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Kill Switch
A Steam Punk Roleplay.


What do you do when your world is torn apart by robotics?
The rise of Machine gave a whole new meaning to the word “Warfare”.
What has war become, other than a means for people to kill mindlessly without even having to be in contact anymore.

This has become our world. 1960’s New York City… Or, once was. Earth has become torn apart. Machine has risen at such an alarming pace since the 1940’s. In just twenty years we went from humans building machines to machines building machines to machines building and ultimately killing humans. How could anyone really live this way?

Easy, as just stated no one can. The human race and ironically most of life on earth has all but disappeared from plain sight. We may not be on the surface but we’re still around, dreaming of one thing. Of one simple item on the surface, in the heart of all the chaos. A button.

Why would anyone need buttons anymore anyways? Especially considering the way things have turned out on earth now. The reason we need this button, as legend has it, it is the ultimate kill switch. Rumor tells it is either a kill switch for all of humanity or a kill switch for all of the robots. Maybe even all of Earth who knows. The bottom-line is that this thing, be it exists or not, is the ultimate treasure and the last saving hope for the earth and man-kind. Maybe.

Lets stop getting ahead of ourselves and go back to the beginning. When man had begun its industrial revolution. Things had began off great, particularly with this time period of the 1940s. Styles had not changed much with men walking around with fancy robotic watches and beautiful women wearing Victorian styled dresses. Things all around the world seems perfect with the consideration that America had began reaching out toward other countries, thereby uniting much of the world. The Americans had begun their work on robots in this time and the research had begun to boom tremendously. There were people with no knowledge of robots beginning to create in this field to the point that just about every country in the world was ran on robots. It was wonderful for the first 10 years. That is until, the world wide military began to get a hold of these wonderful creations.

Soon after the military had taken hold of these creations they had begun making robots that could fight work and further America's conquest to nations that were not keen on uniting with the large superpower. At this point there was one large country on the planet consisting of North America, Europe, Russia, and South America known as the UCOE, or The United Countries of Earth. Followed by their overall opposition of Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. South Africa had became up for grabs but had isolated itself as an independent power completely reliant on supplies from UCOE. It was when hostilities began from the EPU or Eastern Powers United that the war began. Both sides had been working tirelessly on robotic soldiers. By this time we were looking at the 1950s when robots had completely defined war. Human interaction had almost all but been wiped out. Because of the robots had went on an overall rampage, taking on their own AI and capturing Washinton DC and turning the war fought with the EPU back on the UCOE and the citizens of America. This in turn forced everyone into hiding by the year 1960. Many rumors had began through the underground network that America now lived in that there was a kill switch to put an end to the UCOE robots somewhere in Washington DC. Many exploration teams had left from all parts of the UCOE but each never came back with fruitful results.

Now its thought, why hasn't anyone pushed this button when this happened. By chance would have it, the President of the UCOE was found to be in another country and away from the killswitch. No other member of his administration knew the kill key to activate the button, after his death this key had been found and passed along through information networks. The fabled key 5823AOE, a mention found ever so commonly along with the story of the kill switch.

You are living in 1960’s war torn Earth. In an America that had went from a booming industrial empire into what is now a garbage ridden wasteland. As did most of the world on this note. They say that he who controls the switch controls the world, or what is left of it. That he who controls it can utilize it for their own gain.

You are new member under exploration team Alpha-Omega. The first of the last exploration teams to come out to the surface once again and begin a trek from New York, NY to Washington DC, DC. You will be under the direction of Captain Joseph Monroe a sixty-six year old professor in engineering and robotics. He will be guiding you along this route by Airship, Google Map (http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=New+York,+NY&daddr=Washington+D.C.,+DC&hl=en&sll=39.404367,-76.132507&sspn=1.396425,3.348083&geocode=FXFAbQIdK8KW-yk7CD_TpU_CiTFi_nfhBo8LyA%3BFQh-UQIdsoRo-ylb5PZa3sa3iTEqXYjUIkVSwg&mra=ls&z=8), where you will stop in Philadelphia and continue on foot.

Good luck exploration team Alpha Omega. Watch out for Pirates and Autonomous War Machines.

You may be virtually whatever you want. However, do realize that some things your character will need a knowledge of.

1. Engineering, these people take care of the ship and can manipulate machinery, this includes autonomous robots however you are like to get killed in an attempt without team work.
2. Weapons, these people are in charge of weapons on the airship. Everyone receives weapons but they are more or less the ones who man artillery units or cannons.
3. Geography, these people are in charge of maps and should something go wrong with the original course planned, they will look at the map provided and plan a change based on direction I give.
4. Medical, these people are in charge of making sure that everyone is intact and has all their limbs attached and are not sick.

