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Dr Robotnik
11-27-2011, 09:43 PM
After a crushing defeat by Sonic the Hedgehog and friends, Dr. Ivo Robotnik's plans to take over the world ended with his capture and imprisonment in a top-secret military base. With peace returned to the world, Sonic and friends went different ways, while the legendary blue blur continued his travels of the world. However, while their guard was down, Robotnik's machines continued work in his own secret base far away, working to build a time machine to run on the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

With little warning, Dr. Robotnik broke out of his prison cell with the help of several jury-rigged machines. Quickly absconding with a Chaos Emerald, the evil doctor returned to his lair to finish work on his time machine. But, a timely interruption by Sonic the Hedgehog broke the time machine as it was being powered on, stopping Robotnik from entering the past and taking over the world... but with dire consequences.

As the time machine crumbled, time did the same, splitting memories and the world itself, past and present, even worlds that supposedly were parallel to that one were affected. In order to reverse the process, Sonic and his friends have to gather the seven Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik does, or else the evil doctor will use the time machine to conquer the world, becoming a lord of both time and space. Can anyone stop the doctor and his inventions, or will the evil doctor win?

1) No G-modding, bunnying, so on and so forth.
2) Respect the other roleplayers. We're here for fun, after all.
3) Keep the swearing and inappropriate stuff to a minimum. Violence I don't care for, but don't go past kissing and such.
4) Stay active. (This is more for me than for you though; my mind wanders)
5) Remember; Aperture Science is not responsible for whatever deadly injuries, brain damage, social anxiety and/or deaths may occur over the course of this RP
6) Want to take the Chaos Emeralds for yourself and usurp Robotnik? Go right ahead; we're open ended here!
7) You can also choose to play one of Robotnik's machines, if you so please. Just no Gundam or GLaDOS.
8) Due to the nature of this RP, you could, for example, play Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic (For the Generations example) or some such, but please play only ONE iteration of that character (i.e., either Classic or Modern Sonic).


SU Form:

Name: Your character's name

Age: Rough age of your character (Doesn't have to be exact)

Era: Past (Knight/Wizard type time) Classic (The SEGA Genesis games) or Modern (Dreamcast and onward games not taking place in the distant past)

Species: What kind of animal/robot/human are you?

Appearance: About a paragraph or a picture describing how you look.

Personality: A paragraph about how your character acts. Don't be cheap.

History: A paragraph or so about what your character has been up to in their world before the time split... and what they're up to now. Again, don't be cheap. You can go over...

Abilities: What kinds of special abilities does your character have? i.e., Sonic's super speed or Tails' flight and genius, or other skills they have. No gods, please.

Other: Estás usando este software de traducción de forma incorrecta. Por favor, consulta el manual.

Approved characters:
Astrailyx <Sabi>
Metal Sonic <You should know this>
Dr. Robotnik <Me>
Tails <Me>
Luna <Winter>
Kokonoe <Winter>
Tager <Winter>
Beatmore <Sabi>
Shadow <Grassy>
Nazo <Grassy>

Reserved character:
Metal Sonic (No points for guessing)
Robotnik (Me)

Saraibre Ryu
11-28-2011, 01:33 AM
Screw it, reserve me.

I'll play the lesser of my used Sonic OC's. ><

Dr Robotnik
11-28-2011, 01:51 AM
A reserve, you have!

.... talking like Yoda, why am I?

11-28-2011, 03:42 AM
Well, this is what I have so far, will finish soon...probably tomorrow. I'm having way too much fun ripiing char from other universes for this.

Name: Lunaria "Luna" Valentine

Age: 19

Era: Modern

Species: Fox

Appearance: Luna's an almost completely snow white fox, with the exception of the tips of her ears and tail, which are black, as though they've been dipped in ink. Peering out from the snowstorm that is her fur are intense blue eyes that, if you can read them, practically display her emotions like a book, and if the eyes are too hard for you to read, try looking at her tail, which displays her emotions almost as well as her eyes do. Also, she has grown out fur around her face so it looks as if she has shoulder length hair and just barely manageable bangs she often sweeps to one side, though they rarely stay there. She's pretty easily spotted in her attire, opting to wear a pair of faded jeans, hiking boots, and a dark blue babydoll top (pic of the style for the clueless (http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z17/malylovetony/Fashion/American%20Fashion/wetseal/Tops/PeasantSleeveFloralBabydollTop1.jpg)) that she wears a black jacket open over. Over all of this rests a strap that reaches diagonally across her body from her left shoulder to her waist that connects to the sheath of her rather masive sword, Eclipse (http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn73/Mew__Rose/My%20Art/Eclipse-1.jpg)(*I drew, steal and you shall meet a fate worse than death) that she wields like it's a regular sword in spite it's rather large size and weight after much training from a young age. Also, she wears a simple braided leather bracelet around her left wrist.

Personality: Luna is a fairly cheerful, easygoing individual. Friendly as can be as long as you aren't attacking her or somebody she cares about, she is pretty easy to get along with, though hard-headedness is one thing she is easily annoyed by. Luna will watch out for her friends, not to mention she has this motherly side to her that will come out if she sees someone who needs help and is as loyal as they come. However cheerful she may be, though, Luna isn't afraid to fight for what she feels is right, and won't sit out unless you give her a good reason to, especially where the safety of others is concerned. She is capable of being serious, but hardly ever stays so for long, unless she's fighting. She can be extremely odd, however, suddenly reacting to or saying things out of the blue and then looking surprised, as though she has no idea what possessed her to react of or say what she did. Also, she likes poetry and books, leading to the occasional quote-off from her.

History: Luna's life hasn't been entirely fortunate, but it hasn't been incredibly horrible to her, either. Her parents died in a house fire when she was ten, leaving her and her four year-old sister Sola in the care of their parents' closest friends and the parents of Luna's best friend, Cloud. Even at ten, her father had begun teaching her the art of the family weapon, the heavy blade, which Luna continued to train in by herself, as she could find no one else to teach her due to the weapon's "impracticality" and lack of progress in her time. With her training came the feeling she needed to use her power to protect and began saving up her money doing odd jobs everywhere she could to pay for the cost of having her own blade made, something it took her quite a long time to save up to do, but eventually she did it, and had Eclipse made. At the same time, she took the orphans and street kids from her town under her wing and kept on taking odd jobs, including defense jobs allowing her to use her hard-earned sword, and encouraged the kids to try and do what they could to earn their own money until they had enough to get their own place. When they did, she and Sola packed up and moved into the house with the kids as the "responsible adult" before Cloud followed shortly after. Things were going fairly well until time collapsed and she found herself without her sister, Cloud, or any of the kids she was taking care of, as they were all scattered when it collapsed. Seeing working with Sonic and friends against Robotnik as the only way for her to get back to her family and world back together and back to normal, she's joined up in the effort against him to restore time and space.

Abilities: Luna has an amazing amount of strength at her disposal, but most of it is used to swing her sword around. However if her sword isn't in her hands...let's just say she has one heck of a punch. Also, when not carrying her sword she can be fairly fast on her feet.

Other: Due to the time collapse, Luna has ended up with the memories of another 'her' from a much older era(Hello Tales of Knighthood Luna!) that happens to be the source of her random outbursts.

Name: Kokonoe

Age: Not exactly sure, but she's over 90 in spite the fact she looks like she's in her 20's

Era: Modern

Species: Beastkin (Human and cat crossbreed)

Appearance: What are YOU looking at? (http://media.photobucket.com/image/kokonoe/Setrin/Video%20Games/Blazblue/NPCs/CA099_Kokonoe.png?o=17)*NOT MINE!

Personality: Kokonoe is not exactly the kind of person most people would want to hang around. Moody, sarcastic, and antisocial, she tends to scare even her own assistants off at times, though she does have a heart underneath it all, she just doesn't show it very often. Being the exceedingly intelligent scientist she is, Kokonoe absolutely cannot stand incompetence among people, and if she gives you orders, she doesn't want results fast, she wants them five seconds ago, or right now, if you're lucky. She really doesn't care what other people think about her, she tends not to get along with most of them, so why should she? However, she does seem to have a soft spot for Tager, and on occasion might mutter something about a "Roy," but doesn't seem to care for many others beyond that. Oh--and whatever you do, don't mention your father unless you want to unleash destruction itself upon your sorry carcass. She hates her father.

