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Dr Robotnik
06-03-2012, 01:32 AM

Over the past few months, Pokemon trainers in every region have been noticing more strange news reports with similar stories. A Pokemon trainer attacked by machines of some kind in a forest and having their Pokemon kidnapped, only to find them badly injured nearby. The police and individual trainers eventually began exploring these areas to learn just what was going on, the police suspecting their region's respective team of villains. Encountering a combination of robotic Pokemon and more complex machines, the groups found a swirling vortex of energy near where the stolen Pokemon appeared in each of the areas.

Across the multiverse, the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik's latest plan to conquer the world had led him to create a device powered by the ultimate power sources of his world, the Chaos Emeralds. The device created a wormhole through which he could send his many mechanical servants to capture the native Pokemon and create mechanical copies bent to his will. But like all of Robotnik's plans, he was ill prepared for his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, and the evil genius quickly found his machine overloading and the Chaos Emeralds scattered across the globe. Unlike his previous machines that snapped the world back to the way it had been regardless of what havoc he had unleashed, the overloading of the wormhole generator caused the two worlds to be smashed together; bits of the Pokemon world's cities and parts of the world of Sonic the Hedgehog were forced to combine-- including the home lab of the illustrious Professor Oak.

Never one to give up easily, Robotnik and his machines overpowered the trainers of Pallet Town and stole the data Professor Oak had gathered over the years of nearly every Pokemon in existence-- Including such super powerful deities as Palkia, Dialga, and the other Legendary Pokemon. With one Chaos Emerald in hand and a limitless supply of robotic minions, Robotnik set his sights on capturing and subjugating the most powerful Pokemon in the world and constructing his worldwide robotic empire. His first stop was the seat of Kanto's government, sweeping through and either killing of roboticizing the leaders of the area and converting the Kanto Government building in to a heavily defended fortress. This fortress was used to cripple the special government agency GUN and systematically managed to wipe out most of the world's governments this way after the incident, all the while seeking to capture and manipulate the legendary Pokemon but being unsuccessful in their location. Relying on the fact that the new governments were distracted by preventing a panic, Robotnik's sneak attacks and overwhelmingly more advanced equipment broke them quickly.

Those with the resources attempted to ban together, either to stop or aid Robotnik in his conquering of the world; those who supported him wanted immortality and to become stronger through his roboticizer machines, and many stood to attempt to oppose his mechanical armies. Others sought to take the Chaos Emeralds or Legendary Pokemon and use them for their own gain. Others still seek to reverse-engineer Robotnik's technology to return their worlds to the way they were before-- Somehow. It all hinges on one important figure; Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the most brilliant scientific genius in the world and the maker of all manner of impossible technology. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was pursuing the Legendary Pokemon for the purpose of controlling their amazing powers. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who was swarming the planet with countless robotic armies. With his flying fortress the Death Egg firmly planted on the dead volcano of Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region spewing out hundreds of robotic soldiers, he stands poised to take over the entire planet if an opposition doesn't form quickly.

It's been three weeks since then. With the mixed remains of the two worlds forced together and in disarray, can either side gather the forces to combat Robotnik's mechanical army and prevent the evil scientist from conquering both worlds, or will the mad doctor's schemes finally pay off? Can anything be done to restore the world to its previous state? Can anyone stop the evil doctor?

1) Technology level is the level of equipment and technology seen in the Pokemon games. From the Sonic world, modern-day weapons and technology are available. You can retrieve weapons from human-sized or smaller Badniks to use. You can only carry a maximum of two Badnik weapons in addition to whatever else you may have. Get bogged down with too much junk and you'll be swiss cheese; that's your only warning.
2)All canon Pokemon (sans Anime characters) and Sonic the Hedgehog characters are available, but they must have a good reason and you must be active with them. If you take a canon and don't use them for anything, your team WILL have points docked.
3)You do not >have< to be on a team to participate... but you have no chance of earning points if you are not on one.
4)Avoid godmodding. You're fighting an army of robots and a psycho who makes them. You're not going to be able to carry around much more than a few weapons if that. Just keep it fairly realistic... or as realistic as three foot hedgehogs and mice that shoot electricity can be. Don't control other people's characters, don't give yourself auto-hits, don't kill a character without permission from that RPer, so on. Applies to me too, but being the bad guy I get a bit of leeway with all of you breathing down my neck :I
5)There's no real post length, but post one-liners and you're not getting any points. I'm not even a judge and I know that.
6)Be active. If you have to disappear for a while because of school or whatnot, let us know before the fact. Points may be docked if you randomly vanish and you were, say, doing something plot-important and now you're gone.
7)Just because you can do something doesn't mean it'll work. As there are no 'making things' dockets in this RP, you won't be making any one-hit-kill-the-bad-guy weapons of mass destruction. Start doing it and have fun dealing with that army of robots. And don't think anything reverse-engineered is going to outperform the originals; you've neither the resources nor the know-how to make these technological terrors.
8)Judging will be done periodically by the judges. 30 points will be distributed throughout the RP, and 10 points will be awarded to the team that manages to defeat Robotnik (Or in the case of the team helping him, manages to help Robotnik win)
9)The password is Nubnub.
10) Above all, the purpose of this RP is to have a great time. Sure you'll get points to help your team, but that's not why you went through the effort of signing up. Win or lose, it's all for fun.
11) As further warning, your character will be roboticized if they are inactive without notice for a period of more than two weeks; whether you come through to make them redeem themselves is up to you when you return.
12) Traveling is possible through vehicles such as airplanes, trains, and land vehicles. Trains are limited in their range however, and planes are most likely grounded until flying is safe, unless you're all right with being pummeled by flying battleships.
13) People on Robotnik's side are either Badniks (Robotnik's grunt robots) or roboticized humans and anthropomorphic animals. If you're going to play a non-robot, you'd better have an amazing reason for why Robotnik would allow that. All of Robotnik's robots run the risk of being scrapped if they don't perform well or try to betray him, and he can easily dispose of them at the first sign of defiance. Tread carefully if you choose to side with him, and remember that as far as he is concerned your current body and development are completely disposable; he has backups of your programming... but he's not keeping those memories in stock. If you die as a Badnik, you can be rebuilt by Robotnik shortly after in one of his factories.
14) You're allowed to create things from the scrap you get out of those Badniks you'll be killing. Anything the size of the Tornado (A two-person biplane that can turn in to a two-person mini jet, that can turn in to a small combat mech) and smaller is up for creation. Try making any weapons of mass destruction and have fun watching them detonate in your base and right in front of you. Only warning.
15) Your Pokemon trainer can be from any region, mentioned or otherwise. If it's not on the world map, just assume it got removed in the world meld.
16) When you post in the RP, put the following information at the top of your post in bold: Character name, location, team. Format it however you like.
17) In case it was not clear in the SU: You CAN NOT play a Sonic character who uses Pokemon. Likewise, a Pokemon trainer CAN NOT have special powers (Pokemon trainers with light telepathy/telekiness being the exception). It's one or the other.

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/WarXIMapThumb.png (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/WarXIMap.png)
<Thanks for the map Neo!>

Robotnik-controlled regions:
-the Death Egg

Free regions:
-the Sevi Isles
-Central City
-Angel Island

Added locations:

-Central City: North of the Kanto-Johto area, it is a large city much like modern day New York. Being from Sonic the Hedgehog's world, some anthropomorphic creatures live here. The city has modern conveniences, but nothing of particular use to Pokemon trainers. Monorails connect the various areas of the city, which is actually quite large. Station Square is a part of this city. Some buildings have taken structural damage from the merge.

-Angel Island: A floating island located in the Sevi Island region that tends to float around a bit. There are no beings in particular that live here, but one of Robotnik's old bases lies here, as do some interesting ruins. There is a shrine to the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds, but naturally none of them are present. Though it isn't flying any more due to the loss of the Master Emerald, it does drift about in the ocean to some extent.

-The Death Egg: A flying fortress and spaceship built by Robotnik, lined with weaponry and filled with multiple factories. It is constantly releasing a stream of fresh robots to either defend it or join the growing robotic army. The stronghold is nigh impregnable from any direction due to the overwhelming numbers of defenses and the large army stationed there. The Death Egg is seated firmly atop Sootopolis' dead volcano, preventing anyone from leaving from the air while the number of robots make leaving underwater nigh impossible. No word has left Sootopolis City since the large metal sphere landed. The only reason it hasn't lifted off and been used to its full weaponized potential is merely because its impact with the Sootopolis volcano caused heavy damage to the propulsion systems, damage that is nearing total repair...

Chaos Emerald holders
Master Emerald- Dr. Robotnik
Green Emerald- Undiscovered
Blue Emerald- Undiscovered
Cyan Emerald- Undiscovered
Grey Emerald- Undiscovered
Red Emerald- Undiscovered
Yellow Emerald- Undiscovered
Purple Emerald- Dr. Robotnik
*Note: Chaos Emeralds can't be outright 'located'. Like Legendary Pokemon, you must put forth effort to obtain one. Once it's been deemed you have put in enough effort you'll locate the emerald. I'll let you know."

Approved Characters:
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=9) - Neo_Emolga
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Socrates (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387151&postcount=6) - Narphoenix
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Alice Card - Velocity (Same as above)
Zek Chakram (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387458&postcount=12) - Latio-Nytro
Not-So-Super Friends:
Park Lords:
Shaveh Teink (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3389584&postcount=21) -ChainReaction01
Ziporah Lane (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3389937&postcount=23)- 2gamers
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The Eggman Empire:
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<Note: Just because a team is listed doesn't mean that team needs a participant. The bracket is there in the event they want to join.>

(Everyone gets a day to get ready. Starting tomorrow the attacks begin in earnest from Robotnik (Which means that's when I post, natch). And watch out for the other bad guys too.)

Due to the large area of the map, I'm implementing a new travel system to avoid people teleporting across the map hunting for magic rocks that I've mentioned they won't find by doing that. While on foot! Three posts to travel to the next area, though if it's a close area (i.e., New Bark and Cherrygrove) you can do it in less than that. Taking shortcuts is also acceptable!
While in a vehicle/on a Flying Pokemon/riding a sufficiently large Pokemon/Anything else allowing you to cross long distances at a fast pace! It takes three post to go to any other city within the continent you're on. It also takes three to go to an adjacent continent or the Sevii isles. For example, if you wanted to travel from Sinnoh to Hoenn on a flying Pokemon or other vehicle in a straight line, you would take three posts to the Sevii Isles, then three more to the Hoenn region! Simple, right?

Considering most of you should have flying Pokemon or some other way of transportation, this shouldn't be much of a problem |D Happy robot hunting

06-03-2012, 02:14 AM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29, Johto

Route 29 was once a pristine path between Newbark town and Cherrygrove City. It was where many a trainer took their first steps into a much larger world, the beginning of the greatest journey of their lives. It was a place where such trainers caught their first pokemon, usually a pidgey or sentret. They were once so common in these fields. There wasn’t much in the way of threats, so they lived in harmony. One could always count on Route 29 to remain peaceful.

That all changed when the Eggman Empire materialized into the world.

The machines came quickly, raping the land of every living being in existence. What natives they didn’t kill, they turned into metal slaves for their master’s cause. The tall grasses were mowed to remove hidden threats. Berry bushes were chopped down and burnt to eliminate food supplies. Gone were the songs of bird pokemon and the chirps of sentrets. They were replaced by the humming of motors, an unending reminder of who was now in charge.

In this new field, a single tire track stretched across the dirt path, the mark of a patrolling moto bug. This particular robot looked like a cross between a ladybug and a motorized unicycle. Usually traveling in pairs, this individual had run off its usual routine path to investigate a unique symbol: lifeforms. There hadn’t been such a reading since its team had raided a sentret tunnel. Perhaps these were the remnants of that colony? In any case, the mission was the same: find the lifeforms, kill or capture. Since badnik numbers were still stable, the choice usually leaned towards the former.

The lenses upon the moto bug’s face tilted left and right, up and down. It wasn’t simply basing its observations on vision alone: the moto bug was equipped with heat sensors to detect body heat. As it happened, it was sensing a large amount of heat in an adjacent field. It was a pokemon, but not one the robot had encountered before. It was a horse, but on fire. Yet she didn’t seem to be too bothered by this detail. In fact, she acted quite normal, as if the fire was a part of her. The ponyta was simply grazing at what little grass was around underneath a dead tree. Nonetheless, the objective was the same for the moto bug: capture or kill. With such a strong heat signature, the badnik focused on the ponyta and charged forward, knife-like mandibles flailing vertically. The pokemon looked up just as the moto bug revved its motor.

Suddenly, the robot’s vision sensors went blank. Its heat sensor detected a new signature…everywhere? How was this possible? Perhaps the fire horse ignited the entire area in self-defense? Such questions were not possible inside the circuits of a simple moto bug; it was made exclusively for assault and surveillance. Its logic sensors concluded that something was obscuring its vision. The simple answer proved to be the right one: an emolga had glided onto the scene and made a timely landing upon the robot’s face. Though this could have been seen as an accident, the electric pokemon quickly proved its intentions by sending a jolt of electricity through the robot’s body. The thunder wave attack not only short-circuited the vision inputs, it cut the motor, causing the wheel to stop spinning. The loss of control sent the moto bug rolling over wildly, giving the emolga a tense ride. Meanwhile, the ponyta watched briefly as the robot veered off course. She went back to munching on the grass; surely her comrade had things covered from here.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEE!” cried the sky squirrel during the tumultuous rollover. Fortunately, the rolling robot was stopped by yet another pokemon. The dewott emerged from behind the dead tree, using its foot to kick the robot’s paralyzed body to stop its momentum. Once the rolling had ceased, the emolga scurried off to let the water pokemon get to work. The discipline pokemon took his shells from their “sheaths” and focused on the underbelly of the robot. Rather than wildly strike at the enemy, the dewott gave a swift yet precise cut directly across the belly, quickly followed by another. The razor shells were able to cut through the gears and wires to reveal the power source of the badnik. Said power source was actually a pokemon, a ledyba to be precise. She was a tiny one, a foot tall hatchling just starting out in the world. The ladybug pokemon rolled out of her former cell, drained from powering the soulless machine. She was glad to finally gain a moment’s rest, but that moment passed quickly as the bug pokemon felt herself get picked up. The ledyba closed her eyes and hid behind her fists as she prepared for the inevitable, prepared for some horrible metal contraption to reclaim her body and mind.

“Why are you doing that, silly? I’m not going to hurt you.”

The ledyba looked up to see the face of a girl, a warm smile showing her compassion for the pokemon. Her bushy red hair and bright green eyes were a welcome sight in this land conquered by metal. Everything from her khaki outfit of short-sleeved shirt and shorts, to the pokemon team at her side, heck, the fact that she was a living being was a much needed change in the bug pokemon’s life. The ledyba continued to give the girl her undivided attention as she continued.

“Zippy Lane, Junior Ranger,” the girl introduced herself. “I’m traveling around in search of fellow rangers so we can set things right around her. You wanna tag along?”

The ledyba latched onto the girl’s back like some living backpack. She was joined by the emolga on Zippy’s right shoulder and the dewott and ponyta on opposite sides of the girl.

“Din, great work on the distraction. Gaga, the landing was perfect this time. And Ollie, you’ve really learned how to cut into these tin heads pretty well!”

Zippy passed on compliments to her ponyta, emolga, and dewott, respectively. She then proceeded to climb onto Din’s back. Her ponyta was a special breed, one large enough to bear the load of a girl and the few pokemon with her. Riding was somewhat of a challenge without a saddle, so Zippy tended to lean forward and wrap her arms around the ponyta’s neck to hang on. With Ollie sitting behind Zippy, Din rushed off across the trail, making a break for the backwoods before more badniks showed up.

This was a not so uncommon occurrence for Zippy and her team, at least for the past couple of weeks. Her journey from Pallet Town was rife with robot guards, some far more powerful than the simple moto bug. The girl rightfully avoided such enemies, as well as large groups, only going after lone robots when she needed to cross a particular path. Along with her pokemon, Zippy helped whatever enslaved creatures she came across and took them to a (relatively) safe location.

Route 29 was no longer at peace. But for Ziporah Lane, the road marked some of her first steps in a larger story, one that spanned two different worlds. It most certainly was the beginning of the greatest adventure of her life…

Neo Emolga
06-03-2012, 04:26 AM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City


Central City was smack dab in the middle of enemy territory. The naval fleet surrounding it was the frontline defense, and it wasn't much of a defense considering civilian buildings were less than a few miles away. If anything came, we needed to shoot it down immediately, or else we were looking at a lot of possible damage to many of the structures. Considering how much abuse Central City has taken over the years, I'm surprised the whole place hasn't been militarized under martial law yet.

To the west, Orre had been completely overtaken, with Johto and Kanto in the south being brutalized by Robotnik's armies of mindless machines. We had not established a link to Sinnoh or Unova yet, and I wasn't even sure what these places were like besides what I had seen on the map. Were they even aware of what was going on? Unless we coordinated against Robotnik, I really didn't see us having a chance.

To my immediate left was the G.U.N. Platinum Star Battlecruiser, and to my right was the G.U.N. Silver Avenger Aircraft Carrier. Knowing we could be attacked at any time, we needed to keep constant lookouts until we were deployed elsewhere. The merge left the resistance divided, while it seemed Robotnik used it to his advantage considering he was the one doing all the coordination among his army. Seeing as how Robotnik wasted no time and had very little difficulty tearing other regions to shreds, we needed every bit of manpower and weaponry ready to defend Central City at any moment. In a time like this, it was perfectly acceptable to be paranoid.

In the meantime, I just kept looking out to sea, seeing nothing but an empty patch of water and waves churning the water. I knew I was going to need to take a break soon. After a while, I start hallucinating things if it gets to be over four hours of this.

"Still no sighting," I spoke into the radio as I kept on sentry duty. "Anything on sonar or radar?"

"That's a negative, out."

I hated this calm before the storm feeling. I had only just recently seen the report regarding how Robotnik dealt with this Kanto region in the south, and it was just brutal. Whoever wasn't killed was turned into a clanky, mindless machine to carry out his every whim, sent off to be destroyed by the ones that were once their allies. All communication was lost and now trying to even get close to there was a suicide mission.

It made me pissed. What was Robotnik even going to do with a conquered world anyway? Throw a toga party with his machines and then realize he had sent himself on the train to never-ending boredom? Either that, or he'd find some other civilized planet to target and harass. He conquered just for conquering's sake. There was no other legitimate reason. And to me, anyone who does that is a psychopath.

It was at that moment that I was approached by a squirrel named Switch, already gritting his teeth at nothing. His G.U.N. uniform was a bit tattered, likely a result of the cataclysmic world fusion.

"That maniac," Switch growled, joining me on the bow of the ship as I continued lookout. "Can't even give us a minute to recover from the merge..."

"Which is why we'd be morons to fight him honorably," I told him, still keeping a lookout. "Don't wait for them to get back up, and shoot them in the ass if they even so think of trying to retreat. Trust me, mercy and honor weren't ever a part of their programming."

"I'll remember that," Switch replied, crossing his arms.

Still, I kept watching the ocean, not trusting it at all. We still hadn't finished all the repairs and renovations on the buildings that were damaged from the merge, and I knew Robotnik would try to attack in our moment of recovery.

I had every intention of punishing him for even thinking it.

Saraibre Ryu
06-03-2012, 06:36 AM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Time seemed to be slipping through Astrailyx’s fingers as she fluttered about from room to room, checking up on everything defense based she possible could, thinking of teleporting herself everywhere to save time. However she needed all the energy she could save, still recovering from when the universes collided. Everything had been carefully put from what Astrailyx knew of robotics, pulling everything she could figure out as a safety measure. She knew Ace was out on naval duty and anything so much as a wave out of place she wanted reported. The dragon was to be prepared for the expected, and unexpected, and everything else in between. Astrailyx had the monorail systems set up, her fields set. Everything seemed to go according to her plans, with room for improvisation. Astrailyx had donated some of her very energy for the defenses of Central City, despite the fact she was in a weakened state. She was confident in her defensive capabilities, especially of the very thing that composed her body. Right now she was overlooking everything, saving what energy of hers she had for if she had to go out in the field.

“Everything is stable and in place?” She asked one of the other agents who was busily typing away at a computer.

“Yes, everything, even the Thunder Wave simulating towers, along with the DZ’s.” The woman explained to her. “We haven’t had a report from Ace or other instructions from Commander Shadow yet.

Astrailyx frowned a bit, looking back towards the open hallway, half waiting for him to come in. She worried about him constantly being stressed, as that was no way for a mind to operate. No doubt of course that her running around while she wasn’t fully healed either was troublesome, but Astrailyx was adamant on helping. Now wasn’t the time for worry, it was a time for focus. The dragon only hoped that Ace wouldn’t do anything too reckless.

The fields she could manipulate were in place, power or no power, she was the power for it. There were back ups, additional resources for the just in case, and even alternate plans if Robotnik did something a bit out of his mold. They were smashed into another universe after all, the doctor wasn’t the only one with new materials, and they were as well. Thankfully some of the denizens came to GUN, offering their assistance. Between understanding the world and dealing with how many comments about Shadow being a black humanoid ‘Shaymin’, she managed to keep moderate peace within the workplace.

As time started to seemingly drag, Astrailyx rethought her plan over, hovering in the air and sifting through her mass of information she had stored within her. She knew the DZ’s were going to work, the TW simulators were no doubt going to be lost, but were easily replaced. The dragon had worked with the other denizens of the strange universe and understood more than the rest about the creature’s called Pokémon. Thanks to them, Astrailyx had developed ways other than the typical way to try and keep Robotnik at bay.

Robotnik…Astrailyx disliked him so; how could one believe a world of metal and computers was a glorious one? The dragon almost pitied him for not understanding the beauty of nature, but with someone with such a mind obsessed with power and control, there was little she could do about it even if she had the power to. All there was right now was to keep everything safe and repair the damage done. She refused to let another universe fall again, never mind two of them. Trying to think of how he made sense made Astrailyx tired. She rubbed her claws against the gem embedded in her forehead, opening her eyes and looking back at the screens. Everything inside seemed to be fine, so there was only one other thing she could possibly do.

“I’m going for a quick fly around to see where everyone else is and get more reports back. If anything changes, let me know.” The dragon instructed, putting on a small headset over her ear for that very thing, darting out into the hallway and out GUN HQ doors.

Astrailyx could feel the energy in the air. Everything was tense as it would be before trouble happened, or a powerful thunderstorm. At heart, she didn’t want to fight, she rather the idea of fighting in a war be admonished, however there was a difference between fighting brutally and defending what you believed in, and who you cared for. That’s why she was here and that’s what she intended to do.

Neo Emolga
06-03-2012, 02:01 PM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City

"Break" was a term I used loosely. Whenever I took a "break," it was only because four continuous hours of staring out to sea could start playing tricks on anyone. "Break" consisted of still being on the bow, looking out, but sitting down and guzzling down a caffeine drink before getting back up and doing it all over again. As any other sniper would tell you, there was no such thing as boredom. Patience, on the other hand, was not my forte.

"Astrailyx wants your full report on the situation," Switch told me, having just come back from HQ. "Nothing from Commander Shadow as of yet."

"Nothing but a lot of water so far," I told him. "What about the rest of the defenses?"

"The TW sentry towers are up and operational," He replied. "Same for the DZs. Skylance Mobile AA units are being loaded and prepped right now. Should be ready to defend the shoreline soon enough."

Well, at least we had that much so far. Personally, I was hoping we'd at least get the Dragoneye Surveillance Satellite up before any kind of assault happened, but that was a long-shot. Last thing we needed was for Eggman to intercept an expensive piece of military equipment only to watch it explode. They wouldn't launch until the coast was perfectly clear, and right now, everyone was too much on the edge of their seats to even think about sending that thing up into space.

As for these strange creatures the humans called Pokémon, I wasn't so sure about them. They had no idea what they were dealing with here. I heard the comment that one human could resemble as many as six Pokémon that could fight on their behalf, all tucked away into white and red spheres called Pokéballs. At any time, a human could call them out and summon them from the ball, and then order them to attack, among plenty of other things that could serve as utility. The main issue was communication. Trainers couldn't actually understand their own Pokémon, although the reverse seemed to be true. In terms of reinforcements, I wasn't so sure it would be enough, but the numbers had to count for something.

The truth was, even they could still be roboticized, and turned into yet another mindless insect to add to Robotnik's horde. Supposedly, there were rumors of "legendary Pokémon," ones that were the overseers of the world and had overwhelming power. Anyone would be an idiot to not realize that if those rumors were true, we could start to see a bunch of them as robots as well once Robotnik got his hands on them.

"Ace, the Skylance Mobile AAs are in place," The operator contacted me on the radio. "Any visual on bogeys?"

"That's a negative," I told him, rolling my eyes as I definitely would have reported it if I had seen something. "Nothing but waves, all signals cold. Last I heard from the Wasp and Bulldog units was pretty much nothing. No sightings."

And they weren't incompetent either. All sectors of the city had to be under surveillance at all times by multiple units. The way everyone was paranoid, I was surprised there hadn't been a misfire yet from some itchy, trigger-fingered newbie. You could always depend on them to screw something up.

Having the Skylance AAs in position was a bit of comfort. Four RX9 machine guns armed with armor-piercing rounds, as well as two Grudgefire missile launchers. They were also given considerable armor, although the real issue was them running out of ammo. Considering how many robots Robotnik had at his command, we'd need every last one of them.

"All units, all CCADC assets are online and operational at this time," the air defense operator spoke on the general channel. "On standby for confirmed scout unit assessment."

"NDI sentry, Nightkin Unit reads you," I spoke into the radio. "Sentry unit confirms no sighting on southwest sectors four through six. Out."

"CCADC, this is Wasp Unit, also confirming no sighting for western sectors one through three," Axel reported.

I thought I was pretty deadly serious about this position until I met wasp Axel Blacksting, who was an intricate and particular about everything he did. The guy was a brutal perfectionist, and hated screw-ups. I swore, the two of us could have hour long chats about how bad the usual newbies were. He also tried to look as stately as a wasp could. Although we could agree on several things, I just didn't like being around him anyway. After a while he started picking at even my inconsistencies, and it got to the point where I had to leave the room before I felt like smacking him in the face.

"Bulldog Unit, we ain't got squat on our sensors in the south seven through nine sectors," Beat's voice came onto the radio. "Check with the northwestern district. Over and out."

Beat was definitely not as formal as Axel was. Nor was he as concerned about this highly probably assault either. The gruff, casino bouncer-like bulldog probably felt he could rearrange Eggman's face using only his ham-fisted hands. And the way he loved blasting things apart made him pretty much the worst candidate to bring along for a stealth mission.

While all surveillance sectors were on high alert, the three of ours were the most watchful considering our sides of Central City were directly facing enemy territory. However, the others watching the rest of the city were vigilant also. A bit of fortune to us was that Robotnik was a scientist, not a military-grade tactician.

But the one thing he had in his favor was numbers.

06-03-2012, 06:05 PM
Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226, Battle Zone, Sinnoh

The RU had exactly three bases. One in the Fight Area-the main base-one at the Resort Area-the Naval Base-and One at the Survival Area-a forward operations base. Forward operations, specifically, for attempts to get to Unova.

Zek's simple report: A cyan-colored gemstone (he initially said it was a rock-it hurt his head like one) had rammed into his head before he went unconscious at an unknown point in Unova. The RU had little else to go on, other than the fact that Zek knew there were a lot of buildings, and it was in Unova. He didn't remember colors, shapes, or distinguishing features.

They were lucky that they had him clearly at gunpoint for this: Otherwise, they'd probably have gotten lies out of Zek. Zek didn't trust people that didn't tell him everything. However, of course, he became compliant enough to spill his own beans once guns were pointed at him. The obvious exchange was the knowledge of everything that happened during the World Merge, and everything else the RU knew. There was an unspoken agreement, however, one Zek Chakram did not like: He was part of the RU, like it or not, and if he didn't prove his worth, he'd be jailed for life. He had committed too many crimes to be forgiven, once peace had been restored. Until then, he’d serve the RU like his life depended on it, not even taking into account the Badniks.

The Battle Zone was home to mostly the tough trainers that trained here for the right to challenge the Frontier Brains. Few Anthromorphs happened to wind themselves up here, RU or otherwise-the Battle Zone was mercifully spared most of the merging that happened, remaining largely it's own self, and in the only major instance it didn't, it helped the RU. The island received a blessing in disguise when massive rock spikes suddenly jettisoned out of the southern end of the island, covering up the island's center cove-a point, the Anthromorphs said, that was warped from the so-called 'Seas of the Demons.' It looked like an obtrusion, but it turned out that the reefs also prohibited many of Eggman's naval assaults from being successful as well, not to mention the spikes were pretty good places to put the few missile silos they could erect, so the Battle Zone, albeit still in a consistent danger of being invaded outright, was currently in a 'Yellow' status.

However, there was one point where that couldn't be so lucky: The only 'Red' status location was Stark Mountain, where the RU planned to go get new allies into Unova. They've done it for a while, it was how Zek even got here, but the Badniks figured out that Stark Mountain made an excellent invasion ground. They've taken hold of it, and who-knows-what lurks there now. The Pokémon that lived there had resisted initially, and the Badniks were briefly fought back with a truckload of s**t from the locals, but the Badniks had better programming than the average variety, and now, there seemed to be no resistance coming from the wildlife. Fortunately, they had a programming mishap-or rather, a programming mishap that Eggman put there as an obvious 'duh' kind of thing, something you do normally-The Robots were designed to only take what Eggman could prove as valuable, roboticize-able, or otherwise worthwhile. Whatever they did to roboticize people did not work on things that were dead. Eggman did not anticipate something sentient, non-computer related, and dangerous, to simultaneously be about as dead as his robots.

The Shedinja hovered around the Eggbots-the most common model of Badnik, not to mention the most akin to Eggman's shape. These Eggbots stared at the Shedinja in some form of confusion, to say the least. It didn't harm them, they did not harm it-the Badniks weren't truly sentient in this regard, as even an Antromorph had the common sense to know that if it could move on its own, it was probably capable of doing some form of damage or was otherwise thinking by some source-considering the world they were in, anyway. The Shedinja, however, wasn't interested in harming them directly. A direct offensive was ridiculous-the Eggbots would KNOW if it was harmful once it started attacking. The Eggbots knew it wasn't a surveillance droid by some random GUN agent from who-knows-where, there wasn't anything like a signal to-or from-any source. This thing was moving on its own. That was the only thing that separated it from a military weapon. Henceforth, they dubbed it's usefulness akin to a rock. It didn’t communicate directly, It only hovered around and looked. Seemingly no intelligence.

Eventually, the Badniks disregarded it entirely. It did not harm them, it did nothing but hover around, not poking into their weapons or other sensitive systems, and of course, there wasn't a way it could be linked to something, no receivers, no transmitters. It wasn't alive, it didn't produce the energy that made roboticizing things possible at all (It needed energy of some sort, something only the living produced), and, in all honestly, was it really much to panic over something they couldn't deem anything higher of a threat than a rock?

Unfortunately, the Shedinja wasn't a random thing that decided to poke it's nose into a Badnik's business. These particular Badniks were on the foot of Stark Mountain, not close to their forward base of operations within the Volcano. No other Badniks were within communication range. Zek Chakram-out of the viewing range of these robots-was spying on them from afar. They weren't totally aware of what the Shedinja was looking for-what Zek was looking for. As a note, neither was the Shedinja or Zek. It wasn't that it was there at all, more so that it could be there. What 'it' was wasn't a concern either. Any valuable object the Badniks had on their person was worth grabbing-anything valuable enough to consider saving, as in. The RU had gotten a few of the Badniks' weapons and basic systems before, and were starting to produce them en-masse. The ones that didn't have massive drawbacks made with robot bodies being a counter to them, anyways.

The Shedinja floated towards the edge of Camp, and Zek frowned. There wasn't anything worthwhile stealing in this group, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that wasn't terribly needy. The Shedinja would have hovered over whatever object was valuable, if there was anything. The Shedinja retreated out of the sight range of the Badniks, and returned to Zek Chakram without worry. It was time for stage 2 of taking back Stark Mountain.

Stage 2 was simple: Destroy the Badniks. How? That was simple as well. Many Badniks were surge-protected, but these were miserably lacking in that. Combine that with dirt-like coolness, and the usually lower body temperature of Pokémon (in comparison to humans and anthros), and you have an Eggbot Deathtrap.

Suddenly, a several Stunfisk-having used Dig to get under the campground, slowly and steadily, and having stayed there for quite a while-suddenly popped up. Eggbots were the usual grunts, meant for all-purpose smashing of things with whatever was available, and they didn't have the time for them to all get arms, so those closer to Stunfisk than their guns ran towards the Stunfisk. Big mistake.

The Stunfisk suddenly started cackling electricity-the smile they had while doing it was utterly devious-and within seconds the Badniks had short-circuited, and went into a brief stasis mode.

Then Zek-and the few humans outside of the Eggbot's best seeing range with infrared or other heat sensors- closed in a few steps and Fired. Silenced Pistol shots to the head (Why Eggman didn't put the CPU's somewhere less likely to get shot, Zek had to admit as a result of Eggman not thinking too much) disabled the CPU's permanently, allowing Zek and the many humans, to close in on the campsite.

Zek was a leader, he was known for it. A harsh, cruel leader, but definitely one that wasn't hated. He had good military tactics (after a few rounds of military strategizing with RU leaders), prohibited loss of life with sound stealth tactics, and gave the secrets of modifying PokéBalls to be silent and dark to the RU at large, giving them the major advantage of not alerting everyone when the Pokémon came out.

The whole place had but a few usable weapons-some Egg-Naders. Why Eggman gave them that terrible name, Zek had yet to think about. Eggman had to have had some sense of pride, even now, to keep the name. Zek referred to the guns by their near-constant serial numbers: EN-78's. He took one-they had three shots left, and they were basically grenade shooters, with one exception-instead of a fragmentation/EMP cross Grenade usually used by the RU (Robots hated EMP's, and in the rare case they fought scavengers too mad to be generous, they still had quite the good kick), it shot a sticky projectile that would attach to a surface and exploded a second after attaching. It held three grenades per clip-and there wasn't much room for its round ammo. At least they were lightweight enough to carry-Zek figured there wouldn't be as much time for preparing to take back the rest of Stark Mountain. The Badniks would eventually spread out again, and wouldn't accept the presence of the life forms that were in their once-held base. A younger member was dealing with the radio back to the base, and the team was moving forward. They'd take back Stark Mountain. Time was ticking.

Neo Emolga
06-03-2012, 09:17 PM
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Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City

The researchers overseeing the Dragoneye Satellite launch were strongly considering going forward with the launch operation, especially considering all eight surveillance teams, including mine, reported seeing nothing. It could be hours, possibly days, before the assault. The launch could be risky and we would be pushing our luck, but if we didn't get it up now, the whole thing could be wasted and we wouldn't have eyes in the sky.

"Well, we've got better news, at least," Switch told me, sitting down in a chair besides my lookout post on the bow. "Seems like they've finished the repairs on Central City. Reinforcing it, however, may take time. We're almost certain Eggman will attack before we can do that."

"The whole thing could be a bluff too," I told him, still looking out to sea. "Wouldn't put it past him to get us to think there's an imminent attack when really he's planning something else."

"He will attack," Switch told me, sitting up. "It's a matter of when. He's already dominated more than half the world with his ruthless army of machines."

They weren't exactly prepared for it in my opinion. Meanwhile, Central City was looking more like an oversized military base than an urbanized metropolis. Still, the whole thing could be a distraction. The Death Egg was still vomiting out robots by the hundreds. Robotnik could lose hundreds of them and he could just laugh it off. Still, we couldn't chance it. We had seen half the world fall into the madman's clutches. Any units that were deployed outside of Central City was us cheating on luck. We'd never forgive ourselves if Robotnik had overrun Central City because we sent units outside to do something stupid.

"Ground support to surveillance, all Titan AA turrets are in place and are now online," Corporal Sun, one of the communication technicians of the G.U.N. Ground Defense Initiative, told me. "All GDI troops are on standby, waiting for your mark."

"The Combat Dragon reports no dots on sonar, over," Captain Lash reported.

"Same for the Platinum Star. Out."

I felt like we had been repeating these same verifications hundreds of times for the last few hours. Ever since the threat alert had been set to yellow, we were spending most of the day just watching, but still, every last citizen of Central City was pissing their pants over this possible incoming attack.

It was times like this where I really wish we'd start giving civilians at least some form of basic self-defense and combat training. Otherwise civilians just get in the way with their panic and hysteria. Heck, I wouldn't even complain if they at least just scouted and helped keep watch and report if they really weren't confident to fight. Or be communications technicians, engineers, medics, at least doing something to help the defense.

"You hear about those tank units they're creating?" I asked Switch, figuring small talk couldn't hurt to pass the time. "Battlefists, I think they were called?"

"Right," Switch replied, nodding. "Haven't heard a bloody thing about them besides research and development pushed it past the design phase. If you were hoping those thing would be joining us today in defense of Central City, I'm definitely urging you not to hold your breath waiting for that to happen."

Couldn't hurt to hope. But realistically, he was right. Still, as much as I was looking forward to stronger ground support, I knew I still needed to watch my own hide. Asking for cover fire was always a big mistake, I felt. Assuming you'd get that was taking too much of a chance and relying the guys you were depending on actually had visual on the enemy.

Still, I knew just one sentry unit had to give the call, and all hell would be unleashed into the water and the sky would be lit up like Independence Day on steroids. I was tempted to start taking bets with Switch to see how long it would take before there was an accidental misfire.

With all the infantry, armored vehicles, and turrets just waiting and watching and getting more paranoid by the moment, I knew some poor sap was going to humiliate themselves for life soon enough.

06-03-2012, 09:34 PM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Abandoned Ranger Outpost off of Route 29, Johto

“Don’t worry, little one. Once we get to the ranger station, they can take good care of you.”

Zippy was conversing with the baby ledyba on her back as she and her troop took a ponyta ride away from the well-traveled Route 29 to a more wooded area to the north. Few people ever took this path; there were far too many trees and grass patches to make it a suitable shortcut. Ever since the robot takeover however, wild pokemon had stomped through shrubs and foliage to make new paths. The junior ranger took advantage of such paths to get into the forest. It was a rather nice forest too. The trees were still filled with bright green foliage that provided decent shade for the denizens below. There were even a few pokemon still around. It was likely that the badniks were no longer hunting them; there were still plenty of robots to go around. This place would be safe for a while.

“Now, according to the map, the Cherrygrove Ranger Station should be…ah! We’re here!”

Zippy pointed out a small shack built in a clearing amongst the trees. The red paint was in the process of peeling, leaving exposed wood panels in some spots. More significant problems were the broken windows and the missing door, signs that the outpost was no longer functioning. Finally, a sign was posted in front of the house, depicting the portrait of a large bald man with a somewhat ornate mustache, the one known as Eggman. That could only mean one thing: the badniks had already raided the station.

“Well, at least this one is still standing,” Zippy commented, trying to sheer up her disheartened pokemon. This too was becoming a common occurrence in their journey. Being a junior ranger, Zippy had all the ranger stations marked on her map, so it made it rather easy to find them all. Unfortunately, the machines had beaten them to every single one. By the time her crew arrived, the structures had been reduced to craters in the assault. As for the rangers themselves, no trace of them was ever left. Her pokemon feared the worse, but Zippy had much higher respect for the rangers. She had plenty of fantastic theories of what really happened.

“Of course they’re not here! As soon as they heard about the attacks, they left the station to go gather somewhere else to make an epic stand. They’re probably at one of the main stations, maybe near the National Park.”

Zippy was just about ready to hit the trail once more, determined to make it to the National Park and unite with her fellow rangers. She turned to see that her pokemon were rather weary, especially the ponyta that had to carry all of them. The junior ranger conceded to the tired faces and dismounted.

“Alright, we’ll rest here for a bit. But let me check the station for booby traps. Remember that crater at Tojo Falls? Like I said, the rangers put voltorbs inside as a trap for the invading army, then BOOM!”

The ledyba on her back was startles by the “boom”, almost letting go of Zippy. She set the bug pokemon down and looked around the building for any explosive pokemon (made much easier with the lack of doors and windows). As soon as the ranger gave the thumbs up, the four pokemon rushed inside. Zippy followed, but not before taking a good look at the Robotnik sign. She had no idea who this guy was, but the robots seemed to worship him. That probably meant he wasn’t a good person at all. She spun the sign around as she ran up the porch steps, switching it back to the pokeball emblem on the other side.

The inside of the shack was rather cozy, which was a nice word for small. The one room served as a kitchen, bedroom, study, and clinic. There was a countertop near the sink and a desk at the other end. Two cots were hanging on the wall to set up a sleeping area. The ceiling had string hanging off of it. Pulling on it would reveal a ladder to the rooftop balcony. Other than that, it was a fairly Spartan place.

Zippy’s team of pokemon were finding a wealth of supplies, mostly canned goods. The ledyba was passing off cans to Ollie, whose razor shells cut into them easily. Din had her snout in a can of green beans, while the ledyba was taking in a fistful of fruit cocktail. Once they were eating, the dewott opened up a can of tuna and joined in the picnic on the floor. As for Gaga, the emolga had found a six pack of light bulbs. One by one she sent an electric charge through the bulbs, making them grow brighter and brighter until they shorted out. It was like popping bubble wrap for the pokemon (though she liked that too). Every pop of the shorted bulb elicited a giggle from the sky squirrel, the dewott shaking his head in annoyance. Food seemed to have put everyone in good spirits.

“Gee, they sure did leave a lot behind- ooh, peanut butter.” Zippy grabbed a jar of the gooey treat and placed it in her drawstring pack for the road. For now though, the girl found a chocolate bar to nibble on (good thing Gaga was too distracted to notice). However, the more valuable items to Zippy were not food at all. One was a first aid kit. With all the robot encounters they had, she was fortunate enough to not need such care. Things could change in an instance, so Zippy took the item ball on the desk and absorbed the kit, putting it in one of her shirt pockets. The other item was a pair of binoculars. She had left her own pair back at Pallet Town in the rush to escape the chaos. The ranger wasn’t thinking about those painful memories, but rather doing a bit of surveillance.

“I’ll be on the roof guys,” Zippy told the others, pulling the string upon the ceiling to reveal the ladder. She climbed up to the crow’s nest and looked through the binoculars. Wait, this pair was rather dirty, as one would expect after it had been exposed to the elements. Zippy spit in both lenses, then took the end of her shirt to rub out the water spots and random goop from the feeding frenzy downstairs. With the quick spit shine, Zippy then surveyed her surroundings.

The ranger took in the sights of a nesting pidgey, a rattata scurrying in a burrow, and absolutely nothing made of metal. That was until she spotted a break in the treeline. Through that, Zippy could spot a bit of Cherrygrove City, the first largish town she had seen since leaving Pallet. Like the route however, it too was empty, save for the patrolling badniks roaming the streets. Their shining metal could be seen from quite a distance. The girl then spotted a building she was not familiar with: a factory. Smog billowed from the tall smokestacks upon the structure. Though she was too far to see much else, Zippy knew that place wasn’t for making Nintendo games. It was the source of all the robots she had come across since she arrived in Johto. Pokemon were likely inside, waiting for their inevitable fate of enslavement. If the rangers were around, they would have put an end to such atrocities.

“Where are they…?”

Eternal Moonlight
06-03-2012, 09:46 PM
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh

A large map of the Battle Zone was carefully laid out, each of the island’s features painstakingly indentified and labeled. Clever eyes would note that it had been modified to include the spiky rock formation that had appeared post merge. This addition, which the anthropomorphic beings had identified as having originated from the “Seas of Demons” had been, in general, a blessing.

Three obvious dots stuck out, each representing one of the Revolution Uprisings bases. The more interesting point, however, was the inky black “X” atop Stark Mountain, a volcano at the northern extreme of the island. It wouldn’t take a genre savvy individual to know that meant this location was a point of interest. Unlike stereotypical pirate flicks, however, this did not indicate a treasure. Actually, saying the reverse would be accurate.

That “X” marked the enemy’s current stronghold, a very real threat that needed to be dealt with both intelligently and quickly. A small cluster of red chips represented the RU’s current retaliation force, which, although unrepresented on the map, had been the source of many discussions.

Now, however, that was not the focus of the bodies clustered around the table. No, news of a possible attack was what drew these people here at the moment. It was common knowledge that the risk of being invaded was always high, but it was even greater at the moment. Intelligence had gathered evidence that Robotnik, leader of the enemy fraction, was planning something “big”.

When the robots had something “big” on their horizons, taking the situation lightly was never a smart option. As a result, time and energy had been pooled into furthur securing their territory, with emphasis on the bases. Of course, they hadn’t had much of a temporal gate to begin with; the news had been a late arrival.

Considering the number of people present, the noise in the room was surprisingly civil. The topic of their discussion wasn’t obvious at first, but a bystander would eventually realise they were debating possible angles the enemy may attack. This was represented by yellow chips on the map, and there were a fair number of them present.

Little did any of them know another woman had been seating on their planning. Perched above the room was a small balcony, which allowed for a perfect view of the large space below. Its placement also permitted the brunette resting on it to overhear most of the words uttered.

One may have believed she was spying on them, although this was actually far from the truth. In reality, the female was simply making sure preparations were going smoothly. So far, she was pleased with the progress, although weary time was running short. Hopefully, they would finish soon and further bolstering could be implemented in the necessary areas.

She didn’t stick around much longer, slightly anxious for news on the task force’s progress. Those red chips on the map were flesh and blood in the real world. Hopefully, her judgement had been accurate and placing the shady Zek in control hadn’t been a miscalculation. In reality, it had been advised another be put in command, but he simply wasn’t as good. Fears Chakram would go rogue were widespread, and while they were founded, wasting his talent was inexcusable. With a nod, she turned and pushed the light doors open and left.

“Miss Cadence!” a voice bellowed, barely two seconds after she’d stepped into the hallway. Slightly surprised, the brunette’s gaze fell upon a fellow RU agent, who was rushing down the corridor top speed.

“What’s going on?” she asked, bracing herself for anything. The alarm hadn’t been sounded, which reduced the probability that an attack had started. Still, it was wise to anticipate the unexpected…

“We had just received confirmation that the assault on enemy camp was no doubt a success,” he informed between pants, making sure not to lock eyes with the woman. Cadence had never really understood why looking a superior in the eye was such a taboo, but no matter how much she insisted against it, the practice continued.

Grace was perfectly quiet, carefully eyeing the young man before her. She knew he wasn’t very high ranking and served as a messenger to those few who preferred not to use the much more convenient communicators. They had expressed worry that transmissions would be intercepted, but within the base, Cadence trusted information was safe. For the most part.

“Excellent,” she started, although it sounded far less emotive then one would expect. Her face then suddenly changed expression and her mouth opened once more, “Was Chakram and his force warned of the impending threat?”

“Umm, I don’t know,” he staggered, instantly feeling nervous.

“I see. Nothing further,” She stated, turning in the direction of the radio room. On the inside, the woman released the fiercest of sighs; this was an important matter…

Her destination wasn’t very far, just a few turns. Inside, a rookie was just placing his headset on the table, whistling a happy tune.

“Is Thirteen here?” she inquired, noticing the missing presence of the man in charge of communications. It was his job to make sure important information got out to the front.

“Oh, Leader!” the young fellow exclaimed, obviously startled. “He left for a break not a long time ago. I-is something the matter?”

“Get me Chakram’s unit,” she ordered, not risking the time it would take to get confirmation from Thirteen.

“Yes, of course,”

Sight of the Stars
06-03-2012, 10:23 PM
K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
watch the beauty of all our lives passing right before our eyes
The water quivered with anticipation, ripples hopping upward to brush against her down-turned palms. Brimming with energy, the chilling touch of the liquid sent gentle shivers up her arced spine, causing her lids to lift from over her light azure eyes. The snapping of her cloak billowing around her had become a dull drone in her ears, which were tuned to the sea that was spread out in front of her. She could feel her bow, which she had moved under her topmost garment to prevent easy damage, tapping against her back in the slight breeze. Her gaze swept across the open waters, her body rocking slightly as she balanced precariously on the rock in which was was perched upon, right hand dipping completely into the water as she did so. She rested upon the balls of her bare feet, heels tucked together to support the weight that was forced upon them, toes pressed forcefully against the ashen stone below her. The femme's folded knees parted as she made an attempt to regain the control of her sentinel stance that she had so painstakingly worked to achieve.

A cerulean nose pushed against her submerged palm, righting K'sariya once more as her hand moved down the narrow muzzle and over the domed head to wrap her fingers around the creature's short horns. A soft sigh of relief slipped past her small lips as her path of sight flicked downward to her valued companion, Monsoon. The Kingdra gave a slight chortle of joy as she received a loving scratch under the wavy protrusion that extended from the base of her upper jaw. As she turned her sights back out to the eerily calm waters, she felt dread dripping from the lodged saliva in her throat down into her stomach, weighing it down like lead. She inhaled the scent of the sea, the breath passing from her body shakily as she made an attempt to calm herself. Anxiety pounded in her mind, setting her senses aflame. She was hyper-aware, taking in and registering every tiny change in the wind and in the scents and in the temperature and just everything; she was aware of every bit of it as anticipation-caused adrenaline pulsed through her veins. The air thrummed with this very anticipation, swirling over the unbearable waves of tension that plagued the space before them.

The sounds of wings graced her auds to her left, and she turned her head. Heat caressed her features as the massive glowing butterfly of embers fluttered calmly to her side, piercing cobalt pools set upon the girl.

"Any sign of them?"

The Volcarona shook her ebony, crimson-crested head, and then pressed a bit closer to K'sariya. The woman accepted the advance openly, leaning her head into the alabaster silk that coated the bug's upper body. Burying her face in the comforting material, her mind toiled over blooming insecurities to the point of her feeling like she was bursting at the seams. She rose, standing on the protruding surface below her as she clutched at the Sun Pokemon. Monsoon rose up to rest his own head on K'sariya's leg, blood-hued eyes clouded with worry as he looked up at her. The girl could feel the Pokeballs at her belt quivering against her hip as the beings within sensed her distress.

"I've got to help defend this place..." she murmured, slightly watery eyes turning upward to the face above her, and then downward to the dragon below. "But if I send you out to help, I may never see you again... I wish I could explain, but I don't know if I have time..."

A Pokeball dropped from her waist and rolled across the wide rock. In an explosion of red light, the Pokeball opened before snapping back to her belt, and in its place was a violet and pale rose-colored mass curled into a ball. A strange, thick, pink smoke drifted lazily from the hole on its head, curling and swirling over itself.

I've told them, came the Pokemon's voice in her mind. She blinked at Alixra, startled. You dreamed about... about what might happen. Last night.

A sigh escaped K'sariya. She could not decipher if it was a sigh of relief or a sigh of embarrassment. It could have been both, yet neither at the same time. She flinched as she recalled the dream in vivid detail. Zira began to pull her wings closer on her hovering down-flap, to offer solace to her beloved Trainer through her warmth.

We'll be fine, Zira reassured, a raspy sort of bug-like purr vibrating through her chest. The Trainer stepped back, relinquishing her grip on the other creature, and stared out at the water. In the distance, she could see the three large, bulky silhouettes of the naval ships that would be one of their first defenses against the robots that would soon come to destroy everything she knew. Blinking the moisture from her eyes, she nodded. The fingers of her mind wrapped themselves tightly around her emotions as she took control of them. The gears of her mind churned steadily, processing her plan.

"Alright." She reached into the small bag on the hip opposite of her Pokeballs, withdrawing from it a small scroll of paper she carried around for this very purpose and a pencil. She had no radio to contact the one she sought, so she planned on relying on more classic, outdated techniques. Beckoning Alixra, she tapped the Dream Pokemon, and a couple of Defense Curls later, her companion because a useful, solid writing surface. She began to quickly write in a readable scrawl:

I am not sure if you are familiar with I or my Pokemon, but I am sending these two to the front lines to help defend. I am aware of the dangers of this and so are they. Below is a rundown of their powers and what they can do with them.

The one carrying this note is known as a Volcarona that answers to the calling of Zira. I think she may be useful for creating Hurricanes, if needed. She will be certain to keep them from colliding into the ships, as well. If you command her to, she can clear the skies of any clouds and weather and make it easier to see any opponents above the water, and will improve our visibility below. Being a Fire type, she will avoid the water at all costs unless absolutely necessary. If you need to return any messages to me, do so with her--she will know where to find me, but please do so if only necessary. Returned thanks are not needed nor wanted for their assistance, and either are returned damnations in case you did not want them.

The one accompanying her is a Kingdra (check the water for a blue Pokemon with two horns with wavy protrusions on them), and he goes by the name Monsoon. He specializes in anything water, and I believe may be of some help. He can create whirlpools to help slow our opponents down, and with some tactical guidance as to where he needs to put them, I believe that he is mostly independent and will need no further instruction after you give him an order, but if he encounters problems, he will report back to you for further tasks. On a side note, he can also create Blizzards. If he spots robots before you all do, he will alert you to their presence with a Signal Beam.

Good luck, sir. Do not fret if you fail--we are holding down the fort at the city, but please do make an effort to return to us in case of the hopefully unlikely event in which you do not succeed.

-K'sariya Damuna


The bug's massive wings beat steadily, each wide down-stroke sending air forcefully down with an airy whoosh. Below her, a figure raced through the water, head poking from the surface as spray was sent behind him. She slowed, approaching the ship that held her target, the scroll clutched tightly in four small feet, protected from the droplets of water that occasionally splattered her bodice by the heat of her form. She drifted to the bow, where she spied ashen, almost Lopunny-eared creature that K'sariya had described. She flapped her wings gently to prevent her embers from falling onto the bow as she hovered directly in front of it, and offered the note to the rabbit. Monsoon waited on the right side of the ship a little ways out, eyes turned upward to the bow expectantly as she waited...

all together all alone against all we've ever known
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Socratic Sarcasm
06-03-2012, 11:15 PM
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh

A shadow emerged from the darkness of the observation room. The trench coat clad man it yielded approached his superior with no particular caution; he long disregarded the notion of superior and inferior beings from his mind.

"He is just as likely to abstain from invading in the next 24 hours as I am to begin to enjoy my gluteal regions as a delicacy of the highest order. But then, you probably already knew that." The man spoke suddenly. It was obvious who "he" was to anyone with half of a quarter of a mind, so he did not feel the need to expound.

However, Socrates began to notice an uncertainty in the face of the woman: it was obvious she was hesitant about something. Socrates thought at length as to what precisely could be dividing the woman's mind, and could only come up with one sensible hypothesis.

"Chakram is not stupid, you know. He is probably the single most competent person we could have attacking those...robots. As an subset of his nonstupidity, he is not going to betray a heavily armed faction fighting for his freedom. I think we can both agree that would be idiocy itself. You were right to put him in command." Out of any other person, it would have sound like comfort; however, Socrates' childlike tone made the utterance sound more like a statement of fact. "I'm going to check on the scouts I have on the rest of the island. I have them most concentrated on the area just around the survival area, as that would be the most sensible for Eggy to attack, as not only is it the shortest route from here to Kanto, one of Robotnik's strongholds, but also it is extremely probable that it would draw our forces from Stark Mountain and possibly screw us all over from both sides." With that happy thought, Socrates decided to do what he promised:

<Hello, person of the earth. How may I help you?> The psychic "voice" playing in Socrates' mind was that of a purple multipointed star.
<How much company do we have? And also, how are the others doing?>
<No uglies so far. Sol and Grace are in different parts of the air right now, confirming what I just told you. Deborah is pacing and really bored, and she's driving Barricade up the wall. Antigone is somewhere, although I don't know where, and Amp is at the beach, waiting to do some roasting. Trick is lurking beneath Grace, covering her, and I can sense neither Hypatia nor Colossus, so I think they're with you, right?>
<Points for brains, Solomon. Keep an eye out.>
<I would, but no eyes. It's a drawback of being a psychic denizen of the water.>
<You know what I mean.>

The PI spoke,"No bots invading where I'm keeping eyes. But I do not know how much longer we can expect the lull."

Saraibre Ryu
06-03-2012, 11:52 PM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Astrailyx flew over the roof tops of Central City, looking down and around, well out of the way of the defenses. Being the special type of sentience she was, she could reach out and feel everything in working order. Even the specially placed defenses exclusive to this world she could distinguish, the energy and power was so unique, it was overflowing almost. She could feel the clashing though at times, if she concentrated hard enough, or even in her sleep. Sometimes she even had nightmares of the turbulent universes. Her thoughts felt out to all the systems, looking for so much as a slight flux in system power.

“This is HQ, come in.”

The dragon’s thoughts were stopped by an incoming call. She adjusted her headset as she flew between buildings with ease.

“Go ahead.”

“Ace says there’s nothing, same as last time.”


