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New Horizons
Part 1:http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs46/f/2009/185/6/8/Arceus_Destroyer_Forme_by_nintendo_jr.png

ROLEPLAY HERE (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3353296#post3353296)

DISCUSSION HERE (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3353290#post3353290)

New Horizons, part 1: Dark Arceus, is a continuation of my previous rp, The Rise of Mt. Pyre parts 1-3. The only way I can think of explaining without revealing too much vital info is with this lengthy exposition/prologue and I am so sorry if it bores you.

*EDIT* I suddenly realize that the prologue/exposition isn't necessary, but a bit beneficial, so instead of boring yourselves with my sucky thrown-together mesh of writing, you can skip down to the plot (picture of ghost pokemon) and your role section. I recommend reading the prologue after being accepted just for some understanding of my characters, but it really isn't essential.

Main character exposition/Prologue:

“Couldn't it be possible to wake up with an empty head?” I asked Riley once more as I stumbled along beside him, his arm tight in my grip for a guide. Looking up at my guardian, though there was barely enough light to see my own hands, I could clearly see his pinched expression of irritation at my slowness. I looked down at my shoes in defeat. Yes, I knew it was called amnesia. Yes, I knew there's no such thing as an 'empty head', and yes, I knew I've already asked this in the past. I had hoped he would sense my distress in my stupidity, hear the quiver in my voice, feel my hands trembling as I gripped his arm close. I was hoping too much again, of course. His mind was full of knowledge; no room for sentiment of any kind.

The sky was as dark as dusk even in the noon-hour of summer as we picked our way through the thickets of the northern-Lilycove forest. A black cloud hung in a swirling vortex above our destination, as it had for the past few days; a thick, pulsing mass of the living dead. Duskull, Duskclops, Shuppet and Banette, joined by their kin from Kanto and Johto all congregating for reasons unknown to nearly all, blackening the sky and saturating the air with thick waves of their moaning cries. I hugged Riley's arm tight as we proceeded, fighting the shaking, the tears, the visions...

Riley was only a few years older than me, somewhere in his late teens or early twenties, I wasn't sure, but old enough to be registered as my legal guardian. I still have to crane my head up to see his face. A triangle of his red t-shirt was visible beneath his pitch-black leather jacket, which was cold and hard to the touch even in its well-worn state. His short, thick mop of hair seemed as if it was cut with a blunt razor whenever it grew too unruly, and was as white as snow. I couldn't see his eyes, as usual, since he wore dark, mirrored sunglasses to hide them.

Me? I don't know who I am. Go back a few years and I found myself waking up and staring at a plain, beige ceiling. Riley was there, changing some bandages wrapped around my head. I didn't know who he was, said he had found me wandering around with a gash on my forehead. I stupidly thought my brain had leaked out from my head and left it empty. Somehow, he took me in, raised me, took care of me. I pondered for a long time about what to call him. Brother didn't seem to fit, and dad was just...odd. So I call him simply Riley, my 'guardian angel'. We both guessed that I am about fourteen, give or take a year. Nothing about my looks can mark me as different; short bob-cut brown hair with a faint dark green streak, brown eyes, average height. Nothing special. My red shirt has billowing green sleeves, and a long white skirt which keeps getting caught and torn in the underbrush. My blind eyes cause my feet to stumble in the darkness. Riley's blind eyes made him extraordinary. The 'normals' praised his astounding detective skills despite his impairment. The youngest man on the Hoenn police force, a record number of successful cases and youngest ever to be promoted to chief inspector. The 'normals' couldn't know of his, of our, skills. No one could.

I looked nothing special. I felt like nothing special. Yet I was, because I woke with an empty head, and in its place came the visions. Visions of the past, present, and future. And always, that same vision, that man in grey, with the silver hair, sitting in the softly falling snow, and the blood, on his hands, on his arms, dripping across the pure white of the snow. Everywhere.

A murderer, Riley told me, whom he had been searching for for a long time. He gently squeezed my shoulder, a rare sign of happiness. Warmth swelled in me, and now it was being sucked away with every breath, with every step we made deeper and deeper into the forest, to find this murderer and bring him to justice at last.

“You're certain he will be here?” Riley asked without stopping.

I was toying with the gold locket around my neck again. A birthday present, from Riley, with a looping C carved on the front. Callisto, yes, I think that's my name. “He's here,” I mutter, “The air, it's just like in the visions.”

Riley stayed silent, hands stuffed in his pockets while I dangled oddly off one of his arms. “Stop toying with that, Callisto, it's very valuable.”

