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Dr Robotnik
12-16-2011, 03:57 AM
Just a few notes before we start, I decided that since I do the whole large plot arc thing, I'm going to mark where they start and end and so on. So if you see something like 'ACT <Number>' don't panic, it's a perfectly normal thing. Unless it says something like 'Deadly neurotoxin on the way' or 'Self destruct initiated'; then maybe you can experience some slight pan-- *Yoinked off the stage by a cane*

Also, you don't have to start out in Station Square if you don't want to; you could always pick somewhere else. A field, one of Eggman's airships, the Space Colony ARK... So on. I'd advise against the ARK though, no one will be going to and from any time soon.


Station Square, 12:21 PM

"Bah!" scoffed Robotnik in his hovering vehicle, glaring down at the city of Station Square with a mix of revulsion and deja vu. Not because he disliked the place; Station Square wasn't bad as far as tourist traps went, but rather because it brought back memories of that water monster he had managed to summon and been tricked by. It wouldn't happen a second time. It was about then that he noticed, down in the town square, several time-space anomalies depositing a collection of people who either still remembered or had yet to meet him. In either case, they would muck up his plans, and letting them bumble around figuring out what, precisely, had happened would give him the time to give his plans a jump start.

What Robotnik in his haste to leave before he was spotted did not notice was the presence of his greatest mechanical monstrosity, Metal Sonic. However dangerous it was, being suddenly thrust from whatever it had been doing before to the current situation was more than enough to disorient the machine. When it got its bearings, it quickly followed the signal it picked up from Robotnik's hovercar and followed at rapid speed.

And in the relatively peaceful tourist trap city that was Station Square, this was what happened; Several people who were both familiar and not suddenly materialized in the town square, beneath the shadows of very tall skyscrapers. The shock of seeing Robotnik do the same shortly before had scared the people enough; more people just caused more unrest. Although, there was arguably already unrest as a result of what looked like a torrent of water from a fire hydrant smashing in to glass and other objects, then retracting to a relatively human shape.

The monster was made entirely of water except for a brain and two emerald eyes on the front of the head. It turned its attention to the either oblivious or still disoriented group and stretched a clawed arm far beyond what its arm length would suggest to strike at the entire group, making a sound that was something like a cross between a growl and water bubbling.

((Group in Station Square, you get to fight Chaos. Have fun with that xD And I'll introduce Tails later, can't think of anything good for him yet. LEAD, FELLOW ROLE PLAYERS.))

Saraibre Ryu
12-17-2011, 09:21 AM
Station Square

'Still...it's been three days...at least there hasn't been one of those moving picture boxes telling me about her.'

A dull blue figure looked over the buildings on Station Square, not knowing where he was as he looked from left to right. His cloak moved with the wind, occasionally catching on his bo he was holding in his hand. Many things ran through his mind as he fixated on a cloud in thought. He hadn't an idea where to go, and even if he did, he had no idea how to get there. This wasn't the same world he left behind, and felt as foreign as the space time anomalies.

The leopard remained thick in his own thoughts until the sound of screaming made his ears twitch with a return to reality. Reaver turned and immediately darted towards the source of the frightful sounds. Nimbly bounding between the small gaps of the rooftops, he came to the epicentre of his soon-to-be fight.

He examined what was going on, and what he first noticed was the creature causing the havoc. Something made of water with eyes and some sort of other entity in it's head. Reaver assumed it was a brain of some kind, immediately thinking of 'her'. As he saw the people attempt to flee, Reaver had his sense of guardianship kick in.

He saw the claw extend from the beast, and he knew if it was water, there was a simple solution: freeze it.

Jumping into a front flip, landing on both feet quickly, Reaver focused his inner winter at the beast with one raised hand, thinking of images of flowing streams freezing into crystals, rivers sleeping in a dormancy with snow as their blanket.

"Cease and begone demon!"



