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The Fall

The Nether Gods were the first. Rising from the swirls of the creation itself, they emerged into a formless universe with inestimable curiosity and immeasurable power. They began to form the Nether to their will, and the darkness erupted with the light of the first galaxies. Stars and planets wheeled overhead, and for a time, it was good.

But the gods were not satisfied with their loneliness, so they began to create life to fill the void. Of the creators, one proved more successful than all others, and it was this world that flourished amidst the sea of failed experiments. Life swam and crawled and ran and flew from highest peak to deepest cave, and for a time, it was good.

Then, to the god’s surprise, the tumultuous symphony of this world gave birth to a new race of beings, forged by the universe itself out of its very fabric. Though these humans were weak individually and mindlessly primitive in comparison, the gods, for the first time, knew fear—for humanity was boundless, as they were, and the only leash upon their potential was time. And their experience of it was orders of magnitude faster than the gods, the rise and fall of entire civilizations being but the blink of an eye.

In panic, for humanity seemed to be growing at an overwhelming pace, the Nether Gods prepared to destroy mankind. Alone, the creator of the world that had birthed them vowed to protect them, yet he could not do it alone. So he chose one man from the teeming multitude to take his power. Using the strength of a Nether God, this chosen one waged war against the heavens, slaying the other gods before they could react. Yet the world was turned barren by the battle, and the chosen one set out bringing life back into it. For this he became known as the Lifemaker, ruling a domain of the world reborn stronger than ever, and for a time, it was good.

The War

Man’s heart had always been open to sin, and it was through this opening that the dreams of the dead gods took root. Though wise and pure, the Lifemaker could not create a utopia for the imperfect, and was assaulted from all sides for his failure. Soon he was slain by his most trusted friends in his most vulnerable state. His power was spread across the globe, open for any and all to grab. Civil war erupted, parent against child, brother against brother, between those who remained loyal to the Lifemaker’s memory, and those who had slain him. No corner of the world was left untouched, no man, woman, or child did not feel the cold hand of war, as the armies of the loyal and the self-proclaimed “redeemers” scorched their way across continents. Even nature, its balance torn apart by the void formerly occupied by its guiding hand, took sides.

At the war’s start, the redeemers, slayers of their own guardian, had overwhelming power. Marching across land, sea, and air, they lay siege to the White City, capital of the Lifemaker’s empire, and threatened to tear down the stones in which his legacy was described. But as before, in times of crisis a hero emerged, and through his leadership the armies of the Lifemaker rallied, driving the redeemers back into the heartland of their resistance, the great underground city of Mongiru Barro.

The Wave

Blessed peace returned as the world was given a chance to rebuild while the forces lead by the great hero lay siege to the rebel capital over a period of decades. Soon the defenses collapsed, and the hero marched into the city. Yet at the apex of their victory, he was given his greatest defeat. As he fought into the depths of the rebel capital, the enemies that he battled changed—the deeper he went, the less human they became. When he and his soldiers finally reached the palace of the rebel leader, they found a monstrosity, a creature that had lost all its humanity, its veins filled with that magical substance that is the ultimate form of power incarnate: Ichor, blood of the gods.

The hero was defeated, but not slain. Soon, the dreams took him as well, and he became the Slayer. The world was again opened to the horrors of war, but this time against an enemy that, although having its origins as part of the world, had now been turned utterly alien. The Black Wave poured forth from the gates of Mongiru Barro to swell and multiply, leaving no life in its wake. Once again, however, new heroes rose up, and the Wave was defeated, divided and conquered, driven back into the depths of Mongiru Barro, its origins exposed, its secrets given up, and its existence vanquished.

Yet the world was irrevocably scarred. The empires of the past era had faded, their technology and magic lost, and the people of the world had been left to rebuild from scratch. These people would forge new nations on the ruins of the old, to command and conquer. Centuries have now passed, and the Black Wave is now little more than a bygone era in the minds of most. Yet the Dead Gods remain, ceaseless and eternal.


All magic in the world has its ultimate origins in the Nether Gods. However, there are two main “branches” of magic in the world today, classified by the split that occurred during the Fall of Heaven: Life magic, which derives from the power of the Lifemaker, and Death magic, which comes from the deceased lords of the Nether, also known as the Dead Gods.

To some extent, every human is born with some innate degree of Life magic flowing in their veins. This power once belonged to the Lifemaker, but at the time of his death it was released into the world and found homes in every human being. Most people do not possess Life magic in sufficient quantities for it to have a noticeable impact on their lives, but those that do are considered mages, and wield varying degrees of power over the element that they control.

Death magic, contrary to its name, has nothing directly to do with necromancy or ghosts. Although it can indeed be used for such, so can Life magic. In terms of classification, Death magic is merely every form of magic that isn’t Life magic, i.e. innate to human beings. Thus, the powers that Pokemon wield are considered a type of Death magic. The primary way humans can wield Death magic is through Ichor. A rare, glowing, blue-green crystal-like substance found deep in caverns, Ichor can be tapped by any living creature or even inanimate objects as a source of magical power, but they must be physically joined with the user through a process called “infusion” that blurs the line between crystal and user. Although Ichor crystals never technically run out of power, they can only provide a small certain amount of magic at a time, like a thin pipe connected to a vast ocean. When refined into special liquid, Ichor becomes even more potent, but at the cost of volatility; liquid Ichor has a tendency to explode when disturbed too much.

Humans, however, were not meant to use magic, and as such, all mages take upon the risk of corruption. To be a mage means not only to wield incredible powers, but to be plagued by the whispering songs of the Dead Gods. The strength of these songs is directly related to the strength of a human’s magical power; the stronger their magic, the stronger the Call. The dreams of mages are eternally plagued by this song, and in mages that have started to be corrupted they even penetrate the waking hours. No mage gets to live to a ripe old age: either they go insane, turning into inhuman monsters that kill everything in their path, or they die before they go insane. It is for this reason mages are feared throughout the world, and in most places the use of magic is either strictly controlled or banned entirely, with violations usually punished by execution.

Life magic already poses a considerable threat, but for a human to use Death magic is to virtually assure their immediate corruption, for Ichor is nothing less than the blood of the Dead Gods. While it is possible for exceptionally strong-willed people to resist being corrupted for years after infusing oneself with Ichor, they either die or are corrupted soon after. Pokemon and even magical artifacts infused with Ichor also gain its benefits as well as its corruption. Yet Ichor infusion is tempting to many mages who need a quick jolt of power, perhaps to defeat persecutors, and there is a thriving black market for the substance. In dark corners of the world, experiments with Ichor run amuck, the legacy of mages looking for a way to increase their power.

The greatest fountains of magical power, however, are the Dead Gods. These gargantuan corpses, miles in length, are so dense with magical energy that even non-mages can sense the power in the air when nearby. So far, only one has been discovered, but others are surely around, buried deep within the earth. Being near a Dead God for long periods of time is highly unrecommended, and it was the corruption of the miners of Mongiru Barro over generations that unleashed the Black Wave upon the world. Nevertheless, miners continue to sneak into the tunnels of Mongiru Barro through the natural Crystal Caverns to their north to mine Ichor, believing that as long as they do not spend too much time near the Dead God, they will be unaffected.

Knights of the Red Circle

To become a Circle Knight means to set aside all other responsibilities for the supreme one of protecting the realm of Aria from magic. Headquartered in Itum, the Red Circle is viewed primary in two ways: as an oppressive band of hypocritical haters of sorcery, or as the guardians of the people of Aria from the evils of the Dead Gods. Regardless of how one views it, the Red Circle is one of the most powerful organizations in Aria, with branches and great political influence in every city-stated except Venefinia. Officially sanctioned by all governments other than Venefinia, Circle Knights constantly patrol the city and countryside for signs of magic. Most of the time, magic is only legally allowed to be practiced with a Circle Knight supervising, ready to kill the practitioner at the slightest hint of corruption, although this rule is often difficult to enforce. Known mages are cataloged in an enormous book held at the Circle's Itum headquarters, known as "Histre's List," after the founder of the Red Circle.

Circle Knights are extremely dedicated towards their cause. Upon joining the Circle, a would-be Knight enters one of the longest and hardest training regimens in Aria to become one of an elite group of warriors. Contrary to its official end goal of stopping the practice of magic everywhere, the Circle is not opposed to allowing mages within their ranks, although this can be seen as a practical matter as only a mage can enchant the armor and weapons of Circle Knights to be resistant to magical attacks. The Red Circle is also known for its brutal, scorched-earth methods when it comes to rooting out and destroying rogue mages, and often does not care about civilian casualties despite its professed values of caring for all (non-mage) people. For these reasons Circle Knights are often regarded as hypocritical.


The role of Pokemon in the world remains much the same as it always has been. The vast majority of Pokemon live in the wild using the same methods their ancestors did thousands of years ago, with no awareness of history. Domesticated Pokemon are either kept as pets or beasts of burden, forging relationships with masters that can be friendly or cruel. Very few people own more than one Pokemon, as taking care of even a single one can be a full-time job. Nonetheless, Pokemon battles remain one of the most popular sources of entertainment. Official matches, taking place in sanctioned arenas of every city-state, often draw audiences that can number in the tens of thousands. The rules vary from city to city; for example, while it is illegal to draw blood in Parasanti, matches in Mancia often are battles to the death. And of course, there are unofficial battles taking place all of the time, for the business of being a Pokemon battler can be lucrative to the successful.

A special relationship exists between a mage and his Pokemon. Being both wielders of magic, the two sides of this bond find themselves able to amplify the other's power, and in some cases, the mage can even wield the magic of his Pokemon without ill effects, provided the bond is strong enough. In addition, having a strong bond with a Pokemon has a stabilizing effect on a mage's mind, shielding them somewhat from the call of the Dead Gods. Pokemon, however, are not immune to the Call themselves, and experiments with Ichor have shown that although the infusion process will boost the power of a Pokemon exponentially, it also drives them insane. Prolonged exposure to the vicinity of a Dead God has a similar effect.

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Although it is said that in ancient times the layout of the world was different, the Fall of Heaven massively reshaped its geography, and only bits of pieces of the original landmasses survive. Aria is a continent in the northern hemisphere of the globe, near the equator. To the north lies the region Corriban, separated from Aria by a vast mountain range at the northern side of the Estrun desert. To the southeast is Qunnui, and to the east and west are the vast Atlan and Parun oceans, respectively, and whether there is any land beyond them is unknown. However, the sea that ought to be southwest of Aria has been consumed by the Ending World.

Due to the location of Mongiru Barro at its heart, Aria was the hardest-hit by the Black Wave. While the other regions possess functioning, region-scale governments, Aria’s people have divided themselves into a series of city-states. In past centuries these cities were constantly at war with each. It was only a few decades ago that, with the threat of invasion from Corriban, that the Arian city-states banded together to present to the world a united face. Magnasanti, both the largest city in the region and its strongest military power, houses the Arian Council, an embassy of the larger cities in Aria. Nonetheless, old grudges remain, and the city-states are constantly vying for power through political and economic means.


Magnasanti, the Machine City

Before the Black Wave, Magnasanti was the provincial capital of Aria, and its ruler reported directly to the Lifemaker at Lamentur Vail. Its people remember its past glory, and generally regard the other cities as lesser. Magnans, as the people of Magnasanti are called, are extremely industrious and traditional, and there is little in the way of new art or entertainment here as all citizens toil day and night for the glory of their king. The city’s nickname derives from this character; Magnasanti is like a single giant machine, with all its citizens working in industrial harmony.

However, the people also have a deep respect for history, and the few surviving buildings from before the Black Wave are preserved as historical artifacts. This respect for history has often driven Magnasanti into conflict with Saffron, which contains many relics from the ancient past.

Magnasanti is ruled by a king under a harsh police state. Even minor crimes are punishable by death here. Pokemon must be kept under the watch of their owner or a city guardsman at all times, and magic is expressly forbidden unless supervised. Magnasanti also boasts the largest population and army in all of Aria, all of whom are fiercely loyal to their king.

Saffron, the City of Ancients

The oldest city in Aria, possibly the oldest in all the world, Saffron’s oldest ruins are rumored to date back to before the Lifemaker. These ruins, however, are not easy to find; Saffron has been destroyed and rebuilt so many times, with each new version of the city being built on top of the wreckage of the last, that what remains of the original Saffron is buried miles beneath the surface. Cracks and tunnels in the ground let adventurous explorers descend into the darkness, and some come back with tales of magnificent ruins of glass and steel, of light emanating from glass orbs without sun or fire, and things that still prowl the dark. Most dismiss these tales as rubbish, but at night, if the city is exceptionally quiet, one can almost hear what might be the rumblings of ancient machines coming online. If true, then enormous riches await those who can properly explore the depths of Saffron's ancient history.

For much of post-Wave history Saffron has been ruled by Magnasanti; it was not until the Magnan-Paran War that it finally overthrew Magnasanti rule. However, Saffron still retained the title of Lord, the position that ruled the city under Magnan rule and continues to do so today. Saffron’s primary revenue source come from the tourists that arrive from all across Aria to see the ancient ruins.

Itum, the City of Progress

A city based on free enterprise and the march of science, Itum has been a powerhouse of technological progress since the Wave. With recent innovations like the variable Pokemon-drawn cart that can change its shape to attach to different species of Pokemon, or the Efron Lamp, an oil-burning lamp that boasts a 200% increase in efficiency over the standard oil lamp, Itum is seen by people all across Aria as the shining, futuristic capital of progress.

Living in Itum, however, is not without its drawbacks. The loose reigns the government has on the city make all but the most violent crimes (and violations of patent laws) go unpunished. A lack of ethical consideration among innovators makes it easy for a rogue Pokemon to go berserk from mistreatment and flatten several houses. Worst of all, the failed experiments of alchemists are simply poured into the river, poisoning the Itum poor that get their water from it. In addition, the use of magic is completely banned from Itum; any mages caught are killed on the spot by the city guard.

Itum is ruled by a triumvirate. Although who gets to enter the triad is based on elections, usually the three most wealthy people in the city are elected, due only in part to Itumites’ worshipping of wealth and the wealthy. Itum is a city where, it is said, anyone can become great if they have an idea and the drive to work for it.

Parasanti, Soul of the Earth

Often described as Magnasanti’s opposite twin, Parasanti was founded in the days of the Lifemaker under the idea of a peace and equality. Parasanti has been protected from attack by the impenetrable Endla Forest. Parans live in communion with nature, often speaking of becoming “one with the forest”, and there are more Pokemon working together with humans here than anywhere else in the world. This character is even present in the architecture of the city, whose buildings are often made to look like enormous trees.

To assume Parans are uncivilized folk, however, would be an egregious mistake. A city of the arts, Parasanti is a capital of all forms of expression, with artists and musicians and entertainers praised as being paragons of its society. Technologically, Parasanti is no less advanced than any other Arian city (Itum asides), boasting an impressive waste disposal and aqueduct system. It is not long before many visitors are captured by the splendor of the city and decide to stay.

Parasanti is ruled by a democratically-elected governing body. Party politics are omnipresent in Parasanti, and there are so many always-changing political parties that few citizens can remember them all. As a result, Parasanti’s government is criticized as inefficient, ineffective, and slow, a stark contrast to Magnasanti’s elegant ruler. Nonetheless, Parans really do believe in equality for all, and for them, an inefficient government is a small price to pay for every voice to be heard.

Mancia, the City of Chains

For centuries Mancia was a small fishing town, named after the island it was founded on. That all changed with the discovery of Ichor in the hills around the city. Almost overnight the population of Mancia exploded with prospectors, and soon Mancia was rolling in money from exporting the precious substance to all of Aria. During the World War, Mancia fell under control of the redeemers, who imported slaves from around the world to work the mines. When loyalist forces approached, the slaves rebelled and fought alongside them, and were rewarded with freedom.

Nevertheless, Mancia’s society is irrevocably stained by that slavery. Today, the city is divided between Upland, where the rich aristocracy, inheritors from the great merchants from before the Wave, and Lowland, descendants of the slaves, living in the same clay brick hovels their forefathers did. Although they are not formally slaves, most Lowland residents still have little choice but to toil for the aristocracy for little pay. Very few remain in the Ichor mines due to what happened in the Wave, but there is plenty of other work to be found. And no matter where one is in Mancia, there is always a view of the enormous bronze statues of despairing slaves, wrapped in giant chains, that dot the island, relics of the height of redeemer rule.

Protected by the waters around it, Mancia’s army is very weak, due in large part to the mistrust the aristocracy has for the everyday workers. The king of Mancia is mostly a symbolic title, as the aristocrats generally do whatever they like and make the king do whatever they like.

Venefinia, the Mage’s Dream

Venefinia is the one place in Aria where one can proclaim oneself to be a mage and not have bystanders recoil in fear. Founded by refugees from Magnan persecutors, Venefinia is a city overflowing with magic and mages. An enormous amount of good-intentioned magical experimentation takes place here, with the result being that Venefinia has enough humans that don’t look quite human anymore to the point where it’s a common sight. Although the smallest of the great Arian city-states, Venefinia is regarded with respect, if not outright fear, by all. To their credit, Venefinians have yet to show any real danger to the other city-states, preferring to exist in isolation. To the north, Magnicar Castle defends the only land-based route to the city, while natural cliffs make any invasion from the sea a laughable idea.

Despite the freedom that mages have here, or perhaps because of it, Venefinia has an enormous government presence in the Mind Police. The Magister Circle, the ruling body of Venefinia, knows better than anyone the risk of corruption that mages face daily, and as much as they would like, they cannot ignore it. There is no place anywhere in the city that is not under the watch of the Mind Police, and all citizens automatically assume that every word and action is known to them. As a result, the crime rate in Venefinia is virtually zero, as is the amount of privacy. The slightest hint of corruption in any mage, and it’s off to the Ministry of Truth for re-training in resistance, or, in the rare cases where a mage is too far gone to be saved, execution.

Fort Aer, the Infinite Harbor

Straddling the nebulous edge between the Ending World and Aria, Fort Aer is the last living remnant of the Lifemaker’s empire, an enormous city floating in the sky. Its inhabitants are the Architects, a machine race whose progenitors were the great information engines of the worldwide data network before the Fall of Heaven. Alone, they remember. Fort Aer is a memory of the empire at its height, and possesses a powerful combination of technology and magic dubbed “hextech” unlike any other that exists in the world.

The Architects themselves are gargantuan machines, mostly immobile, mere brains housed in huge structures built into the floating city that have only a few manipulators with which the control the outside world. However, Fort Aer is populated with humans—volunteers from throughout the world that give up their old lives for a chance to live in the heavens. It is these humans that take care of the day-to-day maintenance of Fort Aer and the Architects. Nevertheless, the Architects are a dying race, as a few-but-vital processes can no longer be replaced or repaired in the post-Wave world.

Fort Aer is the home base of the Armada, a vast fleet of flying, sentient ships that once was the Lifemaker’s aerial arm; hence its nickname, “The Infinite Harbor.” Unlike the Architects, however, Armada vessels are not true hextech machines. During the World War, the Armada was devastated by traitors within, resulting in the deaths of over 80% of the people crewing the ships. In order to continue fighting the war, the captains of the Armada bound their souls to their ships with magic, effectively making themselves “ghost ships.” When spirit meshed with metal, Armada vessels could control themselves, dispensing with the need for large crews. Nevertheless, the Armada suffers from the same problems of the Architects, and the vast majority of the fleet now never leaves Fort Aer. The ships that do are but shells of their former selves; still incredibly powerful, but with many of their facilities no longer functional.

Mongiru Barro, the Gate of Oblivion

Mongiru Barro had originally been an Ichor mine, carved into the underground stone as workers labored day and night in the enormous caverns that extended downwards for miles. They knew the truth about the mines, but thought nothing of it.

Those caves were the veins in a gargantuan corpse. The miners knew the Nether God was dead, but they foolishly thought it was harmless. But a god is a force, something that changes reality with the mere fact of its existence, the fact that it ever existed. The dreams of the Dead God invaded their minds, and consumed them…

Now Mongiru Barro is empty, devoid of all life. The gate into the underground city was sealed by a magic-induced landslide. Outside the gate, the Fort Magus was built to prevent anyone from entering the city again. Yet the Dead God’s power had not been contained, and Magus itself was corrupted, becoming animate. The upper half of the tower took on the form of the upper body of a man as magic infused the stone, and Magus, the Tower of Rage now stands as a testimony to the danger of a Dead God. Ironically, Magus now defends Mongiru Barro better than any simple fortress could have, hurling fire and lightning at anything that moves for miles around it. Nevertheless, it is the eternal fear of everyone in the world that another entrance into Mongiru Barro might exist, and that fools might enter and begin a new Wave.

Lamentur Vail, the Wailing Capital

Once known as the White City, Lamentur Vail was the capital of the Lifemaker’s empire, home to his palace and the center of the entire world. Suspended in the heart of the Ending World—that vast, empty void with neither floor nor ceiling that formed from the battle between the Lifemaker and the last Nether God, formerly a place of endless sun and now a realm of eternal darkness and dotted with enormous islands that float motionless in the void—the White City was the pinnacle of human civilization. Now it is the Wailing Capital, and the Lifemaker’s palace is now the Necropolis, and the city is a place where the dead walk, unable to rot or rest. Their screams permeate the air, leading the few who have been brought here by the Armada (usually to capture the numerous Ghost-type Pokemon that live here) to give it its name, the Wailing Capital.

Deep within the Necropolis, one voice screams louder than all others.

“What sin have we committed for this?
In this nightmare that can never end…”


Name:Try to avoid ordinary-sounding names. No John Smiths, please.
Class: Human, Mage, or Ship (Armada only). If mage, describe your powers here.
Description: Pictures acceptable, but must be put in spoiler tags or linked. A few sentences is also a must, but if you have a picture try not to describe what's in the picture.
Personality: Your character's personality.
History: Your character's life history.
Pokemon: If your character has a Pokemon, name it here. Maximum of one. You may catch new Pokemon over the course of the RP, but they must be realistically handled. Remember, there are no Pokeballs to carry them around with in this RP (yet).

The Cast

The Armada
Charizard Michelle as Mary Advent (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307124&postcount=15)
Lusankya as Sovereign (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307617&postcount=25)
Dr Scott as Harbinger (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307849&postcount=36)
Grassy Aggron as Twisted Tornadic Terror (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307756&postcount=30)

The Cullen
Saraibre Ryu as Amaryth Velza (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3305436&postcount=7)
White Wolf of the Snow as Kozanar Estrada and Tsuki Estrada (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307760&postcount=31) and Butters (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3311564&postcount=63)
k_pop as Portia Thrice (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307840&postcount=35)
Kamikaze as Belcarth (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3306964&postcount=12)
Latio-Reol as Vyraz Inxi (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3308351&postcount=45) and Avalon (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3312831&postcount=68)
Altrius as Garonn (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3309077&postcount=55)
bronislav84 as Renita Myrian (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3309060&postcount=54)

Pokemon Elemental
Moonkit as Niusha Marazina (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307330&postcount=20)
Charmander009 as Caoimhe Alistriona (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3305216&postcount=5)
Altrius as Garonn (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3309077&postcount=55)
The pokemaster as Derrick Kuraena (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3309477&postcount=61)

Octopus Babies

The Scientists

Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil
CloudOfNines as Cloud Shion (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3304403&postcount=3)
alaskapidove as Nerezza Rinato (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3305401&postcount=6)
SCX as Darcell Vautour (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307438&postcount=22)
Kai-Mei as Inari Delaavesta (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307731&postcount=28)
ChainReaction01 as Tschaveh Tenk (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3307811&postcount=34)
Skull Kid as Fin (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3308173&postcount=44)
Ayotui as Sua Verbrand (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3308391&postcount=46)
Noble Six as Noburu Asher (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3308489&postcount=49)

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What's up with there being no sign ups? Are we not allowed to sign up yet or something? Anyways...

Name: Cloud Shion

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Team: Villanous Incorporated

Class: Mage

Powers: Specializes in healing and manipulation magics. AKA He can heal and move things around. He also has some knowledge in fire magic.

Description: Cloud is about average height (5'8") and does not stand out in a crowd. He has slightly tan skin, as he seems to be in the sun quite often. He wears a plain black t-shirt with blue pants. His shoes are gray. His eyes are a dark blue and he has short eyelashes. His eyebrows are thin and his hair comes down to about an inch above them. His ears are pointed on the top and give him an elf-ish look. His lips are light red in color and are also thin. His face is free of blemishes

His back bears quite a lot of scars, from blunders while learning magic, while other parts of his skin are relatively un-marked. He has the look around him of someone who only will talk to you if you talk to him first and thus intimdates people when they first see him. His eyes also show a look of intelligence in them and he has the calmness around him that makes people seem to congregate to him.

