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Plot: The Pokemon World is a marvelous place. It is where humans and these amazing creatures known as pokemon live together. Pokemon have amazing powers that can be used for any purpose. Humans and pokemon bond in friendships and those friendships grow with battling, competing in contests and just plain caring for them. Everything is normally peaceful in this awesome world. But will it stay this way for always?

An new evil syndicate is forming. Team Chaos. They use pokemon too like other, but they use them for evil purpose. To attack and destroy. They used the most advanced technology in their hunting for pokemon and power. They have these devices known as Reapers. These technological devices allow them to take all power from a pokemon, leaving them like normal animals. The device is very gun-like. But it shoots a chain of laser energy that wraps around the targeted pokemon and absorbs all of its energy. The energy is then stored in a container that is at the end of the Reaper. On the side of the Reaper there is a switch that switches the Reaper from Attack Mode to Absorption Mode. When in attack mode it can create a laser whip or shoot energy shots but it wastes the energy that has been absorbed. They plan to use all this energy for their final plan.

But not all hope is lost for the pokemon that have had their energy taken by Team Chaos. Deep in many of the caves in the pokemon worlds a gem called Shym can restore their energy to them. It is a rainbow stone found near sources of water in caves. The pokemon just needs to make contact with the stone to regain all of its energy. The stone has the energy to restore a single pokemon's entire power. But the stone can be re-energized by using the move Solarbeam on it. This would restore its energy completely. Now Team Chaos has also found a use for these stones. When the move Shadow Ball is used on this stone it can turn a pokemon into a fighting machine consumed by rage. The pokemon can be turned back to normal by the move Flash. So the Shym stones have both negative and positive sides.

But there is a counter alliance to Team Chaos. Team Nova. They are the opposite of Team Chaos. They seek to help those in trouble and use the power of pokemon for good. They shelp pokemon in need and stop evil organizations. They are some of the strongest pokemon trainers and rangers in the world. Together they continue on to fight Team Chaos. They plan to discover what Team Chaos' Final Plan is and stop it.

Kat Zephyr
Team Nova HQ Conference Room, Underneath Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

Kat was sitting down in the main conference room of the Nova's HQ. It was a big white room. It was empty except for a long table with twenty chairs surrounding it. Kat sat in the chair at the far end of the table. She was awaiting for the rest Nova Members to come in for the morning meeting today. They were going to talk about where Team Chaos might strike soon. Then she would send agents to the location. It was suspected that they would attack the Daycare in Solaceon Town. It was packed with pokemon they could steal with little resistance. And their had been reports of shady characters near the area. So it was a good chance is that would be their next target. Kat would send Nova agents there while she worked on other matters.

(Members of Nova should be arriving in the conference room to start off.)

Lex Rex
Team Chaos HQ, Under Galactic Building in Veilstone City

Team Chaos had set up their HQ in Sinnoh under Team Galactic's old building in Veilstone City. Lex was in his quarters. It was a dark room with a few bookshelves, a desk and a big chair. He would be discussing his next few plans with his commanders of Team Chaos. First was their attack on Solaceon's Daycare Center. There were about a hundred pokemon they could get from there. Then their would be another attack in Pastoria's Great Marsh. Many pokemon there as well. There were many more pokemon to capture there. It was a good plan but it was just to get more pokemon's energy. It was all part of the big plan, but only he knew what it was. He would reveal it in due time.

(Chaos members must report to Lex's office.)

(Neutral character's can either start in one of the two places where Chaos will attack. Pastoria City or Solaceon Town.)

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guess I'll get brownie points for starting lol

Solaceon Town

"Hmmm The unknown here are getting Restless" Said TRK to Shady the Shedja as they looked at the writing on the wall scurry throughout the ruins...

"They almost never move when people are around so something big must be going on"He said as he made his way to the Exit of the ruins eager to get back to the daycare to get his Egg from the old couple....

On his way back towards town he encountered a trainer wearing a track suit working out next to a Machamp and a Mr.mime who appeared to be making punching bags for both the trainer and pokemon.

"Hey Trainer wanna battle?" TRK yelled as he clinched his 3rd pokeball on his hip...
"Sure thing,Your Ninjask looks sickly anyway so i'll just crush it!"Yelled the trainer
"Oh you mean shady?"TRK said as he motioned for shady to go instead of letting out his other pokemon..

