off doing his own thing when not at the fields. His favorite color is black, and he loves the sound of screaming. (screamo music is awesome :P)
HISTORY: Shadows father was Miracko Visgraud, a legendary stone mason. His mother was Susanne Visgraud, legendary carpenter. He grew up in the tunnels of Yllance, and was one of the seven survivors after the battle of Yllance. He is mortally scared by the fact that he was not able to save those he cared about from the blood thirsty werewolves.
FATAL FLAW: Anger management problems, schizophrenic (sees and hears things that arent real, anxiety, depression are all signs of it.) Emotionally scarred.

NAME: Atreyu: The dragon of water
AGE: 54
GENDER: Female
APPEARANCE: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs39/f/2008/322/a/c/Blue_Dragon__Great_LP_by_Nubry.jpg
RACE: Creature: dragon
JOB: n/a
PERSONALITY: Atreyu, is unlike most other dragons. Being kind and gentle, never attacking any of the races unless attacked first. Not one to hold grudges. Favorite color is blue, and she often dreams of a time of great peace.
HISTORY: Atreyu was hidden in the lakes at the battle of Yllance, watching the onslaught frozen by terror. She remembered an event that happened 40 years earlier, where her entire species of dragon was wiped out, making her the last water dragon. She wanted to help the dwarves but just couldn’t find the strength to do it. She vowed that day that she would protect those seven survivors no matter what.
FATAL FLAW: Emotionally scarred. Too nice at times. Glutton.


ACCEPTED- Zero Visgraud, Atreyu
RESERVED- Creature(Hitmonfighter)

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Reserve me for a creature please.

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Reserve me for a creature please.

Reserved man, cant wait to see what your character is like. (sorry if i mispellrd anything one handed cause i burnt my hand in home ec and i got medicine on it)

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NAME: Tor 'Ak Shul
AGE: 75
GENDER: male
APPEARANCE: A massive, 9 foot tall bipedal Ape with brown fur, splotched with greens and greys. He has huge green eyes and the fur on his chin is braided into a thick "beard". He also has a mouthful of knarly teeth, if you live in the wild, it becomes a given.
RACE: Don't have a name for it yet, just think Sasquatch
HISTORY: Tor. (as he is called by Damien) has lived a long, long time in the forests, hunting, fighitng off the occasional werewolf, and otherwise keeping himself alive. When Damien found Tor, he formed a good relationship with the man. Damien would make him tools in exchange for Tor's amazing strength and skill at chopping timber. Damien would then sell the finest timber in town for good prices, buying food and equipment. This all worked out until Damien stumbled upon a group of gang members who threatened to kill Tor's if Damien didn't stop taking from their revenue. Damien promised them he would stop selling timber if they'd come to his shack for a few drinks. When they got there, Damien and Tor turned on the criminals. Incapacitating and killing all except one who was faster than even Damien. Damien and Tor fled into the deep forests and are currently scraping out a living.
FATAL FLAW: Not very intelligent and would be lost in civilization if Damien wasn't there to guide him, Prone to massive fits of rage and berserk violence on the battlefield

NAME: Damien Stanislaus
AGE: 20
APPEARANCE: He is a very athletic, brown-haired man with a short goatee and scruffy hair. He wears a green cloak and a belt with all sorts of tools and weapons on it. on one hand he wears a thick leather glove for his Falcon, StormTalon
RACE: Human
JOB: Forester (Woodsman/Huntsman) and a bit of a con man
PERSONALITY: Damien is crafty, comical, and a bit greedy. He has a gift for rederick and can make even the most stubborn man join his cause.
HISTORY: Damien started out as a poor forester who sold wood and furs for a living. He always imagined how rich he could be if his axe could chop down the mighty Iron Oaks that he passed each day, but no man was ever strong enough to do that. so he kept up his meager income and scraped out a living with his bow. occasionally, he would steal from the local crime lord and dissapear into the forest. One day, while escaping some of the Lord's lackeys, Damien saw a massive, furry shape in the distance. After stalking it for about an hour, he lined up for a shot on what he thought was a moose, then the beast stood up. It was a huge Ape-Man. While most would have stood in fear and awe, Damien saw dollar signs. he took out a large hunk of pork and offered it to the giant. The genial beast accpeted this meat and allowed Damien to sit by it. Turns out, Damien had stumbled upon an intelligent creature. Damien caroused the beast into joining him in making money and the beast, (known as Tor 'Ak Shul) complied. after a while of steady and hefty income, the two attracted the attention of the Crime Lord, who sold timber at a higher price. above is the story after this point.
FATAL FLAW: He can sometimes get reckless when he is excited and makes poor decisions

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do I have to make a sign up for Damien's Falcon?