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Not all of them are in Organization XIII...

Okay, just to make it easier on you guys, here's a recap:
~Plot~(Plot inspired by Blazequaza's KH: Renegades RP, revived from my old KH: The Other Nobodies RP)
There are plenty of Nobodies out there, and not all of them are in Organization XIII. Some didn’t like the ideas, some didn’t like the mission, and some just didn’t like the idea of working with a group, there are even some that were rejected due to ‘defects’. They are human-formed and named by the Organization, and may keep in contact with the Organization, but they are not a real part of it. Their existences are mostly covered up, ones that have ‘defects’ have clung to certain memories or managed to hold on to an emotion often fake humanity as best they can to live among normal people, or hide away them. They get away with it, too, living lives usually similar to the ones they led when they had hearts, trying to, or they may live lives of near-perfect seclusion. Others lead lives more similar to the Organization’s members, but lead them alone and do as they please instead of following orders.

As before mentioned, many keep in contact with each other. A letter here and there, a visit once in a blue moon, just something to say “Hey, I’m still out here!” to everyone else. Some have forged close bonds with would-have-been comrades, others have isolated themselves, and others have forged bonds with normal people. They’re all different, even as Nobodies. Now they’ve all suddenly received letters that the Organization is missing more than half of its members. The ones opposing the Organization’s plans have decided to try and tear down the group once and for all, others who have been rejected that wanted a place are working to prove that they should receive one, or tear down the group the rejected them, others are still doing their own thing. One thing is sure, however, and that is that something big is going to happen, and it may not be very pretty.

~Your Role~
Taking place towards the end of 358/2 Days and overlapping into Kingdom Hearts 2, this story is the untold one of several Nobodies that live outside of Organization XIII and their companions. As a Nobody, you have most likely either been rejected by the Organization or refused to join the Organization. Whatever your case may be, you are fighting to tear down the Organization, to prove your worth in attempt to gain a spot in Organization XIII, maybe you're just going to try and ignore everything and do your own thing, or maybe you're going to try to fight everyone just for the heck of it, the choice is yours. As a human (or anything other than a Nobody, really), it's quite possible you were dragged into helping a Nobody by circumstance, or are tagging along for the ride simply because you can. Then again, it's also possible you ended up in this fight because you know the havoc that the Organization's lesser Nobodies are wreaking and want to stop it, maybe you're being used--there's really no telling what kind of situation you ended up in, but if you're here, you've definitely ended up in one.

All PE2K rules apply, people...
1: For the love of RPs--NO GODMODDING!!!
2: No one's invincible, take a hit every once in awhile, more often than not.
3: For the sake of the RP--PLEASE be active, and if you can't be active, let me know!
4: Don't constantly make fun of RPers, if they make a mistake, kindly let them know, don't bite their heads off.
5: No bunnying without permission.
6: Please limit use of profanity.
7: Keep things PG-13. (Both romance and violence)
8: Try to have decent spelling and grammar, I can understand typos, but not anything really bad.

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Bastia and Rei,
Nobody and Human (Sephiroth Clone)
Hotel Rooftop, Traverse Town

It was raining, like someone had opened up the "great big faucet in the sky" as Artemis called it, over Traverse Town. That was when the lines between she and Mia blurred the most, Bastia found. She liked just standing there, alone, on the roof of the hotel where she and the others lived. Sirens swirled around her, pestering her, tugging on her dress where they could--sleeves, skirt, a brave one or two caught her collar and tugged it, but the chorus in her head didn't change much.

Raining, lady. Getting wet, lady. Gonna catch a cold, lady. Come inside lady. Please, lady? Lady, lady, lady...

It was an ever-present chorus of bells in her head that sounded like tons of bells, all ringing at once. She never got tired of it, no matter how much the Sirens pestered her. At once, she wondered if it was the same for Nox around a multitude of Heartless, but Mia's Heartless had never spoken on the matter, and didn't seem all that keen to, in all honesty. Artemis had even asked once, but Nox had changed the subject. At the time, Bastia thought she looked more pale than she already was, like she was going to be sick. The poor girl had seen a lot of the death of her own kind under the control of "Malefi-lady," as she'd caught Trouble calling her once. Nox had picked the Shadow at once in response and hugged the thing.

They had all had rough lives, even Artemis, though that had been a struggle for another rather than herself. She had often wondered about how life would have been had Mia stayed, but she never got very far with it. It hurt too much. As it was, Gekkou drove her insane when he simply called her Mia. There were times when she felt like hugging the guy for his generosity, and other times she felt like strangling him for his stubbornness.

"Hey, Bas? You know there's this magical thing called a shower, right? It doesn't even soak your clothes." Bastia turned to seen a small figure leaning in the doorway leading to the roof, the girl hung just slightly inside, watching her with shy, pale green eyes. She had known immediately it wasn't Artemis--she would have known if it were any one of her counterparts, but she still found the silver-haired girl's small size a bit startling. She hadn't seen too many people who looked that old yet were that small. A few of the Sirens took off towards her, and though she backed up slightly, Bastia was thankful that Rei didn't try to bolt again. She really didn't feel like looking the young woman over to make sure she hadn't broken her neck, courtesy of a fall down the stairs. She was pretty sure Rei had finally gotten herself used to the lesser Nobodies that followed Bastia everywhere--or at least it was progress from where she had initially screamed and nearly stabbed herself in the foot as she fumbled to pull out one of her swords in defense.

"I just like the rain," Bastia said, smiling while the Sirens hugged and pulled at the girl. There were muffled cries of protest that came from Rei, but the Sirens wouldn't let her fall. She couldn't even reply to Bastia until she managed to get enough room to push the womenlike Nobodies away gently.

"It seems so. Apollo laughed when I asked Artemis where you were, said you were where you always were when it rains. Artemis just smiled and said you were up here. They seemed to think it was funny," Rei finally replied, fighting to keep the Sirens clear from around her face.

"Girls, stop bothering her," Bastia laughed, waving her hand and causing the Sirens to scatter. Rei shot her a thankful look before Bastia continued. "Well, I do come up here almost every time it rains, and a lot even when it doesn't rain. Force of habit, really, Mia liked high places and rain... She came out here all the time, and now so do I. It makes me feel more human..." The drenched Nobody closed her eyes and tilted her head back toward the sky.

"It's odd, you seen influenced by who came before you, while I...well, I'm not, really." The girl murmured, but Bastia heard her. Her control over sound made sure she caught it.

"Nobodies--we're literally just shells of the people we used to be. You, haven't you mentioned before that you're a clone? You're still totally human, just a copy of an existing one, albeit you're apparently slightly altered. Us...all we have are memories to go on, an empty chest, and the knowledge that there's something different about us, but not the knowledge of exactly what," Bastia spoke, eyes still closed, face still turned skyward. Rei noticed that, out of practically nowhere, Bastia wrapped her arms around herself and shivered as though she were suddenly cold. "Come on," she said, opening her eyes and lowering her head before beginning to walk back towards Rei. "I'm getting cold out here."

Artemis, Apollo, and Lillie
Not sure, Nobody, and Human (Well, close enough...)
Hotel, Traverse Town

The hotel lobby was unnaturally quiet for having four people sitting in it. Sure, Gekkou prided in making the lobby feel like home, so the four people (one of which was the hotel owner himself) there weren't such a usual occurrence, but the silence was. One of the other three, a girl who looked like she was sixteen or so, sat backwards on a chair pulled up to the window, arms resting on the back of the chair, head resting on her arms, staring out the window, knees in the seat, bare feet dangling in the air as she stared at the rain cascading down the window. Her boots sat alone net to one of the chair legs. The other two sat together on a couch in front of a fairly-sized fireplace, the blonde girl curled up against the dark-haired boy's side. The pair spoke in quiet voices that the snowy-haired girl couldn't quite understand, not that she minded much, she couldn't respond to anything they said anyway--she couldn't speak.