TRK vs Trainer
"Mimer you're up first,force palm!"The trainer yelled as The humanoid pokemon leaped forward with a glowing fist attempting to smash the bug pokemon. Mr.mime passed right through the bug pokemon smashing right into a tree as TRK smirk!!!

"You used double team?"The trainer asked
"Not even close,That's a shedja and it's a ghost type so good luck"TRK said as Shady hovered over the staggering Mr.Mime and latched onto the Psychic type with a leech life and effectively draining it of a good amount of health....

"Finish this loser with shadowball,Shady" TRK said..In that very instant a blob of darkness appeared on above the shell pokemon and sped towards Mr.mime crashing right into the pokemon's chest sending it into it's trainer's arms.

"Unfair!"the trainer yelled as he returned Mr.Mime to it's pokeball.
"If you think your Machamp is going to do anything look at this"TRK said as he let out a silver metagross

"Ok I admit defeat"The Trainer said as his Machamp picked him up n took off running away from town..

"Eh for the hell of it hit them with a hyper beam!"TRK yelled as think Tank shot a beam of light in the dierection of the fleeing trainer hitting them and sending them flying through the air.

"Ahh reminds me of my old Team Rocket days!"TRK said with delight in his voice as He returned both Pokemon to their balls and started walking towards town.

OOC:Yeppers former member of Team Rocket.... decided my history can come out better if I post it in pieces instead of all together :D

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Thousands of club combinations there

Standing at a little more than six foot three, the regular length shafts I had been using had to go. Liz showed me the graph which Ping fitters use to determine just how much on, or indeed off, the shaft you need. I pretended to understand it for several seconds before Liz concluded that an extra inch would be required for my gangly frame. Posture at address is key, after all. My new friend handed me a 7-iron with a regular-flex shaft and an extra inch. Now she could get behind the impressive Trackman ‘nFlight’ software, capable of recommending thousands of club combinations, and really scrutinize my shots. With more hook problems than Peter Pan, it became clear I needed a stiffer shaft (that’s what she said) and around 3-degrees more upright.

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White Knight
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Christopher Wilson
Outside Lex Rex's Office

Chris took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled. He had been called to the office, not knowing what was going to happen. All they had been told was to be at Lex's office immediately, but no one was even there yet! Chris leaned against the wall awaiting the arrival of more members. After several minutes, he scanned his surrounding area. No others, just a large potted plant and a vending machine at the end of the hallway. Chris sighed, then pulled out his Reaper, fiddling with some control settings. However, he soon gave up and returned it to its rightful place on his belt. Quickly growing impatient, Chris decided to enter the room. As he slowly pushed open the door, he was rather confused. The dark room greatly contrasted the garish lighting of the hallways, and it took several seconds for his eyes to adjust. Soon after, he saw Lex sitting in a large chair on the other side of the room. Their leader struck fear in the hearts of all, even the people who worked for him. Chris tried to shake that image out of his head and concentrated on his surroundings. It was a nice room, well furnished with several old-looking bookshelves lining the perimeter. Although they had met several times before, he was still fairly terrified of him. They were the same age, but something sinister truly festered in Lex's heart. He was a ruthless leader, and his skills as both a trainer and a schemer were unbelievable. Chris quickly realized he had been distracted, and promptly faced the desk in front of him. As he began to speak, Chris sounded timid and shy. " Uhh, Mr. Rex?We were told to report to your office." Realizing this, he began to speak with more confidence. "Is there something important we should be learning about? No one else has showed up yet..."

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Lex Rex
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

Lex sat there patiently awaiting for his Chaos Commanders to arrive in his office. Lex wasn't like the average impatient hot-headed leader you would usually see. He is patient and calm even in the heat of battle. But it's creepy how calm he can stay during even the most intense situation. The stare in his eyes was the most intimidating aspect about Lex. Like a vicious glare yet a creepy stare at the same time. It also set his enemies off and makes them too cautious. Then finally one of the Chaos Commanders entered his office. " Uhh, Mr. Rex? We were told to report to your office. Is there something important we should be learning about? No one else has showed up yet...". Lex heard his timid tone as he spoke. This is what Lex liked about his eerie aura he expelled, it kept people scared. "Why yes, today we shall be learning about our next two missions on retrieving more pokemon. We shall wait a few more minutes and if no one else shows up we shall begin the meeting...." Lex said in his creepy tone. I like Chris, he seems loyal. He may be a good choice for my second in command later on....

