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Digimon Adventure: NEXT!

Theme Song: Hikari (http://youtu.be/R1ELUG7_6ok)
Author: Chibi_Charmander13
Rated: PG-13

•Basic Information

Digimon hatch from eggs called Digitamas/Digi-Eggs. They age via a process called "Digivolution" which changes their appearance and increases their physical powers. Some Digimon act feral, like wild animals. Most, however, possess human intelligence, speech, and personality traits. The first Digimon anime introduces the Digimon life cycle: they age in a similar fashion to real living organisms, but do not die under normal circumstances because they are made of reconfigurable data. Old Digimon and Digimon who receive fatal wounds dissolve into infinitesimal bits of data. The data then recomposes itself as a Digitama/Digi-Egg and the Digimon goes through its life cycle again. Digimon who are reincarnated in this way will sometimes retain some or all their memories of their previous lifespan. However, if a Digimon's data is completely destroyed, they will die.

Digimon Levels: [Japanese/English]


Fresh: The lowest and weakest of the Digivolutionary levels, Fresh Digimon are equivalent to human infants. Most Digimon of this level are small and do not have well-defined body parts. This is the level that most Digimon hatch from their Digitamas into.

In-Training: In-Training is the second lowest of the Digivolutionary levels. Digimon of this level are slightly bigger and more detailed than Fresh Digimon, but still generally do not have well defined body parts.

Child: This is the base or starting point of a Digimon. They aren’t as powerful as their higher forms, but they can be trouble.

Adult: This is the second state or level of a Digimon’s life. They are much more powerful, stronger, and sometimes faster than their lower forms. They usually grow to a massive size.

Perfect: This is the third state or level of a Digimon. They range from different sizes and shapes and are much more stronger, powerful, and faster than their lower levels.

Ultimate: This is the final state or level of a Digimon’s life. Like the Perfect level, they range from different size and shapes and are far more powerful than any Digimon out there.

•Chosen Children:

Chosen Children is a term used to refer to people who have Digimon as partners, who are chosen by fate to save the Digital World. Chosen Children is a Japanese term; in English Chosen Children are known as DigiDestined. Chosen Children are children selected by benevolent beings to protect the Digital World (and sometimes Earth) from evil forces. The Digital World is a plane on which Digimon, anthropomorphic creatures that originated from data produced by Earth’s communication networks, live. The Digital World is volatile and is vulnerable to attack, and the Digimon that live there often find that they cannot defend their world on their own. Therefore, human children are recruited to defeat their enemies.



The D-Touch can easily pass as an advanced cell phone in the real world, when in idle man a keyboard can be slid out and a background image can be selected from any image on the net. When slid shut the monitor face shows bright icons, the same color as the main body of the digivice and the background the same color as the border of the phone. Each icon is an app used for a different purpose.

Starting with the top left, the icon identical to the head of your Digimon is used to show your digimon's health and energy as well as a large radar underneath, which when tapped is replaced with a list of all your Digimon's attacks. The medical cross is used to heal a Digimon back to perfect health by standing in its scanner for up to five minutes, depending on how bad the wounds are. The camera icon is obviously for the camera used for taking pictures or recording videos. The chat bubble is text or call other chosen children's D-Touches, which have to be registered by standing within ten feet of each other. The magnifying glass icon is used to scan a Digimon and pull out a complete bio which is stored in the D-Touches digi-dex. The little pinpoint is the map function which tracks where you are at all times using a sattelite map(like google earth) and also shows where the other Chosen Children are using color coded pinpoints.

When a hostile threat is detected in the area, the D-Touch released a high-pitched pinging noise and automatically opens the first app showing your Digimon's health, energy and a radar. If a Chosen child and their digimon have enough energy, the icon of the Digimon's chibi head starts to flicker brightly and the Destined may press it, enabling Digivolution. The D-Touch comes to you in a specific color scheme, the first color is for the main body and glowing icons and text on the screen, the second is for the background of the screen and border of the D-Touch.


Emblem refer to two things, the symbols of traits which the Chosen Children can embody and draw power from as well as their physical manifestations in the form of small pins which can be worn anywhere, like jewlery. When the Digidestined exhibit the trait of their emblems, the Emblem "glows", and its power is released to allow digivolution from Champion to Ultimate. Though they are often thought to be the catalyst of the Digidestined's digivolution to their higher forms, it is actually that the physical Emblems are mere focus points; the power lays within the Digidestined themselves. The Emblems embody the specific trait that most stands out in your character, please make your own and provide a Picture.


Evolution will generally be the same as the show. The Digi-vices are the key to the digi-volution as well as the emblems. Partner Digimon can evolve into higher forms when needed in battle, however, at first, your Digimon will not be able to evolve like this instantaniously. Before Evolution will work for you, you will have to bond you’re your Digimon and share energy for it to evolve. However, Digivolution is a very energy consuming process, so it cannot happen if your Digimon is weak, injured, or hungry. Also, something important to note, once your Digimon finishes its fight, (or is severely weakened) it will De-Digivolve back to its Rookie Stage, and perhaps to a lower stage depending on how exhuasting the fight was.

Evolution works exactly like the above for Digivolving to all stages, with the exception of your Ultimate form (AKA, your Mega stage). Digidestined have a couple of unique ways to Digivolve their Digimon; Such as DNA, Armor, and Warp.

What is Warp Evolution? I'm sorry to say that not all of you will be able to do this. Just joking. Actually, because this is not really based on the show's rules and based on my rules, I say what the hey, let's do it. The term Warp is when a Digimon skips a certain level to reach a higher level in half the time it would take than going in order. The other way is to have the Perfect level Digimon Digivolve to the Ultimate level. Example: Agumon Digivolve to Greymon. Greymon Digivolve to MetalGreymon. MetalGreymon Digivolve to WarGreymon.

DNA Evolution: With DNA Digivolution, two Digimon combine into one Digimon of a higher level. The new Digimon will have both separate consciousnesses united into a single one. When a DNA Digivolved Digimon speaks its voice consists of the original Digimons' voices uttered simultaneously. It was also stated that a Digimon formed through DNA Digivolution is considerably stronger than normal Ultimates or Megas, as the combined power of the two is joined by extra data. For the purpose of this roleplay the DNA Evolution does not have to be true, I understand that not every digimon can DNA digivolve. Just pair up with ONE other digidestined character and pick a DNA evolution.

Armor Evolution: An ancient form of digivolution which only a handful of Digimon are capable of. To gain this form, the Digimon needs to absorb the energy from one of the special Digimentals. If a Digimon has multiple Digimentals, its digivolved forms become progressively more powerful. An Armor Digimon's power is similar to that of a Champion/Adult's. For the purposes of this roleplay You can only have ONE digimental. But if the digimental of the crest you want is already chosen, you pick another.


•Plot Line:

100,000 thousand years/digital cycles ago, before the Great War between the Digital Knight Council and the Corrupts, the foundations of the Four Digital Realms were laid out by the powerful Huanglongmon. Before his time, there were the Guardians. Before them were the Supreme Guardians. There all but existed one Digital Realm ruled by the Supreme Guardians. Then, following a great crisis, all but one Supreme Guardian remained. Under this Supreme Guardian's supervision, Digi-Guardians took their predecessors place and trained warriors who would become Watchers for each Digital Realm. Then, 5,000 years/digital cycles ago, as Huanglongmon rose to prominence, the golden dragon divided the once single realm into the four Digital Realms. They were all designated according to the Four Symbols of Chinese Mythology: North, South, East, and West. Huanglongmon chose four digimon, empowering them with the authority to oversee each realm. Azulongmon would rule the Eastern Realm. Zhuqiaomon was designated as 'Sovereign' of the Southern Realm. Ebonwumon was given authority over the Northern Realm. Baihumon was entitled to watch the Western Realm. Each realm became parallel to various realities and worlds beyond the outer perimeters.

Overtime, as their stranglehold on each realm strengthened, so did those who threatened to oppose them. Behind the Wall of Fire, a destructive and sinister force ripped through to the other side and spilled an enormous vast of corrupt energy throughout the universe – including the Four Realms. Born from this evil energy were the Corrupts, a vast army consisting of powerful interdimesional denizens from various dark realms – including those from the Dark Ocean and the Dark Area. Amongst the crop of these wicked creatures, one was given the gift from the creature behind the Wall of Fire. The gift enabled this chosen one to evolve with frightening results. This creature was known as Burizalor, who ultimately chose to use this power for evil. Opposing Burizalor and his wicked forces, the Holy Beasts forged a counterstrike and recruited various warriors. Most of them bore resemblance to humans. Amongst those warriors was Gennai, fit and chosen to lead the Digital Knights. Their mission was to oppress Burizalor's empire and force the evil back behind the Wall of Fire. Despite their futile attempts, the Digital Knights' numbers were reduced as Burizalor's armies surmounted against theirs. As per request from Gennai, he asked the Holy Beasts to summon aid from the human world.

Disgusted with the notion of working with pure-blooded humans, Zhuqiaomon turned down the request. Ebonwumon and Baihumon gave Gennai notice about giving a final decision. However, Azulongmon openly accepted and asked Ebonwumon to transport five specific children with the highest potential to aid them against Burizalor's forces. Shortly, with Ebonwumon's guidance, Gennai opened a portal to Earth. He arrived in Tokyo, Japan. He quickly gathered five orphaned children, who witnessed the same visions. They were drawn together to meet with Gennai. As fate would have it, they were chosen to be the first Chosen Children. Gennai and the five children were summoned back to the Northern Realm, which has already been oppressed and devastated by Burizalor's forces. Under the guidance by Gennai and the Digital Knights, the five children were given the first digivices made specifically to draw out the potential of chosen ones. Unlike any of their successors, these five children lacked digimon partners. After intense, physical training, they achieved their potential and activated their digivices, granting them extraordinary powers.

By the time they reached their early and mid-teens, they were thrown into the battlefield and achieved excellent results. Their powers allowed them to battle and overcome many of Burizalor's armies. In short time, they surpassed nearly all of the Digital Knight Council. One by one, they crushed any Corrupt army that invaded the Northern Realm. At the end of the First Great War, the Chosen five combined their powers to stop the evil behind the Wall of Fire – Apocalymon. Defeating Apocalymon drained the Chosen five. They expended most of their powers to seal the force of evil, costing them their majestic armors. Despite losing their powers, they achieved a grand victory and their names became synonymous with legendary. They became heroes of the Northern Realm as their names became spread throughout the other realms. Enraged by the losses of his men, Burizalor launched a counterstrike to finish the Chosen five. With his planet-destroying power, he sought to wipe out the Chosen five and the Northern Realm. Fortunately, the Holy Beasts intervened, united, and banished Burizalor into the Dark Area. The tyrant and his evil regime would remain sealed there for a long period of time. At last, peace was restored to the universe and the four realms.

