View Full Version : Team Restructure: Eelektross or Zebstrika?

06-04-2011, 07:38 PM
My current team is as follows:

Eelektross - Hershey - Female - Level 70
Lonely Nature
Ability: Levitate
@ Leftovers
-Acid Spray
-Grass Knot

Escavalier - Reeses - Male - Level 70
Docile Nature
Ability: Shell Armor
@ Quick Claw
-Iron Head
-Toxic/Swords Dance

Krookodile - Crunch - Female - Level 70
Bold Nature
Ability: Moxie
@ Lum Berry
Brick Break

Mienshao - Kit Kat - Female - Level 71
Docile Nature
Ability: Regenerate
@ none
Hi Jump Kick

Samurott - Snickers - Male - Level 71
Mild Nature
Ability: Torrent
@ Scope Lens
Ice Beam

Chandelure - Milky Way - Male - Level 71
Bashful nature
Ability: Flash Fire
@ Expert Belt
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

I'm really not happy with Eelektross. It's not particularly strong at anything and is actually easily knocked out. I also feel like she doesn't work well with my team. My Pokemon overall aren't very fast, and Eelektross just can't get the hits in quickly enough. I really need to have an Electric type on my team because my team needs a good counter to Water-types, and I feel like I might want to switch her out for something that hits faster and harder, namely Zebstrika.

I only play with Gen V Pokemon, so I'm not considering any Gen I-IV Pokemon at the moment. Also, sorry Galvantula fans, but I already have a Bug-type on my team, and I want to keep it diverse.

Here's the Zebstrika I would switch in:

Zebstrika - Mars - Female
Naughty Nature
Ability: Motor Drive
@ ?
Wild Charge

Obviously, the moveset needs help, and I don't know what item she would hold either.

I'm also considering Sawsbuck with the following set
Ability: Herbivore
Item: Big Root?
-Horn Leech
-Wild Charge/Swords Dance
-Jump Kick

So please let me know which Pokemon I should use and what you think would be good item/moveset options for whichever Pokemon you think I should use between Eelektross, Zebstrika, and Sawsbuck. Also, if there's another Grass-type you think I should really consider, or you please post it here with a suggested moveset.