Astrailyx kept minimal radio chatter at all times. Call it a small paranoia of being listened on, but this time of the day, with this much tension, she was careful. She was keeping a watch on everything, the skies, the water, and the land, even everything below sea level. Perimeters, anything robotic, she had a check on. In her mind she went through trying to memorize as many of the Badnik’s, robotic creations she had encountered in her lifetime with GUN. She had memorized a few, and knew their systems pretty well, but not everything. Even when the dragon was resting, as sleep was no requirement for her, she spent time and hours going through as much information as she held within her mind, trying to memorize it all. It was barely a scratch, as exposure to the universes colliding had her forget a few things that, at the time, nigh seemed important.

One thing she did remember however, was she wasn’t organic at all right now. She was special; she was the one thing GUN had against roboticization. She was immune to it, and while others cheered or glowered at her for having this seemingly blessed ability, Astrailyx still wished for her original body back. One day she may figure out how to change herself back, but now wasn’t the time.

Astrailyx had circled around the city almost twice now, knowing there were certain places she could not go when they were in a code red. Every bit was in place and now it was only a shoreline check before heading back to headquarters, where she was most useful. From the corner of her eye she spotted a large, red winged insect moving towards the location of Ace’s fleet. Upon further inspection, she recognized them as one of those Pokémon, owned by one of the humans from the other universe. Astrailyx thought the beings were intriguing, finding more relation to them since some could manipulate electricity, fire, or even wander through solid matter.

The dragon resumed thinking of the plans ahead, knowing it wasn’t a time for distractions. Astrailyx decided to head back, having a feeling that things were going to start up at any moment.

06-04-2012, 12:39 AM
Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Eternal Moonlight (Cadence) and narphoenix (Socrates)

Bent over the great map, ignoring everyone around him, was a cat in a suit.

The cat's golden eyes were dull and hollow with exhaustion. Even his fur, which he always kept so tidy and sleek, was starting to lose its shine. At any other time the cat would have cared, but he knew that an attack was coming soon. Any time there was a lull in Robotnik's attacks, it meant that worse was coming. And it was in Schrodinger's best interest to keep the Fight Area base from getting wiped off the face of the map he was looking at.

Suddenly the cat looked up sharply, sensing a flicker of foreign thought brush by. He only relaxed when he saw that trench-coat fellow, Socrates, who had a pet mutant starfish - a Pokemon, it was called - that liked to communicate with its master via telepathy. Normally Schrodinger wouldn't have been so startled, but he was extremely tense, what with the imminent danger of an attack from Robotnik.

"No 'bots invading where I'm keeping eyes. But I do not know how much longer we can expect the lull," Socrates informed Cadence, the head of the Revolution. Schrodinger spoke up.

"Certainly not much longer," he murmured. "It's been nearly twenty-four hours since the last attack. That means we can expect something very big and very bad soon." He paused, then said quietly, "I have ensured that we have the weapons we need, but arms alone will not save us. As we all know, we need Chaos Emeralds. Once Chakram comes back in, I recommend that you let me peer into his mind, Cadence, and try to find in his memory exactly where the Cyan Chaos Emerald lies. With its power, we could gain ground and perhaps a slim advantage - if only via a secret weapon - over Robotnik." That said, Schrodinger looked at Cadence and Socrates, touching their minds ever so gently to try and gauge their reactions.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Zek Chakram and anyone in his unit.

Alice had never been a master of stealth. It nearly killed her to just sit and wait while Stunfisks and snipers - as a human she might have been one, but while she was one of the RU's best Trainers, she was rubbish at guns - took out the badniks. She hated hiding in the dark; it made her feel like she was waiting for something to go awry. But she was an obedient little soldier as she followed Chakram along with the others in his unit. However, unlike the others, she had an eye in the sky - her Xatu, Oracle, who could fly high enough not to be spotted by the badniks but whose sharp eyes could still see the enemies below and report on their movements. Alice hadn't informed Chakram of this move yet, but she didn't think he'd mind. Alice had taken quite a few precautions - she'd even given Oracle a Nevermeltice to prevent him from being spotted by heat vision.

Once the badniks in the first camp were all dead and gone, Alice followed the others for the looting party. They were picking up weapons, mostly the strange bazookas known as Egg-naders. They weren't very good weapons, and they were certainly nothing Alice could have used, given that she was just as likely to take out teammates as she was to kill robots. She did, however, slip a couple of the grenades into her bag - no more would fit, what with all the first-aid and other miscellaneous supplies she carried. Hopefully the extra munitions would come in handy later.

How's everything, Oracle? Alice asked her Xatu. What are you seeing?

Nothing's happening yet; they are unaware of your presence, Oracle replied. You will see a fork in the path ahead of you. Do not go left unless you wish to encounter another two-dozen badniks. You may be able to sneak up on them like you have done with these others, but I do not see anything valuable in that camp that you have not already passed over.

Great, thought Alice. Can you see what's going on in the mountain? I've heard legends... Can you really tell if Heatran is in there?

I cannot even see into the mountain from this height, I'm afraid. I sense a strong force, but whether it is just these half-sentient abominations or a Pokemon of any sort, I cannot tell. Even my eye - both physical and mental - has its limits. I am sorry, Alice.

I understand, Alice replied, trying to conceal her disappointment. She crept toward Chakram and, doing her best to stay quiet despite how badly that contradicted her nature, she said, "Excuse me, Mr. Chakram: I have a Xatu up there scouting for us. He says we should take the right path. Badniks to the left, and he doesn't think they've got any good weapons for us to take."

06-04-2012, 02:16 AM
Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226
Affected RPers: Eternal Moonlight (Candace), Narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity(Schrodinger and Alice)

The instant he got over the first hill, he had a feeling that this wasn't going to be the fully stealthy run through here Zek wanted.

Eggbots weren't their only company: Roboticized Weezing, of all things, were lurking around. Eggman, apparently, didn't like the odd shape of the Weezing, and made a more spherical appearance. Multiple eye-like censors, heat-sensors, ectcedera. They spewed toxic gas-as usual-but more importantly, were stuffed with explosives, and if defeated by any distance but very, very far, would be able to detonate. If that wasn't a signal to Badniks from miles away, there'd be little else that could.

However, Badniks had bad sense of tactics. Robotnik’s ‘tactics’ required numbers to be effective, usually: If matched number-for-number by soldiers with your average assault rifle, the soldiers would probably walk away with low casualties while the Badniks either suffer tremendous damage or outright be demolished. Robotnik could spew his forces out by the thousands, andhad to spew out his forces by the thousands-he could lose them by the thousands just as easily.

A sniper got into position. Zek wasn't used to anything bigger than an SMG, and he'd let the professional sniper do the work here. He wasn't an effective long-range sniper himself, having never used the weapon, though the instant he got the time he'd start training. A spotter for the Sniper nearby quietly muttered such factors as wind speed and temperature. The Roboticized Weezing was big, but if done correctly, it would look like the thing blew up of it's own accord. There were early cases of Pokémon rebelling against the programming of Roboticizing, ending badly for Robotnik: Electric-Typed Pokémon short-circuited their mobile slavery suits (Robotnik surge-proofed the Roboticized Electric Types), Psychic Types used their mental powers to move around certain plugs and overload circuits (the Priority for them after the first few instances was apparently kill on sight rather than Roboticize, there wasn't a way around it), Ghost-Types just phased through the Armor if they could (Gengar seemed to be the Bane of the common grunts, and again, Ghosts were killed without hesitation, no Roboticizing unless it was proven they couldn’t escape). There were other incidents when Robotnik just wasn't prepared for the amount of willpower and power outright the Pokémon had, too, though nowadays Robotnik seemed to have it pinned down. Still, the Eggbots may think it was an accident, and it would be hard to investigate without leaving a post, so unless it happened twice, they'd be assuming nothing was happening.

"...Sir?" Said the spotter.

"Yes?" Replied Zek. Ugh. Here we go...Another complication.

"There seems to be a large Piplup, bobbed, tied to a rock, and gagged, in that nearest camp. See?" Said the spotter, giving his binoculars to Zek.

Sure enough, Zek saw it. Large Piplup-except that it was a pure blue color, rather than most of the markings, save a fluff of white on the chest and a patch on the eyes. No fingers either, flippers. It seemed to be one of the Anthros. There was a light vest (Black) and a pair of black-tinted goggles (He was reminded of Eggman immediately). As stated, the large Piplup was tied to a rock, and as unstated, the thing was struggling against the metallic binds to no avail. It was up for Roboticization, but such things weren't around in this preliminary camp-the real house for the Badniks around here was the volcano itself, which was probably crawling with Badniks.

He heard what Alice Card said, and he aknowledged it with a nod to the right, but gave her the Binoculars to look at the camp.

Do we rescue him? asked the Sniper. I've got two other targets in my sights, perfect for a distraction. He said.

Zek thought about it for a minute. On one hand, the less casualties, the better, and there weren't any Roboticizing machines around outside the Volcano's interior, where the Badniks had taken as their stronghold here. They'd have to wait for something else to pick them up, meaning he had the time. Plus, whatever it knew-or guessed-was valuable, and in the end, there was probably some sort of power it possessed that could help immensely (or pitifully) in retaking the mountain. On the other hand? Anthromorphs weren't known for full-on loyalty (There was only one Anthro in an officer position in the RU, and that was a gray anthro Liepard look-alike that was clearly a bit insane, and that wasn't counting the Eggman-level genius that was Tails), it was much easier to take out the closest target, it was probably a civilian (he heard that as 'worthless guy who sits around either panicking or doing nothing), and for the love of Arceus, it looked like an utter idiot, trying to struggle free. It looked like the overly-large Piplup would get in the way rather than help.

".......Do we have a choice? Rescue it." Zek said, rather grumpily. He didn't trust the Anthros. But they were powerful, and it was an order to prevent Roboticization whenever possible anyways.

The spotter and sniper exchanged a few fast quips on the two targets they chose, indistinguishable to regular eyes from the consistent rain of ash, then they shot their first target.

BOOM! Even from here, the ash blew away to reveal what they shot-and from the looks of it, most were true robots and not roboticized. He could see blood, though. A second group, to the southwest of the position that just got blown to smithereens, was looking in as much surprise as the closest one, now fully visible at this range. Both waited a minute-enough quips for the Sniper to aim at the next target, even as the ash rain resumed to reduce visibility.

BOOM! The noise made a few of the soldiers nearby him cover their ears, but ultimately the goal was achieved-the Eggbots and the Roboticized Weezing left their usual posts to go check out the disturbance.

Zek himself was responsible for it-he didn't trust the others to be stealthy, trust at his low levels or no. He took the few steps silently, hiding behind whatever cover possible to hide from the sensors, until he got close enough to the Oversized Piplup that he could clearly hear his muffled yelling. He briefly reached out of cover to tap the Piplup on the shoulder, causing it to face him. He put his mouth on his lips, and the screaming ceased. He touched a thing on the back of the rock-which kept the ropes in place, apparently-and the ropes were released. Zek dragged the Oversized Piplup to cover, but didn't bother un-bobbing or gagging it. He dragged it back towards the safe-ish zone, where the RU forces were, and then, keeping a finger to his lips to symbolize further silence, he got another guy to un-bob and un-gag him. He was stupid to take the finger away from his lips.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthank-" The oversized Piplup immediately let forth, with an expression of ecstasy, no less. And he wasn't silent at all. Zek took his hand to the thing's beak and shut it, getting his SMG ready. This wasn't good.

The remaining robots quickly came back towards their camp, but didn't make their usual rounds, not even bothering to look at the rock. They quickly got themselves armed, and were coming directly towards Zek's position. The oversized Piplup gave it away like a sore thumb sticks out. Stealth wasn't an option this time-Now was the time for fighting. At least it was a small group, and not the whole force. But...Nevertheless, Zek quickly grabbed a Radio.

"Command, this is thirteen!" Zek said, quickly. "Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW." Zek quickly added. Eggshells-meaning, Badniks.

Then he looked back at the Piplup. "You better not be thinking of running away, bird." The 'bird' was absolutely frightened into nodding.

Then the firefight commenced. At least the RU weapons were muzzled. The Badniks had Melee weapons in the mix, but some had guns. Miserably lacking in Silencers, too.

"Card, 2 Pokes out!" He said quickly, as the silenced bullets started flying towards the Eggbots with Guns. The Stunfisk quickly proved worthless-these were Surge-Protected, and were stepped on. They've taken worse.

They'd all be taking worse if they didn't suceed.

06-04-2012, 03:35 AM
Shaveh Teink
Park Lords
Approaching Cherrygrove City
Affected RPers: 2gamers


Shaveh walked with a firm but careful step throughout the wilderness. Once this forest had all been green and leafy and the sounds of animals and Pokemon playing could be heard throughout the woods. Now, however, only the toughest of plants survived, and all that remained of the majority of the trees were scorched trunks. All of the places Shaveh had travelled through on his way to Cherrygrove had been damaged in some way, but this was by far the worst. The worst part of it all was that Shaveh had no idea what was changing the world like this. Ever since leaving Mount Mortar, Shaveh and his party had avoided civilisation, just in case it was some region-wide terrorist attack or something.

On a whim, Shaveh turned around to look behind him. His trusty Meganium, Saki, was obediently following his footsteps. She looked sad, no doubt because of the devastation that had been visited upon these innocent plants. Shaveh noticed with a small smile that blades of greed grass and small wildflowers were slowly poking their heads up out of the dirt and devastation. Saki tended to have an encouraging effect on the flora wherever she went, and Shaveh was almost positive it was intentional.

"Saki, I know what you're trying to do but if we're not careful we could be followed," the young man said. He pointed out the long trail of green, stark against the brown-and-gray landscape. "It's probably nothing, but if there's some kind of invading force they'd be able to find us easily."

The Meganium sighed, and the pink petals around her neck drooped. Shaveh rubbed her head encouragingly and they set off once more. When Shaveh took a quick peek out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Saki had stopped raising the plants. His smile became more full - he was truly lucky in his friends. Few creatures would willingly suppress their natural desires just to appease the cautious side of their companion.

Slowly the landscape became greener, and the forest started to show signs of life. Shaveh decided that the burned patch must have been the site of some kind of battle. Maybe a Legendary Pokemon had been enraged and set fire to the forest, and now everyone was off trying to calm it down? Shaveh didn't know of many Legendary Pokemon, but of the ones that he did he could think of at least three that could cause this devastation. Still, it didn't seem like a Legendary Pokemon would burn down a wood full of innocent creatures just because they were angry. The more Shaveh thought about it, the more curious he became.

As Shaveh as Saki crossed into the more lively part of the forest, a low buzzing began to fill the air. Saki's flower petals and yellow antennae curled up in fear, but Shaveh didn't blame her. It sounded exactly like a Beedrill, and Saki wouldn't have a good time versus Bug/Poison type. Not that that really mattered - Shaveh didn't intend on catching any Beedrill, and even if he did he wouldn't use Saki to do it. She was the designated team medic, and Shaveh rarely risked her in open combat. Besides, Shaveh was pleased at the thought of running across another living being - he hadn't seen anyone except for his Pokemon for close to a month now.

The buzzing grew louder until it was almost deafening. Shaveh's eyes widened as a pair of strange creatures flew out of the trees. They looked a little like robotic bees. They had orange heads, black bodies and a striped abdomen which featured a decent-sized cannon of some kind. However, instead of wings the two pseudo-bees were equipped with twin rocket packs, which kept them aloft. Their yellow antennae moved in a circular pattern as they flew closer, and Shaveh realised that they had to be almost half his height.

"Wow, they look badass. I wonder why I've never seen them before?" Shaveh asked himself. He pulled his PokeDex out of his pocket and pointed it at the approaching bees. Instead of making the light ding sound that meant it had identified the Pokemon, the PokeDex made a deeper blurp-blurp sound. For a second Shaveh thought he had discovered a new species of Pokemon, but the PokeDex didn't open up a new entry in the encyclopedia.

The bees reached the small clearing that Shaveh and Saki were standing in. They both appeared to notice the young man at the same time - Shaveh could feel Saki hiding behind him, pressing her head against his legs. The pair of fliers circled the clearing once before readying their cannons.

"Hey there fellas, there's no need for that," Shaveh said in a placating tone, raising both of his hands. "Saki and I are just passing through."

Saki whined agreement.

The bees didn't seem to care, though. The one on the right fired an orb of energy towards Shaveh, which exploded on the ground in front of him. The explosion threw the Trainer and his Meganium backwards. Saki skidded to relatively safety on the grass - Shaveh crashed heavily into a tree.

"Alright then," he gasped, "come on out, Vishi!"

Shaveh pulled a PokeBall off of his belt and threw it towards the center of the clearing. The spherical device expanded as it flew, and it popped open to emit a bright white flash. The light resolved itself into the form of a bird. This wasn't any ordinary bird, though - it was slightly bigger than Shaveh himself. Its under-body was blue and over-body was red, and it had a brilliant white plumage around its face. The bird screeched a greeting to his Trainer.

The greeting was interrupted by a blast from the other drone. Vishi was sent flying through the air, and just like Shaveh he smashed into a tree. Unlike Shaveh, Vishi immediately picked himself up. He screamed at the bee, and Shaveh had to cover his ears. He knew what was coming, and it was never pretty.

Vishi kicked off of the tree, tearing through the air towards the pair of bees. White energy coated the edges of his wings and Shaveh recognised a Wing Attack. He was glad he had taken the time to train his Pokemon in the use of their initiative. Both bees fired another orb towards the incoming Braviary, but Vishi screeched again and dove low. He skimmed over the grass before jinking upwards, bringing his left wing slicing through one of the bees. Surprisingly, the bee was chopped cleanly in half. Pokemon mostly used energy-based attacks, and since they had inbuilt energy resistance they were never really hurt in their own battles. There was no way a Wing Attack would do that to a Pokemon.

Sure enough, as the bee fell to a ground a whole jumble of cogs and wires spilled out over the forest floor. The bee's antennae moved for a couple seconds before going still. Vishi screamed his victory and banked, preparing to deal with the other bee. It was a good thing he did - Shaveh's brain had momentarily shut down. These were easily the most advanced robots he had ever seen. There was no way they should just be wandering around out here in the wilderness. What exactly was going on?

Sight of the Stars
06-04-2012, 03:36 AM
K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
but you take who we are the innocence in our hearts


She laid upon her stomach, the black-and-auburn-haired girl with the two pigtails, in sunshine yellow shorts and a red T-shirt featuring a shiny Butterfree. Her chin rested upon her folded arms, her cerulean eyes glittering in the bright sunlight. The tall autumn grass around them rippled and billowed in golden waves.

She could not longer hear the comforting, steady beat of Zira's wings as distance was put between them. The details of their figures were fading, but she did not miss the Volcarona's form turning slightly behind her to throw one last look at K'sariya, those beautiful, enchanting eyes glowing with unspoken apologies. For what, K'sariya may never know.

The egg suddenly split, its shell flying in all directions. An alabaster Pokemon with an earth-colored abdomen tumbled from its protection, its light blue eyes peering from its ebony countenance. The girl gave a startled yelp and rolled away from the unfamiliar Pokemon, whimpering slightly. The Larvesta shook out the fluff on its upper body and head. The fiery, sun ray-like protrusions on her bodice quivered as she did so. Her lids lowered and lifted briefly as she gave an innocent, questioning blink. It was then that she lifted her front two legs into the air and gave a little warble, voice caressing the edges of K'sariya's mind.

She listened now to the gentle lapping of the water against the rock as she stared out at the departing Pokemon.


K'sariya cautiously regained her ground, dragging herself toward the small insect. She reached gingerly out with her hand, fingers stretching out. She touched the white fur, and then quickly pulled away, making sure the Pokemon didn't attack, and then extended her digits once more to give the Larvesta a gentle stroke.

"Zari," she mused. "I'll name you Zari." Zari gave her signature purr, and pressed herself into her new companion's hand.

Her lids lowered slowly over her sight, plunging it into darkness. She sought comfort in this sense of nothing, and could almost convince herself that she was back in the grass, the sweet scent of flowers and life drifting around her.

"Come on, Monsoon! Come meet Zari!"

At the call of his master, the spiked seahorse warily moved toward them. He bounced on his curled tail, hopping slowly as he approached. His dark gaze hardened and his eyes narrowed as he laid eyes upon the fire type. He gave a snort of disdain at the small, crawling creature before him.

Had it really been so long? Was it really that long ago that Zari had hatched? Since Monsoon had hated the Larvesta with such passion?

"Oh, come on. Don't be rude." K'sariya pulled them together, but quickly found that this was a mistake. Water blasted from the Seadra's snout with a furious squeal, thoroughly dousing the fire type. Monsoon turned away grumpily, moving away a couple of feet as he did so. The girl gasped at this, and quickly snatched up the Larvesta, cradling the now-crying Pokemon in her arms as it bawled.

Her gaze followed her beloved companions until their smaller silhouettes were dwarfed by the bulk of the naval ship, and then forced herself to tear her eyes away.

The sheep-like Pokemon was normally a very docile, kind-hearted creature, but this was one Pokemon it could not find room to be kind to. Its cotton-covered back seemed to expand as it used Growth, fury glowing in the prankster's eyes. The downright rudeness of this water Pokemon was infuriating to the Whimsicott. The grass of Pinwheel Forest jerked to and fro violently in the gale that it created. The white fluff on its back glowed with a violent green light, and then all of the sudden a similar light shot from Monsoon's body, connecting with the Whimsicott's. The Seadra let out a cry of surprise as he felt the energy being quickly sapped from his body by the Mega Drain. His form crumpled as the edges of his vision darkened dangerously.

Without warning, he was blasted by heat as Zari leaped to his rescue, a Flamethrower flowing from her maw at the Whimsicott. It squealed as the flame licked at its pelt, and quickly fled toward the water, wailing from its burns.

Monsoon blinked, gaze focusing on the Larvesta as she let out a cry to alert K'sariya of this turn of events. The bug Pokemon waddled over to her rival and snuggled against her protectively. The Seadra buried his snout into her silky upper fur in return, all grudges melting in the fire Pokemon's comforting heat...

Tears burned at the corner of her eyes, and her fists balled. She bit back her bubbling emotions with a hard, forced swallow. Taking a deep, quivering breath, she nodded, knowing she had to leave it to them. She had to trust them to make it back to her... alive.

She reached under her gently waving cloak for another Pokeball. Her thumb ran over each unique etching carved onto the spheres until she found the one she wanted, and then clicked the small button in the center of the crease. Another flash of crimson light revealed a very unique dragon. A head replaced clawed hands on each of its arms, and a its head bore a fuchsia crest. Six black wings moved steadily, with each black appendage falling chronologically with every downwards thrust cycle. Astyn let out a bone-chilling snarl, violet, midnight-rimmed eyes narrowing dangerously as it looked at the water around it. Her gaze softened as it fell upon her trainer, and she hovered obediently as K'sariya spoke.

"Come on, we've got to help somehow. If we can't hold the city their efforts will be in vain."

She swung onto her dragon, who let out a growl and took flight. As Astyn did so, K'sariya withdrew Alixra into her Pokeball, and they headed toward the city.


Astrailyx has assigned you to defense, and you will be working solo in this operation.

You and your Pokemon are to find some way to defend the subways by any means, whether it be by guards, tactical traps, or any other method you decide to use. It's a large area, but we trust that you can handle it. Please find some way to do so thoroughly.


She folded the letter carefully, slipping it into her back pocket. She withdrew a berry from another small pocket on her belt and fed it to the Pidove, who was fidgeting nervously, it's yellow eyes trained on Astyn's two subheads, which were snapping dangerously close to the tiny bird. She dismissed the messenger before the Hydreigon could torture the poor thing further, mentally admonishing her Pokemon for such behavior.

They alighted at the entrance of the closed subway. The city was mostly void of citizens, considering most were holed up in their homes, waiting, watching, praying. K'sariya had long ago given up on praying. It was obvious that none of their gods, especially Arceus, would help them. The legendary Pokemon had completely lost any respect she had ever had for them, no matter how they subtly influenced her life or helped it.

As she entered the darkness, she released all of her remaining Pokemon. A spiky ball of metal, hanging from the ceiling from three vines that protruded from his body, tipped with flat, round disks with steel thorns on them, swung ahead into the pitch. Moments later, a Flash lit up the subway tunnels. The woman glanced around at her team, pondering over what to do.

"Altair, Astyn," came her sharp call. She tended to become much more harsh when she was in thought. Her Pokemon were about the only creatures she was verbal with. Anyone else she went to extreme lengths with to avoid conversation. The yellow, six-eyed spider gave a screech of acknowledgement, scuttling to her side. Sparks leaped from the azure appendages on his rear, spreading to his body in his anticipation. His mandibles clicked together impatiently. The dark dragon turned her head attentively, the sound of the jaws of her subheads snapping together fading as they too stilled.

"Astyn, carry Altair and go through the subways. Altair, as you go, spread Electrowebs out under you. As quickly as you can." They began to move, but then she halted them. "Wait! Before you go..." She glanced around, and then broke out into a sprint down the tunnel until she reached a box for the generator. She beckoned Alixra, who drifted over and used Psychic to dislodge the mechanisms of the lock. Opening the cover, her gaze scraped over the various switches and outlets. "Altair, spin me a thick, electric wire and attach it to the largest outlet. Make sure all of your webs touch in some when you're spinning them, and make sure the charges flow this way... Can you so that?"

The Galvantula nodded and began spinning the cord carefully. Thalion, the large, comical-looking, light cobalt-colored creature that was known as a Jellicent, made a point to stay far away from the jumping sparks and electricity, as did Kalahaq. The metallic Metagross wasn't affected much by the electricity, but it was annoying to have thousands of volts pulsing through your highly conductive body and the headache that came with it always irritated all four of his brains. The hunter-green, dinosaur-like figure known as Kozanar the Tyranitar lowered himself to the ground, suffering from an extreme disease that the armor Pokemon knew as boredom. Kozanar found this disease very harmful to his health and saw it as life-threatening. He would soon be attempting to find a cure to this terrible ailment, that was, if K'sariya did not give him one first.

"Yo Koz! You mind doing me a favor?" she called. His attention was immediately captured, and he sauntered over. She stood on the tip of her toes and whispered something in his ear, and he nodded. The massive Pokemon lumbered over to the edge of the edge of the platform and slowly lowered himself to the ground. He rolled onto his side, and pressed his ear attentively to the ground.

Kozanar wasn't the most intelligent creature, but he was still extremely useful. Luckily for K'sariya (and everyone else in the city), Kozanar was easily amused. The rock type listened intently to the ground for any signs of machines. His Trainer gave a warm smile at his actions. Something was quite comical about a Pokemon with such vicious capabilities so easily enticed by something so simple.

By the time her attention was drawn from the pseudo legendary, Astyn and Altair were already prepared to go. The Galvantula clutched tightly to the dragon's stomach, hanging upside down. Her gaze turned to the wire, which had been plugged into the outlet she had instructed. Nodding her approval to them, she gave them a thumbs up, and they began their work.

you make us kneel before the altar as you tear us apart
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Eternal Moonlight
06-04-2012, 05:32 AM
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger), Latio-Nytro (indirectly)

"He is just as likely to abstain from invading in the next 24 hours as I am to begin to enjoy my gluteal regions as a delicacy of the highest order. But then, you probably already knew that."Cadence turned, recognising the voice instantly. Socrates had surprised her a little, but not enough to draw any particular reaction.

He was talking about the threat; there was no doubt about that. By this point, there were few, especially in the higher ranks, that hadn’t been informed of it. To his statement, she only nodded lightly, her focus on the fumbling rookie. What had possessed Thirteen to leave a newbie alone during such a time?

"Chakram is not stupid, you know. He is probably the single most competent person we could have attacking those...robots. As an subset of his nonstupidity, he is not going to betray a heavily armed faction fighting for his freedom. I think we can both agree that would be idiocy itself. You were right to put him in command."

The PI’s words made sense, for the most part, they always did. Zek wasn’t that naïve, rebelling so close to HQ would only be suicide. Trying to convince a fair amount of the RU’s agents of that was a nightmare, however. Suspicion ended up clouding minds...

"I'm going to check on the scouts I have on the rest of the island. I have them most concentrated on the area just around the survival area, as that would be the most sensible for Eggy to attack, as not only is it the shortest route from here to Kanto, one of Robotnik's strongholds, but also it is extremely probable that it would draw our forces from Stark Mountain and possibly screw us all over from both sides."

“Alright,” Cadence stated, nodding lightly. If he played his cards right, Robotnik could very well snap them like a closing jaw. That couldn’t be allowed to happen…

Turning her head, the leader noticed the young man finally get onto the call. The poor thing was hopeless, and having him in charge of the communications, even for a short while, was more than a little unnerving.

"No 'bots invading where I'm keeping eyes. But I do not know how much longer we can expect the lull,"

“We can’t be certain, but I anticipate something sooner than later,” she replied, her brown eyes catching the motion of an opening door. Somebody, hopefully Thirteen, was coming in…

Nope. It was Schrodinger, one of the few anthropomorphic beings to reach an elevated rank in the RU. He was, for the most part, strictly business, and was damn good at his work.

"Certainly not much longer," he stated, probably having heard Socrates and herself from the hall. In reality, this wasn’t in any way this best room for this kind of discussion.

"It's been nearly twenty-four hours since the last attack. That means we can expect something very big and very bad soon." The cat took a slight break, then continued, "I have ensured that we have the weapons we need, but arms alone will not save us. As we all know, we need Chaos Emeralds. Once Chakram comes back in, I recommend that you let me peer into his mind, Cadence, and try to find in his memory exactly where the Cyan Chaos Emerald lies. With its power, we could gain ground and perhaps a slim advantage - if only via a secret weapon - over Robotnik."

Not yet. The words popped into her head instantly. She couldn’t afford risking Zek’s loss, not to mention the damage he’d cause going rogue. Plus, he wasn’t one the leader wanted to see fall into the clutches of the other fractions. If only they could get to Unova, that could stir a buried memory, sans risk…

"Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW."

The rookie had put Chakram (it was his voice after all) on loud speak by mistake when he began calling up some data. Judging from his tone, it was fairly urgent…

No time to call Thirteen…

“Check all available frequencies, listen for anything suspicious,” she ordered, looking at the nervous operator. It was an easier job then jamming signals, which he most certainly didn’t know how to do.

“Socrates, can you double check with your scouts, make sure nothing’s come up suddenly?” The leader asked, eyeing the computer at the back of the room. Its purpose was for situations such as this, which required the machine to be pretty elaborate.

Despite not being a techie by trade, Cadence had been taught to set up interference signals, which she sometimes used to cover herself when getting in and out was more important than subtlety. As such, in a few minutes, her fingers were dancing rapidly on the keyboard, punching codes and accessing the jamming equipment. It was a band aid approach really, Robotnik had enough advanced technology to bypass the interferences, but even for the Eggman Empire, that took time.

“Engaging,” a small pop up flashed, indicating a successful launch. Perfect.

06-04-2012, 06:38 AM
(Lack of motivation for this post, lol. His sign up drained me THAT much. Geh. So shooooort.)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Sight of the Stars

War. It always happened, always occurred...And despite being one of the most powerful beings from his world, he could do nothing to stop it. He was powerless, and it was a feeling he doubted he would ever get used to. He had at times wondered if it would be better for Robotnik to win, but at the same time, it would go against everything his creator - Robotnik's grandfather - would have wanted. Gerald had wanted to help humanity and anthros alike, to stop bloodshed using science. He had been driven insane, eventually, but fundamentally peace was his goal. His grandson would create peace, as well, but in a completely twisted and terrible way...Ridding sentient beings of their willpower, of their very mind. Such a terrible fate, to be forced into acts a person would never do and to be unable to escape it.

And Maria...He had to protect everyone. For her.

The hedgehog scowled, shaking his head to rid himself of the thoughts. The city itself was barren for the most part, people barricading themselves into the buildings in preparation for the coming battle. He couldn't blame them, but on the other hand, he wished that they would help with fortifying the city rather than huddling behind a couch in fear. If they didn't want to die, then the least they could do was help. Bloody cowards, honestly, because he knew that many weren't children or crippled. It wasn't like they were asking them to fight! Although, in hindsight, it would be quite a bit of help if they would at least learn how to fire a gun.

Either way, the city was very gloomy at the moment. The air was tense and prickling with energy, of fear and desperation, eagerness and dread, all wrapped up in a tight blanket of paranoia. The sky ahead was overcast, threatening to bring rain...Yet the lack of humidity didn't really support the theory it would. It was almost as if the world was holding its breath, casting a hue on the land below as it anticipated bloodshed. The rain would be its tears, the thunder its cry of anger, the lightning its strike of fury! The sun...The sun would be its happiness if they survived the attack to see the next day.

It was not a matter of if...

It was a matter of when.

Turning down a street and passing an armored jeep, its machine guns already up and ready for action, he ignored the salutes from the soldiers he passed. Their clothes were tattered and covered in dust from the fusion of the worlds, and he was simply too lost in thought to give much of a response. His radio crackled on occasion, confirming certain parameters had been activated and that so far, no activity had been detected in any of the sectors. That will not last for long. He couldn't help but be grim, for reality had proven to him many times that happiness did not last long before tragedy swiftly buried it in misery. I made a promise to Maria to help humanity have a chance to be happy. But with Robotnik around, they will never have that opportunity. If I am to keep that oath...He must be eliminated.

He knew the city was in good hands with Astrailyx and Ace in keeping an eye out, although the former was still very weak. He didn't enjoy the fact she was that tired and working, but she had refused to sit idly by...So he had granted her permission to work on defense. As for Ace, he was eager for battle but he was reliable...Usually. He didn't always listen to orders. The human whom he couldn't even remember what her name was - it was a strange one indeed - would prove to be interesting if her Pokemon were as strong as others told him they were.

Before he could dwell on that, however, he noticed a light from a subway tunnel. It was odd, however, as he knew power had mostly be diverted from them for the city...So the lights would not be working; the electric rails were also down as they no longer connected to anything either, so they were of no use. Which meant, however, that something was down there. Grabbing at his belt, he felt the cold steel of the pistol, and having his finger on the trigger, stepping into the tunnel.

He could see a green tail tip by the entrance, and beyond that a large metallic body with a large "x" on its face. There was a a floating jellyfish which had a face that looked like it belonged on the can of a chip company than on anything alive; honestly had this been another situation he might have had to stifle a snicker at it. Pokemon, I presume. But what are they doing down here? He didn't know, honestly. Pokemon were powerful creatures, yes, and they could be tamed by Pokemon Trainers, but...It was strange finding these down here.

Staying within the tunnel entrance, he cocked the gun and stepped forward slightly. Seeing a humanoid shape, he pointed the weapon, although he did not press the trigger and his aim never wavered. He didn't forget about the Pokemon, either, his ears primed towards those he couldn't see. "By the order of the G.U.N. Commander - the one whom you are now talking to - who are you and what are you doing down here?"

...He would never get used to being Commander.

Saraibre Ryu
06-04-2012, 07:14 AM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ

Astrailyx had flown back to base, hearing that the trainer, K’sayira was doing her task in the subways. The dragon had flown back into base, giving everyone a last reassuring check before going to her own post. She could feel the energy humming through the entire place, almost as if it were synchronizing with her. Closing her eyes and concentrating, she folded her wings behind her back, standing in the large hallway that opened to the centre of the building, a large, decorative memorial of some kind placed in there. At least it was decorative for GUN. This isn’t where she needed to be though; no she needed to be somewhere else. A flap of her wings and a release of herself, Astrailyx fell into the floor like a ghost, passing wires and metal, concrete and supports, bothering them not in the slightest.

Astrailyx came to the middle of a large room with people watching energy fields and measurements of all kinds. In this room, she felt every pulse and twitch of the energy. She inhaled, focusing her mind on everything, and exhaled, opening her eyes, looking from left to right. This was her area of expertise, and if anything was going wrong, she was going to be the line of defense. She was in charge of defensive tactics and had run though, thought of, planned everything she could think of, still cycling through ideas like a train that never had a stop.

“All levels are stable and holding Astrailyx.” One of the operators told her. “The towers are ready at a moment’s notice and the conductors are functioning properly.”

“We have one of our own down in the tunnels working on the network. How does that look?” Astrailyx asked.

“Well…we can’t really see them and we’re close to them so…” Another cut in, a bit nervous as to what to tell her. “I’m not sure if she’s…doing it or it’s just the tracks…”

“Good, that’s how we want them.” Astrailyx explained, looking at the screens of electrical networks. “Sometimes we don’t want to see our own traps, it makes them better for the enemy.”

The other members of GUN looked at each other with a confused look, however believed the dragon anyway. She hadn’t been here very long, but her extensive knowledge proved more than helpful, and ever since she had known about the universal collision, she was absolutely over defenses, even giving more than she had the energy for, and possibly not telling a specific black hedgehog specifically what she was doing. She was aware he wouldn’t be too happy when he discovered what she did, but it was for the benefit of everyone else. Astrailyx wanted to figure out a way to recreate her energy as a simulant to administer as a special shield for others, to prevent roboticization, but that would mean an extreme amount of strain on herself, and she couldn’t afford that right now.

The dragon hovered over to one of the generators, looking it over and spying the equipment inside. Already her mind was reeling with how the generator worked, and the energy that it produced, where it went and what it controlled. She put her hand on the cold metal, feeling a chill go down her spine as a minimal amount of information came to her mind. She had known this piece of equipment for a while, though Astrailyx was learning to limit herself to smaller doses of information at once, slowly gaining control over her ability.

*start flashback*
Astrailyx was hovering in an odd space…remembering she was looking, or rather, trying to avoid someone. She was curled up, but moving at the same time…everything was a blur, as if she were trapped in a clouded bubble, suspended in nothing. She could hear voices, vaguely familiar, but foreboding and something she knew was bad.

“…she’s lucky she her energy remembers her body mold…”

“As long as she’s still alive…”

“You put her under that…was screaming in pain…agony yelled out…told you it hurt…!”

“…monster came from that…unexpected…result…”

“You…struck her…”

Everything was starting to fade out. Only a pinkish, almost nightmarish image remained within that one colour, and the sound of bubbles. Silence and uncomforting heat surrounded her, and she felt along for a while. Still, in the deafening silence and heavy warmth, there was a kind cool feeling of a familiar. It felt like the cool breeze on a summer day when you were trying to escape the overzealousness of the sun.
*end flashback*


She snapped out of her thoughts, looking back and finding one of the operators, giving her an odd look. She gazed beyond her, finding she had more than one set of eyes on her. No doubt in her daydreaming she had looked a bit tired, and found herself considerably close to the floor. Astrailyx gave a half smile.

“Nothing to worry about, just thinking.” She told them. “Back to your stations people, I know all we’ve been doing is watching but I want everyone prepared on a second’s notice. Not a moment, not a minute, a second alright?”

Everyone seemed to be a bit more energetic, realizing they were border lining an attack at any moment. “Yes si—er…ma’am!”

Astrailyx hovered higher into the air, observing every screen and everyone from her height with the generator at her back. She wasn’t going to let Robotnik win, she was putting everything she had into it and more.

Neo Emolga
06-04-2012, 03:53 PM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: N/A

Still no sighting.

I wasn't sure what to really think about it. The Dragoneye launch was being prepped in the meantime, as if it was taunting Robotnik to try and attack us to attempt to stop it. Either they were being stupid or they had a hell of a lot of faith in our defenses. And it could have been they felt Robotnik would not attack for a very long time, and having a communications and surveillance satellite up in the air to reveal the locations of his assets and armies would already put us a step ahead.

Meanwhile, there was still no talk regarding any liberation movements in the overtaken areas. The governments were a train wreck, and were now totally non-existent. Even if Robotnik was eliminated, trying to establish a working society there again would be a horrendous job in itself. Still, what mattered now was the defense line. These places... Kanto, Johto, Orre, Hoenn... it was all new unfamiliar territory to me.

Out of nowhere, however, a note... a small scroll of paper had been dropped at my feet. I looked up to see where it came from, only to see some five foot tall, six-winged flying above me, looking at me from above with its strange blue eyes. The only assurance I had was that it was an organic creature, and not a robot.

"What... is... THAT!?" Switch exclaimed, looking up at the fiery insect with his rapidly beating red-orange, black dotted wings.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch," I told him, picking up the paper. "It's probably one of those things they call... Pokémon. If it wasn't one of ours, I'd imagine it would have attacked already."

"Well, how the hell was I supposed to know that?" Switch asked me, still not in his comfort zone. "I swear, there must be hundreds of different kinds of these things."

Obviously. Regardless, I just shrugged, and unrolled the paper to see it was a letter. I had to applaud whoever sent this. With all the nonsense radio chatter going on, I should have thought of sending letters around earlier.

I am not sure if you are familiar with I or my Pokemon, but I am sending these two to the front lines to help defend. I am aware of the dangers of this and so are they. Below is a rundown of their powers and what they can do with them.

I couldn't help but look weirdly at this one. I quickly looked to see that K'sariya Damuna was the one who sent this. Still, I hadn't ever even touched a Pokémon in my life. Heck, three weeks ago, I didn't even know they existed. Now she was expecting me to command them? How would something that was bigger than I was even take orders?

Not to mention I couldn't understand a word it was saying.

The one carrying this note is known as a Volcarona that answers to the calling of Zira. I think she may be useful for creating Hurricanes, if needed. She will be certain to keep them from colliding into the ships, as well. If you command her to, she can clear the skies of any clouds and weather and make it easier to see any opponents above the water, and will improve our visibility below. Being a Fire type, she will avoid the water at all costs unless absolutely necessary. If you need to return any messages to me, do so with her--she will know where to find me, but please do so if only necessary. Returned thanks are not needed nor wanted for their assistance, and either are returned damnations in case you did not want them.

Hurricanes? This bug was capable of making hurricanes? See, this is where I found it hard to trust these things. Still, I looked up, and just tried to remember "Zira the Volcarona."

"She's expecting you to command it!?" Switch asked me after looking over my shoulder, almost laughing hysterically from reading the note. "Ha, ha! Ace, you're no Pokémon Trainer! You can't handle that thing!"

"Put a sock in it," I growled at him, reading the rest of the letter.

I figured Switch was just a moron when it came to these things. These familiars, companions, or whatever they referred to them as, probably couldn't be any harder to command than any other soldier. They might even be easier. But hell if I knew, I had never commanded these things in my life.

The one accompanying her is a Kingdra (check the water for a blue Pokemon with two horns with wavy protrusions on them), and he goes by the name Monsoon. He specializes in anything water, and I believe may be of some help. He can create whirlpools to help slow our opponents down, and with some tactical guidance as to where he needs to put them, I believe that he is mostly independent and will need no further instruction after you give him an order, but if he encounters problems, he will report back to you for further tasks. On a side note, he can also create Blizzards. If he spots robots before you all do, he will alert you to their presence with a Signal Beam.

Sure enough, I looked to the waters and there it was, a large, seahorse Pokémon with the horns K'Sariya described. Still, "independent" was good. I liked that word. Had to be one of my favorites.

"Two of them, no less!" Switch laughed, looking at Monsoon the Kingdra from over the deck of the battleship. "Oh wow, Ace. Seriously. My guess is she must have thought you were a human! Doesn't she know anthros have never even seen Pokémon before, and the same the other way around!? How does she expect you to command both of them at the same time!?"

"Obviously she thinks I can handle it," I shrugged, thinking Switch's words were just garbage anyway. "One's a flying fire bug capable of incinerating crap, and the other handles the waters. Have Zira handle the skies, and let Monsoon handle the crap the rest of us can't see in the water. Switch, it's not rocket science. I've heard they even let their human kids handle these things and most of the time there's no problem."

"But you don't even know if they'll listen to you!" Switch exclaimed, not so sure I could depend on them. "They're not even your Pokémon!"

Sure, he had a point, but given the situation, I felt differently about it. Sure, I didn't like leading anyone besides myself, but right now wasn't really the right situation to moan and gripe about that.

Good luck, sir. Do not fret if you fail--we are holding down the fort at the city, but please do make an effort to return to us in case of the hopefully unlikely event in which you do not succeed.

-K'sariya Damuna

I usually wasn't the kind to "fret" either. If we needed to fall back, we would, but then I knew we would be looking at collateral damage again, and considering we just finished the repairs from the world merge, it would have been nice to enjoy Central City being intact for a little while.

While we were waiting, I figured I'd read over and try to memorize whatever I could of the list K'sariya that sent me. I knew there was no way I could be reading this thing in the middle of a fight while trying to fight on my own. Every now and then, I'd look up to make sure there was nothing coming our way, and then I'd look back to the list. I swore, just one fire bug and water dragon sounded like they'd be capable of unleashing a lot of pain and suffering on those Badniks.

In the meantime, it wasn't like I was being expected to use Pokéballs, which I had no idea how those worked. Commanding Pokémon, yeah, I think I could do that, though they might not exactly enjoy my style of handling things. But trying to figure what fires off a recall beam, what preps a Pokéball for capture, what preps a Pokéball for Pokémon release, and what resets it back into a standby state was confusing as all hell considering the thing only had one button. And don't even get me started on all the different colors and designs. I heard from one other human that different colors and designs resembled different Pokéballs that were capable of different things. Like hell I was going to try and memorize all that.

"You're really serious about this, aren't you?" Switch asked, chuckling. "Hate to break it to you, but rumor has it that inexperienced trainers have trouble commanding Pokémon, especially ones that aren't theirs. Someone mentioned something about certain kinds of 'badges' being necessary for them to acknowledge your experience."

"Well ain't that too bad, I left my ceremony uniform in the barracks," I told him, not worrying about that. "I guess introducing them to my collection of six scout sniper ribbons, three infantry ribbons, two armored battalion ribbons, and those Emerald Star and Diamond Cross medals might have to wait a little while."

"Those aren't... um... well, I think they might listen to you if they see you in action," Switch told me, trying to compose himself.

And if that didn't, something else would.

06-04-2012, 07:08 PM
Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226
Affected RPers: Narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger and Alice), Eternal Moonlight (Candace)

There were about twenty of them, all given that nice, little antennae close to their heads that meant they had radio of their own. It was not a good sign, for that would basically mean reinforcements were on the way unless they shot them down very, very quickly.

There were eight with guns, the rest had either a spike-adorned shield or a sword/club/mace hybrid of sorts. That being said, the size (over six-foot-six) of the Eggbots and their metallic bodies could cause enough damage of their own accord. It wasn't going to be a cakewalk, but really, there were worse cases of being caught known to Zek (that he thankfully didn't partake in). The image of the time a soldier wound up attracting a Roboticized Rhyperior to his position, and the bloody splatter that served as the remains of the poor man, wasn't a comforting one.

Zek's SMG's quickly silenced two gun-wielding Eggbots with a shot to the head, as his soldiers-outnumbered two to one by the Eggbots, but outgunning them by all having firearms-shot the remaining gun-wielders before a shot of theirs got off. The Melee Eggbots were taking advantage of their lack of priority and managed to get in a quick slam of their clubs on a poor sniper, who fell down on the ground with a bleeding head. That particular sniper was right next to Zek, who took the opportunity to take the Eggbot's body and swirl it around to hit a second Eggbot, and he got off on the impact to take a shot at two more. It was proceeding smoothly.

Suddenly, Chakram was thrust against the wall-he wound up too close to the Badnik he hitched a ride with. This wasn't a terrifically good thing. However, the Badnik quickly fell over from a Shadow Ball (He caught a particle of shadow from the corner of his eye-his own Shedinja’s attack), leaving Zek to recollect his senses a bit. However, he was smart enough to avoid the shield of another Badnik, rolling out of the way and taking shots. The bullets deflected on the shield, and the bullets that hit got the sides of the machine. It advanced towards him, Shield still in a position that would make the Badnik invincible from the front.

Then it froze-in ice, of course. Partially, anyway, as it's legs were stuck in ice, but it's upper body was left to smash its way out. He didn't even check the source-he shot at the head while the Eggbot was distracted by smashing the ice away. That shut it down.

After that, there were too left, both club wielders, who were quickly dispatched by bullets from other soldiers. That left one: the Roboticized Weezing, who seemed to be absent.

"Sir, I think we can breathe a little easier. The Air signals were scrambled when the fight began." Said a soldier. "They couldn't have heard the transmission.

"I wouldn't be terribly sure about that. It's Robotnik we're dealing with here, he's probably got some plan to fix that with. Besides, where's the Weezing?" He asked, pretty sure he'd get no answer.

"Probably going to alert the rest of the Badniks at that Stark Mountain place. Where's that, anyway?" Said the oversized Piplup, who's talking could have allowed for a stealthier takedown. It was a small panic to take care of even small forces of Badniks-it was terribly bad if they got hold of their bases, and considering their stronger logical processing, that would be easier for Eggman to figure out than the average grunt would have taken. They weren't completely aware of their presence as a faction being strong here-yet. If they did, Eggman would send in truckloads of forces.

Zek took a deep breath-this wasn't his first time dealing with clueless idiots, and there were those potentially dumber than this."First off, yes, they are going to Mt. Stark. Second off, why weren't you-"

"They may respond, but chances are that they're more busy with whatever's inside the place." It continued, as if Zek's subtly and slightly angry words weren't even spoken. "Hunting down something powerful, keep...uhh...referring to it as a Legend, relates to Ma-ma-magma and the volcano, not sure what it is exactly." It said, starting to stutter, not out of any noteworthy fear.

A few rookies gulped. The prospect of a Legendary Pokémon being Roboticized this early on into the conflict was nightmarish-though Heatran was almost considered a regular Pokémon, just with extreme rarity."Great to know but-"

"They're sending a ton of Badniks there, but-but...Uhh...But the...Variety of said Badniks...uhh...Isn't confirmed. I'd guess-"

"Are you even aware that you gave away our positions?" Zek said, still keeping his tone and his emotions low.

"Actually, I'm not sure. Their sensors would have to be par-par...uhh...Particularly sensitive, to detect anything under a regular tone." The Thing said.

"Considering that you're not completely incompetent, I'd ask why you didn't notice they were more sensitive?" Zek asked.

"Oh, they were?! Hard to tell with-without knowing f-f-f-firsthand." Said the oversized Piplup.

Some of the soldiers, initially impressed by the bird, now had to do nothing but wonder if this oversized Piplup was actually smart. The rest were already guessing he wasn't very smart at all. Zek ignored the soldiers's faces, expressions of confusion and curiosity aimed at the bird, and instead radioed in properly.

"Command, this is Unit Vital A. Engagement successful, only one soldier lost, thanks for scrambling the signals quick enough. All known Eggshells leading up to the Mountain proper are eliminated, sans one. A Roboticized Weezing, seen prior to engagement with one group of Eggshells, had escaped. We rescued what looks like an oversized Piplup from one camp. We've yet to get onto the Mountain proper and eliminate any eggshells there, break." Zek started. "The oversized Piplup claims the Eggshells are here to capture the Legend in the Volcano, Heatran, though the source doesn't look terribly smart, break." He added. "We'll continue the elimination of the Eggshells, unless you want us to regroup with some more units. Over."

Zek's unit kept an eye out. Reinforcements weren't coming yet. They couldn't find the Roboticized Weezing either. It was quiet. Uncomfortably so. He was still ready to shoot whatever Robotnik could send at him, waiting a little for the response.

...Heatran...The Legend of the Volcano. Hopefully, the bird's information was faulty-or Heatran wasn't found by the Badniks yet.

Dr Robotnik
06-04-2012, 09:30 PM
E-101 MK. III "β"
Cloud cover, target identified
Orders issued, attack to begin in 3...2...1...

The green tinted clouds keeping the flying robot and the massive airship behind it hidden flashed too often and too close for comfort. The machine had to keep its various control flaps tightly controlled to avoid being hit by a stray bolt of electricity. Its single eye scanned a battleship in the water below, lit up in shades of red and yellow. The cloud cover had almost allowed them to slip over it completely... but they were in range. The orb like robot raised a small antenna from its back, transmitting the order to begin charging weapons and to activate the forward cannon. Slowly, the behemoth red ship dipped out of the clouds, its wide underbelly bristling as automated turrets surged to life, twisting and searching out targets with small red photoreceptors. It was shaped much like a large snake with wings from the bottom, with the bridge and other important locations situated above. The exposed engine was protected with thick glass even Beta's lasers couldn't break, pistons and gears pumping as it kicked in to full gear. As it dove, the front of the airship opened vertically, opening wide as the forward cannon charged energy. The instant it was below cloud cover, the mile-long flying weapon was fully charged. There was a loud screeching noise that the robot recognized as the pulse emitter giving off feedback from the stored energy before a huge blue laser ratcheted from the front of the ship towards central city. It ripped viciously through everything ahead of it, skyscrapers collapsing from the sudden lack of a midsection and likely killing plenty of opponents. But it seemed to E-101 Beta that the beam had been aimed too high and had only hit skyscrapers, nothing on the ground directly. Unfortunate, but it sent a good enough message.

The ship's turrets opened fire on the Platinum Star, a storm of yellow pouring from beneath the ship and in to it. A legion of robots were leaping from it to the other battleship, all of them with similar orb shaped bodies and spidery limbs, heads firmly attached with no neck piece. They were all armed with laser weapons and close range weapons, some sporting four arms with a multitude, others with larger weapons. Some were of its model, flying machines with jets and control struts instead of legs and more powerful arm cannons, others were geared for explosives and close combat. Beta was engineered for all of that and more. The flying machine brought its claw-shaped arms together and pushed the laser emitters built in to its claws next to each other, sending a ream of energy across the deck of the ship not under the Egg Carrier's deadly gaze as it flew past, heading straight for the city. Ahead, other flying and water robots were streaking towards the city from where they had descended moments ago, but Beta quickly overtook them.

In moments his single glaring photoreceptor was painting targets in the streets, even as the ash from the buildings was still falling... but it wasn't to attack just yet. A deep voice boomed from within the machine at a much higher volume than it should have been able to produce. It wasn't the voice of its creator, but it was the voice of Beta. "PEOPLE OF CENTRAL CITY, YOU ARE OFFERED THE CHANCE TO SURRENDER." the voice boomed. The impact of a bullet denting its armor informed the machine of the answer, and it wasted no time in retaliation, firing bursts of lasers from the emitters built in to its claws, flying quickly enough that its few weak points weren't exposed to being harmed. A wave of dust obscured it from view as the collapsing buildings finally finished their fall, showing only a few points of light and swaths of energy bursting from the dust cloud spreading through the city. This would be fun...

((OOC:The Egg Carrier, as I'm not quite sure how to describe the thing. (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101021005460/sonic/images/5/54/Sonic_The_Hedgehog_%282006%29_-_Boss_-_Egg_Carrier_II.jpg)
And Beta too just for the heck of it. He's been upgraded, but he still pretty much looks like that. (http://images.wikia.com/sonic/images/d/d1/E101mk2.jpg) Have fun with these. And don't NPC Beta or the Egg Carrier; those are mine >:I Or this next guy either.))
((Also, Latio... You're going to regret that killing spree right about now.))

E-117 "ς"
En route, Route 226
Distress signal received. Beginning assault run.

The ground beneath the group of people and Pokemon shook violently moments before a massive drill erupted from the ground beneath, thick blades set in to the spinning device tearing apart almost the entire group of soldiers in a single go. The spindly arms split apart as the drill slowed, either side separating from the other and forming a pair of huge clawed hands. They led up to a stocky, circular body in a dull red color, the numbers 117 emblazoned in white on one side and a bright floodlight situated on a small stalk at the waist. The head was a yellow color, with a black pane of metal housing a multitude of small photoreceptors that were blinking in a form of binary. Its round body led down to a thin rotating torso outfitted with four legs for mobility, each with a small wheel behind the pronged foot for faster transportation. Twin jet engines sat on its back, and beneath the large arms were a pair of smaller ones armed with a pulse missile launcher and a fast-rate pulse gun, a third pair of manupulator arms behind these. Its eyes flashed again as its lower arms swung forward, discharging simultaneously at Chakram and the being he had saved.

The machine spidered backwards with impressive speed over the hole in the ground it had made, the large hands at its side poised defensively as its upper body leaned forward in a sort of mock glare. Its pincers dug in to the ground as it continued crawling backwards, two side photoreceptors slipping around the head to spy the fortifications Revolution Uprising had made. The robot made a mark on its internal map where its next targets were. Sigma's drill arms came together in a kind of steel shield protecting its body for a moment as its pulse launcher fired in to the ground, blowing up smoke and dust high in to the air. The instant it had cover, its arms reformed a drill and it burrowed in to the ground, the earth shaking as it did so.

Moments later, it erupted directly behind where Chakram had been, splitting its great arms and swinging them like blades as the thin feet sunk in to the earth of the hole it had created for stability as it brought itself up, eyes flashing in unspoken statements and threats. It advanced for Chakram, huge bladed arms swinging viciously at him and his 'charge' with the intent of tearing them apart. A small antenna on its back extended slightly, emitting a jamming frequency. It wouldn't do to have a surprise attack ruined by an observer...