200 Years Later...

The Digital World and Earth once coexisted harmoniously, each well aware of the others existence and the gates wide open. Peace reigned surpreme in both worlds and everything was perfect. Everyone had a Digital Partner once the Digital World was saved by the Chosen Children of their time. But something changed, the Digital World was breached by a Digital Invader from past the Wall of Fire under the detection of either world. But it didn't land, no it didn't seem to want to invade, but instead orbited the Digital World. But even as it orbited, not doing any physical harm itself, it actually made a huge impact. It distorted the connection between both worlds, irradicating any Digital beings on Earth and erasing any memory of the Digital world along with them. The gates were then slammed shut and the chronological order that was synchronized between the two worlds were completely shiften once again. Any memory of events having ANYTHING to do with Digimon were forever lost...

Over in the Digital World, any and all memory of Earth was completely erased as well along with any humans there at the time being sent back to Earth. Humans now completely unknown to them, and blissfully unaware of what had just occured. But something was brewing under the façade of the happy, peaceful Digital World. The Digital Invader still orbited their world, waiting for the perfect moment to invade. One being was aware of its presence, one being that knew all. Knew of both Earth and the Digital World, but chose to keep himself a secret from the Digimon in order to avoid any confusion and chaos. Living in complete isolation, Gennai found a journal. He was amazed, he knew what was to be done. If what AncientWisemon had written was true, then the Five must be found as it was their only hope. Gennai hoped the legend wasn't true, because if it was the Digital Invader is the least of their worries...

It was like this for another few years before the solemn invader started to actually move for the first time, Gennai was well aware and prepared for this. Earth on the other hand, not so much. The invader had breached the digital world, therefore also breaching the entire internet on Earth. Electrical devices were going haywire, weather patterns were distorted, and a Digital Gate opened. Gennai was quick to take this opportunity which was exactly depicted in the prophecy from the journal, he must find the Five quickly...

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You must make sure to read these. I hope they are easy to understand.

• You Cannot Have The Main Digimon From The Shows. Example, Agumon, Gabumon Biyomon, Palmon, Tentomon, Patamon, Gatomon, Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Wormmon, Renamon, Guilmon, Terriermon, Impmon
• You cannot have Evil Emperor Digimon. Such as Devimon, Malomyotismon, Puppetmon, ect.
• Only Use One Digivolution Line! Many digimon have several evolution lines, please pick one and stick with it.
• Have Manners! Please do not go around and insulting people for any reason, your not better than them. Keep this rpg at Pg-13, you can have romance, and some swearing. But don’t go off throwing the “F” word around, and some other really bad words.
• Don't Post Until Everyone Has! There will be set chapters in which I explain what must be done, you can post only the amount the chapter indicates. You cannot post again until the chapter is done.
• You Have To Be An Active Rper! Having said that previous rule, to join this rpg you must be active or else I will drop you. Simple as that.
• No Uber Digimon And No God-Modding! I hate people who think they have an all-powerful Digimon that no one can beat. Get real people, everyone has weaknesses, even Digimon. The all I'm powerful thing and you can't touch me doesn't go in this role-play. And let me tell you. This here is your first warning. If I find anyone acting like this, I will confront you about it via VM or PM. (That is your second warning.) After that, no more warnings and I will ask for you to not participate as part of the group and will have you ignored or taken out. So remember, this here is your first warning. Your second warning is in your pm or profile, after that, you're out. I don’t like to exclude others so please, No god-modding.
• Posts Must Be At Least Two or Three Paragraphs Long! Yes, you have to keep your posts that long to prevent this rpg from becoming the spam thread of pe2k. Or creating an rpg full of one line posts.
If you read these rules carefully you have to put, “Where Am I?” on top of your registration form, or else you will be asked to read the rules again. Sorry for this but I have to make sure you read these rules, and not only the bold parts.
• Have Fun! ^_^ Because without that, this wouldn’t be a real rpg. So please, have fun and play this rpg with pride!

•Registration Form


Name: [First and last, we are japanese so no middle names and our last names go first.]
Age: [14-16]
Gender: [Male or Female]
Home Town: [What part of Tokyo do they live in? Shibuya, Shinigawa?]
Emblem: [Your original crest, name of it, an image of it, and color. It cannot be the same color as someone else's]
DTouch: [The color D-Touch you wish to have, cannot be the same as someone else's.]
Description: [What does your character look like? Red Hair? Brown Hair? Blue Eyes? Red Eyes? And so forth. What are they wearing? Needs to be at LEAST two paragraphs long. You can also have a picture of your character, but you still also have to write it out.)
Personality: [Funny, Distant, Afraid to show feelings and so forth. Once again, at LEAST two paragraphs.]
History: [This requires over a paragraph and should explain their childhood and any major events.]
Theme: [The basic theme for your character which best sums up who they are as a person, or who they want to be. Cannot be the same as someone else's.]
Example Role-Play: [This is THE most important part in your Sign up, it's your first impression on me and shows me wether or not your style of roleplaying will fit this rpg. It can't be from another roleplay and it can't be random. NO, this has to be specific. Write about your character's saturday, are they at a birthday party with friends? Relaxing at home? At some relative's house? School related stuff like exams? Whatever the case, electrical appliances everywhere are going hayware and no one seems to notice but you. From minor bugs like lights flickering and clocks reading the wrong time to major malfunctions like factories printing out wrong bar codes, making stores charge outrages prices for their products to phone connections being cross or completely disconnected and even things like ferris wheels completely going crazy.]


Name: [The name of your Digimon's Rookie Form.]
Gender: [Male, Female.]
Appearance: [Get a picture from: http://dma.wtw-x.net/ (http://dma.wtw-x.net/)]
Attribute: [Vaccine, Virus, Data, or Free. Remember: Vaccine > Virus; Data > Vaccine; Virus > Data
Techniques: [Pepper Breath, Petit Fire, Cat's Eye Beam so on and so forth. Must have a description of the attack.]
Personality: [What is your Digimon's personality. It doesn't need to be lengthy as it is tough to keep in mind two personalities. Unless you're experienced in role-playing and can handle doing two different personalities. Some people find it challenging. Most Digimon who are paired up with humans take on the same personality as their human partners, but if you wanted your Digimon to have a different personality from your own character, that is okay. Just keep in mind that you need to keep both personalities in tact.]
Evolutions: [Provide links to images of the entire Evolution Line you plan on using, this includes Armor AND DNA. Leave your DNA blank for now, and we'll fill them in once everyone has been accepted and we find pairs. For Available Armor Digimon, click this link: http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Digi-E...volution_Chart (http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Digi-Egg_Digivolution_Chart)]

__________________________________________________ _________________________


• Charizard_Man [Dracomon/Courage Digimental]
-Blue Humility[Royal Blue/Gold D-Touch]

• Eternal Moonlight [Fanbeemon/Hope Digimental]
-Yellow Willpower

•chaostempest [Coronamon/Friendship Digimental]
-Purple Faith[Shimmering Dark Purple D-Touch]

•Crystal Momoyia [Labramon/Light Digimental]
-Topaz Loyalty[Royal Topaz D-Touch]

• Dr. Scott [Lunamon/Kindness Digimental]
-White Confidence[White D-Touch]

[B]Digimon Adventure: NEXT! Soundtrack
[COLOR=black]Opening Theme: Hikari (http://youtu.be/R1ELUG7_6ok)
Ending Theme: Final Goodbye (http://youtu.be/M4SU1IS1CVg)

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Where Am I?


Name: Li Asukira
Nickname: Kiro
Age: 16
Gender: Male ♂
Home Town: Suginami
Emblem: Crest of Faith
DTouch: Shimmering Dark Purple
Asukira Li stands at about 5 foot 7 inches and weighs around 165 pounds. His hair is short and his eyes are a beautiful sky blue in color. His hair is a beautiful maple brown in color and his lips are full and soft. He has an athletic build with no markings. His ears are pierced, both of them, each having two earrings. Asukira Li can be seen wearing street clothes, but his favorite type of jeans are skinny jeans. He likes to wear shirts that are a little tight and reveal his abs a bit.

He’s not one for flashy jewelry, but he will wear bracelets and cuffs. He has beautiful pearly white teeth and pinky luscious lips. Being a fighter, he constantly has bandages wrapped around his fist, though when he is out strolling he usually takes them off. His shoes are always comfortable and matching to the color of his shirt and pants. He will also keep a pair of shades on him at all times, just to add to his swagger. At times, Asukira can be seen with shorts on, but that rarely happens, the only case being when he is hot or if he chooses to venture towards the beach. Aside from being skinny, he is rather toned. He has a six pack and a nicely formed chest and his arms aren’t too skinny, holding muscle that is accentuated when he wears sleeveless shirts.

Personality: Asukira is an individualist who follows his own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions. Although he promotes the ideals of freedom, it is his own freedom that comes first. Good and Evil come second to his need to be free, and the only reliable thing about him is how totally unpredictable he is. Asukira is free-spirited and does not enjoy the unnecessary suffering of others, but if he joins a team, it is because that team's goals happen to coincide with his own at the moment. He invariably resents taking orders and can be very spontaneously dangerous in his pursuit of personal goals. Asukira has specific goals in mind, but the methods of achieving those goals are often disorganized, unorthodox, or entirely unpredictable. He is strong willed and determined when he sets his mind to something. He speaks his mind regardless of the individual he is speaking to. Rank doesn’t matter to him, and experience doesn’t either.

When speaking to Asukira, he prefers a calm voice with little to no mannerisms. If you speak to him in a loud voice, he will kindly speak to you in the same tone and then ask you to leave him alone. He gives honor where honor is due and respect where respect is due. If you don’t respect him, he won’t respect you. His kindness will only go so far, and he is not to be trifled with. If he is angered, he will fight. He has no trouble getting his hands dirty, nor does he have a problem fixing a problem. He is an optimist, seeing the glass at half full instead of half empty. It is a personality trait that gets him into trouble sometimes.

