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Well there once was a ancient pokemon named Mewtwo. He was the king of the pirates. But, the most relentless pirate of them all. He destroyed tons of pirates a long the way stealing there gold and getting more powerful. He would just crush ships with his psychic powers. So he just kept collecting all the gold and he was just unstoppable. He had the most treasure during a five year period. So he was bored until finally he had hid his gold in the deep depths of the sinnoh which no one had been there but, him. So after he had hid his gold and finish his last goals. He had the biggest bounty ever that he would turn himself in because he knew that he was making this world worst so he eventually turned himself in. He really didn't care what would happen to him in the end. So then he was sentenced to the death penalty unfortunately. so finally he was on a big podium were they where about to hang him finally but, he had last words for all those good pirates that were there watching him about to be hung. "For all you good pirates out there I have one last request for you or what I mean is a competition whoever finds my gold shall be named king of the pirates and be the best and most powerful pirates in the world. So if you got what it takes you will take this journey through the Kanto into the Johto past the Hoenn and finally work hard to get through the Sinnoh. If you can get through there four regions and get to the cave that my golds is in you shall be named king of the pirates. Now go on brave pirates find my treasure." At that moment when he was finished speaking he was hung to death and then the pirates where getting there equipment and supplies and getting ready to go on this big journey.

Your Role

Your role as a pokemon is to try to get a crew or you can find a crew a long the way and try to get Mewtwo's hidden treasure. So you pick one pokemon as the leader and in the beginning you can start with 4 at first and then the rest you find a long the way. There are a lot of crews to fight so you must fight and you must get supplies a lot so it should be long and detailed.


1.No God Modding most important
2.No teleporting
3.No Controlling other characters
4.No swearing
5.No rated R stuff
6.Follow regular roleplay rules
7.No Legendaries

Sign ups

Gender: Male or Female
Description: 3-5
Personality: 3-5
History: Brief summary of how you became a pirate
Pirate Logo: Brief description or pic
Other Pokemon Description:Small description of the other crew mates


Gender: Male
Description: He also has a doo rag on his head. He has a patch that he never puts on.
Personality: He is a bad a** pirate when it comes to this Blaziken. Words can't really describe him this pirate. He is brave he will put his life on the line for this gold. He is a born leader. He was a leader young in his life and he is a leader now. He fights hard and never gives up. He is very strong fights hard very fast too. He is smart too. He makes smart plans but, is also reckless at times doing daring stuff.
History: Well his dad use to be a pirate but, he had died off so he really wanted too to follow in his dads foot steps. Also he has a sick mom and he needs the gold to buy a cure to save her so he is hoping he can get it. Also he stole stuff when he was younger so he has the mind set and physics to be a pirate.
Pirate Logo: Its a flaming skull.
Crew:Blaziken Breloom
Leader: Blaziken
Other Pokemon Description: Breloom was a friend of blaziken. His parents passed by but, his dad was a pirate to so he is following in his foot steps too. He stole a lot when he was young just to survive now that Mewtwo has talked he is ready to help Blaziken get the gold.

Additional Information

Really big water pokemon like wailord are neutral. Also flying pokemon can't go and fly to the treasure. Also there are no weapons like guns and swords etc. You use pokemon attacks like the regular four moves. This is a long journey so don't make it so quick.

Pokemon of Destruction
Dark Umbreon


Not Accepted

Pokemon of Destruction
10-26-2011, 03:20 PM
Hey this is like your Pokemon Piece RP. That was great.

Pokemon: Zoroak
Species: Zoroak
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Description: He has an eye patch on his right eye. His hair is tattooed to look like a skull.
Personality: He likes to steal from starting pirates and and wrecks the ships. They salvage anything of intrest. He is ruthless ferious and visous. He demands respect from other pirates and is feared for most pirate's end.
History: Before he was a pirate he worked on an island. He was treated badly and when he ran out of food and money he borrowed some from a rich pokemon. Zoroak couldn't pay him back so he ran. He found a boat and an eye patch. He bacame a pirate to pay off the rich pokemon. He hired a crew and he stole all the rich pokemon's money and left a note. It said "Thanks for the gold Oh and forget about the money I owe you. From Zoroak. He started to grow more cruel and the greed of each new treasure made him more wicked. When he heard of Mewtwo's treasure he set sail and said "No-one will get in my way."
Pirate Logo: A black skull with red eyes.
Crew: Zoroark, Chandelure, Weavile and Carracosta
Other Pokemon Description: Chandelure- Chandelure was poor until she met Zoroak who joined him on ship. Her fire and psychic abilities are able to obliterate ships. Weavile- Weaile is Zoroak's first mate and he joined when Weavile challenge Zoroak to a battle and lost. His ice breath can freeze a ship in its place. Carracosta- Carracosta joined when he stealing treasure from the ocean floor. Zoroak discovered him and got him a deal. Carracosta gets a quarter of the treasure he finds or he'll be Sharpedo food. Carracost and crush ships.

