View Full Version : Is my Pearl glitching?

08-18-2011, 07:25 AM
I'm starting to get really mad at the type effectiveness in this game. I was by the Survival Area trying to train my Snorunt to evolve into Glalie, so I switch it out for my level 75 Pachirisu. I use discharge twice, and both times, it's moderately effective. The opponent is a Fearow. What gives? It plays the normally-effective sound and doesn't say "It's super effective!" or it doesn't even kill the darn bird in one shot. This has been happening a few times. Battling Cynthia's Spiritomb today, it said "Pachiri used U-Turn!" And it ALSO wasn't super-effective. I thought maybe Bug moves were bad on ghost, so the super effective on the dark averages it to the middle, but this Fearow incident in Route 226 has made me start to wonder. I've never used any cheats in my life. Could anybody please explain why this is happening to my game? It's irritating and disadvantageous!

The pokemaster
08-18-2011, 08:10 AM
Well, for starters, Spiritomb isn't weak to Bug, so U-Turn should be dealing neutral damage to it. Bug is super effective on Dark, but it not very effective on Ghost, thus neutral.

As for the Fearow; In the wild around the Survival Area, Fearow learn the move Roost. Roost is a move that, while not only restoring Fearow's HP by upto 50%, also removes its Flying type for one turn. So it's likely that Fearow has used Roost when you used Discharge, thus Discharge dealing neutral damage, since Fearow is only Normal type on the turn it uses Roost.