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06-02-2011, 09:17 PM
Left Behind
An RP Prequel to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
An RP by NES2

It began with a flash. On that morning, a great light enveloped the entire world, blinding those who were awake and unbeknown to those who were asleep. What conspired that morning is not understood truly by any, but that day the world changed. That day, every Pokeball opened up, and the Pokemon who were inside found that humanity was gone. They had vanished with the light, and the world was now left to the Pokemon.

Many Pokemon reacted differently when they realized they were free to return to the wild. Those who had been owned by cruel and malevolent trainers were glad to return to the wild, to be free of their tortured existence. Those who had been owned by kind-hearted trainers weeped for their lost companions. Others had different reactions. But all understood the reality of the situation. They had to move on now, and start anew in a world now foreign to them.

Even in a world without humans however, there was still no utopia.

The Exodus of formerly captured Pokemon caused a great conflict in the New World. Wild Pokemon were soon became at odds with the "Humanized" Pokemon, who they now were forced to compete with in the wild for food, water, and shelter. They felt that the "invaders" did not belong in the wild, that they were tainted by the human touch. Although at first conflicts between the two were minor, the mutual distrust and malice began to build up.

Then, like a spark that ignited a fire, a small occurrence brought the conflict to a flash point. It came when a band of belligerent Wild Pokemon stormed into Icirrus City, a city where trained Pokemon unwilling to move into the wild still lived, and razed it to the ground to terrorize the trained Pokemon into migrating away from Unova. Instead, it acted as the catalyst for a great war that would ravage Unova. Soon the region was split down it's center, with wild Pokemon ruling the West and tamed Pokemon ruling the East. While some sought peaceful resolution to a conflict between brothers, many on both sides believed peace could only be achieved when the other was annihilated.

TL;DR: Humans go bye-bye, Pokemon fight over the rock they left behind.

The Map


This is a map of Unova as it is currently in the RP. It will be updated as cities exchange hands, or in rare cases, are destroyed beyond use. Red cities are held by Wild Pokemon, while blue cities are held by Tamed Pokemon.


Keep violence/romance PG-13.
Obscene words are ok, just don't use them every sentence.
The password is Pablo.
Two paragraph per post minimum.
No godmodding or location jumping. Please follow these (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=103040) standards if you need help doing so.
Please use readable font. Don't alternate fonts either.
OOC goes in discussion. No exceptions.
You get 3 warnings before a ban from this RP. So don't screw around with these rules.
No Legendaries, Humans, or beings from outside this universe. THAT MEANS YOU DOCTOR WHO.

Sign Up Sheet:

Character Name: (Your character's name)
Gender: (Male, Female, or non-gendered Blob.)
Faction: (Wild or Tamed. If your neutral, you have to list this.)
Character Description: (Your character's physical appearance. One paragraph or a picture is all I need.)
Character Personality: (How does your character act? One paragraph minimum.)
Character History: (Insert past here. Two paragraphs)
Password: (READ THE RULES.)
Other: (What it says on the tin).

Lucifer (Chromatic Alchemist)
Doc (Vulpes Vulpes)
Asharas, AKA Ashe (Saraibre Ryu)
Eifi; Herugaa (Popshakes)
Lesha Vinn Chronoki (Latio-Reol)
Kemp (NES2)
X (Giovanni)
Alice Card (Velocity)
Brute (Pokemon of Destruction)




You can post, rant, or give me advice about how to improve the RP now.

RP (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3304155#post3304155)
DS (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3304157#post3304157)

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Chromatic Alchemist
06-03-2011, 12:37 AM
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I love this plot <3 First RP since I came back. Hope it's good! :D

Character Name: Lucifer (Umbreon)
Gender: Male
Faction: Tame, but on Wild side
Character Description: Lucifer is shiny, in terms of color and his sleek black coat. He wears his owner’s blue bandanna on his neck. He does not hold any battle scars or other signs of physical injuries.
Character Personality: Lucifer is calm and collected in almost everything he does, meaning he doesn’t let his emotions get the better of him (with the rare exception of “anger”) or control his actions. He does not show his true emotions to many others; when he does, the emotions he lets out are either anger (if you have angered him, obviously) or concern and kindness (if he trusts you). If he is angered, he will be taken over by rage and violence if he himself cannot control it before it floods his mind. If he is kind towards anyone, he completely trusts him or her. It takes much time for him to gain trust in another, however.
Character History: Once owned by a trainer named Patrick, Lucifer was treated fairly by him. Actually, he was Patrick’s only Pokemon, and thus built a strong bond with his owner through years of training, battles, and contests. Lucifer’s name is not meant to be evil at all; in fact, it is a pseudonym to represent his exterior appearance, not his personality. Again, Lucifer was always kind before the end of the human race.

When the incident occurred and all humans vanished off the face of the earth, Lucifer was saddened and grieved the loss of his only true friend. Finding Patrick’s bandanna on the bed he was sleeping on only the night before, he slipped it on in his owner’s memory. The experience hardened Lucifer and caused most of his emotions to disappear from the surface, making him appear as a shell with no lively soul inside.

Though he was tamed, he viewed the actions of most tame Pokemon as ridiculous and deemed them unworthy of living alongside, so he returned to the wild and began to help the Wild Pokemon by capturing towns and defending against the Tame Pokemon. Because the Wild hate the Tame, Lucifer had to prove himself by infiltrating the Tame cities for supplies and various other missions to gain their trust. He currently resides in Opelucid City.
Password: Pablo (Honey, if you get my Radiohead reference ;D)
Other: N/A (Hoping I didn't miss something in here...)

06-03-2011, 12:52 AM

Seriously, this is a good start and I like the character, but I want to hear a bit more. Add a few more sentences to each section, and you should be good. Why is he named after a fallen angel? What's the owner's name? How did they bond so well? Describe the emotions of Lucifer after he lost his owner, and how Tame-Hating Wild Pokemon came to accept him as one of their own? More description physically too. Any scars? Overgrown fur? You need more than a bandanna as a descriptive feature. In his personality, does he have any ticks. Is he a wild party animal, or a calm and collected thinker.

Also, I don't really listen to Radiohead, who I now know exist thanks to you.

Denied for now. Improve and resubmit.

Saraibre Ryu
06-03-2011, 05:14 AM
Would you be using Black City for the Eastern side or White Forest?
Or use both?

There are not done until I state they are done.

