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{just as a note;; this will be based off of my original replication roleplay, but will be somewhat different.}

Minutes. Hours. Days. The legendaries were trapped for many many minutes; many hours; and a few days. Cyrus had been planning to replicate them all along, but after he had first come to capture the legends, his scientist had disappeared. Since the only person to know the formula for the replication potion was the scientist, Cyrus knew he had to track him down. Only one thing stood in his way: if he kept all the legendaries locked away the world would turn into mayhem, and he would become a suspect of their capture. To avoid this, he released the legends back into the wild, but not before he micro-chipped each of them so he knew their whereabouts at all times. None of the legends knew they had been micro-chipped, so they thought they had won against Cyrus and would never be caught again.

They were wrong.

Cyrus located a few of the legends immediately, while some others took a while to capture. Unfortunately for Cyrus, some of the micro-chips had stopped working, since they were a batch of faulty ones, which meant he only captured eleven of the legendaries. Unfortunately for everyone else, he managed to capture some of the strongest and most powerful legendaries.

After tracking down his scientist, Cyrus replicated the twelve legendaries before setting them free. His replicas took a while to come to life, but when they finally came to existence, they were more powerful and stronger than the real legends. Now he could bring his master plan to life: take over Sinnoh, then later the other regions.

The legends discovered Cyrus' plan. They all planned to go into hiding and try to track down information about what Cyrus had said, but this was near impossible to do while they stayed in their legendary form. Cyrus had't realised, but the micro-chips had a side effect - they allowed legends to transform into humans because of one of the chemicals used in the outer layer of the chips. The chemical reacted with the DNA of all of the legends, allowing them to turn into humans. The legends used this to transform into humans to save Sinnoh from the replicas.

Your Role

You may only play as legendaries or humans, as the replicas will not play a huge part and are not introduced into the RP until quite far in, and will then be NPCs for anyone to control.


As a legendary, your role is to find the other legendaries, then locate Cyrus' replica store house. You must also not reveal who you truly are to anyone other than friends you can truly trust.


Suspecting that your {legendary} friend is keeping a secret, you must plan to investigate what they are hiding. If they tell you their true form then you must aid them in their search.


1) Follow all Pe2k rules at all times, obviously.
2) No godmodding, bunnying, or anything of the sort.
3) I have the right to decline your SU for whatever reason, but I will give you a reason and some tips to improve if you still wish to join.
4) You may have 4 characters only. Only three of these may be legendaries, but you do not have to have all three allowed as legendaries, you can have one legend and two humans, or three humans. You may also only have more than 1 human if you have a legendary, but you may have just one human without a legendary. {This may be confusing, sorry.}
5) If you do not post in two weeks I will send a PM reminding you to post. If I do not get a reply in three days after then you will not be able to participate in the RP anymore. If you do reply in three days after then I will give you another week to reply if you can, or if not I will have your character{s} as if they are not there until the time you post.

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You may start anywhere in Sinnoh.
If possible, try to meet up with some other characters as soon as you can. Interaction is gold.
Any questions or if you wish to sign up, go to the SU/DS thread located here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=117618).

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Trinity Hart & Jake Wood {Latios}
Eterna Forest
Latios – Human Form

Trinity giggled as she watched Jake trying to dance in the middle of the forest. He was grinning as he twirled in circles with his arms high above his head, trying to imitate a ballerina. Trinity continued to laugh at his failed attempts at being a ballerina. “Oh come on, Trin, I’m not that bad!” he laughed, joining her under the tree. He pushed his long blue hair out of his eyes once again, but it only stayed away from his view for a few seconds before falling back in front of his jade eyes. He sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do about his hair. Trinity watched Jake roll a pebble around with his hand absentmindedly. Jake was odd, Trinity knew that, but he was likeable. There was an aura about him that was slightly different and unusual, but Trinity usually put it off as her being silly, but she knew there was something different about this boy, and she was determined to find out what it was.

“Hey, Jake,” Trinity began, looking at her friend, who was now drinking from a bottle of water. “I was just wondering, what’s your opinion on this whole legends rumour? About Cyrus?” she asked. Jake almost choked on his drink when Trinity asked, and she knew something was up. He was always so sensitive about the topic of legendaries or Cyrus, like something bad had happened in his past related to the legendaries or something.

“I think Cyrus was wrong to capture the legendaries,” Jake said, after there was a long moment of silence. Trinity was surprised, this was the first time he had actually spoken about the subject. “I mean, he took those legends and cloned some of them, and it was completely wrong.”

“I agree,” Trinity said quietly. She sighed. “I wish I could meet one of those legends that was cloned and just ask them how they felt and to help them.”

Jake nodded. “Me too.”

Gabriella Dale {Jirachi}
Jubilife City
Jirachi – Human Form

Gabi was hidden in the outskirts of Jubilife City, observing the humans go about their normal day. Gabi had been hidden in the same spot outside of the city for a few days now, but she didn’t want to leave just yet. She found it interesting to watch the people rush from one building to another, or for young trainers to have battles, right in the heart of the city. It excited her when she sensed a Pokemon nearby, and always went to talk to the Pokemon, usually through the use of telepathy, as to keep her hidden.

The same thing had been going on for a few days now, and Gabi was starting to get bored of it. She grabbed her small bag, which contained a miniature bottle of water, a packet of sweets which she had bought from the PokeMart, and a purse filled with money. She jumped the small fence that surrounded the city and headed to the PokeMart to buy something to eat since she was starting to get hungry.

Maxine Reynolds {Azelf}
Lake Valor
Azelf – Human Form

Max walked up and down the sides of the lake. She so desperately wanted to just turn into her Pokemon form and fly over to the cave in the centre of the lake and remain hidden away there forever, but she knew she couldn’t do that since there were lots of humans around, and if one of them discovered her secret then she wouldn’t live it down. Instead, she sat at the edge of the lake, moving her hand around in the water. She tried to remember back to the time when she could live in peace in her cave, but she couldn’t remember any time like that. If there wasn’t a villain trying to steal her away then there was a curious tourist who would try to approach her.

She played with her short hair as a distraction, trying not to think back to the time when she was captured by Cyrus for the first time.

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Veilstone city,Galactic headquarters.
Registeel l human form

I stood in front of the galactic building the one used headquarters for the evil mastermind cyrus.
Its been 2 days since i left and fought against grunts to gain freedom.
But something was wrong when the doors opened.I noticed that they didn't attack me when I finally got out that door I fought them.
There must have been a plan I need to regroup with the others to regain coverage of whats going on and why.
Suddenly the door to the massive skyscraper opened.
I prepared myself to defend,but luckily it was just the building inspector putting up the sign:foreclosure
building condemned.
He locked the door,turned around and slowly walked away eyeing me. I heard a faint mumble "Freak..."
I whispered quietly to myself "Jerk..."
Slowly i walked to the door.
"Cyrus your plan will not work I will find you and win."
I could hear his voice in a faint smart tone "Oh but I have already."

04-17-2012, 09:16 PM
Jubilife City
Rayquaza - Human Form

Koutei glanced around the bustling city as he sat on the steps of the Pokemon Gym. His yellow eyes scanned each face in succession as people passed him by, not paying him any notice. Some had pokeballs on their belts, others had their pokemon walking freely along with them. Others had none at all, but they seemed pleased with themselves. Brushing some of his deep green hair from his face, Koutei let out a long sigh before shifting as though he was uncomfortable. -It seems I'll never get used to this human body...- He thought quietly to himself before standing and ambling slowly down the road, getting sucked into the hustle and bustle of the crowd. -Oh well...It's a good disguise...-

As he walked, Koutei constantly kept his eyes moving, surveying everyone and everything around him. The capture of the other legendaries by Cyrus and his grunts had made him become more cautious over the time he had escaped. If someone looked at him in a strange way, he would move towns and stay away for a few weeks. Thankfully, Sinnoh was a fairly large place, and he could remain mostly undetected among its population. Pulling a small energy bar from a pack at his side, Koutei chewed on it absentmindedly as he ambles through the streets of Jubilife City slowly.

Snowpoint City
Lugia - Human Form

Umi shivered slightly as she walked through the forests surrounding Snowpoint City. She watched as several Starly and Staravia flitted from branch to branch, letting out their soft cries to one another. A small smiled played at her lips and she watched as her breath curled up into the air in front of her, relaxing now that she was away from most of the people in the small town. It had been very stressful for her since she wasn't used to running...She had been sleeping in her underwater cavern for years before the incident. And then to be woken up only to be trapped in some lab? The very memory of it made her shiver.

"It's over now..." She said quietly, almost as if she was trying to reassure herself "It won't happen again, Umi. You're safe..."

Solaceon Town
Raikou - Human Form

Tategami leaned casually against the white picket fence that surrounded the day-care center's field, watching the small Pokemon inside frolic and play. People came and went, giving him a simple nod or (in a child's case) a tiny wave before disappearing farther down the road or into their houses. Nobody bothered him in this quaint little town and for that he was very grateful. But he was lonely...He hadn't seen any of the other Legendaries after their escape from Cyrus' lab, and he hoped none of them had been hunted down again.

04-17-2012, 10:26 PM
Motorbike to lake valor
Registeel human form
Soon I climbed onto my bike and sped away. I traveled through the forest avoiding trees and boulders.
There has to be another legend down at lake valor home to azelf maybe she knows what happened to the others.
I stop so fast that I almost fly off the bike but luckily I stayed my weight popped off and put the stand down. I head into the undergrowth and come onto a path straight to the lake.
This lake was eerie and looks like no one has been here forever but luckily a couple of tourists walk by.
I scan the lake hoping azelf has been here maybe she can see me.
As I swim to the middle of the lake I see many magikarp and a coouple of barboack letting me pass when I reach the island I sit and wait for someone to call my name.

04-18-2012, 02:49 AM
Sakasa Yochi (Giratina) and Sophia Triste
Giratina-Human Form
Eterna City

"Um," he stalled hopelessly as he dug through his many pockets for the money he knew he didn't have. The woman at the counter glared at him in impatience, obviously not happy that he seemingly could not pay for the food he had placed on the counter. He was about to ask if there was a way he could work the amount off when he felt a gentle nudge and a girl who looked like she might have been nine, maybe ten, slid around him to look up at the woman behind the counter .

"How much is his total?" she asked softly. The girl met the woman's gaze steadily, and finally relented, repeating the number to to the girl that she had just told him. Without a moment's hesitation, the girl tossed a few other items on the counter and produced a wallet from a small shoulder bag. "Put his purchase with mine, I'll pay--he must have been a pickpocket's victim, kids have no respect these days..." she said, sighing at the end and following through with a head shake that sent her nearly white hair bouncing off her shoulders. The woman at the counter shot him a dirty look that seemed to greatly disapprove of allowing the little girl to pay for his lunch. Personally, he was too surprised to speak until she was pulling the bagged food off the counter and leading him by the jacket cuff out of the convenience store.