History: Kokonoe, the cranky mastermind scientist of Sector Seven in her world, has hand her hands seriously full recently in her world, not that she's totally aware of it, considering it seems to have recently been locked in a massive series of Groundhog Day-esque time loops while trying to figure out a plan to utterly destroy the one person it seems that she may hate even more than her father--the man who killed her mother and recently discovering another man she thought she killed wasn't exactly as dead as she thought. During this time, she's dealt with all sorts of issues, from dealing with her very screwed up former assistants(one is now a huge sludge blob you can barely understand and the other's humanity seems to be eroding), losing one of her main tools for revenge to a certain annoying Vampire who somehow managed to break in and break him out, allowing aforementioned tool to discover the nuclear warheads in Sector Seven's basement, to nearly getting Tager killed in her quest for revenge, as well as ultimately providing the medium by which the man who killed her mother was "exterminated," bringing their world out of it's repeating time loops for a currently indeterminate amount of time. She's obviously had time to help out where she can, though, until this happened. One minute she standing in her lab, talking to Tager about possible modifications, the next minute, time has collapsed and she's surrounded by a bunch of anthropomorphic animals shorter than even her. Unable to get back to her world, she's offered her help (moodily) to Sonic and friends so she and Tager can get back to their own screwy world.

Abilities: Kokonoe is a technological genius. It doesn't matter what you hand her, if it's a machine, she will have it figured out fairly quickly. If you have tech that's busted and needs fixing, take it to her, she'll probably be your fastest option to go to to get busted tech fixed. She can also tap in to a vast amount of magic, but rarely ever uses it, preferring to let Tager handle physical combat.

Other: If Tager ends up hurt, Kokonoe will find a way to hurt you.

Name: Iron Tager

Age: 5 (Since creation), is probably actually in his 40s

Era: Modern

Species: Cyborg

Appearance: You, sir, are about to get mowed over. (http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c181/Kura-sama/BlazBlue/IronTager.jpg)*NOT MINE!

Personality: Tager, in spite being incredibly feared in his world, is a fairly calm and laid back individual. Even though he's practically a war machine, he tries to avoid fighting when he can, opting to try and solve problems through talking them out and being polite, probably due to the fact he deals with Kokonoe almost constantly. He is loyal to Kokonoe, and Kokonoe only, seeming to keep a sarcasm-filled friendship with his boss even though he's her 'underling' and values her above all else for saving his life. However, he's definitely easy to befriend and the kind of person you want watching your back in a fight. Although Tager happens to be a cyborg, he seems to be powered by a human brain, or some kind of powerful AI, and is quite intelligent.

History: Tager was a normal guy once, working for Sector Seven up until being sent on a misson to retrieve an item of great importance for a joint project between Kokonoe and Relius Clover. When the mission went badly, he came out the only survivor of his group, and even he was badly injured and in danger of dying. For some reason; be it guilt, sympathy, or simply unwillingness to give up a potential subject, Kokonoe saved him by turning him into the cyborg we see today, and he has worked loyally for her ever since. More recently, however, Tager has been working as Kokonoe's errand-boy of sorts during the events that caused a time loop that resulted in almost as much chaos for his as it did his boss, having to watch out for Kokonoe's newest toy, a Murakumo Unit (I can't really explain it other than really powerful, awesome humanoid robots because BlazBlue has an overload of odd terms) known as Lambda-11, dealing with a nearly crazed Litchi Faye-Ling (one of Kokonoe's old assistants, the one whose humanity is eroding away), almost remembering the events that he had erased from his memories long ago, and nearly getting himself killed among other things. Once that was over, it seemed things calmed down for a bit, though Kokonoe still didn't slow down very much, constantly sending Tager to do this or that, as per usual. She was talking to him about making dreaded "modifications" to him when time collapsed around them and they ended up in a world full of anthropomorphic animals that he absolutely towers over. Knowing it was the only logical thing to do, Kokonoe moodily agreed to help, and therefore offered his help in the process, not that he minds in the slightest. Unlike Kokonoe, he is slightly fascinated with the world and the creatures in it.

Abilities: Considering all the machinery in him, Tager is fairly slow-moving on his his feet, but makes up for it with his endurance and attack power. At close range he can typically toss his opponents around with ease, while his gauntlets are capable of giving off short bursts of electricity as well as acting as magnets, pulling opponents loaded with metal towards him rather than having to chase after them.

Other: Don't insult/threaten/try to hurt Kokonoe. Tager doesn't take it well.

Anyone bored enough to try watch a bit more Kokonoe and Tager's backstory (particularly the bit on how Tager became Tager) can check outThat Which is Inherited (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIN1C6eJQTE), which was an extra story arc in BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2. Fair warning, the first few minutes are incredibly boring and it's a 30-minute long clip, but it's extra info if you want it. It's a bit more of a shocker if you've played the games due to the Relius Clover side of things, but oh well... And be forewarned that BlazBlue Kokonoe is notorius for her foul mouth.

11-28-2011, 03:42 AM
Well Metal, you knew I was going to reserve eventually XD

This time, Nazo gets the spotlight XP And maybe Shadow. I do a great Shadow ;D

All right!
...That's not a good thing.

EDIT: Holy snapplejacks me and Winter posted at the same time XD

Name: Nazo (Formerly Skye)
Age: 16
Era: Modern
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at 3'5" (4'8" with his quills) and a hefty 80 lbs, Nazo is a sky blue hedgehog with a crown of five quills sticking straight upwards, while he has two back quills which stick straight out the sides a foot or two. He has black boots with a cyan stripe which circles the boot before going up to the red sock; a red stripe crosses over the cyan stripe in a similar manner not unlike Sonic's white stripes. His gloves are also black, with teal fingertips and a red stripe from the middle and ring finger down to the teal cuff. He has a tattered black cloak, the hood having long been torn off, which he always wears. His eyes are a yellow-green, his skin - only his muzzle lacking fur - being the same color as his fur, perhaps a little lighter. He has a notable white crescent scar (the fur grew back, so it is not bare) with the "bite" facing to his left (our right). He has a white Aura about his figure, excess energy that his body is getting rid of.

While he does not know it, a very faint outline of a small skull is also on his forehead now...

Personality: Nazo is...Cold, on the outside. Having died at such a young age and then resurrected for evil only to die once more, his life has been nothing but difficult. As such, he takes nothing for granted but if he sees something he wants, he will most likely try to get it. Trained as a killer, he is aggressive in battle and doesn't know when to stop fighting. He views every enemy as one that needs to be taken out, but he is not disagreeable and will spare lives if needed or, more likely, his kind side prevails. This hedgehog hates losing, and has a distinct distaste of being told what to do because of his past. He is tired of being a puppet, and seeks to use his powers of Negative Chaos Energy for good.

The other part of Nazo is childish and a true teenager. Friendly and outgoing, once you get to know him he turns out to be a lot of fun. Kind and compassionate, Nazo hopes that he can make amends for his wretched past by offering whatever help he can to whoever he sees. Nazo is socially awkward due to being an unwilling mass murderer, leading him to fumble in actual conversations - especially with strangers! Of everything, however, he feels immense guilt for his crimes and constantly checks himself on his behavior for fear of becoming what he once was. Due to this, Nazo has a weaker will - as it is always undermined by the darkness within - but ensures that he will never fall to the evil ways again.

Oh, and he is moderately short tempered, and has a bit of a mouth...Although he only swears badly when really, really angry.

History: Nazo (at this time known as Skye), when nine, his grandfather (his only family) passed away. Lonely and distraught, he bullied Sonic the Hedgehog when they were children. Sonic grew frustrated and, a year later, pushed Skye over a cliff overlooking the sea. The hedgehog fell, cutting his forehead - resulting in the crescent scar - before being impaled through the heart on rocks below. Death came swiftly and cruelly to the youngster, but he would not remain in Death's grip for very long. An evil entity known as Tatsujin resurrected him, dubbing him "Nazo" and trained him for a few years.

In order to control him, he split Nazo's soul in half to allow his vengeful side control over his body. The hedgehog (now 16) rampaged and killed hundreds of people before being stopped by the efforts of Sonic and his friends, although the cost was fatal for Nazo who had, in a last ditch effort, regained his missing half and aided them in destroying his body (which had been possessed by another villain, but we won't go into that).

But now, hardly a few months later, Nazo finds himself out of Purgatory - as he had wanted to redeem himself for his crimes - and alive once more...And now, he feels even more odd, as if he is not the only one in his body...


Negative Chaos Energy - Due to the seed of darkness Tatsujin planted in him, Nazo produces Negative Chaos Energy and can form it in a variety of ways. While "Negative" energy is usually red or black for Chaos Energy (ala Chaos Blast is negative and red), his attacks are light blue with a white Aura, possibly due to the peculiarities of how he creates his energy. His Aura itself helps deflect energy attacks and can absorb Chaos Energy or similar dark energies. His attacks involves launching meteors, creating crystals, and opening rifts to places he has been. His favorite weapon is a battleaxe - he can duel wield them - made of his crystals, with a spike on the top where the blades attach to the pole.