I kept it in my hand, as the trees began to thin out. The clearing, just as I had seen it, loomed out in front of us. Above, at the eye of the storm of ghosts, a thin shaft of sun shone down unto the decrepit, ruined walls of what was once a humble cathedral. Drops of dew shone silver on the mossy rubble of three crumbled walls, and the last standing pews were bathed in a dusty rose and lavender light from the last stained glass window of the far wall.

My throat tightened with fear as I saw him then. The man in grey, in blood. There was no blood this time, only the young man, sitting serenely on the remains of the fallen western wall, feet just above the ground, head bowed and turned away from us. He was thin, and looked frail as willow branches, like a small breeze would snap him in two. His clothing was old, but formal, black pants and shoes with a black shirt, and a dark grey suit with two yellow bands at the cuffs, as well as an odd yellow zig-zag that ran around his waist. A silver-grey top hat with a yellow band above the brim sat on his head, bent slightly askew in the centre so that the top half bowed slightly towards his face, and his hands were covered in gloves of the same colour. His hair was a strange silver-grey, and fell in a soft fringe just above his shoulders. It was thin and flyaway, like gossamer thread, and in the faint rays of sun shone like spinarack silk and silver. His face was more boy than man, almost elfin, eyes closed. At first, with his hands clasped in front of his lips, I thought that he was praying. As Riley and I approached, I saw that his fingers were clenched tight, and trembling. In fear.

This was a murderer?

“Julien.” Riley's firm voice made me flinch. It was not a shout, nor a question. More like a command.

My flinch was nothing compared to Julien's small jump as his eyes shot open and searched for the voice, faint wisps of silver bangs falling across his face.

His large, dark eyes found Riley's sunglasses. “Riley,” his voice was as airy and wispy as a faint autumn breeze, and twice as quiet. Then, his eyes locked on mine. They weren't brown, as I thought. They were deep, and melancholic, and the dark burgundy colour of blood. Suddenly, my vision began to fade. Whiteness, more and more light filling up, as I saw Julien rise from his seat. Another vision was coming, but I never saw what it was. I do remember what happened. I could remember a sharp pain at the side of my head, and the light went out, and left the dark.

I remember those clouds. Strange, purple grey clouds slowly parting from the sharp noon hour sun. And the two round eyes the colour of blood.

I screamed until my vocal chords cracked, scooting backwards on my hands and bottom away from him. “RILEY,” was the only thing I cried, “RILEY!!!!!!” Again and again, until I was backed against a crumbled wall and no sound could come out of my hoarse throat.

Julien was crouching a few steps away, hands up in peace. “Please,” he muttered as I broke down into raspy sobs, “Please, I want to help,”

“Riley,” I breathed again, realizing that he was no where around. What did this murderer do to him?

“He left right after he hit you,” he breathed, almost regretfully. Panting and shaking, I looked back at him, still crouching there with his eyes fixed on me, one hand outstretched, offering his hand. “I'm sorry I couldn’t stop him, but I was afraid he was going to try and kill me too.”

My head pressed against the cool stone. I felt blood on my hand from where I was clutching my locket, now clutching air. No, not my Riley, he would never, this man is lying...

“Please,” Julien leaned a little closer, “I know him, he's lied to us both, he'll kill us both too if we stay here. Please. Let me help you.” His hand was still held open towards me, just out of reach.

I hesitated for what seemed like an eternity. Still he waited for an answer.

I placed my blood-crusted hand in his.

His gloved fingers closed around mine.

Thus began the longest journey of our lives.


These have been uncertain times. Ever since the mysterious ghost uprising above the forests north of Lilycove several years ago, the public has wondered what would happen next. Now, the ghosts gone, there is another threat. A former detective and prodigy in the Hoenn police force had suddenly disappeared with a substantial amount of money and confidential information. Police will not give any report about how they were duped by a mere teen, a partially blind one at that, but there have been rumours leaked that Riley Dubois, son of infamous weapons specialist Lucian Dubois, now deceased, was the perpetrator of the theft. There were already suspicions regarding his, peculiar abilities, possibly linking him to the ghost incident above Lilycove hardly a year ago. He has connections everywhere in the world and extensive knowledge on advanced weaponry, as well as being suspected to own a dangerous and illegal Darkrai. Newspapers and headlines warn everyone; be on the lookout for this dangerous, and ingenious criminal. If seen, do not confront under any circumstances. Call the local authorities, and pray he doesn't find you.

Of course, when you're gambling in Veilstone, the gambling capital of Sinnoh, you're not thinking of stories like this, am I right? It's a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and you have a bag of coins in your hand. Sounds pretty perfect to me. A bit too nice, for my liking. But things will change, very soon. I'll make sure of that...