Character Name: Asharas, AKA Ashe
Gender: Female
Faction: Tamed
Character Description: Asharas is shiny Charmeleon who, even though bears no scars, seems to emanate the air of experience and leadership from her. She wears a dark aqua bandana around her neck as a reminder of her trainer in hopes of finding her one day. She is often covered in a bit of dust and dirt from the undergrounds of Black City, and the occasional soot from her fire attacks of which she rarely uses.
Character Personality: Asharas is a strong willed and good hearted Charmeleon. She puts others before herself and stands up for those who cannot. She will fight those more powerful than herself without hesitation and is always one to lead those who have lost their way. She never seems to fear anything though her actual fears are more complicated and emotional based than those could think to realize. She tries to act as everyone's conscience when others seem to lack one and help anyone she can possibly help. Despite trying to solve things without violence, Asharas is an extremely fierce fighter and tries to end physical fights as quickly as possible. She is very intelligent and knows when it is a time to do one thing over another, understands the value of personal bonds, and is even compassionate to her enemies. Revenge is against her own code of conduct and does try and stop anyone who attempts to complete an act of revenge. When asked about why her trainer never let her evolve when she is entirely capable, it was not her trainers decision to not evolve, it was her own. For what reasons she keeps to herself.
Character History: Asharas was the best friend and strongest member of her Trainer's team and never left her side. She purposely prolonged her evolution in order to better herself in her previous form before she felt she was ready to evolve into a Charmeleon. Her many battles brought her the reputation of taking down numerous water type Pokemon. Asharas and her trainer had been together ever since Asharas could remember. After the one night when humans decided to vanish, Asharas was distraught that her best friend that was almost a mother to her was gone. Others from her current team were gone as well. She wandered Unova all on her own, trying to find those of her team that she knew, or any signs of where the humans had gone. After a couple weeks, she made a small base for herself in the basement of a building in Black City. After a long time of searching for her Trainer and the other humans and to no avail, she eventually found a few of her fellow party members. She has ventured into Wild territory many times and is a hard one to bring down. She continues to try and explore Wild territory to find answers to where her beloved Trainer has gone.
Password: Pablo
Other: Please highlight the password section.
Dragon Pulse
Metal Claw

Chromatic Alchemist
06-03-2011, 10:01 AM
I don't really listen to Radiohead, who I now know exist thanks to you.

Haha glad I could help.

Anyhow, I'm resubmitting my application.

06-03-2011, 02:12 PM
Give me a reserve, please. And in what way is this a prequel to the Mystery Dungeon series?

Vulpes Vulpes
06-04-2011, 08:40 PM
Might as well give this a shot (not intended as apathy).

Character Name: Doc
Gender: Male
Faction: Tamed

Character Description: Doc is a standard Grovyle, coloration wise. He has a number of pale green scars on his arms and legs (along with a crescent shaped one along the top of his right eye), mostly parting shots of Wild pokemon chasing him from their territory. Other than his standard appearance, he is rarely seen without a white lab coat, although it is often covered in grass stains (from hiding in grass), sand (from crossing the desert north of Castelia City), and tears (usually from hasty escapes).

Character Personality: Doc's personality imitates those of the scientists he used to know: curious, intellectual, logical. Being secluded in various tests most of his life, he's not a great conversationalist, unless a topic interests him. Being slightly eccentric, he usually invades Wild held territory for the sake of personal discovery (not being a native of the region, he's curious about the places of Unova he hasn't seen).

Character History: Originally captured in Hoenn by visiting Unovan scientists, Doc was shipped to their lab in one of Castelia City's gleaming skyscrapers, pending further study. Once there, they discovered that he had an abnormally high intelligence, and thus recieved the name Doc. He spent most of his days in their lab, participating in a number of Pokemon intelligence tests. Eventually, the scientists wondered if he could be taught to understand written English (or whatever language was most used in Unova). At the time all the humans vanished, he could comprehend most written words.
When he awoke that day, he leafed through their paper records (having no idea how to work a computer, Doc assumes they're all broken.), but could find no hint of why they had gone. The second thought that hit him was that he was now free. He decided to follow his previous captors' intellectual pursuits, as a way to carry on their memory. He took one of their remaining coats as a symbol of his new life, that of a researcher and scientist. He secretly hopes that with enough accrued research and study he can find out why the humans vanished, but also realizes that figuring out why would be nearly impossible. Still, he hopes. His travels through Unova have brought through Wild territory once or twice, but he hasn't participated in many actual battles. He lives in the former offices of the lab, acessible by climbing an abandoned mine shaft in Castelia City.

Password: Pablo

Other: Doc usually has a pen clamped in his jaws. The pockets of his coat are filled with crumpled paper, interesting notes (whether torn from books or those he wrote), and artifacts from human society (such as cellphones, watches, etc). He has horrible handwriting, having only two fingers per hand.

Moves Known:
-Quick Attack
-Double Team

06-05-2011, 09:09 PM
@Vulpes- Doc is accepted.

@Chromatic- Lucifer is accepted.

@Saraibre Ryu- We are using Black City for this RP. Also, reserve.

@Latiassiblings- Reserve.

Vulpes Vulpes
06-07-2011, 01:21 AM
Awesome! I didn't expect to get accepted (Congrats to you as well, Chromatic Alchemist).
I can't wait for this to get off the ground!
Also, if I did want to post a character picture, how would I put that into a post?

(Sorry this post serves no purpose. Just thought I'd say something.)

06-07-2011, 04:41 AM
How fun. (: I would definitely love to join with some characters.

Character Name: Eifi (Espeon).
Gender: Female, respectively.
Faction: Neutral, however, she does take a liking to those "tamed" Pokemon for they are a highly entertaining bunch in which she amuses herself with.
Character Description: The ocean has always fascinated me. (http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs32/f/2008/186/9/5/95b07b1d73002bc441b6ec1bfffca12b.png)
Character Personality: Eifi has always been a curious one. She tends to dwelve into matters that are not of her own. They usually get her into trouble but she doesn't mind. Her philosophy is that "if one does not attempt the unknown one will never know what one could have understood better or experienced." With this set in stone she tends to let her curiosity get the better of her. However, if she's not being a pest with that tick in her personality she's instead being a pest in another way - with her sassy and unpredictable attitude. At one moment she could be as serene as a wild Deerling and at another as ferocious as a wild Sneasel. Her attitude tends to change with the weather. The colder it is the more she tends to be harsher and in contrast with warmer weather she tends to be more at nature with herself.
Character History: Ever since Eifi could remember she has lived in the Unova region. In fact, her hometown was in Undella Town. Before the humans had disappeared she lived amongst the sea-men, hidden under docks where men would park their boats. She was an Eevee then - a shy one at that. She had no name either. Her birth mother and father were unknown as she hatched alone. Eifi only knew her survival instincts and tried to act upon them - forage, shelter, fight - the three main instincts. However, without having another Eevee to learn from she was alone.

At first Eifi couldn't even catch the most helpless Pokemon out on the shores of Undella Town. She was a pretty sorry sight. As the months skipped by and the days grew colder and longer she had to find something to sustain her nutrition - but the common flocks of aviary Pokemon took south to maintain their own health. Without any true souce of food Eifi was doomed to die. She began to believe that the reason why she was left out as a single egg to take on the world was meaningless. Her parents were right on abandoning her before she even hatched. It was obvious that she was doomed to fail. This mind-set took over Eifi as she waited for the grasp of death to overcome the pitiful Eevee that was she. But alas, fate had a different say in this matter...