Immortality - Not really an ability, but because of Tatsujin he is immortal. He does not require food, water, or sleep, although he often partakes because he enjoys feeling "normal". Poison cannot kill him (but it can cripple him), nor can many normal wounds. However, bleeding to death, beheading, vaporization, and extreme deaths can and will kill him. His body will enact tough crystals around him and put him into hibernation in an effort to heal him.

Flight - By expelling energy, he can fly. This takes up the least amount of power and is a favorite pastime.

Super Strength - ...What do you think this is? XD

Transformation -

2 Chaos Emeralds (Negative) = DarkBlast Nazo
5 Chaos Emeralds (Negative) = DarkBlast Nazo Hydra Form

Powered up forms, but due to all the darkness he has a tendency to lose his mind or go berserk. So, he avoids these forms at all costs.


Nazo is by NO MEANS INVINCIBLE. He cannot seem to use Chaos Spear or Chaos Blast (or any regular attacks for that matter), and his scar is a weak spot. The "seed" lies below it, both spiritually and physically, and a strong impact there will cause terrible pain as well as cripple his energy for a minute, a fatal mistake in battle. Additionally, his attacks are very powerful, but they can use up a lot of energy too. Additionally, absorbing too much energy - while making him stronger - can easily start to cause him to overload. Ironically, he is the weakest against Negative Chaos Energy!

Because of the darkness, Nazo...He has difficulty with it. The "seed" is semi-sentient as well, and will do whatever it can to protect its host. This can make him very dangerous when near defeat or death, at the cost of his mind during this process.

Oh, because of the time being all messed up...He has the memories and the soul of Skye Silvart from the old RP, "Tales of Knighthood". But he has no idea about that XD (And yes, Skye is an older, other dimension Nazo. He's basically "what if Sonic didn't push Nazo over the cliff, so he never died?")

(For his history, I summed up my story Dark Storm. I'm sure Metal won't mind the interaction between him and Sonic - they ARE from the same world and time, after all XD)

Name: Shadow
Age: ~ 50
Era: Modern
Species: Hedgehog/Black Arms/Dragon ('tis will be explained)
Gender: Male

Appearance: Black hedgehog with a tan/peach colored muzzle. Six quills, the middle two pointing downwards while the other four curl upwards. Each has a red stripe on it, the one on his top middle quill coming down onto his forehead. He has red stripes on his legs and arms, going up to his elbow or knee (while not usually seen, the red stripe originates on his middle and ring fingers). His shoes are red and white, with jet boosters on the bottom to allow fast travel, while his gloves are white (with what appears to be a red "tab", if you will. The cuffs for shoes and gloves are black). He has a fluffy white chest (lol).

He has red eyes and notably lengthened canines. He wears golden rings - Inhibitor Rings - around his wrists and ankles. The purpose of these rings are to suppress his immense power, as he cannot accurately control his strength when they are off and uses up too much energy. With them on, however, he is far from being a pushover.

In his Biodragon Form, he is slightly bigger than the Biolizard. He retains his color scheme, although instead of quills he now has a pair of red horns that, like a bull, grow forward for ramming attacks. He has a rather rounded muzzle which grants tremendous biting force, and sturdy wings (at the "thumb" is red which streaks down the the elbow joint) which can keep him in flight for hours...Although gliding is better due to his weight.

He has a long neck and two tails - which split at the base - tipped with arrow shaped barbs. Running down his neck and to the tips of his tails are spikes of the same color. His skin his made of scales, but they are so tiny that it gives the appearance of leathery skin. He retains the famous chest fluff, as well as the red stripes on his three toed claws and Inhibitor Rings.

Personality: As the Ultimate Life Form, Shadow is self assured of his power and thus can come off being arrogant. However, he has every right to boast about his position. In all actuality, Shadow is rather quiet and speaks to the point, although he is quite blunt as it is the quickest way to that endeavor. Ironically he seems to say many philosophical sentences, which can often confuse those around him and beat the purpose of getting his point across. Due to his quiet personality and his past, he very easily comes off as being cold. While he dislikes growing attached to anyone because of his history, he is still capable of forming bonds although he will rarely (if ever) acknowledge them. To those that manage to befriend him, however, they will have earned a loyal and mighty ally that will do whatever he can to ensure their safety.

Shadow is, however, aggressive in battle. He will first try a diplomatic option, however, should that fail he will immediately jump into the fray. He will either kill or defeat the opponent, although which it is depends entirely on who he is facing and the influence of others around him. He is unafraid of anything, even death itself, and has a fierce determination to accomplish his goals. Shadow will side with enemies or allies for the sake of achieving his mission, and is not hesitant to switch sides. He pursues his goals with borderline obsession, not stopping until the objective is achieved. The only emotions Shadow seems to be able to comprehend are anger and rarely sadness. It is hard to read his expressions as his voice, while not dull, is often devoid of any sign of emotion.

History: [Dark Storm] Following the Biolizard's creation, another attempt at making the "Ultimate Life Form" was made. They created a body from scratch this time, engineering it to match the Biolizard but be far more stable. The problem was, however, that it was not stable and even went on a rampage the moment it woke up. Gerald became desperate to find a way to immortality as his granddaughter, Maria, needed it for a cure to her NIDS. He contacted the nearby Black Comet - a comet that appears every fifty years - and asked Black Doom, the immortal and ageless leader of the Black Arms, for help. An agreement was reached; Black Doom would donate his blood in exchange for the Chaos Emeralds when the Black Comet came around fifty years later. Gerald agreed, and using his technology sealed the "Biodragon" genes away to create a hedgehog - based on an ancient mural - named Shadow (it was thought the project was unreachable so it was code-named Project Shadow. Gerald liked the name).

However, not trusting Black Doom, Gerald built the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet when it came around. Shadow, in the meantime, learned from Maria and trained with his abilities. A month later, GUN came on board - after a previous experiment involving Artificial Chaos went haywire - and started to kill those on the ARK. Shadow fled with Maria, but sadly she was shot and killed, but not before sending Shadow to the planet with a wish that he help ensure that people could have a chance to be happy.

Gerald escaped, and after hearing Maria had been killed went insane. He reprogrammed both Shadow and the Biolizard (sealed within the core of the ARK) to activate the Eclipse Cannon and destroy the planet out of revenge. Shadow, locked in stasis for fifty years, was woken up by Dr. Eggman and served him until all the Chaos Emeralds were in the cannon. When it was damaged from a fake emerald, Gerald's second plan came into fruition - it set the ARK on a collision course with the Earth.

Amy Rose helped Shadow remember Maria's wish, and he went to aid the others. He defeated the Biolizard while the Master Emerald was used to stop the Chaos Emeralds, but the giant prototype fused with the ARK to keep it on collision. After defeated the monstrosity and teleporting the ARK back into stable orbit with Sonic, he fell to his presumed death.

He didn't die, having been rescued by Eggman's robots, but he had no memories aside from his name and Maria getting shot. He thought he was a machine, too. He soon helped Black Doom get the emeralds, only for a message from Gerald and Maria to make him realize what his true purpose was; to protect humanity. He quickly killed Devil Doom (Black Doom's powered up form) before using the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet, thus making him the last member of the Black Arms alive (and he took their symbol as insult to injury!), finally putting his past behind him.

He helped in the battle against Tatsujin and Nazo, dealing the fatal blow to the latter, before joining GUN in an effort to help protect the planet.


Speed - Capable of matching Sonic's speed and boosts due to hover shoes. Said shoes also grant limited hovering capabilities.

Superior Strength - While not as strong as Knuckles or Nazo, Shadow has more strength than the average person. He is capable of flipping a large slab of concrete with one arm or carrying a bomb bigger than he is with one arm, throwing it quite a length.

Chaos Abilities - Being a master of Chaos Energy, Shadow can manipulate it at will to launch a variety of lethal attacks, from Chaos Spear to the powerful Chaos Blast. With a Chaos Emerald in hand, his powers are greatly augmented.

Transformation -

Biodragon - Any time at will. Stronger powers but more wild and slower.
Super - With the Positive Chaos Energy from all seven Chaos Emeralds, he can transform into this form.

Immortality and Agelessness - Can't be killed easily, and doesn't age. He can bleed to death, be vaporized, etc., but ordinary ways of death will not work on him.

In general, Shadow is skilled with any weapon and vehicle, although he prefers the pistol and motorcycle, respectively.

Other: His strength and powers are very powerful when he removes his Inhibitor Rings, but he becomes exhausted far faster than he normally would.