All of a sudden, the blonde girl looked up and sighed. "Uh-oh, I wonder what I missed... Bas is coming down with Rei," she said, frowning.

"There's lots of things that bother Bas, I'm sure it's nothing huge, Artemis," the boy, Apollo replied. Lillie twisted around in her chair to look at them. The girl appeared worried where the boy did not.

"Mia's always moody." The line from the hotel owner, a rather plain guy with brown hair and green eyes, confused her. She had been confused as to why this man alone called the woman who even introduced herself as Bastia Mia with astounding stubbornness. The young woman quite decidedly hated the name, so why did he call her Mia? Lillie didn't get the point, and that aside, she was amazed it hadn't gotten him punched yet. Supposedly Bastia's Siren's had attacked him when she snapped one time, but they hadn't done him any harm--they'd managed to get them under control again before that happened.

"How many times do we all have to correct you, she isn't Mia." The sharpness of the words that came from Artemis's mouth were odd-sounding. From what Lillie had seen, she didn't get anywhere close to angry or upset, but now this seemed to be proving her wrong. Apollo patted the girl's shoulder.

"Easy," he sighed, then glanced up at staircase to see Rei coming down, shaking her head as she descended, holding the handrail for deal life.

"Oh, I've made her upset--I'm stupid! Need to think before I speak!" the girl muttered to herself, to which Artemis stood.

"Rei, please don't blame yourself, Bas is just a bit touchy," she said, trying to make the situation better. She'd noticed that the girl seemed to take the blame for everything even if it wasn't her fault. That was one thing that truly bothered her--why would anyone want to live like that? She lived with enough founded blame and guilt on her shoulders to know it was a horrible thing to live with, which was why she didn't understand why the girl blamed herself for everything. For Lillie, who couldn't even speak, she just filed away the question of why into her mental collection of questions she would probably never ask along with why the hotel owner called Bastia Mia.

Little Cafe/Tavern, Traverse Town

"The usual?" the woman inquired, to which Nox nodded

"The apple pie, yes." the Heartless replied softly, fidgeting. At least she didn't feel like flat-out bolting away like she had the first time she'd come. She still felt nervous around the cafe owner like she did around most complete people, but it was lessened every time she stopped by the little cafe when it rained, causing the place to clear out. She had been venturing out to the cafe every time it rained for about six months now, meaning she'd only been a handful of times, really, but her waryness of the woman lessened every time. Sure, the woman was only kind to her because she thought Nox was a quiet, xenophobic girl who liked apple pie, but the Heartless knew the woman would hate her, possibly hurt her if she knew what she really was. Even with the added on note that she had never taken a heart before because she simply couldn't, she knew all most people would understand was "Heartless" and want to harm her for it when she could have happily lived someplace without them, and she was trying to thin out the numbers of Heartless around the town to keep them safe.

The woman turned away from her as Nox placed the munny to pay for the apple pie on the counter and moved quickly towards her usual seat by the fireside, easily the most well-lit spot in the room, where her Shadow friend, a boyish-sounding Heartless she had nicknamed Trouble because of his affinity for finding it, was already hiding under the table in the Shadows where the woman bringing the apple pie couldn't see him.

/Nox! Nox!/ The little creature's thoughts greeted her. He'd been off exploring the other worlds recently and just come back to visit her. She smiled as she sat down and he tugged on her pants leg playfully.

/I see, you found me. Careful now, there's a human lady here, don't want you to get seen. You'd get us both in some real trouble,/ she responded. The Shadow let go of her pants leg, thoughts blaring his disappointment that he couldn't be seen and would have to hold off on playing with his favorite friend.

/Play when Nox get back to many-people home?/ Nox bit back a laugh at the insistent question.

/Yes, Trouble. We can play when I get back to the hotel./ This seemed to satisfy him immensely, as the Heartless's thought-babble turned less towards asking her things and more towards showing her the events of his adventuring through the worlds while she ate her apple pie. She could taste it, yes, but it didn't bring her much other than the memory of thinking that it tasted good. However, it still brought back the feeling, even if she couldn't feel it herself.

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Saraibre Ryu
03-19-2012, 05:04 PM
Nobody of Strangeness
Tranverse Town, District 3 Back Alley's

Behind the taverns and small businesses of the wet and damp Tranverse Town, was a peculiar sight to see, if anyone was around to bother to see it. Having wandered around the streets for some time after arriving only an hour before, was a large wooden crate, slowly shuffling around and running into things, as what was driving it was completely blind to where it was going. The rain hit the top of the crate, reminding what was inside that it was quite a heavy downpour, never mind the coldness starting to creep up from her claws and through to her arms and legs, and even her tail. The rushing of water to the storm drains gave the feeling of rivers being thrown from the sky and slowly onto the ground, only to find the best way to the deep underground beneath the city. The entity, or somewhat of a non-entity, under the crate, finally lifted it just a bit over her head with her gray claws, poking a pair of glowing eyed gaze out from under a hood.

“Ohhh…Driax get too wet…but she so sore…and Driax is cold…” She complained, looking at how her armor and clothing was getting damp regardless of her wooden umbrella.

Driax wanted to sit somewhere warm, or find a piece of burning charcoal to stick inside her armor to warm herself up from there. The unusual Nobody was a bit literal when it came to the empty shell definition, but in a technical case she also wasn’t an empty shell. She had some powerful life force inside of her and cold be used as a walking cabinet. Driax hid under the crate again, putting her claws inside her clothing and armor, trying to find warmth somewhere.

Making the executive decision to remain under the crate, Driax shuffled around like a half blind dog, looking for something warm to hide in. She avoided puddles as best as she could, and avoided where the storm drains were giving cause for the creation of streams along the city streets. However, she wasn’t making any more progress as she was before, and getting frustrated, she stood up holding the box above her hand and slowly started to walk forward, leaning left and right every so often due to the lack of balance she had walking on two legs.

“Driax don’t like this…Driax wants—EEP!”

With one more step, the ground gave her a frigid shock as she encountered a particularly deep puddle. The ground seemed to find that amusing, and sent her in a whirl, down a flight of stairs, crate and all. Tumbling and summersaulting over herself inside the large wooden box was ceased with a harsh thud on the street, leaving the open end of the box to the sky, and Driax nearly knotted inside of it.

All she did was moan and move her one pair of claws to the edge of the box. “Oooowwww…”

She looked up, finding the dark grey sky at her face, and shook every time rain fell on her head. She squirmed around to try and get unstuck quietly, however the only thing that was happening was getting her in a more twisted and uncomfortable position. She groaned, not even able to pull her tail in from hanging off the outside of the box.

“Driax get too wet…too weeeeeet.” She whined in an animal like fashion, trying to move the box itself by shifting her weight. “Box is mean to Driax…water mean to Driax…”

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Doctor Caesura and Anastasia
Human and Human/Nobody/Heartless (it's complicated)
Little Cafe, Traverse Town

"And if I cast Lucid Barrier on myself, then how would you react?" The Doctor asked calmly, stirring another cube of sugar into his tea.

