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The legend of the Restoration


Years ago, in your home village

“This world has become nothing more than sand…”

The village elder stood at the edge of your small settlement. You and a few others had gathered around to hear him speak. The wind swept through the sands, leaving ripples like that of frozen waves in the ocean. Waves lost in time, forever to change and never to provide. The great difference between the world you live in now, compared to that of yore.

The elder straightens his spectacles and tightens the loose cloth garbs around his body, like that of a burka. Although, not called a burka in this world, it being just clothing. He coughed a bit before raising his hand, “I’m glad you all came!” He called out in a large voice that boomed through the dunes. He smiled setting his hand back to his side, “So why are we here?”

“Is he that senile to forget?” a boy whispered near you.

“Oh yes, to teach, or more or less teach but to share a story with you all.”

A story we’ve all heard millions of times.

The thought that you know everyone had at this mention. He began to tell the story of the Terranen. A mystical device said to have been crafted by the gods themself. Once used by the gods to create our world, forming it into a beauty we no longer know to this day. The device had formed the kingdoms of which we now only know as a collection of wastelands with names.

To the north of your village lies the dead forests, a wasteland of corruption in which no life thrives but many bandits have claimed this as their lands. It had become known as a land of demons in which no man or woman in your village shall traverse. On occasion the village will get a merchant or two who has been there, but for the most part, this had become almost forbidden land.

Quite a distance east of this, is where the forest meets badlands. A craggy, rocky, and unbearably hot environment in which bandits dare not traverse due to the fearsome crag lizards that dwell there, their skins said to be strong enough to withstand even the greatest of weaponry, the creature itself said to have the strength of armies and has been told to tear men in two. Sentient and intelligent, this creature created a society in which a fruitless land had become fruitful to them.

Directly east of your village, lies what once was a driving sea known as The Dead Ocean, what once was a anyhow. Is now nothing more than a large and dangerous pit full of mystery, although being unexplored due to its many dangers, many of which are still unknown to much of the known world. That is, the settlements in the dunes and the dead forest. Further east and between The Dead Forest and The Badland are equally unknown lands of danger and treasure. There are few paths connecting them that have been found to be the most remotely safe. With one last area further east of The Dead Ocean being also deemed as a land of unknown, as many have not crossed toward that land.

Try as they might, they may find themselves lost to the Dunes that so miraculously have kept your village from harm of bandits, or killed by the Crag Lizards in the badlands, or lost to what dangers lie in the Dead Ocean.

Years have passed since you listened to your elder speak, like wise you find yourself yearning for adventure and the possibility of becoming a hero to your people and to the world, to all the peoples of the world. You decide with a few others, to embark to The Dead Ocean after consulting the village library of which, is small but still expanding when it can. Finding all the books you can. A meeting has been called by a Gerard A’tiek in the town of Haliria. A half-human, being partially wolf and his sister Emily A’tiek, a half-human as well. Both are unknowns, you yourself may be unknown and had just seen the flier of their plan to embark out to The Dead Ocean for whatever causes they will possibly be soon to explain.

“The gods still traverse these deserts.” The elder begins to finish, “Perhaps one of you may see them too.”

Our world has been destroyed. The world, covered in sand and beneath it all, treasure...


Gerard and Emily
Harliria Library

Gerard stretched out in a chair, leaning back in and kicking his feet up on the table. Easily recognizable as a half-human compared to the woman next to him. Their only similarities being that of the hair and face. His lower half of his body being wolf like, like that of a mythological faun. His wolf like ears laying as far back as he was as he kicked his feet slightly.

Next to him, his sister, a young and beautiful girl with a very acrobatic looking body. She had a look of unending patience however below the surface was a girl looking just to relax for a moment. Unlike her brother, her body was almost completely human save for her beast like eyes. She is considered an anomaly among half-humans, considering they are already considered anomalies among humans. She had decided to sit on the table behind her brother, letting herself get a moment to herself while her brother whipped his tail around.

The library they sat in was more than just modest, it was almost entirely barren. There were many bookshelves, as though the library had planned for a lot of books however there were so few. Not to mention that most of them appeared too aged to be read. The entire building might as well have been sand-blasted. It was old, creaking every few minutes, had a look to it that it could fall apart at any moment and yet, here it was, standing against all the elements and still very empty.

"Emily, I'm bored." Gerard yawned. Closing his nearly hawk like eyes.

"You're not the only one. But I really do love the chance to just sit."

"Sitting is for the weak."

There was a silence, his sister looking back at him, "You do realize you're sitting."

"This is what adventurers call a pause. Besides, I'm kicking back, not sitting."

There was no real point to argue with him, she let it go. Earlier that day they had been running through the town and several others a few days ago putting up fliers for this location. They were both after a treasure, or treasures. It didn't really matter much to them, the bottom-line was to get money in their pockets so as to get food in an already dying world. Though they have had their sights set on a particular treasure, The Terranen. There was not much you could say about it, other than it is a treasure of immaculate wealth and never been found. Over the hundreds of years since Terra's total destruction leaving the world in this apocalyptic state, Terranen has developed into something of legend and myth, no one truly believed in it anymore. Except those who set out searching for it and never coming back.

The Elder of the village had allowed them to be staying a few nights in the village, though their time was almost up and the elder had requested they leave, before they start attracting unwanted attention.

"I'm going outside to wait for anyone." Emily sighed, getting up and throwing on her hood. She left out of the library and stood at its entrance as a small sand storm was blowing through. It wasn't bad enough to impede vision or travel, but the town had advised people stay in doors for the mean time. In the mean while, Gerard kept eyeballing a book about treasures and gods on a shelf near the other end of the small library.

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Entering Haliria

"Ugh, I wish I never had to see sand ever again. I would not miss it if it all just freaking disappeared right now! And this heat! At this rate, I won't have to worry about anyone trying to kill me when I get there, I'll drop dead before I get to the...stupid...town..." Thirteen growled, squinting through the brightness even though the darkly goggles that were already plastered to her face, the skin on which she could already feel starting to burn from the sun, though at this point she was amazed that sandstorm hadn't caused it to go numb, it had already made keeping her hood up impossible. She had the horrendous cottonmouth and her throat burned from thirst she couldn't properly quench until she was well away from town or there was someone willing to let her bite them, and she doubted that second one was going to happen. Her legs burned, but not as much as her face, she'd been bale to hold the cloak so they were at least shielded from the sun a little more than her face.