Unbeknownst to the humans, no, to anyone other than they themselves, all over the world, hiding in the shadows, or deep within the woods, or even walking among the humans like they were one of them, the lucky few 'abnormals' who escaped from their labs are walking among the 'normals', searching for more of their own, searching for a safe haven, and hiding.
Always hiding....

History of the morphs: See discussion/roleplay threads (below plot on those pages)

Your role:
All over the world, the hunt is on for the elusive criminal mastermind, Riley, and everyone is pitching in their help, forming a world-wide network to try and stop him. In the background of the otherwise quiet daily routine, there have also been hushed murmurs about mysterious creatures, powerful things that are not quite pokemon, and not quiet human, yet no one seems to know what they are. Whether you're a budding amateur investigator, visiting friends in Veilstone, a professional inspector following a thin lead to the same city, a trainer just passing through, a canon, a wild pokemon, a creature of questionable origins, or even the great Arceus himself, no one can be prepared for what comes next. The only thing you know is that you need to be in Veilstone, for there is something...'abnormal'...approaching....

*incoming message for pokemorphs only*
....don't have much time.....if any....lis...ten............my friends...stay....hidden......the humans.........if......................you........ ......foun..............they...will....ry.......to ........kil....................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............
only a faint GPS marking on the message is detectable. Veilstone..........

Rules/what to expect:
This plot for everyone; morphs, trainers, coordinators, breeders, other humans, shinies, wild pokemon, fakemon, legendaries, canons, etc, so please don't discriminate against any. My only exception is Giratina, it's mine!!!!!!!!!!!
Normal PE2K rules apply (no god-modding, bunnying, etc.) NPC characters will be named as they are created but it may be up to the rper to create a minor character now and then.
I may get a bit scientific-ish now and then, plus have a lot of info on pokemon. If you get confused feel free to ask me for an explanation or search it on Bulbapedia. Unova pokemon are allowed, but this first part predates the discovery of the Unova region so please try not to mention it until a latter time.
I don't go with most of the game's mechanics, namely the four-move cap, no-dodge thing, and anything else that wouldn't make much sense in real life, and I think most people will think the same.
This will have some non-pokemon weaponry and stuff, as well as some mild violence and gore.
Since this is during the school year I understand it'll take a long time between responses, but I'll give an approximation of when I'll respond next. Please try and inform everyone if you want to stop rping or if your response will take a while.
I seem to have an aura that repels literate rpers for some reason...I speak like an illiterate in ooc but am literate when bic, don't worry.
This plot is quite involved, which I hope is okay for most. The major region featured in part 1 will be Hoenn, as well as all pokemon up to fourth gen, but if there's an Unova/fifth gen trainer out there they are still welcome.
It's perfectly fine if you have more than one character, or wish to start out with one and bring in more characters as you get accustomed to the plot. I personally will have over twenty characters (seriously) near the end of part 4 if anyone still sticks around for that long.
Though this plot is actually very long-term, I've split it into parts so that people can drop out after one part or chose to continue if they wish, but please stay till at least the end of one part. At the end of the part, I may or may not host a new SU thread, depending on the number of people still willing to continue.
Pokemorphs are lab-made and refugees in the human world. There is one lab per region, except for the Unova region. Pokemorphs from the same lab will often recognize each other and may form groups/societies for protection.
Though I have experience rping, this is my first time attempting this on pokemon 2000, please be patient with me.

Sign-up sheet :

Gender: <female/male/genderless or a secret>
General idea of age: <either specific age or age range is fine, this plot progresses and it becomes easy to loose track>
Appearance/Picture: <It seems like a lot of people have pictures but I always love reading a nice description.>
Personal pokemon knowledge: <up to fifth gen, or below? Don't know a certain region? Don't know many canons? Just anything you may worry about being left in the dark about.>
Other/Misc: <anything else you want to say?>

(add for trainers and/or canons)
Trainer class: <if not sure, either newbie or advanced>
Pokemon Party: <can be kept secret until rping begins if you'd liike>

(add for pokemon)
Ability: <not required, but can be included>
Moveset: <can be altered later or kept secret>

(add for fakemon)
Species: <what is it?!?!?!>
Ability: <not required, but can be included>
Moveset: <can be altered later or kept secret>

(add for pokemorphs)
Species: <preferable to keep secret>
Laboratory: <region where it's from, one major lab in each region.>
Language: <human, poketongue or both>

**NOTE**: Do NOT post your character's history (unless it's somehow essential for comprehension). The way I see it: We as rpers will have all the characters in front of our faces, their personalities, their lives. Our characters, when they meet, will not know each other. They will not have read the other's personality or history. I just think that we as rpers should find out about each other's characters as our own characters do as well, so that our reactions can be more realistic. It may sound weird, but I still insist on little to no history before hand, instead, incorporate it into the rp or even merge it with the plot if the opportunity arises.

