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New Horizons
Part 1:http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs46/f/2009/185/6/8/Arceus_Destroyer_Forme_by_nintendo_jr.png

SIGN-UP HERE (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=115870)

DISCUSSION HERE (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3353290#post3353290)

These have been uncertain times. Ever since the mysterious ghost uprising above the forests north of Lilycove several years ago, the public has wondered what would happen next. Now, the ghosts gone, there is another threat. A former detective and prodigy in the Hoenn police force had suddenly disappeared with a substantial amount of money and confidential information. Police will not give any report about how they were duped by a mere teen, a partially blind one at that, but there have been rumours leaked that Riley Dubois, son of infamous weapons specialist Lucian Dubois, now deceased, was the perpetrator of the theft. There were already suspicions regarding his, peculiar abilities, possibly linking him to the ghost incident above Lilycove hardly a year ago. He has connections everywhere in the world and extensive knowledge on advanced weaponry, as well as being suspected to own a dangerous and illegal Darkrai. Newspapers and headlines warn everyone; be on the lookout for this dangerous, and ingenious criminal. If seen, do not confront under any circumstances. Call the local authorities, and pray he doesn't find you.

Of course, when you're gambling in Veilstone, the gambling capital of Sinnoh, you're not thinking of stories like this, am I right? It's a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and you have a bag of coins in your hand. Sounds pretty perfect to me. A bit too nice, for my liking. But things will change, very soon. I'll make sure of that...

Unbeknownst to the humans, no, to anyone other than they themselves, all over the world, hiding in the shadows, or deep within the woods, or even walking among the humans like they were one of them, the lucky few 'abnormals' who escaped from their labs are walking among the 'normals', searching for more of their own, searching for a safe haven, and hiding.
Always hiding....

History of Morphs:
Many many years ago, almost a century before present date, the laboratories of the five regions went their separate ways; the public/private labs, now run by the regional professors (Oak, Elm, Birch, etc,) and individual professors (Ahkihabara, Yung, Fennel, etc.) studied pokemon's relationships with humans and how they could live and work together, thus leading to the world we know today. The other labs, the Sector Labs, winked out of known existence that same day, and disappeared.

The most brilliant minds of four of the five regions had signed an oath together, swearing to their cause and devotion to secrecy of their discovery; how pokemon and human dna can be combined to make something much more. For over a century the Sector Labs have operated in secret under the guise of the world's leading scientific research centres, such as the Kanto/Johto medicinal research centres, Sinnoh's genetic research lab and the main advanced weaponry laboratory in Hoenn's north-east archipelago.

For over a century human subjects, as pokemon to human morphing isn't practical, have been locked away withing these labs, undergoing terrible testing and experimentation, fights to the death and dissection for parts. For over a century, they have suffered and died under the fierce oppression of the most brilliant minds in the world, for over a century, not a soul outside the Sector Lab Consulate had known of their existence, and for many centuries to come, for those few who had managed to evade the meticulous and deadly security features of the labs must still live in fear, fear of being hunted down by the Sector consulate, and fear of being spotted for the freaks they are by the other humans, the 'normals', living blissfully unaware of the clandestine war that has enveloped the world around them. Fear of the 'normals', the unintended death-call for the 'abnormals', as the 'normals' never took well to anything 'abnormal'. Anything 'abonormal' ended up behind bars, prodded with needles, or dead.

Your role:
All over the world, the hunt is on for the elusive criminal mastermind, Riley, and everyone is pitching in their help, forming a world-wide network to try and stop him. In the background of the otherwise quiet daily routine, there have also been hushed murmurs about mysterious creatures, powerful things that are not quite pokemon, and not quiet human, yet no one seems to know what they are. Whether you're a budding amateur investigator, visiting friends in Veilstone, a professional inspector following a thin lead to the same city, a trainer just passing through, a canon, a wild pokemon, a creature of questionable origins, or even the great Arceus himself, no one can be prepared for what comes next. The only thing you know is that you need to be in Veilstone, for there is something...'abnormal'...approaching....

*incoming message for pokemorphs only*
....don't have much time.....if any....lis...ten............my friends...stay....hidden......the humans.........if......................you........ ......foun..............they...will....ry.......to ........kil....................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............
only a faint GPS marking on the message is detectable. Veilstone..........

Rules/what to expect:
This plot for everyone; morphs, trainers, coordinators, breeders, other humans, shinies, wild pokemon, fakemon, legendaries, canons, etc, so please don't discriminate against any. My only exception is Giratina, it's mine!!!!!!!!!!!
Normal PE2K rules apply (no god-modding, bunnying, etc.) NPC characters will be named as they are created but it may be up to the rper to create a minor character now and then.
I may get a bit scientific-ish now and then, plus have a lot of info on pokemon. If you get confused feel free to ask me for an explanation or search it on Bulbapedia. Unova pokemon are allowed, but this first part predates the discovery of the Unova region so please try not to mention it until a latter time.
I don't go with most of the game's mechanics, namely the four-move cap, no-dodge thing, and anything else that wouldn't make much sense in real life, and I think most people will think the same.
This will have some non-pokemon weaponry and stuff, as well as some mild violence and gore.
Since this is during the school year I understand it'll take a long time between responses, but I'll give an approximation of when I'll respond next. Please try and inform everyone if you want to stop rping or if your response will take a while.
I seem to have an aura that repels literate rpers for some reason...I speak like an illiterate in ooc but am literate when bic, don't worry.
This plot is quite involved, which I hope is okay for most. The major region featured in part 1 will be Hoenn, as well as all pokemon up to fourth gen, but if there's an Unova/fifth gen trainer out there they are still welcome.
It's perfectly fine if you have more than one character, or wish to start out with one and bring in more characters as you get accustomed to the plot. I personally will have over twenty characters (seriously) near the end of part 4 if anyone still sticks around for that long.
Though this plot is actually very long-term, I've split it into parts so that people can drop out after one part or chose to continue if they wish, but please stay till at least the end of one part. At the end of the part, I may or may not host a new SU thread, depending on the number of people still willing to continue.
Pokemorphs are lab-made and refugees in the human world. There is one lab per region, except for the Unova region. Pokemorphs from the same lab will often recognize each other and may form groups/societies for protection.
Though I have experience rping, this is my first time attempting this on pokemon 2000, please be patient with me.

(I do not own any of the pictures other than my avatar. Advice is still appreciated if you're not interested in joining!)

Current cast:
Callisto, Julien and Riley (from Oracion)
Cody Moon and Sara (from Max)
Erik Marx, Aria Rals and Zen Kyles (from Sylver)
Janet and Jenny Pearson (from Whimsicott)
Zac Storm (from Pokemon of Destruction)

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((I'm being lazy and just copying an intro once more, just so that the rp gets going. The post order is same as the cast order, so first is me, then Max, then Sylver and so on. If a member doesn't respond for an extended amount of time (a week or two) without previous notice, the other members can choose to continue until the missing one returns, or if he/she never does, just continue.))

The late autumn sunlight dipped low over the Sinnoh mountains, casting long grasping shadows over Veilstone. The neon-lit game-corner was still wide awake, as a young girl in her mid teens pranced her way out of the doors with a smile plastered over her face. “Pleasure doing business with you!” She said with an airy wave.

"Hey, get back here you!” A tall, bulky man with a bald head stomped after her. “There's no way you could've won all that without cheating!" The manager tried to grab the arm of the girl exiting the casino with a shoulder bag stuffed full of coins.

She twirled swiftly out of his grasp, smiling easily up at the man who was nearly twice her height. "How can you cheat on roulette?” She chirped. “Ask anyone, they'll say I did absolutely nothing wrong!”

The manager scowled. His fists looked like they wanted to pulverize the doorway. There was no evidence, no nothing. He snorted. "I'm watching you.” he grumbled, giving her the 'I'm watching you' gesture. “And you'd better not come back here again for a looooong time." he hollered as she skipped away.

She smirked and waved to him. "Don't need to!" She yelled back, for the sole purpose of watching his face go from plum red to a deep purple with rage. She skipped and hopped down the rocky path, headed straight for the bank, amidst a few stares at the coins bursting the seams of her bag. The thud of coins against her side was music to her ears. "Like taking candy from a baby." Her green skirt swirled behind her. "It sure helps to play the game when you know the number that comes next!" She pushed a strand of her short brown hair out of her face. As brown as her dark eyes. Except for one strand, which was dark forest green. Her shirt was red with long flared white sleeves, which ruffled and caught the wind, which she enjoyed. The breeze blew them out as she spread her arms.

"Sinnoh down, Kanto and Johto to go." It was darker than she expected. The cool fall day had silently shifted to dusk in her elation. She looked around and realized she'd gotten distracted and walked into the tree line. "Man, I should really look where I'm going," Then, her vision clouded over, becoming brighter and brighter until everything was enveloped in a white light. "Huh?" Shadows, moving, blobs of form, several, figures...then brightness, and nothing, and the city swam back into her vision. She teetered and blinked the starts out of her eyes. "Not again" The girl adjusted her grip on her bag to grip it tightly in her fists. She looked into the trees, watching. Waiting.

A shadow of movement. Then, the shadows became clearer and turned into blobs of form. There were several of them, coming closer, discernible figures, then,

"Gimmie the bag, girly." A huge thug wielding a very heavy looking bat stepped out of the forest, followed by a few buddies, a luxray, a yanmega and a bibarel, of all things. All the humans had a weapon of some sort. The girl studied them, then jutted her chin out proudly.

"Why should I?"

The big guy with the bat, the leader she supposed, laughed a semi-toothless laugh. He walked forward, slamming the bat into his palm. "You need a demonstration girly?"

She looked at the bat, and then at her bag and the view of the street behind her, suddenly realizing the mess she'd gotten into. And the noise, she couldn't concentrate with that noise. A tap, tap, tapping noise, coming from, behind her? Tap, tap, tap, slowly, getting closer. Tap, tap, against the stone road.

An arm draped around her shoulder. "Callisto, what's going on?" Someone said in a faint, wispy, airy voice.

Callisto winced and closed her eyes. "Oh no, no, not now, please, no."

The thug stepped back a pace, evaluating what had just arrived. It was a man, maybe less than twenty, it seemed, but he was breathing hard from the effort of walking like an old man, and he leaned heavily on a cane with a long hooked handle, since it seemed like something was wrong with his left leg. His clothes were pretty formal, an old dark gray suit and dress pants with black shoes, except for his hat, or cap more like. It was almost like a beret, a gray one, and he kept all his hair tucked under it. He kept his eyes lowered so no one saw them, and he leaned against Callisto's shoulder for support.

After evaluating the newcomer for a short time, the thug slowly began to chuckle, then break out into a whole-hearted laugh. "Hey, hey girly, this your boyfriend or your grandpa?" The other humans laughed too. "I know we don't rob old guys, but what the heck is this?" They were cracking up. The man, or boy, or whatever, didn't react, just kept looking down on the ground, silently.

Callisto was still standing as she was in a withdrawn, cringe-like pose, drawing away from the man who had just arrived as if she was ashamed to be around him. “Julien,” she hissed while the thugs were too busy poking fun at the pair, “what do you think you're doing?”

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((**NOTE**, if you want more info on my characters, please read my super long prologue on the Sign-up page {link at the top!}))

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(Note: My characters are the ones in my signature, for reference.)
He felt the eyes on him. He heard a few muffled words, but couldn't make them out. To avoid thier gazes, he ducked into an alley. The sun was bright, but dying over the town of Veilstone. He carelessly bumped into a man, and looking up, jumped back. The towering human loomed over him, looking ready to strike.

"Watch where you're going, wimp." he spoke, still unfrightened by the boy in front of him. Nobody from this region would be scared of him, but all of Kanto feared his name. Cody, the champion with a single pokemon. The one pokemon, Sara, was all he needed. He never caught another pokemon, Sara was a gift from his father. He often wondered how he got his hands on the shiny eevee that had since become a flareon, it was supposedly very rare.

"Move, ***!" the human interrupted his thoughts, barging in. And that's when he snapped. the human threw a single strong punch at Cody, the hit connecting.

"Huh? Fist-ey, are we?" Cody chuckled at his own pun, the fist stopped dead in his hand. The human tried his other hand, but this one was also blocked. Aggravated, the human decided a headbutt would hurt him, but before he could, his hands burned. He pulled his hands back, screaming now at the grey flames that crawled on his skin. Cody said one thing before he threw a grey fireball at the human's chest.

"Memento mori, sucker!"
"So Sara, what do you want to eat?" He asked, looking down at the shiny flareon. His tail matched hers, both dangling off the bench in town square. People had come up to him remarking about his tail before, telling him to grow up. He responded by throwing a ball of red flames at something nearby, exploding in a beautiful display of shimmers. They then usually ran away, frightened. He had all the inate abilities of a flareon, his tail granting him that power.

"Just a sandwich, Master. But later, please." Sara responded, smiling politely. Sara could understand him, and vice versa. But Cody rarely ever spoke in poketongue, people would stare at him even more.

"I told you never to call me that, Sara." he remarked, sighing at her formalities. He hated being a superior, he always refered to him and his pokemon as equals. He had fought for her as much as she had fought for him, gaining her respect.

The two sat silently in the crowded square, the croud slowly thinning out until just the two remained, tails and hair ruffling in the light breeze. It was spooky, the usually busy square hollow and quiet now, only the slight whistling of the wind could be heard.

"So, about that sub." Sara asked, less formal now. Cody really just thought Sara felt like screwing with him by saying "Master", she acted so differently if Cody just told her to be herself. he and Sara were friends, not Master and Pet.

(You're next, Sylver! I don't mind if you bunny in indirect ways, just please don't put words in my characters' mouths. Anything else is fine, like saying Hello, or bumping into my characters, challenging them, etc.)

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Erik walked along the shade of the alleyways, leaping along the stairways and landing carefully as to keep balance while making minimal noise. He felt the scar on his left hand act up slightly as he rubbed it. The thing was sending a dull, aching pain through his left arm. When he first escaped, he thought a normal human would have helped him. Instead, he was forced to shock him with lightning as he fled, bandaging the wound the boy's pocket knife gave him.

Ever since then, he hid from the eyes of the general public whenever he could. He would short out security camera's and overload the fuses of the Pokemarts whenever he went hungry at night, the small bag he carried with him holding much of the food he could find. Pokemon food tasted almost the same as Human food to him now, so he didn't care what he had to steal.

"Damn it... this city never sleeps, does it?" He cursed his luck as, like the last two nights, there were too many people in the streets of Goldenrod City to allow him the comfort of leaving without at least killing someone, something he wished to avoid at all costs. Finally, he saw a break and leapt down, covering himself in his trenchcoat and throwing the hood on as he walked forward, wrapping his elongated tail around his chest a few times in order to better hide it, ducking his hands into his pockets and pulling the hood down over his face so that almost all of it was covered in shadow. Walking along at a brisk pace, he pushed through a small bunch of people in a circle to see a female around his age being pounded and brutally attacked by a Swanna, a trainer scowling as the small crowd chanted "Death to Freaks!" again and again.

At the moment he saw the Pachirisu morph and took in the effects of the environment, he felt something surge inside him as his blood began to boil and pump into overdrive, his electric pouches sparking vigrously, lighting his face in the shadows in a very grim tone. Leaping forward, his tail swiftly uncoiled from his waist and shot out as a giant thunderbolt all but felled the Swanna, sending it into dark sleep for a good while. Tossing aside his trenchcoat, he was greeted with shock and awe from the crowd that tried to rush at him before a mortifying volley of lighting sent them scattering as he picked up the unconscious woman as a fireman would a victim of a burning house and fleeing into the forests near the town, leaping up into the trees as he moved on ward along the thick branches on his way to where he hid his stolen boat, since repainted and removed of all the tracking software inside.

Setting the young woman down on his bed, he quickly moved to the power column and started the engine, shoving off from the shore and steering into the seas as the injured woman rested on his bedding...

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"A Darkrai?" Jenny's curiosity was piqued as the one word caught her eye as she scrolled down the news page. The news of the criminal Riley had only just hit her school in Hearthome, and rumors began to permeate the low mutterings between its students.
A single criminal didn't interest her much, but the mention of a legendary Pokemon pulled her in completely. She wondered how in the world that kind of Pokemon could fall into the hands of what she viewed was a petty thief, and started to feel a little jealous of him for being able to get that close to such a wonder...

A bell broke the silence of her school library, and signaled the end of the day. Jenny hurried to put away her belongings, turned off the computer, and started on her way home.

"I'm sorry, but you can't expect me to always be ready to assist you," Jenny overheard from a voice she remembered as one of the school's professors. She edged closer to her him continue the conversation, "I have some more important matters to attend to this weekend, and will be out of town for the next few days."
"But we need your help tomorrow," said another voice, "You're the only one we have with the expertise on the Porygon that Mr. Backlot's butler is going to let us study. It's your field; what could be more important?"
"It's my niece's birthday in two days, and I promised her I would get her a Pokemon egg just for the occasion," the professor explained, "I have to go pick up the egg at Solaceon by tomorrow, and get it to her at Veilstone on the following day."
"Well, that's a shame," the other person said, "I guess we'll just have to-"
"I'll help," She interjected, imposing her presence on their conversation. The two turned their heads to her, surprised.
"I can deliver the egg for you and your niece," Jenny continued, "That way you can help your colleagues with the Porygon."
A few moments of silence passed as they considered the new opportunity she had dropped on their laps.
"Alright," the professor accepted, "I'll call the daycare to let them know you'll take the egg, and give you the address for my niece's house."
Jenny nodded and smiled; she was on good terms with her professor, and had gained a reputation of doing favors for others.
"Are you sure you're okay with this?" her professor asked, "It's quite a long way to Veilstone, and you've never been there before..."
"Don't worry, I'll find a way to get there," Jenny assured.