That makes it so all physical attacks bounce off, so--

I know what it does, Anastasia snapped back, cutting off Isataxansa in mid-thought. There were two options to that, but only one would be useful in the long run. "I would cast Dispel on you," she replied, sipping her coffee thoughtfully. "That would get rid of Lucid Barrier, and leave you open to attacks once more."

"Very good," Caesura said with a warm smile. He brought the tea up to his lips and blew on it. "And why wouldn't you just cast more spells on me? I would still be vulnerable to those."

Because he'd just cast that stupid Wall spell--

Green light circle thingy that make fire bounce back it hurts and is annyoing--

I know! Ana yelled at them both, her brows furrowing the tiniest bit. "Because you'd just cast Wall anyway, and that would deflect my spells as well."

The Doctor's smile grew wider, his eyes sparkling merrily. "Yes, I would," he said, "you're grasping the concepts tremendously well. I'm proud of you."

Anastasia blushed a little at that and quickly gulped her coffee so that she wouldn't look like a completely awkward idiot at that. She couldn't remember the last time someone had been proud of her for something. Not only that, but Caesura had such a sincere way of handing out his praise, it gave you a nice warm feeling all over. "Thank you," she said when she swallowed, feeling her cheeks tingling but certain that she wasn't going to make a complete fool of herself.

"You're welcome," Caesura said kindly, not remarking upon it. She was grateful for that. "Next question, which is better for healing: water or earth?"

She opened her mouth to reply water, but then a scream cut her off. HEY CRAZY LADY!! Anawhat'sitcalled there's friend behind! Friendfriendfriend nice dark-smelling light-hungry friend. No heart no heart like Ranna say hi Ranna make new friend with Shadow puppy. It drive into her temple like a hot knife and she quickly slapped her hand against it, screwing her eyes shut tightly. Oh gods it hurt when Ranna yelled, it was like breaking glass on her brain. Now that Ranna mentioned it she could sense a Heartless right behind her, the dark energy and the gaping void of a corrupted heart pounding in the back of her mouth like the aftertaste of a piece of candy. she swallowed and tried not to look, wincing as Isa's disgust washed over her.

Suddenly a hand was around her wrist, jerking her out of her pain. "Anastasia?" Caesura's worried voice asked. She opened her eyes and met his light green ones, which had gone almost foggy looking as he stared at her. Normally she would have been incredibly uncomfortable with any physical contact, but she knew that Caesura's touches were only meant to heal or comfort, for nothing evil. "Are you alright?" he said.

She couldn't even shake her head and her tongue seemed glued to the roof of her mouth. She didn't dare try to speak, because Ranna was pushing against her and fighting her mind and she was afraid that if she tried to speak then the Heartless' terrible gurgle of a voice would come out instead of her own. A warm tingle shot down her arm and suddenly Ranna's voice seemed much more distant, and she felt the odd hot-cold sensation of mana running through her veins. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before. It was energy, but it was 'neutral' in a sense, no light or dark associated with it. "Thanks," she managed to breathe out, knowing that Caesura was somehow responsible. "I can feel a heartless behind us."

Caesura's eyebrows shot up and he took his hand away. "Are you certain?" he asked, looking over her shoulder at the girl sitting a few tables away.

She turned her head a little so she could look at her as well. Her eye, hidden by her bangs, itched, probably meaning that the sickly yellow glow was increasing. "Yes," she said, squinting at her. She certainly didn't look like a Heartless.

Alleys, Traverse Town

Aw yeah, this was awesome. And it sucked at the same time. It was a weird little relationship he had with water. It felt amazing and refreshing, like he was being cleansed of some impurity, but it was cold. And it dampened his powers. And made his clothes heavy. It might have been better if he brought an umbrella, but he always seemed to conveniently forget that he had one, even though he would always complain about it later.

His boots sloshed through the thick puddles, kicking water in two directions as if he was some sort of Godzilla treading through the sea. He kept reaching up and wiping his hair out of his face, which was now lying flat along his body instead of the crazy semi-tamed spikes that he usually kept it in. His hair made him look as if he were bleeding from some sort of head wound, and his red cloak gave the impression that the blood had soaked all of his clothes. His red eyes swept across the grimy walls at the little waterfalls cascading down them. He smirked, although at what was anyone's guess.

There was a skitter on the roof above him. One of his Scorpion Nobodies checking up on him, no doubt. They knew better than to bother him unless the need was dire or they were called, but one would always come and check up on him occasionally if the others had not heard anything in a long while. It was kind of sweet, in a way. He swept his hair away again, tucking it behind his ears so that he could see easier.

A loud crashing noise interrupted him, and in an instant he was whirling around and drawing out Gin'iro Kaze. He saw nothing behind him, but the katana's silver blade still pointed threateningly towards the noise, just in case. Cautiously, the Nobody made his way over to the mouth of the alley, where he had heard the noise. He poked his head out and noticed that there was a box in the street; there was also something in the box if the tail sticking out of it meant anything. He slowly lowered his sword and blinked. Curiosity quickly got the better of him and he walked over, listening to the moans coming from inside.

“Box is mean to Driax…water mean to Driax…” Something inside the box scrabbled around, and the whole thing moved.

What? He nudged the box with his boot, then leaned over to look inside. There was a... thing, inside. He wasn't quite sure what it was, except that it seemed to have glowing blue eyes and silver claws. He frowned, sensing that the thing was a Nobody, but not one that he had ever seen before. "Hey, you need any help?" he asked, tilting his head to one side.

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Dr Robotnik
03-24-2012, 07:58 PM
Traverse Town, getting wet in the back alley

Rain had never really bothered Floria. In addition to being used to being out and about while it was raining, she had learned some years ago that her robes were thick enough to make getting wet not be much of a problem unless she chose to dive in to a river or other such deep body of water or the weather was such that walking around outside was likely to blast you off your feet. Nonetheless, the relatively light rain falling around her wasn't of much concern to her, instead focusing on finding one of the 'other' nobodies. She had never thought to learn if they knew anything about Organization XIII, nor had she thought to learn their motives. In hindsight, it was a bad move not to have done so before now; they could have been working together, or perhaps they were causing problems as well. Whichever case it was, she had to find them before she could find out what they were up to.

But finding people could be difficult, especially when you only knew one or two of the people you were looking for and they were indistinguishable from normal humans. As such, she was wandering about searching for one of the few people she knew to be Nobodies, straining her eyes to see in the relative darkness. Her search seemed to have paid off when she noticed one, Saxoris (Though she didn't know his name), that she had seen before peering in to a box with a tail hanging out of it. Floria considered approaching, and after a moment of hesitation did so. "Excusez-moi, you are one of ze nobodies zat are not a part of Organization treize, non?"

Rufus Shinra
Traverse Town, hotel

Rufus sat in a corner of the hotel's common room quietly, a cup of coffee in front of him. He had heard that one of his employees had turned up here from the description and had come to retrieve her. Rei, a genetic experiment and his bodyguard. He didn't particularly mind sitting there silently, waiting for the woman to show herself. In fact, it gave him time to reflect on the world he had discovered himself in. Radiant Garden held versions of his world's inhabitants that were unaware of his own, and they seemed to have different mindsets about them despite many similarities. It was quite interesting. The executive's thoughts were interrupted by voices from the people in there already in greeting to a new group that had entered. Rei's familiar voice confirmed the rumor he had heard, and he replied after Artemis did.