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Crissy Marcholv
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

Crissy had gotten a message to report to Lex's office and, like always, she was going to be late. She did this on purpose all the time, because of her cocky very non-serious personality. She'd do anything to get on Lex's bad side if she wasn't determined to keep her job. She wasn't afraid though. She considered herself to be a member of this team they couldn't afford to lose. Very self centered of her. She also referred to herself as Lex's right hand man... or woman, but that obviously wasn't true. Overall, Crissy was a VERY self centered girl who liked doing things her way and her way only unless threatened to do otherwise.

Being late as usual, she eventually bursts through the doors that lead into Lex's quarters by kicking the door open.

"Hey, hey, hey there, Lex! Guess who's here??? It's your favorite team mate: Crissy!", she exclaimed with a cute giggle. She took a seat on Lex's desk, without permission obviously. "So what is today's mission, huh? Stealing more pokemon energy, I'm guessing?"

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Lex Rex
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

Lex let out an evil chuckle as Crissy came in and sat on his desk as usual. "Your quite perceptive Crissy. Today we shall attack to locations here in Sinnoh, Solaceon Town and Pastoria City. Both locations have an area which has more Pokemon there. For Solaceon its the Daycare Center and for Pastoria it is the Great Marsh. We will be heading out soon to Solaceon to attack first. We will vanquish anyone who stands in our way and take all the energy of ever last pathetic creature there. No doubt Nova may interfere but we have no reason to worry. They aren't as strong as we are. Crissy I want you to ready three helicopters for our departure. Two will be for Grunts and the third will be for us Commanders. Take ten Grunts in each of the two helicopters and make sure they all have their Reapers on them. We will depart soon, Christopher I want you to brief the Grunts that will accompany us on the mission on what we will be doing. Then we depart. Now go do as told," Lex commanded in a creepy low voice.

Kat Zephyr
Nova HQ, Snowpoint City

All of the Nova members came in one by one and took their assigned places within the conference room. One they were all settled in their seats Kat began to explain the situation. "We have gathered information that Chaos will most likely make their next attack on Solaceon Town. Their have been reports of shady people observing the Daycare Center and those who work there. We believe they will be attacking really soon. I will personally lead this mission, we will arrive not too far from the town. If anything occurs we go into action. We will be leaving as soon as the meeting comes to an end. I will take ten others with me on this mission. The rest of you will be watching the rest of Sinnoh and keeping our HQ safe. Okay that is plan. This meeting is now over," Kat ended her explanation. She was the first to stand up and head down the chrome white hallways. She was heading towards the Air Forces Dispatch Center.

White Knight
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Christopher Wilson
Chaos HQ, Veilstone City

"Christopher I want you to brief the Grunts that will accompany us on the mission on what we will be doing." Lex said, finishing his sentence. "Yes sir!" Chris said, as he departed with a salute. He turned the corner, opening the door to the dank grunt barracks. "Grunts! We move out! Everyone into the debriefing room; no exceptions." Most of them moved, with just a few lingering in their beds. "Not acceptable!" Chris said, whipping out a pokeball from his belt. A Persian came out, scratching its head as it purred. "Fury Swipes on anyone who you see in a bed." Persian got up, but it was enough already; all of the people had already ran into the room as fast as they could.

"Today's mission is simple. We take the Solaceon Daycare by force, and leave nothing behind; anyone that is caught fighting against us will be terminated." Chris said, showing slides of the place as he went. "Each of you will be armed with Pokemon provided in these balls; there are 3 types." he pulled out three of the balls, releasing them into the air. "Stunky, Skorupi, and Zubat. Each of you will take two Pokeballs, then report to the helicopters. What are you waiting for? Go!" he commanded, then stepped away. Chris navigated through the building, reaching the outside. He leaped into the nicest helicopter, awaiting his companions. Something told him this was going to be interesting...