When the poor Eevee had awoken - her last memory being of her slow and cold death on the frozen shore of Undella Town - she found herself beside a warm fire of sizzling orange and yellow. She was groggy with hunger and couldn't make out where she was except that the ground was hard and wooden; the only light was of the fire's; and that there was a small human child a few steps away from her, asleep on the ground in a curled up ball - almost as if he was shivering. Eifi was confused, scared and in some way in gratitude.

For the next few weeks Eifi would learn more of this boy who was named Cameron (well, that was what his masters called him), and learn that he took her in because she was suffering and hungry. Oddly enough, Eifi took an immense liking to the young boy. They played at the shore, he took her in and fed, bathed, watered, and sheltered her and even gave her a nickname so he could always call out for his special little companion, Eifi. Although Eifi knew she was a wild spirit herself she just felt attatched to the boy and in return she received an affection like no other. Not only did he love her he also trained Eifi and it wasn't until years later that she evolved into a beautiful and stunning Espeon thanks to his tender care.

As the years passed Cameron had grown to the age where one would consider him a young adult. However, he had never caught Eifi for the two were wonderful companions and catching her would ruin what they have kindled. But as with every boy he desired to spread his wings and travel the world he lived in and had offered Eifi a chance to go along with him. That morning he began to pack his travel neccessities as he gave his trusted Espeon a chance to choose her destiny. Something was wrong though. As she lied on the shore of Undella Town a strange light envelloped everything in sight. Eifi barked out of confusion, believing she was being attacked but when the light lessened and her vision returned there was no one there. Confused and bewildered she ran to Cameron's home nearby and noticed Cameron's equipment just sprawled everywhere. He was no where in sight. No one was.

Eifi searched high and low for her companion - to no avail. She was desperate for his touch, for his love, for his companionship. Eifi knew she was to be alone from here on out if she couldn't find her beloved Cameron. Sadly, as months passed Eifi began to lose hope. She believed fate decided that she needed to poisoned again: abandoned first by her parents then abandoned by her beloved. This wasn't a coincidence. Becoming torn from other Pokemon in a sort of way, Eifi took on her own journey to find the cause of her horrible fate. To answer a question on why she has survived so long to only be deemed unworthy of anything in life.
Password: Pablo Picasso.
Other: She currently resides within Undella Town and Lacunosa Town. Below is her ability and currently known moves:
Magic Bounce
- Quick Attack
- Swift
- Psybeam
- Light Screen

Character Name: Herugaa (Houndoom).
Gender: Male - call me female and watch me rip your throat out before your eyes.
Faction: Wild - I will NEVER side with scum like those tamed Pokemon... they aren't fit to lick my paw nevertheless the ground I walk on...
Character Description: What did you say?! (http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/239/d/c/__04_houndoom_by_secret_rendez_vous-d2xf2il.jpg)
Character Personality: Herugaa isn't the type to sit back and watch his own kind fall at the hands of a human. Ever since he was a pup he was bitter against the human race and whenever one would try to catch him Herugaa would fight brutally, scaring away any hope of being caught. Although he can act heartless when it comes to the matter of the humans he does have his sweet spots. Herugaa favors his own kind - Pokemon. He enjoys their company and treats everyone as a member of his pack (although he acts as an 'alpha' - top dog). However, if one doesn't comply to his wishes (demands), he does throw a tantrum; they aren't good ones either. He usually starts by attacking said Pokemon followed by executing his authority. He despises traitors and complainers.
Character History: Herugaa was born into a pack of wild Houndour, Houndoom, Poochyena, and Mightyena. His parents were the first to combine two different factions of canines in Unova; his mother being a Houndoom as his father was a Mightyena. It was a classic Romeo and Julliet story that sadly, also, ended in their death soon after by the hands of humans. However, that's later in this short story.

Before the two packs became one, and before Herugaa's time, there was an extreme famine in the forests above Opelucid City. There lived two factions of canines - Houndoom's and Mightyena's. The Houndoom's lived to the right of a small river, closest to Victory Road whereas the Mightyena lived to the far left where their tribe lived in an abundance of forestry. However, a famine took wind of the two tribes, forcing one another to become rash and violent with each other and with unsuspecting trainers. The two packs then began to quarrel with one another across the river stating one had more food than the other. Day after day the two canine packs would survey the riverbed, stalking the ground with caution. Yet, during this time something sinister was stiring and it wasn't in the Pokemon race...

Although all seemed doom and gloom there was some hope. Each night, when they had their own private shifts, two lovebirds sat along their respective riverbeds, talking about their hopes, dreams, etc. - these two became close friends and even more, lovers - in secret. They were soon found out and punished severely - but nothing stopped them. Each tribe couldn't kill or dispose of their own kind and they knew fighting would definintely not solve this quarrel. So, the Houndoom and Mightyena explained to their packs about the possibility of merging - becoming one. This idea pondered for days, even weeks, when finally the decision was made and the two packs were combined with the marriage of Herugaa's future parents - the new alphas of the pack. Soon after the famine ended and the light shined down, giving hope to their lives - or so they thought.

This now leads into Herugaa's birth and what soon after followed. When Herugaa was born, he was born into a litter of Houndour's (and one Poochyena). His sister, the Poochyena; and brothers, the Houndour's were all healthy and strong. They were to live up to their family's destiny and take on the title of leaders. Each one had their own seperate personality and each one never knew the dangers of an attack or the pain and agony of seeing a loved one die. However, that was to change in a few month's time.

Many months after the pups were born something foul was brought about the wind. Something different - out of place. This smell gradually worsened within a day's time and this definitely sent the pack stirring. Videl and Lance (Herugaa's mother and father) sent out their finest scouts to find out what the matter was and to report back as quickly as possible. Sixteen left and none returned that following evening. This set-up a mass hysteria among the pack. The leaders tried to calm them but to no avail. Soon the pack dismembered and rushed out of their territory. All that was left was a few stragglers; omega's who didn't know what to do besides stay with their leaders and their pups. Videl and Lance scooped up their five pups and rushed out as fast as they could, heading into the previous Houndoom territroy - hoping to find a sanctuary away from this madness. As they were nearing the river sounds of pops and whimpers echoed throughout the forestry. This sent the pups into a panic as their little bodies twisted in their parent's fangs, trying to scamper away.