It is possible to be well versed in all 4 but that does not mean you are a god. You will have to work with the other members of the crew. There will however be 4 captains.

1. Hyosuke as Joseph Monroe
2. Metal Sonic as Paladin Gallows (Thomas Gunney) and Wheatley (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3312201&postcount=3)
3. [Position Open]
4. [Position Open]

The duty of captains in this role play is to make sure that everyone is on task as well as to help me, the role play designer, to keep track of everyone. Each captain will be in charge of a team with the exception of Joseph Monroe.

1. [Under Captain 2 3/5 positions left]
2. [Under Captain 3 5/5 positions left]
3. [Under Captain 4 5/5 positions left]

All of which will answer to Joseph Monroe unless something happens to him. Keep in mind that all of you are in this exploration team for different motives. These motives may be entirely different from liberating earth from autonomous war machines. Your motive can even go as far as to attempt to kill everyone and take control of the planet. At which point, I would like to know whether or not you plan for someone to die through Personal Message. That also being the case, you can have multiple characters who may join with other characters for their motives. This is not the extent of the choices, they are ultimately left up to you. Be sure to let me know through Personal Message or through the role play posts that you are collaborating with someone else.


Name: [Mind you this is 1960's New York that has been more or less trapped in the 1940s. Therefore, names may not have changed much since the 40s so keep them appropriate. You may use names from the 60s though.]

Sex: [Please let us know if you're a boy or girl.]

Age: Specify age.

Intended Specialty: [Engineer, Weapons, Geography, and/or Medical. Can have combinations.]

Captain: [X] <-- Will be a captain. [O] <-- Will not be a captain. Mind you that captain positions will fill up and you may not receive the position.

Team: [The Team you intend on being on]

Personality: [Describe how your character is and or motives they may have. Keep ONE TO TWO PARAGRAPHS IN LENGTH, YOU WILL NOT BE IN TROUBLE FOR GOING LONGER.]

Background: [What were you doing before joining Exploration Team Alpha-Omega. KEEP ONE TO TWO PARAGRAPHS IN LENGTH, YOU WILL NOT BE IN TROUBLE FOR GOING LONGER.]

Appearance: [Mind you that this is STEAMPUNK styled. Therefore, finding a SteamPunk picture of your character in an anime style may be incredibly hard. Like wise for real life. It would be best to use a reference picture and describe the way they are dressed in 1 or 2 paragraphs. Let me make this clear, ONE OR TWO PARAGRAPHS IN LENGTH, WILL NOT BE IN TROUBLE FOR GOING LONGER. I would suggest checking deviantart for anything related to steampunk style. Be sure not to forget to credit the artist. If you found it by some other means, say google images and cannot find an artist, please state you found it via google images.]

Gear: [Describe, if not already describe in appearance, if so sum up, what your character will be wearing upon entering the ship. This is like to change as the story progresses]

Other: [Anything else not left to a category please mention.]


1. Keep things imaginative. This role play is made by you just as much as it is made and guided by me. If you're a captain you have more control over this but it must go through Joseph Monroe [Controlled by me] Unless he were to die.
2. No gods. You can be versed in everything however realize that your character may not know EVERYTHING about the topic. Be sure to let everyone else who may specialize in something have a chance to act on their specialty. Advice, work together with the others who specialize in similar fields.
3. No bunnying, for those of you who do not know, this is controlling another person's character. For example "Joseph shoots Reagan in the heart, causing him to die." <-- However, Reagan will be able to move from the way or say that a shot missed. DO NOT GO CRAZY WITH THAT AND I WILL BE WATCHING. If you do not want your character to die and another character is shooting or intending on attacking a vital point on the body, you are able to pull off some miraculous things for the sake of living. Appendages or other non-vital points have a higher chance of being struck.
4. Be fair, throughout this role play the team may or may not agree with one another and I do not want to see too much of the team agreeing on everything. I want to see some diversity. On the topic of being fair, do not start making personal attacks at someone or intending on killing them for no justifiable reason. I will will make sure to let you know when killing or possibility of killing someone else is open. That will be after a disaster hits. Otherwise, play fair.
5. No flaming.
6. Keep OOC chat to a minimum.
7. Things in this role play are like to change, as mentioned characters can die and the route provided by the google map is like to change.
8. If you have read these rules please add RAWR somewhere to your role play post. If you feel that there may be a bit of conflicting rules and that something should change, let me know.