A burnt orange dragon stood atop a TV Station, a firm grip on the broadcasting antenae. His eyes were closed as if he was concentrating, and he was indeed. The longer he stood there with golden claws wrapped around the metal structure, the more his anger seemed to emanate from him. A low growl could be heard if one were standing nex to him, but he was very much alone...at least for now. Soon sharp white fangs could be seen in a frustrated sneer as he focused even harder onto his grip.

Why he was trying to sabotage this tv station, was only for what it was beginning to broadcast.

"A few days ago, a strange meteorite hit the surface far off in a northern mountain range...giving off a powerful and what some scientists are guessing as extremely powerful...based on satelite images...odd rapid plant growth...surrounding the stone in--"

As the transmission cut, the metal tower came with a moan of pain before a clattering and crash, alerting others of it's demise. Betamore merely stood from the roof of the building and stared with large gold eyes in the most intimidating manner possible. In his claws was a piece of the tower, slowly being crushed and slowly vanishing in his hand.

"Damned anomalies...weakening my powers to having to focus them for twenty minutes on that simple object..."

As much as Betamore hated how long it took him to take out the tv report for now, he knew his current task at the moment was done. He opened his wings and flew off to his next one: finding those mountains.

"No one, expect those with vast intelligence and resources will find her now...I will rid myself of her existence if it means tearing the anomalies further apart..."

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12-18-2011, 01:40 AM


He felt...Cold. It was nothing new, however. Purgatory was cold, and he'd grown accustomed to not being able to feel anything other than the lack of heat. In Purgatory, one could only feel pressure, see, and hear. There was no touch, taste or smell. Above all there was a distinct taste for energy - life energy - that would lead those that wanted to repent back towards Hell, while truly testing those that wanted forgiveness. Above all was the excruciating pain, supposedly to "cleanse the spirit", as he'd been told.

But now there was no pain.


He opened his yellow-green eyes, nearly being blinded by the intensity of the sun. His attention was drawn to the blue and green planet below him, its face obscured by wispy clouds. Just barely in his view of sight was the rocky surface of the moon moving behind the planet, near it the round form of the space colony ARK. In the distance were the faint specks of other planets, and in every direction the shine of other stars light years away.

Was he still dead, though? The pain was gone...

Opening his mouth, he took a deep breath. While space was considered a "vacuum", in truth there WAS oxygen in it. Problem for many was that the molecules were so scattered that most couldn't use it. But for certain individuals like himself or, say, Sonic, they seemed to be overly magnetic for them. They could breathe fine because they attracted enough oxygen. At least, that was the theory. Being immortal, he didn't NEED to breathe...But it was very uncomfortable not to.

But feeling the air fill his lungs confirmed it. He was alive, but the question was how? He recalled...There was a disturbance in time. Sonic destroyed the machine, but due to its power...It disrupted the Chaos Emeralds and the instability created not only ripped through time, but space and dimension. There is no telling what really happened...

Angling himself forward, he "pushed" with his Aura and propelled himself forward. Feeling the heat of reentry, he formed crystals around himself, becoming a crystalline meteor as he waited for impact. At the same time though, he wondered. He felt...Different. However, he couldn't quite place why.

Random Prairie

Well, this was annoying. First one moment he was helping Sonic destroy a machine, and the next...He was here. Sprawled on his back, he marveled at the sky with its blue tint and the occasional lazy cloud strolling gently on its way to an unknown destination. It was peaceful, with nothing around him to distract him; no cars, no annoying humans, no violence...Just an endless stretch of lush green grass. Not a single tree in view, either, but there was a beautiful mountain range in the distance, the snow capped peaks reaching high into the sky to scrape the sun.

He wouldn't mind staying here for a while, and just sleep. Sure, he didn't need it and he rarely slept anyways, but sometimes he just had the desire to. If he ran too low on energy he'd require sleep and food to restore it faster; that was how immortal beings worked. He had the advantage of never aging, either, but occasionally he wondered how he would look if he was just a little older. He might be fifty, but he only appeared in his twenties, and he had the curiosity of what he would look like if he was closer to thirty.