Sight of the Stars
06-04-2012, 10:01 PM
Zira & Monsoon
would you leave me if i told you what i've done
Zira's eyes fell upon the creature beside her designated target, eyes narrowing slightly. She listened to the two of them converse, and was becoming more and more irritated with seeds of doubt that he was planting in the other's mind. It frustrated her that she lacked the telepathic bond that she shared with K'sariya that allowed them to speak with one another, and she could not ease any doubts. K'sariya would not have sent them here if they weren't going to listen. In fact, she had made it excruciatingly (and a bit terrifyingly) clear about what would happen if they didn't. It was not like she would do anything overly cruel for punishment, but it was enough to keep both of them thoroughly in line.

She gave a little flutter of her wings as he said her name, and a rumbling purr echoed from her chest. Her wings sent gentle waves of warmth over them both. She tilted her head at Ace as his eyes grazed over the note. Her temper shortened further when the other mentioned K'sariya. Her warm, cobalt eyes narrowed as she glared at him. As he asked if he was serious about this, Zira's temper cracked and splintered.

In her anger, her body glowed with the magnitude of a Sunny Day, and the clouds cleared. She did not notice what lay behind her, in the open skies.

She gave a small screech, and suddenly moved closer to him. She had no plans of harming him, only maybe driving him away a little. She flapped her wings a little faster, causing a slight gust to fly from her form. She did this for a few moments before drifting obediently back to the rabbit and gave a purr, eyes closing slightly, as if she seemed happy with herself. Her lids lifted from over her eyes and she looked upon her assigned leader fondly, listening intently.

Switch was merely lucky that Monsoon had not been up here--Zira was much more good-natured than her water counterpart, and Monsoon may have made an attempt to blast him off of the ship.

Alarm suddenly spread through the ships as the Egg Carrier was sighted. She whirled, eyes narrowing at the sudden threat that the absence of clouds had now exposed. About thirty seconds later, it began. At least they had some sort of warning, but it would probably not be enough for what was to come.

She watched in horror as the cannon came into view, charging energy. She let out a screech of both surprise and warning, but could do nothing but watch as the city skyscrapers fell under attack.

Zira threw an apologetic glance at her commander, and then closed her eyes momentarily, concentrating. Collecting her emotions, the Calm Mind sent ease throughout her body. As her lids lifted, she waited momentarily to wait and see if there was anything specific Ace wanted her to do, but was pretty sure that he had other matters. She began firing Flamethrowers at the robots loading onto the other battleships, trying to at least do some damage to them before they could wreak havoc on the prepared troops below. The warning they had received was enough to not be taken completely by surprise.

Meanwhile, Monsoon gave a battle cry, Ice Beams shooting from his maw as he became a ranged weapon, firing at the aerial robots and those falling with dangerous, practiced accuracy.


K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
i see the children in the rain like the parade before the pain

K'sariya watched as her companions departed down the tunnel, the golden light of the charged webs extending down the tunnel displaying their progress. Her eyes followed them until they turned a corner, and she hoped that they did not encounter anything unfortunate while they were down there.

If it were not for the illuminated crystals floating above the ashen ground, the cave would be pitch black. The steady plop of water droplets falling from the ceiling and splattering on the floor. She prowled carefully over the slippery rock, alert for any Pokemon. Her features had lost their baby roundness and her mid-length hair had been cut, and now drifted loosely about her shoulders without restraint. The gentle blue glow of the glorious gems cast an azure hue upon her tight-lipped countenance. A white and brown bug was perched upon her shoulder, clutching to her tightly.

She reached into her back pocket, taking out her thick rubber gloves, which she knew she should have been wearing earlier, and snapped them on. K'sariya momentarily wondered what would happen if Robotnik's drones really did come from underground and flooded the subway, and ran into the Hydreigon and Galvantula in the depths of the tunnels.

[i]Movement in the black, red-trimmed backpack slung over her shoulder grasped her attention. She blinked, slipping the quivering egg out of her bag, laying it carefully on the ground. It was then that she realized that was not the only egg that was moving. She extracted the other from the bag and laid them side by side. Zira scurried down her arm and to the eggs, sniffing at them, and then nestled between them to give them warmth. Immediately the Pokemon inside began to struggle against their fragile shelter. Zira moved away from them as she heard them nearing escape.

No, Kozanar would hear them. He was a Tyranitar. He was more in tune with the earth than any of her other Pokemon. He would warn them. You couldn't just burrow through stone without there being some sort of disturbance.

They burst from their shells, tumbling into each other as they did so. The small dinosaur, blinded by its bangs, gave a snarl, while the little yellow bug simply jumped on the dragon. It made a move to snap at it, but paused as it felt the Joltik snuggling under its leg, and then gave a fond rumble. He snarled at Zira as she drew near, and at K'sariya.

"Let's see... I'll name you Astyn," she said nodding to the aggressive dragon that was snapping bad-naturedly at her. "And you... I'll name you..." she frowned, and then her expression brightened. "Altair!" The spider hissed at her as she beckoned to him.

She eased her own fears. Worrying about them now would do nothing. Besides, Alixra could just send--

K'sariya! Someone's coming!

She whirled at the sound of Alixra's urgent voice in her mind. Her head ducked as she reached over her shoulder, pulling the bow from over it and quickly taking up an offensive stance, right arm reaching for an arrow from the pod on her back. She nocked the steel projectile, immediately aiming for the subway opening, which Thalion and Kalahaq were backing quickly away from. Ikuja swung quickly to her side, releasing his grip on the ceiling and landing on the ground beside her with a massive, metallic thud. He charged a Thunderbolt into the arrow, causing it to glow with electricity, sparks jumping all around it. She drew her arm backward, her grip steady and unwavering, even as the tension in the bow began to increase.

The approaching threat stepped forth, and it was then that K'sariya realized he was not a threat at all (well, with the exception of the gun pointed at her, that was). She lowered her weapon, gladly loosening the tautness of her bow's string by easing the arrow back to its base. She slid it easily back into the pod, and looped the bow over her bodice once more. She nodded politely to him, keeping her other hand up as she reached into her pocket to show that she was not a threat. She withdrew the folded piece of paper that had assigned her to take control of the subway, and opened it quickly, pushing down the creases.

"Shadow, sir," she said politely, nodding to him. No other words passed her lips, and it was very unlikely that that would change anytime soon. She held the note out to him, her other hand resting on Ikuja, who was fuming at the sight of the gun and spinning in an agitated manner. He immediately stopped spinning as her hand moved toward him, and shifted to ensure that her hand landed between the spikes and not on them. Her Metagross moseyed over, and then tromped back with the note tucked partially under the tiny room under the massive X on his forehead. He offered the note to Shadow, stance docile and eyes quite gentle. Well, as gentle as glowing, dark, blood-colored crimson could get, that was.

What are you? Alixra asked, the question drifting into the hedgehog's mind. Like some kind of black Shaymin or something...? The Musharna had never seen a hedgehog before. She wasn't a very mobile creature, and usually was quite comfortable in her Pokeball at K'sariya's hip than out meeting others.

It was then that a massive screech echoed through the city, followed by a thunderous roar as the laser obliterated the tops of the skyscrapers. Kozanar lunged to his feet, shoving Shadow further away from the subway entrance. Seconds later it began to fall, tons and tons of concrete causing the ground to shake. Worry pulsed through K'sariya. She whirled, hands cupping around her mouth as she yelled down the tunnel.

"ASTYN! ALTAIR!" she screamed. It was then that the section of the tunnel collapsed, unable to handle the weight being put on it below. Her calls were drowned out by the collective roar of the collapsing passage and the debris blocking the subway entrance. Her fists balled as the booming voice dully reached them, grinding her teeth. "Kozanar, get us out of here." The Tyranitar nodded, and began ripping the debris from their escape route.

i see the love i see the hate i see this world that we can make
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Neo Emolga
06-04-2012, 10:42 PM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik

I had just finished my Maxzap caffeine drink when I suddenly heard and realized the assault wasn't coming from the sea... it was coming from above. Immediately I looked up, and saw it emerging from the cloud cover.

"This is Nighthare Unit, we've got contact, coordinates X34.92, Y902.43, Z43.01," I quickly spoke into the radio. "Looks like-"

And suddenly, without any warning, the turret fired, unleashing a massive, blue-hued laser, slicing through the upper floors of various buildings, and causing some of them to collapse. The massive screaming sound it made pretty much killed any chance of getting any communications through for a good ten seconds, and my ears were ringing from it. I tried not to think about the collateral damage as much as trying to take these damn things down. I gave them the coordinates for the attack, at least that much I got through. It would at least give the defenses enough time to paint the target for fire missions. Zira shrieked in alarm at the mayhem, but I knew, she hadn't seen nothing yet.

The Central City defense didn't waste a second for target attack sequence confirmation. They just outright shot at the damn thing and anything it vomited out. Immediately, the air was filled with the hammering of the Titan AA turrets unleashing their retaliation while GDI troops on the ground unleashed a volley of rockets to take out the robots that were spilling from the massive gunship.

The robots suddenly focused their attention on the G.U.N. Combat Dragon. The ship's AA guns fired upon them furiously, but without assistance, we would be overtaken. Immediately, the G.U.N. Combat Dragon focused its attention on the incoming robots, and tried to blast as many of them out of the sky as it could before they could continue the assault. There were so many that missing was actually hard. Meanwhile, the G.U.N. Platinum Star offered assistance, gunning them down with its own anti-air cannons

"The hell...?" Switch asked between shots of his assault rifle, looking up at the Egg Carrier. "There's no way we can stop that thing!!"

"Then at least kill its weapons after we get rid of these little bastards," I told him, taking out my bow. "Zira, get on those robots and attack them with your Heat Wave attack! Monsoon, assist her and attack them with Dragon Pulse!"

It didn't take much for them to jump into action. With orders or without, everything around them screamed that this wasn't just about saving Central City, this was a battle of self-preservation.

I took aim at one of the spherical robots in particular, pulled back the arrow and the bowstring, and unleashed it. The arrow struck the target perfectly, and then a second later, exploded, destroying the robot and highly damaging a few others besides it. All throughout the mayhem, bits of metal from destroyed robots were raining down on us. Meanwhile, cannon blasts from the G.U.N. Combat Dragon finished off a slew of the others. As for the G.U.N. Platinum Star, it was able to hold off the robot attackers on us, but was still taking a beating from the Egg Carrier's turrets.

While all this was happening, X77 Typhoon attack planes from the G.U.N. Silver Avenger Aircraft Carrier were deployed as the massive ship assisted with its own AA turrets. The robot army may have had the jump on the G.U.N. Platinum Star, but they were starting to lose that edge with how many defenders were coming to its aid.


The defense line continued shooting at it. Everyone was well aware that surrender meant dying anyway, or becoming a robot to be ordered to attack your own allies. It was far better to die in combat or even turn your own weapon on yourself. And it didn't even take our new human allies three weeks to realize this same, simple fact. The Titan AA guns continued firing on it and its robot companions as it fired lasers in return. Dents were being pounded into the machine's heavy armor, although it was doing a brutal job of destroying one Titan AA turret after another, smothering the assault teams with fire.

"Hold your ears," Captain Lash warned us. "Shadow Swarm Salvo commencing on painted target Egg Carrier. As for the rest of you, we need reprisal on that gunship. If you can't take out its engine, then at least destroy its armaments!"

Yes, sir. About freaking time.

With the G.U.N. Platinum Star able to hold its own, retaliation was unleashed upon the Egg Carrier. The Battlecruiser, however, looked pretty beat up from the laser fire that was concentrated on it. They were forced to withdraw from the conflict if they didn't want to risk having the entire ship end up at the bottom of the ocean. It could be repaired as long as it didn't take too much more damage, but like a wounded soldier, we couldn't expect it to continue to fight.

Within seconds, the missile launch bay doors of the G.U.N. Combat Dragon opened, and not a second too soon, a massive, screaming salvo of Shadow Swarm cluster missiles was unleashed from the vessel, ripping their way through whatever robots foolish enough to be sitting in front of the mayhem. Meanwhile, the rocket swarm sped toward the Egg Carrier, ready to punish the hell out of it.

Loading up another arrow, I gave Monsoon and Zira the order to attack the Egg Carrier, and at least destroy its weapons. As for me, I took aim...

...and I knew I wouldn't miss.

06-04-2012, 11:22 PM
Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226 (Now the home of a massive drill called Sigma.)
Affected RPers: Eternal (Candace), Narph (Socrates), Velo (Card and Schrodinger)

"HOLY S**T!!!"

If the insane rumbling of the earth didn't alert Chakram up-front that there were now reinforcements, that even louder piece of cussword did it. He looked upon his foe, noticing both an idiotic reference (117? Was Eggman into those Halo games?) and something that rang a bell: Sigma. The Massive Drill itself was named Sigma, sure, but the character, the name, the symbol itself was what got Zek's memory for a brief jog. Though, his memory wasn't up for laps when the machine guns started firing. He ducked behind the nearest rock for the pulse lasers.

"Ah, come on! Not a Sigma Drill!!" Said the oversized Piplup. Chakram turned his head towards the nearest Rock, and lo behold, the bird was still alive, getting something techno-ish on his hands. Looked like a glove for his fingerless flippers, but he swore-no, knew-it was a weapon of sorts.

A missile was fired, despite all the uselessness that it was clearly Chakram and whoever the hell the oversized bird was (and possibly Alice Card) left alive. After doing a quick mock and backing up, it shot a pulse missile into the ground, raising its steel plates as protection, creating cover visually and physically-some of the plasma from the pulse shot got to Chakram's skull, and he put his hand to his head as he held the fresh wound on it's side. Chakram returned the favor, taking a few shots at the now-non firing Pulse Machine Gun, hoping for a disabling shot. When the dust cleared, the Ground shook simultaneous with the realization that Sigma wasn't sticking around in that spot.

"Aim for the joints of the arms!" The Piplup said.

"Better idea: MOVE!" Zek said, before the robot could do the tactic Zek could almost predict it was going to do: Burrow up behind him for a sneak attack. The oversized Piplup was at least compliant in it's own mobility, and followed him running as fast as those miserably tiny legs could hope to-which was remarkably fast, but then again, it was from the world where Anthromorphic Sandslash could run over the speeds of sound and crazy madmen could rule the world and gain unlimited supplies, support at zero be d**med. Zek got out Eggman's Grenade Launcher-he knew regular weapons wouldn't work against this weapon.

He had barely made it to the fork in the road-going right, remembering what Card told him-and the Drill came back up, flailing it's arms viciously but controllably, making a slashing attempt at where the hiding life forms once were. However, it's censors were apparently not that while it was underground. Zek had a clear shot, and aimed at one of the Drill Arms with the Grenade Launcher, and one of the Pulse Machine Guns with another shot as well. He turned away before even seeing if they actually hit, and pray Arceus they did, because otherwise he'd be in some SERIOUS bull**** if they didn't. And as if that thing ALONE wasn't enough...Now, for MORE reinforcements.

Badniks-including exactly one Roboticized Weezing, as if to say, "I'm back, ba****d"-poured out of the Volcano and every other conceivable source. Lovely day for a massive covering fire of plasma weaponry by grunts, while Zek was sandwiched between them and Sigma. At least it wasn't an army's worth, still a small group, but definitely not going to be taken out in a shot. Energy weapons were being fired at now several angles except back where he came from, where Sigma was rampaging. This wasn't good. A Cyan-colored shot streamed WAY to close to his head for any comfort, and he suddenly got shot in the side-oh, that hurt badly. Now his memory got some foggy image of somewhere-rather inconvenient timing, though. In fact, terrible timing, as he wasn’t completely at cover now. Zek tried to hold it back-

Chakram had barely stayed conscious after getting hit by the Glowing Cyan Rock-really, all the words he had left for its description, massive earthquake being simultaneous be d**med, but it was a Glowing Cyan Rock-head bleeding aside. The warehouse he was looking at barely sported the symbol of Sigma-a shipping company.

Chakram got on his feet after a minute-the ground started rumbling, reversing his progress, and had to get up again, another minute. Pain coursed through his noggin, but he definitely knew the rock was important.

Also, it looked valuable. A glowing rock? Already valuable. The Cyan color looked quite beautiful, so there was several thousands more in his pocket. It then started hovering and spinning around of its own accord-even more valuable. Then he felt it-a surge of power. Clearly, it was connected to the Jewel. Priceless in and of itself, to have a power all of its own. He was about to take it in his hand, when another hand took the jewel and Chakram's own arm simultaneously.

Nuh-uh-uh. Not your Emerald. said a voice. An Emerald? Colored Cyan?! Who'd say that ridiculous bull****? Chakram looked at the source, right in front of him. All he saw after that were red sparks-

WHAM! Terrific timing, mental image, you left Chakram vulnerable. A Badnik got to him with one of their clubs and sent him flying during his mental realization. His left leg was bloody and unresponsive, and the rest of his body was in a bad way. Worse, he was near another Badnik, a single one capable of killing him. The only luck he had? Zip-That Badnik was Sigma. Here came the death blow, Zek thought, as the claw was raised.

The lucky ba****d that was now the oversized Piplup pulled off a miracle, freezing the path in front of him in a belly slide and pushing both of them out of a claw strike. He could feel the impact behind him.

He heard it-the sweet sound of reinforcements, meant to take on the drill. He heard shots being fired at it-hitting it, the rocks, or its Badnik buddies, he didn't know or care. Aid was sweet to have, especially when crippled.

"So, how are-Umph!" The oversized Piplup that just said his life was cut off by a soldier.

"Uhh, sir, I don't think that'll heal really quickly, and what do we do?!"


"Sir, we're in some serious s**t right now, we need to get back Stark Mountain, what do we do?!"


"Sir, we're going to put you on this, real quickly-"

Zek didn't complain about being put on a stretcher-But not before he did one thing, moving his still-intact arms to pull out the last shot of his grenade launcher. He aimed it a little bit, and fired at the crowd of Badniks. He knew he'd take some numbers out-and the resulting explosion definitely told that story. Sigma, placed far away from that, was another one. A nasty, bloody one.

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Socratic Sarcasm
06-05-2012, 12:59 AM
Revolution Uprising
Fight Area
ARPers: Velo, Latio, Eternal Moonlight (hereafter referred to as Them)

Socrates had to think about Schrodinger's proposal for a second. While it was extremely tempting to obtain the information from Zek, the cost would be too high to justify the action: not only would Zek, one the more paranoid (or intelligent, according to Socrates) not only would carry a psychic Pokemon to deflect such an attack, but could very easily throw a fit, shooting at the RU with guns and Pokemon. While Chakram would eventually be subdued, Socrates was confident he would put such a dent in the former Nuit Noir's numbers that the RU might as well be dissolved, especially since they would lose their only lead on a Chaos Emerald (technically, they should be called Chaos Beryl since they are of different colors, Socrates thought to himself).

Socrates was about to voice his opinion when he heard a distinct <S**t!> in his head. Socrates was alarmed: Solomon was genuinely childlike, and much less "cusshappy" than his human friend. As a matter of fact, this was the first time in 15 years that Socrates ever heard Solomon curse. He was about to ask Solomon about the matter, when he heard in his head,<I'm holding the psychic off. He's in front of you. Can't talk. Find a way to break his focus.>

Socrates had to take a second to calm himself. This, this, this this had dared to breach his mind?! Socrates very quickly decided on a way to break the cat-psychic's focus.

You see, it didn't matter if they were human, anthros, or Pokemon: males all reacted in a very predictable manner when they were hit in a certain area. Socrates didn't even have to raise his foot very high: the location was halfway up on the cat's already short frame. Immediately after Socrates executed his kick, the tension in-his-mind-yet-separate had eased. It was instead replaced with a simple question,<What did you do to him?>

<Something no man should have to endure, and that every man eventually does.> Socrates had always worn a jockstrap for this very reason: getting hit in the area was VERY painful. Socrates then decided to voice his opinion on Schrodinger's psychic attack with a quick,"My head is off-limits.", delivered in his usual childlike tone.

Socrates was going to start laughing at the cat's predicament when he "heard" a <COME ON! I take my mind off of you guys for a second, and suddenly it's the freaking APOCALYPSE?! Socrates! Grace and Sol have seen a weird digger robot thingy that has the number 117 on it! It's killing everything! It's engaging that Zek guy and this weird Prinplup thingy!>That 117 did not sound good; based on what Socrates had learned, it sounded like an E-series robot (really, did everything have to be about ego with Robotnik?), and those were, by all accounts, badass.

<Tell Sol, Amp, and Grace to engage, and join them. Tell everyone else to get the hell out.> The Volcarona, Jolteon, Togekiss, and Starmie should be able to handle the battle and take care of the robot quickly.

ocrates spoke to the two in front of him,"There's an E-Series robot wrecking sh** almost exactly where I predicted Eggy would attack. Four of my friends are engaging it right now." Socrates voice never lost its childlike cadence.

This was going to be fun.

06-05-2012, 01:47 AM
((You guys post too freaking fast. </3))

Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Eternal Moonlight (Cadence) and narphoenix (Socrates)

Cadence's reaction was a disappointing one: Not yet. She seemed to want to send Chakram to Unova in order to stir up memories, but of course the best time for sending away one of the RU's most valuable commanders was never. Schrodinger opened his mouth to tell her that he could in fact do the whole mind-reading thing without Chakram's untrained human mind noticing anything except possibly a very faint sensation of disorientation. Before he could do that, however, he was assailed by another psychic. It was that stupid starfish! Schrodinger wrestled with it, trying to slip the throttling noose of its consciousness off of his mind. Before he could do that, however, agony erupted in his lower abdominal region, right between his legs. Schrodinger crumpled to his knees, a noise somewhere between a hiss, a mewl, and a wheeze escaping from between his clenched teeth. Seething with rage and pain and wracking nausea, Schrodinger snarled tensely, "He assaulted me. Cadence, please tell me that this gives me the right to blow his brains out."

However, no one seemed to be listening. Suddenly Socrates was going off about some 117 robot near Mount Stark, the predicted place of attack. Schrodinger managed to stagger to his paws and growl aloud, "That's where Chakram's unit is... Hm, that's odd." He paused. Another voice was speaking in his mind. "... Apparently one of the soldiers, a Miss Card, has a telepathic Pokemon. This Pokemon tells me that Eggman's forces are there for a purpose, and that's finding a Pokemon called 'Heatran'. I don't know anything about a 'Heatran', but apparently it spits fire and would be bad news for us. Given these conditions, I assume no one will object to my sending reinforcements to the area."

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Latio (Zek Chakram) and anyone in his unit.

Alice took the binoculars that Chakram offered her and softly let out a stream of curses at the sight of the camp and the sight of the tied-up Piplup. She wasn't one to stand for any sort of Pokemon being maltreated, even in such a tense situation as theirs. She heard Chakram give an order for its rescue. Good, she thought. A Water-type might be useful, so that we can short-circuit these lousy god-d*mned stupid robots.

Several explosions quickly followed; the thought of the painfully-killed Weezing made Alice's gut twist. Please tell me that your lot meant for that explosion to happen, Oracle said, and Alice confirmed this with a terse flash of thought. Seeming to sense Alice's conflict, Oracle sent her a vague sense of comfort before his presence retreated. Meanwhile, Zek was dragging the still-silenced Piplup back into the shelter of the rocks. Much to Alice's annoyance, once the Pokemon's gag was removed it started loudly thanking the RU soldiers. Somebody shut it up pretty quickly, though not quickly enough. Whether they had been summoned by the explosions or the yammering penguin, the badniks were approaching.

Alice tensed, trying to sense what strategy Chakram would use. He was talking now - "Command, this is thirteen! Small group of Eggshells coming our way. Engagement preparing. We've been spotted. Check the airwaves, disrupt signals, NOW." He'd said 'engagement', meaning that Alice was going to want some serious pain-bringers.

"Card, two Pokes out!" Chakram commanded. Alice grabbed two Pokeballs, hoping that she was gauging their position on her belt properly. Surely enough, Jack the Simipour and Liberty the Braviary appeared in flashes of red light. These two would be excellent at taking the badniks apart quickly.

"Jack, use Hydro Pump to knock that clump of 'bots off the mountain! Liberty, use Sky Drop to pick off the ones on the edge!"

The battle went on for a few minutes that felt like forever and no time at all, and Alice loved every robot-smashing second. A good friend of hers had once likened Pokemon Training to the conducting of an orchestra - in this case, a very violent orchestra where the musicians created their symphonies by smashing instruments on the audience's cybernetic heads. But an orchestra was an orchestra! Every move Alice directed was pure joy as Liberty and Jack fought in tandem, two absolutely beautiful partners ripping apart robots like they did it every day.

Finally, the dust settled and the badniks were all dead. Still grinning like a maniac, Alice thought at Oracle: So, how'd that look from way up there?

Beautiful, Oracle replied drily. Listen, Alice, you really ought to know: that Piplup has been hanging around the badniks' camp. It knows the robots' plans.

Alice could vaguely sense what Oracle was talking about, and the thought filled her with dread. When she made no reply, Oracle continued. It's Heatran, Alice. Robotnik is trying to capture Heatran.

Horrid visions of fire danced through Alice Card's mind. He'd disappeared... He'd just been completely consumed by a pillar of fire. How could anyone stand against the might of flames like that? And how much stronger was Heatran than a Volcarona?

The Piplup was just getting done telling that same information to Chakram. The unit commander said something into his radio that Alice didn't bother to listen to. Alice had just risen and begun checking her Pokemon for wounds when a giant drill machine burst up from the bowels of the earth. Alice had some very creative curse words to say about that.


Okay, so it wasn't the most eloquent cursing she'd ever done.

Alice scampered backward, just managing to not get chopped up by waving blade-arms. She managed to take cover behind some rocks, and she peeped over the top, sending out all of her Pokemon to try and just killthatf*ckingbot. Oracle had apparently sensed the danger; he flew down to unleash a Protect and save Alice any splash damage from a missile that had come too close for comfort. Her other Pokemon leaped into battle while she called out frantic orders, aiming for the robot's weak joints. Her fliers swarmed around the drill, while Darius grew tangled thorn-vines and Garda created quicksand beneath it in an attempt to slow it down. But it wasn't enough. Alice screamed, "Run!" and took off herself, her Pokemon covering her exit as she ran up the path, hoping for an out. Man, this raid had gone really bad.

06-05-2012, 02:10 AM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Off the Beaten Path, Johto
Affected RPers: ChainReaction01

Zippy’s gaze upon the factory was interrupted with the sounds of explosions and the deafening cry of a giant eagle. She swung her binoculars back towards the trail. To her surprise, the source of the noise was from a long-awaited sight: a person and his pokemon. They were in the middle of a fire fight with a pair of bee-like robots. They may have resembled beedril, but Zippy knew they were something else entirely. This trainer was treating them like pokemon…until the fallen one spewed out gears and wires. The young man stood there in shock, a very bad thing to do against a robot trying to kill you. If he wasn’t careful, he could become an easy target for the buzz bot.

“Ollie, Gaga, Din! Someone’s being attacked!” Zippy shouted quickly as she rushed down the ladder. The trio of pokemon dropped their food and light bulbs and followed the ranger out the door. Zippy climbed onto her ponyta, with the emolga taking a perch on the girl’s shoulder. The dewott stood behind the seated Zippy, drawing a razor shell as they rushed into the battle.

“Gaga, get up there! Spark!”

The emolga leaped off of Zippy’s shoulder and took to the skies. Just as the buzz bot was taking aim for Shaveh, the sky squirrel burst into an electric charge. She collided head-on with the badnik, causing it to spin and shoot its orbs into the ground. As Gaga flew off, Zippy and the rest of her crew were about to pass under the buzz bot. The ranger gave a nod to her dewott. With that trigger, Ollie put his hands on Zippy’s shoulders and leap-frogged upon them. Standing upon the girl’s shoulders, the dewott was high enough to slash at the enemy. With one razor shell aimed for the cannon, the firing mechanism was shredded, unable to threaten the group with more shots. The final blow was left to the braviary, who seemed quite eager to follow up one kill with another.

After the buzz bot was eliminated, Zippy wasted no time leaping off her ponyta and running towards Shaveh. Rather than stopping and selling hello, she crashed into the new arrival with a giant hug (some might call it a “glomp”).

“Omigoshomigoshomigosh!” Zippy said in rapid succession as she squeezed Shaveh harder with each passing second. “I’m so glad you’re not a robot!”

Shaveh was the first fellow human she had seen since Pallet Town. Needless to say, Zippy was excited at the prospect of finding someone with a different perspective of what was going on. Did he have answers as to why the robots were attacking? Better yet, did he know how to get rid of them? This was better than finding that supply of canned goods. It meant that she had another ally in this alien world, a better chance to make things right.

Little did any of them know that their situation was far grimmer than the skirmishes with bug bots led them to believe. It was very likely that their fate was being decided in a little place called Central City…

Saraibre Ryu
06-05-2012, 02:34 AM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Neo, the Doctor, Grassy

It was time, everyone was on the highest alert, reporting everything back and forth, aiming carefully and firing at will. Surrender was no option to them, as for anyone who was with GUN, surrendering was basically saying ‘sure, you can go ahead and kill us while we sit in this barrel for you’. That isn’t how it was going to go down, and if anyone intended on anything going down, it was that massive red behemoth firing energy beams at them. Astrailyx was monitoring every bit of the action outside from within GUN HQ. Already buildings were lost and there was ash covering everything but the laser fire that was coming through it. Part of the tunnel system was cut off as told by the GPS maps on screen, which caused a problem. The dragon however it wasn’t as pressing as the Egg Carrier raining energy missiles on them.

“Astrailyx, should we set up shield Echo?”

“No.” She instructed. “Use the primary shields to protect the centre of the city. Activate DZ’s in all areas that are shrouded by the debris and smoke. We can’t see where he may be firing, but he isn’t going to be able to see where his lasers are going until much later.”

With a nod the operators did as instructed. “Dead Zone’s one, two, six and eight are active and functioning at full capacity.”

Astrailyx observed the small cameras as an energy field started to absorb the smaller laser fire, crackling energy into the siphon points and through the underground conduits. Turning around behind her, she could see the energy reserve levels rising very slowly. Thanks to how low they were planted in the ground, and the debris that Robotnik had now kindly given them, they were going to last them some time yet. Astrailyx watched from every screen, noting every angle of fire from cameras that could see the Egg Carrier, and those that could not.

“What’s the distance of the Egg Carrier?”

“It’s still outside the city, we have it on our radar here.” One of the navigation unites informed her. “We have his speed registered and a good guess of there his flight path will be.”

Astrailyx had an idea, but it was going to take a little bit of time. “I want eyes on those Carrier cannons and all information of angle, the speed of that thing. Turn on all the DZ’s when necessary and forward half of the absorbed power into the canon reserves. They need as much firing power as they can get right now.”

With a confirmation, the team of operators moved the energy bypasses to the cannons, letting them have all the firing power they needed to give them more oomph in both speed and destructive force. Astrailyx could see the cannons operating as best they could, shooting out small swarms of hovering robots, while others were blown away with a rain of laser beams. More smoke billowed but the scanners were still picking up signals. If this was going to work, Astrailyx was going to have to move fast, and require a bit of help. He closest person to the metal monstrosity was Ace’s team, and Ace was just the person she needed for the one job she had in mind. The dragon returned to the tunnel issue however, knowing his radio would still be on, Astrailyx tapped her headset.

“Shadow you’ve got to get out of where you are now. We need you up here as soon as possible.”

Keeping it short and simple, Astrailyx found the connection to Ace’s team. Knowing the rabbit, he was already sharp shooting his happy arrow fingers some dead robots.

“Ace this is Astrailyx. I need a solid mark on as many of the cannons as you can possibly do without getting shot. You’re the only one with the capabilities to hit the primary cannon from your position. It’s going to cut down the time I’m going to need for this idea to work.” She instructed him. “This idea involves taking out that giant thing so please, keep alive out there as long as possible!”

Astrailyx shut off communications with the other teams for now, and returned back to the city scene. The dragon was smart enough to create solid plans with room for remolding some of it. The only concern she had right now was another large canon fire. Hovering around from level reading screen to level reading screen, watching each Dead Zone field level carefully; one overloading and being lost wasn’t a problem, the conduits were networked well to prevent feedback loops and something important from blowing up. The only thing was they weren’t strong enough to completely draw in that large blue laser that gave Central City an inch off the top. Every other laser that wasn’t as powerful, it wasn’t a massive problem. Even if Robotnik fired at them directly, they were formed and implanted far into the ground. He was going to have to blow through more of the city, which Astrailyx knew he didn’t have a problem with, and fire one hell of a blast to cause them to explode. She knew though that a cannon with that much power couldn’t fire as often as Robotnik would have liked, and for it to fire at a decent rate, that was going to take at least one main connection to the power source of that thing.

“Astrailyx, where are we redirecting the other half of the power? So far its being stored in the general reserves.” One of the other GUN members inquired.

She thought for only a second. “I want it put on our targeting systems and our TW towers. Convert whatever isn’t immediately used up into the third reserve. I’m going into the targeting generator systems, I want all information about where we’re being fired at, where the Carrier is, everything.”

Astrailyx darted towards the ceiling, moving through it and finding her way into the machine that powered and transmitted all the information for the cannons. She set herself up to the conduits, focusing her mind on all the angles and ranges of each cannon and the sights that were watching from all angles. Screens popped up in front of her, displaying all kinds of information, all of it coming into her mind at a slow rate. Slow enough at least for her to process without massive strain on her mind or body. Numbers were simple to process, and numbers is what Astrailyx wanted. The only thing missing was Ace’s information and she would be set. She couldn’t help but wonder where Shadow was, or if he was back in the building yet.

Outside the TW towers outside the city had been activated, causing a massive electrical field that stalled any robots that hadn’t been shot down by the naval fleet. It was as if they had hit slow motion, allowing for easy targets and less to worry about over the city. That didn't stop them completely though, just made them very slow. The field spread out a good kilometre from shore and another half kilometre inland. The Dead Zone’s were farther inland, about midway into Central City, far from the TW towers as to not disrupt them, and far enough away from the center shields and break point as to not disrupt it.

And if Astrailyx had to, she was going to blast something herself.

Sight of the Stars
06-05-2012, 04:30 AM
Zira & Monsoon
we wave this flag of hatred but you're the ones who made it
She heard the change in commands, but hesitated. Her body shook and turned in circles several times for about ten seconds as she piled on the Quiver Dances. Short but powerful waves of heat rolled off of her body. She moved strategically so that it would not burn the ships. She aimed mostly for the robots, but on occasion would send a column of fire up to the robots that were unloading. There were so many...

Monsoon, on the other hand, was enjoying himself. Dragon Pulse after Dragon Pulse ripped from his maw, shock waves of cobalt energy hammering their enemies. If there was one thing that Monsoon loved... no, two things, they were getting revenge and battling. He remained attentive to his surroundings, though, to make sure a robot didn't approach him from behind.

As orders were switched once more, the Kingdra relished in his freedom. Ace had never given specific instructions as to how they could attack the ship. And Monsoon was feeling destructive. He drew upon his memories from the man that K'sariya had taken him to long ago, and tensed, releasing the force of the move.

The sky darkened dangerously, the sun's glare blocked thoroughly by the power-induced midnight the move inflicted. It started small, with multi-colored streaks dappling the sky as they fell, thin trails of dust and ice colored by the atmosphere they were falling through. It was then that the gargantuan, flaming balls of ancient spacial rock began to rain down upon the Egg Carrier. Almost all of the meteors were aimed correctly, and were on a direct path to the large ship with breath-taking speed, accelerating as gravity's pull on them became greater and greater. Those that weren't slammed into the water, sending powerful, two-yard-tall waves into the ships. They jerked suddenly on the waves, sending several robots toppling into the water by the sudden movement.

Zira immediately went to the ships as the first sign of the Draco Meteor appeared in the darkening of the skies. Predicting the rocking of the ships, she watched carefully to make sure that nobody went overboard. It seemed like most of the occupants were managing to hang on, though, and she returned to trying to dispatch the turrets. Several turned their sights upon the flying bug Pokemon, but her previous Quiver Dances had made it much easier to dip and swirl around the bullets. She melted those that came too close with a Fire Blast or a Flamethrower. She flew between two turrets, taking them out as they fired upon themselves. She dipped down, but didn't move fast enough; two bullets went through her left wing, sending her crashing into the far deck of the G.U.N. Platinum Star, several soldiers dodging the injured creature. She gave a growl, a small stream of fire flowing from her maw and onto the wounds, sterilizing the wound. A String Shot followed it, patching it up the rest of the way, and then a light trickle of flame to seal it and harden the sticky substance.

A very thin, almost transparent cover of clouds drifted over them as the Draco Meteor's effects faded, the sky lightening. A light Rain Dance showered down gently upon them as the Kingdra made an attempt to make up for his hindered special attack.


K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
so we march to the drums of the damned as we come

Kozanar ripped through the debris with a roar, expecting golden sunlight to cascade down the stones and into the subway like a waterfall. Instead, he was met by dust and ash raining down upon them, and they received nothing but a dim glow from the opening. K'sariya stepped forth, but then backtracked a step, throwing a longing glance at the tunnel. It was then that she charged, sprinting toward the debris. She began ripping it away furiously.

"Astyn! Altair!" she called again, the corners of her eyes burning furiously with withheld tears. She lugged rubble from the collapse, and knew already that this would be painstakingly slow. Kozanar lumbered over, and began to help, his massive claws tearing away debris. K'sariya's fingernails began to bleed under her gloves as they tore at the concrete. "Sir... Sir... I'm sorry... Have... to get them out..." she panted. This was her top priority. She didn't expect him to understand--what did he know about Pokemon? He was a hedgehog that knew barely anything about them. He wouldn't understand the bond that a Pokemon and its Trainer shared. For a moment, she felt anger, but it quickly faded. She couldn't be mad at anyone for this. It was her own damned fault, for sending them down into a tunnel when something like this could have happened. Dammit, dammit, dammit!

watch it burn in the sun we are numb
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mi dispiace.

Neo Emolga
06-05-2012, 04:34 AM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, Saraibre Ryu, Sight of the Stars (Monsoon and Zira)

The Shadow Swarm rockets would have been a major blow against the Egg Carrier if it weren't so high in the sky. Many of the rockets didn't make their mark without targeting, and the others that showed possible sign of hitting the massive airship were stopped by Badniks sacrificing themselves to stop the rocket.

Only a few seconds later, the Egg Carrier opened fire on the G.U.N. Combat Dragon, specifically aiming for the Shadow Swarm Salvo launcher itself. Before Captain Lash had the chance to close the launch doors, the laser fire from the Carrier destroyed the launcher itself before it had the chance to fire off a second salvo. Problem was, the battleship had just lost its only real anti-aircraft weapon. Its remaining Helix cannons were all that was left, and those were mostly for attacking sea targets and ground targets. Captain Lash could potentially target the E-101 Beta if he could only position the ship to give his gunners visual on it.

Meanwhile, the E-101 Beta, despite getting shot at by AA gunfire, rockets, and various Pokémon attacks, showed no sign of slowing down. It was definitely going to take heavy, armor-piercing rounds to take it down, and the only thing I could think of was for the Helix cannons to attack E-101 Beta instead of trying to mess around with the smaller robots. Man, I sure would have liked to know what pray tell it was using for armor, because I've never seen any single target survive that much punishment. Despite the dust blanketing the city, it was able to detect heat signatures through the clouds, and strike the targets.

"Captain, we need to reposition the ship!" I shouted to him on the radio. "The Helix cannons would be better off shooting at that damn E-101 Beta! Get those gunners on that thing, the Helix cannons may be the only thing that can stop it!"

"Hey, Ace, who died and made you commander!?" Captain Lash exclaimed. "Although that is a valid point. I think we'd better do that."

Now wasn't a great time to have a dispute about ranks...

The X77 Typhoon fighter jets were having a rough time trying to keep control of swarms of robots in the air while the G.U.N. Silver Avenger had its AA guns working overtime to try and tackle the hordes. Only a few of the robots landed on the ground to attack G.U.N. on the ground, but they were still turning the streets of Central City into a warzone.

With the G.U.N. Platinum Star withdrawing from the battle and heading to Unova for repairs, our naval AA support wasn't as strong as we would have liked, as AA and underwater warfare was the Battlecruiser's specialty. Not to mention the G.U.N. Combat Dragon was incapable of hitting the Egg Carrier given the airship's position in the skies.

"For crying out loud, are we actually hurting them or just entertaining them?" Switch asked, burning through another clip of his assault rifle. "Both that blasted Carrier gunship and that horrendous E-101 Beta take bullets like they're nothing but paper confetti!"

His rifle bullets, however, weren't even hurting the minor Badnik's that much. The only infantry weapons that seemed to lay on the punishment for Robotnik's robots were the rocket launchers. Everything else might as well have been shooting blanks.

Meanwhile, some of the still operational DZ's were turned on, along with the TW towers. It would take care of some of the smaller robots trying to break their way into the city, but it was doubtful they could stop the Carrier itself, or the annoying E-101 Beta.

"Ace, this is Astrailyx," She told me on the radio as I tried to keep robots from attacking the G.U.N. Combat Dragon. "I need a solid mark on as many of the cannons as you can possibly do without getting shot. You’re the only one with the capabilities to hit the primary cannon from your position. It’s going to cut down the time I’m going to need for this idea to work. This idea involves taking out that giant thing so please, keep alive out there as long as possible!"

"I'm on it," I told her on the radio. "Although I'm going to need some fire support here."

I looked up and spotted the turrets. Six smaller laser turrets that shot small but still painful yellow lasers, and the larger one that was capable of firing screaming blue lasers that rip buildings like a hot knife through butter. The larger turret was massive though. Disabling it was going to be difficult and would still take time. I couldn't do it with arrows alone, it was simply far too big. Meanwhile, without a signal, the infantry rocket launchers and other lock-on armaments couldn't hit it, and shots like that without targeting would be one in a million. But if there was a tracking beacon, all they would have to do is aim at the blip and just keep firing until it was dead.

I loaded on a tracer arrow, one with a beacon that could be used for homing launchers to target it. After loading it on the bow, I took aim, focused on the giant, blue laser turret, calculated distance and wind speed, made sure nothing would get in the way of the shot, and released. The arrow sped toward its mark, and its head managed to sink into the cannon's exterior.

"Primary gunship armament flagged," I reported to Astrailyx using the radio. "Get everyone to focus all fire on it. That should disable the cannon and stop it from making a second shot."

"Yep, yep, you got it!" Switch exclaimed, using his optical scanner after giving up with the rifle. "I see the blip! Tracking beacon confirmed! Give it hell, boys!"

As the volley of rockets was unleashed from the ground units toward the main armament of the Egg Carrier, I knew we just needed to take out the auxiliary cannons once that thing was torn apart. Trying to flag all six auxiliary cannons was going to take too long, and right now, having seven beacons would be too much and would distract the rockets and other beacon-tracking targeting systems from what really needed to be taken out. We could deal with the auxiliary laser cannons for a little longer. Another shot from that massive primary cannon posed way too much risk of decimating major parts of the city.

While all this was happening, the G.U.N. Combat Dragon moved to its new position, and soon enough, the E-101 Beta attack robot had come into view. It didn't take long until the Helix cannons turned around and acquired their target.

"Fire mission confirmed!" Captain Lash exclaimed. "Switch to KX Skyfire Rounds and focus all fire on that E-101! We may be the only thing that can stop it!"

Only seconds later, the ship rocked with the loud pounding of heavy Helix cannons unleashing the full fury of their furious, armor-shredding KX Skyfire Rounds, all heading toward the E-101. My ears were ringing, of course, but I've heard worse. I swore, next time, I was going to use a headset instead of a hand radio to at least muffle some of these horrible noises. Sounds like this would be ringing in my head for weeks.

Zira and Monsoon were looking tired, but then again, so was everyone. I needed Monsoon to cover the battleship while it made its assault on the E-101. And I thought of a good idea.

"Monsoon, hit the flying robots with a Blizzard attack!" I shouted to the Kingdra. "Keep them from attacking the battleship!"

"Dra!" She shouted in acknowledgment.

"Zira, use Fire Blast on those smaller laser cannons!" I shouted to the fire moth Pokémon. "See if you can melt them down and stop them from firing!"

She unleashed a fierce war cry as she immediately flew up and unleashed her fiery attack on the first of the smaller laser cannons. Meanwhile, Monsoon's Blizzard hit the robots and froze many of them over, covering them with heavy ice that weighed them down far too much for them to continue flying. Others had their propellers and rocket boosters frozen in place, shutting down the only things that were keeping them in the air. Many of them plummeted into the water, which I figured would kill their motors and electronic circuits.

I loaded on an explosive arrow, and aimed for another one of the Egg Carrier's auxiliary laser cannons as rockets and missiles were using the tracking beacon to target the main laser armament. Focusing on the target, holding my breath, and factoring movement and wind speed, I let loose the arrow, watching it speed toward its target.

Defeat was simply unacceptable.

Dr Robotnik
06-05-2012, 06:36 AM
E-101 MK. III "β"
Cloud cover, target identified
Orders issued, attack to begin in 3...2...1...

Beta didn't bother to keep a kill count. It knew that every soldier it killed would likely be replaced by another one shortly after. It would simply continue killing until it was ordered to retreat. It had been programmed with a neat trick; its energy barrier was electromagnetic, and by reversing the pulse the machine could effectively block small bullets before the struck. It consumed energy, but E-101 had plenty of that. A powerful hit brought the shield down momentarily, the moving machine making a difficult target even if it hadn't yet confirmed its assailant. A quick swivel of its head told the robot that the battleship nearest Central City had turned its sights on the flying robot as opposed to the airship. E-101's boosters surged and carried him quickly backwards, over troopers and panicked civilians heads in to the dust cloud it had made. It ducked in to a side street just ahead of a second volley, the buildings that were still standing giving it a barrier between the more dangerous guns and itself. A wash of electricity in the air sent small volts of lightning crackling across its energy shield, feedback from some EMP station set up to slow down the other flying machines that were beginning to invade the city. Beta's infrared sensors begun scanning the area for where the emitter may be, continuing to fire its lasers in to the crowds below.

In the meantime, the Egg Carrier had not taken significant damage as of yet. Meteors raining from above provided the deck guns targets to hit, but that only turned them in to a shower of smaller rocks pounding on the deck. One large meteor smashed the protective glass over the exposed engine, the machinery turning the glass and rocks alike in to shards that were spit out for quite a ways, raining down on to the ships below and slicing through some of the nearby robots, smoke beginning to rise from a damaged portion of the mechanism. Its primary turrets continued pounding the battleship beneath it, to the point that now the bolts of energy were beginning to smash through the upper decks and reach below to the main areas. Several bolts had pierced the hull beneath, if the ship's slight tilt was anything to go by. Another launched missiles that were either not of sufficient range or shot down by the smaller turrets lining the wings. The forward guns blasted the missile launcher in to scrap metal, almost ripping the unit from the side of the ship. And then suddenly the massive carrier pulled up, in the moment the tracking arrow planted itself in to the closing nose of the ship. The turrets ceased firing and the jets at the rear flared, sending the ship forward quickly towards the city. The massive underbelly of the ship opened in hundreds of places, launching small drone fighters and a larger hole dropping a large leviathan robot in to the water that sank below the water immediately, mock tail shredding the air above the water as it dove. The drones turned their attention immediately towards the cannons aboard the battleships below, flying close and peppering the machinery with small bolts of energy, in some cases ramming themselves in to the guns with explosive results.

The multitude of rockets and shots fired at the nose of the ship mostly met with only the nose; only the first few slipped through the closing front, black smoke leaking from the crack as it sealed shut. The rest pounded on the nose to no avail, and others were destroyed by robots on the deck and around the sky. The ship had a new target now; Central City. Its turret guns faced ahead as the underbelly released more drone fighters, bolts of yellow energy already beginning to pour from the front cannons in to the buildings that hadn't already been destroyed. E-101 had moved well out of the way by this point.

Behind in the water, the battleship that had taken the worst beating from the Egg Carrier suddenly gave a loud metallic screech as the leviathan tore through its hull completely, shooting up through the top deck like a twisted snake, multiple photoreceptors and sensory devices housed behind a glass almost-face giving it an almost demonic appearance, though the rest of the bulky body was more snakelike, the majority of the bulk being centered in a 'chest' area bristling with thick blades like what was on the front of the machine. In the instant it rose above the water it had already dove back in, diving deep enough to become almost invisible to the eye. Preparing another attack run, no doubt.

E-117 "ς"
En route, Route 226
Distress signal received. Beginning assault run.

Sigma was relentless in its assault. The bullets pinging its metal form barely made a dent, though that much was to be expected of a robot whose main form of transportation was digging. A stray shot smashed the lens protecting one of its photoreceptors, sparks shooting out from the damaged appendage and a small bit of the world blinking out on its display. It wasn't a major hindrance, not yet, but it would need to be repaired nonetheless. The target had fled while Sigma was drilling, but that didn't save the man quite as much as he'd hoped. The spidery legs bent and thrust downward, the jet engines on its back screaming loudly as it impacted on the ground closer to where the man had run, careful to keep its smaller arms tucked at its side to avoid damage.

And then there was an explosion powerful enough to knock the machine off its front legs as some of the other forces in Stark Mountain arrived. The lesser robots took a lot of casualties, but only a large black spot on Sigma's front and a small sparking hole in the armor were to show. Sigma was ready for the next grenade, its thick hands planted firmly in the ground and sending the blast around it as opposed to in to its face, flames charring the metal at the edges. More attacks from the back distracted the behemoth, causing it to whirl. A multitude of animals were launching attacks at it, prompting the machine to raise its shield again to deflect what it could. Sigma swiped its huge hands in a wide arc, firing wildly at the group too widely spread to decently attack them all. The flying creatures were poised to attack its joints, but the vicious robot spun its half-drill hands rapidly as it swung them, catching one and likely causing some damage. Several vines from another creature attempted to wrap themselves around the machine's hands, and quicksand had formed at its feet. Sigma fused its hands in to a drill once more, spinning it quickly three times, in a different direction each time to shred the vines in the drill's blade.

Its next action saw it drill directly through and under the quicksand, the earth shaking violently from the sudden disturbance. It didn't bother continuing the fight where it was; the robot made a beeline directly for where the enemy's base had been at; the Fight Area, while to the north more machines flowed out of Stark Mountain to make up for Sigma's sudden and rapid disappearance. Not more of the egg pawns, but more akin to Sigma. They were smaller than the behemoth drilling machine, and had only two legs and arms... but both of these arms were cannons or missile launchers, in a few cases one of each. Having fun yet?

((Might want to radio back and warn them about Sigma))

Eternal Moonlight
06-05-2012, 09:06 AM
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger), Latio-Nytro (indirectly)

When it rained, it poured.

"My head is off-limits." Honestly, that had said it all. With all the psychic characters and Pokémon running around the place, Cadence realised how stupid it was that she hadn’t any real defense against a mental probe. Well, there were ways of fixing that. But not right now.

In fact, there wasn’t even any time to deal with the mess that was leftover from an apparent mind sweep. Or check. Or something of the sort.

"There's an E-Series robot wrecking sh** almost exactly where I predicted Eggy would attack. Four of my friends are engaging it right now." Socrates informed, somehow maintaining the juvenile chirp his voice usually carried. This coupled with the words he uttered made for a bizarre auditory experience. Either way, it was good to know he could offer some sort of counter so quickly.

"That's where Chakram's unit is... Hm, that's odd." Schrodinger started, obviously still recovering from the kicked he taken. Cadence, at this point, was more focused on what he had to say. "... Apparently one of the soldiers, a Miss Card, has a telepathic Pokemon. This Pokemon tells me that Eggman's forces are there for a purpose, and that's finding a Pokemon called 'Heatran'. I don't know anything about a 'Heatran', but apparently it spits fire and would be bad news for us. Given these conditions, I assume no one will object to my sending reinforcements to the area."

“I have none whatsoever,” she replied without hesitation. This wasn’t good, not in the slightest.

Zek was freakishly capable, but could he handle that kind of assault?

And, of course, there was the whole Heatran thing. It made sense though, for Robotnik to seek the legendary. In reality, that Pokémon could make quick work of everything in the blink of an eye. In other words, it would be a total game over for them, or in the very least, the loss of the brand new facilities. Replacing everything... that risked to be an impossible affair.

“Sh*t” the rookie exclaimed suddenly and loudly as his fingers raced feverishly from dial to dial. Without needing a prompt, he explained the cause of his outburst. “W-we’ve been cut off.”

“Try the highest frequency on dial eight. If that doesn’t work, go low on dial nine” Cadence suggested, finding herself juggling both situations at once. It wasn’t much of a hassle, although she would have preferred only focusing in on one at a time.

“Yes,” he stated, turning to do just that. The leader nodded in acknowledgement, before facing her higher-ups once again.

“We can discuss the… incident at a later time, once this is dealt with. I expect that shouldn’t be an issue,” it was more of an order than anything else. In reality, Cadence actually did plan on bringing it up again later, but currently wasn’t the best of times.

If Robotnik was attacking the Route, there was little to no reason to expect the base wouldn’t soon become a target. They had planned for this, but making sure everything was finalised was priority uno.

“Those didn’t work,” the radio operator said with hints of worry, eyeing Cadence carefully, as if expecting another command. Something that would magically fix the problem.
She, on the other hand, knew this wasn’t that simple.

“We’re being jammed then,” the woman stated flatly. This was a bad omen. No information could leave or enter the base with that disturbance. It had to be lifted. ASAP.

The issue was how. Of course, without a doubt Eggman was to blame for this, and his technology was quite difficult to bypass, if not impossible at times. She could probably manage, but that would take time. Quite a bit of it actually, and at the moment, they weren’t bleeding excess amounts of it.

“Can any of you get a status report on Chakram’s unit and anything about the enemy robot,” she asked, turning to face the P.I and the business cat.

The rain had no intention of letting up any time soon…

(00C: Pardon my lack of colours DX
And, Latio has no way of radioing us, unless the jamming frequency is down. Or, unless you meant somebody else. Or... I'll shut up now)

Neo Emolga
06-05-2012, 01:10 PM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik

We managed to get in a few hits on the E-101 Beta before it quickly took cover behind several apartment condominiums and office buildings. Meanwhile, everyone on deck was trying to dodge massive laser blasts from the Egg Carrier that were burrowing through the deck of the G.U.N. Combat Dragon.

But as soon as the tracking arrow had made its mark, the Carrier moved into the city, well out of range of anything we had. It became a situation where it could only attack us, and we couldn't make any kind of reprisal assault to stop it. I clenched my fist, trying to come up with a solution, only nothing came to mind. Meanwhile, it was dumping even more drones and some massive snake-like machine into the water.

Way more than Monsoon would be able to handle.

"This looks bad..." Switch muttered. "The beacon's still there but no one has any weaponry left to hit the thing."

"Tell me something I don't know," I replied, knowing even my arrows couldn't do anything to the Carrier at this point. "We'd better get the hell out of here. I'm going to radio Captain Lash, hopefully he can pull the ship out of here before-"

And yet another horrendous sound lashed out at my ears as the Leviathan machine that the Carrier had dropped off earlier had ripped in and out of the battleship completely, tearing a massive gaping hole in the hull that was rapidly filling up with water and flooding the rest of the ship. The ship was already folding in half down the middle as the shrieks of twisted metal were constantly being strained for the weight.

"Everyone, get the hell off the ship!" Captain Lash shouted.

It didn't take long for Switch and I to jump off the side and plunge into the water. Meanwhile, seeing as there was no way to fight it, the G.U.N. Silver Avenger quickly fled the area, knowing it had no means to retaliate against the Leviathan. Sitting there would simply make it another target. While underwater, I got a feel for how bad the situation was, watching the battleship rapidly sink into the sea as the Leviathan mercilessly tore another hole through it... as if that was really even necessary.

After surfacing, I couldn't find Switch anywhere. The rest of the surviving members of the ship's crew were trying to make it to land. At this rate, however, Robotnik was only going to inherit a smoking crater. Meanwhile, another building collapsed as the E-101 Beta had even less retaliation against it. The DZ's and the TW towers showed no sign of slowing it down either.

After arriving on land, I saw there really wasn't much left to defend. My only real tactics were to head through the rubble and see if I could catch up to the E-101 Beta. However, with it being nearly sixty blocks away, it was going to take a while.

I could have hated myself for thinking of the word evacuate at that moment, but I really didn't have any other plans. Still, with the E-101 Beta, I had a feeling that if Helix cannon rounds couldn't do anything to it, my explosive arrows wouldn't do anything either. Still, looking up, there was very little trying to attack the Carrier at this point. Even if we did manage to kill the E-101 Beta by some miracle, having the Carrier decide to quit its bombardment depended on it running out of fuel or ammunition. Obviously not a real strategy.

