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Master Zorua
06-23-2011, 06:17 PM
The war between the Goddess Cosmos and the Dark God Chaos ended in a rippling explosion that eradicated all life, all planets tied to the two deities. All of the souls of their creations, along with the spirits of the deities themselves, became merged into a single crystal of souls.

Sensing a great disturbance in the universal flow of space, Palkia went to investigate and found all that remained of the section of the universe that belonged to the two fallen gods. Palkia informed Arceus and brought the Pokemon God to the crystal.

Sensing the grief and sadness of the souls, Arceus used his power to create a new world, a new sun, and a new moon. The Crystal became the center of the new planet. Life began anew, and several new races, as well as some original races, populated the four continents of the world.

Knowing that he could not oversee two spaces in the universe at once, he used the spirit energies of the fallen Eidolons/Espers and turned them into legendary Pokemon. He then created two new Deities to be the chief gods of the world: Reshiram, the goddees of Truth; and Zerkom, the god of Ideals.

A thousand years have passed since then, and the world has been at peace. While there have been minor skirmishes over land or clashes of ideals, there has never been any sort of full-scale war. However, there are players in the shadows who are starting to manipulate events which may shatter the peace that the world had known since its creation.

The World

The world consists of three large continents: The Mist Continent, The Continent of Spira, and The Garden Continent. Each continent has four major governing kingdoms.

The Mist Continent
Burmecia sits at the heart of the Mist Continent, in front of the Tree of Beginnings. The citizens of Burmecia are known as being fiercely loyal to family and their kingdom. They are friendly people, but the military of Burmecia take their duties seriously, as they are charged with protecting the Tree of Beginnings. It is this tree that collects the souls of the departed from the crystal at the center of the earth and sends the spirits back out into the world to be reborn. Because of the life mists that eminate from the leaves of the tree, it always seems to rain in Burmecia, even when the sun can clearly be seen. As such, it is called 'The Kingdom of Eternal Rain'.
Cleyra is known throughout the world as the most nature loving kingdom. They protect the forests and live in harmony with nature. Their dwellings are built in and upon the mighty redwood trees. wildlife Pokemon populations are kept in balance, and nothing is taken from the lands without something being returned to it. They love dance and incorporate it into every ritual.
Alexandria is the capital of worship in the Mist Continent. The worship of the many Gods, called Legendaries, is central here. People truly in tune with the deities, called Summoners, are born and raised here in order to spread the words of the Gods to all. It is also where the leaders of the kingdoms of the world meet to discuss matters or solve problems diplomatically.
Lindblum is the capital of technology and industry. People live as they desire, so long as they commit no crimes. As such, the people here are widely varied in personalities. Inventions like steam powered airships and elevators are among some of the most famous and most sought after creations that are produced in Lindblum. It is also the center of the Mist Continent's commerce.

The Continent of Spira

Zanarkand is the city of hopes, which is ironic because it sits next to the entrance of The Fade. The Fade is where the souls of the departed go once they die in order to return to the crystal and begin the cycle of life and death anew while their memories remain behind. Many come from all over the world to see their departed loved ones with the aid of summoners who have been trained on how to communicate with the memories of the deceased rather than just the gods. The city itself prides itself on its night life and rich diversity in sports. The World Games are held once every ten years there.
While most continents have separate independant countries upon them, in Spira, all of the other countries are ruled over by Bevelle. The High Counsel of Bevelle are the ones responsible for creating the laws, managing the military and deciding what technologies are considered legal, and what technologies are considered forbidden. Most all forms of weapons are forbidden, and only licensed summoners are allowed to use magic, along with the top elite of the government and ministry of legal affairs.
Besaid is the sea-side port country of Spira. They manage incoming and outgoing goods, as well as being a major tropical vacation hotspot in the world. They are best known for their hotsprings, massage therapy and other forms of relaxation. They are also home to a group of rebels known as Al-Bhed, a group that wants to, like Lindblum, allow Spira to become technologically advanced to better the lives of all who like on Spira.
Guadosalam is the land of law. Of the four unified countries of the continent, Guadosalam ensures that the laws of the land are followed Of all of the other law-aligned countries of the world, Guadosalam is considered to be the most ruthless in terms of punishment. They have set punishments for every law written, regardless of any outside influences that may have led to the event that caused the law to be broken by an individual.

