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This thread is open to questions (alternatively, you can PM me as well)...And I may add information on subjects if they are asked. I will include a FAQ :)

What You Need to Know About Sonic
Brief History of Sega

I know you didn’t come for a history lesson. I am aware how boring they can be, as well. However, I firmly believe that it is important to know at least a little about the company behind the hog, which is why this exists. I will keep it brief, simple, and if I can, humorous. If you really don't want to read about this, just skip down to the next part...AKA the truly important part!

Strap in, kiddies. We’ve gotta go fast!

Starting as the company Service Games in Hawaii, founded in 1940, Service Games distributed coin operated amusement-type games (like jukeboxes) after being moved to Tokyo, Japan and soon began to deliver them to American military bases situated in Japan. Another company, Rosen Enterprises, later developed and became Service Games’ only competition. Rather than fight, however, the two merged, forming Sega Enterprises (Service Games. Clever, aren’t they?).

Sega was Nintendo’s intense rival. The company released a total of five consoles; the SG-1000, the Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, and the final entry being the Sega Dreamcast. Now, I will only cite the Genesis and Dreamcast, and what they accomplished for video games everywhere (for this is just good lore to know for any gamer!).

The Genesis (Mega Drive in Japan) established four important things. It was able to connect online to download services via the Sega Channel, which had only been done once before by another company. Due to some of the games released on this console – like Mortal Kombat – it forced Sega to create the Videogame Rating Council in 1993, which did not last until 1994 due to the ESRB (AKA the ones behind those little tags on the front of every game) being formed. However, it was a very important step and provided a good basis for the ESRB to form. Relating to games, the Genesis was backwards compatible with the previous system – the Master System…And, most importantly, was the console Sonic the Hedgehog made his debut.

As for the other system – Dreamcast – it had a short, short life…But a meaningful one. It was Sega’s last console, but it established several important milestones which would be seen in later competitive consoles. It was the first to be shipped with a modem which allowed the player to connect to the internet and play games on servers. It had games that featured the first on-line voice chat, the first virtual pet, downloadable content, and also popularized cel-shaded graphics.

It was the first entry into the sixth generation of game consoles. For the briefest of moments, there were not three systems, but four. The Dreamcast, the Playstation 2, the Nintendo Gamecube, and the Xbox. However, the Dreamcast was discontinued before the Gamecube and Xbox were released. Try telling THAT to your friends and watch them stare in disbelief. It’s fun, trust me.

Now onto, well, what you need to know

Sonic the Hedgehog – Blue hedgehog and star of the series. He is the hero, and arch nemesis of Dr. Robotnik. Cocky and arrogant, he has a heart of gold and will rescue someone the moment they need it…Even if he’s taunting the enemy while doing so. He has super speed capable of over Mach 1 (around 760 MPH or so), is incredibly durable and athletic, and his spines can be either flexible or sharp as saw blades…Allowing him to dispatch robots with ease. In the original games, he was saving the animals Robotnik had captured (apparently animals make great batteries. I imagine that the bunnies were the best!) and in the end thwarting the genius’ attempts at world conquest. In later games, he stops Robotnik or the giant monsters he unleashes onto the world, usually through a super transformation with the Chaos Emeralds not unlike the Super Saiyan transformations from DragonBall Z. Last but not least, Sonic doesn’t take Robotnik seriously, treating the attempts to conquer the world more like a game than an actual threat.

Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman) – The fat man with the stash and an IQ of over 300! Dr. Robotnik in the original games, now known as Dr. Eggman in modern ones, he is…Quite the trooper. He kidnaps animals, sticks them in robots, and tries to conquer the world. When that fails, he comes out to challenge Sonic himself in one of his many mechanical monstrosities (although, given, some are more dangerous than others…). He seems to have incredible durability, surviving all of his defeats with relatively little damage, and can eat an entire sub sandwich in two bites (I am NOT kidding guys)! That being said, in recent games he isn’t nearly as much of a threat because the monsters he unleashed turned against him…But the whole problem wouldn’t have started if he’d just left them alone! One of his greatest flaws is his overconfidence – he could have finished Sonic off a few times yet he didn’t, instead choosing to gloat…Which led to his defeats.