However, as though the gods or whatever was in charge up there were actually being nice to her for once, she realized she wasn't just crazy--there was a village ahead! "What a nice change of pace," She muttered moodily as she forced her aching legs to move her closer to the village known as Halari. This was part of the reason she no longer went by her birth name and opted for Thirteen instead. She had the worst luck, no matter her intentions. Her strength was more than you'd expect for her small size, but it had it's limitations and she wasn't exactly running at her best. She was hot, thirsty beyond belief, and she felt as though flames were dancing along her body, it was only a matter of time before she hit her limit, she just wished it hadn't been before she got into the village like she did. As she took a step, her legs locked up and she crumpled to the sand like a puppet whose strings had suddenly been cut.

The sand was scorching, and she cried out in pain. She heated heat, it was too closely related with the sun and fire--the two main banes of her existence along with human beings. "This is...it..I guess..." She huffed wearily, waiting for the sun to bale her face off, however it seemed she had another rare stroke of good luck.

"Oh dear." A light, cheery-sounding feminine voice commented above her. "It seems you need help." And with that, she was gently scooped into the air by someone's arms. Thirteen forced herself to grab her hood to shelter her face for the duration of the walk into the village, where she figured she'd be running from soon enough.

Aerys and Thirteen

The body in her arms was tiny enough that it caused Aerys concern. This person was quite light--certainly not enough to be healthy? Not that that was Aerys' main priority at the moment, not when whoever it was had collapsed almost right in front of her. "We should get you to a--"

"No medical facilities!" The distinctly, although rough, feminine voice barked surprisingly loudly. "That'll really get me killed. I'll be able to manage so long as I can get to a place out of the sun and sand."


"No! Just...just get me to wherever Gerard and Emily A'tiek are. I'll be fine." She assured, only worrying Aerys further. The golden-haired young woman seemed to not be bothered by the weather at all, her incredible blue eyes displaying her emotion fully--she was upset, but she would do as requested because she could feel this girl was different. Thankfully she spotted someone standing outside, even in the sandstorm, and approached the young woman. Half Human, Wolf type her visual overlays declared a moment after laying eyes on the woman she would eventually discover was Emily.

"Would you happen to know where Gerard and Emily A'tiek are located?" She asked, glancing consciously down to the tiny body in her arms.

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OOC: She seems fine to me. Fitting her personality as kind as well as her roboticyness (If that's a word which it is not) to the fact that she doesn't necessarily feel any bother to rough conditions.


Emily and Gerard
Haliria Library Entrance

Emily had only noticed this couple walking in a while and debated helping them. The fact that someone else was helping was satisfying enough to her as it was, she had a handful enough already, a handful that went by the name of Gerard who, as she sat by thinking, may have already found a way to make trouble. The couple was advancing toward at which point she stood by now trying to look a bit intimidating, though given her average size and small body, chances of that were unlikely. Not to mention the fact that she had left her weapons inside (A foolish mistake) as to not attract anymore unwanted attention from the town. As it is, The Elder wanted them out by the morning and it was already the high point of the afternoon as evidenced by the god awful heat.

The young girl who carrying another personage was incredibly beautiful with a body that made Emily wonder if she could carry such weight as another person. The other thing she wondered about was the fact that this young girl was wearing nothing to protect herself from the elements of this storm. The person in her arms, being smaller than her, seemed to have the decent sense to wear some sort of protection. Emily, however could not get a good look at the carried person's face. The woman that had been walking toward her then opened up asking,

"Would you happen to know where Gerard and Emily A'tiek are located?" She had looked down into her arms at the small person who seemed to want to keep herself well hidden from something.

Emily nodded, giving a look that completely read "What does it really mean to you?" but then considered the possibility that these two might be looking for the hired help as treasure hunters from the posters, but then again they could also be just looking for a near-by medical station. Which, ironically this town has none and the only comparable medical station would be a something of a shaman residing on the western edge of town.

"I am Emily. My brother is inside, no doubt getting himself into some sort of trouble. How may I help you, if its not already plainly obvious. It looks like she needs to go to a doctor. In any case, are you here about the fliers put up? As well may I ask who--"

"Who are these two?" Gerard came out, standing high on his paw pads, his spear, Gungnir, by his side. Under his left arm was a book, the very same he had been eye-balling for the past while.

Edit: OOC: Considering this chapter is called Unity, I'd like the primary focus for this chapter to be character development, going about this that the characters should be building bonds and trusts with each other. This will come to a climax moment later where we should learn deeply about one another (Though not too much as character development should happen over the entire course of the story) so lets have this be known as the character development arc.

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Aerys and Thirteen
Haliria Library Entrance

Aerys cringed at the look Emily gave her, but at least she wasn't trying to kill them on the spot or anything. She seemed to take notice of Thirteen in Aerys' arms, and the moment she mentioned a doctor, Thirteen moaned. "How many times do I need to say it? NO medical facilities!" She growled, then more politely, "Please, just get me inside. I'll be fine once I'm out of the sun and sand." Her voice trembled slightly as she spoke, and Aerys bit her lip out of sheer habit. Finally, she sighed and opened her mouth to explain the rest of the situation, relieved to find that the first person she'd found was one of the two she was seeking out, and she didn't get a single word out before another was standing there, demanding for their identities as well. Half Human, Wolf type Her visual overlays informed her once more. Relation to other Half Human speculated, pursue further analysis on the matter? She mentally gave a negative to the message, dismissing it. He would have been opposing to most others, but Aerys was quite sure she could hold herself in a fight against him, and that aside, she had the girl in her arms to deal with, and she was a more urgent matter than he was. Not much scared her anyway, just the idea of being alone, and though it seemed odd, when built for being the protectors of humans, Guardians were also programmed to be social with each other to promote better teamwork and fighting, lessening the casualties of a situation.

"I-I cannot say for my companion, I found her on the sand near the village as we were approaching, but I am known as Aerys. I came here about the flyers put up when I ran into this one here and thought it best to help her. Apparently bringing her inside is all she wants, may I?" She asked, looking pointedly at Gerard, who was standing in the doorway and blocking her way.