Hmph. Oh well. He thought, although he didn't get up. He just didn't want to. I should be investigating what is going on, but I can relax for a little bit longer. I rarely get the chance anymore. He saw the flicker of something entering the atmosphere in the sky, and felt a strong energy signature of...Negative Chaos Energy? But only one person I know has that signature...But he is dead. Could it be something else? His curiosity was piqued, but he had no idea of where it would land. He'd have to wait.

And even then, he still didn't want to get up.

(Didn't mean to copy Astrailyx in the way she entered, but...Well, he couldn't open a portal - he can't go to places he hasn't been/seen really well, and with time being screwed up it's highly likely his memories of places are null. If he tried and failed, he'd open a portal to what is called the "Dimension of Death" - a place where nothing exists. Going there means instant death.

Also, wherever Nazo lands is up to you guys XP Once he's impacted he'll start to come out of the crystals. He's still conscious XD

Not much to say for Shadow, either. I don't want a confrontation between him and Nazo. Not yet.)

12-20-2011, 07:54 PM
Kokonoe and Tager
Station Square

Among the confusion in Station Square, more appeared due to the space-time rift. "...Dangit, I don't think you are understanding the words coming outta my mouth!!! I thought I told you--! Oh what the heck is going on now?!" Apparently the pink-haired woman who appeared to be at least part cat had been caught in the middle of chewing out some poor subordinate with a coffee cup in hand, and only when she moved to slam the coffee cup down where a desk must have been before she had somehow ended up...here. Wherever "here" was. It seemed she was actually used to getting time screwed up on a regular basis, considering that instead of being extremely confused, Kokonoe was merely annoyed. Glancing around, she located both the water...thing and a colossal red humanoid in one sweeping glance, but skipped over the water creature to address the massive red creature. "Tager, status? You okay and where the heck are we?" She asked, looking around again and adjusting her glasses as she did.

"Judging by our surroundings, we are quite obviously not in Sector Seven any more...though might go as far to suggest that we may not even be in our world any more? The atmosphere here has several elements that are different from ours and this certainly is no Hierarchical city that I have seen before or have knowledge of in my data banks." Tager responded, seeming to ignore the water creature altogether. "Also, all of my systems to be in perfect order. Are you alright as well?" The red devil, in spite of his more sinister nickname, came across as quite polite. The screaming went on completely ignored, they were both used to the sound, and too absorbed in their own issues at the moment to really pay it any attention.

"Wonderful. Just freaking wonderful. Please don't tell me Terumi's back and is causing a big enough time distortion now that instead of getting stuck on a Groundhog Day loop he's tossed us into an alternate dimension...man that would suck because I could swear Ragna got rid of him!" She snarled while Tager seemed to have taken notice of the water creature in time to see it extend a claw in a very familiar manner, and the cyborg groaned inwardly, fighting back the immediate reaction to panic--the creature seemed to be similar to Arakune, and he really hated fighting Arakune. "He" was too fast and unpredictable to fight easily, and besides that, this abomination was made of water. While water was one of his greatest dislikes and weaknesses when it got into his circuitry, it was also easy for him to attack against with the electric shocks he could generate. He was moving towards Kokonoe to shield his superior and savoir, but he noticed as he moved that another had joined them.

"Cease and begone demon!" Both heard the shout perfectly clearly, however Tager's jaw nearly dropped when Kokonoe looked up at her creation and spoke.

"Tager, forget about protecting me--I can handle myself if need be, you go get me some data on that thing that looks like it's been playing with the Boundary, and we'll see just how closely related to our world and this one we're stuck in are." The beastkin scientist ordered.

"Yes, Kokonoe." Tager sighed and turned to face the water creature warily. And then he noticed that the other "person" facing the creature was actually a blue leopard, and one question went through his head as he joined the fight--what the heck was going on?