Expanding edit:

The autonomous robots seemed vague to me so here is an example http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ny_eNphVKvc/SY8i-sdLKdI/AAAAAAAACKY/2sgYrZCyge0/s400/RyanSteam_JPG_1400.jpg These robots are styled in this sort of fashion however take on many various forms. They stand at 10 feet tall, capable of picking a man or woman off their feet very easily and breaking their bones just as. They are generally armed with musket styled weaponry akin to cannons capable of destroying low flying airships easily. They are very adept with sound but are for all intents and purposes blind. They see via sound and radar, a technology that had just begun in the 30s. Other variants include robots armed with machine guns, as well as smaller scout versions that look very much like this, http://mobbit.info/media/3/steampunkrobots_3.jpg. These robots stand 5 feet tall and are armed with automatic pistols. They are not blind in comparison to their blind tank like counter parts. However, their vision is entirely dependent on cleaned lenses not only that but their vision is poor due to camera technology not being adept as it is today. They have the technology to pick up sound and heat, particularity from muzzle fire.

The airship you fly is called the Grand Lady, http://www.steampunkr.com/wp-content/uploads/tumblr_lb2ikcrDtZ1qdhvyro1_500.jpg. It has a length of 200 feet and accommodates an engine/machine room, doctors lab, weapons closet, and a large barrack for a crew to sleep as well as a captains quarters and navigation room. Along the sides are cannons and hidden in the hull are artillery machine guns capable of destroying autonomous robots. The methods of aiming is incredibly low tech relying completely on how good the shooters eye is. It is capable of withstanding an onslaught from pirates roaming the skies and can be used as a sea faring vessel. Be warned, there are flying robots and sea faring robots as well. They play on a variation of the autonomous robots pictured. Imagine them more so with propeller blades.

Hyosuke as Joseph Monroe and Lionel Monroe
Metal Sonic as Paladin Gallows (Thomas Gunney) and Wheatley (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3312201&postcount=3)


Declined due to utter stupidity and failure to address the rules or fix grammatical errors more than 3 times
None and hopefully never will be.

07-05-2011, 08:19 PM
This is for ME. I will be supplying information on Joseph Monroe, i just wanted to make sure i get this spot.

Name: Joseph Monroe.

Sex: Male

Age: 66

Intended Specialty: Engineer

Captain: [X]

Team: Is all Team Captain.

Personality: Captain Monroe is very stern and strict. He does have a playful side to himself however he will not take messing around on his Airship. He intends on bringing humanity back to its former glory and being the one to push the kill switch. He has a soft side for his nephew who had came on this expedition under the specialty of Medical and Weapons. Captain Monroe has a knowledge of robotics and is able to take control of autonomous robots if he manages to get to them safely. He enjoys bowls of spaghetti and playing his guitar on quiet nights on the airship. He can be found at the helm of the ship or in the machine room taking care of the parts. He speaks with a heavy Scottish accent and is just as likely to be drunk as he is likely to be in the machine room.

Background: He grew up amidst the chaos of the war along side his father who was also an engineer. This being, engineering is in his blood. During the war he had taken up a job as a weapons engineer and had constructed parts to combat the renegade robots. However, after man-kind's army had utterly failed he had taken hiding in the underground towns of New York City. There he began teaching engineering and planning for this last surface mission to hopefully put and end to the robotics controlling the world. He began drinking at the supposed "End" of the war which is more so when humanity went into hiding. He has always been a bit of a violent drunk more so than the funny good times drunk so watch out for if he ever starts blasting off his pistol on board the ship.

Appearance: http://chud.com/articles/content_images/5/wondeconsteampunk.jpg Captain monroe is a heavy set man who walks with a cane. His legs having been injured during the initial war that plunged the world into what it is now. He dresses in the common wear of a suit keeps a standard revolving pistol at his side at all times. He wears a black tie under a vest and keeps a pocket watch in his chest pocket for easy access. He keeps his goggles on at all times since he works too often in the machine room to have a need to take them off. His suit is covered in spots of oil here and there due to his constant work. [Image supplied by google images.]

Gear: He keeps a revolving pistol, his goggles, and several pouches with ammunition and tools on his person at all times.

Other: [Anything else not left to a category please mention.]


Name: Lionel Monroe

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Intended Specialty: Weapons and Medical.

Captain: Will take place of overseeing captain should Joseph Monroe die and should he be voted in.

Team: Team 1.