"Don't take in guilt when it isn't needed, Rei. What someone else is offended by isn't anything to feel guilt over," he said, his cold voice ringing out quietly. He didn't seem to acknowledge the presence of the others in the room when he spoke, and didn't even look away from the panel of wall he had been contemplating. He glanced at Rei from the corner of his eye, but didn't stand or move otherwise. "It seems you've been making friends with the locals." Rufus stated simply, his cold gaze falling on the other beings in the room. Something seemed slightly off about them, but as to what Rufus couldn't say, though this wasn't overly surprising to him. He had often thought the same of perfectly harmless people, but at the same time it had saved him from an early grave on several occasions.


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OOC: Soooo, after talking to Esper, he said he would introduce Xaekile later, and I sent Gotin a VM about the RP being up and got no acknowledgement, combined with my own antsyness over wanting to RP and making sure this doesn't die... I bring you a post! XD

Bastia, Artemis, Apollo, Lillie, and Rei
Nobody, Not sure, Nobody, and Humans (Well, close enough...)
Hotel, Traverse Town

When the man in white in the corner spoke up, the only thing anyone had time to notice about his comment was that it seemed to hint that he knew the young woman before Rei managed to half-gasp, half-yell "Sir!" before she let go of the handrail in what might have been shock or excitement and promptly fell down the remainder of the stairs as she took her next step forward.

"Rei!" Artemis gasped before running to where where Rei was already picking herself up at the bottom of the stairs, where Lillie was already checking her over in a flurry of fluttering hands and tsk-ing noises. Apollo shifted into a position on the couch that suggested he would be up and ready to defend any of the girls at the foot of the stairs if he needed to, watching Rufus warily.

"What the heck is going on here?" Bastia demanded, now standing in a dry dress a few steps from the bottom, damp hair hanging around her a bit haphazardly. Rei was already trying to brush Artemis and Lillie off, assuring them that she was fine as could be--nothing broken or otherwise injured to speak of. "Was she not holding on to the handrail?" Her gaze flickered to Apollo, who glanced from Rufus to her, then back again.

"Honestly, it looked like she was startled by--" Apollo's explanation was cut off by Rei.

"My boss! Mr. Shinra, sir, you're alive!" The smaller woman cried, and if there hadn't been two other girls busy making sure she was alright still, she would have attempt to run to the man and hug him in relief.

"Apparently he's her boss," Apollo replied. Bastia cracked a smile.

"My hearing is just fine, Apollo," she told him.

Little Cafe/Tavern, Traverse Town

/...?/ That was what Nox got the impression of, anyway. It was almost like a question mark being directly put inside her head, and it came from Trouble. The thought was enough to make her pause in eating her apple pie immediately and glance quickly to the only other occupied table in the place, where a young woman and a man were seated. The woman seemed to be somewhat startled or otherwise upset, and that seemed to be what had drawn Trouble's attention, though he was pressed into the ground in the shadow of the table, holding her pants leg firmly.

/What, Trouble?/ she asked, though it took a few moments for Trouble to respond, something that was odd in itself.

/Maybe girl be special like dark-Nox-Kira-lady? Girl felt like other heartless for moment...now she feel like normal-human-girl-person, but she smell funny to Trouble.../ She could feel the little creature's confusion and curiousity--they had been looking over at her when she glanced--she really hoped they were either allies or looking at her for some other reason, she really did like the little cafe and having apple pie there on rainy days. She prayed that these two weren't going to ruin that for her.

Saraibre Ryu
03-26-2012, 03:59 AM
I've really got nothing else to go on...

Nobody of Strangeness
Tranverse Town, District 3 Back Alley's

Driax sat in the box, stuck, and unable to move much other than a few bits here and there. She wiggled and shifted her weight but it didn’t do much in terms of getting her more unstuck. She sighed heavily, more concentrated on the fact she was stuck and getting wet rather than her senses of two others coming onto her location. She moved her claws to try and push her way to one side of the box, hoping to knock it over so she could crawl out the side, however words spoken to her made her jump, forcing her claws through the wood and breaking holes through the box with her claws. Despite the fact the box was now broken on one side, she could wiggle around enough to stand in it, but now her claws were stuck in the holes she had made. She looked from either side, one to a male, and the other to a female who spoke in a weird accent that she couldn’t quite understand She ducked her head down a bit, wondering why these two were here, before finally registering the questions they had asked moments before.

“Driax stuck because box is mean.” She stated, trying to pull her hands free from their new cuffs. “Driax doesn’t know trezz for Organization. Driax knows Organization ex three line.”

The Nobody of course meant Organization Thirteen, however she always called it ex-three-line and never understood it as any other way, no matter how much you told her otherwise. The odd Nobody pulled and tugged on her wrists, trying to get them out as she was really not liking the feeling of the wood so tightly against them. She growled with one tug, only having to end up leaning so far back the crate followed with her, having her head come crashing to the ground in yet another puddle. With a small cry of pain, Driax yelped, then whined, sighing loudly as she sat there with her claws stuck in wooden restraints.

“Box is mean to Driax…Driax is too weeeeeeeet.” She complained. “Driax no like being this wet…puddle is mean…”

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Maka, Soul

Human, Weapon

Hollow Bastion Bailey

Maka was reading the letter that came to her again, even the part that some red hair fool wrote down called Axel. Which read, "Come to our usually spot, you should know where it is." Got it memorized.

While reading this, Soul started saying her name. “Maka… Maka… Maka…” before he could say her name for the fourth time Maka hit him over the head with a book.

“Maka, what was that for?” Soul asked rubbing his head. “Why are you read the letter again anyway? We know what it says.”

“I know where that idiot what’s us to go. I just felt like reading it again, Soul. And you where bugging me, that’s why I hit you.”

Maka folded the letter and put it in an inside pocket of her coat. She turned around to look out of the window at the sights before they leave. “This place is the most peaceful of all the worlds we've been to Soul.”

“Yeah it is.” Soul replied looking between the two way’s in and out of the bailey, so no one can sneak up on them. “So are we going to go see him or not?”

“No, I don’t ever want to see that jerk again Soul.” Maka replied as her hands clenched. “This place has no Nobodies and Heartless running around which is a good thing.”

“Um, Maka do you know the old saying don’t say something or it will happen?” Soul asks and she nods her head without turning around. “Well we have company up here.”

At that Maka turns around to see the hole bailey full with heartless which are only shadows and soldiers.

“It’s too small in here let's jump out of the window to the ground below for more room Soul,” Maka said as she jumped backwards out of the window.

Soul followed and changed into his scythe form. Before Maka landed on the ground she did a backflip to slow her descent. As she landed she grabbed hold of Soul. She looked up to see the heartless coming out of the window, jumping out and the shadows crawling down from the window.

“Maka, there are more down here," Soul called out.

“What?" Maka asked as she looked around to see that Soul was right. They were surrounded by more soldiers and shadows heartless. She ran into the heartless swinging Soul. It’s doesn’t matter how many she takes out there are always more to take their place.

While Maka was focused fighting the heartless in front of her, Soul said, “Maka behind you.” She spun around while swinging Soul but didn't make contact with a heartless. She'd struck metal. She looked to see what she hit and saw a blade with gun for its hilt.

“Hey, I’m here to help,” said a male voice. Maka looked up at him, at the scar going diagonal to the left of his face. He had short brown hair and a black coat with some white stuff on it, white undershirt, black pants, black shoes and a lion necklace.

Maka backed up and so does the guy. Before either of them could say something the heartless attacked again so they jump back into the fray.