Check back to this post to see if you're accepted. Once I feel there is a suitable number of people (or people stop signing up) it will begin.

(I do not own any of the pictures other than my avatar. Advice is still appreciated if you're not interested in joining!)

Current cast:
Callisto, Julien and Riley (from Oracion)
Cody Moon and Sara (from Max)
Erik Marx, Aria Rals and Zen Kyles (from Sylver)
Janet and Jenny Pearson (from Whimsicott)
Zac Storm (from Pokemon of Destruction)

09-15-2011, 03:46 AM
Um...typically the sign-ups board is used to gather people to well, sign up for your RP. You might not like SU forms, but maybe simply have a base, single-RPer SU sheet or something? And if you have more than one RPer, PM RPing could get to be pretty confusing, so you'll want a board just for RPing on the RP boards... The threads here are just for getting people here interested, having them sign up, and chatter throughout. Interesting plot, though.

09-15-2011, 04:15 AM
*Name: Well in the RP, call me Sara, as that's who I'm RPing as. OOC reasons, call me Max.
Gender: Female.
Species/type of human/creature: Shiny Flareon!
Pokemon Party: She is a pokemon...
*General idea of age: Sheesh, I dunno. Shes evolved, and she's mature, so I would say...16?
Physical description: Well, I obviously cannot include her epic abilities, as that would be basically godmodding. She's a shiny flareon, with a black and grey star with an amber loop aound it stuck on her mane. Kinda like a tatoo. ^-^"
*One sentence to describe you character: She's bossy, and always wants to win. She also has a crude sense of humor. Other details can be found in my fanfic, the first or left link of mine.
*Pokemon knowledge: Just up to platinum, whatever they named that region.
Other/Misc: Sara will not have her memory from my fanfic, Ambersand, nor will she have her epic Classico or Amber attacks. Basically a 'blank' Sara.

OOC: Awwh, it's fine!

09-15-2011, 04:26 AM
haha, well, I was just getting on, and you just posted. Coincidence, I guess. You'll need to be a bit patient with me, as I'm new to RPing, but I'll try my best.

09-15-2011, 04:35 AM
A shiny pokemon, great! Welcome, Sara and Max! Oh, and did you read my intro? The reason I posted my intro instead of waiting to create a board for it was that most of the time, when people accept to rp with me, this is what happens:

Scenario 1:
Other person: hmm, this seems like an actual original plot, yes I believe I would be interested in participating in this endeavor.
Me: *talks like an illiterate* OMG YAYS! K, here's my intro: *posts freakishly long intro8
Other person: *eyes pop out of head, backs away slowly and runs, leaving me all alone.*

Scenario 2:
Other person: Can I rp with you I love pokemon!
Me: Sure thing! *posts freakishly long intro*
Other person: The girl walk out of pokemon center she had long hair brown eyes and her pickahu is on her head she look over at (my characters, who have just been involved in an epic life and death battle) says hi there Im mary-Ann whats your name?
Me: *dying*

99.99% of all my rps end up like either one of these two. See why I'm so paranoid now?

09-15-2011, 04:43 AM
Yes, I see now. But don't worry, I'm good with words! At least, I think so...it'll be fun!

09-15-2011, 04:48 AM
Shouldn't we wait for...others? And yes, no clue.

09-15-2011, 04:51 AM
Like I said, I usually do a roleplay with only one other person via the private messaing system, and it doesn't look like anyone else is joining right now...Shall I send you a message and we can begin and see what happens? If someone else comes I'll tell you to come back to this thread and maybe we can actually have a group rp, although I don't know how to manage one....I can figure it out if needed!

09-15-2011, 04:54 AM
Sure. Go ahead and send it!

09-15-2011, 11:46 AM
Not normally, and I've never seen a two-player RP advertised on the SU boards. Group RPs as you have called them, are fairly easy to manage--why not look to some of the other on-site RPs for ideas? And that SU sheet wasn't so bad--and if you want to see how their RPing skills are, ask for an RP sample. It's just not done much around here.

09-16-2011, 04:18 AM
Please read this to understand how roleplaying works here. (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=103040)

Short version: First, you make a thread in this board, called your Sign Up (SU for short) thread. In it, you allow people to sign up for your RP by filling out a sign-up form. A generic sign up form looks like this:


Every sign-up form should include these basic sections. They help flesh out and give definition to a character, which allows other RPers to understand them as well as yourself.

