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08-13-2011, 11:11 AM
PE2k Beauty Contest #1
Theme: Introducing.
Category: Trainer Dress Up.
Voting Deadline: August 20th, 2011 18.00 P.M. GMT+7
Judge's Decision will be declared on August 19th or 20th.

And for the judging, all entries will be judged by Speed-X and XaiakuX.

→ Creativeness: 10 points.
→ Outfit Matches (dress, accessories, make up, etc): 10 points.
→ Colour Matches and Shading: 10 points.
→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 10 points.
→ Theme relevance: 5 points.
→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 5 points.
TOTAL: 50 points.

The winner of each Contest will be selected as follow:
- One first winner with the best score, will receive Master Rank Ribbon. (Judged)
- One second winner with 2nd best score will receive Hyper Rank Ribbon. (Judged)
- One third winner with 3rd best score will receive Super Rank Ribbon. (Judged)
- One Favourite winner voted in poll will receive Favourite Ribbon. (Voting)
- All other entries will receive Normal Rank Ribbon.

Note that the three winner selected by the judges, Speed- X and XaiakuX, may be voted as a favourite winner, too. So there is a chance for a person to get 2 ribbons.

This poll is to vote for the sprite you like most. And the winner will be awarded with a Favourite Ribbon.

08-13-2011, 11:14 AM
And now for the participants, we have:
Thunderbolt, is entering with:

Face, is entering with:

Zekrom762000, is entering with:

Mawile_Rocks, is entering with:

Sammy0295, is entering with:

Speed-X, entering with:

Foxamivalth, entering with:

So now, vote for them!

08-20-2011, 10:03 AM
Okay, the voting for participants of PE2k Beauty Contest #1 will be closed in one hour. So, if you haven't vote, you can now vote before the poll is closed.

And to all participants, my apologize, your score and the judging haven't up yet. The judges are really busy and have something important they must do. So, the result of PE2k Beauty Contest may not be posted at the next one hour. The entries will be judged in few hours or maybe one day after the poll is closed. So, be patient. ^^;

And, PE2k Beauty Contest #2 will start at the next one hour.

08-20-2011, 11:30 AM
Okay, the poll is closed and as we can see, the favourite entry.. wait, we have two sprites with the highest votes. So, there are two Favourite Winners:

Speed-X, and Misty.
http://p1.pimg.in/t-YCg.png http://p2.pimg.in/4IriNH.png

Foxamivalth, and Cynthia.
http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg543/scaled.php?server=543&filename=cynthiau.png&xsize=640&ysize=480 http://p2.pimg.in/4IriNH.png

Congratulations to Speed-X!
For others, don't be upset.

*I know this is ridiculous to have a judge and a host as winner. So for the next contest, judges and host will not participate.*

About the judging, please be patient.

08-20-2011, 01:46 PM

White Knight:

→ Creativeness: 6/10 points.
→ Outfit Matches: 6/10 points.
→ Colour Matches and Shading: 4/10 points.
→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 4/10 points.
→ Theme relevance: 5/5 points.
→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 4/5 points.
TOTAL: 36/50 points.


→ Creativeness: 8/10 points.
→ Outfit Matches (dress, accessories, make up, etc): 8/10 points.
→ Colour Matches and Shading: 9/10 points.
→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 8/10 points.
→ Theme relevance: 5/5 points.
→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 4/5 points.
TOTAL: 42/50 points.


→ Creativeness: 5/10 points.
→ Outfit Matches (dress, accessories, make up, etc): 8/10 points.
→ Colour Matches and Shading: 4/10 points.
→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 3/10 points.
→ Theme relevance: 5/5 points.
→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 1/5 points.
TOTAL: 26/50 points.

I will speak on this one. I really hated to dole out negative marks, but this just was not a good sprite. Poor Cilan looks like he got on the bad side of a Sharpedo. Your lines were all black, except for the ones that you copied parts from other sprites onto the the final sprite, Then the visible arm is mildly deformed, never mind the rest of the torso. The shading doesn't match up, nor does it carry any definition. It all around looks like you didn't even try with this one. If this IS your first sprite, take this information, look up tutorials, or find another spriter to help you. I know a bunch, and I am one. Learn to sprite better, and then come back here and blow my mind with what you've learned.


→ Creativeness: 7/10 points.
→ Outfit Matches (dress, accessories, make up, etc): 8/10 points.
→ Colour Matches and Shading: 10/10 points.
→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 8/10 points.
→ Theme relevance: 5/5 points.
→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 5/5 points.
TOTAL: 43/50 points.


→ Creativeness: 10/10 points.
→ Outfit Matches (dress, accessories, make up, etc): 10/10 points.
→ Colour Matches and Shading: 8/10 points.
→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 10/10 points.
→ Theme relevance: 5/5 points.
→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 5/5 points.
TOTAL: 48/50 points.

A near perfect score. This is brilliant. I mean, The hair, the pose, the pants, colors. All of that was excellent. Now, my only issue was with the shading on the hat. It could have used a bit more detail. Touch up on that, next time, and I hope to see you back next week. =]

I refuse to judge my fellow Judge or the creator. As I would be deemed unfair and biased. Sorry guys, if it's a big deal I will judge them, but don't expect me to be proud of it.

08-20-2011, 07:27 PM
Side note:

Don't anyone take any of this personal, please. Being personal isn't my intention here. I just can be and like to be a bit of a critic. Blunt and to-the-point. You know? Hopefully you guys can understand that.... ^^;

Don't mind though, because I've still shown quite a bit of mercy here. I guess the ratings used here are just in comparison to the rest of the entries, because if it were in comparison to...outside creations...might not be as merciful.