"You didn't have to pay that, I would have found a way to work it off..." his voice trailed off as he realized that he didn't know the girl's name.

"My name is Sophia." The words were so sudden that he jumped, not quite expecting her to actually answer him.

"I would have found a way to pay off my lunch, Sophia," he insisted, she glanced back at him and he caught the sight of warm brown eyes and a playful smile.

"No, I didn't have to pay, but it was the right thing to do. If it makes you feel better, you can pay me back by having lunch with my pokemon and I. We don't eat with others much, and it can be fun to just sit and chat." Her response startled him--most other humans he had met had been as kind as this girl. At the same time, he wondered where the girl's parents were, surely she wasn't old enough to be on her own yet... "Oh, don't look at me like that, Musei," the girl's voice broke through his thoughts as she addressed a lone Gallade leaning against a nearby wall, looking at the pair with what seemed to be his version of raised eyebrows--in his defense, the image of a little, rather innocent looking girl dragging a 19 year-old goth guy who stood in at about 6' 2" around was a bit odd. There was a pause of silence before Sophia laughed. "He's nicer than his appearance suggests, Musei. He was a bit short on cash, so I paid for his lunch and invited him to eat with us, so be nice!" Another pause before she huffed, frowning at the Gallade. "No, I don't know his name yet, he hasn't had the time to introduce himself!"

"My name is Sakasa Yochi," he said softly, sending Sophia spinning away from the Gallade to look at him, big smile planted on her face.

"It's nice to meet you, Sakasa. You'll have to excuse Musei's occasional rudeness, he's a bit overprotective of me, like he thinks he's my mother or something." He couldn't help but smile at that one, especially when the Gallade glared at the girl for once. "Anyway, come on, are you going to eat with us or not?" she asked eagerly. Once again, Sakasa found his smile widening as he nodded.

"You did pay for my lunch, why not?" he relented, and with a cheer, Sophia set off in search for a bench where they could sit and eat, human Giratina and Gallade in tow.

Riika Amano and Seth Micheals (Entei)
Entei-Human Form
Jubilife City

"Ugh, too many friggin' people..." Riika muttered under her breath as someone stepped on her foot for the umpteenth time. "Is this even going to be worth getting my toes stomped all over?" she demanded to know. Seth laughed beside her.

"It's the only way to get to the rest of the cities and towns here, Riika. You're going to have to bear with it," he sighed, prompting quite a few choice words from Riika's mouth. "Hey, maybe you'll find some grunts to beat up on?" he said about the same time Riika's stomach growled, prompting another laugh from him.

"How about we find some food to eat first? I can't beat up grunts or anyone else on an empty stomach," she joked in spite that a blush was creeping across her cheeks. "Besides, it'll give us some time to get a little bit of strategy in."

"Since when do you do strategy?" Seth teased, a hand just barely reaching out to skim across one of her armwarmers, though he knew he would regret it later for reminding himself about the scars along her arms.

"Since these guys got smart enough to capture and clone you," she growled flatly as she allowed Seth to take her arm to steer her around towards the PokeMart to go get food.

OOC: Well, not my best, but they're in places near people, soooo... XD

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Samantha Silverheart
Acuity Lakefront
Human :D

"Maaan, after the Sinnoh League and the Grand Festival, this happens?" Sammy, not sure what to feel about the situation, asked the sky with a slight hint of frustration. It wasn’t for the reason that she didn’t want to help the Legends, but because she was tired from all the travelling she did; she had already gone all over Sinnoh twice. Well, maybe not totally “all over.” She even had to let some of her Pokemon stay back at home so they could rest; the ones with her now are also those who were eager enough to forget the weariness in order to help out. Sammy was thankful for it, as she didn’t want to spend her time catching random Pokemon. “What was the name of the bad guy again? Cyrus? The leader of Team Plasma?”

“Espee.” A soft voice purred from the ground. Sammy looked down to see her gray Espeon nodding in agreement. Being the Trainer’s first Pokemon, Solie had the closest bond with her, so she just couldn’t allow the teenager to wander in places without her.

“All right. All we have to do is find him, right? And then defeat him with the help of those who also volunteered themselves to assist the Legends?” But it won’t be easy as it seems; the man have some of the Legendaries’ replica. Also, the fact that she’d be meeting new people once again made her feel nervous; after all those years, Sammy’s still shy around fellow humans. She never knew why, yet she reasons out that she’s just afraid of being judged or something. I have to be brave, though, for the sake of the Legends as well as for the people plus Pokemon in this world. She then continued to walk around Acuity Lakefront, unsure of what to search for. “How did I manage to get out of this area again? I don’t remember the snow being this deep.” She sighed. “Maybe it’s a bad omen or something. Oh wait, it probably is.”

04-18-2012, 07:04 PM
(I’m going to make it so Mazi, Raven and Jewel haven’t met…I’ve tried to RP as them having met for an hour, it’s not working. And if we all end in Jubilife City, I called it x3))

Mazina De’clarosa [Mazi]
Lake Verity
Mesprit human form

I sat in the trees, watching Pokémon swim around and dart around. I never imagined myself being in the form of a human while I was here, at my former home. Where was I to live now? Would I just live like a Pokémon Trainer, living in the wilderness where a Pokémon could be on your face when you wake up, or you could die at any moment? No, the Pokémon wouldn’t be able to recognize me, and if they did, I was screwed. I turned my head towards a bush and, to my surprise, saw a handful of Oran Berries. I grabbed the branch I was sitting on and allowed myself to fall, doing this until I was to the point where no more branches were usable without a Combee coming out and trying to kill me. When I got to this point, I looked down and dropped, only about a five foot fall.

I walked towards the Oran berries, which had apparently been a common food for the Pokémon around here since the Magicarp were almost cooked by Team Galactic how they had done so in Lake Valor (God knows how many times I put Vashon). I picked one, taking a bite out of the blue berry and smiled. Pretty much every taste filled my mouth immediately, from sweet to spicy. If my eyes could have changed from red-amber to simply amber, they would have in that instant. Without thinking, I grabbed my necklace and took it off, swinging it around like a rope. It caught on a treebranch, and I tugged as hard as I could, but all that happened was a leaf fell onto my head. Eventually I simply took the necklace off of the tree branch, seeing that it was caught by a smaller branch that stuck out towards the necklace, as if it were there just to annoy me.

“Who knew Oran Berries were so good?” I asked, laughing.

A small Rattata ran across my feet, chattering something like ‘We all knew’ or something like that.

I shrugged and turned away from the lake, walking through the trees towards Sandgem town.

Raven Emeralds and Jewel Retkai
Jubilife City
Latias Human Form

“Is it possible to be here and not bump into any random tourists?” I asked. I sounded quite impatient, though even I knew I was. I had stayed here since I turned into a Human. I would much rather be in the sky right now, flying around and being invisible.

I looked to the side and heard an answer, “No, it’s not, sadly.” I turned to the voice and let out a half smile. A girl with a slightly darker completion and dark, curly hair looked back at me. Sure, it was a human and not one of the legends, but she seemed somewhat cool. “I’m Jewel. Jewel Retkai.”

“I’m Raven, Raven Emeralds.” I said, curling the tip of my dark crimson hair with my fingers.

Socratic Sarcasm
04-18-2012, 08:12 PM
Thomas Fisher (Human Uxie) and Sara Sage
Celestic Town
APers: MoonKit (Mazi/Mespirit), Elecii (Maxine/Azelf), FireSong (Samantha Silverheart)

"So, basically, Cyrus is a God-Complexed megalomaniac and Team Galactic consisted primarily of a bunch of douchebags." Thomas Fisher marveled at Sara Sage's ability to combine complex diction with low level slang to so accurately articulate her theories.

Cynthia nodded,"That's basically the conclusion everyone came to." Cynthia had just finished explaining the history of Team Galactic and, more accurately, Cyrus. She included the mythos behind the parties as well, and didn't even bother to disguise the fact that these legends were fact.

Ever perceptive, Sara questioned,"Wait. How did Dawn, who had only been training Pokemon for half a year, beat a highly methodical mastermind on accident?"

Cynthia's voice was neutral,"The first encounter with the grunts was an accident, but she actively pursued Galactic after. Plus rumor has it that the Spirit Trio was keeping a very careful eye on her. In addition, not so rumor has it that the then Sinnoh champion was of assistance of well." Cynthia smirked.

Thomas requested,"Cynthia, may I go outside for a moment?" He didn't pause for an answer; he simply left.

Thomas figured that, since he was near Mt. Coronet and therefore Spear Pillar, he might be able to contact his sisters. But before he did, he detected a familiar presence near his lake.

The girl and the Espeon... Thomas thought to himself. They had gone there many times before, and eventually he decided to keep tabs on them. Perhaps he could bring another piece into the game...

<Hello. To answer the question in your mind, yes, your hearing voices in your head. No you're not going insane. I am Uxie. You have often come to my lake, so I trust you will help me in my time of need. I need you to meet my friends Thomas Fisher and Sara Sage at Spear Pilllar.> He telepathed to the girl he would later know as Samantha Silverheart. Hopefully, she would be willing to be a piece in this game: he foresaw great value in the girl. About as much as Sara, who was piece that he could trust to willingly move into position on its own.

Thomas then refocused to trying to contact his sisters. This was substantially easier: not only were they at their lakes, but his siblings were naturally in tune with him,<Joy, Azelf! Thank God you're all right! This is Aquinas, or, as everyone shall refer to me for now, Thomas Fisher. I need you guys to make a beeline for Mt. Coronet, ASAP. Hurry! We need to stop Cyrus once and for all.>

OoC: I hope nobody minds that I cheated a bit. I figured Mt. Coronet would amplify Uxie's telepathy, especially to The Lakes.

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lake valor to lake verity
Registeel l human form

After a couple hours I stood up hoping she could hear me. "AZELF YOU HERE!"
I finally gave up and left.

the next place to go is lake verity where Mesprit probably is.
While riding I realized my complete focus was finding all three emotion legendaries.
"Its probably my best chance after all I have a lot of work to do it might take a long time to
gather every legend but its the only hope we have."

I stop and put the stick down to hold it up.I popped off and went on thegrey grainy sand.
It was cold and dead no one around without mesprit here the place went to the dump.
"wow how long have we've been away" I mumbled.
"MESPRIT YOU HERE!" I suddenly yelled
Suddenly the lake warmed and the sun shined."Oh she's here."