After you have made your SU thread, you wait for people to sign up. This usually takes at least a few days. Currently the boards are rather inactive so it may take much more. If your RP seems attractive, people will fill out your sign up form, at which point you, as the RP master, must accept them. Once accepted, they may begin RPing. Also in this board you can make a Discussion thread, where OOC chat about the RP should take place in. Here (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=114424) is an example of an SU thread.

The RP thread should be made in the main RP boards. If it is a Pokemon RP, use the [Pokemon] header. If it is not, use the [Other] header. This is where all the RP posts will be made. OOC chat should be kept to a minimum. Here (http://pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=114788) is an example of an RP thread.

If you still don't quite understand what to do, try joining other people's RPs to see how they work.

On a side note, asking for an RP sample has generally fallen out of fashion here on Pe2k. You can usually tell how well a person writes by their SU anyways.

Welcome to Pe2k, and have fun!

09-16-2011, 12:40 PM
Yay for a better explanation than mine!

Yeah, the format can be slightly confusing at first, but you get used to it after awhile. As for people not joining, the format is odd compared to what most PE2Kers are used to and a bit more background wouldn't hurt... Maybe try a reformat and slight update then post a retry and see what that does?

09-17-2011, 05:37 AM
I'm not sure what you meant as 'retry' but this is as good as I can get it for my first try! Hope it's better than last time!

09-17-2011, 04:06 PM
Hey, hoping I might be able to join in here.

Name: Erik Marx
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Shiny Raichu Morph
Laboratory: Johto
Language: Both
Appearance: His orange-brown fur seems to shine in the sunlight, flowing with the breeze as his skintight crimson shirt and long azure slacks cover some, his elongated tail with its trademark thunderbolt swings out from a small opening in the back of his pants. An ornately-adorned sword hangs off his left side and a pair of fingerless gloves provide a better grip for the hilt. Two plain jet black running shoes rest on his feet. Sky blue eyes reflect his emotions very well.
Personality: He likes to hang out with his friends and make new ones, but he alwats seems to be an outcast in most groups, which has got him none so far. He takes life for what it is and hopes for the best, always prepared for the worst. He gets hurt easily, although he doesn't show it much, but those who would know him would be able to tell the subtle changes he has mastered to hides his emotional state.
Personal Poke-knowledge: 5th Gen
Other: He has a thin build with slightly defined musculature. He harbors feelings for a certain Pachirisu girl traveling with him, but he's too afraid to admit them yet. He is a master at ropework from his youth as a boy scout and he also steals whatever he needs when he can, although he does not like it.

09-18-2011, 04:11 AM

Welcome Sylver and Erik! Updating current cast right now, but I should also mention, pokemorphs have to, well, not reveal what they are around the humans. Got it? *wink*

Also, check out the plot and your role sections again, I added a little bit at the end of each just for pokemorphs.

09-18-2011, 05:55 AM

Welcome Sylver and Erik! Updating curretn cast right now, but I should also mention, pokemorphs have to, well, not reveal what they are around the humans. Got it? *wink*

Also, check out the plot and your role sections again, I added a little bit at the end of each just for pokemorphs.
I see. So, are there any Pokemorph societies?

09-18-2011, 08:27 AM
I see. So, are there any Pokemorph societies?

*wink* oh come now, saying so would be endangering the pokemorphs in those societies. But, the answer is yes and no. Yes, it's possible, but difficult, as pokemorphs have to remain hidden as much as possible and not draw attention to themselves. And no, not at the moment, but one could form in theory, particularity if the members knew each other from the same laboratory.

09-18-2011, 08:39 PM
*wink* oh come now, saying so would be endangering the pokemorphs in those societies. But, the answer is yes and no. Yes, it's possible, but difficult, as pokemorphs have to remain hidden as much as possible and not draw attention to themselves. And no, not at the moment, but one could form in theory, particularity if the members knew each other from the same laboratory.
...ok? So, when will the RP start?

09-19-2011, 02:21 AM
...ok? So, when will the RP start?

I'm keeping this thread open for another week or two and see how many more people wish to join. If by two weeks time no one else comes I'll ask Max to come join us and we can begin.

09-19-2011, 05:27 AM
I don't need to sign up again, do I? I don't think so anyway. Just PM me when it starts up with a link to the RP.

09-24-2011, 10:31 AM

As it seems that there isn't too much new interest in this plot, this thread will continue to stay open and the roleplay will be launched either october the 1st or 2nd, depending on my homework load.

New sign-ups will still be welcomed afterwards, but only if they have read and caught up with how much the roleplay has already progressed.

The posting order will be the same as the cast order on page 1, bottom of first thread.

In lieu of extended absences (vacation, homework, etc,) that will make you unable to respond, please tell us beforehand so that we may continue until your return.

Another sign-up session may be held once part 1 of New Horizons is finished.

