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05-14-2011, 01:16 AM
This is the first post, really just a rules post, please don't begin until I say you can.

Now, first off, this is my first time GMing a virtual rp, so please, hang with me. I've spent 5-6 years DMing D&D sessions so I do have the eperience required. I'm just used to seeing dice rolled and sitting with my players.

I just have one big rule:
DO NOT ARGUE WITH OR QUESTION THE GM! I am the creator and shaper of the world you are in, and I can blink you out of existence. While I have never been so cruel to my players, I do get vengance for outbursts. I have the final say.

And here's the perfect example of a final say, if there is ever a need to roll dice, I will be the one to roll, and I will use this app (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm).

Why am I going to roll? Because I am impartial. I am not biased. You may, I'm not saying you would, fudge a roll or say you got a nat 20.

And with rolls, the tie goes to the defender for anything. That's the way I roll, mind the pun.

Next post is region background, and the 3rd will be the first post of the rp.

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Region background

This rp takes place in the Suvaty region. Suvaty is a great distance from any other region, and as such none of you were born in Suvaty. It does not matter which region you hail from, all that matters is that you are en route to Suvaty now. Suvaty is unique in that there is no set order for obtaining gym badges.

I am not going to post a map of Suvaty until someone obtains a map. All you are allowed to know is this:

The Pier leads directly to Avar Town, which is where the lab is, however, there is a winding route that will be sure to test any new trainer to Suvaty.

Now Players, your characters are on a ship bound for Suvaty. The ship has stopped in several different regions and locations to pick up all of you. You may have bumped into each other passing in the ship, but you haven't really sat down to get to know each other. The rp will pick up around here, after I post one more time the ship will be close to docking at the Pier. Good Luck, and let's go.

05-14-2011, 01:38 AM
Professor Ginko sat in his lab alone. The autumn sunlight poured in from the windows. He was reading information about the slew of new trainers bound for Suvaty. Some of these trainers seemed more capable than others but who was he to judge? He was a short, eccentric, old man. He was about 4 feet tall and looked to be 70 years old. His skin was tanned and his hair was snow white. He wore a pair of odd glasses, the right lens was cracked and the left was green. His labcoat pockets were filled with paper and pens, his shirt was a purple polo, his pants were wrinkled khakis, and he wore slippers. He sighed, "Well, the ship should be here soon, and then they'll need to deal with the route to me."


"This is your captian speaking, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for choosing to sail with us to Suvaty, and please enjoy your stay on this luxurious island. We'll be landing soon so please, take this time to gather your luggage, Pokemon, and children." The ship was filled with the clamor of hundreds of trainers and beach-goers. Suvaty was well known for its resorts and beaches, but a handful of people on that ship didn't care, they came for the Pokemon.

((OOC: You may begin now))

Master Zorua
05-14-2011, 02:40 AM
Robert Masters
Room 103, Boat

Robert sat on the edge of his bed with his backpack open and his gear laid out all over the bed. He made sure to check over each piece of equipment for any signs of rips, tears or anything else that would require any stitch work to fix. He had a small pop tent, a tightly rolled up sleeping bag, a canister of Pokemon food, a mess kit, a lighter, a change of clothes, two leather canteen flasks and a few pouched of travel rations for himself. If anything, his Riolu ate better than he himself did, But Robert wouldn't have it any other way. To him, his Riolu Lilac was his partner and companion.

When the announcement came over the intercom, Robert looked over to his Riolu and smiled. "It's time to get ready girl. Soon we'll reach the island and meet a whole bunch of new companions, and we'll hone our skills. This trip will make us stronger, and then one day, we'll be the Champions of the Indigo League!" Robert spoke as he began to pack everything away in his bag in a neat and organized manner, being helped by Lilac. Once everything was packed, Lilac hopped up onto Robert's shoulder once Robert put his backpack on, and then he headed out onto the deck of the ship.

Dr Scott
05-14-2011, 04:04 AM
Spencer Thompson
Ship en route to Avar Town

Spencer grinned slightly as he stretched his long limbs out. His sharper-than-normal teeth seemed to glimmer in the sun, and a small child took one look at him and then turned around and swiftly walked the other way. "Tsk," he said with a slight sneer, looking through the rails he was sitting right next to, looking out at the sprawling ocean. Part of the natural beauty was lost to his brown eyes with his sunglasses on, so he lifted it up to rest on the top of his head. For a second the blonde's eyes sparkled as a reflection to the sun that was hitting the water in the perfect way to make it sparkle like diamonds.

As he looked out, his mind wandered to Pokemon, as it often did. He thought of all the creatures that were living in the ocean, even swimming next to the ship. There were giant creatures that made all of those on land seem small, and swift fish that could quickly swarm and eliminate a threat in moments, at least in its own natural habitat. At some point in his journey he would come back, study, and categorize all these creatures. But for now, on this ship, he was on a mini-vacation, the last time to rest before the hardships that were to come.

His thoughts were scattered when a chirp sounded in his ear. Michael alighted on his shoulder, back from a quick morning fly. While the ship didn't allow too many Pokemon on board; it would make it awkward if a great many Pokemon were running around creating havoc. They had made a few exceptions, especially to first time trainers with small, weak Pokemon who couldn't do too much harm. Smirking slightly, Spencer lifted his hand, bringing the small treat to the beak of his Pidgey. The trainer stretched once again, looking at some of the others on the ship.

05-14-2011, 03:18 PM
Room 104

Avalon was a mystery to most of the people. He was by no means a recluse, and indeed, his sightings on various parts of the ship were numerous; it was just too much of a challenge for anyone to go to him and interact with him, and henceforth have to deal with his insane Riolu, unless they were being paid to do so.

Avalon got room service, so the people that had to go in-as they were getting paid-were the only ones to do so, following a logic train of thought.

Avalon and Scyez had similar traits. Avalon and Scyez, for instance, were both crashed out on the bed out of sheer boredom. Don't get them wrong, though: They'd probably blitz out of that room the instant the announcement came on that said that they docked. And that was the plan. They already had everything packed, and could rush off the boat in seconds.

Beartic Tundra
05-17-2011, 03:03 AM
(For the record, very glad this isn't D&D. I'd be paranoid that the tropics might try and eat me. That is all)

Suzu (Bell) and Gaia
On deck, Boat

"What do you think Gaia? Is this beautiful or what?" Suzu was stretched out on a chair at the front, and lowermost, deck of the ship. Lifting her sunglasses, she gazed around the crystal water and opalescent sand stretching before them. "I can't wait to reach Avar Town! I heard it's wonderful, but a little crowded because the tourism it attracts." Glancing down at the water, Suzu couldn't help but wonder what kind if Pokemon inhabited it. Seeing as Avar Town was mostly a tourist attraction, there wasn't much to be said about their Pokemon population.

To her left, Suzu's Pokemon was stretched out on a small towel; her vines were stretched out to either side of her body, absorbing the sun. She shifted slightly, adjusting to get a more even distribution. As far as Budew go, this one was a fanatic for detail. She murmured a sigh of agreement, loving the open skies better than the forest she and her trainer were raised in.