The Garden Continent

Balamb is the heart of the continent's education and intelligence. It boasts the largest library in the entire world and expands on the library every few years. Many of the world's most successful businessmen, inventors and military leaders all went to Balamb to school in their given fields. But because of the cost of the school, not all can afford to go there, and natives of Garden are given priority when it comes to acceptance into one of its many academies.
Galbadia prides itself on its military. Often sent out for mercenary jobs and to settle boarder disputes, the military of Galbadia believes itself to be the greatest in the world, though they have yet to prove that to the rest of the world. The kingdom is filled with people who mirror a warrior's way of life. While they do not go out looking for trouble with other countries, they look for every opportunity to fight the best and the strongest. They often hunt wild Pokemon for food, preferring to go after the strongest and leave the weak to grow strong or die.
Timber is a resort hotspot in Garden. Using technologies imported from Lindblum, they sport high-rise luxury hotels, casinos and carnival rides like rollorcoasters and ferris wheels. It is also the place of the world's first printing press that delivers newspapers all over the world via the Mognet, a Moogle-run mail service.
Tibia is a country up in the frozen mountains. They are a tight-knit community of people who live off of the land and use very little in the way of technology. They leave peaceful lives and have no military, but they live side by side with wild Pokemon and live in harmony with them. As a means of commerce, they raise Pokemon Eggs and sell to people interested in buying rare and exotic Pokemon to keep as pets and partners. However, the people will not sell these eggs to just anyone, and prospective buyers need to prove their hearts by undertaking a trial, often one involving calming a raging wild Pokemon or doing a task that some might consider to be 'below' their status.

Burmecians [x] (http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l308/ZarikaFox_2006/Hands%20Of%20Time/FreyaFratley.jpg)
Rat-like humanoid beings that originated from the kingdom of Burmecia. They identify so strongly to their kingdom that they named their race after their homeland. They are a people of deep honor and strong family ties. While there are several Burmecians that go out and explore the world, Burmecia always has a strong place in their hearts. When a Burmecian finds a mate, they mate for life and beyond. Their build gives them powerful legs, allowing them to clear houses and climb normally difficult to climb terrain, even in wet weather.

Humans [x] (http://i579.photobucket.com/albums/ss238/gothic_black_cat/Random%20Final%20Fantasy%20Pictures/Laguna_and_Squall.jpg)
Humans are the third largest race (population-wise) in the world. Because they are more spread out over the world, they have vastly different personalities. One thing they have in common is determination. They put everything they have into accomplishing whatever it is they desire, whether it be good or bad, lawful or criminal.

Pokemorphs [x] (http://i731.photobucket.com/albums/ww312/semater/Arcanine_Warrior__Color_by_Epoh.jpg)
Pokemorphs are a race that came about due directly to Arceus' initial creation of the world and are considered the first true living being brought into creation by the Goddess Mew after the Tree of Beginnings was created. They account as the most populous race in the world and like humans, share a wide variety of personalities. However, they are also among the most religious of the races. Each one follows a particular deity and lives life according to that deity's laws and personality. Most of the world's summoners are Pokemorphs. However, outside of summoning, Pokemorphs have no access to magic. They do, however, have access to their natural attack skills, regardless of what job class they take.

Black Mages [x] (http://i794.photobucket.com/albums/yy221/Lheart/Dark%20Black%20Mage/_FF_Pinups__Vivi_Ornitier_by_sirkrozz.jpg)
Black Mages are a rare by-product of a burst of overly-condensed spirit mist. They are condensed souls which take on a physical form and develop a singular mentality, as if it had become a single life. Black Mages are called so because of their innate affinity for magic, and that the magic of a Black Mage is stronger than that of any trained person from any other race.. Many different races hold different opinions of Black Mages, but they are usually raised and cared for by the people of Burmecia or Alexandria. They are curious about the world and about themselves.