Station Square

She didn't get this at all--where was she? Why was she there? Where had Cloud and everyone else gone? This city confused her, and though she was relatively used to the sight of tall buildings, there was still a part of Luna that was completely and utterly amazed. The white fox blinked, ears flattening against her head to try and lower the volume of the screaming. She reached back to grip the handle of her huge sword, watching as more figures appeared and some stood up to fight the water creature that appeared to be causing much of the commotion, who was attempting to help out. She smiled playfully and unsheathed her sword. "It's showtime." The white fox murmured under her breath before she darted forward and joined the fray, glancing to the side to find herself with a blue leopard and hulking...thing that looked like it might have been human or a gorilla at one point but was longer what he used to be. A few feet behind the red giant, Luna caught sight of a cat-eared woman with a mass of magenta hair was watching with one of the most difficult to read expressions she had ever seen, and looked as though she had no plans to join the fight. Luna watched as the other woman removed a sucker from her mouth and twirled it around her fingers aimlessly. Nope, it seemed she would be offering no help.

"Mind if I jump in to help out?" She asked, watching and waiting for the creature to get to her so she could either have her turn or see an opening to attack where it might do damage.

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Dr Robotnik
12-27-2011, 05:39 AM
In the instant that Reaver froze the monsters arm, the entire being instantly froze and shattered in to hundreds of ice shards. The sound of screeching metal followed by a torrent of water from a fire hydrant that had been burst open from within would quickly show that the monster-- Chaos, that is-- was unharmed entirely. But it was now even angrier, and it now had a lot more liquid at its disposal to make use of.

And then things got worse. Chaos made a gesture and the shards of ice that had formed its previous body suddenly launched in to the air and hailed back down on the monsters assailants, as well as people still fleeing from the scene. Above on a building, the vague outline of Metal Sonic was visible, observing for the time being. Its programming had imparted a 'thought' to observe for its creator, to provide some feedback on defensive measures...

Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails' Workshop, Mystic Ruins forest

Judging by sounds he had heard earlier, Tails had thought a meteor crashed somewhere near his house. Because the chance of finding a meteorite and possibly being able to keep something so amazing were things someone of his age and mindset would be hard-pressed to pass up. And as such, he was now out spinning his two tails around to scour the forest around where the machinery in his workshop had picked up a strange energy signature that Tails thought might have been the meteor.

Then, after a while of searching, he found a place where some trees were missing a perfectly circular patch of leaves over what looked like an impact crater with a smoking rock in the middle. Tails was overjoyed as he landed in the crater, even if he did almost trip on landing. "Wow! A real meteor!" He said, walking around it to get a good look. He couldn't touch it yet; it would have to cool off for a while. But then he would be able to take it and put it in a display case to show everyone. Curious, he took a broken branch from what he assumed was the meteor's impact and tapped the space rock to see if anything would happen, even if he was just expecting the branch to catch on fire.

Mecha Sonic 1.3
'Random Prairie'

Whether or not he wanted to get up, the machine did not care. There was a loud whine of servos and a thundering mechanical BOOM barely five feet from the 'ultimate life form'. The robot only saw a target. It looked vaguely like Sonic the Hedgehog, with some kind of blue metal mixed in with an overall silver body, a single red visor serving as a photoreceptor. Dr. Robotnik had ordered all potentially useful organisms were to be rounded up to test something the doctor had failed to specify. To an organic, that would have been a problem.

To a machine, that was just the day-to-day way of things. It was, however, aware of the fact that Shadow the Hedgehog would not willingly come. It knew full well that it would need to incapacitate the black-and-red creature. A long arm of steel gripped Shadow's leg and hauled him in to the air before hurling him straight ahead, the joint and its own need to not kill him preventing the robot from merely throwing the 'ultimate life form' on to his neck. Without waiting for the genetic abomination to recover from being thrown the machine turned itself in to a mockery of the real Sonic's spin dash- which appeared almost exactly like a large blue buzz saw, and spinning about as fast- before launching with full force at Shadow, aiming if nothing else to disable some limbs. Robotnik had merely instructed it to take Shadow the Hedgehog alive... he hadn't said anything about him being 'uninjured'.

Saraibre Ryu
12-29-2011, 08:04 AM
Station Square

Reaver knew it would have been too easy to simply freeze a demon of water and succeed. He stood in a fighting stance with his bo at his back, ready for an unusual fight. He was told such beings existed, however he hadn’t ever thought about coming face to face with one on a regular basis. He was running options through his mind while keeping himself on his toes. If he froze anything, he would be giving this beast more water to deal with. So either he try another approach, or find something else to freeze.

