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02-22-2012, 02:06 PM
Alright, alright. I am having a RP idea of a Pokemon Academy/School. There are young students who study in this academy. There are five grades/classes. Your character is 11 at class 1, but possibly can be 12. Age goes up like real age in classes, but however. Since i started this now, u can try apply to principal or professor, they have some bonus things, but there are only limited amount of professors, 1 principal.
U can have two characters here, like 1 student 1 professor, but u gotta aply to both one by one time. Also u can apply to 2 class right when u start, but u gotta ask me
to go up in classes. No tests needed to go to higher class.
And naturally, what higher class, that higher pokemons u got. Rules here are pretty much same as in usual rp's.

1. No GOD MODDING. Definetly no.
2. Avoid bunnying here, too.
3. No spamming.
4. No sex, students are just 11-16 or so.
5. No insulting.
6. U can talk OOG (well, i call it OOG) = out of game, also many people say its OOC = out of characters.
7. Follow rules what are set.
8. No killing pokemons or humans.
9. No legendaries or pokes that u dont have really. Neither victini or anything like that.
10. Dont post grind posts many times. If u talk with someone else u may say in that: ''I have been grinding a little bit.'' So then they/i will know about it possibly.

~ Aslong as u follow those it goes good.

So, students are classified to different ''groups'' they have an uniform every each of them, but they are not needed to use, they can use their regular clothes. These groups are, Red, Blue, Green. (This might sound sorta hogwarts, lol i am sorry if so.)
Red focuses on attacking/attack style. Blue focuses in speed training. And green of course, defensing. Thats it. Every crew has their own ''house'' and rooms in it. U can change your class later by asking me if u dont like the one u are in.
Well, your character starts out with one pokemon.
It can be nearly any pokemon, this academy has many choices to choose from. It cannot be second form or legendary, also they are 10lvl when u start, and they dont have tms. BUT they can have one egg move, or u can ask tm from me. But remember, i
might not give permission even nearly always.

I am not gonna start explaining how to roleplay, since sure all of u know how to do it already, i expect so. Since this is roleplay thread, ofc. There are also lessons, u dont need
to go in all of them, just try sometimes atleast :). Oh, also professors start out with 4-6 pokemons, they are 30-55lvls. They can have tms but dont go too uber with them, please. Also u must teach if u are professor and keep an eye of students sometimes.
Thats teacher/prof's job u know :D. Principal can have one 85lvl, all else must be 40-60.
But remember, LIMITS. Be fair and dont abuse principal, prof powers or anything like
that. I hope so atleast.

Every class have still a limitation of levels, to not go too insane in levels. I do not want 100lvls here.
Class 1 - 1-20
Class 2 - 1-28
Class 3 - 1-44
Class 4 - 1-55
Class 5 - 1-65
Thats it. There are tournaments some time, which have sometimes bad prices, sometimes absolutely awesome. Events are possible, u may suggest one to me.
Now i guess, u are ready for apply! :)

Student apply:
Name: (First and last)
Class: (can be 1 or 2)
Gender: (Ofc u know what it is)
Appearance: ( Paragraph minimum, pics accepted.)
Personality: (How your character acts. Paragraph minimum)
Crew: (Red, Blue, Green some of them)
Starter: (Pretty much anything, but its is level 10, but if u are class 2 it is 20)

Principal apply:
Name: (First and last)
Gender: (Female or Male ofc)
Appearance: (paragraph minimum, pics are accepted too.)
Personality: (2 paragraphs minimum)
Crew leader: (Red, Blue or Green?)
Things u teach: (2 things maximum, things u can teach are Pokemon basic information, PE, Battling, Strategy, Potions/Herbs, Evolution theory.)
History: (Paragraph minimum)
Pokemons: (6 max, tell levels too.)

Professor apply:
Name: (First and last)
Gender: (Female or Male ofc)
Appearance: (paragraph minimum, pics accepted too.)
Personality: (1 paragraph minimum)
Crew leader: (Remember, there are onle 2 spots for teachers, principal takes one.
Things u teach: (1 max)
Pokemons: (5 max, tell levels too, must be 35-55)

Thats all. But however, enjoy! Also, anyone here can ask gm, mod or anyone to remove my other thread in http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3373629#post3373629. I wasnt sure where to post it but PikaChew informed me, so he told me here. I am new here so i am sorry for that.

02-23-2012, 07:06 AM
No offense, but you've provided us a lot of rules but very little setting to go off of. This would be a hard RP to do in the best of circumstances.

02-25-2012, 02:23 PM
Hmm u are right.. any suggestion what i shud make or undo. :/
Wow, i fail so much, forgot to post SU & DS in thread name XD