As soon as she got home, she packed her bag with supplies, took out her Pokemon, and brought up a map of her route.
"Okay, East to the river, past the Lost Tower... straight road north to Solaceon... then turn East at the Cafe Cabin..." Jenny marked her map as she prepared herself with the directions.
She briefly let out all her Pokemon, told them about their errand, and recalled them to their Pokeballs.
"Look's like everything's ready... time to go," and with that, Jenny took off on her bike and headed for Hearthome's East exit.

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Back in a concealed spot in Veilstone, the thug pretended to wipe tears from his eyes. "Enough chit chat, we want the coins, and either you give it to us or we'll beat it out of the both of you. What's it gonna be?"

Callisto shook Julien's shoulder, who wasn't reacting. "Julien," she whispered, "Come on, we don't need the coins, let's just get out of here."

He turned ever-so slightly to face her ear, eyes still trained on the ground and hidden beneath his cap. “Are your powers replenished yet?” His voice was soft and airy as the chill autumn breeze, wispy, fragile, and whipped away by the wind as he spoke.

Callisto, one eye steadily meeting the main thug's, hissed back, out the corner of her mouth “Just about, what for-?”

His hand tightened suddenly on her shoulder, nearly toppling her. “We need to leave. Now.”

The sudden harshness in his voice made her turn to stare at him, face still staring at the pebbles in the street. Julien didn't give any further answer. There was something wrong...

A dull, meaty swack of bat hitting palm averted her attention as the thug slapped his bat several times with his hand. “Hey girly, I don't have all day here.” Looking back at Julien's feeble frame leaning against her shoulder, Callisto wormed her fingers between his and began to concentrate. The thug cocked his head and stepped forward, arm outstretched to snatch the coins. “Yo, you hear me? Give, me, the, bag!”

She could feel the lightness that always came, the temporary disembodiment, and started to focus further, trying to block out the towering figure looming right before them and his two buddies staring, one with confusion, the other with a more intelligent frown creasing his brow. She lost it. The lightness, the concentration, it broke like a tread of silk. Her eyes fixed on that third thug's, hand falling from Julien's. The thug was staring back, a look of amazement and recognition and pure disgust. “Oh no...”

The lead thug noticed the line of sight between the two, and swiveled his head several times. “You two, know each other?'

Julien's gaze rose ever so slightly. The third thug was a stick-like teen boy, wearing a loose, baggy red hoodie but normal-fitting jeans with a baseball cap stuck backwards on his head over his mess of black hair. He was leaning back against a tree trunk, fists shoved into his hoodie pocket, but was slowly standing, glaring back at Callisto. “I remember you now.”

Callisto backed away, face contorting with recognition, but also with fear and indecision. She lowered her eyes to the ground, scrunching up in a little shaking ball. “I-I don't know, what-”

The third thug's eyes blazed with hatred born from a natural fear of abnormality. “You. You're that thing back at Hoenn. You're that freak from Mossdeep!” Pushing past the stunned thug leader, the third thug drew a long switch-blade. Everyone, excluding Julien leaning calmly against his cane, withdrew from the third thug.

“Woah, easy Alex,” the leader said, palms up and backing towards his buddy and their pokemon, “we don't need any blood today.”

Alex growled with a frenzied rage. “Pokemon don't work against that freak. Can't do anything to them, but-” His vision went white. He suddenly found himself falling. The side of his head made contact with the ground, blood and loose teeth knocking around in his jaw, before the pain set in. Excruciating pain radiating from his left cheek all the way to his ear, throbbing with each heartbeat and ripping down through to his bones. The pain sank further and further until it squeezed his lungs in a gurgling howl.

Callisto, still shivering, looked up. “Julien?”

Julien was looking over the boy's convulsing body as the other two thugs, as well as their pokemon, had already fled to the wood in cowardice. His feeble, willowy frame was straightened to its full height, the sleek black cane hanging limply from his left hand. Blood trailed in lazy zig-zags across the stone, falling in little drip, drip, drips from the silver hook of the cane topper.


The journalists wasted no time in descending upon the frenzy in Goldenrod. Like flies to blood they swarmed the scene in minutes, wasting no time to conduct interviews, search for exclusive first-hand footage, anything to make or break what could be an international-headlining story, feeding off the hysteria and mayhem for the next big scoop to stuff into their paychecks.

“It was HUGE!” one witness said, spreading his arms wide, “Like some sort of giant, mutant pokemon!”

“A human, a human with a pokemon living inside it-”

“They're real, I tell you!” another was screaming into the microphones, “Creations of the anti-Arceus, come to overtake the human race!”

“They're going to kill us! They'll kill us all if we let them!”

“Hey Ma, Pa, I told you so! I told you the freaks exist but did you believe me? Nooooooooooooooooo!”

At the epicentre of the hoard of cameras and microphones was a group of white-coated scientists was penned in by a cluster of cameramen. “One at a time, please, one at a time!” The scientist in the centre was waving down the pack, keeping them at bay as they lapped at their heels. He was a diminutive figure, rather paunchy, with small, dark eyes and thin pale grey hair. Though he seemed old, he moved with the strength and energy of one half his age, and spoke in a loud, clear, youthful voice. He wasn’t dressed in the usual, plain white lab coat. His was a pale, creamy beige with red trim around the cuffs of his long sleeves. “One at a time!” He shouted once more.

“Professor Aspen, what was the creature that attacked these witnesses?”

“Professor Aspen, will your medical research centre be launching an inquiry into these events?”

“Professor Aspen, why are the regional lab professors unaware of these monsters?”

“Professor Aspen, have any of these creatures been captured yet?”

“Professor Aspen, has Professor Elm had anything to say about these encounters?”

Aspen waved them all to quiet down, aka, shut up you idiots and let me answer a damn question already. “I can assure you all, that I personally will launch an investigation into these strange creatures. The public needn't worry, everything will be taken care of.”

“Professor Aspen, are the rumours about the Hoenn thief's involvement true?”

“Professor Aspen, is it true that the great Lucian Dubois' son, Riley, used the stolen information to manufacture these half-human 'super-weapons'?”

Something like a grimace wrinkled his brow. “We have no information to substantiate that fact.”

The crowd buzzed with more clicking and shouting and bright, sharp camera flashes as the scientists around Alder helped push back the crowd to let him pass. “No more questions,” they shouted as Aspen and two other scientists hurried him back to the medical research centre, Johto division.

Once far down the path, out of sight and earshot, Aspen, the head of the centre, looked reproachfully at the two escorting him. “What happened?” he hissed, “How did they escape?”

The one to his left flinched. “I-I don't know, sir, we didn't realize until-”

“Until THIS happened!” Aspen lunched out at the scientist's collar and dragged him down to his eye level, jabbing a finger back down the path to the city and the shouting crowd hidden behind a wall of forest. Aspen shoved the scientist away, kneading his temples while grumbling to himself. “If only Lucian and Allison were still alive...the Sector has been in SHAMBLES since their death! That professor Pine has NO CLUE how to run the Hoenn lab, let alone be the temporary Sector head in their absence! That BRAINLESS, IDIOTIC, MORON!”

The other two tried to shush him without much success. Aspen kicked at a tree as he passed it, sending pidgey flying in all directions. He whirled around at the two. “Has anyone found Riley yet?”

They shook their heads. “No sir, not our men nor the public police.”

“Rumour has it that he's left Hoenn. We're investigating that right now.”

Aspen's nostrils flared as he snorted his disgust. He turned back to the path to the research centre, pounding down the grass beneath his feet. “FIND HIM!”


((Okay, quick pokegeography lesson; (Because I just loooooove repeating myself... Kanto and Johto are a super-continent around the middle of the world, Kanto on the east and Johto on the west with a mountain chain separating the two. To the south-west, across an ocean, is Hoenn, a small, warm-climate continent dotted with many islands to the east and south. To the north of Kanto-Johto across another ocean is Sinnoh, a frigid mega continent split down the middle with another mountain chain, with the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Coronet, at the very centre. This is so that we all know the distances between the different continents. Oh, and Unova is on the other side of the world, but we don't need to know that until part 4.
Time differences:
Sinnoh: (east coast) 5:00pm
Kanto: 5:00pm
Johto: 4:00pm
Hoenn: 2:00pm))


Earlier, on the top floor of the Mossdeep Space Station, one worker stared blankly at the satellite scanner's green line circle round and round the screen. A green dot bleeped softly as the line passed across a satellite over the east of Sinnoh. The worker was resting his elbows on the counter and pressing his face against the palm of one hand. Twirling a pencil around in his other hand he heaved a sigh. “So boooooooored.” Ever since that insane rogue gardevoir messed up the launch system the day of what would've been their hundredth successful launch, the entire space station had been seriously understaffed. Due to the cost of covering up the error, refusing the would-be public expedition to the moon and the general cost to replace damaged equipment, a massive lay-off ensued and many of the remaining workers had to do other menial jobs to make up for lost manpower. Right now, Brent and about twenty other scientists were forced to stare at blinking green radar screens for five hours and report an inconsistencies in the blinks of the little green blip on the screen. It was the stupid station's fault; that gardevoir's rich owner paid them more than plenty to cover all the damages, after all he was some sort of billionaire, but of course the station heads would take any excuse to pocket something for themselves. So here they were, wasting away in front of the satellite screens, waiting for hell to freeze over.

((Aaaand if you were like me and heard about that space station launch rumour for the sapphire/ruby/emerald games, you'd be pretty pissed at that gardevoir right now too. I'll be bringing in a few of my Hoenn characters early for those in Hoenn right now!))

10-03-2011, 05:37 AM
Cody & Sara,
http://www.astrology-x-files.com/houses/graphics/Moon.gifEarly Evening

Cody walked in the door and jaws dropped. He walked up to the counter, and jaws dropped. Then he noticed: 'Oh yeah, Sara.' as he glanced down at his friend, smiling. The flareon was happy, she was smiling at the longing, jealous, and hateful eyes of the humans. Cody sighed, 'If only they knew.'

Cody walked up and ordered a foot long sub from the clerk, who was too busy staring at Sara half the time and forgot to toast the sub. The sub was still cold as he and Sara sat back at the bench, only a brisk walk from the sub place. Cody then noticed the sub was not toasted, and sighed. Looking around, he made sure nobody was around. It was later now, the moon had taken the sun's place. The only lights in the square were far enough away that they sat in the shadows. Though the small red flame that Cody lit in his palm illuminated the two slightly, it cooked the sub as he moved his hand under the sub. When all parts where a golden brown, he set down the wrapper in front of Sara along with half of the sub. She munched happily on it, taking large bites. Cody just nibbled on his, not really hungry.

"[You gonna eat that?]" Sara asked, Cody responding with a shake of the head and setting down the half left of his share. She quickly ate most of it.

http://www.astrology-x-files.com/houses/graphics/Moon.gifEarly Evening
(That's all! I will now be putting the time both at the start and end of each post, and if I switch characters. I think this will help with orgaization, as well as not having to search through the post for a time. I would like it if you did so also, and if you want to, copy my transition-thing. Of course, if you don't want to, you do not need to.

10-04-2011, 03:33 AM
Erik turned off the radio, hearing of the broadcast of a 'mysterious creature' attacking the crowd. He frowned lightly as he leaned back in the chair. His sword, a slender double-edged two-handed blade, rested lightly against the wall as he held two fingers up, watching the electricity spark between them as he sighed. Hearing a slight groan, he looked at his passenger and stopped messing with his electrical currents.

"Uhhhh...." She groaned, weakly trying to sit up, but giving up the notion soon. "Where am I...?" She faintly spoke.

"You are on my ship. It's a good thing you were not seriously injured or had any broken bones, I would not have been able to take care of you alone if you were." He spoke, seeing her shoot up in shock and look at him. "My name is Erik, Erik Marx." He introduced warmly, holding out a hand from his bedside seat.

"M-my n-name is Aria. A-Aria Rals." She spoke meekly before realizing that she had no clothing on. Sqeaking sharply, she covered herself in the sheets of the bed, staring at him in bewilderment. "Wh-why am I naked?"

"Oh, it's nothing like that!" Erik immediately spat out. "I had to make sure all of your wounds were fully bandaged. I didn't do anything like that, I swear!" He held his hands out in defense, fearing he would get hit somewhere he did not want to feel it.

"O-oh... I'm sorry... I never thought about that..." She apologized in response, blushing as she looked away. He's kind of good-looking, but I bet he already has a morph with him. She thought, not noticing him doing the same. Man... that sound she made was cute... and she doesn't look bad, either... Why is it always the cute ones? He thought. After a few minutea, he broke the peace and decided to speak.

"Well, feel free to walk about. It's not a large ship, but it's reliable, cozy, and now, not so lonely traveling in it." He spoke before catching his wording and cringing inside. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth... He critisized himself.

"You mean it's just you here? Nobody else with you?" She asked, slowly bringing her still-blushing face over to look at him again. To her, he seemed perfect. Average height, broad shoulders, a caring personality, sensitive, and even a toned form! If he was a normal human, he would no doubt be the attraction of females everywhere.

"Yeah. We're currently drifting along the currents of the ocean, headed for Sinnoh and Veilstone City, so feel free to rest up. I'm going to go back up and take the ship to a little spot I know it could hide in." He spoke calmly, standing and walking to the door. "Oh, and please don't mess with my sword." He added, closing it behind him quietly and walking up to the steering column, restarting the engine and slowly accelerating the boat to head to the northeastern shore of Sinnoh. Why am I blushing? He asked himself mentally


Zen walked along the night-covered paths of the forest, Veilstone City within range of her sight. She was beaten and battered, but thanks to her abilities, she was able to get away before any serious injuries could happen. All she needed now was-

A light. A very dim firelight snapped her out of her thoughts. Hastily looking over to the source, she saw what looked like a Human with his hand on fire, but in her enhanced night vision, she easily saw the tail coming from his backside, curiously limping closer. Seeing the Flareon speak to him as he handed her what was left of his submarine sandwich (a concept she could not comprehend), she involuntarily let out a weak, sharp yelp of pain as her left leg seemed to give out from under her, sending her down onto the ground, the last few threads of the bandages holding her breasts compressed against her chest breaking apart. She almost felt like crying from her luck. No matter where she went, bad luck seemed to follow her, spit on her furred face, and even kick her when she was down to send her to new lows in her emotional stability. And so that's what she seemed to do. She merely let her throbbing aches drive her to just lying down, too exhausted to move any more.

10-04-2011, 08:17 AM
"....don't have much time.....if any....lis...ten............my friends...stay....hidden......the humans.........if......................you........ ......foun..............they...will....ry.......to ........kil....................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............"

Only a few fragmented words rolled out of the radio before the static took over again. Janet could barely piece together the words that the syllables formed, but understood the alert behind the message, and how it was meant for her.
"Stay right where you are... don't move," she summed up what she heard in her head, "simple enough... as if there was anywhere to go..."
Janet sleepily curled up in the generator room of New Mauville, sandwiched between a dirty pile of old, discarded cloth.
The digital clocks illuminated her dark makeshift bedroom from every device in the room. 2:45PM; Janet's schedule was nocturnal, venturing outside only to collect the berries she needed to survive on. She didn't have anything to do during the day anyway. Enemies- trainers- roamed outside at this time of day, looking for anything to fight. Enemies- clockwork businesspeople- busied back and forth between the northern town and the southern port city, inclined to gawk and jeer at any abnormality that they'd spy in their path. Enemies- previous Sector Lab scientists- searched their ways through these parts, threatening to throw her back in the hellhole that deformed her.
Night time was much safer. Very few things roamed the route at that point. Hooligan bikers that gave away their presence from a mile away, night guards that she could detect and avoid as long as she paid attention, and the Pokemon. Wild Pokemon- at first she thought she could befriend some of the Plusles and Minuns around the route. She was able to carry out a civil conversation with one or two of them, but for the most part they just wanted to fight her like any other trainer. And then during night-time, the Pokemon really got wild; there was no use trying to reason with them at that point.
But it was much better than the humans. News spread fast among humans, while the Pokemon went about their ways caring not whether the last thing they fainted against was human, Pokemon, or any range in between.
And in New Mauville, she was safe- as close to being safe as she could be, anyway. The area was abandoned, save for a small population of Magnemite, whose mechanical personalities were not easily disturbed.
Janet had been accustomed to finding ways to make ends meet on her own. The generator provided a source of warmth for her, and the electricity was something she learned to leech off of when she needed comfort. A few of the communication devices in the area still worked, and fed in fragments of news of the outside world (though it all sounded so foreign...).
Some of the wardrobes yielded lab coats for which she used the cloth for a bed. Rubber suits were good for bagging berries when she went outside.
There were a few conductor suits that past workers had used to redirect electricity around their bodies when handling dangerous currents. That part didn't matter to Janet, though; she was already wearing one that she could never take off.
As the soft static of the radio continued, Janet began to drift into sleep again.

