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The legend of the Restoration


Years ago, in your home village

“This world has become nothing more than sand…”

The village elder stood at the edge of your small settlement. You and a few others had gathered around to hear him speak. The wind swept through the sands, leaving ripples like that of frozen waves in the ocean. Waves lost in time, forever to change and never to provide. The great difference between the world you live in now, compared to that of yore.

The elder straightens his spectacles and tightens the loose cloth garbs around his body, like that of a burka. Although, not called a burka in this world, it being just clothing. He coughed a bit before raising his hand, “I’m glad you all came!” He called out in a large voice that boomed through the dunes. He smiled setting his hand back to his side, “So why are we here?”

“Is he that senile to forget?” a boy whispered near you.

“Oh yes, to teach, or more or less teach but to share a story with you all.”

A story we’ve all heard millions of times.

The thought that you know everyone had at this mention. He began to tell the story of the Terranen. A mystical device said to have been crafted by the gods themself. Once used by the gods to create our world, forming it into a beauty we no longer know to this day. The device had formed the kingdoms of which we now only know as a collection of wastelands with names.

To the north of your village lies the dead forests, a wasteland of corruption in which no life thrives but many bandits have claimed this as their lands. It had become known as a land of demons in which no man or woman in your village shall traverse. On occasion the village will get a merchant or two who has been there, but for the most part, this had become almost forbidden land.

Quite a distance east of this, is where the forest meets badlands. A craggy, rocky, and unbearably hot environment in which bandits dare not traverse due to the fearsome crag lizards that dwell there, their skins said to be strong enough to withstand even the greatest of weaponry, the creature itself said to have the strength of armies and has been told to tear men in two. Sentient and intelligent, this creature created a society in which a fruitless land had become fruitful to them.

Directly east of your village, lies what once was a driving sea known as The Dead Ocean, what once was a anyhow. Is now nothing more than a large and dangerous pit full of mystery, although being unexplored due to its many dangers, many of which are still unknown to much of the known world. That is, the settlements in the dunes and the dead forest. Further east and between The Dead Forest and The Badland are equally unknown lands of danger and treasure. There are few paths connecting them that have been found to be the most remotely safe. With one last area further east of The Dead Ocean being also deemed as a land of unknown, as many have not crossed toward that land.

Try as they might, they may find themselves lost to the Dunes that so miraculously have kept your village from harm of bandits, or killed by the Crag Lizards in the badlands, or lost to what dangers lie in the Dead Ocean.

Years have passed since you listened to your elder speak, like wise you find yourself yearning for adventure and the possibility of becoming a hero to your people and to the world, to all the peoples of the world. You decide with a few others, to embark to The Dead Ocean after consulting the village library of which, is small but still expanding when it can. Finding all the books you can. A meeting has been called by a Gerard A’tiek in the town of Haliria. A half-human, being partially wolf and his sister Emily A’tiek, a half-human as well. Both are unknowns, you yourself may be unknown and had just seen the flier of their plan to embark out to The Dead Ocean for whatever causes they will possibly be soon to explain.

“The gods still traverse these deserts.” The elder begins to finish, “Perhaps one of you may see them too.”

Sign Ups

The bottom-line about this is you may be whatever you want as long as it is not an all-powerful being. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with this.

Name: [How you shall be addressed]

Sex: [Male/Female please]

Age: [Within reason please]

Race: [Go crazy, you can be a robot for all I care]

Personality: [Describe how they act, their likes and dislikes, even their strengths and weaknesses. Paragraph or longer.]

History: [How you came to be in, or your life once was in this village. Paragraph or longer.]

Appearance: [Feel free to use a picture but do describe within a paragraph or longer]

Weapons or Powers: [Have fun with this one but be within reason and no gods or potentially apocalyptic weapons. You’re technically already in an apocalyptic situation.

1. All PE2K rules.
2. No excessive swearing. We're sophisticated people here.
3. No bunnying for the same reason, we are sophisticated people. This is controlling another character without direct permission from role player.
4. No god characters. This can include ridiculously strong characters that have one obscure weakness but otherwise, cannot die or be hurt. Your characters are mortals.
5. Please use correct grammar and punctuation. If you require help with this please use this free tool called "Open Office" which is, more or less, a free version of MS Word Office.
6. Please keep at a PG-13 level, like I said, we are sophisticated here.
7. If you have read and agree to the rules of this role play, please post "I'm on a boat" in your role play sign up.


Hyosuke - Of course.
Winter_Cherry - Aerys and Thirteen
Latisiblings - Alan Prometheus
Metal Sonic - Asagi and Maverick


Declined - May never be used.

Name: Gerard A’tiek

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Race: Half-Human, wolfen variety.

Personality: He is quite sure of himself, a lot of the time too sure. Especially of the fact that he will get whatever he wants when he sets his mind to getting it. Having a bit of a spoiled attitude and fire within him that any adventurer would have, a bravery unmatched. His biggest short coming is his “I’ll get what I want attitude” taking him to great lengths to achieve what he wants, doubled with his arrogant attitude makes him life threatening to himself and those who follow him. He has always been a bit of a loner because of, believing that others slow him down, get in the way, and take his glory. He isn’t afraid to be incredibly brash and incredibly rude and equally is not afraid to get in fights despite insurmountable odds.

History: Despite his overly headstrong attitude and his almost intoxicatingly obnoxious arrogance, he has always been picked on as a child due to his size. Having grown up an orphan with no one other than his sister, they both eked out an education and managed to survive in the Dunes for a long while. Living off the money from treasure they could find. According to his sister, it was because he was picked on that he became a treasure hunter and it was because of treasure hunting and putting himself in challenge no one else could complete that he became so arrogant. Being a treasure hunter, word of Terranen spread fast to him and his sister, making his goal now to find a crew to venture against everything in hopes of recreating the world.

Appearance: The look of a half-human, be it cat, wolf, ox, or otherwise is not unmistakable. He stands 5’5’’ on dog like legs, wearing pants that begin to poof at the knee where the pants stop. Something like parachute pant shorts of a vivid red. He wears a large robe over all this to protect himself from the heat of the dunes as well as the sand storms that occasionally blow through. The robe, is made of a simple cloth, despite the design not being simple. The robe is made to be able to hold a multitude of tools and weapons as well as having a mask and hood to keep sand out of the wearers face. He wears goggles as a means of extra protection for his eyes. The most defining feature, if not able to see the legs is a tail and ear set. He keeps his sand colored hair combed though he always ends up having a few bangs. He wears a light vest.

Weapons/Powers: He keeps with him a lance which he has decided to boastfully named Gungnir. Rightfully named it is a spear. He possesses the power to manipulate wind and usually channels it through his spear. The spear is wooden with a golden tip that has been embroidered in what Gerard regards as a gaudy fashion.


Name: Emily A’tiek

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Race: Half-Human, wolfen variety.