Smiling to herself, Suzu's gaze wandered the ship for the other passengers with Pokemon. She saw them get on, ran into one or two, but hadn't extensively spoke with one. Having grown up in the forest, Suzu preferred spending her nights on the deck rather than in a room. As her gaze travelled up toward the next deck, she spotted a Pidgey flying down and land on someone's shoulder. He looked stunning with his blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and calm demeanor. Still, Suzu decided to be cautious. "Always remain on guard. Never let them catch you unaware," she muttered to herself.

05-17-2011, 08:03 PM
The ship was full of the hustle and bustle of passengers rushing to their rooms to finish packing. Sounds of children laughing and parents shouting were drowned out by the loudspeaker, "This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style." The message got through to the passengers as a mob of people made their way to the dining hall.

05-18-2011, 12:13 AM
Room 104, En-Route to Dining Hall

"This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style."

The news got Avalon and Scyez both up. It was both good news and bad: The bad news was that they'd be arriveing late. In fact, it was terrible news. They had a way to get off the ship in record time once it was docked. Avalon bet that it would dock while they were eating the food. Eating the food in itself, as well as possibly interacting with fellow trainers, was the good news.

Avalon grabbed his bag, and despite the less-than-pretty news about the late arrival, made an all-out blitz to the dining hall. In doing so, Avalon's appearance on the deck was like he was shot out of the hall from a cannon. Taking only a second's worth of notice of the people on-board, Avalon took a sharp turn to the direction of the dining hall. Scyez was clinging onto his head all the while, making a loud and definatly audiable call: "Riiiiii!!!" She looked like she was having the time of her life.

Master Zorua
05-18-2011, 09:18 PM
Robert Masters
Dining Hall, Boat

It seemed like the ride was going to be delayed for a short moment, and the offer of free food was enough to get Robert in the mood for some breakfast. After watching another trainer speed by with a Riolu clinging to the man's head, Robert calmly walked to the dining hall while his Riolu sat upon his backpack.

Entering the dining hall, Robert went up to the all you can eat buffet and took a plate and a bowl. He picked out some fruits, scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes for himself, before then filling the bowl with berry cubes and Pokefood for his Riolu Lilac. After grabbing a table and setting the plate and bowl down, Robert headed over to get himself and his Riolu some glasses of moo milk. Lilac sat on the table itself to eat while Robert sat himself down at the table and began to enjoy his breakfast.

Dr Scott
05-18-2011, 09:43 PM
Spencer Thompson
En Route to Breakfast Hall

A bell rang from the various speakers on top of the ship, and everyone suddenly stopped talking to listen. The captain's familiar voice echoed from the coffee shop that Spencer was sitting next to and the speaker that was resting on the outside of the same shop. "This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style."

The young adult rolled his eyes, watching a veritable mob stand up as one to rush to the elevators. The breakfast hall was in the middle of the ship with the rest of the restaurants. 'This is going to be packed,' he thought, 'wouldn't it be better to send us in groups?' Still, he was hungry, and the now cold hot chocolate sitting in his hand just wasn't cutting it. So he followed the rest, choosing the stairs, knowing that to wait for the elevator would be ensuring his seat next to the whining child who keeps sneezing all over.

Staying a step behind the teenagers in front of him, Spencer made his way to the main dining hall, wondering what was going on.

Beartic Tundra
05-19-2011, 12:16 AM
Suzu and Gaia
Dining Room, Boat

Suzu began drifting off in the warm sunlight that she was basking in on the front deck. Gaia was on the same boat (no pun intended) and was softly snoring within minutes. Just as Bell began to sleep, a loud voice came over an intercom directly over her head. Jumping with a shout, and falling off her chair, Bell glared up at the intercom and shook her Pokemon awake.

"This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style." The announcement caught Gaia's attention, who was definitely up for a glass of water and a breakfast salad with some eggs.

Sighing softly to herself, Bell picked up her Pokemon and rushed to the dining hall. Rushing through the door, she ran into a chair. She tripped and fell flat on her face, the exact opposite of the path she planned to take in life. Cursing herself for being a terrible attempt at a ninja, she sat up to see the "chair" was actually a Houndour.

05-19-2011, 01:26 AM
Dining Hall


Food, food, and more food. Avalon and Scyez have never once been able to eat that much food at once without paying a cent in their lives. Considering that Avalon's and Scyez's activity levels were way up there, this was almost too good to be true without some kind of hitch.

Avalon took his position in line patiantly, but fortunatly, he was nearly at the front. It took little time for Avalon to help himself to an orange, a lemon, grapes, strawberries, yogurt, bacon, and an ommlet. Avalon also found Pokefood for Scyez, and took a large portion. The cups were small, so Avalon dispensed three cups of lemonade and one cup of Avalon's favorite soda. Two of those cups of lemonade were for Scyez, as she loved lemonade.

He took the seat next to another Trainer with a Riolu (Highly coincidental, he presumed), and allowed himself to eat the great deal of food in front of himself at last. Scyez followed suit shortly afterwards. Neither stuffed themsleves at record time, nor did they take time to savor the food. But they were very content with eating it.

Avalon paid little mind to the trainer next to him when he got up to go get something else from the buffet table. He and his Riolu, in contrast to Avalon and Scyez, were both calm and civil. Avalon decided to talk to them, after he got back from getting his milk, of course.

05-19-2011, 03:56 AM
Jessica Smith
Boat to Suvaty: Room -> Dining Hall
A young brunette woman sighed as she relaxed on the bed, currently in the room she was staying in on this boat. She was reflecting on recent events in her life, her hair currently messed up from not being brushed. Her brown eyes started at the pale ceiling, not really focused on anything. Her dark clothing was easily seen against the white comforter that was that covered the mattress. She took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes, still reflecting.

Not long ago, she got into a major argument with her mother. Luckily for the young woman, her father was home and was there to comfort her when she was becoming an emotional wreck and in risk of hitting her mother. It was shortly after that did her father take her out, having a surprise for her. As she waited by her father's trusted Mightyena, the man dressed in his police uniform returned to her with a box. It was open, and she tilted her head to the side before standing to look into it. Curled up in a tight ball was a black form. She could tell it was fur and she noticed gray patters on its head and back. Shortly after red eyes opened, and she noted another detail. Over the right eye she saw a scar start from under its brow, stopping at the top of the eye to continue down to the middle of its cheek. After a moment, she saw that it was a Houndour. Her father rescued it from an abusive owner, and he was giving it to her to give it a better life.

"Now Jessica, take care of him. He will become a very loyal companion, and since he will be your first you two will form an unbreakable bond," her father's words sounded in her head.

Jessica sighed before she sat up and rang her fingers through her tangled hair. She looked beside her to the curled up black ball and smiled. What her father said was true. After the Houndour learned he could trust her, he completely opened up to her. He never left her side and refused to be put into a Pokéball. She named him Surge, thinking it was a powerful name for the pup. He shifted when he felt his partner's weight shift and looked up at her with tired eyes.

"This is your captain, I'd like to inform you that we seem to be, a little off schedule and may arrive a bit late. Now don't worry, in fact, I invite all of you to enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the dining hall. And remember, when you sail with us, you sail in style."

Both human and Pokémon sighed, but then looked at one another. Their eyes locked, and Jessica smiled. "Well, food sounds good don't it?" she asked, getting a nod from Surge. "Then let's go get it while it's hot."