Janet was slowly aroused by the sound of approaching footsteps, and then suddenly alerted when the light of a flashlight seared red behind her eyelids.
"Whoa, wha-", the source of the light whirled back the flashlight to investigate the strange sight it had just caught. Janet instrinctively retreated into the pile of cloth to avoid being exposed, cursing her irresponsibility for sleeping next to the generator rather than keeping hidden that time. She opened her eyes and looked through the sheets, identifying a young boy no older than ten- a trainer, no doubt.
The boy, somewhat shaken at the unknown movement he saw in the darkness, rushed to pull his pokedex out of his pocket and scan whatever was out there. Janet slowly charged the fur around her with electricity, and the cloth became attracted to the charge, sticking to it. Meanwhile, the boy's device activated with a "click", and began to speak.
"Plusle, the Cheering Pokemon. Plusle loves to cheer for its fellow Pokémon, and it creates sparkling pom-poms by shorting out the electrical current released from its palms."
Janet groaned inwardly, rose up standing in a battle stance. She charged at the boy in her cloth cover at lightning speed, while shrieking as if to spite the happy-go-lucky description of her Pokemon counterpart species.
Quick Attack landed a blow, but not on the lanky bones of the boy; she had made a full-body charge into a hard, spiny body of metal. The trainer had called out a Lairon at the last moment, and quickly began his own move in the battle.
"Headbutt that thing!" he said shakily. The steel-reinforced monster knocked Janet back, sending a few patches of cloth fluttering from her armor. Still veiled, Janet landed on her feet and began charging electricity again- this time for an attack.
"That thing is huge..." the boy whispered to himself. But as he saw the sparks flare up around hist opponent's body, he snapped back into the beat of the battle, "Use Iron Defense!"
Janet stopped paying attention to the Lairon as she heard the move. As it began to tense up and strengthen its steel armor into an impenetrable physical wall, Janet let loose her Electro Ball, and hit her mark.
Both Lairon and its owner winced at the impact. The trainer frantically made another order, "Dig underground!"
Shaking off the electricity with a short roar of defiance, the Lairon slammed its claws into the ground and burrowed a hole straight through the tiles of New Mauville's flooring.
The trainer relaxed and watched expectantly at the target, waiting to see the inevitable surprise KO when Lairon would come from the ground. However, his confidence disappeared into shock as he saw his opponent slam into the ground. Shock turned into horror as the dust cleared to reveal a second hole- the result of another Dig attack.
"No wait Lairon, stay down! If you come u-" the boy's warning was cut short as the sequence unfolded itself. Lairon erupted out of the ground head-first, poised to strike. A moment of confusion crossed its face before the ground beneath it erupted and heaved it up from underneath.
Lairon's heavy body- with a few clumps of soil- sailed a few feet in the air before crashing down on the tile floor, unable to battle.
The boy tensed as he saw the figure of the supposed Plusle he was battling emerge from the ground. When Janet dug through the ground, she had scraped off all the patches of cloth that static cling initially held her disguise together.
Now she was completely exposed to the eyes of the trainer, who was at the moment taking her image in- from the red tips of her Plusle ears down to the yellow-furred ends of her toes.
"What kind of Plusle is..." the boy trailed off, awed and terrified. But as he heard the creature shriek suddenly remembered the danger he was in. He brought out his Pokeball to return Lairon and call out another, but by then Janet rushed in, and delivered a Quick Attack on the proper target.
The boy was knocked down and pinned with Janet's body. Her's cheeks began to course with a violent swell of electricity as she grabbed the trainers arms to restrain his flailing. She was small for her age, but the boy was much younger, and at the sudden direct attack on himself he completely helpless.
She began to realize that he was only a beginning trainer. Probably one of many who passed by on the route- just on the starting chapters of another journey to be a master.
"No Letgoplease! I don't wantto! PleaseIdontNoNoNONONO...!!" Under her weight and suppression, the boy's resolve crumpled like wax paper, and he broke down into desperate sobbing. The current of electricity she was charging continued to rise, spreading to the rest of her conductive pelt and reaching heart stopping-levels of danger.
"You saw me..." Janet growled mournfully, pushing her sparking cheeks next to his neck, "Now I can't let you go..."

A few reflected flashes danced through the hallways of New Mauville, with echoing howls following like the thunder after the lightning. Then nothing.

10-05-2011, 03:40 AM
Julien, Callisto, and Alex
Veilstone side-street, Early Evening

Alex's howl died down into a pitiful bout of whimpers. The flesh across the left side of his face lay ripped open in a thick, jagged line running from below his ear to his lips. Blood was spurting across the cobblestone as the boy shook with sobs.

Julien carefully knelt down beside Alex and gently cradled his head. “Shhh....” he crooned when the boy let out another scream of pain, “It's alright, everything will be okay. Remember me?”

Julien had taken off the scruffy beret, revealing long thin strands of hair as airy and wispy as his voice. It was once a page-boy cut, but had since outgrown the rigid style and fell in a soft fringe just above his shoulders, with faint, wispy bangs that brushed over his eyes. It was an unnatural silvery-grey for such a young man, thin and flyaway as gossamer's thread and shone like spider's silk and silver in the light. Alex's eyes shot open as he recognized his death looking down at him. He desperately clawed away in panic, back across the stony ground, away from the 'abnormal' that had trapped him, but Julien grabbed the boy's chin in his surprisingly vice-like grip.

Callisto suddenly realized the mess she had caused. Her legs wouldn't move fast enough. “Julien!” They were too far away, she was too slow.

Julien ignored her shouting, not taking his eye off Alex's. “Calm down,” he whispered peacefully. The boy's heartbeat skipped a measure, beginning to fade. “It's time for you to go.” Julien watched as the light of the Alex's soul grew dimmer and dimmer, dying out like cold embers. Dead eyes looked up at him as his life winked out of existence. Julien brushed the boy's eyes close. “Rest in peace.”

Julien gently laid Alex's head back on the ground as he stood up, dusting a bit of dirt off his knees. Callisto was standing behind him, staring down at the corpse, eyes wide and hands clamped over her mouth. She watched him calmly take the black handkerchief from his pocket and wipe the cane topper of blood and flesh, dabbing away the red splotches on his fingers like they were spilt cream. She watched as the impossibly deep burgundy of his eyes darken back to their deep, calm brown as he tucked away the handkerchief, giving her a warm, gentle smile.

"Are you alright, Callisto?" He asked genuinely sweetly. She shuddered. His eyes turned to concern and he stepped closer. "What's wrong?"

“Everything,” she thought, but her thoughts were quickly interrupted by other voices hastily approaching. Flashlights winked around the corner, nearing their hidden path by the forest line.

There was a crunching noise cut short by her scream. Her scream of pain when Julien grabbed her arm much too tightly was also cut short. He anticipated this and clamped a hand over her mouth. “Come on,” he whispered and sank into the shadows, pulling Callisto along with him.

On another side of Veilstone, Julien and Callisto re-materialized amongst a thick cluster of pine trees. He finally relinquished her arm, letting her fall to her knees whimpering in pain. The bag of coins clattered against the roots, spilling gold all over the ground, unnoticed. Once again, watching her sob in agony, the small bit of human conscience nibbled at the back of his head, sending a tiny prick of pain when he couldn't find that feeling. What was it called again? Pity? No, he could feel that. At least, he thought he could. Sorrow? Empathy? Yes, it must've been empathy. Or was it sympathy? He didn't know. Looking down at her pitiful mewling, all he could feel was the pain. Her pain. It tasted delicious.

He was careful to avert his gaze when she glared back up at him, looking to her shoulder, behind her head, anywhere but her eyes. He didn't want any further accidents. She didn't say a word, only stared up at him with an unreadable glare. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the faint, yellow-white glow dance around her arm as her powers activate. Inwardly he sighed. “Escape route A is now out of the question,” he thought, while extending a hand to Callisto. “Are you okay? Is your arm better now?”

She ignored his hand, keeping her eyes on the ground as she pushed herself to her feet. Callisto took two steps forward, and slapped his sharply across the face. He collapsed to the ground, a faint purple bruise spreading across his cheek while she waited for the sting to sink in. “How could you?” she whispered, too ashamed to look at him.

Julien, one hand tenderly over the bruise, pulled himself to his feet using a tree trunk. “I, see your arm has healed-”

“Stop it!” she shouted with a less than intimidating tremor, “You, you promised, no, you swore not to...you...how could you...” her firm, angry rant died off into more pathetic blubbering.

Julien watched her cry with a mixture of interest and curiosity. He wondered for a moment what crying was like and reached out for her hand. She flinched away. “Callisto, I'm sorry this has upset you so,” she ignored him, “but if I say I'm sorry for what I did, I would be lying. Please, I know it's hard to understand.”

Tearing her hands away from tear-stained eyes, she gave him a glare before grabbing her bag and what coins it still contained and stormed off back to the city. “No, I’m not an idiot. I know why you had to. That's what I hate about it. Go ahead and fill your quota for today. See you back at the hotel whenever.”

Julien made no move to stop her as she stomped back into Veilstone, pausing before stepping into the streets. Dim orange lamp-light pooled on the stones as she marched away beneath the ever-darkening sky. He leaned back into the shade of the pine, where branches and trunks grew thicker and denser, blacking out the last rays of the sun and engulfing him back in his home of shadowy darkness. She was so much more human than he, so mortal, so hard to understand. Then again, so were all the living things he'd met. Also, she was his only friend in the world.

Just as he had made the decision to follow her back to the hotel, a weak, sharp yelp of pain caught his attention and held it captive. He tasted it on it air. Pain, exhaustion, despair. The cane in his hand began to change as he melded into the shadows, invisible as a cloud across the moon, drawn towards the source of pain as helpless as a Dustox caught in lamplight. He approached, a mere shadow upon the tree, beside the battered, furred girl, lying defeated. Waiting for her death.


Mossdeep Space Station, Afternoon

It had been particularly slow in the space station recently, and work in every department had become lax. Mostly everyone was bored. Sitting at the satellite scanner for the whole day, Brent was bored to tears. His comrades on the other screens weren't much help, they were either staring blankly at the screen like him, asleep, or both. The sounds of soft blips and pens tapping against the counter were interrupted only by the squeak of chairs, the occasional visitor or coffee being sipped. Brent leaned back in his chair and spun it around, looking at the other zombies around him.

“So boooooored.” Every half revolution the chair squealed, and though it was something different, it was obnoxious and earned him several shushes. He slouched and slid downwards until his eyes were level with the screen in front of him. His plain green reflection stared back. His black hair combed back neatly, dark eyes, slight stubble around his chin. “You're getting old here,” he thought, though he was barely in his mid twenties.

Down the stairs, they could hear some footsteps. Brent didn't need to check his watch. It must've been break time. Recently break time had become the small highlight of his day. During break, coffee was brought up by the assistant and some of the scientists came up for a chat. He didn't care much for the conversation, and hated coffee, but the new assistant was always so nice, he didn't want to refuse a refill.

Brent's face turned rosy at the thought. “Shut up,” he thought to himself, “just, shut up.”


North Veilstone, Early Evening

Illuminated by the last rays of sun like a sheet of gold, to the north of Veilstone sat the region's weapons manufacturing company and laboratory, a tall imposing building stranded on the highest hill in the city. As the drama in New Mauville unfolded, another young man, possibly only 20, a bit older than Julien, strode confidently through the doors of this building. He wore a black leather jacket over a short-sleeved red shirt, even in the cooling weather, with equally black jeans and shoes, but not the short, thick mop of hair on his head. His hair, by contrast, was a startling pure white, with uneven ragged edges like it had been cut randomly with a dull razor. He was a scruffy, thug-like youth, not unlike many of the other sloppily dressed late teens of the modern age, but an air of malice hung around him. Not something one would expect from the common young punk. Something darker, malevolent, and calculating that buzzed with preternatural intellect.

The receptionist barely noticed, staring aimlessly at a magazine in her boredom. "Sorry sir, but we're not open to visitors-" the hysterical whimpering from her bidoof convinced her to take a better look at her visitor.

He looked at her briefly without stopping. A pair of dark mirrored sunglasses met her gaze as she stared back at her own face in horror. "I'm not here for a tour," the young man said in a deep, strong voice that commanded authority.

The stunned receptionist shot up in her chair once she caught her folly and bowed repeatedly. "I, I'm terribly sorry, sir, it's just, I didn't realize, it's been ages since your last inspection-"

He waved her aside and walked down a side hallway. "Get back to your post." He said without hiding his annoyance.

She kept her head respectfully lowered and sat back down. "Yes sir, of course, sir." His footsteps faded out into the depth of the hallway, as she slowly raised her gaze. Taking a tentative glance down after him, she dove for the phone. Punching in the digits, she drummed her fingers against the counter top, continuously glanced back at the hallway. Finally, an answer. “Hello? Yes it's me. Yes, he arrived, shall I activate the...no? Alright, I'll keep it quiet until you get here. No, we don't want any more panic amongst the public,” her bidoof brushed against her palm. It was shaking as well. “Alright, but please hurry officer.” She terminated the call and placed the receiver back as silently as possible. Her breath came in short gasps, the silence of the building made all the more ominous by her Master's presence. “Please hurry.”

10-05-2011, 04:20 AM
Cody & Sara,

"Get away from her!" Cody sreamed as he ran towards the fallen girl and the boy who seemed just...evil. Maybe it was the pokemon inside him, but he just knew that boy wasn't trying to help her. He held...some kind of weapon, and the way he was holding it seemed as if he was going to kill her. He had heard her yelp, her screech of pain. He had heeded it, sprinting off of the bench and running, Sara behind him. And the look in this boy's eyes-was the look of ruthless killing and emotionless murder.

As he got steadily closer, he reconized the weapon. A scythe. Then it all came together. Emotionless, holding a scythe, he was Death. But he only heard of stories which were meant to scare children, not Death himself. He also noticed someting about the girl too- she was a pokemorph. He'd heard rumors the day he got here, only a day ago. 'Failed experiments' some called them, others called them freaks.

He only knew one thing: Death was not going to cheat her out of her soul. Not tonight.

"Hey, Death!" his hands ignited in the grey flames he'd dubbed Classico.

'But why isn't he invisible? You would think he would be a bit more discreet.'

Cody had just dashed off, Sara followeing after a huge bite of the sandwich. As she ran, she tried to munch the sandwich, she somehow got it down. Cody was yelling, but the chewing in her mouth made too much noise for her to hear. He ingnited his hands in Classico, lighting up the ground near them.

"Hey, Death!" Sara's mouth was agape, then closed and a serious expression crossed her face. "[Are you freakin' CRAZY?!]" Sara yelled, because who the hell challenges Death?

Then she saw the girl. She was beautiful, but that wasn't the point. She was furry, covered in red fur, black jagged lines, and tan fur. A pokemorph. What was more, she was in front of Death, lying on the ground face-down. She was what made that cry, but she wasn't dead yet. Then she noticed. She was about to fight against Death to save this girl. And all she could do is stare him down as if he were a common metapod, just any random enemy. The two opposing parties stood on opposite sides, an equal distance from the girl. One side trying to steal her soul, the other trying to save that soul.

10-05-2011, 02:10 PM
[Erik and Aria are traveling towards Veilstone City by boat and shall arrive at afternoon the next day]


Zen had felt the chill in her veins as some figure loomed over her, just out of her vision. Weakly turning her head, she saw the scythe he held, the cold, emotionless look of a ruthless killer plastered over his face. He was almost a perfect image of what Death might look like. As the scythe was slowly raised up, her body was screaming to move. Whether it was from fear or exhaustion, she did not and would not know, but her body failed to respond, failed to fight to live. She was almost ready to accept her fate as well, a lone tear rolling down her right cheek.

"HEY, DEATH!!!" A voice roared, catching her attention as the young man with the flareon's tail, hands engulfed in silvery-grey flames, charged the man. Zen rolled onto her back slowly, her left arm trying to protect as much dignity as she could and cover her breasts as her other slowly began to pull at the ground, a bout of adrenaline started to surge and rush through her body. Slowly, her legs found strength enough to push her along her way again as she slowly dragged herself towards the teenager.

I can't die... I don't want to die! Her mind raced above her screaming nerves as she opened her mouth, releasing a jet-stream of searing flames at the scythe-wielding figure, but dying out just before it could reach him. "[D-damn it... Not now...]" She pleaded in the Pokemon language, the only language she knew. "[I don't wanna die... I don't wanna die!]" She screamed desparately.

10-05-2011, 07:46 PM
As the last traces of the sun's glow disappeared from behind the Coronet Mountain Range, a single traveler approached the sleepy town of Solaceon. Jenny was rushing to the Pokemon Center; she hadn't counted on arriving so late. But then again, her journey from Hearthome hadn't gone as smooth as she would've liked it to be. Her interest had been sparked when she passed by the unmoving figure of a Pikachu sitting at the edge of a river. Jenny simply couldn't ignore her curiosity, and drew close to investigate. However, it actually turned out to be some kid in a Pikachu costume, and Jenny was immediately challenged to a battle. In the end, she wound up with two of her Pokemon paralyzed by the Pikachu trainer's single Pikachu, and further wounded later down the path when she had to pass through some tall grass. She wasn't in a dire situation, but she definitely needed to get to town before night fell. She had heard ghost stories about the area surrounding the tower on the route...

The glass doors of the Pokecenter slid open with their welcoming "ping" as Jenny entered the building. She checked herself in and gave her Pokemon to the nurse before dropping down onto one of the lobby couches, exhausted. Jenny opened her backpack and studied a map of her progress. The next day, she would go to the Solaceon day care to pick up the egg, and start on the road to Veilstone City. A news report played on the screen of a nearby TV, reiterating through its daily broadcast.

"A bizarre incident unfolded today at Goldenrod City in the Johto Region. Civilians report seeing a two unidentified creatures causing a disturbance in the streets. Witnesses vary in their descriptions of what they looked like. However, they all agreed that they appeared to be some combination of Pokemon and human."

Jenny's attention shifted over to the TV, wondering to herself, "Pokemorphs... could it be?"

"It was also agreed upon by witnesses that one had physical traits similar to a Raichu, while the other had traits similar to a Pachirisu," the news report continued, "Several people found themselves the victims of a lightning strike, which appears to fit with the description."