Personality: He is just as loud as his uncle is drunk. He is less strict but despises when someone comes to him with issues such as their stomach hurts because they ate too much or they stubbed their toe. He would rather someone came to him on the brink of death rather than with small issues. His policy is that if he does happen to be bothered with small issues, he will prescribe small doses of heroin and is very strict on the policy of the drug to the point he would put a bullet in someone's foot if they come to him asking for it without problems. At least then you'd have something wrong with yourself to be taking the drug. He likes to get drunk like his uncle though will go on about stories in which he got in fights or be a riot of laughter. He tends to make many jokes at his uncle.

Background: He grew up along side his uncle after his parents had died. His uncle protected from any chance of death from the autonomous robots, which resulted int he overall cause of the injury his uncle now carries as he walks along with a cane. He began an interest in medicine after his uncle had received his injury with the fruitless goal to be able to one day repair his uncle. So far he has began work on what believes would work, a very early form of a prosthetic leg. He took up weapons work after his uncle told him that in this world he will need to learn to defend himself. His uncle was very adamant on him learning weapons and therefore, he now has a versed knowledge in rifles. Because of he keeps a standard Lever-Action Winchester Rifle with him at all times.

Appearance: May use picture, picture by Sessie from DA http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/086/2/3/Steampunk_by_Sessie.jpg Boy on the right. He dresses generally like this however wears a lab coat from time to time that had been, on many occasions, mistaken by his uncle as a "Oil Rag" making his lab coat stained with oil stains more so than his uncle's suit. He stands at an awkward 6'6'' and finds himself having to duck when going through door ways on the ship sometimes, mainly to his office in the medical bay. He keeps his rifle slung over his shoulder and across his back. For easy access should someone come in looking for heroin without injury as well as in case pirates should mean to attack the ship. He keeps on his belt many pouches with quick to use stimulants such as an early form of adrenaline to help someone in a situation they need a boost to stay alive when near death.

Gear: Keeps shots on him with early forms of adrenaline in them to give people a boost if near death as well as keeping a rifle slung across his back. He will have a stethoscope slung around his neck.

Other: [Anything else not left to a category please mention.]

Dr Robotnik
07-09-2011, 06:56 PM
Name: Paladin Gallows (Thomas Gunney)

Sex: Male

Age: Won't say; late forties.

Intended Specialty: Engineer, Weapons; specializes in heavy weapons and armor, capable of performing light mechanical repair to weapons and powered armor.

Captain: [O]

Team: One

Personality: As his nickname would suggest, Gallows is a grave, serious man that never removes his suit of heavy armor. Though he talks very little, he protects his team with his life, and has a very strong sense of loyalty to his commanding officers. A senior engineer and weapon creation specialist, he has a wide range of knowledge on hoe to transform the junk left over from destroyed machines and rubble into strong, durable armor suits and weapons, among other things, and often shows his intelligence by cobbling together equipment for his teams to use. Keeping his cool in nearly all situations, Gallows is a reliable soldier, and would do his all to defend his team, regardless of being somewhat aloof.

Background: Before joining the team, Gallows was a solo freedom fighter, of sorts. Constantly tinkering with the heavy weapons in his possession before leaving, three years ago he disappeared and never returned to the human settlement until recently, just in time to join up with Omega. Garbed in a suit of heavy armor powered by a device cobbled together from the remains of destroyed robots, none of the team have ever seen his face, or heard him speak much more than he absolutely has to. While he doesn't mention it, he was gathering recon data on the robots that would most likely be encountered during a quest to hit the kill switch, and is one of the few people who knows how to effectively combat a number of them. Another skill he has picked up from his days in danger is how to effectively recycle the parts left over from destroyed machines to make suits of powered armor much like the one he wears, as well as upgrading or repairing weapons with the parts. Though he does not speak often, he shows his friendship to his comrades by virtue of combat.

Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_i_N_ACjHFxg/SSE34_Te_-I/AAAAAAAAAS4/7ptrr21BHVU/s400/stormtrooper_Beauty2_op.jpg (Donno the artist, found on Google images) As to what Gallows looks like beneath his armor, no one can say because he never removes it when others are present. His armor is a dark gray color with a hawk-like helmet and a small oxygen recycler on the left side. On the shoulders is a mounting rack for backpacks and other such gear, and the joints are reinforced with mechanics of their own. However, the armor requires proper training to use as it is mechanical in its own right, and it takes quite some time to gather the parts to make one, though creation works quickly. The armor is equipped with a status display attached to a screen on the right arm showing vital signs and other useful data.