Kid Blaze
10-26-2011, 03:34 PM
Pokemon: Rogue
Species: Houndoom
Gender: Male
Description: he has scars on his back and a broken horn
Personality: fierce, likes to be solo,
History: he was forced from birth to piratry. His father was one
Pirate Logo: a flaming flag with a Pokeball in the center
Crew: Machamp, Hitmonlee, Magmar,
Leader: Houndoom
Other Pokemon Description: Machamp is the strength of the crew, Hitmonlee is the fighter and Magmar keeps the defense. Roue, the Houndoom keeps the crew in check.

10-31-2011, 04:27 AM
You guys are both in good job.

11-06-2011, 05:41 PM
Gender: Male
Description:he has one eye the other one went full black the first time he confronted mewtwo
his skull mask has one tooth broken off and mewtwo stole the tooth to add it to his treasure duskulls mask is very rare
Personality: headstrong reckless and doesnt really think before doing he can have a bad temper when someone tells him to do stuff but will risk anything for mewtwos treasure mostly because he wants his tooth back
History: i became a pirate ever since i was a baby because i had to we were being pillaged by the legendary pirate Recks a rotom who took mercy and kidnapped me to teach me the pirate ways to steal and to lead when rotom died i took his place as crew captain and made a new flag but i still have more to learn
Pirate Logo: a duskull face with shreaded sides
Crew:elekid:draco voltorb:desto munchlax:teck porygon:spark
Other Pokemon Description:munchlax is my first mate he is trustworthy to do anything
elekid: is my cook try his ravioli
porygon is my treasure retriever he will do anything to recieve the
treasure of mewtwo
voltorb can do anything sometimes we use him as a cannon ball :crackup:

11-08-2011, 02:45 PM
Good job your in Quaza

11-09-2011, 01:12 AM
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i signed up for my first roleplay thanx please don't let this die tell me when to start posting

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I got you we will also be using this as a discussion thread too. So we will be starting off from the Kanto heading all the way to the Unova. So it will have to be a long journey and the region will be more watery then land I will explain that soon I just need to think how to divide it up.

11-10-2011, 09:05 PM
I have an idea you know in pirates of the carribean theirs this chain of shops it was cool

11-10-2011, 10:40 PM
Alright so whats your point?

11-19-2011, 01:07 AM
oh just part of the map a suggestion for it

Dark Umbreon
11-21-2011, 04:29 AM
Pokemon: Striker
Species: Marowak
Gender: Male
Description: Skull and bone are red. Tail has a tatoo that says" Cold the the Bone"
Personality: Very picky and mainly likes rare items with lots of value. Stratigic and Reckless, likes to do stunts and tricks.
History: Lived on the streets stealing from shops to survive. Would hide and watch pirates to learn how to be one. When he evolved he was robbed by pirates, so he became one to get it all and more back. When he heard of Mewtwo it made his goals higher.
Pirate Logo: Square made out of bones with a flame in the middle.
Crew: Meela(Golduck), Surge(Ampharos), Buzz (Toxicroak)
Leader: Striker
Other Pokemon Description: Golduck: Only girl on crew. Defense and special missions expert.
Ampharos: Navigator and guy in crow's nest. ( Striker's first recruit.)
Toxicroak: Main fighter in group.( although Stiker likes certain things he will take other things)

11-21-2011, 10:02 PM
The sign up is great dark umbreon your in. Now time to explain the map which will be broken down and more complicated. So it seems theres more water than ladn on the map.


The link here shows the kanto region. You start from Pallet town first then you go and you can go to cinnabar island for supplies if you want or you would have to take a long journey around then you head up to Fushia island the left side which would be cycling road is gone thats a broken path filled with sharp rocks that no sailer can go through with a boat or nothing. Then you can go the right sailing up a long journey going through then you hit 2 paths you can sail to saffron city going left but you would have to go to Vermillion town than sail a little around but, about Saffron you must stay at the city and keep it peaceful or the Blues will attack you. The Blues are a police kinda organization that hates pirates. You can choose to do stuff behind there back but, if you get caught you can fight them but, in a city like Saffron there would be tons of them as if Fushia island and only certain islands and town have Blues not everyone. The leader of the Blues is Magnezone he regulates the Blues in Kanto and Johto and he is in the big tower in Saffron. Every town has gold but, certain towns either have a lot or a little bit of gold the bigger the town the more the gold though. Then the other way takes you up to Lavender island then you can go to Dark rock gold cave its a underwater cave that has gold not a lot but some that could get you started. Then after that you sail to cerulean islands you can go up and get extra gold through the Mewtwo Strait. Then if you keep going you have Moon cave another underwater cave that leads you to Pewter town. Then down through there yo go through the Viridian swamps that leads you to viridian city. Then you can get supplies you can go down to Pallet town because its all land and there was just a tornado there. So then after you hit Viridian you can go to your left now toward the beautiful Indigo Plateau which a beatiful ocean passing the huge Mount. Silver