"It's definitely those..." she said to herself, "I knew there was some ground to the theory..."

Jenny had heard about Pokemorphs- mysterious creatures that had the traits of both humans and Pokemon- several years ago. She had done research for her own sake to know more about them, interested in them almost as much as Legendary Pokemon. In a way, they were legendary- as her results showed, very little has been known about them since their sudden appearance many decades ago. At the same time, several theories suggested that their purpose was to match the abilities of Pokemon whilst exceeding their intelligence and versatility. However, the idea was the butt of many jokes in her school; it was dismissed as outlandish fantasy. Jenny quickly found her social status sinking into nerd-dom from expressing so much interest in the subject, and she eventually dropped it.
But as she continued to watch the news, her fascination began anew.

"Professor Aspen of Johto's local medical research centre was questioned about their group's involvement and response to the incident," The news report switched over to footage of Aspen and his colleagues, surrounded by news reporters and assaulted by a high frequency of camera flashes. She had read about the professor before- he was a very notable figure whose name appeared in great renown. Not a common household name like Oak or Rowan, but renowned nonetheless. Jenny scrambled to find herself a pen, and turned her map over to take notes on what was about to be said.

“One at a time, please, one at a time!” The scientist in the centre was waving down the pack, keeping them at bay as they lapped at their heels. He was a diminutive figure, rather paunchy, with small, dark eyes and thin pale grey hair. Though he seemed old, he moved with the strength and energy of one half his age, and spoke in a loud, clear, youthful voice. He wasn’t dressed in the usual, plain white lab coat. His was a pale, creamy beige with red trim around the cuffs of his long sleeves.

“One at a time!” He shouted once more.

“Professor Aspen, what was the creature that attacked these witnesses?”

“Professor Aspen, will your medical research centre be launching an inquiry into these events?”

“Professor Aspen, why are the regional lab professors unaware of these monsters?”

“Professor Aspen, have any of these creatures been captured yet?”

“Professor Aspen, has Professor Elm had anything to say about these encounters?”

Aspen waved them all to quiet down, showing a clear sign of irritation, “I can assure you all, that I personally will launch an investigation into these strange creatures. The public needn't worry, everything will be taken care of.”

Jenny sedulously took down every word of the news report as though it were a class assignment, fully engrossed in the subject. She thought to herself, "Oh, I wish I could do that... Investigating the Pokemorphs while working alongside Professor Aspen..."

“Professor Aspen, are the rumours about the Hoenn thief's involvement true?”

“Professor Aspen, is it true that the great Lucian Dubois' son, Riley, used the stolen information to manufacture these half-human 'super-weapons'?”

Jenny froze from her writing, "That petty thief, again... the information he stole was about the Pokemorphs?"

She now feeling even more envious of him.

Something like a grimace wrinkled Aspen's brow. “We have no information to substantiate that fact.”

The crowd buzzed with more clicking and shouting and bright, sharp camera flashes as the scientists around Aspen helped push back the crowd to let him pass. “No more questions,” they shouted as Aspen and two other scientists hurried him back to the medical research centre, Johto division.

"Wait... manufacture?" she thought to herself.
Jenny took a moment to process all the new information that came in such few sentences. Then, she resumed to mad scribbling over the back of her town map, noting down every iota of information and footnoting it further with critical questions.

"Thank you for waiting! You Pokemon are now fully healed!" the voice of the Pokemon Center's nurse called out to her from the counter. Jenny retrieved her Pokeballs, and returned to her seat, letting them out for inspection.

"Twirlie," She said to the Spinda. She picked it up and gave it a hug, "You did a good job out there. Just watch out for Thunder-wave next time, OK?"

"Radio," She said to her Kricketune, "I guess I didn't use you much other than to clear away those Bibarels. Why don't we change that now? You can play some music."
The bug Pokemon began to rub its wings and forelegs together, generating a familiar tune that Jenny had heard ever since childhood.

"Castform," She finally turned to her nameless cloud Pokemon. It was the only Pokemon of her three that fainted on the way over. She admitted, "Well, it looks like you've recovered well. I guess I'm not used to your moves yet, and you haven't had as much experience battling as the rest of them."

Castform swayed its head back and forth in a neutral response.

"Come to think of it, I never really battled with you ever since I won you from that science fair..." Jenny said quietly, "I guess we'll have to work on that, won't we?"

Castform swayed its head back and forth in a neutral response.

"eh...." Jenny went on, nervously. She decided just to sit down and let the time pass. Her Kricketune continued to play the song as the other two Pokemon rested around her.

The news report had long since ended, and she looked over her notes on what she gathered.

"Manufacture..." she repeated the word again, "That seems to mean that those Pokemorphs weren't natural... or perhaps that some of them were man-made..."

She paused for a moment, thinking to herself, "But then, what would be the method for making one?"

A random memory popped into her head. What that eccentric trainer in the Pikachu costume had said all the way back on Route 209.

"I wanna be a Pokemon when I grow up!"

Jenny giggled to herself, "I guess it might be possible..."

10-08-2011, 03:08 AM
Streets of Veilstone, Early evening

The dim orange pools made by the streetlights glowed lazily along the city, bathing it in a fuzzy, muted halo of light. Lumbering along with her bag of coins, she hugged the edge of the pools of light as much as possible, without walking either in the middle of the street nor in the spotlight of the lamps, where she would be most visible. She marched on, pounding out the anger and fear beneath her feet without any purpose or direction.

"What am I doing?" She finally came to a stop, somewhere at the edge of the barren Veilstone square, a large expanse of flat, empty stone road that was remarkably squared. She stood awkwardly rigid at the edge of the square, a small teen girl clutching the strap of an over-sized and over-stuffed bag, but with no one to comment or stare. Callisto stopped and stared at a small puddle of water that had collected between the stones of the road, watching the deepening lazuli blue of the sky reflected back as a tar black. She hated Sinnoh, hated it with a passion that reverberated down through her bones. It was cold, it was dark all the time, it was 50% rocky and barren and icy and the other 50% inaccessible or developed and that inexplicable extra percentile that made even the beautiful flower-covered towns and muffled, peaceful woods as dark and menacing as...

She winced at the memory. The small pool splattered and rippled at her kick. How could she have known? He seemed so kind, so understanding of the betrayal of who she thought had been a guardian angel. She tried searching that memory, any memory of Julien that could have hinted....but there was nothing. He was a frail figure, willowy and fragile like a reed that could be snapped by a stiff breeze. His face was calm and timid with a faint, tranquil smile, yet he could project an air of quiet, placid confidence no matter how many oglers stopped to stare at his odd attire and his hair. They were no doubt trying frantically to guess his age. 18? 30? 100? It was impossible to tell for sure. Even she hadn't dared to make an estimate. If he had dressed casually, or at least a little more normally, he would look too much like one of those thin, undernourished high school boys to catch an eye. After all, what young man wore a formal suit out on public streets, and with light grey hair no less?

Callisto frowned. She could never quiet get used to that silver hair. It seemed to move independently of him. Of course, she reasoned, his hair was so frail it simply caught every gust of wind, but now she wasn't so sure. She wanted to hate it too, his hair and his eyes, the constant reminders of his oddities, their oddities. The wide, deep eyes which he took great care not to let land on her's were neither compassionate nor cruel, but permanently melancholic, reflecting an unimaginable sorrow. How she wished she could bring herself to despise them. Her need to keep her mind occupied got her feet moving as she walked off towards the fuzzy glow of the city.

Though Hoenn was the only home she had ever known, even if a false one, she had thought getting him away from Mt. Pyre would be the best way to keep him tame. *The other side of the world, what could be safer? *She had no idea that Julien had a past here, a terrible one. *She had been completely ignorant of Sinnoh's geography, of its history, of Julien's odd affinity for it mixed with a strange aversion at the same time. Her first memory of the Sinnoh Mountain range, and of course, Mt. Coronet, the most imposing mountain peak in the world, was all too clear. It was cheerily nicknamed "The Death Mountains" by the locals, for the frequent ghost sightings within the caves and the giant dark swirling vortex around Mt. Coronet's peak that led to the Reverse World. She remembered how Julien stood at the entrance of Mt. Coronet, entranced, staring at the cloud, staring deep into the mountain. She remembered*how the mountain seemed to howl...

A piercing white light filled her vision. “Oh not again.” There was nothing in the whiteness, nothing at all but a resonating GONG, GONG, GONG, GONG, GONG, GONG,...tink...BRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNGG!!!!.....L ight clouded her vision for an instant. Panting heavily, it ebbed until the overly-bright lights of the city returned. Her ears still rang from the noise. “What on earth was that?” Holding her head in a daze, she blinked several times before the sign on the building before her came into clear view. “The bank! Oh no, oh no oh no oh no!” She snapped into focus, glancing down at her stuffed bag of coins and back at the darkened glass doors. Closed for the night, come back tomorrow.

Cursing her luck and her dis tractability once more she trudged back to the hotel with her cumbersome spoils in tow. Luckily, they had managed to book a suite without too much trouble from the receptionist. His, well, everything, had attracted attention as usual, but once they learned of his considerable financial status no comments were made. After all, it doesn't do well to comment on a billionaire’s eccentricities. Julien had a few qualms with the room choice, but she was content with the second-best suite. True, one would expect a morph to be content with any living conditions other than a barred pen, but Callisto had never known the life of a morph, nor ever seen the inside of her lab, having lost her memory long afterwards. Julien had remembered, if only faintly, his life before escaping, but he had been kept separately from the other morphs and had had special privileges and a comfortable, even pampered, life. Alone in the elevator to the suite, Callisto couldn't help but flush red at the thought of what the receptionist had commented about the two of them. She shook it off. “Stupid receptionist, stupid Julien, stupid everything, stupid me.”


Veilstone outskirts, Early evening

"HEY, DEATH!!!" The intense blast of grey flames glanced off the blade of his scythe, forcing him to recoil back into deeper shadows. He had been stupid, thinking he had fully melded into the shadows when he was still in corporal form. Fear always made him forget, drop his guard. It lured him like bait, to his own demise if he failed to see the line attached. Julien gripped the wooden staff. What was once a sleek, black walking cane with a sliver topper was now a gnarled wooden staff, taller than himself, with a metre-long crescent blade honed to a deadly sharp edge along the inner curve. The furred girl was now trying to fight, but could barely conjure enough flames to leave her mouth. The two newcomers, a boy and his shiny flareon, dazed him for a second, and he nearly forgot to avert his gaze from the flareon's eye as she tried to combat him with a stare-down.

Julien's lips twitched with unbidden amusement. “He calls me Death,” he thought, letting the ghost of a peaceful smile spread before snuffing it out. Now was not the time for smiling. Still, the thought lingered. “He calls me by my Master's name.” It filled him with a strange feeling. Was it amusement?

“[D-damn it... Not now...I don't wanna die... I don't wanna die!]" The girl, he assumed it was a morph, but he wasn't certain, was now trying to scream for her life. This time he could not hide his amusement and let out a timid, almost girlish giggle. Remembering his manners, but forgetting Callisto had his hat, he whipped off an invisible hat and fell to a knee in a sweeping bow.

“[Mes'moiselles, m'sieur, please, forgive me, I do not mean to cause anyone any harm.]” Julien spoke in poketongue and kept his voice to a near-whisper, as it usually was, his eyes firmly set on the ground at his feet. He wanted to explain, to reassure them that he was only doing his duty, but no human, even altered, would understand. The ghosts do. They were the only ones. So often, pretending to 'fill his quota', as he had lied to Callisto, he would go to the Lost Tower, lured back by a sense of companionship amongst them, but pushed away time and time again by the odd distance between even him and the dead.

Daring to look up, even if only for a second, he watched the boy, his pokemon, and the girl, making sure to avoid their gazes. He watched their souls ignite their bodies with an invisible flame, their hearts pumping blood through their veins. He couldn't be certain if his heart was even capable of beating, or was the pounding of blood through his veins just another obscure illusion. One more futile, cruel taste of an intangible human existence. “A breath away from life, but never living,” he remembered, from a quote he heard long ago, “A heartbeat away from death, but never dying.” “” he said under his breath, holding out his palm, “[Please, I, I wish to help, please.]”


Professor Aspen
Johto Medical Research Centre, Late afternoon

Professor Aspen watched on the screens as the news report was played and re-run on every news network in the country, translated into five different languages, none the less. If only Masters Lucian and Allison hadn't died. No, not died, killed. Murdered. He crunched the styrofoam cup in his hand, still full of coffee, and let it fall to the tiles in a messy brown splatter. Morphs had been leaked out of the labs in tiny dribs and drabs ever since the beginning, over a century ago. Still, there were no more than two in the wild at any given time, not enough to cause such a security disaster as the situation since the Dubois' deaths. “If it weren't for...”

“Professor Aspen, there's been a hit!” Aspen whirled around in his chair, shutting off the screens. He stared at the scientist who had entered his study, willing her to go on. She quickly took a slim, metal rod and placed it on the desk, pressing the button on the end. Pulling on a tiny, almost invisible handle on the rod's sleek surface, she pulled so that a long, thin rectangle detached from the length of the cylinder, a holographic screen appearing in between the two sections. “Police activity has increased dramatically in one area in particular with no alert sent to the public.”

Aspen took the holoscreen from her hands and focused the map. He placed his palms flat on the tabletop to avoid splintering the delicate instrument between his fingers. A red blip showed in the north of one city in particular. Veilstone, Sinnoh.


????? + ?????
New Mauville, afternoon

“Are you sure you remembered everything?”

They looked like electricians, from their safety goggles to their full-body electrical charge deterrent suits to their heavy, padded gloves, gripped around various cords and tools. The man nodded to the woman who had spoken. “Everything I could think of, plus some that I don't even know how to use.”

The two walked purposefully along behind a nosepass, which glided along the steel tiles of New Mauville with a faint grinding hiss. The woman brushed away a curious magnemite. “Good, it doesn't do well to underestimate them. Even a plusle could pack a punch if you're not prepa-”

The man shot out his hand suddenly to block her path. A few reflected flashes danced through the hallways of New Mauville, with echoing howls following like the thunder after the lightning. Then nothing. They stood still, waiting. Still nothing. The nosepass was still moving along ahead of them, showing the way. The man took out what looked like a long coil of rope, unfurling it into a net dancing with pulsing, spiked nodules of unknown fluid. “Looks like we have clean-up duty as well as recon.” he whispered.

The woman took what looked like a particularly large screwdriver from her belt, tightening her grip on the handle until it extended into a meter-long rod that ended in a wickedly sharp point. Red sparks flooded silently from the tip. “Hey, be happy we've only got the plusle job and not the Legendaries.”

He shuddered, one hand on the net, his other on another weapon on his belt, which resembled a regular clamp. “That's no possible now, they canceled the recon on those ones. Remember what happened to the agents who went after them?”

She would've answered if their nosepass hadn't been confused by the charge of a group of nesting electrodes. They buzzed with annoyance and glowed with their intention as the nosepass pointed obliviousy at the horde. “Aw screw you,” she pointed the tip of the weapon towards the cluster and the red spark short out at them like a ravenous swalot. It landed on the first on it hit, latching itself and crawling out to the entire cluster like a herd of ravenous, burning red joltiks, ensnaring them in an interlaced web of red sparks. They groaned in pain, glow dimming, struggling and moaning in the angry red snare.

The man, who had his back to the woman to keep an eye on the corridor, tossed her a pokeball. “Do you think Pine'll find some use for them?”

She shrugged, taking the pokeball and releasing an Abra. “Maybe, if not they'll just wipe them and return them here to blow up in peace.” By wipe, she meant memory wipe, of course. “Abra, you know the drill.”

The Abra nodded lazily, body enveloping in a soft white glow which spread to the twitching, groaning mass of electrodes. Then, they were gone.

The woman waved her weapon like a capture styler, watching the spark flow to see if it was still constant. “So, what was it again? Retrieve or eliminate?”

The man nodded ahead to the nosepass, hissing softly across the steel back on it's intended target. “Either one. We can't afford to have one running around outside the lab. Who knows what kind of pain it can inflict on some innocent outsider?”

The woman continued without stopping as she sent a spark at a passing magneton, leaving it bound and withering in agony, to be retrieved later. “Too true, there's too many monsters out there as it is.”


Mossdeep Space Station, afternoon

It was break time, on the nose, and here they came, about a handful of scientists marching laboriously up the stairs, as if the had never climbed stairs before in their life. Upon seeing one of the new interns Brent swivelled back towards the green screen. [I]“Oh shoot, he's here again.” A few of the ladies turned around to try and be the first to chat with the new 'pretty boy'. He had just been hired a few weeks ago and already he was the hotshot of the station. Brent spared a passing glance at the boy. He must've been only twenty or so. Pretty tall and handsome, he grudgingly admitted. That wouldn't stop him from hating how the girls all fawned over him. He didn't know him well, but the new guy seemed far too pretentious and flamboyant. Of course those were simply excuses for the jealously bubbling in him.

"More coffee, Brent?"

He jumped a bit in his seat at the voice beside him. It was that nice assistant again. Smiling pleasantly he held out his cup. "Of course, a refill would be nice."

He really had to find out what her name was. She was hired around the same time as pretty boy over there. In no way was she pretentious like him. She wore simple lavender clothes and tied up her long mauve hair, odd for someone around twenty-ish, in a long streaming ponytail that curled up at the end, making it resemble a purple tail as she walked. At first her odd hair, that matched her violet eyes and violet attire, made him think 'punk', but anyone who spoke a word to her would realize that she was one of the gentlest and most cordial people they had ever met. At least, Brent thought so, blushing. Great body, he also thought, turning such a deep red he couldn’t look at her as she took his cup.