Videl and Lance finally reached the riverbed, turning, no other pack members were behind them. They were alone - except something was stirring in the near brush where they just came from. They dropped their pups, telling them to hide behind their parents as Videl and Lance prepared themselves for the worse noticing two lumps crawling from the bushes, as if injured. The smell of blood was polluting the air. Just like that, two Mightyena - the omega's - crawled out of the bushes fully; circle shaped wounds patterned their sides as blood dragged with their now deceased bodies. The poor pups were enraged in hysteria - they've never seen a dead body, not even a flesh wound. Lance, hearing their whimpers turned around to hush them - his mistake. As he turned he gasped as if he had run out of breath. A hole suddenly appeared on his chest as red liquid squirted on one of the Houndour's faces. Lance couldn't even muster one word as his lifeless body slumped to the ground. Videl was sent into an outrage. Flames appeared seemlessly out of nowhere. Her beloved was dead - but her pups - she quickly turned, scooping up Herugaa, his sister and one other Houndour and began to chuck them across the river. As she did so she pleaded for them to swim across and to run - run as far as their little legs would take them. As she lowered herself to throw the final two pups an electrical current blasted around the Houndoom sending her to the ground as she growled in pain. The two remaining pups yiped as a net was harnessed around the two securely - two humans in black suits and masks contained them and threw them into a black, burlap sack.

Herugaa and his two siblings barely made it across the river when they heard their mother screech in agony from the electrical shock a nearby Pokemon was causing. Floating in the sky, almost invisible, was a Magneton - floating high with Magnet Rise and keeping their poor mother down with a Thunderbolt. The pups watched helplessly as a pointed item was held up to their mother's skull and pulled - her screaming ceased as the Thunderbolt disappeared. Herugaa's sister gasped and began whining, crying for her mother as her brother did the same - Herugaa, however only watched with wide, dreary eyes as the men turned to their direction. He noticed a giant, red symbol upon their chests - unable to make it out since he didn't know the human's language. Herugaa knew what was to happen next - they were their next targets. Herugaa howled the best he could to catch his sibling's attentions and instructed them to run. The tree pups took up running into the forestry behind them as the human's Magneton took chase with his master's closely behind.

The pups were running as fast as their small legs and paws could take them. They panted heavily as tears streamed down their faces. The sky began to grow dark as thunder clouds were rolling in - trickles of rain scraping against their fur. What they didn't expect is how fast Magneton can hover. The three hurried themselves towards a hollowed out tree, hoping to find refuge there. Herugaa's brother was the first, and last, to jump into the tree. He mentioned how roomy it was, stating how it could fit them all when a white flash envelopped the entire tree, causing it to catch on fire - their brother, not being born with Flash Fire, was soon devoured in the flames. The rain not being able to hush the fire. Herugaa and his sister screamed as their brother writhed in torture. As they cried the Magneton laughed in excitement as he targeted his next victims. Herugaa looked up and gazed upon the steel beast, still crying from the masacre of his family. The Poochyena snapped him out of his daze and tugged on her brother, telling him they needed to run. Herguaa nodded as he followed his sister deeper into the forestry.

Magneton followed them methodically, watching their every movement. The pups found themselves at the entrance to Victory Road. With no where else to turn to they ran with the last amount of their energy into the damp caverns and found shelter in a small crevice large enough to fit three puppies their size. The two of them curled up against each other, shaking as water dripped off their fur, making a small echo on the ice cold ground beneath them. Suddenly they quieted down, hearing an odd, magnetic sound hovering around - it was the Magneton, it was close. Herugaa quickly wrapped a paw around his sister's muzzle, covering her labored breathing. He swallowed hard, hoping to live another day. It felt as though a year had gone by as they waited for the Magneton to leave. It took a while but soon, it did leave. His master's had caught up and told the steel beast to give up. Soon their voices were gone and the morning sun was barely peeking up over the mountains, providing a faint light within the small cavern the two pups resided within as they quickly fastened themselves to sleep.

As Herugaa awoke to the sound of Mandibuzz cawing many hours after the fact, he noticed his sister, Natashi, was missing. Pushing himself up he walked outside of the cavern and into the afternoon light of a new day. He didn't find his sister but instead he found a trainer on a cliff nearby boasting on his cellphone as he talked about catching this new Pokemon. Curious, Herugaa padded up the cliff, hiding behind a large boulder to listen closely to the boy. The boy talked about this rare Hoenn Pokemon and how she was sipping on a pond near the entrance to Victory Road. She was only a puppy but that's when he ambushed her and caught the pup - a Poochyena. Herugaa blinked dumbfoundly, his jaw slightly ajar. His sister was caught by a human. Just like the brothers who couldn't make it over the river. Herugaa felt a pain in his chest that pounded like a hammer. He jumped out from behind the boulder, and without giving the trainer a warning he breathed out a long, deep flame that burned the boy's open flesh. The boy, startled and in pain dropped his cellphone and quickly took up running away from the wild Houndour. Herugaa, pleased with what he had done, sat down and howled - for his family and for the death of those who injured them. He took up an oath that day and swore on his life that he would revenge them all one day, somehow.
Password: Pablo Picasso.
Other: He currently resides in Opelucid City but tends to travel a lot. Below is his ability and currently known moves:
Flash Fire
- Thunder Fang
- Crunch
- Fire Fang
- Flamethrower

Saraibre Ryu
06-07-2011, 06:12 AM
Asharas is done, I'll throw in another character sometime soon.

06-07-2011, 06:54 PM
PMD Prequal? I'm so in.

Name: Lesha Vinn Chronoki

Gender: Female

Side: Neutral ("It's so petty!")

Description: Lesha is a Pikachu. However, she varies from the standard female Pikachu in multiple ways. To start, she has blue cheeks-and blue electricity to go with it. She also has a 'spiky ear,' so to speak, making it look like the tip of her ear is split in three. This ear is also coated in metal, though how she got metal on it is unknown. She canít hear through this ear, nor can she do anything with it but let it hang down from her head, letting it rest at her side. However, her other, non-metal coated ear has become sharp enough to compensate for it, and she hears normally.

A very visible weapon is on her back-a mace, with three blue blades making up the actual weapon, leaving quite a lot of space in the center-though it hits very hard nevertheless. Similarly, a small knife, akin to a leaf in appearance, is also on her person (or Pokemon).

Lesha learned through trial and error how to make leather clothing, and as such, she made some for herself. The brown leather she got a hold of keeps the knife and mace where they belong, covers up her hands and tail, and keeps her more vulnerable parts of her body protected.

Personality: Sassy. Lesha is extremely sassy. She's got a private, caring side, but that's almost never shown at all. She can be bossy, easy to tick off, very mean, and can care less for anyone that can't prove that they're her boss. And that's a lot of Pokemon. Of course, she'll act respectful to whoever is her boss, 'act' being the operating word. She honestly thinks of the conflict as completely useless; why in all the world anyone would go around killing their kin, dependent strictly on whether or not they've been raised by humans or not, is to her the absolute zenith of stupidity, and the single worst reason to wage full-out war. They've got better things to do with their time-like fixing up the world and making it truly their own.

History: Lesha's history prior to the is mostly unknown to the majority. She says she's a wild, though. She was present and awake for the green light-and miraculously was able to just barely see through it, just barely, to see a human vanish. Though she could have just imagined it was a human vanishing. She doesn't really know.