Personality: She is the voice of reason in comparison to her gun-ho brother. She has a love for adventure and a love for safety of which her brother is far from. She has been called on multiple occasion a buzz kill. Something she has never taken a liking too and has seriously let it affect her image of herself. She has a tendency to think pretty low of herself and believe her only real purpose is to make sure her brother does not harm himself or anyone else due to his personality. She is very kind all facts aside and loves to cook.

History: She grew up orphaned with her brother and ultimately in his shadow. She has become a very good caretaker because of. Throughout her life she has had a love of books and of folk lore. Particularly of what lies in the unknown lands of The Dead Ocean and beyond. She has made it a goal with her brother to seek out what treasures lie as well as personal goal of restoring Terra using the treasure of Terranen. Throughout traveling with her brother she had learned to take up cooking in an attempt at keeping her brother from dying. An attempt that generally works due to her brother’s appetite and his total disregard of actually eating, due to him forgetting and not having a care unless food has already been made.

Appearance: Unlike her brother, she looks completely human save for the ability to transform into a wolf. She has sand colored hair like her brother and two distinctive eyes of a yellow color that seems to glow in the dark. She usually stands in an authoritative fashion out of utter concern and frustration with her brother. She is a big imposing to walk toward. She has a gymnast’s body due to the travel she does with her brother and sacrificing meals for him. Despite his better wish that she should eat and he should keep moving. She wears pants like her brother that stop at the knee and have puffed up like parachute pants. She wears a pretty light vest and a tank top under it. She almost dresses completely like her brother. She too wears a large robe for concealing weapons.

Weapons or Powers: She fights using two revolving daggers on handles. Something like tonfas with a circular metal guard over the handle and above the guard the actual blade that has the ability to rotate. She calls them Yajir and Jagnir. She has the ability to turn into a wolf but only during nights.

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Outta time ATM, reserve meh. This will slowly be filled in.

Name: Aerys (Pronounced "Air-Iz")
Sex: Female
Age: Um...she's not entirely sure, but she knows she's old. Appears 16 or so, though.
Race: Guardian-Race created by the Gods to protect humanity in the olden days, Aerys is most easily compared with a humanoid robot with advanced AI.
Personality: Aerys is a bright, very cheerful and friendly being most easily defined by her energetic, childlike disposition. She's curious about anything she does not understand, which is actually a LOT these days, and has a great capacity for getting herself in and out trouble easily. A great listener and friend, Aerys is also incredibly loyal to and protective of her friends, no matter what they do. She believes that everyone can be good, and will try to resolve issues without the use of violence far before she attempts using weaponry, as she feels hurting others is wrong, and knows she could easily kill someone if she's not careful. However, if you blatantly try to kill someone she cares for or she knows has done nothing wrong in front of her, she will lose it, and if you don't end up dead, you're lucky. She also strongly dislikes anyone putting their life on the line for her.
History: Aerys was a Guardian created by the gods in the days when the world was still beautiful. She was operational only for a short time before she got into a fight with something that badly injured her and put her offline so that she could be restored to full operation by her repair systems, a process that would have taken days, maybe even weeks at the time, and she would have woken directly up from once it was finished. However, something or someone prevented this, causing her to continue to remain offline for years--how many, she's not entirely sure, but she knows it was a long time. When she did come back online, she was alone in an empty underground chamber that she had to dig herself out of.

When she did, she found the world around her resembled the chamber the chamber she'd just dug herself out of--empty, barren, and completely desolate.She wandered for days, as the maps burned into her memory were now useless and she could no longer no longer contact any other Guardians around her, it seemed that she was the only one online for a decent distance around her. Eventually, she stumbled into the village, tired and desperate to find any sign of life. She had no idea where she was, or how many years she had passed, or if some kind of calamity had struck while she was offline, she just knew that the world she was in now was much different from the one she went offline in. Even so, her mission remained the same, she would protect the humans and human-like life she came across because it was her duty, what she was programmed to do, and she wanted to do even more for them by fixing the desolate world. It was about this time that she heard of the meeting called by Gerard and Emily and what they were supposedly planning to do and decided she would go with them if only to protect them, and maybe try to understand what happened to the world as she had once known it.
Appearance: Aerys (http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/RP%20Charries%20and%20Other%20Anime%20Pics/?action=view&current=013.jpg)--Not mine!!!
Aerys is a rather stunning individual to those seeing her for the first time. Standing at around 5' 6" or so with a slim body and clear, fair skin, one wouldn't think she was meant for combat. Add to that her long, nearly golden hair, large, expressive, ocean-colored eyes, and attire of a rather lovely dress, it seems most want to protect her rather than believe she's there to protect them. Although she appears completely human, you might notice things like cuts that expose what appears to be metal that bleed a silvery substance before you blink and they seem to disappear without a trace and other small things that tip you off as to the fact she is not all she appears to be. However, very few, if any, know just what she really is.
Weapons or Powers: Aerys, being a Guardian, was made to be stronger, faster, smarter, and basically just all-around better than humans as to protect them from themselves and everything else that might come their way, but this power is balanced out with the inherent desire to protect any and all human-like life, as well as years of disuse. She is slower than she would normally and her balance is slightly off-center for reasons unknown to her that make her a bit clumsy at times. She carries a halberd known as Eternity that she rarely uses, often found "magically" attached to her back(it's a matter or magnetics) as well as repair systems to fix her injuries. The bigger or more extensive the injury is, the longer the repairs will take, smaller injuries taking anywhere from seconds to minutes, more dangerous and complicated ones may require her immediate shutdown and could take hours, days, even weeks to repair.