She glanced down at his half-full coffee cup. Leaning close to his ear she whispered, "You know, you don't have to keep asking for coffee if you don't like it. I can sneak you some pop or tea instead."

Brent felt his face burn as her breath tickled his ear, stammering an uncharacteristically squeaky response. "No, don't worry about me, my job doesn't require any brainpower anyways."

She giggled at his fluster. "Alright, if you say so."

Brent grinned as she began to leave with the visiting scientists down the stairs. The new guy stayed the longest, saying lengthy goodbyes to the ladies. They flustered and giggled. Brent rolled his eyes, then noticed that new guy's eyes were not on them, but fixed on him. The new guy's eyes were slightly narrowed and staring at him suspiciously. There was a warning he was trying to convey through his glaring look. Brent stared right back. “I'm not scared of you.” He kidded himself. An unsettling feeling ran up his spine as the new buy finally broke his gaze and walked back down the stairs. “Let it go, Brent,” he reassured himself, “just, let it go.”


North Veilstone, Early evening

Meanwhile, back at the weapons laboratory, the young man was making his way to the end of the hall, feet pounding against the tile, hands shoved deep into his pockets. His mind was buzzing with a torrent of calculations and formulas, recited back again and again in a silent storm. “Everything, must, go, perfectly.” Each step, each tap of his shoe against the ground sounded like an explosion. “Amazing how that pathetic little receptionist didn't wet her pants. Is the police so ignorant as to think I can be caged by such an inanely organized trap? Pathetic humans...” A thousand and one calculations with a million and one scenarios. He needed even more to keep his mind alert. Swiping his id card at the elevator, he tensed until the doors opened with hydrolic smoothness.

[Welcome back, Master-]

"Lab floor," he cut it off, and stepped in. The ride felt interminably long, though in reality it was less than a minute. Time was no longer his friend. It never was. His foot tapped a mile a minute on the polished floor as he calculated, and recalculated, again and again, mind whirring and sputtering with impatience at the sluggish pace of the rest of the world. Nothing was fast enough. Nothing could keep up.

10-09-2011, 06:30 AM
Cody & Sara,

“[Please, I, I wish to help, please.]”the words slowly woke Cody up.

"[Help? You've done enough.]" Cody said, remembering the cold glare of the man.

"[Yeah, just go.]" Sara commented, following Cody to the fallen girl. Cody looked up again to see a vision of the man, hands dripping with blood. Hallowed laughter filled his ears, coming from all directions.

"[You...monster...]" Cody muttered, pulling himself off of the ground. "[Get out of my face.]" he said, as if the words were a swear.

"[Yes, please go.]" Sara finished, her words almost as heavy as Cody's.

???? & ???????

"[So, where is the signal coming from now? Kanto?]"

"[Don't mock me. It had some bugs.]"

"[Bugs are not leading us in circles. That's called a failure of one's supposed 'expertise'.]"

"[No, it's fixed now, see?]"

"[It's pointing behind us.]"

"[S-Shut up!]"

"[Okay, I'll make you a bet. We follow the device, no matter what, for one whole week. We don't find the Darkfire in that time, I murder you in cold blood and hang your head on my wall. Shouldn't be too hard for a technological whiz, right?]"


"[I'll take that as a resounding yes to both questions. Now let's go frolic in the grass until I kill you in a week.]"

10-09-2011, 08:46 AM
[Erik and Aria are traveling towards Veilstone City by boat and shall arrive at afternoon the next day]


"[Mes'moiselles, m'sieur, please, forgive me, I do not mean to cause anyone any harm. I'm sorry if I have caused you alarm. Please, I- I wish to help, please.]" The voice of the ageless man had spoken in a low whisper, drawing her attention away as he held out a palm, reaching for her as though offering aid to her. Adrenaline racing through her body, she found herself reaching toward him, despite her mind screaming to move the other way.

However, when she blinked, she saw an image of her arm covered in blood and pouring out, maniacal laughter running rampant as she tried to grab the nearest thing around. Suddenly, as soon as she gripped something, she clutched to it for dear life and cowered from the insane laughter, which slowly began to diminish. Soon, her vision was clearing and she had a minor headache, but she saw what she had gripped in her desperate attempt to ground herself in the recovering reality- the Flareon kid's forearm, still burning with the silver flames. Thank Arceus for Flash Fire, she thought as her muscles began to feel rejuvenated in a flooding feeling of strength. Finally, opening her mouth again, she breathed in deep and let loose a strong jet of flames at her target, flying with enough strength to reach him and carry on for a few more meters. However, her newfound strength had been drained all-too-quickly for her and she found herself blacking out before long.

"[G-go away... please...]" She weakly managed to utter before unconsciousness fully gripped her.

10-10-2011, 08:30 PM
Janet got up, panting from the effort she exerted into her last electrical discharge. She took a look around at the wrecked generator room, now punctured with several digging holes.
"This is so messy..." she said quietly to herself. Janet gently kicked the charred body to the side, exposing the face of the Pokemon trainer she had just shocked to death, "So, so messy..."
Janet was reluctantly running through a list of ideas on how to dispose of the corpse before it started to rot, when her ears twitched at the sound of an intrusion. Coming from down the hall, not too far away, were the faint hints of human conversation.

It meant there was more than one person.

Janet tensed up again, and looked around her area in search of a hiding place. Her eyes darted through all the details of the generator room, and then down to the body at her feet.

"Stupid body," she muttered, before heaving it up on her shoulder. She then made her way for a dark corner that would hide her well, hoping they'd pass by her without noticing. The last thing she wanted was more bodies stinking up the lab.

"Aw screw you," she heard a faint voice say. The crackling sound of artificial electricity resounded through the halls, followed by the exclamations of a group of electrodes. Janet hid in her corner, puzzled at the unfolding of events. Whatever was approaching seemed to be much more belligerent than the human she just encountered.

"Do you think Pine'll have some us for them?" Janet's Plusle ears stiffed up in alert. Pine? Was that a name? She remembered that name being mentioned while she was in her lab, but she shook her head denying there could be any connection.

Their conversation carried on as they drew closer, interrupted here and there by the shouts of other Pokemon's agony. Janet was sure now that they definitely weren't here just to explore, and had both the reason and the method to hunt something down. But what were they looking for?

The orange edge of a Nosepass poked its way into the entrance of the room, dragging the rest of its heavy rock body over the floor. Janet's heart sank as got a good look at the two humans trailing behind. Sector Lab members, fully geared to resist electricity and armed with capture tools. They were after her.

Janet's face formed a sneer as she laid her eyes on their weapons- the very same ones they used to suppress and torture her and the rest of the Pokemorphs back at the lab. There was seldom a day that went by without her being jabbed by that rod, and the memories of that experience would never truly leave her.

She ducked down as the Nosepass pointed decisively in her direction, while the two humans approached in a careful, prepared stance. Like a cornered rat, the Plusle pokemorph's mind raced, looking for an exit out of her dire situation. But then Janet remembered the body that she was still holding onto...

The steady glow of an electrical charge illuminated the dark corner from behind one of the machines. The recon team members stopped and readied their capture tools, waiting for their target to appear. An animalistic shriek came from behind the machine. Suddenly, a blurry figure leaped out at the two, wrapped in the sparks of an electrical charge. Frightened by the sudden ambush, the recon members frantically mashed the triggers on their weapons. Multiple charges hit the figure before it hurtled into them. The dead, electrified body of a ten-year-old Pokemon Trainer fell on top of the man, knocking him down. In the brief moment that the woman was stunned by the horrifying spectacle, another figure dashed out from behind the machine. Janet rushed past the humans and ran into the hallway, captured by sight only as a blur. She never looked back and ran for her life towards the entrance of New Mauville.

The bright light of the afternoon sun stung her eyes as she exited the cave into Route 109. Immediately, she realized the danger of being out in broad daylight. The biking route was busy at this time, and Pokemon Trainers on the other side of the river could easily pick out her brightly colored Plusle fur. Janet ducked behind a cluster of trees, and started running North. She didn't know where she was headed, but knowing that that she was pursued, there was no chance of going back.

10-15-2011, 07:07 AM
Veilstone Grand Hotel, Evening

Dropping the coin-ridden bag the moment she stepped through the door, Callisto kicked off her shoes and walked straight for the bed, falling face-first into the neatly pressed sheets and pillows. Letting the blankets sink around her, she squirmed around until she had completely cocooned herself in the sheets. It helped her feel secure, feel that everything was real and that she had to face it soon, but not now. Just, soon.

The plain gold chain was still around her neck. Worming an arm through the sheets she twisted it between thumb and forefinger. The loose, broken link was still there, and it poked her thumb when she pressed it. Callisto wondered why she still kept this thing, why she let herself keep a token of that day when her life was uprooted for perhaps the third or fourth time of her life and still hasn't settled down into any sense of normalcy. She twisted the covers tighter until she couldn't move. It was simple, really. She kept it as a sign that this was real, that everything was real, so she would stop having to squeeze her eyes tight and tell herself that this is a all a bad dream, that she would wake up and hear her family, maybe a mom and a dad and maybe even a brother or sister, and they would yell at her for sleeping in so late and to get going for school or else she'd miss the bus and she wouldn't mind the tiniest bit because she would have a house and a family and a normal life where she could go home and hug them and tell them she loves them and they love her too..

But she could feel the broken link poke her thumb, and see the velvety dark paint of the walls, and hear the coins settling in her bag, and know that this is real, that when she closed her eyes there was nothing to wake up to, nothing to see but the insides of her eyelids and maybe an occasional dream that always ended eventually.

Callisto sniffled and rolled out of her blanket cocoon. She grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and wiped her face. “Okay you crybaby, that's enough now,” she crumpled the tissue and tossed it into the dustbin, missing. “Ah, well.” Tossing it in properly this time, she dragged her bag further into the room and let it lie against the foot of the bed.

Now was the time to face reality, though looking around she hardly knew where to begin. “Just follow routine then,” she thought, while she fetched the key to the door joining her bedroom and Julien's. Stepping in she stomped hard around the perfect, unspoiled carpet, walked into the washroom and tossed a towel over the shower head before turning the shower on and let it run. She made sure the towel was getting wet before she stepped back outside and proceeded to jump on the bed. She giggled and did a belly-flop before tumbling off and punched in the pillow, making an indent as if a head had lain there in the night, as both she and Julien knew that none will ever. With Julien staying out all hours of the night, every night, there soon came a problem of how to explain why her own bed had been slept in, while his wasn't. After a close call one time when the housekeeper had actually called the police, fearing some sort of under-aged, well, something (she was registered as fifteen while he at about nineteen), it was clear that they needed to make more of an effort to appear human, even behind closed doors.

At first she feared it would be a drag, but it soon became as routine as brushing her teeth or combing her hair, just something extra to do before retiring for the night. As she passed by the night-stand she noticed them. A pair of silver-grey gloves and his hat. It was an old-fashioned top-hat, a silver-grey colour like his gloves but a touch darker than his hair, with a yellow band running above the brim. It was bent askew in the middle, like something heavy had fallen on it right there, but Julien never seemed to pay notice. Callisto picked them up. “Boy, he'll be pretty pissed when he finds out he forgot these.” She briefly considered going out to bring them to him. She knew he spent most of his time at the lost tower, though the place terrified her. She replaced the hat and gloves on the night-stand. “He can get them himself if he misses them so badly,” she stormed back to the washroom and shut off the shower, wringing out the towel and tossing it onto the rod. It slumped to the floor. She snorted. “Whatever.”

Storming back to her own room she reflected back on what had happened that day, trying hard to skip past that, unfortunate, encounter with Alex. “Why did he have to be there?” But she pushed that aside and went back to what Julien had said. They had to leave, but what for? They were fortunate enough to appear almost completely human, and they had money, things most morphs would dream of having. They had almost nothing to worry about when it came to the 'normals' detecting what they were. But the urgency in his voice, there was something that was frightening him a great deal. “But what?” The answer was right at the forefront of her mind, but she ignored it, denying it entirely before collapsing back into he own bed, clothes and all, blanking everything out of her mind. In the morning she would wake up in her own room in her house with a family, maybe a mother and a father and maybe even a brother or sister. She thought this with earnest, slipping out of the reality she lived in and into her own, if only for the night.


Veilstone outskirts, Evening

At first, when she saw his hand, it seemed like the morph girl was going to accept his help. Then, just as suddenly, she flinched away, clinging to the flareon boy for shelter. Julien flinched back himself, drawing his hand back. He looked at it, curling and uncurling his fingers, seeing the memory of blood and more blood dripping through his fingers and falling in little zig-zags across the snow.

"[Help?]” Julien looked up, and immediately regretted it. The boy stared back with unimaginable repulsion. “[You've done enough.]"

"[Yeah, just go.]"

Julien winced, rubbing his fingers. They never seemed to be able to warm up. Why wouldn't they ever be warm? ""

"[You...monster...]" The boy muttered, pulling himself off of the ground. "[Get out of my face.]" he said, as if the words were a swear.

Julien flinched away, shoulders hunched and shaking. "[I-I-I'm sorry...please, I-I-I...]"

Finally, opening her mouth again, the morph girl breathed in deep and let loose a strong jet of flames. Julien let out a small cry as the flames wrapped around him, falling to his side and shielding his head with his arms as the flames lapped around and over, fanning out in a brilliant burst of flame against the tree behind him. Every bit of skin hurt, though his clothes were only coated in a layer of ash. Odd how these morph-clothes worked. He whimpered in pain, feeling as if his flesh had touched dry ice and was burning and freezing away. He curled up further as it looked as if the morph girl was about to attack again. However, her newfound strength had been drained all-too-quickly for her and she was blacking out before long.

"[G-go away... please...]" She weakly managed to utter before unconsciousness fully gripped her.

Julien shuddered, backing up further, clawing back across the ground, not unlike how Alex had tried to escape from him just a few minutes ago, getting away from the trio. His breath was depleted, coming in short, halting breaths as he pulled himself up and looked pleadingly at them. The girl was unconscious, the boy he knew to avoid. The flareon? No, her answer was just as steely and cold as death.

"[Yes, please go.]"

It felt like an age before he could move, but it was only seconds after the word were uttered when he was sent into a running sprint deep into the woods, far, far away from the city and the path and not stopping even when the trio were long disappeared from sight. The words, no, the voices swelled like an explosion in his chest, a strange, alien pain like a nail run through his heart. What was it? He clutched his chest, hoping to pull it out but only grabbing a handful of his jacket.

His feet stumbled and tripped, sending him crashing to the ground. Arms shaking he clumsily got to his feet, swaying to rest his weight on the cane. The cane's end rattled against the dead leaves at each laborious breath.

“Monster, demon, devil, murderer,” The thoughts pursued each other around his brain. A quiet, pitiful whimper escaped from his throat as he let his head collapse against the silver cane topper. Threads of his silvery gossamer hair fell around him, like a curtain of tears and rain. [I]“What do I do now?” Julien raised his head and looked around him. Pure silence, and solitude. Only an illusion, he could 'see' the souls of the three far away at the edge between city and forest, the corpse he had left in the alley, and the life bustling in the streets of the city.

"A breath away from life, but never living,” he breathed for no one to hear, quoted, from somewhere he heard long ago, “A heartbeat away from death, but never dying." His finger automatically traced the crescent curve of the silver hook on the cane. He clutched it close to his heart. It didn't offer any comfort, but it gave him some sort of protection, of reassurance of something out of his control. His cheeks felt damp. He rubbed them, and found that the water was coming from his eyes. He didn't know he had a function to cry.

“Miserable bastard, you can only cry for yourself, can't you?” He rubbed the damp away with the back of his glove. No, not his glove, his skin, cold and smooth as glass and soaked from tears. Like snow. So much like the snow...

She was cold, cold as the ice and snow in which she lay, fallen like a rag doll with her eyes wide and empty and staring.
“Oh god,” he breathed, “Oh god please, please wake up. Please, I'm so sorry, please, don't, no, no, don't, don't be, please...”
The screaming started. Oh how he hated the screaming. Screaming of rage and anger poisoning the fear, rising higher and higher like the screaming of a banshee with each word.

He clamped his hands over his ears, feet carrying himself away, farther and farther away as the voices still followed, a dark shroud over his own grave as the salt and icy air stung his eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm so, so, sorry. Please, stop..." Branches and tree trunks passed through him, as if they were mist. Or he was. He let himself materialize, hands scratch against the rough tree bark, letting himself glide up and above the reaches of the voices and the screaming.

The branches barely rustled as he curled up against the trunk, high up in the tree. Julien often retreated to somewhere high and remote when he need time to think, or to simply forget what he had been thinking about. High up in the cold, cozy darkness of the branches with nothing to see but a clouded night sky, a plump gibbous moon rising in the east. He let his cane, now a normal cane, hang by its silver topper on a whip-like branch above while he pulled his knees under his chin as he did when he was a child. The moonlit shone off his silver hair, spotlighting him uncomfortably, but there was no one to see. If there was, he could easily meld into the shadows, disappear into the darkness leaving nothing behind. There was no Callisto, no boy and flareon with the hateful stares, no unconscious morph-girl, no dead boy lying in the alley, and no Riley. Only him and an endless night of solitude.

He found it easy to delude himself this way, to forget everything else in the world. Maybe it should have concerned him, but he reminded himself that there was no reason to, as there was no one to care about him, and no one to care for. Caring seemed so complex, so confusing, something that necessitates practice and patience. Julien let his mind clear, eyes go blank and staring, falling into a kind of sleepless, coma-like stupor that sometimes overcame him when reality became too much to bear. When the memories reared their perished heads.