History: Asukira Li was born to a Haruko and Deborah Li. His mother was Japanese American and his father was full on Japanese. He was born in America where they lived until he was seven before he returned to Tokyo, Japan to live out the rest of his life. He speaks both fluent English as well as fluent Japanese and enjoys Japanese Calligraphy. He is an A student and has been for the majority of his life, but he is also a fighter and has been for quite a while. His family has always been proud of his achievements in school, but found him odd that he spend so many years of his life inventing and programming. Growing up in Tokyo was an adventure for him. He enjoyed playing around in the streets, building things and testing them out in the various parks and roaming around tasting what Suginami had to offer. He was always an adventurous and productive child, that is until he reached the age of 10 and began to lash out. It didn't help that students at his school treated him differently, calling him names like *** and Gay, and spreading rumors about him that judging by his reaction, were not true. It scared him. It made him wonder if being different was forbidden in this place. He became angry, and became distant from those around him. He made only one friend and he never judged Asukira. His name was Rai, plain and simple, but Asukira never asked of his last name, and for reasons of his own.

In order to keep himself sane and to release pent up energy, he began fighting, training and exercising, letting his mind be occupied by something other than rumors. At the age of 11, he started lashing out at the children who made fun of him, beating up those who'd dare attempt to spread rumors. He became what he hated, a bully. He even went so far as to bully his own friend, Rai, who didn't know how to take being bullied and took his own life. Asukira found out and went into a deep depression for a short time, until he ventured into High School. While he is in high school, he hopes to find some way of getting over his past, some way of dealing with the ever present image of his deceased friend. He doesn't built technological phenomena anymore, nor does he take strolls around town or partake in various events at the school. It is as if he is a different person. He began to look out for himself, but he also became an optimist, viewing things differently. He tried to remain friendless, at least this way he'd not be scared again. He still carries some of his aggressiveness, but he has been able to keep himself calm, cool and collected, and it takes a lot for him to get angry now. His mother and father have seen him in his frantic ways, and have hired a psychiatrist for him to speak to every other day of the week after school. Asukira just wishes he hadn't bullied his friend, maybe then he'd still be alive, maybe then he'd not feel this strong feeling of guilt mixed with faithlessness.
Theme: Wild Cat (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmpgQ1O5cBg)
Example Role-Play: He watched as the microwave began to flick on and off, the turntable moving on its own. It was something that Asukira had been witnessing for the longest. The other day he had seen a sign blinking different figures as the marquee moved across the sign. He also had noticed that his cell phone was acting strangely, blaring images of different looking things, things that weren't of this world. As a result he had his phone replaced three different times. As he looked at the microwave, he threw a shoe at it and watched as it sparked and went silent. He turned his attention back to the TV he was watching. He often hated Animes, as the bad guy hardly ever won. It was all the same, the bad guy losing and the good guys winning, all planned out and unreal. Smirking, he wondered what it would be like for the bad guy to finally win. Grabbing the remote control, he turned the TV to something more realistic. A laptop rested on his lap, as well as notebooks and various textbooks. He wasn't the type to go out on Saturdays, instead he stayed home and worked on any assignments he may have due to the next week.

Scribbling onto a piece of paper, he continued to flick through the channels without looking at the TV. He was finishing up his mathematics homework and was hating every bit of it. Mathematics was his strong point, yet he hated it with a passion. When his favorite show blared on the TV screen, he stopped flicking and looked up.

"Awesome," he said softly as he finished up the math homework and stared at the TV. As he sat there, he glanced over at the other books he had to look through. The chapters he had to read, the various assignments he had to complete, yet he was procrastinating and simply enjoying a bit of TV. As he sat there, a memory of his friend Rai flashed in his mind, and he looked away, closing his eyes and tossing the remote control at the wall. He hated when he was reminded of what he had done. It was as if the gods were tormenting him. He had lost his faith long ago and wasn't looking to regain it. He clenched his hands against his ears and pressed the image out of his mind. He lay on the chair, gasping for breath as he had screamed at the top of his lungs, begging for the image to leave before it had. Silence befell the room as his mother ventured in and looked at him.

"Asukira, are you alright?" she asked as she sat beside him and massaged his neck. Asukira shook his head and leaned away from his mother, as if to get her to stop touching him. She obviously got the hint and removed her hand before patting him on the head.

"I love you honey, do you need anything from the store?"

"No ma'm," Asukira stated as he walked over to the wall and grabbed the remote control. His mother looked at him with worry filled eyes as she watched his movements. The psychiatrist had stated that he was having a tough time accepting, and it was obviously true. Still, she hoped and prayed that there would be a breakthrough soon. A sigh escaped her lips as she left the apartment leaving Asukira completely alone. He glanced at the books and decided to simply finish him homework and stray away from the TV for the time being. At that moment, his laptop glowed, flashed a few images and then sparked before going completely blank, smoke rising from its keyboard.

"What the hell?" Asukira questioned as he grabbed the laptop and pressed the power button. Instantly, the computer crackled some more and a blue screen appeared.

"No No No No No NO NO NO NOOOO," Asukira yelled as he flung the laptop against the wall, breaking it in half. He glared at the destroyed laptop and sighed. He really needed to stop being so aggressive and start being more level headed. He picked up his cell phone and called his mom.


Name: Coronamon
Gender: Male ♂
Attribute: Vaccine
Coro-Knuckle: Throws multiple punches with fiery fists.
Corona Flame: Focuses the power of fire into the forehead and unleashes a ball of flame.
Petit Prominence: Charges the opponent with its body engulfed in flames.
Personality: Coronamon is very loyal to his tamer and will protect him at all cost. Just like Asukira, Coronamon is an optimist, and sees the glass as half full instead of half empty. He speaks his mind and doesn’t hold his tongue, which makes him seem as if he is speaking condescendingly. He has an attitude to match his sparkling personality.
Main Line: Sunmon (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20071102061142/digimon/images/b/b1/Sunmon_b.jpg) - Coronamon - Firamon (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100723052658/digimon/images/7/75/Firamon_b.png) - Flaremon (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100723052703/digimon/images/f/ff/Flaremon_b.png) - Apollomon (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090205190437/digimon/images/d/de/Apollomon_b.png)
Armor: Togemogumon (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090320020228/digimon/images/b/b8/Togemogumon_b.jpg)
(Credit to photographs belong to their respective creators)

Eternal Moonlight
06-27-2011, 09:52 PM
May I have a reserve? :3

Figured it was worth adding what I had so far ^^

“Where Am I?” Here silly :3

Name: Kurosawa, Chouko

Nickname: Chou (although rarely used)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Home Town: Minato

Emblem: Willpower (http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt280/MujerChilosa/Digimon%20Crests/crest-2.png?t=1242105973) (
(I do not take any credit for the image)

DTouch: Banana yellow, a little to her chagrin.

Description: Physically, Chouko (http://i729.photobucket.com/albums/ww295/Nuit_de_la_lune/Anime%20Girl/413569.jpg) is nothing special when compared to her classmates. She has typical Japanese features such as facial features and skin tone. Also not unlike many others, the girl has a head of jet black hair, which barely reaches past her shoulders. It falls almost straight as a pin, although the observant eye would tell that the strands curve slightly inward. The same, however, cannot be said for her bangs, which instead sway to the left, although barley. These locks hover right above the eye line, but are short by mere centimetres. Chouko sports slate grey eyes, although they appear darker in bad lighting. Her face is usually devoid of any make-up, for she thinks most of these products are silly. However, that being said, she does enjoy wearing nail polish, usually lavender or some kind of pale blue in colour.

The girl stands a fair 5’4 and weighs only just above the average weight, although nobody really takes note. A little flat for her age, Chouko also doesn’t care much; it allows her to wear just about any top with ease. Interestingly enough, the dark-haired girl has slightly longer fingers then the norm, which allows her to reach further and has boosted the strength of her grip. The downside is that her writing is a little clumsy as she has a harder time holding pens and pencils properly.

When it comes to clothes, Chouko prefers the darker colours, black being the most noteworthy. However, this isn’t to say she has rejected the brighter shades either. On warmer days, she’ll wear lighter tops, usually tank tops that bare various designs and black denim shorts, these falling about an inch above her knees. Anything higher is forbidden by her grandmother, and Chouko makes no effort to break this rule. When the cooler weather rolls in, the girl switches to short (usually black) dresses (similar in cut to the uniform depicted) and combines this with dark carpris and sometimes, a small jacket. However, when times really grew cold, Mayu opts for a coat and darker jeans, like she feels any sensible person should.

Not one for heavy accessorising, Chouko still does have a few worth noting. The first is a simple silver chain that rests at the base of her neck, and is never taken off for any reason. The second is an indigo watch, which was given as gift, although since it’s been “acting” weird, she doesn’t wear is as often.

Footwear, like clothing, does vary depending on the weather. During the summer, Chouko sports sandals or her amethyst coloured runners, which feature a large sky blue butterfly graphic on opposing sides. These same shoes can also be found during the cooler periods, although black hiker boots tend to be worn more often.

Personality: Anybody that knows Chouko will agree that she is a quirky girl. She hates public washrooms with a passion, and even if they are clean, will always refuse to use them. Putting a shoe on backwards is a sign of bad luck for her. The sock drawer must always be highest one, and toothbrushes can never be red in colour. These are a few examples, and anything that violates these “rules” of hers will often result in her freaking out or trying the best she can to repair the situation, depending. Luckily, these tend to be mundane in nature and usually easy enough to work around.

Spirited and vigorous, Chouko can be a hard act to follow. While giving off the appearance of a quieter, almost depressed person, she is almost anything but. In fact, light-hearted would probably be an appropriate term to describe the girl. She is usually seen wearing a smile on her face and normally has a cheerful ring to her voice. Even when things take a turn for the worst, it would seem that the girl stays positive, pointing out the pros rather than the cons.

She is also very strong willed, once her mind is set to something, there is almost no reversing it, be it a good or a bad thing. This can sometimes cause tunnel vision, where she forgets about or rejects better alternatives for the sake of trying to reach this goal. Equally, it also can bring up bouts of stubbornness, although normally, Chouko is a pretty passive person. The same can also be said about her feelings of right and wrong, trying to get the girl to do something she considers is bad sets this off.

Chouko’s greatest fear is actually death. She hates hearing about people passing away and cannot bear to imagine her own demise. A fit is to be expected once if she ponders this subject too long, and trying to get her out of it is very hard. Equally, losing those close to her is something that has kept her up many nights. This traces its roots back to the loss of her parents, which she still clings onto, despite never bringing it up.