History: Cloud was born in Venefinia under a family of commoners. Until about the time he was five, everything in his life was normal and then the voices in his head began talking. For a few years he endured it without telling his parents until he had learned of how mages heard voices in their heads. Upon hearing this, Cloud told his parents and they rejoiced, after all their child was talented in the one city that he could learn how to use his powers. His parents immediately made him begin studying what they deemed "friendly" types of magic.

His life continued on this path for a few more years and he found himself mastering the two types of magic his parents had made him indulge in. Healing and Manipulation. Neither of these were a type of warring or killing magic and so his parents thought Cloud would never shy towards destruction or evil.

It was around the age of 15 when the voices started getting louder, twisting his mind in the process. His powers were finally awakening and he started having sudden outbursts when he couldn't control his power. After he had punched a few holes in the wall (and in one case destroyed a side of a house) with his magic, his parents sent him on a journey to a Mage school outside of Venefinia. On the way there, he came over a Ralts and managed to defeat it and make it his own. At first the Pokemon took a disliking to its new master. After Cloud saved him from a wild Sableye attacking it, it started to become closer to Cloud.

Four years after that meeting, and Cloud's admission into the Mage school, everything changed. Cloud had just started learning how to control fire magic, the first "war" magic that he had ever attempted learning. He found that it came easier to him than healing had. It was then that one of his friends approached him about the group Villainous Incorporated. By then, even with the strong bonds of his Gallade, as his Ralts had evolved in the 4 years, his mind had still become more and more twisted. He listened to his friend of the group and finally agreed to join it. He has since left Venefinia for Parasanti, as he believed he might be able to serve Vill. Inc. there sometime in the future.

Cloud is now 25 and has ingrained himself into the politics of Parasanti, even if at a lowly level. He has won some, if very little, influence in the city. He has practiced magic in secret so that no one knows he is a mage. His fire magic skills are still not nearly that of his manipulation or healing magic but he has become proficient in it.

Pokemon: Gallade

06-18-2011, 02:27 AM
People just don't seem interested I guess >.>

Welcome to the RP, Cloud.

06-20-2011, 04:31 PM
Name: Caoimhe (KEEV-ah, it's Gaelic xD) Alistriona

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Team: Elemental

Class: Mage, who is gifted in some Life Magic--mainly with elemental magic dealing with water (by extension, ice) and earth (plants and healing).

Description: Some people might find Caoimhe beautiful; others might find her modest or plain. She doesn’t try to fit anyone’s expectations, and cares little for her looks. Still, she has an elegant figure, standing taller than some men. Her long, silky, light brown hair she usually keeps up in braids, pulled away from her gentle face. Her hazel eyes are full of compassion and patience, and those who follow her feel her almost motherly love for them.

Personality: Calm and ever patient, Caoimhe is slow to anger, and bears little hatred, even her enemies. She will think things through, and act with caution and deep meditation. Yet despite her kindness and mild nature, she can be strict and harsh when needed. She will resort to violence, but only if there is no other way, but she doesn’t bear hate or anger for her enemies. Instead, she feels a great sadness for the corruption in the world, and longs to be rid of it. Life is precious to her, and would preserve it if given the chance. She doesn’t like to think herself as a leader, but believes that every individual in her camp has a right to speak or act.

History: Caoimhe was born into a wealthy, aristocratic family in Itum, where she had everything she wanted and the respect her family thought she deserved. Occasionally her father won a position of power within the triumvirate. Being as set for life as she was, she thought that she had it all. But deep down, she knew there was some things that she would never had: the love of her parents, and true happiness. With every day that went past, the more she became aware of the void left by this lacking, and the more she began to despair. She quietly played the aristocrat game with her family—showing proper etiquette, manners, and respect as she stayed “seen but not heard”—but the same old act grew old.

But that was all until the day she fell in love.

He was a wild, reckless youth—the trouble child of another rich family in Itum. He did everything to defy his parents and the stuffy customs of “civilization”, and this rebellious behavior caught her eye. His name was Brayan. At first, she tried to ignore him. She had the family honor to keep up, after all, and it just wouldn’t do to be seen around such a troublemaker. Brayan was persistent, however, and soon even Caoimhe couldn’t resist his charm. She started sneaking away with him, taking part in his adventurous excursions. The more she went with him, the more she wanted. For once, she was getting the taste of freedom—and perhaps, of love.

Yet one day, Brayan found new interest in something especially unspeakable in Itum—which quickly turned into an obsession. He discovered Death Magic, and the secrets of Ichor. After stumbling into it at an underground market, he desired to know more and more about forbidden magic, and eventually he dragged even Caoimhe into it. They nearly went mad with this new source of wild rebellion. They were doing something so bad, so extreme, shoving everything their parents represented back into their faces.

Eventually, that journey came to an end. They were caught by the authorities, and would have been killed for their crimes if their families hadn’t intervened. Not wanting further embarrassment, Brayan and Caoimhe’s parents all decided to put them away quietly. After practically disowning them, they sent their “corrupted” children to Venefinia. There, at least they hoped, the children could be “put in sorts” and “controlled somewhat.”

Brayan and Caoimhe didn’t know what to expect—and for the first time in their young lives, they were afraid. When they finally reached Venefinia, they received some “royal” attention. Right away they got their first taste of the city’s Mind Police. The governmental presence took them to the Ministry of Truth, to “retrain” them to resist corruption. For Caoimhe, it was especially trying. Eventually, both of them pulled through—growing even closer together.

Eventaully, both were allowed to rejoin the Venefinia society, and began their true education of their new gifts. The things they learned amazed them, but scared them at the same time. They came to a grim realization of what they had gotten themselves into—that they would continually face the threat of corruption every day. Brayan felt wholly responsible for dragging Caoimhe into this mess, and promised to her that he would protect her.

But once again, things didn’t go as well as planned. Brayan wasn’t happy with how controlling the Mind Police were. He didn’t appreciate the violations they made on his and Caoimhe’s privacy. Being the kind that never liked rules and restraints, he didn’t respond well to their monitoring. He developed a bitter enmity with one of the agents, which grew deeper and deeper with every meeting. Such rivalry didn’t end well. In the end, it cost Brayan his life—and Caoimhe’s heart.

Broken and miserable, Caoimhe nearly lost herself. The Mind Police took her again back to the Ministry of Truth, where they tried to revert her process of corruption yet again. Months passed without much progress, and soon the Ministry debated ending her life. However, something abruptly changed in Caoimhe. She regained her sanity, and almost seemed at peace with herself. She made a remarkably speedy recovery, enough to allow her release—though the Ministry let her go reluctantly. Afterward, they kept a close eye on her, but still she showed no sign of breaking.

But the moment they glanced away—even for a brief second—she disappeared.

Caoimhe fled from Venefinia for the forests north, fading from the knowledge of old friends and family. Rumors are spreading that somewhere in the Endla forests, surrounding Parasanti where their ideals agree with her, Caoimhe is living on. The wildest stories say that she leads a band of renegades and outcasts, who fight against corruption of all kinds, in memory of her lost beloved. But whether or not that is true, remains to be seen.

Pokemon: Grace -- Glaceon


06-21-2011, 05:02 AM
Name: Nerezza Rinato

Gender: Female

Team: Team VILE

Class: Mage, able to access human's and Pokemon's minds and view their memories, making her able to understand them completely. Can also shield her own mind from other mages with similar abilities.

Description: Shoulder length black hair and gray eye (one is missing). About 5'6" tall and emaciated. The left side of her face is scarred and burned from a fire she was in. The scar stretches from her hairline to the corner of her mouth and destroyed her left eye. Where it was is an empty, scarred socket. Wears a black cloak to cover the burns on her arm, left side, and leg. The burns on her body are less serious, but still disfiguring. On her arm and leg, they seem to make an almost serpentine pattern. The cloak has a hood that, with her hair, covers the burns on her face. She walks with a slight limp, because of the pain in her leg and side, but has learned to compensate for it, so she can still fight and get around. She is 20 years old.

Personality: Nerezza has fits of insanity where she is at the mercy of the voices in her head. The rest of the time, she is very quiet and reserved. She avoids other people, even other members of team VILE out of fear of persecution. The constant killing has turned her cold and hard-hearted and she is unlikely to grant her enemies mercy. Rather than talk to people, she uses her abilities to find out more about them. There are few people whose minds she can't access. She has no qualms about systematically breaking into someone's head and stealing their memories to gain valuable information. She doesn't show much emotion and is completely devoted to team VILE, out of a mistaken belief that they saved her from a painful death on the streets. Her only companion, and the only living thing she cares about, is her Skarmory, Rae, who she has a deep affection for, and she would be willing to die for him.

History: Nerezza was born into an upper class family in Mancia. Her father was the head of one of the old families and her mother was a servant girl that worked in their house. However, her father's wife claimed to be the mother so as not to bring dishonor on their family, though Nerezza was always reminded that she was not her stepmother's true daughter. Her stepmother was killed in an accident at a Pokemon battling stadium and her father hung himself soon after. Because her stepmother could produce no children of her own, Nerezza was the sole heir of the family's fortune and of their only Pokemon, a Skarmory. Nerezza had never been allowed to play with other children as a child and formed a close bond with the Skarmory, named Rae, and began to train him.

She became quite successful at battling and added a great deal to her fortune, before she was in an accident while battling a Charizard. One of its bursts of flames completely missed Rae and hit her, permanently disfiguring her. She is now afraid of fire and fire Pokemon and avoids battling altogether. Rae, however, misses battling, and wishes she would battle again.

Her entire life, Nerezza constantly heard voices in the back of her head, telling her to do terrible things. However, they were only whispers and she found she could ignore them. She never dared tell either of her parents, fearing that her stepmother would want to abandon her. After her accident, when she was exposed to the magic of the Charizard's fire attack, the voices became louder and she found that she could reach into other people's minds. Her ability frightens her and she is afraid of using it malevolently. She constantly fights herself and the voices in her head to try to remain good. Nerezza would have been happy to hide in her family's mansion for the rest of her days, but recently, her neighbors started noticing something odd about her. Her and Rae left their home in the middle of the night and never looked back. She wandered the streets for days, not knowing where to go, until one day she came across a hole-in-the-wall bar.

Inside the dirty bar, Nerezza noticed a man watching her from across the room. The lighting was so bad, it obscured most of his features, but she could see the glint of his eyes following her. She sat down at the bar, and the man approached her.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked.

Meekly, she nodded, and he spent the rest of the night telling her about an organization that protected mages. One called VILE....

Now Nerezza is being taken to VILE's base, along with a few other new recruits. None of them have any idea what they're getting into.

Pokemon: Skarmory (Name: Rae)

Saraibre Ryu
06-21-2011, 07:46 AM
Everyone is a freakin' Mage >_<
I'll be different and reserve a human for the Cullen~
Regular humans can have [shiny?] Pokemon right?

Name: Amaryth Velza, AKA the Magna Deserter
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Team: The Cullen
Class: Human Craftsmith and Warrior
Description: Amaryth is 5'10 with an athletic build hidden under her clothes and armor. Her eyes are a piercing emerald green colour and her hair is a dark auburn usually tied loosely back. She has scars all over her arms and legs from mishaps in sword practice , though she thinks nothing of them when mentioned. Some scars on her arms are from other Pokemon encounters. She has an armor shoulder plate and plating under her vest leather, of which is adjustable thanks to her ingenuity in smithing. Her casual attire consists of a soot stained grey tunic and black pants, and brown leather boots and brown leather vest. She has specially made gloves, made from the hide of a Rhydon, with small armor plating over the joints of the fingers for added protection.

In her Magna Deserter persona, her armor is a dark silver trimmed in black and crimson and on the left shoulder has a self scratched in insignia of unknown origin. Thanks to her ingenious design, this armor is durable and is tucked away under the armor she wears just as her usual self. Metal plating goes over her leather boots, held on by a metal clasp just around her ankles. Her gloves she keeps on, however covers them also in another metal clasp, similar to the one she wears around her elbows. Her helmet is one thing she can't hide within her unique armor design, but however is the most unique part of it. The single face plate helm, only having small slits to see and breathe through, but not to be recognized in, also keeps her true self hidden, by having her voice altered by the reverberating metal, making her sound like a phantom. Four horns going along the top and following down the helmet add to the sense of ominous ambiance to this form.

Personality: Amaryth is a very strong person in all sense of the word. She is physically strong, but hides that prowess under her sharp wit and even sharper tongue. She isn't afraid to back down from a challenge, unless it is absolutely ridiculous and she knows there is some sort of deceptive cheating behind it, and is never one to shy away from proving a man that he is wrong. An incredibly focused individual who notices many small things about people, and can make educated, and often correct guesses about their personality or habits. Her interest lays in machines, ingenuity and creating the unusual and new. Her main goal rests in learning about the lore covered mystery machines that may live under Saffron. She isn't much of a people person due to living much in seclusion most of her life, though doesn't mind the company of one or two people every so often. when asked about her specially made sword, rather than claiming it as her own, she will simply state that she is searching for a particular person to give it too.

When acting as the Magna Deserter, she often acts cold and almost merciless towards others. There are few who have met such a person and lived to tell about it, leaving her shrouded in dark myths and fear. She uses this fear to manipulate those who are weak of heart for information she needs or items, even money. Still there are times with glints of Amaryth shine through, most often when she allows someone to leave without severe injuries, or with their life. There may be only one or two people on the entire known earth who know who the Magna Deserter really is.

History: Amaryth for as long as she knew was an orphan. Her parent’s death was blamed on a ravaging riot of wild Pokemon of which she never knew was the truth or not. She was taken in by an old blacksmith who forged everything for the Magnasanti army and guard. during the years, all Amaryth knew was a black anvil, a hammer, and mounds of metal. Life wasn’t easy, as she lived in the forge, ate, slept, rarely had the chance to go outside. There was a window however, and Amaryth always watched out that window any chance she wasn’t working. She saw the people, and those who lived under such pressure and watch, she almost feared outside. Her guardian always told her never to fear the outside, but make the outside fear you.

Over the many years, Amaryth grew up in the same forge, taking over the duties of her guardian as he grew older. She slowly started to learn the secrets of what she always thought of as an enclosed and masked prison. She was taught of secret passages leading out of the forge and off the castle grounds, some of the small Pokemon that hid in the shadows and crevices, and soon came the time where Amaryth learned of her guardian’s biggest secret.

One night, as Amaryth was working late on her special armor project, her guardian came to her and watched her for a moment. After the hammer and anvil sang their usual working on, Amaryth asked why the fires were always burning constantly, without them ever being checked before. She was brought into an underground room where a large, ash covered, orange and green dragon-like Pokemon. Amaryth was startled by him at first, but found that the dragon was rather fond of her already. Her master explained to her that this wasn’t any regular Pokemon, it was a special and very rare kind. After Amaryth looked at him more, she found that the Pokemon was a Druddigon, and based on books she red about legends of Pokemon, she knew them to have red faces, whereas this one, had an orange one, and a green body.

A few weeks of interacting with the Druddigon, Amaryth grew more comfortable around him and slowly more fond of him. As another week went on, Amaryth started to notice something strange in the air around the forge. There was a bad feeling in the air and she didn't like it. She wasn't the only one who liked it. One evening in the forge, and what was to be the last, Amaryth noticed that her guardian and master had not returned from the market. When she herd a pounding on the door, she hadn't even reached it yet before the castle guards broke it down, and searched the place. Amaryth was shocked and confused, and when one of the guards noticed she was the apprentice of the old man, and a woman at that, he attempted to drag her out of the forge. Amaryth wouldn't have that, and took the special blade she had been experimenting with and swung it hard at the guard. His armor rang loud and his arm stung from the impact, forcing her to be released. She stood firm, despite being outnumbered and outmatched. The one guard was furious but his captain told him, and the rest of his men to stand down.

Rather than punishing her for attacking a castle guard, he saw potential in her to be a great warrior. So, from then on, she was marched into the schools and training academy of the Royal Magnasanti Guard. She was athletic enough to be passed off as a tomboy, due to not being the most chesty female, and her hair was just long enough to prevent and feminine comparison. Amaryth tried her hardest to return back to the forge for the shiny Druddigon, but any chance she had, she was always turned around and back to her quarters.

Years after harsh training, proven by scars all over her arms, and disciplinary codes, and Amaryth was still kept most of a secret. She despised the Royal Guard more and more in her years of training, and bided her time wisely, configuring a plan to get free. Once the time of her graduation came, she was to prove her self by fighting a rare fearsome beast. When the beast was revealed, Amaryth recognized him immediately as the shiny Druddigon from the forge. However, something was different about him. When he came out, he was fierce and angry, almost as if something in him was torn. She recognized what was wrong with him, and the way his scales covered scars on his arms and tail, even his wings, she knew; it was terrible abusive treatment. She was surprised they found him in the forge at all, and prayed her special armor wasn't found.

The Druddigon attacked her wildly, and Amaryth did her best to not harm her one and only friend. The Druddigon would not stop failing his claws wildly at her however, so she had no choice but to raise her sword and strike from above. The crowd went silent for moment, as did everything else. Amaryth lifted her helm and looked at the Druddigon in the eyes, knowing that swinging her blade at the ground and faking the assault would be enough to make him stop for a moment. The dragon recognized the face of the female craftsmith, and his previous self slowly returned. As the guards approached her,wondering what was going on, Amaryth stood to oppose them in the defense of her friend. Immediately, the Druddigon took Amaryth on his back and fled the grounds of the castle with haste, managing to escape through the special tunnels that were shown to them by the forge and with her special armor in hand. The pursuing guards found the uniform left behind by Amaryth, and thus dubbed her crime desertion.

From then on, the Magna Deserter was born.

A few months after leaving Magnasanti, Amaryth and her Druddigon, of who she called October, wander the lands alone, with no map, and not much of a plan. The only thing they are focused on is finding the mythical machines said to slumber under Saffron, and relieve Magnasanti of it's terrible political ways, be it with the machines, or by the ways of the Magna Deserter.

Pokemon: October, [shiny] Druddigon
Other: Amaryth can summon October with a special pipe when she's in danger and needs help. She can also read a bit of micro expressions, is very good at climbing because of the intense training.

06-22-2011, 01:08 PM
Name: Nerezza Rinato
Gender: Female
Team: Team VILE
Class: Mage, able to access human's and Pokemon's minds and view their memories, making her able to understand them completely. Can also shield her own mind from other mages with similar abilities.
Description: Shoulder length black hair and gray eye (one is missing). About 5'6" tall and emaciated. The left side of her face is scarred and burned from a fire she was in. Wears cloak to cover the burns on her arm, left side, and leg. The cloak has a hood that, with her hair, covers the burns on her face.
History: Nerezza was born into an upper class family in Mancia. Her father was the head of one of the old families and her mother was a servant girl that worked in their house. However, her father's wife claimed to be the mother so as not to bring dishonor on their family, though Nerezza was always reminded that she was not her stepmother's true daughter. Her stepmother was killed in an accident at a Pokemon battling stadium and her father hung himself soon after. Because her stepmother could produce no children of her own, Nerezza was the sole heir of the family's fortune and of their only Pokemon, a Skarmory. Nerezza had never been allowed to play with other children as a child and formed a close bond with the Skarmory, named Rae, and began to train him. She became quite successful at battling and added a great deal to her fortune, before she was in an accident while battling a Charizard. One of its bursts of flames completely missed Rae and hit her, permanently disfiguring her. She is now afraid of fire and fire Pokemon and avoids battling altogether. Rae, however, misses battling, and wishes she would battle again. Her entire life, Nerezza constantly heard voices in the back of her head, telling her to do terrible things. However, they were only whispers and she found she could ignore them. She never dared tell either of her parents, fearing that her stepmother would want to abandon her. After her accident, when she was exposed to the magic of the Charizard's fire attack, the voices became louder and she found that she could reach into other people's minds. Her ability frightens her and she is afraid of using it malevolently. She constantly fights herself and the voices in her head to try to remain good. Nerezza would be happy to hide in her family's mansion for the rest of her days, but recently, her neighbors have been noticing something odd about her. Soon she'll have to move on....
Pokemon: Skarmory (Name: Rae)

You need to expand your description and history a bit more, look at CloudofNine's SU for a good idea of what is expected. Also, please paragraph, no one wants to read huge blocks of text.

06-22-2011, 09:08 PM
Riiiight, sorry I'm new at this. I'll edit it.

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Finished my sign-up ^^

Hopefully, I'm not the only one for Elemental :x

06-23-2011, 03:54 PM
Ok guys, I just realized I didn't include a personality section in the SU (I honestly have no idea how it took me this long to notice). So while CloudofNines does not have to add that part in since he's already accepted, everyone else has to include a personality description in their SUs. Sorry!

06-26-2011, 12:01 AM
Name: Belcarth
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Team: The Cullen
Class: Mage - Think of a mix between a druid and an Aura Guardian. He has the ability to sense, understand and 'hear' the presence of both plants and animals. Because of his bond to Jayde, his Lucario, he is able to sense and manipulate aura the same way as Lucario, and the mix between the two is that he can sense and use the aura of others, in order to heal himself, to channel power for healing others, or in rare cases weaken others. By forcefully manipulating someone else's aura, he can weaken them, while he himself is a sitting duck as all his focus goes into upholding this bond, as the person who is gettign weakened would try to ward of his mind. Sensing the aura of others, he can 'hear' the basic feelings that area on the surface, such as happiness, sorrow or anger, but not read the actual thoughts of the person. Belcarth and Lucario can speak telepathically, but only with each other(or pokemon/humans who also posess the ability to use telepathy, such as Lapras), as they have spent years together, and practiced every day. Any form of manipulation drains him of power, varying amounts depending on what he does.

Description: He stands almost 6 feet tall, with fairly long black hair. His eyes are of a deep blue color, comparable to that of the ocean. His skin is light but not pale, although his face sometimes have a red overtone due to his work as a blacksmith. Save for a cut along the side of his neck, he has no visible scars, although his hands show signs of the many hours spent by the forge and the anvil, processing and shaping the hot pieces of metal into their desired forms. The same work has subsequently hardened his body, and while he is quite strong, it does not show quite as well as one could expect.

When not in his smithy, he usually wears a leather outfit, not quite as sturdy as a piece of leather armor, but still better for protection than regular clothes. Over this outfit he wears something that looks like a mix of a long coat and a hooded robe. It's made of a light yet durable fabric, and is dark in color. This too is not for protection, but rather privacy. While wearing this coat, people will not be able to see what he carries under it, and with the hood on, he is quite adept at hiding in the shadows.

When he is armed, which more or less is every time he leaves his home, he wears a slightly curved sword on his back, looking very similar to a katana, with the blade diagonally positioned, and the handle right above his left shoulder. This is usually the only visible weapon, but under the coat he has more knives and other 'tools' hidden than any given knight, rogue or assassin. These are the tools of his trade when he is not working as a blacksmith. And should you ever be unfortunate enough to go up against him, you would do best in reevaluating the situation before acting. Belcarth is of the firm belief that 'if anything has a size and wight at least that of a coin, then it can be thrown; if something can be thrown it can cause damage'. So far that belief has never been challenged.

Personality: Because of the events of the past, Belcarth is now a very cautious man, weary of whom to trust, and always prepared to defend himself. Because of this mentality, his appearance and mood frightens many, even those who have nothing to fear from him. And the only ones who see him in any other state of mind is his companion, Jayde, as well as the brothers and sisters of the creed. While he don't trust anyone but Jayde, he is at least not as tense around the brotherhood, because he knows that they all serve a common master, Justice...

History: Belcarth's life began a cold winter in Itum, City of Progress. He never knew his mother, for she had died shortly after giving birth to him, but that only strengthened the bond between father and son. His father was a blacksmith, and actually quite successful at what he did. Due to their home, and the smithy, being located on the north-western outskirts of town, a lot of traders who were buying the iron ore in the mountains passed by their home on their way to the city, where they would sell it and make a profit. It didn't take long before several traders who regularly traveled that route became aquainted with Belcarth's father. As the years passed by, more and more of the traders would stop by to share a meal or drink with the inhabitants of the house, and each time they visited, they discussed business. It became a tradition that the traders would separate the better quality ores from the beginning, and for a fair price they sold it to the blacksmith who had shown them such hospitality every time they visited. And with better quality ores, his wares were far better than that of his competition within Itum.

As was tradition, Belcarth bagan working with his father at the age of 10. Simple tasks at first, but gradually he was given more and more responsibility. By the time he was 14, he was given his first proper assignment. He was to work through the entire process himself, from taking the customers order, chosing the raw materials, and actually making it from beginning to end, then sell it. And no idea did he have that this one simple task would shape his life for several years to come.