A few moments later a shuriken came out of nowhere right into the heartless to Maka’s right. As it stops she thought it might be Tusbaki who belongs to Black Star, two of her friends and team member, who she been looking for these two years. The person who stepped forward to pick up the shuriken wasn’t him, but a girl with short black hair and head band, black shirt and undershirt with some pictures in white, brown shorts, black belt with pockets all the way around, high brown shoes and black socks.

“Yuffie here reporting for duty Squall,” she said with her right hand up in salute to the guy name Squall.

“Yuffie, how many times to I have to tell you my name is Leon not Squall. Get it right,” said Leon taking out a heartless.

Maka looked at both of them and saw they get along. She and Soul stayed away from them while they fought the heartless. Thirty minutes later the heartless were all gone. She had cuts on her face and legs, her coat had tears on the arms.

Before Yuffie or Leon could come over to Maka a hand grabbed her right shoulder hard and spun her around. This hand belonged to a guy with short spiky blond hair, black shirt with only one sleeve on it, black pants and boots with a huge sword on his back. He notice the necklace around her neck and remembered the people in black cloaks running around.

“Who are you, why do you wear the same necklace that the people in black cloaks do? Are you a member of this group?” ask the blond hair guy.

“Yo Cloud, back off her! The heartless attacked her," Leon said walking over with Yuffie.

Before Cloud could take his hand away Maka shrugged it off her and backed up. And shocking everyone Soul changed into his human form and stepped in front of her.

“Ever touch my meister again and I will kill you,” Soul said to Cloud.

Before Cloud could say anything a girl voice called over to them, “Cloud what are you doing to her? If you hurt her you will be sorry."

He and Maka looked to see who said this and saw a girl in a dress. The top was red and white and the bottom was pink and white with brown boots and her long brown hair was in a ponytail tied back with a red ribbon.

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Anatasia and Caesura
Human/Nobody/Heartless and Human
Little Cafe in Traverse Town

"Do you want to do something about it?" Caesura asked softly, takin his eyes awayy from the girl. She looked awfully normal to be a Heartless...

Anastasia shook her head. "Not really," she murmured. "She's not bothering anyone. I'd ay just leave her be."

"She's bothering you," the Doctor replied calmly.

"All Heartless bother me," Ana said in a mumbled rush. "It's like, like I just swallowed a mothful of oil or soemthing, and the feeling of it is still sticking in my mouth. It's really weird." She swallowed as if to alleviate the feeling of the pulse-pulse-darkness-pulse that was beating in sync with her heart, little waves of dark energy tickling the back of her throat.

Ranna wanna talk to friend! The Heartless in her mind objected, almost wailing it out. Shadow puppy knows. Come here!

Stop it!! Isa yelled before Ana could, brutally cutting off Ranna as she reached for a sort of contact with the Shadow that was currently under on of the tables. Ana fekt the two of them arguing and it soon became a sort of mental fight that she put in the back of her mind, literally.

She forced a smile onto her face. "I'll be fine," she said, staring at him with her steel blue eye. Now with the two of them busy fighting each other then they wouldn't distract her. "I can deal witht he feeling. Can we please go on?"

Caesura raised an eyebrow, looking as if he didn't quite believe her. He decided not to say anything though and calmly sipped his tea. "As I was saying, which i better for healing: water or earth?"

Alleys of District 3, Traverse Town

"Um, what?" Saxoris asked, looking from the girl to the creature in the box. They had both spoken before he got a chance to reply, so he was wondering which of them to answer first. He wasn't sure which of them was weirder, the thing in the box with the glowing blue eyes or the girl whose face he couldn't see. He frowned a little, knowing that the girl was speaking a bit of French to him, but he could literally count on one hand the amount of French words he knew. What the hell was treize?

Wait, Organization. And the box creature said ex three line....oh.

"No, I'm not," he asnwered the girl, crouching so that he could observe the now-turned-over box better. "I was for like, three days then I got tired of putting up with them and quit." He reached out and picked the box up, brining it onto his lap. "Hang on, just don't move for a second," he said to the creature who seemed to be calling herself Driax. Now why did that name sound oddly familiar?

He pinched one of her claws between his fingers and gently wiggled it back and forth, pushing it unil he slid it out of the hole she had created. He did this with the others until there was a row of gaping holes in the side of the box. "If you want a better place to stay dry you can get in my coat," he offered. "It's waterproof on the outside so you don't have to worry about getting wet."

And the thing had claws that were longer than his own hands. He just prayed that she wouldn't stab him.

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Traverse Town, back alley

Floria was a bit confused as to the creature in the box's reply for a moment. Then it occurred to her that Draix was referring to the roman numerals in the name. And then the box fell over with the creature's claws stuck in the walls of the box. Before she had a chance to assist it the Nobody had already picked up the box and was already working on prising the rather monstrous-looking creature from it. Draix looked cute in a way, though she refrained from commenting on it. And then the male replied, bringing her thoughts back to the current situation.

"Ah, zen you vould know of ozzers who are against zem as well? I 'ave been trying to track zem down because of ze threat zey pose to ze worlds," she said, not certain she was using her second language properly. English was a very confusing language to speak. "Je m'appelle Floria, et es a pleasure monsieur...?"

Rufus Shinra
Traverse Town, hotel

Rufus turned his gaze to Apollo when he looked ready to attack. One of his hands lowered from the table to his lap, close enough to his gun that he could get off a first shot quickly if something happened. The nobody did not attack, but Rufus kept a hand close to his leg nonetheless. No sense in being careless. Rei looked as though she were a small child that had found her parent after getting lost in a store. He gave a nod in reply to her fairly obvious observation. "Alive and well." he said simply, his cold gaze roving over the Nobodies. Odd creatures... but not ones he particularly cared about.

"I take it you are the ones who have been taking care of her. My name is Rufus Shinra; the pleasure is yours," he said, his voice not changing from the calm and measured tone he usually spoke in. "I've heard Organization Thirteen is having some difficulties. I've also heard there are some of your kind aiming to fight against them. I'm curious as to which side this group is on."

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Bastia, Artemis, Apollo, Lillie, and Rei
Nobody, Not sure, Nobody, and Humans (Well, close enough...)
Hotel, Traverse Town

"Bas found her getting chased down by Heartless not too long ago and she's been staying with us since, if you can really ccall that taking care of her," Apollo said, eyeing Rufus's hand. Artemis and Lillie finally seemed to be satisfied with their inspection of Rei and let her go. The smaller woman darted towards her employer with a silly grin plastered to her face.

"I'm glad you are well, sir." She just barely seemed to reel in her excitement and relief before she did something incredibly stupid. Meanwhile, Bastia had descended the stairs to join Artemis and Lillie, the shorter of the two immediately attached herself to the woman's side. Apollo moved closer to the group as Rufus mentioned Organization XIII and Bastia's eyes seemed to burn with a sudden intensity.

"Where would you have heard that?" Bastia asked, moving an arm to wrap it around Artemis while Lillie looked confused. She hadn't heard much about this Organization XIII group from Bastia other than the group she was staying with were going against them, how did this man seem to know? "However, though I would like to know where you heard about the Organization, since information on it is not incredibly easy to find, I will tell you that we are against them to keep you and Apollo from trying to tear each other to shreds," she offered, causing Artemis to pull away from her to practically drag Apollo into the group, where she then latched on to him rather than Bastia. Lillie opened her mouth as if to say something, then promptly closed it, looking embarrassed as she suddenly remembered her inability to speak.