04-19-2012, 12:44 AM
Samantha Silverheart
Acuity Lakefront
Human :D

“HOLY FRIED CHICKEN!” Sammy bellowed out of the blue, causing alarm to the Espeon who just locked her eyes on the Trainer, looking over if something was wrong. It was quite a natural reaction for some people to do that when a random person -- in her case, a Pokemon -- suddenly spoke to them through their minds. “Solie, s-somebody just talked inside my head. No, it’s not my own voice, so that was kinda… new.” She allowed herself to breathe before telling her Espeon what happened. And just when she was about to speak, one of her Pokeballs flew into mid-air then opened in half, sending out a white light in the form of yet another feline. When the glowing thingamajig disappeared, a Glameow came into view, purring. “I guess you want to listen to my “story” as well, Paws?” Sammy questioned; Paws nodded. “I should let Gale hear this, too.” The Trainer picked up the remaining occupied Pokeball from her Poke-belt prior to tapping the middle circle. The same luminous flash appeared, but this time, a bird-like creature emerged from it. The Braviary landed beside Solie, who was sitting to the left of Paws. “That’s everybody.” Sammy cleared her throat. “All right, guys, before I abruptly yelled the words that I did, Uxie introduced himself -- in a manner that wouldn’t make a person go nuts, if I were to describe it -- and told me to go meet some people named Thomas Fisher and Sara Sage at Spear Pillar.” She glanced at each of her Pokemon, wanting to know how they felt about it.

Apparently, they weren’t as astounded as their Trainer.

“Nyar, Nyar, Nyarr~” Paws uttered in a I’m-ready-for-this tone of voice. The other two, being able to understand what the Glameow said, gave their Trainer a meaningful gaze before nodding.

“I guess this means you’re all with me.” Sammy smiled thankfully then looked at the sky. Mr. Uxie, I don’t know if you can hear me; however, I’ll still say that my Poke-buddies will be going to the place you mentioned. And with that, she turned her attention back to her Pokemon. “Let’s go!” she cheered as she began walking towards the destination, Solie; Paws; and Gale behind her.

(Yes, the last part was rushed. :/)

04-19-2012, 08:09 PM
ooc// Sorry for such a late post, I was busy yesterday and had friends round today (we had a day off school) so I hadn't found time until now.

Trinity Hart & Jake Wood {Latios}
Eterna Forest
Latios – Human Form

When Jake stood up suddenly, Trinity did the same. He was looking around the forest, as if he had heard something. He shrugged, then headed towards Eterna City. Trinity trailed behind him, struggling to keep up with her blue-haired friend. Eventually, after falling behind a fair bit, she called, “Jake, wait up!” The Latios in disguise stopped in his tracks and spun around, obviously having forgotten that he needed to wait for his human friend. Trinity jogged to his side before she started panting. “You are one fast walker,” she laughed. Jake grinned and waited for his friend to catch her breath.

The two walked in comfortable silence for a while, heading towards the city. After a while, Trinity decided to speak up. “Hey, Jake,” she started. He turned to look at her. “Have you ever met a legendary Pokemon? Do they even exist?”

Jake seemed to think for a moment, before he decided to answer her. “Of course they exist, Trin,” he said, giving her a small smile. “And yes, I have met a legend before. I met Latias once, but I only talked to her for a moment before my friend dragged me away.” Trinity eyes twinkled at the thought of meeting Latias, the one legendary she truly wished to meet. “What about you, Trinity? Have you ever met a legendary Pokemon?”

“I’m not sure,” she stated simply. Jake looked at her as if willing her to continue. “I mean, I was at Lake Acuity once, and I saw something grey and blue whizz past the entrance, but I’m not sure whether I was imagining it or whether I really saw Azelf.”

Jake nodded simply before the two set off again.

Once they arrived in Eterna City, Jake sat down at a bench, and Trinity did the same. They both sat to one side of the bench, leaving room for others if they wanted to sit down. Trinity was staring down at the floor in thought when Jake tapped her on the shoulder. “I’m sure you weren’t imagining it.”

Gabriella Dale {Jirachi}
Jubilife City
Jirachi – Human Form

Gabi walked to the PokeMart with her head down, hoping to talk to as little people as she could. She played with a strand of her hair to occupy herself as she walked in the hopes of not letting her mind wander. Because she had been looking down at the ground instead of where she was going, she ended up crashing into another person. Gabi looked up to see a man, who she assumed to be around twenty, with dark green hair that had golden streaks. “Sorry,” she muttered.

Usually, Gabi would walk off from the stranger without another word, but there was something about his appearance that she recognised. It may have been the green hair, or the yellow eyes, she wasn’t sure. All she knew was that she recognised him. Even though he seemed intimidating to the small girl, who he towered over, she decided to take a risk and talk to him, which was unusual for her. “I’m Gabriella,” she said quietly, not wanting to talk too loud. “I’m really sorry again for bumping into you.”

Maxine Reynolds {Azelf}
Lake Valor
Azelf – Human Form

Max looked up suddenly when she heard the familiar voice in her head. She looked around for any sign of Aquinas, but she couldn’t see him. It must have meant that he was using telepathy to contact her. <I’ll be right there, Aquinas,> she said through telepathy. <And I am to be known as Maxine Reynolds or just Max from now on,> she added. Standing up off the grass at the edge of the lake and brushing herself off, she started walking towards Mt. Coronet.

Wanting to see her friend as soon as possible, Maxine started jogging towards her destination of Mt. Coronet.

Eternal Moonlight
04-19-2012, 10:00 PM
Jubilife City (aka where the characters gather)
Dialga- Human form

Dia wasn’t fond of large urban centres, she soon realised. There were too many people going in every possible direction, none flinching as they carried headed wherever. The noise pollution was elevated, incoherent chattering, vehicles driving and occasionally honking, it was a mess. Flashing billboards were everywhere, hoping to entice innocent consumers into buying stuff that they probably didn’t need, but would hopefully want.

Yet, despite the issues, this was probably a better alternate to small towns. Sure, they were much quieter (which was a huge bonus in Dia’s opinion), but blending was that much harder. People were used to seeing one thing and here she was a whole other story. Despite the albino cover story (which she’d been lucky to know about, considering the human realm was such a foreign concept), she’d still draw the occasional stare. Plus, even when that didn’t happen, they tended to be more curious then there city dwelling counterparts. Dia assumed oddities were more common in urban areas, which worked well in her favour.

If only everything else did.

Being here was the worst, in a sense. It made her feel even more out of place then before, which was really saying something. Watching everyone merrily stroll around, having a place to go, a routine to follow, a world they knew and felt safe in, it was a little painful. She felt lost, afraid and helpless in the face of the recent happenings. Helpless. The god of time himself, Dialga, was nothing more than a lost Lilipup. Pathetic.

Dia knew this was pathetic, a Pokémon of her stature in such a state. Her human body limited her temporal control to a working minimum disallowing a quick fix.

The legend sigh, picking herself off the bus bench she’d been sitting on. Her crimson eyes shifted downwards, to the small crack in the cement sidewalk. She stared mindlessly at the imperfection, trying to clear her mind, if only for a small while. It didn’t work.

Being alone like this in general wasn’t working, but Dia was far too stubborn to admit it to herself, even if she knew it to be true. The tactic worked before, but what the legend didn’t want to accept is that old tactics don’t always work in new situations. This was a new situation that forgot to take its meds and is on an insane rampage. Not a nice thing.

She sat there a while, looking in all directions, hoping for the impossible. It was only when of busload of people started crowding the stop did Dia finally left, not wanting their company. The less interactions she had with humans, the better, in her opinion.

The crowd instantly swallowed the woman Koro, making her another faceless entity in the sea of people. She didn’t really want to stay in the city much longer, although it had already been established that was the best course of action. Apart from hiding in the bush, there wasn’t much else, and grass wasn’t the most appetising thing in the world. Plus, without a Pokémon, Dia was rather defenceless in the wilds. The god of time, defenceless. Really pathetic.

By now, she was fiddling with her diamond ring, her keepsake from home. The object that represented so much and yet it could do so little. Still, Dia treasured it, so when she accidentally slipped it off her finger, panic set in. The round jewellery rolled quite a ways, considering its size and the consistency of the ground. Chasing after it was difficult, but the legend made sure not to lose track of her diamond. Losing it wouldn’t be good. At all.

After a near heart attack later, the ring finally stopped, infront of two total strangers. Dia didn’t notice them until she carefully kneeled to pick it up, however, and was somewhat startled when she did. One was a young man, probably around the same age as Koro. He had emerald green hair with a golden strip, not too common among the humans, although she’d seen many others with tattered clothing. The other was a girl wearing a style of make-up foreign to Dia. Then again, that wasn’t saying much.

“Pardon me,” she spoke in a flat voice, and eyed them wearily. Something about them both seemed… bizarre. Not in a bad way though, it was quiet difficult to put her finger on exactly what this was. In fact, this very reason kept the time god from simply slipping back into the crowd, vanishing into mainstream.

04-19-2012, 10:34 PM
Koutei {Nathaniel}
Jubilife City
Rayquaza - Human Form

Koutei had been quite taken aback when the small girl had bumped into him, and even more so when he got a good look at her. The markings under her eyes seemed extremely familiar too him, and he strained his memory to try and remember where he had seen them before. "It's alright, I should have been watching my steps as well..." He said, taking a step back to create a little bit of distance between them so he could survey her as a whole "I'm Nathaniel."

Before he could say anything else (like asking where the heck he knew her from), another girl appeared. Her eyes were a striking crimson, and stirred his inner dragon slightly. Wetting his lips gently and being careful not to show his pointed teeth, Koutei glanced between the two girls. "It's alright..."

My god, how hard was this going to be...he knew these people from somewhere, and he couldn't place it...

Umi {Alexandra}
Acuity Lakefront
Lugia - Human Form

Umi stepped through the trees and into the snowy clearing that housed Lake Aquity. Glancing around, she saw a young girl and a grey Espeon walking quickly into the opposite forest. Letting out a sigh of relief, she stepped up to the lake and looked at the cave in the center.

"I wish we could go back to the days when we were safe..." She muttered to herself, looking the way the girl had gone.

A shiver racked her body and she pulled her arms around her "I need to head someplace warmer..." She muttered, and with that, she began her journey to Jubilife City.

Tategami {Den}
Raikou - Human Form

OOC: I'm not going to do Tategami, but let's say he's making his way towards Jubilife as well!

04-19-2012, 10:47 PM
Deza Chiming-Bell/Prysa Pyris.
Jubilife City.
Affected Characters: Seth Micheals and Riika Amano (Winter_Cherry).

Ah, how Deza - oops, she meant Prysa of course - loved Jubilife!

The Ho-Oh gone human simply adored the bright lights, the busy streets, the smiling, eccentrically-clad people who gawked at her face, obviously attracted her. And why wouldn't they be? The first transformation had taken Deza absolutely hours to perfect, making sure that there wasn't a single flaw on her warmly-red, rainbow-eyed face. Such perfection was very hard to come by, so it was only natural for people to be metaphorically swept off their feet.

