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07-28-2011, 04:05 AM
Hello all. About a year ago, I tried to start a RP here, and it was fairly successful...until we basically hit a stop in the posting process.

I decided I'll try to "remake" the RP, so to speak, and start anew...and maybe it will even be better then the first go-around...


It has been 12 years since the events of Gold and Silver. (We are going by the merit that Ho-oh and Lugia were optional like in the original, i.e. they're still wild pokemon in this.)

Just now, a new pokemon terrorist group has immersed. They work in the shadows, and not alot of people know alot about them, not even the police. The only thing for certain that's known about this group, is that they referred to their organization as Team Ultima, and the higher ups in the organization use very rare and powerful pokemon. Also unlike other terrorist groups before it, they have no problem using their pokemon to attack not only their foe's pokemon, but the trainer themselves as well. In fact, some of the higher-ups in the team prefer to aim for the trainer from the start.

About 2 years after Team Ultima appeared, a new corporation emerged in Saffron City, known as Starr Corporation. It was founded by a man known as Victor Starr. Soon after it's establishment, Starr Corporation grew like wildfire, making advances in pokemon items, pokemon research, and pokeball technology much faster then their competition, Sliph Co. Just last year, Starr Corporation managed to drive Sliph Co. into extinction. Starr Corporation only used it's money to help sponsor things such as the Goldenrod City Expansion Project, joint-ownership of the Goldenrod Global Trainer Station, and even the Kanto-Jotho Pokemon League itself. Lately however, there has been claims that some pokemon placed up for trading in the Goldenrod Global Trainer Station have gone missing, but all the police investigations on the matter failed to turn up anything, either due to lack of permission to investigate further into the Station due to Starr Corporation's influence, or because the police themselves mysteriously vanished while looking into the case, or were paid off by Starr Corporation to cease the investigation.

All while it seems Starr Corporation is slowly trying to get all of the major industries on it's side, Team Ultima is still very active and strong in the shadows...it seems like it's just waiting to make it's move, but what is it's purpose? Some rumors going around claim the team is trying to capture the legendary birds in order to weaponize them to make a unbeatable army, some claim that the team is trying to cause a war between Johto and Kanto in order to try and rise up amidst the chaos, and others claim that it's actually a secret pokemon cartel that first sells off shines and other rare pokemon to sponsor their activities and to slowly make their way into the governments of the world, controlling it from the inside out. Will the true intentions of both imposing forces be revealed in time?

That was the opening plot for this RP, the first act will take place in Goldenrod City. Don't worry, we will be hitting other cities and areas as the RP continues.


- Standard rules, no godmodding and the like
- You can be either good or bad if you'd like, or even one of the higher-ups of Team Ultima (Like have a Commander class or something), but all of the Admins will be played by me.
- You can also be something other then a Trainer, like a Pokemon Ranger or the like. If you have another idea for what your character will be, run it by me via PM, and most likely I'll accept it.
- Try and keep OOC and stuff in this thread, which I will make along with the main RP thread after at least 5 people sign up for this.
- If you do join, TRY TO BE ACTIVE SO THAT THE REST OF US DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOU. If you are inactive for a long time, we will continue onwards in the RP without you.
- One user can have more then one character to use in the RP, but the maximum number of characters per user is 6...but I'm allowed to go over for story reasons. =P


Place use this template for making your characters:

Rank (If needed):
Pokemon(Maximum of six pokemon. List thier moves, names, gender, and the like):

For an example, here are the first character I'll unviel, along with two fill-ins for story purposes. =P Also, the story is taken place in Kanto-Johto. You can have a character that's from Hoenn or another place and have pokemon from that region, but make it so that they enter the Kanto-Johto region for the story. Also, only I have allowed to leave sections as 'Unknown' or not reveal all of the character's pokemon, and it is only for plot reasons.

Name: Chris R. Kane
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Good/Bad/Neutral: Good
Rank: N/A
Appearance: A tall white man at 6 feet, 2 inches. He normally wears a blue jacket with white bordering over a plain black shirt with blue jeans. He has gentle blue eyes to match and has dirty brown hair. He also has a mini star-like birthmark on his right hand.
Personality: Chris has a strong sense of justice and will do what it takes in order for justice to be upheld. He also will help anyone in need that he sees. Chris is also strong psychically, he knows several martial art moves for self defense.
History: Chris isn't like most pokemon trainers. Instead of just blindly going off into the world at the age of 10, he attended Goldenrod University, where he did a 6-year education to earn his bachelor's degree AND to learn about how the world works. He started his pokemon journey at the age of 16, 4 years before the appearance of Team Ultima. However, he got his starter pokemon before then. It was when he was taking stroll through Route 35 during his final year in university when he found a near death Shiny Charmander. He nursed it back to health and got close to it. So it was that Charmander became his starter. He then traveled Johto to become a trainer and to assemble his team. He is currently living in Goldenrod, a bit uneasy about the Starr Corporation influence that's heavy over Goldenrod, and fearing for his Charizard's (his Charmander became a Charizard through experience during the travels through Johto) safety, seeing as it's a shiny one, and how it seems rare pokemon like that are being stolen nowaday. He doesn't trust Starr Corporation and plans on trying to find the truth behind the matter one of these days...