Jessica fixed her hair as the Houndour jumped off the bed. Shortly after they made their way to the dining hall, Surge ahead of her. He was always ahead of her if not next to her, looking ahead to make sure his human companion would never be put in harms way. The two planed to follow in Jessica's father's footsteps and work well together as he did with his Mightyena. Jess was to become a Ranger, and then work for higher ranks to do all she could to make the world safer like her father. And she was extremely happy to have a loyal partner in Surge.

As the Houndour look around the room, knowing his trainer was a few feet behind still in the hall, he wasn't expecting what came next. A woman ran into the room and tripped over him. He didn't yelp as he was knocked over and rolled, but quickly got back up to his feet and growled. He examined the woman. She had blonde hair and dark eyes, but she didn't seem much of a threat as he relaxed. He heard foot steps behind him and looked to his other side to see Jessica enter the room and rushed to his side, knealing down to look him over before looking at the woman.

"I'm sorry, are you alright?" she asked, picking Surge up in her arms as she waited for a reply.

Dr Scott
05-19-2011, 09:32 AM
Spencer Thompson
Dining Hall

With Michael on his shoulder, Spencer walked into the room. His simple black shirt somehow found a way to stand out with all of the dads rocking their Hawaiian shirts. Casting a glance around the room, he quickly found an empty spot near a small group of teenagers who also had Pokemon. The Pidgey chirped in excitement at seeing other Pokemon, and a few heads turned towards the spikey-haired young adult. As always he ignored them, sitting down and pouring himself a glass of orange juice.

As expected, the room was chaos. It would be suicide to try to get any food with the horde of hungry children all dog piling on the heaping mound of food that was slopped out to try to sooth the masses. Not too surprisingly he quickly found himself bored, with everyone his age too spread out to find one group to talk to. Even if he did they probably wouldn't take him too seriously; many had either went on the trip or gotten over their trainer adventure stage, moving on to different professions or continuing to become a scientist or gym leader of some sort. But Spencer had already decided that he wouldn't let thoughts like these get him down. Nothing would stand in the way of his goals.

To pass the time he started studying the habits of the other new trainers and more importantly their Pokemon. There were many varieties to study in his immediate area, with everything from a Riolu to a Houndour. With any hope something would happen to make this whole trip not pointless.

05-19-2011, 08:52 PM
Dining Hall

Avalon and Scyez just finished off their meals, and they were pretty content with it. However, they weren't getting back in line anytime soon: Some children rushing to get their food were quite fierce in doing so. Fortunatly, Avalon had some more company than before to work with. His company included a creepy-looking blonde with spiky hair with a Pidgey on his shoulder, a woman that had just tried to sit on a Houndour, the owner of the Houndour, and the man that had yet to return from getting his milk...Or was it that Avalon finished his food that fast?

"Hey, hi there!" Avalon said, looking at the only person that was inoccupied with anything; the previously mentioned creepy blonde. "My name's Avalon, The Riolu on my head is Scyez, and isn't this trip exciting?! Pokemon, Trainers of Pokemon, Gyms, their Leaders, Pokemon Leauge, the Elite 4, the Champion, whatnot I don't know yet, all that stuff! Am I right!?" Avalon said, all really fast.

"Riioriioriolriooo! Riolu-ri-rioooo!" Scyez yelped. "Riiiiiiii-Ri-Ri-Riiiiii!"

05-20-2011, 08:52 PM
A group of people walked into the dining hall. There were 20 people all dressed the same: Long black trench coats, black sunglasses, and black fedoras. The person in the front nodded and the group dispersed. 2 people went to each exit and sealed it off and the rest began walking around the hall. One of the people took the microphone from the entertainment stage and began talking: "Attention passengers," This was a woman's voice, "Team Orron is pleased to interrupt your breakfast! We have the captain hostage and we demand money. All of it! If you want to leave this ship unharmed you'll do as we say! Don't get any funny ideas either!" Some of the passengers reached for their pockets while the children began to cry.

Master Zorua
05-20-2011, 09:42 PM
Robert Masters and Lilac
Dining Hall, Boat

Robert calmly continued to eat his meal as the threats were made. He looked over to his Riolu as she finished her berry bowl. "Another 'team'. How very unoriginal, and how very annoying." Robert spoke calmly and confidently. Standing to his feet, Robert placed one fist on the center of the wooden table he had been sitting at and glanced over to the man on stage.

"You see, I have no money, but I'll be MORE than happy to give you a nice trip to the nearest hospital with every bone in your body broken." Robert spoke before raising his fist and driving it down in an attempt to break the wooden table in half as an attempt to intimidate some of the goons in the room, giving their leader a psychotic glare, as if he was about to enjoy bashing skulls in. "I think you chose the wrong ship to hijack, little girl. Oh, and if you're about to try the 'well we have the captain' excuse, I could really care less about him." He said, trying to pull a fast bluff. His real intention, more than just to scare some of the goons, was to intentionally draw attention to himself. If the guards at the sides were to go at him, it would leave the exits open for the other passengers to escape. Also, his actions might motivate other tough trainers to side with him.

05-21-2011, 09:14 PM
Dining Hall

Avalon nearly burst out laughing. These people either thought that this was the matrix, or they were idiots, the way they did everything-especially what they wore. Of these two choices, Avalon went with the latter.

As the Orron grunts and their de-facto leader (Avalon assumed the speaker was the de-facto leader) made their threats, and the dude with the other Riolu made his to the Orran grunts, Avalon decided to chime in.

"You look ridiculous in all that, your definatly idiots, and you're all probably whimps at best." Avalon said. "You probably don't even need to break all their bones-Just one'll put 'em in critical care for the rest of their lives, mate." Avalon said to the threatening, Riolu-owning trainer, standing next to him.

"And besides, there's twenty of them, and how many of us? Definatly more than twenty." Avalon added. He was not confident that the people nearby would rally with him, but he could try.

05-22-2011, 01:12 AM
The woman with the microphone smiled, "Fine then, have it your way." She and the other members of Team Orron pulled out pistols, "I have no issues killing all of you! Now give us the money!" At this, many of the passengers gave money to the patroling members of Orron.

Dr Scott
05-22-2011, 03:18 AM
Spencer Thompson
Hall of Dining

Spencer had just closed his eyes to rest a few moments when he heard a voice nearby. His slightly pointed ears focused on the noise, and he could hear a slight rustling of clothes. "Hey, hi there," the seemingly excitable person said. His voice hinted that he was a young male, and when the blonde opened a single eye he saw that he was right. His new friend was short, skinny, and simply looked like a young teenager. The teen continued, "My name's Avalon, The Riolu on my head is Scyez, and isn't this trip exciting?! Pokemon, Trainers of Pokemon, Gyms, their Leaders, Pokemon Leauge, the Elite 4, the Champion, whatnot I don't know yet, all that stuff! Am I right!" As if an exclamation point to all of this, the teen's Pokemon pet let out a noise.

Michael the Pidgey cooed, jumping onto the ground and staring at the other creature. He seemed to understand his fellow Pokemon and answered in kind, letting out a short series of tweets. Letting the two have fun, Spencer turned his dark eyes to the one called Avalon. "Spencer Thompson," he replied cooly, "and I can't say it's too exciting yet, but I--"

He was cut off by the entrance of the strange group of men and women. They wore hats and black trench coats, proudly looking for all the world to see like total idiots. "But it looks like the excitement level just picked up," he mumbled to his new companion, recalling his small bird companion into his ball. He hid the ball in his pocket, keeping his ace in his pocket.