Regardless, prior to every Pokemon on the planet suddenly showing in a single burst that they were even dumber than humans in what to wage total war over, Lesha managed to make two friends who thought similarly to her opinion on the brewing conflict; Arty, a wild Smeargle with enough wits to wield human weapons, and Holk, a Marshtop that is about as much of a countrymon as his original owner was a countryman. Both treated Lesha as the boss, because frankly, Arty wasn't strong enough and Holk wasn't smart enough. That, and neither wanted to get Lesha pissed off.

They decided, as a group, to avoid the war-find some ground where neither side would fight over, and just hope to survive the conflict that had started to erupt. However, it was quickly apparent that other Pokemon were also intent on this idea, and tagged along. By the time they got to their destination, the back of Route 18, three other Pokemon had joined Lesha, Arty and Holk: A hyper-smart and hyper-sleepy Buizel named Karazin, a crazy Charmeleon named Wyldfyre by his trainer, and a Keckleon who calls himself Leko.

The six quickly realized that the war was going to be much bigger than they realized, and the six also realized that they themselves were exceptionally skilled in multiple fields. After discussing what to do about the war, as it was quickly apparent that there would be reprocussions for simply waiting it out, Lesha suggested, considering that all of them had the ability to fight and fight well, there were others she could sway from their respective sides to join, and secretly admitting that there were Pokemon that were truly just bystanders in the war that they could save, suggested the idea of trying to make their abilities useful, and save the lives of the Pokemon that were incapable of saving themselves. The others quickly agreed, and after a quick discussion about what to call themselves, Team Theta was born, with Lesha as its leader.

Password: Pablo.

Other: Through trial and error, Lesha discovered how to make tough leather clothing that served as extra defense, and used the massive amounts of abandoned leather clothing that couldnít fit Pokemon to make the clothes that Team Theta is currently outfitted with. Most of the leather is either black or brown. She also made a bag to carry stuff in with the leather, which she gave to Holk to carry. Her mace sports a hidden Light Ball, allowing Lesha to use the mace as the medium for some of her attacks, henceforth itís design. However, how she obtained it is not known. Lesha says she just woke up next to it one day.

06-07-2011, 10:26 PM
@Saraibre Ryu- Character accepted.
@Latio-Reol- Most of this is perfect, but I need to have a part added in the history about whether she was originally tame or wild, and how she forgot. (Mysterious Amnesia? Brick to the head? Selective memory?)

Brick to the head is the one I would pick. It's too humorous an option to not chose.

So, denied until you post that. That also goes for everybody else.

@Popshakes- Character accepted, others reserved.

Answers to questions:

Four moves is the limit. No exceptions.

Character picture?
Just use this code below.


06-07-2011, 10:56 PM
She's a wild. She knows it too, she just doesn't make it public often.

Oh, I've edited it too.

06-07-2011, 11:10 PM
@Latio-Reol- Accepted. That was all that needed to be answered, since the severed relationship many Pokemon have with humans drives the plot.

Also, I'm going to warn those with more than one character:

I will not limit the amount of characters that can RPed at the outset, but if multiple characters per person results in lower RP quality, I will start putting individual limits on how many characters a person can have. I have no malice towards anyone using multiple characters, but I really want this RP to run for a long time.

06-08-2011, 02:14 AM
Update on my characters:
- Fixed and changed Eifi's moveset to fit the limit.
- Fixed and changed Herugaa's moveset to fit the limit.
- Deleted Nattorei's character; I decided that I probably couldn't RP a Ferrothorn as well as I thought.
- Finished Herugaa's history and personality.

Just posting this to let ya' know what my character status is. :)

EDIT: Just finished my last character. :) I enjoyed writing his history. :3

06-13-2011, 08:05 PM
OK, just an update.

I'm sorry I haven't been saying much, but I was just waiting and watching to see if anyone else would sign up. Right now I think we are ready to start, so I'm going to put a start date at this Wednesday this week. Until then, see you later.

06-15-2011, 09:39 PM
@ Popshakes - Herugaa is accepted.

@ NES2(Self) - Here is my character profile. By default, I accept it.

Character Name: Kemp (Pikachu)

Gender: Male

Faction: Tamed

Character Description: Frankly, it is extremely hard to tell that Kemp was formerly a tamed Pokemon. His fur has grown shaggy and caked in mud and dirt over the months that have gone by, and he spends most of his time trekking through Unova's wild. He is somewhat on the lean side, but not to the point where he looks like he's been starving for days. What identifies him as a tamed Pokemon is the bright red headband he has wrapped around his head. He also carries a Pika-sized backpack with useful materials he brings with him on his travels, and has a Quick Claw hung on a vine tied around his neck.

Character Personality: Many who have met Kemp regard him as crazy, and in a sense they are not to far off. A lone wanderer and a self-proclaimed "survival expert", Kemp is a resourceful Pikachu who uses wits to manage a living in the wilds of Unova. He is slightly boastful about his adventures, but he isn't a liar or a scoundrel. In fact, he often volunteers to guide traveling Pokemon through wild terrain, and up to the beginning of the RP he has not lost 1 Pokemon in the wild.

Character History: Kemp was formerly owned by a Safari Zone Ranger in Kanto known as Bill. He had been caught by a 10 year old Bill in the Viridian Forest when they were both young, and Kemp spent his life alongside this trainer, whose original goal was to become the Pokemon Champion. This goal was soon sidelined however upon Bills first visit to the Safari Zone. Impressed and amazed by the pristine beauty of the Safari Zone, Bill made it his goal to become a Safari Ranger. He succeeded in this goal, and spent many years in Kanto, doing what he loved.

When Bill was 25 he got an offer that changed Kemp's life forever. Bill found out that a new Safari Zone was to open in Unova, and that he would become the head of the new branch when it was finished. Bill was ecstatic about this new opportunity, and so he packed his bags and flew to Unova to begin anew.

But just as things were looking up for the two, tragedy struck. That morning Bill and Kemp were asleep comfortably in a Unova hotel, unaware of the event that would conspire. When the light came, Kemp woke up to find Bill gone.

Kemp was devastated. All these years they had lived together, and now, Bill was gone. It took a while for Kemp to get over the loss entirely, and to start his life over mentally. He managed however, and learned to live without the trainer he had come to love. He spent his first months trying to stay alive, eking out a fragile existence in the wilds. Over time he began to implement skills he used in the Safari Zone, and he was eventually strengthened by his journeys and experiences around the Unova region. Kemp eventually did move on, and a new chapter in his life became ready to unfold.

Password: Pablo (Neruda)

Other: Let's get this RP started.

@ Everyone - I hereby proclaim this RP open. Now post or I'll find out where you live and force you to. (Actually, I won't find you. I'm too lazy. But you get the point.