"Call me Thirteen." The vampire announced simply, not moving her hood at all. "I'm here about the fliers too, if the weather doesn't kill me first." She muttered grouchily. "...Face feels like it's on fire, too bright, too hot, what was I thinking...?" followed on a breath shortly afterwards. Aerys looked around and seemed slightly surprised, her vision had adjusted perfectly to the environment, and she was built to live through almost every possible weather condition thinkable, so the neat nor the sand had bothered her. She felt a little warm and her "skin" itched, but it wasn't anything enough to faze her, let alone take her down like this other girl. Then she seemed to stop and think about something.

"I wonder where he is?" She mused softly, glancing back at the desert outside of town. "Hmm, maybe he finally went his own way?" The musings were probably barely even noticeable to the others, but they were there.

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Alan Prometheus

It was hot out; that's what his heat sensors told him at any rate. Right now, he was somewhat glad to be a robot, because if he was a vampire or anything like that he would've collapsed already. It didn't help he wore hoodies with long sleeves, with the hood worn to hide his face. Alan hated places where the temperature was extreme. When he saw people worn out from the heat or the cold, he always reminds himself that he can't be like them. Because I'm not real. The train of thought was extremely depressing; he dully noted if he wasn't a robot, he wouldn't be this way. Dammit. He shook his head to clear his mind from depressing thoughts. He was near the library, and this really wasn't the time.

People were looking at him funny because of his attire; hoodies, jeans, gloves, and strangest of all, an umbrella. Well, screw them, he thought, annoyed; the umbrella was his most favourite thing in the whole world and he wasn't going to let them bug him because of it. He was going to think about how the weird looks would have affected him if he was human, but he shook his head again, thinking he should be more logical if he was a robot.

He walked on, and found a duo of half-humans, a beautiful human (he wasn't sure), and a vampire in her arms. Approaching them, he spoke quietly:

"I'm here about the flyers. It's a pleasure to meet you, Gerard and Emily A'tiek. My name is Alan." He then turned toward the vampire and the human.

"And I'm not sure who you two are, but nice to meet you nontheless. May I have your names?" He spoke in the same, quiet tone as before.

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OOC: Last post for the night, for anyone popping I still want it to be known that this chapter is about unity, for reference Gerard will be openly opposed to robotics however that will not set you out of the team. Gerard just has a difficult time with technology, leaving Emily to let you in with no problem.

Gerard and Emily
Harliria Library (General area, I don't want to do specifics lol)

Gerard Nodded to Aerys' request as a smaller person came walking onto the scene, "I have no problem with it." He turned his nose up slightly to the person and turned around, walking back into the library. He had the thought that distinctly smelt metal or oil of sorts. It may have indeed been coming off the girl or this new smaller person in a rather awkward attire with an Umbrella. Either way, he hated the smell. His sister took notice of the small person as well, as well as the scent and making a mental note to not let Gerard get carried away due to his utter dislike of technology. As far as she knew, he was a man of magic while she was a woman who embraced much as well as had to be his mother. It get very tiring...

The girl in the others arms had announced her name was Thirteen. Emily thought it weird anyone should be called by a number. I guess you don't exactly choose your names. She thought to herself.

"Well that's good that we know who the small one is." Emily smiled, she had begun to get comfortable with the people coming over. The smaller one had proceeded to introduce himself as Alan,

"I'm here about the flyers. It's a pleasure to meet you, Gerard and Emily A'tiek. My name is Alan."

He turned to the other two, "And I'm not sure who you two are, but nice to meet you nontheless. May I have your names?" His tone did not seem to change at all.

"If you're here about the fliers, you talk with me or Gerard. Though Gerard can be a rather tough cookie, so its probably better you talk with me. How can I help you?" Emily asked.

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OOC: Fuuuuuun. BTW, for reference, unless Alan actually heard Thirteen's mutterings and puzzled it out, he nor anyone else would know she's a vampire just yet. You can't even really see her yet--her hood's pulled over her face(probably the most important/easiest part of her to identify her kind from) to keep it from getting further burnt and most of her tiny body is hidden in her cloak to keep the rest of her safe.

Aerys and Thirteen
Haliria Library

"Thank you." Aerys murmured as she noticed another with clothes that seemed to be even more out of place than hers and an umbrella approached. Target species not definable, attempt deeper analysis to determine? The words that flashed into existence before her eyes on her visual overlay surprised her greatly. "What...? No." She mumbled so softly it was barely there, shaking her head once before answering the question the newcomer had directed to her and Thirteen, whom Aerys was anxious to get inside. "I am Aerys and she," She paused to nod to the black-covered body in her arms "has already stated her name is Thirteen. It's nice to meet you, but she was not well when I found her, and I am anxious to get her inside. If you'll excuse me, I'm going inside now." She said before stepping into the library.

It was falling apart, like many things these days. It never failed to disappoint Aerys, she kept wishing that she would walk into a building and once again it would be beautifully and solidly built, with large windows that displayed the awe-inspiring, green filled world and people around it. But that was the past. Long ago, so long ago that it was just a fairy tale to the inhabitants of this time. She feared setting Thirteen against the walls of the building, opting instead to getting sit the tiny girl down and used an arm to brace her against so that she could sit up. She removed the halberd from her back as Thirteen slowly reached up to pull the hood back with slow moving and trembling hands. "I'm going to feel like crap until tonight at least, I can already tell." She groaned, noting entirely to herself that this Aerys girl didn't smell at all of blood and had no audible heartbeat. Just what the heck was she then? She was then alerted by how badly her face was burned by the totally shocked and worried expression heavily displayed in Aerys's eyes(which were oh-so-blue she wanted to fall into them like they were the oceans that no longer existed to cool the furious burning of her skin) and her gasp.

A delicate long-fingered and white gloved hand reached towards her face as though Aerys didn't quite realize what she was doing until she stopped just barely before touching the inflamed skin. Subject species indeterminable currently. Diagnosis: Subject suffered sunburn, of second degree in intensity. Search internal database for remedies? All the remedies were going to be organic, and therefore pointless to request for, Aerys knew as she dismissed the visual overlay's prompt. "How did...?" She asked in a tiny voice, Thirteen's eyes were unreadable behind the darkly tinted goggles she wore, but something told Aerys that she was staring at her.

