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10-30-2011, 03:10 PM
Single Battle: 1 Pokemon each
DQ: Two Days
Damage Caps: None
Restrictions: No Chills!
Arena: Devastation Arena:
An arena destroyed years ago by laser beam and falling rocks.
The dead people there seek revenge.
Damage and Energy is doubled. Nothing can stop this madness! PRESSURE is NOT negated.

Ref Style: Open
[Kazamon] Larvesta[F]
Ability: Flame Body
Obtained:Starter (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=111369&page=65)
Sig Move: N/A

This place is scaring the heck out of me; Kazamon the spotlight is calling for you!!

10-30-2011, 03:16 PM

[Tyranee] Larvitar {M}
Ability: Guts

Use Stone Edge,
If Stone Edge won't do damage by whatever reason(other than ACC) use Substitute @ 1HP

Use Stone Edge,
If Stone Edge won't do damage by whatever reason(other than ACC) use Substitute @ 1HP,
If you have already used Substitute,use Double Team

Stone Edge/Substitute @ 1HP ~ Stone Edge/Substitute @ 1HP/Double Team

10-30-2011, 03:49 PM
Hmm this looks rather dangerous for you Kazamon!
Use Will-O-Wisp if for some reason Will-O-Wisp doesn't hit use Double Team

Uses Will-O-Wisp if for some reason it misses again go ahead and use Flare Blitz

Will-O-Wisp/Double Team/Will-O-Wisp/Flare Blitz!

10-30-2011, 03:53 PM
You're supposed to do two attacks,so is it Will-O-Wisp ~Flare Blitz?
Also wait-see conditionals will only make the first attack work

10-30-2011, 04:09 PM

12-12-2011, 12:42 PM
This would be the hundred and fiftieth round I refereed and it looked like it was going to be one of the best. Two trainers stood on opposite sides of a derelict arena, standing tall amongst the ruins. These trainers had survived whatever cataclysmic event had caused the damage, which ranged from walls being knocked down by falling rocks to the ground being gouged out by great laser beams from the skies, but there were some who were not so lucky – these dead refused to go peacefully to their graves and still haunted the scorched earth, hiding in the shadows. From where I was standing, in one of the few remaining rows of seats, I could see several huddles of the undead creatures as they watched the proceedings.

Having quickly examined my surroundings, I decided to get the battle moving. Both of the trainers had sent out their chosen pokémon. For Princess_Eevee9, this was Kazamon the Larvesta. The fiery bug stood dead still to observe its opponent, who was barely able to keep still. Tyranee could hardly contain his excitement at going out to battle and even better was the fact that his opponent seemed to be at a disadvantage. My hopes for the match at a peak, I blew my whistle so that the fun could begin.

Round One

[Kazamon] Larvesta (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Observing carefully
Moves: Will O Wisp/Double Team ~ Will-O-Wisp/Flare Blitz

[Tyranee] Larvitar (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Excited as a small child on Christmas Eve
Moves: Stone Edge/Substitute ~ Stone Edge/Substitute/Double Team

Kazamon had the first move and intended to use it to weaken her opponent. Ghostly blue flames flared from her horns, illuminating the shady arena. The flames danced and flickered around the Larvesta as she gave them more and more energy. Then, they moved away from the horns where they had been growing and started circling the stadium. The undead creatures grumbled, as if the light hurt them in some way, but Tyranee just watched them as they came closer and closer. Suddenly, one of them broke away from its orbit and shot towards the Larvitar, whistling as it went. Unfortunately, it shot past his left shoulder, exploding into a shower of sparks when it hit the ground. However, it wasn’t over yet; the second was on its way before the rock dragon had time to recover. Somehow, he managed to sidestep it and there was a second shower of shimmering sparks. But things were only going to get more difficult. Another two were pulled out of their circles and rocketed towards Tyranee from opposite sides of the arena. The Larvitar watched them both carefully, waiting until the last moment before ducking under them. The two fireballs collided, sending a shower of sparks into the air. There was now just one flame left, but that didn’t mean that Tyranee could relax – this one was even faster than any of the others. There was less than a second between his dodge and the flame coming far too close for comfort. The Larvitar bolted to one side and the fireball whistled past his left shoulder. He took a deep breath and switched to an offensive stance. Now it was his turn to be the hunter.