“We have certain things that we wish to protect,” Apollo looked down at the girl latched to his side meaningfully before continuing to speak. “And that aside, we never liked them much in the first place.”

“Screwy morals and death orders just aren’t our cup of tea,” Bastia said, Rei glanced back to her.

“Death orders?” the girl asked.

Little Cafe/Tavern, Traverse Town

Nox tried to go on eating her pie like it was nothing. She even succeeded for a little while, but what Trouble had mentioned stayed at the back of her mind. Was the girl like her? She kept wondering, but it seemed she would fully find out as Trouble seemed to react to something she didn’t quite hear. She caught a faint echo from the Shadow’s mind, but not enough to understand much beyond the fact that he was now running along the shadows to the girl from before. /No, Trouble! Dangit, get back here! They’ll kill us if they see you!/

/But girl like us!/ The Shadow protested, still going.

/You don’t know that for sure, and there are other humans around!/ Nox shouted mentally, however it seemed that Trouble would not be stopped. Concerned for the safety of her little friend, Nox sighed and shoved her chair back, walking over to the table, trying not to run or shake. “Excuse me,” she said after approaching the table. “you wouldn’t happen to have sugar over here, would you?”

Meanwhile her thoughts were directed at ordering Trouble to go back to their table with stunning force. The Shadow had yet to comply.

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Nobody of Strangeness
Tranverse Town, District 3 Back Alley's

Driax let herself be helped out of the box, though still tried to tug backwards, not liking the wood at all. Eventually she felt some leeway and tugged hard enough to let herself free thanks to the stranger’s help, however rolled over herself backwards a few times before coming to a stop. She slowly got up, feeling her tail touch something damp and jumped high. She landed facing the other way, staring at another puddle with a snake-like glare.

“Driax NO like puddle.” She growled at it, realizing she wasn’t in the cover of a box anymore. “Ack, Driax is getting too wet. Driax no wanna get too wet.”

She then perked up when she heard another one of the strangers offer her a jacket. She wasn’t entirely sure what waterproof meant, but she understood dry. Driax stood next to him, curling herself up as tight as she could, and held the one side of his jacket over her head, despite the fact she was still too large to fit under it entirely. She hummed a bit, pleased that at least some part of her was keeping dry. The curious Nobody looked at the girl who she thought was speaking in a very weird manner, barely understanding anything she was saying because of her accent. The only thing she understood from it was her name, or what she at least assumed was her name, and Driax knew that if it was name giving time, Driax had yet to give hers yet.

“Driax is Driax.” She explained. “Or that’s what ex-three-line told Driax. Ex-three-line put Driax in another world and got lost. Driax never find them again. Driax misses ice cream—EEK wet!”

She contorted herself into an even smaller scrunch and hid under the stranger’s jacket, realizing the rain was still there. She glowered and frowned at it, at least it seemed that was considering she didn’t have a face, and growled a bit at the rain.

“Driax want to go inside but scary people yell and throw things at Driax until Driax goes.” She complained, absolutely oblivious to the real fact of the matter. “Driax hide in box, then got stuck. Driax hoped food was in box but box is meeeaaaaannnn.”

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Doctor Caesura and Anastasia
Human and Human/Nobody/Heartless
Little Cafe in Traverse Town

Awww hey there little Shadow puppy come here Ranna want to play Ranna nice Ranna is friend-- that was as far as Ranna got before Ana and Isa brutally unleashed a quick attack on her, briefly double teaming her and shoving her off into a little corner of their shared mind. It wasn't as if Isa really cared about helping Anastasia though, she just didn't want Ranna to take control or deal with any Heartless. Even now her disgust was washing over Ana as the human Heartless got closer.

She swallowed thickly and tried to block Isa out as well, focusing on her breathing and some of the mental exercises Caesura had been teaching her so she could learn to control mana. For some reason it helped in getting rid of her two selves, so she often used it when their constant whispering and nudging on her self control became too much to handle. Isa's presence quickly became a little tickling that brushed along the egdes of her conscious, and she straightened up in just enough time to hear the Heartless girl ask something about sugar.

Caesura's brows dipped a little in puzzlement. "Oh, you don't have sugar at your table?" he asked innocently, his voice filled with just the slightest hint of confusion. His eyes were unually dark however, slightly suspicious as he regarded the supposed Heartless in front of them. "Yes, you may borrow some of ours." He slid a bowl of sugar cubes towards her, his eyes never leaving her face.

Anastasia didn't want to look, but she did anyway. She turned in her seat and stared at the girl with her single unhidden eye, feeling her Heartless eye pulse a little as if the mere sight of the girl was enough to make it react to the darkness. She certainly didn't look like a Heartless. At least, Anastasia thought so. She seemed far too young.

Traverse Town, District 3 Alleys

Driax. Why did that name sound so blasted familiar? Saxoris scrunched up his face as he thought, casting his mind back to the time when he had been with the Organization. Of course he had only been there for three days so he hadn't learned everything about them, but he could have sworn that the name Driax was mentioned more than once. He never saw this Driax however during his short stay.

Well now, why had this little thing been so important to the Organization? He shrugged to himself mentally. Oh well, it wasn't that important anymore, now that the Organization was mainly dead. He heard Driax whining some more at the rain and had to fight down a smile of amusement. He would have offered her his entire overcoat, but that would mean that he would be totally soaked once he took it off. After a moment of thinking he quickly slipped his arms out of the sleeves and buttoned up the top half of his coat, making it so that it would still stay on him even though his arms were now free. "Here," he said, crouching down and holding out his arms. "I can keep you totally out of the rain if you want, just don't scratch me." He carefully scooped the Nobody up and was amazed at how light she was. He held her under his coat, creating an awkward bulge around his chest area as the large creature was stuffed under it.

Finally he looked up at the girl who called herself Floria. Yep, definitely a Nobody. "Actually, you're looking at one," he said, flashing her a grin. He would have pointed his thumb at himself if Driax han't been in his arms. "I quit them after a few days and have been a loner since, and I know some other Nobodies who hate them as well. And um... I think it's a pleasure to meet you too." He hoped she didn't speak French all the time., that would be a massive headache.

Dr Robotnik
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Floria - Vercitorix
Human - Dragon
Traverse Town, District 3 back alley

Floria chuckled and shook her head. "I vaz introducing myself. You still 'ave not told me your name, monsieur. In any case, I 'ave been looking in to ze problem of ze group, and I vould like to stop zem if I can," she said, looking at Draix with ciruosity. She was an odd looking creature for sure. It looked like she could cause some damage with those claws. As she thought this, a booming voice came from behind her as the small, snakelike form of Vercitorix climbed to her shoulder.

"Bah! You take too long human!" said the dragon, red eyes fixing on Saxoris and nostrils flaring. "This one is obviously one of them. Nobody, we seek to destroy the organization causing trouble across the worlds. If you know anyone who will stand with us bring us to them, if you stand against us you will die; which is it?" Vercitorix demanded. Floria sighed and shook her head.

"Zat is ze goal, oui, but zere is no intent on my part to force your assistance. Ze dragon is Vercitorix, a Petit lézard viz a mouth larger zan is useful," Floria said, frowning and not looking particularly amused. "Perhaps ve go somevhere ze rain vill not be on us, non?"