One of the boys stood up, slamming his hand on his table and making threats. Spencer's new companion chose a totally different tactic, poking and prodding the obviously evil group for whatever reason. In response, the group pulled out guns, further threatening the group of civilians to give up their dough. For just a second the tall adult's eyes narrowed, not yet ready to give up the money he allowed himself to start his adventure. Making his eyes more nonthreatening, he thought 'At least they've shown their hand, now we know what to expect.'

Though to the rest of the world he was simply staring in shock, his mind was traveling forwards at high speeds. As he looked around in mock fear, he was counting the people in the crowd who might join in if it came to rebelling. There was no way to coordinate their attack, but the group wouldn't expect to be jumped, which gave them some form of an upper hand. As his eyes continued looking around his long fingers grabbed himself a stick of gum from his pocket, stripping the wrapped and slipping the sugary stick into his mouth. There was a best time to attack, and Spencer could only hope the others waited for it.

05-22-2011, 12:20 PM
Dining Hall

They pulled out firearms. Pistols. Great. They just proved they were that cowardly. Anybody could shoot a man. However, it also proved that they were indeed in control. Bringing knives to gunfights was a way to get killed, and Avalon didn't even have a knive.

Avalon remained silent, digging through his pockets. Mercifully, not a cent was there-he put all 3000 in the bag. He didn't dare smile, but he smiled inwardly. They were indeed whimps for pulling out guns, they indeed looked ridiculous, and Avalon would prove they were idiots if they didn't search his bag.

Avalon felt sad inwardly too: Why did people kill over strips of paper?

Avalon put his hands up, and so did Scyez. Both looked depressed about losing this one.

Beartic Tundra
05-22-2011, 02:37 PM
Suzu and Gaia
Dining Hall, Boat

As she watched, the trainer of the Houndour she had tripped over rushed into the room. Suzu began blushing madly at her blunder, and turned her face into the carpet again. How? How will I ever be good enough to become a Ranger? Let alone a detective. I can't be useful if all I do is trip over the Pokemon instead of helping them. I'm sorry Mom and Dad. I don't think I can do it. Tears began falling down Suzu's face as she was thinking about her parents, and she almost missed what the trainer behind her had said.

"I'm sorry, are you alright?" Suzu turned her tear-streaked face towards her, noticing that the Houndour was alright. He appeared to be a little taken back, but other than that he was fine. Suzu nodded and wiped her face, taking the girl's outstretched hand thankfully and dusting herself off. Glancing around, she noticed that Gaia was missing.

"Did you happen to see where my Budew went? I don't see her anywhere...." Suzu trailed off quietly as a group of men and women in black burst into the room and a woman began to demand all their money. Patting herself down, Suzu realized her backpack was still inside a small vent she found near her chair, which left her relieved and still slightly worried.

To her left was a table that had what appeared to be a few other Pokemon trainers. One of them decided to stand up and start threatening the group that had walked in, and as a result they all pulled out guns. Suzu gasped and wrapped her arms around herself, worried for everyone in the room. She still had not found Gaia, and that worried her even more.

"Bud..... dew." Suzu heard the faint call, and her gaze turned towards the woman at the stage. Under the table directly in front of her, Gaia was shaking and staring out at the room. She had seen Suzu, and was reaching her vines toward her. Shaking her head, Suzu motioned very carefully that Gaia was to stay there. She nodded her head, still scared, and scooted back slightly.

Master Zorua
05-23-2011, 01:58 AM
Robert Masters and Lilac
Dining Hall, Boat

The guns didn't phase Robert. If, as they threatened, they had no problems in killing everyone there, then why go through the trouble of just making threats? Robert whispered to his Riolu what he wanted her to do. When I tell you go, I want you to use Quick Attack and strike that woman in the head before retreating to this guy beside us. Trust me on the rest. he whispered. Once his Riolu gave a nod, Robert placed a hand on a dirty, empty china plate on the tabe next to him.

"And here I'd like to play a little game called 'Call the Bluff'. You see there Little Joey Balinda, if you really have no problems doing that, then, gosh darn, why bother putting yourself in a rather dangerous situation when you could have done that in the first place? Of course, mass murder would have the international police hotdoging your sorry excuses for living meatsacks with poor fashion senses so thoroughly you'd have to spend the rest of your pathetic lives in a small little yellow submarine underwater. And oh, by the by..."

At this point Robert chucked the china plate like a frisbee at the leader woman. If her gun was loaded she would have to shoot it down, which was where Lilac would come in. "GO!" He called out as he began to try and bum-rush the woman. His Riolu would also rush at the woman, aiming for her head, meaning she would have three attacks coming straight at her. If his plan worked out, he could try to get her into a full nelson hold. Having the defacto leader at his mercy would theoretically force the team goons to listen and obey him.

05-24-2011, 08:56 PM
2 Linoone lunged in the way of the assault. One grabbed the plate in it's mouth, and the other pushed the Riolu onto the ground. A man in white robes stood up from his table, "That's enough Allison! You're making a fool of Team Orron!" This man was very old, his hair was long and gray, and his beard was too.

The woman with the microphone, who was Allison, stared at this man for a few minutes before shouting again, "You old geezer! You never saw the potential of Orron, bt I do!"

The old man snapped his fingers and the 2 Linoone returned to his side, "Team Orron was established to help and protect the people of Suvaty! Not terrorize them!"

Allison shook her head, "Well, Orron has a new leader! So now your ideals are history!" She snapped her fingers and the lights went out. They came back up only moments later to reveal that every member of Team Orron had vanished.

The old man was still there, and he walked over to the trainer who ordered his Riolu to attack, "I'm sorry about Allison. What is your name?"

05-24-2011, 09:49 PM
Dining Hall

Holy crow. The Linoone were awesome. And the de-facto leader's name was Allison.

Avalon felt that the attack the other Riolu trainer tried to pull off-and what he probably intended to do, grab Allison-would result in the grunts just killing everybody, regardless of their lack of leadership. It would either be from them dissolving into dissaray, them just wanting to take control of the situation. Avalon also felt that Allison could have been expandable, meaning that the grunts could have just killed her with little reprocusions. The old man was compleatly right to have stopped his attack.

"For the record, I'm compleatly guessing here. I'm guessing his name. Is it...Uhh...Is it...Robert Masters? Oh, I'm just guessing here." Avalon said to the elderly man that just saved their skins. "...Whatever to that, you look like you command some respect. One old man, with two Linoone? Just two Pokemon, taking on twenty people, probably with Pokemon of their own and guns? You must be really good to make them turn tail. How'd they make the blackout? Oh, forgot, I'm Avalon, and this is Scyez, and were you the original leader of this Orron group, and whose this new leader, and...How hot's Suvaty? I'm burning already. I think I might need some new clothes." Avalon added, randomly adding questions to his own introduction.

Avalon quickly turned his gaze around the room, to see if the grunts left ANYTHING behind. If anything remained, then it would benefit the authorities that were now bound to be hunting down Team Orron with eagle eyes.