End of announcement, thank you for reading!

09-29-2011, 09:34 AM
This sounds pretty solid. You have an interesting roleplay philosophy that I somewhat relate to as well... Mind if I join?

I have a few questions though... are we allowed to submit two characters? And what's the history behind pokemorphs here anyway (besides the lab thing)?

09-30-2011, 12:26 AM
I've decided. for the group RP I will be using my other character. And my other character.

Name:Cody Moon
Gender: Male
General idea of age: 14
Appearance/Picture: http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee368/phibb2/flareontrainer.png(credit to Cheerful Cherubi)
Personality: Wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every day. He just wants to get things done as quickly as possible. He can communicate with pokemon, and understands them. That dosen't mean he won't stand up for what is right or do what he needs to do.
Personal pokemon knowledge: 4th gen
Other/Misc: He really hates capturing any pokemon, and thus has caught a whopping 0. And the tail is not fake. He can actually create black and white flames in his hands for a short time due to his tail. Will often stand up for pokemon(role reversal) and fight alongside his own flareon, Sara.
Trainer class: Reluctant Trainer
Pokemon Party:Sara, noraml coloured flareon, medium level.

@33Whimsicott33: I believe you can if you want. About the history thing, I don't know. You could just make it up when you get to figuring out your past, I guess.

10-01-2011, 02:43 AM
That's great, trainers are always welcome, even if they're only reluctant ones!

Of course you can join, just remember to post your character sign-up sheets, since that seems to be the standard around here. It does help for identifying who is who. Submit as many characters as you can manage, like I said, this plot is character heavy (and also like I said, I'm gonna be bringing in a bucket load of 'em as the plot goes on). As for the morphs, I usually prefer secrecy, but by now I figure; ah why not?

History of Morphs:
Many many years ago, almost a century before present date, the laboratories of the five regions went their separate ways; the public/private labs, now run by the regional professors (Oak, Elm, Birch, etc,) and individual professors (Ahkihabara, Yung, Fennel, etc.) studied pokemon's relationships with humans and how they could live and work together, thus leading to the world we know today. The other labs, the Sector Labs, winked out of known existence that same day, and disappeared.

The most brilliant minds of four of the five regions had signed an oath together, swearing to their cause and devotion to secrecy of their discovery; how pokemon and human dna can be combined to make something much more. For over a century the Sector Labs have operated in secret under the guise of the world's leading scientific research centres, such as the Kanto/Johto medicinal research centres, Sinnoh's genetic research lab and the main advanced weaponry laboratory in Hoenn's north-east archipelago.

For over a century human subjects, as pokemon to human morphing isn't practical, have been locked away withing these labs, undergoing terrible testing and experimentation, fights to the death and dissection for parts. For over a century, they have suffered and died under the fierce oppression of the most brilliant minds in the world, for over a century, not a soul outside the Sector Lab Consulate had known of their existence, and for many centuries to come, for those few who had managed to evade the meticulous and deadly security features of the labs must still live in fear, fear of being hunted down by the Sector consulate, and fear of being spotted for the freaks they are by the other humans, the 'normals', living blissfully unaware of the clandestine war that has enveloped the world around them. Fear of the 'normals', the unintended death-call for the 'abnormals', as the 'normals' never took well to anything 'abnormal'. Anything 'abonormal' ended up behind bars, prodded with needles, or dead.

I will be adding this section to both the Roleplay board and the Discussion board later on!

10-01-2011, 06:48 AM
Two character submissions, both Pokemorphs

Name: Aria Rals
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Appearance: She takes the appearance of a Pachirisu Pokemorph, several scars along her back, hidden underneath her blue shirt and several more along her legs, hidden by a pair of blue jeans. She walks barefoot and her sleeveless shirt is too loose, slipping over her right shoulder and partially revealing the related c-cup breast, covered by a white lace bra. Her emerald green eyes display her emotions as easily as a child's book does a title and her long sky blue hair reaches her ankles.
Personal Pokemon Knowledge: 4th Gen
Other: She constantly sticks near Erik, claiming that she feels comfortable while hiding hidden feelings for him. She likes when he holds her near him, too the point where she seems to purr, and she has been seen leaning against his chest as the two of them slept, his arms wrapped around her protectively.
Species: Pachirisu
Lab: Johto
Language: Both

Name: Zen Kyles
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Zen is a very tomboyish young woman. She wears a pair of black jeans and red fighting gloves on her body at all times, her d-cup breasts bound with a considerable amount of sport bandages. Her red eyes flare her emotions out when she reaches the boiling point, but otherwise warn others to leave her be. Short, spiked crimson hair covers her head and a pair of daggers are strapped to each arm, available at a moments notice should she require them.
Personal Pokemon Knowledge: 5th Gen
Other: She hides her softer side through a veil of annoyance, but she is secretly looking for someone who could offer a shoulder to cry on when she reaches the breaking point of bottling up her emotions. She harbors a firm fear of large bodies of water, so Erik and Aria have to tie her arms and legs to keep her from practically jumping ship whenever they leave shore, locking her in Erik's room.
Species Arcanine
Lab: Hoenn
Language: Pokespeak only

10-02-2011, 07:25 AM
Alright, let's try and challenge!

