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08-18-2011, 09:33 AM
Okay, before i start i would just like to say this will be version one of my nuzlocke and hopefully after i complete this nuzlocke i shall creat version 2.
Version 2 will be a video nuzlocke so you can follow me every step of the way visually.

This is my first time playing Pokémon Platinum and sorry if i suck. If i do not post in this thread for more than 1 month contact me on my gmail account to ask me whats going on. I might have forgot about it since i have alot on my mind at the moment.

The rules for this nuzlocke are basic rules;
When a Pokémon faints it is counted as dead and needs to be either released or placed in your pc box, you are only allowed to capture one Pokémon from each route, water and tall grass count differently from the short grass.
All obtained Pokémon must be nicknamed, the theme shall be about Naruto/Naruto Shippuden/Hitman Reborn characters( ILOVETHOSEANIMES).
Legendaries can be caught but are not allowed to be used as a part of your nuzlocke run.
Finally, if you black out or white out it equalls to game over.

08-18-2011, 11:12 AM
Lets get this finally underway then.

Part one, Twinleaf town --- Pokémon battle with Roy

So i switched my ds on and watched the whole opening, the things i liked about it where the distortion world part. I really don't seem to understand why they have scarfs on but never mind, i'm sure i'll find out sooner or later.

So a browny orange screen came up at the bottom and there was a black screen at the top.
I was greeted by someone. Who introduces me to the world of Pokémon.
I'm not gunna tell you everything he says because it's going to be pretty lame so i'll just skip some parts. He asks me to touch the middle of the pokéball on the touch screen and this weird rabbit thing jumps out and stands next to his suitecase. He talks about how Pokémon and us work together.
He asks me if i am a boy or a girl and i get really pissed off and don't return to my ds screen after i sulk. These things are pecks professor Rowan not boobs. After i get over it i click the male character and tell him my name, my name is Tristan.
He then asks for my friends name and in the anime he is called Barry but ima call him Roy. After that i shrink and appear watching a tv program about professor Rowan and appear at my house with a tv, a wii and a laptop.(OHH YEAH)

Roy comes running up my stairs as soon as i move and tells me we are going to see professor Rowan to get our own Pokémon and he will fine me like $1,000 if i am late and i don't get a say in it what so ever.
So i head downstairs and talk to my mum about something and leave but she warns me not to go into the grass without a Pokémon of my own. "WHATEVER!"

I walk out and i see snow, OHHHH thats why they have scarfs. Okay i'll head off to Roy's house.
He pushes me out of the way of the door, "Wait what, your allowed in my house but i'm not allowed in yours?"
He forgets soemthing and heads back home, so i follow him *Tag along*
He forgot his bag and journal, LOOOOOL what a nerd.
I head up and he decides to run in but slightly before he runs in professor Rowan shouts out to stop him.
Bla bla bla bla, we get to choose out Pokémon, i'm going to choose a Pokémon that will have an advantage over the first gym leader, so i chose Piplup.
Me and Roy have a battle and i complete own his crappy Turtwig.

Piplup Level 5

08-20-2011, 09:40 AM
Okay in this post i will be carrying on from my last post.

Pokémon battle against Roy --- Second Pokémon battle against Roy

So after i tore Roy ( my rival) to shreads i apppeared at my house and got my Piplup healed.
I tell my mum that i am going of on an adventure and she wishes it was her as a joke, well anyway i get some running shoes and get of and see Roy standing there waiting to go to the lake with me.

As we enter the lake, there is a mysterious blue haired individual standing there. Talking about something but shortly he leaves and so do we right after him, well as soon as we realise we have no pokéballs to capture the legendary Pokémon with.
I hed over to the first patch of grass and encounter a Bidoof, which sucks because i was hoping for a good Pokémon to appear but i killed the Bidoof and kept going to Sandgem town.
When i reached Sandgem town i saw Dawn standing there, we both entered the research lab.
We entered. Professor Rowan gave me a pokédex and i renamed my Piplup into, Naruto.

I left the lab and Dawn was giving me an introduction of the poké centre and pokémart and she headed north and told me to go tell my mum i was going on this adventure.
I went home to tell my mum, had a few battles along the way but nothing serious.
I told my mum and she said okay, but right before i was about to leave Roy's mum entered my house and wanted me to deliver a parcel to him and i accepted.
I went back north to where Dawn was and she showed me how to capture a Pokémon and i was like OKAY:susp:.

I went into the short grass and my first encounter was a Shinx which i thought i should capture and i renamed into Sasuke.
Before heading to the trainers standing there waiting for a Pokémon battle, i levelled both my Pokémon to level 7/8 then battle the first 3 trainers and headed up to Jubilife city.

I saw Dawn, again, who took me up slightly to the left of the Poké centre and we saw a detective named Looker. After that Dawn left me and i went into the trainers school and saw Roy, i gave him the parcel and surprisingly there were two maps inside and he kindly gave me one. Before i left the trainers school i had a couple of battles.

As i headed north this man was standing there who told me to find 3 clowns, answer their questions and get the coupons from them and come back to him to receive a poketch. Which stands for pokemon watch.
So as i did theat and got my poketch and went into route 203, i saw Roy again and battled against him again with my Naruto and Sasuke and he had a Turtwig and a Starly.

Currently at ---- Route 203

Pokémon --- Naruto/Piplup level 12
Pokémon ---Sasuke/Shinx level 11