There weren't too many of the smaller robots around now, as pretty much everyone around this area was dead and the buildings were utterly destroyed. Most of the area around the front defense line had been completely decimated, so they were heading further in. Still, I kept moving through the rubble and the dead bodies.

I wasn't sure where Zira and Monsoon were, if they were even still alive. After turning back, I saw nothing remained of the G.U.N. Combat Dragon except a bubbling patch where it used to be. Smaller robots were still trying to attack the Aircraft carrier, but they managed to keep them off of it. Meanwhile, the G.U.N. Silver Avenger had its AA guns mowing down the others. It seemed like there was a good chance they'd made it out, but the rest of us were pretty much screwed.

Central City looked like a post-apocalyptic wasteland right now. Whatever buildings weren't damaged and smoking had collapsed and filled the streets with rubble. The whole thing was totally useless to Robotnik now. Every now and then I'd see other survivors trying to flee, trying to run their way through the ruined streets. Still, Central City being surrounded by water didn't help their situation. If you didn't have your own damn boat or plane to head the hell out of here, you were stuck here for the entire ungodly performance. Not that Commander Shadow was a fond admirer of deserters either. Unless you were half bleeding to death, the order was to keep on fighting as long as you could until the order for retreat was given.

The air was still filled with screams, explosions, and laser fire. Not much in terms of Titan AA gunfire, however. Seemed that for the most part, those were gone now. Meanwhile, laser blasts from the Egg Carrier were leveling whatever buildings were still standing.

Heck, for all we knew, Commander Shadow could be dead. Still, even if they killed him...

...they were going to have a hell of a time with me.

Saraibre Ryu
06-05-2012, 06:00 PM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Neo, the Doctor

The city was now the main target of attack. Astrailyx sat hooked up to the targeting systems, calculating numbers as fast as she could. As of now she had gotten all the information she needed. The tracking mark Ace provided was going to be useful and give her that last bit she needed to do this right. The dragon concentrated, feeling the energy of the generator course through her body. Much of the outer half of the city was now being used as target practice but the inner half that was behind the Dead Zone’s and under the primary shields was faring much better off. The DZ’s were doing their job of redirecting the laser fire and transmitting that energy into the reserves for the cannons that were left. Some of the TW towers had been damaged and were going, but they were slowing down the small mobs that would cause them swarming issues. He primary shields were taking some heavy fire though, blocking whatever the Dead Zone’s weren’t able to siphon.

As Astrailyx stared and examined every targeting screen she had left, checked every number, every rate, every variable, she could see lines of fire in her mind, following them and making accurate solutions as to where the guns were beyond the smoke. Comparing them to the areas where the carrier was visible, Astrailyx was making those estimates turn into correct answers. Now it was time to give them something to worry about.

“I want all remaining Titan AA turrets and their backups to fire at anything that isn’t being taken in by the DZ’s. All DZ’s are to be on and siphoning all laser fire now.” Astrailyx instructed. “I want those energy reserve’s we’ve siphoned from the energy blasts redirected to the heavier Titan cannons and fire upon that carrier.”


The operators went to work, redirecting the siphoned energy to the heavier cannons. The heavier cannons that could take some hits had the power of the carrier’s cannons thanks to the lasers being sapped, and put into a long underground conduit and redirected into the cannon’s, well cannon to be fired back. The closer the Egg Carrier was to the city, the easier it was to fire upon as that thing had less reaction time to move out of the way. The heavier turrets between the shields and the Dead Zones were firing pulse upon pulse of what was being fired on the city. The smaller turrets that were left, between the TW towers and the area of the Dead Zone’s weren’t going to last too much longer, but were shooting any missile or robot that was keen on making bullet holes or craters. Any explosions, the guns were doing their best to keep them in the sky. Thanks to the TW towers slowing them down, it was giving them precious seconds they needed.

“I’ve set up the targeting paths to follow precisely with the cannons. Firing on them will cause the turrets severe damage. Follow those coordinates and you’ll be able to hit him even beyond the smoke.” Astrailyx instructed the defense team. “What is the report on the city as of now?”

“Most of the outer city has taken damage, the TW towers are still functioning but we had a sighting of Beta running around, and if he is, that isn’t going to last long. Dead zones are still operating, visible sights on the Egg Carrier confirms your targeting coordinates are working. He’s making a straight line in to get as far in as possible it looks like.”

Astrailyx knew triangulation was a useful thing, she could do it with things she couldn’t see, and with the influx of information she was able to handle within the targeting control generator, plus being able to see it, it was going to do them some good. Her team seemed to have the coordinates down and understood the adjustment calculations. There was going to be less cannon fire to deal with now, especially when the cannons on the Egg Carrier were dealing with its own power on top of what the remaining Titan cannons had to offer.

“The primary shield is protecting the inner part of the city. Compared to the outer part of the city, it’s untouched. Damage terms, so far it’s been as minimal damage as possible, but rising in the outer parts.”

Astrailyx knew they were going to be out to change that. She hadn’t removed herself from targeting just yet, she was making sure this thing was going to be hit and hit hard. To her, it seemed to be the only quiet place within HQ but that wasn’t going to last long. Astrailyx knew the battleships were going and may soon to be gone, however there was still a chance they could cause some damage. While they were focusing on the front, whatever power they had could work on the back.

“I want extra range and tracking given to what battle ships we have left so they can fire at the back of the Carrier.” Astrailyx confirmed. “Anything they have left before they’re gone, then I want anyone who is still on those ships to get off of them. Find Ace and get him some support.”

Now there was the problem with Beta. He was the top notch robot and could mess with the defenses rather well, and cause the city a major problem. Astrailyx knew there was already someone out there, and if she knew him well enough, Beta was going to have his own problem. If she had to she would get out there herself, but knowing she would be of more use here, she remained. If the Echo field was going to be used, she was the only one who could operate it at its full potential.

“A small stealth squad has been sent to retrieve Ace and extra firing range coordinates and information has been sent to the remaining battle ships.” One of the communications operators told her. “The Egg Carrier has moved closer within the city.”

“Keep firing on it, either they’re going to turn around when those primary cannons are gone, or going to have to come further into that unfriendly fire we have to use another set of cannons.”

The longer they were fired at, and the closer the ship got, was only going to make their own cannons that more precise and effective.

Sight of the Stars
06-05-2012, 07:50 PM
Zira & Monsoon • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
as we walk among these shadows in these streets these fields of battle

They were helpless. Worthless. Unable to do anything to stop the destruction of what they were currently supposed to be protecting with their lives. As the ship sunk, Monsoon became his own rescue team, moving those who had jumped off of the dying vessel away from the sucking mass of water that would have brought them down with the ship.

Monsoon no longer cared about Ace.

That was the plain and simple fact. Bitterness filled his mind and pulsed through every fiber of his being for the idiotic, Lopunny-like individual that K'sariya had sent them to defend. Spite filled his eyes as he finished getting those that he could away from the ship, his gaze searching out the G.U.N. naval commander on the distant land with deadly accuracy. He charged with a snarl, water flying around him as he shot toward the foreign creature, his domed head and burning eyes and now seemingly-menacing horns the only things above the water. White spray followed his path as he made a beeline for Central City. He threw his body out of the water, bouncing on his tail once as he charged the rabbit, oblivious to the menacing destruction around him.

As he lunged for Ace, boiling-hot water swirling in the depths of his body in preparation for a devastating Scald. I will rip you apart limb by limb for ever existing, for ever coming to our world and bringing your stupid villain with you because you dumbasses were too incompetent to kill him yourselves! And just as he came within a few feet of Ace, just when he became so close to at least having an attempt at getting his revenge, Zira slammed into him.

The massive bug screeched at her comrade, biting betrayal prominent in both of their eyes as their gazes trained upon each other. Zira hovered to and fro in front of Ace in a protective manner, lids dropped halfway over her eyes as she grudgingly glared at her companion. She pushed her wings forward more fiercely, snarling at him. He stared at her for a moment, and then dove back into the water, and that was where Zira hoped that would not be the last time she ever saw him. She turned back to Ace, crestfallen at her decision, but her loyalty to K'sariya stood strong.

take it up we wear the medal raise your hands with burning candles
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06-05-2012, 10:58 PM
Miles "Tails" Prower
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, Latio-Nytro(Zek Chakram), and by consequence, everyone in Revolution Uprising

Tails was walking past what he called the "War Room", wandering around for someone to ask where some metal scraps would be, when he heard the conversation. He didn't mean to eavesdrop, but he guess it was good that he did. “We're.....jammed, then..." is what he heard, and he thought it best to go in, at the very least to hear what was happening. They gave him a keycard when he joined their "team", and he guessed my the slot on the door that he could use it here.

He had been working as a mechanic at the base ever since he encountered a fight between some members of this team, and some Eggman Robots. They were pretty badly equipped for the fight, and had no vehicles. He'd battled so many of the Badniks that he dismantled some quite quickly, leaving more than a few members of the squad speechless. They had invited him back to the base to make some weapons and vehicles, and he'd been here ever since. Which hadn't been long, mind you. His weapons had never made it to troops yet, and he was quite low on scrap metal.

He walked into the war room almost casually after having to stand on his tip-toes to reach the card slot, then walked around the table, nobody noticing him. He quickly found Cadence's dark blue denim pants and long, brown hair, and tugged on her pantleg with one hand. He then looked up, asking "Do you need any help?" shyly.

"I hope that isn't what I think it is..." Tails said to himself, sinking in his seat a bit, watching a bright light not too far from the Tornado 2, a plane he built as a upgrade to the original Tornado, a bi-plane. Seeing as he had no Chaos Emeralds to power the plane, he had the plane running on normal power.

This, however, slowed the plane significantly. Tails had, during this flight, transformed it into it's quicker form, but even that wouldn't get him away from the blast."Sonic better not have...." the light expanded quickly, almost blinding Tails. "And he did. I bet that telling Sonic not to break everything of Eggman's is like telling gravity not to bring you to earth."

He sighed a bit, looking back at the blast. He instinctively dived then blasted upwards, gaining a bit of speed. The white was still gaining on him. He dived as fast and as close to the ground as he could, but the blast was starting to almost touch his rudder as he fumbled for his ejection seat button. 'Wasn't it right here? No, it's under here...' he frantically searched by touch, the light had become too blinding a few moments ago and he was forced to close his eyes. He could just get away if...


06-05-2012, 11:15 PM
Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Route 226
Affected RPers: Narph (Socrates and his Four Pokes); Velo (Alice and Schrodinger); Eternal (Candace); Dr. Robotnik (Sigma, indirectly); Max (Tails)

How much damage did all that offensive do? Barely any. There was a small hole in its chest after taking one grenade, meaning explosives could destroy it, but outside of that lucky direct hit (and one of its robotic 'eyes' being shot out), there wasn't much damage at all. It ripped straight through Alice's attempts at restraint and attack, and it dug into the ground again, not even bothering to reappear, leaving a small trail of cracks suggesting it was heading directly towards the Survival Zone. C**p.

"S-s-s-sir! What do we do?! It's heading to the Survival Zone!!" Said one soldier, carrying his stretcher, all too prone to point out the obvious. These three soldiers-as Chakram realized, not actually reinforcements-were those that were too far away from Sigma to kill them, but the one that wasn't carrying his stretcher was holding his arm as if broken, and he could tell that the other two weren't scatheless either. The only thing currently fighting back was the Shedinja-now revealed as something harmful, the robots were firing at its small frame to no avail, it's movements were too quick and it's body too small...Though, the new units pouring out of the Volcano-akin to Sigma, but more like your average Eggbot (Egg Pawn, technically, but Eggbot just sounded better) in size, definitely had the explosives the Shedinja wouldn't survive. Sure enough, a Pulse Cannon obliterated the poor bug, leaving no remains of it. It was frail, Zek thought. It was not fun to lose his Pokémon, either.

Chakram threw out another PokeBall-Carracosta, a 4-foot wall that had the near-universal purpose of being able to take shots appeared, and it immediately scared the Penguin aside him with the several inches of size it had. It was a small piece of cover, and it wasn't invincible, but it definitely was viable cover and it could smash Badniks as a bonus. He was about to pull out another PokeBall, but then he saw it-Two Pokémon, in the air. A Volcarona and a Togekiss, descending rapidly, the Fire-Type of the two immediately using Heat Wave on the swarm below before settling itself behind some rocks. The Togekiss landed right alongside him, making him a little nervous-but then it used a move that didn't correlate with attack. A White Aura appeared around the Togekiss briefly, turned into an orb of light, and shot to Chakram. He was healed-mostly. His Leg still hurt, but he could get up and stand on it without trouble-or rather, kneel on it. He was right behind some rocks, and they were not as high as for these Eggbots to take shots at his head.

He then realized it, when the Volcarona started to Quiver Dance behind cover-these were Socrate's Pokémon. On the ground nearby, almost unheard thanks to the ruckus of shots, were two other Pokémon, a Starmie (Solomon) and a Jolteon (Zek's memory said it was Amp, though it wasn't as familiar).

Psychics, ugh, he wasn't terribly fond of them. The Piplup nearby it was immediately entranced by the gem Solomon had as it's center (Maybe it thought it was a Chaos Emerald?) but Zek disregarded it. "Starmie, I'm guessing your here because of Sigma, correct? Get word over to base RIGHT NOW, Sigma's heading there. Obviously, we're being overrun here, and a few reinforcements are critical to survival, but divert everything other than one whole unit, defense of our base is priority over offense of theirs for now. Make sure they've got explosives, it's the only thing that'll work. And tell them to aim for the f***ing joints, they don't appear to be heavily armored as much as the main body, it'll probably be much less harmful without its weapons." Zek said, still calm despite the chaos, hoping that the noise didn't do anything to mask his orders.

"Is that a Ch-Chaos Emerald?" The Piplup asked. "In that star-like th-thing?"

"No, it is not, we are absolutely sure of it." Said a soldier, ending that conversation quickly.

"Darnit, that would have been really hel-he-help-helpful...Yhea, really helpful." Said the Piplup. "And my name's-"

"We'll figure that out after all the Badniks are scrapped." Chakram said as a Pulse missile rammed into the rock he was behind. It wouldn't take another hit like that.

The Togekiss spoke something to the Jolteon, and both of them got behind a more solid group of rocks, closer to the Badniks, while the Volcarona was doing a second Quiver Dance, and the Starmie was moving behind the row of rocks it already was, no doubt sending the message (Unless it was insulted by being called 'Starmie,' and Chakram doubted that low intolerance level for not being called by name)

The real issue? What the heck were they going to do?

The First offensive was made by the Togekiss and Jolteon-the Togekiss quickly used a Thunder Wave while changing cover, paralyzing and disabling the front row of shield-bearing Badniks, letting Chakram pull out his pistol and line up some clean shots. Then the Jolteon darted out of cover briefly, and narrowly avoided a few shots as it used Discharge. The Togekiss backed up a few feet but was still close to the Discharge, but not as much as the Badniks-anything too close was blown to shrapnel. The number of Mini-Sigmas were unchanged-they were too far back for that.

Scratch that-one of the Mini-Sigmas drilled into the ground, and it took little time for it to reappear in front of where Chakram was. Chakram fired the rest of his Pistol rounds into it-no dice. Zek nodded to his Carracosta, and it used Aqua Jet, ramming into the Mini-Sigma, briefly being fired at (taking the three shots that hit it well) and pushed it into Cover. This one was a Double-Missile Launcher one, meaning that using those weapons weren't really an option unless it felt suicidal. It decided on the faster of two options, a melee with one of the missile Launchers at the Carracosta, doing barely any harm, as the Carracosta threw up a Stone Edge, any pieces of rock the Badnik's having blown off earlier now having their revenge as they drove themselves into the Mini-Sigma and destroyed it. Man, was that mother****** tough. However, the Stone Edge did saw off one of its arms...And it was fully loaded, the Missile Launcher it did dismember. Meaning there were two missiles there.

Chakram immediately moved his a** over to the particular piece of cover the Carracosta was at-not out of the allure of the Pulse Missile Launcher, but rather because the Soldier and the Cover immediately next to him got blown to bits by a Pluse Cannon. He nevertheless took the opportunity to wield that crowd-clearing menace, and gladly helped himself. The thing was heavy, requiring him to put down his Pistol, however briefly. Another Mini-Sigma appeared behind him, and Carracosta proceeded to use another Stone Edge on it-and the Piplup, coming out of the back-row cover and getting to where Chakram was, froze it's arms to prevent any untimely firings of the Pulse Cannons. That thing was also destroyed quickly...Though it didn't pass well with Chakram that such a strong attack from such a tough (if slow) Pokémon was really the only thing that injured it, with nothing short of a full-blown Stone Edge coming from a Carracosta seemingly a bare-bones guarantee-and this was the Pokémon with a Pokedex description of being able to slap holes into a tanker's bottom.

However, now was not the time to concede to hopelessness. That was equivalent to Suicide, letting hope wither and die. Letting the Volcarona go first and shoot off a Heat Wave at the Incoming Badniks, destroying a few more (Only Egg Pawns, not Mini-Sigmas), He came out of cover to fire one of the two Missiles the Pulse Missile Launcher had into the group.

Results immediately followed. A Majority of the legion of Badniks, albeit being quickly replaced by MORE reinforcements (Eggman wasn't limitless, no matter how many robots he had, but those limits were still absurdly high), was now toast, exposing the majority of the Mini-Sigmas, some digging into the ground, probably to find cover. He fired the only other missile at the Mini-Sigmas, and their numbers also took a drop, though there were only six destroyed out of about eighteen, and more were incoming. Wonderful day today. He threw away the Pulse Missile Launcher, just in time.

A Freaking Mini-Sigma drew up right in his face, making the ground shake and making Zek stumble. This one was right in his face. Carracosta was directly behind Zek, and the distance between Zek and the Mini-Sigma meant that Zek could get killed when it tried to destroy the laser, something the latter wouldn't like.

The Starmie finally got over sending that message, and shot an Ice Beam at one of the Mini-Sigma's arms-the right one, having a Pulse Missile Launcher, while the left one, wielding a Pulse Cannon, was frozen by the Piplup. Nevertheless, the thing still hit Chakram with the left arm, freeing it from the ice and knocking Zek down, his weapons away, sans a Knife that wouldn't do scratch damage against it. The Mini-Sigma charged up the Pulse Cannon, ready to kill-

The Togekiss shot a Thunder Wave at it, just in time. It overloaded the Cannon, causing it to explode, but that wasn't enough to outright paralyze the Mini-Sigma, and it turned around. It was greeted, head-on, by a Thunderbolt from the Starmie, having gotten to cover. It was now truly starting to be damaged, and the oversized Piplup pushed Zek away enough that Carracosta could shred it to pieces with a Stone Edge.

Zek was really starting to hate his luck. The Volcano's seemingly limitless reserves of Eggbots and Mini-Sigmas now was reducing its pouring out of said forces to a small, steady trickle-maybe they were holding back, baiting them into the Volcano, to their demise? There were still a c**pload of robots, some were ignoring them entirely and bee-lining to the Survival Zone as well, and they couldn't proceed forward like this, almost glued to these rocks for their cover. Where were the ACTUAL reinforcements?!

06-05-2012, 11:28 PM
(Bunnying permission granted by Sight~)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Neo (indirectly), Sight, Dr R, Sabi (indirectly)
<Let's Get This Party Started>

Honestly, he didn't know what happened. One moment he was reading a command note from the woman - K'Sariya - and being asked by her pink elephant if he was a black Shaymin (why did he always get this question? It was getting annoying), and the next instant he had the large green dragon tackling him. Long story short, he was going to feel that in the morning. Before he had a chance to be angry, however, it became apparent from the lack of light that where he had been standing had collapsed...And while it probably wouldn't have been fatal to someone of his caliber, it would have hurt nonetheless. Said dragon began to tear at the rocks shortly after, and with how quickly it was making progress, would break through within a matter of moments. When he did, the light was choked with ash and the immediate sound of gunfire drifted into the tunnel, echoing off the walls. It made the hedgehog wish that it would collapse again, to return to the silence of darkness.

His radio sparked to life. “Shadow you’ve got to get out of where you are now. We need you up here as soon as possible.” The light, lilting voice on the other end clearly told him that was Astrailyx, although quite frankly she didn't need to tell him to get out. She was being polite, but that was effectively her way of saying "Get your ass out of there now!" He didn't need to be told twice - the radio chattering away about the G.U.N. Combat Dragon being sunk by a large water machine nicknamed the Leviathan. Well, wasn't that dandy. Now even their remaining ships were worthless, although he knew they were too beat up at this point to do much else anyway other than be a distraction; but it wasn't worth losing them. Anything they had, they needed to keep. Ships were expensive to make...And with what was going on, they probably wouldn't be able to build any new ones. Long story short, don't lose them.

K'Sariya made a move to go forward, but she notably hesitated, glancing back at the other collapsed part of the tunnel. With all the subtlety of a rhino in a china shop, she lunged forward, tearing at the rubble. "Astyn! Altair!" The rock dragon that had knocked him out of the way made slow steps forward, before assisting his trainer with the rocks. His claws tore them apart with ease, but the damage was substantial - who knew how long it would take for them to break through? "Sir... Sir... I'm sorry... Have... to get them out..." He could see her gloves being stained slightly by red; it concerned him to see such desperation. It was an emotion that was not new to him, but in this case she had a chance to save the ones she loved.

He never did.

Walking forward, the hedgehog reached down and grabbed her by the wrist, stalling her frantic efforts due to the surprise. "You don't need to apologize for wanting to save those you care about." He stated, shaking his head. "But panicking while doing so...Often does more harm than good. Calm down, and get control over your emotions. Tearing your hands apart will not get anything accomplished, other than painting the concrete red." Allowing his words to sink in, he released his grip. "Now return your Pokemon...Otherwise, it will require more energy to make the jump."

"Jump?" She asked, although she was on fumbling with the devices to return her Pokemon. Eventually, however, each creature was absorbed by a red light into the capture spheres.

He nodded, before lightly grabbing her wrist once more. "Hmm...I suppose 'teleportation' would be appropriate as well. In my world, it is called Chaos Control." Their destination was on the other side of the debris. He just hoped it had just collapsed right there, and not further along...Or else it could fail and they would more than likely end up in a non-existent dimension where they would perish instantly. Or so the theory goes, as quite obviously no one could verify it. Shadow took no time before he tapped into his energy reserves, feeling the powerful chaotic energy within before firmly focusing on where they needed to go. In a heartbeat, it washed over both of them, and the briefest sensation of cold flashed over their skin before they found themselves on the other side. Lighting was provided by yellow strands of webbing which hummed ever so softly with the electricity which flowed within them, and he was rather glad his ability usually warped him to the safest point. Last time he checked, he wasn't scheduled for shock therapy.

"Good luck, K'Sariya, and be careful." Preparing to jump directly outside, he hesitated. "I'm sure they are fine." With that final word, he warped outside.

Grabbing the radio, he immediately called in. "Shadow, here. K'Sariya is going into the tunnels to find her two Pokemon. I'm initiating pursuit of Beta. If I can, after that I will attempt to destroy the Leviathan." Breaking into a run, it took only moments after reaching top speed with his natural pace before his shoes activated, spewing forth yellow energy which levitated him and propelled him faster. He did not, however, go fast enough to break the sound barrier, which would have given his position away.

"What is the location of Beta?" He asked, quickly.

"We're not sure, Sir." Came the curt response.

"Figure it out. Check the energy radii of the TW's. Look for anything that entered recently, with the last time it was seen, and any abnormal machines that aren't being affected by it. It has to be in one of those areas." The hedgehog growled slightly. He skated up the side of a building to get to the rooftop, halting as he ducked a machine that was falling from the sky. "Hurry up!"

The radio crackled silently. "Location..." They knew he wasn't a machine, so they had to be generic. "TW 3, southern end moving northward. Beta is taking cover in some alleyways."

"Good." He turned the radio onto silent, working quickly. He hopped from building to building, occasionally shooting some drones from the sky with the armor piercing rounds of his pistols. If he could avoid them, he did - saving ammo was important for him, and the turrets were handling the situation rather well. His target was closer; he could hear laser shots amidst the dust cloud that was slowly dwindling ahead of him. He slowed considerably, deactivating his shoes so they would not create any noise as he slunk towards his prey. He readied his weapon as he peered over the lip of the roof.

The bullets that were shot at the black, hovering machine halted as they got close, the shimmer of a shield faintly being seen before they launched back at the attackers. It fired back with its own weapons, dispatching those who weren't quick enough to get out of the way. Shadow had put his pistol away at this point, for it was obvious bullets wouldn't work. That shield...It does not block bullets, necessarily - they slow and then reverse. Most likely projectiles will not work either. An idea crossed his mind, and he felt the heat of the darker side of Chaos Energy flow down his arm, focusing on his hand. It formed over it, turning his fingers into red claws, all fueled by Negative Chaos Energy...The more destructive variant.

Picking up a piece of rubble and throwing it to the buildings below, he watched as Beta turned and fired on where it had landed. While the machine was distracted, he jumped from the roof - luckily due to taking cover Beta was beneath the rooftops - and swiftly fell down upon him, lashing out with his Chaos Claw at the back joint of its right arm. He had noticed some damage on the back of the machine earlier, and it was this area that seemed to have taken the most severe hits...Logically, this meant the metal was weaker here as well.

He felt the energy impact the shield, but even if it stripped it away, he still had could curl his outstretched fingers into a mighty punch aiming right for damaged steel. Considering, with some struggling, he could flip objects of one thousand pounds with one arm, Beta would not be escaping without more damage.

He was certain of it.

Neo Emolga
06-06-2012, 02:02 AM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
G.U.N. Combat Dragon Battleship, Near Central City
Affected RPers: Saraibre Ryu, Sight of the Stars

Still no order to retreat. Civilians were fleeing the city, but the rest of us were sworn to fight. I wasn't so sure about the situation. Looking up, the Egg Carrier was flattening most of what was in this district. Sure, there were still the inner zones, but I could have sworn most of our defenses had been concentrated on the outer perimeter.

I kept checking the bodies, looking for any wounded. Anyone still alive. Problem was, Badniks were pretty effective at making sure their enemies were dead and stayed dead. I swore, Robotnik was going to pay with his vital organs for this. Among the bodies scattered around, humans and anthros alike, none of them had a pulse. The whole place was really beginning to smell as I climbed over mounds of shattered concrete, broken brick walls, and fragmented sidewalk plates. Meanwhile, burning husks of cars, city busses, newspaper stands, and snack carts littered the cratered streets. For us, this was hell on earth. For Robotnik, just another day.

"... remai... ... bac... ... ing..." My radio crackled, barely sputtering out blubs amongst the static.

I figured the water must have ruined the internal components. After tossing it away, I figured someone here had to have one that was still working. Amongst the civilian bodies, I did find a few G.U.N. soldiers with rocket launchers. The first of the bunch, a human officer, had been mangled pretty badly, crushed under the weight of falling concrete from the apartment building collapsing. Then there was Corporal Zames, a mouse anthro that looked like he had been shot by lasers until his heart stopped and his brain went cold. His rocket launcher was still intact, but it seemed like had run out of ammo. Either that, or his spare rockets were buried under the same mess that killed the human. Then there was Warrant Officer Napoc, a panda anthro who was missing the lower half of his body, along with his left arm. The rest of his body was a bloody mess of red splattered on his black and white fur. His headset, however, still seemed to be intact, along with the communicator device. Dusty from the building rubble, but it still seemed to be working.

"Rest in peace, Napoc," I spoke to him, putting my paw on his forehead for a moment before removing the headset. "These won't go to waste."

I then tried to adjust the frequency. Napoc had been part of the ground defense battalion regiment 72. He would get some of the global communications, but not the ones I specifically needed. Those were on a whole other channel entirely. After putting the headset on, it felt much more comfortable, but I had to set the volume very low, or else I'd make myself deaf in no time.

Around here, everything was still quiet. The robots had stopped looking for survivors in this area for a while now, heading in the inner cities instead of hanging around here. I could still hear the conflict, however, and the Egg Carrier was easy to spot in the sky, still heartlessly blasting everything in sight. Beta E-101, however, could be anywhere for all I knew. I no longer had visual on it. Meanwhile, the NDI was probably thinking I was dead. Better make sure they didn't make that mistake.

"This is Nighthare Unit leader, reporting in," I spoke into the radio headset. "Do you copy?"

First, silence. It was possible Napoc's headset was busted in a way I didn't know. I sure wasn't good with electronics, so if it was, it was beyond me. However, moments later, there was a response.

"Ace, that you?" The NDI operator replied. "Sir, Captain Lash is dead. We've only been able to locate nine other members of the Combat Dragon's crew. Everyone else is either K.I.A. or missing."

Nine was still better than nothing. It was up to Astrailyx now. Beta E-101 would come after her next, as well as the inner city stronghold.

"Is there any way of stopping Beta?" I asked the operator. "We shot like hell at that thing and nothing happened."

"We're... still trying to analyze it," He replied, hesitant. "Outright attacking it doesn't seem to be working. We... may need to try something else."

Try something else. Obviously. Still, trying to shut down that damn thing's power core, short-circuiting the whole damn thing, or something like that was going to be a headache. It was suicide for anyone to even get close to it. That was the whole freaking reason we attacked it from a distance in the first place.

"Where the hell is it right now?" I asked him, wondering if he at least had a location.

"47th and 8th moving north," He told me. "It's... going to be quite a walk from where you are."

No kidding. But until they figured out a way to handle it, getting closer to Beta E-101 was suicidal. I had no idea how many civilians and soldiers it killed already, but I had no intention of ending up as one more notch on that damn thing. As far as trying to figure out a plan myself, I barely knew how these stupid things worked. But I figured I would at least make some headway.

But I hadn't even walked ten feet until I heard something plow its way through the water. I figured it had to be a stray Badnik, so I quickly grabbed my bow and strung an arrow. But it wasn't one of those daft robots at all.

It was Monsoon the Kingdra, rushing toward me with a wave of boiling water, totally berserk and deranged. So much for loyal Pokémon. I knew I could never trust these stupid creatures. They couldn't even freaking tell who the real enemy was.

I allowed for the water dragon Pokémon to get close. So close Monsoon wouldn't even have the chance to pull out of his charge to dodge the explosive arrow I was going to shoot into his head. I waited... and waited... and waited until he got just within a few feet, but just before I prepared to jump out of the way and make the shot from above, Zira quickly jumped in front of him and stopped the attack short... trying to protect me. They fought amongst themselves until Monsoon backed off with a snarl, heading back into the water. I swore, I could never tolerate these creatures.

"Head back to your trainer, K'sariya," I told Zira, hoping she'd take that maniac Monsoon with her. "I can handle myself, and I can't have this kind of garbage happening behind my back while all this is going on. I have enough to worry about from those stupid robots. I don't need this on top of it."

I made it crystal clear to Zira I did not want to be followed. Not by her or Monsoon. There was no telling when and where Zira would turncoat on me as well, possibly after being convinced by her companion to join him in his reign of madness. And if they continued stalking me, I was really going to let K'sariya have it. Switch was right, wherever he was right now. What the hell was I thinking, believing an anthro like me could command Pokémon? It was clear, they only really obeyed humans. And they were only sent to me because a human sent them, not to actually defend me on their own behalf. For that very reason, I couldn't trust them.

Heading through the streets, I took an obscure route, just to keep those two away from me in case they didn't get the message. I managed to move ahead several city blocks until I was suddenly approached by a G.U.N. APC. They stopped a few moments later before one of them stepped out and approached me.

"Ace, we've been sent here to retrieve you," the solider told me. "We know what happened to the Combat Dragon."

"What's the plan for taking out those things?" I asked him, wondering what exactly they had in mind to stop it.

"We're working on it," He told me. "But when the time comes, we're going to need those enemy assets flagged. You're one of the only few that can do that quickly and effectively. Heat-seeker missiles and rockets are being disrupted by the presence of too many individual robots."

Made sense. If there was anything these big, stupid robots were good at doing, it was crapping out tons more of little robots by the minute. Heat seeking rockets couldn't lock on to the more important targets with all of the damn fodder everywhere. Therefore, target beacons were really the only thing that would work. Either that, or paint the target with a laser and hold it for as long as possible. But no one enjoyed trying to do that. Not unless you had a death wish.

"Alright, let's move," I told him, getting into the APC.

Once I strapped myself inside, the driver hurried toward where the Beta E-101 was, driving through ruined streets, dodging the flaming car wrecks, and over piles of debris. It would be a bit of a ride before we arrived to where the Beta E-101 was unleashing havoc. Hopefully the driver was smart enough not to get too close. Judging by what I had seen earlier, I had my doubts the armor on this thing could even withstand just one laser shot from that mechanical bastard.

Someway, we needed to turn the tables around on this mess. And I was running out of ideas...

Dr Robotnik
06-06-2012, 03:48 AM
E-101 MK. III "β"
Central City
Unit under attack, initiating combat protocol

Beta's assault was slowed for exactly a moment as it confirmed the sinking of one ship and the retreat of others. This instant alerted its combat sensors to a sound directly behind it, the machine whipping about and blasting whatever unfortunate thing was there in to bits. In the next instant its combat sensors went haywire as a small bodied creature latched on to its rear and a sudden surge of energy overloaded its generators. E-101 backed rapidly, slamming Shadow in to the wall behind it as it did so, sparks flying from the overloaded shield generator. The hazy blue barrier around it flickered, and the lightning from the EMP device faded briefly before the blue disappeared entirely. Its electromagnetic pulse field was still active, but its shield was gone. The robot sped backwards in to the street the instant it had smashed Shadow in to the alley wall, sensors alerting it to the perfect distraction; a vehicle had just arrived.

Beta's thrusters screamed in protest to the sudden turn, but that didn't matter much; it was more concerned with keeping the gaping hole hidden. It sped backwards away from the vehicle, arms almost touching as a double-strength laser rocketed straight at and through the vehicle. Its visual receptors noticed in the instant of firing that the rabbit 'general' was in it at the moment of firing. That didn't matter either. Beta's flight speed increased as it whipped around, ducking around a corner on to another street, diverting power from its cannons to the pulse generator to start it back up, the lightning resonance surging back over it as the barrier keeping bullets from ripping it apart flared back up.

Overhead, the Egg Carrier was taking quite a few hits now. Its forward hull was now broken in several places with smoke pouring fourth, and three of the primary turrets had been damaged to the point of being inactive. But most of the hull was still in tact, and even the holes made weren't in locations that would make the flying vessel any easier to destroy or bring down. And yet, despite not being significantly damaged, the airship started to lift higher in to the air and begin a wide, slow turn that would take it almost over the center of the city. The massive ship's jet engines even slowed it down as it turned, almost as if the vehicle was taunting the weapons firing pounding its belly. Under water, the Leviathan slunk quietly, waiting for the orders to attack another ship.

E-117 "ς"
Fight Area
Transmitting coordinates

The concrete of the Fight Area buckled and shattered upwards as E-117's drill sliced through it with the sound of metal on gravel. Several unfortunate technicians and fighters found themselves torn to shreds by the drill, several more falling victim to its machine gun. It wasted no time in relaying the coordinates of this base back to its own, splitting its massive drill in to claws once more and shredding through one of the small buildings nearest it, though it didn't seem important. The multitude of explosions from within implied it to be a weapons storehouse. How convenient.

The huge machine whirled about rapidly, taking in the base with its multiple photoreceptors flashing, sending more information back to base for whatever other machines may come. Not that it would need the backup. E-117 spun again, this time to face what appeared to be the communications building. At the least, it had a multitude of dishes set up on top of it. Sigma fired its pulse launcher at the roof of the building, sending the spidery metal structures flying apart in a mass of twisted metal and smoke. The machine lurched forward as the debris fell to the ground, photoreceptors hunting for more targets to slaughter.

((Having fun yet RU?))

Sight of the Stars
06-06-2012, 05:23 AM
it's so easy to say it to a crowd
Zira blinked as he ordered for her to leave. If she had ears, they would have tipped back at his words and harsh tone. Her eyes darkened as her conscience recognized the feeling of being crestfallen. As he turned, she grasped desperately for something she could do. Her mind brushed over the move Psychic, and she used that to amplify her voice into his mind.

"Wait, no! You don't understand! He's... he's just angry! I'm not like-- I'm not him!" She paused, unsure of what to say now that she could talk to him, even if it was sparingly. Then, her countenance and tone hardened slightly as she gave up, seeing that she couldn't get the concept through his head even if she was able to get the words delivering it through. "Good luck." She turned, and headed toward the subway.

...She realized she wasn't sure where the subway was from here. She stood there for quite a while, hovering and wondering what to do.

It was then that the sound of gunfire caught her attention, and she whirled toward the sound. She glided through the streets, searching for the source of the rain of bullets. She waited a moment, though, body quaking with another Quiver Dance, and then moved to intersect the sound. The workings of machinery reached her ears as she neared a corner, and she took a drastic dive as she came out into the open. The moment she even came around the corner, though, she was already spewing a Fire Blast onto the oncoming enemy. As an extra precaution, she threw up a Protect around herself, unsure of what she was facing, but knowing it wasn't good.

((^ Beta. c: ))


K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
born in this world as it all falls apart

A chill shuddered up her spine at the chilled feeling as they warped to the other side of the debris. What a strange feeling. She looked around, blinking, and then down at the electrowebs at her feet. Luckily, they had not landed on one. That would have been... well, bad.

She listened to his words, and then nodded. She sincerely hoped that they were. She wouldn't know what to do if they weren't. With her grandparents slaughtered and her mother and father, wherever they were, being on the path to that exact fate (or had already met it), her Pokemon were the only family she had left. K'sariya wasn't planning on losing them anytime soon, either. As Shadow disappeared, she nodded, and shouted out her Pokemon's names down the tunnel as she began to follow the path of electrowebs.

She became dangerously aware of the ground above her quivering on occasion, and became wary of another cave-in as she proceeded. Her worries were quickly forgotten, though, as a growl came from further down. She was lucky that the edges of the subway tracks were concrete instead of gravel, or else her feet would be in terrible shape. Their calloused surface was able to easily withstand the harsh concrete her feet were pounding down upon.

She quickly came upon the problem. Astyn brooded over the Galvantula, whose back right leg seemed to have been partially crushed. K'sariya quickly ran over, examining the wound. There must have been another collapse further down that they had freed themselves from... She cradled the electric arachnid in her arms, cooing gently. Reaching into one of her pouches, she withdrew a berry and slipped it into Altair's mouth. It would at least numb the pain a little and speed up the healing process. She stayed like that for several minutes until her beloved Pokemon had fallen asleep. She returned him to his Pokeball, and released Kozanar to move the electrowebs. He flung them away, and then the tunnel was lit with a multitude of crimson glares as the rest of her companions were released.

"Alright, guys, let's get out of here..." she murmured.

we will fight or we will fall til the angels save us all
603 words • tagged; metal {Beta}
comments; joy.

06-06-2012, 06:44 AM
Shaveh Teink
Park Lords
Near Cherrygrove City
Affected RPers: 2gamers

Shaveh was snapped out of his thoughts by a loud repetitive tapping, the sound of something hard hitting the ground over and over again. He looked up to and saw one of of the strangest things he'd ever seen in his life - a young girl was riding an over-sized Ponyta right towards the remaining bee, supporting a Dewott on her shoulders. The Dewott detached the shell from its blue leg and held it skywards. The shell sliced straight through the bug's undercarriage, creating a huge gaping cut in the bee's abdomen. This must have been where the robot's fuel source was because the engines on its back started sputtering violently. That wasn't what Shaveh was thinking about, though - the woman had just made a potentially fatal mistake. Typical for a person to get in danger without thinking of the consequences.

Vishi saw the newcomers and let out a loud screech as he corkscrewed up into the air. Once he was directly over the failing robot, he dove straight down and extended his razor-sharp talons. They pierced the robot and held it in place, and the Braviary rammed the robot into the ground with a satisfying crunch. That wasn't good enough for Vishi, though - he started tearing at the fake bee with his claws and beak. Shaveh got to his feet, hoping that there'd be time to avoid the upcoming problem if he could move fast enough.

He couldn't. The girl dismounted the Ponyta and threw herself towards him, catching him in a vice-like hug. Shaveh squeaked slightly as the air was squeezed out of his lungs. His eyes were rolling in panic, but the girl didn't see. She didn't realise that they had maybe five seconds before Vishi went absolutely feral. Shaveh started trying to break free, but the girl was squealing something about gods and robots. For all Shaveh knew, she'd been driven crazy by whatever had happened to the world.

And then, Shaveh heard it. An ear-rending screech. Vishi had finally finished with the robot, and now he saw Shaveh being attacked by a puny human with flamboyant red hair. Shaveh knew that the girl's Pokemon must have been powerful to keep her safe for all this time, but few Pokemon could match the speed and ferocity of an enraged Braviary. Using all of his strength, Shaveh spun the girl heavily onto the grass and then stood up in front of her, stretching his arms wide in the universal gesture for "STOP".

"It's okay, Vishi, she's a friend!" Shaveh yelled.

Vishi didn't sound convinced, but he respected his Trainer enough to listen. He banked at the last second and landed on a tree branch. He cawed warningly at the young girl, shifting his weight from one claw onto the other and back. Shaveh could tell by the look in his eyes that he was practically begging for her to try something funny.

"Saki, keep an eye on Vishi," the young man murmured out of the side of his mouth. "Hit him with a Sleep Powder if need be."

The Meganium chirped in agreement, and Shaveh turned back to the young girl. "I'm dreadfully sorry about that," he said, extending a hand towards her, offering silently to help her up. "Vishi there can be a little over-protective, at times. My name is Shaveh Teink, and I'm one of Professor Elm's assistants. What's your name? And more importantly, do you know what those bee things were? I've never seen them before in my life."

Eternal Moonlight
06-06-2012, 07:32 AM
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: narphoenix (Socrates), Velocity (Schrodinger), Max (Tails), Latio-Nytro (indirectly) (Possibly sigma, although I didn't get into details this post)

Before any sort of reply could manifest, Cadence felt a light tugging originating from the lower region of her pant leg. Intrigued, as it certainly wasn’t Grace (the Snivy was usually more vocal when she wanted herself heard), the woman looked downward.

Tails. The Anthropomorphic fox was a distinctive yellowish orange, although his calling card psychical feature was no doubt his twin tails.

"Do you need any help?" he asked timidly. Good timing, Cadence was about to reply when…

The room went aglow with a blood red hue, which was immediately followed by a piercing horn. The alarm meant only one thing… the bases primary defenses had been breached. This was confirmed by the muffled sound of detonating munitions echoed throughout the building. The explosives storehouse had fallen victim to the intruding robot. Nothing else could have busted through so quickly.

Sadly, said storehouse was, in a nutshell, within throwing distance of the building they all currently occupied. This meant if the guard units didn’t get their butts in gear; things would get very ugly for them. Said notion was confirmed by the distinct sound of screech of metal on metal. It was far too close for comfort. If that wasn’t bleak enough, their communications were more likely than not compromised.

“See if there’s any sort of transmission that can get through,” she ordered, facing the rookie. He nodded and got to work without hesitation. Now, she turned to her higher ups.

“I’m going to investigate why our guards are failing to get this under control. Schrodinger, see if you can get news any news from Chakram. If his situation is anything like ours, reassure him help reinforcements are on the way,” she stated. It was risky getting anything out there, but leaving Zek venerable wasn’t advantageous. Hopefully…

“Nothing, I can’t get anything out,” the young operator blurted, absolutely terrified.

“Okay, then get to the computer and send an urgency contact to our other bases,” she stated, without hesitation.


“It works on its on signal box, which is in here. We can’t get radio communications or anything beyond the reach of this island,” she informed, avoiding the possibility of getting questioned.“Tell them we request back up, priority Alpha. Base XSA, specifically, inform them to send their reserves to aide Chakram’s unit, they’re closer than we are.” The rookie’s hands were swift, the message carefully being drafted.

Cadence had opted to be safe and have something lined up in case Zek did need help. It would spare their base the loss of desperately needed defenders.

“Sent, awaiting confirmation notice,” he stated, slightly calmer than before.

“Good,” she replied with a light nod.

Outside, the sounds of weapons firing could be heard, indicating one of two things. The first was that the guard had finally got their act together and was raining he** on the enemy. Of course, the exact opposite was possible, that the assailant was causing more damage.

The fact that they were all still alive indicated the former, or at least, a mix of the two. Either way, standing here and playing guessing games was futile.

“Message cleared, I’m awaiting feedback,” the rookie confirmed, allowing his hands to rest.

Somebody needed to get a visual on the situation, but staying here to receive the reply was also important. Hopefully, the commanders of the other bases weren’t going to give them a rough time. She didn’t expect them to, but there was no being 100% sure.

“Schrodinger, I would appreciate it if you could stay here and await both Chakram’s reply and the messages from the other bases. I trust there shouldn’t be an issue, but if there is, make sure we get those reinforcements at all costs,”being a business cat that was well within his competence zone.

“Socrates, you and I will investigate this attack,” she continued, avoiding eye contact.

“And finally, Tails. Stay here; make sure the computer stays operational. We can’t afford to lose it now,” Cadence concluded, and started for the door. That usually meant her word was final and unless there was a huge problem, it was best not to protest.

Neo Emolga
06-06-2012, 01:21 PM
Ace Nighthare (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387211&postcount=10)
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: N/A

We drew closer and closer to the Beta E-117. The explosions were getting louder, and I knew it couldn't be far off from now. I looked through the slits of the APC, and the situation didn't look much better. Everything was a wreck outside, and there were still so many bodes. Damn, I knew after this, Central City would never be the same. Sure, new generations could be born and buildings could be rebuilt, but there would always be that scar in history that would never truly disappear.

From above, I could hear the Egg Carrier raining more mayhem down on the city below. That thing... was relentless. Some damage had been done to it, but definitely not as much as we needed to swing this situation around. Meanwhile, the amount of drones and Badniks razing the streets and the city blocks was getting ridiculous. Even as the APC's gunner was shooting as many of them as he could, it seriously looked like we hadn't destroyed any of them yet.

"We have confirmation Shadow has already engaged Beta," Sergeant Eight, a battle-scarred mongoose anthro, told me as the APC plowed its way through the ruined city street.

It was hard to scream over the noises and the gunfire. Still, I couldn't believe it. Shadow himself was fighting Beta? Wasn't he aware of what kind of damage that would do to G.U.N. if something happened to him? But I figured... he must not have been worried very much. That, and I really didn't know of any case where Shadow ever got seriously hurt.

"How much longer to contact!?" I shouted back to Eight.

"Not much longer now!" He shouted back, trying to speak over the APC turret fire. "Get ready, this is going to be harsh! We found out that it's a shield that keeps deflecting the projectiles! That's why the Combat Dragon and everything else we fired at it didn't do a damn thing!"

Made sense. Cheeky bastard robot. I took out my bow, although I still wasn't sure about the whole plan of attack. It required having to get close, get so close that we would still be inside its own shield when it turned it on. I was never a fan of point blank ranges like this. They were dangerous as hell.

The thrashing became louder as the APC turned the corner. I had just seen Shadow, on Beta's back, get slammed into a wall. However, the sparks were flying from its overloaded shield generator. The shield itself was flicking, no longer stable or reliable. Now was our chance. Then, it sped backwards, right toward us as it abandoned Shadow and tried to make distance, likely to acquire him as a target.

And then, it focused on us. It targeted the APC itself, speeding backwards away from us, arms locked and ready to fire.

"BAIL!" Sergeant Eight shouted. "GET THE HELL OUT!"

I made a quick dash for the back door, and quickly undid the latch. But it was already too late. The double-strength laser struck the front of the vehicle head-on, and continued burning and burrowing its way through. The front of the APC exploded in a fireball, smothering the driver and Sergeant Eight with fire. Within less than a second, the fire struck me as well, and the overwhelming force ripped the back door open, sending my body flying out. Had I not undone the latch, I would have blown up with everything else in there.

Shrapnel, flames, and twisted metal were thrown in all direction as my world tumbled, throwing me thirty feet into the piles of concrete. The APC exploded completely, leaving it as nothing more than a burning shell. When I stopped tumbling out of control, I could only lay on my back, pain and aching shooting through my whole body. My vision was cloudy, and I could only see the sky, and the pillars of smoke from burning buildings and flaming wreckage. I couldn't feel my legs, and there was... just pain. Just endless, stinging pains everywhere. So many parts of my body were covered with sticky black and red blood. I brought up my hand to see it was smeared with red blood all over it. But then I just let it go, letting my hand lay limply at my side as I was too weak to continue holding it up.

"ACE!" I heard someone scream.

I couldn't... tell who it was. Someone, but everything was blurry, and was going dark. I found it harder to breathe, and I could tell... I didn't have much time left...

"Don't... for... get..." I told them, barely able to speak as I was not even sure if it was a her or him, or if there was anyone else with them. "Tell... Sha... dow... ... Fin... ish... ... the job... Don't... stop... until... un... til it's done... We... need peace... for all..."

I just had to close my eyes. I was feeling so damn tired all of a sudden. So much fighting, pain, suffering... fire. I had seen nothing but hell today, watching the Combat Dragon get ripped to shreds, seeing screaming civilians trying to run for their lives as merciless machines made a massacre of them. And skyscrapers that took years to build just ripped in half as these damn machines paid no mind to what we had lost. It made me wonder in those last moments... how could anything so cruel ever be constructed by the living.

And I realized that it wasn't until the darkness crept in and everything went peacefully black did I suddenly release the kind of sweet release and alleviating detachment one feels after experiencing death.

I did what I could, G.U.N. The rest is in your hands. Don't do it for me. Do it for all.

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06-06-2012, 03:24 PM
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Michelle Toya
Eggman Empire
Hoenn, Liliycove
ARPers: No one, unless I missed somebody

It was quiet in Lilycove for once. So quite that it was almost eery, considering the place was known for being a fairly bustling place, but Michelle didn't mind. She walked calmly down the road into the city, a group of robots surrounding her for the girl's protection, but from what, no one looking at the city would have known. It was deserted, devoid of most surface life, and now they were bringing her in to make sure they had gotten everything. The girl was quiet, just like the city they were approaching, and blank-faced. This was the city where she had been born and raised--the city she had practically fled from some number of years ago. Michelle didn't quite remember how many, nor did she really care, considering the city's lack of change in appearance. It not having changed didn't make the girl hate the place any less, which was why she would enjoy going over the city with a fine-toothed comb, weeding out all the residents who had tormented her as a child that had escaped being found during the first invasion and making sure that they would get what they deserved; she would show them just how wrong they had been to whisper what their thoughts screamed about her, to call her a freak, a fake, an attention-starved little girl, to exclude her from everything else normal, non-telepathic kids could do...she would hand them over to Robotnik to do what he wished with them and bring silence to her head forever.

Michelle Toya allowed herself to smile slightly at the thought of revenge--sweet, sweet revenge...well, if they hadn't all been captured to begin with. Or course, there were always people who were smarter than you gave them credit for—there had been at least one who had been in hiding in each of the towns they had taken her through so far…why should Lilycove be any different? Admittedly, she had not been to very many towns for “total clearout” before this, but she sincerely hoped that she would have the satisfaction of finding at least one person still left in Lilycove. As they neared the town, Michelle’s mind stayed abnormally quiet from what she was used to hearing from the place, though she hadn’t been back to her hometown in a good few years and hadn’t had the misfortune of hearing the city on what she referred to as “full blast” recently nor did she really want to.

Upon entering the city, she felt the familiarity settle over her—it really hadn’t changed much from what she remembered, lack of massive crowds and damages aside. She knew the drill by now, obediently following the group of robots instructions and directions, wandering through already halfway decimated buildings and empty streets, extending her mental reach as far as she could to try and find those hiding, and find she did. While wandering through the aisles of what had once been a popular store, she caught it—the faint buzzing of a human mind as it came into her range. Looking up, she spotted a door a little more than ten feet away a grinned like a child on Christmas morning. “I’ve got something; someone is hiding in the room the door up ahead most likely leads to,” she said, finally speaking. Her voice was soft and childlike, yet flat, devoid of emotion. “Commence retrieval.” As soon as the words left her mouth, the protection detail around her broke off, half heading for the door, the other half sticking with her and stepping forward, putting the human member of their party behind them.

Chaos erupted as the robots broke down the door only to be greeted by someone’s Manectric, which latched onto one of the robots without paying the other much attention and started letting the electricity flow. Michelle sighed, shaking her head as she rummaged around her bag for a pokeball. “Hook, please take out that Manectric before it shocks any more of those robots. I would not like it being said that I am inefficient,” the girl sighed, tossing pokeball that she produced forward to release a rather large and angry-looking Krookodile. “Use crunch, if you don’t mind?” The large dark and ground type pokemon seemed to smile at the suggestion made by his trainer before it rushed forward, jaws wide open as he knocked the electric pokemon from the robot, which now pretty well fried. The pokemon didn’t have a chance--it hadn’t seen Hook coming at it, jaws at the ready before it was caught in those jaws, which snapped down on it with ferocious force and a loud “crunch” sound, as the move’s name suggested it would make. The Manectric gave a loud yelp and a jumble on pain slammed into Michelle from its mind before it went limp in Hook’s mouth and the Krookodile dropped the pokemon to the floor. As she moved forward, the Manectric’s owner’s mind because louder and louder in her head, cursing Hook, cursing Robotnik, cursing everything that could be cursed at the moment as the rest of the robots flooded in.

Michelle did not flinch when they dragged out a familiar face. The boy had made fun of her when she was little, and it seemed he would not stop once he saw her face among the metal ones. “I should have known you’d turn traitor, little freak girl, “ he hissed at her as he passed, though Michelle’s face remained impassive as she stroked Hook’s snout, praising the Krookodile with soft words.

“I only turned against those who turned against me long before this happened, you really dug your own grave there,” Michelle called after him, smirking. Today was just another day for her; another town, another hider pulled out of their safety spot by the gift they had made fun of her for. Michelle continued on, placing Hook back in his pokeball and moving out to search the rest of the city.

Saraibre Ryu
06-06-2012, 05:36 PM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: The Doctor

Astrailyx watched as the Egg Carrier started to fly over more of the city. The slow amount of progress made by smoke was at least something, and by the looks of it the remaining cannons were firing even more now thanks to those that were piloting them. Where the Egg Carrier was, there were cannons on either side of it, the heavier ones closer to the centre and pounding away at it’s underbelly, while the regular grade were more outside, firing on the side that was turning back towards them. As the dragon watched, she wondered if he did plan on using another cannon. Considering it took this long to make the thing start smoking, she would believe it. Some of the operators thought the Carrier was on a retreat path now, and even if that were true, Astrailyx was running all options through her mind.

One option was if he was telling that behemoth aerial monstrosity to retreat, he wasn’t just going to gather up and shimmy away. He was going to leave something behind. Option two, he was turning around to get a closer shot on something, maybe break through the primary shield with another, bigger cannon. Astrailyx even so much thought of him using the jet engines to wear away at the primary shield. Either way, Astrailyx knew there was one way to retaliate this action, no matter what he was doing. To their advantage, moving closer no longer gave the carrier much of that smoke screen any longer.

“I want the primary focus of those cannons to fire at anything that so much as pops out of that Carrier. Turrets, more robots, anything!” She instructed the defense team. “In the meantime, keep firing on those primary weapons.”

As the dragon watched even more, she noticed the exposed engine side that wasn’t exactly, all exposed. The thick layer of glass protected it, and she knew with how close the Carrier was now, it falling on them wasn’t the greatest of ideas. That didn’t mean wearing it down and slowing down all of it’s operations was a bad thing either. The Carrier was on the inside of the Dead Zone’s as well, and if they were turned on high enough without overloading, that should of drained some of the engine’s energy, since it was positioned on the bottom of the entire ship. It wouldn’t stop it, but it was going to slow it down. However maybe Astrailyx didn’t even need to give that order; the dragon looked at the rate of ascension versus the current speed information they had been given, along with the acceleration speed. If they waited for the Carrier to turn around just a bit more, and fly more over the city where everything was already blown apart, at least they could take it down without causing more damage to themselves. The momentum however was a rough guess, and it was a bit of a risky move.

Astrailyx had to call it as a secondary either way. “Heavy cannons, the engine is more exposed on our side. I only want two of you firing on it when the Carrier is far enough away to not crash on anything left standing if you manage to take it out. I’ll send you the information regarding its speed and acceleration so we can time it properly to avoid collateral damage, or even have it crash in the ocean. Remember, do not fire on it if it’ll cause more damage to us in a possible crash.”

The radio crackled under much interference, but the dragon managed to make out an ‘understood’ from the mess. Astrailyx knew of the drones flying around the city as well, but all of the Dead Zone’s were still intact, and anything that came within range of one of those was going to have their energy cores zapped and sapped like a dead mosquito. The outer ring of turrets were probably having their own time, fighting off drones and trying to still fire at the Egg Carrier. Astrailyx watched the mayhem and did her best to remain calm and focused, that was difficult in a time of war.