This is based on the games and Dark Storm, although I cut out as much as possible (Biodragon was in Dark Storm, as well as his interaction with Nazo). But seriously...How the hell did they get from a GIANT FREAKING LIZARD to a HEDGEHOG?! And thus, the Biodragon was born :D

Dr Robotnik
11-28-2011, 03:47 AM
Yess... the cool people are slowly coming to my-- What? Evil monologue? Nope, I was just... uh... introducing... a.... new brand of cereal. Yes, that's it, new brand of cereal. Nothing sinister about that. Well, all the sugar... and it doesn't look all that good.... and it probably tastes like cardboard...

Wait what? Reserves for all!

11-28-2011, 04:02 AM
Lol, that's odd.

Whoo! Reserves! ...You can keep the cereal, though.

Saraibre Ryu
11-28-2011, 04:26 AM
Name: Betamore

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Era: Modern

Species: Dragon

Appearance: Drawn by me, steal and die. (http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t100/Saraibre/PTDC0030.jpg)
Betamore is a burnt orange colour with a yellow underbelly and gold eyes. His wings are violet red and fade to an orangeish colour like fire. The metal clasps around his boots are a dark grey, and his actual boots are a dark brown. The horns on his head are white and incredibly hard and sharp.

Personality: Betamore has no sense of compassion or mercy. If he wants something he will do anything he can to get it. If something is in his way, he will obliterate any obstacle whatsoever. He is incredibly powerful and has an obsession with being the most powerful thing in existence, but not in a way one would typically think. To him, being able to control fear is power, and being able to crush things such as hope and willpower with a simple action makes him a god. However, Betamore isn’t stupid, but easily angered. He isn’t beyond striking a temporary, key word, temporary deal with someone.

History: Betamore is the by-product of antimatter energy from an experiment done on a project known as the ADC Project. The leader of the project, only known as SC, had him developed as a living physical [to an extent] being, as the main subject of the ADC Project was. However, unlike the main ADC Project subject, who originally was a completely organic being, Betamore came from a contrast energy that came from a mix of Chaos Energy and another unknown energy, from an experiment done on the ADC primary, also known as the Alpha Draconis. His original purpose was to be a backup for the ADC Project, however the project was shut down when a pair of workers for the project helped the primary subject escape. The ship they were on had catastrophic damage, and Betamore was lost in space. Eventually SC found him and showed him on the path to revenge, or rather, his true purpose. Betamore was created to destroy the primary ADC if she went out of control. To do this, he needed Chaos Energy and to fuse with it, as the primary subject was never able to match her energy patterns to Chaos Energy, and was severely harmed by it. Thus, Betamore searches for Chaos Energy and the emeralds to gain enough power to complete his purpose and attempt once again at destroying the Alpha Draconis.

Anti-matter control:
Betamore is based on antimatter, therefore he can control it. He can do the following things:
-Constant contact with another object results in antimatter conversion of the physical matter.
-Can convert other erratic energies used against him to antimatter energy, making him very powerful depending on what energy and how much of it.
-Can use his own antimatter energy offensively to create orbs that explode when in contact with a solid or liquid object.
Flight: He has wings so…yeah.

Other: He's a sonic Oc of mine...steal and die.

EDIT: You're making me use all my main OC's... ><

Name: Astrailyx

Age: About 18ish mentally.

Gender: Female

Era: Modern

Species: Dragon Energy Being

Appearance: This is the only Photoshop'd picture I have of her. Mine, steal and die. (http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t100/Saraibre/AstrailyxCS2.png)

Astrailyx has a five foot wingspan and a four foot prehensile tail. Her anklets cover most of her ‘talons’ and prevent her from sinking into the center of the planet.

Personality: Astrailyx would be the living embodiment of compassion. She can’t get angry at someone, if she does, it’ll only be a quick snap. Even people who are truly evil, she knows there is a reason for everything. She would quickly put herself in harm’s way for someone else, and is incredibly understanding of some of the most difficult people. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, even if at the moment, she doesn’t remember much of anything. She is against violence and fighting, though it can’t be avoided at times. Astrailyx is incredibly smart and has the patience of a saint and beyond. Despite her traumatic experiences, she wouldn’t change how she had her new life begin for anything. Because of being able to obtain knowledge of people by touch, and by accident, sometimes their memories as well, she can read and understand a person on very deep levels.

History: Astrailyx was originally a deity of judgement in another plane of existence, and went by another name; Ayura. Her plane fell to a terrible event, where an entity known as ‘the SCAR’ tore the existence of it apart, leaving everything in a void. However, one other being from her world managed to somehow escape it with remnants of crystals with her soul attached to it. This being, a jackal by the name of Ankha-Ra, managed to escape the rifts, however, not without losing his right arm in the process. He had help from a mysterious being, only known as SC. He gave his assistance in what he knew to help bring back the deity and give her a second chance at life. There was only one issue; she needed to have her body recreated in order to be stable in this new universe.

After much trial and error, Ankha-Ra managed to find energy of which was capable of sustaining the soul, being called Iylix energy. However, the jackal had no knowledge of creating a body with energy. SC soon provided Ankha-Ra with scientific research he needed from another experimentation of something known as the Ultimate Lifeform. Ankha-Ra did not question it and went to work. SC soon then returned with another being from a nearby world; a young snow leopard by the name of ‘Reaver’. SC explained that this was for interactive purposes so that the experiment would be a success. Again, there were no questions.

As many years passed, though it seemed like only months due to the ship carrying them distorting time by moving near the speed of light, the ADC project had begun, and the Alpha Draconis, known to Reaver and Ankha-Ra as Astrailyx. Reaver was tasked with being Astrailyx’s ‘guardian’ and eventually took on the role very seriously. Astrailyx quickly grew and learned things extremely quickly, obtaining odd abilities during the time. SC noticed these abilities had to do with energy manipulation, and wanted to try an experiment. One that would horribly fail.

Astrailyx was put through tests involving various amounts of Chaos Energy, and because of her unique energy, the two weren’t compatible. Instead a horrible reaction occurred where other anti-energies and anti-matters were created as she was forced to endure the exposure. By the end of it, Astrailyx lost her physical body and was forced into a containment chamber until she became stable again. The other energies were trapped, and by SC’s order, used to create other beings similar to Astrailyx. Astrailyx resumed energy stability, and when she did, SC ordered a purge of her memories and identity, and to start over again. Much to the dismay of Reaver and Ankha-Ra, it was done, however not without the jackal saving something of Astrailyx’s soul.

Astrailyx, having forgotten everything, resumed learning things she had before, and gaining a personality again. However, she was doing so more rapidly, and obtaining who she was before. SC noticed this and ordered another purge, however the other two weren’t going to let it happen again. Sc attempted to stop them, knowing they had figured his plans for turning Astrailyx into a living knowledge gathering entity, however, did not stop them as much as he could have. Making an escape, Reaver took Astrailyx out to a jettison bay. Astrailyx was then thrown out into the depths of space, along with Reaver who flash froze himself with his own powers to prevent himself from dying amidst the harshness of space. Astrailyx took on a crystalline cocoon and drifted. Ankha-Ra had aimed for them to go back to the world Reaver had come from, and eventually both of them did. However, separated, and not remembering much of anything, Astrailyx still remains very much trapped within her crystal shield.

Energy Manipulation/Transference:
Control or manipulate various forms and types of energy [such as electrical, geothermal or wind], including matching her own energy to that of the one she is manipulating, or in order to pass through solid objects. This excludes highly erratic energies, as they are far harder to control. She can only control one type of energy at a time.

Transference occurs when Astrailyx passes through another being or ‘possesses’ that being. Passing through a being results in an ability ‘swap’ and thus she gains the ability of the being in question, while they gain hers. Passing through the same being again results in her returning to normal. While remaining in another being’s body, the being in question gains her energy properties and power. Astrailyx may also pass the ability energy of one being to another by using herself as a conduit. Physical contact is mandatory to maintain this effect.

This Transference is also engineered to gain knowledge from living beings and inanimate objects through touch. Without a physical barrier, such as a true body, to prevent the flow of knowledge, this is automatic. The flow may sometimes be too much at one time, and often memories of said person may be passed into her knowledge.

Matter Manipulation:
Astrailyx can manipulate matter or reality by changing a subject’s frame of reference. This is involved with the transferring of abilities mentioned above, however is more used for the sake of healing purposes an involved more the matter of the situation. This is either healing the afflicted subject or transferring the wound, either in part or entirety, from the victim to herself. This takes up an incredible amount of energy, focus and power, even for such things as a bad cut, so this is rarely used at all.

Iylix Energy Properties
-Highly active but stable energy
-Easily used for energy generation or energy amplification
-Hold up against anti-matter energy
-Prevents direct anti-matter damage
Flight: Because her legs are not strong enough to allow her to walk or run without incredible difficulty, she flies and hovers constantly. She can carry one other being about her size, as her arms are much stronger than her legs.