"I got caught in a high-wind area of the desert where it was impossible to keep my hood up as well as the minor sandstorm here, that's a long time to go without skin protection in a place like this." She responded calmly, trying to let her eyes adjust to the dimmer light before taking her goggles off and bracing herself for the reaction when she did. It wasn't something she was ready for just yet. "I should be mostly be better by tomorrow night if I don't go running around without my hood off for a sustained period of time between now and then."

Aerys sighed and bit her lip again, but nodded. "You're sure? And there's nothing I can to to help?" Thirteen shook her head, almost smiling. No heartbeat or blood? There was literally nothing the girl could do, but if she had, thirteen wouldn't have asked anyway. Not with that way everyone reacted to her kind, even though she knew she would need blood,a and would need it soon.

Dr Robotnik
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Asagi and XR-28
Haliria market

Everyone was staring, as per usual, at the hulking nine foot abomination standing tall in the middle of the small town's marketplace. He was almost tall enough to be seen over the rather smallish buildings, and the green paint of the automaton was more than enough to kill any chance at stealth. And stranger still was the short girl clambering up and down the massive monstrosity's back, looping big bags filled with provisions to the back fins. She had bumped into the robot yesterday and determined that he was also going to accompany the group going to try to revive the planet. Then she had more or less found a way to make a nine foot walking artillery canon come with her to help her carry the supplies she had managed to scavenge... which were, to say, a lot more than would have been expected. And all the while she was doing it, Asagi was giving an explanation on how she had managed to barter enough junk to get that much stockpiled. It generally consisted of beating the crap out of things in the wild and selling some parts while having other people cook the rest. Because of the sandstorm that was starting up, she had pulled her goggles over her eyes, and was finishing up with the last of the bags.

"... And then I found this really weird robot thing out there, but I couldn't lug everything back, but found some hardware that looks like it might still be useable. Maybe someone in the group'll be good with machines? Oh yeah! I think we're supposed to go meet up with the people who're leading this thing some time soon," Asagi said, sitting on the raised back with her legs on either side of the mammoth machine's 'neck' if it could be called that "Library's that way big guy; let's go impress everyone else with all the stuff we've found!"

XR-28 complied, lumbering around the marketplace and through the village straight in front of the library, effectively blocking whatever light was coming through the door. Asagi scrambled down from the large mech and grinned wide, waving to the people, jacket tied around her waist and flapping in the wind. "Heya guys! Check out the awesome mecha I found a little while ago! I also got together a bunch of supplies so we don't have to worry if we're a little behind schedule in traveling! ... Oh, are those guys coming too? Neat! The more the merrier! Asagi's the name, nice ta meetcha! And I think the big guy's called XR-28; s'what it says on his code bar anyway. Gotta find some missiles for this guy; he's got like, a ton of empty missile slots in his arm! He'd totally level anything that tried to mess with us on the road, for sure!"

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OOC: Loving all the interesting characters, though I would love to see more of Alan around here lol. Anyways, for future reference I'm intending the already afternoon to start to drop in to evening as well as the sandstorm to start to pick up because of. I imagine the library to be big enough (Or we can move junk) to be able to make something of a small fire pit and (Using the damaged beyond readable books as fuel) to spark some sort of conversation as well as to get a meal in. I hope I'm not giving too much away, just giving a heads up.


Emily and Gerard
Haliria Library

Gerard was pretty idle inside the library. He had only decided to skim a few pages of the book he had grabbed, always stopping to look at pictures. The book seemed to cover life in the past world, when things were filled with what he could only assume were trees and other greenery. Though, over the course of his life he has seen little to no plant life. It had all virtually disappeared, save for any of the incredibly hardy plant life that has some how managed to sprout up here and there. The last time he had seen something like a plant was in some intermediary badlands between here and the Dead Ocean. It wasn't much to look at anyways considering it looked as though it was dying anyways, that or it was suppose to look like that.

Everything looked brown... Everything was practically a shade of brown, it was hard to tell what was alive or dead. The moment he had this thought the doors had opened and the beautiful woman from before had walked in with the smaller one carried in her arms. She had begun to set the smaller one down to get a good look at her. The smaller one seemed to muttering something between her and beautiful one. The beautiful one was incredibly out of place in this entire area though. Never has Gerard every really seen vibrant colors on a person, nor a woman with such beautifully golden hair. Her outfit seemed to be the one thing that put her off entirely, save for the small one outside with the umbrella who wore clothes that didn't really seem to match or fit that well to be honest. It was almost as though he had just grabbed them and threw them on for the sake of clothing.

Of course, Gerard wasn't one to talk much. His clothes were starting to get old and there were more than a few patches on his robe and pants. All sewn delicately by his sister and a few by himself after Emily had gotten sick of him making holes in his clothes. She had advised he might as well go naked considering his lower half is wolfen and it wouldn't matter for anyone anyways. He had nothing visible to be flopping about in the wind, if you catch my drift. Regardless, he insisted on wearing pants at the very least due to the fact it was socially acceptable amongst other humans and they protected the greater part of his fur from sun and sand damage.

He set the book aside walking over to the two. The smaller one with the hood so tightly against her head had just removed. Her hair was just as pale as her hands were, as far as Gerard could see, with streaks of red running through it. What he could glance of her legs was they were equally pale. This girl was down-right white as he came into better view of her. He had silently stepped behind Aerys to examine her. He leaned down a bit taking a sniff from both of them when he heard his sister cough outside, a way of her saying, indirectly, to stop being rude. His tail wagged a bit and he stood up folding his arms. The girl seemed to have quite bad sunburns, sunburns he has never really seen on someone before to be honest. Only on burn victims virtually. He took a seat on a table,

"It's weird that someone like you could be so pale in a world like this. Especially in this kind of heat. What do ya do? Live under rocks or something?" He said, referring to Thirteen. He brushed a bang from his face. "You too," He nodded to Aerys "You're not exactly cookie brown either. Hell, you smell completely different from any other person. Who are you two exactly?" He had the sneaking thought he was being rude and pushy. Though, the thought seemed to banging at the door to his conscious mind while the conscious mind was purposely leaving reason outside to rot.