“I want the Echo field up immediately after our primary shields hit ten percent effectiveness just in case. Use one power core I had stored in the meantime. If I have to go down there and operate it myself I will, but for now send an extra energy siphon to the primary shields. We aren’t losing this battle.” Astrailyx told her defense team. “I want squads in on the ground to help deal with the drones and just in case that ship spits out more of them.”

06-07-2012, 01:46 AM
Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Everyone who's in the RU control room.

Schrodinger's tail puffed out as the room flushed red and an alarm began to blare. Immediately he reached out to the psychic he'd felt before, but he found only panic and the image a human engulfed in fire. The cat grabbed a table, the other telepath's panic spreading into him. He heard the sounds of weapons blazing, of explosions and clips of ammo being deployed. We can't handle this, he thought. Cadence, however, was still perfectly calm; she was, in fact, issuing orders.

"See if you can get any news from Chakram's unit."

Well, yes, ma'am, but Schrodinger would be damned if they could offer any help or any help could be offered to them. He tried anyway, however, and this time the Pokemon gave him a clearer, if angrier, response. What do you want?

What's going on? Is your unit under attack? Because right now the home base is definitely being attacked.

Yes. So I guess we can't expect reinforce - no, go away! Yes, I'm telling him. Keep doing your water thing, it's working just fine, a sort of psychic sigh escaped the Pokemon. Apologies. Another psychic was wanting me to pass along a message. Said direct contact was something he'd rather avoid.

All right, fine. So you're being attacked by Eggbots, right? And us by a giant drill.

Yep. But... Alice says she'll send you a few Pokemons' worth of help. We can't spare much, but... the Pokemon trailed off. Schrodinger broke off the contact, although it started again for just a moment as the telepath imparted one more word of wisdom. After a few quick mind-control laced arguments, Schrodinger turned his mind to Cadence's to relay the information.

Chakram's under attack, and we're getting a few Pokemons' worth of immediate help, along with a contingent of air support from Oreburgh. The Pokemon say to aim for the f*cking joints.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Latio (Zek Chakram) and anyone in his unit.


All of Alice's other Pokemon had escaped the drill's rampage unscathed; however, her Hydregion had been hit by one of the arms and knocked down to earth. Alice ran to the dragon, expecting the worst. However, after an extensive exam, Alice realized that Gretchen was fine, save two mild concussions and a few broken ribs. She bandaged these, trusting her other Pokemon to protect her while she did draconic first-aid. She managed to guide Gretchen into an upright floating position when she saw it.

The bug.

The bug.

The white furry body, the scarlet wings, the soulless blue stare. Was she there again? Were the Team Plasma grunts waiting by, the stolen Natu in their hands, while their horrible, abominable beast burnt her soulmate to cinders?

No, because the Volcarona lifted above her head and fired a carefully controlled blast of flames at an Eggbot that had been creeping up behind Alice. She looked deep into the Volcarona's eyes, not sure whether to thank it or to try and kill it. Then it flew away to join the fray again.

Did you...?


... The base is under attack. Do you want -

The base!? Holy sh*t, why didn't you tell me!? Send Liberty, Alto, and... Gretchen says she's fit to go, so her too. Send them right the h*ll back to base. Whatever happens, we can't lose the Fight Zone.

The Pokemon sent, Alice rose shakily and began to conduct her little orchestra once more. But there were so many little robots... A feeling of dread crept into Alice's heart as she realized the purpose for this attack. She ran to Zek, Oracle covering her from above, and shouted to him, "The Zones are under attack! The little 'bots are just a distraction! We have to help the home base before RU gets crushed under that drill!"

06-07-2012, 06:49 AM
[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City; In the Field
Affected Rpers: Neo, Sabi (Indirectly), Dr R (Indirectly), Sight (Indirectly)
<His Name Was Ace>

His hit landed. He was glad for that, for the shield flickered as it abruptly lost power. His hands gripped the metal as the machine reversed course; he heard something rumble nearby but before he could so much as look he felt his body impact something solid. That surface quickly buckled as he heard it shatter, a thousand sharp needles biting into his back with annoying determination. Rotating as he fell, he landed swiftly on his feet, noting Beta speeding backwards and aiming. Oddly, however, it wasn't at him, which would have been the logical choice. Glancing over, he noticed an APC slowing to a stop...And he saw the form of many soldiers, as well as a very familiar rabbit. It's...Going to fire! They couldn't escape. Tapping into his energy he began to work on free-

Beta fired.

The laser cut straight through the APC, striking the front of the vehicle which quickly caught on fire and exploded in a blaze of Hell. Shadow altered his plans, tapping into the Positive Chaos Energy; it flowed into his hands, gathering and spreading outward into a blue shield. Shrapnel and fire both smashed into it, digging into his energy reserves and pushing him straight back into the building to bury the glass further in his back. He made the shield only as big as he could scrunch his body up behind, but he felt the unmistakable pain of steel slice through a part of his forehead, staining his black fur with more red. It was over quickly, but his ears continued to ring from the explosion as he allowed the shield to drop. He was not pleased with the carnage that lay before him, but what had happened had already happened. He couldn't change...

His thoughts came to a halt as he saw a limp grey figure on the ground, and realization struck him. "ACE!" He staggered to his feet, slightly off balance from his ears aching so much. The hedgehog lurched before breaking into a run, already calling on the positive energy once more. As he approached the rabbit, he could see his wounds; below the waist he didn't have anything left, and he was gushing copious amounts of blood. Other wounds covered his body, and his eyes were distant and unfocused. Shadow wasted no time, placing his palms on the sniper's chest and allowing the energy to drift into him. Even as he did so, he could feel his pulse; it was getting weaker...So much weaker. Come on...Work, dammit, work! Why did he care so much? It was unlike him. Ace was healing too slowly...He wouldn't survive at this rate. Even if all the wounds were stitched up, shock was likely to happen. He could still die.

His attention was diverted as he suddenly spoke, voice soft and hoarse. "Don't... for... get..." Why was he speaking? He was using up more energy. "Tell... Sha... dow... ... Fin... ish... ... the job... Don't... stop... until... un... til it's done... We... need peace... for all..." His eyes slid shut as he gasped for breath. Shadow pressed down harder, trying to push more energy into him to speed the healing. And yet, he continued to grow weaker. Even as his heart slid to a stop, he tried, he continued to try and bring him back. The hedgehog resorted to CPR, pushing and often simply smacking the rabbit's chest. He hit him several times, desperate to get his heartbeat back.

As between each punch, a memory came to the surface, unbidden and unwanted.

Gun shots soar through the canopy, singing leaves into ash and dreams into dust. The air smells of gunpowder and burnt flesh, and the screeching of metal as machines collapse under fire. I can smell, quite easily, the stench of smoke as some vegetation catches on fire. If the situation continues to deteriorate, we will have to abandon the front line and retreat. Of course, retreating against Robotnik's machines is a death wish; they have no problem dealing with fire. Some were even busy spewing the substance...And no amount of bullets I put through them seem to stop the swarming masses of glinting steel.

I have only recently joined Guardian Units of Nations, or rather, G.U.N. I never could have thought I would join the very organization that ruined my life, that slaughtered everyone I cared about and imprisoned me for fifty years. But the past is the past, and hanging on to it would only hinder me further. The pain, the grief, the anger...It would always be there. Now, however, it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been before, and I could function much better. That being said, it would be a long time before I could be over it completely...And I doubted I ever would be.

No, what currently irked me was the fact despite being the Ultimate Life Form, and stopping an entire invasion of essentially my siblings...I was rendered the lowest rank upon joining the organization. It was a travesty. After everything I had done, this was the thanks I got? Not to mention, I was put under the command of Scout Sniper Commando Ace Nighthare. His patience level was even worse than Sonic's, something I would never have believed. He looked at me with disdain, ignored most of what I said...I was told he acts this way with most rookies. Problem is, I am not a rookie. Far from it. Which begs the question if he views me differently because of who I am...

"Rookie, snap out of it and stop daydreaming!" Ah, I was waiting for that.

I return his glare with one of my own. "You realize that even in thought, I am alert, yes?" Ace snorts, returning to firing his arrows. Of all the weapons he uses, they are arrows...Although the exploding tips are rather useful. Currently, I am using pistols, which are easy to wield and effective when coupled with armor piercing rounds. We need more firepower, however.

So I decide to...Alleviate...One of my comrades of their rocket launcher. Despite his complaints, I ready the weapon to target a large laser cannon that was disintegrating most of the organic objects around us. "Rookie, don't fire! That cannon is charging!" Don't fire? Letting the cannon fire is a bad idea! Besides, I am already locking on. All it takes is a little squeeze of the trigger... "I said DON'T FIRE!"

Too late.

The gun jolts back as the rocket shoots towards its prey, slamming head on into the gun and rocking the area with a shock wave, sending up a cloud of dust. I can see some of the residual energy that had been building up, but the cannon is quite clearly destroyed. "Sorry, I must not have heard you." I can't help but look at Ace with a bit of smugness. I was not very keen on following orders from someone who was younger and less powerful than myself. "Letting it fire would have been catastrophic. It was not an option."

Ace looks rather angry with me. He is raising his fist, perhaps in the attempt to hit me? It will not work out as he hopes. I see his ears twitch, and suddenly without thought he is pouncing on me. "GET DOWN!" I am already down...He is forcing me into the ground, after all. I then hear it. A low pitched whine, and a red orb flashes where my head had just previously been. The tree behind us is vaporized instantly, the trunk above that avoided the hit falling with the loss of support, and the stump itself is smoking. "Dammit...Shadow, I don't care how powerful you are! You almost got yourself killed!"

As I watch Ace, it strikes me how...Despite his rough exterior, he genuinely cares about the people around him. It is humbling, really. Perhaps we were not as different as I previously thought, or perhaps that was the reason we simply fought so much. The important matter here was that he had saved my life despite disobeying orders, which could have killed him or someone else. I felt more respect for him, certainly.

"Sorry...Sir." And yet, it still kills me to say these words.

Shadow knew it had only been mere seconds, but the flashback had felt more like hours. Every moment had been painful. The enormity of the situation fell on him as he halted in his efforts, dragging himself to his feet to look down on his fallen comrade. It struck him how peaceful he looked in death, but at the same time enraged him that he was gone in the first place. The question came floating back to him again. Why did he care so much about him? They were similar, yes...But Ace had saved his life. He had been foolish and unwilling to admit it, but the sniper had saved him when he had been acting like a child. Orders saved lives. He had ignored that fact. And yet, for one of the most powerful beings from his universe, he had been helpless in the rabbit's hour of need.

Absolutely helpless.

His life didn't deserve to end that way. Had Ace known he was trying to save him? Unlikely, as he had spoken his name. But his message to finish the job and bring peace...How could he? So long as there was free will, a natural right to all beings, there would be war. There could never truly be peace. Ace knew that. But there was a point when...When someone had to be stopped. Robotnik had crossed the line, slaughtering thousands with the machines or beasts he had summoned. Shadow had nearly fallen down that path as well...But perhaps good fortune smiled on him that day. Perhaps he was the one to balance the evil the world faced. He couldn't be sure. But to bring peace to the world...He would try.

"I promise I'll bring peace, Ace. You have my word." It was a promise he had made to Maria...And now to this fleeting soul.

Glancing in the direction of Beta, his sadness quickly turned to anger, and then to rage. At the moment, peace was out of the option, but that didn't mean he couldn't get some revenge on the machine that had taken his life. Beta would pay. It would pay dearly for its transgression on such a young person, who had only been fighting for his desires, for a chance to be free of the tyranny of falling rockets and shrapnel.




Picking up the radio, which was badly damaged, he managed to get it working, although it wouldn't last much longer. "Shadow reporting in. Ace and his unit...Have been killed in combat." He thought for a moment, although his energy was already seeping onto both of his hands. "I'm going to go kill the bastard responsible. Don't let anyone get in my way." Dropping the radio, he crushed it beneath his foot with a loud snap, even as the Negative Chaos Energy crawled up his arms and onto his shoulders, where they formed into jagged spikes of energy. Letting out a yell more akin to a roar than a war cry, he shot forward in the direction Beta had gone, a sonic boom rocking the windows as he broke the sound barrier.

He was unaware Beta was literally under fire...But at this point, he honestly didn't care. He would tear that wretched machine apart with his own hands, and then laugh as it struggled to get away. His snarl turned into a slight smile at the delicious thought, but his eyes continued to burn with anger. His claws thirsted for oil, the energy flickered and danced for steel, and his heart yearned for revenge.

06-08-2012, 03:53 AM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Off the Beaten Path, Johto
Affected RPers: ChainReaction01

Zippy was caught off-guard as Shaveh threw her upon the ground. She was about to get herself up when she saw the ornery braviary turn his rage upon her and charge. The ranger didn’t think she did anything wrong; Zippy usually made every effort to be friendly and courteous to everyone. Yet the eagle was ready to rip her into shreds before Shaveh stepped in front of the young girl in time to prevent such a tragedy. Zippy’s pokemon all gathered to her side in order to defend against the braviary, who was still giving Zippy the stink-eye. Why the man didn’t simply put the eagle back into his pokeball didn’t cross the girl’s mind. She was still excited to see another human. Using the extended hand to get herself on her feet, Zippy turned to the new arrival to answer his questions.

“Name’s Zippy Lane, ranger- er, junior ranger of Pallet Town,” the girl began, but she soon paused as she realized that Shaveh had absolutely no idea what was going on. “Wait, so you haven’t seen any of these guys? You know, tin heads…robots…badniks? Gee, where have you been, in a cave or something?”

It was becoming clear that perhaps the lab assistant wasn’t as knowledgeable about the foe as she hoped he would be, as indicated by the disappointment in her voice. In fact, Zippy may have been the only expert on robots for miles (at least, the only one that wasn’t already a robot). As such, the girl invited the lab assistant back to the ranger outpost to give him the full rundown of events, at least from her point of view.

The tiny space provided by the outpost was further constrained with the addition of another trainer and his pokemon. Most of Zippy’s crew went back to eating their meals, while the emolga was playing with the radio setting of her human’s pokegear, desperate to find some pop music to liven things up. Amidst the sounds of munching pokemon and radio static, Zippy told her story to Shaveh. Reflecting on such events understandably made her a bit melancholy, but she continued without shedding a tear.

“They just appeared. I was going to Professor Oak’s lab to adopt Ollie when they came. We all thought it was some joke or a movie crew or something. Without warning, they just started shooting. There were no demands or anything, they didn’t say anything. They just shot and headed for the lab. Whoever was left didn’t stay to see what they wanted. And these weren’t the bug bots we fought. They kinda looked like people, but with weapons for hands, almost like they were built for this kind of thing.”

Zippy took a break to take a sip of her water. Her melancholy mood was broken as she continued.

“For weeks, I’ve traveled from Kanto to here in search of the rangers. I mean, surely they know what to do, right? I was almost beginning to believe they weren’t around. And then I found you.” The girl broke a smile. “Surely if you’re around, then there are others sneaking around just like us. And if we can do it, then the rangers must be around, forming some plan to get rid of these dumb tin heads!”

It was quite clear that Zippy idealized the pokemon rangers. After all, they protected pokemon and people alike as well as protected the environment. They would never stand for this without a fight, not if all those heavily dramatized kids shows had anything to say about it.

*BZZZZZZ…RRRRRRREEEEEEE…Come in…Reinforcements needed*

Voices amidst the static quickly caught Zippy’s attention, who grabbed the pokegear away from her emolga to listen in. Gaga folded her arms in a pout in reaction to losing her toy. The girl put her pokegear on the counter to share the signal with Shaveh.

“Can’t believe this thing still works,” Zippy commented as the voices continued to tell their tale.

*BZZZZ…This is GUN Agent Hank…requesting back-up. Survivors in the water, I repeat survivors in the water. GET THESE BASTARDS OFF OUR…BZZZ*

*BZZZ…By Mobius, they targeted the civilians. We need medics down here!*

*RRRRWEEEE…Ace and his unit...Have been killed in combat…BZZZZZZ*

The radio continued like this for several minutes. Zippy was only able to get parts of the conversations amongst the many participating in the war. Surely this wasn’t real. It must have been some sci-fi radio drama about an alien war. If that was the case, then this was most certainly an inappropriate time for such a show.

Zippy attempted to adjust the signal to get a clear signal. Instead, she found another message from a familiar voice.

*BZZZ…This is Pokemon Champion Lance…To the people of Johto, we are facing annihilation…*

Zippy’s pokemon stopped what they were doing to listen in on the famous figure.

*…Our world was exposed to a wormhole, merging us with another world…BZZ…Our enemy is the one known as Eggman…SHHHHH…controls the robot armies…RWEEE…has taken over Kanto and Hoenn as well as Johto…BZZ…Sinnoh is under assault…RWEEE…We’ve made allies with other beings from that world to help defend…RWEEE…Do not engage…SHHHHH…stay away from cities and populated areas…BZZZ…pray…BZZZZZZZ*

With that, the radio went back to playing static. Zippy and her pokemon were silenced into shock. It was real. It was all real. Their battles with badniks no longer mattered: there were wars being fought that held their fate in the balance. Wars they had no idea as to where they were being fought. As they stood at the counter, the choice of overthrow versus infinite servitude was being decided without them.

What could a junior ranger and a lab assistant do to change their fate?

Dr Robotnik
06-09-2012, 06:18 AM
E-110 "λ"
Route 29, path

"Factory manager. Easy job, sure, whatever," said the boxy little Lambda said to himself, crossing its two spindly arms. It looked much like a rectangle on top of a wheel, with a single large green photoreceptor near the top. Its two small arms folded out through small triangular flaps set in to its sides, and it was roughly three feet tall. A tiny antenna was wiggling on the back right corner of its head as it attempted to roll through the grass. "No one bothered to mention the 'rolling your wheels through thick grass that gets tangled up in the spokes," it muttered, clamp hands tearing more green strands from between its wheel spokes. The little robot was out looking for a clipboard it had dropped, and as it turned out some flying robot had taken it and deposited it in the middle of a large patch of tall grass. Irritating wasn't even the word.

What was weird though, was the fact that around the time the little robot reached its clip board, it lost the signals from no less than three robots. Two sheets of metal slid over the glowing green photoreceptor and it backed up, falling flat on its back from more stuck spokes. "Ha ha, very funny. You've pulled this transmission trick before, I AM NOT falling for it again. It took three weeks to work that kink outta my joints!" As it expected, there was no response from the missing robots. It had no idea that they'd been destroyed by a pair of Pokemon Rangers, and it didn't particularly care. Now that it had its clipboard it had to uproot itself from where it was and get back to the new facility in Cherrygrove it was in charge of. However long THAT would take...

And then it picked up a garbled transmission that sounded like some kind of space opera. "Huh, I didn't know they still played radio shows like this... Saving this station for sure," Lambda said, making a note of the frequency as it righted itself and set to work on freeing its wheel from the grass once more.

((Another character I'm controlling :U))

E-101 Beta
Central City

Beta's flight was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a flaming moth and a ball of fire. The machine attempted to avoid the attack, but the blast of fire caught it head on, intense flames tearing through its light plating and sending bolts of electricity flying from the damaged internals as it fell from the sky. The machine impacted on the ground with a loud crash, rolling as its thrusters and flight vanes were torn off from the force of the landing. The sparking machine shook violently as it raised its arms, photoreceptors locking on to the quickly approaching form of Shadow the Hedgehog as if to blast him head on. But rather than fire, the machine waited. When the hedgehog was close enough to attack, the machine exploded violently, every bit of the machine obliterated save for the scraps of metal that had been torn from it on impact.

From an alleyway just beyond where Beta had exploded, a man in a red top hat and trench coat stepped out. He looked elderly, with a slightly hooked nose over a graying brown mustache. His outfit was lined with black, and he wore an arm band with the Eggman Empire's symbol upon it. He looked quite formal and gentlemanly, not a hair out of place in his mustache and bushy eyebrows, with gray-blue eyes peering out from behind a pair of circular glasses. He was thin and lanky as well, with most of his substance seeming to come from his coat and a white shirt visible through the collar. A plain cane was in his hand, with a simple gold ball as the top, and he wore a pair of black gloves to match his gloves and trousers. He spoke with a deep voice, and sounded somewhat bored with the affair, as though he were simply talking about the weather.

"How unfortunate. Beta was doing quite well this run. Robotnik will have to be notified of his machine's failure yet again." The man spoke as though there was no one else present, seeming to ignore the presences of Shadow and the Volcarona. After a moment, he turned his gaze upwards from where Beta's smoldering ashes lay and peered inquisitively at Shadow. "I seem to have forgotten my manners. I am the Director; a sympathizer of doctor Robotnik's. He requested I assist in this battle, though I can't say I've done more than observe. A pleasure."

Above, the Egg Carrier's turn had completed, and now all of its side turrets rained down fire on the anti-air cannons firing at it. The AI's marksmanship was spot on, many of the turrets being pounded to bits within seconds... and then they ceased firing. All of the ship's turrets seemed to cut off at that moment, and its massive jets slowed drastically until it seemed to simply be hanging in the air. As it did so, a blue barrier engulfed the outline of the ship, absorbing whatever firepower was still being directed at it easily as it hovered ominously above. Below, none of the robotic soldiers had ceased any action; the GUN soldiers who looked up to see what had happened were gunned down, and the attack continued. After a moment, the southern energy field fell, the building that had been generating it collapsing beneath its weakened infrastructure and continued attacks. It seemed almost as though the airship was taunting its targets with its power.

((For anyone wondering, the Director has Count Dooku/Saruman/Christopher Lee's voice.))

E-117 "ς"
Fight Zone

Sigma's attack was cut short by the swift arrival of more badniks. The behemoth machine reformed its drill and returned underground, the earth's quaking stopping as it seemed to disappear for the time being. In the meanwhile, the many machines were taking up the slack left by Sigma's retreat. They were of similar make to him, but bipedal, and with varying numbers of E-200, some sporting the same number and being of similar make. There was a single human among their ranks, thin and lanky and with only a goatee poking out on his face. His head was covered with a thin white helmet, a similar armor covering his body with lines of black and a white scarf around his neck, a pair of red goggles hiding his eyes from view. He wore a gauntlet-like device on his right hand connected to a series of vacuum tubes on his right shoulder, and in his left hand was a blade.

"Sinnoh chumps, you don't even know who you're messing with! Rotom, Shadow Surge," The man growled, lobbing a black Pokeball pulsing with white lines at the ground. The Pokemon that emerged was a Rotom, but the blue glow of electricity making up its body usually was now a purple-black and pulsing wildly. The tiny Pokemon gave an evil sounding growl and sent a huge pulse of black lightning through the HQ building in an attempt to overload the electric systems and harm anyone inside.

((Guess who this guy's a member of >:3))

Stark Mt.

And further north, a gout of black flame prevented Gretchen from leaving on her master's orders, a feral looking Dragonite with its skin blackened blocking the way and attempting to tackle the other dragon. A Salamence delivered a woman in white and black armor with a similar device as the man in the Fight Area. Her flowing red hair was unobstructed, and she wielded a rapier in her off hand. She raised an arm, and the robots behind her ceased firing, those ahead retreating to stand behind her in an orderly line. "Surrender now. You won't receive another chance. But then, I suppose I already know your answer. Don't drag this out longer than it has to be; your force is heavily outnumbered. If we all decided to sweep in, we'd reduce your outposts to rubble in a matter of hours. Give up, and maybe you'll get to live a few more days."

With that said, she stepped behind her Salamence, the large dragon growling deeply and glaring at the present Revolution Uprising members. "Well?" She called out after a minute, expression impassive and voice monotone "What's your answer? We haven't got all day."

((Don't control any of the characters introduced in this post |D The guy replacing Sigma is named Bergan by the way.))

06-09-2012, 07:10 AM
Streak/Renee (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387146&postcount=4)
Central City, GUN Base, Streak's quarters
Affected Rpers: Grassy, Metal (Somewhat)

The two of us were in my room. It's a pretty standard room. My stasis tube on the wall opposite the entry door, a flat screen television on the left wall with computers connected to it to also act as a monitor, some other special things that we bring in as needed. There was a couch on the wall opposite the television. Currently the “special thing” was the robot operating table that we had been using to upgrade Omega for the past week off and on. He was out like a light, his power core taken out while we were making the upgrades. Various tools were hanging over the table.

We'd just finished the initial string of upgrades to him, and had decided to slightly change his symbol. Directly under each Ω symbol, we added RS, making it Ω RS. Opening the compartment behind his noseplate, I put the blowtorch I'd been using to add the RS moniker away and said. “Reboot him.”

Renee took the power core off the table nearby where we had some parts laid out and inserted it in in the noseplate, closing the compartment. She then pressed some buttons on the touch screen of her Tablet. His eyes glowed to robotic life, signifying everything was working fine. Omega sat up, whirred, and spun the top half of his body around.

“Must destroy Eggman robots.” He spoke in his usual metallic tone. Renee hugged him, and he patted her before getting off the table. “Processing new parameters.” He said with a whir and a hum. We stared at him intently, wondering what he would to. “Upgrades accepted. Commencing tests.” He raised his arms to the side slightly and a blue force field hummed around him. He extended it to include us and pushed away the nearby table with the parts on it. Then it got turned off. “Force field test successful.” With a metal grinding sound he pulled his head, arms, and legs into his body and rearranged it into a ball. The ball then grew spikes and he slowly rolled around the room, careful not to damage anything. “Modular spiked ball transformation successful.” Omega changed back into his usual form and walked up to us, then turned to the television screen which was on but muted. Renee pressed a key on her Pad and unmuted the program. It was showing recorded footage of an attack of the city earlier, now going into day two. It then switched to a live feed of Commander Shadow fighting the lead robot. Robotnik didn't even bother coming over himself.

“Beta. I must destroy inferior Eggman robots. I must help Shadow.” Said Omega, getting ready to use his new powers to help the commander.

“Hold on there. What we gotta do first is outline the other upgrades that are not immediately apparent.” Said Renee. Omega nodded, with the upper half of his body kinda lowering then raising. “The upgrades we made allow you to change your body shape and take on what we call modular forms based on situation. The first of these is the ball form and spiked ball form. Although you can do more than just that, we have not programmed anything else as of now. The upgrades allow your components to shift and change, thus opening up new ways to fight. This makes for easier repairs, too. The force field we added can take some serious punishment, although it's not invincible. We've also upgraded your Jet Pack a little bit to allow hovering and moving a little faster.” Omega nodded. “With the increased threat, I have equipped you with what I call synching. Your personality and combat data will be backed up in real time to my Tablet. In the event that you get damaged beyond repair we would at least be able to keep a backup of what defines your sense of self and eventually rebuild you. We also added like a gazillion firewalls and passwords to your system.” Omega nodded again.

On the screen we saw Beta exploding as Shadow closed in, dust filling up the screen. How there was even a camera transmitting this I had no clue. “I'll be watching television for new developments.” I said as I sat on the couch to watch the action. “I'll come to help if they need me.” I said, turning to the action.

Omega transformed into his ball form and was about to roll out when Renee walked ahead stopped him. “This is for you.” She whispered, putting her hand on the balled up Omega. White sparks and energy surged from her hand, pulsing around him. Glowing white lines spread out from her hand and enveloped him. Then as suddenly as the glow started, it stopped. There was a hum in him as Omega's CPU power was pushed well beyond it's limitations. “Now go help Shadow.” She whispered. Omega didn't need to be told twice, he rolled out of the base compound through the corridors and elevators and to the coordinates we had inferred.

“What was that?” I asked her, looking up from the TV. “Nothing, nothing.” She said sing-song. “I want to see if I can help the others.” Said Renee as she walked out, heading to Defense Operations. It would take a bit to get there because she didn't want to risk being seen flying over the floor.

E-123 Omega "Ω" (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3392929&postcount=68)
Central City, heading to Shadow's location

Meanwhile Omega was speeding along in spike ball form, flattening and skewering minor Badniks on the way. If his sensors detected anything major the shield would be able to absorb the blows enough to get to his friend. Thankfully he took the road less traveled.

“Shadow detected.” He said to himself, riding in from behind Shadow. He jumped up in ball form, transformed back to his usual form in the air, and landed behind Shadow. Omega changed his arms to cannons and said. “Providing backup.” He was ready to shoot at a moment's notice.

Socratic Sarcasm
06-09-2012, 03:35 PM
Grace, Solomon, Amp, Sol
Revolution Uprising
Near Stark Mt.
ARPers: Revolution Uprising, Robotnik

"Well, what's your answer? We haven't got all day." A creepy monotone rang out, attempting to prompt a response to a request for surrender.

Grace shook with terror. Their auras, their auras, they were so horrible! It hurt her to even look at them, and if she had her way, the abominations of these Dragons would never even exist, let alone attack. They were not malevolent: they were malevolence. They were so horrible to look at, and she was tempted to, simply by looking at them, destroy everything around her until the pain disappeared.

Amp responded by raising her front paws in a manner suggesting a thorough education in one-fingered sign language.

Sol responded much more conscientiously than his teammates did. Eggman would NOT have decided against robotisizing these guys without good reason. SOMETHING made them more valuable organic than mechanical, and Sol decided he needed to find out.

But it was Solomon who easily had the best response.

<Oooh, oooh, oooh! Pick me! I know the answer!> Solomon telepathed to all those around him, organic and robotic alike. <Ya, I think it goes something like THIS!> Solomon completed his response by launching a powerful stream of water so cold it turned to ice on contact with the woman's Salamence. He then faced the Dragonite and enthusiastically stated (with the childlike tone not unlike his human friend's),<Of course, there's no need for YOU to be left out, either!> as he launched another Ice Beam at the Dragonite, carefully avoiding the Hydreigon.

Amp took a second to readjust her shock. In all of her life, she had never been so much in agreement with the star: she was always more aggressive and sarcastic, and he tended to the childlike and innocent. Therefore, once he concluded his excellently developed rhetoric, she threw her head back, laughed, and said (with the Starmie translating),"That's your best argument yet! Mind if I join in?!" The Lightning Pokemon then launched a pair of Shadow Balls at the twin Dragons.

The game, as they say, was afoot.

Revolution Uprising
Fight Area
ARPers: Revolution Uprising, Robotnik

"Sinnoh chumps, you don't even know who you're messing with! Rotom, Shadow Surge." This was the sentence that greeted the two once they walked out of the building. It was only sheer dumb luck that saved them: Socrates had tripped, directly into Cadence, and sent them both tumbling down, the midnight lightning missing them by a mere atom's diameter. Socrates then got up, and surveyed the situation.

He noticed a distinct lack of ordinary E-100s, although he did notice a large number of miniature robots that looked like a different sort of E-series. Of course, it would be extremely difficult to NOT notice them; they positively surrounded the base, and by extension, Socrates and Cadence. Socrates decided that a taunt plus brute force would be the most rational response.

"I believe I speak for all of us when I say f**k you. Hypatia, hissy fit." Now, Socrates, like most people exposed to horrible things over a long period of time, had an extremely morbid sense of humor. Therefore, when he commanded the Haxorus that came out his Great Ball to throw a "hissy fit", both human and Dragon knew that he actually intended for it to throw an Outrage.

Funny story: when a 6 foot tall Dragon roars and proceeds to pummel everything in range, things tend to avoid it. This was the basis for one of Socrates' favorite maneuvers designed to take on armies (although this was the first time he executed it): things focused on avoiding the huge, angry, noisy, Axe Jaw Pokemon would curiously miss being shot at with a carefully aimed revolver. Which was exactly what Socrates took advantage of, shooting at badniks while carefully avoiding the Haxorus, and not missing by sheer virtue of their overwhelming numbers. He only paused in his shooting to reload, and then continued shooting.

As he shot, he realized a plan. It was crazy, risky, and very likely to win the RU the entire Battle Zone. Ergo, he beckoned to Cadence and whispered,"I have a plan." And as he explained the plan in more and more detail, he felt more and more certain that it would work, and he couldn't wait to see the look on her face once he finished explaining it.

06-10-2012, 05:25 AM
[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
<Judge, Jury, and Executioner>

The world rushed by quickly as he skated, and it didn't take him long to see his target. The black machine's appearance alone made his blood boil further, and he accelerated even more, pushing the limits of his speed. However, it soon came to his attention that another creature had appeared behind it - or rather, in the direction it was going. It resembled a moth with six red wings, large blue eyes gazing with some anger as it spewed a large blast of fire shaped oddly like an asterisk missing the bottom-most line. Beta was caught within it, the fire rending metal apart as yellow joined the red due to sparks. It quite literally suffered a meltdown, falling down and crushing its own flight thrusters. It then turned toward him, raising his arm cannon to fire. As if that would stop the furious hedgehog!

"Prepare to be destroyed, you wretched machine!" He jumped towards it, raising a claw. It was so pitifully easy, he honestly was disappointed. How had this machine killed someone like Ace? It was...Almost embarrassing. He had to remember that not everyone was as versatile as he was, but he still found that such a death was below average. He didn't think the rabbit should have died anyway, but if he had to, he knew he would have wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. At least, he thought he would. Shadow still couldn't claim that he knew Ace enough to make an accurate judgement, based on the limited interaction they had. As for the subject at hand...

Beta's eye flashed.

Shadow knew what that meant, and threw up a shield. Due to his enraged state and his still active Chaos Claws, it prevented the Positive Chaos Energy from being effective. He poured energy into it, yet he had only gotten it to be big enough to protect his chest and face before the machine exploded. And boy, could such a little machine explode! The explosion that emanated from it shredded the metal to pieces, launching outward. His view of the Volcarona was lost as everything went up in flames - literally. The force of the impact smashed into his shield, slashing his energy to near pieces as he was thrown backwards by the impact and once more into a building. More glass mingled with the substance already in his back, infuriating him further. He felt something sharp rip through his ear, but worse off was a large chunk of molten steel from the machine itself which ricocheted off a rock and straight into his right hip. It lodged there, directly in between the joints, and he had not the energy needed to heal the would should he remove it.

As he fell onto his feet by flipping in midair - his athletic nature allowing him such a mercy - it sent shock waves of pain through his leg. He applied some Positive Chaos Energy to, at the very least, cool the metal down enough so it wasn't burning him from the inside...Although that depleted his energy reserves even more, it was not nearly as costly as Chaos Regeneration would have been. However, he was running dangerously low on energy, and he began to decide to withdraw Chaos Claw when a man appeared. His appearance caught Shadow off guard, as he greatly resembled his own creator.

So much so, he couldn't help but blurt out "Professor Gerald?", before promptly growling and chastising himself. Gerald was dead, and had been for...At least fifty years. There was no way he could appear, and he certainly wasn't as thin as this elderly man. And when this man spoke, he had a deep, rich voice full of wisdom, but he didn't really feel as if it was benign.

"How unfortunate. Beta was doing quite well this run. Robotnik will have to be notified of his machine's failure yet again." He wasn't paying them much heed, instead looking at Beta's ashes. Of course, it didn't last long before he turned to look at the wounded hedgehog. "I seem to have forgotten my manners. I am the Director; a sympathizer of Doctor Robotnik's. He requested I assist in this battle, though I can't say I've done more than observe. A pleasure."

"Wait...You...Sympathize with the Doctor?" The ember that was his anger suddenly began to swirl back up into a storm. "Do you realize...What these machines have done, and are continuing to do?" He could feel the energy of his Chaos Claws beginning to grow more unstable, and felt it trickling onto his chest and back. "They are slaughtering innocents with no remorse." He tensed. "You wish to assist him in killing thousands? You are guilty of treason. Your punishment will be the appropriate response for a traitor that supports more bloodshed and loss of free will...Death. I may have made a promise to two of those that are no longer with me to protect peace and humanity...But any sympathizer of Doctor Robotnik is a threat to that ideal, and must be eliminated. I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form, and if that means sacrificing the life of a mortal to achieve that elusive goal, then I will do so gladly if they are like you."

However, he checked himself quickly upon sensing the Negative Chaos Energy beginning to grow unstable, withdrawing the energy from one arm but still allowing it to remain in the other. Raising his right arm, he more or less had to reach straight up, pressing the energy into the man's neck as he stared unflinchingly at his adversary. He heard a machine, and a familiar robotic voice - Omega - giving him some backup, although he hadn't even heard him land and was too focused to notice the dust from said landing. His ears were still ringing slightly, so he had to focus all his attention on the tall man in front of him. "Give up...And I might be willing to take you in for questioning. Any other answer, and your neck will be shredded in a mere instant. You cannot win, and frankly I believe enough blood has been spilled for one day...Although I would be quite happy to add one more puddle to that count, in your case!" He was still angry. Very much so; but perhaps there was more to this man, a use...

06-10-2012, 10:28 AM
Miles "Tails" Prower
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, All Members of Revolution Uprising

Right after Tails asked his question, the room turned red. He took a few steps back from the table, startled by the sirens. He could barely hear anything over the sirens, but he luckily heard the part that mattered to him.

“And finally, Tails. Stay here; make sure the computer stays operational. We can’t afford to lose it now,” Tails was about to say "Got it!", but "Wait!" slipped out of his mouth instead. He reached a quick hand into his left tail and fished out a small pistol. It wasn't anything special, but featured a ring of light wrapped around the barrel, close to the front. Thunder Wave was written on the side of the pistol in white, small letters. "It's an EMP gun, well...prototype, really. I only had enough resources for ten bullets, but made them so they pierce exactly seven and a half inches, approximately the average metal exterior of the Eggman Robots we've fought and then some, enough to reach most of the vital points. The bullets then emit an electromagnetic pulse, short-circuiting the chips and devices that I've observed being in them. Be warned, though; it might be a bit off. I had no time to test fire." Tails, said, stopping to take a breath. He then lifted the pistol up higher than his head with one hand, presenting it to Cadance. "Naturally, it's not the only thing I made recently, but the other things are just a few other...not so working prototypes. Don't get hurt out there, Cadance."


His eyes fluttered open, almost instantly, then closed again. Am I still in the blast? Highly unlikely, but I've never experimented with wormholes before... He blinked a few more times, adjusting to the sun's light again. "Huh?" he said aloud, taking in his surroundings. He sighed loudly as he noticed that he was in a forest, and not the middle of a wormhole. Oh well, he thought, he could just fly out of the forest and find his way home pretty quickly. Besides, crashes happened pretty frequently in recent days to the young fox, and he knew the surrounding area pretty well, once he knew a landmark, he would be back to his workshop in no time flat...

He was very wrong.


06-11-2012, 10:23 PM
Zek Chakram
Revolution Uprising
Rotue 226 --> Route 227
Affected RPers: Robotnik (Raine and possibly Bergan and Sigma-117), Other RU RPers (Alice Card and Socrates’ four Pokémon in particular)
Notes: Well, I hope I didn't do something terribly wrong.

The trickle of reinforcements that the Volcano decided to let loose at them instead of the flood was, albeit much less worrisome, now much more annoying and irritating. The rate of reinforcement was barely greater than the rate of destruction-a rough estimate in Zek's head made it seem like eight Badniks were being put into the defending force-always including one Mini-Sigma and seven Egg Pawns-each time he destroyed seven Badniks, which were usually all Egg Pawns. Zek realized that this was a way of taunting the RU, letting out just barely more forces than they could take out themselves, eventually overrunning them out of either the sheer 1+ replacement factor they were taking in, not to mention the +1 was always a Mini-Sigma. It was even more mocking when the occasional group of a few Eggbots decided to head towards XSA instead of continuing to fight here, probably because it was so freaking close, but why could reinforcements spewing out of a distant volcano come here faster than reinforcements from the nearby RU base could come to them?! Chakram probably thought it was the Badniks were stalling the RU deployment. Or maybe his message didn't get through. Either way, he just kept shooting, making sure that scrap metal was all that remained. Tails would be as happy as heck: TONS of his beloved scrap metal would be delivered to his workshop, for free...Though at this point, he wasn't sure WHY he wasn't asking the freaking 'fox' to f***ing PAY him for making these Eggbots turn into scrap!

Next time he had to reload, he counted his clips remaining (after the reloading, of course). Two clips left for the SMG, one left for the Pistol. He was low on ammo. He was refraining from the few severed Pulse Cannons and Pulse Launchers, because quite frankly, they were powerful weapons, and Sigma-the real Sigma-would have trouble, in case it decided to come back of its own accord, though it would ultimately come back. Oh, yes, it would come back. He would make it come back, and make it scrap. He knew that there had to be SOMETHING in the Volcano the Badniks designated as too precious of an object for someone to touch. Or destroy outright.

He popped out of Cover, and a Mini-Sigma popped up too close for comfort. Zek shot six silent bullets into its chest, which didn't seem to harm it. It did make an uneven pattern on its chest, outlining a shape. Before the Mini-Sigma brained him, he took a strike at its chest, in the center of the pattern, with his arm (not his fist), where one of the steel rings were. It was hard enough to work-there was now a gaping hole in its chest, the piece of metal lodged between two rather large gears. It shut down at once, despite the minimal damage. It was probably a safe bet that that was a weak point, but Zek was unsure of it.

"The Zones are under attack! The little 'bots are just a distraction! We have to help the home base before RU gets crushed under that drill!" Alice Card yelled.

"I had a guess!! But Sigma can only be in one place at a time, and if there's anything precious to them in that Volcano, anything too costly for Eggman to lose, grabbing it might attract it's attention! And Eggman roboticizing Heatran is NOT something I want to worry about!" Zek Chakram yelled back. Both were dead true: There HAD to be something in there Chakram could make the robots panic over, and if Eggman got Heatran, there went quite a bit of work of establishing the bases here. He and Schrodinger could probably grab more weapons for another base, but Eggman wouldn't stop there with Heatran. It probably knew the EXACT locations of other Legends, and would be quite liberal in revealing it should it be roboticized. Heatran was underestimated as a legend at times, but was dangerous no matter how you slice it.

He was out of bullets again, and he got back into cover to reload. An Eggbot was thrust over cover by an explosion of sorts, but Carracosta took it out with an Aqua Jet, no issues. Meanwhile, Chakram was down to his last clip. He briefly looked behind him-nope, the same fragile cover from before was still fragile, meaning he'd have no hope to take back Stark Mountain if he lost these pieces of cover. He reloaded, and resumed firing, making sure his shots were accurate. A sole controlled shot was all he needed out of each and every clip, and he kept pacing his shots until a much more considerable amount of Badniks were taken out-but, unsurprisingly, the Volcano managed to spurt out 24 reinforcements to his 23 shots (He missed five times). He loaded his last clip, going to make it count, and ducked out of cover.

The Badniks stopped firing, of all things idiotic (Failure to fire was failure to LIVE for these things), to let a Shadow Dragonite try to blast Card's Hydregion with Dark Fire, and let a Shadow Salamance drop off a woman. She had a device on her arm…It was a Snagging Machine, no doubts, he’s seen them before. He had one, too-He left it as a Boxed item with a Pokémon, just in case, as Eggman was definitely ignorant of taking over the PC system. The Snagging Machine woman also possessed flowing red hair and a Rapier in her off hand. Her hand raised towards the Badniks seemed to have stopped the firing. She looked deadly, but not…Excessively so. Not enough, rather, to threaten Zek into feeling like she was a massive threat. She was a major threat, yes, but ultimately a rather large speed bump, and not a roadblock.

"Surrender now. You won't receive another chance. But then, I suppose I already know your answer. Don't drag this out longer than it has to be; your force is heavily outnumbered. If we all decided to sweep in, we'd reduce your outposts to rubble in a matter of hours. Give up, and maybe you'll get to live a few more days." The woman said, sounding like she felt surrender was the more likely option. Did she watch movies? Did she know the most likely response was quite the opposite?

As per Zek himself, he didn't care if the RU survived, not so much as if he himself survived. He was that kind of person-Take out Eggman, somehow. Hinder him, be a thorn in his side, make him remember his name. Zek Chakram wouldn't tolerate this idiot-and she was. Of course, then again, she had no idea she was going up against a Racketeer, who commonly shipped Shadow Pokémon and knew how to set them off in case a really pissed-off Pokémon was what they needed right then and there (or it was an assassination in the guise of a delivery). Then again, Shadows were hard to piss off correctly-that right kind of rage such that they just wreck everything around them in a wild frenzy, owner or no.

She hid behind her Salamance-really smart, dumb***-and waited. Chakram thought a minute: Egg Pawns weren't terrifically meant to aim upwards, especially in the crowds they were in, and their heads were rather fragile things. Jumping over them and running on their heads would expose him to the fire of the Shadow Dragonite and the Shadow Salamance, but then he'd get his own Dragonite out, and be quickly out of firing range. On the other hand, his attempt to kill her would probably result in the Eggbots resuming all firing. Unless it worked perfectly. Nothing can actually dodge a bullet, so much as the bullet missing it's mark. He looked harder, and there it was. The Roboticized Weezing, the sole one remaining, still hovering over the field-he now saw the floating bomb, thankfully. It was terribly close to his piece of cover, but not enough-he'd get caught in the blast, but not to the point where he'd be dead. In fact, he'd probably sustain minor damage, considering the distance…Unless shrapnel made a visit with his neck. He decided the former opportunity to stop this conflict was the better option, using the Weezing as a distraction and cover for him to unleash his Dragonite. Shooting a massive bomb close enough to do some serious damage, Running into the smoke from the blast, Dragonite, and he'd be far, far away.

"Well?" she said, after a minute of waiting. "What's your answer? We haven't got all day." Socrates’ Pokémon put it best, either having rude 'paw' gestures, staring in curiosity or disgust, or just attacking the Snagger’s Pokémon outright. Wait, what?

Yes, they were attacking her Pokémon, Snagging Machine be d**med-The Starmie shot Ice Beams at both Pokémon, and Shadow Balls from the Jolteon were also sent out, No care in the freaking world for the amount of Badniks ready to shoot them. Zek had to hand it to them: They were either Brave AND stupid, or just stupid. Either way, it was the distraction he needed.

"Alice, get word in to base, I'm going in!" He said, simultaneously withdrawing his Carracosta-that thing was precious enough to give him reason to protect it from the Snagger. Also being attempted at the time was taking a shot at the single remaining Roboticized Weezing, causing an explosion. It was close enough to him for his ears to start ringing and shrapnel to cut him in various places, one of which was dangerously close to the heart (that one was stopped short by Kevlar), but he was still behind enough cover for no life-threatening wounds to occur (Or better stated, no wounds that were immediately life-threatening). He then went out of cover, his position hidden by smoke from the Badniks, and pulled out another Pokémon-Dragonite The massive 7-foot-3 dragon appeared in the smoke, and fortunately the blast was large enough (about ten feet) to conceal it in smoke as well. Zek touched his Dragonite as the smoke began to clear, and his Dragonite grabbed him in its arms. Said Dragonite then used Extremespeed, taking off and flying away, closer to Stark Mountain but ultimately higher than farther. It was impressive, to know that someone had bred two Pokémon to get a Dratini with Extremespeed, then mistreated it throughout its life enough to the point where Zek could easily gather its trust and respect. Whatever the case, it was now very, very far away, high in the sky, now an onlooker in the battlefield.

He could now see them, in the distance-Eggbots were assaulting the Survival Zone. He cursed under his breath. He was pretty sure the Fight Zone was even worse off. However, even in these times, the Eggbots could make mistakes-He saw the reassuring signs of several units charging towards Route 226, towards their position. He couldn't see their weapons, but he figured it out-a group of Eggbots attempted an interception, and the RU soldiers shot at the 30-Eggbot Group with Explosives-rockets, judging from the speed. They were shrapnel in no time, and the reinforcements were chugging ahead, including a few armored APCs, With Mini-guns shooting down whatever stood between them and their goals. This was a heavy unit, an anti-armor and anti-personel combination. This wasn't the impressive armored battalions that GUN boasted, but these were still a very impressive (and intimidating) sight. They kept a small distance from one another; they were separate units led by separate people, but ultimately still the forces they'd use to finish this. More Eggbots decided to get in their way, but Chakram could tell that Rockets weren't all they were packing-good old Assault Rifles decked the line, M-16s, from the looks, and they were tearing into the Badniks metal hides. The reinforcements were coming quickly, and would probably be there to defend against the Badniks (or rather, decimate them).

But, before that lovely event when the Reinforcements wrecked the Source of the Badnik Horde and blew it WIDE open (The Badniks were now preventing the unit in some more force than prior), Chakram had to take the matter into his own hands.

"Hurricane." Chakram said, knowing how strong that move was. The Dragonite responded, moving his wings, releasing its energy into the environment, making it twist and turn to its command...It swirled and spun, eventually becoming a storm, a full-blown Tornado (Why the move was called Hurricane instead, Chakram didn't know nor did he contemplate on). And Chakram knew that the only things safe were the maker of the storm, and whoever wasn't dumb enough to think that the funnel was the only dangerous thing in a Hurricane Attack. He could already hear the sounds of Badniks being whipped around in the Hurricane, losing all control, and eventually being sentenced to being ripped apart, hurled far away and then destroyed by the impact, or else just destroyed in some other destructive manner.

Saraibre Ryu
06-12-2012, 01:34 AM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: The Doctor, Neo

Astrailyx ordered a cease fire on the Egg Carrier as soon as the shield went up, changing the target of attack on the remaining Badniks in the area. By the looks of it she could tell it was powerful, and never mind the fact they now had significantly less firepower. The dragon at least found a stalemate better than one sided fight, however there were still things that worried her. At heart, she didn’t like it at all, she wanted to damage the Carrier as much as possible. However if nothing was getting in or out of that shield, they were remotely safe. What she didn’t like was it was able to bide it’s time for whatever it wanted. Then there was the old man who decided to speak out to the entire city. Astrailyx had never met any old men, but for some reason, she didn’t like him.

The dragon left the targeting control generator and returned back into the defense control hub. Hovering in the centre with her wings flapping, she saw the visuals of the Egg Carrier, and she didnt like it just sitting there. It was very much starting to bother her.

“We have feedback signals from sending messages to our ground teams, but there’s no response.” Another operator told her.

Astrailyx questioned this. “I know the south TW towers are gone but I know communications aren’t damaged, are they?”

“No, communications sent a message that nothing seems to be doing anything to the shield, and to not fire at it for any reason unless you command. The only people we haven’t received a response from is Shadow.”

That made Astrailyx frown. No communication with Shadow was bad, and if they needed to tell him something important, there wasn't a fast way of doing it. Astrailyx knew Shadow well enough that if he had gone to deal with Beta on the ground, the radio was probably non-existent. As much as she wanted to worry, she couldn't right now, there was a giant, mile long war ship hovering in front of them that was able to bide it's time with that shield of its.

That's when the dragon had an idea.

"I want that shield analyzed and minimal ground teams to look like they're misfiring on the shield. Relay any data into the computers so I can look at it."

After Astrailyx was done, she looked back at the energy network. Many of the lines were dead thanks to AA Titan cannons no longer being, well there. The very few remaining ones could only be powered up so much. Luckily Astrailyx had a defensive secondary operation installed in the turrets, one she wished she had called much earlier.

“Have the remaining turrets go into secondary barrier mode as soon as it looks like that Carrier is going to fire again.”

“Understood, relaying message.”

It only took a half minute to get an affirmative from all of the remaining operating cannon gunman’s. Astrailyx was patient, if this turned into a waiting game, she could wait it out. As for everyone else, that was a different story. What the Egg Carrier was going to do now, she wasn’t sure, but she was prepared for it to continue firing at everything in sight.

06-12-2012, 03:39 PM
Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Everyone who's in the RU base, mostly.

"Sinnoh chumps, you don't even know who you're messing with! Rotom, Shadow Surge."

Schrodinger narrowed his eyes as he rushed out the door after Cadence and Socrates, staring at the man among the badniks, as well as his bizarre Pokemon - a small creature with a bulbous body and a spike atop its head. It wore a manic grin on its round face, which was not made any less eerie by the energy - what appeared to be black electricity - that sparkled around it. Schrodinger saw that electricity and knew exactly what the human intended. He didn't know what Rotom or Shadow Surge was, but he could tell just by sight that this Pokemon could control electricity. And a burst of electricity in this place...

Schrodinger didn't do more than react. He lunged for the floor, planking with his tail jammed awkwardly beneath his gut - better than sticking right up like it wanted to be, which would have made it a lightningrod for the coming burst of black-and-violet electricity. Several loud mechanical screams and sirens blared from the building, making Schrodinger's ears press against his skull. When he looked up, several badniks were pouring in: several E-200s, miniatures of the Sigma bot. Schrodinger rose to a crouch, tugging his pistol out of his tux and shooting at the robots with armor-piercing bullets, felling each one with the ease of a cat who knew exactly how the robots were built and where their weak points lay.

In a flash of red, a dragon appeared in front of Schrodinger: a tall biped with green scales of armor on its lithe body. Jet-black and blood-red tusks adorned its face, and it leaped from bot to bot with crimson claws flashing, its whole body glowing with a red-and-white aura. The thing absolutely radiated malice, and its mind was strangely closed to Schrodinger's prying. Schrodinger was trying his best not to shoot the dragon in the midst of its erratic movements when he heard Socrates whispering to Cadence, even as he sniped badniks. Schrodinger immediately tapped shallowly into Cadence's mind - he wasn't messing with Socrates anymore - to see what the PI was planning; however, in his own chaos, he couldn't glean anymore than that the plan was pretty much suicidal. Typical. Schrodinger backed toward the doorway and continued to shoot, sending the occasional psychic stab into the enemy human's mind, trying to incapacitate him.

A dark-blue shape, crested with red and white, swooped into view with alarming suddenness. A pink and cream shape rode on the back of the red-white-and-blue bird, which Schrodinger took to be a eagle. The pink being, which appeared to be somewhat humanoid, if softer and floppier and closer to Schrodinger's height than any grown human being, leaped off of the eagle's back and immediately ran into the building, breezing by everyone else as if they were beneath notice. Schrodinger paused his attack on the human's mind to throw a quick mental probe at the pink Pokemon, but its intent was to heal, not hunt. Schrodinger turned to see the creature, a bird, chopping bots with wings and a beak that glowed with power and shimmered like steel.

So these are the reinforcements we were promised? A bird and a monkey with healing powers? Hmph. Those Oreburgh rubes had better get here soon, lest we be overwhelmed completely.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Latio (Zek Chakram), Socrates's Pokemon (nar), Raine (Robotnik) and everyone else on Stark Mountain.

"I had a guess!" Zek was saying as one of Jack's Ice Beams froze a mini-drill at the legs, causing the thing to fall over. One more Ice Beam rendered it useless, its limbs completely encased in ice.
"But Sigma can only be in one place at a time, and if there's anything precious to them in that Volcano, anything too costly for Eggman to lose, grabbing it might attract it's attention! And Eggman roboticizing Heatran is NOT something I want to worry about!"

Alice swore quietly under her breath. Zek was right: robotizing Heatran - or any Legendary, really - could quickly make Eggman unstoppable, since as a general rule the Legendary Pokemon knew the locations of each others' lairs. But still, if the home base fell... Her ruminating was cut short as another E-200 came at her, forcing her to call on Garda and her mighty jaws for aid. The fray continued for a short few seconds before what appeared to be a black Dragonite lunged at Gretchen, who was just now getting under way toward the base. The Hydregion roared with rage as a blast of black flames engulfed her body, but the attack served only to enrage her. Using a technique Alice had taught her - using Tri-Attack, but keeping the energy tethered to her jaws - Gretchen snapped at Dragonite, attempting to latch on with three sets of glowing fangs. Alice would have given Gretchen follow-up orders, but a strange, commanding voice attracted her attention. She turned to see a woman standing on a spur of rock beside another black dragon; this one looked to be a Salamence that had been sitting in tar. Its eyes radiated a hate so intense, even bold, confident Alice wanted to curl up under a rock.

Beware! Oracle cried. Those two dragons are more than they appear. They are evil; a hate so intense I've never seen. They will kill us without hesitation; gladly, even. I can't attack them mentally, either. Their minds are closed to me.

The woman continued to speak. "Well, what's your answer? We haven't got all day." Her voice was monotonous, as if she didn't care what the answer to whatever question she'd asked was - Oracle informed her that the woman had asked about their surrender. Alice's first response was 'F*ck you', but she wasn't going to tell the lady that with her beastial Salamence standing ready to kill people without hesitation. However, a certain Starmie was more than happy to call out taunts. It was, in fact, quite eager to anger, what with the Ice Beams it sent at both the Salamence and the Dragonite. A Jolteon joined in with Shadow Balls.

Alice frowned. There was something bad about this. She'd heard something once about Pokemon like this - angry and violent with dark coloration... No, it couldn't be.