Professor Aspen
Johto Medical Research Centre, Late Afternoon

...is very busy telling off an underling so we'll come back to him later...


Recon agents A and B
New Mauville, Afternoon

“GET THIS DEAD **** OFF ME!!!” He screamed, dead, burned sockets pressed against his face as he flailed and kicked the dead body off of him.

“OH QUIT YOUR WHINING,” she spat back, still shooting red sparks down the hall after the plusle morph. The sparks raced each other and danced along the walls before becoming confused and dying in explosive little collisions. She grunted in frustration and clenched her fists at her sides. Looking down at her partner, who had squirmed out from beneath the corpse, she gave him a light kick to the shins to knock some sense into him. “YOU *******, YOU LET HER GET AWAY!”

He screamed out in pain from the kick. She had misjudged her strength entirely. "You *****, I don't see YOU doing anything useful."

"Did you even manage to get the tracker on her?"

He rubbed his shin some more and took out what looked like a pokenav. He examined the screen for a moment, then looked down at the corpse, knelt down and plucked a pronged barb off its shoulder with a*minuscule, blinking light on the tip. He held it up in front of his partner. "That answer your question?"

She growled and slapped it and his hand away. "**** you, now we have a rogue morph*with*no stable location, AND," she pulled back her sleeve and examined her watch. She was silent for a while, long enough for the man to walk over and try to see what she was looking at. She whipped back her hand in a wide slap that caught him across the cheek. "AND it's 3:57, the middle of rushhour! ****..." She pushed a hand back through her hair as she paced in a small circle, still cursing under her breath.

He had gotten up and was stretching lazily, rolling his shoulders as if a dead body hadn't been thrown into his face. “Well, coin-toss for who stays and cleans up and who tells Wattson to close down the bike-route for about an hour?”

She fished around her pocket and pulled out a golden pKe coin, flicking it into the air with her thumb. It spun and twirled to the ceiling. “Call it,”

Like a flash, both drew out their pokenavs and aimed the antennae at the coin. Jamming their thumbs against the centre button, the antennae shot out in pronged grappling hooks, hurtling out towards the coin. One clamp curled around the coin and snapped back with the crack of a whip, leaving the slower grappling hook trailing to the ground. She grinned widely at her partner, waving the pokenav with the coin firmly anchored onto the antenna. “See you later sucka!” She saluted as she led her nosepass back through the twisting maze of pipe and panels.

He grumbled, heaving the body against the wall and counting up all the damaged panels and dig-tunnels and short-circuited wires. He gave the finger to the empty hall where she had walked down, rolled up his sleeve and got to work.


Mossdeep Space Station, Afternoon

...is very busy staring at his reflection in the radar screen so we'll come back to him later...


North Veilstone, Evening

The doors finally slid open to a hallway dotted with doors on either side. He ignored all of them and headed for the barren wall at the end of the hall. He placed his palm against it. An invisible scanner activated, accepting his handprint, and a pad to enter a code slid open.

He resisted the urge to waste the energy to roll his eyes. “Useless formalities,” as he jammed in the code with little patience or regard for the delicate nature of the keypad.

The wall started to flicker, and a full-wall screen came to life, showing a professor in a lab coat accompanied by an electrive. He beamed at the screen. "Ahh, Master Dubois, it's been ages since you last visit! Or do you prefer I call you Riley?"

Riley Dubois tapped his foot impatiently as his frown creased several more degrees. He didn't even bother to glance up at the professor's face. "Neither, professor, I need to check a certain weapon, I have reports of malfunctions and I need to perform a report myself."

The professor sighed and shook his head with a coy smile. "Riley, Riley, Riley, the eternal workaholic. You know, you're still a young man, a free bachelor, you should take some time to yourself, go out and see the world. Find a nice girl maybe, settle down for once."

Riley gritted his teeth, too pressed for time to even waste a breath correcting all the idiotic errors made in those few sentences. “After I finish my work. Professor. The door. If you please."

The professor sighed again. "Of course, Master Dubois. Electrive, the door!"

Electrive activated the panel to open the door with an immensely powerful thunderbolt. The wall slid open and revealed an enormous laboratory, a plethora of metallic walls and floors all buzzing with electronics, lined with racks full of weaponry that would shame an alien race, computers of all shapes and sizes making all electronic noises imaginable. Riley disregarded everything around him. The object of his intent stood most impressively at the centre of the grand room. The main computer. It towered nearly thirty feet above his head, encrusted with wires and screens and hard drives, with beams and more wires sprouting from its crown and trailing into an abysmal tangle that weaved and laced the ceiling, the walls, the floor, the building, and outwards to the far reaches of the earth. The central hub that linked all of the weapons laboratories in the world, sitting right in front of him.

Riley glided his fingers lightly across the keys. “The most sophisticated and impermeable product of computer engineering to date.” In a flash his fingers began flying over the keys at lighting speed, entering streams and streams of data into the computer's gigantic electronic brain. “We'll just see about that.”

10-16-2011, 08:44 AM
Cody & Sara,

Well, atleast he's gone." Cody remarked as the man he pressumed as Death ran away. He was clutching his head but Cody didn't care for his wellbeing. He was a heartbeat away from stealing this girl's soul, her life. Trying to get away from the topic of possible guilt in his mind, he shifted his attention to the morph girl.

"Hey, are you oka..." he stopped mid-word noticing she was passed out again. Bandages were laying about on the ground hear the two, presumably used as a sort of top. Always with his first-aid kit he bandaged back a makeshift top again, being careful to wrap in straight lines in a spiral so the bandages looked not as bad. Sara didn't remark on the situation, more concerned with the stars.

'The stars...Big Dipper is pretty clear tonight.' Sara thought, remembering how Cody taught her all the different constellations in the night sky. They spent a lot of nights that way, staring endlessly into the night sky. 'Back then, there wasn't much to do but look at the stars.'

"Sara, let's go." Cody urged, the girl wrapped in a robe and in his arms. Where did he get a robe? Sara wished she saw how, did he take it out of his bag? She didn't know. She just followed him.

They wound through back alleys, finally arriving at the back of the hotel. Cody sighed aas he saw the slightly open door, stepping into it. Cody already checked in, so now it was just a matter of not getting seen and getting to his room. Luckily, the hallways were bare, as it was already late at night. They made slight footsteps, but they wouldn't be heard by already asleep humans. Or awake ones.

"Okay, you can have the bed." Cody said as he pulled the blanket over Zen, then stumbled over to the couch, collapsing on the pillows. He thought of a checklist in his mind, and started mentally ticking boxes.

'Bandaged her, check. Do not disturb sign less someone comes trying to clean, check. Blinds, check. Robe, check. Sara, chec...' he slowly drifted into sleep, Sara cuddled beside him on the couch, Cody's tail poofing out of the blanket, draping over the side of the couch along with Sara's tail, the two almost makig it seem as if one large tail were there instead of two.
???? & ???????

Endless grass. That's what haunted him, the slight swaying of the blades seeming like more of a taunting dance underneath the pale moonlight. 'Can I really find him? It's been almost a month, what are the chances of one more week making a difference? Especially this piece of junk...' he hit the device with another paw, angry at the device's indeciveness on which direction.

"[Having fun yet, Saye?]" she taunted him, laughing at his slow descend into loss and death. She knew she was going to win.

But he could still have his pride. "[Yeah. I expect us to meet the Darkfire face-to-face in a day.]" Saye barked back, trying desperately to loosen her grip on his hope. his paw struck the device again, still angry at the wobbling arrow on the device.

It stopped. He couldn't believe it, but the device actually started working right. He almost let out a cry of relief, but stopped himself so it looked like it was always working. 'Yes, YES! Now I won't die! I'm alive!' He slightly danced, not even knowing he was.

"[Good, it started working.]" that stopped him in his tracks. He sighed, angry at his clumsiness in trying to keep a secret.

10-16-2011, 09:38 AM
Erik Marx and Aria
Sinnoh Continent: Outside Veilstone City

Erik sighed as he pulled the boat to dock as his hidden cave, tying off the mooring lines and walking down to the cabin of the small boat, where Aria was lying down, exhausted and tired, still bandaged from earlier. Smiling, he gently pressed against the door and slid down, drifting off to sleep as the moon hung overhead outside.



Veilstone Hotel, room 361

Zen slowly drifted back into consciousness, the covers slipping off her form as she looked around. The ageless young man had vanished, and she felt a slight pang of guilt at her overreaction to him in her panicked state, frowning with sadness as she remembered hearing his pained cries before she blacked out. She turned to see the boy with the Flareon tail lying on a couch, his Flareon companion sleeping near him. She remembered him attacking the man, silver flames burning bright. But with that brought back the memory of the young man.

She felt bad for him. He offered help to her, and she had blatantly panicked and caused him to be injured as a result. She could not feel worse, even if she tried. She felt a tear slip from her eyes and roll down her cheek. Looking down, she saw that her breasts had been bound rather poorly and with haste, leaving them not only slightly exposed, but loose to come off if she merely hopped. Sighing, she gently removed the bandages and stepped out of the bed, slipping off her jeans, panties, gloves, and her daggers (which she was immensely glad she forgot they were there in her panic) and then she was left standing in just her fur. Neatly folding the pants and panties, she set them on the dresser and then placed her daggers on them, her gloves covering them from sight as she set them down last.

Looking at the young man again, she padded over to him, soft enough as to not wake the Flareon, yet with the grace of a Suicune walking on the surface of water. She gently slipped her arms under his back and legs before carrying him over to the bed and laying him down gently on it, removing his clothing save for his legwear. Better than sleeping on a couch, she thought to herself. Blushing lightly at his defined musculature, she silently climbed into the bed, pulling the covers over them and wrapping her arms around his waist protectively, soon falling into a happy sleep with her breasts pressed lightly against his back and her tail lifghtly wrapping around his, a low purr rising from her throat...

Pokemon of Destruction
10-29-2011, 01:25 PM
Zac Storm
Veilstone City

"Such an amazing city. Meteorites, a department store and a game corner." thought Zac as he strolled down the dark streets. "Unluckily here I have to have this stupid illusion so I don't attract attention to myself" muttered Zac. He turned around and looks at the warehouse. "Finally a place where I can at least lose this illusion." said Zac as he entered.

"I wonder if there is anyone around this city." Zac got onto a crate and thought about what to do now. He thought about getting a hotel room but he remembered that he didn't have any money.

Zac decided to wander around Veilstone City with his disguise on so he can see if there is anyone who could help him. He left the warehouse and started to look for a place to get something to eat. He kept walking around but he couldn't find a place where he could eat without being seen.

A Porygon comes floating by and Zac starts to talk to it. "Hello litte guy. Do you know anywhere I could eat." Someone must of seen him because he heard someone shout "A person can't speak poketongue. He must be a freak. Get him." Zac ran for his life but the other people were right behind him. He latched onto a building and changed out of his disguise. He climbed up the building trying to create an illusion that would make him blend in. He made it to the top and changed back to his disguise. "That was too close" said Zac relived. "Looks like I'm stuck up here for the night" thought Zac as he drifted off into sleeping.

10-31-2011, 04:28 AM
Veilstone Grand Hotel, Evening
Sometimes there comes a certain danger in losing yourself in your dreams; you don't know what you'll find, or remember, when you get there...

Mossdeep Space Station 100th launch Gala, Morning (approx 1 year ago)
“Do I really have to wear this stupid thing? I'm sweating like a poochyena with this on.” She tugged at the brilliantly bright green wig for the millionth time, struggling with her sleeves, as they were closed at the hands into glove-like hands with only three thick, green 'fingers'.

Julien gently pulled her hand away from her wig, straightening it to cover her dark brown hair again. “Hush, Callisto, you know how important it is that I appear like a relatively normal human for this. Please, it's only for one interview, then we can leave.”

A sea of humans blanketed the moss-green hills surrounding the space station, all gathered for the historical hundredth launch to the moon, buzzing with anticipation at the possibility that a public expedition to the moon will be held, allowing everyday trainers a chance to fly to the moon and find the legendary pokemon, Jirachi and Deoxys!

Callisto and Julien watched the crowd thicken into a solid mass of bodies from the windows of his jet. Today was also the day that Julien would officially take possession of his parent's company and finances, having found out about their death just recently, and he needed to appear in an interview for this launching gala to 'debut the young new face of the organization'. Obviously, that posed a million problems, one of which being his lack of pokemon, which was why he was busy adjusting the sleeves of Callisto's special Gardevoir dress, fussing over the scuffs on her shoes, brushing every stray lime-green hair out of her white powdered face and red contact lenses. She held her arms out straight at her sides while he fussed over every crease and stitch in her outfit, concentrating on levitating herself at least an inch off the ground and maintaining that distance without draining her already limited power. Callisto could feel the strain this was putting on her system and had to constantly ask Julien to pass her a bottle of Ether. “This will never work,” she murmured, holding her arms out again while concentrating on the lift, “I can't hold it long enough.”

Julien let out an airy, exhausted breath as he held his hands beneath her arms, ready to catch her if she lost control. “Don't strain yourself just for this,” he said in a voice that sounded like it itself had been squeezed of its strength, “If you can't, do not force yourself. I shall say you have been recently injured in battle, or that your senses were damaged, or, maybe, euh...I shall think of something. If not, it should be overlooked. Est-ce tout va bien au moment?”

“English, please.”

“Désol- euh, sorry.” If Callisto was nervous about this gala, Julien was mortified. Since he could not keep on masking his own appearance each time he went out in public, he had to go out into that swarm in his regular, odd morph clothes. She shot him curious glances now and then, still expecting the thick white mop of hair and red t-shirt of her old guardian, instead seeing Julien's grey suit with the yellow zig-zag across the waist, the stray strands of his silver hair that had rejected hair-dye completely, now in complete disarray. She couldn't help but feel a hint of concern when she saw how much his hands were shaking and how he seemed to be constantly shivering, as if there was an isolated patch of frigid air around him that would never let him be warm. He still managed to keep a grip on the cane with one hand, no matter what he was doing. It would possibly be easy for the public to believe he needed that cane for a knee injury, since his sickliness was also going to be used to explain his pallor and premature silvering hair. Callisto wondered how he could stand living with that cane nearly 24/7, and assumed it was force of habit that made him handle it so effortlessly.

Even though her knowledge of pokemon was limited, Julien wasn't anything Callisto thought a Dusknoir morph would be. First off, the pokemon was huge, freakishly huge both vertically and, well, horizontally, had a menacing, single red eye and was, from what she could guess, very powerful. Here, standing beside here, getting ready to step out into the waiting crowd, was a pathetically weak and feeble tooth-pick. During their entire week of travelling together he had barely spoken a hundred words to her, was continuing to not look her in the eye and wouldn't say why, and hadn't used a single pokemon move.

“Can he do anything at all?” She wondered with a bit of malice, while he leaned against his cane,still shivering but trying to smile with his usual calm, passive confidence. As an afterthought, she glanced back at the pile of empty ether bottles she had consumed just in the last five minutes. “Oh, right...Who am I to talk? But still, if Riley were here he'd know exactly how to act and what to do and what to say and everything would be fine because he'd know it would be...” A strange, whimpering sound came out from between her lips that made Julien quickly glance over at her with curiosity. Callisto waved him off. “Nothing.” her hand still went to her neck, where the broken gold chain, right now in her bag, usually lay. “Stop it, stop thinking about him, stop missing him. He's gone, okay? He ripped the locket right out from my hand and he's never coming back.”

The door of the jet let out a deep gust of wind like an ancient sigh. Sunlight and brilliantly blue sky spilled through the seams, opening wider still until the wall of pure noise and camera lenses crashed through as the door touched the ground with an inaudible thump. This part became a blur as she felt Julien rushing her through the swarm of humans, waving them away with a faint smile. Unconsciously she was clamping her eyes tightly shut, clinging to his arm as if for her life, like before with...

“Callisto,” the feathery voice came unusually loud, and she realized the noise from the crowd was gone. Callisto tentatively opened one eye, seeing the dark grey of Julien's sleeve and the bright white of something else. “I'm sorry,” Julien's voice continued, not against her ear this time, “She is not a battling pokemon; the crowd and noise are things she is not accustomed to.”

Callisto opened her eyes further and lifted her head from Julien's sleeve, seeing the square, slate-coloured ceiling tiles and halogen lights, the iron railings lining the upper level and the stairs, the rows of whirring computer desks, the huge walls of windows offering a view down the highest hill of Mossdeep, and above all, the starched white lab-coat of a professor standing right in front of Julien, watching her with some concern from behind his glasses. He was fairly tall, about fifty years old or so, with squared shoulders and a squarish head to match. His short black hair was grey at the temples, but the only wrinkles he had were the thought lines on his forehead. He had a very sharp brow bone which made him look like he was frowning all the time and a lot of stubble on his chin. Callisto flinched back when he leaned forward to get a better look at her, gripping Julien's sleeve tighter. “Poor thing,” the man said, pushing his glasses back up his nose, “she must be terrified.”

“It's okay,” Julien crooned, patting her shoulder reassuringly. He didn't take her arm or her hand or anything like that; that would simply be too odd for a trainer and a pokemon, “This is Professor Astro, the head scientist of the Space Station.”

Astro gave them a small nod and smile. “It's been a pleasure to meet you and your gardevoir, sir. She's, a bit, odd, though, isn't she?” He craned his head to try and get a better look at Callisto, who was now edging away to hide behind Julien.

“She is very shy.” Julien gently pushed her behind him. “Too much attention, too many people. She will not be any trouble, right?”

