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Lugia was flying over Johto, and attacked many trainers, awkwardly for Lugia giving them many harsh injuries including loss of life. Many trainers have lost friends, family's and their lives. This was all the governments fault he made a festival that mad many Pokemon angry.


Once many people were aware of Lugia's actions they began to keep their Pokemon with them at all times, but as soon as they did this, Lugia was acting normally.


Finally the non-sense stopped, and many trainers began boating away, at the end there was a small population in Johto.


The government of Johto was angry that the population was lowering day by day so he decided to make a popular event, the only one he could think of was one he did 10 years ago, so he did it and Pokemon got mad, the population rose but no Lugia, the government was happy to see that it work and no Lugia came, but many trainers wondered why their Pokemon got mad at this event, The event was just a huge pool party with so many cool spa treatments and stuff, the pool could fit 30,000 people and the event went on for a week and 4 days.


The government and only the government knew why Pokemon hated this event so much, it was all in his secret plans, the government put this event up many times, and the reason Pokemon hate it is because it has a certain scent made to make everything smell and feel better than ever that ALL Pokemon hate. The government just recently noticed that there wasn't many trainers in Johto anymore, So he ordered a group of Agents called "T.A.(Trainer Agents)" to recruit all the trainers to his office, but when they were bringing the trainers back a giant purple cloud grew above them and they thought they saw Lugia come out but no, it was the ultimate, Shadow Lugia, realizing that Shadow Lugia was the Lugia killing people and Lugia was the harmless one they tried to run faster in, but then Shadow Lugia struck a giant force of lighting which retrieved the government, the T.A. and the trainers themselves to the Shadow World.


If you are lucky then you can be the government but just in case also sign up for a different role while signing up for this one.

Off that note, here's the information about him :

You are the government, you don't play with Pokemon you play with weapons.
You notice that the population of YOUR region is going down to the ground so you need to make a festival, trainers keep complaining t hat their pokemon hate the event but you respond

"Herm.. there is nothing wrong, QUIT COMPLAINING!"

You hate these trainers you just want to kill them, you don't care about Pokemon at all, all you want is money, people, and trainers loving this region and THANKING YOU.
You finally had enough of this so you start planning a group of agents that could put a stop to this when you realize, you haven't seen any trainers in this region lately.
So you assign the group you thought up to catch all of those trainers.
They come to you with the job done when you see an angry Pokemon you take 3 weapons ANY weapons of you're choice to go kill the beast when it zaps you up.

T.A.(Trainer Agents)

You are just any normal old trainer that respects the government even though his Pokemon think not, one day he comes up to you and asks you

Would you like to work for me?

You gain excitement levels higher than you can count, you are speechless, but you answer

"Yes! I would LOVE to"

So you join him and he asks you to do a task that bring up your tension.

Find all of the trainers in this region and bring them to ME!

You accept the task and do what he asks starting to question his ways in your head.
Once you finish the task you notice a giant purple cloud is above you, you tell the trainers to follow you, and they do, and you tell them to RUN too.

When you are running you notice

Shadow Lugia is that Pokemon and it must of been the Pokemon that was destroying everything and normal Lugia must be the one not hurting anyone.

In response you run faster but Shadow Lugia just zaps you up.

You start to realize that the government is evil, but you STILL pledge all your heart and soul into him, you know you shouldn't be in this zap vortex, you know its the governments fault, but you don't care.

Harmless Trainer
You are an excellent trainer being so epic that you only have ONE POKéMON.
You are just any normal trainer in Johto with one of the JOHTO STARTERS (UNLESS I APPROVE OTHERWISE YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHY)and it is any level you want (MAX : LV. 100 LAST EVOLUTION NO EV TRAINING SEARCH UP REAL STATS ON THE INTERNET OR SOMETHING)and all of the sudden some stranger in black comes up to you, and he tells you something.

Come with me, governments orders, don't make this hard.

You want to take it the hard way a trainer like s you take it the hard way so you challenge him to a Pokemon battle!

You send out your beloved Pokemon

The foe then sends out a quite strong Pokemon.

Your Pokemon turns out to be faster so you used your strongest move against it

But the foe commands the foe's Pokemon to use its strongest move against you, and the foe wins

Give me the money then follow me.

you do what he asks and all of a sudden, you see a cloud coming up it the n ZAPS you up into some unknown place.