But something was disturbing Deza as she walked through the crowds, soaking up the attention. She could feel a familiar presence on the edge of her consciousness. One of her 'children' was near. She looked around, eyes finally setting on an extremely tan boy with bright yellow-and-red bangs framing his face. He looked so familiar - Deza would know that face anywhere. It was Entei, one of her closest friends, whose life she had restored from the ashes of the Great Fire. Deza began to weave through the busy streets toward him, waving and calling out. "Hello! You there with the neon hair! It's me, Dez - erm, it's me, Prysa! Where have you been?"

Arceus Shining-Light/Lucien Lucia.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: Nar's people.

The day could not have been more perfect in Celestic Town. The sun was shining, the grass was lush and green, and four very smart people - well, two smart people and two smart Legendary Pokemon - were planning the final blow against Team Galactic.

Arceus rose as Cynthia finished her 'Team Galactic' synopsis. He watched impassively as Aquinas - Uxie - stepped outside to contact his siblings - Mew's children, Arceus thought. Even with his near omniscience, he had never been able to keep up with his first daughter's endless list of relatives. With a sigh he rose from the table and followed 'Thomas Fisher' outside, into the warm and slightly breezy afternoon, where Aquinas seemed to be just finishing a psychic summons. Speaking quietly, he murmured, "A warm wind blows from the east. Reshiram comes to join our council."

"Hurry up, Slowpoke! We're here!"

Scratch that, Reshiram was already here. Arceus wondered what had been done to Harrouh to make her act so cheerful. She certainly hadn't been this way the last time Arceus had known! Regardless, he nodded to Aquinas and took his leave, making for the little girl in the white dress, along with the boy with the brown hair who lagged behind.

Harrouh Fire-Eyes/May Harrouh.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: Potentially everyone in Celestic Town.

Harrouh was so happy to see Celestic Town. She and Thom had been walking in the woods for hours, and she was positively aching to get to Arceus and start plotting Cyrus's downfall. The last evil empire she'd encountered, she had helped - sort of? She hadn't meant to align herself with baddies.

At any rate, she was anxious to knock down Cyrus as soon as possible. That man was a menace and no mistaking it. She would have been happy to incinerate him with a puff of fiery breath, but that just wasn't going to be possible. Not only was Cyrus deep in some evil lair somewhere and guarded by some of the most ruthless people and Pokemon around; Harrouh couldn't even exercise her full power in this form. She was so weak and vulnerable being this tiny, but there was no alternative. Showing herself was suicide if there were any Plasmas about.

But she was fairly certain there weren't. Arceus was here, as was Aquinas, or Uxie, and while Harrouh had never really gotten along well with Aquinas - he was too conniving, too duplicitous - but Arceus had always treated her like a daughter. And neither of them would be unaware of any Plasma activity around here.

That was the reason that instead of being cautious, going into the town slowly with Thom and Dark near at hand, that she ran forward with abandon, Dark trailing at her heels and Thom far behind. "Hurry up, Slowpoke!" she called to him, urging him onward. She heard footsteps pounding behind in answer.

Almost immediately, Arceus was there, waiting in the center of town, in front of the Lake Trio mural. He had a smile on his face that seemed to be both strained and relieved. He bent down and Harrouh recognized the start of the act they'd agree on - a girl and her grandfather. The deception was extremely unwelcome, but there wasn't much choice. Attracting attention was the last thing Harrouh or Arceus wanted to do, and the story of visiting family was the most uninteresting Harrouh had been able to invent.

"Grandpa!" Harrouh squealed as she threw her arms around Arceus, feeling the strangeness of his body compared to Thom's, whom she'd hugged regularly. Thom felt warm, but Arceus felt like he was on fire, like his snow-colored beard should be bursting into flames. For a second Harrouh felt she was drowning in a sea of raw, untamed, untainted power. Then she broke the embrace and staggered backward, a little bit dizzy. Turning to Thom, she grinned and said, "Thom! This is my grandpa. Grandpa, this is Thom!"

Thom Otone.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: Potentially everyone in Celestic Town.

Celestic Town wasn't on Thom's 'Must-Visit' list, but he had to admit that it was quite a nice place. There was a serene atmosphere about it that Thom liked. He liked energetic, adventurous places well enough, but there wasn't enough peace in the world. But there was a feel of calmness and peace in the little town, a special beauty in the brightly-colored flowers and the old, cozy houses.

Of course, Thom's friend May wasn't very good at peace. She was shouting and running in at moment one, her Shinx - named Dark - beside her, with Thom struggling to catch up. As Thom watched she threw herself into a suited man's arms, the two locking in a warm embrace. Then, before Thom could even ask for an explanation or an introduction, May turned around and flashed a pearly white smile at Thom. "Thom! This is my grandpa. Grandpa, this is Thom!"

Immediately things made sense. May had begged Thom to come with her to Celestic but hadn't given a reason. She was so odd like that - open and completely, innocently, sometimes brutally, honest most of the time, but getting awfully cagey at other times, always saying how she wanted to explain something but she just couldn't. She had never given a reason for why she wanted to visit; now Thom got it. Family.

Thom stepped forward, holding a hand out and smiling. "Hey. I'm Thom Otone. I've been traveling with your granddaughter, and it's an honor to meet... Oh my Arceus that sounds so wrong. Look, I know what this looks like but I'm not a predator or anything like -"

Immediately the man began to laugh, his voice sonorous and deep. Then he shook Thom's offered hand, still grinning. His eyes - very bright green - seemed to glow with energy, which Thom felt in the timeworn palm he touched. It felt like touching a live wire, but without the lethal dose of electricity. "It's all right - I understand. Don't worry, I don't believe anything bad of you. Let's just say... I know most everyone very, very well. I'm Lucien Luca, by the way."

So... Cagey riddles run in the family? Thom summoned up another smile and a nod. He was more relieved than anything - relieved that the grandpa didn't think he was a child molester and extremely relieved that he hadn't recognized Thom's names from any newscasts or anything. It happened almost every time.

"Anyway, I'd like to go inside and have a little chat with my granddaughter, just to catch up. Would you mind terribly waiting out here? You may want to take your Pokemon to the healer, too - they seem a bit tired."

Thom nodded. Why wouldn't he be all right with that? "All right. See you later, May." May nodded to him, and Thom began to walk toward the Pokemon Center, humming a quiet tune. He was halfway in the door before it hit him. Take your Pokemon to a healer...

How does he know I even have any Pokemon!

04-19-2012, 11:10 PM
Bill Silvers and Yukiko “Crystal Frost”
Jubilife City

“Bill get up now!” a young woman shouts as she lifts up the mattress, “We are not making them wait any longer!”

Bill's body rolls off of the bed and onto the floor he groggily stands up.

“What was that for?” he says as the world slowly comes into focus.

“Your book signing is in fifteen minutes!” Yukiko said, “Get ready and get downstairs.” She left the room in a huff.

Bill took a quick shower and put on a white dress shirt, and his black suit and shoes. Then he meticulously combed his hair. He really didn't feel like listening to Crystal nag at him. She was his agent not his mother.

“Ok, let's go,” she said the moment he finished descending the stairs.

“I need to grab some breakfast,” Bill says in protest.

“Then you should have woken up earlier,” Crystal said glaring at him. Bill knew that the conversation was over and headed out to the bookstore. They hadn't opened for the day yet and so Bill knocked in the window. He was lead to his table and told to sit down. The store would be opening soon. He sat at a table next to a large cardboard cut-out of Steel Resolve's book-jacket.

It felt so surreal being surrounded by copies of a book you had written. Crystal stood next to him smiling. Bill played with the pen on the desk spinning it around.

“Act your age Silvers,” she hissed at him.

“Sorry,” Bill said as he set the pen back down. Finally the store opened and a few people wandered inside. Bill took a pokeball out of his belt and let Flicker out of her pokeball. It always put him at ease to see her idly floating by him.

Socratic Sarcasm
04-20-2012, 12:02 AM
Thomas Fisher (Human Uxie) and Sara Sage
Celestic Town
APers: Velo (all)

Thomas nodded to 'Lucien' and then to 'May', as Arceus had informed him before. Harroh never really liked him, but then again, almost none of the legends did: his job wasn't to be liked, but to do what was smart. He addressed the crowd (Sara and Cynthia had finished their discussion and walked out) including a human who he assumed May brought with her.

"I have managed to arrange for several of our friends", he hoped that Lucien and May would understand the double meaning,"to meet us at Spear Pillar for a discussion on what exactly we should do about Cyrus."

Sara looked at Thomas like he insane,"Wouldn't Arceus get, what is the colloquial term? Oh, mega-pissed?! That's the single most sacred place to the legends!"

Thomas had to stifle a giggle,"Oh, something tells me Arceus won't mind. After all, this I
is CYRUS we're talking about. " Sara hurumphed, but she didn't raise any other objections. Thomas took them to the base of Coronet: a grand total of 5 whole feet away. He made a motion for everyone to go inside for the climb. Sara laughed,"Climb? You guys can climb. I am going to cheat." Sara reached inside her hoodie and grabbed a ball,"SEE YA!", she shouted.

Euryale came out of her ball, but the instant she did, both she and Sara could sense tension. It came, somehow, because of the Hydreigon, but she wasn't the source. Both the girl and the dragon tensed.

04-20-2012, 02:36 AM
Mazi (Mesprit human)
Celestic Town
Affected RPers: Whoevers still in Celestic Town

Hearing Uxie in my head, I sighed. I was quite apparently late for yet another event that I was supposed to go to. I looked around. Behind me was my lake, to my right were a ton of trees, to my left was Twinleaf Town, and in front of me was Sangem town. I turned to my right and weaved through the trees, looking for an area where no one would see me. I closed my eyes once I found the spot, clenching my fists and imagining I was at Celestic Town. Sadly, I was placed above Jubalife city at first, on a billboard for Poketches. I punched the billboard and teleported to Celestic town.

“Sorry I’m late, the tel-I couldn’t catch a cab.” I said, eyeing the human that stood by Reshiram. I looked around, wondering where Uxie had gone. “Hey, anyone know where U-Thomas went?” I asked.

(Imma be lazy and end it there -shrugs- I’m not in the RP-ie mood atm.))

04-20-2012, 04:18 PM
ooc// There was a mistake in my last post with Azelf, so I took almost two paragraphs out of it, so it might seem weird that a load of text suddenly disappeared from my previous post.

Gabriella Dale {Jirachi}
Jubilife City
Jirachi – Human Form
Affected Characters: Nathaniel/Rayquaza (5TailedDemonLizard), Koro Naiya/Dialga (Eternal Moonlight)

When another girl who Gabi recognised approached, she also recognised her. Gabriella tried to think whether she had met either of the two from before Cyrus captured the legends, or maybe she had seen them when she was being taken to the lab to have the microchip inserted. She wasn’t sure, until she realised that they too must be legends. She didn’t have the courage to ask them straight up whether they were legendary Pokemon in disguise or not, since it would make her sound even crazier, so she went for the slightly more normal option.