It was a late afternoon in the beginning of the summer. And the task was a simple knife. A Knight of the Red Circle had broken his, and needed to replace it.
"I'm looking for the blacksmith", the knight said, as he entered the room and looked at Belcarth's father.
"That would be me", was the reply. "What do you need?"
"My knife", the knight held up a knife, with the blade broken.
"A knife, eh? Well, that's simple enough. Would you mind talking to my son? It's about time he get his own assignments."
"I suppose that could work", the knight said and looked at Belcarth. "Are you any good at what you do kid?"
"I've been working here for 4 years, sir. Although I have never done anything on my own, not for a customer that is." Belcarth said, not quite prepared for the question.
"What do you think, can you fix this?" The knight held up the broken knife again.
"Well, that depends on how you use it." Belcarth said, while examining the knife.
"What do you mean, it's a knife, I use it like a knife." The knight said, slightly annoyed, slightly confused.
"Depending on how the knife it is used, it put's strain on the blade in different ways. Do you use it for cutting, slicing, stabbing?" Belcarth said, realizing that he might not want to know the answer to that.
"Throwing." The knight answered. "Can you fix it?"
"If it is for throwing, I would suggest reforging the blade from scratch, since I assume that balance is of importance?"
"Yeah, how it should be balanced depends on the user, but I prefer the wheight to be in the handle. How long would it take?"
"Come back the day after tomorrow, and it should be done." Belcarth said as he took the two parts of the knife.
Said and done, the knight came back, and the knife was finished.
"Show me how it works", Belcarth said. "Throwing the knife I mean."
"Now, why would I do that?" The knight said, looking at a very serious face of a 14 year old boy.
"To see if it will stay in once piece for one, and to see if the balance is ok."
"Very well, let's go outside then, it's not very safe to throw things around inside."
Once outside, the knight took out the knife, and explained that to throw the knife properly, one holds the lighter part of it, in this case the tip of the blade, then you throw it in such a way that the knife starts spinning, and what you want to do is adjust the speed and strength of the throw so that the blade is pointing in the direction of your target at the moment of impact. He then threw it at a nearby tree, and it sunk into the bark by almost an inch. Belcarth walked over to the tree, pulled it out, and examined it. The blade seemed to be intact, and he walked back to the knight.
"Can I try?" The boy asked.
"Go ahead, don't feel bad if you don't succeed though, it takes a lot of practice to make it work the way you want it."
Belcarth nodded and looked at the tree, then hi changed his grip of the knife, holding it atthe tip of the blade, and threw it. It didn't end up exactly where he wanted it, but rather below, and a little to the right of the mark left by the knife the last time. Without a word, he walked back to the tree, pulled out the knife, wiped of the blade, and handed it to the knight.
"You sure you haven't done this before?" The knight asked as he took the knife at put it in his belt where it used to be.
"Never, but it's not so difficult to understand. It's all about balance. If the balance in the knife is off, the throw isn't going to end up where you want it, right?"
"That all depends on how well the thrower can adapt, a skilled knifethrower can adapt his throw according to the imbalance of the knife.

From that day onwards, Imos, for that was the knight's name, was a regular visitor at the smithy, and as Belcarth honed his skill as a smith under his father, so he honed his skills in the art of war under Imos. And as the name of the smithy became more famous, Imos was not the only knight who came looking for their services. As Belcarth had yet to specialize in any specific area of smithing, and his father had rarely dealt with weapons, it came to be that Belcarth handled most of the knights and their requests, and in the process learned the various ways that blades could be shaped, balanced and used. And shortly, an extension to the main building was built, where Belcarth's own smithy would be located.

While the building was being constructed however, Belcarth had started to feel a bit strange, for some reason he had an unusual urge to wander around in the forest. And during some of the busiest moments of the construction, when it was impossible to get any work done, he could spend hours doing so. Eventually he began to hear things. Not voices, yet not unorganized sounds. It took him a while to figure it out, but as he spent more time in the forest, he noticed that what he heard was stronger among the trees of the forest. And that it could be nothing other than the forest itself. Then the other voice began...

As days became weeks, weeks became months, and months became years, his skills as a weaponsmith was increasing at a rapid speed and his training sessions with Imos tilted from a major disadvantage to equal, even gaining the upper hand on a few occasions. His understanding of the forest, down to the smallest of plants was amplified, and his battles to keep the lid on the other voice was growing more and more violent. And never did he tell anyone of this power of his, even though he very well understood what it was...Magic had been awaken inside him, and the dead gods were calling out to him, reaching for his power, trying to corrupt his mind.

Then, one day, early in the summer after his 16th birthday, rumors had been spreading in town. Rumors of uncontrolled magic being on the loose. To others, he seemed as concerned as any other citizen fearing for their wellbeing, but little did they know that he feared he was the source of these rumors. At training sessions with Imos he tried to ask about the rumors, but the knight was confident that it was just that, rumors, ad nothing to be afraid of. Belcarth did however never leave the smithy without the sword that he had made a few months back, and a small collection of knives hidden here and there. His father didn't like it, but he didn't care. He wanted to be able to defend himself should someone figure out who was the source of the rumored magic. To avoid contact with people, he spent most of his free time in the forest, seeking the calming effect of the forest that he had come to depend on. This calming effect that he sought was probably what saved his life.

After an unusually long walk through the forest, Belcarth arrived back late at his house, and what he saw that day would haunt him for the rest of his life. His father was lying on the floor of the smithy, his body lifeless with a knife stuck in his body. Belcarth instinctively drew his sword, and turned around to see if someone else was present. None else seemed to be in the room though, and as he looked out through the window, he saw a group of people disappearing towards the city, and the sight sent chills down his spine. The banner which was visible amoung the people was none other than that if Imos' banner. Quickly turning back towards his father, Belcarth pulled out the knife to look at it, but a glance was enough to shock him enough to drop the knife. This was the very knife he had reforged two years ago, and left little doubt as to who was responsible. As shock was replaced by anger, the 'other' voices multiplied in strength, and he suddenly felt the urge to chase after the one who had betrayed him. Halfway through the door however, his mind was clear long enough for him to remember who the voices belonged to, and he once again began to fight them. After struggling to get back the control of his own body, he let the anger be replaced with sadness, and a feeling of emptiness. His mother he had never known, the man whom he had trusted had betrayed him, and lifeless on the floor lied the last shred of family he had left.

Unsure of how long he had been sitting there on the floor, he realized that they could very well come back at any time. As he thought things over in his head, he reasoned that he could not linger any longer than absolutely necessary. He put his sword back into it's position, he picked up the knife that had been the means of betrayal, and promised himself that one day he would return it to it's rightful owner, in a manner similar to how it had been left behind. He then packed as much food as he could bring with him, along with some of the tools of his trade. He then moved his father out of the smithy, and to the house where the two of them had lived, and lit a torch. He circled around the house, setting the roof ablaze, before throwing it inside the house. With the bag on his back, and a burning building in front of him, he said a short prayer, directed at the spirit of the Lifemaker, asking for guidance on his father's behalf. He then turned around, and headed for the forest, and to the Iron Mountains.

For over a week he had been walking. The distance to the forest had not been very long, and the walk through the forest had not taken much more than a couple of hours. Then came the mountains...The Iron Mountains were relatively small at the place where he currently was, but the terrain was still quite hard to maneuver, and all the walking up and down increased the walking distance quite a lot. Almost out of food and water, he made it to the other side, but he had been completely exhausted in the process. Sitting down near a small lake he fall asleep, only to be woken up by someone standing over him. Half surpriesd, half scared, Belcarth jumped up, put his hand on the sword and turned to look at the creature standing in front of him, a Lucario. Seeming just as startled by the quick movement as Belcarth had been startled by someone standing over him, Belcarth slowly let go of the handle, tried to communicate with Lucario. While it seemed to understand what he said, it seemed to be nervous, and just stood there watching Belcarth as though it was the first human that the Lucario had ever seen, which was probably very likely considering where they were. After it had been looking at him for a while, it closed it's eyes, and to Belcarth's surprise he heard something that was similar to the voice of the forest, but somehow seemed to be more alive, or active was perhaps a better word. As the Lucario opend the eyes, the feeling faded, though not completely. And the look Belcarth received showed just as much surprise that he had just experienced. Slowly he realized that the new presence must have been the Lucario, and thus his first connection with something other than nature was born. Whatever the Lucario had done, it seemed to be enough to make it trust Belcarth. Again he felt the presence in his mind, and while the voice wasn't words, it was more like feelings and impressions that were transmitted. While it wasn't crystal clear, the basics were understandable. The Lucario, who apparently was female, lived in a cave nearby, and she were asking Belcarth to follow her, and so he did.

For over a year he lived in that cave, his bond with the Lucario growing, his understanding of the forest, and now also the creatures that inhabited it, was growing, and he rarely had to speak to the Lucario any more. She had learned to comunicate in words as well as images, and she was facinated with Belcarth's ability to understand the forest. Another year passed, and the boundries between their minds were becoming more and more blurred. The Lucario, who had always been able to distinguish between individiuals by their aura, could now distinguish between diferent species of trees and plants, and eventually even between two trees of the same kind. They were not individuals of the kind that one would see among humans, animals or pokemon, but they were different nonetheless. In reverse, Belcarth had started to develop an ability to see the aura of others, not only hear them as faint voices. As they realized that their powers were intermingled, Lucario started to train Belcarth in the manipulation of aura, and to Belcarth's amazement, he found that he could manipulate the energy of nearby trees and animals and not just himself. Over the course of this mutual training, Belcarth noticed that the eyes which had once been red, was now a dark green color. And her aura shifted to green as well.

Pokemon: Jayde(Lucario), Female - Eyes are a darker green color, compared to the regular red color, hence the name. The color of Jayde's aura, and aura abilities, are also more to the green rather than the blue which is seen in the show, movie, games. This green is a reflection of the strong bond to nature that Belcarth has, and thus shares with Jayde.

Other: If the powers described, or the changes made to Jayde aren't allowed, tell me and I will change it. I have tried to balance it though.

06-26-2011, 01:33 AM
Please separate them, makes reading easier.

06-26-2011, 04:06 AM
Okay, then, I added the personality section. Um... I hope it's okay now ^^'

Charizard Michelle
06-26-2011, 07:52 AM
Name: Mary Advent
Age: Undetermine
Gender: Female (Appearance)
Team: Armada
Class: Ship
Description: Base Appearance (http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=607230)

Mary doesn't necessary needs clothing but in order to blend in with the people of the word she wears a tight black jacket that has pink cherry blossoms on it and blue gloves. The jacket is long enough to cover mostly her legs thus making it look like a dress. A compact tool belt is wrapped around her waist that she uses to repair herself if needed. On her back are cords that can come out of her back that would allow her to connect to the Gurren.

Mary can levitate but it takes up a lot of her power so instead she can form 'feet' to allow her to walk from place to place if needed. A pair of blasters could be seen on her side long with a katana.

Personality: Mary is mostly a quiet person until something catches her attention. She likes to thinks about things due to her past which leads people to think she is very knowledgeable. Due to the passage time though it actually made Mary slow as she believes she needs to spend as much time as she needs to figure out the whole situation.

Mary also have a thing for cute things. The long jacket she has was the first thing that she got when she was about to locate a body.

History: Mary began her life in the slums of the world back when war was running with fury. The memories of the World War and the peacemaker are blurry due to how long ago it was but Mary knew that eventually she joined the air force of the Peacemaker.

Mary remember that when she was younger that she wanted to be part of the movement that would end the war but didn't want to do it alone. She decided that it would be best to become part of the Peacemaker's air force. She moved to Infinite Harbor as a volunteer to become part of the maintenance crew for the large ships. Mary ended up being on a crew of a medium floating ship called the Gurren. It wasn't one of the impressive huge ships but it would do. Each member of the crew worked hard to make sure it was ready for battle and Mary soon joined. Everybody on the crew acted as one mind and body. May it be in battle or during times of rest. Eventually Mary rose up the ranks to become an engineer for the ship and knew it inside and out. She knew how to engine worked and even figure out how to man the guns.

Then it happen. The Gurren and it's crew found itself in a battle that they couldn't win. Her crew was becoming smaller as the battle raged and the armada that the Gurren came with was following suit. The crew didn't want to retreat though since they all believed victory was close. The battle was slowly becoming one of honor due to the fact the air force was at the moment seeing bouts of traitors from within.

It was then that a mage suggested that they bound their souls with the ship. The problem was that they needed a 'healthy' soul that wasn't close to dying. Nobody wanted to take up the task and the battle was still raging. Everybody saw that this could give them an edge in the battle and help maintain the ship for many years to come. Eventually Mary stood up and volunteer. She didn't want to see the ship she called home be destroyed and as a head engineer she did knew the ship inside and out. That was the last of Mary's flesh and blood life as her soul along with the recently dead's were bounded into the ship.

With Mary as the 'core' of the ship, the Gurren saw victory. The Gurren kept going and Mary made sure to keep running. The crew worked even harder to make sure she was well taken care of but eventually they began to pass away. It would have seen that battle was keeping them alive but the time of peace was making them each go one by one. The fact that her comrades were dying sadden Mary and then the fact that she was limited to so few places made her feel restricted. The place that she once consider a haven of happiness was now a prison of despair.

It was then that Mary came up with an idea. If it was possible for her to inhabit a ship then she maybe able to inhabit other things such as a body. Not just any kind of body, a mechanical body. Mary soon travel as far as she could for the parts that she may need. During her travels she met other 'ghost ships' and joined the Amanda which acted as a support group in sorts. Eventually she got all that she needed and used her 'ghost ship' powers to create her body. The body was the best she could do but was happy to say that it looked human. Then Mary began to procedure to the best of her abilities with the help of mage that she employed to transfer most of her soul into the new body.

Mary found the whole thing amazing. Most of her soul was in the mechanical body that had a bit of Ichor to help fuel the body. The rest was within her ship body, the Gurren. She could feel as if she was in both places as if the Gurren was an extension of her body. Still in order for her to have full control of the Gurren she would have to connect with the Gurren. Her new body had connects that will make Mary literally 'one'. Mary would have full control of the weapons system, something that she couldn't if not connected.

Mary now wanders as much as she can in her new body with her ship. She finds happiness in a way since she can even maintain the ship with her own hands. Still she can't help shake off that things feel off and hoping that traveling will help.

Pokemon: Lucario

Other: Has some control of fire magic but that takes up more of her fuel that Mary doesn't want to waste.

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2011, 08:15 AM
I ish done Kya.

06-26-2011, 02:05 PM
Continuation of history, see here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3306964&postcount=12) for the rest of the SU as well as the first part of the history.
Three years after he had fled from his home, he once again met humans. Although he didn't see them at first, it was merely a presence in the forest that he was not acustom to. As he warned the Lucario, he ran back to the cave, and for the first time since leaving his home, he armed himself to the teeth. Aside from the sword on his back, he had a multitude of knives that he put in his belt, and various other parts of his clothes that were easily acessible. Then they came. A group of three knights were walking through the forest, and even without his abilities Belcarth would have heard them long before they could hear him, or they could see one another. And when they finally came close enough to be seen, images of his burning house surfaced. The knight leading the group was none other than Imos, the one who had murdered Belcarth's father in cold blood. Angered, and almost unable to keep the now resurfacing voices of the dead gods under control, he shouted at his enemy. "Imos! Prepare to pay for your treachery!" At once all three of them turned around, swords unsheathed, and the look of surprise in the eyes if Imos was almost genuine. "You? All these years we have been searching for you? I always figured your father protected someone, but he wouldn't give us a name..."
"My father didn't know, and now you shall pay for your crimes..." At the last word he pulled ou tthe knife he had collected from his dead father's body. "Recognize this?"
Imos reacted in an instant, he reached for a knife, and threw it at Belcarth, seemingly aiming at the head. Thankfully Belcarth were located at a slightly elevated position, and as he quickly rolled to the side, he felt a sting on the side of his neck. The knife had grazed him, but he had been the one to win this fight. In one movement he had rolled to the side, turned towards his foe, and sent the knife towards his target. While it didn't hit where he wanted it, he had managed to lodge it into the shoulder of his adversary. The remaining two knights, neither of them much older than Belcarth, looked in fear first at their leader, who had fallen to the ground, then at the one who had put him there, standing with a knife in each hand, and a look that could kill. Without hesitation, they picked up their fallen leader and ran in the opposite direction. With his mind focused on following their movements, to ensure no tricks were being played on him, he ran back to the cave, and started to clean of the wound. It wasn't deep, and it wasn't bleeding much, but had Belcarth been any slower, he would not have left that hill alive. The Lucario, who had arrived back at the cave moments before him, had a worried expression on her face. "We must leave, don't we?" she said, although not out loud. He noticed that she had tears in her eyes.
"I have to leave, they must have found a way to sense my location." He answered, as he finished taking care of his wound.
"And I shall come with you. I will not leave you nor stay behind if you are in danger." Her eyes seemed to glow with a determination he had never seen before.
"In that case", he began, knowing that there was no point i narguing with her, "You need a name."
"A name?" She asked.
"My name is Belcarth, although we have rarely had a need for names as it has just been the two of us."
"Why do I need a name? I won't talk to others, and they would do good in not trying talk to me."
"Because we, or I anyways, will have to talk to others without my mind, and to you as well if we are among other humans." He looked into the jade-colored eyes. "What about Jayde?"
"Jayde? What is that?"
"There is a green mineral called jade, certian shades of it matches your eyes."
"Jayde it is then, if I must have one."
They packed what they could carry, and the following morning they started walking due west, away from Itum, away from the Iron Mountains, and away from home...again.

As they traveled west, they encountered numerous people, and visited a number of villages. Here and there Belcarth hear rumors of vigilantes, while vigilantes were not uncommon, the fact that there seemed to be a lot of them, scattered across a lot of locations, seemed to be both interesting and dangerous. If there were vigilantes, that meant that those meant to keep the peace were not doing their jobs. As they arrived at the shores of the ocean, they decided to follow the main road to the northwest, and along the way they heard of Parasanti, Soul of the Earth, and it's people. Intrigued, they now had a goal with their traveling, and when they arrived, the rumors of vigilantes were no longer rumors. At times, Belcarth himself had been stopped by various people, with seemingly no authority at all, because they thought he looked shady. These vigilantes were not very organized though, not most at least. After he himself had been forced to stop a mugging that would no doubt have ended in either sides death otherwise, he was approached by a woman, who claimed she was from Parasanti. She told him that should he need a place to stay while in Parasanti, or help of any kind, he should talk to a man who ran a small shop in Parasanti. After giving him an explanation of the location, she gave him her name and a strange phrase, then she left.

Once in Parasanti, Belcarth coudn't prevent his curiosity from getting the upper hand, and he decided to look for the shop that the woman had mentioned. And at the outskirts of town he found it. The shop owner was a relatively old man, who seemed to be very facinated with books and written scrolls. The whole shop was full of it, and the subjects seemed to vary from fictional tales, to the history of the city-states, and there even seemed to be some religious texts of various kinds. As he approached the man, he told him the phrase, and said it was from the woman. The old man went from carefully examining the cover of a book, to reaching for a sword, or rather reaching for the belt where a sword could have been placed. Seeing this, Belcarth did the same, although when he realized that there was no sword, he slowly let go of the handle.
"Who do you think you are?" The old man said, more than a little nervous.
"I am not an enemy, unless you decide to try that again with a real sword."
"How do you know The Creed?"
"The Creed?" Belcarth asked, not quite sure what he had gotten himself into.
"The rules by which we live, the phrase you just told me."
"I told you, a woman said I should go to this place if I needed help, or a place to stay." He then told him about the whole incident of the mugging in progress he had witnessed, and how the woman had approached him afterwards...
This is how Belcarth encountered The Cullen. And after meeting someone who appeared to be higher up than the old shop keeper, he went through a small ceremony, where he promised to live by the Creed, was told that from now on, should he ever need help, he should find someone of the brotherhood.

After staying with The Cullen for a while, he decided it was time to move on. He was still not sure if they had some way of tracking him, and therefore he had to get some place safe, and from what he had heard, Venefinia was the safest place for someone with powers, although safe was not a word that Belcarth thought he would ever get to know the true meaning of. Once in Venefinia, Belcarth found a blacksmith through the help of The Cullen, and soon he began working under a man who wasn't old, although his better years were clearly in the past. And here he has stayed until now, a blacksmith and a peacekeeper, waiting for the day he would get revenge against his enemy.

There, my SU is done, hopefully. I hope you don't mind the long history...But I somehow always end up reaching the character limit when I write the history(yes I know it's 20.000 characters, but last time I signed up for a RP I managed the exact same thing).

Oh well, now I just have to wait and see if it's accepted, and read all the other sign-ups of course.

06-26-2011, 04:50 PM
I updated mine. *crosses fingers*

06-26-2011, 10:54 PM
Charmander009, you did not list your character's powers in the Class section. After you have done so, you will be accepted.

Alaskapidove, your SU is accepted.

Saraibre Ryu, your SU is accepted.

Kamikaze, your SU is accepted, but a few things: First, you should always space between lines of dialogue as if each were its own paragraph (because if you are writing correctly, each line of dialogue IS its own paragraph). Second, it is usually unnecessary to include so much dialogue in a character history. Other RPers may feel different, but I think that SUs should be focused on concise summaries; this is what other RPers read to get an idea of what your character is like, and having to read so much can be tiring. There is certainly nothing wrong with a long history, but you should really try to summarize as much as possible.

Charizard Michelle, your SU is accepted. Misspelling of our team name asides.

06-27-2011, 12:04 AM
Name: Niusha (Ne-u-sha) Marazina (Mara-isi-na)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Team: Pokémon Elemental
Class: Mage-Can levitate light things (a feather, a book, piece of paper, etc.) with simply her mind, and for heavier things, she simply needs to concentrate on the item and raise her arms (Doesn’t work with really heavy items such as a car, a tree, etc.)
Description: Niusha stands at about 5’05” tall. She has aqua blue eyes, an eye color which almost everyone seems to want these days. She has long, chocolate brown hair despite her light skin. She always has a necklace with a blue teardrop-shaped pendant around her neck.
Main (http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j151/TheatreRat49/brownhairtrees.png)
Hair (http://halfbloodslife3.webs.com/Leila.jpg)
Pendant (http://www.boutiqueoffbroadway.com/images/IMG_0498_sm.jpg)
Personality: Niusha is quite sensitive about things, but isn’t overdramatic. Sure, she can be a bit overdramatic at times, but not normally. She is a mixed personality, being quite rude when anyone asks her a question about her parents or anything. When she is alone, she is emotionless unless something big just happened. She dislikes people talking about parents around her, and hates it when people call her Nia, although that was her nickname in first grade.

Before she moved, she was almost always happy. She was friendlier, more willing to laugh at anything, and didn’t care what people talked about or called her. She had many more friends before she moved, whereas most everyone is scared of her or just plain out hate her.
History: Before she moved, Niusha and her family lived in Saffron. Her mother was a scientist and her father worked at a small shop in the city. There were three floors to her house when she grew up. The first floor was her father’s shop, the second floor was the main house, and the third floor was her mother’s lab. Her mother’s lab, however, was basically the attic, because they had no use for it.

When Niusha was young, her mother didn’t have a job as a scientist, and the attic was used as a storage place. In her free time, Niusha would sleep, as most small children.

Once she was five years old, she started school, and hated it. Her teacher disliked her and gave her detention for almost anything she said. She skipped school the second day and told her parents. Her parents were enraged. Her mother called the teacher and yelled at her about how she was mistreating Niusha. When the teacher didn’t listen, Niusha’s mother stopped dropping her off at school and found a new school to put Niusha in.

The new school was much better. The teachers were all nice, and the students were quite friendly. She went to school here and had a perfect life there until the day that it became even more perfect.

In fifth grade, she had a teacher who gave out free candy if the students were nice, and the students were as sweet as sugar in this class, so they got candy a lot. She met and instantly fell in love with a young boy named Drako. He was a person one would call a “bad boy” due to him having gotten kicked out of twelve other schools in Aria. She didn’t know that she liked him at first, but soon noticed it.

She ended up becoming friends with him, yet most of her friends said she would regret it if she said no to him or anything such as that. She simply ignored them.


Later in life, when she was about 17, she admitted to Drako that she liked him. He apparently got to liking her, too. She hardly believed it, but it was true. She ended up hanging out with him more often, not trying to make anyone think they were dating until the one day he asked her if she would like to go on a date. She said yes, apparently, and the two had the date in a small meadow just outside Saffron.

But sadly, all relationships have something to break them apart. Niusha soon learned that her parents were moving to Parasanti for a few years. Niusha, nor Drako, were the normal age to live without their parents. Niusha asked her parents to stay, but each time they said no. She soon stopped asking them and asked Drako if he could get his parents to move there, too. His parents said no.

The day Niusha left for Parasanti was a sad day. It wouldn’t stop raining, and Drako didn’t want to say goodbye to her. He gave her a gift when she was about to leave, an Umbreon and a teardrop necklace. She swore to take good care of the Umbreon from then on.