First of all, he smashed the ground with one foot to create some projectiles for his attack. These projectiles were small, pointed stones, which could cause a lot of pain if used correctly. Grinning, the rock monster began to channel energy into the rocks until they started levitating in rings around his body. Each stone had begun to glow with a pale blue light, which brought a little more light into the darkened arena. Now that everything was ready, Tyranee made a single gesture with her hand and the stones reacted immediately; they sped across the pockmarked battlefield quickly enough that Kazamon was unable to avoid them. They hit and embedded themselves into the bug’s furry body, making her scream in pain. She hadn’t expected to be hit so hard so soon; it would just take another of those to finish the whole battle.

She really needed to weaken the Larvitar so that his attacks didn’t do as much damage. Once again, blue fire sprouted from her horns and bathed the stadium in light. The fireballs broke off of the horns and span around the arena, drawing groans from the undead who were hiding in the shadows. This time, however, they all moved in on Tyranee at once in an attempt to make sure that he couldn’t dodge. The Larvitar took some deep breaths, preparing himself for the onslaught. Then, when he thought the time was right, he leapt to the side. This did get rid of some of the flames, but two managed to survive and follow him, and now he was off guard. He noticed them just in time and rolled to the side to avoid one, but the last was more persistent and carried on following him. He knew that he couldn’t outrun it and he didn’t seem to be able to dodge it - he was running out of options. In a last ditch attempt to throw it off, he tried to sidestep it, not expecting too much. But the fireball kept going and left him behind. One of the undead screamed, the pitch of the sound rising as the flames got closer and closer. The ghostly fire caught the tattered clothing he was wearing, setting it alight and making him scream even more loudly. He ran around the arena, wailing and yelling as flames licked and bit his skin.

While everyone else was distracted by this new show, Tyranee quickly found a knocked-down section of the wall and began channelling his energy into the rubble and masonry. A blue glow appeared in one corner of the stadium as the rocks rose, forming a cloud behind the Larvitar, whose breathing became more and more heavy as he focused on controlling them all. He made a hand motion and the pointed stones shot forwards, filling the space between the two pokémon. Kazamon did her best to avoid the pieces of sharpened rock, but there were far too many for her to have a hope of dodging them all. They stabbed at her body until she could take no more; her howls of agony were quickly silenced as the pain gave way to blackness and she lost consciousness.

A smile spread across Tyranee’s face as he realised that it was over. He had managed to finish the battle in one round without taking a single hit – that was an accomplishment for him to be proud of. But the huddles of undead were getting a little angry by now; they wanted these intruders gone and quick. Maybe the celebrations would have to take place elsewhere.

[Kazamon] Larvesta (F)
HP: 0%
Energy: 88%
Condition: Fainted

[Tyranee] Larvitar (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 36%
Condition: Happy to have won without getting hit

Will-O-Wisp- (Rolled 77/100, 75 or less to hit; Larvesta -6% Energy)
Stone Edge- (Rolled 58/100, 80 or less to hit; Larvitar -32% Energy; Larvesta -52%HP)
Will-O-Wisp- (Rolled 76/100, 75 or less to hit; Larvesta -6% Energy)
Stone Edge- (Rolled 11/100, 80 or less to hit; Critical Hit; Larvitar -32% Energy; Larvesta -48% HP)
The last Stone Edge would have done 102% damage, if that was even possible o_o

Arena Notes
There are a lot of pointed rocks scattered around Kazamon
One of the zombies is running around with his clothes on fire

3DThiner gains $15
PrincessEevee9 gains $5
I gain $5