Gear: Gallows brings with him a knowledge of many energy weapons and several different models, including a laser Gatling gun of his own design. In addition, he is capable of crafting what he calls 'Power armor', which is an armor suit capable of enhancing the wearer's physical abilities and defenses. His weapon of choice is his powerful laser Gatling Gun, with a back-mounted power pack that allows it to fire over two thousand bullets in one charge, at the cost of being highly inaccurate and having little to no way to recharge the power cells outside the ship. He also carries with him a German-made semi-automatic pistol for backup.

Other: Gallows is only capable of creating armor suits and weapons with sufficient supplies scavenged from destroyed robots, and the process of creating them is complex. In order to wear it, the user must first be trained to work with the low-key subsystems to avoid unnecessary strain on the body.

Name: Navigation and Communications Precision Guidance System (Refers to himself as 'Wheatley')

Sex: N/A; Male programming

Age: 2

Intended Specialty: Navigation, Geography.

Captain: [X]

Team: 1

Personality: Wheatley is the first mechanoid to be constructed since the beginning of the war. Not tied to the rest of his 'race' by any means, he was actually cobbled together from spare parts, and is a bit 'dysfunctional' by normal standards. While he does show quite a bit of culture and manages to speak with a distinct British accent, his processor is incredibly buggy, which makes him act somewhat neurotic and stupid at times. He is also very timid when it comes to combat situations, though he is very capable at providing information while combat is going on. Despite being a robot in his own right, Wheatley actually serves as something of an assistant in terms of navigation. Despite only being about the size of a pocket watch, his radar and scanning capabilities far exceed those of normal machines when he is hooked in to the airship's power supply. In most situations, however, he is latched firmly to the arm of whoever it is carrying him into enemy territory. Despite him being cobbled together from spare parts, he does remember quite a bit about being a killing machine, and feels terrible for doing so, and sees the expedition as a way to at least redeem himself, even if he believes that he will be shut down with the rest of the world's machines when the kill switch is activated.

Background: Wheatley was built specifically for the purpose of aiding the stealth sectors of the Alpha-Omega team's mission, as well as helping to guide the airship on its course while the captain was not at the helm. Constructed to plug in to the airship's engines to draw power and recharge, he was also made to be detachable so that his radar and sonar systems could be carried with the party in the case of stealth missions. Unfortunately, there were few parts to construct Wheatley's personality matrix properly, and as such he is far more human in persona than his 'brothers', and is capable of thinking for himself despite siding with the humans on creation, though he is too easily fooled to be able to turn sides against the humans either way.

Appearance: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3398/3524826318_dd5dcec122.jpg (Found on Google images)
Wheatley is a small device that mostly consists of a blue eye and several small prehensile
tentacles' to serve as his limbs. Most end in grabbing devices, though three of his limbs are reserved for the purpose of cutting into a system and hacking or disabling it.

Gear: Short-range sonar and radar tracking, grabbing claws, hacking tools, Grand Lady engine interface.

Other: Wheatley is extremely fragile; being dropped does enough damage to him, and taking damage in combat will almost assuredly destroy him completely.

07-10-2011, 03:25 AM
@Metal Sonic: Great sign up, been playing some Fallout and Portal 2 though? Can we have a space core too for the sake of SPAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Hehe, anyways, good sign up and I'll set you as Captain 2 of Team 1 then. Sounds like you'd be a tactical captain. Thanks =)!! And glad to have someone backin me up lol.

Edit: For all intents and purposes, Wheatley will be considered an expansion of Thomas as to not have a bulk up on the teams. Alright? =3

Edit: Know what, scratch that, i dont think we'll have a bulk up issue, however I dont know how I feel about Wheatley being a captain xD

Dr Robotnik
07-10-2011, 03:51 AM
O was yes? I thought O was no XD Wheatley isn't supposed to be a captain; he's a supporter.

EDIT OF MY OWN OMG: Actually, I just forgot to change it for him. Gallows is a captain, Wheatley is support.

07-10-2011, 05:39 AM
O was yes? I thought O was no XD Wheatley isn't supposed to be a captain; he's a supporter.

EDIT OF MY OWN OMG: Actually, I just forgot to change it for him. Gallows is a captain, Wheatley is support.

I think I messed something up here LOL. Ok so X is you'll be a captain, O is not... You know what, I assumed your character would be a captain anyways so forget it, but for all future reference, that is the break down! XD

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Double Post my bad, but this RP is not receiving much attention... I think it should close unless we can invite people.