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08-16-2011, 03:01 PM
Ok the challenges are simple, Complete the game using 1 Pokemon and that 1 Pokemon is Lillipup. Either Unova versions are fine, I suggest a ROM and Visualboy because nobody is gonna restart their whole progress just for this, However. You must show snapshots of your results after you're all finished and done.

When to take the snapshots and what parts of the Pokemon?:
When capturing your Lillipup (Sprite (Optional)).
After each gym (Stats, Sprite (Optional)).
After beating the Elite Four (Stats, Sprite (Optional)).

Lillipup cannot be evolved.

Lillipup cannot be hacked.

Lillipup may be raised to a Level of Guarenteed Win (LoGW).

This event will be taking place from 8/20/2011 until 10/10/2011, Which means you get 50 days (A month and 20 days) to complete this challenge.