When they were just outside of the city, they saw a small place that seemed to be teaching mages. Secretly, Niusha knew she was a mage. She told her parents to let her be here, and they did.

From that day on, Niusha has been living outside of Parasanti, teaching students how to unlock their inner life magic.
Male Umbreon (*Shiny*)
Shadowfang has blood red eyes and blue rings. He has blue toes, too, and an odd light blue teardrop in between his eyes. The teardrop is the same color as Niusha’s pendant.

I hope this is good ^^

06-27-2011, 12:29 AM
Kamikaze, your SU is accepted, but a few things: First, you should always space between lines of dialogue as if each were its own paragraph (because if you are writing correctly, each line of dialogue IS its own paragraph). Second, it is usually unnecessary to include so much dialogue in a character history. Other RPers may feel different, but I think that SUs should be focused on concise summaries; this is what other RPers read to get an idea of what your character is like, and having to read so much can be tiring. There is certainly nothing wrong with a long history, but you should really try to summarize as much as possible.

Well, depending on whether you are referring to all dialogue in the history, or only the sections where each line wasn't on a separate line(to clarify, the dialogues where each quote didn't start on a new row). Normally, each character get's it's own color, and by using colors, and in some cases other means of formatting, such as italic(mainly for unspoken words, such as telepathy or inner thoughts that you don't say out loud). having a blank row between each line seems very strange though, unless it regularly becomes long enough not to fit on one line. Especially if you use colors, as that would help the reader to keep it apart.

I know that dialogues and (unnecessary) details should be, if not avoided, kept to a minimum in the history section, but when I write the background, I have a lot of the scenes playing in my head, and while it may not show at all parts of the history, I have tried to limit myself as far as details go. The main issue is that I somehow want others to understand how the different situations took place from my point of view, without turning each part of the story into a post in itself...The dialogue between Imos and Belcarth were there to illustrate their first contact, as well as the beginning of his training. The second dialogue, albeit a short one, was a way to partly explain the scar on the side of his neck, and partly to illustrate Imos corruption, or if you look at it from his angle, his determination to rid the land of unauthorized mages.

The more I think about it now, the more convinced I am that I should rewrite it in a more summarized manner. I still have the current version saved, so I woudn't loose any of the details for myself, which I guess is the important part.(I imagine it could get quite 'interesting' quite fast if one started to forget what the character done and haven't done in the past.)

And now I would like to ask a question, when does the RP start? If I didn't read things all wrong, the first week starts tomorrow(or technically today, as it is past midnight here). However, I have seen posts about postponing it a week, and I've seen counter-posts saying no to postponing. Basically, when do we start, if there is a date set?


PS. Any potential further discussion should probably continue either in the DS thread or via PM, as not to clutter up the SU thread with things unrelated to the actual SUs(mine being already accepted, any further discussion is not directly related to the SU).

06-27-2011, 01:18 PM
Moonkit, your SU is accepted.

SCX, Mancia no longer has slaves. Otherwise, your SU is fine.

06-27-2011, 04:20 PM
Fixed. Lawl.
Sorry about that.
It took me a week to understand everything. @_@

06-27-2011, 07:42 PM
Name:Sovereign, aka Edorath Ameil
Age: Undeterminate
Gender: Male
Team: The Armada
Class: Ship
Poorly drawn sketch here (http://i53.tinypic.com/14nlbf7.png)

Sovereign is an enormous, triangular-shaped battleship. The central body of the vessel is a thin, vertical wedge, on which the primary guns and operation structures are located. Two small winglets are mounted on the sides of the bow, each of which contains an anti-aircraft battery on the upper and lower sides. On the latter half of the ship, two enormous wing-like structures branch out from the main body, although they are far thicker than a wing would be and do not serve such a purpose. The “wings” contain the intake vents for Sovereign’s engines on the forward sides as well as altitude adjustment ports for the engine. Anti-aircraft and medium-range guns are mounted on the wings. In the area between the wings on the main wedge are the operations structures, a group of rectangular buildings rising from the body of the battleship to peak at a pair of towers, the forward one being the main bridge while the aft tower is tipped with sensors and communication arrays. The primary exhaust ports are located on the back of the main body, along with a series of vents that direct the exhaust. Sovereign possesses a total of 5 main turrets, each with three individual guns: two on the upper bow, one on the upper stern, and two on the underside, one facing towards the bow and one facing aft.

Sovereign’s hull is dotted with battle scars from the World War and the Black Wave. Although most damage has already been repaired, the quality of the original material used to construct Sovereign was not replicated, meaning that discolorations of Sovereign’s hull are present everywhere. In addition, more oddly-shaped dents and strange, dark-colored scars are scattered across the surface, relics from the monsters of the Wave.

Sovereign’s avatar, the body of the man whom in life was named Edorath Ameil, looks to be an adult male in his mid-thirties. Although he is not particularly thin, his (rather tall) height coupled with a unbrawny build sometimes give the impression of such. Being a possessed, long-dead corpse, it is quite pale. Edorath has short, spikey blonde hair and thin, sharp facial features. His eyes are colored a very light blue. Edorath’s body still wears the admiral’s uniform that he did in life, preserved from the slow decay of time by the same magic that keeps his body intact. The uniform is a black suit, adorned with several silvery medals and medallions that mean things which no one remember, and a voluminous red cloak that drapes over the shoulders and can sometimes cover the entire body, pinned together on Edorath’s chest by a badge in the shape of the Eye of the Lifemaker.

Personality: Sovereign is a calm, collected personality with little innate desire for nonsense. His avatar rarely ever cracks a smile or indeed, shows any emotion at all, always speaking in a deep, sonorous, deadpan monotone. The centuries have not been kind to his mind, wearing down his psyche year by year, his humanity draining out of him with every passing winter. He has long since lost all sense of purpose in the world, and sees himself as only an observer that watches the scurrying of the humans below. His leadership of the Armada is much the same, for the most part allowing all members to do as they will, but helping wherever help is requested.

It was not always so. In life Edorath had been a humorous, light-hearted man, a fact that had never endeared him to his more serious colleagues in the navy but which he had always found humor in. Pranks and jokes were the order of the day, but only a fool would ever have taken him for one, for even in his jokes Edorath’s considerable intellect and strategic mastery shown through. That old kind-hearted and whimsical approach to life, however, is all but gone, although on rare occasions this old personality still shines through.

History: Sovereign was constructed under the name of Rhapsody during the middle of the history of the Lifemaker’s empire. Already then, the first signs of the discontent that would lead to the World War and eventually the Black Wave were showing, although none recognized them as such then. Sovereign was the first ship in its class, utilizing an innovative new hextech Tesla reactor as its power source, which used Ichor in a new way to generate electricity that would power Rhapsody’s systems and it powerful new Arc Engines. However, during a campaign in the northern reaches of the world, Rhapsody was lost in a storm. It was assumed that the Tesla technology was to blame, and so the series was discontinued.

Many years later, Edorath Ameil was born. The Ameil line had long served the Lifemaker, and in its most ancient histories it was said that their ancestor had been the Lifemaker’s companion on his quest to defeat the Nether Gods and bring life back into the world. Perhaps for this reason, the Ameil family had always been devoted to the Lifemaker, and his favor for them showed as well. Like many of his fathers before him, Edorath joined the navy at a young age, working his way up through the ranks. When the cataclysmic assassination of the Lifemaker occurred, however, it came out that members of the Ameil family had been involved in the conspiracy, and Edorath felt personally affronted. His devotion stronger than ever, he leapt into the War’s forefront. Promotions came quickly during the war, as commanding officers were constantly dying.

When the World War erupted, the Lifemaker’s navy found itself needed every single ship it could get its hands on. During this time, Rhapsody was discovered at the bottom of the sea. An expedition was sent out to recover it, and Rhapsody was raised from the ocean floor and towed back to Fort Aer. After a painstaking restoration, the ship was remade, good as new. However, what had been the most powerful battleship of its time no longer could stand toe-to-toe against the ships of the modern day. So, Rhapsody was outfitted with an advanced command-and-control system, renamed Sovereign, and selected as the flagship for the now-Admiral Edorath Ameil.

Then came the disastrous Battle of Nascent Ridge, that great calamity during which traitorous mages within the navy unleashed a half magical, half biological weapon that decimated the crews of the newly-formed Armada. Many ships were lost that day, and it was with only the barest of skeleton crews that Sovereign managed to limp back home to Fort Aer. For a time, it seemed as though the Armada could no longer fight the War. Then came the idea to bond the souls of the crew to their ships. The decision was agonizing for Edorath, but ultimately his devotion to the deceased Lifemaker won out.

The Siege of Morrigu Barro was a quiet time for Sovereign, since the flying ships of the Armada were of little use in an underground battle. But when the Wave began, he found himself in a fight for his life even more dangerous than the World War had been. Eventually though, the Wave too, passed, and the Armada settled in at Fort Aer, many of them never to leave again.


I'd like to start the RP tomorrow, I'm just waiting to see if any more SUs come in.

Sight of the Stars
06-27-2011, 10:16 PM
I have a question. Are we allowed to have two characters? I mean, I believe we are, but I was wanting to make sure. :D

06-27-2011, 10:52 PM

Any further questions to be directed to the Discussion thread.

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Er, I might not have internet for the next few weeks, but this still looked like fun... can I still join in? *sheepish*

Name: Inari Delaavesta
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Team: VILE
Class: Mage – complex fire manipulation, ability to produce fire when needed, and the (almost obligatory) heat resistance. Some unknown, and perhaps inadvertent, ability to summon the sun during overcast weather. Powers increase exponentially in conjunction to emotions, but control is also lost past a certain point.

Description: Inari has violently red-brown hair that she hacks off at around chin length with a knife, so that it doesn’t get in her face. Her eyes are a deep shade of green, piercing and almost always brimming with the kind of fire that condones power. She is surprisingly short, even for her age, barely standing at five feet tall. Inari is lithe and slender, bending like a willow rather than standing like an oak in conflict. There is something in her face that reminds onlookers of a fox, possibly due to the sharpness in her nose or the calculating look in her eyes.

She wears black cargo pants and a dark red shirt, which she often notes as the color of blood, with no other explanation. She has black, fingerless gloves that extend to her elbows, but the fingers look as if they have been forcibly burned off, although the palms seem unharmed, interestingly enough. She has simple, black shoes, good for running in both speed and long distance, and carries a pack over her left shoulder. Few people know what’s inside.

Personality: Like other mages of her kind, Inari spends fits of momentary insanity when she combats the voices in her head, namely one. The voice of the Feral is the one that plagues her the worst, ringing in her mind and urging her to commit terrible deeds so that the two of them may survive.

However, Inari possesses a strangely soft and forgiving heart and a kind demeanor, one that many would find unnerving especially if they knew of her past. She finds it safest to hide all of her emotions in a sheath of either indifference or feigned joy, and she rarely shows any other emotion. Inari, however, must constantly struggle with herself to keep her flaring temper under control, or else bad, bad things will happen. Because of her duality of personality, Inari seems as if she is two minds wrapped in one, with a dark and light side. She fights to keep the light side showing more often than naught, and is often very protective of others who suffer the same way she does, namely mages. Generally, Inari comes across as sarcastic but quiet, often wearing a wry smile and possessing a dry, biting sense of humor. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and even to VILE, and will die fighting for her friends, if given the chance.

Unfortunately for Inari, she was never given that chance.

History: Inari was born in the slums of Mancia to a mother who only wanted a son and a father who left them soon after for an aristocrat woman. She found herself living on her own, often, with only her Vulpix to guard her back in the dangerous back streets of the formerly enslaved city.

Eventually, Inari was plunged into the world of magic when she discovered that her Vulpix was gifted—or cursed, when she thinks about it—with the powers of Ichor, manifesting themselves in an intense burst of fire magic, even more than characteristic for her species. The powers imbued in the Ichor also allowed her Vulpix to converse with her using its extrasensory powers, and may well have done other things, had they had the time to delve into them. She soon developed a deeper link with her Vulpix, and quickly dubbed her “Kitasu”, at the fire-fox’s suggestion. Their bond only grew deeper over time, and Inari found herself naively working to fight the crime as a team, often with Pokémon battles and the like.

By the time she was twelve, Inari and Kitasu had formed a simple vigilante force, although they greatly underestimated the power of the enemies they created. Although Kitasu was a wielder of the Ichor, Inari was not, and she often found herself pretty useless in situations like these, despite her ability to pack a surprising punch.

The meadow was quiet when the two entered, tiny shadows in the cheerful spring greens. Inari’s footsteps barely made an sound in the grass, and neither did those of Kitasu. The girl, probably only fourteen but with an expression that was aged beyond her years, frowned in confusion. Her heart prickled. Something, although she could not place it, was wrong.

<I sense it too,> Kitasu whispered gently in her mind. <There is something out of place here, although I cannot describe it…> Her six tails flicked in indecision. <We have been deceived.>

Inari heard a twig snap behind her and knew what had happened. “Isn’t it obvious?” she asked, looking around the meadow fruitlessly around for an exit. Instead, she was met with a figure cloaked in all black, his eyes glimmering in the darkness. The clenched her fists and glared at him, barely understanding what was going on. She locked her blazing gaze with him and spat, “Ambush.”

The man smiled. “It is better than denial, foolish little girl,” he growled.

Kitasu had already sunk into a low fighting stance, her teeth bared in hatred. Beside her, Inari’s hands clenched into fists. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she hissed.

“It means,” the man said calmly, turning away, “that you have been talking for far too long.” He had the wickedly pointed dagger out of his pocket in an instant, long before Kitasu could release a jet of fire or even prepare herself, and ages before Inari could register it.

<Move!> Kitasu shrieked, running into her and tackling the girl to the ground just as the blade flashed above their heads in a glimmer of silver. Dumbfounded, the girl skidded to the ground, only to watch as Kitasu jerked abruptly in midair, her body flying as if on a string... and the dagger buried itself solidly in her chest.

The man smirked. “Foolish little girl,” he growled, watching as the Vulpix fell to the ground and Inari hoarsely screamed, running over to her and cradling the fox’s limp body. “You’ve interfered with the wrong people.”

He prepared to fire again, but was stopped by a scintillating green shield that appeared around the crouching girl and dying Vulpix, a perfect sphere that seemed to protect them wonderfully. How. Convenient.

Inari didn’t question it. She turned to the limp Vulpix in her arms, gasping as a dangerous flow of blood began oozing from around the ragged wound that the dagger had left. Every instinct Inari had screamed at her to rip the dagger out and fix the wounds, but she knew it would be no use.

<I’m finished,> Kitasu said quietly. <Don't you dare start crying on me...> The fox smiled weakly.

Inari dropped to her knees, cradling to Vulpix’s limp body in her arms. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes as she gently stroked the swirl of fur. “You… no…” she whispered quietly, her words catching in her throat. “You can’t.”

<You can react to the situation later,> Kitasu whispered in her mind. <You can mourn for me later, too. But for now… you have to go. I can’t hold up this shield forever.>

“Kitasu,” she managed to say, the words coming out like lead.

<We had a good run, Inari,> Kitasu whispered quietly. <You learned a lot from me, I think. There’s just one thing left.> She closed her eyes weakly, and a strange blue-green crystal appeared in front of her, pulsing gently as it floated. <It will hurt,> Kitasu said sheepishly, regret in her voice. <But it will also keep you alive in this world.> She paused, thinking wistfully. <My own magic comes from my creator, and I am going to see who that is, soon. But this... this is Ichor. That is the only word I have for it. It is not the source of my powers, but it amplifies them. It will not give you all of the magic that I possess, but it may just keep you alive.>

Inari opened her eyes, blinking. “You’re not going to die, Kitasu. I can save you.”

The Vulpix shook her head weakly. <You cannot. Even with all of the power in the world, we are still not immortal, Inari. Remember that.>


<No,> Kitasu said firmly. <I’m going to die now. That is the way of the world. The cycle of life and death, if you will. But I will live on in you, in the powers that I have given you. Ichor is a rare but abundant thing, beautiful but terrible... do not wield its power without knowledge of where it will take you. I will live on in you, until one day there is a better future and I can see it.>

Inari glanced down at her hands, watching as tiny tendrils of fire wrapped around them and seared off the gloves around her fingers. “I’ll build that future,” she said quietly. “I won’t let you down.”

<Do not walk the road I did,> Kitasu said quietly. <Do not lose yourself. It will consume you, if you are not careful.> She smiled, laying her head down. <Finally, peace…> she whispered quietly.

Before Inari’s shocked eyes, the body of her closest friend glowed a pale blue-green, her vulpine features smudged over in the brilliant light. In Inari’s arms, Kitasu’s body dissolved in a swirl of sparkling stardust, wrapping lazily around the girl’s body before spiraling away, up into the welcoming sapphire sky. The bloodied dagger fell to the ground in front of her hands that were clutching at nothing, a cold reminded of what had just transpired.

The pulsing stone before them buried itself in Inari’s chest, glowing with brilliant light.

And she could only scream.


The flowers had lost their beauty when they were splattered with blood. It was a strangely perfect for the final resting place of a fire whelp and her master. The magic was dead. The man smiled cruelly, lighting a cigarette and surveying the damage. The girl was sobbing over the remains of her pathetic Vulpix, and the protective shield had flickered away. He presumed that the Vulpix, the horrid wielder of Ichor, had died. He smiled grimly, raising another knife. He would make her squirm, he realized with glee. So much trouble such an insignificant girl had caused them; it was the least he could do in return for her arrogance. She had thought that she could stand against them with her puny Vulpix and win. How wrong she was, he realized with a grim smile, stepping quietly closer. She would be helpless. She was unarmed, unprotected, and her Vulpix was dead.

And then it all exploded around him.

The man flew backwards through the air, knife falling from his hand as if it had burned him. Inari slowly stood up and turned around, her eyes glowing with uncharacteristic bloodlust. She wiped a tear away, glaring at the man through blurry vision. Her teeth were clenched in hatred, alongside her fists, and she panted for breath. <Kill him,> the voice whispered in her head. <He has made us suffer.>

The man, abashed, leapt to his feet, his eyes widening in fear. He hurriedly replaced his swagger, trying to remain calm. “You’re fourteen years old,” he said coldly. “Maybe older. You shouldn’t cry, little girl. No one wants you to cry, even if you’re afraid of me. It’s annoying,” he growled to her. “You should know that by now.”

Her voice was calm, deadly, razor sharp. “I’m not afraid of you,” Inari whispered. She paused as the flames forming in a circle around her intensified, cloaking her in a column of billowing red flame. “And I’m not crying.” Her tears evaporated in the heat.

With a vicious shriek, she ran towards him, contorting her fists. Fire sprang to her bidding, great blazing tendrils of it, and lashed out at the man. He froze in fear, his mouth a perfect ‘o’, and then stumbled to run away, finally understanding what had happened.

Inari didn’t even bother pursuing him, her movements whipping into a frenzy as the fire sprang to do her bidding as it once had done for Kitasu. The fire would reach the man, anyways. The grass erupted in flashes of smoke, sending crumbles of ash into the air. Tendrils of fire formed themselves into a blazing maw, down to the jagged teeth that snapped and devoured all.

<He has made us suffer,> the voice repeated in her head. <We shall kill them all.>

She retracted at the sound of the voice, but what it told her was soothing. The voice was primordial, archaic. As Inari whirled around, destroying the meadow in anger and sorrow, she understood what it was. Feral.

<We shall make them all suffer for what they have done to us,> the Feral growled in her mind, its voice impassive and commanding. Inari couldn’t help but agree. They all deserved do die.

Do not lose yourself, Kitasu had told her. It will consume you if you are not careful.

Inari finally understood Kitasu had meant. The flames around her puttered and died out as she fell to her knees, but the destruction was done. The springtime meadow had turned to ash. Kitasu was gone. Inari understood their power, now. It was a fire that blinded, one that consumed and licked at her very soul, one that would destroy her long before the future was perfect enough for Kitasu.

Inari sank to her knees, finally feeling the pain that she had forced back for so long.

The last thing she remembered was drifting in a burning sea of green and red, knowing that Kitasu was gone forever and wishing that the fire’s hatred would consume her faster than a lifetime.


Inari had drifted then, combating the voice(s) in her head that plagued her since Kitasu’s death. She understood that the powers she wielded came at a terrible cost, but she accepted them to complete her revenge. She was torn for years, though, between causing death and pain and succumbing to the Feral or to listening to Kitasu. Oftentimes, Inari tricked herself into believing that the Feral was actually Kitasu, speaking to her – in her head, their voices sounded horridly similar.

Eventually, Inari encountered a group known as VILE – although she did not always agree with their ways, she opted to join them instead so as to get revenge on the men who killed Kitasu, and then to forge a world better than the one in which she lived, so that her Vulpix would live in a better world. She despises and loves VILE at the same time: they are cruel and ruthless, but they do not hate mages, unlike many of the others in Mancia. She regretfully rose up the ranks, intoxicated by the power that the stone gave her but afraid, and now awaits news of the new recruits who are rumored to come soon.

Pokemon: Vulpix (she tried to fill the void that Kitasu left. And failed)

Other: None for now.

06-28-2011, 02:55 AM
Kai-Mei, Pokemon in this RP have nothing to do with Ichor; their version of Death Magic comes from their creator and not as a result of Ichor infusion. In addition, guns in Aria would be considered very advanced ancient technology (most of the world is in a medieval phase, although the beginnings of an Industrial Revolution are emerging in Itum and advanced technology still exists as relics), and common people would not have access to them. Fix these two things and you will be accepted.

06-28-2011, 03:09 AM
All right, reserve me. I'm going to throw my hat into the ring...

Although, if I forget certain areas or names, please don't yell at me. My memory is terrible with locations XD

Name: Twisted Tornadic Terror (or Triple T for short)
Original Name: Risha Priveil
Original Ship Name: Peace Runner
Age: Too old to count, but mindset is similar to a young teenager (like, no older than 15)
Gender: Female
Team: The Armada
Class: Ship (or train, more specifically)

Description: A general idea. (http://www.japaneselifestyle.com.au/travel/bullet_train.htm)

Triple T's design differs very little from the picture...However, she is more of a grey instead of white, with yellow marks resembling the lethal lightning bolts adorning her body. She, on average, has at least six cars on her, each able to carry ten people. On top of each car, as well as the engine (to be referred to as her head) is a small fin to help with stability in the air. The headlights seen on her head are powerful enough to light the darkest area, and are able to revolve around to focus the electricity that powers the headlights into an equivalent of the Death Magic technique known as Thunder with more control but less range. Alas, the "Thunder Shot" is no longer operational. A small camera above the windshield serves as her eye, and sound receptors near it are her ears.

Passenger cars look as they do in the picture, while cars used to haul goods do not possess doors on the outside or windows. They instead open up from the top to allow items to be loaded in.

She possesses small wheels, but must be on some sort of track. To solve this problem, she has two small ports on both her head and tail, a the small part on the end of the line of cars, which she can send Life Magic through to create a rail of light. Usually only the ones on her head are active, but should another vehicle or ship require a rail, the ports on her tail will activate to extend the duration of the rails. However, this is extremely taxing - the other vehicle must stick closer to her, otherwise the rail will become too weak to support it and she will become too weak to sustain it.

The last important features are two side panels on her head which slide behind to expose two mechanical gripping claws. These surprisingly still work, although they are used more for gripping and aiding in repair of other vehicles as well as loading. There are two rocket launchers beside the fin on her head, each capable of launching heat seeking missiles. They are currently inactive, in need of repair...Still operational, but the likelihood that they will explode within the canister is too high to risk the use.

With a hull made of the sturdy yet somewhat lightweight steel of Skarmory, she boasts the fastest speed of the Armada to date. Very little scars show on her hull as she was used more for transport than actual combat, so for the most part her hull is still intact with most of the original materials. Many of her former systems, especially for combat, have been unused for so long they either don't work or are in such desperate need for repair that using them in their current state would be unethical and highly dangerous.

Engines are two dual electric engines which give no pollution. Getting hit with more electricity only serves to charge them further, although too much could cause catastrophic failure. Such a simple design means easy to repair, and while not all systems have been as such, she has been kept in relatively good condition. The price of high speed and light weight however means her offense and defense, even with the steel, could be better.

Personality: Risha was an ailing captain, but her mind was still incredibly sharp. She was often seen as cold and stern, but there were times where she displayed a streak of caring devotion that she often yelled at anyone who mentioned it. Despite her sternness, she was well respected, although there were often those that thought she was simply too mean to be effective. A great strategist, she wasn't the most brilliant, but she still had enough intellect to form strategies that could severely hurt any enemies.

Now...Nothing of that former captain exists.