Mean while, Emily had begun to notice the sun beginning to droop and and a large shadow reaching toward the library. Very unlikely considering the sun was setting in front of the library. She squinted and held up a hand to see a large figure hulking toward the library. As the beast came closer she could see it was Mechanical with a small girl, at least small in comparison, on the behemoth's shoulder. The creature mammothed over virtually everything. Seeing him try to get into the library seemed to be a feat in and of itself. If it were able to, it'd need to be kneeling or sitting in some fashion. The ceiling in the library itself was barely 10 or 11 feet high.

The young girl had jumped off the mechanical marvel and had begun with a string of words that blew by Emily in the same fashion as the sand in the wind. This girl was a motorboat.

"Heya guys! Check out the awesome mecha I found a little while ago! I also got together a bunch of supplies so we don't have to worry if we're a little behind schedule in traveling! ... Oh, are those guys coming too? Neat! The more the merrier! Asagi's the name, nice ta meetcha! And I think the big guy's called XR-28; s'what it says on his code bar anyway. Gotta find some missiles for this guy; he's got like, a ton of empty missile slots in his arm! He'd totally level anything that tried to mess with us on the road, for sure!" The young girl had said.

Emily, having virtually been blown away blinked a few times before shaking her head a bit, "Uh, Who exactly are you, as well as your friend there?" They seemed to have quite a bit of baggage with them, they were coming from the direction of the market so Emily could only assume that's where they are from.

It had begun to get a bit late and the winds were really beginning to pick up. Emily looked about before saying, "How about heading inside before explaining too much. Things are starting to look bad out." She gestured to Alan, the small girl, and the mech to come inside.

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Alan Prometheus
Haliria Library

"If you're here about the fliers, you talk with me or Gerard. Though Gerard can be a rather tough cookie, so its probably better you talk with me. How can I help you?" Emily asked, as her brother moved into the library along with the two women. It sucked that he didn't respond then, because a gigantic robot with a little girl just barged into the scene. Great. Now I've said a grand total of three sentences to them. Way to fit in, kid, he thought, irritated at himself as always. Emily responded to the sudden appearance of the strange duo with surprise. He looked at the humongous mecha with intense disdain; no doubt it was a machinery of war, intended to be used to overwhelm foes with its size. A soulless machine used to slaughter living beings were honestly not his type. A single spark bzzzzted from the tip of the umbrella. Surprised, he quickly removed it, hoping nervously no one saw that. He didn't come here to be kicked out by that technology-hating half-human.

"How about heading inside before explaining too much. Things are starting to look bad out," Emily said, referring to the sandstorm.

"Great idea," he grunted, the dust now starting to mess up his system. Sandstorms were his least favorite weather; obviously, the rain was more to his taste. Because then he could spam 100% accurate Thunders that would get STAB from his typing- his processing probably suffered from some internal damage from the sandstorm, which was why it was spouting complete and utter nonsense. "Shove the stupid, random crap, all right?" He muttered to himself. He started to move into the library with Emily.

07-23-2011, 08:58 PM
Aerys and Thirteen
Haliria Library

Aerys was quite aware of the fact Gerard had come to stand behind her long before he spoke up. Thirteen’s head had tilted upward slightly to look at the new distraction. On top of that, her sensors were practically screaming at her to alert her to the “danger” behind her, and she’s heard his footsteps towards them, his sniff, and his tail wagging, which made swishing sounds through the air. Thirteen seemed to cringe as he took the sniff and then looked completely miserable as he pointed out her paleness and the oddities of Aerys herself, who didn’t seem upset at all. When he made the comment about living under rocks, the little severely sunburned girl snorted. “Kind of. Can’t help I was born with incredibly sun-sensitive skin.” She shot back, before turning her head back to Aerys. “But I guess I might as well get this outta the way… Aerys, do you think you can peel my goggles off carefully? It should be easier for you than me, my hand strength still sucks and you can see the burns a little better.” She braced herself for pain, but was interrupted as the room went almost completely dark. Aerys turned her head slightly to see a rather familiar, towering mechanical being, one who had been following her for some time now, and seemed unable to speak…or communicate at all, really. Objects hung from him as though someone thought he was meant to be a coat rack. That someone turned out to be a fast talking, energetic girl who introduced herself as Asagi.

“Oh, hello there. It seems you did end up following me after all, I wondered if I’d lost you or you had gone your own way earlier, sorry XR. I see you found someone to get you here, though. Asagi, I believe you said your name was? Thank you for not running and screaming at the sight of him, you could say he’s a…friend of mine? He’s been following me around for awhile, but he can’t seem to be able to verbally communicate at all, so I’m not sure exactly what he’s after or why he’s been following me…” She said politely before turning back to Thirteen. She had heard Emily mention the weather starting to look bad and enter about the same time Asagi and XR did, with the other guy—Alan.

“How do you get to be friends with something like that?” Thirteen asked. She would have raised an eyebrow if she hadn’t known it would hurt so much. Aerys smiled and gently took the sides of the goggles pressed to her face.

“He hasn’t hurt me or anyone else yet. His presence is more…comforting than anything else, you could say.” Aerys said simply, Thirteen fought the urge to shake her head. It was totally crazy, but then again, she was a vampire. Did she really have any right to judge? She allowed Aerys to pull the goggles up and away from her face, slowly removing them with so much care it was stunning to Thirteen. She barely felt the goggles move before Aerys was dangling them in front of her face triumphantly. Thirteen braced herself for the reactions and blinked. Crimson eyes surveyed the room quickly, trying to note exits and failing. The sun was setting, yes, but the bad weather was picking up, she was weak, and she was in a room full of people who might want to kill her.

Subject Species Confirmed. Subject is Vampire. Aerys let out a sharp breath as she was quickly filled in on vampires by her database. Something told her the little girl might be in trouble if the people here didn’t have open minds. Rather than allowing them to try and hurt her, Aerys kept a grip on the goggles and settled down into a loosely protective stance as she sat down next to Thirteen. “I’m assuming that we’re staying here? And for those who just arrived, I am Aerys and this is Thirteen.”