Viera [x] (http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn278/selvestersirus/viera.jpg)
Viera are one of the two female dominant races in the world, population-wise. Out of 100 offspring, only one will be male. Viera are rabbit-like humanoids that have a strong sense of oneness with nature and tend to stay to the forests. They rarely ever leave, and those that do are considered exiles from their tribe. Male Vieras are treated like nobility and will often have as many as ten mates when they reach adulthood. Those that are exiled explore the world with curiosity and caution.

Mithra [x] (http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt234/ffxisitals/mithra.jpg)
Mithra are the second race that is primarily female, having one male to every 25 females. Mithras are feline humanoids who have a strong warrior pride. Their militaries are purely female, while the males fulfill more diplomatic and labor-based roles in the society. Most Mithras prefer the art of unarmed combat, while the more mischievous of the race become highly-skilled rogues. They have a natural curiosity about everything and prefer to explore than to stay in one area.

Moogles [x] (http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/BornoftheShadows/Moogle.jpg)
Moogles are the smallest race (in size) than all others, the tallest being 3 ft. These beings are curios and friendly, but also sport quick tempers. They never stay mad for long and are quick to forget grudges. They are highly industrious and inventive, and are always looking for something to create or something broken to tinker with. They also run a world-wide mail system called Mognet. No matter what personality a moogle may have, they all have a strong love for kupo nuts, which are aromatic acorns that for moogles are like catnip for mithras.

Ronso [x] (http://th05.deviantart.net/fs40/PRE/f/2009/045/2/d/Kimahri_Ronso_by_Defago.jpg)
The Ronso are a predominantly male race, with one female born per every 40 males. They are a strong and quiet horned feline-humanoid race. They are both prideful, yet humble. They do not boast like some of the other warrior races, preferring action over words. The do not fight unless they have to, and when they do fight, the offender rarely gets to live to tell the story. They are deeply spiritual, often pairing themselves with summoners in order to reach a higher plain of spirituality. The most powerful ronso are noted as having access to the most powerful magic spell, Ultima, but outside of that, they as a race have very, very little in the way of magic.

The Gods
(And yes, I know I'm not covering every single Legendary there is. I'm only covering those that I feel would be needed and for their appointed roles, since there are many Pokemon that have overlapping roles, like Entei, Moltres and Heatran)

Primary Gods:
Reshiram - Cannot be summoned by any summoner. Goddess that embodies Truth. Those who follow Reshiram seek the truth in all things and maintain honesty in all they do.

Zerkom - Cannot be summoned by any summoner: God that represents Ideals. Those who follow Zerkom are people who follow their hearts and stand by what they believe is right. They strive to achieve what they set out to accomplish.

Arceus - Cannot be summoned by any summoner. Creator of all life on Gaia and responsible for the revival of the galaxy. Everyone, in some way, also worships Arceus, but since Arceus no longer directly affects this world, he is merely thanked for what he did for the world. He also rules over the realm of Heaven.

Palkia - Cannot be summoned. Rules over Space.

Dialga - Cannot be summoned. Rules over all collective Time.

Lesser Gods
Mew - When summoned, ressurects all fallen allies and heals them to full strength. Mew is the Goddess of Life who manages the Tree of Beginnings.

Mewtwo - When summoned, unleashes a massive blast of psychic energy which can rip through anything, and carries the potential to petrify opponents. His attack also instantly kills all Undead.. Mewtwo is Mew's polar opposite and the God of Death. He is responsible for judging the deceased, obliterating the souls of the wicked, sending the good souls to a heavenly utopia, and sending all others back to the crystal to be reborn.

Entei - When summoned, rushes forth as flames engulf his body and collides into opponents, carrying a strong chance of leaving them Burned. Entei is the God of Fire and Destruction.

Suicune - When summoned, cured all allies of any status effects. Suicune is the Goddess of Purification.

Raikou - When summoned, unleashes a massive bolt of lightning form the heavens to rip atpart his foes, leaving a chance of Paralysis. Raikou is the God of Storms

Ho-oh - When summoned, inflicts targets with a multitude of status effects and deals fire damage. Ho-oh is the God of the Sun.