"Alice, get word in to base, I'm going in!" Well, yes, sir, Mr. Chakram, let's allow you to do all the dangerous work. Alice huffed out a sigh and told Oracle to relay the information to the Cadence. Once that was done, she told him to pick up Jack: the Simipour was light enough for even smallish Oracle to bear, and they needed more air support if they were to be facing two flying dragons, in which case Jack's Ice Beam could prove an extreme advantage, especially when coupled with the Starmie.

Speaking of the Starmie... If Alice's hunch was right, both the Starmie and the Jolteon were in extreme danger. "Cover them, and tell Gretchen to get her a*s in gear. Those Pokemon are bad news, and I think that Salamence is going to eat them. If your fancy flying doesn't distract you too much, put that woman to sleep. That should leave the Pokemon disorganized.

Meanwhile, something was exploding and another dragon appeared: a Dragonite, with scales that were the normal orange rather than the alien, threatening black. More explosions ensued, followed by a whirlwind of storm created by the Dragonite. Alice grinned as she watched her Pokemon fight: Jack, sniping the enemy dragons with Ice Beams, Garda and Bessie - a Krookodile and Scolipede, respectively - tag-teamed badniks, Garda lunging with her massive jaws and holding opponents in place while Bessie speared them with her Megahorns. Beside Alice, her Serperior - Darius - defended her with ferocity, sending whirling torrents of razor-sharp leaves swirling among the mini-drills and slicing them up with his Leaf Blade. Hopefully they could hold out long enough for the reinforcements to come and, with luck, rout their enemies.

06-13-2012, 06:34 AM
OOC: Well, previous post is a bit edited and updated. I'm continuing from it now cause it's ok, although short and awkward post will be short and awkward post. Grassy you can narrate Omega while he's with you if you wanna.

Streak/Renee (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387146&postcount=4)
Central City, GUN Base, Streak's quarters/Hall
Affected Rpers: Sabi

"Actually I'll join you." I said, flipping through all my usual channels quickly. "There's nothing good on. Just reruns, nothing educational on for me to learn from, and I've read all the technical manuals I could find." I got up and followed Renee as the room door closed behind us with a whoosh.

"I hope Omega is okay." Said Renee with a hint of worry. "We're going to Defense Operations, the hub having to do with protecting this base and city."

"He'll be fine. What we should do now is actually contribute to the cause. We've done nothing else except upgrade Omega this week, and this battle has been raging without us. We really should help." I answered back, following her to the transport elevator which opened in front of us. Probably somebody else had exited or entered on our floor already. Renee pressed the button for the floor we had to go to and the doors closed with a whoosh as the elevator moved up and sideways.

We exited to a hall that looked exactly the same as the previous one. Renee was looking at her Tablet which had a map of the base. She knew where we were going. At least that made one of us. I was led to the room where Defense Operations was. As we entered the room, the door opening in front of us with a whoosh, Renee scanned the room with her Tablet. The blue scanning light danced around everything and everybody in the room. The techs were staring at us. Everybody was staring at us. I grinned sheepishly.

"Uh, hi everybody." Said Renee looking around as she found who she was looking for and addressed the dragon lady. "Subcommander Astrailyx! Uh, hi." Said Renee walking up as I followed her. The entire room was still looking at us. Well, we did just interrupt what they were doing.

"Not very articulate are you?" I asked her, looking around and at the same time trying to avoid their eyes.

"Shut up!" She hissed at me then turned to the dragon lady. "Subcommander, we're here to help out. Is there anything we can do? Do you need help with the computers here? If you could raise my security clearance...."

"Why not ask Commander Shadow?" I asked her.

Renee swiped it a couple times and pressed some onscreen buttons on her Tablet. "My information indicates he's not in the base and all attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. That's why." She said, turning to the dragon lady again. "So how about it ma'am? I promise you won't be disappointed."

Dog of Hellsing
06-13-2012, 07:54 PM
Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Slateport City, Hoenn
Affected RPers: n/a
<I need to find a map…>

There were quite a few of those cursed robots here, filling the air with their sharp, metallic stink and the reek of exhaust fumes. It burned my nose and stung my throat, but I wasn’t going to simply slink away. No, I was here for a reason. Mainly because I needed supplies, namely food and a map; I had no idea where other cities or towns were and it might be days before I found somewhere else, so I would have to make do here.

I scanned the area and wasn’t surprised that most of the robots, or Badniks as they were called, were avoiding the docks and piers. One wrong slip of a wheel or mechanical foot and they’d be reduced to so much useless scrap. Most of them seemed to be congregated around some sort of large gray building, a factory maybe; it was hard to tell what they were using it for, but I’d guess about eighty percent were sticking close to that place.

I was currently crouching on a sandy beach, hidden behind several large boulders as I tried to get a feel for the best way to approach the city without being spotted. There were dozens of robots here and there was no way I could fight them all. I would have to get to the residential area without being noticed; there didn’t seem to be any robots capable of flying or levitating, but that didn’t mean that was the case.

Even if they can, the roofs would be the fastest and safest way to move, I thought. Stay low and move quick; even if they see me, with any luck they won’t be able to reach me.

I silently loped forward, sticking to the shadows that were being cast by trees and other such cover. When I reached what looked like an abandoned plaza, I leapt on a stack of large crates, then jumped onto a roof. Most of the buildings here were close together, which meant I wouldn’t waste a lot of energy with giant leaps.

I pressed myself against the warm roof and cautiously scooted to the right edge, peeking over it. The robots hadn’t noticed me, most of them too busy facing the building and calling out random bits of information to one another. The others were aimlessly wandering about, doing who knows what. I waited until the immediate area was clear, then began making my ways across the rooftops towards the houses in the distance.

This place must have been cleared out a while ago, I thought glumly. They’re not paying any real attention to the area; they’re not looking for survivors. If that was the case I’d probably have been caught by their sensors. They seem to just be…setting up shop, or something. I suppose it’s a small thing to be thankful for.

I made it to the residential area without incident, dropping to the pavement and darting towards the nearest house. The door was missing and the wood around the doorway was warped and charred; the door must have been blown off by some kind of explosion. I carefully entered the building, but there was no fresh scent of robots. Just the lingering scent of fear, blood, and exhaust. I fought back a sneeze and began to search through the ransacked house.

Food was my primary concern. There wasn’t much to be done in the way of hunting here, what with most of the wildlife either dead or turned into robots. What animals I had seen had all been those strange Pokemon, and even then I didn’t really see them as food. They were intelligent, powerful, not something to be seen as lunch.

I made my way to the kitchen, completely avoiding the fridge (from which a horrible smell was coming, mind you) and instead searching through the cupboards and cabinets. There were several jars tomato sauce, oil, spices, and various other cooking ingredients, but not really much in the way of actual food. However, a bit of searching found the dining room, as well as a panty that turned out to be well-stocked. Cans of fish, chicken, and roast beef filled the shelves, as did dozens of cans of soup, beans, and various dried food like mashed potatoes. I didn’t dare risk drawing attention to myself by cooking (I didn’t even know if the stove would work), so I decided to simply take canned food that didn’t need to be heated up.

I scrounged around and found a few cloth shopping bags, then filled them with all the canned food save the beans and other vegetables. I also decided to take the dried food and canned soup; I could take a pot and use it to cook when on the move outside. Both bags were satisfyingly full after my raid, and I returned to the kitchen to grab a small pot I could use to cook with. This was placed in the lighter bag; I then started to hunt for a map, as well as matches that could help start fires instead of me having to blast at firewood to make it catch ablaze.

I found several books of matches in a nightstand in one of the three bedrooms, but had no luck finding a map. I dropped the matches in the same bag as the pot and went to the doorway, peeking outside. There were no robots in this area, so I quickly darted across the street to the next house. Like the one I’d just raided, this one was missing its door. It was also smaller, having just one bedroom, but there was no map here, either.

I was heading back outside when I heard a shrill beep. Startled, I whirled to see a mantis-like robot coming into the house from the back doorway. It buzzed for a moment, clearly having spotted me; it then raised its sickle arms and snapped them down, sending them flying towards me. I crouched, then leapt into the air, though my surprise made my reactions slow. One of the sickles caught the flesh along my inner thigh, slicing a shallow but painful wound into my leg. I growled in pain as I landed, holding my paws before my chest and forming a sphere of shining gold-blue energy. I then lobbed it at the robot, sending it flying a few feet before it crashed into the ground. It struggled to get back up, making a series of beeping noises before it started shrieking, “SURVIVOR, SURVIVOR. KILL OR CAPTURE,” over and over again. I snarled and turned from it, barely dodging the sickle-arms as they arched back through the air towards me.

“With that racket they’ll be converging on this place in just a few minutes,” I said to myself, limping back to the first house and hastily grabbing the bags containing what I’d raided from the pantry. I then exited through the back door and made towards the thickly wooded area in the distance, hoping I’d be able to get out of the city without having to fight any other robots.

Eternal Moonlight
06-13-2012, 07:58 PM
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: RU characters, MS (Dr. Robotnik)

Cadence had expected quite a few things before stepping outside, chaos, destruction being delivered by a hoard of angry robots and the defending guard. What she didn’t foresee was for Socrates to trip and take her with him on his way down.

What may have been an irritant for any other person in any normal situation turned out to be a blessing for the both of them. Had they not fallen, the bolt of dark lightening would have fried them to a crisp.

Not skipping a beat, the PI pulled himself up and examined the situation.
She, on the other hand, took slightly longer to get back on her feet. Her pulse had quickened for a moment, although it was quickly chalked up to almost having become sawdust.

Either way, there was a lot to see and not much at the exact same time. An unfortunate number of the buildings had suffered damage, some worse off than others. The guard defending them, distinctively dressed in their grey uniforms, they were in fewer numbers then normally.

The origin of this wasn’t exactly difficult to pinpoint, robots had effectively swarmed the place. They weren’t the ones she was familiar with; however, something about them was that much more threatening. It was hard to believe they had managed to break in here on their own, however…

Heavy tracks on the ground confirmed that, although nothing here appeared capable of leaving such a mark…

Now, however, was not the time to ponder such a thing.

"I believe I speak for all of us when I say f**k you. Hypatia, hissy fit."

Socrates had the right idea (and words), stand and fight.

Hannah, by this point, had snaked her way onto the battlefield. Cadence, at first, was a bit nervous to see her out there, in the line of intense fire.

But, then again, Hannah was no pushover. Like an ace, she dodged all the bullets that came her way with grace and ease. In retaliation, she conjured a Leaf Storm, aimed at their arms. It didn’t work well for her at first, but with a little trial and error (not to mention the nice stat buff), managed to deduce that the joints were a problem… for the robots.

Cadence had, unlike Socrates, a very limited amount of ammo. Her taser shot and ten rounds on the Thunder Wave, courtesy of Tails. She’d been sure to thank and assure him that being hurt was not part of the plan.

If he’d wanted targets to test the weapon on, there wasn’t a lack of them here. In fact, the PI had done a nice job of getting them to scramble a little, in their efforts to avoid getting torn up by his rampaging dragon.

Carefully aiming the gun, she managed to lock in on a stragglers head and fired.
Like a hot knife through butter, the bullet cut through the air around it and easily pierced metal. As one would hope, it stopped dead in its tracks, and if it had a fleshy body, it would have gone limp. So far, so good, but Cadence made sure to remember that it was only a prototype and could still be temperamental…

Another successful shot on an escaping robot and she still was sure to be careful. She also made sure to keep an eye on her Snivy, who was still going strong. Her small size and seemingly erratic movements made Hannah a near impossible target to hit, especially from a distance. On the downside, her ability to kill massive amounts of aggressors was severely minimized by said small size. Still, the grass type was doing fairly well.

Before returning to her shooting, however, the woman noticed Socrates beckon her over. With a nod, she made her way over, carefully avoiding getting herself shot despite protection.

"I have a plan." He whispered, not much to her surprise. Planning was his forte, and there was no doubt about it.

She nodded a few times as he explained, making sure to keep her expression neutral. It was bold, dangerous, see suicidal. However, at the same time, they’d been playing it fairly safe and… well… the damage that had been and was still being done was a testament to how well that had gone over.

“I don’t like taking those kinds of chances, but we are in need of that push at the moment,” she replied, still leaving it fairly ambiguous, but showing positive favour.

That communications rookie
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Max (Tails)

This wasn’t a good day.

The only time he’d ever been left alone just happened to coincide with the strongest enemy attack seen (or that he’d seen anyway). It didn’t help that said assault was on the HQ, which he just happened to be sitting in. Outside, killer robots fought to break the defensive forces, probably playing target practice with their heads.

The thought made him shiver.

What made him cringe had been that bolt that had completely fried every single piece of electronic equipment around. Had the room not been protected, he and the fox would probably have been bacon at this point. Delightful thought, no?

Now, he and the anthropomorphic creature were left in the dim room with no angles. He doubted even Tails could fix the fried computer their leader had told him to keep operational.

She probably hadn’t seen that electric blast coming. Neither had those other elites (or bigwigs as certain called them), it would have seemed. Before that, when they’d been informed of the attack, none of them seemed that phased. Cadence was throwing orders around like they were going out of style, like this was normal. It made him happy their lives didn’t depend on him…

“There’s nothing you can do about this disaster, is there?” he asked turning to face the twin-tailed fox.

Dr Robotnik
06-14-2012, 01:27 AM
((At Jess: There's a map located in the first post if you'd like to look at it XD))

The Director
Central City

Shadow's proximity and threat proved to be more than the elderly man would take. A swift kick far more powerful than it should have been sent the black hedgehog flying in to Omega, knocking both of the 'heroes' in to the wall behind them and likely breaking a few bones as well. The director dusted off his neck and frowned. "Don't act so self righteous, Shadow. You are no saint, and to threaten an old man's life should be beneath someone so high as the commander of GUN," he said, just as casual as he had been before, though he did have a twinge of indignation in his voice. He leaned on his cane a bit, sharp eyes peering out from behind his glasses. "I have my reasons for why I support Robotnik. You mightn't have seen it yet, but his way ensures a lasting peace, regardless of this demonstration he requested. There are more of us than you know; not all of his army is made up of robots, and he most certainly hasn't set to roboticizing everyone in the areas he has conquered. The propaganda your organization is producing is at best horribly inaccurate."

The old man stood straight and turned his back to the group, adjusting his hat with his left hand for a moment. "A unified world with no disease, no crippling disabilities, and near perfect peace. That is why I aid him. His methods I may not agree with, but great goals require great sacrifice. While you were busy... playing... with Beta a moment ago, the withdrawal order was given. What members of 'my' forces haven't retreated yet are in the process of doing so. Your soldiers may rest easy. However... I would like to extend the offer to you and your allies to join me. Robotnik will ignore his empire once he's conquered the world, this much I'm certain of by his treatment of his new lands. If they do not wish to join an army, they are welcome to take up residence in any of the refugee centers in Robotnik's new holdings.." he said, trailing off. He seemed to have something else he wanted to say, but he didn't continue. He did, however, remain in place for a few moments, waiting for a response.

As proof of what he said, the Egg Carrier's jets kicked in again, what airborne robots there were returning to the flying vehicle as it completed the turn it had been making, shield remaining up as it moved away. In the streets, the robots had ceased firing, most retreating a ways and self destructing, others allowing themselves to be cut down in the attack. They likely thought the sudden turn of events very odd...

Fight Zone

The zealous Cipher admin was about to bark out another order to his Rotom when his earpiece buzzed. Withdrawing after he just arrived was highly irritating, but he'd get a chance to finish what he started later... or so he hoped. Bergan was a bit surprised when the robots that had come not a minute ago began self destructing, many hurling themselves at the nearest person who wasn't him in the process. In the confusion, he managed to slip away to the water and release an impressive but otherwise normal Wailord, leaping in to its mouth and giving it the order to dive. No sense in giving them an additional target to shoot at before he was out of range...

Stark Mt.

It was roughly around the time a particularly stupid Pokemon decided to act in defiance when the small device in her ear buzzed. A withdrawal order... which meant they'd gotten what they came for. She paid almost no attention to the battle that suddenly broke out around her, Badniks beginning to hurl themselves at the enemies as their self destruct orders were carried out, charging blindly and creating an effective smokescreen. A wave of black energy saw the shadow Dragonite returned to its black Pokeball as she stood atop her Salamence again. "You're too late. We've captured Heatran and moved it to a safe location. All this was just a distraction," Raine said, her voice magnified through the speakers on the Badniks as they charged. She smiled a bit when Chakram decided to fly in to the air. Salamence took off amid the smoke, deftly avoiding the sudden hurricane and barreling off for another direction.

Chakram's hurricane would end up being a large problem for him however. A gesture in her retreat signaled to a waiting Pokemon that it was time for it to have some "fun". With no warning, Dragonite was blindsided with a black Hyper Beam attack that blasted it and its master in to the hurricane it had released. The offending Pokemon was a Deoxys, spindly arms forming together after its sneak attack. Like the Salamence and Dragonite, its colors were off, the greens of its body being instead almost solid black. Its damage done, the Deoxys fired off a pitch black cloud from its chest, obscuring it and its "commander" from view as they fled. In a few moments, the robot attackers were little more than scrap metal and ash, and there was no sign of Cipher to be seen.

((Yes I stole Heatran. And yes I have a Deoxys. Everyone else is still available though; go hunt for them! For those wondering, there's a good chance this will be the only huge battle we have in the RP; the rest will be fairly smallish. And yes there are civilians in Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Orre that aren't being roboticized. Some are in armies, some aren't; go bother Lambda XD

Also, @Sabi, Neo deleted his posts for whatever reason, so your post is pretty much voided because of that Dx Sorry; you can just delete that one and act like it never happened if you like.)


Due to the large area of the map, I'm implementing a new travel system to avoid people teleporting across the map hunting for magic rocks that I've mentioned they won't find by doing that. While on foot! Three posts to travel to the next area, though if it's a close area (i.e., New Bark and Cherrygrove) you can do it in less than that. Taking shortcuts is also acceptable!
While in a vehicle/on a Flying Pokemon/riding a sufficiently large Pokemon/Anything else allowing you to cross long distances at a fast pace! It takes three post to go to any other city within the continent you're on. It also takes three to go to an adjacent continent or the Sevii isles. For example, if you wanted to travel from Sinnoh to Hoenn on a flying Pokemon or other vehicle in a straight line, you would take three posts to the Sevii Isles, then three more to the Hoenn region! Simple, right?

Considering most of you should have flying Pokemon or some other way of transportation, this shouldn't be much of a problem |D Happy robot hunting!

Dog of Hellsing
06-14-2012, 03:02 AM
Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Outskirts of Slateport City, Hoenn
Affected RPers: n/a
<Running while carrying bags of food is harder than it sounds...and I still need a map!>

The robots were nothing if not tenacious. After being alerted to my presence by the rogue mantis-bot, they activated their sensors and weaponry to hunt me down. The slice in my leg wasn’t bleeding too bad, but it hurt something fierce and prevented me from running at full speed. Not to mention the twenty or so pounds of food I was carrying.

I took a moment to cast a look over my shoulders and saw a swarm of various robots chasing after me, only several dozen paces behind me. Growling in my chest, I gripped the handles of the bags in my jaws and shifted my weight, falling onto all fours. I then fell into a crouch and lunged forward, breaking into a flat-out run. Now that I was on all fours, I could cover more land faster, and my weight was spread over four legs instead of two. This put less pressure on my injured leg, making it hurt less.

I could hear the various robots behind me, screeching and blaring, “SURVIVOR, SURVIVOR. CAPTURE OR KILL.” It was an annoying mantra, but at least none of them seemed to have long-range weapons like lasers or missiles. It seemed they were all close-quarters fighting machines, which meant I’d be safe so long as I didn’t let them catch up. Now that I was moving on all fours, I was putting more space between us.

By the time I reached the trees, my sides were burning and my legs screaming. I wasn’t built for long-distance sprinting; I could feel foam flying off my lips and my chest was heaving as I gasped for breath. I leapt at the nearest tree and dug my claws into it, climbing up it with several upward lunges. I then rested on the lowest branch for a moment, catching my breath as I glanced at the robots that were rapidly catching up.

No time, I thought grimly, sucking in a deep breath and balancing on the branch before leaping to the next tree. I wasn’t going to give them the chance to catch up and reveal some kind of secret weapon that could reach me even in the tree. I didn’t get very far before I ran out of trees to leap to; the nearest one was a good fifteen feet away, and I didn’t feel like jumping to the ground and possible injuring my leg further from the impact.

And then a beam of bright green energy blasted from the trees behind me, striking a tree about twenty feet away and blowing it to pieces. Startled, I noticed that several of the robots had been reduced to smoldering scrap. The others had turned to face a large, teal-colored beast with a giant flower blooming on its back. It resembled something that was half dinosaur, half toad; I had no idea what it was, but the robots were focusing on it now instead of me, seeing as it was actively attacking them.

I settled on the branch, content for a chance to regain a bit of energy as the large beast, a Pokemon I presumed, let out a roar and started to stomp the ground. For now it was focused on the robots, and hopefully it wouldn’t notice me once it was done destroying my pursuers.

06-14-2012, 03:58 AM
E-123 Omega "Ω" (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3392929&postcount=68)
Central City, out in the city
Affected RPers: Grassy, metal (just cause Director hasn't really left just yet)

The elderly human kicked Shadow with such unprecedented and unexpected force for his age. Suddenly time slowed down as Omega processed the situation. What should have been two seconds of Shadow flying through the air became minutes, hours, as long as he needed. Time artificially slowed down to an insane crawl. Nobody else felt this. In fact it wasn't actually happening. With the increased processing power granted by Renee, Omega could think much quicker than he used to. It became clear what to do at that point. Calculating the angle of trajectory, the mass of the flying "object" hurtling at him, analyzing Shadow's air speed. It all happened in less than a split second. He knew what he had to do. It would hurt Shadow's back immensely, but no really serious damage would be sustained to either of them. The Force Field could only be used for very short periods of time. Calculating the time of impact had to be perfect. All the calculations raced through his processor. Bracing for impact, he adjusted his legs to dig into the pavement and put out his claws to catch Shadow. Just as Shadow was about to touch his claws, Omega engaged his Force Field a tenth of a millisecond before. Shadow would feel the entire impact of being kicked in the ribs and then slamming into the shield as it flickered on and absorbed the force of him hurtling through the air. Painful to his existing injuries (The back shards and the side shrapnel), but no really serious injury would be sustained except maybe to his back, quills, and shoulders. A very slight pancake feeling. Although 80% of the force of the impact was absorbed by the shield, the last 20% still went through as the shield flickered off. Omega still ended up scraping his feet against the pavement a good distance while holding Shadow firmly from the back around the waist, and just safely touching the building behind them.

Omega recorded all the events for possible review in the future, not really caring about it. "Elderly human's strength way above normal parameters. Elderly human is completely delusional. Threat level: High. Recommend termination on future encounter." He watched the retreat occur, putting his friend down gently after what just happened. He had wanted to retaliate, but his friend's well-being at the time was more important. "Requesting specifics of current physical status." He said, dusting himself off. He then proceeded to disengage his foot anchors from the pavement, stamping his feet a little in the process and stepping away slightly.

Sight of the Stars
06-14-2012, 06:13 AM
K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
caught in the undertoe just caught in the undertoe


Concrete splintered and cracked like wood with a jagged rumble, rising up to a peak in massive plates, exposing the steel support cables to the open air once more. Dirt shot into the air from the damaged construction in a sudden, powerful burst, showering the maimed cement with moist earth. The mixed stone and packed soil had buckled easily under the combined force of the two Focus Blasts from the rock titan and the dark dragon. Clinging to the back of her beloved beast, K'sariya emerged first, perched between the six rippling wings of her Hydreigon. The combined Psychic of her Metagross and Musharna boosted the rest of her Pokemon upwards, themselves included.

She laid her eyes first upon the destroyed vehicle to her left, gaze immediately traveling to the broken body of the very creature that she had sent her Pokemon to protect. She felt her own anger boil inside of her, the emotion bubbling up from her gut and leaking into the expression in her eyes. The cloaked woman glanced quickly in front of her, path of sight searching out Shadow, whose foot had just come down upon the radio, crushing it beneath his smothering anger.

It started in the tips of his fingers, crimson like the blood of his fallen comrade, birthing tendrils of claret energy that snaked and swirled up his arm as his fingers curled into his palm, forming a quivering fist as rage pulsed through his tensing form. It spread like a disease, dripping its poison against gravity as it crawled up his limb, plunging from his skin and into concentrated spikes of negative energy. A rage-filled cry of massive proportions ripped from his chest, and he flung himself forward, torn paper and lightweight debris ripping about as he pushed himself toward the fleeing machine in pursuit.

Her fingers clung desperately at the cold steel of her Metagross as the impact from the sonic boom rippled toward them. The very ground beneath them seemed to shake with the splintering of the sound barrier, leaving them jarred to the bone as it threw them backwards slightly. Still clutching Kalahaq's leg, she pulled herself to her feet just in time to begin running. She stumbled at first, head ringing from the sonic boom, and vaulted forward, but her body curled and she rolled instead, and then picked herself up and kept running. She felt glass push past the calloused tissue of her bare feet, spreading blood in her wake, but forced herself forward.

The space around Alixra warped momentarily as a Trick Room rippled around her, giving her a slight boost in momentum. In addition to this, the Musharna was boosted forth in her levitation by a powerful, but harmless, blast of water from Thalion. She pursued her master at an irritatingly slow pace, but it would be fast enough to get her there in time.

Yards and yards away, the cloaked Trainer spotted fire erupting before the flying menace, sending it spiraling to the ground. Her azure orbs quickly sought out the source of this attack, and a smile spread to her features as she laid eyes upon her beloved Volcarona.

"Zira!" she called, but the Pokemon had already seen her and was flying quickly toward her human companion. The massive butterfly soared over K'sariya, body turning upside down right before she did a loop and came back under her as the bipedal being performed a practice leap in front of Zira. She grabbed tightly onto the silky fur of the Volcarona, burying her face into the comforting substance momentarily before shifting upwards to see what was ahead of them.

Zira's body jerked upright as the displaced air from the explosion rushed into them, a screech emitting from her form. She fluttered desperately to regain balance, and obtained it a back flip and a flustered Trainer later. K'sariya looked quickly around for Shadow, whom she had lost in the explosion, to find that he had been blown past her. Before she could even begin to regain her senses, he had already engaged himself in yelling at an old man. From the sound of it, the elderly creature did not seem to be of similar affiliation. She turned her Pokemon toward the source, a strange feeling rippling through her chest.

I don't think that man would be out here if he was as helpless as he see--

To confirm her interrupted mental statement, the male's leg thrust forth into Shadow's ribs, sending him flying back into an allied robot with cringe-worthy force. K'sariya could almost hear the snap of bones shattering and shrapnel flying into vital organs.

Or could she?

Her eyes opening from her wince, she realized that it would not be as bad as she originally predicted. At her steady pace, Alixra had drifted near enough to predict such retaliation, and had initiated a Psychic in mid-air. This had slowed the hedgehog's flight drastically, and he slammed into the automaton with much less force than originally intended. A smile graced K'sariya's countenance even after she rested her sight upon the man. It took a couple of seconds to fade. Oh, how she loved her Pokemon.

don't know what you're expecting of me put under the pressure of walking in your shoes
861 words • tagged; Grassy {Shadow}, bron {Omega} [minor]
comments; not satisfied at the slightest with this
but here it is. issantu will come in later.

06-14-2012, 06:40 AM
Miles "Tails" Prower
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik, All Members of Revolution Uprising

The room fell silent, lights dimming after Cadance left with Thunder Wave to fight the robots outside. “There’s nothing you can do about this disaster, is there?” a rookie turned and called to him, obviously looking distraught. "Well, I'd need my tools and some wiring, fuses and scrap metal, but I could do it. It might take a day or so, but I could have it back up and running." he said back to the rookie, waiting for a moment when he didn't respond. "That means I need you to run downstairs to my workshop. I'll begin working on diagnostics, seeing if I can salvage any parts or programs." He then bent down, starting to work on the computers, when he asked another question. "Whatever you do, don't touch anything other than the tools and the blue box of scrap metal and wires I have down there. Fuses are in the third drawer from the right, second row down in my toolbox"


He opened his eyes and instantly regretted it as the light stung his eyes. How long was I asleep? was the first thought that ran through his mind, then the dots connected. He flung his head upwards into a sitting position, his eyes flickering open. He quickly looked at himself in a nearby pond, and noticed he was lucky to get out alive. He was covered in scratches, his shoes and gloves tattered and caked with mud. Looking back at where he landed, he noticed a very long patch of dirt running from where he woke up, running through the clearing he was in, and further. He quickly assessed the situation, thinking he could be really far from home. "With a trajectory like that...and the ejector seat firing..." Tails thought aloud, looking around for evidence of his plane, but quickly stopping himself from hoping that it would be nearby.

I could be on a whole other continent! I'm still confused on how I survived a landing like that, but I guess I should be happy that I'm here.

Now the only question is...where to?

Saraibre Ryu
06-15-2012, 01:01 AM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Grassy, bron, Sights

Astrailyx watched as the Carrier finally retreated, the shield protecting it as it did. She didn’t like seeing it go as it did, more damage would have been a lovely thing, but at least they were left for a moment to regroup themselves. The man though, bothered Astrailyx further, but there was a time to try and identify him at a later date. With the remaining Badniks being with the retreat, or blowing themselves up, at least they could take some time to recover. If that was only a demonstration, then they had something to be worried about. She hovered lower to the ground, now that she didn’t have to oversee absolutely everything at once, and looked at everyone else in the room, all who of seemed to be a bit relieved.

“How much information did we get from the shield?” She asked, looking at another agent of GUN.

“We got a bit, it’s been sent to the databases for analysis.”

“Alright, that’s something. Have the ground teams sweep the debris for anyone that needs help.” She instructed. “What’s the status on everyone else? How are they doing?”

“Well most of those ground teams are alright. We have reports that Blaze’s team is inbound from their special task and should be here in a couple of hours once the clear is given. Also…” She paused looking at everyone else, who gave the woman a few looks. Astrailyx seemed confused as she saw everyone give her these expressions, immediately knowing something else had happened. “Well…Ace’s team…didn’t make it. Ace is…gone.”

The information hit Astrailyx a bit hard. Her ears visibly dropped a bit at the sad news, as well as her elevation. She closed her eyes and looked towards the side. Ace wasn’t the most sociable of characters, but he was still a good person. Her eyes opened halfway, thinking this was all the more reason to stop Robotnik and this reign of war.

“We didn’t want to tell you, as you specifically requested to keep your focus…”

“Yes…no that’s fine, you did a good job.” She told them with a weak smile. “We will just use this to motivate ourselves to prevent other casualties in the future.”

As Astrailyx turned, the flapped further into the air out of surprise, not hearing her before now or even knowing she was here, as well as Streak. Seeing Streak always made her a bit nervous, coming from his odd nature of how he came to be, as Blaze had suggested. After she composed herself, she looked at Renee, who had been requesting something to do.

“Well right now we need the medical equipment and computers working at full capacity, no doubt we’re going to have many people needing some attention.” She explained. “As for raising your security clearance…I don’t know if I can do that.”

When Streak mentioned Shadow, that’s when something clicked into her head. Knowing him, he was going to refuse any kind of help, and if he was in any sort of need of it, Shadow would have been stubborn enough to walk all the way back here. The dragon didn’t like the idea at all, and now that the City was being left alone for the moment, she figured it was safe to leave the premises.

“I’m going out into the field, drop the DZ’s and the TW towers and get more ground patrols in to help with clean up and recovery. Get everyone who can, into medical or repairs.”

“Yessir…ma’am.” Was the unified response she was given as she left the Defense Hub, flying out into the hallway and to the outside.

Astrailyx still felt bad for being unable to protect Ace, thinking of the possibility that if she didn’t sent the stealth team to pick him up, he may have still been alive. The thoughts swirled around her head as she met the outside, immediately smelling smoldering metal, ash and burning debris. War was a terrible, terrible feeling, in all senses. What you saw gave you nightmares, what you smelled forever burned your nose, what you heard haunted any other sound, and it all eroded at your mind. At least in her mind, she was trying to protect everyone from as much trauma as possible. Though an unrealistic goal, even miracles could happen when they weren’t supposed to.

Astrailyx was going to, in the minimal cases, keep a certain hedgehog from what she could guess was bleeding out.

06-15-2012, 07:00 AM
[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Sight (K'Sariya), Bron (Omega), and Dr. R (Director)
<Turning Tides, Waking Wounds>

It happened quickly. In one moment, he had the old man where he wanted him, at the end of his claws...And the next instant he knew, he shifted quickly and his foot came up, smashing into his chest. He heard a distinct crack sound, although he was distinctly aware of multiple ribs breaking instead of just one. The attack was powerful and swift, far too mighty for a mere mortal, and the force simply shut down any cognitive thought the hedgehog might have had as he hurtled backwards. The Director became further away within milliseconds without making a move, defying time as those seconds turned to minutes and subsequently hours. Shadow flew without wings, but he was far from a subject of grace and beauty with his relatively beaten body. Hedgehogs were not meant to take flight, and certainly not in the manner he was, back first and feet last.

Then, he felt a peculiar feeling enshroud him, tugging at his being and mind with a calming strength. He saw the figure of K'sariya riding the figure of the flaming moth, with the same pink elephant next to her with a soft blue glow around her. It was then he realized that the strange feeling was indeed coming from that Pokemon, and it wasn't just making him feel odd. The hedgehog felt his speed slow down, and due to that time seemed to return to normal for him. He heard a faint noise behind him, recalling Omega being there, and then quite suddenly that pleasing comfort suddenly was shattered into a hundred pieces of burning agony as he collided with a shield. Confusion rippled through his mind just as quickly as a storm stirs up a sea, swirling into a tumultuous mass as darkness shrouded his vision for the briefest of moments. The glass in his back dug further into his flesh, bitterly searching for a new home within the muscle and bone as it spread its red hot fury through every fiber of his being. Everything became hazy as the pressure on his back subsided, and he felt the grip of cold steel wrap around his sides as his companion caught him before he could fall unceremoniously onto the ground.

Then he was placed onto his feet, both of them buckling beneath him as his energy gave out and he was brought down to his hands and knees. His metal companion asked for specifics of his status, but he couldn't answer him, as the hedgehog was in the process of violently coughing up small amounts of blood. His chest hurt so badly, he wished he could just rip it open to allow himself to breathe, for the pressure of his fractured ribs was maddening. He didn't know if immortals could survive without breathing; Shadow thought they could, but being flawed himself and not having proof, he wasn't inclined to try. After a few moments of the coughing fit, he finally fell over onto his uninjured side, gulping what air he could as the Director spoke.

"Don't act so self righteous, Shadow. You are no saint, and to threaten an old man's life should be beneath someone so high as the commander of GUN," he spoke casually but with some indignation, "I have my reasons for why I support Robotnik. You mightn't have seen it yet, but his way ensures a lasting peace, regardless of this demonstration he requested. There are more of us than you know; not all of his army is made up of robots, and he most certainly hasn't set to roboticizing everyone in the areas he has conquered. The propaganda your organization is producing is at best horribly inaccurate." He turned his back on them after adjusting his hat. "A unified world with no disease, no crippling disabilities, and near perfect peace. That is why I aid him. His methods I may not agree with, but great goals require great sacrifice. While you were busy... playing... with Beta a moment ago, the withdrawal order was given. What members of 'my' forces haven't retreated yet are in the process of doing so. Your soldiers may rest easy. However... I would like to extend the offer to you and your allies to join me. Robotnik will ignore his empire once he's conquered the world, this much I'm certain of by his treatment of his new lands. If they do not wish to join an army, they are welcome to take up residence in any of the refugee centers in Robotnik's new holdings..." The Director trailed off in thought, waiting for his response.

"No...I am no saint. I did not qualify for the white robes and halo." Shadow wheezed. "Peh...'Old man'...The way you kicked me suggests otherwise..." Cough. "And I don't...Make the propaganda. Talk with the victims of this violence about that." He tried to push himself up, but he couldn't move and it incited another fit of coughing. "Oh, I agree with the unification and lack of disease...But personally...I prefer free will...And having worked with him before, I honestly cannot see him as being a kind dictator." He couldn't see the Egg Carrier due to way he was lying, but he had no reason to not believe the retreat order had been given. "I do not believe you about humans being in the army. You...Your strength...Is not that of an old man. You have been...Enhanced somehow. I am not sure of the specifics. While I may relay the message to join, I can assure you a vast majority will not bother. They know the Doctor speaks lies," his eyes narrowed, "and your hesitation at the end of your speech about refugee centers is very suspicious. It certainly does not help your plea." He growled, although it irritated his lungs and forced him into another attack of hacking up small amounts of blood. "As for my own opinion, I can give you my answer right here and now. As much as I might agree with some aspects, I do not agree with the methods used. I have no plans to join his side again anytime soon. My loyalties lie with my allies...And with the promises of the past."

He lowered his head onto the ground, feeling the soothing gravel beneath. He was so tired, it was practically bone deep. His eyelids slid partly down his eyes, but he kept his gaze - steady and focused - firmly on the man that had injured him so terribly. Shadow fought against the desire to sleep tooth and nail, sinking his fangs into consciousness and clawing at the fog within his mind; he heard Omega state something about the old man being delusional and needing to be terminated but it was far away and distorted. Rather than try to decipher words unknown, Shadow focused on refusing his damaged body the relief of rest, knowing full well that in his condition there was the chance he wouldn't wake up from it. Slim, but present. After having watched Ace die in front of him, he had no desire to join the ranks of the afterlife. There was so much to do here, and he had to keep his oaths to protect life and ensure peace. He was the Ultimate Life Form; he could do anything if he wanted to. There were limits, however.

After all, he couldn't do anything if he was dead, now could he?

06-17-2012, 06:52 AM
Stella Marino
Eggman Empire
Lilycove City, heading for the outskirts
Affected RPers: None, but people can intervene if they so dare

Dammit. This wasn't good at all, the robots were starting to head out from the center of the city. Stella crouched against the wall, listening to the clank of metal rustle down the street near her. They weren’t approaching her, but they weren’t going away either. She frowned a little and chanced a glance around the corner, just barely showing herself. There was a group of the stupid orange things poking around in some of the abandoned buildings, obviously looking for survivors, looking for people like her. Her fine brows dipped lower over her silver eyes and her lips turned down in the slightest beginnings of a pout. Go away, she thought, as if she could will them away.

She muttered something under her breath and retreated back to the cover of her wall. She felt very exposed even though there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was the first time she had dared to venture outside in hours. She wasn’t particularly scared of Eggman’s robots, just the sheer amount of them that could swoop down in a matter of minutes. “We’re going to need a new plan, Lola,” she whispered. “We can’t stay here, but we can’t step out either.”

“Miiisss…” a soft voice hissed in the air around her, and the cold aura that seemed to always surround the girl dropped even lower in temperature. She felt a soft brush against her cheek, a reassuring touch, and then the air next to her shimmered for a brief instant before a large Mismagius appeared. The pokemon’s butter-yellow eyes were also narrowed, but looked more irritated than her master’s. “Misssmagiuss,” the ghost said, her voice like the sizzling of water against hot iron.

Stella smiled sardonically. “I know you could take them out,” she said, glancing at her friend proudly. “But I would much rather us not attract attention. Not when we don’t need to.”

Lola twirled a little, her long skirts flaring out from her movements. “Mismagius,” she said, floating closer to Stella.

The trainer’s eyebrows went up, and her smile vanished in her surprise. “Yes, that could work,” she said as if she was surprised that she hadn’t thought of it earlier. “That would be perfect, let’s go.”

The ghost pokemon nodded before swooping even closer and throwing out her skirts, the red jewels on her chest glowing brightly as she enveloped her trainer inside them. Then, just like that, Stella and Lola vanished instantly from sight. However Stella could still see herself and she knew that she was standing in the exact same spot as before, she was just invisible. She turned then, feeling Lola follow her movements, and walked straight into the wall.

Right through it, actually, into the building she had just been hiding behind. It was some sort of restaurant, but she paid nothing any heed as she half-walked, half-floated (thanks to Lola) through the tables and walls as if they weren’t there. The next building she walked into was a small convenience store, again abandoned, and it was seconds before she reached her true destination: the Pokemon Center. She was closer to Eggman’s scouts now, and the lights were still on, so she had a higher chance of being spotted. The moment she walked into the Center, Lola broke away from her, leaving her visible and solid once more. She quickly rushed to the nearest PC, the thump of her boots echoing ominously across the building. It was still on, thank Arceus, and she quickly booted up her storage unit. Eggman might have taken over the government, but he still had to keep all of the power on, since his robots needed it.

And because the government collapsed, that meant that there were no more regulations for how many pokemon a trainer could take out of their PC. Stella would have taken out all of her pokemon if she could, but she simply could not support all of them at the same time. Instead her fingers flew rapidly against the keys, drawing out a Great Ball, a Heal Ball, Dusk Ball, and a Quick Ball in a matter of seconds. The brightly colored pokeballs clashed with each other and added bright splashes of color to her already oddly-bright supply of pokeballs. She slipped the extra four into her jacket pocket since her belt was designed to only hold six pokeballs. “Let’s go,” she said shortly.

Just as Lola swooped down to cover her again, she saw an orange Eggman robot trot right into full view of the glass doors. The robot whipped its head around the moment she disappeared and seemed rather confused for a second. Stella was already running though, sliding right though the walls of the Center, pasted the machines and the employee-only areas, out into one of the back alleys. She broke into a run the moment she was free, Lola lifting her up a little so that her boots would not clomp against the ground an make any noise. Alright, she got what she wanted, now she was getting the heck out of here.

Eggman Empire
Outskirts of Slateport City, in the air
Affected RPers: Hellsing

“Come on, go go go,” Odin muttered to himself, trying to push himself even harder. He shuddered a little as he did, since whenever he taxed his mental powers this much it felt like we was lifting weights with his brain. His brain sort of ached and burned the same way muscles would after a strenuous workout, except it didn’t really hurt so much as exhaust him. Still his efforts paid off as he streaked through the open skies like a bullet, a transparent wave of blue energy surrounding him so that the winds would not tear at his clothes. He literally blasted through clouds as he ran into them, decimating their puffy figures into scattered mists as his psychic field pushed against them.

Everything around him was a blur, but that didn’t stop Odin from glancing over his shoulder to look for his pursuer. He couldn’t sense Fenrir using his mind, somehow the robot was shielded from it, so Odin could only rely on his physical senses to track his hunter down. It was frustrating and disconcerting to the extreme because Fenrir often jumped up on him when he least expected it, because he didn’t sense him coming beforehand. As usual, he saw nothing. He knew that he could travel much faster than Fenrir when he needed to, but Fenrir could fly for a longer amount of time.

He was nearing a city, he could see the gleam of the buildings on the distant horizon. Slateport? He thought that was the city’s name, he still had to get used to Hoenn. Team Rocket had not given him much of an opportunity to go sightseeing or learn the layout of the region, since he had yet to give Fenrir a good slip that would last for a few weeks before they met up again. Odin narrowed his eyes and looked ahead glaring at the fast approaching city. Eggman controlled this place still, so he couldn’t go there. That was actually what Fenrir wanted to do, since he now had the robots on his side apparently. But where else to flee to? It would be hard as hell to lose his pursuer now, and—

The shadow that fell over him gave him a split second warning, and he swerved to the right just as a red blast of energy came flying past him, just barely missing him. Odin looked up and there he was, his spiky, unnatural wings spread out against the sunlight and his distinctive spear clutched in one hand. The blond swerved again as he saw Fenrir take aim and fire.

“Surrender, you little pest!” Fenrir yelled at him, obviously annoyed that the chase had gone on for this long.

Odin growled in frustration, wishing that he could fight and fly at the same time. If he could then he might have actually beat Fenrir into the dust by now. He yelped as Fenrir sped towards hit, almost crashing into him as he dodged. Damn robot, he knew that Odin couldn’t come out unscathed from an attack like that while his perfect little mechanical self would even have a scratch.

“Land!” Fenrir shouted, swinging his spear at Odin. The psychic dodged again, although his reflexes were getting slower. He really would have to land soon if he didn’t want to tire himself out. “I said land!” Fenrir repeated, trying to blast him with his arm cannon.

Not seeing much of another option, Odin did just that. He managed to catch a glimpse of Fenrir’s astonished face before he plummeted downwards, right for the ground. He laughed at his brief victory, then realized with a shock that he was heading right for a group of Eggman robots who were fighting a Venusaur. The psychic threw out his shield quickly and slammed it into the ground right before impact, throwing the robots nearby back a good twenty feet and cushioning his landing as well. The Venusaur on the other hand roared at him and his sudden appearance, immediately taking him for the threat. Odin quickly reached out with his mind and touched the pokemon’s, getting into its head as easily as one would open a door. He sent a wave of reassurance to the Venusaur and the large beast relaxed instantly, a puppet to his will. I am not the one you should attack, but him! Odin sent to the Venusaur, pointing at Fenrir, who was making his own way down to meet them.

The Venusaur roared in anger and stomped its feet, rising to the challenge. He growled and then fired a Sludge Bomb at Fenrir, hitting the shocked android dead on and knocking him out of his flight as if he were a fly. He crashed into the ground harshly, the thick, oozing liquid restricting his movements as he tried to get up, as the Venusaur stomped over to him angrily.

Odin nodded in satisfaction and then turned to the Eggman robots, who were starting to recover. He would have to destroy all of them. No big deal, he had done it before; he just hoped that his new ally would keep Fenrir distracted long enough for him to do it. His blue eyes slid closed and he gathered his thoughts for a moment, meditating and calming himself down for the next fight that was about to begin. “Bring it,” the hyrbrid said as his eyes flashed open and he unleashed another wave of psychic energy at the robots, picking them up and slamming them into the ground as if they were toys.

06-17-2012, 06:51 PM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29- Off the Beaten Path, then back on the trail, Johto
Affected RPers: ChainReaction01, Dr. Robotnik (Lamda)

The silence in the room seemed to have lasted for days. Only the munching of chips from a very hungry ledyba filled the void. Zippy’s pokemon looked upon the ledyba in a judging manner, causing the poor ladybug pokemon to put down the chips and look very sad. Just then, the girl smacked her hand upon the countertop and leaped to her feet.

“I got an idea!”

She ran to the other side of the station, frantically looking through a small pile of books. Zippy grabbed a tall thin hardcover made of black leather. Its unique shape revealed its purpose as Zippy opened the book: it was an atlas. Though the book contained maps primarily in Johto, it was enough for the junior ranger to lay out her plan.

“OK, so there are ranger stations close to all the major cities. But if they’re all like Cherrygrove, the rangers might have gathered somewhere else, somewhere more isolated.” She pointed to a lone station out in the middle of the ocean. “The troop leader showed us a video about a research station out on the Whirl Islands. It’s operated by the rangers, so if there’s any place they would gather, it’d be there. That’s where we should go.”

Zippy’s pokemon looked at her with a blank stare. This new plan sounded an awful lot like the old one. Still, the ranger kept on talking, not even giving Shaveh a chance to speak.

“Yeah yeah, it sounds like what we’ve been doing, but this time, instead of going on land, we’ll go by boat and avoid a whole bunch of tin heads. All we have to do is sneak into Cherrygrove and nab a boat from the port. Those robots won’t miss one boat, right? I bet they don’t even like water!”

The pokemon realized that this new plan no longer sounded like the old one: It was the same plan. Only this time, they would walk into an enemy-controlled city, steal a boat that may or may not be there, and travel for miles over open ocean with no stops in between. This did not account for the fact that none of them actually knew how to drive a boat. None of that crossed Zippy’s mind however. She heard the calls for help over the radio, and she was determined to join the pokemon rangers in helping kick these tin heads back to whatever planet they came from.

“Now, since we have to stay quiet, I’m going to put you guys back in your pokeballs. Don’t worry, I’ll let you out if there’s trouble.”

The plan grew worse. Now, Zippy was going through the most dangerous part of her plan without her pokemon out. Presumably, she would be going with Shaveh and her pokemon were right on her belt, but how much time would she have to summon one of them before a badnik attacked? The junior ranger was taking a “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” approach to strategy. Whether it would work out for them was about to be seen.

“Come on, Shaveh. It’s time to save the world!”

Zippy walked out of the forest, returning to the popular route she had previously avoided. It was the only way into the city, so the junior ranger didn’t have much of a choice. This time, Zippy entered further up the trail, closer to the city. She watched for several minutes for any robot patrols, but strangely, none were around. Stranger still, there was still a large patch of tall grass left standing, perfect for sneaking her way towards the city. Without hesitation, she entered the grassy area, crouching down to keep her head below the grass line. As she walked slowly through the brush, Zippy could hear what sounded like a radio and…a voice? Was it another person? It sounded awfully strange to be a human voice, but the girl headed for it anyways. Any hope of finding more people was always something worth going after.

Zippy finally arrived at the origin of the noise and jumped back a bit. It was one of those robots, only less…armed. Instead of guns (at least, visible ones), this one wheeled box with arms had but a clipboard. It seemed more suited for the office than the frontier. Having a better look at the machine, Zippy felt confident that it wasn’t much of a threat. In fact she decided to talk to it.

“So,” Zippy attempted to get Lambda’s attention, “what’s a tin head like you doing way out here?” She stood at full height, hands at her hips in an attempt to look intimidating. The robot was stuck in the grass, and she wanted to make sure it stayed that way. And if the badnik tried anything, she always had Shaveh to back her up.

Too bad Zippy left him behind…

Saraibre Ryu
06-18-2012, 02:46 AM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, G.U.N. HQ, Defense Operations
ARPers: Grassy, bron, Sights

Astrailyx could fly very quickly when she wanted to, even faster if she had to. Already outside of base and a good couple kilometers from the city centre, the only time she paused was to land on one of the ground team’s all purpose vehicles. Someone was already manning one of the top gatling guns, only looking through a pair of binoculars when they were startled by the lavender dragon coming up from behind hem so quickly. Had she the strength to do it, she would have landed with her talons rather than stopping abruptly in flight, but at the speed she was going, it would have ended up more like a crash.

“How many are you estimating will need medical attention?” She inquired before the scared soldier could give her a proper greeting.

“We have quite a few…probably thirty at most. We picked up four so far and another team picked up three. More are on the way.” He answered nervously.

“Do you have a kit you could spare?” Astrailyx asked. “I have a bad feeling Shadow got himself into trouble again.”

“Yes I think so.” He pulled himself down and yelled at the few of the other soldiers down below. Astrailyx could hear shuffling and metal clicking about as he returned, giving her a small red and white box with the clear red cross on it. Taking it around her chest, she thanks the soldier, about to leave when the timid soldier stopped her, and offered her a radio.

“You might want this just in case. We were told Commander Shadow engaged Beta and well, he’s no longer in sight and there was an explosion.”

Astrailyx nodded and thanks the man for the information. Secretly in her mind she was to assume the worst possible scenario outside of death, she knew Shadow was far too stubborn for that. In the distance the Egg Carrier drew further and further away from the city, leaving a reminder of what threat is possessed. She stared at it as she flew with haste, wondering how they, or anyone else was going to be able to take the monstrosity down. She was willing to spend sleepless nights figuring it out, she wanted less weapons on the field and a way to stop this entire cataclysm. The man who seemed to be giving some sort of speech was either not fully aware of what kind of man Robotnik was, or had been blinded by a twisted, vague reality that was nothing but a nightmare. Having to go through all of this, there was a reason they were all fighting back against him, much more of a reason to be siding with someone as mad.

Looking down, Astrailyx saw the familiar symbol, the only thing distincting itself from any other Badnik and not having her jolt on it’s presence. It was Omega, and as she flew in closer, she saw K’sariya and her large, fluffy moth Pokémon, along with the more round, pink and purple one. If Astrailyx was remembering correctly, they were a Volcarona, and Musharna respectively. The last thing she saw was Shadow on the ground, bearing more read on him than was good for him. The fact he wasn’t even holding a bit of himself up gave her cause to worry, though she pushed it back from her mind as best she could, in order not to cloud it. Once she was hovering near their level, she could see all of it.

Glass, the wedge of metal, blood and exhaustion. It became more and more difficult to push the concern aside as she opened up the medical kit she had borrowed and started looking for proper gauze and a bandage. She continued to work away, even asking the large robot standing next to her a question.

“Omega, what happened?” A bit of worry was hidden well in the last work of the inquiry, pulling out her radio in the meantime, not quite waiting for an answer. “HQ this is Astrailyx, we’re going to need an emergency surgery for Shadow, we’re going to try and get him there as fast as we can, I want it ready before we get there.”

Without waiting she still worked away, knowing that the metal piece was going to be stuck where it was until they got back to base. Knowing Shadow probably had no energy left in him, she knew it was safe to try and fade her hand into his back and pull the shards out. As she moved her hands closer to his back, it became translucent, almost as if she were becoming a ghost. As she went to remove one, she could feel the muscles move and the hot blood come forth. Going to move another one closer to his side so she could turn him over to get the rest, Astrailyx abruptly stopped, feeling that something around his chest was out of place. Heat and muscle tension, as if it was desperately trying hard to heal something. The dragon took a closer look, noticing shallow and painful breathing, as well as very limited chest movement when he inhaled and exhaled. It didn’t take her long to put it all together; broken ribs. Without an x-ray, she wasn’t sure how bad it was, but just from looking, she could see the slightest of bumps on his one side, meaning there was at least two complete breaks.

Astrailyx was starting to get more and more concerned. “I can’t move him like that, even with ethereal abilities the gravity will cause him more harm than good.”

Astrailyx then turned toward the feeling of heat from the nearby Volcarona. Looking at K’saryia and her Pokémon, she had an idea.

“K’sariya, can I ask that you have Zira carry Shadow back to base, and that Alixra use her special abilities to lift him? It seems the best way to move him without causing him more damage. In the state he’s in right now, we can’t afford it. I’ll need her to hold Shadow up until I can get all the glass out of his back and put a tensor cast around his chest to prevent him from moving and causing what ribs aren’t completely broken to break.”

Still, as she asked and kept working on very slowly, and carefully getting the glass that seemed to want to be the new quills out of the hedgehog’s back. Ace had already died, she wasn’t going to let anyone else die if she had the chance. Especially Shadow of all people or anthros. The metal plate in his hip was a bitter sweet thing, and as much as she wanted to take it out and mend it herself, Astrailyx knew it was better to leave it in. She wasn’t sure what she would be doing if K’sariya wasn’t here, most likely a lot of sitting and waiting, or awkward moving with Omega.

“You’re going to be okay…” She thought out loud, though in a much softer volume.

‘I won’t let Robotnik take any more lives if I can…’

From the corner of her eye, as she turned, she could see the old man. A serious look came upon her face, but other than continuing to take the glass shards out, she didn't do anything other than stare. It wasn't one of anger, but the idea that he so much as took another step and she would retaliate accordingly. Him standing there idly by told him that he was not anything as he appeared. engaging in a battle with him, she even now withheld, unsure of how he would react and knowing they needed the time now to get Shadow help. Anytime that gaze of seriousness appeared on the dragon's face, she meant every expressive, silent word it spoke.

"I do not believe what you percieve as a future reality, and what Robotnik has told you he percieves as a reality, are one in the same. What you may see as primitive squabbling, senseless fighting, is the defense of the will and right of others. Perfection is only within the perception of one person, and all people see things differently. Perfection cannot be attained because of this because there is no universal continuity to what perfection is, even in a near sense. Beings cannot have strong points without flaws, people cannot claim happiness when there is no anger, or sadness that exists; it defeats any definition of anything that may exist. Even in times of peacefulness there are confrontations or arguments here and there. Differences clash and it is what makes the universe as such and gives everything a definition. Even then, shadow's point to the direction of the light, meaning things such as pain, may not be that much of a bad thing by some definition. Without flaw, there is no need to grow or learn, only a blank existence were to remain." She told him, in a neither condescending or threatening way. "You have your reasons for siding with Robotnik, ones I do not fully understand. You may not fully understand our reasons for opposing him either, but as of now I know I stand where I did before. Happiness is something much more worthwhile to aim for in my beliefs, rather than becoming perfect. Perhaps your idea of near perfection differs from what I may be thinking you're thinking it is, but I am not one to put words in anyone's mouth. If you say you and those you have sided with are retreating, I would suggest to do as you have mentioned and follow through."

The ex-deity still retained some of her wisdom from her past life, and being stuck in space gave you plenty of time to think. It was one of the things Astrailyx had actually learned, and she held onto it as her firm ideal.

06-18-2012, 03:30 AM
Streak/Renee (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3387146&postcount=4)
Central City, GUN Base, Defense Operations Room
Affected Rpers: Sabi (in passing and directly)

Medical equipment and computers working at full capacity, huh? "Yea, I could do that no problem. Dunno what I could do with the Central Comuter Core without the proper clearance, though. I guess I'll have to wait for Shadow to grant that." Said Renee as the Subcommander was leaving, more to herself than to the dragon.