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Emily and Gerard A’tiek
Harliria Library

Emily while walking in had lightly bumped Alan. He seems a bit solid for any average person but she let it go as she started to get comfortable in the library as the sun was starting to lull into the sky. Gerard had been taken a back a bit at the reveal of Thirteen being a vampire. He figured she smelled a little off, not quite dead, very much so alive. Kind of like an off flavor in food. Gerard shifted a bit in his seat. Emily having even turned her head to see all the fuss and was moved a bit.

Both her and Gerard through their travels have had run in’s with vampires. Put in a comical sense, Gerard would chase them around with his spear, poking more than a few jokes at them while Emily had found herself entranced under vampiric spell more than once. For the most part she felt thankful that Thirteen was indeed not a male vampire, though she was a little unsettled. Gerard’s tail had stopped for the few moments while he thought before starting its motor back on, so to speak, and swishing it around.

“Guess that explains it all huh, creature of the night; or as this world would have it, a creature of the shade.” His ears twitched a bit. Gerard looked back toward the now lumbering shadow into the library. His ears and tail and each hair on them seeming to stand up, the smell of machinery had begun to fill his senses. He hated machinery, only because of many a bad experience with them. Particularly because of the fact he was half-human. Half humans in general weren’t well liked but have communities that rival out humans, and as for Thirteen, he could only figure she herself had little place between half-humans or humans. He kind of felt an understanding to Thirteen upon seeing the mechanical monster. A very indirect understanding, though he shook it.

“So Alan, where are you fro—“ Emily was cut off by Gerard’s now, yelling.
“Emily who the hell is bringing a machine along!”
Here we go… Emily begrudgingly thought, “What exactly is the issue with a machine Gerard?” She sighed like a mother going through a lecture that has happened many times before.
“Oh, well for one the damn things are made by humans for the strict purpose of killing half-humans like you and me! Not to mention the time we were captured by a few of the dirty animals and they tried to cut my damn legs off! And…”

Gerard had begun to go on about his stories of abuse by machines, though completely neglecting the fact that most of this abuse, and machines themselves, were brought on by humans. Leading Emily to once again have to explain to him that it was just some bad humans with toys, and that he doesn’t have to blame machinery.

“Are you kidding me?!” He scoffed “There is an entire community of those monstrosities attacking people out there in the deserts! They’re sapping valuable resources for humans and half-humans alike, making people have to detour around their communities!” He stopped, taking a breath “The worst part of all, is these monstrosities even believe that they may even be human! Android, cyborg, or otherwise! They’re downright useless and abominations!”

Emily had enough and hurled a throwing knife from her robe toward Gerard. A bit of his hair had been sliced just above his ear but the knife stuck soundly and safely into the wall behind him, “Do you ever just shut up?!” She shouted, “we’ve had this talk before and quite frankly I’m getting sick of giving it. All manifestations deserve life.”
Gerard was silent for a moment, one of his rare moments, before standing up. He looked almost completely puffed up like a balloon, “They aren’t living Emily. They are tools. Dead, emotionless, and a complete curse on Terra.” Gerard had turned walking off to a far corner of the library. He was essentially out of sight and out of hearing, besides his bashing on one of the walls, his way of blowing off steam.

Emily then turned toward everyone. As out of place as out of place things got she asked, “So, let’s all introduce ourselves and talk. Who wants to start?”

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Dr Robotnik
07-24-2011, 06:53 AM
"Kid, do yourself a favor," Virgil's deep voice floated from deeper inside the library. He'd been standing hidden in the shadows, and now chose to reveal himself. "And don't try to start a fight with a ten foot walking army. You're going to lose every time," He said nonchalantly. Asagi was close to bounding across the room and kicking the offender so hard between the legs he wouldn't have been able to walk if it wasn't for a crude mechanical claw wrapping around her. XR-28 gave a shake of his head, and waved his plasma cannon. If his vocal capacitors had been working, he would have commented that it wasn't worth the effort or the bullets.

And that was when Asagi more or less crawled her way out of the claw and glared Gerard. "Be glad the big guy's here to hold me back or you'd lose your right to reproduce, jerk! This guy wouldn't hurt a fly if he didn't have to! Isn't that right?" She asked, to which XR-28 nodded his head the best he was able. He could still communicate slightly that way. "But anyways, I'm Asagi, and this is XR-28; I found him a little ways in town and I got him to carry all the supplies I've gotten."

"Virgil," Replied the man in the trench coat, tipping his hat in greeting and not bothering to give any explanation to why he was there. It was impossible to tell where his gaze fell, but judging by his orientation he was at least looking in the direction of Aerys and Thirteen, hands stuck in his pockets and not bothering to say another word.

"So if the wolf-man's done being racist against robots, how 'bout we figure out a plan? I mean, somebody here's got to have some idea of where were going, right?" Asagi stated, sticking her tongue out at Gerard in spite.

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Alan Prometheus
Haliria Library

As Alan was walking into the library, Emily bumped into him. He wasn't sure if it was intentional or just a coincidence, but it seemed that everything Emily did, it went a step further to revealing his race. He just hoped it wouldn't happen soon. Thankfully, she seemed to have forgotten about it as she sat down and relaxed. Alan remained standing with his umbrella, looking around at everyone in the room. First, there was the wolf half-human, Emily's technology-hating brother. Near him were the two women; the beautiful woman was tending to the vampire's burns. And there was the 9-footer, humongous killing machine who seemed strangely attached to the perky little girl next to him.

He watched Gerard explode about machines, how they were made for killing and were useless abominations, until Emily threw a dagger at him. A part of him felt enraged at the statement, but a bigger part felt simply saddened at the face of truth, however harsh. It was all true; machines were merely tools, soulless beings with no life. But then a shady man came out of nowhere and warned the guy about not provoking gigantic killing machines. And it looked like the girl had to say something about it because she ran at him and started kicking him in the- he winced involuntarily- groin. Thankfully the 9-footer grabbed her just in time to prevent him losing his key organs, but the point was made.

He glared at the man wearing the trench coat, "Who are you, and what are you here for? If you were an assassin, you would've killed us already. Yet there is no reason for you to be hiding here in the shadows waiting for us, if you were clean, like the rest of us. So, you aren't against us, but you aren't with us, either. Just who in the world are you?" Alan spoke, clearly suspicious. "Unless you have a reason for waiting for us here... But then, please enlighten us what you were doing, hiding."