Other: Astrailyx in contact with Chaos energy will hurt her. Without a true physical body, though she can make herself physical, she can’t block it’s exposure and can’t do much about blocking it. She can’t touch those beings associated with chaos energy without a surge passing through her, though she can tolerate chaos energy to a small degree. Due to the fact she is an energy being at this time, if she is weak, she will fade and become translucent and unable to retain a physical form. She can absorb other forms of energy, such as solar or tidal to bring herself back up to normal levels. Being an energy being, she is a perfectly efficient form of energy, and can be used as a battery.

And she is my main Sonic OC…steal and die even faster. And no she is not as super powerful as she may seem.

Dr Robotnik
11-30-2011, 12:18 AM
Reserves have been passed out, and... Sabi, does the antimatter damage continue after Beta makes contact, or does he have to hold on to the area? And about how fast does this happen? The other one is accepted~

Saraibre Ryu
11-30-2011, 03:51 AM
Reserves have been passed out, and... Sabi, does the antimatter damage continue after Beta makes contact, or does he have to hold on to the area? And about how fast does this happen? The other one is accepted~

The antimatter damage happens after or during contact.

Lets take a cut for example. A cut from him would leave an anti-matter gap that would very very slowly start turning the wound into a bigger...well nothing. It's really really slow though.

If he were to hold on and force it, it would happen much faster.

So basically:

Temporary contact = super slow
Constant contact = much faster

12-01-2011, 04:36 AM
Done! Huff...Damn, Shadow >.<'

Ha ha.

Oi. No one get cut by Betamore, or you better hope someone with different energy is nearby XD Cool design, though. Very angry XP

I was debating on bringing Shadow in, but when I saw your sign up and how it mentioned him...Well, that decided it for me XD

Saraibre Ryu
12-01-2011, 04:51 AM
Done! Huff...Damn, Shadow >.<'

Ha ha.

Oi. No one get cut by Betamore, or you better hope someone with different energy is nearby XD Cool design, though. Very angry XP

I was debating on bringing Shadow in, but when I saw your sign up and how it mentioned him...Well, that decided it for me XD

If I ever make the fan fiction about Astrailyx and such, which I'm thinking of making a fan comic...yeah Shadow plays an indirect part in it. In another RP I'm in with another friend, Betamore is out to erase Shadow's existence off the face of the planet.

So you better put him in ><

And yes, yes Betamore is very angry. His 'I touch you and you turn into non-matter' can be reversed easy...just don't let him get a Chaos Emerald...or hell is gonna break loose >< It would take days and days for a person to be completely turned into nothing...unless he's got you by the neck...then you're pretty screwed... ><

I'm glad you like his design. XD I indirectly put a yin and yang concept to Astrailyx and Betamore, considering they are polar opposites. If anyone would care for a longer explanation of detail and stuff that I didn't include in Astrailyx's history feel free to ask.

12-01-2011, 05:30 AM
...No one seems to like me, do they?
The fangirls do, but other than that...
Shut up, Nazo.
Shutting up.

He is in. I just finished his sign up, with of course a little Grassy spin (seriously - giant lizard to hedgehog. Wut? So...I added in a little bit...Ironically, this ties in well with your characters, because my Shadow has a little dragon in him XD)

I think if any angry person has you by the neck, you're screwed XD But yes, it is a pretty nasty move. I imagine incredibly painful, too, despite how slow it is.

I'd ask who "SC" and everything are, but I get the feeling you'll explain that in the RP <3

Saraibre Ryu
12-01-2011, 05:39 AM
Well I wasn't planning on it but I could. SC is his own bad ass character that is the master planner of master planners, and in said fic he's behind everything. I. Mean. EVERYTHING. His design was hard >< It made me rage...if I was going to explain him I'd need to make him show UP...and his goal is certainly one of it's own kind of plot.

I'll make an SU for Reaver later and possibly Ankha-Ra...he would be the only character on the face of anything who would come to the sudden realization that Shadow was the very experiment that SC took the key information from that made Astrailyx possible to even exist at the moment...even if she is still a mass of energy at the time. >>

12-02-2011, 02:51 AM
Phew, I think I'm finally done! XD Yay for Luna having an unimpressive history and a slightly screwy head! ...Why do I get the mental image of her hitching a ride somewhere on one of Tager's shoulders? Lol. Anyway, hopefully Tager and Kokonoe's histories aren't totally confusing since they're ripped from another fandom and BlazBlue is ridiculously hard to explain in non-player terms--speaking of which, the history is mostly based off of the events of BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 if it matters to anyone.

Dr Robotnik
12-05-2011, 02:15 AM
Name: Metal Sonic

Age: 3~4

Era: Modern

Species: Robotic doppelganger of Sonic

Appearance: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2-vhOYLMvaQ/TilKWb3OviI/AAAAAAAAEPM/QGYe7zGut-g/s1600/Sonic-Generations-Metal-Sonic-Stardust-Speedway-1.jpg

Personality: As a perfect copy of Sonic in every way, Metal Sonic does indeed have a copy of Sonic's free spirited, never-say-no attitude. It is this free-spirited, never-say-no attitude that makes him the most dangerous invention ever to be wrought by Robotnik. His programming twists Sonic's other traits in to an uncanny ruthlessness in battle. He is completely loyal to Robotnik, and though capable of it, almost never speaks for himself; he also enjoys helping Robotnik transform the scenic beauties that Sonic loves in to twisted shadows of themselves, covered with machinery in an almost macabre mockery of nature. He also knows how to counter each and every one of Sonic's moves, including the ones he has learned since their last meeting. He even displays some of the quirks Sonic used to, such as the signature tweaking of his nose...

History: After his defeat by Sonic on Little Planet, Robotnik worked hard to rebuild Metal Sonic to cover his flaws. While this did not quite work, it succeeded in making Metal that much more powerful. Since his reconstruction, he has fought many of Sonic's friends and rivals who mistook him for the real Sonic, believing him to be helping Robotnik. He has also turned against his creator in the past, though his memory was wiped of the events. Metal Sonic is the most dangerous of any robot Robotnik has created, even moreso than E-123 Omega.

Abilities: Rocket Engine: A high-powered engine in Metal Sonic's chest that lets him move at greater speeds than even Sonic.

high-strength chassis: Metal Sonic's armor allows him to take tremendous physical blows from beings like Knuckles with ease, though his arms are notable weak points.

Waterproof: Whereas normally dunking a combat robot in water would shut it off, Metal Sonic is completely waterproof up to 5,000 feet.

V. Max Overdrive: By overloading the circuits in his engine, Metal Sonic can turn himself in to a giant electric dynamo, as well as significantly increase his speed to harm enemies with it. He has to divert power quickly afterwards however, making him vulnerable to attack after its use.

Electro Pulse: Through similar methods as V. Max Overdrive, Metal Sonic can fire bolts of electricity from his chest either to destroy obstacles or harm enemies.

Fists of Steel: Metal Sonic fights in a style that is eerily similar yet completely different from Sonic's. Metal makes use of the staggering momentum he can achieve to power punches from his otherwise weak limbs.

Other: Estás usando este software de traducción de forma incorrecta. Por favor, consulta el manual.

Name: Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Age: ~40

Era: Modern

Species: Human

Appearance: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn174/CS1futuresasuke/I_am_THE_Eggman_by_hiroshi2k.jpg
<Image pulled from Photobucket>

Personality: A loud and egotistical genius, Robotnik is the greatest roboticist to ever walk the earth. Above all else, Robotnik desires to take over the world and destroy his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog. He has proven in the past that he will go to great length to realize his goals. Robotnik is also known for having an incredibly short temper when defied, but beyond his ego and plans for world conquest, he is a fairly amicable person and has no real interest in killing anyone on a personal basis.

History: Robotnik used his imprisonment as a clever trick to prevent his true plans from being foiled. He remotely transmitted data to his robots in a secret base the plans for his time machine, and managed to smuggle in enough weapons to break himself out shortly before its completion, also donning a new outfit to compliment a slimmer figure. Though Sonic managed to break the time machine, it did its job well enough to give him enough time to do things his way. Though time has converged on itself, Robotnik sees this as only an even greater opportunity, and has already taken control of the facilities that, in the past, were destroyed by Sonic. With little to stop him from scouring all of time for the Chaos Emeralds, can the evil doctor be stopped? If you ask him, the answer is no.

Abilities: Super Smarts: Robotnik is capable of building almost any machine from just scrap metal, and making said machine in to something capable of doing a lot of damage.

Uncanny Endurance: Robotnik's inventions are regularly destroyed while he is still piloting them, which speaks to just how tough he is physically.