Jenny Pearson

Gender: Female
General idea of age: 12-14
Appearance/Picture: She has a diminutive stature, with a rounded face, and with brown hair cut short. Her skin is fair, but pale from spending little time outside in the sun. Her eyes are a dull grey with a tinge of green.
Personality: Jenny has strong convictions in looking for the truth. She is always asking questions, and this coupled up with her rather energetic personality can come out to others as potentially annoying. She loves, and is intrigued by Pokemon, but doesn't have much interest in becoming a trainer, preferring the domestic environment of school. She's read many books and absorbed much knowledge of the world of Pokemon, its inhabitants, and its myths. Her experience with that world, however, is another matter entirely...
When tackling a problem, she likes to plan things out and work methodically. She's always eager to help out someone, whether they asked for it or not!
Personal pokemon knowledge: Up to 5th gen.
Other/Misc: In Hearthome City.
Trainer class: (Newbie) While she knows a lot about Pokemon from her studies, her skill level as a trainer is low.
Pokemon Party: Spinda (Nickname "Twirlie"), Castform (No nickname), Kricketune (Nickname "Radio")

Janet Pearson

Gender: Female
General idea of age: 12-14
Appearance/Picture: She is a girl of diminutive stature, with brown hair grown long. Retaining some of the traits of her counterpart pokemon species, she is covered completely in yellow-matted fur, save for the red that tips her short, paw-like hands, and the long rabbit-like ears that protrude from atop her head. A small, black nose dots her rounded, mouselike face, with two red cheeks with the mark of a "+" sign on either side. A short tail protrudes out from behind her with a similar shape. Her large, dilated eyes are a dull grey with a tinge of green.
Personality: Janet, like her sister, is always curious about the circumstances surrounding her. She always has questions stirring in her mind, and takes it upon herself to find the truth. Through those convictions, she won her way out of the laboratory that held her, and to the outside world. The wilderness is her preferred place of living, and she is generally laid back when living in isolation. However, she is very pragmatic with survival, always keeping in sight a single goal in her life: Not dying. When tackling a problem, she prefers to act in the moment and improvise based on what she see in front of her. Janet has grown up to be relatively distrustful of everyone, and everything else. Not just humans (though they're at the top of the list), but any living thing with a decent degree of sentience. Having grown up with fights to the death as a commonplace occurrence, she's become fully aware of how even the most benign of living things can be prompted to turn on their friends, allies, or masters in the right situation.
Personal pokemon knowledge: Some of Hoenn, but also has much experience with other pokemorphs
Other/Misc: Dwells in the areas around Route 110 and often hides out in New Mauville.
Species: (If the description didn't make it obvious) Plusle
Laboratory: Hoenn
Language: Both

10-02-2011, 07:32 AM
If you check the cast list, you will now find the Pearsons and Whimsicott have now joined the party! It's your turn right now Whimsicott, so I suggest checking both the rp and discussion boards right away!

10-02-2011, 10:03 PM
oops, I made a few errors last night in my character submission. I accidentally switched the names around. They're edited now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pokemon of Destruction
10-25-2011, 11:12 AM
Name: Zac Storm
Gender: Male
General idea of age: 16-17
Appearance/Picture: He has pointy ears, red hair with black tips, red claws and a blue head band. He likes to use an illusion as a disguise. He looks like a normal human with brown hair
Personality: He hides in shadows and tries to blend in. Though if someone is in trouble he will try to help without being seen. He is distrustful until he know the person enough to decide what kind of person they are.
Personal pokemon knowledge: 5th
Other/Misc: He gets rid of his disguise when he is weaken or by choice.
Species: Zoroark morph
Laboratory: Unova
Language: Both

10-27-2011, 02:56 AM
Hello there Pokemon of Destruction (may I call you PoD? Lol, Pod...) and Zac, I'd be glad to welcome you to New Horizons, but since the roleplay has already started quite a bit, you need to catch up a little. For that, and also because you're a very, very special morph (Unova) I need to have a quick interview with you through the private message system (I can't tell everyone else the significance of Unova yet.)

