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08-13-2011, 11:38 PM
Not as many voters this month like we had for June. Oh well. I guess people are getting ready to go back to school, I don't really blame them. :)

(I also noticed I forgot to remove a category I said I'd remove ... oops! I'll count it though. :D)

And here we are, the results:
Disclaimer: Hoshika's votes were omitted.

General Categories

Best Avatar
Foxamivalth (2)
Pokemon Trainer Sarah, Linchy, Gelatini Jejunator, Sixto (1)
I guess several people like your avatars. :D Congrats!

Best Signature
Anastasia-R (3)
Teo, Tombi, Gem N Ems, Foxamivalth, Rhys!, Elbub (1)
I certainly agree with all the voters here, Ana's sig is pretty awesome. :D

Best Debater
TheEvilDookie (2)
Lusankya (1)

Most Photogenic Male
Bryce (1)
Only one vote this month. Ah well, congrats!

Most Photogenic Female
Jessu, Kayla Ann (3)
Tombi, Gem N Ems, 3m0d0ll (1)
And here we have the wonderful ladies that grace PE2K with their presence. :D


Best ASB Participant
3m0d0ll (2)
CM, Paperfairy (1)
I'm thinking the ASB needs more love. These people would love to battle/ref for you though. :)

Best URPG Participant
Webmaster, -Pichu Boy-, Ataro (1)
The URPG needs some love toooooo~

Best POL Participant
JokesterJesse (2)
The POL too. It's actually pretty fun!

Best WFL Participant
Gelatini Jejunator (2)
Shiny Jolteon (1)
And I concur with my previous statements. C'mon guys, go try all these RPGs out! :D

Best Ref/Official
KantoBreeder (4)
Ataro (1)
These are our reliable refs. :D

All About Pokemon

Best Wi-Fi Battler
Gelatini Jejunator (3)
I think he needs some competition. c: Congrats though!

Best Wi-Fi Trader
Mr420 (2)
Saraibre Ryu, The Unreal Shadow Tracker (1)
These guys are pretty reliable for trading. :)

The Arts

Best Spriter
Speed-X, Graceful_Suicune, Gelatini Jejunator (2)
Sealboyno1 (1)
You guys should check out the sprites more. :) There's a lot of talented spriters that are deserving of views!

Best Graphics Artist
Anastasia-R (5)
Mizuki Emi (4)
Tombi (2)
Ana is still dominating being the Best Graphics Artist. :D Congrats!

Best Drawn Artist
Lusankya (2)
Lilligance, Embreon, Gem N Ems (1)
The Art section could certainly use some views as well. :)

Best Author
Scytherwolf (2)
Kai-Mei, Charmander009, Graceful_Suicune, Lusankya (1)
Same with the writing! They're all very talented! :)

Best Roleplayer
Saraibre Ryu, k_pop, Paperfairy (1)

Best Voice Actor
Graceful_Suicune, PE2K Voices (2)
XaiakuX, Gem N Ems, k_pop (1)
Looks like our newest addition to the forum is doing well. Congrats!

The Members

Best New Member
Thunderbolt (2)
I can agree with the voters here. :D Welcome, and congrats!

Most Active Member
Foxamivalth, Beartic Tundra, Yo Face Here (1)
Here's some people you'll see around the forum the most. :3

Best Friend
Crystal Momoyia, Mizuki Emi, Kaoru Matsubara, Gelatini Jejunator, 3m0d0ll (1)
Aw, not as many best friends as we had last month. Congrats though!

Wish You Were Here
PokemonElite2000, Foxamivalth, Azumao, Master Ash, Bryce, LS the Door Mat, Focal (1)
... Isn't Foxamivalth active? xD

Funniest Member
3m0d0ll (1)
JENJEN U SO FUNNY but congrats. :D

Weirdest Member
XaiakuX, 3m0d0ll (1)
Being weird is a good thing. c:

Most Helpful
Pokemon Trainer Sarah (2)
Mizuki Emi, Dino, Graceful_Suicune (1)
These people are pretty good as far as helping out, so go to them if you have a problem! :)

Best Pair/Couple
Pokemon Trainer Sarah x Teo (2)
Simmi x Mizuki Emi (1)

The High Stakes

Trend Setter
HKim (2)

Best Contribution to PE2K
Pokemon Trainer Sarah (4)
Paperfairy, Kaoru Matsubara, Mizuki Emi (1)
Thank you guys for doing what you can to help the site and forum! c:

PE2K Idol
Pokemon Trainer Sarah (2)
Sarah is definitely a wonderful person to look up to. :D

Best Moderator
The Unreal Shadow Tracker (4)
Gem N Ems, Tsuna, 3m0d0ll, Paperfairy, Sixto (1)
Congrats! Keep up the good work around the site and forum! :)

Best PE2K Staff Member
Mizuki Emi (3)
Gelatini Jejunator (2)
Simmi, Kaoru Matsubara, Shiny Jolteon (1)
Congrats! Keep up the good work!

Just For Fun

Member I Would Like to Meet
Mizuki Emi (2)
Foxamivalth, Enkaku_Kumori, Simmi, Kaoru Matsubara, 3m0d0ll, Pokemon Trainer Sarah (1)
Here we have some awesome people. :D

Member I Would Most Likely Run Away From
Gelatini Jejunator, Thunderbolt, Foxamivalth, 3m0d0ll (1)
Oh dear. :3

Noob of the Month
Face (1)
Um. Congrats I guess. xD

Youngest at Heart
Shiny Jolteon, Moonkit, Yo Face Here (1)
Congrats! c:

Member of the Month

Shiny Jolteon, Jessu, Kaoru Matsubara, Mizuki Emi, Paperfairy, Pokemon Trainer Sarah (1)
Not very much competition here, but congrats to everyone that won! :)

08-18-2011, 03:18 AM
It makes since why I would be voted youngest at heart, although I try to act like a teen so I don't get banned because of that stupid no one under the age of 13 on forums law xD

I'm just never going to grow up.

White Knight
08-18-2011, 03:35 AM
thank you thank youuuuu. i'd like to thank the academy....

lawlzjk i made everyone vote for me.

congrats to everyone else though~

08-18-2011, 03:46 AM
I never knew about these D;
now i'll make it my life goal to get in it >;D

congratulatorylations to all you PEEPS

08-30-2011, 06:11 AM
Weirdest Member
3m0d0ll (1)