07-25-2011, 03:10 AM
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Aerys and Thirteen
Haliria Library

Thirteen was relieved, it seemed no one was openly opposed to her nature. At least she knew that she wouldn't be chased out right at the moment. But just as it seemed that everything would be okay and Emily started to ask Alan where he was from when Gerard exploded. Not about the vampire sitting on the floor, no, but about the machine called XR-28. His explosive reaction seemed to have something to do with past experience, but she distinctly remembered Aerys saying his presence was more comforting than harmful, and he hadn't hurt anything that the girl knew of, and it bothered her. However, she was more drawn to the way Aerys reacted--the girl completely froze, beautiful eyes wide and shock written all over them. As others finished talking, Aerys seemed to explode all on her own, suddenly jumping to her feet before Thirteen. "Just what the heck is wrong with you?!" She shouted, sounding a lot louder and angrier then Thirteen thought the pretty young girl could. "Where do you get off saying things like that? Who gave you the right?"

"Aerys, it's--" Thirteen tried to quickly diffuse her anger, but she was having none of that.

"No Thirteen, don't tell me it's not worth saying, because it is. What is wrong with this world? People used to be a lot more respectful to machines, to us, but obviously that's not happening here, I haven't felt another Guardian since I came back online other than maybe XR over there, but he's...there's something wrong with his networking functions or something, but he's definitely benevolent. If he wanted to kill you, or for that matter, all of us, he would have done it already, don't you think? Don't you? And just as they say not all living beings are the same, don't you think that applies to things such as machines? They aren't all made by the same people, or for the same purposes. But of course you're apparently too shortsighted to think that, considering you don't think we can live as well. Well guess what? I'm a machine! And you know what? I'm pretty freaking angry right now, and confused, and sad. You want to try and call what I feel an illusion? You want to call the pain I felt before I shut down last time a figment of my--oh no, I'm not alive, I can't have an imagination!" She threw her hands up in the air, and Thirteen slowly reached over to grab her halberd and make sure she didn't go for it. However all the anger and exasperation was in her voice and hand motions, nothing else. She wouldn't deny how real it sounded. She could pass for living almost seamlessly, yet here she was, claiming herself a machine herself, loud and clear. "I was made to protect people, humans and human-likes, both, equally. I don't know who exactly my creator was, but he was kind and warm, and he glowed a lot of the time--he wasn't human. He told me and my sister that was our job, to protect the humans and the human-likes with the rest of my people. You know what we were called? Guardians. In the world I lived in, we all got along. And then apparently I was shut down when something changed, wiped us out and made the pretty place I remember fade to sand and heat and misery. It seems humans tried to imitate us, but for bad reasons, but that not the creation's fault. They only do what their creator intends for them to do, and their creators were humans with twisted minds. Shouldn't you hate them and not the creations? And those made right--like I said, like me--we might as well be alive. We have emotions, we feel pain, under it all there might be programs telling us what to do to an extent, but we aren't just programming. Actually, you could say we're like you half-humans to an extent--human like, but not exactly the same thing." The second part was spoken much more softly, Thirteen almost wondered if the girl was capable of crying, because if she was, she was doing it right now.

In fact, Aerys was not able to cry, but she didn't have to. The emotions that were clear in those large blue eyes of hers projected enough feeling that anyone could get the point. Then, as if nothing had happened, she sat back down next to Thirteen and balled her body up like a child, knees pulled to her chest by her arms, and nothing peeking over her knees but those eyes, which still seemed like an emotional thundercloud. Thirteen couldn't help herself, she found herself reaching out and patting Aerys on the shoulder. "Stereotypes suck, don't they?" She murmured before noticing the newcomer who had called himself Virgil was looking over at them. She could feel his eyes looking over at them, even if she couldn't see them through the glasses. A part of her almost wanted to jump up and ask him if he was a vampire, it seemed to fit the way he'd been hiding out in the darkness, the way his body seemed to be hidden by clothing, including his eyes, and his paleness, but she could have been wrong. Anyway, she could smell, him and heart his heartbeat, both seemed to fall in line with a normal human...except that near-imperceptible scent of something burning. Thirteen shivered slightly and tried to put it out of her mind. Anyway, she didn't have time to ask him, as Alan jumped in on him, and it wasn't the kind of question you asked out loud in public anyway. Whatever he was, it was his business. If he wanted to share it, good, if he didn't, she couldn't have cared less.

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Gerard and Emily A'tiek
Haliria Library

Gerard had turned around from beating the wall. He got yelled at by just about everyone at this point. He was down-right furious, mainly at the fact he had been cut down a bit.

The hell do they know anyways…

He threw his fist into the wall one more time, his knuckles starting to bloody. Holding his head up, he marched back to the rest of the group, silent.

Emily felt as though the silence could strangle anyone, living or not. It was just now that Gerard had begun to simmer down and directed his attention to the new comer, a man in a trench coat. Gerard whipped his tail, making a small gust, letting go the last of his embarrassment as well a greater part of his anger.

“You there, in the trench coat. Who are you, and in terms of figuring out plans that would be mine and Emily’s job.”

Emily broke in, slightly, “That would be His, mine, and this crew’s job.”

Gerard coughed in a similar way a dog would to something distasteful.

“I am Emily, co-leader to this expedition.” She sighed.

“Regardless,” Gerard quietly said before speaking up, “Alan brings up a good point. You weren’t here before, Emily and I had been in this library all day. Either you were here before we got here, or you snuck in without any mention.”

Outside the sand storm had started to kick up. The howling outside was getting tremendous. Emily got up, with a quiet, “Excuse me.” Moving past Alan, Asagi, and XR-28 to go and lock down the door to the Library and close the window sand-shutters in the library. Things were mostly dark now until she lit a few candles. Aside from the silence from the recent rants from everyone and this new stranger in the room, the only sound made was virtually the sandstorm outside. The silence was getting unbearable to say the least. Emily asked again, “Once we learn who you are, erm, Virgil, I would like us all to take a moment and introduce ourselves to one another. In a CALM,” She shot a look at Gerard who blasted another back with a slight growl, “Manner. Alan, Thirteen, Since you two have been so quiet, how about you two go first. Everyone else will follow after leaving me and Gerard for last.”