Chaos Emeralds – Seven jewels of power. Despite being called “emeralds”, only one of them is actually green – the others are white, cyan, blue, red, green, yellow, and violet. They are very powerful, and can be used as a source of power or a way to initiate abilities centered around Chaos Energy, which is what the emeralds are powered with and is, indeed, chaotic. There exists two types; positive energy is generally what the good guys use and is used for more peaceful means. Negative is darker, and is more destructive. The technique Chaos Control, for instance, uses positive and warps time and space. Another example is the attack Chaos Blast, which is negative and is a giant explosion of energy (Big boom = Fun in my logic). In general, the Chaos Emeralds are attracted to each other, glowing brighter the closer you get.

Master Emerald – This gigantic, green emerald is a beautiful thing. Residing on top of Angel Island and sustaining the island’s ability to float, it was guarded by a tribe of echidna, the last of which is Knuckles. The Master Emerald is so powerful, is it in fact the one that can control the Chaos Emeralds. It can stop them from activating or shut them down if they already were. For a long time, it even held Chaos, the God of Destruction within it. While the Master Emerald can and has been shattered, it is able to be reformed if all the pieces are put back together. Strangely enough, despite its power, no one has ever used it to transform…And since the Master Emerald seems to have some sort of sentience, it raises many questions.

Angel Island – This floating, mystical island is home to only the destroyed Echidna Tribe. Which means, it’s home to only Knuckles. What a sad, sad fate. Let us take a moment to remember. …Okay, moment done. Angel Island is where the Chaos Emeralds also used to reside, but the shrine has since been destroyed – more or less – and the Chaos Emeralds find themselves scattered. The Master Emerald remains on the island, which keeps it floating. As such, Angel Island often changes position, and it is never in one place for long. It’s said it was grounded long ago, but when the leader of the Echidna Tribe incurred the wrath of Chaos (please note he absorbed the Chaos Emeralds at this time), his daughter had to seal herself and Chaos inside the Master Emerald…But, with the Chaos Emeralds scattered, they could not balance the Master Emerald, and its power sent the island into the air. Talk about a face lift for the planet…

Central City – The capital city of Sonic’s world, it also houses a strong presence of the organization G.U.N. in the games (and you thought the team was made up!) . It has had two disasters so far – its large district, Station Square, was flooded by Chaos…And Central City itself was destroyed in one of the dark endings of one of the games (in a similar way to the movie Independence Day, no less!) thanks to a super weapon. Seriously. I hope you have very good home and life insurance if you live here. You are going to need it.

Death Egg – In a galaxy, far far aw- wait, this isn’t Star Wars? Consarnit guys, tell me next time? Le sigh…Anyway…The Death Egg is quite obviously inspired by the Stars Wars Death Star. It has two round sockets for eyes, a giant mustache, and a grin on it…All to resemble Dr. Robotnik. Makes him sound a bit conceited, huh? Unlike Star Wars, the first one didn’t have an insane laser on it. However, another Death Egg (yes, he built more than one!) later on did come equipped with one called the Final Egg Blaster. The Death Egg in any incarnation had a lot of weapons and robots to defend it, yet Sonic still managed to destroy them in speedy fashion. And that, my friends, is no yolk.

Sources: Wikipedia, Sonic Wiki, Grassy_Aggron’s knowledge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to know anything about Sonic to join the RP?
A: Heaven's no! You really don't need to know anything...And what could be useful is written up there. You never know when a little lore will come in handy!

Q: Why isn't *insert something here* up there?
A: I put only what I thought was appropriate. Remember, the WAR is 80% Pokemon, 20% Sonic at most...Putting anymore would overwhelm. Besides, any canon characters added will most likely have their history in the sign up. No need to reiterate here, unless there is high demand!

Q: Wait, Sonic is "over Mach 1"? What's his top speed?
A: It has never been stated what his actual top speed is. However, since the game Unleashed measured your speed when you passed a checkpoint, and I believe (emphasis on believe) that the top speed was around 2500 MPH or so. Thus, it would be logical to assume that his top speed is currently around Mach 3, although one game hints he can run around 3800 MPH. Which also means no one should be faster than him, because he IS the "fastest thing alive" :P In some instances, he might be able to go as fast as light...But once more, only hints. Until Sega gives a clear answer, we can only guess. But one thing is for certain - he's getting faster as he ages!

More will come as they are asked!