View Full Version : Dishonesty

Cycling Road
06-08-2011, 08:29 AM
What do I do about someone who is dishonest? I was playing Pokemon Stadium 2 one time with my sister on one of the Challenge Cups which was selectable on the menu, just right of White City. And I defeated her Pokemon, all 3 of them because I was lucky enough to have first started out with a Pokemon to my advantage. I mean a 1 in a 9th chance if it's 3 on 3 or 3 vs 3 and then she switched controllers on me to make it look like I defeated myself. and to make it look like she always wins. I hate this and what does anyone have to say about this? I hope it hasn't happened to you and miscommunication has happened a lot in our video game experiences lately. I hate a bright idea to get Wobbuffet to use Counter on some Pokemon in a free battle and my sister always believed it was her turn. She was selfish like that and her selfishness caused both of us to lose the battle.