Endless Army: Robotnik's factories are always churning out fresh robots to form his army, though just where he gets the materials is anyone's guess.

Endless Inventions: As with armies, Robotnik is armed with a wide variety of weapons for the hover car he so often uses, from giant mecha to simple cannons.

Other: Estás usando este software de traducción de forma incorrecta. Por favor, consulta el manual.

Name: Miles "Tails" Prower

Age: 6~8

Era: Classic

Species: Two-tailed fox

Appearance: http://info.sonicretro.org/images/thumb/6/6a/Tails.png/266px-Tails.png

Personality: Unlike his best friend Sonic, Tails is very naive, but also very bright for his age. While he knows a lot about machines, he's still just a kid, and he looks up to Sonic like a big brother while having such fears as lightning and the dark. Regardless, his heart is definitely in the right place, and he gladly helps Sonic and his other friends to stop Robotnik whenever he comes up-- And has even helped save the day on his own a few times. He still has the energy and liveliness of a kid, and doesn't think about Robotnik's trying to take over the world hard enough to think anything about it other than it being something bad.

History: Tails and Sonic had just finished getting Angel Island back in the air and finally finishing off Robotnik's Death Egg when the time split happened. He was still on Angel Island and ended up catapulted in to the future, right in the middle of one of Robotnik's secret bases. Tails snuck out and escaped without much mishap, but he had no idea where Sonic was, or even what was going on. He decided to seek out his blue hedgehog friend and set out on his own adventure to try to stop Robotnik, even if he doubted he could do it.

Abilities: Flight: By spinning his two tails, Tails can fly for short periods of time, though doing so tires him out fairly quickly. He is also a good swimmer.

Tail Spin: Similar to flying, Tails can use his two tails to move at faster speeds than he can run. While it's nowhere near as fast as Sonic, he can still keep up decently by a combination of this and flying. He can also spin his tails and his whole body around to attack enemies, but doing so makes him dizzy.

Ring Blaster: An energy gun like device that fires a pulse of energy. It is actually powered by rings, but it isn't very powerful. It can be supercharged by a Chaos Emerald, but doing so burns out the power circuit.

Other: Estás usando este software de traducción de forma incorrecta. Por favor, consulta el manual.

All the above are approved, and with my characters here, we can start the RP~ I should mention that you guys are allowed to use untaken characters as NPCs.

I'll start the RP either tonight or tomorrow. Will probably be tomorrow though; it's getting late.

Saraibre Ryu
12-05-2011, 04:26 AM
Name: Pardus “Reaver”

Age: 108 [18 physically and mentally, explained in history]

Gender: Male

Era: Modern but comes from a different era

Species: Snow Leopard

Appearance: Mine, steal and die (http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t100/Saraibre/001-17.jpg)
Reaver is of typical snow leopard colour, with a steel blue hue to his fur and blackish grey spots, white underbelly and muzzle. His tail is the length of his body but doesn’t appear so as it’s hidden behind his cloak or neatly curled behind his back. His gloves are a dark grey, as well as his boots which have two sharp and extremely study blades that can make his boots double as ice skates. His cloak has a hood of which he doesn’t wear too often. His eyes are a dull plum colour.

Personality: Reaver is very protective of those he cares for, willing to fight anyone for the sake of their safety, even if the foe is incredibly more powerful than him, he will fight them to the end. He has an incredibly fighting spirit and a strong sense of honor, always keeping his word and his promises. More casually Reaver can be a bit of a klutz but when the time arises, he can be very focused and determined. He doesn’t take kindly to those who hurt those he cares about and can find them hard to forgive. However he will set things aside temporarily if he knows he needs to work with them. He feels that if he fails, he isn’t meant for whatever he failed to do. At the time, he is very wary and confused about the world he left behind, of which is now a hundred years older from when he left it. He has limited knowledge about Astrailyx and very much does not know a lot ofo other tech.

History: Pardus was born in a small mountain settlement where it is said the guardians of the seasons were trained. There were two others chosen for season guardian roles at the time Pardus took training, and the trio became friends quickly. Parus gained his nickname of ‘Reaver’ as he was always told to ‘take it away’. This phrase often gave him confidence to complete his tasks, and thus the nickname Reaver stuck. When he was only eight however, his parents were mysteriously murdered under odd circumstances, and Reaver was left alone for a few nights. During one of those nights, a mysterious figure only to be later known as SC came to him, offering him a place where ‘he was needed’. Reaver followed SC onto the sihp, and soon introduced to his new purpose: the guardian of Astrailyx. Most of the time, he was left in his room to practice martial art forms of various kinds. As the ship was moving near the speed of light, time around him was perceived by body and mind to be much slower, resulting in what felt like a decade to in truth, be a century. During the time on the ship, Reaver grew fond of Astrailyx, feeling like her protector and as the dragon once called him, ‘a big brother’. During her first purge, Reaver, despite protests, couldn’t stop the first one, and was locked away until it was over. Afterwards, he was shown Astrailyx in a chamber, asleep as if nothing happened. It was then he knew something wasn’t right and was adamant to set her free. Many months later when Astrailyx was showing signs of recovering, he and Ankha-Ra managed to escape while having massive damage done to the vessel. Reaver took Astrailyx out to their exit point, which was aimed back at the world Reaver was brought from. As they were ejected, Reaver flash froze himself in an icy rock, waiting for when he would hit the ground again. Once he did, he was disoriented and weak from expending so much power, but most of all, he had no idea where Astrailyx was. Fearing for her safety, he searches for her, while wondering what happened to the world he left behind.

Martial Arts Master: Reaver knows next to every fighting style known to…the universe. He carries a blue ash bo with him as his only weapon. He is capable of battling robots and causing them great harm with the help of his freezing ability. Only those with much fighting experience hold chances against him.

Gymnastic: Reaver is incredibly agile, nimble and quick. He's also a great swimmer and climber.

Cryokinetic: Reaver is capable of freezing or unfreezing various things. He is capable of freezing himself and causing ice to form at his will. He can freeze liquids within robot bodies

Absolute Winter
When Reaver reaches a critical point, he can tap into his raw power, capable of freezing anything at an even greater level than before. [We’re talking freezing salt water within an instant here] He is capable of causing a blizzard and becomes next to invisible in it, giving him an entire advantage over his foe. He can create icy barriers and is capable of inflicting hypothermia unto those who fit his wrath, if not freezing them. In this form his fur turns white, silver and blue and his staff turns into a large crystal of ice that floats around like a platform. After using this form Reaver becomes incredibly fatigued, often passing out afterwards.

Other: Reaver can play a guzheng.

Dr Robotnik
12-05-2011, 05:13 AM
Whoops; I forgot to put a history for Tails. I'll fill it in tomorrow; SABI, approved.

12-05-2011, 06:13 AM
Hey Ryu, I have a question about Reaver ~

How does he walk if his shoes are like ice skates? XD Oh! Is he like the ice super hero from "The Incredibles" (Frozone, maybe?) who makes a path of ice in front of him to skate on? XD I just got a really funny image in my head.

And what the heck is a guzheng? I get the fact that the blue ash bo (I'm not sure that is spelled right XD) is a staff, but I've never heard of a guzheng.

Sounds German.

Saraibre Ryu
12-05-2011, 05:17 PM
Hey Ryu, I have a question about Reaver ~

How does he walk if his shoes are like ice skates? XD Oh! Is he like the ice super hero from "The Incredibles" (Frozone, maybe?) who makes a path of ice in front of him to skate on? XD I just got a really funny image in my head.

And what the heck is a guzheng? I get the fact that the blue ash bo (I'm not sure that is spelled right XD) is a staff, but I've never heard of a guzheng.

Sounds German.

Well his boots can double like them. There are two blades on either side so if he walks with them on it's fairly easy. They move up and down the side of the boot, he just clicks them together. They're also very handy when kicking robots as the blades are very sturdy and sharp.

And yes, that comparison does come to mind often. XD However he only does such a thing if he needs to get away from something fast, which isn't often. He also doesn't make the same Hand motions as Frozone. Another comparison you could make would be some things Cole can do in inFAMOUS 2 should you choose to get the ice powers.None of the rockets or grenade stuff though. ><

And yes a bo is a staff. A guzheng is a chinese zither. Looks like this (http://en.chinatefl.com/chinatefl/FCKFiles/200912021019486602.jpg).

Saraibre Ryu
12-16-2011, 05:46 AM
*hates double posting*

So I have no idea what to do with Astrailyx as she's kinda stuck in a huge giant crystal meteor giving off a strong energy signature...anyone wanna volunteer finding her? XD

And metal had to throw Chaos at us right off the bat...