06-16-2011, 08:38 PM
Character Name: X

Gender: Male

Faction: Wild (There needs to be more evil)

Character Description: X is a Weavile with extra sharp claws. He contains a dark ice blue gem in the middle of his forehead that glows. Weavile was named X for his signature move, X - Scissor. X has piercing red eyes and sharp teeth. X is very slender and sleek, making getaways easy. X tends to treat himself as the king of darkness. He tends to wear a black bandana around his neck. The purely black bandana is the first item that X stole after founding the Klang Gang. When Weavile is angered, an icy wind surrounds him. Weavile never smiles, only smirks, and tends to laugh at tamed pokemon. X tends to favor dark areas or high areas.
Character Personality: X is truly evil. He lacks basic morals and moral judgment. His goal is to lead the Klang Gang to a better life by stealing from others. X is not easily humored and is very aggressive. He doesn't believe in forming relationships and is quick to end relationships. X can be defined as selfish, egotistical, and short tempered. If someone steals from X, then they learn from their mistakes. X has been rumored to steal gym badges, food, and other basic items. This Weavile is always ready for a battle and ready to make life harder for any foes. He despises good-hearted pokemon especially those which talk about forming friendships and teamwork.

History: Weavile was a wild pokemon who dwelled in the alleyways. Once a Sneasel with a razor claw, X was a loner who would live off the garbage. As life became harder, X began to steal from houses using its slender body and sharp claws. His first job was stealing a young boy's black bandana. X still wears this piece of clothing today. X learned how to pick pocket and break in houses like a professional. X would steal from the humans, especially trainers who were new to Opelucid City. X wasn't perfect. Many times he got caught in the process of robbery. He learned how to fight his way out of situations. He became strong and developed battle strategies. After years of robbery, X met other dark pokemon in a similar situation. He grouped these poor pokemon and created the Klang Gang. There was a Poocheyena, Sneasel, and Absol in the gang. The pokemon used their skills in conjunction to make stealing an easy and everyday task.

When the humans disappeared, X and his gang had no humans to steal from. X and his gang decided to steal from a new emerging group of pokemon called the tamed pokemon. As X continued to come in contact with the Tamed, he began to despise and attack them. They took life for granted and they spoke of friendship and love. X didn't consider the Klang Gang as a friendship but rather a partnership. X made sure that the tamed pokemon did not take or come near Opelucid City. He began to see himself as a protector, a knight, of the city. X never officially aligned himself with the Wild but he tended to work in unison with the Wild in order to defeat the Tamed.

An awful event occurred a bit after the disappearance of humans. The Sneasel of the Klang Gang was killed by an attack by the Tamed. X took the loss personally. He buried the Sneasel but refused to call him a friend. By this time, the Poocheyena had evolved. The Mighteyena was truly upset and lead a Wild Force Unit against the Tamed, thus leaving Opelucid. X was left with the Absol. The two dark pokemon worked together for a while. News returned that Mighteyena had died in combat. Absol and X became overwhelmed by anger. X built a fort in Opelucid called Fort X which still stands today in an effort to prevent any Tamed aggressions. Absol decided to help protect the fort. X named himself the King of Darkness. X has one goal now: to extract revenge on the Tamed and steal from the Tamed.

Password: Pueblo, I mean Pablo

Other:Area: Opelucid City
Ability: Pressure
X - Scissor
Focus Blast

06-16-2011, 10:02 PM
@ Giovanni- The profile meets the requirements, though I would like you to put more emphasis on proper grammar and spelling in the posts you will make in this RP. Also, I like this character. We needed a sort of rogue wild for this RP. X is approved.

Pokemon of Destruction
06-18-2011, 01:05 PM
Character Name: Brute

Gender: Male

Faction: Wild

Character Description: Brute is a Hydreigon. He has a bandana on each of his heads. His colours are darker than a usual Hydreigon. He has scratches all over from his battles against the tamed. He has a scar on his middle head.

Character Personality: He is very ruthless. He does what needs to be done. He won't back down from the Tame and will fight at any cost. He always tries to take out the most then gloats. He has a huge ego and a reputation.

Character History: (Insert past here. Two paragraphs)

Password: Pablo

Other: (What it says on the tin).
Reserve Please.

06-18-2011, 01:14 PM
@ Pokemon of Destruction - Reserved and listed.

Pokemon of Destruction
06-19-2011, 03:34 PM
Character Name: Brute

Gender: Male

Faction: Wild

Character Description: Brute is a Hydreigon. He has a bandana on each of his heads. His colours are darker than a usual Hydreigon. He has scratches all over from his battles against the tamed. He has a scar on his middle head.

Character Personality: He is very ruthless. He does what needs to be done. He won't back down from the Tame and will fight at any cost. He always tries to take out the most then gloats. He has a huge ego and a reputation.

Character History: Brute was actually a peaceful pokemon when he was a Deino but then a Trainer came along and tried to defeat it. After he fainted he was left there for a week until a Tabunne came and healed him. When he recovered he swore to make trainers and their pokemon pay.He trained to become a Zeiluos then a Hydreigon but after that trainer he could find a single trainer only their pokemon.

He ambushed any tamed pokemon he could find until one day a Vanniluxe, a Klinklang and a Bisharp. They were beating him until out of nowhere a Metagross came and sent the three packing. He helped Hydreigon and said that his name was Titan and he was from a far away place and was attacked by poachers and their Probopass the brought me here to sell but he escaped. He then hid until he heard that all the humans were gone. I was happy until I rememered that tamed pokemon could still try to capture him. He vows to make sure that they won't capture anyone. They stuck together and with the Wild they attacks the Tame.

Password: Pablo

Other: (What it says on the tin).
(Just wondering would I be able to make a character thing for Titan the Metagross)

06-19-2011, 07:16 PM
@ Pokemon of Destruction - OK, I'm going to be very critical of your SU, but this is only because I see your new to this and need a couple of pointers.

First, thedescription and personality are way too short and simple. I need more detail to better envision the image and attitude of the character in the RP. You also need to work on your writing. You use too many simple sentences, such as

"The Umbreon is black."

I need more complex descriptions, like as follows,

"The Umbreon's coat is a dark black that blends into the shadows, making her nearly invisible at night. Her yellow rings glow when she shows any form of intense emotion, whether it be anger or sadness."

See, compound and complex sentences make your writing sound better and flow nicely. This is advice that should be carried into the RP too, so take note.

Furthermore, I would love it if you used the English names for Pokemon in your SU and during the RP. It's very confusing to me when I have to juggle both English and Japanese names for Pokemon in my head. Tabunne should be Audino, for example. Also, it's Zweilous, not "Zeiluos". Please try to get the names spelled right.

Finally, your history meets the requirements I set, but this sentence is awkward:

"He ambushed any tamed pokemon he could find until one day a Vanniluxe, a Klinklang and a Bisharp."