“I may sound really odd saying this,” she started, once again playing with a strand of her hair, “but I seem to recognise you two. I’m honestly not sure where from, or who exactly you are, but I do.” She just hoped that neither of them ran away or called the police and asked them to take her to a mental ward or something like that.

Maxine Reynolds {Azelf}
Mt. Coronet.
Azelf – Human Form
Affected Characters: Thomas Fisher/Uxie (narphoenix), Sara Sage (narphoenix)

Max managed the journey quite quickly since she had sprinted the rest of the way. She had no trouble from other humans until she passed through Veilstone, where a group of teenagers approached her and repeatedly asked her questions about herself. Usually, Max would answer the questions happily, but she was too eager to meet up with Uxie after all this time so she pushed her way past them and continued her journey.

Once she got to Mt. Coronet she noticed Uxie and a human. She could hear them talking about something, so decided to approach them. “Thomas Fisher! I haven’t seen you in forever,” she grinned, running to his side. She hoped he would be able to recognise her; otherwise she would be embarrassing herself. She looked over at the human, taking in her appearance before she decided she could trust her if Uxie did.

04-20-2012, 06:49 PM
Samantha Silverheart
Route 216 -- by the entrance of Mt. Coronet
Human :D

Upon reaching an opening at the foot of Mt. Coronet, Sammy sat on the thick layer of snow on the ground to rest for a short while; she and her Pokemon walked -- Gale, of course, flew -- non-stop from Acuity Lakefront. After catching her breath, the Trainer looked up to get a view of the mountain. It wasn’t like how she remembered it; the mist surrounding it became thicker, but she was able to spot something that was never there before: at the top of the landform, what appears to be a red circle thing was resting. It gave her an ominous feeling; and apparently, it did the same to her Pokemon. The usually calm Solie was growling furiously; Paws who was almost always cheerful got into a terribly solemn mood with her tail straight and lying low; Gale showed no emotion, yet Sammy can feel the anger that the Braviary was keeping in. She sighed, stood up, and then prepared herself. “Guys, I don’t know what will happen inside. Maybe nothing bad yet; however, let’s all be ready just in case. But before we go in, I want everybody to compose yourselves."

“Espee,” Solie uttered briefly then she nodded. A couple of seconds later, the gray Espeon returned to her usual tranquil state.

Paws leapt onto Sammy’s right shoulder and rubbed her head against the human’s cheek, easing the feline’s troubled feelings, which caused her tail to take the form of a three-looped spring again. “Nyar, Nyar~”

Samantha turned to Gale, who remained emotionless; the rage was still there, however. “Gale,” she began speaking soothingly, “it’ll be okay; trust me.” She then rubbed the top of her Braviary’s head, hoping it’ll make him feel better.

“Braviary…”For a moment there, Sammy could swear she saw so much sadness in his eyes; however, it was immediately changed to a look of sheer determination.

The Trainer smiled. “Well, I guess everybody’s ready. Off we go, then.” She led the way into the cave-hole.

04-20-2012, 08:52 PM
lake verity
Affected characters:Nathaniel,Gabriell,Koro

Seeing no sign of her I trodded off to make sure my bike was still here.I cleaned a few fallen leaves and realized I was hungry I guess the only nearest town that actually has a restaurant is jubilife.
I sat on the bike and rode to jubilife.With only a two minute ride thanks to my speeding bike I stopped so loud that everyone turned around all the way from the back of the city to the front.
I jumped off and set it down.
I ran through the town so fast I bumped Into the sort of few people that sort of looked me over thinking "stupid Idiot..." I wanted to drop a mound of steel on their head.
I Stopped when I catched their faces.
I looked a quick glance back and walked slowly towards them.
There faces seemed quite familiar the girl with the gold hair and the markings,The boy with golden strips of hair and the punk rock look,then the other girl with the blue hair the pale skin.
They all seemed so familiar.
No doubt there legendaries I glanced at the girl with blue hair who seemed as surprised as I am. "Do I know you all,you all seem really familiar."

A quick edit realizing that gabriell and koro are with them

04-22-2012, 06:44 AM
OOC: Sorry this took so long, but I was literally typing mush by Seth and Riika's part last night and then had Prom today, sooooo, yeah. Well, at least it's up now! :)

Sakasa Yochi (Giratina) and Sophia Triste
Giratina-Human Form
Eterna City

"Well, look there! A free set of spots!" Sophia cheered as she spotted open spots at the end of a bench with two other people already on it. "Come on, Sakasa!" the tugging on his coat became insistent as the much smaller led the tall punk towards the bench where two others were located. It was the first open bench they had managed to find that would accommodate the three of them.

"Hey, slow down, Sophia!" Sakasa laughed, allowing himself to be tugged along. Some part of him wondered if this was what having friends felt like all the time--he had been an outsider most of, if not his whole life and never had them. The energy the girl gave off alone was amazing, combined with her cheer, it was something that made him feel almost like a normal human.

"But we should get there before someone else takes the seats!" the girl chirped, flopping herself down onto the bench with the bag of food in her lap. Sakasa took the spot on the end, leaving Musei to deal with the side that people were on until Sophia passed out the food they had both paid for and they proceeded to eat in silence. Then, out of the blue:

"Hey, Sophia? Have you ever seen a legendary pokemon?" He asked her. Sophia shook her head and smiled.

"I've heard of others that saw them, though." What the little girl didn’t mention, however, was that she had mostly heard these stories from pokemon rather than humans.

Riika Amano and Seth Micheals (Entei)
Entei-Human Form
Jubilife City

Seth and Riika turned their heads in the direction of the call, blank-faced. "Who is that, Seth? I don't think I've seen her before.” She didn't recognize the woman approached them, and neither did Seth, to be honest. Then again, it seemed that a lot of them had taken on human forms, and no one had taken the time to show off their human looks to the others. Hearing her nearly spill her name though, caused a smile to grow on Seth’s face.

"Ah, Prysa, what a surprise, finding you here. It's nice to see one of us—means you haven’t been caught again,” he whispered to her when Deza had caught up. With the grin still there, he turned to Riika, “This is a very old friend of mine…you could say she brought me back to life once.” When Riika’s eyes widened in disbelief, he laughed.

“Seriously? She’s seriously who I’m thinking about?” the girl asked, he nodded before turning to Deza, excuse me, Prysa, again.

“Prysa, I would like you to meet Riika Amano. She’s another close friend of mine who saved me from a very rough situation,” he said, hand instinctively reaching up to brush his fingers over Riika’s armwarmers, but stopped himself just short of actually doing it. Riika gave him a curious look, but he didn’t see it, as suddenly he was more focused on his feet. Stop it. You’ve got to stop reminding her and yourself about what she did for you. She covers them up for a reason, you should stop bringing it up, his mind hissed at him. Guilt was a heavy thing to carry.

Eternal Moonlight
04-23-2012, 09:13 PM
Koro (Dialga-Human form)
Jublilife City
Affected RPers: Quaza529, Elecii, 5TailedDemonLizard

“I may sound really odd saying this,” the girl started, causing Dia’s crimson eyes to focus on her. Now, giving her a good look, she looked even more familiar. “But I seem to recognise you two. I’m honestly not sure where from, or who exactly you are, but I do.”

This was a shocker. Not that the feeling this blonde spoke of, but that she felt it as well. Dia couldn’t deny there was something bigger at play here, but of what nature, that she couldn’t pinpoint. It could easily be a bad thing, Galactic could be everywhere looking for her, and however, that wasn’t the only possibility. No, the other legends were also out there, and so far, Dia hadn’t located a single one.

Considering the populace of even this sole region, it made sense.

Logic dictated that it was (basically) impossible to track even one.

But, then again, logic would warn against the incident’s realisation, wouldn’t it?

“It may not be as peculiar as you believe, for I feel likewise. I do not recall from where, however.” Dia replied, her gaze switching from the girl to the young man. Green and gold… that combination rang so many bells, none of which were the clincher. However, she wasn’t given much time to ponder her observation, for a new character came into play.

"Do I know you all,you all seem really familiar." He spoke after giving them all a glancing over.

Normally such a crowd would force a retreat from Dia, but this time, she stayed put, eyeing the newcomer carefully. He too brought her a familiar feeling…

04-23-2012, 11:38 PM
Jubilife city
My stomach hissed and realizing that I'm in human form so I have to eat.
I looked them over feeling awkward about leaving them alone even with this strange feeling.
Luckily I had a tiny amount of money In my pocket
They looked at me really weird eyeing me that somehow they knew me too.
Especially the girl with the blue hair they couldn't see my face giving them suspicion.
My red eyes glowed and I spoke "Hey why don't we get some lunch I'm starving."
"foods on me."

04-24-2012, 02:42 PM
Koutei {Nathaniel}
Jubilife City
Rayquaza - Human Form

The quick arrival of even more people he recognized was beginning to give Koutei a headache. Groaning slightly to himself, he took a deep breath to clear his head. "Maybe lunch isn't such a bad idea..." He said quietly, nodding to the boy in the helmet. His eyes drifted to the two females that were standing around him. Perhaps food would help him come back to his senses. He never did think very well on an empty stomach. "What do you say?" He asked, hoping they were up for it. It would be very helpful if they were...

It was strange for Koutei to be unaware of things like this. Back when it was safe, he could fly in the Ozone layer, seeing everything that the humans did below. From down on the ground, it seemed as if he knew nothing, and he couldn't see what was even just around the corner. He prayed that his instinct would lead him right today, and he wasn't in danger around these people.

Umi {Alexandra}
Jubilife City
Lugia - Human Form

Umi took a deep breath of the warm air as she stepped into Jubilife City. "Much better~!" She hummed as she walked, giggling slightly to herself. She may have lived in the bottom of the sea, but that didn't mean it was always freezing down there. The occasional warm current would flow through, and that was what she loved the most. Umi's eyes drifted over the many people walking through the streets, a soft smile on her lips. She wasn't watching where she was going and winced when she bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" She said quickly, backing up as she grabbed the boy's arm to keep him from falling over "Did I hurt you?"

Tategami {Den}
Jubilife City
Raikou - Human Form

Tategami was taken aback by the sudden collision, the wind almost knocked out of him as he stumbled back. Thank god the girl had grabbed him, or he would be on the ground.

"No, it's fine." He said, hiding a sigh of relief "I should have been watching where I was going as well."

As his eyes passed over the girl in front of him, he felt an odd sense of recognition pass over him. She looked so familiar, and he had seen her striking blue eyes before.

"Excuse me...but do I know you...?"

04-26-2012, 02:29 AM
Deza Chiming-Bell/Prysa Pyris.
Jubilife City.
Affected Characters: Seth Micheals and Riika Amano (Winter_Cherry).

"Ah, Prysa," murmured Entei - or Duke, as he preferred to be called - "what a surprise, finding you here. It's nice to see one of us—means you haven’t been caught again."