The snow leopard, defensively thinking of a tactical way to deal with the unknown problem, soon noticed two other variables coming into play, noticing them with a twitch of his ears. From one side there was a hulking behemoth, as best as he could mentally describe it. He hadn’t seen anything like him before, but judging from where he was standing, he didn’t seem to be a threat. On his other side, he saw a blue fox, of which he immediately noticed the large sword and nothing else. His ears rose in a pleasant response to her question, of which he answered quickly.

“Any help is good help, thank you.” He said, returning his gaze to the watery fiend that was not starting to break free of his frozen grasp. “I know not what this is…as my powers seem futile against it, I may need something else.”

Reaver took a step back defensively, responding to the shattering of his own ice. As the motion was made to send them on a hailing assault to everyone, even those fleeing who were not aware, Reaver immediately stepped into action. He skillfully spun his bo staff in front of him, shattering the shards closest to him. Those he could focus on fast enough he took the coldness out of, turning the ice shards back into water and leaving them to fall to the ground, but not quite. He refroze the water again in more dull, dense pieces, and sent them flying at the sharper shards headed towards the fleeing crowds. As the large ice pieces flew, the crashed into the smaller ones, shattering them, and what ones he didn’t smash, sent the other ones off their course, only to collide into others that were just a bit out of his reach. There were a few that glanced by people’s legs and arms, even their heads, but nothing more than a cut or so was sustained as an injury.

“Dishonourable fiend…” Reaver muttered, figuring the demon didn’t care at this point. “Petty to fight those who flee!”

The snow leopard was aware that this thing was going to try something sneaky now, and hopefully, his newly found allies would be able to help him bring this monster down. It was a delay to his true task, but he wasn’t one to leave others in need. She wouldn’t approve of him doing so.

Mystic Ruin's Crater

The large darkened crystal sitting at the epicenter of the crater, radiated energy of the most efficient kind. Despite the trees that were thrown aside coming down, they seemed to be recovering at a rapid rate, rapid enough for anyone to see. Roots entangled and twisted around each other, all slowly crawling towards the crystal. Inside was a curled up being, one who was not known to this world, and one who did not know the world she was in.

As the unknowing fox approached the large rock, triple his size, only armed with a stick, the twin tailed tawny Tails would be in for a surprise. As he tapped it, it responded with a dim glow, only for a second, pulsing outward in an unseen force. Those who were energy based, would feel it indefinitely, if only just a bit. The branch then would start growing on its own, very slowly, but fast enough for it to be seen. The roots making its way towards the meteorite, starting to cover it and pierce it’s way into the rock, as if they were instructed to. They put their way in through the cracks already made by the power of the impact, prying them further and further apart. As the odd stone was pulled farther apart, a brighter light soon made itself free from it’s prison.

As the light began to dim, the crystal seemed to start to dissolve into a fine dust that blew away with the slightest breeze. The living roots seemed to have lifted the meteorite, or what was left of it, off the ground, putting it in the sun and amplifying it towards the entity below. Beneath it was a dragon of pinkish lavender, with light purple wings, pale sky blue markings, a long tail and silver and teal anklets around her claws. There was a stone in her forehead, one that looked like a polished amethyst. Her eyes were closed and she was unmoving.

Only for a moment.

The sun seemed to give the being life, as se slowly stirred, seemingly disturbed by a bad dream in her slow steady awakening. The trees all seemed to stop moving on their own as the dragon looking being opened her luminescent aqua eyes. She lifted her head a bit, looking around from under her hole, eyes falling on Tails. She immediately froze, not recognizing who it was, as it was no one she knew, or expected to see. Immediately she withdrew just a bit, wondering who this was and what he was doing here. Then, she wondered where she was, what happened and how she got here.

Where was he?

