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Kid Blaze
10-26-2011, 02:21 PM
Alright, Sealboy said that I had to make a thread up here before my RP is posted so that you sign-up. So here I go.

Background Information
The first annual Pokemon World Tournament is about to start. This is a firece tournament where trainers from each League will battle it out to the finish. Each trainer has three Pokemon and the winners will be noted in the League Masters Society. Who shall come victorious and who shall lose it all.

Sign-Up Sheet
Pokemon Team:
Other Details:

No Godmodding
No legendary Pokemon
More than two trainers are allowed to battle

I hope this is what Sealboy meant and this RP becomes a success. :biggrin:

10-30-2011, 02:38 AM
Name: Nova Lonewolf
Appearance: Looks exactally like lucas but Blue instead of red
Pokemon Team: Serperior, Simipour, Simisage, Simisear, Musharna, and Krokodile
Personality: Quiet at times, and also timid, Yet fast and productive.
League: Unova
Other Details:

Pokemon of Destruction
10-30-2011, 03:09 AM
Name: Zac Storm
Appearance: Hibert (male Black/White player character) wearing Wes's clothes (Character from Pkmn Coloseum) and Michael's (from Pokemon Gale of Darkness) hair.
Pokemon Team: Golurk, Archeops, Zoroark, Galvantula, Haxorus, Metagross
Personality: Sly and tricky. He can think of strategies to use moves in a different way creating techniques that are like move combos and calls them different names.
League: Unova
Other Details:

Kid Blaze
10-31-2011, 11:15 AM
Both accepted.

Current Members

Kid Blaze
10-31-2011, 11:16 AM
Wait, you cannot both repersent the same League

Pokemon of Destruction
10-31-2011, 12:40 PM
So do I have to change my league?

05-29-2012, 02:41 PM
Name: Edima Sinvet

Appearance: the Hoenn player,except that i have blue hair, not white
Pokemon Team: Gaz the Vileplume, Skitz the Delcatty, Nomz the Swalot, Skim the Altaria, Beatz the Exploud, Mage the Alakazam

Personality: Timid, will run away if talked to and hardly ever talks anyway. Prefers to use moves inflicting a status than fully offensive moves.

League: Hoenn

Other Details: Ran away from home, never actually caught Gaz, he just follows him.

Saraibre Ryu
05-29-2012, 04:53 PM
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