Name: "Thirteen"
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Race: Vampire
Personality: Thirteen is...well, she's hard to get along with. Moody, sarcastic, antisocial, and altogether dislikable, she isn't exactly rainbows and sunshine, but she's at least smart and handy in a combat situation so long as she tells you she's got your back. She's also capable of being kind, but goes about it in her own rough, moody way, and often makes sarcastic jokes when she does it. She simply doesn't know how to act properly around people anymore, and she's unwilling to try to learn again after how her life has gone. She can be a downright hateful at times, and is more likely to stay at the back of the group, as far away from them as she can get while still following them. She's wary of nearly anyone who comes close to her, and tends to flinch when anyone suddenly raises their voice or raises a hand or fist around her. She has a perpetual fear of being beaten, even though she knows she's strong enough to fend for herself in spite of her small size and fragile appearance. And on a side-note, she likes high places and exposure for the sunlight for too long leaves her more cranky than usual.
History: Thirteen's life was hardly a cakewalk, being a vampire and therefore possibly one of the most hated and shunned beings in society, she had to fight for her right to live from day to day. It was never her choice, she was born into it, she often mentions that if she'd had a choice, she'd have been human and made things easier. Unfortunately, as stated before, she didn't a have a choice and dealt with both verbal and physical abuse in places where she was identified as one of her kind, giving her a healthy fear of being beaten, as her parents drilled it into her head to not use her abilities and temper against the humans who tormented her--it would just fuel the fire. And so the girl endured the pain quietly, without complaint, without fighting back. She adopted the cloak to simplify things while traveling, something she was forced to do by her parents, who urged their only daughter to pack up her few belongings and go exploring suddenly out of the blue on day nearly six years ago. She found out weeks later that her home had been invaded and her parents killed the day after she left by the people in the town nearby. Finding herself unable to trust people at all, she took to wandering the desolate roads between towns, in search of others like her who would only turn her away or a town where she could live quietly without trouble and maybe learn to trust people again to try and change the cold being she had become afterward because she knew her parents would want her to change, but it wasn't happening. She was haunted by the pointless cruelty and bad luck that seemed to follow her everywhere. Realizing this, she stopped going by her birth name at all and began calling herself Thirteen. Some time after, she stumbled into a village where the people seemed to accept her as the strange, hooded figure, and she settled down outside of it, only for awhile, she promised herself, long enough to rest for awhile. Until they found out what she was and turned on her just like they always did. And then she heard about Gerard and Emily and thought there might be an opportunity to gain some respect for herself, or find someplace entirely away from everyone else to live in peace and quiet.
Appearance: Thirteen, in spite of her age, appears much younger and rather frail, standing in at 5' even, and being incredibly thin-bodied as well as pale. However, her catlike blood red eyes framed by chin-length pale blonde and red-streaked hair and almost constant glaring expression seems to drive people away, though if you looked a little closer, those eyes speaks volumes about her, seeming almost haunted most of the time. She wears a simple pair of shorts with a too-big red long-sleeve shirt and a large black cloak over it as well as traveling boots. She wears her twin daggers on either side of her, in sheaths hung from crisscrossing belts that rest against her mid-thigh. Also, she has a pair of darkly tinted goggles that often act as a headband, but may be used as eye protection in things such as sandstorms or bright sunlight and wears a pair of thick leather gloves.
Weapons or Powers: Although she has heightened senses and increased strength, as well as razor-sharp canines and nails(the reason she wears the gloves), Thirteen carries around a pair of daggers (http://images.wikia.com/dynastywarriors/images/6/63/Nene_sw2weapon3.jpg)(yeah, I know that's only one, but you have NO IDEA how long it took me to find a pic of that specific dagger) that she can use quite well in battle in spite of her appearance. Contrary to popular belief, she can go into the sun, but too much exposure to it can severely burn her skin, and it also hurts her eyes if bright enough(hence the goggles), she isn't afraid of holy objects, but she's not gonna go hug a cross, and she's VERY wary of fire--if she touches it, it causes her immense pain and will almost immediately blacken her skin no matter how small the burn would be to anyone else. She is a fast healer, but is limited to healing as much as the energy she gets from the blood in her system can put off, and therefore can die if she sustains a major wound and doesn't have enough blood in her system to heal it fast enough. On top of that, she doesn't go around chomping on humans or anything remotely human unless she absolutely has to because of her wariness of them, but lures in animals with a natural vampiric luring ability that seems to put victims into a calming trance and leaves them without any memory as to what happened, though hers is manifested through song, like a Siren. SO, if she tells you to plug your ears, you'd better listen.

I'm on a boat. :)

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I'm on a boat. :)

A beautiful character that I wouldn't mind using as a plot device (Of which I plan to have all characters in this RP be plot devices.) Hehehe. Metal_Sonic would be proud. Anyways, she is accepted lol.

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Reserve please, sounds pretty fun.

07-17-2011, 02:05 AM
XD Chibi would be as well, considering Aerys is an older character of mine she's known for awhile, even written for. I was pretty pleased I managed to modify her purposes from Transformers(her original/main purpose--she's actually slated for Metal's TF RP under her original purpose) to this. Thank you! And go ahead, just let me know what you plan to do with her beforehand.

Dr Robotnik
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Don't think you're getting rid of me that easily, Hyo. I'm joining this one too as soon as I decide on someone to throw at you.

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@Latisiblings - Love seeing new faces!! Totally reserved! (New for me)
@Metal_Sonic - Lol figures, dude I love having you in role plays, you keep things intense. Reserved.
@Winter_Cherry - I'll let everyone know once the RP can achieve lift off. I'd like to have 5 Role Players on here, myself included, before I get this going. Right now there is you, metal, latisiblings, and me so that's four, so one more (Knowing Sonic he'll create enough characters supply this RP with enough characters for a life time LOL).

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Lol, you seem to forget how bad I can be as well. Speaking of that, the lovely Thirteen might be making an appearance as well, but that's all dependent on how I feel.

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Oy... Now I don't know what to expect from the lot of you xD!! But you have me excited to do this, I haven't RPed in a long time.

07-18-2011, 04:37 AM
Lol, you should never know what to expect from us--especially me and 'Niisama. :) Speaking of, Thirteen is up and ready for looking over for acceptance.

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I love the new addition. I suppose now I'll be updating the reserved and accepted roster and will request Metal Sonic and Latisiblings finish up =) Thanks winter xD x)

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So, due to the small population I'm deciding... Get this RP started or let it die =/ any choices anyone? I really want to start this lol

07-20-2011, 11:42 AM
At least give it a shot, not all 'successful' RPs have a large number of people in them. For example, the original Falcior RP(we got down to only a few people towards the end), Metal's Knights RP(that went on forever and there were only four of us), Chibi's Battle for Shibuya RP(we got pretty far on just three of us, and Chibi and I did most of the major posting), just to name a few off the top of my head. IMO, more SUs simply lead to more drop outs for various reasons anyway.

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I am so sorry for taking this long with this! I've had a lot of stuff to do IRL... Hopefully the SU makes up for it.

Name: Alan Prometheus

Sex: Male

Age: Looks 15- unsure though

Race: Humanoid robot

Personality: Alan is a humanoid robot that really hates being one. He constantly feels inferior to other, more 'real' races like humans and half-humans because he is a 'fake'. Even though he may look alike, he still feels like he stands out in a group of real, alive beings. Because of his complex, he comes across as a shy and quiet person. He has never had a real friend either, a result of his isolation from others. Thanks to that, he barely talks and is almost anti-social to the point many people think he's mute during their first encounter. He also believes others' lives are worth more because his isn't a life. Because of this, he has a tendency to get into fights often, looking to save other beings while trying to terminate himself. It's never worked yet, thanks to his advanced combat mechanisms and superhuman abilities. However, he hates using those skills and other abilities that isn't human because it reminds him that he doesn't belong. Because he thinks alive beings' lives are worth a lot, he never kills in battle, even if the opponent has tried to kill him.

He still seeks out his creator, or at least the truth behind his creation- why was he created, and why was he left out in the desert? There are too many mysterious, unexplained things about himself. He never wanted to be mysterious or unexplained- all he wanted to be, ever, was to be normal and fit in like everyone else does.

History: He doesn't remember a thing about his creation or his creator, or his early life. His memory started two years ago, when he woke up in the middle of nowhere, knowing only his name and the fact he is a robot. From there, he tried to survive like everyone else, coming and going trying to get some money and food. One day, he tried to protect a woman from a thug; it didn't end too well, because he accidentally fired an electric bolt from his fingers and fried the man to ashes (figuratively). The woman shrieked, "MONSTER!" and rushed away from him. The man was the last living being he ever killed.