Rufus Shinra
Hotel, Traverse Town

Rufus raised an eyebrow at the rather violent reaction elicited by his mention of Organization XIII. How odd that they didn't know. "Finding information isn't so difficult as you think. And you happen to have one of my employees following you around," he said plainly, looking them over in the same cold fashion as he looked over everyone. The mention of disliking orders and death threats led him only to flip a bit of blonde hair out of his face. Those kinds of orders were daily business back home. "You didn't like it, so you left. You answered my question." Rufus gave a nod to one of the other chairs at his table for Rei to sit down. It was always dull when people attached so much emotion to jobs. But then, he wasn't very emotionally inclined himself.

"If you're fighting against them, you don't seem to be doing a good job. To me, it sounds as though a single person has been killing off members. Best to hope whoever it is doesn't catch wind of you, hm?" Rufus observed, abjectly wondering what benefits aiding these... outcasts... would bring, and if they were worth the investment.

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Bastia, Artemis, Apollo, Lillie, and Rei
Nobody, Not sure, Nobody, and Humans (Well, close enough...)
Hotel, Traverse Town

Rei noticed Rufus's nod and took a seat obediently before focusing on the group again, taking the occasional glance around the room, although nothing changed. Bastia snorted "Left? It certainly wasn't that easy! They're still harassing me, and Apollo here was supposed to be put to death, but the Dusks left him to die and the little one took him in and saved him." Rei's hands flew to her mouth--when they had said death orders, she had thought they had been expected to kill. she hadn't expected to hear that one of them had nearly been killed.

Better than dying and coming back to life. At least twice. Lillie thought bitterly.

At the mention of a single person killing off members, Artemis nodded. "You mean Sora?" she asked, smiling at the name. "Their greed got the better of them there. They think they can use him, but he won't be used the way they want. He keeps slipping through the cracks and holes in their plans."

"That one killing off members is why we're getting ready to oppose them openly ourselves, actually. Right now he's asleep, he wouldn't be able to catch wind of us, and even if he was, word is, he's pretty willing to accept anyone on the same side as him. Helped out the people around here a lot," Bastia said, Apollo nodded.

"You should hear Cid talk about him," Apollo chuckled.

Little Cafe/Tavern, Traverse Town

Don't look at me to closely, don't pay too much attention of me, don't look at that, please, please, please, you might see the truth about me, and if you saw the truth... Nox's mind was whirling in panic and screaming warnings at her. The guy was completely human, and the girl wast still mostly human--she had a heart, and hearts were what made her go into panic mode most of all. /Trouble, PLEASE!/ she shouted mentally at the Heartless, while fidgeting trying to hold her calm.

"Oh, you don't have sugar at your table?" The man asked, his gaze seeming to stay locked on her. She tugged at her already too-stretched sleeves. Don't look at me. Don't look at me like that. Don't look, you might just see, and if you knew... "Yes, you may borrow some of ours." The sugar bowl was pushed towards her, but she barely even noticed. The man's eyes on her face bothered her too much.

/Trouble... Don't do this to me!/ "Thank you, I guess there was someone with a huge sweet tooth over at my table earlier," she let out a soft, nervous laugh. Finally Trouble managed to make his way into her shadow to hide, unwilling to torment her anymore. Slowly, deliberately, she took a few sugar cubes and moved to back away when she caught the girl Trouble had said was like them looking at her, and she froze up. She knows! her mind screamed. Nox bit her lip, praying that her legs would let her move away. They didn't.

Saraibre Ryu
05-15-2012, 04:52 AM
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Nobody of Strangeness
Tranverse Town, District 3 Back Alley's

Driax wasn’t sure what to think of being picked up and stuck on the stranger’s back, then to have the jacket put over her, but when she heard Saxoris’ explanation, her eyes glowed a bit brighter showing off her happiness for being able to be dry, and not have to walk on the wet streets. Scrunching herself into a smaller ball, easy for someone who was literally empty of physical mass, she half giggled hale hummed.

“Driax like dry!” She squealed quietly. “Driax no scratch, only if Driax itchy or Driax needs to make another itch go away.”

Driax opened her non-existent mouth to continue praising Saxoris when another dragon appeared out of nowhere, causing her to become asphyxiated by it nearly instantly. First she froze out of surprise, and then her aura started to change to that of a more complicated one, not liking the idea of a threat. Her tone of voice turned deep and dual tone, leaning forward over Saxoris’ shoulder almost defending him from the threat.

“No one will die unnecessarily by a forced hand either.” She snarled.

As floria spoke and introduced Vercitorik, her demeanour returned to her original one, acting like a living backpack to her mount rather than a step ladder. She didn’t understand the French woman very well, and certainly not what she was aiming to do, but understood a bit of what the dragon had said. Of course, being the simple mind that she was, she hadn’t a clue about anything to say to help the pair’s search, and remained quiet for the most part. The only sentence she understood completely, was getting out of the rain.

“Driax no like rain, Driax want inside where people don’t throw things at Driax for being Driax.”

Driax wanted only a few simple things; warm, dry, something to munch on, and not to have things thrown at her.

05-22-2012, 04:28 AM
Ana/Isa/Ranna and Caesura
Human/Nobody/Heartless and Human
Little Cafe in Traverse Town

"Oh, that's just fine," Caesura said, trying to bring up a pleasant smile to his face. Even though the girl may have been a Heartless like his apprentice said, he could all but feel the terror and anxiety coming off of her. Heartless or not, Caesura wanted to calm her down, to soothe her and make her believe that everything was alright. It was the one great failing of his, since his willingness to help had always made him very suspceptible to injuries. She didn't seem that dangerous at all.

But, just in case, he started to gather mana into the palm of his hand. If the need arose then ge could call up one of his elementals for help. He doubted that he would need to though. It would be foolish for the girl to reveal herself as an enemy, and she seemed to not want to.

Ana felt the girl's eyes lock on her, and instant her body tensed as if she was about to bolt. Her eye pulsed, like it's own little heart, and she felt Ranna trying to force her way up, to crawl to the front of her mind and crawl aroun her teeth, her dark thoughts twisting along her teeth and tongue in an attempt to speak. Ana clamped her jaw shut tightly and refused to speak, letting Isa handle it. But Ranna kept fighting, and there was an odd twisting feeling in her stomach that made it feel like she was about to throw up at any second. "E-Excuse me for a moment!" she managed to gasp out (her words hissing ever so slightly) before she leaped for her feet and ran, immediately headed out the door into the pouring rain.

Caesura watched her go. "Anastasia?" he asked, standing up as well. What int he world had her so freaked out? He turned back to Nox for a moment, his eyes dark with an apolody. "I'm terribly sorry, susually she's very nice around other people."

District Three Alleys, Traverse Town

Saxoris smiled to himself at Driax's words, developing a little fondness for the odd Nobody. She may have looked creepy with ehr appearance an all, but she was actually kind of....cute, in a way. He pulled his cloak closer around himself and frowned at the little dragon that suddenly appeared on Floria's shoulder and growled at him. He did not like being talked to like that and he was about to snap at him when he felt Driax leaning over his shoulder.

“No one will die unnecessarily by a forced hand either.”

Whoa whoa what the hell? Saxoris turned to look at the little Nobody but she seemed to revert back to herself almost instantly, going back to talking about how she didn't like the rain. He turnd back to Floria, his eyes a little narrowed. "My name is Saxoris," he said . "Ex-member of the Organization. I have a friend who has a house aorund herem and he keeps it pretty dry. Would you mind if we went there?" He seemed open enough, but he still glared at the dragon that was on her shoulder.