Deza tilted her head to Duke, feeling strangely both somber and ecstatic. She was extremely relieved to see Duke, as well, especially since neither Suicune or Raikou had turned up, as far as she knew. But she felt a bit surprised that Duke had actually worried about her being caught. She was about to tell him how silly that was - she'd only been caught once! - when his friend, some human girl, sidled up, making such talk impossible without bringing up really, really awkward questions.

Duke was still smiling as he turned to the girl. “This is a very old friend of mine…you could say she brought me back to life once.” Deza had to snicker at that, even though the closeness of a human made her really uncomfortable. It was fine when the silly human males gawked at her. But being so close to something so... So mortal made Deza feel almost impure.

“Seriously? She’s seriously who I’m thinking about?” asked the girl, making Deza blink. Who was she thinking about?

“Prysa, I would like you to meet Riika Amano. She’s another close friend of mine who saved me from a very rough situation,” Duke continued, not seeming to notice Deza's shock. She managed a nervy laugh and smile. "Oh, you, always getting into trouble! Where would you be without beautiful women in your life to save you, eh? Listen," she added to the girl, "I mean no offense to you, but would you mind if he and I were to have a quick, private chat? I promise it will only take a moment!"

Arceus Shining-Light/Lucien Lucia. and Harrouh Fire-Eyes/May Harlowe.
Arceus and Reshiram.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: The nearby Celestic Town people.

Once Thom had been deterred and was inside the Pokemon Center, Arceus steered her toward Uxie - 'Thomas Fisher'. Arceus kept a hand on Harrouh's shoulder, to ensure that she stayed close. On her other shoulder, a young Shinx was perched, its little eyes huge with awe as it looked at Arceus, obviously able to sense his power.

Do you know why I summoned you here? Arceus asked her, switching from the conspicuous spoken word to quiet telepathy. Harrouh's eyes narrowed as she too made the switch.

Something to do with Cyrus. Harrouh figured that was a safe assumption - and almost definitely true. Everything had to do with Cyrus these days.

But Harrouh was wrong - sort of. Partly. But mostly... It's because of Aquinas. I need your help in dealing with him. You were always the only one who could see past his lies. I need your help to peer past his words and see his motives. He's fooled me before, and the results, while sometimes good, always make me look foolish. And I can't afford to look foolish one more time, Fire-Eyes. I just... I can't.

Harrouh started to reply, but broke off as Cynthia and Aquinas's human 'friend' - a girl named Sarah Sage, just another one of the pawns in Aquinas's game - emerged from Cynthia's house. They walked toward Aquinas, who was saying, "I have managed to arrange for several of our friends to meet us at Spear Pillar for a discussion on what exactly we should do about Cyrus."

Arceus grimly wondered which 'friends' he was talking about. But more pressing was the matter of Spear Pillar. Why the hell Aquinas thought holding a council on sacred ground was a good idea was absolutely beyond Arceus. He didn't voice his objections - how could he, given the circumstances? - but he did thrust his way into Aquinas's mind and growl, Listen well, Aquinas. I will not fight you on this; it's not worth it. But this had better be the most time-effective, smooth, lie-free council you've ever held, or I will fill the waters of your lake with such a poison and a stink that not even Suicune will be able to cleanse it!

Thom Otone.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: The nearby Celestic Town people.

Thom shook his head, trying to clear Lucien's weirdness from his mind. Of course the old man knew Thom had Pokemon - May had probably told him that Thom was a Trainer! Berating himself for being so paranoid, Thom walked up to the Nurse Joy's counter. The pink-haired woman smiled at him.

"Hello," she said pleasantly. "How may I help you?"

"Most of my Pokemon are fine; they just need rest," Thom said. "Honestly, I'm having trouble remembering... Oh, yeah, Stalker! My Serperior, he got a bad burn on his side from a Rapidash. Do you have anything for that?"

The nurse nodded. "Of course!" she reached under the counter and pulled out a spray-bottle filled with a cyan-blue substance. She handed it to Thom, along with a bundle of wrapped bandages. "Here; just keep these. Spray the Burn Heal on the wound once now, and once right before bedtime until the wound stops hurting. If it gets infected, discolored, feverish, or anything like that, bring him in for medical care right away."

"Thanks!" Thom said. Ignoring curious stares from the native Sinnoh-oids, who had never seen a Serperior before, Thom released Stalker from his Pokeball. The grass snake flexed his muscles, his scales rustling like leaves. "Let me see the burn," Thom told him. Stalker turned obediently, revealing the patch of blistered red skin where his scales had been singed off, right below his ribs. Thom winced sympathetically. Muttering for Stalker to brace himself, Thom sprayed the medicine on the burn, feeling Stalker's muscles tightening as the stinging medicine touched the tender flesh. Thom wrapped the bandage around him and slipped both the other bandages and the Burn Heal into his bag. In a moment, Thom and Stalker were on their way.

Thom saw the others - or at least May - standing near the base of Mount Coronet; he ran forward, coming into earshot in the middle of the conversation. One of them - a girl about Thom's age - seemed to be talking about cheating not climbing. She lifted a Pokeball, and the the red flash came -

And then Thom was back in time.

Roaring. Screaming. Lightning and fire. Blood. Accusations: Traitor! Usurper! The boy he'd called enemy fighting beside him, calling a reassurance: "Just one more Blizzard, Vanilluxe, and you can rest as long as you want, I promise!"

Looking back, the dreadful fight. The dragon floating, three sets of bloodied jaws snapping and flailing and chomping at air, trying to grab and rip and tear any flesh it could find. The Serperior, wrapped around the roaring dragon, strangling its necks, cutting off its air, slowly wrestling it into unconsciousness.

One last roar.

One last scream.


For a moment Thom had really been there, within his own memory, as if some whimsy of Dialga had sent him spinning back through time and forced him into that day again. But what he saw in front of him was far more horrible than being stranded in memory. The beast was real.

It must have been some twitch of the Hydregion's muscles that did it. Some motion that it made, perhaps the slight curl of its lip, the flash of its teeth, as it sniffed at the air as though sensing danger. Because there was no other logical reason why Stalker would have gone from being paralyzed by memory, just like Thom, to flying forward, fangs exposed, looking ready to strike and draw rivers of blood.

"STALKER NO!" Thom cried, trying to prevent a Poke-murder and shoving aside his conflicted feelings. Thom leaped, grabbing Stalker, wrapping his arms around his neck. May was there, too, behind him, clutching at Stalker's bandage. Lucien was trying to shove Stalker's head down, whispering something forcefully in his ear. Over the sound of his Serperior's hissing shrieks of rage, Thom cried, "I don't know if my Serperior can kill your Hydregion but he's damn well trying! So unless you want it maimed or dead I suggest you put that f-cking monster back in its Pokeball where it belongs!"

Socratic Sarcasm
04-26-2012, 04:07 PM
Thomas Fisher (Uxie) and Sara Sage
Celestic Town
ARPers: Celestic Peoples

Sara Sage was many things, but she was not stupid.

Therefore, when a Serperior attempted to attack Euryale, the Hydreigon was in her ball faster than a breath. But Sara was not meek, taking whatever was thrown at her. No, not in the slightest. Thus, when Thom Otone had the nerve to call Euryale a "f**king monster" after his Serperior attacked her without provocation, Sara decided on a conversation.

"Fu**ing monster?! The only fu**ing monster in this scenario, Thom Otone, is the one that attacked Euryale with lethal intent, for no good reason! Now Thom, I am going to be merciful exactly once. I am going to send out Vital. Now I hope you don't have some deep-rooted psychological trauma about a Reuniclus, because so help me: if Vital catches A hostile thought about ANY of my friends from ANY of yours... By the time I'm finished with you seven, you will not be able to distinguish one bloody chunk from its many clones. Do I make my self clear, Thom Otone?!"

To emphasize her point, Sara made good on her first part of her promise; it took a second after she finished her speech for Sara to send out Vital, her Reuniclus. Vital was quickly made to understand the situation through telepathy.

Of course, Aquinas would have helped, but he a) evaluated the situation as under control, and b) he had politics to deal with. Arceus was pissed; it may have had to do the fact that Aquinas did not care how Arceus looked in front of everyone else: if he looked like a fool, that was his fault. Of course, Lucien was still perfectly capable of annihilating Uxie where he stood, but he wouldn't: Aquinas was protected by the sheer difficulty and necessity of his work. The legends' court could very easily collapse without him maneuvering. Of course, he never shared details he didn't have to with anyone, Arceus included, so Arceus never knew just how much Uxie did.

Thomas decided to telepath back to Arceus,<Most time-efficient and smooth meeting ever? Those are going to be tough records to beat, Arceus: I'm always time efficient and smooth. Lie-free will be easy; I give my word that will not deliberately utter a single falsehood during the entire meeting.> This was not a lie: a falsehood uttered intentionally would be spotted by Harroh in an instant, but Aquinas did not intend, of course, on full disclosure.

Thomas had a happier thing to discuss,"People! I want you to meet my sisters, Maxine Reynolds," he gestured to Azelf's human form and telepathed Azelf's identity to the present legends,"and... one moment... MAZI!" he screamed across to Celestic,"and Mazi." he telepathed her identity as well to those to be privy.

Sara did not even look up from glaring at Thomas and Stalker before or while questioning,"How come Maxine has a different last name than you?"

Thomas laughed in his head about how didn't need to lie,"Our mother is the community bicycle. Whenever anyone wants a ride... But no matter! All that matters is that my sisters are here!" Thomas was genuinely happy that his sisters were here; they were allowed to know anything they asked: they could keep their tongues and minds in control and would trust and love him no matter what.

05-01-2012, 05:04 PM
ooc// I'm really, really sorry for disappearing but my life got really busy and therefore I couldn’t find any time to come on. I’ll also be gone from Friday – Monday this week which means I won’t be posting on those days unless I can get wifi or actually find time during those days. Apologies in advance.

Trinity Hart & Jake Wood {Latios}
Eterna City
Latios – Human Form
Affected Characters: Sakasa Yochi/Giratina (Winter_Cherry), Sophia Triste (Winter_Cherry)

Trinity and Jake were quietly chatting to each other when two more humans sat down to the other side of the bench. The two other humans were eating their lunch. Jake noticed something strange about the presence of the male made Jake wonder whether he was really human, or actually a legendary in disguise himself. He debated in his mind whether to send a telepathic message to him to ask him when he felt Trinity nudge him.

Being so caught up in his silent debate, Jake had completely missed Trinity’s question. “I said,” she started, “you told me earlier that you had met Latias, right?” Jake nodded. “Well, when did you meet her? And what was it like? Was Latios there too?”