It is hard to being the girl down, although once she is, it isn’t easy to pull her out of it. Cheer seems to vanish as misery consumes her, gloom slowly setting in. In this state, she is a dark shadow of her usual self.

While being a generally friendly person, Chouko can also be mean or rude if she doesn’t like a person. Not one for second chances, it is unlikely to regain trust once it is lost. In this light, the girl can also hold a nasty grudge if the offense was bad enough, and will not hesitate to use it against the person if possible. Another unrelated, but equally obvious flaw is that she does have lazy tendencies when something doesn’t motivate/intrest her.

History: It would be far stretch to say that Chouko’s early childhood was anything but excellent. She spent the first year with her mother, who had taken time off from her job to stay at home with the baby. After the first twelve months, she was often in the care of her grandparents, who would take time away from their frequent travels to babysit. They were strict, but caring, and helped to form the girl’s light-hearted attitude. When away, Chouko would go either stay with other family members or with a sitter. Nothing really major happened for the first few years of life.

School was not the girl’s favourite thing. She never had full run of the house, especially not with her grandmother, but this didn’t do much to soften the blow. Chouko had problems doing everything from holding a crayon to getting along with the others. Already, some of her quirks had surfaced, and made socialising harder. Dead set against going back, the girl attempted to run away, but was quickly caught. She would try this method a few more times, each ending “badly” for her, but only stopped when things got a bit better at school.

Over the next few years, things generally stayed calm. She learned to tolerate the educational institution and was doing rather well. The only real downside was that she didn’t get to see much of her grandparents, who were more often than not, away traveling. However, she did enjoy the company of her new friends, which helped compensate for the “loss” of her grandmother and grandfather.

However, the young girl would soon see them again, but not in the way she’d ever hoped. One night, during her seventh year, her parents went out for dinner and a movie. On the way back, they got into a serious car accident, her father dying from the shock and her mother soon followed. Chouko, at first could wrap her mind around the concept, but once she did, all heck broke loose. She didn’t want to do, say or eat anything. She, in this state, was described as a “butterfly whose wings have been lost”. It toke a while for her to finally come to terms with the event, and in less than a day after that, acted like nothing had happened. The scars, however, didn’t fade as fast, and some still linger on to this day.

After the untimely death of her parents, her grandparents moved into the apartment, and Chou remained in Minato. Going back to school was rough, and even after things started to get back on track, she never did as well as before. If it didn’t interest or motivate her, the girl didn’t give it much effort. This caused her to get in trouble at the educational institution, and a little bit at home, however, even her grandmother went soft on her, remembering the weeks of depressive attitude. Still to this day, the older woman is softer then she once was, in respect to Chouko. She didn’t get away scot free though, and would often see things like her Gameboy Advanced taken.

The girl grew up into cheerful teenager, almost reverting back to the way she was before. Her grades are a decent B- (thanks to much pushing) and when she sets her mind to something, it happens. During the last year, her grandfather hurt his knee, and to cheer him up, Chouko promised herself she’d ace the next exam. She got a 90%, her personal record. She enjoys hanging around with her friends, doing all kinds of things. However, lately, electronic gizmos seem to be acting up, and nobody else takes note…

Theme: Battle Cry-Stand up! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcYsFM85lTY) (Ok, I know this isn't the best thing, but I think the mood overall does a decent job of describing Chouko. I'm not an avid band listner, so this was a little hard ^^')

Example Role-Play: Who didn’t love Saturday evenings? The day’s chores were done, and there was no need to worry about having to work again the next morning. Anything that hadn’t been completed could simply wait, because there was another free day tomorrow.

Tonight, Chouko decided to stay home. She was a little tired from the hefty amount of schoolwork that had been assigned, and ploughing through it hadn’t been an easy matter. In fact, the girl had wanted to leave it until Sunday in favour of hanging out with her friends, but Grandma wouldn’t hear of it. She claimed “don’t leave to tomorrow what you can do today” and warned about laziness and procrastination. Not wanting to upset her, Chouko nodded along and did her homework. Well, most of it at least.

Her blue DS Lite was getting a little dusty from having stayed still for so long. However, that was about to change. She grasped the mechanical device, holding it firmily with her left and the black stylus with the other hand. The screen flashed a brilliant white, and Chouko was greeted with a familiar chime. Seconds later, the screen shifted, presenting her with the menu. Knowing exactly where she was going, the girl pressed the small pen-like down the top bubble, sending it upward and the game started to load.

Halfway through the introduction, she put the stylus to the side, holding it properly was a chore, and Pokémon didn’t really require it. Finally the title screen was up, featuring a pink dinosaur like creature. Tapping “A”, the furthest right of the buttons caused this bipedal being to roar, and lead her yet another list of potential options. Yet again, the first choice was selected and the adventure finally resumed.

A lovely melody greeted Chouko, who instantly dulled the sound. Route 209’s music was among her favourite in the series, but, oddly enough, it also reminded her of parents lost. Today, she wasn’t in the mood for it, and quickly had her character dash back to the previous city. However, it wasn’t Harthome that loaded.

Some sort of bizarre pixelated universe was in its place, and when she tried to leave, was blocked. Hotaru, the name she’d given the girl, was stuck. Both stunned and annoyed, Chouko waited a few moments, hoping the game would fix itself. No such luck.

Finally she switched the DS off, and didn’t try again. She didn’t really feel like playing Pokémon anymore, her Shiny Vaporeon’s training could wait a little longer. This wasn’t the first time an electronic device freaked on her like that. Clocks, televisions, computers, they would often crash or glitch, and nobody else seemed to notice.

At first, she ignored it, but in the past few days, it was happened for often and in more drastic ways. This incident was the worst yet. What next?

Ignoring her own mental question, Chouko placed the gizmo back on her dresser. There was no point in worrying about that now, especially since it was a Saturday night! Before heading outside her room, the dark-haired girl straitened her lavender tank top. This one featured a large amethyst coloured butterfly silhouette, which matched her shoes almost to perfection. Content with the way it now sat, Chouko left the small area, and into the hallway.

“Hey Ojī-san! Want to play Rīchi Mahjong?” she asked, obviously referencing her grandpa. He didn’t answer. “Ojī-san?” Chouko’s voices stayed similar, but was a little surprised her grandfather hadn’t replied…


Name: Fanbeemon

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt280/MujerChilosa/Digimon/DigimonFanBeemon.jpg

Attribute: Virus

Techniques: Gear Stinger: Rapid-fires tiny, serrated stingers.
88 Call: Reddens its antenna and contacts its allies, summoning a huge crowd of its comrades.
(Credit for descriptions goes to DigiWiki)

Personality: Like Chouko, Fanbeemon is a cheerful creature, trying to enjoy life for all it’s worth. However, unlike her partner, she puts her all into everyone of her tasks, treating each one as if it were the most important. Strong stamina allows this to be possible, up to a certain extent, and usually needs to be reminded to take it easy. Idle hands are her greatest pet-peeve.

Main line: Pupumon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Pupumon.jpg) - Puroromon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Puroromon.jpg) – Fanbeemon – Waspmon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Waspmon.jpg) – Cannonbeemon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/CannonBeemon.jpg) – TigerVespamon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/TigerVespamon.jpg)
Armour: Oryxmon (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090320042817/digimon/images/thumb/3/31/Oryxmon_b.jpg/275px-Oryxmon_b.jpg) (obviously not cannon by any means)

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"Where Am I?"

Name: Shantez Jessica (will explain the English name in History)
Nickname: Jessie or Jess
Age: 16
Gender: ♀
Home Town: Shinjuku
Emblem: Loyalty
image (c) SunshineCasy on deviantART
DTouch: Imperial Topaz (http://www.palagems.com/Images/Bancroft_Topaz/imperial-topaz.jpg)
Description: Jessica stands at about 5'7" and has an average build. She is active, but she doesn't have the "athlete figure". She has long golden blonde hair, which she usually ties back, and light blue eyes. Her typical clothing is usually a black tank top or t-shirt, both that cut off her stomach, and either dark blue or black jeans. She doesn't have much accessories, a black wrist band on her left wrist and a crescent moon pendant (http://gryphonsmoon.com/cat/jewelry/pendants/celtic-moon.t.jpg) on a silver chain she wears around her neck. For foot wear she wears old broken in black combat boots. On colder days she adds a dark brown hoodie or a black trench coat, depending on the weather.
Personality: Jessica is an outgoing girl. She cares deeply for close friends and her kindness can be taken advantage of, and if it is then it's hard to get her to be your friend again if you really hurt her. Because of her carefree personality, many would think that she can't be serious, but they are wrong. Her personality has an ability to do a 180, and some would say she's bipolar is they didn't know her already. When she's serious, it's best not to get her upset. Jessica is also a tomboy, not really caring about the latest clothes or makeup. She'd be happy in a t-shirt and jeans. She doesn't mind getting a little dirt on her clothes when she's out and about, enjoying the outdoors. She enjoys to cooks, especially over an open flame.
Jessica tries to look to the positives in life instead of the negatives. She has seen how negative thinking and outlook on life have affected people, leading them to depression, becoming aggressive to those they love, or even suicidal. This happened in her own home with her father. Being who she was, she always tried to brighten her dad's mood by taking him out to have a good time. She learned that being positive in life was key, so she applies that to her daily life. She likes to help others through their hard time if she is allowed, but she will respect someone's decision if they do not want her help. She doesn't try to push her views on another if they are unwilling to give it a try.
However, her most known personality trait is her loyalty. Even if someone she has trusted with secrets for most of her life betrays her, she doesn't do the same. She never breaks someone's trust, keeping secrets and not talking bad about them behind their back. If a friend is in trouble, she will run in to back them up and protect them if needed. She wouldn't care what would happen to her just as long as her friend makes it out unharmed, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
History: Jessica had a pretty normal childhood, considering that both her parents were from the States but moved to Shinjuku, Tokyo. Apparently her father was offered a job, and he couldn't pass it up. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom. Jessica used to watch her mother cook all the time, and that's where she gets her passion for cooking. Even though Jess was born in Tokyo, her mother wanted her to have an American name so that she could remember where her parents were from. Not that she minded at all. Jessica is rather fond of her name.
Whenever he could, her father would take her camping. It was something she always looked forward to. But after a while, he stopped taking her all together. Both she and her mother realized something was wrong, but neither could figure it out. Being a young child at the time, she'd always ask and get the same answer. "You'll understand when you're older," he'd always tell her. She never knew what it meant at the time. But it seemed like after some time her mother found out that something was going wrong with his work. Another thing Jessica didn't understand at the time. All she understood was that her father was upset, and the wanted to make him happy again. She started to ask her mother to let her help with cooking, and she'd try to get her father out for short walks at least. It seemed to work, for a while at least. It seemed like her positive outlook on life was helping her father's depression, but it could only help for so long. He never became suicidal, but he wasn't as active as he once was.
When Jessica was older, she learned what depression and negative thinking could really do. She lost a good friend from suicidal depression, and negative thinking turned a nice classmate into a bully to make himself feel better. She vowed not to become that way. She also learned about betrayal. One of her friends revealed a secret about her behind her back, and she was hurt. But instead of doing the same back, she didn't say anything bad about the person. Her reasoning was that she was still loyal to the friendship they had and didn't want to betray that, even if they were no longer friends.
Jess started to spend more time alone, which her parents were concerned about at first. But she said she was fine. She just wanted to stay away from the drama of school. She continued to go for long walks, sometimes taking a neighbors dog if they allowed her, and experimenting in the kitchen. She didn't like how serious she could become with dealing with drama, so she relaxed herself in positive ways. To her, sometimes being too serious is being too negative. One needs an open and positive mind, she believes. So she tried to keep thinking like that and not let things bother her for too long, as well as help out as much as she can to make someone's day just a little easier on them.
Theme: Unyielding Wish (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFV9HK455Rw)