Having been driven mad by the years, Risha's mind has degraded down to the level of a fifteen year older and even younger. She is now fun loving and happy, a true go-getter at life. She is a thrill seeker and often fools around, yet she still manages to get the job done...Considering others constantly remind her of what she is supposed to do, that is. She is easily distracted by objects or people she finds to be interesting, although she had a tendency to grow bored with such things after some time only to move onto the next interesting thing.

She befriends easily, but a true friendship often eludes her for the fact of her madness. No one really wants to deal with her and her mental state. There is an advantage to the madness; she is not easily fazed by much, as even the Wailing Capital doesn't bother her too much.

Occasionally, her old personality emerges and her mind stabilizes, but this is incredibly rare and often in the most dire of circumstances. There has been no way to keep her old personality above the veil of madness for very long as of yet, and she usually degrades back into the madness within a few minutes...Unless the situation truly calls for her.

History: This ship was built near the end of the Lifemaker's reign, under the name of Peace Runner. It was revolutionary for its time; running on rails of light, able to sore on the ground or in the sky, or, with enough space, travel underground. It was used more for transport than combat due to its incredible speed, and still retains the fastest speed in the current fleet. It was built using the lightweight armor of Skarmory, leading its hull to be strong yet lighter than many other ships.

It performed well, with dual electric engines that gave very little pollution.

But now onto Risha Priveil...

Born to a family that was, in all appearances, middle-class, Risha grew up with a father that had too much time for her and a mother with barely any. Her mother worked constantly, while her father dragged her with him to the navy where he worked. He was strict, passing on rules and punishments as the navy would, and shaping his daughter to become a captain.

Well, she did. She became a skilled captain rather early on in life, until the event happened that shook the foundations. The Lifemaker was betrayed and slaughtered, leading to a war. She was quick to help, using fleets to form blockades or otherwise decimate opponents in one fell swoop. Even then, something was wrong.

Her health began to decline, ultimately leading to her becoming frail and weak, stuck in a wheelchair as she could no longer support her weight. She still commanded fleets, but dearly missed being on the front lines of combat. It was perhaps that very fact which saved her life when the traitorous mages - most, but not all - unleashed an attack which severely crippled the Armada.

Peace Runner had been ferrying crucial supplies when that occurred, wiping out the entire crew (which hadn't been much to begin with) and leading to the train to simply shut down automatically to avoid collision. Being towed back, the idea of crafting one's soul to the ships presented itself...And no one seemed willing to join with the ultra fast transport vehicle simply because it couldn't do much fighting.

The choice was simply for the dying captain, and she rose as the new Peace Runner the next day. She proved to many others, even the mighty Sovereign, that weapons were not the only item that made a ship. Using her immense speed, even the attacks of her rockets and, more importantly, laser beams, became just as devastating as any other more powerful ship, and she specialized in delivering blows to the front of the line or cutting off escape routes.

When The Wave had passed, she was once again reduced to ferrying supplies, and as the years passed, her once noble personality died to become replaced with a child consumed by the madness of one who was simply unable to rest idly by. Peace Runner, and Rish Priveil, both died to be reborn as Twisted Tornadic Terror, to represent her new personality.

It's said though that should you call her by her human name, her attention is assured as well as her curiosity...And perhaps with enough mentions of her name, her old personality may finally be able to break free of the darkness which constantly plagues her.

Lud, the male Ludicolo. His carefree nature and dancing serve as a constant enjoyment to Triple T. He helps to load both supplies and people, as well as staying on to ensure no one creates a ruckus. He is just as much as a thrill seeker as she is, which is perhaps why the duo get along so well...Although he is careful to help keep her out of too much trouble.

At least, he gets credits for trying...

Name I came up with on the spot. "Priveil" sounds like "Prevail", but the "veil" part is sort of a reminder of the veil that has covered her mind...Just a nifty little tidbit of info, I thought.

I also thought it would be cute for her to have had some sort of interaction with Sovereign, although I'm not sure how much the other Armada ships want to deal with one that could go rogue at any moment. Patience patience, dearies!

Sight of the Stars
06-28-2011, 03:13 AM
Wow. I started this SU today and finished it... today. Never have I been so much of a not-procrasinator when it came to WAR. :o And normally, I suck at histories. This one turned out to be a novel. (x Well, it looked like a novel in Word. :P

Kozanar Estrada



The Cullen

Human Swordsman

Kozanar is unnaturally tall, and the last time he took the time to measure his height (which was about eight years ago), he was about six-foot-four. He has mid-length, light-brown hair that is often described as the color of caramel. Kozanar has blue eyes, like his sister. He wears some loose, chain-link armor on his legs and chest, and has metal, tie-on plates at the top of each of his arms, which are connected by some loose string to another piece that is lower down, past the elbow, so his flexibility is not limited. Under the chain link and the armor is a long-sleeved, royal blue shirt. He normally wears a pair of black leather gloves. Strapped onto his back by a leather strap that crosses over his chest is a dark sheath containing a blade that is just as dark. Inside is a heavy obsidian sword with a blade fine enough to slice the bark off of a tree but durable enough to hack through almost anything. He carries a steel dagger that is hooked onto his belt. Kozanar is well-built in both mind and body, from his time traveling with his sister.

Kozanar’s armor also hides his scars from when he was mauled by his Hydreigon, before he befriended him.

Kozanar is a very friendly and outgoing person, though his temper gets the best of him sometime. He is mostly only temperamental when it comes to the safety of his twin, Tsuki. If anyone even touches her, he won’t hesitate to get them away from her. The idea is that he’s extremely overprotective of the girl. He is not afraid to speak up for himself or anybody else, and despises magic, and is firm in his beliefs that it should be only used by Pokemon. He loves his Hydreigon like his own child, as well. In battle, if there’s even a sliver of a chance that he might win, he’ll take it, but if not, he’ll give up the battle due to the fact that he hates seeing his Pokemon get hurt for a lost cause. Kozanar is also fiercely loyal to The Cullen and wouldn’t betray them for anything.

Keep in mind, though, that this man’s friendliness does not extend to mages, and he definitely get extremely unfriendly if he gets to know someone and then find out that they are a mage. It makes him furious, actually, since this had happened many times in the past and he has grown sick of it. He is not afraid to bring harm to mages, and is mostly absolutely brutal towards them, because he knows that they probably wouldn’t do anything for him. He hides his hate towards Cullen mages, but still displays a small amount of disdain and disgust for them, though at heart, he knows that if they were ever in trouble, he would stand by their side no matter what.

On the subject of Pokemon, he adores them. Having been born in Parasanti, he is down-to-earth, which is another reason why he despises magic. Abusing Pokemon or purposely exposing them to Ichor (it doesn’t matter for which reason) is something that he loathes with a passion. Freedom is a virtue to this man, and tries to give everyone freedom, since it was the way he was raised. He may despise the mages, but he equally hates taking captives, and will never take a mage captive. Besides, Kozanar doesn’t think they’re worth the time, anyway.

Kozanar, along with Tsuki, was born in Parasanti. From the moment they were born, they raised them to respect your peers, and to protect each other at all costs. They always treated Kozanar like the older brother (when, in fact, he was born exactly fifty seven seconds after Tsuki), though Tsuki could always handle herself if needed. Their parents had both been around sixty years old when Tsuki and Kozanar was born, and the birth almost killed their mother, and afterwards she grew very, very ill. When they were three years old, she died, and when they were both eight years old, their father followed, leaving Kozanar his sword and dagger and leaving Tsuki her bow and arrow pod (though it was bare of arrows).

The last thing that Tsuki and Kozanar wanted to do was to be taken to an orphanage, but they had no option. Kozanar, at the last minute, had desperately tried to do just that, but Tsuki knew they would not survive, and if they did, it would be harsh. His sister was the bringer of reality in the decision, and for the next eight years of their life, that was where they lived. They were supposed to stay until they were eighteen, but it was then, at sixteen, that Tsuki and Kozanar agreed on trying to make it on their own, mostly because of the fact they were tired of the place, since it was like a cage to them. They went into the forest, and never returned to the town. They almost starved to death, because neither of them was fast enough to catch anything to eat. They lived off of berries, but soon they could find no more bushes without straying from their general direction, or splitting apart to search. They stuck with going forward, and eventually they both just passed out.

The twins were found by a family of Leavanny, who revived them and brought them food. They guided them out of the forest, and Tsuki and Kozanar never saw them again. They found the road where it forks, to the east of Parasanti, and followed it in a southern direction, then taking the even more southernmost path, which curved up towards the Iron Mountains, which they eventually reached after months of travel. By then, they had become nomads, and their facial features were worn and hardened and their feet were calloused and hard. They had learned how to fend for themselves and how to live off of the land.

Upon reaching the Iron Mountains, they were left with two choices: go over or around it. They knew the mountain was dangerous both ways, but the mountain range was so long that it would take forever to get around it, and so they decided to go through it, finding a remote path that seemed to lead through the range. Halfway through the mountains, they saw it was nothing but a dead-end into a massive, one hundred twenty foot rock face, and echoing down the cliff were the roars of dragon Pokemon, and the sounds of fighting. They quickly turned back and began moving away from the rock face, but no sooner than they were twenty feet away, rocks began tumbling down the incredulously sharp slope, and they were forced to run back to the wall, tucking themselves into a crevice so they wouldn’t be crushed by the rocks. In the midst of the rocks, falling down with the boulders was a three-headed dragon Pokemon. As the dust cleared, they went to tentatively investigate, and found a bleeding, half-dead, three-headed dragon Pokemon, which they quickly figured out to be a Hydreigon. They quickly backed away, but upon seeing it was unconscious, they had the urge to care for it. This was a fool’s mistake, and they made it.

They managed to drag the heavy Pokemon to the base of the rock face, since it had fallen several yards away. It didn’t wake up for three days, and in that time they used accumulated cloth scraps to bandage its wounds. Upon waking up, it went directly at Tsuki, feeling the need to take out its anger from its loss. Kozanar pushed her back and faced the Hydreigon, which resulted in a horrid mauling on his part, and he almost died from it, and would have if Tsuki had not leaped on its back and clung to the Hydreigon’s neck. The Pokemon couldn’t get her off no matter what he did. He tried flying about and doing aerial loops and everything else, but he couldn’t get her off. He wore himself out until he could hardly move. Afterwards, he did something strange – he took a liking to Kozanar. Not the woman who had bravely clung to his neck, but the man he had mauled. Why the Hydreigon did this was something that the twins could not even begin to fathom, but it was soon explained when the dragon Pokemon ripped Kozanar’s bag from his bleeding form and ate the berries inside (luckily, Tsuki had some in her bag, but it was covered by other things to hide the scent).

Kozanar healed, but was left with the horrid scars. He despised that Hydreigon with every fiber of his body, and they left it, taking a different route out of the mountain. To their dismay, though, the Hydreigon followed them throughout. Even after they exited the mountain, it trailed after them, never out of view, but never too close, and it was always looking for handouts. Its pitiful whimpers always echoed to them no matter how far away it was, and the only way to get the Hydreigon to shut up was to give it food. And thus, it became sort of their pet.

One day, they were ambushed by a group of bandits and their Pokemon, but before they could even put a hand on either one of the twins, the Hydreigon dropped suddenly from the sky, carrying one away a bit and then dropping him from about thirty feet in the air. As he raced towards the bandits once more, they all fled, screaming, and the pseudo-legendary landed beside them, watching them expectantly. It was then that Kozanar began to like the dragon, and they have been close ever since.

The trio found the road once more, and began traveling along it once more. The Hydreigon, which Kozanar named Ryugaun, never left their side, and no soul dared mess with them as long as that dragon hovered beside them. Upon reaching yet another fork in the road, they knew better than to take the one leading to Mongtru Barro, and headed to Magnasanti, the machine city. Upon arriving, they immediately hated it, since it was the exact opposite of their hometown. They stayed for a while, though, trying to at least take a break from traveling.

One day, while they were walking through the streets, a man ran by them, knocking into them. Ryugaun pinned him, roaring, but Kozanar made him back off. The man kept glancing in the direction they came.

“Please, please take the egg! Don’t let them have the egg!”

The man held out an egg to them, and they took it. The man kept running, and soon a group of people came running after him. They saw Kozanar with the egg and lunged at him, but were quickly forced back by a very angry (and not to mention a very defensive) Hydreigon. The group never bugged them again. The egg hatched soon after, revealing that inside was a Ferroseed. Why the egg had meant so much to the man the twins could never fathom, but they came to the conclusion that it must have been stolen, and the man could have been in enough panic to place the blame on them. The first thing it saw upon hatching was Tsuki, and the ball of steel and thorns never left her side. The woman named the Pokemon Ikuja.

The Ferroseed came with them as they left the city. Tsuki carried it wherever they went. The four of them took the way they came, heading for Saffron – the city in which Tsuki had always dreamed of going to, for some reason. They finally made it after hours of a combination of flying, walking, and resting in between the two. Ikuja evolved right before they arrived, and he could no longer be carried around, so he learned how to walk on his arms, and became quite skilled at this form of travel. They still managed to carry him around for long distances, though.

Tsuki found that her dream city wasn’t as amazing as she had originally hoped, and just as they were about to depart, they met some travelers from an alliance known as The Cullen. After some discussion, Kozanar and Tsuki decided to join this group, and have been loyal warriors for them ever since.

Ryugaun / Male / Hydreigon

Tsuki Estrada



The Cullen

Human Archer

Tsuki is tall, like her brother, and has the same light brown hair, but hers is long enough to stretch down to the middle of her back, though she usually keeps it tied up in a neat bun. She’s about six feet tall and is slightly heavy-boned. Tsuki also wears chain link armor, similar to her brothers, with arm plates and a long-sleeved shirt. She has a gorgeous, intricately-carved bow made from yew, and she obtained this from her father, who passed away when she was eight years old. She has a matching arrow pod, which is strapped to her back across her chest, and it has a protruding slot that holds her bow for her. Slung on her shoulder she carries a black mail-carrier bag in which she carries various items such as berries and potions. She bears a short, pink scar on her collarbone, and sports a much longer one on the calf of her right leg. Her nails are kept short, for she doesn’t need them getting in the way. Tsuki has blue eyes, like her brother, but her brother’s eyes are a darker hue than hers.

Tsuki is a strangely shy woman. She doesn’t like strangers much, and would rather keep to her own thoughts. She loves her brother, Kozanar, though, and he is the only one she talks to often. When she meets new people, she never introduces herself – Kozanar does it for her. She relies on him for her social needs. She has trust issues, which is why she doesn’t like being around or talking to people she doesn’t know. When around strangers, Tsuki prefers to hide completely or partially behind her brother, and it is very, very rare when someone manages to get a word out of her within the first day or two of knowing her. She shares a special bond with her Ferrothorn, Ikuja, and it is a bond that she cherishes. She has a stronger connection with her twin, and like her brother, loves Pokemon dearly, and shares the same feelings about the mistreatment of them with her sibling. It is not just Pokemon mistreatment she dislikes, though, but it is also human mistreatment. She will not deny anyone or anything of a place to sleep or something to eat, if she can help it.

Around people she knows, though, Tsuki is a completely different person. Tsuki never tells a lie when she is around her friends (though she is fond of not telling the whole truth), and is actually quite bold around them. She’ll laugh and joke and talk to almost no end, but at the end of the day she will sit and listen to your every complaint, problem, or tale that you may have, without interrupting. She will stand by your side no matter what, and will fight for you even in the most hopeless of situations. Tsuki is imaginative, and has some crazy ideas at times, but when it comes down to a serious situation, her sense of reality kicks in. She is a strong believer of gut feelings, and has quite a good sense of situational awareness, to be truthful. She is strategic in battle and ideas, though she has strength to back herself up if all else fails. She has a soft spot for Pokemon and flowers.

(.refer to Kozanar’s history.)

Ikuja / Ferrothorn / Male

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Name: Tschaveh Tenk (pronounced "Shaveh Teink"), "Shub" to his friends

Age: Over twenty, but under twenty-three, by his reckoning.

Gender: Male

Team: VILE

Class: Human.

Tschaveh is well-trained in the use of his sword, which is a typical one-hand curved blade (similar in rough shape to a scimitar, but not as thick). He can use it with a shield (although he does not customarily carry one, and so is not as skilled with this method of close combat) but prefers to battle with one free, which allows for a very informal and flowing style of battle. This allows him to easily combat multiple enemies by being unpredictable, but the trade-off is that he has trouble dealing with armoured enemies. The sword itself is just over a metre long, and slightly worn from numerous fights, but still in working condition. The handle has an uncharacteristically graceful handguard that swoops around one side of the grip that Tschaveh can hook into his pants and uses instead of a sheath.

He is also capable with throwing knives, but does not normally carry them around because of their weight and the cost of replacing them. Tschaveh looks down on ranged combat in general anyway, preferring to fight up close, but he will use long-range weaponry if it's provided to him. He is, however, a poor shot at best. He has one other trick up his sleeves, and quite literally so - a metallic glove that has interesting properties. The glove seems to act like a direct uplink into his Pokemon's soul, and so with his partner's help Tschaveh can increase his battle efficiency by using the glove to expel energy, allowing him to increase the distance of his jumps, blast enemies away, and other such things that Kikiraz can do normally. However, the power of these blasts are greatly reduced, and they get weaker the further away from Tschaveh Kikiraz is. Furthermore, the glove gets hot with prolonged use, and because of previous events it has melted onto Tschaveh's hand. For this reason he rarely uses it, as overuse can result in debilitating pain.

Description: Tschaveh is of below average height, about 170 centimetres tall. He isn't especially muscled, either, but that's not indicative of a lack of strength. His muscles are wiry and close to the bone, and anyone who knows warriors can see the power he unconsciously hides. His hair is blonde and he keeps it cropped very short, so it doesn't get in the way when he fights. He hates the colour, though, and so washes his hair very rarely, allowing it to darken with dirt and blood. His eyes are blue, and constantly moving - the last time they were still for more than five seconds was when he saw his first naked woman.

Tschaveh dresses in basic clothing - a tunic and leggings. His tunic is dark red - he picked that colour so his blood stains wouldn't show up as much. His leggings are dark brown, almost black, and they reach down to his ankles. Tschaveh wears thick, closed-sole shoes that he picked off of a dead miner, and while not indestructible, they are incredibly hard and haven't been broken in three years of heavy use. Underneath his tunic is a light-blue monk-style upper body wrapping, that completely covers his arms down to his wrists, and his left hand (the gloved one) is wrapped entirely in dirty bandages.

Tschaveh also carries a small bag that he slings over his shoulder while traveling. It is faded red - the same colour as his shirt - and the drawstring cord is long enough to be used as a belt if need be. Normally, Tschaveh ties the cord to the top of his leggings and slings the bag over his shoulder, but if he needs to fight he can untie the cord and throw the bag away in a manner of seconds.

Personality: Tschaveh wishes for adventure above all else - to say he had an abiding fear of boredom would not be far from the truth. His comrades are important to him, but if he feels like he's been betrayed his vengeance will be swift and unmerciless. He usually ignores random people, even when they're in need, unless they can offer excitement or rewards in return.

Despite this, he usually tries to avoid killing people, because he figures that the more people he leaves alive, the more people will try to seek vengeance on him, thus forestaying boredom. He also has a weakness for animals and Pokemon, and sees them as a purer form of life than humanity. Those who treat "lesser beings" horribly had best not let Tschaveh see them doing it. Everyone gets two chances, according to Tschaveh, but hurting something less fortunate than you is worth three of them.

History: Tschaveh was born the third son of a pair of custodians in Fort Aer. He wasn't content to clean and maintain the esoteric pieces of machinery for his life, so when he turned sixteen he stole a piece of hextech from a dusty old gallery (his glove) and managed to sneak his way on board one of the floating ships that belonged to a raiding party, one of the brave and fearless groups that search the void for powerful Pokemon and magical artifacts. Tschaveh was used to the aerial devices from his time in Fort Aer, so unlike most of the new members he didn't waste his time pottering around the ship. Instead, he trained in the use of his sword with the armoury-master, who gifted it to him after he showed promise as a warrior. Tschaveh did indeed show promise - he was able to beat almost everyone on board.

The raiding ship finally arrived on one of the further-out floating isles in the Void. The crew went ashore to try and locate some valuables, Tschaveh included. The dark powers and screams of the dead played havoc with Tschaveh's senses and memory, and he became separated from the crew. He crawled around on the island for days, the large jewel-shard in the centre of his glove slowly growing darker. When he was on the verge of death, a Pawniard found him, and rescued him from his fate. The two became close, and they lived together for what seemed like years but Tschaveh is sure was no longer than a couple of months. Despite their awful surroundings, Tschaveh was happy (but bored) with his friend, who he named Kikirev.

One day, another airship arrived on the island. Tschaveh was overjoyed - he'd finally be able to return to a place where the sky was blue and the land wasn't barren. He collected his possessions and brought Kikirev down to the cliff-face where the ship had docked. To his surprise, the humans started shouting with fear and drawing their weapons. Before Tschaveh could ask what was wrong, one of the raiders shot him in the arm with an arrow, and a spear hit his foot. Tschaveh's animalistic cry of pain caused his glove to glow bright white, and Kikirev began to exude the light as well. This was the last thing Tschaveh saw before blacking out. He did not see the Pawniard at his side evolve into a Bisharp. Upon completing the process, Kikirev roared defiance at the humans who had caused his only friend pain, and he ran towards them, deflecting their primitive missiles with his almost-impenetrable armour, intending to cause pain unto them.

When Tschaveh awoke, he was on a gently rocking ship, pools of blood below him. The arrow and spear had been removed, and Kikirev was sitting next to him. It didn't take long for Tschaveh to realize that Kikirev had slaughtered the entire party and set the airship in motion towards the mainland. Unluckily, a storm that had been brewing and it crossed their path, causing the magical ship to lose control. Panicking and losing blood, Tschaveh tried to steer the boat with Kikirev's help, but he wasn't able to do so. He cut down the sails and huddled in them with his friend, hoping their death would come quickly.

After a vicious storm that had all but destroyed their boat, Tschaveh and Kikirev found themselves crashed on a bay, not a stone's throw from the ocean. The pair were ecstatic that they'd returned to the mainland, and so after recuperating from their wounds they left on their journey. Kikirev kept the sail as a covering, wrapping himself in it so he could pass as a human. The two traveled for years, simply wandering and looking for adventures wherever they could be found.

One day, in a small village north of Mancia, Tschaveh and Kikirev were declared thieves for stealing some few fish, and the local policemen were sent out to capture the pair. The policeman all had strong Pokemon - a Machoke and a Vibrava seriously wounded Kikirev while Tschaveh attempted to fight off four locals at once. Desperate to help his friend, Tschaveh ran to the Bisharp's side. As he got closer, his glove began to emanate a field of darkness yet again, and when Tschaveh touched his friend a black sphere of compressed energy shot outwards in all directions, blasting their pursuers and their Pokemon away. Tschaveh screamed as the glove fused to his hand, and Kikirev screamed as his soul was linked to jewel-shard.

Ever since then the pair have traveled together, even more inseparable, but with the added condition that they now have to watch out for mage-haters. Often-times Tschaveh has tried to explain that the artifact attached to his hand is hextech and not magical, but most people do not believe the stories he tells of his origins, and so he finds it easier to cover his hand and pretend the glove does not exist. That is, until, a strange man accidentally lures him with stories of a place where mages are not persecuted for their beliefs. He watches from the shadows as the man tells of this place to a young girl...

Pokemon: Bisharp, nicknamed Kikirev. His soul is linked into the glove that Tschaveh wears, and because of this the glove is technically a part of him. This means he can control the glove and emanate his powers from it, although not often and at great expense. He usually keeps his blades dull so that he does not rip through the cream-coloured swathe of cloth that he customarily wears, but the sharpness can return in an instant. He is fiercely loyal to Tschaveh as the human is the only friend he has ever had.

Other: Probably not that obvious, but the jewel-shard on the glove is actually a computer screen kind of thing. Just didn't know how to describe it using the terminology of this RP. Also, the end of his history thing links up to Alaska's.

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UGH, finally! I've been trying to get online all day. >.> Anyway, here goes.

Name: Portia Thrice
Age: 32
Gender: female
Team: Cullen

Class: Mage; air, and some lightning.
As well as creating winds and driving static in the air to spark lightning, she can manipulate currents able to carry small, light-weight items with relative ease. While it would be difficult to carry other people with her wind, she can lift herself for a short period or slow her descent if falling. She can condense or disperse the air around her, and wind whisper –sending the wind to someone with a message (sound comes from the air vibrating in waves after all). With this comes an ability to understand other languages as well, human or Pokemon.