He briefly glanced down at Callisto, huddled against his back, before resuming his talk as if she was not there. It felt as though she wasn't, as the words seemed to leave their mouths and never reach her ears at all. She rested against Julien's back while he talked with the professor in his perpetually exhausted-sounding whisper, like she used to with Riley, but worried about toppling weak little Julien with her weight so only leaned very lightly. It took a monumental amount of self-control not to fidget with her gardevoir costume, not with all the watchful eyes, both human and camera, in the area. There was some sort of commotion somewhere near the entrance with a lot of shouting and shoving, something about some punks trying to sneak in and get a peek at the rocket before the launch. Unconsciously she leaned back harder against Julien, who didn't seem to notice her or the commotion behind him. Callisto was always nervous about shouting, Riley had always tried to move her somewhere else when a heated argument took place, but Julien simply ignored it. She was shaking and secretly hoping Julien would notice and maybe give her a hug or something, yet he continued to calmly converse with Astro, so she had no choice but to stare at the scene unfolding before her.

A group of thug-like punks had tried to sneak in the back way unnoticed, unsuccessfully of course, and both scientists and a small cluster of security personnel were trying to muscle the group, as well as their odd-looking pokemon, something like a small ursaing with goofy eyes and teeth, a greenish yanma and something like a mightyena crossed with a manectric. The tall shaven head of a semi-toothless brute filled the door as he shouted a garble of curses to no one in particular on his way out. Callisto shook at the sight of him at first, mainly because of his loudness and largeness, but another one, the ratty, sneaky-looking one, sent icicles up her spine. He saw her, from halfway across the main floor, watching them get herded out like a flock of mareep. He stared at her with a mix of curiosity and slit-eyed suspicion. Callisto tensed until the tall brute dragged him out the door by the back of the collar.

“Come on Alex, let's beat it, this blows.”

She couldn't relax. This was something even worse than one of her visions. She cursed herself for wishing earlier for something interesting to happen...


Veilstone Outskirts, Evening
Sometimes dreams lead you to where you least want to return...
Acuity City (Route 217), Late Afternoon (Many years ago)
“Why am I here?” The snow fell in a solid white sheet on all sides. He sat on a low fence, already half-buried in the storm, struggling to keep his balance on the slippery logs that formed it. Julien didn't know where he was, what he was doing here, couldn't even remember where he had come from and why he had left. The faintest hint of warm, black droplets were on his gloves. He didn't know where they came from, but was sure the answer lay waiting somewhere in his mind. The snow blew in angry flurries of icy breaths, sinking into his skin and veins, deadening any sensation of warmth and feeling in his body. “Maybe this is what death feels like.” He would've smiled, but that would invite feeling back into his bones and break the spell. The topper of his cane had caught between the fence and the snow. With a bit of effort he clumsily pulled the end of his cane from the notch in the fence, accidentally hitting himself on the forehead and the jaw before resting it awkwardly over his shoulder. “I'm never gong to get used to this thing...” he thought as he rubbed the slightly sore spot on his forehead.

Looking ahead, he could see between the gap of two, low, one-storey buildings, hunched from the weight of snow like old beggars. The fence was at the back of this open alley, setting a weak divide between the vast, empty wilderness and this hunched-looking city. Julien watched the occasional human run across his view to the city's snow-enveloped streets, huddled in huge, bulky clothes and never stopping to look where they were scrambling to. The blur of wind and snow and the bundles of clothes passing by on the streets slowly melted and blended in with everything until the world looked like a vast sheet of grey...


Snapping into consciousness, Julien flinched and curled into a little ball on the fence. The hook of his cane jabbed uncomfortably into his cheek as he did so, staring back at the wide dark eyes of a bundle of clothes, standing in the gap between the buildings, watching with unbidden curiosity. An odd, whimper-like sound came out from Julien's throat, which was snatched away by the roaring wind before it reached any ears. The thing staring at him was human, a girl it seemed, only a few years younger than he. Possibly seven or eight years at most.

When Julien showed no signs of uncurling the girl took a step or two forward. The snow swallowed her from the knees down as she shuffled towards him. “Mister,” she yelled above the storm's howl, “There's a blizzard coming, get to shelter! MISTER!” she yelled out in frustration at Julien's non responsiveness, hugging her bulky fur-padded jacket around her torso.

Through the blinding sheet of wind and snow they locked eyes with each other, both curious about the other strange creature in front of them. “What a strange little thing,” Julien thought, “Is it, a human? No, it's much too small. This must be their pre-evolved form.”

“Mister!” she yelled again, voice cracking with the effort, “Get to shelter, it's a blizzard!”

“What is she saying?” Julien wondered. “I can't remember much human tongue...”

Suddenly, a strange sort of spasm overcame the girl. Her eyelids shot back, revealing as much whites as possible. Her jaw and arms fell limp as he body seemed to shake, like a puppet on strings handled by an agitated puppeteer. Then, with a last, faint gasp, the strings relaxed and dropped the bundle of rags into the snow. Empty, lifeless.

Julien let out a small gasp of his own, squeezing into an even tighter ball. The girl didn't move. Cautiously, carefully, he uncurled, still hugging his knees to his chin. “H-h-hullo?” The human word rolled and clumped in his mouth before being able to escape, still sounding awkward and alien and too soft to be heard by anyone. He leaned forwards and tried again louder. “Hullo? You?” The icy wind couldn't made him shiver, yet he was shaking like a leaf. “Please? You? Hullo? Hullo?”


Professor Aspen
Johto Medical Research Center, Late Afternoon
...is busy shouting at someone to clean up the coffee on the floor so we'll get back to him later...


Recon A
Mauville Gym, Afternoon
“Is it really that serious?” The gym leader, Wattson, crossed his arms as the lady electrician was giving him the report.

She nodded rapidly. “It's a risk for the entire bike route and pedestrian path, we'll have to close both down for about an hour to let me and my partner finish the generator repairs.”

Wattson looked skeptical; New Mauville had nothing powerful enough to generate electric discharge on the level she was describing. Still, with the recent swarm of reporters hungry for the next big scandal...”I'll alert the Slateport side, we'll close it off once everyone has cleared off.” The electrician nodded brightly and gave his a salute before hopping out the door. Wattson shook his head gravely, hands on his waist. Trusting that company was quite a task, for personal reasons. Never had he thought the electricians sent would be from Felicity. Never had he thought that he would one day hear of, that place, again.

Felicity Isle, to the furthest north-east corner of Hoenn, out of sight even from Mossdeep, was his home those many years ago when he and his two inseparable friends attended the academy on the island's only city, on the south-east end, away from the weapons laboratory on the north-west half. One day, on his friend's tenth birthday, the day he was supposed to receive his official trainer card, he was sent to the hospital after a serious incident. That was the last Wattson ever heard of him...

The lady electrician lounged in the shade of a pillar beneath the bike route, texting while gradually the cyclists were cleared off the path. “Yo, Des,” she typed in, “how's the job going?”

Desmond[/B], [I]Troy, and it's a load of ****, no thanks to you.]

Des and Troy
Route 110 (beneath Bike Road), Afternoon
Troy grumbled. “Tori, you *****, the name's Tori. Hurry up, we got the clear for the rest of the job, I want to get back by dinner.”

[Fine, Troy, when XCTR is totally ****-ed up, I'll say a ***** was biting me in the ass to do a sloppy job.]

XCTR was the abbreviation for the Sector Laboratories. Wavelengths were intercepted on a daily basis, it couldn't hurt to be too careful. “Shut it. Heard Pine was already pissed. Get this right. Meet me when you're done, I'll check the area right now.” Troy watched the screen process Des' next message. Flicking the cover of her pokenav shut, she grimaced in disgust. What was sent through cannot be posted on any PG to PG-13 site, so I'll leave it up to the reader to imagine.

((continued next post))

10-31-2011, 04:36 AM
Mossdeep Space Station, Afternoon
...is STILL staring at the radar screen, well, napping with his eyes open really, so we'll get back to him later...


Riley Dubois
North Veilstone, Evening
Deep within the weapons laboratory, Riley was working his magic on the seemingly impenetrable super-computer. Something was very suspicious when the receptionist seemed to have absolutely no knowledge of his crimes in Hoenn, after all, all of his companies would be the first to be alerted. Assuming she was a temp or a new recruit, it didn't weigh heavy on his mind until the professor feigned the same indifference. He was constantly glancing to the left, a sign that he was either lying or hiding something. Riley expected a squadron of police in the lab, but no, the path to the computer was clear, and the login screen was blinking monotonously. It was clear; this was a trap. As soon as that button was pressed they would be alerted. So, he took the long way around, and crashed the entire system's security, which took only a minute longer than logging in normally. As he cruised through all the confidential files, his mind raced with countless intricate calculations. Time was still his enemy. He wasn't about to let it win. Finally, the one he needed.

[Calibrating, please enter satellite security codex]

From an inner pocket of his jacket, he drew out a hand gun and, of all things, a gold heart locket. The computer blinked impatiently but he stopped, gazing down at the locket, and ran his thumb over the intricate engraved C on the plating. He flipped open the locket and stared at the photo. There was a picture of a young man inside, with short, thick, snowy white hair and eyes covered by dark mirrored sunglasses. He was smiling. At his side, was a young teen, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, with a single, dark green streak running trough her hair, eyes beaming and glittering with laughter as they held each other in a tight embrace. Riley gazed down on the alien-looking smile on his face, running his thumb over Callisto's hand linked with his.

[Warning, security restriction, please enter codex.]

Riley ran his finger over the picture, his thoughts gone for a moment.


He snapped it back close. “To hell with this.” With a quick twist he snapped the locket in half, revealing a computer chip. Inserting it into the hard-drive, the computer took an agonizing moment to download it. Riley looked at the other half of the gold heart with half a c still engraved, and Callisto's smile still staring up at him. “Any regrets, Riley?”

[Security codex accepted. Calibrating firing arm.]

He closed his fist around it, and tossed the half-penny sized piece into the air. “None at all” With one swift movement he drew his gun and shot it out of existence. The side of his lip pulled back in a sly smirk at the impossible shot.

Riley watched the computer screen, while high above the world, a dormant satellite purred and spun to life. He took his hand gun and opened the side, folding out a clear, flexible, transparent panel that acted as a computer.

[Calibration complete. Satellite range: Veilstone.]

The computer alerted him. Tapping the panel, it read his dna and projected a series of screens onto the transparent film. "Commence download." He placed the gun on the keyboard of the main computer, and the omnisensor on the gun linked to the hard drive. The screen sparked static in defiance to the advanced technology, but eventually an hourglass on the computer blinked to life, then a progress bar appeared.


The little coloured bar leaped up in little, spastic jolts. Now, things were out of his hands. The police will no doubt start to get suspicious by now, and might already be on their way. If the download didn't complete by then, he would need to move on. Every stall in the download was agonizingly painful.

[Download, 75%]

Riley paced, eyes glued to the screen. “Faster, faster.”

10-31-2011, 08:55 PM
Cody &Sara,
Sometimes dreams take you on a journey...

Indigo Plateau
Champion's room
5 months prior

"Took me long enough to win. Now hurry up and register me, Oak."

"Okay, okay. You're the new champion."

"Sooo...now what do I do?"

"I dunno, go stand in the champions room?" Cody reluctantly turned around and walked back into the champion's room, sitting on the pokeball motif on the floor. And then he waited. And waited.

"I'm going to be the next champion!" Cody was startled by the voice. A small boy was standing in front of him, his smile radiating across the room.

"Be my guest, all you do is stand in one spot." Cody said quietly, walking past the boy and out of the room. Past all of the Elite Four, and out of the building.

"Now why did you do that?" Sara rang out when she got out of her pokeball, she was still an eevee.

"because it's the stupidest job in the world, and I would much rather finish my translator, as that will have a bigger impact on the world." Cody said, still walking away from the building.

"You do know how long you were champion, right?"

"About a day."

"Try fifteen minutes. Nobody's going to remember you." Cody made a soft thump as his side hit the ground, his face stricken with shock.

4 months prior

"*sigh*...so where are we going now?" Sara asked, sitting on the deck beside Cody.

"I'm a disgrace to the region of Kanto, so we're going somewhere else." Cody said, one hand on the steering wheel, the other at his side.

"*sigh* whatever..." Sara fell asleep quietly, resting her head on the wood floor.

Veilstone City
1 day prior

"Yeah, we made it! Wait, where are we?" Cody said, puzzled that he actually found land. They had been at sea for nearly 4 months, but they had ample rations for the trip.

"Veilstone..." Sara said quietly, not really caring if they hit ground or not. Then something hit the boat, and Sara was hit in the head by a flying object.

She awoke munutes later, feeling bigger than before. She looked at her paw and shrieked.

"What the hell did you do to me?!" Sara yelled out at Cody, who hadn't left the boat yet and was gathering his equipment.

"I didn't do anything. We hit a giant fire sone, and I guess a chip smacked you in the face." Cody said as he picked up a few electronical components and stuffed them in a bag.

"How can you be so calm?! I don't want to be a flareon!"

"I'll find some way to reverse it. We're losing daylight, let's get to the hotel." Cody said quietly, walking off and away from the boat. Sara followed, still not used to her new body, and angry Cody would let something like this happen. But she know he would somehow fix it, so she decided this would be a trial run.

Veilstone Hotel, room 361
Present day

Cody woke up slowly. Something furry was pressed up against him, and he almost jumped when he saw the girl. 'So she's the clingy type...' he thought as he concentrated on getting away without waking her. He slipped quietly away from her arms, letting her arms down as slow as he possibaly could.'If she notices anything awry, she won't be very happy.' Cody thought, stepping into the adjacent room. His tools sat neatly organised, a half complete translator sitting apart from the tools. He decided he wasn't going to work on the translator that night, and instead settled on protecting the girl. Then he remembered he could use pokemon moves. He silently used Protect, while holding a small cube with a screen on it.

The screen quietly lit up, displaying lines of code. He plugged the cube into his small laptop, then pasted all the codes in a document.

'Ah, Omnicube. What would I do without you?' he thought, pressing keys lightly so they emitted no noise.

'Now how to disguise it...' Cody thought, looking at the spherical crystal which now held the code. His eyes fell on a silver chain, and he hastily stuck the crystal to it, but still added a bit of flair by melting a thick wire of metal and winding it around the ball from top to bottom, making a professional looking piece of jewlery. It shined lightly, a green glow emitting from it. 'Perfect. Now to sneak back to bed...' he thought, walking quietly back to the bedroom, a dim green glow from his right hand.

11-12-2011, 02:26 AM
OOC: Before I start I would just like to say I am IMMENSLY sorry that this is so late! THANK YOU ALL for being so patient!


Eric Marx
Hidden Cave, Sinnoh

Some dreams are just a gateway to the past…

Marx Family Estate, Unova
Afternoon, several years ago…

Eric sat on the chair in the dining room, sorting through his mail as he usually would while the rest of his family ran about and played games around the house. His skin was lightly tanned, his muscles in great shape from his sword training, the large blade leaning against the chair as he tossed the junk mail through the paper shredder, instead looking at one letter bearing the stamp of an official Pokemon professor. Intrigued, he opened it up curiously, pulling out a card and a business letter, handwritten.

Reading it, he could soon hardly contain his excitement. Professor Oak in Kanto had written him back, offering him congratulations at becoming one of his researchers in Pokemon/Human blood relations. He could hardly contain his excitement as his Raichu read the letter with him, smiling that her trainer was happy. The next few moments were a blur to him, telling the family, saying his goodbyes, and heading out for Castelia Port, where a boat was sent by the Professor himself to take him to Kanto.

Pokemon Research Lab, Johto
14 months ago...

Eric stood in his researcher's coat, holding a vial of blood his Raichu willingly gave up and a vial of his own blood. He was walking towards his lab, something he still couldn't believe he had, where he assigned to test mixing Pokemon blood with Human blood. Walking in, he set both vials into the mixer and began to observe the results for the first time. After a few minutes of watching, you were astonished by the results. Taking the newly mixed blood, he set it into the filter as it started to attempt to separate it.

"No way..." He stared in awe at the results before picking up the phone hastily. "Professor! You need to see this!" He tried not to shout into the line, looking at the blood that had become inseparable once fused.

Pokemon Research Facility, Johto
8 months ago...

Eric sat in a cell, fur growing over his body, ears flattened on the sides of his head and Raichu ears and a similar tail growing from his body. He had a bandaged and bloody arm from a month ago, when his blood mixed with his Raichu's. Now, he had been caged like an animal, left only the possessions he brought with him, all contact with the outside world lost. However, the one possession they forgot to take away from him was his sword, leaning against the wall nearby as his eyes gazed over to it.

Goldenrod City
3 months ago...
Hiding in an alleyway, Eric held a bloodstained sword, rags covering his form loosely as he moved through the shadows of the night, overloading security systems and stealing what he could to survive. With control over his electrical abilities, he had become more dextrous and flexible, as well as gaining heightened abilities. All he needed now was a way out on the boat he hid away nearby, the coastline closed at the time due to an oil spill. Electricity dancing on his cheeks, he prepared to infiltrate the department store in front of him...

Aria Rals
Hidden Cave, Sinnoh

Some dreams are nightmares...

Pokemon Research Facility Johto
3 months ago...

Aria sat huddled in a corner, cringing at the sounds of yelling and beatings carrying through the walls of the facility as she hid in the air ducts. She knew they were looking for her, looking to take her back to her cell, place her under more experimentation. She was a mere plaything to these people, not a person, not an equal, an utter toy, meant to be broken and discarded once she outlived her usefulness. She wouldn't give them that chance. Ever since she became a pokemon morph, she could hear things much sharper that she once could not even hear a whisper of.

Gathering her courage again, she moved slowly through the air ducts, able to see the faintest glompses of natural sunlight after a few hours of moving.