Hold on to that dream
Tomorrow knows, where and when
It's true, what you believe
Don't let go, the road will never end

The sunset melts into the deep blue sea,
It turns a crimson shade (a wonderful free-fall).
I just want to have the wind,
Take me far away.

I've cleared impossible hurtles before,
But I know that there's more,
And I know I can make it.
Who's to blame when it's not the best,
That I can achieve.

Hold on to that dream
Tomorrow knows, where and when
It's true, what you believe
Don't let go, the road will never end

Keep trying to believe,
The biggest part of you,
And now your ready to go.

How much longer do I have to cry,
Before tomorrows light? (a night full of sorrow)
All at once I found today
I finally hit my limit

I'm sure that when you are falling in love
It's just like blinking your eye
Before you know it, it flies away
I just want to know how strong I can be
When I'm searching for love

Hold on to that dream
Tomorrow knows, where and when
My lips, tightly sealed
But you can still, see it in my eyes
I've traveled down that road and found the greater love
This time I know it is real

I've cleared impossible hurtles before
But I know that there's more
And I know I can make it
But when I got up to the starting line
My legs were frozen with fear

Hold on to that dream
Tomorrow knows, where and when
Reach out, with both your arms
And take the key, that opens up your heart

Hold on to the dream
Tomorrow knows, where and when
It's true, what you believe
Don't let go, the road will never end

Keep trying to believe,
The biggest part of you,
And now your ready to go.
Example Role-Play:
Jessica hummed as she walked down the street. She had just went shopping, and was planning on cooking an amazing meal. After all, it seemed like her father's depression was finally getting better, so she decided to treat her parents for once. Sure, she helped her mother a lot, but this time she was going to do all the cooking.

Upon entering the apartment, she noticed it was empty. That was just perfect. She quickly rushed into the kitchen and started setting up the pans. When she turned the stove top on, she noticed the lights had flickered. She didn't think much of it as long as the appliances worked now.

"I sure hope they like it," Jessica said to herself.

As she waited for the pans to heat up, she took out the meat she had bought and started to prepare that. She cut it into a more manageable size and then started to put a dry rub of spices on it. After that she prepared the pan to sear the meat with by placing butter in it.

She hummed as she cooked and prepared food. She was making steak with fried rice and vegetables. She expertly flipped the rice and veggies in their pans with a flick of her wrist before flipping the steak. However, again the lights flickered and the time on the microwave was off. She was confused, but put it onto construction that might be happening around town. She didn't care if the power went out as long as she finished this. She needed to get this for her parents.

Sure enough, and after a few more flickers, she had her plates on the table. However, her parents were still not home. That worried her, but not overly so. But before she could think of reasons for them to be late, the lights went out completely. She cursed at that and tired to find a light. She had a perfect plan for this Saturday evening, but it didn't seem like it was going so perfectly...

(Again, I don't think this is one of my best. I'm sorry for it being on the shorter side, or shorter side in my opinion.)
Name: Labramon
Gender: ♂
Attribute: Vaccine
Retri Bark: Calls out with a loud voice in ultra-high frequencies.
Cure Liquor: Restores and optimizes the data of weakened Digimon.
Personality: Labramon really isn't a fighter. He doesn't have much confidence in his fighting abilities when in Rookie level, and tends to stray away from the fight unless he's needed for his Cure Liquor. He needs a confidence boost, which he hopes to gain from his tamer. He is really loyal to his friends, and will do anything to make them have a better experience. If they're bored, he'll play with them. If they're upset, he'll be there to listen and let you cuddle him. If something has made you upset, he'll do what he can to make you feel better. In a way, he's a lover and not a fighter. However, he fears what might happen when he Digivolves since it has happened that a Digimon's personality completely changed when they changed in level. But if someone he really cares about is in danger, he will fight his fear of battle and changing level to protect those he cares about the most.
Evolutions: Paomon (http://wikimon.net/images/6/6f/Paomon.jpg)-Xiaomon (http://wikimon.net/images/8/86/Xiaomon.jpg)-Labramon-Dobermon (http://wikimon.net/images/c/cf/Dobermon.jpg)-Cerberumon (http://wikimon.net/images/6/69/Cerberumon2.jpg)-Anubismon (http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs20/f/2007/246/b/b/Anubismon_Hr_sprite_by_Rikudo_Kan.png)
Armor: Gargoylemon (http://wikimon.net/images/thumb/6/6d/Gargomon.jpg/320px-Gargomon.jpg)
images (c) rightful owners

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“Where Am I?”


Name: Nakamura Masato

Nickname: Sato

Age: 16

Gender: M

Home Town: Shibuya

Emblem: Confidence

©2009-2011 ~ChuMasu (http://chumasu.deviantart.com/)

DTouch: White



Sato has unruly black hair that just barely fits into the ‘cool’ side of mussed, uncaring do. His green eyes are covered by a pair of black framed, rectangular glasses. Fitting with his hair, his clothes tend to be wrinkled and mismatching, but he somehow pulls it out. They’re picked for comfort and maneuverability more than anything else. Wristbands adorn both wrists, his left hand fighting for positioning with a black watch.

His body is lithe and soft, something that has gotten him teased before. It doesn’t help matters that he’s also flexible and able to move as gracefully as a ballerina, though he rarely chooses to. The one part of his body that is both strong and rough is his hands, surprisingly strong and manly with long fingers.


Sato is a gentleman, always making sure to say please and thank you. This extends to females, who he goes out of his way to open doors for, pull chairs out for, and otherwise help them out if they are in need. Perhaps his one sore spot when it comes to females is an odd spot of flirtation, though these are few and far between.

The green-eyed youth doesn’t believe in violence and is a borderline pacifist, preferring to find a different solution. But of course there are many situations where something must be done, usually having something to do with protecting something or someone. When it comes this protection he prefers to stay on the defensive, considering it to be the best offense. Counterattacks and patience work well, and his lithe body is adapt at dodging and angering opponents until they make a mistake that opens them up to attacks.

Sato has a high self-confidence, believing that whatever he puts his mind to he can do. He is intelligent when he takes the time out to actually study something seriously, but he is rarely interested enough in his studies to do so. The same goes for the non-strength based martial prowess; if it is something his body can learn, it is something he can do with time and practice.

A lover of chess despite being very mediocre at it, he sees chess in everyday circumstances.


Growing up in a well-off family, Sato always had things easy. He was given whatever toys he liked, had an excellent education, and was generally sheltered from the social jockeying of others. The private school he went to was filled with others like him, and everyone generally focused more on studying and their own lives than fraternizing and playing with each other. Sato didn’t seem to mind, as in his child’s mind he saw the help at home as his playmates.

As he got older, Sato began to notice how things were off. Why were these nice people answering all of his family’s orders, doing what his family wanted instead of what they wanted? With these revelations, things suddenly became awkward. He moved away from the people who had been taking care of him since childhood, becoming not colder but more distantly polite. The youth started doing things by himself, from cooking his own meals to even keeping his own room impeccably clean to the point that the help didn’t even bother trying to find anything inside to clean anymore.

It took a beating for the green-eyed teenager to have to rely on one of these old friends once more. His personal butler and bodyguard saw the changes going on in the young man and wisely gave him his space. However, he was still getting paid and actually enjoyed working for the Nakamura family, so he didn’t go far. That was something Sato would always be thankful for, because one day a group of bullies and thugs jumped him on the way to pick up some basic ingredients. The thought was to steal money from one of the rich private school kids who always had things so easy. They got in a single punch before they were both effectively stopped. An angered Sato dropped some money on the delinquents and left with his butler.

The months that followed was one of depressing solitude for the youth. He felt useless, unable even to look after himself. Once again he began letting the cooks feed him and the maids clean his room. Sato even stopped hanging out with the various friends he had made from both his private school and public schoolers he had met at various events. Worse, he even began to develop bad habits of looking down on the staff.

It took a girl his own age, daughter to one of the maids, to make him see the monster he was slowly becoming. After Sato had berated his mother for spilling one of his drinks in his room the girl indignantly walked up and slapped him in the face. Her mother watched in pure terror as the girl lectured him on various things, chief of which was being a decent human being. It only stopped when her mother begged her to stop, worried of losing her job. The two waited a week for news of their firing, but it never came. When Sato finally emerged from his room he was fresh, happy, and for the most part back to his old self.

After apologizing to the mother he became swift friends with the girl who stood up to him, loving the fact that she told him what she really thought. He picked up his gentlemanly mannerisms to females from her, and the way he treated her in public made one wonder who was the maid’s daughter and who the rich brat was.

To cover the self-protection need, Sato asked his butler bodyguard to teach him how to defend himself. He had no interest in being a bully, or to learn how to attack others, just how to disarm them. He learned Kenpo and the use of less threatening weapons like staffs and kodachis. Now Sato lives out his days as self-sufficiently as possible, though he is thinking of calling a tech worker to come look at all the electrical appliances, which seem to be acting rather funny …

Theme: Limitless Potential (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YCGtT_FRYg)

Example RP:

“So, er, why do you want to watch this movie again?” Masato asked, trying to find a way to get comfortable in the theater’s cushiony red chair that afforded little legroom. Most of the time he used Saturday as a day to study, whether that be schoolwork, cooking, or various chess matches from the world’s professionals. However, this Saturday his good friend Asuka had asked him to watch a movie with her. It was a horror movie that she had wanted to watch, but there was just no way that the girl would have been caught dead watching the movie alone in a dark theater. Not that she would have ever admitted this fear.