07-28-2011, 01:24 PM
Alan Prometheus
Haliria Library

He glared at Virgil after Emily calmed everyone down. He was expecting him to say something, and waited for a few moments until it was clear that he wouldn't. Alan gave the shady man another glare, but didn't say anything to the man. Then, he started to introduce himself.

"I'm Alan Prometheus." It just crossed his mind that it was the first time he had talked this much in his two-year-long life, and he suddenly found himself at a loss of what to say.

"Umm... I'm, uh, fifteen years old..." This is bad... if I tell them I'm a humanoid robot I'll be discriminated by everyone! "I've been fighting all my life on the streets, and I'm here to go along with your goals, as well as to look for my... 'parents'. And, um, I really like it when it rains a lot. Um, sorry if I sound awkward introducing myself... It's my first time ever doing it my life, haha..."

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07-29-2011, 07:18 AM
Gerard and Emily A'tiek
Harliria Library

It was getting later. Emily and Gerard were both feeling things should get wrapped up so everyone can get a little shut eye before going out. Gerard broke in, "I think I'll introduce myself then. If it is all the same to everyone. Despite my sister's list..."

He sighed, getting off his table and standing up, "My name is Gerard. I am one of the leaders of this Troupe you are now a part of. I should get this out of the way now... Considering you're all here." He cleared his throat, "My sister and I are after a treasure that I'm sure you've all heard of."

Emily followed up after, "I am Emily A'tiek. Gerard's sister, this treasure is called Terranen. The fabled object that is said to restore the planet. It's been hundreds of years since the cataclysm that resulted in the world being a sandy landscape it is now."

"After hundreds of hours of research and rumor chasing, Emily and I have concluded that the treasure of Terra, the Terranen, is located somewhere in The Dead Ocean. Some hundreds of miles away from here."

"We don't expect you to travel on foot though," Emily continued from where Gerard left off, "Me and Gerard have concluded that it would be easiest to head to the town of Eridia. Its on the way to The Dead Ocean and is considered a dune port city. We'll stop there to get a sand boat. Its east of here. Once we get a sand boat, we'll be heading to The Dead Ocean to a ruins known as Calipsa. Its one of the only excavated ruins out there, considering how close it is to the dunes that we're in now."

Gerard broke back in, "It'll probably be a day or two journey to get there. Chances are we'll see some treasure pirates on the way. They're usually around the entrance to The Dead Ocean because of the number of researchers and treasure hunters who may be going in or coming out. Although I hate robots.." He hissed slightly, "Considering the big guy right there we most likely wont have a problem..." He sighed, running his hand through his hair, pushing it back again, "So now that we have this explained, lets continue with these introductions and I want to know.. Who here fights and is incredibly well at it? Considering the danger we may find ourselves in."

He then turned to Asagi, "And you there, your mech is holding quite a lot of stuff... Any tents in there?" Gerard asked. He had a slight smile but a bit of a cold look to the robot, "I guess it's kind of a blessing that he's here."

07-31-2011, 06:41 AM
Aerys and Thirteen
Haliria Library

"Well as long as you keep me outta the sun, I'll be fine. Oh, and if I tell you to plug your ears, you'd better do it unless you want to end up dazed and confused on the ground. That's how I lure stuff in--through sound, particularly song that can put a trance on any living thing within decent walking distance, but I don't bite anything human-like. Nothing good ever comes from it, and I've had a bit too much of nothing good, s'why my name's Thirteen now. By the way, keep fire away from me. I can fight pretty well, us vampires have heightened abilities and I had these," She indicated the odd daggers at her side for a moment before continuing. "However, most often I bypass those for hand-to hand. I had to learn to protect myself once I was on my own." Thirteen gave a rather simple, factual, rather owner's manual-like introduction to herself, they already knew her name and that she was a vampire, there was the rest. Aerys seemed to look up at frown at Alan's introduction, she could tell that he wasn't exactly human, but what he really was evaded not only her, but her programs.

She was still rather angry at Gerard, but Aerys lifted her head so her chin cleared her knees and said very clearly "I was created to protect, most things when faced with XR and myself should fall without incident. Like Thirteen, I have heightened abilities myself, as well as full knowledge as to how to use Eternity," She gestured to her halberd, which rested where Thirteen had set it back down. "rather well, while I also have knowledge of how to use multiple other weapons, should I come across ones I recognize." The guardian offered lightly, yet there was an unmistakable air of pride and factuality to the statement as well. Her part spoken, Aerys' head migrated back to it's original position, lips hiding behind her knees.

Somewhere out in the desert, heading towards Aerys

"...Cursed sand." Ryza grumbled moodily. As a guardian that was prepared for almost any kind of weather, it didn't bother Ryza in the slightest, but her scythe was not meant to endure such torture. The blade's razor-sharp edge she had so painstakingly put on it would be ruined by the sand chipping it with the insane winds. This same sand peppered her skin with enough force she had finally turned off her skin sensors to remove the annoyance that had presented itself in the form of itching and burning that danced along her exposed skin. Part of her wondered just what it was that had all her busted sensor's attention and was almost forcibly pulling her towards whatever it was. "ETA, please?" She asked politely, as though she thought it might make her internal sensors reply a bit more comprehensible.

EsssssssssssssssssTW@tttttteDDd..... 3T@ izzzzzzz....

It didn't. Ryza shook her head. "Nevermind. Don't overexert your processor." She grumbled moodily and trekked on steadily. ETA, she supposed, would be whenever she got there.

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08-02-2011, 07:25 AM
Gerard and Emily A'tiek
Haliria Library

Gerard gave a small heave of air after Aerys talked. His eyes had softened while looking at her, though he still felt as though he should hate her. Besides conflicting feelings he kicked back a bit before jumping off his table and pushed aside the tables in the small library space. He walked over to his and Emily's bags and started to lay out a sleeping bag.

"Well if that's it for everyone... I think we should get some sleep."

Gerard stretched and sat on his sleeping bag. He began to meditate.

Emily sighed, "He'll be like that for a while. He always does this before sleeping."

Emily grabbed her own sleeping bag and laid it out, "Does anyone need a place to sleep? I'll gladly give my sleeping bag." She smiled. She sat down in a corner, leaning back against the wall and closing her eyes.

There was a lot of travel to be done the coming morning. Emily was hoping they'd all be well rested for it.

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