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09-02-2011, 08:02 PM
(1) Single Battle: 1 Pokemon each
(2) DQ: Two Days
(3) Damage Caps: None
(4) Restrictions: No Direct Healing Moves, No OHKO Moves
(5) Arena: Resevoir


It's larger than meets the eye, those plants are gigantic.
(6) Ref Style: Open

I will send

[Mr Quackers] Porygon-Z (G)
Ability: Download
Stats: N/A
Signature Move: None

09-02-2011, 09:59 PM
No Signature Move
Ability: Torrent

Lets start off with Toxic twice for insurance. But if they use an attack before you move, use counter in place of the second one.


09-03-2011, 11:52 AM
Alright Mr Quakers, lets use Magic Coat, and then use Tri-Attack

Magic Coat ~ Tri Attack

09-26-2011, 08:28 PM
The crashing sound of a waterfall drowned out the sound of just about everything else. I tried to shout above it to tell the trainers to send out their pokémon; I doubt they heard but they got the gist and threw the poké balls they had been holding anyway. On my left, gmandiddy released him Porygon-Z, a digital creature that looked like a duck with a floating head. To the right, murgle-flag’s Marshtomp slipped into the calm waters of the pool. The two battlers looked at each other, waiting for the order to attack.

Round One

[Mr. Quackers] Porygon-Z (X)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: All systems functioning correctly
Moves: Magic Coat ~ Tri-Attack

[Starla] Marshtomp (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Ready to beat virtual backside
Moves: Toxic ~ Toxic/Counter

Mr. Quackers, the Porygon, was the first to move. Its detached head floated up and down as a shiny sheen spread across its malformed body. Starla gave the duck a strange look; she wasn’t sure what it was doing. On the other hand, I had seen this trick before. I knew what was coming up next and was looking forward to seeing it.

Starla began to tread water while she prepared her own attack. A thick, bile-like substance rose in her throat, burning like an acid. She gagged as the venom filled her mouth, nearly spitting it out into the water around her. Luckily, she managed to hold it in long enough to take aim and fire the gloop at Mr. Quackers. The duck squawked as the poison began to burn its way into its already malfunctioning database. But then, the poison soared back again, hitting Starla in the middle of her face. The mud-skipper choked; the poison was already seeping through her slimy skin. She couldn’t believe that this had happened – this was terrible.

And it was possible that it was about to get even worse. Three balls of energy began to orbit Mr. Quackers as it hovered over the water. The first glowed with a fiery red light and created steam whenever it got close to the water. The second was yellow and crackled like lightning. Finally, the third was a pale blue orb, which froze the water as it passed over. The trio combined to form one and a beam fired from it, flashing between the three colours rapidly. Starla was pushed back through the water and into one of the rocks at the side of the reservoir. She groaned quietly as pain shot across her from both sides. This wasn’t going well for her at the moment; hopefully she’d be able to change that soon.

She had a plan to get back at the weird duck. A layer of orange armour spread across her body, trying to gather up the damage taken by the last attack. Unfortunately, since the attack hadn’t involved contact, the armour had next to no effect. The Marshtomp decided to give up and wait for the next round, feeling a tad embarrassed.

[Mr. Quackers] Porygon-Z (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 89%
Condition: No errors detected; Magic Coated

[Starla] Marshtomp (F)
HP: 80%
Energy: 94%
Condition: Not happy with her performance; Toxic-poisoned

Magic Coat- (Porygon-Z -6% Energy)
Toxic- (Rolled 64/100, 9 or less to hit; Marshtomp -6% Energy, toxic-poisoned)
Tri Attack- (Rolled 4/10, 2 or less for effect; Porygon-Z -5% Energy; Marshtomp -18% HP)
Counter- (Fails, no physical attacks have been used on Marshtomp)
Toxic- (Marshtomp -2% HP)

Arena Notes

09-29-2011, 10:41 PM
gmandiddy, you have 24 hours to post or you will be disqualified!

10-01-2011, 01:44 AM
gmandiddy, you have 24 hours to post or you will be disqualified!

All right.

murgle-flag receives his $10.
gmandiddy receives nothing.
KantoBreeder receives $5 for reffing a round.