Masato did not need to look over at his friend to see her eyes roll, “ Because it’s the sequel to one of the best horror movies ever made, Bride of Slashinstein, duh Sato! Besides,” she added in the much lighter tone that she often used to tease him with, “it’s about time we get you out of the house. You’ve been studying like you were going to take your college entry exams or something. Someone has to stop you from acting like an old, uptight man.”

Masato had to admit that his friend was right. He spent most of the last month inside the mansion, learning how to cook using natural ingredients found out in the wild and catching up with all of his other studies. However, this was all because of the large camping trip that he and his friends had planned. He had never been camping before, and though he had always taken care of himself it had been in a controlled environment with everything he needed to take care of himself at arm’s length. It had taken a lot to talk his parents into letting him go, and Sato wanted to make sure that it went perfectly so he could do it again in the future and perhaps gain a bit more freedom.

The teen felt a sharp pain in his arm that brought his thoughts back to the present. Looking over he saw that Asuka was digging her fingernails into his arm. It took but a glance at the large screen to figure out why. A large man, presumably Slashinstein, was apparently working on turning a wall into a painter’s canvas, using only a blood red color to create his masterpiece. “What a slashterpiece!” a woman’s shrill and happy voice came from the theater’s speakers. The camera panned to a woman whose dark hair fell in waves over her face.

The camera panned away once more, moving to show a final glimpse of Slashinstein’s first victim. Just then the screen went out, going back to the white screen that the movie was projected onto. The movie flickered back on in a few seconds, this time with a large black bar through the middle of the picture. The black bar slowly disappeared, but as it faded away the movie started to play at an increasing speed, complete with the characters talking and screaming fast enough to sound like wound-up chipmunks.

“What?” Sato mumbled, looking over to talk to Asuka about what was going on. He was even more surprised to see that she didn’t seem affected by anything that was going on. Instead, she was huddled up, her eyes wide with the fear that only a movie with a bunch of gruesome sights and surprises could bring. How she could be following the movie at such a high speed, it seemed impossible.

Taking off his black glasses, Sato closed and rubbed his green eyes, hoping that everything would be back to normal when he opened them.


Name: Lunamon

Gender: F



Attribute: Data


Lop-ear Ripple: Spins many times with her ears, generating a vortex of bubbles which entraps the opponent.

Tear Shot: Concentrates power in her forehead antenna and then fires a ball of water at the opponent.


Lunamon is a snotty little Digimon who acts like she’s a princess. She prefers to let others do the simple things for her, making her totally unhelpful around camp. She doesn’t cook or clean, expects someone to set her up with a bed so she’s not sleeping on dirt, and otherwise acts like the world is her mansion.

Still, she doesn’t have a problem giving others a beating. A ‘warrior princess,’ as she calls herself, Lunamon prefers to fight from afar so that she doesn’t have to touch the ‘dirty Digimon.’ There are little tactics that she won’t use to win, having no problems with trapping or distracting an opponent. Unlike Sato, who is confident in his abilities, Lunamon’s own feelings on her abilities are much closer to arrogance.

That’s not to say that she’s a completely horrible Digimon: she’s generous with the things she has, is very empathetic, and gets very attached to those she likes.

Evolutions: Moonmon (http://digimon.wikia.com/index.php?title=Moonmon&image=Moonmon_b-jpg) -> Lunamon -> Lekismon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Lekismon.jpg) -> Crescemon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Crescemon.jpg) -> Dianamon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Dianamon.jpg)

Armor: Bucchiemon (http://images.wikia.com/digimon/images/1/19/Bucchiemon_b.jpg)

Eternal Moonlight
06-29-2011, 08:47 PM
Okay, I think I'm finally done ^^
I also changed my egg from light to hope.

06-29-2011, 08:56 PM
Made the changes you asked me to make.

06-30-2011, 04:26 AM
Alright, I have fixed what you asked of me. I hope the new Armor Digivolution will be to your liking....

06-30-2011, 04:52 AM
Reserve please. (This post I'll edit later).

I just joined the WAR for the first time, and I have one other active roleplay...So if I'm a little slow to post, don't shoot me XD It'll get done, it just might not be super lickity split.

My line has two made up Digimon, but the designs are so simple it should be okay. I mean, really...I'm surprised Bandai hasn't already come up with these. XD

06-30-2011, 08:04 AM
Reserve please. (This post I'll edit later).

I just joined the WAR for the first time, and I have one other active roleplay...So if I'm a little slow to post, don't shoot me XD It'll get done, it just might not be super lickity split.

My line has two made up Digimon, but the designs are so simple it should be okay. I mean, really...I'm surprised Bandai hasn't already come up with these. XD
I'm not so sure we are allowed to CREATE Digimon, if anything I think we are only allowed to use existing Digimon so long as they aren't the ones used by the Digi-Destined in any of the seasons..

06-30-2011, 04:08 PM
@ Dr Scott - Everything checks out, you're good to go.! ^.^

@ chaostempest - Great job ^__^..

@ Eternal Moonlight - If i could sum it up in one word, awesome. ^__^

@ Crystal Momoyia - Don't worry about the length of the rp sample, i know it's kinda difficult to write a lengthy post just on the information i gave you. Still good tho ^.^

@ Grassy_Aggron - There's only five spots, and all five have been filled. sorry.

06-30-2011, 04:56 PM
Yay I knew I would get it on the third try lol... I look forward to this RP...

07-01-2011, 02:26 AM
@ Dr Scott - Everything checks out, you're good to go.! ^.^

@ chaostempest - Great job ^__^..

@ Eternal Moonlight - If i could sum it up in one word, awesome. ^__^

@ Crystal Momoyia - Don't worry about the length of the rp sample, i know it's kinda difficult to write a lengthy post just on the information i gave you. Still good tho ^.^

@ Grassy_Aggron - There's only five spots, and all five have been filled. sorry.

Well, no offense or anything...But I do believe that having a limit of five is rather stupid, considering that you can at any time knock them out if they aren't satisfactory. Could I, perchance, be a Digimon that isn't partnered to anyone? As in, not a Digidestined. There are plenty of helpful Digimon in the series that don't have a partner, yet in some way help them out.

To be honest, I always found it odd how the Digidestined Digimon can't hold a form higher than Rookie, yet plenty of wild Digimon are often Champion or higher (like Leomon or Ogremon in the very first season). I wonder if it's the fact that Digidestined Digimon are somehow stronger?

07-01-2011, 03:01 AM
To be honest, I always found it odd how the Digidestined Digimon can't hold a form higher than Rookie, yet plenty of wild Digimon are often Champion or higher (like Leomon or Ogremon in the very first season). I wonder if it's the fact that Digidestined Digimon are somehow stronger?

Gatomon is a Champion level Digimon, and that's the form she's almost always in. I don't really remember her ever in her Rookie form, Salamon.

07-01-2011, 05:02 AM
Gatomon is a Champion level Digimon, and that's the form she's almost always in. I don't really remember her ever in her Rookie form, Salamon.
I have to agree with you Crystal. This is indeed correct. Gatoman did in fact hold a Champion form while with her specific Digi-Destined. In fact I'm not sure if there was a time she was seen in her Rookie form, though I might be mistaken because if she was beaten badly, she probably reverted back to her Rookie form, and the Digi-Destined did get stomped a few times.....Being optimistic of course....

07-01-2011, 05:20 AM
I have to agree with you Crystal. This is indeed correct. Gatoman did in fact hold a Champion form while with her specific Digi-Destined. In fact I'm not sure if there was a time she was seen in her Rookie form, though I might be mistaken because if she was beaten badly, she probably reverted back to her Rookie form, and the Digi-Destined did get stomped a few times.....Being optimistic of course....

While that is true (and she did revert a few times, I remember), it makes you wonder how she retained that form. She seemed to be as weak as a Rookie, oddly enough... So it does make me wonder how wild Digimon keep their forms while most of the chosen Digimon couldn't, or in this case were as weak as their Rookie form.

07-03-2011, 03:27 AM
Well there will be spots that open up for support roles like that, so when the time comes i'll let you know. The main thread will be up either tonight, or tomorrow morning. But for now, here's my SU. So everyone get to know him ^__^

"Where am I?"

❘❙❚"Sometimes it's better to be alone...No one can hurt you that way."❘❙❚

•Name: Riku Kiyoshi
•Nickname: Riku
•Age: 15
•Gender: Male
•Hometown: Shibuya
•Emblem: Diligence[Royal Blue] (http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy196/RickSavage2/diligence.png)

•D-Touch: Royal Blue/Gold

•Description: With a mixed heritage, Riku has some features that stand out to say the least. His hair is a brilliant pale gold. Despite its unkempt look, it’s obvious his hair is treated very well and is made to look that way on purpose and the end result is his very nice looking pale gold hair jagged on end pointing to the right as if windswept while the back is nice and smooth and the front spikes are swept off to the right just as they hit his eyebrows. His eyes are also peculiar, a band of icy blue-green encircle each bottomless pupil. Also inherited from his father is his peachy toned skin, unlike his mother’s paler complexion. He stands at five feet and nine inches and weighs a healthy 140 lbs. As aforementioned, it would seem that Riku is very athletic. He is by no means 'buff', but is not frail either; rather, a mix between the two.

Riku’s outfits are well thought out, primarily out of his necessity to look good for girls. He was taken from Earth wearing one of his favorite outfits. This is a thin black jacket with white sleeves, a single black stripe encircling the wrist and a white collar with a single black stripe encircling it. Two white pockets on either side of the black body of the jacket and a series of white buttons running from top to bottom none of them actually buttoned. The bottom is lined in white with a black stripe running across it all the way around his waist. Underneath it he wears a white tee with large black English letters reading: “COOL STORY BRO.”, and directly underneath it in smaller grey letters read “TELL IT AGAIN.” He wears a pair of khaki skinny jeans, not super skinny but not baggy either, cuffed at the bottom and a pair of black and white low top converse tied very loosely with the tongue of the shoe propped over his jeans.