Standing only about four feet eight inches, Portia never grew very tall at all and still looks rather young for her age. In fact, the first impression of most people is that she is a child until they are up close. She has fair skin, a slender figure, not skinny, with very lean muscles that make her agile. Portia has dark green, almond shaped eyes. Her fiery red hair that falls in waves over her shoulders, is pulled back loosely either in a braid or two low pigtails –which really only accentuates her childish appearance, but she really doesn’t want to be bothered with anything else. Her nose, like the rest of her, is also petite in shape. Her canine teeth though, are rather sharp and very noticeable when she smiles.

Portia’s clothes are generally simple in style, but of good quality and fit her well. She likes the things she wears to be functional. You will usually see her in something like a short, sleeveless dress with a sleeved top and leggings underneath, sandals or soft leather boots on her feet, and a belt, double-wrapped around her hips with several pouches for small things. Portia carries a glaive, the shaft of which extends almost a foot over her head and the broad single-blade is another sixteen inches. The back-edge of the blade is plated by etched copper, but most often hidden by a wide leather strap wrapped around it so that most people think she is only carrying an odd staff. She also wears a long necklace with a heavy silver pendant of a crescent moon.

Quick-thinking and cheeky, Portia has a very distinctive attitude. She almost needs it to draw away from her size and would not deny it anyway. Even though she speaks her mind quite often, Portia is always ready to hear what others have to say. Amiable with nearly everyone she meets, including those who are not so friendly, she has an almost irrepressible good humor. When she does get angry, you can bet it is with good reason, though her anger generally does not last long. When things get serious, Portia will generally try to keep things calm, attempting to diffuse the situation before taking action if necessary. She is loyal to the Cullen creed, recognizing and respecting other members of the pack. Seeing most everyone as a possible friend or ally, and never having much good experience with family herself, she appreciates the unity and companionship of the Cullen, however far spread it may be.

Portia is not a genius, but she is intelligent and has a natural ingenuity, making her very good at problem-solving. When caught in a sticky situation, she rarely takes a lot of time to think through it. Weighing her options at a glance, she’ll go with the most acceptable solution at the moment, whether it is risky or not. Her resourcefulness has given her pretty good survival skills. Fairly agile, maybe somewhat clumsy at times, and having practiced combat skills, she is capable of taking care of herself. She is not lacking in confidence, but don’t mistake this for weakness and do not underestimate her, she may surprise you.

Born in Magnasanti, she grew up watching much of the cultural turbulence of Aria. People from many of the city-states would visit and live in the political capital with its embassy, and Portia learned of the different views around the region from being there. Knowing how other people saw the world would be important with the family she was born to. Her father, a high-ranking member of the Circle Knights, was insistently against mages and their power; a fact that seemed to be well-known. Evrard Thrice was married before he joined the Circle Knights and it was decided that his wife was unable to bear children as she was entering her forties. Portia however, came along unexpectedly. He would always be bringing gifts for his daughter, but he was consistently cold to be around and showing any kind of affection outside of these gifts was uncommon. He considered the girl to be frail and sickly because of her size, though she never showed signs of being either. It was unbecoming to the knight that he should have a child who would be unable to follow his steps. Her mother, Era, became sick when Portia was still young and grew worse as she got older. A governess, Mari, was hired to teach and take care of their daughter as her father rarely had time to even be home. There were not many places for children to play in Magnasanti, so the governess would sit outside the house or at the village square while Portia would play nearby. There, she would listen to the visitors from other city-states, hearing their differences and asking questions of her governess when she did not understand something. That was how she learned to view things from other angles.

There were days that Mari would take Portia to the edge of the city to play. One of those days when she was eight, Portia ran into something unusual. A strange Pokemon she had not seen before fell to the ground and into the cover of some bushes. With a long yellow body and green diamond-shaped wings, it looked rather like an insect. It was wounded and one of the wings was tilted at an odd angle. Watching Portia approach, the Pokemon buzzed its good wing defiantly, but as she continued to stand there quietly it realized that the young human was not going to cause more harm. As she saw the wounded creature calm, she cautiously reached out to stroke its head. The Pokemon felt strangely at ease with the young girl. Portia went to find Mari, who carefully carried the wounded Vibrava home. Her mother was wary of the strange Pokemon, believing it must have escaped during a battle somewhere, but allowed the governess to fetch a healer. Era watched her daughter as she tapped her fingers on the tough hide of its back. When she would stop, the Vibrava would nudge her hand to continue. Mari returned with the healer and Evrard. While the healer went to work, Era was attempting to convince the knight into allowing the Pokemon to stay. The Vibrava was obviously tough to have been able to fly as far as it had with an injured wing and it was already growing attached to the young girl. Perhaps they would have less to worry about for their daughter’s protection if she had it nearby. Not entirely convinced, her father finally consented and the Vibrava was allowed to stay. Portia named her Sonora.

It was shortly after this though, that things began to turn upside down. Her mother’s health was failing quickly and after two years, she died. Portia was torn up, but would receive no consoling from her father who was wrecked and angry at losing his wife. Her mother had been kind and despite having spent little time with her being sick, Portia loved her. Only a month following this, Portia had a new governess. Evrard had discovered that Mari was an unknown mage, one who had been in his home for years. Portia was almost interrogated by her father as he asked if the woman had ever done anything that might even resemble magic. After stating several times that she had never seen Mari use magic she was left with her new governess, a woman with hard features and a harder demeanor. As he left, it finally struck the young girl that she would be stuck with her cold father without her mother or Mari. She locked herself in her room, crying out her worries. Outside, thunder rumbled overhead and wind began to rattle the windows of the house. There was no storm though, it had been dry for a time and the sky was not even overcast. A shutter blown loose broke a window and a sudden clap of lightning scared the new governess into running out the door. The roof had been struck and dry, exposed wood started to smolder. Portia looked down at Sonora who was rubbing against her side trying to calm the girl. This was followed by Mari bursting in to get her, the house was on fire. After being through a dry period, fire had caught from the smoldering part of the roof and was spreading across the row of tall connected homes quickly. Instead of going out the front where everyone else was running to, Mari went to the back where the flames were heavier, seeming to push the fire away as they walked through. Mari had been seen at the house and staying would have meant being caught by the Circle Knights or even blamed for the fire. They went several blocks away from the excitement before she stopped to explain to Portia. The wind and lightning had been caused by the young girl. She was a mage and her power was starting to show more. All the times when she was little that gusts would blow past her when she was upset, the nights she would wake from dreams, the fact that rarely happened from the time she was with Sonora, all pointed to her being a mage. Mari had begun to take notice some time ago, but kept quiet until she was sure. Knowing what her father thought of mages, Portia refused to turn back home. Instead, she went with Mari to a small village outside Saffron.

They did not stay there for a long time. Shortly after, they learned that the fire had completely destroyed the row of homes. Portia was believed trapped inside, lost to the flames, and the old governess seen at the home was being blamed. Mari knew a group called the Cullen who would help them to stay under the Circle Knights notice. Working together behind the scenes for the most part, the team would help whenever needed and quietly take care of business where they believed it was required. Portia came to know many members of ‘the pack’ as they affectionately called it. She grew up learning skills from them; how to defend herself, use a weapon, and how to control her own power –she really did not want to delve into magic any further than what she felt necessary. Sonora grew stronger as well and it wasn’t long before she evolved, learning alongside her partner as they assisted each other. The girl never grew much taller, most other people towering over her. But, she learned to use her size as an advantage -both in combat and in counsel, even coming to be happy with it. She had Sonora if she needed height or intimidation anyway. Portia became a part of the Cullen, their creed having long since become part of her. The good sense, as well as good humor she usually shows, earning her experience and a place among the ranks of the team. She knows many of the Cullen members and can usually spot one she has not met. Her last name has practically been dropped. Using a false name or none at all, she does not want to be connected to her father. Only the very few she trusts indefinitely even know her last name anymore. For the most part, she does not linger in any one place, going wherever she is needed or whatever she is driven towards. Probably her biggest worry is not of other mages, but rather of running into her father and the anger that she is something he despises. She hopes for a day when they do not need to fear the Death magic or the songs of the Dead gods, even if the loss of Death magic also means the loss of Life magic she and other mages were born with.

Pokemon: Sonora ;Flygon
Sonora towers over her rather petite partner, but is a great complement to her. She is quite serious most of the time, tough when the situation calls for it. Her gentler side does come out sometimes, mostly when she feels like Portia needs to calm down or the young woman is troubled in sleep by the songs of Dead gods. They work as a team, feeding off one another in skill and power.

Other: The pendant that she wears flips open to show a black opal inside that she can use to communicate with anyone with a similar stone. And the etching on her glaive is a seal that protects the weapon from damage by magic and allows her to drive her own along it. That cool?

Dr Scott
06-28-2011, 08:49 AM
Name: Harbinger

Age: Irrelevant

Gender: Formerly male

Team: Amanda (Bahahaha)

Class: Ship



After years of service Harbinger is now dull gray, with small swaths of red markings here and there. The ship is on the smaller side compared to the rest in the Armada’s armada, though it has grown from being a small ship to the smaller side of medium. The two sets of viewports at the front of the ship now mysteriously glow white golden, a sign of the sentience that the massive construct now has.

Armaments include a two barrel main gun, which was used to great success versus other armed ships, and has the bests range. Now it is most effectively used to destroy heavily armored objectives, though it is also the least accurate. There are ten secondary guns, five mounted along the port and starboard hull each. These smaller cannons with medium range serve for surgical strikes, given their higher accuracy. Several machine gun turrets serve as anti-air defense, producing the highest rate of fire at the shortest range, making them useless against heavily armored opponents.


Much like the Eclipse evolved into the Harbinger, the avatar has evolved from a boy mechanic into a powerful man. All of this was within the careful nurturing of Harbinger, who turned him into a lean mass of muscles. He has a host of scars on his body, though nothing that Harbinger itself cares about or even notices. Clothing is always practical, covering up the necessary parts and offering a good variety of protection and maneuverability.


Harbinger is loyal to the Armada and their cause, perhaps even more so now that its morals and opinions of the individual crew members are no longer an issue. It answers only to Sovereign, though its goals oftentimes coincide with the others. When it comes to Armada missions it is to be the first one in and one of the last ones out, the harbinger of the meatbag’s defeat. It finds a simple joy in this role, this purpose that has remained from its time as a simple crew and ship.

Like most of the avatars, Harbinger is mostly devoid of any vestiges of human emotions. It has an odd sense of honor, a dislike of large scale biological weapons, and it approaches both mages and Pokemon with a mixture of annoyance and curiosity. Most humans he regards as wastes of space, but the powerful, honorable warriors he respects deeply for their will to fight that surpasses the bonds of their weak flesh.

The most powerful feeling that it inherited from the captain of the ship is the need to evolve. So much so that it became an obsession. At first it was simply evolving the avatar’s body to become a fighting machine, but after this was finished Harbinger started to work on perfecting things like fighting styles and tactics. It was to be a one-man army if need be, so it had to be the very strongest.

Lately, it has started looking into ichor. Though it has neither want nor ability to actually learn magic, magically infused artifacts interest it greatly as weapons.


Ship: Before he became himself, Harbinger was a red ship named Eclipse, the fastest in existence. It was to be the penultimate hit-and-run ship, able to move in and quickly destroy key objectives before retreating unscathed. As the war progressed the ship became a strong symbol, a flying beacon of hope amongst battle weary troops. To facilitate this new role, the ship had to allow itself to be shown, to even leading the armada into warfare at its head, dropping some of the effective tactics for the moral boost that simply showing itself to their allies before joining in the attack.

A smart man, known for evolving himself and his crew to fit the needs of every situation and operation, the captain of the ship knew that the ships run as a hit-and-run ship had evolved into that of the harbinger of war. It was to move slowly into the fray, allowing the opponents to see it coming, allowing all the psychological fear to spread before the harbinger ripped into their lines. And so his on-ship mechanics, a crew that simply evolved into the best and brightest through experience and raw potential, created a powerful armor. This armor made the craft bigger, heavier, and slower but multiplied its defensive power greatly.

The Battle at Lascent Ridge changed the war and all the hopes for the mighty ship. It was one of the many ships in the Armada hit by the attack, and like all the others its roster was brought down to a pitiful number. The crew signed on for the soul binding in a heartbeat, having developed an incredible loyalty to the ship that had been their home and protector. In perhaps the last purely human decision what was now Harbinger chose the body of a young but promising mechanic as its avatar.

Human: Does it matter? Now there is only Harbinger.


Other: I will hadouken.

06-28-2011, 01:34 PM
Kai-Mei, your new SU is accepted.

White Wolf of the Snow (what a mouthful), welcome to the RP.

Charmander009, your new SU is accepted.

ChainReaction01, only flying ships like those of the Armada can move through the Ending World. Perhaps I was not clear enough, but there is no ocean in the Ending World, only the dark void. Think of it as another dimension. As such there'd be no waves or sails or anything, and the ship would pilot itself. Water-borne boats that try to go into the Ending World are never heard from again. Fix this and your SU will be acceptable.

k_pop's accepted.

Scott's accepted.

Welcome all to the RP, it will be starting shortly...

06-28-2011, 09:37 PM
Okay, edited my SU so the raiders use flying Armada ships.

Looking forward to this ^^

06-28-2011, 09:53 PM
ChainReaction01 is accepted.

06-29-2011, 12:13 AM
Sign up complete.

I look forward to seeing how Sovereign deals with this one ;)

06-29-2011, 02:32 AM
Grassy, the only issue I have with your SU are the lasers. Maybe if they were magical death rays, but straight-up lasers are a little too high-tech. Otherwise your SU is fine.

06-29-2011, 03:04 AM
Grassy, the only issue I have with your SU are the lasers. Maybe if they were magical death rays, but straight-up lasers are a little too high-tech. Otherwise your SU is fine.

I thought they were made of advanced technology?

...I mean, look at the Architects. And besides, her LAZEHS don't even work anymore XD Lol, they're flashy high beams! XDDD

06-29-2011, 03:42 AM
I thought they were made of advanced technology?

...I mean, look at the Architects. And besides, her LAZEHS don't even work anymore XD Lol, they're flashy high beams! XDDD

It's advanced technology fueled by magic. Magicpunk. Tvtropes explains it well.

Skull Kid
06-29-2011, 03:57 AM
Name: Fin
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Team: VILE

Class: Mage - Can manipulate semi-small amounts of metal as if they were liquid, changing them between forms at will with his mind (He only really uses this for a chunk of it he keeps on his person). He can also manipulate it's temperature. Also has some power over the general Earth element in that he can move around his weight in earth and rocks, but he rarely uses that aspect of his magic.

About 5'9", he's pale and usually has some amount of dirt on his face and hands. He dresses in gray clothes, and usually has a hoodie on with his head covered. His hair is semi-long, brown, and messy. Usually goes barefoot or with worn-down sandals. His eyes are usually a bluish-green, but if he uses magic, the irises turn a bright red. He keeps a large shoulder-bag with him at all times and usually has a rod of metal that he carries around as self defense or whatever utility he needs to change it for.

Fin generally keeps to himself and doesn't communicate. He's usually in a somewhat irritated mood, but if people approach him in a way he's okay with, he can be a very vibrant person. Regardless of what mood he's in at the time, he can easily be angered if someone says the wrong thing. He's pretty smart, because he spent a good half of his life alone and had to fend for himself and learn quickly.

Fin was born as a lower class Mancian and his life was lived somewhat poorly for the first eight years. He discovered his magic abilities at the age of four, and didn't bother telling his parents about it or the voices, not having realized how the weight of the matter. He generally ignored the voices, but it got to the point that he told his parents about it around the age of seven because they were getting louder and maybe even influential. His parents had been saving money to send him off to somewhere better to live his life, thinking it would be better than Mancia. They advised him to be careful about it, and he next year, he was sent to live in Venefinia with a Nidoran to keep him company.

Fin picked up life quickly from there. His abilities were considered much more controlled at that age than other children, and while he lived on the streets for a year or two, he found it was easy to maintain a home if he and his Nidoking were the only one to be taken care of. As a skilled Pokémon battler, he had a decent income to keep himself alive. He worked hard, but didn't really like his lifestyle. He had heard rumors of an organization called VILE, but he knew very little of it. The idea of it sort of appealed to him, but not enough to try to join. He decided to let life drag on and that he'd be able to do something with his abilities eventually. But if he didn't do it soon, he'd have nothing to think about except his slow but imminent corruption. To Fin, VILE was starting to seem like a better and better idea.

Pokémon: Nidoking

06-29-2011, 04:59 PM
Name: Vyraz Inxi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Team: Cullen
Class: Human

Description: Vyraz stands at about six feet tall, with long black hair and intelligent brown eyes. He sports a goatee and small moustache on his face, too. While training with the Circle Knights, he had gained a considerable amount of muscle, and he is not afraid-nor unable-to use that muscle.

Vyraz Inxi, as the sole son of a Mancian Aristocrat, and a particularly wealthy one at that, inherited a fortune. Though a quarter of this inheritance was donated to the Cullen, a second quarter went into his house at Itum, another quarter went into making his ship, and an eighth of his fortune he reserves for his needs, he still managed to get clothes that fitted such a rich person-Gloves made from Salamance scales, a shirt and a pair of pants that have streaks of indigo (indigo dyes are not cheap), and a captain's hat with a feather from the crown of his Shiny Braviary. He also has a set of armor that fits him, obtained during the brief time he spent dealing with the Circle Knights. He's managed to remove all of the symbols that represent the Circle Knights.

He has a Musket on his leather belt, but the true weapon to fear is the sheathed blade he carries-It is a weapon that his father gave him, passed down from many generations, all the way back to the times of the Lifemaker-a weapon apparently carried by one of the Lifemaker's most trusted generals, Univar Inix, who was loyal to the Lifemaker, did not turn his back on him upon his death, and was responsible for freeing Mancia from it's captives, retiring after doing so, and became wealthy for his service to Mancia and the Lifemaker's armies-And his blade was passed down to his sons and grandsons, who were able to survive the Black Wave. This blade's name is Zenith of Hope-it's hilt is made of gold, embedded with multiple precious jewels, and it gives off a light blue aura meant to drive away darkness (The aura diminishes when put back into the sheath).

Personality: His true personality is that of a calm and clever young man. His charismatic ability, however, can sometimes overshadow this. This level of social ability, a trait he acquired from his father, has allowed him to rally forces to his aid-like when he was hiring a crew. He backs this up with his background, using his nobility status to get him places very few could go.

His brief time with the Circle Knights gave Vyraz a good deal of resent and spite towards the group, but not for their protection of regular humans from mages. It is rather their overly-destructive habits of burning whole towns to the ground in search of wizardry that turned Vyraz from their ally to their enemy quite quickly. Despite this loath, he also has very little trust for most Mages either, mainly because his sister and mother were killed by a mage that had lost all sanity. He also doesn't take kindly to the Aristocrats of Mancia, mainly for their absolute and unjust control over everything and everyone on the island.

However, there is something about adventure that attracts him. Being the son of a extremely wealthy merchant allowed Vyraz to see people that lived on Corriban and Qunnui, and this had garnered high curiosity to what the other countries are like. This curiosity about the unknown has particularly pulled at the ancient ruins of Saffron, and he had long dreamed of exploring it's depths for it's most ancient ruins.

History: Vyraz Inxi was born to one of the richest Aristocrats on Mancia-His father, Novin Inxi, was a great merchant that had sold his goods to all the known world, and had obtained vast treasures with his savvy as a trader and his skill with his tongue. Novin originally feared he might not have a male heir, as his wife had originally born a son that died quickly, then a daughter-who could not be the inheritor. However, seeing his beautiful and strong son for the first time nearly made him cry, he was so happy. His son was beautiful, strong, smart, and was kind to his father. What better heir could he ask for?

Of course, Novin knew that success would not be strictly based off his heritage. Henceforth, he immediately set off to teach Vyraz everything that made him successful; how to socialize, how to manage finances, how to tell frauds from the real deal, and which people to trust in life. Vyraz quickly learned from his father's example, and Novin was very proud of his son, who showed high potential for the family business.

However, Novin did not know-or at least, didn't know right off the bat-that Vyraz, on top of everything else, was also growing up to be an excellent swordfighter. Vyraz immediately was immersed with the local children's sport of stick-fighting, which is, as the name implies, fighting with sticks. However, his ability to disarm any stick from the opposition was quickly realized. Novin eventually witnessed this, and although that he did not like the fact that Vyraz nearly lost an eye, he was pleased that his son would be suiting for wielding the most precious treasure he had ever owned-the Zenith of Hope, the Inxi family's pride and joy, their family heirloom, and one of the most precious (and priceless) items in the world.

Novin, however, was totally caught off guard when Vyraz presented to his father something that even he wasn't expecting.

For five days in a year, the migration of Braviary and Rufflet would come directly through Mancia, and it was the only time for Mancians to catch the Pokemon that was otherwise only seen in Corriban. Vyraz, young enough to be able to catch a Pokemon, was immediately enticed to try to somehow attract one of the rare birds (to Mancians). However, his lure only worked with one Rufflet, and the coloration was almost the opposite of what a regular Rufflet was-orange instead of blue. He took it too his father, who almost went unconscious to see what he identified as a Shiny Rufflet. After learning that the oddly colored Pokemon was indeed a Rufflet, Vyraz immediately set about to befriend and raise the bird properly, and the duo grew a good bond, with the Rufflet evolving into a Braviary a year later. This evolution, along with the Braviary’s ability to fight excellently against the local Wild Pokemon, quickly became another thing for his father to be proud of, along with his swordsmanship, his charisma, his natural talents, and his like of his father. Novin thought that Vyraz was nothing short of a blessing for him-a perfect son.

After the evolution occurred, however, Vyraz's life took an immediate downhill turn.

The first indication that the Inxi’s luck changed for the worse was that one of Novin’s most trusted friends-a Mage with control over water-At last lost his sanity, using his power to quickly force a lot of water down Vyraz’s daughter and mother while they were getting water at the well, effectively killing them. Novin himself nearly got murdered in quite the same way, had it not been for a group of Circle Knights having stabbed the Mage through the heart. After this event, Vyraz quickly decided that being a Circle Knight was what he wanted to be. Considering that they just saved his life, Novin didn’t disagree.

Vyraz’s special talents were immediately recognized-and well liked-by the Mancian Circle Knights. The training was easier than expected-though certainly no cakewalk-and he was a fully-trained Knight in just a year. During this time, Vyraz learned quite a bit about Mancia in general-including the practical slave-driving the Aristocratic Uplanders did on a daily basis, and the incredibly weak government structure because of it. In fact, the Circle Knights in Mancia have a second role: general protection of Mancia, mainly because the Circle Knights are more in number than soldiers, and they have boats. That was a nasty discovery for Vyraz, as it meant that his father (whose record had been quite clean up until right then) had abused the very poor people living in Lowland, giving them far less pay than what they should have earned.

However, a second, sharp fall was when he was instructed to kill a family of Mages, on the spot, by the head of the Mancian knights. This family included two sons. The reason they were being executed was that the father had been drinking. Although all the family was registered, Drinking Mages is out of the question, punished by death. They tried to flee from Saffron, where the crime was committed, and get to Venefinia, where the punishment would be a severe fine and some rehabilitation training at the Ministry of Truth. However, they had been found-and caught-just feet away from the docks. Vyraz barely was able to kill them all quickly, before he puked out of disgust. He immediately left the knights after this incident, and kept his ears out for the occasional tale of Circle Knights doing things inhumane in their somewhat blind pursuit of mages.

Meanwhile, Vyraz grew to like his father less and less after he left the Circle Knights-though this sudden change of heart was unspoken by him...However, he nevertheless was present at his funeral, and cried a few tears. The cause of death: He was overseeing the destruction of one of the bronze statues of slaves on the islands, saying that it ‘gave the wrong image,’ and one of the pieces of it landed on his head, breaking his skull and damaging his brain.

Vyraz, now seventeen, had inherited all of his dead father’s fortune, including the Zenith of Hope. He briefly resumed his father’s job of being a trader, but then realized that he had to do something else. He quickly decided to move to Itum, selling the using his cash to build a boat with the help of the Lowlanders under the direct employ of his father, who also made up the crew, and were paid probably thrice fold what their former boss did. They were also a good deal of the work that helped build his house once he settled in, and yet again, they were paid quite much more than what Novin ever would.

It was in the streets of Itum that he remembered one thing that he forgot-that the Circle Knight’s Headquarters was in Itum. The irony was that Magic was regulated extremely well, whist everything else wasn’t. He couldn’t stand it at all…Then he heard of the Cullen, which for him was basically everything he wanted, including a chance at revenge against the Circle Knights for their wrongdoing and a strong, region-scale government for Aria. However, due to his nobility status, he was rather reluctant to join.

It wasn’t until he had gotten wind of six other parties, who were vying for control for Aria too, that Vyraz decided on joining the Cullen. To help assist matters, he gave quite a large portion of his wealth to the Cullen’s cause. This cash flow helped establish himself in the Cullen, and (he hoped) relived some tensions some of the criminals from Mancia may have had towards his family.