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12-31-2011, 02:22 AM
(Prepare for Shadow's elite analyzing skills XD)

Random Prairie

Well, this was annoying. He'd nearly fallen asleep from the peaceful atmosphere when a loud boom had sounded nearby - and by nearby, he meant a few feet. He had to admit he was surprised at the appearance of the machine; he had encountered Metal Sonic only once and had, admittedly, felt sympathy for the machine because of its reasons to challenge Sonic. This machine, however, was clearly different, and he didn't like it. Its color was a silver blue and the one eye stared at him with an eerie sense of purpose and destruction. Another copy. How does the Doctor think that a mere copy can defeat me, when it no doubt can't even defeat the one it was designed after? It amused him slightly to know that any attempt on his life would be feeble. Immortality did have its benefits.

It raised its claw and grabbed him by the ankle, motor rumbling as it threw him. Jerked back to complete awareness, Shadow twisted in midair in a very similar likeness to a cat as he landed on his feet, watching as Mecha Sonic curled into a ball. A loud screeching sound erupted in the air from the buzz saw as it churned up dirt on its journey towards him. Quickly analyzing the situation, Shadow came to the conclusion that due to the blades being more centered on the top, it would have more difficulty turning. Both he and Sonic could easily turn, but even then they could not turn on a dime. This machine would have to make a wide turn to come back towards him, leaving its side exposed as it did so.

He jumped over the machine, landing neatly behind it. It screeched as it began to turn, and to Shadow's satisfaction the grass further hampered it. I must wait... His hand gathered red energy as he waited for it to continue turning. Keep coming...You are almost there... He waited until Mecha Sonic was completely perpendicular to him, exposing the side of the metal Spin Dash to attack. It wasn't spinning as much there so there was not as much wind resistance to deflect an attack, and it wasn't reinforced as much as the blades that were acting as the buzz saw.

He threw his hands forward, launching arrow shaped bolts of negative Chaos Energy (which was more destructive and powerful) towards the machine. The Chaos Spear attack smashed into the side and the ground immediately before it, creating a small explosion that knocked the machine sideways and into the air. Shadow followed up by jumping into the air as Mecha Sonic uncurled (to get a bearing on the situation, no doubt), activating his shoes to provide a boost in speed which added to the power of the kick he landed on its chest which sent it back into the ground with tremendous force.

Shadow landed a bit away, although he was not arrogant enough to think the fight was over. He knew Eggman's constructs were tougher than that. As it was, he'd like some answers, but he doubted it could speak. Raising his hands, he prepared for any counterattack, although he knew he had damaged it. How badly he wasn't sure, and he had learned to dampen his expectations.

Situations rarely turned out the desired way.

Lake in a Forest

Bundled up inside his meteor, he was only half aware of what was going on around him. He knew it was really hot outside from the friction of reentry, but he had no idea how close he was to the ground or if any buildings were in the way. It'd be a real shame to hit a building, or even worse the people within. He didn't want to hurt anyone, after all. It sort of ruined the point of trying to make amends for his murderous past. He still didn't know why he was here or for what purpose, but he didn't feel like it was evil who brought him back. Thank goodness. I'm tired of being controlled. Seriously, it was the worst job ever - everyone, including his boss, hated him and he was beaten up all the time. If he failed he risked death. Oh, and he didn't get paid for it either and there weren't any job benefits. It sucked.

His attention was drawn back to the present as a loud noise reverberated around him along with a sudden jerk as his velocity was slowed. Not one to jump the gun, he waited, as he could sense he was still falling. When at last he felt a small thud on top of him - his meteor had flipped so that his back was closest to the ground - he focused on his energy, splintering the rock (crystallized Chaos Energy, really) apart. Immediately cold hit him as he was engulfed in water, and it took everything he had to not gasp. He couldn't drown, but the feeling of being unable to breathe was something he would never get used to. He followed the air bubbles from his release towards the sunlight that was bouncing on the surface of the water, taking great strokes in his effort to get there more quickly.

Upon surfacing, he swam towards the shore before he took in his surroundings. Apparently he had landed in a lake, surrounded by trees. He wasn't quite sure if that was it, but he was too distracted by his damp cloak. Gripping the tattered black cloth in his hands, he rung it out. His super strength made it very easy to squeeze every last bit of water out of it, but he couldn't let it hang to dry. He was fairly certain the area was remote, but he didn't want to risk anyone seeing him naked, as he had taken off his shoes and gloves to let those dry.