Accessory-wise, Riku wears a pair of Rayban brand sunglasses which he usually wears on his head and only wears them on his face when it’s extremely bright out. He’s rarely seen without these sunglasses and has become his trademark since he’s arrived at his school, along with his G-Shock clean white watch on his left wrist easy to see because the sleeve of his jacket is pushed up to prevent it from covering it. He wears a brown leather bracelet on his left wrist with the word: Los Angeles on it and a low-hanging gold pendant with a cross etched into it as well as a pair of round diamond studded earrings, one on each ear.

•Personality: Riku Kaneko is a sarcastic “smart ass”, as dubbed by his old teachers, that treats life as it were a game. Having very little common sense, he often acts without thinking. This gets him trouble a lot, and takes his friends down with him. The demeanor of the boy, as with each and every being claiming themselves intricate, is complex in its multi-layered stratum, each individual trait a contradiction with the next, such as Riku's kind behavior paired with his borderline evil ways as a romantic.

An incredibly rash and arrogant boy, Riku's attitude is somewhat useful, at least in the busy streets of Shibuya. The word most commonly used to describe Riku would be 'determined', and 'hard-headed'. He lacks patience, and prefers constant action over monotonous situations. He may even look for trouble for the sake of entertainment, and will enjoy the night like it’s his last. Riku is by no means easily intimidated, but does have a short temper. Of course, when someone he cares about is harmed, he gets very angry at the one who did it to them and will fight to the death to prevent it from happening again. Contrary to his chivalrous behavior, he is classified as a womanizer, at least to those girls that know him well enough, to a person first meeting Riku they would see a charming and innocent looking guy. But he has a certain way of handling situations, flirting every chance he gets, making him a bit manipulative with girls. This behavior comes at a price; those few girls that know his true personality rather not have any emotional relationship because they know the truth, Riku cannot have a true emotional connection with anyone. Unknown to those people who think badly of Riku, this behavior is the result of a brutal breakup back in America.

Riku’s best quality, classified by many of his teachers and parents alike is his Diligence. He has a strong work ethic, and once he starts at something he won’t stop until he’s perfected and mastered it. It’s led to him being a very good student and athlete, but also showed its dark side when he started to use it with girls and would not give up if a girl said no until she agreed to go out with him and has led to the way he is today with girls. He personally thinks that the lives of others take priority over his own, though he’s by no means incredibly selfless. However, he will gladly risk his life so that someone else can keep theirs without so much as a second’s hesitation. He would willingly go head-first into danger to save those he loves. As with any other human being, Riku has fears. Ever since he was little he has been afraid of needles, and doesn't want anything to do with them. His only other fear, is bugs. Not all bugs, only bugs about a cockroach's size and bigger. Anything smaller than that is no big deal for him.

•History: Riku was born and spent the early stages of his childhood in Los Angeles, where he lived next to the beach with his family. His father was a wealthy businessman involved with a record company known as Rostrum Records, a mainly hip hop influenced company. When he was about six, his mother was offered the highly sought after position as head of the Shibuya 109 department store. Riku had decided to stay with his American father in Los Angeles, while his mother returned to her hometown of Shibuya with his older fraternal twin siblings. Just a day before his thirteenth birthday, was the birthday of Connie Chu. A japanese girl at his school in Los Angeles, they had spent the past couple of years as a couple. Riku stood up the night before constructing a large birthday card with pictures of their past dates and even snuck into his neighbor's yard to cut a single rose and attatch it to the card. He left the gift in her locker, and that morning she decided to break up with Riku. He was left heartbroken, he heard when she opened her locker and found the gifts she started to cry but he didn't care. He didn't care what she felt, what any girl felt for that matter, he vowed to never love again. The next day his father was given a promotion, which meant more money but also meant he had to constantly be moving back and forth from Los Angeles and other large cities. His father did not want his son coming along, but didn’t want him to be alone either. Lucky for him his first stop was Tokyo, so he dropped his son off at Shibuya with the rest of his family before saying goodbye and leaving. He's never seen Connie since that day.

When he arrived in Japan, he met his baby sister for the first time. She was born just a shortly after they left for Japan, he had talked to her many times over the internet or on the phone but he never saw her in person. He always talked to her about American culture, and she did the same with Japanese culture.Soon enough his older siblings went off to college, the fraternal twins were fortunate enough to be accepted into the same private university and left him with the pair of sunglasses he keeps so dear with him today. So with his father off traveling the world and his older siblings at school, he’s left with his mother and his little sister. So he’s the “man of the house”, and takes this job very seriously. He’s very protective of his little sister, even though they constantly argue, and loves his mother very much. He chooses not to use his father’s surname: Taylor, but instead uses his mother’s: Kiyoshi.

The last two years of his life have been interesting, moving across the ocean to a new land and entering school where no one spoke English. The language was no issue for him, his mother always gave them Japanese lessons to make sure her native language was not lost in the family. According to his mother, he inherited his father’s flirtatious behavior and uses it to his advantage. Constantly floating from girl to girl, he could care less the damage he’s doing to them. He doesn’t know why he does it, and he wants to stop, but it’s just an instinct of his. He’s learned to live with it, the fact he can’t have a true emotional connection with anyone.

•Character Theme: Fly Solo (http://youtu.be/sRTUexAHay0)

•Example Role-Play:

(Cue Digimon Adventure: NEXT Opening Theme Hikari)

Digimon Adventure: NEXT
Episode Zero: A New Generation!

Wednesday, 7:30 AM

Shibuya, Tokyo is known for many things. It's Scramble Crossing, its many places for socializing. But mostly for its lead in fashion and trends and its status as Tokyo's leading shopping district.

The late morning sun hung above Shibuya like a lazy oversized bug; clouds far off in the distance, puddles scattered about on the ground from the late night showers. But those quickly evaporated once the blistering heat from morning sun hit the city. Last night it had rained, poured actually, and now this morning it’s unbearably hot. Luckily for the members of the Shibuya High Football Club, practice was earlier that morning when the sun wasn’t so strong. The boy sitting at the table was one of those lucky football players; he sat in a booth at the local Starbucks, a coffee shop and local hang out for the students of his high school overlooking the famous crossing. His nice pale gold hair a dead giveaway of who he was. He wore a stylish navy blue and white striped tang top, his favorite low hanging gold pendant, signature Rayban sunglasses on his head, a pair of light grey cargo shorts, white somewhat baggy socks half way up his calf and a pair of navy blue vans canvas shoes.

“I can’t stand this heat.” He complained, drinking his vanilla bean order. Normally he didn’t mind the heat, it gave him a chance to scope out the local eye candy that was the thinly clothed girls out in the city and around school, but this heat was stifling. It wasn’t a comfortable heat, with a wind or even a tiny breeze; it was the kind of heat with nothing to relieve it. Even being in the shade didn’t help, it was summer after all but the weather has been abnormally radical lately. He adjusted the expensive white watch on his left wrist, then proceeding to adjust the bracelet on his right wrist.

"You love it really. You like the fact all the girls wear more revealing clothes when it’s hot. Don’t try to fool me, Riku-kun." The boy’s friend said coldly. The golden haired boy looked up with his blue-green eyes and smiled sheepishly.

Riku Kiyoshi
1st Year Student

"Kudo-Senpai, don’t say it like that. You make me sound bad." Riku whined and proceeded to drink out of his plastic cup. His friend, a second year in the American football with him, joined him to get something to drink after practice. Their green and white practice bags sprawled on the floor provided an obstacle for people passing by; the bags were rather large and were carelessly left on the floor. Riku didn’t care, and peeled one eye open as soon as he heard the bell on the door open. He whipped his head around when a pair of girls in denim shorts and crop tops walked in.

“Welcome to Starbucks~” The cashier yelled out jovially, the girls smiled. Riku smirked and looked back at Kudo, who merely shook his head at his friend. Riku raised an eyebrow, “What? I can’t help it.” He snickered. He girls ordered a small Frappuccino each and the cashier typed in a few keys on the cash register and looked up with his eyes closed, having memorized the price for their simple order. “That’ll be 125 yen-“ He stopped mid-sentence when he saw the cash registered and counted off the digits to himself, “That’ll be One million and 125 yen.” He corrected himself. The girls stared in disbelief; the change from the girls’ small purse fell to the floor. Riku raised an eyebrow and turned back to his friend,

“One million and 125 yen?! That’s obviously a mistake.” Kudo merely nodded as he sipped on his drink. Riku felt something in his pocket vibrate, he reached into it and dug out his cellphone: an Android, and answered the incoming call. “Moshi moshi~” Riku answered happily, “Alright, I’ll be right down.” Riku hung up with a smile and slung his green and white practice bag over his shoulder before grabbing his friend’s hand and bumping fists. “Alright my mother’s here. Later!”

“Later!” Kudo smiled as his friend walked off and even chuckled as he flirted with the group of girls at the cash register and proceeded to get their numbers. Riku ran out of the store and into his the expensive looking black BMW convertible out in the parking lot. She smiled warmly and greeted her son with a kiss on the cheek, he immediately brought out his ipod touch and connected it into the digital radio and while looking for a song told his mother about the strange cash register.

“How odd, I’m sure they’ll get it fixed. But now that you mention it, the song thing happened down at work. A few cash registers did the same thing, and the lights were constantly shutting off and on.” She said with a concerned tone, Katie Kiyoshi was a hard worker, and a loving mother. Riku smiled as he tapped the screen on his ipod, the GPS/radio monitor in the car read: Mac Miller: Live Free. Riku’s mother giggled, “I see you’ve really taken a liking to your father’s work. With that American music, and even your clothes.” She smiled. Riku nodded,

“Yeah, I like it!” He went to raise the volume as the car drove off, but froze when the entire screen was taken over by white noise. He didn’t say a word, not because he didn’t want to but because he couldn’t. An extreme pressure pressed down onto his throat, he wasn’t able to move an inch. A figure started to materialize, the face of a grey creature with a golden mask and large horns. The mask itself had no mouth hole, but six small holes for eyes. The image didn’t move, and didn’t make a sound it was just there: cold stare gazing into Riku’s very soul. He managed to touch the screen, and just like that the image was gone. The music started playing again and he looked over at his mother, she happily drove along.

“Did you see that?” His mother looked at her son briefly and cocked her head in confusion, the boy sat back in his seat and raised the volume just a bit before raising his elbow on the window and letting his head rest on his fist casually, “Never mind.” He muttered, what had that been?