Shadow Lugia's Minion

You are a very strong shadow legendary Pokemon (not Shadow Lugia) and you have worked for me (Shadow Lugia) for all your life, one day you notice a disturbance in the air, you get angry and start making harsh storms happen 87% more.

You notice a group of people taking trainers away and you wonder whats going on, so you notify me, and it gets me ENRAGED so I tell you

I must BORROW your power.

You lend me your power but when you do you daze off and wake up in a surgery room wondering what is going on.
A kind Light Mew (NO you can't be light Pokemon) tells you what is going on

Sorry for all that's happening Shadow Lugia had to borrow your power to suck those bad trainers up, he just gave you back your power so you may be confused for a second or 2, so I suggest to rest until you heal


Name :
Last Name :
Personality(has to be something mean) :
Description (insert picture and description about yourself here) :
History :
3 Weapons of your choice :
Gender (No Delta or Shemales) :

T.A.(Trainer Agent)
Name :
Last Name :
Personality :
Description (insert picture and description about yourself here) :
History :
Pokemon (6 and only 6) :
Gender (No Delta or Shemales) :

Harmless Trainer
Name :
Last Name(optional) :
Personality :
Description (insert picture and description about yourself here) :
History :
Pokemon (1 and only 1) :
Gender (No Delta or Shemales) :

Shadow Lugia Minion
Name :
Species :
Personality :
Description (insert picture and description about yourself here) :
Move Set :
Level (MAX : 100) :
OUs are NOT allowed.

I am Shadow Lugia BTW :3.

Notched Eared Pichu
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Harmless Trainer
Name: Milo Blossem
Age: 18
Personality: If you get on Milo's bad side
you'd wish you never met him in the first
place. When you first meet Milo you will
wish you had met him way before. He is
one of those "ready for battle" kind of
kids. Milo is an all time pokemon lover.
Description: Milo is a privet inspecter of
special pokemon like Notched Eared Pichu
and crystal onix which he has caught both
of them.
History: Milo has never had a
starter pokemon because Prof. Elm ran out
when he was 10 so he found his starter in
Ilex Forest. The pokemon was a notched
eared pichu which he named Spike. Milo's
older brother, Keith, has concered every region
with ease and when he left when first started
to leave for his journey he gave Milo a pokeball
to catch his starter because the same thing
happened to him when he was 10. Milo always
wanted to be a pokemon master just like his
brother. Milo has defeated a gang called Team
Toxic with his friends andgym leaders. When
that wa all over he started to grow a intrest
in special pokemon because of the 2 he
had. Milo's good friend told him about an
Onix that went on a rampage and had a special
twist to him which was that he was made of
crystal! Milo wanted to settel this pokemon
this pokemon and had an outstanding battle
with him at the end the onix desided to
join Milo's party. An inspecter saw this
and offered Milo a job which he excepted.
After a while onix started to train with Brock
after Milo showed him. Milo heard about
Lugia and went to stop his rampage just
like he stopped Onix's. He was on his way
to go find Lugia when a T.A. came and asked
him to come with him and then it happened
the lightning struck sending Milo into the
Shadow World.
Pokemon: Spike (male notched eared pichu)
Gender: Male

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OOC: I think your plot to this story is really good, and also can I have a Scyther for my starter.


Harmless Trainer

Name :Jason

Personality : Jason is a calm, cool,collective kind of guy. He doesn't let a lot of stuff bother him. He stays to himself and doesn't try to get to invovled with other people. He loves training, battling and taking care of pokemon.

History :Jason was walking outside when he saw something in the bushes. He walked up to them and saw a Scyther lying there trying to get up, but couldn't. the Scyther saw him and tried to attack, but it was to weak. Jason ripped part of his shirt off and splinted the Scythers leg up. Jason name him Blade.

Gender of pokemon: Male

Gender of character: Male

Level of pokemon:25

the description of my character is going to be the next post.

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This is both on the wrong board(not your fault, probably got moved here and not back when they tried to jam all the RP stuff together, this isn't the first I've seen) and necroposting(last post was over 30 days ago). You might want to try your luck on the sign up boards, in something more recently posted in.