(Ooc: I want to see if any checks could be made to see if Avalon spots anything the grunts might have left behind. Would that involve Wisdom?)

05-24-2011, 10:13 PM
((OOC: Yes, that would be wisdom. I've set the DC at 5 because this is the first check, and the place is a mess. roll on a 20 sided die: 10. Your wisdom modifier: +1. 10+1=11. You suceed))

Avalon notices a cardkey lying on the ground, $200, and a potion near where Allison was standing.

The old man chuckled, "Calm yourself boy. Yes, I was once the leader of Team Orron. I formed the group to protect people from wild Pokemon. But I was getting old and had to leave, so I put Allison in charge. I see now that was a mistake. Nobody in Orron would hurt me or my Linoone. The blackout? Easy. There were more than 20 people here. I know all Orron's tactics. They had someone near a fuse box to cut the power momentarily. And no, Suvaty is not hot."

Master Zorua
05-24-2011, 10:28 PM
Robert Masters
Dining Hall, Ship

Robert was on alert as he watched the confrontation and went on higher alert when the lights went out. However, when the lights came back on, the only 'member' of Team Orron was the old man who claimed to be the old leader. He was about to answer when the other kid spoke up for him. "Odd how you would know my name when I never introduced myself to anyone aboard." Robert calmly commented. His demeanor shifted back to his calmer self as he looked to the old man.

"Yes, my name is Robert Masters. I'm a martial artist training to be an aura guardian. However, I've still yet to control my rage against criminal teams, considering I've seen first-hand the amount of suffering groups like them have caused people and Pokemon alike. I thank you for your intervention." Robert spoke calmly. He didn't trust the old man despite what happened, but he wanted to hear the full story. If this once good team turned to crime, it'd be a very good chance that he'd have to confront them again eventually. He'd need to know everything about this team.

05-25-2011, 12:31 AM
(Ooc: I'll be claiming all that, thank you very much.)

Dining Hall

Avalon's forsight prevailed. Scyez and him found a few things lying around where Allison was: A keycard, a potion, and most importantly, two hundred Pokedollars, probably Allison's own, considering nobody gave any money to her, but rather her cohorts. Avalon didn't wait for someone else to claim it, he scooped up his prizes himself.

Listening to the old man's and Robert's conversation made Avalon think that Allison might, just might, not be the actuall leader. Maybe someone else was pulling the strings, using Allison as a foreman? Avalon didn't think too much of it, the chances were, for now, remote.

There was just one thing he really didn't get. "Ehh, isn't it like, the tropics, or something? It's supposed to be hot and humid in the tropics. Oh, whatever, I was always sensetive to heat." Avalon said. "I definatly need new clothes, I'm going to burn in a fiery husk with this jacket. I hope it's not hot as an Undella summer...Whatever."

"So, your name is Robert Masters? I'm really, really, REALLY good with guessing names. To further show you this trait, I hearby claim that your Riolu's name is Lilac. Coincidentally, I also plan on being a Martial Artist...And a Aura user...And one of those wierd Mystic dudes, too. They are all awesome." Avalon said. Scyez, taking a good look at the other Riolu with mild interest, quickly found boredom inside her calmer counterpart, and rejoined Avalon's head, sitting on his beret.

"And I wouldn't be so sure about that part about them not harming you...If they lost favor in you as a leader, then I'm betting anything on that the same miracle won't happen twice..." Avalon said to the old leader.

"So, how much time 'till we reach Suvaty, anyhow? I'm bored of waiting here." Avalon said. Avalon put the new items in his bag, and while doing so, checked for some new clothes. He found enough for an outfit change. He then sealed his bag, walked towards the door that led outside, and opened it. Avalon looked out to the front of the ship, hoping that his next sight would be Suvaty's shore.

(Ooc: Is Suvaty on the horizon? I don't want to play out the boat scene much longer.)

05-25-2011, 01:00 AM
((OOC: The ship has been docked at Suvaty during the Orron hijack. They told the captain to make it seem like they weren't there yet))

The old man sighed and scratched his beard, "They won't hurt me, Allison is my daughter. I put her in charge because I thought she knew the importance of helping others. But clearly she didn't." The man sat in a nearby chair, "She's not evil, just misguided. I've been travelling around Suvaty trying to stop her."

Dr Scott
05-25-2011, 04:53 AM
OOC: Good job, Lat. I keep forgetting this is DnD

Spencer Thompson
Dining Hall

Everything seemed to happen at once, and none of it how the intellectual young adult thought it would. The bravest of the bunch, the brash youth who had slammed the table, threw a plate and then ordered his Pokemon to attack. Before he could even raise a hand to help, though whether he would have or not with the current odds was a question, the plot was foiled by a pair of the creatures. 'If only I had my Poke Dex, I'd be having a field day,' he couldn't help but think.

And as soon as the group had taken complete control, for the moment at the very least, they were stopped by what appeared to be an old man. Too busy wondering what was going on and if he was just simply watching a movie, Spencer could only revel at the oddness of this sudden turn of circumstances, as the group's leader had a small and heated conversation with this old man before all leaving. His mind instantly categorized and stored bits of the information, such as 'leader,' 'Allison,' and 'Team Orron.' It might be important later on.

For his part, Spencer had traded the look of fake fear with a normal stone faced look. He popped his bubblegum as he watched a different young man, the one who called himself Avalon, pick something up from the ground. Shrugging and sighing, the spikey haired man got up, grabbed a plate, and picked up an omelet. The whole time he was turning one of his ears to the conversation with the old man that was still going on.

05-25-2011, 07:40 PM
Deck, Boat docked in Avar Town.

Suprisingly, the boat was already at Avar town. Avalon wasted no time in telling just about everyone.

"Hey, everybody! We've docked at Avar town already! We're here! Come on, I bet we're all dying to get off this boat, right?!" Avalon yelled to the whole of the dining room.

He had four things on his mind: First, the Pokemon Professor. Second, a place where he could change his clothes, so he wasn't burning. Then, he'd get a map, before finally setting foot on the nearest route. Avalon hoped that he'd get a good group of trainers to go with him before setting out.

Avalon was ready to do this. He was ready to take on Suvaty!

Master Zorua
05-28-2011, 02:52 PM
Robert Masters
Avar Town

"Misguided people aren't the kind that plan things like this out. I mean no offense, but she is intentionally evil. But for her sake, I hope you're right and I hope you can reign her in before she ends up killing people." Robert calmly spoke before he and Lilac exited the boat. Their first stop would be the professor's lab. He wanted to get his Pokedex and pokeballs from the professor so he could start his journey. However, he now had to worry about this Team Orron. And after his friend and his friend's Pokemon were killed because of the war between Teams Aqua and Magma, he wasn't the kind that was going to show any mercy to this new team of criminals if he came across them bringing harm to people and Pokemon.

Without missing a beat, he began heading to the Pokemon lab. This was going to be the start of a new adventure.

Dr Scott
05-29-2011, 03:44 PM
Spencer Thompson
Following Others

As soon as the kids with Pokemon started filing out, he knew that he had missed something. 'Where are they all going?' he asked himself, 'sight seeing? Aren't we still at sea? Did I miss some meeting?'