12-18-2011, 10:07 PM
*hates double posting*

So I have no idea what to do with Astrailyx as she's kinda stuck in a huge giant crystal meteor giving off a strong energy signature...anyone wanna volunteer finding her? XD

And metal had to throw Chaos at us right off the bat...

What about triple posting? Do you hate that? XD

Lol, I think Metal has you covered on Astrailyx. If anything, Nazo's entry will draw Betamore's attention away and buy her a little time XP Good news is that if his energy fails, Nazo can always slug someone. It hurts like hell from his super strength XD

Yep. Too bad neither of my characters can help right now. Shadow's busy lounging XD

Saraibre Ryu
12-18-2011, 10:18 PM
What about triple posting? Do you hate that? XD

Lol, I think Metal has you covered on Astrailyx. If anything, Nazo's entry will draw Betamore's attention away and buy her a little time XP Good news is that if his energy fails, Nazo can always slug someone. It hurts like hell from his super strength XD

Yep. Too bad neither of my characters can help right now. Shadow's busy lounging XD

No that's called the forum lag being a derp...

Betamore would be mildly detered by Nazo's energy but it would throw him off. He's like a madman, but a smart one... >< Betamore don't care about pain, he'd keep going until he was dead...

12-18-2011, 10:44 PM
Herp a derp.

Deterred? Don't you mean attracted? Lol, you did say to me that Chaos Energy - particularly the negative kind - he really wanted.

And I don't care what you say - slug someone in the face enough times, and they'll go down XD

Saraibre Ryu
12-18-2011, 10:54 PM
Herp a derp.

Deterred? Don't you mean attracted? Lol, you did say to me that Chaos Energy - particularly the negative kind - he really wanted.

And I don't care what you say - slug someone in the face enough times, and they'll go down XD

Detered from Astrailyx as she's his main goal...yeah. Yes, yes he did want that kind of energy...

12-18-2011, 11:01 PM
Detered from Astrailyx as she's his main goal...yeah. Yes, yes he did want that kind of energy...

All right. Confusing wording back there, that was all XP

Dr Robotnik
12-18-2011, 11:52 PM
And so Tails gets to find Astrailyx and they can be buddies until Beatmore and what's-his-face come and beat him up because they think he's a bad guy. Wait...

Or maybe Metal Sonic should do something...

12-19-2011, 03:15 AM
Sorry I haven't posted--I have a post written, but my router decided to screw me over and disconnect me from the internet and not let me back on last night...I'll post when I get on the PC here.

Holy crap, I can type a lot faster on the Nook...

Saraibre Ryu
12-19-2011, 03:57 AM
Those routers...Robotnik probably messed yours up. XD

12-19-2011, 04:25 AM
I dunno, but it was annoying. However I'm in Cali for two weeks, so I shouldn't have problems.

12-19-2011, 04:41 AM
I dunno, but it was annoying. However I'm in Cali for two weeks, so I shouldn't have problems.

California Girls~ *Shot for humming*

12-19-2011, 05:11 AM
I really, [i]really[\i] hate that song. I 'm so beyond not being a stereotypical Cali girl--I'm a nerdy, pale white girl who isn't supermodel skinny. That song irritates me beyond belief, and I wasn't born here.

Though I can do a rather irritating valley girl accent, just like I can turn my Southern accent on and off.

Pokemon of Destruction
12-19-2011, 05:46 AM
Can I have a resrve for Sonic from Sonic Unleashed (When he was able to become a Werehog at night)

Saraibre Ryu
12-19-2011, 05:56 AM
Can I have a resrve for Sonic from Sonic Unleashed (When he was able to become a Werehog at night)

I. Am. SOOOOOO. CallingdibsonChipnowkthnxbai.

12-19-2011, 06:06 AM
Can I have a resrve for Sonic from Sonic Unleashed (When he was able to become a Werehog at night)

Ah, Unleashed. How I enjoyed your fighting system. In fact, it houses one of my favorite all time bosses (Dark Gaia Phoenix) which is up there with the Biolizard and Shadow (Generations) XP

'Course, the Werehog would have been better if Sonic had been a bloodthirsty beast like most werewolves are.

...SEGA, please do it.

Saraibre Ryu
12-19-2011, 06:10 AM
Ah, Unleashed. How I enjoyed your fighting system. In fact, it houses one of my favorite all time bosses (Dark Gaia Phoenix) which is up there with the Biolizard and Shadow (Generations) XP

'Course, the Werehog would have been better if Sonic had been a bloodthirsty beast like most werewolves are.

...SEGA, please do it.

Nono if Shadow was a Werehog he would be bloodthirsty. Sonic doesn't do the whole blood lust thing unless he's gone Fleetway Super Sonic. Then you all better hide and hope he doesn't find you or blow up the thing/place you're using to hide.

*skips off with Chip*

12-19-2011, 06:28 AM
Nono if Shadow was a Werehog he would be bloodthirsty. Sonic doesn't do the whole blood lust thing unless he's gone Fleetway Super Sonic. Then you all better hide and hope he doesn't find you or blow up the thing/place you're using to hide.

*skips off with Chip*

Nah, Shadow has class. I meant like, not being able to control himself ;D He came pretty close as Darkspine to losing it.

Fleetway, even I know that version. Super from my Shift series is based off of him XD

Dr Robotnik
12-24-2011, 01:22 AM
Sorry, sorry, I'm behind I know. Christmas excitement and all that. Yes yes, everyone can be reserved~

Pokemon of Destruction
12-28-2011, 02:38 AM
Name: Sonic

Age: 15

Era: Modern (during time of Sonic Unleashed)

Species: Hedgehog/Werehog

Appearance: At day he looks like a blue hedgehog with white gloves and red and white shoes. At night his fur is more noticable and is darker. His teeth get sharper. He gets more muscular and he loses his gloves. He grows claws and has spikes on his shoes.

Personality: At day he is a carefree, friendly, competetive joker. At night he tries not to be seen by his friends because of his new look but if he is needed he'll step out of the shadows and help.

History: Before time split he was just restoring power to the chaos emeralds. He already restored 5 and just before he reached the 6th Gaia Temple time split and he ended up in a field. He started to look around for anyone.

Abilities: At day he has super speed but at night he loses his speed and gains strength and stretching abilities.

Other: He has the Chaos Emeralds with him. Five restored two powerless.

12-28-2011, 03:27 AM
Hmm...PoD (yes, I'm abbreviating your name XD Hope you don't mind), I don't know if you should have all the Chaos Emeralds. You could probably have one, sure, but I don't think Metal wants anyone to even have one.

Heck, Fluffy *thumbs at Shadow* doesn't even have one, and he's practically inseparable from them.

Did you just call me "Fluffy"? :eh:
HA HA...Fluffy...XD *Shot*

It's up to Metal to decide, of course, but I'm just giving you my concerns.

Dr Robotnik
12-28-2011, 04:30 AM
Sorry dude, that app is way too short, especially in the history and appearance sections. Not to mention Sonic has a much wider range of abilities than that; spin dash, homing attack, Chaos Control, so on.

And the only person with any Chaos Emeralds is Eggman, but going super doesn't have as much to do with them in the RP as it does in-game; I'd just like to ask that super forms aren't over-used and such. Because Robotnik has plenty of machines to use simply to wear you down as opposed to outright fighting a super-powered person xP

12-28-2011, 04:50 AM
Sorry dude, that app is way too short, especially in the history and appearance sections. Not to mention Sonic has a much wider range of abilities than that; spin dash, homing attack, Chaos Control, so on.

And the only person with any Chaos Emeralds is Eggman, but going super doesn't have as much to do with them in the RP as it does in-game; I'd just like to ask that super forms aren't over-used and such. Because Robotnik has plenty of machines to use simply to wear you down as opposed to outright fighting a super-powered person xP

Hey Metal, can you rephrase that last part? It was a little odd in wording. I'm just a bit confused XD

Dr Robotnik
12-28-2011, 05:07 AM
Eggman is the only person who actually has a Chaos Emerald right now. Super Forms can be activated without a Chaos Emerald but can't be used for long. If I see that super forms are being abused Eggman has a machine to fix that xD


12-28-2011, 05:10 AM
Eggman is the only person who actually has a Chaos Emerald right now. Super Forms can be activated without a Chaos Emerald but can't be used for long. If I see that super forms are being abused Eggman has a machine to fix that xD


Ah, all right. Yeah, Nazo needs a big amount of negativity/dark energy to perform his. Shadow could probably do it, though. Not like he wants to...That's pretty energy draining.

Geez, Mecha Sonic just wanted to ruin Shadow's serene moment didn't he? Something tells me Mecha Sonic won't win this fight XD

Saraibre Ryu
12-28-2011, 06:37 AM
I don't have to worry about Super forms. XD

Astrailyx possessing Reaver and would gain his. Astrailyx doesn't have one...