Criticism/critique (I'm just using "criticism" as in the same context as "critique," here.) can prove to be a great deal helpful, but you just have to learn how to be able to take it. Also, make sure said critiquer knows what they're talking about, also. Art's kinda a subjective thing, so it's up to you to filter the bias.

...I used to take critique horribly.
...Absolutely dreadfully. So I've been there. ._.

But sorry, I digress. Don't mind my rambling. ^^;TL;DR version: please don't take any of this personally. Kthx.


ThunderBolt / White Knight

→ Creativeness: 6/10. Nothing too special, it's alright I suppose.

→ Outfit Matches: 7/10. It's okay, but due to the little-to-no seperation between the top and the pants--and a bit of an awkward one at that--makes it look more like a skin-tight jumpsuit.

→ Colour Matches and Shading: 5/10. Nothing much seems to have really been changed, and the large shadow being casted at her bust area is really awkward. Her bust should stand out a bit more, thus getting a little light. Same with the hat. It's facing towards the light, so besides the rim of the hat farthest to her right and a crease, more light should be portrayed as being casted there. Colors are alright though, not really an absurd combination or anything.

→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 5/10. Somewhere between 5 and 6. Major turnoffs are that her right arm and hand are both incredibly deformed, and how the very back of her head barely seems to exist.

→ Theme relevance: 5/5. (I don't see how this theme can be so difficult to digress from, really. O_o)

→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 3/5. Little flowers to her hat and top make a rather cute addition.

TOTAL: 31/50. Not the best I've seen, but definitely not the worst either. (...Trust me on the latter. *shudders a bit*)



→ Creativeness: 5/10. Not much was really changed with the exception of his shirt and the scepter-thing being added. Pants are merely recolored, but it goes well with the top I suppose.

→ Outfit Matches: 6/10. The hat and tennis shoes still existing don't go well with the rest of his clothing.

→ Colour Matches and Shading: 5/10. Eh. The black color has barely any contrast, and the selective outlining (shading in the outlines of pixel art in comparison to the amount of light hitting and blah blah blah) is a a bit effed up. You get a plus for effort in adding the completely custom scepter, but you still have a lot of work to do.

→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 5/10. Eh.

→ Theme relevance: 5/5.

→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 3/5.

TOTAL: 29/50. Keep at it.



→ Creativeness: 6/10. A bit interesting, but not the most so either.

→ Outfit Matches: 7/10. Not really much, so I don't know what I should score here. What I'm saying is that coordination-wise, there's nothing wrong, but this also is kinda a simple concept, too. So...yeah.

→ Colour Matches and Shading: 4/10. Really could use some work...on the shading, I mean. Looks very, very two-dimensional....

→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 6/10. You get a plus on this for effort, because I can see that you had to almost completely uncloth the original, which can be a real pain at times. Depends on how loose their clothes are, really. Plus you edited his shoes as water-shoes--although they look just a tidbit too large length-wise, but that could partly be me--and repositioned his right leg, which you actually didn't do too badly on. Shame on you if you copy+pasted, though. :x
Another main problem is that he looks like he'll totally fall over. I'm aware that some individuals have incredibly good balance, but seeing the angle that his right leg is at, at least a little of it behind the leg closest to the viewer could still be showing.

→ Theme relevance: 5/5.

→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 2/5.

TOTAL: 30/50. Really not too bad for a beginner; I'm glad that you put a bit more effort into it. I can respect that. You still need a lot of work, however.


Mawile_Rocks / Mawile Danmaku

→ Creativeness: 5/10. Not much changed at all. Just the colors and the shading / surface texture. I do really like how she looks as if carved out of some opaque gem / surface though.

→ Outfit Matches: 6/10. ...It wasn't changed, so what on earth should I rate this as? O_o Kinda a trick question.

→ Colour Matches and Shading: 8/10. Pretty nice!

→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 7/10. Not too shabby.

→ Theme relevance: 5/5.

→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 4/5. I know not much was changed, but this appeals my eyes, in my honest opinions. Reshade and the change of colors look rather nice.

TOTAL: 35/50. Nice.



→ Creativeness: 6/10. Cute, though rather simple still. Seems a bit like a persona / fancharacter / orginal character (assuming that the "OC" isn't based on any other franchises. That really sets me off when people call their Hetalia-based characters, for instance, original characters when they are CLEARLY fancharacters.
...I did it again, sorry.)

→ Outfit Matches: 8/10. Goes together cutely.

→ Colour Matches and Shading: 8/10.. Pretty nice, though the pants are ratherso pillowshaded...which is a do not want.

→ Overall Skill and Outcome: 8/10. Looks custom, though the hands look too gloved. If not custom, at least it's heavily reshaded. Hat looks rather effed up.

→ Theme relevance: 5/5.

→ Other (appeal, appearance, etc): 5/5. I like it.

TOTAL: 40/50. Great job, you have some good potential.


I agree with Xaia: I wish to not judge Fox's either, for that would seem a little biased. Unless it's a problem that I haven't, then I will.

08-21-2011, 12:50 AM
And the result is up!
Thunderbolt / White Knight, scores 67.
http://i55.tinypic.com/2rfa911.png http://p12.pimg.in/nepV.png

Face, scores 71.
http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg51/scaled.php?server=51&filename=96520682.png&xsize=640&ysize=480 http://p22.pimg.in/O8yGdm.png

Zekrom762000, scores 56.
http://p11.pimg.in/3UwYP.png http://p12.pimg.in/nepV.png

Mawile_Rocks / Mawile Danmaku, scores 78.
http://i51.tinypic.com/11tlv2h.png http://p2.pimg.in/My5I2.png

Sammy0295, scores 88.
http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/861/trainerv.png http://p21.pimg.in/gSvmX.png

Congratulations to all participants!