Jake coughed to cover his laugh at the last question. ‘If only she knew...’ he thought. Trinity was staring at him expectantly, so he decided to answer he many questions. “Well, I was only young and out in Eterna Woods when I saw a red and white shape whizz past. Intrigued, I followed it to behind a group of trees. Latias saw me and we stayed staring at each other in silence for a while before she quickly left.” Trinity smiled. “And no, Latios wasn’t there,” he added.

“I bet he’s awesome, just like you,” she grinned. Jake didn’t manage to cover his laugh up with a cough this time, and Trinity stared at him like he was an alien. “What’s so funny?” she asked. Jake just shook his head, incapable of speech due to laughing so hard. “Tell me, Jake!” Trinity demanded.

After he had finally calmed down, Jake said, “It was nothing, I was just laughing at the fact that you compared me to a legendary Pokemon.” Satisfied with his answer, Trinity grinned the looked over to the humans on the other side of the bench, watching them and eavesdropping on their conversation.

Gabriella Dale {Jirachi}
Jubilife City
Jirachi – Human Form
Affected Characters: Nathaniel/Rayquaza (5TailedDemonLizard), Koro Naiya/Dialga (Eternal Moonlight), Tecno/Registeel (Quaza529)

There were four in the group by now, including Gabi, and she seemed to recognise all of the other three. She knew she didn’t recognise any of them as humans, she had never seen any humans who looked like the other three, but she recognised all of them.

Then it hit her – they must all be legendaries.

Gabi tried to think of a subtle way to indicate that she was in fact a legendary Pokemon, but he thoughts were cut off when she heard one of them offer lunch. She was definitely up for some lunch, and it being paid for by the other boy would help her even more considering she had only a little amount of money left.

“I’m up for lunch,” she said, in a barely audible voice. Even though she was almost certain the group were all legendary Pokemon, she was still slightly nervous since she had no idea whether they could be one of the Pokemon who she had fallen out with or gotten in a huge fight with in her time.

Maxine Reynolds {Azelf}
Celestic Town
Azelf – Human Form
Affected Characters: Thomas Fisher/Uxie (narphoenix), Sara Sage (narphoenix), Lucien Lucia/Arceus (Velocity), May Harlowe/Reshiram (Velocity), Thom Otone (Velocity)

Maxine grinned at everyone around her. When Aquinas’, or Thomas as she should call him now, human friend asked why the two had different last names than each other, she was worried that they may be caught out until Thomas managed to think of a lie, and rather quickly she may add.

Max was happy to be reunited with her brother once again. She had been dreading spending her life alone once again, like she had done many times in the past. Now she was back with her brother (and sister, although she wasn’t sure where Mesprit had got to) she couldn’t have been happier.

Max was now wondering who the other legends in the group were, so decided to ask Aquinas using telepathy. <Aquinas, I was just wondering of the identities of the other legends in the group.>

05-04-2012, 03:57 AM
Riika Amano and Seth Micheals (Entei)
Entei-Human Form
Jubilife City
ARPers: Prysa Pyris (Velocity)

Seth gave a jerk when Prysa said "beautiful", but otherwise, he didn't seem to pay too much attention to what she said, not really. He was still too busy mentally berating himself. At this, Riika placed a hand on his shoulder. "You alright, D-Seth?" She shook her head at the almost slip-up, noting how the entire time, Prysa (or Ho-oh, if his joke had been seriously alluding to the legends she was pretty sure were correct) seemed to be acting nervous. Finally, Seth looked over at her and nodded.

"I'm fine," he assured her, and then Prysa had to ask if she would leave them alone for a moment. Bad idea. Really bad idea, considering Riika seemed to consider it her job to be his bodyguard. Beside him, the girl straightened up, glaring fiercely at the woman before them and brushed a few strands of red out of her face. This would be headed for disaster if he didn't intervene.

"Excuse me, but--"

"Riika," Seth cut in gently "weren't we going to get lunch? Why don't you go on ahead and get something for us, please? I'll wait here with Prysa. If something happens, I'll call for you, I promise," he said, sounding almost tired. Riika gave him a look that seemed torn, but with another gentle, assuring "I'll be fine," and a roll of his eyes, she began walking away, glancing backward at them at regular intervals. He saw her do it once before he turned his attention back to Prysa. "You didn't have to do that, she's known me for three years, Prysa, and she's a bit touchy. Especially about me since I told her everything that's going on." He couldn't help but smile mentally at the memory of figuring out how to go about getting her phone number and calling it. Ericka, her twin, had nearly flipped her lid when he told her it was him calling, wanting to ask too many questions he didn't know the answers to. It had taken him forever for him to get her to calm down long enough to explain that he couldn't tell the breeder too much, but he needed to see Riika--and Riika had come, ready to help again. He wasn't sure if he was more happy or bothered by that fact.

Sakasa Yochi (Giratina) and Sophia Triste
Giratina-Human Form
Eterna City
ARPers: Trinity Hart and Jake Wood (Elecii)

While the pair had not been talking much, they didn't seem too wrapped up in what the two next to them were saying, made more apparent as Sophia looked up from the sandwich she had been eating and asked "What about you, Sakasa?"

The Giratina in human form looked up curiously, finished chewing a bit of his own sandwich and swallowed. "What about what?"

"You asked me if I had ever seen a legendary pokemon--what about you?" The question caught him off guard, and he honestly had no idea what prompted him to spin the tale that flew from his mouth then.

"Oh, have I? Yeah. Dialga and Palkia." He said simply, Sophia's mouth fell open.

"How can you downplay something like that?!" The little girl demanded to know. Beside, her, Musei seemed to be looking at the girl in curiosity.

"Because it wasn't very special. They were fighting." Sophia blinked, tilting her head at him.

"Really?" Yeah, helping toss me into the distortion world where I could rot away-- Sakasa bit back the truth sharply.

"Yeah. but I don't really like talking about it," he murmured, glancing away to look at the pair beside them on the bench.

05-06-2012, 07:53 PM
Deza Chiming-Bell/Prysa Pyris.
Jubilife City.
Affected Characters: Seth Micheals and Riika Amano (Winter_Cherry).

Deza tilted her head questioningly at Duke as she noticed his preoccupation. What was his problem? The strange girl placed a hand on his shoulder, asking if he was all right, and Deza wondered at that. How could he stand being touched by a mortal?

Duke seemed to take it rather in stride. "I'm fine," he replied. Deza asked her question, feeling rather happy with how politely she'd addressed the human, despite her disdain. But the girl wasn't happy or polite at all. Her gaze was trying to burn holes in Deza's own eyes.

"Excuse me, but--"

Duke cut in in the nick of time. "Riika, weren't we going to get lunch? Why don't you go on ahead and get something for us, please? I'll wait here with Prysa. If something happens, I'll call for you, I promise," he said, his voice not only calm, but gentle too. When the girl glanced at Deza uncertainly, Duke added, "I'll be fine." The girl nodded and walked away, though she continued to glance back at Duke and Deza as though she expected Deza to whip out a gun or something. Duke looked minorly annoyed.

"Impudent mortal," Deza began with a haughty sniff, but Duke cut her off.

"You didn't have to do that, she's known me for three years, Prysa, and she's a bit touchy. Especially about me since I told her everything that's going on."

Deza whirled on Duke. "You told her? That's what I was worried about! For Arceus's sake, don't you realize how much trouble that could get us in? What if she sells us out? Have you even thought of that?"

Arceus Shining-Light/Lucien Lucia, Harrouh Fire-Eyes/May Harlowe, and Thom Otone.
Arceus, Reshiram, and boy.
Celestic Town.
Affected Characters: The nearby Celestic Town people.

The Hydregion's retreat into its Pokeball had a profound effect on Stalker. All the tension and anger in the Serperior's body, not to mention the forward motion, stopped instantly. Stalker went about as limp as he could get without falling over, and as Thom tentatively let go of Stalker and moved to see his Pokemon's face, the rage was gone, replaced by devastation and grief. May appeared, too, and Lucien stepped back to give the two of them some space.

"Oh, Stalker," Thom muttered, his chest tightening with pain. May looked similarly stricken, and she kept glancing over her shoulder, looking nervous and guilty. As she looked, she suddenly flinched, tensing. "Thom. Behind you."

Thom turned, confused at first. He saw May and Lucien and that weird guy with the gray skin and the glasses and oharceuswhatisshedoingtooclosetooclose -

"Fu-king monster?! The only fu-king monster in this scenario, Thom Otone, is the one that attacked Euryale with lethal intent, for no good reason! Now Thom, I am going to be merciful exactly once. I am going to send out Vital. Now I hope you don't have some deep-rooted psychological trauma about a Reuniclus, because so help me: if Vital catches a hostile thought about any of my friends from any of yours... By the time I'm finished with you seven, you will not be able to distinguish one bloody chunk from its many clones. Do I make my self clear, Thom Otone?!"

Thom's reaction to the girl went something like this: "Nyeghgetoffmeplease," and then "Excuse me." and then "A Reuniclus? You're kidding, right?" and then "Haha you're serious you have no idea who you're dealing with."

As the girl tiraded, May watched nervously, trying to step in and interfere. But Lucien put a hand on her shoulder. "I do not think he wants help at this time. Wait, and see what he does. He does not seem too afraid of her."

Lucien's judgment was spot-on. Thom had to admit, the girl's yelling and rage was a bit intimidating, but she wasn't downright terrifying like some of the other people Thom had met. Stalker seemed to bristle a little, more agitated at his Trainer's treatment than the insults to himself, but Thom quietened him by returning him to his Pokeball. Stalker was never completely stable and the Hydregion's appearance had upset him badly; Thom didn't want another attempted murder on his hands. Then he faced the girl, holding himself as tall as he could, making the most of his two-inch advantage. Speaking carefully, he said, "Listen. I can stand insults to myself, but never to my Pokemon. I am fully aware that calling your Hydregion a monster of any kind was stupid and ridiculously uncalled for, and I'm certainly not saying Stalker should have attacked anyone. And if it's a battle you want, fine, I'll give you a battle any time you like. But I'll have you know that Stalker happens to be the bravest Serperior on the planet, and he also happens to have, not so long ago, saved a way of life that you rather seem to be enjoying, so -"

"Oh Thom we don't need to mention ways of life now do we?" May stepped forward, her voice rapid and anxious. "Listen, can't you two just... Fight later? We've kind of got a situation."

"Yes," Lucien agreed, stepping forward. He was no longer content to watch the fight go on; if he let it continue, he expected that things would come to light that would cause dissent and anger among the entire, already volatile, group. He continued to give orders, letting his natural air of authority resonate in his voice. "We have other problems, other threats, that must be focused on. I will not tolerate dissent when we need to be united. The two of you will stay away from each other, unless you can reconcile your differences. You will keep the Serperior and the Hydregion in their respective Pokeballs when you are in the others' presence. Am I clear?"