Wiggling the three toes on his feet, which were similar to large, thick paws (unlike his hands), it felt good to feel solid ground beneath him. It was damp but prickly from the grass, but also warm. He took a deep breath, enjoying the sweet scent of flowers as it tickled his nose. Holding his arms out, he let the sun's rays fall on him, the light penetrating his Aura and warming him up as well as drying him off. The smell of the earth and the warmth of the sun...He missed being alive. He wasn't cold or hungry for life, or in constant suffering from his sins.

He was simply...Alive.

...Although the thought of food did make him hungry. Glancing around, he spied an apple hanging from a tree. Pushing his energy to his feet, he hovered up and grabbed it. Without bothering to wash it off, he bit into the flesh of the red fruit, the tang of the juice making his taste buds dance in the flavor. He savored, yet greedily ate, each and every piece aside from the core which he tossed to the side for nature to deal with. He set about eating a few more apples to satiate his sudden hunger.

Who knew being dead for a few months could make you so hungry when you were alive again?

(My logic - in general, Sonic characters have to have at least one article of clothing on them - aside from gloves because those come off very easily - for them to not be naked. Women have the same rule, but they have to at least have a bra too XD I MUST RATIONALIZE THINGS. And yes, I think that is what their feet look like. Having five toes would be TOO human, eh?)

01-05-2012, 01:10 AM
OOC: Um, Sabi, Luna is white. Her sword and shirt are blue, her jacket is black, but Luna is almost entirely white. XD

Kokonoe, Tager, and Luna
Station Square

Kokonoe raised her eyebrows expectantly as the frozen Chaos exploded into ice shards and then somehow blew up another fire hydrant, which it shot out of. “Not only does thing seem to look and act like Arakune, but it is apparently just as annoying as well…” The scientist murmured in observation while the white fox that had appeared smiled as she responded to the blue leopard’s question.

“Well it isn’t as though there are no other options, there are a few of us here—chances are that we’ll find something that works against it. I will admit to having no special powers, though.” The fox said good-naturedly, finishing only moments before the creature of water shot the ice created when Reaver had tried to freeze it at both the group of possible attackers and civilians, leaving Luna to curse and shield herself with her large sword, hoping that something might just save the unfortunate people.

“Kokonoe!” Tager shouted in response to the ice shards flying at he and his boss, quickly putting his much larger frame between Kokonoe and the pointy projectiles. Most of the ice simply shattered against his large, mostly metal body, a few larger pieces left nasty dents, and one wedged itself in the small gap in his left shoulder joint, but did very little damage. The cyborg sighed and plucked the wedged-in piece out of the gap and tossed it to the ground.

“Tager, I thought I told you not to worry about me!” Kokonoe snapped sharply, but Tager ignored the sharp remark as he watched the blue leopard unfreeze and refreeze the ice shards flying at him, redirecting them to help the fleeing beings.

“Oh, that’s just cool!” Luna found herself saying softly, though another part of her was a bit unimpressed—she was greeted with the mental image of flames exploding upward from an outstretched paw and another smaller, hooded figure waving a staff that seemed to cause trees to explode from the ground.

“Hmm, I wonder…” Tager’s quiet musing was interrupted by Kokonoe rapping on his back with a tiny fist (well, tiny in comparison to his) and speaking.

“It’s made of water, Tager. What and water don’t mix? We’ve already tried ice and that doesn’t seem to work, but you, you’re basically a walking—“

“Electricity!” The red devil exclaimed as he got what Kokonoe was pointing out and effectively cutting her off in the process, much to the little scientist’s annoyance. “If I can get close enough to it or a decent bit of water, I might be able to shock it into submission. I’m able to generate electricity.” Tager offered calmly to the others, Kokonoe looking even more annoyed.

“And just watch, when it works, you’ll get all the credit.” Kokonoe muttered.

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