Knowing that it was pointless to simply think about these things, he headed to the nearest employee, a rather tired looking janitor who was looking at the mess and more than likely trying to figure out what to put on his resume to get out of the madness that usually circled Pokemon trainers. "Where's everyone going?" he asked, pointing at the strong kid and his Riolu as they were heading out.

The man turned to look at him wearily, and then showed him an obviously forced smile. "Didn't you hear, sir?" he asked, "we've landed."

"Oh," Spencer returned, perhaps not the most intellectual thing he had said. He finished his orange juice in a sip, grabbed a few pieces of bacon, and handed something to his Pidgey before running to his room to go pack. 'Why didn't they make an ann-' he thought, but was cut off by the speaker in the hall telling everyone that they had indeed landed, and that they could take their time eating breakfast before those who were leaving at this stop had to get out so the rest could move on.

It didn't take long, he had only packed the necessities, and after saying goodbye to the man who had cleaned his room for the past while he ran out. Taking the time to move down to the docking level in an elevator the blonde grabbed his passport, deciding it best to be ready so he could at the very least try to catch up.

After passing customs and being waved on he ran off the boat and into the morning sun, shielding his eyes. He had gotten plenty of sun on the boat, but not in a while. After power walking he could see some of the kids in the far distance, moving his long legs in an effort to at least not be late to the meeting with the professor.

06-03-2011, 09:36 PM
((Due to laptop charger issues, and the fact that I am moving, I will not be on as frequently. In the meantime, develop your characters, explain backgrounds (maybe people you've left behind to come here, old rivals, etc...). I can incorporate these into future encounters. Plus it would be good to know more about your characters, and I think your characters seem like strangers to each other. While I'm here...))

The warm autumn sun gave everything it touched a bright glow. The palm trees on the beach gave shade to people and Pokemon alike. Groups of Krabby walked along the edge of the water while Wailord could clearly be seen off in the distance. There were about 30 people on the beach. Some were playing with their Pokemon on the white sand, and others were tanning. There was a sign that read "Avar Town" not too far off, but it was pointing to a small looking jungle. There were barricades on the road blocking the jungle, and some men with strange green suits stopping people from going into the jungle.

06-03-2011, 11:08 PM
(Ooc: That's a bummer. Oh...Ant...You really made it seem to me like we'd be getting off at Avar town, not the entrance to the route to Avar town...No offense...)

Wherever we are, as it doesn't seem to be Avar town...

Avalon realized one thing. This was not Avar Town. There was a conveniant sign pointing the way to Avar Town, leading into a Jungle of sorts, being guarded by men in green.

Avalon looked briefly in his bag. He was still sweating, for whatever reason, as Avalon found the fact that it wasn't truly hot odd. He was fortunate to bring a bathing suit with him...And a conveniant outhouse was nearby, unguarded, unlike the jungle-like area the soldiers (Avalon presumed they were soldiers) were guarding.

Avalon wasted no time. After a brief knock to check if anyone was in there, and after brushing Scyez off his head, he entered. Scyez, too determined to stay withing touching range of Avalon, scanned the outhouse through and through for an entrance, but found none.

Fortunatly, Avalon was out quickly. Avalon's shirt was now fully exposed, having put his jacket away, and instead of his jeans, Avalon sported a bathing suit with one lightning bolt on a black background. Avalon still wore a beret, but now, it had a pattern; a cyclone of indigo and silver was all over it, in a symmetry in asymmetry.

Avalon, with Scyez now rejoining his head, pulled out a Pokedex from his bag, and pointed it at the Krabby and Wailmer in the distance. Avalon decided to keep it at that; he had left his five Pokeballs at his house in Undella town. For Avalon, it was a 'whatever.' It was a shame that he couldn't catch the Krabby and Wailmer, but it was better than nothing-and he decided to save Pokemon the problems of being attacked by an insane Riolu for when he met the first route.

He decided to regroup with the dude with the Pidgey from earlier. It took little time to locate the man, his spiky blonde hair and slightly creepy feel attracting Avalon's eyes very quickly. Avalon ran up to him and resumed the chat from earlier like nothing had happened whatsoever.

"Hey, dude! I forgot to ask, what's your name?" Avalon asked.

Scyez decided to pipe in a small "Rii!"

06-20-2011, 06:33 PM
((All moved in, and I got a new laptop charger. My old one blew an internal capacitor, so I had to pay an arm and a leg for a new one. Thanks Dell, thanks for ripping me off... Anywhoodles, I'm back now.))

A man in a black tuxedo got off the boat. He had a monocle and a cane, even though he needed neither. He approached a group of trainers, "Excuse me, but I was wondering if you could help me?" He had six Pokeballs around his waist. This man looked to be in his 30's and had brown hair.

06-21-2011, 08:53 PM
(Ooc: Everyone that was still posting left while you were gone. Except me, of course.)

Beach nearby the Blocked-off Route

A man approached and asked for some help. He looked quite capable of doing anything, with six Pokeballs around his waist-and, henceforth, six Pokemon. However, who was Avalon to deny assistance?

"I'll help, I'll help, I'll help!" Avalon said, running straight for the man, looking eager at the opportunity for something to do.

"...So what do you need me to do?" Avalon asked.

06-22-2011, 04:40 PM
((So it's just you and me? I may have to toss my character in with you. Anywhoodles, we'll make it work))

The man tapped his pokeballs, "My pokemon are in no condition to fight, but I must get to Avar Town. You have a Pokemon, and I was hoping you could escort me through the jungle." The man pulled a wallet out of his back pocket, "I can pay you for your troubles."

Master Zorua
06-22-2011, 11:22 PM
(Actually, I was waiting for the old man to reply to Avalon before I made my post)

Robert Masters
En Route to Avar Town

Robert looked over to the guy in the tux and gave a nod to him. "Considering everything that went down on the boat, I think this trip is going to be more dangerous than before. Sure, I'll keep you guarded. I think we all need to get to Avar town in order to get our Pokemon healed at the Pokemon Center." Robert replied to the man.

06-22-2011, 11:32 PM
((YAY, now we have 2 players. I'll give it a few days for the others to come back, if they don't I'm tossing my character in here. If they come back I'll probably have my character leave.))

The man put his wallet back in his pocket and whispered to the trainers, "That road may be blocked, but I know how we can get past it. Just let me know when you're all set to leave."

06-23-2011, 04:16 PM
Beach nearby Route 1

Money. Bleh to money rewards. Avalon personally didn't get the point of currency-money was the source of most government corruption, the reason behind most theiveries, and the goal behind most conspiracies. It seemed society needed money, which is just another reason why society is for idiots.

But money was what he needed to buy stuff with, and he'd need to buy the essentials that he'd use up later. Plus, he needed to get through that jungle to get to Avar town. What did it matter?

"I'm in on this. So totally in. I was wis hing to get to Avar town myself." Avalon said.

Then he heard this: "Just let me know when you're all set to leave."

"I'm pretty sure I'm as set as possible, and I'm pretty sure you'd like to get there as soon as you can. I'm ready to go." Avalon said. "What about you, Rob?"

"Riiiii! Ri-ri-riiiii!" Scyez went.

06-23-2011, 05:54 PM
((Ant2011 is now my PC, Game Master is the GM, both are my profiles.))