From there on, he became more like what he was now, shy and quiet. He is now traveling to meet Gerard A'tiek and his sister, in hopes that he can find information of his creator and find a purpose in his life.

Appearance: Standing at 5' 3", he isn't exactly the tallest one around. And neither is he muscular; at first glance he may seem like a wimp. He has brown hair sticking out in the weirdest places and eyes of the same color. He wears white-and-brown hoodies that blends in so well you'd think it's camouflage, and jeans that go along with it. He has a weird tattoo marking on his neck, one that looks like flames, along with the word 'Prometheus' underneath it. So far, he hasn't had luck finding its meaning. He wears a pair of worn out gloves colored white that has the same marking as one on his neck.

Weapons or Powers: Since Alan is a robot, it only makes sense for him to be stronger than humans, or most races. He is only slightly more powerful than most humans, but he is very agile and uses it to knock out his opponents quickly. He can also shoot out lightning from his weapon of choice or his fingertips, though it rarely happens because it reminds him of his difference. He can drain lightning to charge himself up, though, again, he hates doing it.

As for his weapon, he wields an umbrella as a weapon of choice. He uses it in the same veins as a longsword, except without the deadly edge. Which is just as well, since he never, ever fights to kill. With it, he can also act as a lightning rod, protecting other, less electically immune beings. Opening it makes it work as a shield, thanks to the fabrics being more durable than they appear.

It also protects the user from rain. =P

I'm on a boat!

Dr Robotnik
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Name: Asagi

Sex: Female

Age: Early twenties; isn't quite sure.

Race: Human

Personality: Asagi is, in a word, vibrant. Possessing a nearly endless well of self confidence and optimism, she takes great pride in everything she does, and is noted to act in a way that makes her seem very careless and hyperactive. That aside, she has shown on multiple occasions that she is both clever and a capable leader, possessing an intelligence that more often than not goes unused because of her no-hesitation attitude and plenty of charisma. Unfortunately, her rash behavior and strong emotions lead her to act before thinking often, which tends to land her in more trouble than what was initially present. Despite these setbacks, she does her best as a leader or supporter and genuinely tries to work things out for the better, something which tends to happen because of her indomitable will.

History: A traveler who claims to be a hero, just where Asagi came from is hard to tell, as when she arrived at the village she was hopelessly lost. Something that sets her apart from most random drifters, however, is that she claims to be trying to help whoever she can. As such, she jumped immediately to the call to hunt for a way to restore the world to its former glory. During her time waiting, she has set to gathering supplies for the journey, as well as spreading the word. Since her arrival, she has set about stomping anyone committing a crime into the ground, which she is very efficient at.

Appearance: A thin young woman with tan skin and a flat chest, Asagi's common attire is a white sleeveless shirt with one black strip of horizontal cloth on the sides below her arms, not connecting on the front or the back. A pair of goggles usually hang around her neck, and a white jacket is usually either on her or tied around her waist. She wears a pair of baggy pants stuffed into black combat boots, matching a pair of fingerless gloves and a satchel that hangs from her belt. She usually wears her long black hair pulled up into a messy ponytail, though does on occasion let it down. Her eyes are an icy blue in color.

Weapons or Powers: Asagi uses hand-to-hand combat in fighting in conjunction with a pair of magic-powered guns. In addition, she is capable of using a type of non-elemental magic unique to her, which can be used for a wide variety of ranged attacks. Her guns are used to channel her non-elemental magic, as attempting to use it otherwise more often results in a poorly aimed spell more likely to hit an ally.

I'm seasick because I'm on a boat.

07-21-2011, 01:36 AM
At least give it a shot, not all 'successful' RPs have a large number of people in them. For example, the original Falcior RP(we got down to only a few people towards the end), Metal's Knights RP(that went on forever and there were only four of us), Chibi's Battle for Shibuya RP(we got pretty far on just three of us, and Chibi and I did most of the major posting), just to name a few off the top of my head. IMO, more SUs simply lead to more drop outs for various reasons anyway.

Lol definately, I just wanted to get the reservations out of the way haha. By the way, Metal Sonic and Latis, you're accepted and I shall be starting this today within the hour or so haha.

07-21-2011, 01:42 AM
WHOOT!!! You have no idea how much I wanna RP, and this sounds fun... Hopefully I'll be able to get to it after Moonlight. (Yaaaaaaaaaay! Vampire-infested night!) XD

07-21-2011, 02:35 AM
Alright looks like I got this show on the road! Hope I'm not over doing things or something haha, wow i feel rusty xD

Dr Robotnik
07-21-2011, 03:59 AM
Name: XR-28 (Maverick)

Sex: N/A (Male)

Age: Unknown; pre-Desolation

Race: Cybernetic construct? (Guardian)

Personality: A rather mindless, drone-like machine that entered the village at roughly the same time Aerys did. Just who or what the machine was before is unknown, as it sustained heavy damage and is no longer able to communicate through proper speech, though there are organic components visible on some parts of the body, suggesting a cybornetic creature. Regardless, the mechanoid has tailed the guardian ever since they met, in a sense being something of a guard dog. It is noted that XR-28 possesses powerful weapons systems, and seems to have no qualms using them when it is deemed necessary, though he seems to be rather brutish and unintelligent otherwise.

History: XR-28 was originally a clever and very dangerous guardian named Maverick, before he sustained heavy damage in combat and was then reconstructed as a cybornetic device by scientists who found him. Equipped with a life support capable of keeping whatever is strapped inside alive, Maverick's sentient AI was transferred into the brain of a comatose human, whose body was used to attach some of the other
components salvaged from his wreckage. Though he still maintains his intellect, the majority of his memories are blocked off almost permanently because of the age of the brain his conscience is on, effectively preventing him from recovering his memories. Where he was when the world was devastated is unknown, as is how he eventually lumbered into the village. However, when he did he happened to come at almost the same time as Aerys. Though at the time he was able to remember her and follow her, damage sustained to his vocal devices prevented him from telling her who he was and asking for assistance, though a few days later those memories were also blocked off, effectively locking himself in as a sort of servant. He fully intends to follow her through to whatever she's doing... provided his organic components don't finally die before then.