...for the moment...

Also, do I have to make a sign up for Chip? ><
*will post in the next couple days at the latest just so you all know*

12-29-2011, 03:43 AM
I don't have to worry about Super forms. XD

Astrailyx possessing Reaver and would gain his. Astrailyx doesn't have one...

...for the moment...

Also, do I have to make a sign up for Chip? ><
*will post in the next couple days at the latest just so you all know*

I'm almost scared to ask if Betamore has one XD

Figures that Nazo has the hardest time. Or is it? He doesn't like his forms anyway XD

...Something tells me that both of my characters are going to wind up fighting. Shadow is already going to be dealing with Mecha Sonic, but Nazo seems to attract attention even when he doesn't want it.

12-29-2011, 05:26 AM
Lol, and Luna is plain ol' Luna, so I don't have to worry at all! XD Kokonoe and Tager don't even belong in this universe, so...yeah, though they don't need super forms anyway, Tager might as well be a sentient tank and it's hinted at that Kokonoe is hiding the fact she's an enormous powerhouse herself in their universe since she's never physically on the battlefield.

Wonder if that'll be made any worse now that he's fused with Knights Skye? Lol, I hope not, he had the worst luck ever.

01-07-2012, 02:18 AM
Bleh. I'm signing up a new character - he'll be used off and on, probably.

Name: Faang Skal the Notorious
Age: 43
Era: Past (Old West)
Species: Crocodile
Gender: Male

Appearance: Old and weathered, this crocodile has dust colored - and most likely covered - scales. His eyes are a deeper brown, to the point of nearly being black, as are the scales that run down his spine. His stomach is a lighter brown, perhaps a dull yellow. He wears a black, beat up cowboy had along with matching leather gloves (FAKE leather, mind you) and boots, which have spurs on them. His outfit, a vest and chaps, match the theme although it has lighter grey markings on it that seem to form stripes. On a sturdy belt he has a pistol tied on his right side. He also seems to have a dark jewel - a black diamond? - embedded in his chest, which controls his unique abilities. Another small note is that he has some scales on his chin growing, a small beard for a crocodile.

Personality: Faang Skal is like any notorious outlaw; clever, strong, a lust for riches, and a willingness to dispose of anyone who gets in his way or outlives their usefulness. He will do anything for gold, or jewels which can be sold for gold. He is not necessarily power hungry, but if said power lets him get more gold...He'll take it. He is confident but not to a fault, willing to be a coward to retreat to plot - or as he'll put it "a coward runs away for no reason, but the smart one retreats to fight another day." He is not without mercy, however. Small children and woman he will spare, but men he will not. He is, in that way, not heartless. On top of that, he is not afraid of authority or death, as he faces - and bests - those all the time in his time. This shows his intelligence and strength - he is not a brute with no mind, and not a weakling genius. He has the best of both worlds.

With his Nightmare, Abiss, however, he displays a much softer side. Bonded, they can communicate telepathically, and feel each other's pain as well as emotions and senses. He is kind and often will dote on her, as well as become enraged should she be injured severely. He has a mild temper - not too quick but not too slow - so this is not normal by any means. He is gentle with her, trying not to pull too hard on the reigns. However, he tries to help her gain more power, as the stronger she becomes, the more gold he will be able to plunder. And that, to him, is a good thing. As for honor? ...Eh. He'll work with someone - even an enemy - to reach a common goal, but he is not about stabbing someone in the back for the gold, or for the power Abiss wants.

History: Faang...Didn't know his parents. He grew up alone, in the dusty wilderness. He fought to survive. He stumbled upon broken wagon, the driver dead and looking to be of importance. Rifling through his belongings, he found a satchel, taking it before fleeing to his little cavern in a maze-like canyon he knew by hand. There, he discovered it was filled with some gold - the shining taking his interest, but also because he knew that gold was life, to buy supplies and control others for many would do anything for gold. But within a silk pouch was a black diamond. Touching it, he felt the cold surface and flawless make, and...Something took control of his body, and he suddenly shoved it into his chest, screaming as pain surged through him before he blacked out.

When he awoke, a grey mare was watching him, his wounds seemingly healed. But the diamond was embedded in his chest, and he felt...Different, like power was flowing through him. The mare looked at his with red-orange eyes, before he felt a presence in his mind. <I am Abiss...You are Faang Skal. Do not be alarmed - I saw your memories when you were unconscious from shoving the Dark Diamond into yourself. I healed your wounds. We are partners, bonded in the most personal way possible. I am yours, and you are mine.> He didn't know what to say, really. Only that he found solace in the fact he had a friend.

He later discovered the abilities the Dark Diamond gave him, and from then on sought more gold - for he fancied it. As they continued, Abiss asked him to capture certain elements. First he captured the darkness on a moonless night, which turned her into a black mare. Then she asked him to capture the flames from a raging wildfire, and he did that as well, turning her into a Nightmare. It took time and effort - for the first was easy, but the second hard due to scarce trees. They plundered many towns, escaped or killed many people, and for a time he ran his own gang before they too were killed, although not by his hands. The entire time he grew satisfied with his growing gold collection, but Abiss...She wanted more. Her current request is to capture the essence of a tornado, something that will not be easy by any means.

Oh, and he found himself in another dimension while outrunning a sheriff. Yeah. Big flash of light, and...Then here. He has no idea what to make of it, honestly. But if there is gold to be found...


Superior Strength - Can lift heavy objects and punch boulders of small size (for a boulder, that is), but he cannot perform super strength feats.

Good Aim - Well, he has a pistol...This is mandatory!

Strong Jaws - He could easily pierce armor with those teeth. Might take a little with metal, but give him time...

Underwater - Very strong swimmer, and can stay submerged for an hour without coming up for air. Due to his nose and eye placement, can float in the water with barely anything showing save those features on his head. Makes him a skilled hunter.

Element Merge/Creature Storage - Granted by the Dark Diamond on his chest, he can "capture" elements and creatures within it to fuse or use at a later time. It isn't known where they are kept, but according to Abiss it is a "cold, dark place that robs one of conscience thought and will". She was spared the agony, but it makes any creatures within subject to his will and direction, as well as granting them an uncanny bloodlust.

Rider Bond - Bonded with Abyss. Thoughts, feelings, pain, senses...All and more can be shared between them. Think of the "Inheritance Cycle" books, Eragon and Saphira for a good idea on how this works, as it was based off of it. Death can drive the other insane, should they survive.

Other: Abiss is a Nightmare. You know, black horse with flaming mane, tail, eyes, hooves...Sharp teeth...Although, her eyes are a fiery red-orange - not ACTUALLY on fire. That would hurt. And she is her own character, but I won't make up a sign up. Just know she can heal, but she commands darkness and fire - powerful magic.

01-10-2012, 05:04 AM
Is this still open for joining? If so then:

Name: Night

Age: ~20

Era: Modern

Species: PantherCat [part panther part regular cat]

Appearance: Normally Night wears a black tube top with one think and one think white stripe running down the right side. She wears blue jeans with flared bottoms. Her tennish shoes are almost modern hightops. They are red and have the classic sneaker style with white toes and a white dot near her ankle. She wears brown gloves that flare at the top. Night's fur is a dark shade of almost black. Her skin is tan and her hair is a light shade of red that is more like orange. Here eyes are a dark shade of green.

Personality: Night is typically mellow and easygoing. It takes a considerable amount of annoyance to make her mad, but when she is angry her temper explodes. She is very sensitive to the feelings of others and will on occasion try to make them feel better if necessary. She knows in her heart what is right, but will only take that path if she needs to. She is gentle, but offers no amount of hesitation when it comes to inuring (or possibly killing if needed or accidental) people. She is a rocker who loves classic and hard rock, with the occasional bit of metal thrown in, and owns and frequently plays an electric guitar.

History: Night is a disowned princess thrown out because of her refusal to be fragile and lady-like. At one point in her childhood, she lost her temper and accidentaly slaughtered her best friend. Since then she learned from cyber-theives and experience how to hack into computers. She managed well out on her own, and still had a little money left before her first high paying job. She now steals files from computers (usually from rival companies) for money. She used to live in a large tree-house in the jungle, but recently moved to the city to make work easier. She still visits her other home and her friends who live in a small town to the north of it.


Computer Hacker-Can hack into any working computer system and mess with it in whatever way she feels like doing.

Sharp Claws-Night has ten razor sharp claws that are enhanced by nano-chips in her gloves

Elemental-Can minorly control the elements. She practices using her power, but can't always control it well.

Other: She sees peoples feelings in the form of auras and uses her tail as an extra weapon in combat.