[Zen's dream to be posted later]

Pokemon of Destruction
11-27-2011, 10:19 AM
Zac Storm
Veilstone City

Sometimes dreams can show your fears and true personality.

Zac got up and sees what seems to be an endless void. A figure is the only thing that seems to reside in the void. It looks like it gets closer and closer until it's right in front of him. It is a darker version of Zac with red aura emenating from it.

"Hello Zac."
"Who are you?"
"You already know the answer. I'm you but a different kind. I'm stuck here in your dreams yet you live as a physical being."
"I'm your worse nightmare!"

The evil Zac changed shape to become a shadow of Zac. Zac started to run.
"You can't run away Zac. I'm always there. Can't you face the truth."
"What do you want?"

The shadow became its physical form again and grabbed Zac. Zac punched the shadow and kept running.

(I couldn't resist the dream quote thing.)

12-10-2011, 09:32 AM
Janet's sprint slowed down to a steady jog as she slipped deeper into the trees and bushes.
New Mauville had disappeared out of sight, and she was under a thick enough canopy to prevent her bright yellow fur from standing out.
The tropical Hoennian forest guarded her from the eyes of most humans that traveled on the bike path, although she could still hear their traffic off in the distance.
"Of all the horrible things that could've happened..." Janet cursed to herself, using the breath she hadn't already dedicated to running,
"How did they manage to find me there? Why couldn't those humans just leave me alone? And why are there so many of them around here!?"
Janet thought hard on that subject. Humans. It was always the humans that poked into everyone's business, causing all of the problems.
Not that the Pokemon didn't have problems of their own, but at least they never tried to force their domination and bind other Pokemon to their will.
At least they got over their fights; they never tried to pursue other people to the ends of the earth.
All they wanted to do was survive and compete against each other. But humans... they wanted more... always wanted more...
But she quickly put a stop to her wild mental rant as she remembered where Pokemorphs like her came from in the first place. She cursed to herself again.

The bulging fruits of a nearby Pecha tree caught Janet's attention;
the only reason why she hadn't felt a single pang of hunger was because of the adrenaline that took up the last half hour of her day.
Now it was wearing off, and the Plusle morph was reminded of the other things she required in order to survive.
In a few agile leaps, Janet picked off a few Pecha Berries off the high branches.
Since there were no bags or cloth to store them in, she sat down and began eating under the tree.

"Guh, Guh... Gimme that!" a low, wheezing voice bellowed from the bushes next to her in Pokemon speak.
Janet immediately jumped back and stood low in a battle pose. She had missed her first bite by just a fraction of a second, and was hoping to end the conflict quickly so she could go back to eating.
A wild Gulpin emerged from the bushes, accompanied by savage growling, although Janet wasn't sure if that was coming from the Gulpin or its stomach.
"Hey listen up you giant Plusle... thing!" the Gulpin went on, "I been eyeing that berry for three days now and it only gets ripe enough to drop today! If you think yer gonna take that Pecha away from me, you gotta 'nother-"
Janet impatiently rolled all of the Pecha Berries she was holding over to the hungry Pokemon and simply leapt to a higher branch to get some more.
She had grown all too accustomed to the simple-mindedness of certain Pokemon and did her best to avoid it whenever possible.
The Gulpin busied itself with scooping up all the Pecha Berries in its mouth to swallow whole as Janet sat herself down again to eat.
The Pecha Berries higher up weren't as ripe as the ones she took from below, but she didn't care.
"OOOOOOHHHHHH, Thank you!" the Gulpin let out a contented sigh. It was universal to all Gulpins; if they stuffed themselves, they wouldn't complain.
"It's nothing," Janet replied trivially in a jumble of "pla" and "sle"s.
She jumped up a few more times to retrieve the remaining berries off the tree before it was picked clean. She offered a few to the Gulpin, who remained nothing less than ecstatic.
Its simple mind was overjoyed that there was someone who could pick the berries from so high up to give to it instead of having to wait for them to come down.
Suddenly, the distant noise of the Route 110 traffic died down. With the artificial ambience gone from the background, there was only quiet nature within the range of Janet's hearing.
It would've been soothing, but she couldn't help but feel unsettled. At this time of the day, the route should have been busy with large amounts of traffic going between towns.
Instead, the traffic had stopped early. She had also noticed that the air was completely devoid of the commands shouted by young Pokemon trainers common to the hour.
Something wasn't right.

Feeling uneasy, Janet finished the last of her meal and began to run again.

"Hey hay! Where are you going?" the Gulpin asked

"Mauville," Janet said curtly, not stopping as she said it.

"OOOOOOHHHH, Mauville! MMMMMMM, I love their trashcans! They throw all the good stuff away!" the Gulpin exclaimed, "Hey wait, can I come with you?"

Janet halted and looked back impatiently. She thought for a moment and sighed; the Gulpin was clearly showing an attachment to Janet.
Sometimes Pokemon were unreasonable, demanding a battle without relent.
Sometimes they were cowardly, fleeing at the sight of anyone else and keeping all to themselves.
But in certain cases, they just wanted something, and all it took was a little bribe to get a Pokemon attached to you.
Janet wondered if any of the Pokemon trainers- those who battled the wilds until they were weak, and threw balls at them until they landed that lucky catch- ever knew this...

"Oh, and by the way, could we have a snack on the way there?" the Gulpin asked as Janet dashed back and picked it up, continuing the journey with the two of them.

12-13-2011, 01:59 AM
Veilstone Grand Hotel, Evening

Dreams lead you down forgotten paths...

Mossdeep Space Station 100th launch Gala, Morning (approx 1 year ago)

“Jeffrey!” Callisto let out a tiny yelp as her support suddenly walked away, greeting someone with his one available open arm, the other clutched tightly around his cane. Approaching with equally open arms was another man somewhere between Julien and Astro's ages, maybe early or mid thirties, also wearing a lab coat which was heavily stained a pale bluish-grey all over. Jeffery, she assumed his name was Jeffery, gave Julien a brilliant smile and a quick hug.

“Little Jules!” he said, holding Julien by the shoulders at arm's length, “By Arceus, you've grown!” Jeffery was not very small himself, an above average height, lanky figure with bright, twinkling eyes that crinkled pleasantly at the corners when he smiled, and rather long dark hair, even longer than Julien's, which fell straight and neat down past his shoulders to about his upper back. He chuckled for no apparent reason, then fixed Callisto with the same, curious look that the boy, what was his name?, Alex, had given her. She shrunk back behind a pillar, Jeffrey still watching her with unchecked curiosity, while Astro cleared his throat for attention.

“Well, I see you two have already met.” He watched them expectantly, obviously waiting for an explanation for their cordiality towards each other.

Julien gave his weak timid smile and patted Jeffery on the shoulder. “Jeffrey here has been my mentor and friend ever since I could remember. Oh, Jeffrey, this is my gardevoir, Callisto. Callisto, Jeffrey.”

Jeffrey gave her a bright smile, yet something strange and unreadable seemed to hang in the corners of his eyes that Callisto couldn't quite understand. Nevertheless, she knew there was something she didn't like about this Jeffrey person.

“So little Jules,” the mysterious spark in Jeffrey's eyes melted into his smile lines as he gently placed a hand on Julien's shoulder, starting to lead him down the hallway, “what have you been up to lately? I haven't seen you since your parents...well...”

Julien gave a sigh as quiet as the sun setting. “Since they were alive?”

Jeffrey's shoulders rose and fell as he took a breath. “Yes, I suppose.”

“Callisto, please stay here, alright? Do not trouble anyone.” Julien called back over his shoulder.

Callisto nearly uttered some human words, but thankfully Astro accidentally bumped her shoulder as he hurried to catch up with the two. Callisto turned her remark into a quick scowl, then a fleeting glance at the backs of the three men as they disappeared across the first floor.

“You were still just a young boy then,” Jeffrey was saying to Julien, “How has your health been? Any trouble breathing? Fainting spells?”

Julien limped along slowly beside him. “I have a little trouble every now and then. It is nothing that is concerning...”

Callisto watched the black cane tap, tap, tap away and the subtle swish of Astro's lab coat and Jeffrey's hair until she couldn't see nor hear them anymore. She found herself alone. Not another living thing seemed to be in the terrifyingly huge building. For a long while she stood next to that pillar, listening to the distant noises in the heart of the building and the silence within, as well as the muffled murmurs of the gala, where almost all the population of the building had gone, outside the window-wall beside her. Beyond the faint greyish-brown tint of the long, glass wall, she could feel the eyes staring into the silent heart of the monstrous building, though she didn't know that from their view, they could only gaze at their own expectant faces on smooth, opaque black glass. Rolling gently down the slope of the hill, carpeting it like a field of grass were hundreds of scientists and reporters and thousands upon thousands of citizens, spectators and hopeful trainers, pining for the one chance in a million to fly to the moon.

The feeling of thousands of eyes trained on your spot, even if they weren't looking directly at you or even seeing you, was a chilling one. Piled with the fear of being the last soul left in a building larger than any other you had ever seen, it was enough to make Callisto fell sick. She back away hastily from the window and fled up the iron-railed stairs to the second-floor observation walkway, a long open hall which overlooked the first floor. Looking back down over the railing she simply felt a sense of vertigo, not good for her already spinning head, so, bearing in mind that she had to remain undetected, she retreated further into the building.

There were plenty of places to hide; nooks behind garbage cans and pillars and potted plants. She wandered down the cool, deserted hall ducking behind every place she could find, looking for a good permanent spot she could hide and wait for Julien's stupid appearance-speech-thingy-whatever to be over and done so they could leave. She could've found a good hiding spot easily, if not for the other presences who were obviously trying to remain as hidden as she. Down the hall in front of her, slipping carefully but rather noisily through a side doorway was a group of three or so humans, obviously not scientists or anyone who would be allowed in the depths of the space centre.

For a moment she debated, crouched behind a potted plant beside a column in the wall. At last she shook her head. “Either way I may regret this, but if I don't follow I may never know.” As you may probably have already guessed, she will regret this very much in the future.

Expecting to peer into a room full of more computers and blueprints, her eyes widened with awe at the sight the door revealed. Spanning out at least four stories deep behind the guardrail inside was the subject of the gala itself; the Mossdeep Rocket, Deoxys 13.

“Wow,” Callisto breathed, forgetting for a moment what she was doing, letting the door slide open with her weight. “Wow,” she breathed again for lack of anything else to say. Unfortunately there was not much time to say anything else, as it suddenly seemed as if the entire building was collapsing around her.

She saw the three human boys shout and shove each other to scramble to the exit as the support beams buckled and cracked, saw them pull short, eyes wide with panic when they saw her, and she could see Alex's eyes widen in realization just before the beam came crashing down on all of them.


Veilstone Outskirts, Evening

Dreams can take your breath away...

Acuity City (Route 217), Late Afternoon (Many years ago)

“Umm, hello? Please? Please?” The snow covered his legs up to his knees as he gingerly tapped the girl's shoulder. She was fast disappearing into the white blanket that was trying to swallow the city. Her eyes were wide open and glazed over with the dull emptiness of death. Julien was shaking violently, but not from the cold of course. He'd never seen eyes so barren and empty before.

Reaching out cautiously with a gloved hand, he gently touched the girl's eyes, like he had seen humans do to the deceased, only he didn't know they were doing so to close their eyes. Her eyes were frozen open, and smooth and hard like cold glass marbles.

The wind around the thin alleyway sounded like it was screaming, and Julien realized too late where the screaming was actually coming from. He looked up in time to see the hatchet bury deep into the side of his head.


Professor Aspen
Johto Medical Research Centre, Late Afternoon

Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip...

Aspen growled as he walked into the room. He rubbed his temples at the noise. “What?” He grumbled to no one.

Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip...whined the radar from Sinnoh. For a moment Aspen perked up. Had that lazy good-for-nothing Larch finally caught the Dubois boy on one of his sweeps? As he checked the data, he found that the blip split inot two as he zoomed in on Veilstone. Aspen frowned. “That lazy good-for-nothing Larch still hasn't caught him...”

One red blip was coming from the heart of the weapons building. That one had to have been where Lucian's boy was hiding. The other was coming from that hotel...

Aspen ran through the stats. He frowned. It wasn't what he had expected, but it was something nevertheless. “He must've taken it out of whatever case he was storing it in for the sweep to have detected it...” he muttered while he jabbed at a single key on the phone. “Get Larch on the line. Don't ask why, just do it.”

New Mauville Generator Room, Afternoon

Desmond clapped the pokenav shut, enjoying a moment for himself to gloat about Tori's reaction to the picture he sent. “That was rich,” he smirked, while his larion carried on munching away the excess debris left over from the fight. The generator room itself was beginning to look good as new, thanks to larion's metal-munching might, it was the charred corpse that Desmond was most concerned with, as he knelt beside it, trying to pick what was left of it's pockets for anything useful.

“Urgh,” he grumbled when the trainer's trainer card came out as a melted, molten-looking sticky wad, fused over some jumbled pKe coins and an electrically-scorched wallet. “There goes ID-ing this sucker,” Des grumbled as he peeled the clinging, sticky bits of plastic from his fingers. He stood up and sighed, rolling his shoulders. Staring up at him was the blackened, smoking face of an unknown and unidentifiable trainer, which he was supposed to identify and then come up with some sort of cover for this death. It wouldn't be too difficult; a short-circuited wire that caught the unfortunate trainer, or a stupid kid sticking a finger into a crack in the generator casing to fish out a fallen pKe coin. The difficult part was standing around with the smell of burnt flesh while his larion munched it's way through the extra trash lying around.

A familiar, detached, crinkling noise in the air made him whip around with his screwdriver clenched tightly in his fist. Standing in the hall leading back out of New Mauville, was Tori's abra. Des slumped with relief. “Abra, **** man you nearly made me tag you with this puppy,” he waved the tip of the screwdriver in front of abra's face teasingly. Laughing he tucked the screwdriver back into his belt and crouched down beside the charred corpse. Rolling up his sleeves he prepared to heave the corps closer to the generator so he could figure out some way to stage a large-scale electrocution. He grunted with a satisfied smirk at the small victory of lifting the dead weight, then smirked over towards the ever impassive abra. “So squinty, what'd the lab think of those rolling poke-bombs Tori had ya poof over-”

Des froze. Abra was holding a letter in his hand. Without needing the instructions to do so abra walked over to Desmond's side and held the letter beneath his nose. The corpse fell to the ground with a meaty thwump. Des' eyes bugged as the oppressively sweet smell radiating from the letter flooded the tiny generator room and pressed against his nose and throat.

Route 110 (beneath Bike Road), Afternoon

Tori's linoone glided like a silk ribbon through the waters, carrying her steadily up and down the route. She didn't worry about watching the path, not with her faithful linoone doing the task for her. Instead she kept her eye on the hidden screen of her modified pokenav, watching for the information streaming from the Sector headquarters about any new developments. Everything was silent, the water, the grass, the road up ahead, even the wingull seemed to have disappeared into some alternate world. That was how still it was when the grass rustled with lumbering, approaching footfalls.

Tori didn't bother looking up. She knew it was Des from the location change on her pokenav. She sighed and closed her eyes as she flipped her pokenav shut. “Des, for Arceus' sake what the **** took you so long? That morph might be halfway to Fortree by now no thanks to-”

Tori stopped mid-sentence, struck by the appearance of her recon partner. He was slumped over, zombie-like, with his eyes wide and staring and frame trembling ridiculously. She forced a cynical laugh. “What's the matter, *****?” her voice crackled uncharacteristically, “Purrloin stole your tongue? Ghost pokemon caught your back? Come on, you look pathetic on your best days but this is just-” Suddenly Des' forlorn expression was explained as he held a clumsily torn-open envelope to her. Her breath caught in her throat when it hit her, that smell, the sickeningly sweet smell of honey and peppermint.

“Your abra came back.” He said with a slight drawl. His eyes didn't seem to register anything as Tori snatched the envelop and fumbled with the letter, which had been crumpled slightly in Des' haste to replace it.

The message, written with neat flowing print on a small sheet of paper was only a few lines;

“The office is closing early tonight for the dinner party at 5. I hope you remembered; please don't be late! Sincerely, Pine.”

Tori swallowed the lump in her throat, holding the note at arm's length to keep the oppressively sweet smell as far away as possible. She was shaking all over as she slowly turned her head, to find Des shaking as much as she, arms clutching his sides as if he had a terrible belly-ache. They wide, panic-stricken eyes met.

“What do we do?” Des whimpered.

Tori for once had no answer and no snappy come-back to fill in as one. The letter, of course, was in a very precise code. They both knew, there was no dinner party waiting for them back at the Lab...

Riley Dubois
North Veilstone (inside weapons laboratory), Evening

[Download, 80%]

Riley approached the computer, hand hovering over the gun to snatch it once it was complete. So close, so close. Then he heard it, the doors sliding open behind him. Footsteps, the panting of Arcanine and gun barrels being cocked. They were approaching fast.


Riley sighed with disappointment, closing his eyes and grabbing the gun off the computer. The transparent film folded into its compartment and the main computer whined and went blank. As he tucked the gun back into his pocket, he turned to face a wall of policemen and women, with various police pokemon and staff from the weapons company, forming a semicircle some distance from him, walling off the only exit. They held their guns at eye level, barrels trained on him.

"Hands up!" One shouted. He readily complied, raising his empty palms to them. They started approaching, unable to read his emotions from behind his mirrored sunglasses. "What were you doing in this laboratory?" one demanded.

Riley's face and voice were cold and stoic. "Accomplishing something no ordinary human can ever comprehend, or is ever meant to."