Appearance: A massive, hulking machine constructed based on the heavily damaged remains of Maverick's original body, this machine stands just under nine feet tall, and is notably bulkier than his original form. This body bears a head structure vaguely similar to his original form; a human-ish head with two red glowing photoreceptors, lightly armored with two fins on either side of his forehead stretching upwards and back over a back that is arched above the head. Notably, the head contains a glowing case of goo in which a brain is held, and the lower jaw has been blasted off by an energy weapon. Two long spines stretch out from his back, holding on them a pair of rocket thrusters which are insufficient for his new body weight. Two huge blocks make up his shoulders, each of them armed with missile launchers, leading down to a thick, crude grabbing claw and a powerful pulse weapon on his other. Below these arms are a pair of smaller robotic arms with proper 'hands' with which to manipulate things. His legs are less legs and more thick chunks of steel meant more for staying in one place than fast motion, though his size and large strides make him fast enough to keep up with others. His chassis are primarily dark green and black in color, with XR-28 painted on his side

Weapons or Powers: In addition to having massive power granted by being such a large machine, he is armed with missile silos (Emptied over years of being stuck in this body) in his shoulders, as well as two motorized Gatling guns welded to both of his upper arms. The lower arms can be outfitted with a wide variety of equipment. He is also capable of stomping on enemies with his massive feet, which is almost guaranteed to be a fatal blow because of the body's extreme weight.

07-21-2011, 05:30 AM
Maverick is approved, which leads me to ask? Why doesn't he have an umbrella as a weapon~! After reading that SU i was like "THIS KID IS AWESOME" Anyhow, on his missle silos? They're empty? Which is just as well. Bottomline, he is accepted. I'm going to update the Approved and Reserved list.

Saraibre Ryu
07-21-2011, 07:11 AM
MS', your SU made me think of MMX...

Reserve me please.

07-21-2011, 07:34 AM
MS', yous SU mae me think of MMX...

Reserve me please.

You are reserved.

07-22-2011, 02:28 AM
This may just be me being neurotic but is anyone planning to posting to the RP. As well as, what direction does everyone feel we should be going in?

07-22-2011, 02:38 AM
I posted!!! And I I said something about it to Metal earlier, but he said he was going somewhere at the time, while Lati tends to not be on all the time like some of us. :) Patience, Hyo.

07-22-2011, 03:04 AM
Sorry im ADHD lol xD!!! X_x and particularly neurotic about this. Lol. Anyways, I'll be reading that over and waiting for the others. Latis always seems to be on at about the time we're all going to sleep. I wonder what his time zone is...

07-23-2011, 02:40 AM
Hm... Asking again anyone going to post? I'mma play some TF2 before I come back to post lol.

07-23-2011, 04:37 AM
HOLY CRAP I'm sorry! I swear to god I had intentions to post today, the post is on Word, on my laptop, but my grandma's wifi router didn't like my laptop, so I wrote out the post on Word and planned to post it when I got on my laptop tonight...that's probably not going to happen. My dad has been feeling bad recently and had to go to the hospital today because of it, and they took care of the problem, but he still hurts. However, rather than sitting and watching an episode or two of Bones, he turned on History of the World Part 1 and we BOTH fell asleep watching it, until my stepmom comes in at 11:30-ish and tells me to go to bed...but I've been sleeping on/off all day and now it's 12:30 here and I' m wide awake. I might turn my laptop on or not, I dunno atm, but I really am sorry and it'll be up as soon as I can get it up.

Dr Robotnik
07-23-2011, 04:46 AM
Calm down Hyo; the thread isn't going to die because of one day of slow posting. I like to keep a post order if I can.

Dr Robotnik
07-23-2011, 08:41 PM
Name: Virgil

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Race: Human

Personality: Judging Virgil's personality is exceedingly difficult because of his habit of avoiding conversation and never saying any more than he has to. While he seems to be cold and indifferent, he is actually a deep thinker who prefers to keep his opinions to himself. He is also in possession of an amazing set of morals despite hundreds of years of anarchy in the world, and uses his position as a mercenary to dole out justice to the wicked and aid those in need. Despite the fact that he seems rather taciturn, he does enjoy the company of others in his own way, and will defend his friends with his life.

History: A mercenary who speaks little of himself or his triumphs, Virgil is well known for his trade. If something needs to get done, he is willing to do whatever it is he is requested, and rumor says he doesn't charge. This aside, rumors are also abound that several of his employers were killed by him as well, with some saying he is a sort of freestyle vigilante, others saying he is merely too psychotic to care. Whatever the case, he caught wind of the operation to release the world from its grip of desolation, he made the decision to trek to the small village the party is to start out from.

Appearance: Virgil is a tall, thin man that keeps his form hidden in a black trench coat with red lining and no apparent musculature. His attire commonly consists of the aforementioned trench coat, a black hat with a wide brim and a pair of pitch black sunglasses hiding his eyes. What exactly he wears beneath the trench coat is anyone's guess, though on occasion the rim of a white tie can be glimpsed from beneath. Presumably he wears all black, for whatever reason. Despite the glaring sun, his skin is very light, and beneath his hat is a mess of wavy reddish-brown hair to match his scarlet eyes.

Weapons or Powers: A melee combatant with inhuman speed and power, neither of which are obvious to the unknowing observer. This is because he embodies the element of fire almost completely, to the point where he can take on its speed and strength without actually casting magic, though it is remarkably easy for him to do so. In addition, he is capable of generating heat of such intensity that it is capable of turning sand to glass by proximity, though doing so is dangerous to him. Despite his strength and speed, his defensive capabilities are remarkably low, meaning that taking a hit deals considerably more damage to him. As such, he relies on his speed to avoid taking hits.

07-24-2011, 02:19 AM
Calm down Hyo; the thread isn't going to die because of one day of slow posting. I like to keep a post order if I can.

An order works for me haha. Any ideas how it should go then? All facts considered since a role play creator is the overall guide I think it might be fitting that I go first then, any ideas?

Edit: Oh yesh, metal, is virgil completed?

07-24-2011, 02:35 AM
Well, you mentioned thee plot devices thing earlier, were you planning on letting us all know what that was about ahead of time(as in right now) or just PM us with details as that comes up?

And I'm not Metal, but I believe he is.

07-24-2011, 02:39 AM
I think I'll let you know as it comes up. But it does involve the god aspect as well as the treasure of terranen and maybe the bandits or a ruins within the Dead Ocean. haha.

07-24-2011, 02:43 AM
Well considering that's what this RP is about, that was kinda obvious. Anyway, that works.

Dr Robotnik
07-24-2011, 02:47 AM
Yep, he's finished.

07-24-2011, 02:49 AM
Well, I have two possibilities where to go with the god concept. Though I may be able to find more some how... But my idea right now involves deception, lies, and the becoming of gods, but that's just one possibility. I may also have combat or some sort of alliance with gods similar to Falcior Academy, but i want to try sticking with something new haha.

07-24-2011, 02:52 AM
Lol, well that'll be interesting since Aerys was made by gods and someone/something delayed her system activation to that point in time rather than when she should have activated.

07-24-2011, 02:54 AM
That's a route I may decide taking, as well as considering making some characters for the purpose of betrayal.

07-24-2011, 02:56 AM
That's an interesting idea. If you want to pursue it, lemme know. I have an idea for maybe a kind of anti-Aerys now that you mentioned that... Dangit, why am I thinking of Ultimo now?

07-24-2011, 03:15 AM
Lol I definitely would not mind. I wouldn't want a complete crew that go along entirely. I'd like part of the crew to, but not everyone ya know? Though, I'd expect the characters to be more or less disposable rather than mains.