Pokemon: Storm the Braviary. Storm, having been raised by Vyraz Inxi, reflects a similar personality: Calm and intelligent. He has been raised for several years now, having been trained against the wild Pokemon native to Mancia, and never having really been part of any official battle. Storm is Shiny.

Other: The ship that Vyraz owns is a medium-sized vessel named Bellowing Eons. The ship corners better than similar vessels, as a note. It’s also notable that although Vyraz detests the Circle Knights, the Circle Knights do not detest Vyraz, and are constantly trying to get him to rejoin.

06-29-2011, 06:48 PM
Name: Sua verbrand
Age: 19
Gender: male
Team: Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil
Class: human


Sua is about average height. Has bone white hair and is fairly skinny. Appearance wise he's nothing attention worthy, but his right arm is fairly note worthy in that its one of the first successful prosthetic limb in the entire Aria region, possibly the world. He generally wears a blue knitted hoodie and some sweatpants and its very likely you wouldnt think of him as anything noteworthy if you saw him walk by you. His left arm as a fair number of burn marks from his many meetings with fire as does the rest of his body.


Sua has always had an unhealthy obsession with fire. He enjoys starting them, and he enjoys watching them. However most of all he enjoys planing them. Thus he will always start planing several months in advance. He will pick the perfect house from which he can start a blaze while allowing it to grow as large as possible. He does not care that much whether there are people inside the house or not.

However underneath all that fire loving there is a little boy that just wants to get attention. And he will stop at nothing to get it


Sua grew up as the son of an engineer in Itum, his dad was one of the best engineers in the entire city and he was well known for his experimental work in making prosthetic limbs.

As a child he would always build little houses and place great care into the build. he even built tiny wooden people to live inside of them, and when he was pleased with it he would light it on fire and watch it burn, for his own enjoyment. He did not have many friends as a child. And his pyromaniac tendencies were, in its early stages, a way to get attention to himself. It was a plead for recognition if you will.

His parent always assumed he would grow out of it. “its one of those stages” they'd say. But Sua never grew out of it, and as he got older it was less about trying to get attention and more about watching how the fire consumed everything around it. It was during this period that he started carrying lighter fuel with him wherever he went. He was no longer contempt simply building wooden houses and burning them. He decided he had to burn the real deal.

Sua was never one to keep a safe distance, and when one day the fire grew to big, it followed the stream of lighter fuel from the house and towards his right hand. The fire managed to burn off his entire right arm before Sua bothered to put it out.

Because his family was wealthy, they could afford to fit him with a hook. Sua however decided to do some modifications to said hook and it wasnt long before he removed the hook and replaced it with a primitive flamethrower. After doing this his parent, fearing their own safety, kicked the mentally unstable teen out of their house and onto the streets.

He was soon picked up by team VILE and he is to this day a fairly loyal member of the team.

Pokemon: Rotom

edit: page topper :D

06-29-2011, 08:27 PM
Skull Kid's accepted.

Latio-Reol's accepted, quite an interesting history.

Ayotui, the technological level of Itum is far below that necessary to make prosthetic limbs. A hook, maybe, or possibly a wooden hand animated by magic or strings, but since magic is banned in Itum such things are impossible.

06-29-2011, 09:51 PM
k, i edited it

Noble Six
06-30-2011, 12:47 AM
Name:Noburu Asher AKA Noble

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Team: VILE

Class: Human (Assassin/Recon)

Description: He is a nineteen year old, six foot one, one hundred and seventy pound man. His body structure is athletic and built but hidden well with his clothing. His hair is medium length, reaching down to his ears. Before he was a member of VILE, his footsteps were often quiet and scared many people when he would approach them. His eyes were a light shade of violet, almost lilac in comparison. It gives off a soft, relaxing aura that can sooth pokemon and humans alike. His voice is basically normal and his hearing is quite accurate from noticing a pin fall to a raging boar. Eyesight is also not a issue as he has 60/20 vision in both eyes, three times stronger than most humans due to the drugs VILE had put into his body. He is also ambidextrous ,able to write and forge documents with both hands easily. VILE taught him skills needed to survive and with that, he adapted on them and created his own code of ethics. His own CREED. He is proficent with bladed weapons, often prefering a knife or anything sharp
but with switch to swords or axes if need be. He has a great distaste for lances and javalins.

Personality: He is a very quiet individual often not one to engage in conversation unless spoken too. His vocabulary is pretty refined, often able to keep a conversation with adults twice his age,
and often shocking them as well. Often a loner, he will work along side another if it meant completing an objective. He has an affinity for bird as he would often spend his time in high places. This raised his respect for the avian variety and often fascinated him with their wings and talons. He often tends to disappear and reappear at the most random times and places. He likes seafood, preferring salmon or tuna lobster if her could get his hands on it. He is often baited by strawberries a lot as well, easily throwing him off his game. Serenity is a key function for him as he needs peace and quiet at times to function at peak performance.

History: He was wrapped in silk as soon as he was born and left on the doorstep of the church in the west side of Itum. It was cold and wet outside, a light shower grazing over the city. Crying into the night, the door opened and a woman dressed as a nun scooped the child up and brought him inside. The only thing aside from the child, the silk and the basket was a small white card with gold, elegant trimmings. It read Noburu.

The woman was named Sister Isabella, a thirty two year old woman who had joined the coven after running away from an adulterous mother and drunken father. She was an example to all in the ways of kindness, serenity and humility. Every nun wanted a chance to bear a child of their own, but due to the sacred oath, it was forbidden to have relations. This was a nuns dream come true. The boy was defiant, never giving any member of the church an easy time. After numerous fits and tantrums, he was forced into a program to train young men to be missionaries and priests. This didn’t go over well.

After a few years, Noburu turned fifteen and eventually grew accustomed to the lifestyle and did everything half heartedly, only answering to Isabella. She was the only one he could talk to and gave everyone else the cold shoulder. In the woods, he found a Treecko, in pain from poison. He hid it deep inside the church and tended to its wounds. He cared for it just as Isabella cared for him. Two years later, it had evolved into a full grown Sceptile and had an amazing ability to disappear and reappear, as if it was a ninja. This would often keep Noburu entertained for hours on end as it played constant practical jokes. This made life much more bearable, until the dawning of a new chapter. A bloody, new chapter.

During a late night of patrolling the grounds, Noburu suddenly saw the church go up in flames, burning anything and everything in its path. He couldn’t bear to think of what would happen to all that was inside. He ran into the left wing and made his way through smoke and ash when he found his step mother trapped beneath one of the wooden scaffolding, dead. Breaking down, he lost the only person who had cared about him. Inside he saw people creating more flames, instigating the fire. Anger getting the best of him, he ran at the people with a piece of flaming rubble but was struck down immediately. He never stood a chance. He fell unconscious; sure he was going to die in an inferno.

When he awoke, he was in a facility, strapped to a bed with needles sticking out of him. His Sceptile was in the same condition, except shiny now. Demanding answers, a man approached in a black trenchcoat and stated they had experimented on him. When asked the name of “they”, he had simple received VILE. He was forced into multiple training exercises, collared and zapped by mages when disobedient. He couldn’t take it anymore and obeyed. They were teaching him skills he would use against them, making sure to make each member pay for what they had done to him and his family. All hidden techniques and such was now being put to use as VILE’s newest scout/ recon officer. He was given the task of “recruiting” new members to the organization, much to his disgust.



06-30-2011, 12:52 AM
It's advanced technology fueled by magic. Magicpunk. Tvtropes explains it well.

Well, the link doesn't work, but I fixed it. It's more of a "lens focus the electricity generated" type of thing. Pretty simple compared to the magical light rails, lol. Still don't work though.

06-30-2011, 12:55 AM
Grassy, Ayotui, and Noble Six are all accepted.

VILE sure has a lot of little bugs scurrying around...

06-30-2011, 04:40 PM
Please remove me from the list.
I am no longer in VILE or the War.

06-30-2011, 06:17 PM
Ohkayso... I've never RPd before, but I want to be actively involved in this war, so heregoesnothing =3

Name: Og
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Team: Vile
Class: "Light" Mage, both in the sense that he wields life-magic, and the fact that he is prone to not using it. He is a very masterful mage, but tends to want to reserve his powers for reasons explained later. He specializes in telekenisis and formation (creating simple solid objects out of thin air) magic, similar to a mr. mime.

History: Little is known about Og's past. I know, cliche. But not even Og knows his firm roots. He recalls being raised around a forest, and believes that it was the Endla forest, though he doesn't know for sure. He knows for a fact that he wasn't raised by humans, but the guardians of his youth remain a mystery to him.

abandoned as a pup, he was found by murial, who lives in the middle of nowhere... He was left by his kin in times of strugle, and as such spent his youth in the forest. He would of quickly died had it not been for two aspects; the first being his use of magic, and the second being his befriending of a certain pokemon. Og was an overwhelming mage from birth. This could of been due to a number of reaons; perhaps his parents were magicians, or maybe he was exposed to crystals. But the sure thing was that Og could use magic without even thinking about it. As a baby in the forest, he was able to conjur himself food, and even protection. Og's overuse of magic, however, immedietaly attracted attention. The first being to find this child was a ditto that was traveling through the forest. The ditto immedietaly became attached with what it thought was simply a playmate. From then out, the ditto was a so-called guardian for Og. It helped provide food and protection, as well as fun. He would transform into countless pokemon that could provide aid, like an abra if magic was needed, or perhaps a chansy for healing. The years quickly progressed, however, and as Og aged, he became more adventurous. Eventually, around the time Og was 17, he decided to venture out of the woods. He left knowing little of his early years.

Once in the outside world, Og quickly learned of the history of the gods, and of magic. He also soon realized that he wasn't like many other humans that he met, and everyone that he came in contact with seemed to shun him away. Because no one seemed to want to house him, he all too quickly became a wanderer. After a few years, he became vastly knowledgeable of the magic in the world, and realized that overuse can drive people insane. He thusly assumed this was what happened to him; he was driven senile by the use of magic as a young person. As such, he vowed to seldom use magic ever again, in fear of fully snapping and going insane.

Description: In his age, Og cares little of his looks. He crafted a half-plastic half-cloth purple and green outerwear. His pants are vertical-alternating stripes, all around, and his upper-wear are plastic squares threaded together, in resemblence of age-old jester wear. Upon his head is simply a very large brown worn beanie.

Personality: Extremely wise and capabable of powerful magic, though prone to senile ways. He isn't fully senile, though appears to be to everyone else. His brain is still full of sensible thoughts, and he is fully cabable of conveying those thoughts... when desired. It is possible for him to hold down a straight face, though he is never seen with one. Extremely playful and optimistic.

Pokemon: Though never captured, the Ditto from Og's childhood stuck around, and often entails Og either close behind or by traveling on his shoulder. Og has nicknamed him Rhop.

This was my first character description in like, forever, so if it needs revising please tell me :3 I'm not all to great with words on the internet, so this probably seems like a bunch of nonsense to everyone else.

07-01-2011, 03:09 AM
Mystery Mew, you need to be more specific regarding your character's brand of magic. In addition, I would prefer if you leave out close interaction with Legendary Pokemon from your character history, as I want everyone to start out on an even footing regarding those due to the possibility of befriending them in the RP itself.

07-01-2011, 10:03 AM
I hope this is okay. I'd like to start as soon as possible. :cool:

Name: Renita Myrian
Age: Looks to be in early 20s
Gender: Female
Team: The Cullen
Class: Mage? Human?
Description: http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/2499/shionback.jpg Kinda like this but with some modifications, as outlined below.

Renita has long brown hair that stretches down to her waist in the back. Her eyes are green and she has an almost pale complexion. She wears a short sleeved blue and gray mini-jacket over a short, black blouse that exposes her belly.

Her black underwear comes up a little too high out of her short brown shorts, and she wears a black belt to keep the shorts up. Thigh high black stockings and shoes in two shades of gray complete the look. The shoes have decorative glass as part of the design.
Personality: Renita is generally easygoing and not quick to anger. She cares for others and will not hesitate to help those in need, unless it would get her into trouble or the person doesn't deserve it. She can't stand to see a Pokemon abused or tortured.
History: Back in the days of the World War, Renita joined the hero's army to help fight against the redeemers. They didn't let her fight, but joining as a nurse was good enough. Hey, at least it was a way to contribute to the cause. Unfortunately she was badly hurt by the armies that poured all over the world in the Wave, and was thought to have perished in all the fighting that ensued.

Many, many, many years later Renita suddenly awoke in what seemed to be a completely destroyed laboratory in the Zarun Mountains near present day Venefinia. The room she had awoken in was locked from the inside and there was a skeleton by the wall near the "bed" she had awoken on. Unlocking the door, she exited into a place that was completely destroyed. Whatever went on there, nothing looked recognizable and it was all trashed like something exploded and killed whoever worked in the place. Pieces of their skeletons could still be seen all around. Along with this, there were weapons she didn't recognise in the hands of some of the skeletons. How much time had passed? Where was this? The last thing she remembered was being stabbed through by one of the traitors who were assaulting Parisanti, and was bleeding to death, but the wound was nowhere to be found and she felt fine. Light headed and feeling more light headed by the second, but otherwise fine.

Renita exited the lab to find herself on a high hill overlooking a town. It was the middle of the night. At this point she was feeling increasingly tired. She staggered into town and was stopped by strange guards. She passed out in their arms. The last thing Renita heard was them talking about being unable to read her mind, but sensing strange magic emanating from the her. When next she awoke Renita was in what looked like a hospital bed with a nurse nearby napping lightly. The nurse stirred as she heard the rustling of bed covers.

The hospital people explained to her that they had to force feed her, and other than being hungry there was nothing wrong with her that they could figure out. The way she absorbed the food in a flash of white light instead of swallowing it originally freaked out these doctors, but since they had sensed magic from her they figured it was something that was related.

The guards had apparently brought Renita to the hospital in a wheelbarrow because they couldn't carry her. Only the mages in the hospital could feel any life in her, and besides that nobody had any idea how she was alive, if she was alive at all. She felt alive though, and that was good enough that they discharged her from the hospital the next morning. They called her bizarre and just wanted her to free up the bed for the next patient.

Before she left though, seeing a patient being brought in on a stretcher made her instinctively run to his side. He had been slashed by a wild Scyther and had a deep wound down the middle. Renita yelled for stitches and bandages to be brought, but the doctor explained they had another way to help him. Placing his blue-glowing hands on the man's stomach, he was able to lessen the wound but couldn't fully heal it. He was spent for the time being, and asked for her help. When told she didn't know what he was talking about, he said "Just trust me and do it. I sense an immense source of Life from you." Doing as instructed, her own hands started to glow white. The man was fully healed in a couple of minutes and Renita felt like she was about to pass out again. Right then and there she decided to get a job at the hospital healing the sick and injured. With a gift like that, they couldn't turn her down.

Learning about the city and all it's abundant magic was an amazing experience, but the fact that the Mind Police couldn't read her mind was a huge problem. Nobody could figure out why, and the only one who could get the police to leave her alone was Tomo, who was able to assure them that her aura was not an evil one.

Renita once saved his life when he was brought into the hospital on a stretcher and nobody in the city had the means to cure him, including the healers who specialized in Pokemon. He was comatose and suffering from many broken bones and internal bleeding after his human companion's laboratory exploded. The man was instantly killed by all the volatile liquid Ichor he was experimenting on, but the explosion threw Tomo out of a window and face first into an old and cracked stone pillar, which finally broke and fell on him. There wasn't anything any of the other healers could do, and he was given a couple of hours to live at best. Renita was his only hope. She asked for the pillar from which he was pulled out from under to be brought outside the hospital doors. It would be his salvation.

The next day Tomo was still in bed, but he hadn't died. Overnight she had absorbed the entire pillar, then used it's energy to repair his bones and heal his insides. They had drained his bleeding, and he was pronounced stable but was still in a coma. It took a couple of days of light healing before he finally regained consciousness. It took a bit of time for everything to sink in. After explaining what had happened to him and how she had saved him, it was obvious what he wanted. His human friend was dead, their house was completely destroyed, and she had saved his life. Since then, they were inseparable friends.

But all things must end. A group called The Cullen eventually caught wind of her gifts and after turning them down many times, she finally gave in and accepted to be inducted. Renita knew one day she would have to put the job aside and find out what had become of the rest of the world. Perhaps soon she would find the answer to the question that had been plaguing her all these years since waking up: Why am I here?
Pokémon: Tomo the Lucario (Male). He knows a bit more about Renita than he lets on, and sees an aura around her that is unlike other people. He has been teaching her to gaze at a person's aura and see their intentions, but she's only a novice at the technique.
Other: Upon being seemingly reborn, Renita gained the special ability to choose to change matter she touches or consumes into pure magical Life energy, which she can store in her body or shoot from her fingers as beams. Not very strong ones, but enough to knock a grown man back a few feet when hit by it. This also allows her to heal or lessen the wounds of others by transfering some of her stored energy to them. If used sparingly, eating a typical sandwich will give her enough stored energy for a couple of days, which means she doesn't need to eat like a normal person. Larger objects give her larger amounts of energy, but leave her prone to “overloading” and being unable to store all of it, then having to shoot it off into the sky or find another way to expend it until it gets back down to a manageable level again. She's generally unable to change the energy back into usable matter, or the same matter that was originally absorbed. But she's been practicing with making rocks and clothes, and with time may even be able to create things that are actually useful besides tiny pebbles and useless scraps which can't be sewn together.

07-01-2011, 12:03 PM
Name: Garonn

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Team: Pokemon Elemental

Class: Feral Beast/Mage. Garonn has no control over his magical powers, with no clue of what element they even are. The only form of control over them is how angry he gets. The angrier he is, the more explosive and powerful his punches are.


The picture above depicts only his size and muscular mass. In all other aspects he is human, albiet with long brown shaggy hair, the body hair of a reuglar human and with sharpened, tougher fingernails. Around his midsection he wears a tattered, muddy and very well worn in loincloth, but aside from that he is naked as sin. His hair is thick and matted, as it would be had it never been washed, and his skin is naturally toughened from years of living in the wilds. The soles of his feet are particularly hard, as he has never worn shoes his entire life.

His body mass belies belief. Clearly some of the magic inside of him has played a part in making him stronger, as his muscles and his size in general have grown to an exstortionate rate, stronger than most humans could reach. Of course, one look at his face and one can tell he is truely feral, as the lights are not all on upstairs. He has a very smudged and battered looking face, like somebody has hit him in the face with a shovel. He really looks unintellegent too, having a vacant expression on his face most of the time, or really confused when somebody talks to him, as though hes trying to understand, but can't really pick up all the words.

Personality: As far as Feral beasts go, Garonn has more of a personality than most. While lots of animals can show some emotions, Garonn can show a vast array like sadness, joy, confusion, fear and most importantly - anger. In many respects he is like a child, as his moods can change for the smallest reason. He could get sad that somebody sat in his place for example. Or he becomes scared and worried when seperated from friends. While his violent mood swings can make him difficult to be around, hes smart enough to know who cares for him and who treats him well. Because in all respects he is a beast that needs looking after. But as clearly described, once he has found somebody he trusts, and that looks after him well, he will do anything for said person.

Garonn only really becomes angry when his friends are being hurt, like in a battle. As a typical feral would, Garonn will become an enraged beast, knowing no bounds and no ability to stop himself from turning whoever the offenders face was into red jam. Its for this reason that despite all his problems he is such a valuable ally to have. If you have his trust he will jump infront of a moving train for you. Not only the strength, but when hes angry he feels little to no pain at all. Like a total crazed juggernaught.

Magical Powers: You havn't got this section, but because ive been vague i'll explain Garonns magic powers quickly.

Garonns actual elemental power is fire, its just nobody has studied him long enough when hes angry to realise it. When he hits people or objects they will have burn marks where he hit them. The harder he hits, the more potent the burn, and it could even explode into flames. He also gets very hot to touch when he is angry and theres a distinct fire in his eyes. If, and only if as this has never happened thus far, Garonns rage intensifies to a level unbeknown to none, his magical powers will explode out of him, as his body canno't contain all that power, causeing a massive explosion of fire - similar to a bomb. Not only will this roast anyone in a 100 metre radius, but Garonn himself will take serious injuries, all over body burns etc. The heat from this attack could easily be enough to melt metal.

History: Garonn wasn't born a feral, but he always had feral instincts. In fact he was born to a normal human family. He was never bright as a child though, and loved to play as a wolf with friends, or some form of carnivore. And he always had learning difficulties. But from that age he did demostrate his use of magic, as he could hit harder than even his father. He also had a lot of muscular mass, and was tall for his age even back then.

One day however, his father and mother were playing with him, and he got carried away. His power exploded through him and he killed his parents. Horrified and afraid, Garonn fled into the woods and wilds to escape being killed himself. He hid, cried, weeped, roared and become more and more feral each day. When the chaos passed Garonn had changed. He was almost fully grown, and a real beast of the wilds. No speech ability whatsoever, and nigh on no intellegence. He hunted alone and was the fear of the wilds, the top of the food chain.

One day however, a group of Vile's came across him, became terrified and attacked. Garonn raged like he never had before, and ripped them apart in a mindless rage, bathing in thier blood. His body had suffered heavy wounds, but they bothered him not. When Jared the Nidoking stumbled across his path, Garonn was in an explosive rage, tearing things apart, ripping whole trees out of the ground and smashing craters into the dirt.

Jared had managed to connect with garonns mind, and tried communicating on as base level as he could. What he found lurking in the beasts mind was shocking. Fear and Anger, two emotions that when put together are never a good combination. Jared managed to calm Garonn, easing his mind as Garonn saw him as a beast of equal level. When he was calm, Jared turned to leave, only to have Garonn walk beside him. It was from then on that Garonn and Jared would be together no matter what. One would protect the other, and Jared would speak out for Garonn when he couldn't himself.

Jared knew about the Team Vile, and sought no buisness there himself. He had noticed Garonns magical powers, and sought out the help and guidence of the Pokemon Elementals. Now they work and travel with them, hoping to understand some more of Garonns strange powers.

Pokemon: Jared, the Nidoking.

Jared befriended Garonn when he found him raging in the forest. Magic has a wonderful ability to do and affect anything in anyway possible, and for Jared it gave him the ability to speak, and the ability to send telepathic messages. When Jared found him, he tried to calm him but quickly understood that Garonn could not understand him very well. So after trying several times he had established a link with Garronn telepathically. He could feel the beasts rage, upset and fear of being alone and rejected. it was for that reason Jared decided to befriend Garonn and travel with him, being his translater and loyal friend wherever he needed him.

He is also the only person to calm Garonn, and his strength as a Nidoking lets him tackle Garonn if the situation calls for it.

Other: Hope this isn't too bold, I tried thinking outside the box a little, but I guess the box is there for men like me :)

07-01-2011, 12:48 PM
Bron, Venefinia didn't exist back in the World War (since it was founded as a safe haven for mages, and mages only existed after the War), so it's rather unlikely that she would wake up in a Venefinia cemetery.

Altrius, Aria has been at peace for most of a century now, so there wouldn't be a war to kill his parents. Otherwise your SU is ok.

07-01-2011, 01:00 PM
Bron, Venefinia didn't exist back in the World War (since it was founded as a safe haven for mages, and mages only existed after the War), so it's rather unlikely that she would wake up in a Venefinia cemetery.

Altrius, Aria has been at peace for most of a century now, so there wouldn't be a war to kill his parents. Otherwise your SU is ok.

Derp. I might learn to read one day. I'll make the edit.

07-01-2011, 04:13 PM
Mystery Mew, you need to be more specific regarding your character's brand of magic. In addition, I would prefer if you leave out close interaction with Legendary Pokemon from your character history, as I want everyone to start out on an even footing regarding those due to the possibility of befriending them in the RP itself.

Aight, fixed. Sorry about that XD I should probably learn the names of the pokemon that AREN'T mew, I suppose XD

07-01-2011, 07:33 PM
I'm sorry but that makes no sense. If mages didn't exist before the war then your entire team can't have been made sentient, along with it affecting my character's mysterious survival (Which you know, and it involves magic) as well. The plot and your own signups clearly state that the Armada ships had their human souls bonded to them by a mage using magic during the war. Mages existed during the war man, maybe not in quantity, but they existed. Maybe you mean mages didn't gather in Venefinia and didn't exist in that city since the city didn't exist?

Regardless, I'll adjust it that it just happened to be by Venefinia, because even though she's not a true mage, Renita's ability is unlikely to be accepted anywhere else. Not to that extent anyway. Gimme a bit.

EDIT: Ok, done. Does this work for you Lus? Did a lot of rewrites near the beginning and took out the pre-War magic. She's no longer born with it.