Lugia - When summoned, Lugiacreates a hurricane which picks up all opponents, and then blasts then back down to the earth with an Aero Blast. Lugia is the Goddess of the Seas.

Celebi - When summoned, inflicts all opponents with Slow and all allies with Haste. Celebi is the Goddess of Time and of the Seasons.

Groudon - When summoned, causes a massive earthquake to swallow up opponents and grind them up deep within the earth. Groudon is the God of Land and Harvest.

Latias and Latios - When summoned, these two circle aroundthe opponents and fire a continuous stream of Dragon Pulse until the sphere their plasts create explodes upwards. Latias and Latios are the God and Goddess of Love and Fertility.

Cresselia - When summoned, envelops allies with Protect and Shell, as well as inflicting Sleep on opponents. Cresselia is the Goddess of the Moon and Dreams.

Darkrai - When summoned, inflicts Darkness and Sleep on all opponents as well as doing heavy Dark damage. Darkrai is the God of Nightmares and Secrets.

Shaymin - When summoned, inflicts opponents with Toxic, Slow and Grass damage with Seed Flare. Shaymin is the Goddess of Beauty and of Plants.

1.> You know the drill about Godmoding by now: Don't do it!
2.> Everyone starts out in the same country: Cleyra.
3.> No bunnying without permission
4.> Romance is allowed, but nothing that includes the removal of clothing or beyond.
5.> You may choose any one class from any Final Fantasy game for your character.
6.> You may have two characters at most.
7.> You shouldn't be pulling off limit breaks every fight. These are super powerful moves, but they are also supposed to be super rare.
8.> Be active. At least one post every three days
9.> Watch the language.
10.> Pokeballs do not exist. You can only have at most two Pokemon companions, and any large Pokemon cannot enter cities or towns.

Character Profile

Country of Origin:
Deity of Worship:
Weapon: (one weapon only. You can upgrade your weapon or buy a better weapon of the same type as the game progresses)
Personality: (At least one paragraph)
Bio: (At least two paragraphs)
Spells: (If you are a caster class. Start off weak, so I don't want to see anything super-powerful here yet)
Pokemon Attacks: (Pokemorphs only. Can know up to 4 moves)
Limit Break:

Pokemon Partner(s): (Max of 2, no legends, must be at lowest evolutionary stage)
Known Moves: (first four learned moves)

__________________________________________________ ______________

Master Zorua (Richter Kaze and Robert Crescent)

White Wolf of the Snow

Thrown to Kefka:

Master Zorua
06-23-2011, 06:22 PM
Name: Richter Kaze
Age: 20
Race: Human
Class: Gunner
Country of Origin: Balamb
Deity of Worship: Reishram
Weapon: Elemental Handgun (fires off energy bullets that have the same elemental type as the soil cartridge loaded into it.)
Personality: (At least one paragraph)
Bio: (At least two paragraphs)
Limit Break: The Magun
The large golden casing covering his right arm comes to life and becomes a tri-barreled gun with a beating black heart inside a glass dome. Robert loads three soil cartridges and summons forth a Legendary. However, this method of summoning brings out a Legendary's true power, causing it to deal much more damage than any summoner could manage.
Pokemon Partner(s):
Name: Ruu
Species: Zorua
Gender: Female
Nature: Rash
Ability: Illusion
Known Moves:
*Fake Tears

Name: Lisa
Species: Ralts
Gender: Female
Nature: Modest
Ability: Trace
Known Moves:
*Double Team

Name: Robert Crescent
Age: 18
Race: Burmecian
Class: Dragon Knight
Country of Origin: Burmecia
Deity of Worship: Mew
Weapon: A bladed lance that can be separated into a katana and a staff.
Personality: (At least one paragraph)
Bio: (At least two paragraphs)
Lancer - When used, it drains an opponent of some mana and health and uses it to heal the Dragon Knight
Reis' Wind - Casts Regen on all allies and user for four posts

Limit Break: Trance - Dragon Rise (Robert summons forth a powerful hurricane that sweeps all enemies into the air. He lunges upwards throught the eye of the storm. At the peakof his jump, he summons forth a draconic seal and lances through it, causing him to be enveloped in the form of a large energy dragon. This energy dragone rips through the opponents in the hurricane and causes the hurricane to erupt outwards and upwards in a blast of energy. Enemies fall to the ground for extra damage.