If this interview gets done before I can post my next post, you can post your intro before I post my 'dream-sequence' thing, then when we resume normal post-order your turn will be after Whimsicott, okay? AFTER we have a little chat, that is.

Zac Storm: Approved!

11-07-2011, 06:14 PM
Name: Ghost
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Appearance: A misty sphere, with two glowing red eyes and a glowing red mouth. Two disembodied claws serve as hands to manipulate material objects.
Personality: Sadistic, but sane. Despises humans for undisclosed reasons. Loves to scare.
History: Very little is known about this thing, but many think it could have some connection to Lavender Tower in Kanto. Others think he could be related to some recent murders around Veilstone, but noone knows anything for certain. However, some say he once dueled with Mew... In any case, his loyalties are clear; he fights for himself and noone else.
Other: His most powerful ability, Curse, allows him to steal the soul of anyone who gets hit by it. However, he tends to save this for the tougher foes. His type: Ghost-Dark.

And yes, he's based off the Ghost Black creepypasta.

11-07-2011, 09:48 PM
Yayyyy NEW PERSON! I'm just here to alert you that you would need to catch up by reading all of our posts. I can't accept you :( because I didn't make it XD but I'm happy you're joining. Also, what happened to your MLP crossover? I was enjoying it.

11-08-2011, 05:32 PM
Yayyyy NEW PERSON! I'm just here to alert you that you would need to catch up by reading all of our posts. I can't accept you :( because I didn't make it XD but I'm happy you're joining. Also, what happened to your MLP crossover? I was enjoying it.

Oh yeah! I haven't updated, but I'll try to update soon.

11-10-2011, 05:25 AM
Kay, am lacking sleep and in a horrible mood, just to warn you all...

ultimate (cool name), since you're coming in late you will have to read through what we've done so far and mail me a summary of the plot and the characters involved up till now. Also, the information in the signup seems fine, like I said this roleplay is for anything and everything so long as you can prove you're not illiterate after a few posts, but like I said in the sign-up criteria I don't want character history in the sign-up. It's still okay so long as you can provide a summary. Also, I think Ghost and Julien are going to have a few conflicts.

Julien: B-b-b-but, it was not me, Veilstone wasn't, I, but, they weren't, I didn't, no one could prove it was me! *whimpering*
Riley: Are you seriously going to cry about this?
Julien: *sniffles* No. *trembling*
Riley: *stares in disgust and shakes head slowly* Just...pathetic...

03-30-2012, 03:56 PM
Name: he was given a name in pokemon language a rough translation is krane
Gender: male
General idea of age: 9-12
Appearance/Picture: A young boy who was left in a forest by his parents at birth taken in by a pack of six pokemon (convinent huh lol) they are his only family
Personality: extremley shy he has almost never seen a member of his own species before
Personal pokemon knowledge: unova reigon
Other/Misc: he doesnt use pokeballs his family taught him that they were cruel also if his family gets hurt he breaks out into a rage destoring every thing in sight only one thing can stop him his dragonite mothers singing.

03-31-2012, 03:18 AM
General idea of age:14
Personality:he is sort of shy and doesn't talk that much.Usually he runs when talked to.
Personal pokemon knowledge: nothing
Other/Misc:on his shoulder he has a electric blue lightning bolt with spheres around it
Laboratory:I was created in a deep secret underground 500 miles underground sinnoh
Language: human

03-31-2012, 03:26 AM
This thread is dead, dude.

05-28-2012, 08:48 PM
Name: Unkown
Gender: Genderless
General idea of age: A few months
Appearance/Picture: The same shape as abra, apart from a horn in the middle of my head, pure black whith dark red eyes.
Personality: Very serious, easily made angry
Personal pokemon knowledge: played all games from gen III, but have knowlege of all regions
Other: Created.

Species:Unkown. rumours that Spiritomb and abra were connected in a labratory. Scientist forgot abras tendancy to teleport.
Level: 7
Moveset: Phychic 2, teleport

Saraibre Ryu
05-28-2012, 08:56 PM
Name: Unkown
Gender: Genderless
General idea of age: A few months
Appearance/Picture: The same shape as abra, apart from a horn in the middle of my head, pure black whith dark red eyes.
Personality: Very serious, easily made angry
Personal pokemon knowledge: played all games from gen III, but have knowlege of all regions
Other: Created.

Species:Unkown. rumours that Spiritomb and abra were connected in a labratory. Scientist forgot abras tendancy to teleport.
Level: 7
Moveset: Phychic 2, teleport

Hi there, just so you know, the last reply in this thread was in March, and this role play has been dead. Please remember to check the dates and use the Role Play Directory (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=117931) to find new role plays for you to join! ^^