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Cobalt Shadow
11-26-2011, 10:35 AM
This a a thread asking advice from all of PE2Ks guitarists, or performers in general. In 5 days I will be performing at my presentation night for school. I will be playing rhythm guitar on an Epiphone Les Paul 100 to this:


There will be 2 other groups performing on the night. Its not a competition, but we have made it our goal to put the rest to shame, and blow the audience away (Won't be too hard seeing as one of the groups is probably doing "Your the voice" by John Farnham)

Anyway I have the song down, me and the rest of the music class will be practising in the next week so i should be ready, but though the music is right, what about the performance aspect. Last time I performed I was hiding behind the person on the piano, and wasnt really getting into it, this time I want to. Since its a heavy sort of song, I am doing alot of aggro strumming and swinging the guitar around, but what else can I do to make the performance look better. I dont wanna do anything fancy like throwing the guitar over my shoulder or doing a back flip or some fancy crap, something simple that will top off my performance. What can I do to make the performance side of this more interesting?