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Cobalt Shadow
09-09-2011, 05:56 AM
I was looking on Facebook last night and saw a post I have been waiting years for

"The brand new Nickelback album, 'Here and Now', is heading your way November 21, 2011 also known as "NICKELBLACK MONDAY!" The first singles, "Bottoms Up" and "When We Stand Together" will ship to rock and pop radio respectively on September 26th, 2011. Stay tuned for even more big news and keep an ear open for the new music!"

I was in the best mood when I saw this and had been waiting for years for it. I also read somewhere that this was gonna be like All The Right Reasons, which is my favourite album, so I am excited big time.
ANyway who here can't wait like me? Or am I the only Nickelback fan on PE2k