07-24-2011, 03:26 AM
Well, like I said, I ended up mentioning that and immediately thought of Ultimo(manga about this guy who separated pure good and pure evil and sealed them into two robot boys who constantly want to fight each other because of it, just so he could see which was stronger), so it would be along the lines of this anti-Aerys being created to cause others to go astray or something and see if the people of the world were worthy enough to have the world restored or something similar.

07-24-2011, 03:31 AM
Very interesting... I might want to employ that but not right now on the time line, though lets not forget this idea haha. x) it sounds very very interesting.

07-24-2011, 03:35 AM
Of course not now, but maybe make her SU and have her stalk the group or have her come on later or something?

07-24-2011, 03:45 AM
About yes, considering her situations may be the same if not exact or similar to Aerys, maybe discover her in a ruins. Just playing around with the idea, these are your characters, Aerys may have little to no recollection probably beyond the fact that his person may be trusted ya know? Given her personality already, she isn't like to say things that should be flat out said. But they are your characters, im just imagining the idea lol.

07-24-2011, 03:50 AM
I was actually considering giving her counterpart a deal more memory, and just knowing to simply keep it quiet until she feels the time is right, or something happens and it triggers her to go about her intended purpose...or maybe have her modified while she was on shutdown or something. Maybe have them be "sisters" or something like that.

...Since you seem to be so crazy to have everyone keeping up, Hyo, could you post?

07-24-2011, 03:53 AM
Your idea sounds great! x)!! And yeah haha, I was waiting for metal but its getting a bit late. I have word up and going right now and your post gavem e some ideas for a post haha. Anyhow, gonna get to work on it lol.

07-24-2011, 03:57 AM
:P My monster intros for Kikuchi take precedence over anti-Aerys atm... And I really gotta find her a name other than "anti-Aerys". XD

07-24-2011, 04:48 AM
Syreas? xD its very unoriginal i know haha. I'm sure you'll come up with something ;3

07-24-2011, 04:52 AM
Yeah...no. It won't be some cheesy name like that.

Oh, no. You did not just say machines were made to kill with Aerys in the room, and in reference to XR. Aerys will not have that. I believe that we will have a very rare episode of rather angry, mouthy Aerys on our hands.

07-24-2011, 04:56 AM
My purpose was to incite some sort of hostility amongst the group haha. Trust me, Gerard's belief on machines is completely misguided due to experiences by humans where machines were the instruments in the events while humans were the orchestrators, leaving the question why Gerard never brought a anger about on Humans. Which, I may add some back story to later. As of right now, the view for everyone I want is Gerard hates machinery and is otherwise a technophobe though not having a fear of em, just a hatred. ;3

07-24-2011, 05:01 AM
Well then, Aerys will be doing some setting straight on that issue. Not all machines are bad, she's proof of that. ...Wonder how he'll react when she basically explains her kind were created by the gods to protect the humans and human-like species. XD But yeah, Aerys will be yelling a LOT in my next post. And Thirteen might even get in on the act since she hates stereotyping.

07-24-2011, 05:04 AM
Given the kind of arrogance and pride I want Gerard to hold, I don't think he'll bend a knee to reason easily until he sees things happen himself. Given the sand storm and that there aren't many people in the group who are human, things will remain tense in the library I feel. He will however, after intense straightening up from Emily and now from Aerys and anyone else in the crew, Maybe Alan and Asagi, he'll probably begrudgingly shut up on the issue but have a tense hostility for a while. Maybe see a bit of a fight later, thought I wouldn't like one in the library lol.

07-24-2011, 05:09 AM
XD Though if I get Aerys' evil "sister" up soon, there might be a bit of comedic relief to break thing up.

07-24-2011, 05:12 AM
Lol probably, I really do not want Gerard to be completely hostile or hateful toward robotics or machinery. I want his misconceptions to be fixed before the first ruins and probably after we start traveling after this first night. Emily from what we can see has her own bias about vampires however will be quiet about it, though its possible she could be saying some mean things about them in some situations. I'm not sure haha.

07-24-2011, 05:18 AM
Wonder how she'll react if she gets really thirsty and tells Aerys to hold her down rather than hurt anyone. She won't chomp on anything human unless she is dying, needs it, and it's almost literally forced down her throat. That aside, when she calls for prey, she will order everyone to plug their ears. Anyway, yeah, Aerys will be a stickler about not all machines being bad, considering she's one that was made for the sole purpose of being good.

07-24-2011, 05:24 AM
I expect Emily to contrast Gerard in that she is more open and accepting. As played with, she has more a dislike of male vampires rather than females haha.

07-24-2011, 05:47 AM
Yeah, but Thirteen also isn't your average vamp, and you think she'd be more worried about her gettng to Gerard... Oh well, it seems Aerys and the other machines will be getting most of the problems here. Let's just hope Alan doesn't crack.

Dr Robotnik
07-24-2011, 05:50 AM
Looks like Virgil will have some problems, considering he looks rather vampirish. Though he's a lot closer to being a full-on fire elemental.

Also, Gerard is lucky XR-28 considers vaporizing him on the spot to be a waste of effort and ammo. Otherwise he would no longer be capable of reproduction. xD

07-24-2011, 05:52 AM
Hehe, Gerard is quite a bit of a fight in any case, his perceptions on robots and machines will change ;3

07-24-2011, 06:02 AM
They'd better, or no one is going to like him. Kinda like Josh, but more insufferable.

07-24-2011, 06:21 AM
I like having intercharacter conflicts for the sake of interestingness. Its not like every group gets along from the get go haha. Further information, due to my long post, there isn't really anything there to be kicked if you catch my drift. Like a regular dog, all his stuff is nestled safely in his body, not dangling xD!! Further explaination from Gerards history is as insufferable as he gets, he still knows how to fight and quite properly, he is an adventurer after all haha. Ah well, I have a further post but I think I'll wait until everyone gets done. Like I said, Gerard will begrudgingly comply to working with the group considering you're all he has in order to find Terranen, our ultimate goal right now. Emily is a buffer zone between conflict with Gerard, a burden I hate giving her but will lighten up haha. At least Gerard isn't a Karkat. That is the very definition of insufferable lol.

Evidenced in Homestuck, the second time we actually hear Karkat talk to someone xD mind you this is exactly THE SECOND TIME lol

http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003927 My favorite lines being,

TA - Sollux
CG - Karkat

TA: KK dont fliip your 2hiit about thii2 but iim 2ettiing you up two play a game wiith 2ome people.
TA: becau2e you fliip your 2hiit about everythiing.

