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This has nothing to do with pokemon as you can see. This superhero league is being brought together by a man named Jay the Smasher Magius. He is a now retired super hero who use to smash evil villians. He had a lot of poeple helping him fight crime but, his team mates are old now and have either gone off to travel or have just left or don't even fight no more. So all he has is his strategist the brains of his old and is willing to help out the new team John big brain Martin. He is willing to help Jay and the team bringing new younger hero's to stop a new evil that has come up this year. Jay Smasher had defeated old villian Darell Destroyers and his villian. Lets just say Jay smashed Destroyer up but, now Destroyer has comeback as a part robot now stronger than ever with his robotic minions. He been terrorizing earth and America right now taking state by state so his rein of terror has to be put to a end or he destroy us and control all of America. He has most the west coast while we still have the east coast. The war has been fierce up to this point but, Jay Smasher now understood why he can't do this like he did before because he does not have the strenght he had before and also will need a team. Two people can not beat Destroyer we need a big team of hero's to go on important missions take state by state and defend are capitals to win. As destroyer will try to make this whole world a bunch of mindless robots. So we need you to go for try out for the Super Hero Leagues going through a tough test to join the team and find side by side with other super heros to defeat Destroyer. So the goal here to make to the league of super hero's fight the forces of Destroyer and win.

Sign up Sheet

Superhero name:
Age :
Superpower:You can have up 2 similiar super powers.
Super Hero clothing: Color of your cloth
Hometown: Where you are from in America because your place could have been taking over.

Superhero name:Psycho
Name: Rashad
Personality: I'm pretty smart super hero I use my psychic abilities to win battles and get a adventage on people. Then I am very Heroic I go hard have done some stuff. Also very courageous for my actions in the battle of San Francisco were me one of a couple of super hero's tried to save the city from being taking over. I tried my hardest I was even caring too when I tried to save one of my friend's who were hurt I tried to get him off the battle field but, it was to much to do to many robots to defeat unfortunately. Then my friend sacrficed himself as we lost the battle of San Francisco. Then thats when I found I had to go to Jay Smashed and find a way to stop evil.
Age : 15
Gender: male
Superpower:Psychic powers Telekinesis
Super Hero clothing: My clothing for now is I have white gloves and with blue lines on it. Then I wear old nikes with light blues jeans. Then a white shirt with a white and blue jacket. Then I wear a cool head band to control the psychic abilities easier.
Howntown: San Francisco
Other: Nothing


1. No godding modding most important
2. No cheating
3. Capitalization and Puntution
4. No spamming or Flamming
5. Keep it Pg 13
6. Have fun

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Alright well I think thats it for now if have more to add then I will add it. So please join and make it fun.

Plastic Wallet
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Superhero name: Aqua
Name: Steven
Personality: Steven is a quiet natured 15 year old teenager. He is use to thinking on his toes and like to see people in good moods. He especially loves his mother who will not be saved unless he steps up and uses his superpowers to fight evil, no matter the limits.
Age : 15
Gender: Male
Superpower:He can control the water. Make it float and move it around and he can turn it to boiling water to fozen ice.
Super Hero clothing: A light green tight swimsuit that covers from the neck till the toes. It has gill shapes on it. He has a mask that he wears.
Hometown: New york.

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