Still in the room, she punched up a call to Omega on her watch. "Omega, you getting this? What's the situation with Shadow? Did you find him?" The signal hissed a little but then connected.

Renee also heard the Subcommander's voice asking Omega what happened at the same time she asked this question. Wow the Subcommander was very fast and already there. Then Renee heard metal steps as he followed her to answer both inquiries.

"Affirmative, the area provided was correct. Scanning for trace Chaos energy in the city limits proved fruitful, but I was late and Shadow was already badly hurt. An unidentified old man with overwhelming kicking power further hurt Shadow and I would have started shooting had I not cared about his well-being more at the time. Anyway, based on my scans, Shadow is incredibly hurt but his immortality prevents him from total fatality. You may use my internal tracker to locate us if you wish." Answered Omega in his usual metallic and unemotional voice.

Renee motioned to the people in the room, relaying the coordinates to their computers through her Tablet. Since Omega wouldn't leave his friend's side, they could use this information to find Shadow if they wanted to.

"You coming back?" She asked Omega.

"Negative. I will stay to oversee his status and the situation. I will be back with the others. Omega out." He answered and closed the conversation link as we could hear the sound of him transforming into spike ball form, presumably to follow the others.

I walked over to Renee. "Well, that's kinda good. We should head to the Med Bay and check on the wounded along with their computers there. Wanna do that now?"

"Sure, just let me check the status of city cleanup." She said as we walked out of the room and to the elevator. "Huh." She was reading stuff on her Tablet. "Very good. The scrap from all the Badniks is being collected into storage. That could come in handy. All that metal and circuits. The metal could be melted down and the circuits could be reused for other things." We entered the elevator and the doors closed with a whoosh behind us. Renee scanned the elevator with the blue scanning light from her Tablet like she did before in DO. "I could probably improve this elevator if I had the time. Better just scan it and store it's schematics for later. This elevator could do with a voice command interface."

I pressed the button for the Medical Floor. "Always looking to improve on things huh?" I asked, leaning on the wall with my arms folded across my chest, standing on one foot with the other foot up and behind me pressed against the metal wall.

"Yes, yes I am." She nodded. "And would you stop putting your feet on the walls?" I shuffled uncomfortably and put my foot down. We arrived shortly after.

The Medical Floor had five elevators from ground level on it for easy access and this one. People and anthros were constantly being carried in in stretchers. They were in various states of needing medical attention. We walked into the Med Bay as Renee scanned it with her Tablet as usual.

A lady doctor wearing a labcoat with blood on it, probably from sewing up wounds, walked up to us. She looked pretty average. "May I help you?" She asked. The head doctor was surrounded by dozens of other doctors running around the place and tending to the wounded. General conversations, groans, some screams, stretchers being wheeled in. The usual.

"Doctor Mayweather, Subcommander Astrailyx asked us to run a diagnostic on your computers. Where is your central computer?" Asked Renee. The lady motioned to the computer in the center of the room and ran off to oversee another patient, not even speaking to us. These people took their jobs seriously, huh?

Renee walked up to the computer, looked around, and made sure nobody was looking at her. She was about to do that weird thing again. I still had no idea how a human could even do that. Placing her hand on the computer, sparks danced on her hand. Lines of light spread all over the machinery in the room, seemingly dancing all over as the wave of light moved all through the equipment in the Med Bay. "Ah. I see. Uhuh." She said. The nearby printer started up and printed something on a piece of paper. Renee pulled it out and we walked up to Mayweather again. The wave of light vanished from the room as Renee stopped interacting with the Med Bay central computer.

"Here you go." She said, handing it to Doctor Mayweather.

"What's this?" Asked the doctor, taking the paper, her eyes starting to moved across it.

"Probably found flaws in this place." I said, not looking at the doctor. Instead I was zooming from patient to patient quickly, looking at their various injuries.

"Flaws? FLAWS?! I'll have you know---"

"Yes, flaws. Please read the printout." Said Renee interrupting the doctor, who continued to read the piece of paper.

Mayweather gasped a couple of times, then proceeded to look around the room and point. "That vitals scanner is due for a repair, the readout on the stretcher plugged into the wall computer needs to be recalibrated, Heart-Lung Machine #2 needs to have some parts replaced....." She continued to read all the flaws to herself.

"I've optimized the Med Bay systems, but I can do nothing to repair them myself unless you can find a more competent engineer for me to work with." Said Renee as Mayweather continued to read the rather long printout.

"Hey, I can do engineering." I said to her as we sat down on a nearby couch, hoping to catch Shadow being brought in.

"Yes, but not as well as some other people I know. Unfortunately, my data suggests they're all busy right now. This Med Bay has some complicated and also rather old technology that needs to be repaired or replaced by people who know it specifically. No offense or anything."

"Humph." I said, crossing my arms over my chest again as we proceeded to wait for the Commander. No doubt he would be brought in eventually.

06-18-2012, 05:50 AM
Michelle Toya
Eggman Empire
Hoenn, Liliycove
ARPers: Enkaku_Kumori (MAYBE Stella)

Michelle could feel the headache coming on, even now. She'd been focused on expanding her range most of the time she had been moving through the city trying to find others who had been hiding, resisting, planning something against Robotnik, and now she knew she was going to pay the price for it. She had let the robots herd her around the city she had grown up in, and now it was nearing her time fo get back to the speedboat they had brought her tere on and tame her back to Sootopolis, where she would waitto report to Robotnik the way she had the few times before.

The view from the boat was pretty, the waters around Lilycove had always been surprisingly clear and beautiful for all the aquatic traffic the city got. Michelle remembered playing in that water when she was younger, when she could sneak away from the house and her parents for a little while to play with the Luvdisc and Remoraid that lived around the area when she could coax them out with her mind... With a soft groan, she rested her elbows on the rail of the boat and rested her head in her hands. Hook stood just behind her, and puffed a hot, dry blast of air at her hair, sending curls bouncing like springs and earning him a look from his trainer. "Yes, Hook?" she asked, sounding tired.

/Boss Lady okay?/ his mind inquired, followed by an image of her looking miserable, elbows perched on the boat rail, face in her hands. The image was odd colors, but Michelle was so used to seeing things from Hook's eyes, she knew immediately that was how he saw her at the moment. Around them robots moved, preparing the boat to leave with cautionary precision--they knew what would happen if they fell overboard.

"I'm fi--" Michlle's answer was cut off by a frenzy that erupted on the deck. Suddenly robots were around her everywhere, and one apparently reached out to grab her, as Hook whirled around, snarling and stopped just short of snapping his jaws shut around the robot. /I'm fine,/ she told him mentally.

"COME. YOU ARE NEEDED ELSEWHERE." Michelle cringed at the prospect of working again, but she knew she couldn't object. "YOU ARE NEEDED TO TRACK DOWN A FUGITIVE." Oh, wonderful, Michelle thought as she allowed herself and Hook to be herded off the boat, across the city, and into some kind of strange vehicle, where she placed Hook back into his pokeball and quietly took a seat.

OOC: Crappy post is crappy post, but not much else I could come up with at the time.

Dog of Hellsing
06-18-2012, 06:53 AM
Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Slateport City Outskirts, Hoenn
Affected RPers: Enkaku
<Enough running; this guy might have a map!>

Things were going fairly well; the giant toad-dinosaur thing was smashing and whipping the robots, merrily reducing them to so much scrap. As I watched it, I wondered how some of them had been captured in the first place; certainly Robotnik’s mechanical army could be a daunting force en masse, but creatures such as this on were so ridiculously powerful it was hard to believe they were caught by your average Badnik.

But then I sensed a presence and shifted, glancing around but seeing no one else. At least, not until a blast of energy hit the ground, blowing the Badniks away as a blonde human male dropped from the sky as well. The toad-dinosaur charged at him for a moment, but the male pointed into the sky and the teal beast turned its attention to something else that was approaching. I looked up to see a black-haired, ebony-winged figure plummeting towards the ground, up until the toad-dinosaur opened its wide maw and heaved a ball of purplish ooze. This hit the other figure and knocked it from the air; it turned out to be another male, though I could smell the metallic tang coming from him (if only barely over the sharp reek of the sludge the toad-dinosaur had spat up). He wasn’t human, at least not fully; he had been modified, changed, altered. Unbidden, a snarl twisted my lips. This cyborg had to be working for Robotnik; who else would do this sort of modification to a human?

My focus was brought back to the blonde-haired human when a sudden wave of energy poured out of him, lifting various Badniks into the air and slamming them about as if they were mere playthings. The winged cyborg has been chasing him, and you know what they say; the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Granted, the cyborg wasn’t technically my enemy at the moment, at least not because of anything he’d done directly to me, but simply being on Robotnik’s side made him my foe by default.

I forgot about my pilfered food for the moment, leaving it tucked securely between a few large branched as I inhaled, then threw my head back and let loose a ringing howl. The sound surged up my throat and out of my jaws, and the sheer magnitude of it made my skin tingle and my fur stand on end as though I were near an electrical storm. My tail rose, a signal that I was ready to fight as my ears perked forward. As I ran out of breath and my howl came to an end, I crouched on my perch and then leapt with all my strength. I landed on all fours in front of the blonde human and let out a snarl as I lunged at the nearest Badnik, landing on it heavily and ripping through its metal armor with my claws. The steel tore as easily as a wet tissue, and various wires and circuitry were shredded as well. Sparks jumped from the ruined robot as it toppled over backwards, and I nimbly jumped from it as it fell. I flipped in midair so I was facing the group of robots, as well as the human, and landed in a crouch before standing and pulling myself to my full height.

“Come meet your end, shackled souls,” I cried to gain their attention. “I will free you so that you may find peace instead of being trapped in these twisted metal bodies Robotnik has chained you to!” At my words, about twelve robots turned to face me, and I gathered energy into my palms as they prepared to attack. Not giving them the chance to get that far, I then slapped my paws together, forming the gathered energy into a massive sphere that I released a moment later. It split into several dozen smaller orbs before hitting any of the robots; these smaller orbs then rained down on the Badniks, causing several that had already been impaired to explode upon impact while dealing considerable damage to the others.

Dr Robotnik
06-19-2012, 08:40 PM
The Director (His name's Percival by the way)
Central City

"Then we share a motivation. An unfortunate thing, being driven by the past," the director replied, casting a backwards glance towards the growing group of people. Astrailyx's speech caused him to raise an eyebrow, but he merely shrugged. "Another unfortunate thing is to judge a power by it's military. As for Robotnik's lies... well, I believe you yourself know how true that statement is Shadow. As for my enhanced strength, were it not for the cybernetics in my body I would have died quite a long time ago." He paused for a few moments as a three foot boxy robot (Who looks like Lambda but with white paint as opposed to yellow) rolled around him and placed an odd looking machine in front of Shadow.

"This is for your group! It's a healing accelerator device; you should be ready to move again in no time with this thing! And it doesn't need any messy cybernetics to work. Feel free to copy these blueprints as well," the robot said, handing a rolled up blue paper to Astrailyx and rolling backwards, giving a wave with its right hand. "And be sure to transmit these blueprints to those groups that are still in the opposition; it's a gift from the director. Also, you should take this map; it shows the location of the refugee strongholds. Our newest one is in Cherrygrove City in the Johto region."

The little robot rolled back to where the Director had moved, standing on top of what looked like a simple large sheet of thick metal with thrusters and an engine attached. "Much as I would enjoy the intellectual sparring match, I'm afraid if I tarry too long I won't catch the Carrier before it makes land again. Take care." With that, a blue energy bubble formed around the odd craft and it lifted off, marking the very end of the assault. The little robot remained behind, however, watching the group patiently. It didn't seem to be interested in attacking, or to be armed either.

Route 29

Almost as soon as Lambda had finally almost gotten out of the grass and back on the trail where he could roll freely, a girl moved in front of him and called him 'tin head'. The little robot put its hands where its hips would be and probably would have looked annoyed if its 'eye' wasn't stuck wide open. "I'll have you know I was made out of high quality, durable metals thank you very much! There's not even a trace of tin in any of my body!" Lambda said, moving its eye as if it were nodding in finality before it realized it was talking to a human. "Oh! You must be one of the refugees coming to the Cherrygrove facility! Is it that time of day already? I didn't think the next groups would be arriving until later; usually they time traveling between the troop movements so no one's accidentally put under fire. I apologize for any trouble the troop robots caused you. If you'll allow me just a moment to free myself, I'll bring you there! Oh, and try to avoid entering the factory construction site; it's very dangerous there, even for a robot like me."

As it spoke, the robot checked its clipboard. Sure enough it wasn't the usual time people were moved to a camp, but he supposed this one had wandered off on her own, judging by her outfit. After a moment, he freed himself and was back on the dirt, turning around to look at her and giving a little bow. "I am E-110, but you can call me by my codename Lambda! Hopefully the new fuse hasn't rusted on the elevator; you wouldn't believe how fast the salt water has been ruining the things. The actual refugee facility is underground, and you picked a good time to show up; we just finished fixing the temperature control function in the simulated hot springs. This way please!" The little robot said, rolling swiftly up the path towards the two short tower skeletons that would in a few days be a pair of factories. He was glad to have something to do, that was for sure.

((You can rest easy 2gamers, you and the other guy aren't going to run in to any hostiles XD No more than you already have at least. The buildings that were there before are still there, I should mention.

Latio quit the RP by the way. His character and his Pokemon were murdered by the Shadow Deoxys, and the Snag Machine he pulled out of nowhere in that post he made that he later deleted was destroyed. Rest in pieces.

To people near Lambda and similar robots, feel free to ask them whatever. They're the exposition characters, in a way XD This'll be all for the attacks for now. Have fun doing whatever, people who aren't interacting with friendly robots~

... And I should also mention; don't NPC canon characters. Either take them or assume they've been captured. And again, don't place Chaos Emeralds places just because you want to; they're rewards for effort. Running around in the hills doesn't guarantee you an emerald. Put your best foot forward and you'll do just fine~))

Neo Emolga
06-20-2012, 01:16 AM
Axel Junio the Fox (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3394082&postcount=74)
Guardian Units of Nations
Machine Shop, GUN Military Base, Central City
Affected RPers: N/A

I had just finished unpacking into the new machine shop. It had taken me a while, as usually I don't try to keep everything so organized. I put away one tool and I feel like I'll need it again just a few seconds later. Not to mention that I don't always finish everything by the end of the day, and if I pack it all up, it's sometimes tricky to remember where I left off, or what parts I had send aside to be added in later. Getting organized with to-do lists and all that stuff, to me, just wasn't worth the time. I had confidence in my memory. But since I had to pack up everything anyway for relocation, might as well get things organized.

I came across the photo of mom and dad, as well as Coco, Shanelle, and myself, after putting all the other stuff away. I really hoped they were okay, wherever they were. I wasn't so sure they would have wanted to know Central City was under heavy attack, and that the rest of this strange, new world was being ravaged by Dr. Robotnik and his army of machines. I sighed, knowing they wouldn't be worried about me. Shadow and the others, they were strong. Me, there was always something about the machines that just freaked me out. Lasers. Fast, lethal, and what they left of some people was just a nightmare. If there was any way I didn't want to die, it was by melting. It was just grotesque to the highest degree. And all that was left of their victims were unrecognizable puddles. It was that fear... that reason why I had such trouble facing up to Robotnik's machines. They always used lasers. Getting cut or shot with an ordinary gun didn't bother me as much as melting did. The thought of it was just... horrifying.

I tried to put it out of my mind by thinking of other things. For now, was dark and quiet in this new underground workshop. They had just finished it, and needed me to occupy it and get to work soon. It's been a while, but for the first time in a long time, I had a clean slate. Whatever projects weren't finished prior to the relocation were passed down to someone else. The machines were all new, along with the tools and materials. The walls were freshly painted, and all the lights were installed. The place was pretty big too, about the size of a three car garage.

I couldn't help but smile though. Sure, things were clean now, but when this place was in full operation, it wouldn't stay clean for long! Between pulling beat-up machines in here for repair, sparks from welding equipment, burn marks, and prototype construction, this place would be busy and would definitely get scrape marks, scratches, smears, all those wonderful things.

In the meantime, I tried to get familiar with the place. It was different, no doubt, with the equipment being some of the best that money could buy. I was definitely looking forward to giving this stuff a spin. Meanwhile, the raw materials and scrap metal were in bins. Looking inside, I had to smile. It was like being a kid with having as many building blocks as one could ever want.

After reading the reassignment letter, they told me they wanted me to work on prototypes. The designs, however, were going to be handled by someone else. I just had to show the designer the specifications, and maybe they could make a model that could comply to those.

The first they wanted us to work on was the GEARS project, an operation to replace and upgrade equipment and vehicles. They wanted us to first start with the planes. My guess was the Blue Eagles and the Vulkan Fighters that were currently in operation were a bit shabby. Didn't take too much to blow them up, and that was a problem. As a pilot myself, I could imagine relying only on evasive maneuvers alone couldn't have been too comforting. Planes needed to be able to take a few hits and have the offensive firepower to lay the hurt on Robotnik's machines, whether they were the big guys, or just the swarms of little ones. That was definitely something I needed to mention to Renee. These new planes were going to need at least three weapons. A pair of vulcan guns to cut through the little guys that just seemed to get in the way would be ideal. Besides that, mounted rocket pods to deal damage to the bigger stuff, or to send into the swarms and blow up a bunch of them at once. I was thinking four in total, two on each side for standard, straight-fire, and the other two would be lock-on guidance system rocket. And third, bombs for dropping on ground targets. I jotted all that down so Renee would have a good idea of where to get started with coming up with the design.

Armor was always a tricky matter. It was nice to have planes absorb and take on the damage and still keep in fighting, but they still needed to get around quickly, and not be too bulky. Those robots were fast, and of course, we needed to be faster. So, the planes needed to be the perfect balance between offensive capabilities, armored protection, and agility. Thankfully, I was more than capable of doing the math to make sure nothing would fall apart or any other unpleasant surprise would spring up. There always had to be tradeoffs though. No machine could be perfect. There were the fast and fragile, or the slow but burly. Sure, giving stuff the high tech treatment was ideal, but it was impossible to make a machine perfect. But that wouldn't stop us from making it great with the newest in innovations and technology.

I had browsed the schematics and blueprints for the Blue Eagles and the Vulkan Fighters. They were good, but they could have used some work to get them up to speed with some of Robotnik's current equipment. For one thing, using linked armor with attraction coils to disperse shots from laser and energy weapons would give it an edge. We had the capacitors to do that, and if implemented correctly, we could actually have our planes absorb the damage and use the channeled energy for something else, possibly a fourth weapon to discharge the stored energy in the form of a reprisal attack. I didn't want to keep storing energy in the battery compartments, which would cause it to overload and possibly detonate. The pilot needed something to discharge the excess energy safely.

While the armaments weren't too hard to figure out, designing the whole thing alone was tricky. Nowadays, building a model out of cardboard wasn't as sophisticated as using a computer 3D model, and that's where having a designer's help would be great when it came to this. I hadn't met the designer yet, but I was hoping they would be good, friendly, and would take these notes into consideration. I could make some tweaks here and there to support the design and to make sure it was fit to fly, but generally, I just didn't have the time, experience, and software knowledge to hop onto a 3D modeling program to conjure up what the idea was into a physical model.

After looking at the plans and the checklist I had made as improvements over the original design, I figured it would be a pretty good start. It should be enough for the designer to get started with the design, and once they had something, I could begin work on constructing the prototype.

I was looking forward to it.

06-20-2012, 01:20 AM
(Permission to bunny Omega granted by Bron)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx), Bron (Omega), Sight (K'Sariya), Dr Robotnik (Adorabot :P)

Everything felt so quiet. He heard noise, but it was hard to focus on it, as if he was underwater. His breathing was labored but steady, and his heart - well, it didn't change much. It was beating a little faster than normal, but that was highly likely due to adrenaline and the fact he had a machine explode in his face before he got kicked to the curb. Honestly, this wasn't truly the worst condition he'd been in...At least, he didn't think it was. Shadow's mind was hazy at best, and memories were faint and difficult to drag to the surface as his consciousness struggled to remain dominant. There was no guarantee he would even succeed, for as he lost blood, the functions of his body began to falter and fail, and the brain suffered the most because of it. It could not get air. It was suffocating, losing focus, falling into darkness...And willpower could only stay the descent for so long before the body was unable to continue.

He twitched as he felt pressure on his back, and instinctively tried to turn and lash out at whatever was causing it. Problem was, he was so exhausted that he did little more than lifting his head up about an inch off the ground and a low growl before his energy gave out. The energy was cool, and somewhat soothing...It reminded him strongly of ice on a burn, although unlike the frozen substance it did not suddenly get too cold. He felt it searching around, finding one of the areas where his back was screaming in agony, and suddenly he felt a pull followed by a tinge of pain. Removing the glass brought little relief, for even though it could no longer stab at him from the inside, it allowed more blood to free itself of its fleshy confines. Which was absolutely dandy, because it wasn't like he needed it to survive or anything.

More talking. He strained his ears to hear...He heard "K'sariya" and some other names he didn't recognize. What caught him off guard, however, was the voice and the words at the end. “You’re going to be okay…” He knew that soft, light voice. Astrailyx...She's here? Isn't it dangerous for her? She could get hurt...Or hit with energy that damages her. ...And she's going to chew me out too... He wasn't too keen on that. As powerful as he was, she was stronger in terms of sheer energy, knowledge...And she was a woman. Men could never win against them when angry. One just had to watch Sonic react to an infuriated Amy to see just how deeply ingrained the fear could get. However, he realized that she was the one who had started removing the shards, and hoped she would forgive him for his growl earlier.

Making a final effort, he returned his attention to the Director, straining his ears to make out the muddled words as he was further away than Astrailyx. "Then we share a motivation. An unfortunate thing, being driven by the past. Another unfortunate thing is to judge a power by it's military. As for Robotnik's lies... well, I believe you yourself know how true that statement is Shadow. As for my enhanced strength, were it not for the cybernetics in my body I would have died quite a long time ago." Cybernetics...Peh...I knew it... But what did he mean? What had happened to the Director to make him choose the side of evil? He wished he could ask. What truly caught his attention was the mention of how he knew the truth of the lies. Doctor Robotnik...Rather, Eggman...Had always lied to him. Tried to convince him he was an android, a copy, a fake!

And then, a robot. It was square shaped and on a single wheel, along with a single eye. He let out a warning growl - prompting another set of coughing - as it approached, putting down an odd machine in front of him and spouting something about it being able to accelerate healing, before handing a map to the energy dragon about refugee centers. I smell a trap. Especially since they were apparently gifts from the Director, who quickly stated he could not stay anymore and left...On something that reminded Shadow of a mechanical magic carpet. However, the robot remained, as well as the machine...Which was so very close to his face. He wanted it gone.

"Scanning new targets." Thank Chaos for Omega. He would be able to determine if the "gifts" were truly gifts. "Scans complete. Device confirmed to be medical in origin and the statement of accelerating healing appears to be correct. Eggman robot is confirmed to be medical in nature and minimum threat level; empty syringes prevent it from being classified as harmless. No communication unit detected." He heard Omega shift slightly. "Termination recommended."

"...No..." It was so difficult to talk, and his vision was shutting down again. "...Omega...Take both of them...Back to base for study...And questioning..." I can't...Keep my eyes open anymore...But... He felt so confused. So immensely confused. Why, after all of this, was the Director helping them? Was he a double agent? No...It did not feel like that... "No harm is to come to it...Am I...Understood?" Pitiful as he was in this state, he demanded respect. He was still alive, and had every right to enforce his rules on others. But he knew Omega would listen to him, as well, no matter how much he disliked it. They had forged an uncanny friendship that wouldn't easily be broken. The hedgehog flicked his ear towards Astrailyx. "...Stop...Stop worrying...I'm just a little hurt..." He was slipping back into the darkness.

Maybe if he closed his eyes and focused on hearing instead, it would help...?

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Destroyed Portion of Central City
Affected Rpers: Any GUN Agent with an open channel for distress calls :P


> Reboot Initiated

> Running Diagnostic

> Engine Malfunction Detected
- Damage Level: 73%

> Air Disc Malfunction Detected
- Damage Level: 47%

> Shield Generator Malfunction Detected
- Damage Level: 92%

> Machine Gun Malfunction Detected
- Damage Level: 34%
- Ammo Undamaged
- 500 Rounds Remaining
- 6 Tranquilizer Darts Remaining

> Internal Power Core Malfunction Detected
- Damage Level: 65%
- Energy Output Moderate

> Communication Unit Malfunction Detected
- Damage Level: 26%

> Optical Sensor Operating at Full Capacity

> Audio Unit Operating at Full Capacity

> Ventilation Ports Malfunction Detected
- Damage Level: 18%

> Activation Initiated
- Optical Sensor
- Audio Unit

A dim red light lit up the darkness of the area, coated in rubble from the original merge of the worlds. It scanned the area, noting various other fallen machines - of similar make but not nearly as complicated or matching in color scheme - as well as an every so faint light from above...And dust. A lot of dust. Oh, how the machine hated dust. How long was I out? It couldn't judge, and calculations wouldn't work since it had no idea to judge time from its current position. It was damaged, and in dire need of repairs, but its Air Disc...It was risky, but it had to try. Activating the device hidden within the dome, it began to spin, sending up a shower of sparks at it flung rocks into the distance, echoing off the walls of the destroyed basement. Letting out a loud cough, the machine lifted into the air somewhat unsteadily, hovering a few feet off the ground. Rotating around, it could not see much.

"Oh Jais dear boy, wot did you get yourself into?" The machine spoke, voice distinctly British. It popped at first from lack of use, but quickly resumed normal function. "This place 'as gone to the dogs, as they say. 'Ow pitiful." Searching his memory banks, he recalled being stationed in Central City...He had come to this area to spend time with more of his kind - Beetles - and also to have a romantic night with...


Swerving wildly and using his memory banks as a reference, he spotted a familiar tinge of pink amidst the rocks. Lowering himself, he used the machine gun mounted on his front to nudge it. Pressing harder despite the groans of his drive unit, it finally gave way and slide off. It revealed the beautiful frame of a Mono Beetle - one very much like himself but lacking any sort of armament, defensive or otherwise - clad in rose colors and lined with gold. Oh, that she was a thing of glory, so magnificent and vibrant and wonder and...

Shaking himself, he lowered himself to tap ever so softly on her. "Delilah, my dear, wake up." Waiting, he was sure she was running a reboot like he was. After a few minutes passed, however, he tapped again. "Delilah, please my love, activate your optical sensor so you can gaze upon your mighty Jais once more." She was probably just taking longer to run and get back to working order. Yes, that was it. Surely. She will be so 'appy to see me, and as will I to see 'er! Why, he even hummed to himself, a light sturdy tune that filled the void of dusk around them.

And yet, she did not wake.

Starting to panic, he decided to activate his communication unit - annoyed as it filled with some static and crackled due to the damage sustained - and try to find some help. "'Ello? Contacting G.U.N. 'eadquarters...Anyone there? This is Unit 05-000, Jais. I 'ave no recollection on 'ow long I 'ave been offline. Unit 05 Delilah is with me, but remains offline. I cannot wake 'er. Please, I am badly damaged and require repairs...I cannot get my love out of 'ere! Please, anyone 'ho can respond, please!" He hesitated for a moment. "I do not recall much. There was a flash, and I was knocked offline. Transmitting coordinates now. I will keep my communication unit online, despite damage, so any 'eroic rescuers can remain in contact."

And all the while, he remained hovering, ignoring the irritating grinding noise and occasional sparks the disc threw off. His love for the other sentient machine far exceeded his own need to rest.

06-20-2012, 02:11 AM
Stella Marino
Eggman Empire
Heading for the outskirts of Lilycove
Affected RPer: Possibly Winter

Screw stealth, screw it she was out of here!

She had been knocked out of her invisibility by a lucky bolt of electricity slamming into Lola, an now that she had beenseent he whole city was going into alert mode. Thank gods she was nearing the outskirts or else she would be in major, major trouble. Stella bolted down the alleys, twisting and turning because the streets were too filled with robots for her to get through easily. She could hear whirring and shouting, all of them trying to find her. Lola was a comforting presence nearby, the chilly air following her to her right.

When she burst into the daylight she was faced down by four robots, who immediately turned to her. "TARGET SIGHTED. CAPTURE." They started to lunge for her.

"Lola!" she cried out as the ghost appeared. "Thunder Wave!" Lola hissed and launched a wave of electricity at the robots, causing them all to short circuit and fall to the ground in heaps. Stella leaped over them and continued running, listened to the shouts of other robots in the distance as they tried to chase her. She pulled a Heavy Ball from her belt and held it tightly in her hand, ready to release it if need be. "Just five more minutes," she muttered as she turned out of the alley, searching for pursuers.

Odin and Fenrir
Eggman Empire
Outside Slateport City
Affected RPers: Hellsing

The howl almost made Odin jump out of his skin, and he glanced around wildly for the source of the sound. The robots and the Venusaur seemed just as confused as he did, and he threw out his mind to search for others. e immediately detected another presence nearby, intelligent, and ready to jump into the battle to defeat the robots. He had an ally, then. Not a split second later a large...canine jumped out of the nearby woods and landed in fornt of them. “Come meet your end, shackled souls. I will free you so that you may find peace instead of being trapped in these twisted metal bodies Robotnik has chained you to!” The wolf shouted before it, no she, shot enrgy out her palms, which made some of the robots explode.

She talked. How could she talk? And she had a very humanish body, two legs and arms and standing upright. Odin soon realized that that wasn't the point, and that she was helping him and that's all that did matter at the moment. A Badnik leaped for him and he threw out his hand, concentrating. The robot was instantly surrounded by a light blue glue and thrown backwards into a tree with such force that it instantly exploded. Internally, Odin was grateful for the help. It was so much easier for him to take out single enemies in a quick, successful fashion than make huge waves that would hit multiple targets.

He heard and irriated growl and turned to see Fenrir firing his arm cannon at the Venusaur, causing the dinosaur to roar in pain and stumble back. The andriod was fighting to get free of the sludge that was coating him, but it was quickly drying and becoming sticky, hindering his movements. Still he slashed at it with his spear, and the energy blade burned right throught he stuff. Odin saw his chance and threw out his hand again and narrowed his eyes, the bluish glow starting to flood out of them. Fenrir may have been immune to his telepathy, bu telekinesis worked just fine on him.

"What?" Fenrir asked as he was suddnely picked up as if by an invisible hand. "Let me go!" he yelled, but he was thrown backwards into a tree. And then another. Odin tossed him back and forth for a while, making sure he was properly disoriented before blasting him with his mind. Fenrir disappeared, crashing through the forest as if he had just been shot out of a cannon, and Odin turned back around to the Badniks. He picked up two more and crushed them with his mind and ran to the wolf's side. "Is this a friend of yours?" he asked, pointing to the injured pokemon and throwing a Badnik at the same time.

06-20-2012, 02:43 AM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29, Johto
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik (Lamda)

This was all very strange to Zippy Lane. After fighting several robots intent on doing her and her pokemon harm, this Lamda character was actually quite courteous. As a matter of fact, she was surprised that the thing could actually talk! After the robot freed himself from the grass, Lamda kindly offered the girl sanctuary in a refugee camp within Cherrygrove. He sure was making things sound rather normal, as if nothing that happened in the past three weeks ever happened. She’d be lying to herself if anything he said didn’t tempt her to follow Lamda into the city. Zippy certainly wanted to be with other people after being alone for so long. After spending three weeks in the wilderness, a hot spring would hit the spot for her weary body.

But she could not accept, not after what happened to Pallet Town. She figured this was some sort of trap, in which Lamda would lead her into some robot factory and get chopped up into robot food or something. No matter how nice this Lamda was, Zippy stood her ground.

“No way,” Zippy replied to Lamda, her confidence fueling her anger. “I saw what you guys did to everyone in Pallet Town. You expect me to believe that everyone is living happily underground and soaking in hot springs?! I’m not some tin head who will follow whatever you say.”

With that, the junior ranger pulled out one of her pokeballs, specifically the one holding her emolga. She held out the device, threatening to unleash the electric pokemon upon Lamda.

“Now give me one good reason why me and Shaveh shouldn’t just turn you into a tea set…?”

Zippy had taken a quick glance back, only to realize that she was alone in this field. Was Shaveh still hiding? Maybe he was lost? Or maybe he ran into trouble of the robotic kind. Suddenly, Zippy’s bravado started to wane.

“Shaveh! Get over here and help me out!” the ranger shouted, not knowing that her pleas were falling on deaf ears.

06-20-2012, 02:43 AM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Route 29, Johto
Affected RPers: Dr. Robotnik (Lamda)

This was all very strange to Zippy Lane. After fighting several robots intent on doing her and her pokemon harm, this Lamda character was actually quite courteous. As a matter of fact, she was surprised that the thing could actually talk! After the robot freed himself from the grass, Lamda kindly offered the girl sanctuary in a refugee camp within Cherrygrove. He sure was making things sound rather normal, as if nothing that happened in the past three weeks ever happened. She’d be lying to herself if anything he said didn’t tempt her to follow Lamda into the city. Zippy certainly wanted to be with other people after being alone for so long. After spending three weeks in the wilderness, a hot spring would hit the spot for her weary body.

But she could not accept, not after what happened to Pallet Town. She figured this was some sort of trap, in which Lamda would lead her into some robot factory and get chopped up into robot food or something. No matter how nice this Lamda was, Zippy stood her ground.

“No way,” Zippy replied to Lamda, her confidence fueling her anger. “I saw what you guys did to everyone in Pallet Town. You expect me to believe that everyone is living happily underground and soaking in hot springs?! I’m not some tin head who will follow whatever you say.”

With that, the junior ranger pulled out one of her pokeballs, specifically the one holding her emolga. She held out the device, threatening to unleash the electric pokemon upon Lamda.

“Now give me one good reason why me and Shaveh shouldn’t just turn you into a tea set…?”

Zippy had taken a quick glance back, only to realize that she was alone in this field. Was Shaveh still hiding? Maybe he was lost? Or maybe he ran into trouble of the robotic kind. Suddenly, Zippy’s bravado started to wane.

“Sh-Shaveh! Get over here and help me out!” the ranger shouted, not knowing that her pleas were falling on deaf ears.

Neo Emolga
06-20-2012, 04:46 AM
Axel Junio the Fox (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3394082&postcount=74)
Guardian Units of Nations
Destroyed Sector of Central City
Affected RPers: Grassy Aggron (Unit 05-000 Jais)

After finishing the checklist, I knew I was going to need that designer before moving forward. Everything was prepared for them to at least get started. Well, I figured that much was done and ready to go.

And then, my communication radio went off. There was some static at first, but I knew that wasn't on my end. I had this thing pretty much perfected. And then, I heard a voice...

"Ello?" The voice stated. "Contacting G.U.N. 'eadquarters...Anyone there? This is Unit 05-000, Jais. I 'ave no recollection on 'ow long I 'ave been offline. Unit 05 Delilah is with me, but remains offline. I cannot wake 'er. Please, I am badly damaged and require repairs...I cannot get my love out of 'ere! Please, anyone 'ho can respond, please!" He hesitated for a moment. "I do not recall much. There was a flash, and I was knocked offline. Transmitting coordinates now. I will keep my communication unit online, despite damage, so any 'eroic rescuers can remain in contact."

"Hey, this is Axel, I've got this," I spoke into the radio, confirming that receipt just in case someone else was listening in on the same channel. "Hang tight, I'm en route to your location. Over and out."

Ah man, and I just finished unpacking. Well, I figured the portable toolkit would be able to help. I looked around and packed up whatever would be good for a portable repair job. There was plenty in the repair truck as well, so I figured I could get by pretty well with the stuff and spare parts that were in there.

I left the machine shop and headed into the repair truck, taking with me the communication PDA device. I had the coordinates sent to me by Jais, now I just needed to get there. After unlocking the door, jumping in, closing the door behind me, and turning on the ignition, I headed out of the garage and drove through Central City.

The destroyed sector, the aftermath of the attack, was a wreck. I sighed, driving through the messed-up streets and the debris. Often, I had to take another road to get around massive piles of concrete and twisted steel. Meanwhile, I was wary about any stray Badniks around. So far, it seemed the coast was clear, but yeah, you never really did know with those things. Some of them were diabolically sneaky. And fast...

Repairing Central City was going to take a long time. Months, if not years. I could help with the machines, but repairing structures just wasn't my thing. Sure, I knew a few things about structural engineering, but my forte was machines, robotics, and electronics. Still, what a mess. Geez, there were days where I just wanted to walk up to Robotnik and really sincerely ask him if he really thought this was all worth it. I just wished he had a heart and a conscience. Nothing good could ever arise from something like this.

Eventually, I arrived at the location. I found a large domed machine with a light machine gun using a belt-fed ammo system, which I figured must have been a hybrid model of a Beetle unit. Meanwhile, it was painted black and red, with the numbers 05 painted on the helmet. It was still operations, but geez, it was a real mess. I got as close as I could, parking the truck close to the fallen robot. I then opened up the back doors, shut off the engine, and stepped out, being very wary about any enemy robots that may still be in the area.

Jais was quite a wreck. Had he been a living person, he'd definitely have to go to the emergency room. Thankfully, the equivalent of open-heart surgery to a robot wasn't so time-sensitive.

"Well, let's take a look at you," I said to him, trying to assess the damage. "Yeah, they really got you good, but I think I can handle it. Sit tight, this make take a while."

First thing I noticed about Jais was his engine block was a train wreck. I'd have to take it out to really do a good job on it. Meanwhile, the shield generator was nearly liquefied goop. I tested it to make sure it wasn't still hot, and once I confirmed it was cool, I removed it. It was too damaged to salvage and well beyond repair. I figured I could build him a new one with the parts I had.

After removing the engine, I got to work fixing the block and replacing the badly damaged camshaft. Most of the bearing caps were still intact, but the harmonic damper was a goner. Thankfully, I had a spare one of those, which I inserted into the engine block. For the connecting rod, it was snapped in half, but with a little work, I was able to reconnect it. The rest of the parts were mostly okay, but whatever was too damaged for repair, I replaced. I definitely needed to make myself a mental note to replace the truck's part stock after this.

Jai's shield generator was of the A1-XI type. I searched in the back of the truck, and figured I could get a TSG3 model to work with his unit. For him, it would be a bit of an upgrade, but I was going to have to modify his internal XU-Defuser unit and his AXON Regulator to adjust to the new calibration. That would only take a minute or two. Truthfully, most repair jobs would have forced most repairmen to have to bring him back to the shop, but thankfully, with a steady hand, that wasn't necessary. I could do it right here, just as long as I wasn't being attacked...

With some work, I managed to get the TSG3 model installed. After testing it, things seemed to be working okay. Still, with the internal power core the way it was, it wasn't going to be at its full potential. I quickly put on a pair of heat-resistant gloves, and removed the power core for its. Jais would have to enter a sleep state, as it was impossible for me to work on it while it was in operation.

After examining the power core, I quickly realized it was the LJ1M model. It could still work at a moderate, limited capacity, but I knew working for too long in a damaged state would only make it worse over time, and could damage it further even just by going through normal operations. I had to take it apart, and the internal components were definitely still hot. Some of the metal plates had been melted, so I quickly found some suitable metal to replace them, carefully made the replacement parts, and installed them. A lot of the wires were ripped apart, but I was able to track which ones were still good, and which ones needed to be replaced. Some of them were on the fence, but I wasn't going to take chances. Wires were like the veins and arteries of a machine. Definitely not worth tossing the dice with.

After around ten minutes worth of careful, intricate, and resourceful work, I managed to get the internal power core fixed. The communication unit was mostly okay, but there were a few severed connections in the circuit board leading up to the uplink and wireless units. Whatever components and transistors were no good anymore were extracted and replaced. Didn't take too long, no sweat. Once that was fixed up, I put it back and reinstalled it.

The belt-fed machine gun wasn't too beat up, but it was in no condition to fire. As it was, the chamber was jammed, and the hammer needed to be replaced. A few of the smaller parts could be easily fixed, and readjusting the frame of the weapon ensured it would fire straight. I figured while I was here, I added a few tweaks to reduce the recoil and increase the weapon's reliability.

Thankfully, Jais's CPU, memory unit, and his motherboard were still intact. I would have hated to have to give a robot like this a new personality. To me, that was like replacing someone's brain. They'd never be the same. Meanwhile, the hull damage was pretty severe, but it wasn't anything I couldn't fix. Some mechanists might be overwhelmed at it, but me, well, at least it wasn't a gaping wound with gushing blood coming out of it.

The ventilation ports were just a bit damaged. I figured I could replace the exhaust tubing, as well as the ventilation grills. The Air Disc also needed to be taken out and disassembled. I cleaned up the mess and replaced the KX-AS4 unit. Repairing that might take too long out here, and I had a spare anyway. After fixing it up, I reinstalled it into the body, and hooked it back up.

Everything else seemed to be okay. Once everything was back in operation, Jais would reawaken and probably feel refreshed and well-rested, as if waking up for a coma. I wasn't sure how exactly it would feel like to a robot... nor was I in any hurry to find out myself!

"Looks like you're good to go, Jais," I told him with a smile, patting the machine on the side. "Now, let's see what I can do for your friend there."

I headed over to the pink Mono Beetle. Oddly enough, it was missing a weapon. I wasn't sure if it was broken off and laying somewhere among the rubble or if it didn't have a weapon in the first place, but I didn't exactly have a replacement for that. I'd have to head to the armory for something the Mono Beetle could use, as I didn't have anything in the truck she could use. And right now, she was in need of repairs way more than having a gun. It looked kinda cute with the pink and gold colors, but yeah, it did take a pretty mean beating.

After opening her up, I managed to find out what shut her offline. The connection to her power core and her processing units and motherboard were ripped apart. Thankfully, her processing units and motherboard were okay, but she was lucky. A few inches and she would have been a goner, also needing a new personality. I wasn't sure if robots had guardian angels too, but this was probably a good example of one hard at work if they did!

I searched and ran a diagnostic analysis and it seemed most of her parts were okay. Just that dead connection that really did her in. A few parts were in need of replacement, but getting it all back together wasn't too much of an issue. Most of the hull damage was only trivial. Well, at least to me it was. To another repairman, she had taken a pretty mean blow and could take months to get back together. Well, thankfully, for me, I didn't have to look over her construction and schematics. Her unit and part models were fairly obvious. A few parts I had to be a bit creative to make my own in order to replace the bad ones, but they worked great. After repairing her, I initiated her startup sequence, and she was back online.

"Well, looks like you guys are going to be okay," I smiled to them both, happy I could help. "You let me know if something needs adjusting. And yeah, stay out of harm's way if you can. Well, I've got to head back to the shop, but let me know if there's anything else you need."

Thankfully, I hadn't been attacked by any Badniks during the repair. I wasn't sure if they were still around, but the whole area was quiet and somber in an eerie way. We had lost a lot of good people in this assault, and I knew plenty of soldiers gave their lives to protect Central City. I wish it didn't have to be like this, but sometimes, there were those that came into power... those that really shouldn't have. The kinds that felt the truth and what was right and wrong was whatever they said it was. I just really couldn't stand those kinds of people...

But hopefully, one step at a time, we'd make things right. Among a broken city with countless dead bodies, twisted metal, ripped open streets, shattered glass, broken concrete and endless clouds of dust, this machine, this GUN Beetle hybrid, understood the value of hope and compassion, along with the value of appreciation and living creatures. It understood the power of love and friendship, and what it means to protect the ones you love like it did for this Mono Beetle.

And when I looked to the sky... maybe someday, maybe tomorrow in another time, another place, all machines would understand that precious value... to learn how to love... and forever delete what taught them to hate...

And if machines could do that... maybe we could too...

06-20-2012, 01:53 PM
Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Fight Zone People.

Schrodinger could fight a lot of things. He could fight people, he could fight robots, and he could fight these 'Pokemon' creatures, although the latter was to a lesser extent.

He could not fight explosions.

As soon as the first robot began to self-destruct, Schrodinger recognized the pattern. This was when the distraction was over and it was time to start doling out the heavy losses. "Get back inside!" he snarled. "Seal the doors! They're going to continue to self-destruct until they're all gone! And unless you want to be blown to bits -"

Although he continued backing away - sniping as many of the robots as he could, before they could kill the first thing within range - he stopped speaking. The Pokemon was contacting him once more. Quickly and curtly, it informed him that Chakram was dead and that Heatran had been captured.

"Sh*t!" Schrodinger gasped. He was swearing at the news, too, he supposed, although his initial motivation was the trio of badniks that began to rush straight for him. He just barely managed to kill them all in time. Trying to make his tail stop poofing, he relayed the Pokemon's intel to Cadence. This was a bad day for the Uprising.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Just Socrates's Pokemon now.

"You're too late. We've captured Heatran..." The words echoed in Alice's head, rolling around in a tumble of shock and disbelief. Oracle's shock mingled with hers, and Garda let out a snarl of rage. But there was nothing they could do. Raine was already practically gone on her Salamence, and there was no way in hell Alice was going to risk her Pokemons' necks to stop her. But then, out of nowhere, something even more ominous appeared in the sky: a black-and-red Pokemon with spindly tentacle arms and a glowing violet gem in its chest. Alice flopped down, her legs going limp as disbelief crushed her. How could this have happened?

Without warning, a black beam of energy shot from Deoxys's gem. It struck Dragonite, who went down into the center of its own storm. The Deoxys then released a black cloud from its chest, hiding its retreat. Alice must have blacked out, because a second later she was sprawled out on the ground with her fists and the rock immediately in front of her somewhat bloodied. All of her Pokemon, save for Alto, Liberty, and Gretchen, crowded around her, looking concerned. She shook her head, despondent.

"They got Heatran," Alice said quietly. Extremely vivid visions of fire ripping through the Uprising's base danced behind her eyes. Her chest tightened. Of all the Legendary Pokemon in Sinnoh, why did it have to be Heatran?

Of all the Legendary Pokemon...

Legendary Pokemon...

Alice? Oracle asked hesitantly. Alice fixed her eyes on him, wondering if he was going to try and critique the plan that was forming in her head. However, what he said was, Chakram is dead.

"What!?" Alice hooted. She stood up, looking around, trying to find where the unit commander had gone. She saw no sign of him, or any living thing besides her Pokemon and the others that had shown up unannounced.

The hurricane threw him into the sea, along with his Dragonite, said Oracle. The other surviving humans had already been killed by the badniks. Shall I send word back to base?

Alice shuddered. "Yes," she replied. "Tell them everything that's happened here. We're going back, and we're going to tear whoever's attacking them apart." She hopped onto Gretchen's back, fury seething within her. To the strange Pokemon, she called, "You lot may as well come, too. More help's always welcome." Then she recalled her Pokemon to their Pokeballs, save for Oracle and Gretchen. The latter took off with three flaps of her six mighty wings.

"Are you okay?" Gretchen rumbled. Most Trainers spent their careers interpreting body language and gestures from their Pokemon, but Alice had sunk a great deal of effort into learning Pokemon-speak.

"I'll be fine," murmured Alice. They continued to fly, the Fight Zone growing closer. As they did, gears ground in Alice Card's head. Spear Pillar, she thought, over and over again. Our next stop is Spear Pillar.

Sight of the Stars
06-21-2012, 06:51 AM
Issantu Ardoma • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
if only if only the woodpecker sighs

"Oh, the day of the attack? I guess I'll start after the Badniks withdrew...

"Well, it was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, and all was quite peaceful. Heck, if it weren't for the screams of agony and the wails of sirens in the area, it would have been absolutely beautiful! I'm quite certain that without it, you could have heard the birds... But, sadly, at times it was hard to hear much over the sound of burning city and shifting rubble." He gives a nonchalant shrug, cheeky, pseudo-innocence creeping onto his features. "That was the day I sort of overslept and kind of... uh..." He mumbled something inaudible under his breath, glares at you when prompted to repeat, and then does it again. Finally, he's coaxed into saying: "That was the day I sort of... oversleptandmissedthewholething." He gives a cough, clearing his throat. "Like, I didn't even budge when the superlaser shaved off the top of our skyscrapers. That was how far under I was." He waves his hand in the air, shaking his head and rolling his eyes at you. "Hey, don't look at me like that! I was so doped up on pain meds that I thought I was flying around the world with star-breathing Rayquaza and a winged Musharna. Flowers were eating my head in that damn dream, give me a break. It's not my fault some douche in the training area decided to trip my Rhyherior with a Grass Knot while he was walking back toward me and make him land on my arm.

"Well, yeah, anyway. By the time I got up and rode my Garchomp, SallyMcWhat'sHerName... Okay, fine, Alanasi, over to where most of the drama was, and it sort of played out like this." He taps a button on hovering screen of light floating before him. "Initiating author-y narration mode in three, two, one..." And then the world flashes white.


Ash and paper danced around his boots, disturbed by the masked figure's passing presence. The feather-like cords of extended hair attached to his mask bobbed up and down with each step, dark indigo cloak leaving a slight trail as it was dragged across the ground. The pale mask left his features shrouded in mystery with the exception of his glowing, dark violet right eye, the other hidden with an ebony patch. He moved slowly, carefully, his white-gloved fingers curling into a fist as he glanced around him. His left arm was bound tightly in a dark blue cast, and strapped firmly to it was a black, bullet-proof shield marred with various dents. Its form was topped with a gentle curve, and from there it jutted sharply downward into a much steeper, slightly rounding slope before coming to a center point blunt from wear.

Shrunken pupils glared out from dark azure brows, yellow eyes glaring about. A snort erupted from the bipedal Pokemon's forward-set nostrils, a three-clawed foot lifting and raking it across the ground in an irritated manner. The fin that protruded from its back was free of maimed edges, betraying its gender: female. She took another step forward to her Trainer before her, who had stopped as he had encountered a ghastly sight.

The rabbit anthromorph was covered in blood, his most notable wounds consisting of his amputated legs. That was all that the man was able to take in about the corpse before he forced himself to look away, flinching. He withdrew Alanasi, plucking another Pokeball from his belt and releasing the creature within.

The massive fox stretched leisurely, nine tails rolling and swirling about its bodice as it shook out its cream-colored fur. Claret eyes glowed dangerously as Kenya laid her gaze upon the deceased comrade before her, and then turned her sights upon her Trainer expectantly.

"Come, we're going to find the injured." By this time, Issantu's stare was trained to his right, upon the stretching lane that was laid out before him, trained on several figures in the distance, what seemed like a Volcarona and a Musharna among them. It seemed like they were alive, though, and not seriously injured, though if they were, he would leave them to their own devices. At least they had each other's company. As far as Issantu knew, there could be comrades dying alone as they sat there doing nothing. Turning toward his beloved Pokemon, he climbed onto the vixen's back, holding the shield to the side and wrapping the other arm around her neck, clenching the Ninetales' neck fur tightly. Kenya's muscles coiled, and then she sprang over the ruins of the military vehicle that lay smoking in their path.


The scene painted in your mind pauses as Issantu clears his throat, his tone lifting from his dramatic narration.

"Well, I guess that I better explain this before you all flip tables and cry foul. Let me ask you one thing. Do you know what I raised this Vulpix on from the moment she hatched out of her egg? No, you don't, so I'll tell you. Moomoo Milk. Let me ask you another thing. Do you know how rich Moomoo Milk is? If you've tasted it, you know. That stuff is insanely rich. That right there is the nectar and ambrosia of the Pokemon world for a cheap price. I wouldn't be surprised if they milk that stuff from Arceus itself. This is exactly why she's at least a foot and a half taller than a regular Ninetales. And her father is an Arcanine and her father's father is a Mamoswine. So I guess you could say it runs in the family." He gives a shrug and then goes to tap the screen once more, but pauses, finger hovering over the glowing display.

"Arceus, it was terrible," he murmurs. "To see the city streets you had walked easily down only a couple of days before covered in ash and debris. I lied about the screams of agony and the sirens. That's just it. It was so quiet." A sad sigh slipping past his lips, his finger falls, and your mind is launched back into the scene.



The absence of sound was louder than anything he had ever heard. It was the lack of screams, the lack of sirens, the lack of anything but flickering flames that terrified him more than anything. The silence was deafening. It hurt his auds more than any ear-splitting explosion ever could.

Kenya slowed to a walk, paws setting down gently, as if her very steps held the capability to destroy this seemingly fragile world any further. She distributed her weight carefully as she padded over shards of glass both large and small. She lifted her nose into the air, ears tuned to every sound as she made an attempt to locate any survivors.

It was going to be a long day.

the bark on the trees was as soft as the skies
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K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
and the wolf waits alone hungry and lonely

K'sariya listened intently to her commanders' suggestions, blocking out the world around her as she nodded. Coaxing her winged steed further downward, she dismounted the Volcarona when Zira was a few feet from the asphalt below them. As she landed, she crumpled forward to her knees as a large shard of glass drove itself easily past the already-cut, calloused surface of her foot and directly into her heel. She gave a slight cry of pain, nails bloodied from earlier digging scraping across the rough, heated surface below her, fingers furling tightly into fists. Zira gave a worried chortle, wings brushing against her companion's back.

What a terrible day to have gone barefooted, she growled in her mind, gut tight as she made an attempt to move, despite the pain. She rolled carefully onto her rear, folding her foot quickly up to pull the large piece of glass out of her flesh. Her teeth clenched tightly together, a hiss escaping her as it finally came free. Blood rushed forth, the scarlet liquid oozing generously from the deep wound. Agh, what I would have given to have Monsoon here to wash this ou--

She rolled to her feet, the pain suddenly vanishing in her mind as striking alarm flushed her features and guilt weighted her gut. How could I have forgotten?!

"Zira... what happened to Monsoon?" she whispered urgently, turning to the Sun Pokemon, who only lowered herself further as her head drooped, her own guilt reaching her.

"He... he..." The Volcarona struggled with her words. "He lost his temper after one of the ships sunk... and he attacked Ace... but I stopped him. I stopped him, I really did. And then Ace told me to leave... Monsoon became angry with me and went back into the water," she confessed, voice desperate and filled with sorrow. "And Ace! I haven't seen him, K'sariya... I... I haven't seen him..."

The Trainer gave a sad sigh, turning her eyes downward. He's gone, Zira. The Volcarona stopped dead, wings stopping suddenly. She animated herself moments before she hit the ground, still stunned with shock.


K'sariya shook her head, and then turned back to the task at hand, deciding that she'd deal with the matter of Monsoon later. "Alixra," she said simply, nodding to the Musharna, who had moved closer when she had seen her master drop to the ground in pain. The rose-colored Pokemon paused for a moment, and then drifted back over to Shadow. She was initially a bit confused by the orders (she wasn't sure which was supposed to hold the injured individual; her or Zira?), but quickly figured that it must be her, for it would probably be easier to help him if he was hovering in the air than if he was on the back of a moving creature. She used her Psychic to hold Shadow a couple of inches off of the ground as the glass was removed, so he would not be putting so much pressure on his broken ribs. She held him steady so she would not interfere with the dragon's performance. The Musharna also assumed that it would be easier to put on this 'tensor cast' when his ribs weren't smooshed under his body weight.

Meanwhile, K'sariya limped over, using Zira as support, carefully avoiding any glass that could maim her remaining good foot. Well, if you could call it 'good' any longer; it too already had several small shards lodged in it after her sprint here, but she had fairly high pain tolerance. The large shard in her other foot had been too much for her, though, and she was starting to feel the pain in both, now.

Her other Pokemon reached her, having waited until the Director had gone to cross over to her side of Shadow. Kalahaq relieved her aching soles of her own body weight as she perched upon him with a sigh of relief. She turned her gaze upon Astrailyx, carefully watching her work and uttering no other sound.

he cries to the moon if only if only
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Saraibre Ryu
06-21-2012, 07:55 PM
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City
Affected RPer's: Grassy [Shadow], Sights [Sari], bron [Omega]

Astrailyx noted how whoever this person was, only changed the expression on her face in regards to her own lecture. She only kept looking at him unblinking the entire time, not liking him the more he stood there. When another robot appeared, the dragon was as vigilant as ever, still multitasking by having wrapped gauze around Shadow’s back to prevent any further bleeding, and was how starting to work away at a tensor cast, rather upset she still couldn’t do anything with the hunk of metal in his side. As the Director explained the device, it only raised more questions that Astrailyx wanted answers to. She looked at the blue prints for a few seconds before slowly taking them from his hands, cautious of him the entire time. What he said to Shadow, she didn’t like, and her ears remained a bit further back than they usually did until he vanished, leaving his mechanical gifts behind. She looked at them for a moment, listening to Omega’s scans as he said they weren’t a threat. With the blue print in her hand, she wasn’t sure what to think of these robots, but at least a piece of paper was harmless at the moment.