(Shiny) Charizard (male)
- Flamethrower
- Dragon Claw
- Fly
- ThunderPunch
Starmie (Genderless)
- Surf
- Brine
- Psychic
- Hyper Beam
Hitmonchan (male)
- Mach Punch
- Vacuum Wave
- Sky Uppercut
- Close Combat
Dugtrio (male)
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Dig
- Earth Power
Tangrowth (female)
- AnicentPower
- Power Whip
- SolarBeam
- Toxic
Electrabuzz (male)
- Thunderbolt
- Thunder Wave
- Low Kick
- Substitute

Name: Victor Starr
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Good/Bad/Neutral: ???
Rank (If needed): CEO of Starr Corporation
Appearance: A man with trim black hair, with black bold eyes to match. Normally wears a white suit with black formal pants.
Personality: Cold, blunt, straight to the point
History: The only thing currently know about this CEO is that he is 58 years old, and his hometown is Ecruteak City.
Pokemon: Unknown...

Name: Only known as "Leader Nova"
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad
Rank: Leader of Team Ultima
Appearance: Always in the shadows, not even the Admins have a clear picture of what Nova looks like.
Personality: ???
History: ???
Pokemon: Unknown

Name: Jack Drake
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad
Rank: Admin of Team Ultima

Appearance: Jack is a tall white man at 6 feet, he has bright blonde hair with green eyes. His normal street clothes is normally just an average pokemon league shirt you can buy at the pokemon league gatherings and a pair of either jeans that are shorts, or jeans that are pants depending on the weather.

Personality: At first he's very nice and ongoing to everyone he meets, but when he's all business for the Team, his nice and kind facade changes into a very dark and menacing persona that's not afraid to get himself dirty with the really dirty jobs or to do what it takes to advance the goals of Team Ultima. Due to this, it's unknown which side is the true Jack..the Kind Trainer, or the Menacing Monster...

History: Not much is known about Jack, but he started his pokemon journey in Hoenn. He was always in love with Mawile, seeing as it perfectly matched his personality. He spent days upon days in Victory Road, trying to catch a shiny Mawile. He never gave up, and even unleashed his menacing persona, violently beating down all the pokemon he encountered in Victory Road with no problem while searching for the shiny Mawile. After a month in Victory Road, he found the Shiny Mawile. Maybe by fate, the Mawile was also bullying the other pokemon in Victory Road, somewhat calling out to Jack. Once he cleared the Hoenn Pokemon League, he came over to Johto where his tenancy and personality did not go unnoticed by Leader Nova. Nova itself came before Jack in a Team Ultima Cloak and offered Jack the position of Commander to start out. Jack accepted and quickly rose to one of the 4 Admins due to his outstanding work. After a year of being one of the Admins, Jack is now heading toward Goldenrod City, where Team Ultima already bought him a house down there, to try and expand operations in Goldenrod so that that area of Johto would also have Ultima agents planted among other things planned for the area...


(Shiny) Mawile (Female)
-Iron Head
-Sucker Punch
-Rock Slide

Blaziken (male)
-Sky Uppercut
-Blaze Kick
-Shadow Claw
-Swords Dance

The rest of Jack's pokemon are unknown...

Name: Jake Johnson
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad
Rank: Team Ultima Commander
Appearance: Tall man with short blonde hair and brown eyes, He normally wears brown shorts along with a black top.
Personalilty: Commander Johnson is a very cold person, but he does have a sort of 'playful' attitude when messing around with his foes...and he always seems to act like he knows the big picture of the events taking place....but once he sets his sights to a goal, he'll go to hell and back to accomplish it...
Bio: Not much is known about Johnson's past, but it is rumored he used to be a Pokemon Ranger in the region of Hoenn. Even though there is little known abot his past, alot is known about his work for Team Ultima. He's known as "The Ultima Napper" and is the go-to guy for kidnapping, both of trainers and of pokemon. He is also the expert when it comes to reconnaissance. He is also rumored to be the Commander with the best shot of getting the much coveted promotion to Admin, and also stresses reform, hating how the governments of the world and the law enforcement are running things...he joined Team Ultima to further a certain goal of his...


(Shiny) Lickilicky - Male
-Body Slam

Ariados - Male
-String Shot
-Bug Bite
-Giga Impact

Gardevoir - Female
-Shadow Ball

Weezing - Male
-Sludge Bomb

The rest are unknown...

Once we get at least 4 or 5 people to join, I'll start the actual RP...so yeah, hopefully this won't crash and die. XD