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Tamer Marco
04-09-2004, 06:28 PM
This is my second attemped fan fic my others stank so here it is.

For over thousands of years this tournement was kept a secret to all who knew about it... Only the best of the best could compete. The next tournement is kicking off in one month and the best trainers on the planet will be there to compete and battle. The most horrifying loss about this tournement is if you lose you give up your most prized pokemon!!

Chapter 1: The battlers invitation.

Ash, a 17 year old boy who was just reaizing his true potential as a pokemon master was at his mothers house in Pallet town. "I'm sorry honey about your deafeat in Hoenn" said Ash's mother Delia. "Eat your breakfast it's getting cold" she told him. "Seven long years" Ash thought violently. "Seven years of having all that training with my pokemon, bonding with them facing hardship with them and I still lost".... " "And my pride was broken mom from being beat by Gary". Ash's face was undescripable at this very moment. His bright cheery face was gloomy and cold. "Cheer up dear" Delia said. "There will be many more tournements". Then Delia told Mr.Mime to get the mail. "Mime, mime mine, Mr. Mime"! The little happy pokemon loved to do work and treats were included with it. Mr Mime got the morning mail and paper. Delia checked the mail slowly. "Bills, bills, ASH"! "You've got mail about a tournement in the region of Lonto! "WHAT",?! Ash yelled. Ash read his mail and it said "You are invited to the tournement of Lonto sponsor and keeper of the world championships". "This is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity and if you want to take the challenge circle "yes" at the bottom in ink". "The rules are the same as any other tournement but the rule is if you lose you must give up one of your pokemon". "Are you ready for the challenge young pokemon master"? Ash circled yes and had no idea what he got himself into. The mail lastly said he had one month to train and he had to send this back as soon as possible. At that very moment all the trainers that were fit to this job had mail like this also...

Tamer Marco
04-10-2004, 05:54 PM
Chapter 2: Find Butterfree!

"I can't belive i've been invited to the world tournement". Ash thought. It continued to flash in his head. Was he good enough? Did he have to the courage to risk losing Pikachu? Would it end up a failure like the other three tournements? He decided to find his two long lost pokemon. Butterfree and Pidgeoto. He had a much better chance of winning with his other first pokemon than using new; unexperienced pokemon. He took a flight on Charizard and went to the Butterfree cavern. Ash was so up high he was shivering from the cold. But, yet the gleaming sun was just enough warmth for him. "I wonder how Butterfree survives up here" thought Ash. They landed at a cavern filled with flying bug pokemon. There seemed to be a fork right when he got in. "I suspect of side has Butterfree's and the other Beedrill". Ash's instict of pokemon told him to go left. He walked over and went left. After a hour of waking (or flying should be said) they found a cave filled with.... BEEDRILL! The Beedrill spoted Ash from his big compainon Charizard and Pikachu on it's head. The Beedrill's eye turnt a glowing red and the went after Ash, Pikachu and Charizard. "Pika Pika,! the little rat squealed. Ash couldn't go right, right away if they did the Beedrill would be in the Butterfree cavern. Ash kept running for his life, literally and he looked back. The Beedrill's grew a blue light on them and they fell like swated flys. But who did it? It wasn't Charizard nor Pikachu...

04-11-2004, 05:17 AM
1 THING. Pigeotto evolved into a Pidgeot.

Otherwise it was okay. Try to beef up your paragraphs to that in the range of 6-12, and dont tell me, I'm only 10 cuz I'm only a couple of years older than you. by 1-4 yrs. older than you

Tamer Marco
04-11-2004, 06:46 PM
Okay. How's this:

Chapter 3: Long lost friends reunite?

When, the Beedrill fainted Ash thought it well to catch one before they awakened. "Pokeball go,"! Ash said. The pokeball consumed Beedrill and wiggled once.... twice, three, four. The fifth caught it! But who saved Ash?
It was Butterfree! Ash didn't realize it at first but that powerful wave came from Butterfree! "Butterfree"? " I missed you"! Ash threw his arms around Butterfree laughing and remembering the good times they shared. "Butterfree would you come back with me? Butterfree looked down and went away. Moments later he came back with a pink Butterfree and lots of Butterfree's Caterpie's and Metapods. "I see Ash" said. "You have a family now". "Free, free" the Butterfly said. "So you can't come with me"? Butterfree looked down hard staring at the moist cave dirt. He landed and used the feelers to do something special. He first drew a hat and a boys face. Then his pants, legs, and other important things. Lastly, he drew a Butterfree on top of his head. "Aawww Butterfree. It was hard for Butterfree to say no to Ash. But he had a life outside of battling. It would be too much for Butterfree to bear to leave his wife and children behind alone.

Butterfree flew and landed on Ash's shoulder like old times. "Pika Pika pikachu..." said Pikachu. Charizard didn't know butterfree so it was out of the picture for Charizard to feel upset. If Ash could talk Butterfree this is what Butterfree would say. "I'm sorry Ash but I just can't leave here". "This is my home now and I can't change that". Ash tried to fight the sadness but he burst out in tears and left. He ran just like Butterfree ran from him so long ago...