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OOC: hey winter at 1:00 to 1:05 is witch hunter slash in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blwTn5ZgVnw&list=PL9F409F482E1372A5&feature=mh_lolz

Maka, Soul

Human, Weapon

Hollow Bastion

“She might be working for the people in black cloaks,” Cloud said to Aerith walking closer.

“Cloud if you can’t talk gently then don’t talk to them,” Aerith said in a gentle tone.

Cloud grunted and backed away but not so far that if she needed any help he'd be there. He doesn’t trust this girl that appeared in his world. Aerith turned to look at Maka.

“Sorry about that, he's protective of this world. We just got it back a few months ago. I’m Aerith and this guy is Cloud. These two who helped you are Leon and Yuffie. Who are you two if you please?”

“I—” Maka started when Soul taps her shoulder and shook his head. Maka whispered “Why not, she told us their names?”

“He thinks we are with the Organization that’s why,” Soul replied whispering back.

“We can change his mind if we tell them truth about us Soul,” Maka whispered and that was the end of the argument. “I’m Maka Albarn, scythe meister, graduate from DWMA and ex-apprentice teacher for the DWMA. My partner—” she looked over at Soul.

“Fine. I’m Soul Evans, a death scythe, graduate from DWMA and ex-apprentice teacher there too,” Soul said looking at Aerith and her friends then back at Maka. “You can finish talking with them.”

Before anyone could say anything Aerith asked, “So does this mean you aren’t with the people in black cloaks? And what is the DWMA mean?”

Before Maka could say anything Yuffie said, “We should finish this Q&A back at HQ before anymore of them show up.”

They nodded and started to walk away when Yuffie looked back to see Maka and Soul haven’t moved from their spot. She walked back and got behind Maka and started to push her in the way the HQ was.

Maka looked over to Soul but all he did was follow behind her and Yuffie. She wasn’t paying any attention to where they were going because she was trying to keep from falling to the ground. When Yuffie stopped outside of a house Maka stumbled a bit before getting her footing back. By then Yuffie was by the door and opening it while saying, “Welcome to Hollow Bastion

Restoration Committee HQ and Merlin’s house. This guy at the computer is Cid. Yo! Cid turn around and meet Maka and Soul you old coot.”

“Who you calling an old coot Yuffie,” said Cid as he turned around in his chair as Maka, Soul and the others walked in. “So you two are with them as well.”

“Cid why did you say that when you saw everything on the screen,” Aerith asked walking over to Cid.

“After you left the screen went black. Like it is right now,” Cid said with a wave at the big computer screen behind him.

“OK, now back to what I asked you two before Yuffie had us come here,” Aerith said looking at them.

“To the first part no we are not a part of that group and the answer to the other question is Death Weapon Meister Academy,” Maka replied looking around the house. It was split down the middle with bookshelves; with Cid on the left side of the bookshelves while the other side looked like someone practiced magic. “Um this Merlin you were talking about, he's a wizard right?”

“That would be correct miss,” replied a voice followed by a poof of smoke. When the smoke cleared an old man wearing a blue hat and robe stood on the side with the magic stuff. “I’m Merlin the wizard and it looks like someone has messed with the connection between you kids. If you want I can fix it?”

“Sure, we were wondering why out soul resonance and my soul perception wasn’t working.” Maka replied.

Merlin starts to waves his magic wand around and said some words in a langue she doesn’t know. A few minutes later he points his wand at them and a white beam shoots outs and explodes between them. “There that should let you use what you just said at any time you like. Is there anything we can help you with?”

Before Maka answered she felt the presence of seven very powerful souls, six of which were in the same room as them. The seventh one wasn’t a match to any of her friends.

“Thanks Merlin. We're looking for our friends. They will have the same logo as me and Soul on their shoulder," she said turning so they can see the logo of a skull. They all responded that no, they didn’t see anyone with that logo. The door opened and a voice called out:

“I saw someone with that logo but I can’t be certain it’s a boy or a girl. He or she wears a black robe and has pink hair," said a female voice.

“That’s our friend Crona. Did she ask you anything?” Maka said looking over to see a girl with long black hair and dressed in all black.

“Yes, the same thing you just asked. I told her to go to Traverse Town and try the hotel there. That's were most of the people who lost their world ends up. I’m Tifa by the way Maka,” she said while Maka and Soul were shocked that she knew her name.

“I say you are wondering how I know your name. That's simple. I was on my way back from the castle when I saw the heartless. I was about to attack them when I saw someone in a back cloak, he was watching the fighting going on between you guys and the heartless. At the end of the battle Cloud showed up followed by Aerith and I think you introduced yourself. That’s when the guy said, 'So her name is Maka not Xamak, if anyone see her they are to kill her on the spot.' That’s all he said before disappearing.”

Maka was shocked at hearing this.

“We have to go and find our friend. Farewell,” she said but before she and Soul could move a step Aerith said, “Take these membership cards and see you again.”

Soul took the card and followed Maka out of the house. As Soul closed the door Maka started running towards where they showed up in this world.

“Maka slowdown will you. What's the rush?” Soul asked as he ran after her.

“I just want to get to Traverse Town and see if she or the others are there to,” is all Maka said as she kept on running. As they got close to where their ship is she finally slowed down and walked up the ramp to the door of the ship. She walked through the doorway just as Soul caught up to her. As Soul crossed through the doorway and closed the door she said, “Take us to Traverse Town as fast as you can.”

The ship took off very fast causing them tumble backwards into a door that goes into a corridor that holds the bedrooms and other rooms. They couldn’t move until the ship slowed down before stopping and saying, “We are at Traverse Town watch your step.”

They pushed off from the wall and walked over to the door they came in. Maka opened the door and Soul followed behind and closing it. They noticed the rain falling down on them but didn’t care if they got wet or not because all they cared about is finding their friends.

“Where do you think the hotel is because I don’t see anything with that on a sign?” Maka asked, but all Soul did was shake his head.

“If you are looking for the hotel it’s in the second district behind the accessory shop right in front of you," said a boy's voice to their left standing under an awning.

“Thanks," is all Maka said as she and Soul took off running towards the accessory shop. They turned to the right, then left and another left before coming to stand in front of a door.

“So the second district is behind this door and maybe Crona and the others too.”

As she and Soul pushed the door open they saw the hotel sign to their left. They didn’t run but walked because they didn’t want to scare anyone inside if they burst through the door. As they got to the door she had a feeling that whoever is on the other side is not going to like what they see.

Soul opened the door and Maka followed behind him. She was the first of them to the reception desk but Soul was the one to see the group of people on the other side of the room.

“Um, excuse me, do you have anyone here with this logo on their shoulder?” Maka asked turning her shoulder to the receptionist behind the desk. The receptionist looked up at her and seeing the skull that looked back at her she nodded her head.

“Yes, there were a group of people here with that same logo but they left two days ago. They left behind a letter to someone named Maka and Soul. That wouldn’t happen to be you two?” the lady asked. When they both nodded she moved some paper around her desk until she found it under a folder. “Here you two go," she said handing it to them.

Maka open the letter which read:

Dear Maka and Soul,

If you are reading this then we haven’t ran into each other before we left. We might have found out where this group of people in black cloaks are, and we're going after them. Please do not follow us.

From Kid, Black Star, Crona, Ragnarok, Liz, Patty and tsubaki.

P.S. if you do come after us make sure you find some friends who want them as gone as we do.

“Who the hell do they think they are telling us not to follow them? Its suicidal going there alone,” Maka said loudly as she turned to Soul.

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