See, that makes no sense. What were these three Pokemon doing. Beating him? Making fun of him? Feeding him ice cream? Even though you explain he's being beaten in the next sentence, you need a verb lodged somewhere in the sentence to have it make sense.

Here's another problem:

"He helped Hydreigon and said that his name was Titan and he was from a far away place and was attacked by poachers and their Probopass the brought me here to sell but he escaped. He then hid until he heard that all the humans were gone."

That runs on WAY too long, with too many superfluous 'and' inserted as a transition. You need to break it up, like this:

"He helped the Hydreigon and said his name was Titan. He was a Metagross from a faraway region who was brought to Unova by poachers. He escaped however and hid away until he heard that the humans had mysteriously disappeared.

In conclusion, you need to work on your SU some more. Add some more details, proofread your sentences, and then submit it. I'm going to deny you for now, but I hope you take my advice and revise your sign up.

06-20-2011, 04:13 AM
Ooh, looks interesting; especially since I've been getting into PMD lately! XD Reserveth for me-eth?

Character Name: Alice Card


Faction: Neutral for all intents and purposes; however, she can be considered 'tamed' as she once had a human.

Character Description: Well,
she has cream-colored fur. And she is feline, with a big oval-shaped head, on which rest two pointy black ears. She has big shiny eyes, long whiskers, and a coin-like crest atop her head. She has big, three-toed front paws which she can use like hands. She has a long, curly tail that is tipped with brown. Her hindpaws are brown also.
(Aka, Alice Card is a Meowth.)
Alice also usually wears a necklace in the shape of a Rayquaza, which her Trainer once owned. She is usually seen with a medicine bag with various feathers and stuff hanging off of it - the bag formerly belonging to her Trainer, the feathers and crap being random scrounged treasures.
Alice differs from normal Meowth in that she is taller, more muscular, and more lithe, as a result of her growing rather than evolving - almost as a sort of 'compensation'.

Character Personality: Alice is very in tune with her surroundings. She is highly aware and seems to be more 'there' than most. She is often introspective and is very thoughtful, considering things from every angle. She is kind to Pokemon in need whenever she can be; however what she has seen has changed her somewhat and she hates the Wild Pokemon with a passion. Alice, like most of her kind, loves shiny treasures and they comfort her. Alice doesn't sleep much, preferring to take short 'power naps' between spurts of traveling, rather than actually sleeping a straight eight or so hours. Alice has a good sense of humor and will usually try hard to cheer others up. She usually only gets angry when she sees brutality or when her friends are in danger. She thinks that the conflict between Tamed and Wild Pokemon is foolish and does her best to help all Pokemon no matter what their side.

Character History: Alice's Trainer, a young girl named Natalie Card, adopted Alice when she was a baby Meowth, before the girl was ever a Trainer. When Natalie was old enough, she went out on his journey with Alice as her starting Pokemon. They journeyed through the entire Sinnoh Region, befriending many Pokemon - including Nick, a spunky male Pikachu - and earning badges. They never beat the Elite Four; however, they did move on to Unova, roughly a week before the Light.

Alice was devastated when her human vanished. All of Natalie's other Pokemon fled; only Nick remained. The Pikachu helped Alice greatly in coping with the loss of her human, and while she never forgot her Trainer, she began to realize that life could go on without humanity - would always go on, as long as there were living, breathing beings.

Nick and Alice lived in Opelucid until the Wild Pokemon took it over; whereupon they began to wander aimlessly through the woods. Nick encouraged Alice to join the Tamed with him; however, Alice was reluctant. She agreed that she would go with Nick to Castelia - where many of the Tame amassed - but only for a refuge. Alice was hesitant to ally herself with anyone - Tamed or Wild - simply because she can't stand to harm others for a cause she believes is completely stupid. However, she didn't want to leave Nick, who had become like a brother to her. They set out, travelling through the wild and avoiding cities.

One thing seized and crystallized their neutrality - while they were travelling, they witnessed a group of Tamed Pokemon surrounding a family of Dunsparce who were emigrating from the southern cities. The Tamed Pokemon heered at the Dunsparces, asking them whose side they were on. When the Dunsparces replied that they only wanted to live their lives in peace, the Tamed Pokemon were outraged and they attacked the Dunsparces, murdering them. Alice and Nick were both furious, but there was nothing they could do but bury their hate in their hearts and move on.

From that day forward, Alice wanted to help other Pokemon. She convinced Nick to begin wandering nomadically from town to town, gathering healing supplies, food, and whatever helpful items they could find. They would then bring them to other Pokemon, treating their wounds, offering them words of encouragement, and bringing them news. Alice and Nick showed no bias, and healed all that were in need. In this way their reputation began to proceed them, and they were thought by some of the more lore-minded Pokemon to be Arceus' angels, and Alice earned for herself the nickname of the Missionary and the Priestess. Alice and Nick wander to this day, trying to shed a little light on this dark world.

Password: Pablo.

Other: For the last time she is not in love with Nick!

Also, Alice is a lot stronger than most Meowth, due to the fact that she has been training for a long time without evolving. Her ability is Technician; her moves are Bite, Hypnosis, Double Team, and Aerial Ace.

Pokemon of Destruction
06-20-2011, 08:31 AM
Character Name: Brute

Gender: Male

Faction: Wild

Character Description: Brute is a average sized easily angered Hydreigon. His bandana around his three necks are fiery red for his determination. His colours are darker than average to show the darkness of his heart. He has scratches all over to show his victorious battles against the tamed. He has a scar from his greatest battle as a battle trophy for his victory.

Character Personality: Brute's courage and anger is what makes him know that he has to do what needs to be done to defeat the tamed pokemon. His temper is what keeps his enemies running as his power is strong. His overconfidence his one of his downfalls that can be used against him in a battle. His ego makes him believe he has a reputation and that some worship him even though some pity his past.

Character History: Brute was actually a peaceful pokemon when he was a Deino but then a Trainer came along and tried to defeat it. After he fainted he was left there for a week until a Audino came and healed him. When he recovered he swore to make trainers and their pokemon pay.He trained to become a Zweilous then a Hydreigon but after that trainer he could find a single trainer only their pokemon.

He ambushed any tamed pokemon he could find until one day a Vanniluxe, a Klinklang and a Bisharp who started beating him. They were beating him until out of nowhere a Metagross came and sent the three packing. He helped Brute and said that his name was Titan and he was from a far away place. He was attacked by poachers and their magnetic Probopass. They brought him to Unova to sell but he escaped. He then hid until he heard that all the humans were gone. He was happy until he rememered that tamed pokemon could still try to capture him. He vows to make sure that they won't capture anyone. They stuck together and with the Wild they attacks the Tame.

Password: Pablo

Other: (What it says on the tin).
(I appreciate about you teling me how to improve thank you.)

06-20-2011, 10:45 PM
@Velocity - This SU meets the requirements, so I'll approve it. Enjoy the RP!

