View Full Version : .:Interitus; A Nuzlocke Challenge:.

06-23-2011, 09:11 PM
A few days ago I started a Nuzlocke challenge. I've gotten....a fair while, and I wish to know how to set it out. What would you guys prefer to see? My crappy art skills, my mediocre attempt at creative writing / humour, or something else? I know I don't make it sound very appealing, but I have several ideas in this run and I plan to display it until the end.

I'm going to make my decision based on the poll votes by tommorow / Saturday. If you vote other, please post and let me know what you'd want.

Thanks! c:

EDIT: Poll coming soon, I need to know how to do it first. ^^;

EDIT2: Scratch that, I'll just do a comic. XD Is it okay if I keep this here as opposed to the Art section? All the other Nuzlocke challenges have them in their respective sections.

Anywho, I'll have the first issue (or issues, if this is moved) up soon. c: