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It's hard to come back from the brink of destruction. It's even harder to come back from destruction itself. And it's even harder than that to believe that anyone in this world that we live in would be able to do so.

But somehow, we did.

† Renatus †
† The Rebirth †

† Backstory †

The Mayans predicted that on December 21st, 2012, the world would come to an end. There was a mixed reaction to this; some believed the predictions to be correct, while others dismissed it as simply another hoax. Regardless of opinion, on December 21st, 2012, the world did end. But mankind didn't. While countries were being torn in two, sunk to the bottom of the ocean and blown completely off the face of the earth itself, humans everywhere were frantically scattering, desperately hoping to remain on land for as long as they possibly could. And it turns out that they could remain on land for a long, long time. Only a few countries remained in 2013: Australia, England, America, Denmark, Russia, Holland and Brazil. And while these countries still stood strong, they were far from intact. With these countries so far away from one another, and no form of getting from country to country, it was thought that the people that had clung onto life would soon die out. There was silence in the world for quite some time after this. Perhaps the human race was repopulating, preparing itself for a new birth. Perhaps they had simply all died out. Or perhaps, there was another reason...

In 2080, a miracle happened. The remaining countries had somehow reconnected themselves, slowly drifting through the vast, collective ocean now known as "The Gigas Ocean" for years. In a short space of time, the countries had joined together as one. Mankind prospered, and for twenty years everything was returning back to the way it should be. The seven countries that had been circling the Gigas Ocean for decades were now connected, and became known as one: Renatus. However, patriotism was not lost, and never had been. Each nationality demanded that their country be turned into a state. With Renatus containing seven states, Prime Ministers were elected in each, as well as a country wide council, known as The Renatus Order. But there was another group that formed, a group of which no one knew, a group that hid themselves in the shadows. This group was The Organization. And until 3000, order was being restored to the world day by day. Technology was rapidly improving, even past the point it was at before the world reached it's catastrophic 'rebirth', and things were looking up.

New Years Eve, 3000. An error of judgement in Australia erupted in a civil war, stretching all across Renatus. The states were at each others throats, and there was nothing The Renatus Order could do. The Organization decided to step in, fighting for peace among the states of Renatus and setting out to bring order to the giant country. But would they succeed in their plan? Or would the veil that the Order had over the eyes of the country bring it to it's inevitable demise?

† Setting †

"The Organization" is set in the year 3001, in a fictional country called Renatus. Renatus contains seven states; England, America, Australia, Russia, Denmark, Holland and Brazil. The capital city of Renatus is London, which is still based in the state of England. All of the states look more or less exactly like the real-world countries they represent, with the exception being England, which is more futuristic and advanced. Renatus itself covers 1/3 of the worlds surface, making it the largest country in the existence of mankind.


Australia is the most north-bound state Renatus has to offer, it's lands barren and dry. All of the suburban areas were destroyed with the end of the world, and mankind has been left to rebuild it from the ground upwards. Weather wise, Australia is a very unpredictable state. It's days are blisteringly hot, and it's nights are hypothermia-inducingly cold. Some notable places that exist within Australia today are:

Ayers City - Once, Ayers City was known as Ayers Rock, or simply Uluru. It was a large, spiritual rock that people would pay to walk across. Now, people pay to construct buildings there. It is the capital of Australia, and is the city that is closest to completion within the state. Largely populated. It is the home of the Prime Minister.

Alisprings City - Formerly known as Alice Springs, Alisprings City is the busiest city in the state, and is home of the largest shopping center in Australia. It is also the home of the Australian Army, known as the A.A.R; Australian Army of Renatus. Many of the homes in Alisprings are built underground, to withstand the cities intense heat and cold night. Quite populated.

Wamberal - Previously a small, rural town on the coast, Wamberal was transformed by the formation of Renatus; it is now a large, barren wasteland bristling with potential. Not very populated.


Oh say can you sing... America is a former shell of it's old self within Renatus. It is one of the smallest states, and is position west of Australia. Unlike Australia, a state in the process of being rebuilt, America is very much intact; the construction of new buildings isn't all that urgent. Notable places that exist in America today are:

Old York City - Formerly known as New York City, Old York City is the home of some of America's most antique buildings. It was previously the heart of trade in America, however with the emergence of New York, Old York is now seen as more of a tourism attraction. It is the home of the half-standing Statue of Liberty, which is being rebuilt. Not very populated.

New York City - The new capital of America, New York City is the heart of business and trade of the state of America. One of the most technologically advanced cities in the whole of Renatus. Very populated. It is the home of the Prime Minister.


Brazil is one of the smallest states in Renatus, and is west of America. There is a vast improvement from Pre-Rebirth Brazil to Renatus Age Brazil, as there is a wider knowledge of technology. There are only two cities in Brazil, connected too each other via the Sao Paulonian Bridge. These two cities are:

Sao Paulo - The largest city in Brazil, and also the biggest and most populated. Sao Paulo houses the finest technology Brazil has to offer, and is also the home of the Prime Minister. Quite populated.

Janeiro City - Janeiro City is a city only just smaller than Sao Paulo, and it's technology is barely out of date. An unpredictable city, this is where most of the Brazilian riots are beginning. Quite populated.


Denmark is a relatively unknown and unexplored state, what with it usually being far too cold for many to venture in to. It is east of Australia, and shares a border with England. These two states have a mutual alliance. Notable places include:

Great Dane City - Great Dane City (often shortened to Great Dane) is home of the finest pub in all of Renatus, the Grate Dane. It is also the capital of Denmark. Great Dane City is known for it's unforgivingly cold temperatures. It is the home of the Prime Minister. Largely populated.

Copenhagen Village - The former capital and most populated city of Denmark has been reduced to nothing more than a quaint little village. It is on the coast, making it a very good surfing location, which most of it's villagers take advantage of. The technology here is almost primitive. Lowly populated.

Beowulf City - Beowulf City is a Gothic styled city, with old houses and pubs lining the cobbled streets. Moderately populated.


The Motherland. England has remained strong despite the struggle it has been contending with, and is rebuilding it's society better than ever. It is south of Denmark. Some notable places in England are:

Burnley City - The new capital of England, and the home of the Prime Minister, Burnley began as a small town, but after the Rebirth began to grown into something much more. Closely resembles London city. Highly populated.

New Manchester - With Manchester being sunk during the Rebirth, various pieces of land came together to create New Manchester. It is a moderately populated city.

Old Manchester - From the depths of the sea rises Old Manchester, a battered, withered and decayed city. It is being rebuilt, slowly but surely. Mainly for tourist purposes. Lowly populated.


The Netherlands. They were thought to have been lost, until the single city of Amsterdam was seen floating towards Renatus early one morning. However, it was a slightly bigger version of the old capital. Holland is south of America. Notable places include:

Amsterdam City - The only city Holland contains, it is the most populated city in all of Renatus. It is the home of the Prime Minister. Here, narcotics are legal and it is rather technologically advanced.

Netherland Town - A small town just outside of Amsterdam, this is where most of the trading is done in Holland. Lowly populated.


Russia was a cold, unforgiving place before Rebirth, but now it is a beautiful, warm, grassy paradise. It has retained most of it's cities, however, has shrunken in size. It is south of England. Some notable places England

Moskva - (Pronounced Mosco) Moskva is a great city, filled with alcohol, fine dining, and great technology. It is the capital of Russia, and home to the Prime Minister. Highly populated.

Saint Petrzburg - (Pronounced Saint Pet-ers-berg) Saint Petrzburg is another grand city of Russia, filled with much the same as Moskva. It is less populated, however, and slightly colder.

† Factions †

The Organization

The Organization are the peace-keepers, hiding in the shadows until they are needed. Coincidentally, that time is now. If you chose to be a part of The Organization, you are gifted with a few special abilities. The ability to 'vanish' becomes yours: this grants you with the power to disappear and reappear in a completely different location, where being up to you. You also get the ability to mentally communicate with fellow Organization members.

Members of The Organization also have some control over the elements. There are seven elements (one per state) that are available for control, and each element can be controlled by a maximum of two people. The Founder and Leader of the Organization (two separate people) can control two elements.

Elements Available
Earth [1]
Wind [2]
Fire [1]
Water [1]
Ice [1]
Metal [2]
Electricity [2]

The Organization still welcomes new recruits even after all of the elements have been claimed. These new recruits, while not being able to fully harness the power of the elements, will have basic knowledge with a random element of the Founder's choosing. There are a few head positions currently available within the ranks of The Organization. Pick one, carefully. You never know what responsibilities you may acquire...

Organization Positions Available
Founder - Skeez
Leader - Spark_Demon
Captain - mickmon95
Forerunner (General)

The Renatus Order

The Renatus Order is the council of Renatus. While there are no rankings within it's hierarchy, there is a single specific title; Dux. The Renatus Dux is the leader of the council, the master of the order. While they believe they are doing good for their country, they are actually the negative force, the antagonists of the roleplay. Member's of The Order, while not being able to control the elements, are all masters of the arts; be is Martial Arts, Judo, Karate, etc.

The main goal of The Order is to remove all states from Renatus, thus rendering themselves the leaders of the great country, instead of sharing the load with the states Prime Ministers. If that goal is achieved, there's no telling what The Order could accomplish...

Order Positions Available

Prime Ministers

The Prime Ministers can be either good, bad or neutral; it completely depends on the type of ruler they are. There can be a total of 7 Prime Ministers, and while they poses no powers or training in the arts, they do come with a familiar; this can be any animal of their choosing, and the animal defends and protects the Prime Minister, placing his or her life before it's own.

States in need of a Prime Minister



Anyone can be a civilian; there are no real requirements, and no special abilities, familiars or elemental powers that come with the title. There is, however, one special catch. In these days, with the civil war raging, civilians carry around specialized weapons; be it in the form of a gun, an animal, a sword, etc. Anything you can think of, you can wield. Just make sure it's not too far-fetched.

Civilians can be neutral, good, or bad, depending on how you see the plight of Renatus. You can chose to side with The Organization, or with the Order, or you can work for the Prime Minister of your state. It's all up to you.

† Rules†

* General PE2K RP rules apply. Just because it's a different world, doesn't mean it's a different forum.
* No God-Modding. Whatsoever.
* Keep it PG13, people! Limit the use of harsh profanity, racial slurs and sex scenes. Go nuts with violence.
* Make sure you read these and have fun. To show you've read them, put "I swear on the flag of Rebirth" in somewhere in your SU.

† Sign-Up Forms†

Organization Form of Enrollment
Name -
Nickname(s) -
Age -
Gender -
Born In - Pick a state
Position - Leader/Captain/Forerunner
Element(s) Controlled - Maximum of 2
Appearance -
Personality -
History -

Oath of the Order
Name -
Nickname(s) -
Age -
Gender -
Born In - Pick a state
Fighting Style Mastered -
Appearance -
Personality -
History -

Prime Minister Application Form
Name -
Nickname(s) -
Age -
Gender -
Alignment - Good/Bad/Neutral
Born In - Pick a state
PM Of - Australia/America/Brazil/Denmark/England/Holland
Familiar Species -
Familiar Name -
Familiar Gender -
Familiar Appearance -
Appearance -
Personality -
History -

Civilian Birth Certificate
Name -
Nickname(s) -
Age -
Gender -
Alignment - Good/Bad/Neutral
Born In - Pick a state
Weapon of Choice -
Appearance -
Personality -
History -

The fate of Renatus is in your hands... I hope you chose wisely.
~ The Founder
† Other†

The basic language is English, though you may feel free to refer to is at Renatian. This is world in which you guys control; if something is going to be knocked down, you decide what it is. If there is a political change, it's made by you. If you feel the need that a new Prime Minister be elected, everyone born within the nation that the election is to be held in must PM me with their decision. One a Prime Minister is voted out of parliament, their familiar disappears and they must instead pick a weapon. The new Prime Minister gets to pick a familiar to protect him.

Once all elements are taken for The Organization, I will change the SU to 'Random Elemental Power' instead of 'Element(s) Controlled'. I'm not really going to pick your power for you. You get to pick it. In character it just appears as though I've given you that element to control.

The 'good' faction is The Organization. The 'bad' faction is The Order. Civilians and Prime Ministers may chose an alignment.

If anyone is confused about anything, just drop me a PM. I'm usually online. :D

The Organization Founder Jix/Civilian Jennifer Skezeer - Skeez
The Organization Captian Zoey Heart - mickmon95
The Organization Leader - Spark_Demon

08-15-2011, 03:45 PM
Organization Form of Enrollment
Name - Jix
Nickname(s) - Jixaw
Age - N/A
Gender - Male
Born In - N/A
Position - Founder
Element(s) Controlled - Fire and Ice
Appearance - Jix is a tall character, and slim too. He is always seen wearing a black robe (http://shadowal.webs.com/photos/Shadowsquidy%20Dudes/Cloak-1.jpg), and the hood is usually almost always up. When it is down, however, his facial features shock most people. His left eye is fire red, and his right ice blue. His hair is an icy blue colour, too, and short and spiky. His teeth resemble fangs, and he has a scar running from the left corner of his mouth to the left corner of his left eye, and vice-versa on the other side. This gives him the impression of a permanent smile. Sometimes he chooses to hide his facial features completely, wearing a completely white mask with a black jigsaw piece on the front of it.
Personality - Jix's personality is a puzzle itself. There are times when he seems happy, carefree, and kind, and then there are times when he is portrayed as sadistic, cruel and relentless. Regardless of his personality, Jix is fighting for the right cause. At least, that's what he believes.
History - Little is known about Jix, but he is believed to have been around since the beginning of the Rebirth. Whether or not this is true is a fact known only by The Organization. And even they don't seem to know much about their Founder.

Civilian Birth Certificate
Name - Jennifer Skezeer
Nickname(s) - Skeez
Age - Ninteen
Gender - Female
Alignment - Bad
Born In - Russia
Weapon of Choice - Jennifer carries with her a large, wooden staff. The staff is attached to her back, and in a life or death situation, the tips of the staff can be removed to reveal a pointy blade.
Appearance - Jennifer stands at 5'4", and has a very athletic body shape. She shows it off by wearing a lime green tank top that stops just above her belly button and with cargo shorts (http://oldnavy.gap.com/Asset_Archive/ONWeb/Assets/Product/633/633397/main/on633397-00p01v01.jpg) covering her upper legs. Usually this is accompanied with knee-high white stockings and black, mid-shin boots, however sometimes she simply opts for a pair of black sandals/thongs/jandals/flip-flops (whatever you want to call them). She has bright green eyes and a cute face, with light brown hair usually in pig-tails.
Personality - Jennifer is a down to earth, calm, sensible girl with a fierce side. She is very trusting of others, however can tell when she is being lied too. It is almost like a sixth sense. She is very bubbly and charismatic, and rather flirty, too, and she loves being the center of attention. Tantrums often occur when she doesn't get her own way, but only for a short time-span; she usually settles down and returns to her normal self seconds after one of the said tantrums starts.
History - Jennifer was born in the state of Russia in the city of Moskva to a broken family. Her father, an alcoholic, was previously working for The Order before her birth, yet dropped out and got a job at a local bar to support his family and be closer to them. Months after her birth, her mother was brutally murdered by members of The Organization. They claimed that, due to her father working for The Order in previous years, someone in the family had to pay for his mistakes, and since he was the provider and she was still a young girl, her mother was the one who they chose. Shortly after this, she was abandoned by her dad on the doorstep of an orphanage. Instead of being taken in by them, though, she was found by a family with a sworn vendetta towards The Organization. She was raised with hate, and purely for revenge; she is a fighting machine. There is no known way to stop her, and it doesn't look like she'll be stopping herself till every member of The Organization is dead.

I swear on the flag of Rebirth...

08-15-2011, 04:48 PM
Organization Form of Enrollment

Name: Zoey Heart

Nickname: Zoe

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Born In: England

Position: Captain

Elements Controlled: Water and Earth

Appearance: Zoey is stands at 5"7 in height. She has a pretty average body type except more athletic than most women her age. Zoey usually wears a long sleeve purple shirt with a black skirt with black tights. She wears black leather boots and black leather gloves to match. She almost always has a black heart pin in her hair. She wears dark red lipstick and light blue eyeshadow. She has beautiful long purple hair. She has beautiful crimson red eyes and pale white skin. Zoey has a long scar running up her left wrist. She tries to hide it by almost always wearing long sleeved shirts. Zoey is quite the beautiful young lady.

Personality: Zoey is a confident and serious young woman. She isn't one to joke around and is always working hard. She doesn't like doing nothing and is short tempered. She is impatient, sarcastic and rude at times. But most of the time she is usually nice if being treated the same. She is respectful of her elders and is very hard on herself when she makes mistakes. She despises being wrong and she will argue to prove a point. She isn't one to take risks but if she must, she will. She isn't really a girl girl but is not a tomboy. She has trouble expressing her true emotions but is a hopeless romantic none the less.

History: Zoey was born and raised in Burnley City, England. Zoey was raised by her mother, Gloria, mostly but her father is Bruce. Gloria was one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but sometimes too nice. Bruce a mean and cold hearted person. He was always putting Zoey down telling her she would never amount to anything. This is why when she was 14 she began cutting herself. Her father soon began physically abusing her mother, and that's why Zoey one day gave herself that cut that went all the way down her arm. She was rushed to the hospital and was in rehab until she was 15. Then she came back home to the same abuse but once she became 18 she took her mother and they left to New Manchester. At 17 Zoey joined the Organization. She wanted to be able to help bring peace.

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Accepted. Nice backstory, by the way, and I'm happy to see another member of the Organization. :D

Spark Damon
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Reserve me as Leader of the Organization.

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Spark_Demon, reserved as Leader of the Organization. Take your time with the SU, there's no rush. :)