TA: yeah.
TA: youre on the red team.
TA: ii wiill be the leader of the blue.
TA: uh...
TA: bro youre not the red team leader.
TA: ii piicked GC for that.
CG: WHAT????????????????????
TA: dude ii diid NOT thiink youd be iintere2ted iin thii2 dont act all offended.
TA: yeah ii am 2uch an iidiiot for not rewardiing your bubbly per2onaliity and iimpeccable people 2kiill2 wiith a leader2hiip giig.
TA: what an iincon2iiderate knuckle2ponged a22hole ii have been.
TA: ii know your fiilthy 2eedflap ii2 flutteriing iin the profane breeze that2 2hootiing out your 2tiinkiing meal tunnel.
TA: ii do know that much.
TA: thii2 ii2 2o iimmature, iim ba2iically ju2t laughiing here at how iimmature you are.
TA: liike ii really giive a **** who the red leader ii2.
TA: you want two be the leader fiine talk two GC about iit.

Love Karkat secretly hehe.

07-24-2011, 11:30 AM
I'd like to reserve a spot, if that's okay? =P

And "I'm on a boat"? You, my friend, are awesome for liking Lonely Island. xD

07-24-2011, 02:29 PM
Hey guys, may I reserve another character? It seems like everyone has two. =P

And my timezone is like +9. Let's just say I live on the other side of the Earth for most of you guys.

07-24-2011, 05:07 PM
It's cool, you're reserved Latis lol you too sealboy haha.

07-25-2011, 03:40 AM
Well, this was a bit more interesting than intros atm, and I finally got an appearance idea for her, so meet anti-Aerys. Her name is Ryza. :)

Name: Ryza(Pronounced Ree-zah)
Sex: Female
Age: Same as Aerys, OLD, but appears 16 or so
Race: Guardian(Busted)
Personality: Of the two, Ryza comes across as the more mature of herself and Aerys. She is less openly cheerful and energetic, often telling Aerys to calm down and take things at a slower pace. She clearly cares about her sister model, but she also feels as though there is something that has come between herself and Aerys since the last time they've seen each other, and there is. Ryza also has this incredible sense of guilt when she looks at Aerys at times, as well as the almost overwhelming urge to protect Aerys over all else. She can be kind and protective towards others, but is also capable of being more cold and not nearly as friendly. She's definitely someone to watch out for if you make yourself her enemy, and once she has dedicated herself to a cause, she will follow it to the end. At times she can act a bit crazy when her sensors start to work erratically, most often complaining of a headache, sometimes acting as though she has a major migraine, even going totally nuts and possibly trying to kill everyone around her because she is convinced they are her enemies, even if she considers these people her friends.
History: Ryza was created as a sister model to Aerys, and a Guardian as well. Known of being one of the best fighters around, she strove to protect those around her as much as she could, but it drove her away from others as she began to wonder if the entire world was a danger to everyone else. She began to wonder if the entire world was better off with everyone destroyed so nothing could ever endanger anything else, and she simply began going out and killing anything "dangerous" she could. It became incredibly apparent that her logic programming had broken, and it was ordered that she be taken down in order for repairs be made to her system, and it was Aerys who went after her. Her sister model assumed that Ryza would listen to her and voluntarily go in for repairs, but she was wrong. Instead, Ryza fought back tooth and nail, convincing herself that even Aerys was an enemy that should be erased from the world, but the pair were evenly matched. As Aerys damaged Ryza enough to shut her down, Ryza swung Oblivion in retaliation, damaging Aerys just as badly and ending with both of their shutdowns. They were later collected and brought to a place for them to heal. Both seem to have suppressed these memories.

Ryza eventually woke up alone in a small sand chamber, suddenly aware her sensors were busted and she was alone. aNNNNN--d $0/@ 1t b33333333G1N?s AGGGGGGGG*@IN flashed before her eyes and brought a sharp pain with it before vanaishing, leaving only the desire to move towards one thing hit her. She's been following that desire ever since--unknowingly to Aerys. She seems to have been reset to just before she began to doubt everything.
Appearance: Although Ryza is considered Aerys' sister model, the resemblance comes in their eyes and facial features, she actually looks more like a dark version of Aerys. The two share their otherworldly and incredibly expressive blue eyes, fair skin, and long hair, but Ryza's is almost darker then black as opposed to Aerys' golden. Although she isn't as visibly happy all the time, she often wears a soft smile and looks like the person you could trust. Rather than wearing a dress like Aerys, Ryza opts to wear a pair of close-fitting light gray denim-looking pants with a sleeveless black turtleneck shirt that zips up the front and she leaves unzipped past at the base of her throat, and is covered in belts and buckles as well as what appear to be black hiking boots. In a fashion similar to Aerys, her scythe, which she calls Oblivion, often rests magnetically attached to her back when not in use. Also, she has what appears to be black ink tattoos of full-bloom roses on the backs of her hands.
Weapons or Powers: Like most Guardians, Ryza boasts inhuman speed, strength, and senses as well as healing systems, but also(currently) has the inherent desire to protect. She carries a scythe as large as she is she calls Oblivion, most easily recognizable by it's blade, which looks as though it's made of a dark silver metal. However, unlike Aerys, her sensors no longer work as they should, working erratically and when they do work, often spout an incomprehensible jumble of letters, numbers, and symbols.

07-25-2011, 04:28 AM
I'll look it over then, check back for an edit or another reply lol. Man, Aerys has just became like one of my favorites xD course i love all the characters but that rant was amazing.

Ryza checks out a-ok

07-25-2011, 04:32 AM
Ryza's done unless you need an edit done. No need to check back.

I had fun with that rant, lots of fun. She's one of my favorites as well, however I might end up favoring Ryza, depending.

07-25-2011, 04:34 AM
Ryza is fine haha. Though I very much enjoy Aerys, she kind of reminds me of Milly on Trigun haha.

07-25-2011, 04:47 AM
Yaaaaay! Now expect her to try and break down the door to get to Aerys. XD

And after all that, Gerard doesn't react at all! XD I've never seen Trigun, so I dunno. BTW, music-wise while posting, I end up YouTubing whatever I have stuck in my head...for that last post, I kept jumping. It went from Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and the Bee, to Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae to The Last Goodbye by David Cook, and then settled on The Cave by Mumford and Sons, which even lasted through Ryza's SU. I also have to ponder the idea that maybe pain mixed with my creativity helped, though I wish that knot in my shoulder would GO AWAY. It really hurts.

07-25-2011, 05:16 AM
Gerard's total emotion, as best I could get it out, was broken pride and his embarrassment was over his pride being hurt. Keeping his dignity he stays silent to brood, though overall he is mad right now and quietly simmering. A little back story, its something he taught himself to do while traveling all over with Emily who has hurt his pride on multiple occasion. I purposely kept him from sitting with Emily, he's not the type to fall back on someone he knows. He likes to stand independently and let it be known that he is in control. (As best he can do anyways) His sister, as explained, acts as like a sheath to him being a blade. Keeping him from flying off the handle, all the years they've been together he has gotten quite better. :wink:

07-25-2011, 05:23 AM
So basically he's spending time in the emo corner! XD I might not have seen Trigun, but I am watching Host Club.