Pokemon Partner(s):
Name: Lilly
Species: Meinfoo
Gender: Female
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Regenerator
Known Moves:
*Fake Out

Name: Lotus
Species: Riolu
Gender: Female
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Inner Focus
Known Moves:
*Quick Attack

Sight of the Stars
06-28-2011, 02:33 AM

This is the RP I have been waiting for all of my life.

FFX. <3

I will join when I get around to it. -glares at all of the people who didn't join-

Master Zorua
06-28-2011, 03:12 AM
Thanks ^.^ You are reserved.

06-29-2011, 05:49 AM
Is i too late to reserve a spot? Because if it is I'm gonna cry!

Master Zorua
06-29-2011, 10:17 AM
Nope. Go right ahead. As you can see, there's only been one other interested person.

The pokemaster
06-29-2011, 10:53 AM

Reserve me please! I've got a sign-up to work on for WAR X, then I'll get this one up. :D

06-29-2011, 03:40 PM
Coolness. I may make another character.

Name: Tanli Ronso
Age: 28
Race: Ronso
Class: Beastmaster
Country of Origin: Cleyra
Deity of Worship: Suicune
Tanli is tall and broad, even for a Ronso. He is covered from head to tail in blue fur like all Ronso. He has an abundance of fur on his chest and scalp, though it is the rarer dark blue color as apposed to the usual white. He wears the long fur on his head in a braid that reaches halfway down his back tied with yellow cloth and he has a long furry beard. He wears only simple animal furs with none of the designs usual of Ronso clothing. His once prominent horn was broken and is now only a short stub. He carries his greatsword strapped to his back. He is left handed.
Weapon: Greatsword
Personality: Tanli is a bit of a gentle giant, ferocious in battle, but kind even to strangers. He will never initiate a fight but once someone else does, he does not hold back. He is merciful to even his most vicious enemies, sparring their lives if possible. Though he gives second chances even to his enemies, he is not so averted to killing, it is just a natural part of life. He rarely speaks, finding that actions speak louder than words. Though he does not dislike the humanoid races, he finds himself more at home among Pokemon, as they do not speak, and are more attuned to less vocal forms of communication. He was born and raised in the forests of Cleyra, and finds himself most at home there. He hates the very idea of traveling to a city and has avoided doing so all his life. He worships Suicune, the Goddess of Purification, as he seeks to attain the unbiased purity of nature.
Bio: Tanli was born in the forests of Cleyra. His parents were both dead by the age of 13, his father dying of an illness and his mother in an accident while training a few years later. His older brother, Ahalen, cared for him. He grew to be a great fighter under his brother’s guidance. But even among those of his own race, he felt more at home wandering the forest amongst the Pokemon.
For this he was picked on by a boy only a little older than him. Tanli just ignored him and refused to take action against him. One day the older boy physically attacked him, targeting his horn. Tanli defeated the offender, but not before loosing his horn at only 16. He wasn’t as upset about this as most would be; he was sure of his strength and felt his horn was an unnecessary trait. Despite his outlook, he was taunted by others. Already preferring the forest, he left the village and lived as a hermit. He enjoyed life in the forest and was perfectly happy to stay there.
Limit Break: Savage Might: Tanli is imbued with power allowing him to hold his Greatsword in only one hand. He then unleashes a barrage of attack on his enemies, sword in his left hand and using the claws of his right as well. While this is in effect his hands and sword glow red.

Pokemon Partner
Name: Jet
Species: Shiny Pidgey
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Ability: Keen Eye
Known Moves: Tackle, Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack
Despite his small size, Jet is rarely afraid. He could stand before the most powerful Dragonite and rush into battle sure he’d win. He did this upon meeting Tanli, attacking him when he came to close. Tanli proved himself the better of the two and Jet stayed with him out of respect. The two share a mutual respect and trust for one another and have become great friends, even in the short time they have known each other.

06-29-2011, 04:55 PM
Reserve me a spot aswell please.

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And reserve me one as well I guess.