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06-04-2011, 11:52 PM
Just thought this might be a good little idea earlier... I'm hoping so!

But yeah, the reason I made this thread is for people to do either one of three things.

1) Post a bunch of artists/songs which you like, and other people will suggest more artists for that person.
2) The second half to the first one. Help people out by recommending music.
3) Review an album. Other people may read your review and check out the album if they're open to new music, or read the review and avoid it.

A code which is recommended for reviewing music to make it more visually attractive:

[B]Album Name:[/B*]



[B]Songs List:[/B*]

[B]Review of Album:[/B*]

[B]Recommended by reviewer?:[/B*]

[B]Rating out of 10?:[/B*]

06-04-2011, 11:53 PM
Reserved for reviews.

06-04-2011, 11:53 PM
Just in case? I don't know.

06-10-2011, 10:01 AM
Album Name: White Silence

Artist: Cave In

Genre: Post-hardcore / Noise Rock / Sludge Metal

Songs List:

1. White Silence
2. Serpents
3. Sing My Loves
4. Vicious Circles
5. Centered
6. Summit Fever
7. Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
8. Iron Decibels

Review of Album:

I hadn't listened to Cave In for a long time and I was absolutely flabbergasted when I got to know that they're releasing new material this year. After all, Perfect Pitch Black came out in 2005, which is, for goodness sake, six years ago. I was waiting for something along the lines of the last three albums with outstanding clean singing, atmospheric post-hardcore all-around and the feeling that Brodsky's sudden change in his vocal style created. Instead, I get an intense explosion of rough sounds bursting out of my speakers with a force that was nearly brutal enough to break them. I don't know how Cave In does it, but they are able to shift their musical style from port to starboard without any complexities along the deck.

During the introductory title track I had two mdoerately large china plates as my eyes and a fairly wide gap between my upper and lower lips. The aggrevated screams and a simple chord repetition in the background create a nearly haunting atmosphere and the expectations for another Perfect Pitch Black just went down the drain with a strong flush. The expression of amazement continued throughout Serpents, a raw, aggressive Cave In track from years ago (it feels to be, at least) with head-bashing drums and no added tricks. Not until Sing My Loves was I fully able to listen to the actual music and there could not have been a better track to realize that this actually is Cave In. The above average length track brings forth everything Cave In can do. The feeling shifts from a massive stampede of drums and distorted guitar sounds to the Brodsky's vocal-led post-hardcore atmosphere, which makes the second half of the song float through your ears with the utmost elegance the band can provide.

It wouldn't be just to call White Silence the most progressive piece Cave In has create to date but this album simply needs some credit for the sheer variety of it. The difference between Centered and its follow-up track, Summit Fever, is mind-blowing and Heartbreaks, Earthquakes introduces another surprising element with its mechanized calmness and distorted emotion. The versatile collection of tracks doesn't seize even in the last tracks of this fairly short album. Iron Decibels goes along with a far-away southern rock melody and Reanimation ends the album with the closest thing a hardcore band can get to a lullaby.

So far, White Silence has been the most positive surprise of 2011 and it presented an even more fortified version of an already strong and diverse post-hardcore quartet.

Recommended by reviewer?:

Very much recommended by me, indeed.

Rating out of 10?: 9.5/10

07-06-2011, 05:58 PM
Album Name:Plains Of The Purple Buffalo


Genre:Post-rock/Shoegaze/Atmospheric Sludge Metal

Review of Album:In the legend of the White Buffalo Woman the Sioux people of the North American plains explain what material desire may cause you. In this myth, two brave people see a figure approaching them from a distance. The figure turns out to be a beautiful woman clad in white buckskin. One of the two recognizes the sacredness of the woman right away and warns the other not to approach her - in vain. The woman and the daredevil disappear in a white cloud and when the cloud rises into the thin air, only bones are left of the daring brave. The woman leaves the scene and makes her way to the village of these two and presents the village people with a sacred pipe. She also tells them of six other rites that will be made known to the tribe in time. Then she goes away silently, turning first into a red and brown buffalo calf, then into a white buffalo, then finally into a black buffalo.

The fourth buffalo is purple and it takes you on a mind-altering journey over the vast plains of the buffalo. *shels guides you through this quest with their latest eponymous release of Plains Of The Purple Buffalo, which redefines post-rock of today and presents the village of the world something to desire.

The melancholy trumpet blows its last pieces of air before your departure on the Journey To The Plains. The shift from ethereal calmness to distorted guitars with the vocals going down from an atmospheric wailing to a brutal growling shows promise of a well-produced and intricately crafted album. *shels was capable of these shifts already in the times of Sea Of The Dying Dhow but even the most addicted fanatic has to admit that Plains Of The Purple Buffalo leaves one numbfounded.

The repetence of instrumental compositions never gets a chance to tire you out, even in the lengthy tracks. The title track of the album has been divided into two halves of which the first, shorter one makes you want to close your eyes and float over the plains inside the white cloud, never touching the ground. The second half is a rough take on vocal post-rock and an immense success. Safa's vocals change from clean and wavering echoes into belligerent growls of despair, which keep the track alive while the trumpet and steady drum beat try to force us into a dreamy state of euphoria again. I don't think I have ever heard anything sound as distant as the trumpet in the end of the song and as close to my ears as the atmospheric vocals that crash in out of nowhere.

The buffalo of the plains has been hunted nearly into extinction. Their range used to reach from the peaks of Alaska all the way to the deserts of Mexico. The interlude-like Searching For Zihuatanejo depicts their stready loss to mankind with ambient sounds looming in the air, eventually bursting into a final struggle of distorted guitars and crashing drums. Whereas Vision Quest brings us back inside a veil of peace with Safa's soothing vocals backing up the slow distention of our minds.

An acoustic guitar and mellow vocals introduce us to Butterflies On Luci's Way and you're left staring blankly over the plains with a yearning blue in your eyes. I'm stuck in a feeling of awe during the whole length of this towering track and even when the track halts completely halfway through, I still can't make myself understand fully how great this music filling up my head is. The vocal arrangements blended with the inexorable drums slam a gigantic fist into your unconscious and prepare you for the ending half of the album where your journey over the plains blows forward as a prairie wind. Bastien's Angels and Conqueror slow down the whole album with their firm grasp near the album's end and disrupt the album's direction into complete distortion. With Spirit Horse you embark on an ethereal adventure during the last miles of your musical journey with Driessen's trumpets already calling you home. After you're awake, *shels wraps the album in a shroud of finalization with Leaving The Plains with the sun slowly descending behind your back into the faraway horizon.

Plains Of The Purple Buffalo is almost a myth in itself. The sheer excellence of this album brings tears into my eyes. A piece of art with somber melancholia, serrated distortion and simple euphoria combined. Musical perfection has been reached.

Rating out of 10?: 10/10