@Pokemon of Destruction - This is much better, considering the state of the first SU. I'm going to give you a little leeway considering you are new at this, so I'm going to approve you.

06-20-2011, 11:01 PM
Approved already? D'aww, NES, you make me blush! In that case I guess I'll just start RP'ing and...
Can we reveal our characters' pasts throughout the RP?

06-20-2011, 11:11 PM
Go ahead, do as many flashbacks as you please. After all, character development is at the core of any piece of writing.

06-21-2011, 12:12 AM
So, like, we could just not fill in the 'History' section as long as we explain things relatively quickly?

06-21-2011, 12:23 AM
No... you have to fill in the minimum of 2 paragraphs in the History, which you did, but additional details can be revealed solely through the RP.

06-21-2011, 03:13 AM
Alice is finished; I am reserving Nick.
(Gosh I hate this computer SO FREAKING MUCH right now. -insert rage here-)

Character Name: Nicholas Card (Really just Nick)

Gender: M-M-M-Male!

Faction: Neutral.

Character Description: Nicholas mostly just looks like a regular Pikachu, though he is leaner and more muscular due to his constant travels. His static-filled red cheeks usually show his emotion, though you can really only interpret the different types of cheek-sparkles if you know him well. He has very clever paws as well, which he uses to hold and make things. Nick usually has a lot of trappings, all for carrying things: a belt that holds a pocket knife and various food-making items, including useful things like a set of flint-and-steel. He also wears a smallish black leather purse, in which he carries his food and healing supplies. He is always seen carrying his 'staff', which is a cane topped with a nugget of topaz. He snapped it in half when he found it and has since whittled the wooden end into a sharp, dangerous point like a spear. Nick's face rarely lacks a subtle smile.

Character Personality: Nick is something of a jokester. He always tries to make others laugh or smile, whether at his own cost or not. He figures that, just like Alice thinks healing the spirit is the best medicine for the world nowadays, Nick thinks that laughter and lightheartedness can prevent some battles, at least. However, Nick does have a serious side to him, and he is not unwilling at all to fight or even die for his beliefs. He opposes any and all Pokemon who think that they are superior and that they have to kill to prove it. Nick also has a deep-seated anger deep inside himself that he isn't comfortable with. When he masters it, it lets him fight like he's never fought before, but this is rare and it usually just leads to aimless frustration and outbursts. Despite this, however, Nick has a generally good heart and will usually try to do what's best - though if it's a question of the world versus Alice, he'd probably choose the latter, though let's not fault him for his nearsightedness. ^^

Character History: Nick was raised by his mother and father in the wildlands of Sinnoh. One day, not long after his evolution into a Pikachu, he was captured by a human Trainer - Natalie Card. He was bitter toward her at first; however, with some coaxing from a Meowth in the girl's possession, he grew to like being a Trainer Pokemon, warming up to Natalie and even eventually taking on her surname as his own. He became great friends with the girl, the Meowth, and all the other Pokemon with whom he traveled and alongside whom he battled for greatness.

After he had helped Natalie collect the special seals known as 'Gym Badges', he went along with Natalie to a far-off land called Unova, where only he and the Meowth - Alice - would be going among all Natalie's other Pokemon. Once again, Nick was not ecstatic, but he went along and eventually got to like the odd, exciting, busy nature of Unova and its curious inhabitants.

But this was not to last. Within the month, they had reached Nacrene City. The first night, Nick was awoken by the sound of Alice shrieking like a banshee. He ran to her, only to find - as she explained in sobbing spurts - that there had been a great Light, and that Natalie had vanished before her eyes. Within minutes the whole city was filled with shocked wailing, and amid the confusion all of Natalie's Pokemon slipped away - except for Nick and Alice. Nick was somewhat in shock and grieved as well, but he took it upon himself to try and reassure the distraught Alice. Finally they decided to leave Nacrene, wandering to try and find purpose.

Nick heard about the conflict between the Tamed and the Wild Pokemon, and he thought that the Tamed were far more justified in fighting, as they were not the ones who had initiated the conflict. He tried to convince Alice to travel with him to Castelia City and join the Tamed, but she didn't want to fight, said there had to be peace. Eventually, however, she consented to come with Nick to Castelia, as neither of them could handle being alone.

However, while they traveled, Nick saw something that ate his heart and ignited a fire of rage in his soul. A family of Dunsparce had been emigrating from the South, when a group of Tamed Pokemon came out of the forest and surrounded them. Nick and Alice watched helplessly as the Tamed Pokemon demanded to know why they were going into the land of the Wild Pokemon. When the Dunsparce answered that they only wanted a peaceful existence, the Tamed Pokemon grew enraged. They attacked the helpless family, mauling them brutally before slaughtering them and leaving their corpses to rot in the clearing. For days Nick was inapproachable, by Alice or anyone. Never had he hated anyone more than he began to hate those Tamed. He considered joining the Wild Pokemon, but Alice wouldn't sanction it. She provided a counterplan: to travel the land and try to prevent evils like that massacre. To heal and spread hope and, when necessary, fight to defend the innocent. Nick was thrilled with this plan, and he and Alice did begin to wander. Nick was mostly the fighter, defending Alice and the innocent, fighting as blind justice. Alice was the Missionary, the Priestess, Nick was the Guard and the Judge. They still wander to this day, trying to shine their light in this dark world.

Password: Pablo

Other: The topaz in the cane has a lot of electric energy; in fact if broken it will act similarly to a Thunder Stone, giving Nick a huge temporary power boost and evolving him in the process. However, at present it merely amplifies Nick's electric attacks.

Nick's ability is Static; his moves are Dig, Charge, Skull Bash, and Thunder Bolt. He can also use a variation on Iron Tail in which his tail grows sharp and delivers electricity to the target.

06-21-2011, 06:55 PM
@Velocity - Dear god, Nick's history is tragic. Nice work in fleshing out his character. Approved.

Sight of the Stars
06-21-2011, 06:59 PM
I love this RP.

It's basically the first RP I ever made with a beefed-up, more attractive plot. I freaking love you for this, though I'm still trying to decide if I want to get caught up in an RP at the moment. xD

06-23-2011, 08:52 AM

Saraibre Ryu
06-23-2011, 09:31 AM

Dude, you didn't make this RP...

06-23-2011, 11:45 AM
Don't pay attention to james, he's a spambot.

Anyways, I'm going to be gone for a week on a cruise, so I need someone to take over my character and the RP. Any volunteers?

06-23-2011, 04:05 PM

I'm not really volunteering, NES2 VM'ed me with the roll.

06-27-2011, 06:20 PM
Hey guys! I'm back from 4 days on the Carnival Glory! I was on this ship for four extremely foggy days sailing through Canadian waters, but 4 days of fun anyways.

Anyways, why is nobody posting. Come on, don't let this RP day from a four day absence. Get to posting!