07-25-2011, 05:40 AM
I suppose so, if you want to call it that. I have the sneaking suspicion he wont go out of his way to start cutting himself and becoming an emotional train wreck just because he was told of. He is prideful and intends on setting himself ahead of everyone, determined, prideful, cocky at times, and head strong but not head strong enough to put himself into stupid arguments after both opinions have been voiced or putting himself in a situation that may kill him. I could be saying he expected that he wouldn't get in a fight, hes not like josh in which he is a bit of a moron lol.

07-25-2011, 05:47 AM
...It was an Ouran High School Host Club joke, dude gets put down/disproved/etc, he sits in a corner and and pouts for awhile. The cutting thing wasn't funny. Anyway, go look up Tamaki from Host Club, sounds to me like if you made him smarter and less obnoxious, you'd have Gerard.

07-25-2011, 05:50 AM
Leadership my friend! Lol, Oh i took a quiz for Ouran High School and apparently the person I am from that series based no my personality is Tamaki xD!!! I'm like "Wtf, I'm a blonde prince?!"

07-25-2011, 05:56 AM
Lolz, I can imagine it. I'm probably Kyoya or Haruhi--I watch the idiots run around and and shaking my head at them. Otherwise I spend my time annoying/pacifying my crazy best friends. :)

07-25-2011, 05:59 AM
Lol, I really want to try writing a post using voice to text hehe. I wonder what I could come up with speaking haha!

07-25-2011, 06:02 AM
XD Imagine me trying to write a rant that way... My mom would wanna know what was going on.

07-25-2011, 06:04 AM
LOL!!! That would be awkward now that I feel like it, especially trying to describe things in detail and sounding like a weird-o lol. Man... Still, I so want to try!

07-25-2011, 06:09 AM
I'd get so into it it would sound more like voice acting, not verbal post writing. It would drive my family nuts.

07-25-2011, 06:16 AM
Lol, do you voice act? Opp...wait this is getting off the discussion... oh well, if you want you can talk to me on MSN or skype lol

07-25-2011, 06:18 AM
XD I have neither, I'll VM you.

07-26-2011, 04:50 AM
Still working on an intro for Kikuchi's RP?

07-26-2011, 04:59 AM
They're as 'done' as I'm going to get(waiting on Kuro's until Chibi posts so I can pick who to bug) but thunderstorms prevent me getting on the laptop to post. XD

But why are you posting that here?

07-26-2011, 07:56 AM
Alright, so here is the overall plan for what happens next. We introduce our characters breifly, just a little more indepth than names. Such as like, name, race, and a little background. When the storm ends we'll set out for the next town of Eridia, its Hm.... I gotta look at the geography wrote but I'll tell ya later. Once we get there we're going to go to a sandship yard and get a sand ship and continue toward the Dead Sea. Gerard will explain it--

Gerard: Damn right I'll explain it. Where do you get off leading and guiding me eh?

Gerard... I am your god... Anyways, that's the layout for what to happen next. Any new characters can make themselves known in Eridia or during a bandit fight on the way there, I guess. Just a bit of a note for myself...

Eridia is a Dune-Port city, meaning, its almost like a coastal town, minus the water. It's a bit large for our post-apocalyptic word featuring and inn, some pubs, and general city like life as well as means for quicker transportation across sand. Feel free to browse around there area, I'll say there are some light weaponry shops for any ammunition, looking at you metal and can make any light repairs to robots if need be =)

Eridia's walk of life is generally friendly though it is mostly shipmen, women and children will tend to be a residential business near the pubs and inn.

07-26-2011, 02:43 PM
All right, finished SU. We'll meet him in Eridia.

Name: Rolf Strasburg

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Race: Human; he has a Muse (a musical fairy) somewhere in his bloodline

Personality: Rolf is a serene, optimistic young man with a sweet tooth. He is always genial to people, whether they be friends or foe. He always wears a calm, relaxed smile on his face (if it's gone... RUN). He doesn't mind insults towards him too much; in fact, he might laugh along the insult is funny. The one thing he dislikes is insulting or harming his friends. He is also an optimist to a ridiculous degree; during the incident in which he lost his eyesight, his first comment was, "Well, I guess I can still play music since I didn't lose any of my limbs! Hey, I guess I'm kind of lucky!". His favorite thing in his life (excluding music) is sugar, and he makes the point clear by having every sort of candy and chocolate in his pockets. Most of the time, he is seen with a lollipop. It is rumored that the reason why he isn't rich after playing on the streets with so many fans is because he spends all his earning on his sweets. (This rumor is not true; Rolf can summon sweets out of thin air)

Not having eyesight may be annoying to most, but Rolf took it pretty well. From the incident, he also awakened his innate ability to read 'aura' of people, and gained the power to move things he has an affinity for (namely, musical instruments and sweets). He is a great musician, having the ability play just about every instrument in existence, but sadly cannot read music sheets. Thankfully, he has memorized enough songs to last a lifetime.

History: Rolf was born with musical talent, and his rich father grew him up in a strict environment where the only thing he could do was playing music. It worked well; he had learned many instruments such as violin, piano, organ, cello, oboe, etc., and could play every one of them exceptionally well by the age of 15. It only went downhill from there, though.

A war robot had gone defective and started attacking everything around it. Unfortunately, that included Rolf's house. He was separated from his father by the rampaging mecha and lost his eyesight and was in a coma for a week. Thankfully, he was found by a kind, elderly woman who took him in and helped him recover. Also, because he hurt his head during the attack, he somehow managed to awaken his magical blood. After leaving her house, he managed to survive by begging for money with his music. It worked extremely well, as he quickly became rich thanks to his newfound fans. The local gang didn't appreciate his presence, and he had to flee, not because he would have lost, but because he didn't want to fight and hurt people. And this wandering life has gone on for a few years, Rolf currently happy with his life.

Appearance: Rolf definitely isn't a short guy; he stands at 6 feet tall. He isn't too muscular to go along with his height though, looking almost wimpy. He has blond, straight hair that go down along his neck and just stop at his shoulders. He wears a simple, sky blue shirt with long sleeves and a collar. He wears long jeans that look a little too tight. He is also always seen with one of his instruments.

Weapons or Powers: Rolf has the ability to read 'aura' of everything; it looks similar to an infrared vision, with most non-magical objects as black and people changing colors depending on their magic or emotions. Also, he can summon, out of thin air, objects he has a special bond to; this only includes instruments and sweets. In a fight, he uses this ability to summon heavier instruments, such as a grand piano, on the enemy. Outside of fight, it means free lollipops for everyone!

07-26-2011, 05:22 PM
I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel my reservation. I just remembered that I'm away for two weeks starting this weekend, so it would be a bit pointless to join then not being able to post Dx

If this is still running after the two weeks I'll try and sign up xP

07-26-2011, 07:02 PM
@Seal -- Totally, I'll be alerting here of any good points for people to drop a character in. I'll try to keep the RP going lol.

@Latisiblings -- Your signup checks out great! Welcome rolf into the group. Drop him in at anytime, morning may work good.

Edit: On a side note, anyone going to post today? I'll probably be slow anyways because dragon nest open beta is starting today and i need to reclaim my character name and spend some scales haha.