07-03-2011, 03:28 AM

•Name: Dracomon
•Gender: Male
•Appearance: Dracomon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Dracomon.gif)
•Attribute: Data

1. Baby Breath: Dracomon spits a concentrated blast of fire from his mouth.
2. Tail Smash: The tail of the digimon is slapped onto the enemy with great force.
3. Shurunen: Should someone touch the "backwards scale" on his body, Dracomon will became enraged and fire Beam Bullets from his mouth wildly.

•Personality: Dracomon is a data-type Digimon, and his attitude and kindness most of the time really shows it. Dracomon is a curious and naive digimon, due to his recent hatching. Though he doesn't look it, Dracomon is normally playful and friendly, despite his usual childlike demeanor, Dracomon occasionally shows deep insight. Dracomon is extremely powerful for a Rookie. Much like his partner, Dracomon is a glutton and loves food. Chivalry is high on this happy-go-lucky Digimon's priorities and often gets himself into trouble.


1. Fresh: Petitmon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Petitmon.jpg)
2. In-Training: Babydmon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Babydmon.jpg)
3. Child: Dracomon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Dracomon.gif)
4. Adult: Coredramon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Shadowman/CoredramonBlue.png)
5. Perfect: Wingdramon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Wingdramon.jpg)
6. Ultimate: Slayerdramon (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Slayerdramon.jpg)

•. Armor w/ Courage Digimental: Allomon (http://www.dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Allomon.jpg)

•. DNA w/ ??? : ???

07-03-2011, 06:10 AM
Nice, Dracomon....I used him once before. Nice choice...

07-03-2011, 06:59 AM
So what are we going to be doing about the DNA Digivolutions? Are we going to figure those out before or after the RP starts?

07-03-2011, 08:03 AM
Digimon Adventure: NEXT!
Season One: The Digital Invaders Arc

Adventure One: Digital World Open.!
Episode Theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuudI0WtWYc&feature=BFa&list=PL99191B26A344697E&index=5)

Part A:

It's wednesday morning, just another school day. All week it's been nothing but drastically changing weather, electronic malfunctions, phones being hacked into it. There have been rumors about a cyber-terrorist, but you know that can't be right. You head to school, and just like the previous two days you don't have to wear your uniform to school! Why? Because its spirit week; in two days on Friday Night, Shibuya High will go against Minato High in the Tokyo City Tournament finals. On Thursday night, Suginami High will go against Shinjuku for the third place spot. School goes off without a hitch, while no one seems to mind the rather chilly weather during the summer you're a little uneasy. After school, in your school's quad, gym, or whatever, the school site council has organized the last pep rally for the football season. Some are thrilled, some are sad, some just don't care. With music booming and streamers flying around it's a festive atmosphere, the four football captains are called to the stage and are given trophies for their contributions to the team. A few games are played, like musical chairs, a wheelbarrow race and the always favorite "let's see how many people we can fit into a car.!" game. The pep rally comes to an end and its getting pretty late, you don't want your parents to worry so you make your way to the front of the school to go home. On your way home, either alone or with friends, you notice a bolt of lightning far off and then a loud crack of thunder. Then snow starts to fall, with only a few clouds in the sky that aren't even blocking the sun. You're close to finally coming home, if you had any friends walking with you they left by now, when you feel a jolt run across your body. You freeze in your tracks as you hear a voice echo in your head,

"Five strange fingers form Fate’s hand,
Each one plays part at Fate’s command.
A clouded past, the answers it keeps,

Until its time each secret sleeps.
When pain is truth and truth is pain,
The Evil of The Past shall be freed again.
Five shall go but five shall not return,
Vain hope and pride in terror burn."

You snap out of it, and a few feet away from you is a short figure covered in a brown robe, the hood casting a shadow over the man's face. You take a step back, not sure what's about to happen. The figure looks up to reveal the man's face, not attractive at all with a bulging eyes, his only trace of eyebrows are thin strands of hair and a large white mustache underneath his large nose. He smiles, many teeth missing, which makes you take another step back. He tells you not to be afraid, the fact that he also says your name makes you completely turn around to run the other way. Only thing is, he's already there and snatches your wrist up in front of his face. He try to move, but your frozen, that's when your hand begins to glow. On the back of your hand, the outline of your emblem begins to glow, but to your character its just some strange foreign symbol they have no knowledge of. The man chuckles and says you are one of the chosen children or some nonsense like that, you pull your wrist back and in a flash of multi-colored light the man was gone..

Part B:

Finally you're home and deal with whatever it is you usually deal with at home, whether it be good or bad. You pass by your living room, den, or whatever and notice your television is on the news channel. Its a special report about phones not being able to be used to make calls, which is fine with you because being a teenager all you do is text! So you head into your room, exhausted to say the least, but you know you have to study for the next day of school. While you study, you can't help but to have your mind wander off to your computer which is sitting idly beside you. You quickly log on and start chatting with your friends, when suddenly you receive a strange e-mail. When you read who sent it, you find it strange when you read: @@@@@@djm.ndes.co.jp/sys/switchboard. Whoever sent this was from the company who sold internet software. Just then the e-mail opened itself, and the attatched file began to download onto your hard drive. While you freak out, worrying about viruses and what not, every window you had open closed and a new shortcut was on your desktop. The title sounded like some sort of video game, and you mutter it to yourself quietly, "Digital World...?" As if on cue, a fluorescent blue light bursts from the computer monitor, completely engulfing your room. When it fades away, you're no where to be seen. Leaving your room with an active computer and a lone computer chair rolling backwards.

You wake up, your head pounding and you look around. You don't know where you are, and you don't remember how you got there. You just remember falling, your body hurdling down some sort of abyss. Your surroundings were beautiful, large mountains complete with waterfalls, and large tropical trees as far as the eye could see. You decide its best to find out exactly where you are, so you start to walk past the trees. Everything looked identical, so you had no clue where you were going. Then you freeze in your tracks when you hear a loud roar, after s few seconds a loud crash shook the very earth itself. You panic and dart off into a random direction, past the trees until you end up in a clearing. But something about this had a different feeling than the rest of the jungle area. The sky was completely blocked by the canopy of large trees, light faintly showered down into this eerie place casting cloud like shadows on the cold forest floor. Serene, cool air floated around this place and in the back of your head you could hear a mellow tune. You look over to the middle of the clearing where a lone pedestal stands, you approach it and get to urge to touch it. When you do, the floor beneath you erupts with brilliant light that forms the same symbol that was on your hand when the old man grabbed it. A small sphere of brilliant light emerges from the pedestal and launches itself at your chest, the energy erupts into blinding light and when it fades away, an egg is left in your hands. While you're trying to process what's going on, the trees all around you begin to snap violently. You look around until the sun's rays are completely blocked off. You look up to see a large red dinosaur towering over you. The monster stomps its tail and blows flame into the air, the egg in your hands begins to glow again and you hear the old man's voice echo in your head.

"They are chosen. Chosen from a group of young ones. Chosen based on their traits and characteristics. It is unknown who chose these children. When the time comes, they will be called upon to save those who selected them. Welcome to the Digital World, Digidestined."

You lose your vision and every part of your body turns numb, then you fall to the floor. You feel the cold forest grass around you, then you can see again. You're in your bed, you check the time. It's 8:02, the same exact time you left. What had just happened..? You start to try to make sense of this, when you look at the foot of your bed to see the egg from before laying next to your feet..
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

((OOC: Alright, Adventure One just means Episode One to be clearr. There will be one Adventure every week, so you'll have one week to finish up each part in an episode. You can only post once until everyone has finished posting that part, then you can go on to the next part so no one gets left behind and feels overwhelmed if they need to catch up. There are two parts to this first episode, part A and Part B. You make ONE post for Part A and ONE post for Part B, i know its kinda long i guess but...i like to start big! ^___^ Oh and we'll sort out the whole DNA evolution thing later on. If you have any questions go ahead and ask, this is now officially the Discussion Thread.!))

Eternal Moonlight
07-04-2011, 04:54 AM
I know this may sound a little silly, but since yiu didn't list Minato, does that mean I can make my own reason for a pep rally or..?

Also, I might not post until Wednesday, I have work all day tommorow and Tuesday and will probably be a little out of it. I'll try my best to have something up before though ^^

07-04-2011, 05:52 AM
I know this may sound a little silly, but since yiu didn't list Minato, does that mean I can make my own reason for a pep rally or..?

Also, I might not post until Wednesday, I have work all day tommorow and Tuesday and will probably be a little out of it. I'll try my best to have something up before though ^^
Oh sorry x) there, i changed the schools (: Oh man :| Well try you're best to at least get Part A up before then. But if you can't its understandable.

07-04-2011, 05:59 AM
Sorry for not having my post up yet. Been busy and trying to figure out how to start. I can't promise a post today (since it's Monday and not Sunday anymore where I live since it's like 1AM now here) since I might be going to a friend's to hang out, but I'll do my best to get it Part A up by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

07-07-2011, 05:11 AM
Do you have the link to the IC? Or should I just go look for it? I'll go look for it, its not a problem, I was just being a little lazy...

07-14-2011, 10:49 AM
Is this RP still alive?

07-14-2011, 04:46 PM
Is this RP still alive?
Yes, we're just waiting for the last two people to post Part A -_________-

07-15-2011, 08:43 AM
Wow talk about waiting lol I guess I will be patient even though it has bewn weeks .....

07-22-2011, 04:18 PM
I'm sorry for holding up the RP. I became busy planning a vacation as well as suddenly being hit with a case of writer's block. I have tried to write a post many times, but when I try to type I just can't. Not to mention that I've also forgotten about this after many failed attempts to write a post. It's not only for this RP, but other things I'm working on off the forum. So I think I'm going to have to pull out of this RP since I can't write anything at this time. Again, I'm so sorry for holding this up for so long.

Eternal Moonlight
07-27-2011, 05:37 AM
I'm sorry for holding up the RP. I became busy planning a vacation as well as suddenly being hit with a case of writer's block. I have tried to write a post many times, but when I try to type I just can't. Not to mention that I've also forgotten about this after many failed attempts to write a post. It's not only for this RP, but other things I'm working on off the forum. So I think I'm going to have to pull out of this RP since I can't write anything at this time. Again, I'm so sorry for holding this up for so long.

Writter's block is a cow and happens to all of us at one (or many) point(s). No need to worry! ^^

So, Chibi, what are we going to do now?

07-31-2011, 05:10 PM
Well, I have been waiting to see what would happen. I suppose if the RP continues, I'll continue to participate...