A squirtle ran over to the group of people standing on the beach, he was curious about the 2 Riolu and their trainers. "Squirt Squirtle!" the little turtle called out as he ran around the three people. A young man ran over to them, "Blast, don't go running off like that. I was worried sick about you." He said as he picked the squirtle up and put him in the large pocket on his hoodie. He was wearing a black hoodie and jeans. His red hair shone in the sunlight. He extended his right hand to the people for a handshake and spoke, "Sorry about that, Blast has a habit of wandering off. I'm Anthony by the way."

06-23-2011, 07:12 PM
(Ooc: Is "Ant2011 is now my PC, Game Master is the GM, both are my profiles" something to say that basically you're now playing as Anthony and you are still GMing the affair? If it's not, then I'm confused compleatly.)

Beach near Route 1

Avalon looked quickly at the Newcomer, and Avalon decided to quickly brief him on basically everything.

"Hi! I'm Avalon, My Riolu's Scyez, I'm not sure who this dude with the cane is, this dude is Robert Masters, And this dude with the cane needs help getting to Avar town, through that jungle, and can get us past those men in green over there, could you help us out?" Avalon said in record time for such a sentance that long, and still made it understandable.

"Ri! Ri Riolu, Ri Riolu Riolu, Ri Rio Rio Rio Rio Riol Riol Ri Riol-Ri, Riol Riol Ri Riolu Riolu, Rio Rio Riol Riol Rio Riol Riol Riol Riolu-Rio Ri Rio Riol, Riolu-ri Riol Riolu, Rio Rio Ri Riol Riolu Rio Ri Riol, Riolu Rio Riolu Ri Rio!" Scyez barked.

06-23-2011, 07:24 PM
((Yes, I am gming and playing. 2 seperate profiles help avoid confusion. I do this with my PCs in D&D, and my number 1 rule applies here too, I will not make any major desicions. I'm just here to play. lol))

Anthony blinked at what Avalon said, he talked so fast! Anthony couldn't help but smile, "Are you going to be this hyper for the whole trip, Avalon?" He looked at Robert, "So it'll be just the three of us for now?" Blast crawled out from the hoodie pocket and onto Anthony's shoulder, "Squirtle! Squirt Squirtle!" he said as he looked at the Riolu, they were blue like him, but he didn't know how to approach them.

Master Zorua
07-04-2011, 12:16 AM
Robert Masters
En Route to Avar Town

"That's how it looks." Robert spoke calmly. Lilac was rather confused by the rather crazy personality of the other female Riolu, but she shook her head and climed up to sit upon her master's back, her legs hanging down either side of his neck, while her paws rested on his forehead. "Well then, shall we get going?" he asked.

07-04-2011, 07:51 PM
The man smiled, "Right then, we have two options: We can either cause a distraction and draw the guards away from the entrance, or we can knock them out." He paused for a minute, "Either way, we'd be in a bit of trouble."

Master Zorua
07-04-2011, 09:20 PM
Robert Masters
Near Route 1

Robert gave a nod to the man. After a little bit of thinking, he came up with an idea. "Perfect. Of course this is going to be a bit risky, but Lilac, I want you to run into the woods, a little bit aways from the guards. In about five seconds, I'll call for you, but don't come back just yet. This will give us an excuse to press on those guards to try and make them give us an exception to enter. After all, they might be a bit lenient if a trainer's cherished Pokemon gets into someplace they aren't supposed to go, and as her trainer, it'd be my duty to get her back, right?" Robert spoke quietly. "Until then, let's all continue our conversation, and just talk randomly."

Lilac hopped off of Robert's back and stayed at her master's feet for a little bit. "Well, I hope there are some contests in this region. I'd love to show my Lilac's abilities off. Not to mention she loves to perform." Robert spoke casually. As Robert was talking, Lilac's eyes went wide as if something caught her interest and she bolted for the jungle. Robert waited a little bit before looking around as if surprised and worried that Lilac was gone. He then turned to look at the jungle just as she entered it. "Lilac?! Come back here! It's too dangerous to go off on your own! Oooh, what are you after THIS time?" Robert said as he raced towards the jungle that the guards were guarding.

07-04-2011, 10:29 PM
One of the men in green put his hand up, "I'm sorry sir, this Jungle is off limits. Team Orron was sighted in here. Several Pokemon and their trainers have been shot. We have patrol teams sweeping the jungle. Until then this area has been deemed highly dangerous and should not be entered. Please return to the beach."

Master Zorua
07-04-2011, 10:35 PM
Robert Crescent

"And that's all the more reason I need to get in there! My Pokemon just rushed off after something in there, and I need to get her out before something bad happens to her!" Robert yelled at the guards. "Look, all I'm asking to do is go in, grab my Riolu, and get back out as soon as possible. And if you're worried about getting in trouble, I'll take full responsibility. That Riolu saved my life, and I'm not going to let something happen to her." Robert spoke. He hoped the other two would come up behind him to back him up and 'offer their aid and support' to help find the hiding Lilac, who really wasn't too deep in the forest, hiding behind a tree a bit deeper in, just far enough to where she could still see Robert and the others.

07-04-2011, 10:39 PM
Anthony pointed to Blast who was sitting calmly on his shoulder, "I know how it feels when a Pokemon runs off on you. Please, let us go in there. We won't be long, we just need to get his Riolu." Blast nodded his head.

07-05-2011, 05:15 AM
The guard sighed, "It's against regulations kid, it wouldn't matter who took the blame, I'd lose my job either way. Besides, I'm sure your Riolu is fine. If you can just wait until it's clear I'd appreciate it."

07-05-2011, 01:33 PM
Route 1 Entrance

Avalon Liked Robert's plan, but then briefly looked around after seeing the plan through-which failed. Scyez was absent too.

Oh dear Arceus, she was mentally instable! She wasn't likely to leave Avalon for a long time, but what she could do while she was away could range from ignorable to lethal.

"Great. Now Scyez is gone too, and everything in that stupid jungle is going to suddenly find an insane Riolu on their necks, who doesn't really know that tightening her grip on someone's neck for a prolonged period would kill them! She's mentally instable! I need in!" Avalon yelled at the guards. This was not a drill-this was really happening. And Scyez did have a tenancy to strangle people unawares.

07-05-2011, 08:17 PM
"We'll report this to HQ and see what we can do. In the meantime you'll need to wait." The man in the tuxedo smiled as he opened a Pokeball, a Gloom appeared. The man had a vindictive grin as he called out to his Pokemon, "Gloom, use sleep powder on the guards!" The Gloom sprayed dozens of spores from its head and the guards fell over.

07-05-2011, 11:54 PM
Entrance to Route 1

"Yay for Gloom!" Avalon said, as he watched the Gloom take down both of the guards.

"Riiiiiii! Ri Ri Riiiiiiiiiii! Riririririririri!"

Avalon whipped his head around, and to his extreme fortune, Scyez was cartwheeling back to him, jumping from her cartwheel onto Avalon's head.

"Thank Arceus!" Avalon rejoiced, petting the head of Scyez. "I wasn't kidding with the whole 'Scyez doesn't know what strangling is' thing." He added.

"Now, let's get going, before someone notices!" He said, rushing off into the jungle.

Master Zorua
07-06-2011, 12:47 AM
Robert Masters
Route 1

"I was hoping to avoid conflict with the guards. I have a bad feeling this is going to come back to hurt us later." Robert said. He rushed into the jungle along with the others. His Riolu saw the group enter and quickly rejoined with Robert, bouncing off of a tree to land on Robert's back and hold onto her master.

"Do you know how far it is Avar Town?" Robert asked as he ran. The guards said they had spotted Team Orron in the woods, and after his own experience with them, and quite frankly with any criminal 'Team', he knew they cared nothing about the lives of others. Robert still wasn't strong enough to help taken them down, not yet.

07-07-2011, 09:26 PM
Anthony ran behind the others, he didn't want to run too fast and get into trouble. "I have no idea how far it is, maybe it's a small jungle."

07-13-2011, 12:47 AM
After a few hours of walking through the jungle, the man in the suit points to a shadow in the distance, "Uh oh, that can't be good!" He runs behind Avalon and cowers, "Save me!" the bushes rustle and a Paras crawls out. The man stands up, "Aha, see? There's nothing to be afraid of out here." He walks over to the Paras, but stops when he sees the end of a pistol's barrell sticking out from the bushes. A member of Team Orron steps out, the pistol pressed firmly to the mans forhead. "One move and I blow his brains all over these plants!"

07-14-2011, 10:52 PM
Route 1

A big shot was getting shotty. Joy.

And Scyez was gone. There goes engaging this idiot, who didn't know anything.

...Oh, wait, there she was...Right on a tree...That was right above their attacker...Well, he warned someone. That was enough warning about how Scyez knows absolutely nothing about how a human body functioned...Ah, what the heck?

"Oh. My Insane Riolu's absent." Avalon said. Warning enough for this man.

She dropped directly onto the attacker's neck and hugged it-or, more accuratly, strangled the poor Orran member, who she failed to identify as an Orron member. At all. She was insane, after all.

"Oh. There she is. Sorry, she's mentally instable, I can't really help you, mate." Avalon said.

If he guessed Scyez's mannerisim of not yelling a shrill "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" while falling correctly, then she'd let go the instant he fell unconsious. He'd take the gun, walk to Avar town with the body, and hope that he doesn't regain consiousness while that happens. He'd rather not shoot his brains out all over the plants. It would be polluting.

And that was assuming that he didn't yank the crazy Riolu off.

07-20-2011, 12:46 AM
The Orron grunt grabs the Riolu and throws her on the ground, "I've no time for this! Hand over that man and I'll let you leave safely!"

You must now decide as a group what to do next: give the man to Team Orron, or fight and risk serious injury.

07-24-2011, 01:16 AM
Route 1

Avalon saw his Riolu mercilessly (and harmlessly) get tossed to the ground. Then he asked the single most ridiculous question ever: Would they give the dude up willingly?

Avalon gave sharp looks at Robert and Anthony, looks that meant he was going to fight this dude, and looks that tried to convince them to follow suit.

Considering the positon of Scyez, Avalon already had an opening move figured out-Quick Attack to knock the gun out of the Orron member's hand before he got to use it. Hopefully, during the coarse of the fight, he'd be able to retrieve it, and he honestly hoped that the Orron member wasn't bluffing and did have bullets in that gun.

(Ooc: I say beat the crud out of him!)

07-29-2011, 04:05 AM
Blast leapt from Anthony's shoulder and stared at the Orron member. Anthony could tell Blast wanted to fight. He caught Avalon's face and knew that he wanted to fight too. He sighed, "I'm no fighter, I'm only a breeder but I cannot allow you to hurt anyone!"

((OOC: I say whomp him good. I hope Master Zorua returns, 2/3 isn't a bad voting scheme, but I would like to take his opinion into account...))

Master Zorua
08-06-2011, 11:25 PM
(Sorry for the delay)
Robert sneered a bit at the Orron member. "What a coward. Hiding behind someone else with a little toy gun because you don't have the balls to face any one of us in real combat." Robert spoke as he glared at the man. "I have a proposition for you then. If, and only if, you can beat me in a real fight, no Pokemon, no weapons, just our fists, then we'll hand over the man and leave. But if you lose, then you'll get a taste of your own medicine and give up one of your Pokemon to me before you leave us be. Or are you so piss-ant cowardly that you can't handle matters like a real man?" Robert challenged the man.

08-09-2011, 02:00 AM
Route 1

Robert gave the Orron member a talk-off. Avalon suddenly hoped that Robert's physical appearance wasn't for show. Avalon despised not being able to back your promises.

Then he said a taste of your own medicine...Take one of his Pokemon...

Avalon thought it in his head: "Robert, do it and I'll kill you."

He would. He had never stolen a Pokemon from anyone but an owner that was without a shadow of a doubt abusive. What if the only Pokemon he had was a treasured companion, and not the grade-d brainwashed Pokemon the likes of Team Plasma and others had gathered?

Of course, as always, his lying ability is unmatched. Sure, when no tension is immediatly present, he's so overjoyed that he can't even give a good conversation-but when the going get's tough, Avalon's tough gets going far faster. Avalon's face had remained as it always had been through the whole scene-stone cold.

08-15-2011, 08:00 PM
The grunt smiled and pulled a pokeball from his coat pocket, "You think I care about my Pokemon?" He opened it and a Koffing popped out. The Koffing smiled and floated around it's master. It seemed to love the grunt. He smirked and put the pistol barrel against Koffing. "Well, now you have two options. I kill the man, or my Koffing! I don't give a damn either way. You think taking my POkemon is a taste of my own medicine? Orron doesn't steal Pokemon, we kill them."

08-17-2011, 12:28 AM
Route 1

...OK, NOW he'd be cool with Robert taking the Pokemon.

"OK, we're all idiots. Robert's an idiot for suggesting a fistfight to a person that's smarter than to be lured into possibly a four-on-one brawl, Grunty over there's an idiot for pointing a gun at a Koffing, I'm an idiot for pointing this out, and Grunty's even more of an idiot when considering that he forgot about what nearly strangled him." Avalon said.

"Scyez, Quick Attack the gun!" Avalon said.

Before further reaction could be made, Scyez jetted off, with full intention to ram into the Gun.

Besides, who'd shoot a Koffing? A Koffing uses poison gas, and shooting it would let a good amount out from the body-potentially lethal. Avalon sensed that it was either a bluff or he had it loaded with blanks.

08-21-2011, 11:40 PM
DC to knock the gun out of his hand: 8
your roll: 15
Gun is knocked out of his hand!

"Gah! Stupid Riolu!" The grunt looked around for any other Orron member, but none were to be found.

08-22-2011, 01:55 AM
Route 1

Oh yhea. Scyez did her job good: The gun was out of the Grunt's reach now. Avalon's grin was massive.

Avalon ran in to kick the guy right in his face, making sure not to disturb the Koffing-poisonous gasses were to be avoided. "Scyez, quick attack this dude!" He yelled, getting his female Riolu in on the action too.

Avalong giggled inwardly. Avalon was just better than this Grunt. He thought faster, acted faster, had better Pokemon, and he was ready to teach all of Orran a lesson: Get in his way, and die in record time.

He'd had enough of morons like these a LONG time ago.