So to get anywhere will take like a lengthy 5 posts you don't have to rush and here's something you need to know the Blues are in the following places Pallet town, Viridian city, Cerulean city, Vermillion city, Fushia Island,and Saffron Capital. Saffron will plays as the capital of the Kanto.

11-21-2011, 11:15 PM
Also you need a crew name too then if you guys are gonna fight each in the roleplay try to ummm talk to the person before hand about it and decide who wins or whatever and you can make alliances and stuff like that.

12-04-2011, 05:59 PM
Also you can add more teammates to your group especially if you have a little like me and please if you are interested join we can use more people.

12-31-2011, 10:27 PM

Pokemon: Jones

Species: Vaporeon

Age: 47

Gender: Male

"You think you can come on my ship and insult me! I'll tear your guts out and skip rope with em'!"

Jones is a thin scraggly old man, scars and scrapes dot his body and face. One eye is missing and his eye socket has since closed shut, he wears no patch, because he shows it crew that disobey and threatens to do the same to them. One of his legs has been tore off from the socket and not even a peg leg holds him up. He does walk on all fours and he can sit up on his hind legs to battle. But he mainly just hobbles about. The frills around his head and cut and torn to shreads And the three fins that allow him to swim great, and ripped and no longer function. His fur is the normal blue color of vaporeons, but it is stained in few spots by blood or other things he does not wish to discuss. His eyes are a bright cyan and often glitter like jewels. His claws are yellow and scraggly and his tail is broken in three places. The little fins between his toes are slashed and make it difficult to swim.*

"Get away' you giant buffoon!"*

Three things about Jones. One. He doesn't like you. Two. He doesn't like you. Three. He doesn't like you. Jones is a bitter old man who wants nothing more then to find Mewtwos treasure. He cares not for your story, he only cares to get his wife back. And years of death around him has made him old and hard. He doesn't even realize that even if he gets the treasure, his wife won't come back. But it's a thought that keeps him going.*

"Why in the 'ell would ya wanna know abou' me?"*

Jones was once a store owner, with a wonderful wife. He loved her dearly, and it really sucked that his shop was in the most used by pirates part of town. It suffered raids and pillages, and people were always up until the wee hours of the night partying and singing. One night during a violent raid, he store was burnt to the ground. He fought back against the pirates and they eventually took him as a prisoner. They tore out his eye and took off a back leg. They marooned him on an island so far out to sea they figured he would never get back. But by some miracle, he did. To find his wife had run off with some other man who was rich and handsome. He went to her to win her back, but she refused unless he money to back up his looks. He spent years trying to get money for his beloved. Until he heard of a rumor, a treasure hidden on the sea. And he knew, he just knew he had to get it.*

Pirate Logo:*
"See that? That's my flag, learn it, fear it."*

A heart with a dagger stabbed through it

Jones / Vaporeon / Haze / Hydro Pump / Aurora Beam / Ability Water Absorb

Marith / Chansey / Male (yes a male Chansey ) / Softboiled / Double Slap / Egg bomb*

Cherish / Gardevior / Female / Psychic / Future Sight / Telekensis / Healing Wave

Leader: Jones*

Other Pokemon Description:*

Marith - Marith is probably the only male Chansey you'll ever meet, but that's ok. He's one of the rarest ones too. He's a shiny. He doesn't carry around eggs, that's a job for the ladies. He just cooks them. And he knows how to make a damn good omelet. Marith knew Jones since he was a tiny eevee pup, and Marith is the only one that Jones ever turned to for help. Jones believes that Marith is truly the only person he can trust in the world.*

Cherish - Cherish is a gypsy fortune teller. She does have a small ability to see the future and she hates knowing what comes next. She is blind in both eyes and hates that as well. She could see when she was a tiny child, but her visions stopped her sight. She wears a blood red cloth around her eyes. Her colors are of that of a normal Gardevior, but scars go along her arms and chest, self inflicted. Jones captured her because he heard of her ability, and thought that she could be of some use to him to find the treasure. She is resentful and don't enjoy the company of anyone on the ship, except for that of Marith, he's the only nice one, and he doesn't flirt with her. He has stated "Sorry lady, Blisseys are the only loves for me." And she glad for that.*

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Your in tailtail