Thom nodded, feeling both sullen and ashamed. He wasn't too happy about having to keep Stalker cooped up, but he wasn't interested in starting any fights with anyone. May touched his shoulder gently, smiling sadly. He didn't know it, but the little girl felt the pain that the sight of the Hydregion had stirred in Thom's chest.

Meanwhile, Dark was growing bored. He clambered off May's shoulder and padded boldly up to the Reuniclus before him. The Pokemon was completely unfamiliar, and very strange-smelling. "Hello," he addressed it. "I'm called Dark. Want to play?"

Eternal Moonlight
05-09-2012, 08:05 AM
Koro (Dialga-Human form)
Jublilife City
Affected RPers: Quaza529, Elecii, 5TailedDemonLizard

To be honest, Dia was no longer uncomfortable. With these strange humans, she felt more at home despite how bizarre it really seemed. Saying she was herself though would be a terrible stretch, but this was as close as it had been. Maybe there really was something more to these people then met the eye…

Then came the offer for lunch. Dia was slightly hesitant despite the slow realisation that washed over her. This could still become a bad situation, although leaving made her heart ache. Something somewhere told her to stay. With a silent sigh, she slowly nodded.

“I accept your offer,” it was stable, maybe a little too dry considering the situation. She then waited for another to speak, not knowing exactly wait to suggest. Besides, it wasn’t her paying, which was an appreciated change…

00C: So short DX

05-09-2012, 04:36 PM
OOC:I wanted a restaurant name but couldn't think of any.
Jubilife city
"Excellent!"I spoke out after they all agreed.I flicked my eyes to the left as three men with cloaks searched around the area.
I knew who they were team galactic grunts, I better hurry this up I thought.
"Lets go then I have some stuff to tell you."As I lead them to a restaurant."How did they find me so fast ." I mumbled quietly to myself hoping no one could hear.
I walked through the door to be greeted by a waiter.
"Hello," the waiter said with a positive expression "Let me show you to your seats."

05-09-2012, 05:51 PM
Koutei {Nathaniel}
Jubilife City
Rayquaza - Human Form
ARPs: Quaza529, Eternal Moonlight, Elecii

Nathaniel followed the boy a few feet back, his hands resting in his pockets as he glanced around uneasily. His eyes darted from the boy in front of him to the two girls walking beside him. The nagging in the back of his mind made him slightly uncomfortable, and he wanted to know who they were as soon as he could. It had been much easier when he was a lengendary, and it was easy to tell normal pokemon from the great behemoths and fairy-like "gods" that ruled the various aspects of life. He could barely tell humans apart.

Once they were at the restaurant, he was even more nervous. They were surrounded by humans, and in close quarters with a lot of them. When he finally sat down he turned his attention to the other three.

"So..." He said, his voice low "Who are you...? Really."

Umi {Alexandra}
Jubilife City
Lugia - Human Form

"O-Oh...no." Umi said quickly "No, I don't believe we've met before."

She swallowed the lump in her throat as she brushed herself off, more to waste time than to actually get herself clean. She brushed some of her white from her face, her blue eyes running over the boy a few times. Was he safe...? Would he find out her secret...?

"I'm Um...Alexandra." She cursed herself silently, knowing she almost let slip her real name. Not that it would really matter to humans. They simply knew her as Lugia. But she still felt as if it was a part of her she had to keep quiet about.

Tategami {Den}
Jubilife City
Raikou - Human Form

Tategami cocked his head to the side slightly as the girl stuttered, one of his eyebrows raising in question. She seemed so nervous around him already, and they had only just met. He didn't make people THAT uncomfortable did he?

Letting out a sigh, he attempted to correct any previous misconceptions she had about his character "I'm very sorry if I startled you..." He said "I shouldn't have asked something like that of someone I don't really know. I guess it isn't one of my good traits."

He rubbed the back of his head with a slight chuckle before holding out his hand for her to shake "I'm Den, nice to meet ya."

05-11-2012, 07:16 PM
Jubilife city
It came to a shock when The boy asked first but I quickly went along.
"Why,so you asked first but thats what I came here to tell you."I whispered unannounced
"Do you know registeel the legendary of steel." I glared at the boy as my eyes flared up.
"But of course you probably know him because....we just met."I smiled "Or have we met already..."
I peeked from the window with a slight dismay.
"Now that you know who I am."I pointed out the window."Im running from those three.
The three people searched wildly knocking down pedestrians and taking notes."Those guys are my problem."
"You can tell anyone now who are you."As i said that the waitress came by but she had a electric blue hair.
"There here we go."

05-12-2012, 02:54 PM

The small blue eyes peered out through a tree blossoming with bright purple flowers. He had been hiding in the outsides of the meadow for a while now, enjoying the small amounts of people, who went softly around doing their work. He wasn't one to be careful and had almost been caught several times. However he managed to stay out of trouble, thanks to his teleporting abilities. He sniffed a flower that was being held in his palm. He shuffled around and rearranged himself.

A small human pulled his mom over to a tree where flowers began suddenly falling to the ground, provoked by a shuffling in the trees. They peered up through the leaves, but there was nobody there.

Suddenly a human body emerged from a hidden back alley. He was dressed casually, in a grey v-neck and bright blue shorts. He ran his fingers through his hair and pollen and petals fell to the ground. Then he slowly merged into the crowd and marched his way forward.

05-12-2012, 10:09 PM
Luna Stellar - Cresselia
Eterna City
Cresselia - Human Form
Affected Characters: Trinity Hart, Jake Wood (Latios), Sakasa Yochi (Giritina), and Sophia Triste

The sun felt warm against Luna's pale skin as she tossed and turned in a pile of flowers near some park benches. She never felt comfortable out in the sun. Everything seemed so... warm. Frustrated, she pushed herself up with what little strength she had in her frail arms and scooted over to the shade of a tree, relaxing on the rough bark. Being human wasn't easy for Luna... especially since being human wasn't her forte. She was actually the world renowned Cresselia - The Lunar Goddess.

Luna sighed under her breath. The world felt so different in this feeble perspective. The days of roaming the skies at night, floating through the endless clouds, touching the stars, and kissing the moon were over with. A subtle tear stroked her cheek downwards as she felt the color drain from her face. Depressed and in remorse she spoke softly to herself, dragging her right knee to her chest in doing so, "Why... why must fate come to this? I miss being free... my freedom was my everything. Oh, Arceus... where is Darkrai..." she whispered, brushing the tear off her face. As she was about to stand and leave her position on the tree, she couldn't help but overhear a group of people on a bench in front of her, only a few feet away, stammering on about Latios, Latias, Dialga, and Palkia. She scoffed quietly, "I never knew Dialga and Palkia to never be fighting... more or less ever be in peace. I wonder when he saw them. They don't fight so openly..." Luna murmured, now intrigued in the group - her pale, yellow eyes casting a gleam of interest.

Watt Current - Zapdos
Jubilife City
Zapdos - Human Form
Affected Characters: Umi/Alexandra (Lugia) and Tategami/Den (Raikou)
The wind blew softly behind an obviously irked man (not to mention possible threat to anyone passing by). The man's yellow and black hair seemed to stick together without moving. Even with the wind blowing it was as if his hair was glued together (more like, electrically charged to stick together in their wild frenzy). That man was Zapdos - or, what resembled him. Nowadays, since his "escape" from Cyrus' control he had been going by his false persona, Watt Current (if his name wasn't obvious enough get this - his gloves are electric-proof so that he doesn't shock anyone when he's blaring). No matter however, he was on a mission to find Cyrus and rip him a new one.

Watt began to feel fatigued after a while of searching around the entrance of Jubilife City for Cyrus or any of his goons, "Figures. When I TRY to find them they aren't there BUT when I DON'T try they find ME." Watt growled behind his clenched teeth, in return clenching his fists. The closest target into releasing his anger was a helpless tree perched beside him. In blind anger, he turned, cocked his left arm back and rammed his fist into the rough bark causing a surge of hidden electricity to shake the branches - causing leaves to fall and Starly to flap about in a crazed sensation, their hearts racing from the sudden jolt. They cawed wildly at Watt, screeching at him. There must have been about ten Starly but no matter, Watt only glared and cracked his knuckles with a grin, "Wanna go, pheasants? I can take you without even trying!" he blared, taking a few steps back to get a good view of the obviously angry Starly.

The birds were taken aback by his sudden outburst. This definitely wasn't any sane man but some deranged child with a death-wish. The Starly cawed to one another and fluttered away, sparing the Zapdos-in-disguise. Watt spat at the ground, crossing his arms and brushing his left hand through his properly electrocuted hair, "Damn, I never get any fun in this body..." he growled, turning around and kicking a loose stone near two unsuspecting pedestrians. But wait - Watt felt something strange boil in his chest as his grey eyes fell upon a maiden with black and, what's this? She has streaks of white in her hair? In Watt's travels he never felt so close to another human as he did her. Who was she? But, wait, there was another with her. A man with blonde hair, such as himself. Suddenly something went off in Watt's eyes. He could see an aura of electricity spiraling around this boy. Subtle and alluring. This current only resonated off of his electric brethren, so why did this boy have the same electrical signature as his companion, Raikou? With a smirk, Watt stumbled a little closer to the two, hoping to take a better look at the duo.

Ariel Thompson
Jubilife City
Affected Characters: N/A (unless anyone would like to interact)

Ariel walked about silently around Jubilife City. It was ten years ago when she walked these streets. Her blue, braided pigtails bounced on her orange dressy-vest as she looked from shop to shop. She hadn't seen a city as over-populated as this one. It was astonishing how vibrant the towers gleamed above the city-folk's heads and how brilliant the flying types spiraled around the monstrous beasts as if they were obstacles. It was awe-inspiring how the Pokemon actually enjoyed these metal heaps, "Wow... this place is even bigger than I remember..." she whispered under breathless air.

05-21-2012, 01:35 AM
Hamilton 'Ham' Yorkson
Canalave City
Affected Characters: None

Ham slowly lifted up the heavy pile of papers, making sure he didn't accidentally drop them into the nearby ocean, and walked from his small table to the Pokemon Center. His Beautifly, Julius, was right next to him.

“No use,” Ham said, “We've been at this for days, and no ones offered any tips or maps on how to get out of here.”

By 'here' he meant out of Canalave City, which he had just arrived to a week ago. When he went out to Route 218 he couldn't get across, because of the water. Ham didn't have any water-type Pokemon, and his flying steed, Laura, didn't know where to go.

So here he was, trying to get a map, which no one would let him have since they didn't trust new arrivals, and the map in the Pokemon Center had to be taken down for repairing. The papers that he so diligently protecting from the water was for advertising the gym in the city, but since he didn't know anything about it, he wasn't getting much money.

“What do you think, Jul? Should we give up and swim?”

The Beautifly simply turned his head, seeming to pout.

“Spoiled little brat,” but Ham was smiling at his arrogant Pokemon, who he knew would rather die than be caught swimming.

So Ham was alone, in Canalave City, with no one to help him.