07-02-2011, 03:50 AM
I'm sorry but that makes no sense. If mages didn't exist before the war then your entire team can't have been made sentient, along with it affecting my character's mysterious survival (Which you know, and it involves magic) as well. The plot and your own signups clearly state that the Armada ships had their human souls bonded to them by a mage using magic during the war. Mages existed during the war man, maybe not in quantity, but they existed. Maybe you mean mages didn't gather in Venefinia and didn't exist in that city since the city didn't exist?

Regardless, I'll adjust it that it just happened to be by Venefinia, because even though she's not a true mage, Renita's ability is unlikely to be accepted anywhere else. Not to that extent anyway. Gimme a bit.

EDIT: Ok, done. Does this work for you Lus? Did a lot of rewrites near the beginning and took out the pre-War magic. She's no longer born with it.

The existence of magic directly correlates to the death of the Lifemaker, is what I meant. This was stated on the first page. Venefinia obviously couldn't have existed during the war since anti-mage sentiment could only have developed afterwards.

MEW and bron, your revised SUs are satisfactory.

The pokemaster
07-02-2011, 04:31 PM
Ugh, so this is late and I don't like it and it's kinda long. I also made a few assumptions regarding the Knights of the Red Circle thing. IDK.

Name: Derrick Kuraena

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Team: Elemental

Class: Human

Description: Derrick is slightly taller than average, with a somewhat athletic build. He has short, dark black hair, which he tends to keep somewhat messy, and a small amount of stubble around his chin. He typically wears a black polo shirt, along with dark brown trousers, with an orange/brown overcoat, and brown boots. His wardrobe rarely changes from this, as he has little money to obtain other clothes.

Personality: Derrick is generally calm and stoic, and very rarely will show emotion. He prefers to focus on the task at hand, and get it done, without letting emotions get in the way, and he bears a large amount of guilt for what he thinks he did to his adopted mother. He doesn't like to talk an overly large amount, and isn’t one to mince words. However, he isn't an unkind person, and is always happy to assist someone who needs him. He does have a kind heart, but will only show it to the fewest of people. He is generally rough, and his fighting style matches. He prefers up close, unarmed combat, with his Pokémon partner, a Mightyena. He is able to use a few different types of swords, but prefers not to. He has a personal vendetta against mages, due to his childhood being negatively affected by them, but is slowly coming to accept them after working by their side.

History: Derrick’s parents were rich aristocrats in the city of Venefia. They were both powerful mages, and they were both well known for experimenting into new forms of life magic. Derrick’s father, an arrogant man named Lucial, was adept at a lot of elemental magic, and had incredible control over elements, like fire and water. His wife, a proud woman who went by the name of Samara, was skilled in healing, and manipulation of organic materials. They were both hard workers, and had made numerous advances in magical sciences, and as such, they were very well renowned. Their level of skill had instilled a large ego in their heads, of which was only further boosted by the flattery they received, both from their peers, and from the general public.

So then, when the time came that they wanted, and needed, a child of their own, an heir to their fame and fortune, it was expected that their child would be amazing. After a long year, their child was finally born, and as they gazed down at their child for the first time, they were thoroughly disappointed. They knew their son wasn’t a mage.

They raised Derrick as their son for almost two years, teaching him the basics of life, all the while, trying to force magic into him. They tried many methods to turn their son into a mage, to no success. Derrick was subjected to numerous experiments, some harmless, some more deadly. His parents tried zapping him with magic, tried injecting him with strange liquids, and were extremely close to infusing him with Ichor, before the Mind Police stepped in. The Mind Police found out that they had both started falling to the corruption, and they were taken away, leaving Derrick in the care of a young woman. The woman, named Khisanth, had no relation to Derrick, but happened to be nearby when his parents were taken away, and she was entrusted with the young baby. She took him home, to a small cottage at the edge of Venefinia, where he spent the next few years of his life growing into an energetic young boy, without the pressure of becoming a mage.

On his fifth birthday, Khisanth held a small party for Derrick, and invited a few of the local children, as at that time, Derrick had very few friends. There were some paper decorations, and an enchanted floating bauble, which would slowly follow the kids wherever they went. And in the main dining room, there was a small wooden table for the kids, and a home baked chocolate cake. However, the kids were all playing out in the yard, oblivious to the chocolate cake. The children were running around the flowery garden, gently pushing the shiny bauble at each other, giggling everytime the bauble bounced off someone’s hands. For the first time, Derrick didn’t notice, or care, that he was the only regular human, and for the first time, he fit in with people, and it was the best day of his life.

But what Derrick didn’t know was that as he played, a young, stray Pooochyena watched silently from under the fence, whimpering quietly. As Khisanth called the children inside to eat cake, the stray pup crawled under the fence, and slowly made its way towards the house. The Poochyena approached the back door, which was now shut and locked, and softly scratched against the door. The door was opened, and Khisanth looked around confused, before noticing the young pup on the doorstep. She picked it up, cradled it in her arms, brought it inside, and placed it in Derrick’s arms.

As soon as Derrick laid eyes on the helpless Poochyena pup, he fell in love. He cuddled it to his chest, gently pat its fluffy head, and when it started staring at the chocolate cake hungrily, he fed it a piece. Khisanth told him that the young Poochyena was a female, and he decided to name it Annika, out of a children’s book he had read.

For the weeks following his birthday, he nurtured the young Poochyena, feeding it, and taking care of it, and he did little else. He played with it out in the garden, running through the flowers, and just enjoying himself like any other boy should. One day, he was out playing in the yard with Annika, throwing a small stick for her to chase. Everytime Derrick threw the stick, she would go fetch it, and come trotting back to him, holding the stick proudly in her mouth, before dropping it at this feet. Derrick picked it up, and readied himself to throw the stick for the umpteenth time. He swung his arm through the air, and just as he was about to let go, there was a loud booming noise in the distance. It distracted him for just that moment, and he accidentally threw the stick towards the house, and he flinched as the stick smashed through the kitchen window. He cautiously approached the window, which has started smoking. He cautiously peered inside, and the stove was on fire, and a flaming stick was lying on the floor just below it. There was only one thing flowing through Derrick’s mind at that moment, and it was a mixture of shock and panic, and he did the first thing his mind told him to do, and that was to run. He picked up the confused Poochyena pup in his arms, bolted over the fence, and headed straight towards Zarun forest. As he ran into the safety of the trees, he chanced a quick glance backwards, and the whole house was in flames, and there was no one around. Not even Khisanth.

Derrick spent many years living isolated in the forest, with only Annika for company. He was trying to cope with immense amounts of guilt, and had comtemplated trying to kill himself numerous times, with Annika only just managing to keep him alive. They wandered aimlessly through the forests; searching for any wild berries they could eat to sustain themselves. Pointless days grew into dreary weeks, which into grew into longer months, and soon, even years were slowly ticking by, and eventually, they forgot the reason why they were hiding. They remembered why they ran, they would always remember, but they no longer knew what made them continue hiding from civilisation. Unfortunately, they didn’t know where civilisation was.

Eventuallly, Derrick’s wanderings through the forest had brought him significantly north of Venefinia, to the city of Parasanti. Lost, confused, starving, and as shaggy as the Poochyena behind him, the now teen-aged Derrick stumbled into the city. As he passed through the gate, he was confronted by a few guards, who quickly frisked him, and asked a few questions. They identified themselves as Knights of the Red Circle, and explained to Derrick that they were sworn to seek out and kill mages. After a long conversation with the Knights, Derrick knew that he wanted to join them. So he was led to the base of operations for the Knights of the Red Circle in Parasanti, where he begun the long and rigorous training almost immediately, along with Annika.

Derrick finally completed all of his training at the age of twenty-five, and at his graduation ceremony, he was called up to the stage to receive his sword. He was clean, and wearing a fine silk suit and Annika was well groomed, opposed to the day they both arrived in Parasanti. He approached the stage proudly, with Annika right at his heels, and received his sword. He held it up proudly, and Annika howled, evolving into a Mightyena at that moment.

Derrick abandoned the Knights of the Red Order not long after his graduation, however. Their methods were cruel, unfair, and even though he had a negative view of mages, he didn’t think this was right. In one of his first expeditions out with the Order, he encountered a young group of mages called Elemental, who were fighting against the Order, and helping to teach and care for young mages, who had otherwise been rejected. He ended up joining Elemental, and fighting for the cause which he once fought against.

Pokemon: Annika, the female Mightyena. Annika shares an instinctive connection with Derrick, so while they cannot communicate telepathically, they both think in almost identical ways, and can often tell what the other is thinking. They can usually co-ordinate attacks and such without having to communicate. They are very quick to defend each other should a dangerous situation arise.

07-03-2011, 02:50 AM
The pokemaster is accepted.

Sight of the Stars
07-08-2011, 02:07 AM



The Cullen

Mage, can control fire, as well as water, air, and earth, though the latter three are extremely weak. By weak I mean maybe moving a blade of grass or making it grow an inch or two (though he is fond of growing buttercups), or move a vine; moving a small bit of water a couple of inches; creating a breeze.

Butters is a bulky teen. Not fat, just what you would call ‘heavy-boned’. He has a wide build and is extremely tall, measuring at about 6’10. His face betrays his mild autism, though, and not very gaunt, and he still bears the face of a child, though he is growing older. He doesn’t wear anything at all fancy, and in fact he wears loose clothes made from burlap, because he won’t wear anything else. His large feet are barefooted. His fingers are a bit meaty, making him clumsy with tools and small objects. He wears a leather bracelet on his right arm, and on the bracelet, a sapphire amulet is imbedded into the leather. He has sloppy, blonde hair.

Butters is the kind of person you could call ‘simple’, due to his autism. He is slow to understand, and his speech is also chopped and he stutters a lot, but once he finally understands something, his mind is off like a rocket, and he comes up with all of these ideas that no one else probably would never think of. He is very imaginative, as well. He may be simple-minded, but he is a great friend overall. Seeing those he knows getting hurt, though, is when he snaps. His friends are like his family to him, since he doesn’t know who his family was in the first place, and he will defend them with his life. Determination is one of his main driving forces. Most of the time, though, he is joyous and one of the happiest people you’ll meet. Butters cries easily, though, and tends to do that when he is offended. He loves his Pokemon to death, and hates seeing her get hurt. He dislikes the Red Circle Knights to a fatal degree. He thinks hate is a strong word, and doesn’t like using it, though. Butters loves making friends, and it makes him overjoyed when he finds new ones!

Butters was found on the doorstep of an elderly couple’s cabin as a newborn, with no note and no trace and no name on the outskirts of Venefinia. A couple of years later, when he was about three, the cabin burned down. He couldn’t remember it himself, but he was always told that he was found outside of the cabin gripping his leather band and a buttercup so tightly that they had to put him to sleep before they could free it from him. He was sent to the orphanage, and wasn’t adopted immediately because his signs of autism were obvious in his face, and none of the mages were interested in apprenticing him. They named him Butters, because it was the first thing he said (and the only thing he said for the next month), because no one wanted to spend time on naming him. The elderly couple had named him, but they were never the socialites and had nobody to tell.

Butters was constantly taunted for his speech and his inability to understand, as well as his looks. He ran away when he was eight, crying. He stumbled upon the cabin of a mage, whom of which was away at the time, and was found asleep on the woman’s doorstep. She found potential in him, and took him as her apprentice. She gave him a Pokemon to learn his first element – fire – from. And that was how he earned his Larvesta, which he named Pyreflight (it was then, in that name, that the mage saw this boy had a much more complex personality than she thought). He trained beside the small fire caterpillar, and his skills grew. He discovered the other three elements on his own, but the mage never had time to train them in it. The Red Circle Knights discovered their secluded training place, and killed the mage. They didn’t think that Butters was anything but a poor child caught up in these things, and didn’t know he could wield magic. They found themselves dying from the pain after he melted their armor into their skins and then ripped it from their flesh. He had loved the mage like his mother, and the rage that came over him was full and blinding. Afterwards, he couldn’t remember even ever touching the knights.

He traveled about afterwards, always carrying around his lil’ female Larvesta like she was a handbag. Something about the Pokemon helped him ignore the taunts and the stares. He went southward, to the Zarun Mountains, and nobody ever really realized that he was a mage (except for other mages, of course). He trained there, determined to avenge his master’s death, for he couldn’t remember already avenging them. He thought that she had killed the knights herself, but this much he would never know. He was 16 and had lived in the mountain for about two years by then, and The Cullen found him with his newly-evolved Volcarona, playing with buttercups that he grew out of the ground. They took him after one of the mages saw his potent skills, and he began his life with his new friends. He became deathly loyal to them and those he met.

Pyreflight (Volcarona, female)


07-08-2011, 02:25 AM
Why are you making a third character...?

Sight of the Stars
07-08-2011, 02:25 AM
Because I need one.

07-08-2011, 02:26 AM
Accepted, I guess... although I'm going to have to say no if you make a fourth.

Sight of the Stars
07-08-2011, 02:28 AM
Trust me, he's everything I ever wanted. I need nothing more in life. :> His personality and such has been stirring in my head for too long to not try and RP with him.

07-11-2011, 02:14 PM
OK, I feel like this is necessary at this point. Now, for the moment you all were waiting for!

Name: Leonard Avalon Zyxino

Age: 575, counting the years spent in cryogenic storage. Counting the years he wasn't in storage, he's 15.

Gender: Male.

Team: None officially. But he's sided with the Cullen.

Class: Mage: Avalon has Aura Control and Psychic Control, as well as the ability to drain energy, control electricity to some extent, and remove magical abilities.

Aura Control not only includes Avalon’s ability to see auras, enhancement of his psychic ability, and use attacks related to Aura, but also allows Avalon to use Aura’s from other sources, aside from the light-blue aura that the world generally emits. The Aura’s that are emitted by some sources can vary in strength and color from the world’s aura. His aura is indigo in color and is nearly twice as strong as the world’s general aura. He can also manipulate the aura to form physical objects, like blades or keys. The bigger the object is, the harder it is to make it. It is noteworthy that the use of different auras can change the properties the objects bring.

Psychic control includes telepathy, telekinesis of small-medium sized objects, mind reading, seeing the future, allowing others to see images and voices, making a mental offensive, and defending his mind. He can also create psychic barriers to protect against attacks, though the attacks shouldn't be too strong-if it's strong enough, the barrier will break under pressure.

Avalon can drain any kind of energy from any outlet, which is handy if he’s tired. This doesn’t subside his natural needs of food, water and sleeping. Avalon can also control electricity, allowing for minor to moderate blasts of the stuff, so long as he has energy to use. It’s interesting to note that the electricity that Avalon wields is red in color.

Avalon’s most unique ability is his ability to remove abilities from any source other than himself. In order to do it correctly, he must first make contact with the target. Once done, he may initiate the ability, making both him and his target incapable of any action, completely immobile until the process is complete or is interrupted. If it is interrupted, Avalon accidentally lets loose a moderate burst of energy, causing quite a jolt for those around him, but not actually harming him. If he is successful, then the removed ability will take the form of a small orb. If this orb comes into contact with anything, it will grant the magical abilities to whatever touched it. The ability orbs can go to anybody-even the original owner. The orbs may be merged with each other, and can be destroyed if hit with an energy-based attack.

His sword, the Third Angel's Blessing, can be infused with Avalon’s aura; doing so turns the blade pitch black, with red electricity crackling off it, as well as giving it some patches of Avalon’s indigo aura, making the blade capable of going through basically anything. The blade can also be teleported-He can teleport the blade to him at will, regardless of the blade's location. However, he cannot do the exact opposite all the time: He can only warp the blade a certain length from his location.

Due to the lack of time to actually train, he's only explored some of his abilities-Mainly the Aura and Psychic-based powers.

Description: Avalon's most famous feature is his beret: It features a pattern of a storm; The indigo and silver color on it doesn't really have any symmetry at all. Under this beret is brown hair made in a style called Togekiss bunches-basically bunches that look like a Togekiss'es head spikes. This hair has also never met a day without grease (Apparently, no shower can remove it). Avalon has the beginnings of a moustache and a goatee on his face.

Avalon's eyes are quite a curious thing. They are hazel in color, they have a certain light to them, and albeit they are generally friendly and do not show signs of any oddity, there are two conditions when the eyes change drastically. First, Avalon's mental state has allowed him to enter into emotionless states at times, at will. During this time, Avalon's eyes cease to be an entryway into what he feels or thinks at the time, and the light generally isn't seen anymore, making his eyes like the entrance into an endless cavern. The second scenario is generally during times of severe stress or when there is no time for games: At these times, Avalon's eyes change color briefly, from hazel to a deep blue.

Avalon wears a dog tag. However, all of the dog tag is symbols instead of actual language, and only Avalon understands what they mean.

Avalon wears a sleeveless shirt, black in coloration. He also has short jeans and blue-and-black sneakers. He has a belt, where he put the sheath to the "Third Angel's Blessing" (His blade). Avalon stands at about 5-foot-5, weighs approximately 113 pounds, and has light skin. He does have average muscle-mass.

Personality: Avalon's mental control is unrivaled by almost everybody, thanks almost completely due to his impossible past: Although the same past also left Avalon thinking he's insane, this past has put him through the most gruesome of situations, stuff that almost everybody would rather avoid at all costs, and he's survived-this left him incredibly hardened in the mental sense, and he can see even the cruelest of deaths without shedding even one tear. However, he still does feel emotion: he despises killing, and he despises war, and every time he has to kill and every time there is war, he falls into an absolutely secret, yet almost total despair. He doesn't let inner emotion get in the way, though, and it is this despair that drives him to end it ASAP.

However, he isn't above showing his emotion: At times of peace, or even at completely random times with no meaning whatsoever, he will burst into a person with a euphemism that's hard to rival, an active and lighthearted kid that rarely doesn't make people happy by his mere presence. He also isn't afraid of making what he feels is right known to others. And he will. Painfully if needed. He has three priorities: Justice, Self-preservation, and the preservation of others. Anything that threatens them (and winds up nearby Avalon) typically doesn't live for long. However, these are not all-consuming: They're just important.

Avalon is one heck of a fighter and a liar: He can do both wonderfully. It takes a psychic to know whether Avalon's telling the truth or not-and even then, Avalon can use his own psychic powers to fudge the results even then. It also takes quite a bit of skill to take Avalon down, and keep him down too: At times, he has been able to defeat foes before they can react.

His feelings for the Cullen are mixed: He believes that the Cullen's cause is perfectly fine, but his issue is that the Cullen can be as blind as the court system is, and mistake an innocent man for a guilty one-and vice versa. However, he can't really join the Armada, he isn't into VILE, and he's already associated with Vyraz and the Cullen: henceforth, he is aligned, but not officially affiliated with them.

History: Avalon knows his history. This history-specifically, the last three years prior to cyrogenic storage-is horrendous. It would be absolute mockery to call it anything even slightly short of Avalon's pure torture on all affronts. It is known that he has gained his current personality as a result of this dreaded, bloody history; however, he refuses to share the past three years of his life with others. His excuse: He claims that, on-average, people kill themselves immediately after 20 minutes of hearing it. This hell-bent ride through the toughest of situations could still be considered to be going on to date.

According to Avalon, he was around for the Fall of Heaven, and was present for the Lifemaker's rise to power. However, how much time he lived during the Lifemaker's reign, what he did, if he was part of the beginnings of the Redeemers, or anything else is unknown. According to him, he apparently wandered into Saffron's ruins, having never been to pre-fall Saffron before and curious what it was like, and accidentally froze himself in a Cryogenic storage pod.

During his time in Cryogenic storage, he gained his magical powers, but wasn't in immediate realization due to his body's inert state. However, the voices of the dead gods immediately penetrated him, forcing him into dreams, and unwittingly telling him about his powers. Once he got to know how much of them he had, he immediately tried to train: To learn how to control his powers without accidentally destroying something he didn't want destroyed. Attempting to make his dreams like a training ground, he immediately started. However, the Voices intervened in various ways, making his supposed power seem stronger or weaker than it should at times. Avalon tried at times to truly stay inert in all senses, but there too did the voices intervene. They were loud voices, after all.

It wasn't until Vyraz awoke him from the Cryogenic pods that he managed to escape the voices for the first time in centuries. However, he was initially afraid of using his powers, not knowing their exact potential. He instead relied on his knowledge and luck to survive against an onslaught of Porygon (by destroying most of a building) and the wrath of the Executioner gracing a few buildings and causing massive earthquakes (by finding a Mining Train).

It was on the mining train, while Vyraz and Jamal were sleeping, that he tried to train without the sabotage the voices presented to him, and it was now that he realized how strong some of it was, having learned quickly how to harness his mental ability and some of his Aura-based powers. In doing so, he realized that Vyraz and Jamal worked for the Cullen. He has yet to officially join, but he plans on it.

Pokemon: While escaping pre-fall Saffron, Avalon found a PokeBall containing a Kricketune. He's using that as his own Pokemon.

Other: Yes, Avalon was a mage from the get-go. I already planned to reveal his magic. I just decided that I like Avalon too much for him to be JUST an NPC.

Is this edited properly?

07-11-2011, 10:51 PM
Mmm, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to expand Avalon's so-called torturous history. You can do so by PM if you don't want to reveal spoilers here. In addition, it seems rather unlikely that he'd be able to train in cryogenic storage, considering that the whole point of cryogenic storage is to make you unconscious. His level of control over his magic is also somewhat inappropriate for his age, but I might let that slide. At least fix the history stuff and you'll be fine.

07-13-2011, 12:27 AM
Slight editing complete. I've also PMed you about the history.

07-13-2011, 02:13 AM
Ok then, Avalon's accepted.

07-22-2011, 12:18 AM
Name: Nazina (Nah-ze-na) Emeraldblaze (Although some call her Nala)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Team: Pokémon Elemental
Class: Human
Description: Nazina is slightly over the smallest average in height of a 17-year-old girl, being about 5’5. She has neck/shoulder length mahogany hair and dark blue eyes. She has two bracelets, one on each arm. One is a charm bracelet and the other is a rubber bracelet with the words “Never give up” on it. She wears black and orange converses a lot. She wears dark blue bellbottom jeans with fake rips on the knees. She also wears a dark blue short-sleeved shirt with a small silver-colored cartoon-like owl on it. She normally wears purple eye shadow and sky blue nail polish.
Personality: Nazina, despite her wearing blue all the time, is hardly ever upset. She is sort of a happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She is kindhearted and can’t seem to be rude to anyone unless she gets angry. She is calm and patient. She can wait for up to one and a half years for something to happen before giving up on thinking it will happen or getting mad because it didn’t happen.

When she gets mad, however, it is a completely different story. Her eyes, at this time, turn blood red instantly and she starts getting snotty. She sometimes acts like one of those snotty rich kids you see a lot, but she is mainly just simply rude and ruthless. Many of her friends are scared of her when she is mad because of her great aim with arrows and amazing speed.
History: Nala has always had a good life. She grew up in Parasanti. Her family was quite rich. She didn’t know how to be sad.

When Nala was simply five, she learned how to be a Pokémon Breeder (No, not the people at daycares, I mean like Brock). Her mother had taught her how to make a simple recipe for Pokémon food. Nala messed up the first time, but got it perfectly the second. She gave it to her father’s Drapion because her father had gone to Saffron for some reason. If you went back and asked the Drapion how he liked it, he would have a big smile on his face and be jumping around like a happy little girl.

When Nala was eight, she knew many recipes. She knew how to make poffins, poke block, and some Pokémon food. She just didn’t know how to make dog treats, a treat that her mother’s Herdier seemed to like a lot. She attempted to learn how to make them, but she failed. She tried again, another fail. She kept making Poffins and Poké block instead. She tried once more, but she had to leave right when she started boiling the ingredients. One thing you should never do; leave the stove on after you leave home.

When they had come home five days later, there was no home. They searched for anything that had survived, but found almost nothing. The only thing they found was spilled dog treat ingredients mixed together. Nala already knew how she lost her house, and she knew it was her fault.

While her mother called some Red Cross place on her cell phone, Nala ran off. Her Oshawott, which Nala had taken on the small trip, followed her, not wanting to be left behind. Nala, however, didn’t look back. She just kept running and crying until she got away from her old home.

Months went by, soon turning into years. Nala thought she would be there, trying to survive, forever. That is, until her father found her while he was walking home. She didn’t tell her father anything, but she just directed him away from where the house had been, yet where she thought the new house would be.

(If I must continue, I will think of more, but I can’t think of anything atm)

Pokémon: Bob the Mewtwo
Wavryn (Wave-R-nah) [M]

Other: She has a bow. And arrows. Some call her an archer. She says otherwise, foo.

This'll probably be a reserve, I can do better than this.

07-28-2011, 01:21 PM
Sorry for the delay, I hadn't noticed anyone had posted. You're accepted, Moonkit.