Astrailyx remembered the growl Shadow gave her earlier. Any negativity he displayed always made her a bit nervous due to the fact negative chaos energy very much messed up her entire body. At least she had built up a small resistance to it so she wouldn’t completely shut down if she tried to block it from herself. Thanks to Alixra, she was able to mend Shadow’s wounds, though they started to turn pink within a few minutes. Thankfully the salve she had stuck on the inside of them helped seal the bandages together, and would prevent further blood loss. Now there was the tricky part of getting the tensor on just right; tight enough to act as a cast but loose enough to permit the minimal about of breathing. Astrailyx had the advantage of being ambidextrous; both hands, her talons and her tail even as well. Hovering just over Shadow, she maneuvered the tensor around, holding it in place until it overlapped enough that she would no longer need to hold it in place. Getting even distribution was hard with the hedgehog’s coughing, but Astrailyx worked carefully and with gentleness.

As Shadow continued talking, Astrailyx only narrowed her gaze on him, knowing too much energy was spent talking, never mind giving orders. She wouldn’t be surprised if he obtained a concussion, but she wasn’t about to go feeling around his head for any bruised brain matter. That was just a bit too weird. The dragon thought Shadow was in no condition to make any orders, and sighed as he continued to try and do his job as he lay there in a psychic field. Astrailyx was incredibly patient, especially with Shadow but her worry for his condition was starting to wear on her mind. At least he seemed intent on staying alive, which was always a good sign. However, it was what he said next that just pushed one of those buttons she had.

"...Stop...Stop worrying...I'm just a little hurt..."

Astrailyx stopped what she was doing immediately and gave him a mild glare. In anyone’s case, you could immediately tell she was not entertained by that comment at all. Despite him showing his personality was still intact, Astrailyx could not avoid giving him a look. The statement pulled one of her strings the wrong way to such a point, she swatted him in the ear, not hard enough to hurt (though in this case, it may have been a bit sore and would hurt anyway) but well enough to get his attention.

“Stop worrying? Stop worrying?!This is exactly the reason why I do worry, and it doesn’t help the situation when you tell worried people not to worry when you find a rough gravel patch comfortable as your own body fluids dye it another colour!” Astrailyx began, making sure Shadow was hearing every single word of what she was saying. “A little hurt? No, this isn’t a little. A little is a cut, a sprain, even a small fracture in your case. Bleeding out, glass shards deep in your back as they try to become new quills, multiple fractured ribs, both complete and incomplete, your vision is going because of the blood loss, I wouldn’t be surprised if your hearing was a bit muffled as well. You have a metal piece in your hip that I can’t do anything about right now because it would do more harm than good, despite what I’d like to do with it now. You are unable to stand up where I know that even in extreme weakness you would still stand in the presence of a foe. You may have a concussion too for all I can guess but I’m not checking that in the same why I know your ribs are damaged. There also blood being coughed up every time you try to speak, which agitates your breathing and the massive expanse of your lungs in your damaged rib cage caused by it, could create the lethal issue of you puncturing a lung. It’s also expending energy you should be using to stay awake, rather than you telling me to stop worrying because you believe all of that, is just being a little bit hurt! You are in no position to tell me that, or in any position to do anything, so you focus on staying awake and not speak another word. I don’t want you to die, as does anyone else!”

As she finished her, what many would call a rant, some a lecture, her worry hit its peak. Once she realized she was acting a bit upset, she stopped and took a moment to calm down, and finish the tensor off. It wasn’t like Astrailyx to do any kind of snapping but that had pushed one of those buttons that you don’t push. Taking in a deep breath, eyes closed in order to calm herself again, she looked back at Shadow as she finished off casting his torso.

“Shadow you are unfit for duty until you heal. You’re going to get that hunk of metal removed and a lot of bed rest whether you approve or not. You may be a higher rank than me but your life outranks your own rank, so you’re stuck until you can walk again at least, so no order giving for you.” She knew that was going to hurt his pride a bit, but that’s what he got for trying to do anything while in a very critical state, and also for trying to tell her it was a little thing. “Also to just make sure you were listening, I am going to ask you about that earlier lecture mister.”

She then turned to K’sariya and Zira. Immediately noticing a slight weakness in the girls legs, she clued in that Shadow wasn’t the only one with glass lodged in him. She took a look at it from where she was hovering, thinking she could to a patch job of her own, though humans were a bit more sensitive to injuries she found than Shadow was. She stuck the medical knot over her shoulder again, drawing it across her chest and pulling her one wing through the strap.

“Thank you Alixra.” She told the Musharna. “Zira, would you mind carrying Shadow back to headquarters on your back? He needs to get that piece of metal out of him with as much haste as possible.”

She then turned to K’saryia with a soft and gentle look. “Does Zira have the ability to carry both yourself and Shadow? I may be able to patch up your cuts as well and I wouldn’t want you walking on those legs in that state, or maybe even Omega could carry you if it isn’t the case that Zira can fly both of you.”

As her nature went, she had concern for everyone. K’sariya’s Pokémon had allowed her to finish mending what she was able to do with Shadow. Astrailyx felt a bit unkind to have given Shadow that much attention, and a lecture, and to have not noticed the girl’s injuries until now. Perhaps she may have noticed them sooner if a certain hedgehog didn’t make a certain comment.

“I don’t mean to push on anyone either, but it may be best we head out as soon as possible.”

Sight of the Stars
06-22-2012, 01:18 AM
K'sariya Damuna • Guardian Units of Nations • Central City
and the wolf waits alone hungry and lonely
K'sariya was suddenly sort of scared of Astrailyx. Okay, maybe not really, but she added "not ticking off Astra" to her list of "don'ts". Because if there was one thing that K'sariya couldn't take, it was being yelled at by those she cared about or the superiors that she respected. Though she would nod her head and walk away in silence, as soon as she was out of view she would, nine times out of ten, break down.

Astrailyx glanced at the cloaked woman, who flinched involuntarily upon the sudden divert in attention. She lifted her slim fingers to her face, brushing her black hair from her eyes as she listened in silence. After the harsh words delivered so strictly upon Shadow, she was almost surprised that lyrics of the same negative tone were not inflicted on her as well. Her Pokemon had a similar reaction, but both nodded in response. The Musharna lifted Shadow higher into the air until Zira could hover under him and lift herself so that he rested on her back, and then the Psychic was released and he was settled gently onto the silky fur. Zira hovered laboriously in such a manner, unsure of how to keep him from falling off.

K'sariya turned her gaze curiously about, the dragon's inquiry making her wonder why she hadn't seen Astyn yet. She looked past Shadow and saw the Hydreigon joining them, but didn't bother asking for an explanation as to why it had take the dragon longer to catch up than the Metagross. The Trainer nodded to the dark Pokemon in response.

"I have Astyn," she replied, patting the dragon. Quite truthfully, the idea of being held and flying with a robot unnerved her to extreme lengths, no matter the mecha's affiliation. She didn't show this at the slightest, only rubbed her hand down the length of Astyn's neck fondly, a slight smile curving the edges of the tight line that was her lips upward.

"I won't let him fall," she promised, using her own Psychic to project her mental voice about. "But we may want to strap him down in case he gets suicidal and rolls, she murmured a bit more quietly. It was obvious something was on her mind, but even K'sariya wasn't sure what.

"My foot can wait," K'sariya added. "This isn't near as bad when I stepped on Ikuja's Rocky Helmet because he left it lying around." A fond chuckle slipped from her, but she didn't say much more than that. Her brow furrowed with worry as she idly thought of Monsoon. What had taken down the ship? Would whatever did it hurt Monsoon? She gave a sigh, and then allowed Kalahaq to lift her up onto Astyn's back. She withdrew all of her Pokemon except for Zira, and waited for any additional instruction.

he cries to the moon if only if only
438 words • tagged; Sabi {Astrailyx}, Grassy {Shadow}, bron {Omega} [minor]
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just so we can get back to base

06-22-2012, 03:04 AM
[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx), Sight (K'Sariya), Bron (Omega...Somewhat)
<Tolls of Battle>

The most peculiar sensation wrapped itself around him, one that he swore he felt before. It shrouded his entire body, shifting his weight and more or less making him feel weightless. It forced him to open his eyes once more, to see exactly what was going on. He felt something cold and damp position itself on the fiery wounds that plagued him, bringing instant and satisfying relief. There was still a dull ache, but it was nowhere near as painful as it had been before, and it made focusing on staying awake a lot easier. That being said, however, the bandages being wrapped around his body made it somewhat difficult to breathe, and the pressure - while good for bleeding - aggravated the wounds once again. Still, he appreciated everything that was being done, and knew that bleeding to death was still very deadly to even an immortal. That being said, however, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to hold off unconsciousness for long. There was only so much the body could do when it lost enough blood...And willpower only stayed darkness for a short amount of time.

However, Astrailyx's angry glare caught his attention after he had said he was only a little hurt. The energy dragon proceeded to swat his ear, and despite it not being hard, it made it ring with pain, the two explosions having taken a toll on the sensitive hearing. “Stop worrying? Stop worrying?! This is exactly the reason why I do worry, and it doesn’t help the situation when you tell worried people not to worry when you find a rough gravel patch comfortable as your own body fluids dye it another colour!” Yeah, she was mad. “A little hurt? No, this isn’t a little. A little is a cut, a sprain, even a small fracture in your case. Bleeding out, glass shards deep in your back as they try to become new quills, multiple fractured ribs, both complete and incomplete, your vision is going because of the blood loss, I wouldn’t be surprised if your hearing was a bit muffled as well. You have a metal piece in your hip that I can’t do anything about right now because it would do more harm than good, despite what I’d like to do with it now. You are unable to stand up where I know that even in extreme weakness you would still stand in the presence of a foe. You may have a concussion too for all I can guess but I’m not checking that in the same why I know your ribs are damaged. There also blood being coughed up every time you try to speak, which agitates your breathing and the massive expanse of your lungs in your damaged rib cage caused by it, could create the lethal issue of you puncturing a lung. It’s also expending energy you should be using to stay awake, rather than you telling me to stop worrying because you believe all of that, is just being a little bit hurt! You are in no position to tell me that, or in any position to do anything, so you focus on staying awake and not speak another word. I don’t want you to die, as does anyone else!”

Finishing the cast, she calmed herself and looked him over. “Shadow you are unfit for duty until you heal. You’re going to get that hunk of metal removed and a lot of bed rest whether you approve or not. You may be a higher rank than me but your life outranks your own rank, so you’re stuck until you can walk again at least, so no order giving for you.” Oh snap. “Also to just make sure you were listening, I am going to ask you about that earlier lecture mister.”

"...I said that...So you wouldn't worry..." He coughed. "Sometimes...The truth hurts more than a lie...After all..." Oh Chaos, he was exhausted. "And I could...Stand if you put..." Energy faltering, his speech stopped, and he took a deep breath to halt any cough that might have come on. He so dearly wanted to cough, to rid himself of the itching in his throat and chest. This...This isn't death...If I was dying...I'd be in a lot less pain... Well, at least he had that comforting thought. "Honestly...Looking forward to rest..." He sputtered.

And then, he felt himself lifted higher, and the wing beats of the Volcarona drew closer until he could faintly see the blurry red wings. The sensation of spiritual energy dissipated, and Zira began to flap much harder. He wondered if he was too heavy, but his sluggish mind deduced he couldn't be heavier than K'sariya. He was amazed by how soft the Volcarona's fur was - it was fine as silk, and comfortably warm. It was the type of warmth you would see on a cold winter's day, to snuggle against and forget about worries. And thus, he suddenly realized how truly tired he was. The exhaustion he had been complaining about had bloomed into a full blown weariness, bone deep and terrible. It snaked around his mind, into his ears and pulling at his eyelids. His hearing became little more than muffled, distorted mess that he couldn't to decipher, and his eyes...He couldn't keep them open anymore. Try as the hedgehog might, he just couldn't.

I can't...



Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
Affected RPers: Neo (Axel)
<Joyous of Days!>

It took a few minutes after his call had been received by Axel - what a strong name, he could respect it - before he heard the rumble of a truck, and it pulled as close as it could before it was shut off. A brown fox hopped out, and it was obvious he was an engineer of some sort. "Well, let's take a look at you," he certainly did not waste his time, "yeah, they really got you good, but I think I can handle it. Sit tight, this might take a while." Lowering himself to the ground, he shut off anything that could hurt the fox and allowed him to get to work. The first thing he did was take his engine block off and begin repairing it, fixing connector rods and the like before putting it back on. His generator was completely wrecked, and the model he pulled out was different than what he was used to. However, Axel assured him he could get the job done, and he put his trust in him...And in fact, his generator worked even better than it had before. My, what marvelous engineering!

Of course, when it came time to remove his power core...Well, he had to allow it. He shut down briefly and allowed him to work.

"Looks like you're good to go, Jais," those were the first words he heard as he rebooted, but he felt a definite pat as well, "now, let's see what I can do for your friend there." Oh, he felt like brand new. Surely he could help his dearest Delilah!

As he walked over and took her apart, Jais felt very much like he was breaking into her privacy. Admittedly embarrassed, he turned away, understanding that her power connection had been broken. At least, from what Axel told him, anyway. He dare not look at her naked wires - that is NOT what a gentlebot does! Jais dear boy, you would 'ave quite a bit to explain to 'er if you peeped! Better avoid the madam's wrath...

"Well, looks like you guys are going to be okay," Jais couldn't help but turn, nearly squealing in delight at seeing his love hovering again, "you let me know if something needs adjusting. And yeah, stay out of harm's way if you can. Well, I've got to head back to the shop, but let me know if there's anything else you need."

"Oh, thank you dearest sir! You 'ave our utmost gratitude! Any need, desire, chat, protection, anything, you just need to inquire it of me! I would simply adore to 'elp you, good sir! Great Axel! You saved my love! There is nothing I could ever do to repay you!" Jubilant and cheery as always, Jais couldn't help but be so happy. As Axel began to speed off, he turned to the Mono Beetle beside him.

"Dearest Delilah? 'Ow are you feeling, my love?"

Her eye switched to him, watching, and for a moment he dreaded that maybe she didn't hear him. "...I'm...I'm fine..." She hovered beside him, pressing ever so lightly against his hull. "I...I don't remember what happened...Why I was offline..."

"Neither do I, my dear." Jais responded as they began to leave the building. Travel by hovering was slow, but she did not have an engine such as his. Not to mention, talking...He loved talking to her. The machine was also glad she hadn't seen the other fallen Beetles. It would have upset his precious little bolt! "But we will return to base, and demand an answer. For all our 'ard work, of course, we do deserve to know what knocked both of us offline." He sighed, a somewhat odd gesture from a creation that needed no air. "Oooh, no peace. No peace at all!"

"This place is a wreck..." Delilah quietly stated, observing the smoking buildings. "Were we attacked...?

"Hmm..." The hybrid wondered, examining everything with a critical eye. "Smoking buildings...Fires out of control..." His eye fixed on a fallen machine, and alarm sprang through him. "A badnik?" Delilah gave a slight "eep", pressing into him more tightly. "Many of them...But the skies are clear now. Whatever occurred is already over. But we must inquire about what 'appened! I swore on my 'onor to 'elp Guardian Units of Nations when I gained sentience, and I will be a daft fool if I break it now! ONWARDS!" He stated with determination, excitement, and admittedly some overconfidence. They began to head towards the center of the city, where the base lie.

...At an astonishing five miles an hour.


(Delilah is a NPC. Personality wise, think of, say, Fluttershy from MLP...Quiet, skittish, and often unsure of herself, but loving all the same.)

Dog of Hellsing
06-22-2012, 03:51 AM
OOC: LOL Grassy, I just got a mental image of a Badnik version of Fluttershy. It would be too timid and caring to do much of anything XD. Also short post is short, but yay, Grohiik!


IC: Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Outskirts of Slateport City, Hoenn
Affected RPers: Enkaku
<Maybe things are finally looking up?>

“Nid, Geinmaar’i drey ni mindok nimaar,” I replied as the young human crushed two more Badniks and tossed a third aside, joining me and motioning to the large creature that had engaged with the robots. As I fired a few more bolts of energy at the few remaining Badniks, I shook my head and realized that I had replied in Grohiik instead of English.

“Ah, I apologize. It has been some time since I was around others. No, I do not know this beast. It came while I was resting in the trees after trying to escape from the robots; they found me in that city, looking for supplies.” I winced as I shifted my weight, taking my normal upright posture. The slice on my inner thigh was still stinging fiercely, despite being just a shallow wound. Still, it was of little concern. I had noticed his surprise when I’d spoken; he had to be a resident of the world mine had merged with. Which meant…

“Tell me, Jul, by any chance do you know your way around daar lein, this world? I am trying to find a volcano, the place where Robotnik’s flying fortress has landed. Also, have you by any chance seen others like me? I…am seeking fron, members of my family, my Tah. I do not know if there are survivors from when my Tah was attacked by Robotnik’s forces some years ago, or if they have been changed into these soulless machines…” The sadness that always plagued me when I remembered the death of my Pack struck harder than it had in the past few weeks, and my ears flattened themselves to my skull as a soft growl rumbled in my chest.

“Geinmaar’i Tah…Geinmaar’i fron…rok fen aus fah daar krosis…”

Saraibre Ryu
06-22-2012, 07:03 AM
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City
Affected RPer's: Grassy [Shadow], Sights [Sari], Bron [Omega]

Astrailyx gave K’sariya a worried look, but if she was sure that she would be alright with that foot of hers, then she left it be. She wasn’t used to the look of the Hydriegon, wondering how it came to have the three heads where the two outer ones looking like arms. Hovering in the air, she watched Shadow being placed on the back of the giant moth, and immediately noticed that it may be a bit difficult for Shadow to remain on her back without assistance. She then proceeded to sit next to Shadow, sideways on Zira’s back. One of the benefits of being an energy being was that you didn’t weigh a thing, that was if you had the ability to resist gravity, and the dragon had enough energy for that.

“Don’t worry Zira, I’ll keep him steady.” She told the Volcarona softly.

Zira was very warm, and Astrailyx could feel the solar power coursing through the moth’s body. She was astounded sometimes by these Pokémon creatures and found herself discovering more similarities between herself and them than she did of her own universe. Yes she was specially reengineered to live and exist in her own, originally from another one all together, however it was strange how time and space wanted to tweak the slightest of things to create the biggest differences. Her thoughts stopped when her ears twitched, picking up the faint sound of Shadow speaking. Astrailyx gave him a mild look, but it softened with what he said. As much as she was going to cut him off, she was going to let him speak this time. However her mind changed as soon as he mentioned giving him a chance to stand up, swatting only his shoulder in such a light way, it was only comparable to a soft touch.

“You are doing nothing but resting.” She told him. “There isn’t any point in lying when I can see your condition. You should know me better by now-”

Sometimes a smaller lie was better than a brutal truth, but was it necessary to only nudge someone you cared for when they really needed a push? Even then, what was truth to someone may not be truth to another. What the truth was, was entirely subjective and at the mercy of those that beheld truth. What one person may see is always different from what another may see. What may be intended by one person as care and concern, may be seen as an insult or an unintended understanding. Shadow telling Astrailyx not to stop worrying in order for her to not worry was an exact example. He meant well but by her understanding, he should have known better and reworded a statement to better prevent that earlier rant. As Astrailyx finished her sentence, she noticed one thing about Shadow that made a spark of concern that quickly expanded into a slight panic in her mind.

“Shadow…Shadow? Shadow?!”

Shadow’s eyes were closed. As much of his vital signs Astrailyx could see, if Shadow did have some sort of head trauma, that was a bad thing. The idea of Shadow not being able to heal properly gave her a reason to be just the slightest bit fearful. Normally Astrailyx was far more calm, but with his condition, she was a bit more emotional due to how critical it was. With his loss of blood, energy, there was no real way of waking him up unless there was some way she could get him more blood or was able to heal him. She hadn’t been able to o that since the universal collision and she was certainly starting to miss that ability. The dragon wasn’t often this mentally flustered, and the only way it showed on her was her ears, rigid and pinned back and low enough that her pair of white horns showed more so on her head. She wasn’t sure what to do, and whenever she wasn’t, she always had Reaver to ask.

Reaver wasn’t here, but she remembered…

*start flashback*

The stone ship, always cold but at the same time, overwhelmingly hot. In the middle of a very vacant room sat a young, light blue leopard covered in black rosettes, ears relaxed and tail coiled around his crossed legs. His plum eyes were closed, and his hands, open and laying on his knees, palms facing the ceiling. On the bunk bed, a stale grey, and ragged looking cloak hung from one of the posts, while a pair of bright, curious cyan eyes peeked out from just over top of them, looking at the snow leopard with all of the curiosity of a child and more. Despite the fidgeting of the lavender dragon on the top bunk, the leopard remained silent and still, only rhythmic breathing passing his nose and mouth. As he sat with a calm, zen vigilance, the dragon scurried around the top bunk, rolling around and looking for something to investigate. She found herself hanging upside down from the end of the top bunk, her tail giving the post a fair grip as she seemed to imitate the lifeless cloak that gave her company. She looked at the snow leopard for awhile longer, finally deciding to break the thick silence that enveloped the room.

“Reaver…Reaver whatcha doin’?” A much younger and smaller Astrailyx prodded. “Reaver…Reeeaaaaaver?”

The snow leopard’s ear twitched, and a sigh came from his fuzzy muzzle. “Meditating Astrailyx, or trying to before you asked.”

“What is medi…meditater…medica…no that’s not what you said.” She muttered to herself.

“What is meditating?” He inquired, turning around just a bit to face her properly.


“It’s when you bring yourself to a calm and let the universe and it’s energy fill you and clear your mind.”

“Whoa…that sounds hard…” Astrailyx answered. “What’s the univer-”

Without realizing it, Astrailyx had let her tail loosen its grip, and she found herself grabbing for the cloak, hoping it would catch her from falling to the floor. It didn’t comply, and only entangled itself with her flapping wings, mummifying herself in a mess as she hit the floor with a soft thud. Reaver only shook his head, getting up from his spot on the floor to release his wicked cloak from trapping the poor young Astrailyx. Once there was some leeway, she flopped out of the cloak on her stomach with a soft ‘oof’. Reaver could only shake his head and laugh, replacing his cloak on the end of the bed.

“The universe is everything we know.” He told her. “It’s a very big place, and maybe, if you never learn to sit still, it’ll be bigger than mine is.”

Astrailyx sat, curling her tail around her in a bit of embarrassment. “It’s hard to sit still…I’m always thinking and it just doesn’t seem to stop.”

Reaver could only smile, and pet her head, sitting down next to her in the same way he did before. “I’ll show you, so pay close attention.”

Astrailyx looked at him intently, imitating the way he was sitting entirely.

“You must only breathe, focus on the grasp of energy, and release of energy. Nothing more, and let the universe flow through and clear your mind.”

Astrailyx did, closing her eyes and trying it herself. It took a while but soon she found herself with an empty head. The moment only lasted a few seconds as it was filled swiftly with the idea that she managed to do it.

*end flashback*

That’s What Astrailyx did, her eyes were closed, and she could sense a calm in her mind, fists opening with the palm side facing the sky, as if it were a heart opening and closing its valves. She felt her own energy coming through a stable flow. Opening her eyes slowly, he looked at Shadow, who still seemed to be breathing, but just barely. There was the feeling of panic and fear in her still, and she still had a very faint expression of worry. There was one thing she could do, but it was a bit of a risk to herself. Her wellbeing however, was much less at risk than the hedgehog’s would be if she didn’t do at least this.

‘Please don’t have any concussions…please…’

Astrailyx took her one hand and closed her eyes again, gently putting it between Shadow’s ears, almost as if she was going to fade it into his skull. She only did it a slight bit, and started to cause an energy feed of which she let the hedgehog’s body work off of as it tried to heal itself. As she did, she tried her best to feel any weak points within Shadow’s head, slowly but surely examining the entire thing for any sign of damage. The more she found nothing, more fear swelled within her, but she had to pull it back. As the last reaches of her examination came, she gave a heavy sigh of relief. No cracks, no bruising, no aggitation or imflamation of any kind.

‘Nothing…nothing you’re alright…you’re going to be alright…’

Astrailyx was going to make sure of it. As soon as they hit base, Shadow was going to be taken into surgery and she was going to work on the aftermath of the procedure. Then the machine and blueprints came to mind. When she was given them, a small stream of information came to mind. As Zira flew closer and closer to the base, she sifted through all her knowledge, finding no other possible uses for the parts involved in making the machine, at least of what she found so far.

As much as she may not have wanted to use it, it may be what helped Shadow heal at the fastest possible rate.

Socratic Sarcasm
06-24-2012, 01:26 PM
Grace, Solomon, Amp, Sol
Revolution Uprising
Near Stark Mt.
ARPers: Revolution Uprising, Robotnik (not so much)

"You're too late. We've captured Heatran and moved it to a safe location. All this was just a distraction," The monotone voice made itself heard.

Grace knew that it was a distraction, but it was one they had to take. Otherwise, the invasion force would have taken the RU by storm. Grace had just recovered from seeing the Auras of the Shadow Pokemon, and had noticed Chakram was using his Dragonite (seriously, why not give his Pokemon a name; would he like to be called Human all the time?) to conjure up a Hurricane to hinder the opponents' retreat. Grace was just about to command Sol to assist him when another Shadow Pokemon was sent out.

The Deoxys (Grace knew what each of the legendary Pokemon were called from that one case Socrates had when Cynthia needed help) was a surprise; the fact that it was shadow even more so. But then it did something that would be etched in Grace's mind forever.

The Deoxys charged a Shadow Hyper Beam. It connected directly to Chakram and his Dragonite. Grace could see their silhouettes slowly disintegrate in the blast.

You can imagine that this wouldn't make a Pokemon of love and peace overly happy. In fact, it made her slightly mad. Grace was, in fact, mad enough to ignore common sense and instead attempt to attack the woman and the Horrible Pokemon.

Solomon, on the other hand, did not miss that the robots, instead of retreating, were rushing them. Solomon wondered why this could be. Solomon wondered why this could be, right up until the first one exploded.

Solomon simply began to focus, on what, Amp did not know. She tried to pay attention, but she was too busy trying to zap the bots that were rushing her so that they did not kill her by exploding in her face: this was real life; she wouldn't just go black with soot if that happened. She stopped trying to puzzle in out, once she noticed her feet were in water an inch deep. She began to understand precisely what was going to happen one second before it did.

Despite common misconceptions, Pokemon moves do not violate the laws of physics. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, so the water used in moves has to come from somewhere. Focused water moves, like Scald, would merely use the water in a mon's body. Something that summons a giant wave, like a VERY juiced up Surf, would probably draw from the air and the groundwater to execute.

The ground exploded from the water pushing up from underneath. The water quickly panned out, but not before catching large numbers of robots and spreading them AWAY from the living beings engaged in battle. Grace, still trying to attack the woman, was caught by a mysterious tentacle of water jutting out, hitting her, and sending her falling into the water.

Sol only didn't completely pass out from the water due to the absurd amount of Quiver Dances. Amp, being more fragile, was out like a light.

Unfortunately, all the juice from that attack had to come from somewhere, and Solomon was in quite critical condition. He sensed Alice flying to somewhere, and a quick mental touch confirmed it was to Spear Pillar. He used the last of his energy keeping him conscious to telepath that information to Socrates, and promptly passed out; his internal gem barely alight.

Revolution Uprising
Fight Area
ARPers: Revolution Uprising, Robotnik

Socrates thought they were doing reasonably well, defending the base. Hypatia was divided the opponents forces, scattering them into being unable to attack. Cadence was right beside him, attacking them with the rounds Tails had given her. As the plan was going to require the absolute best foc-

The enemy was retreating. Why were they retreating? Socrates pondered this for about two seconds before he came up with the answer. Because they got what they came for.


Socrates did not have time to process this information. Hypatia was tiring, and the Outrage was dying out. Socrates took out Hypatia's ball and put her inside so that she wouldn't hurt herself.

That move probably saved the Haxorus' life. The robots began a rush, exploding to attack the base. Fortunately, the base was reinforced for such purposes. Unfortunately, the two humans in front of it were not.

Socrates did not think at that point. He grabbed Cadence's hand and ran inside, following Schrodinger's voice to divine his way through the inferno. Once he got inside, he heard a weak voice saying something in his head. The telepathic message was getting through to Socrates, but before Socrates could reply, Solomon was out.

Sh*t. How am I supposed to- <Socrates?>

Oh yeah, he forgot. Grace was telepathic too.

<Grace! Thank God! What happened>

<Solomon summoned this huge wave after the badniks started swarming us and exploding. He's out like a light.>

Socrates took a moment to compose himself. <So why aren't you doing anything to help him?!>

<I've already Wished. It takes time to work.>

Socrates began to think. What would Alice want with Spear Pillar? What could possibly-


Socrates' opinion of Miss Card just shot up into the sky. The girl had (figurative) balls, that's for sure. His head started pumping out another plan. The rough sketch made it into his head, and he contacted Grace again.

<Do you think you could contact Alice?>

<Directly, no. She's too far away. But I can contact her Xatu.>

<Tell her that Cadence and I will be joining her. Also tell her that she's got balls.>

<Must I use such crude language?>


Socrates spoke to Cadence, Tails, and Schrodinger, "I have another plan. This one won't be destroyed instantly by one unseen order, as it is rather flexible." Socrates began to explain his plan, hoping it would be understood.

Neo Emolga
06-24-2012, 03:20 PM
Axel Junio the Fox (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3394082&postcount=74)
Guardian Units of Nations
Destroyed Sector of Central City
Affected RPers: Grassy Aggron (Unit 05-000 Jais)

Jais was, quite frankly, overjoyed at what I had done. I couldn't help but smile. I liked making other people happy. Even robots. And Jais was especially grateful.

"Oh, thank you dearest sir!" Jais exclaimed, completely relieved. "You 'ave our utmost gratitude! Any need, desire, chat, protection, anything, you just need to inquire it of me! I would simply adore to 'elp you, good sir! Great Axel! You saved my love! There is nothing I could ever do to repay you!"

"Ah, anytime," I told him, heading off to the repair truck while giving him a thumbs up. "See you."

I then opened the door to the truck and jumped in. After starting the ignition, I headed out, seeing Jais and Delilah together again in my driver's side mirror. As I drove away, I saw the clean up and repair effort going on around Central City. The rubble was being cleared, the bodies were being gathered for proper burial, and the Badnik scrap was being collected to be used as spare parts, or to smelt down the metal to be reused for future intentions.

Repairs were being made on whatever buildings had taken damage, while for the ones that were too far gone and were nothing but hallowed shells, they were being torn down, soon to be replaced with other structures. As I saw it around me while driving, it reminded me of a wound healing. Robotnik may have taken a stab at Central City, but a city could heal and be revived in a way that even a living body couldn't.

Meanwhile, I had heard on the radio that Commander Shadow had been badly injured. I wasn't sure what had happened, but I knew he had been out fighting with the rest of the armed forces. Shadow was unlike other leaders. He didn't cower in an underground, protected facility issuing orders while others took the fall for any mistake he made. He was always out there fighting, the way leaders should be. I really admired that about him, and I sincerely hoped he'd be okay.

Still, there was a lot that needed to be done before Central City could really get back up on its feet again. Not everything would be the same, either. With every attack, citizens became more cautious, more afraid, and more insecure. It did, however, boost the number of new recruits into GUN. I knew, as times got desperate, citizens got angry, and loved ones lost family members and yearned to avenge them, they turned to GUN for that chance. Still, as happy as we were to get recruits, training them was a big ordeal also. I could probably guess I'd be training another apprentice soon enough on top of all this. I didn't mind one or two at once, but having to teach a whole classroom... well, I sure haven't done that before. I wasn't sure how that really worked either. Would I need to grade them too? And give them homework while writing up lesson plans? Geez, never really thought of that before!

In the meantime, well, until they assigned me apprentices... or students, I needed to get back to work on developing that aircraft. I had a feeling that if Robotnik was going to attack again, we were definitely going to need better planes. With Robotnik constantly making tougher machines, it was a dicey game of keeping up with the Joneses. And in this case, it wasn't for having the better backyard. It was for the sake of the entire world!

After arriving back at the machine shop at the GUN military base, I knew I still needed that designer. I parked the truck and headed out, but before I headed back in, I replenished the spare parts cabinets in the truck. I had used quite a few of them to repair Jais and Delilah, and I didn't want to run into a situation where if I had to repair something else, I wasn't going to have what I needed. Most of the time I could improvise, but there was a point where you just can't build a shield generator with only the grass, twigs, and stones that were around you. The most I'd be able to conjure out of that is a campfire!

I used the fax machine to send the specifications and project outlines to a designer development team, usually as part of the research and development group. Working with them, I'd be able to get a handle on what was possible, and what was a pretty lofty goal. Meanwhile, making the planes cost effective was another matter. Better planes usually equaled higher costs, but if they were stronger, we wouldn't need to buy so many of the other planes to replace the ones that were destroyed. Not to mention, the lives of many pilots and crew members would be saved.

And lives were simply too precious to lose.

06-24-2012, 04:07 PM
Guy Kurogane
Park Lords
Viridian Forest, Kanto
Affected RPers: None

Guy stalked through the Viridian Forest, amazed that the trees were still standing even after Robotnik's invasion. He did not know if it was because the forest was too thick and the Pokemon too tenacious to sweep away immediately, or simply because Dr. Robotnik had not bothered to send any large Badniks suited to foresting in this general direction yet. Either way, that the trees were still standing was a great blessing for the trainer, the thick foliage granting him cover from the all seeing eyes of any flying Badniks that might deign to pass. It was the perfect place for Guy to set up camp, not just for himself, but for the people that he had found over the past three weeks, wandering the ruins of Pewter City, Viridian City, and beyond to Pallet Town. He had, thankfully, found his parents in the mad scramble, but few beyond that. Not Professor Oak, not Brock, not Blue, nor Red. Still, he brought what people he could find with him, confident that the Gym Leader and past Champions could not only defend themselves, but had both the ability and compassion to protect others the same way Guy was protecting them now.

Finally reaching the clearing where those he had evacuated now had to call home, Guy dropped the sack of canned food that he had managed to salvage from his latest trip into what was left of Viridian City, and had barely any time for small talk before immediately heading south for one last foray into Pallet Town. There were no more people to be found and saved in either place by now, and so Guy had to think of a way to manage something far more difficult than what he was doing now. Shutting down any Badniks that wandered too close to the camp was easy, getting every one of them to the nearest free land, One Island, would tax Guy to the limit of his skill and resourcefulness. If he was the sort of man willing to abandon those in need, hitching a ride on one of several of his Pokemon would have ensured a smooth ride all the way to the Sevii Islands and even beyond, but he was not, and there were simply not enough fliers and swimmers amongst the Pokemon the evacuees owned to make the trip.

When Kanto was free, the port of call for making the trip to the Sevii Islands was in Vermillion City, but that city was surely overrun by Badniks by now. In any case, reaching Vermillion City was a tall order in itself. Over land they would have to cross Pewter, Cerulean, and Saffron City, all of which were dangerous enough that even a Hall of Fame entrant like Guy could not be confident of his ability to protect everyone who now placed their trust in his ability and Ranger's badge. The other path to Vermillion City was by water, crossing the inland sea that surrounded water Routes 17 and 18, which was much safer, and accessible past Viridian City. The problem with that though, was much the same that plagued any method of directly heading towards One Island - there were just not enough Surf-capable Pokemon to ferry all the refugees. It was a dilemma, and one that Guy had to solve as quickly as possible, before the machines came and took away the forest cover that protected his people.

06-24-2012, 05:22 PM
Charlie Webb
Eggman Empire
Kanto, Power Plant
ARP's ~ None

Charlie sat back against her Lapras' neck, enjoying the light breeze that was blowing past. Spectre was curled up in her lap, sleeping. The ghost pokemon loved to sleep at any moment he got.

Charlie sat up slightly, careful not to disturb the purple ghost before looking round to see how close they were to the power plant. Charlie had only joined Eggman's team to see if she could gain powerful pokemon, and he seemed to be winning this war so she might as well be on his side. She came here, knowing that one of the legendary birds of Kanto resided here. Zapdos if she remembered correctly, and even if the pokemon was no longer here, maybe she could locate one of those gems the doctor had wanted.

Charlie noticed they were almost there so she proceeded to wake up her ghost. The Gengar stirred and opened his large red eyes. He smiled at his trainer before floating out of her lap and behind the Lapras. Charlie stood up on her pokemon, holding onto her head for support. She gently stroked the Lapras' neck which earned her a coo from the pokemon.

When they had reached the Power Plant not moments later she jumped off her Lapras and proceeded to retern her to her pokeball.

"Good job Beach. Spec," Spectre looked over at his trainer. "See if you can find any gems lying around out here." The ghost nodded before floating off to investigate the surrounding grassy area. Charlie ignored her pokemon and proceeded to enter the Power Plant, she brought out one of her guns, the other at her hip. She knew she wouldn't need it unless she found Zapdos, but that was unlikely, and for all she knew she could bump into some pokemon. She doubted that aswell as the only things she could possibly find would be some destroyed robots.

As Charlie stalked the many hallways, trying to find her way through the confusing building, she did indeed come across several bots, but they had been demolished, by whom or what she did not know, this however was a bad sign. The bots could have scared away the legendary bird, either that or it was hell bent on protecting it's territory. Charlie rounded a few more corners before coming across a couple of Pikachu's. She didn't see the point in having an electric rodent and so passed them by without much bother. She also didn't want to cause any noise, incase this scared away or alerted the Zapdos to her presence. As she turned another corner she saw an Electrode. Now this wasn't good. She backed up slowly to try and find another path. The last thing she wanted was for the ball to explode. As she walked backwards she stepped on one of the Pikachu's tails that she had passed earlier and it squeaked and shocked her.

Charlie being extremely pissed at this turned her gun on the pokemon and shot it. She kicked it away, not in the least bit concerned that she just killed a pokemon, now she ran along the halls fearing an escaping Zapdos. She so wanted to meet the pokemon, and to actually capture it, even if it would be for this doctor person would be epic in her opinion.

06-24-2012, 05:57 PM
Jordan Stark
Central City
Affected RPers: None

I glanced to my left and noticed some badniks lying on the street-some were even being salvaged. He had just arrived after the attack had finished and he saw why Obscurity was pledged against the Robotnik. I shuddered at the thought of what would become of the world if Robotnik won. Espeon and Umbreon were off to his left and right sides respectively. Those two were probably the closest things he had to friends. Everyone else was just someone to be used.

Obscurity was a group that worked behind the scenes. I would be surprised if anyone knew the name when it was mentioned to them. All the better for infiltration. The big operator in the area was GUN. They had done a good job defending the city and they were prosperous… if that term could be used in these current times. He had received orders from one of the higher ups to infiltrate them. Become a new recruit. See what their plans were. Make sure they were well supplied. Obscurity may not be well known, but in its ranks it held some of the most influential men on the planet. Obviously, after the attack no one was quite sure about who was the proverbial strongest, but that didn’t matter to my mission.

I noticed a group of people a few hundred feet in front of me that had the look of vengeance on their face. It was obvious that they were not pleased with how the attack went. Hell, if anyone was pleased with how any attack affected their home city, I would be surprised. Most of the people in the group were young males. Perfect candidates for recruits. I started slowly jogging, attempting to catch up to the group of potential recruits.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Are you going to the GUN base?” Some of the people in the group took note of me and even replied. They were as I had thought. They were heading to the base. By now, I was almost caught up with them. They seemed suspicious of me. For good reason to, if they weren’t suspicious of me they would be crazy. After all, anyone could be a potential spy for Robotnik. Not that Robotnik had very many human spies, it seemed that he had a disdain for anything non-machine.

“What do you want?” Called one of the young men warily.

“Just curious if I could join you guys in your walk to the base.” I replied. “I don’t know where it is and thought to find some other people who would want to join to help me on my way.” They eyed me with a little less suspicion now. The man he who had asked what I wanted looked as if he wanted to say something.

Finally the man said “I guess you could come with us. We are all that was left of our families. We were all close before the attack and now the badniks have killed our families.” Ouch. I knew what it was like to live without parents or siblings, but it must hurt even more to have them taken from you. I had never had parents, nor did he harbor any love for his parents, as they had abandoned him.

“I’ll hang out with your group until we get to the base. However, just a warning, GUN might split you guys up. You should be prepared for that.” I said. Some of the people in the group seemed to hesitate. They hadn’t thought of that. It wasn’t too late for them to turn back and not join, but groups like these felt pressured to join for revenge after things like this happened. The group and I started on our way to the base. No one had decided to turn back, as I had predicted.

06-25-2012, 04:53 AM
[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City - Base
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx), Sight (K'sariya), Dr Robotnik (Adorabot/Omega)
<The Glowstick at the End of the Tunnel>

As the fiery moth swept down towards the grey hued building with the logo of the military group born high on a flag, beating its wings which spread embers onto the surprisingly white pavement, a set of people were waiting at the front of the large emergency doors. Garbed in white and blue smocks, two of them bore a stretcher, and they immediately waved towards Astrailyx and K'sariya as they began to dismount. Two helped pick up and lower the ailing hedgehog onto the stretcher, while another began to usher the injured human inside for treatment, allowing her to lean on their shoulder for support. Dr. Mayweather, however, was quite in a tizzy about the situation and quick to ask what happened, while the others rushed him to surgery. The elevators opened quickly, and shut just as fast as they went down a few floors to the medical bay. The white washed walls were splattered with red due to the many wounded flooding in, and it wasn't just this floor either. A room had already been set apart for them, and it was there they rushed the Commander to, pulling the curtain across as they began to prep him.

That being said, concern was already growing around the base as word spread of his injuries, although many of the higher ups played the wounds down.

Placing him on the table, the lead doctor began to issue orders. "Need an IV and blood transfusion stat; type is AB Negative." He gestured at another. Get in a breathing tube - we don't need him choking on his own blood! Keep the pump steady - we don't want to incite coughing in his state, but inflating his lungs too much will make his breathing even more labored. Get that blood out if you can!" Reaching upwards, he pulled a large x-ray machine over, pulling it down to position it pointing at Shadow's side. After that shot, he also moved it up above it, to get a view from two positions. While they waited a minute or two for them to develop, he pulled more equipment over, looking the hedgehog over. Pulling out a needle and thread, the surgeon began to stitch the cut on Shadow's forehead closed. It didn't take long, obviously, and his precision was noteworthy. Up close and personal, he also had noticed the slight bumps on his chest, and cautioned the others of the breaks.

Scrutinizing the x-rays, he noted that the metal had cut into his femoral veins, but more importantly a small artery had been impacted as well. With the heart still beating - thankfully - that meant it was leaking out still. The hedgehog was still bleeding to death. "We need to be careful with this metal - it hit an artery. Not a major one - a branch - but one wrong move...Immortals can't survive without their blood. The blood transfusion won't mean anything if we can't stop this." He looked over at another. "Start cleaning around the wound, get some clamps on the artery and start sewing it back together. Keep an eye on that weak heartbeat - it's steady but we can't risk anything."

The young surgeon cleaning the wound nodded, and soon enough took out two clamps - ever so tiny - and slid them into the wound, securing them. Waiting a moment to make sure it was okay, he then took a specialized, even tinier needle, and prepared to sew the nearly severed artery together, pulling the metal out quickly.

...A bit too quickly...

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City En Route to Base
Affected RPers: None
<Bored, Nervous, Excited, and Anxious>

"Le sigh...This is very boring, my dear." Jais complained. "I could use my jet thrusters, yes, but that would constitute me leaving you behind. After the near tragedy that just occurred, I cannot bear to even think the thought! Why, if that rock 'ad not fallen on my cranium, I would not 'ave reactivated...We could 'ave become scrapmetal, or forgotten, left to rust! I could 'ave been in much worse shape, and not been able to call for help...And you, my dearest Delilah, would 'ave gotten worse as well!" His optical sensor swiveled around, examining the area further. It seemed the further they floated inward, the less the damage became. That meant that their defense had been successful - for if the damage was extensive on the inside, it told the story of a failed protection line, and that next time they would not nearly be as lucky. However, that didn't mean they wouldn't learn from this event - and all the death and destruction...It wouldn't be forgotten anytime soon.

The machine felt his companion nudge him ever so slightly. "Jais...It'll be okay. Everyone is so smart...They can figure something out...And they have you."

"Ah, my dear, you 'ave such a way with words. Magnificent!" She giggled softly, but his sensors picked up life and she quickly hushed upon hearing that. Spotting one soldier, he lowered himself, quickly calling out he was a friend when the man raised his gun. "Dear boy, put that device down before you shoot an eye out. I just got repaired!"

Lowering it slightly, he raised an eyebrow. "You...Both of you are Beetles, aren't you? I thought they all got wiped out..."

"We survived, and lucky too, being both sentient machines. Not like those uncouth monstrosities of Robotnik, that is." He decided to switch the topic. "So, what 'appened?" The man quickly began to explain everything, from when the worlds merged - realizing that Jais and Delilah had been offline - to the recent attack. He explained Pokemon, the new regions, the current status, and of Ace's death. That caught Jais off guard - the rabbit had seemed to strong and indestructible, stubborn to a fault. But then he heard about Shadow, of how he was injured in combat and back at base for medical attention. Now that worried Jais. Having been his "babysitter", so to speak, he had watched over and protected the hedgehog...And argued with him.

A lot.

But he had enjoyed the moments when he had mellowed out and grown used to him, when they could have some pleasant conversations. At one point, the Ultimate Life Form had suggest he replace his machine gun with a coffee machine, stating that it would be less dangerous and still would be helpful for people - that is, until he ran out. Then he would have to run for the hills. Or fly, in this case. Jais had retorted that Shadow would be better off with actual skates, so he could achieve his dream of being a professional ice skater, complete with frilly ribbon. Whereas before he would have been glared or smacked for such a comment, he had merely shrugged - snickered a little bit as well - at the jest. It had become clear to him at that point that Shadow was indeed trustworthy and loyal, but that realization had come with a sorrow, knowing he would be assigned elsewhere.

...He still got on his nerves, of course, but he liked to consider themselves friends, even if the hedgehog never referred to him as such. He was not exactly "social" about it. Hearing this news made him worried. Shadow never got "a little hurt". He either did not get hurt at all, or was severely injured. And finding out he was Commander, as well...It doubled his worry tenfold. Jaied thanked the soldier before both he and Delilah continued toward the base, radioing in that they were coming in the process.

Had his worry for Delilah not been there, he would have zoomed off to the base and been there within minutes. But love is both a blessing, and a curse...

It lifts a person up, but sometimes it drags that person down...

06-26-2012, 01:34 AM
Eggman Empire
Outside Slateport City
Affected RPer: Hellsing

Odin frowned and for a moment considered reading the wolf's mind as she started to speak in another language, but dismissed it almost instantly. That was unthinkably rude. Thankfully though, she switched to English and told him no, that the Venusaur was not hers. He nodded and looked over to the pokemon, currently healing itself with Synthesis. It would be fine. He turned back to the wolf. "Well, I'm sort of new to this place, in a way. I have a map, though," he quickly fished it out of his pocket and unfolded it. "I've seen the giant egg think you're looking for, it's right here," he pointed at the little island where Sootopolis City resided, where he had drawn a big red circle around it. "And we are right here," his finger slid to the left until it was pointing at Slateport. "It's quite a journey. You really don't want to go there, though. The egg is massive and it'd be pretty pointless trying to fight through all of the monsters there."

He glanced at the empty space in the trees that Fenrir had made when he crashed through. He had heard nothing yet from the robot, and he hoped that he had been knocked out. But when you couldn't sense someone's mind it made them very hard to track. "I haven't seen anyone like you, either," he went on. If he had then he certianly wouldn't have been so surprised meeting her. "Sorry if this sounds rude, but might we move a little? That android has been chasing me for quite some time and I would hate to get caught by him again."

(Short post is far too short to be good.)

06-26-2012, 05:11 AM
Cassie Sheppard (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3398017&postcount=90)
Guardian Units of Nations
Entering Central City
those affected: none yet

Metal and glass crunched underfoot. The Ranger stopped at the high point of the fallen wall she was crossing over and looked around, hands on her hips. Four floors of the building next to her seemed to hang in space without the wall she now stood on. Debris blocked the road everywhere, which was why she had to climb over. Not too far away there were crews -made up of humans and the new creatures who came with the collision of worlds- trying to clear the road for trucks to get through. Some others were checking broken machines and vehicles, probably looking for anything still functional. Other than that, the area seemed to have been abandoned. Smoke could be seen rising from other parts of the city, but not as much as they had seen earlier. The young woman scratched her head.

“Well, I guess you were right. Trouble cleared out before we got here. At least we’ve seen part of the city doesn’t look like this.” Cassie turned around, as if she had heard someone call. “What’s up, BJ?”

A canine-like Pokemon, nearly the same height as the short human, was standing behind her. His attention though was focused on the building next to them. Cassie tilted her head a bit, shrugged, then turned toward the crews ahead of them. Putting thumb and finger to her mouth, she let out a sharp whistle that caught the attention of the nearest group.

Jerking her head at the building, she called over, “Can a couple of you guys give me a hand over here? My partner found something.” The ones that heard her looked at each other in confusion till she called again. “Would you mind putting a move on before something decides to fall and make things more difficult?”

The crew leader motioned at three others to go see what she needed. A tiger, a lizard, and a man in blue coveralls came over. The lizard was dark red and his tongue snaked out a bit unbidden as he asked what was going on. When Cassie said there was someone inside, they all looked skeptical. That building had been checked and no one had seen the Ranger or her Pokemon enter the building. So how did they know anyone was still inside?

“Guess it’s safe to say you haven’t heard of Lucario yet,” she said with a shrug.

The man looked over at the Pokemon already walking towards the open structure. “He found someone?” When Cassie nodded, he immediately called over to the crew leader for extra help before looking at the tiger and lizard with him. “We can take her word for it. If a Lucario can sense someone, then someone must be there.”

Cassie turned to follow her partner, but saw that he had already leapt up to the second floor. With a slight sigh and a moment to find a suitable route, she began climbing a skeleton of pipe exposed when the brick crumbled. Not far into the building, it was obvious that part of the third floor had started to collapse onto the second. Cassie was looking for a way around the sunken area when BJ lunged forward and both paws made contact with ceiling. The Force Palm broke through, exposing a gap between two air ducts. The red lizard hissed slightly at the sudden action.

“Are you trying to bring down the ceiling on uss?”

Glancing at her partner, Cassie walked ahead through the clear space. “I’ll never get how you think a straight line is always easier.”

This earned a quick smile and a shrug from the Lucario. The collapsed third level was a mess. BJ kept going toward the back of the building. Where the floor above had broken, part of the second floor was now a yawning hole. It was from there that they heard a very soft sound. They may not have heard at all had they not been so close. Blocked in behind the debris from the collapse above was a young cat. She had been hiding in a closet, was covered in dust, and crying. They called down to her and the group who had followed Cassie and BJ quickly got to work. Carefully shifting a ladder the others brought down into the opening, the tiger started in after her. Extra weight on the weakened area caused the second floor to groan and shake. The girl shrieked and pulled back as dust and pieces fell around her. BJ was immediately on the lower level, a long bone-shaped staff of solid Aura appearing in his paws that he wedged under the crumbling ceiling while everyone above froze where they were until the floor was still.

“Alright, I think that anyone who does not have to be right here should quickly and carefully back up.”

Only the tiger still on the ladder and the red lizard holding it steady stayed where they were. Everyone else heeded Cassie’s advice and backed away. Once the floor stopped groaning, the tiger hurried down the ladder. Picking up the little cat, who latched on to his neck, he started back up. A low rumble passed through the building.

He glanced around at BJ, still keeping the ceiling from caving. “Are you coming, my friend?”

The Lucario nodded once before jerking his head upwards that they should keep going. The crew had just gone back through the opening BJ had made in the collapsed floor when something behind them creaked and more of the floor gave way onto the lower lever. Cassie looked back, worried for a moment as a plume of dust blew out through the gap. But another moment later, she was shaking her head as BJ walked through.

“You really thought the crew needed their ladder back?” Her only reply was another shrug.

Back out in the open, most of the crew returned to their work, with their ladder. The tiger still had the young cat attached to his neck.

“I’ll take this little lady to the evacuation point to find her family. Thank you for finding her.”

Cassie smiled as she brushed dust off her jacket. “Hey, thanks for coming to help. We’ve got to get back on task though.” The crew waved as she and BJ and walked by. “Guess we’ll see what happens when we get there. Should be a little further into the city.”

BJ nodded as he followed quietly alongside.

note: Intro's are hard. My fault for being late to the party though. =P

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2012, 05:52 PM
OOC: And the post Grassy has been waiting for~

Astrailyx and Blaze
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City, Base, Medical Bay
ARPer's: Grassy [Shadow] Anyone else near the med bay or in the emergency room

The air felt so thick with tension, it almost chocked the minds of those who were trying to move about and move Shadow to the operating table. Though Astrailyx had deemed herself not fit to help with the actual procedure itself, she couldn’t help but feel a need to be there regardless. Small crowds of people were rushed by along the sides of the hallway wall on the way to the medical bay, some people with minor injuries, some looking almost as bad as Shadow. The dragon recognized some people in airship uniforms looking around a bit lost as to where to go, or where they would help best. Amongst the crowd was a purple feline known as Blaze, dodging people this way and that, wondering what in the name of Sol had happened while she was gone. Luckily for her the only person who remained above everyone else, who would be able to give her these answers, was hovering not too far above her head.

“Astrailyx!” She called out, grabbing the dragon’s attention. “What in the world happened?”

“Robotnik attacked us with the Egg Carrier…we lost Ace and Shadow needs emergency surgery…” She explained, a tone of worry clearly visible in her voice. “I’m on my way to the medical bay now, we have others that are injured and need care…but I need to make sure Shadow gets out of this alive.”

Blaze gave Astrailyx a serious look, knowing that if she ever said she needed something, it wasn’t without a reason. “Alright I will join you to make sure you remain calm. I will tell you about what we found after everything has calmed down.”

“Thank you.” Astrailyx nodded to her, quickly following those with the incapacitated Shadow into the medical bay and into the emergency room.

As they entered, the two of them stayed out of the way of the doctors and surgeons began doing their jobs. All Astrailyx did was observe the vital scanners, watching Shadow’s heart rate pulse across the screen at somewhat, rhythmic intervals, but they weren’t good intervals. She couldn’t watch anything else but those machines and the displayed information, knowing if she did see anything else, the swelling worry and anxiety would inflate and explode in an emotional outburst. Never had she felt this worried before, and it showed by her hovering only a few inches off the ground, rather than at least a foot and a half. Blaze was keeping herself busy by trying to keep hysterics down and calming those in other rooms who had almost as bad of a condition as Shadow’s. Even as Astrailyx watched Blaze move around to try and take her mind off of it, and even joining her with calming people down in adjacent rooms, there was one thing that made her stop dead in the air and triggered a full sense of alarm.


The accelerated heart rate made the nurses look up, and rush to find the cause, and then a solution for it. The lead doctor came in, seeing a bloody metal plate off side, and Shadow bleeding out as if he was not turned into a small red faucet. What was a bad situation, was now made far worse, as nurses called out blood pressure numbers as the young surgeon who pulled out the obscurity, was sewing things together as fast as he could without being sloppy. Before he was two thirds done stitching however, he noticed an increase in the amount of blood within the artery area. Taking just the slightest glance back as he pulled another stitch into place, he noticed something was missing.

The clamps. They had fallen off.

A panicked gasp fell from the surgeon’s mask, and he was quickly pulled aside by the lead doctor, taking over along with the newfound gravity of the situation. Despite the blood flow, the lead had no time to clamp the artery back closed and was going to have to work with what time he had. That time was incredibly short. Nurses ordered other nurses for more bandages to stop the bleeding all together, even changing the angle of which Shadow laid on the table to slow down the flow of blood. It seemed to work, the newly taken over lead doctor finding it easier to stitch the artery completely closed with dissolving stitches that would remove themselves as the wound healed. Now was the time for applying the proper antibiotics and dressing to keep it shut. The level of blood flow to the open gash had slowed down considerably, and as the hourly seconds passed, something didn’t seem right.

And as they set him flat on his back again…

The nurse holding the air pump into Shadow’s airways, focusing on a proper rhythmic flow, jumped when he started coughing again, only this time, it wasn’t to get blood out…it was to get air in…

“Heart rate is dropping, blood pressure is dwindling!”

From his accelerated rate before, now to a significantly dropping rate, Shadow heart was starting to give out and give out fast. The blood loss was too much for his body and it was all starting to fail. Nurses pressed firmly against open wounds to prevent any other blood loss, even bandaging his head quickly to avoid so much as a drop. The lead doctor gave another of his team nearby the daunting and seemingly impossible task of closing up the last of the metal cut without losing more blood. Even with the efforts of two keeping the applied pressure, and another mending at his fastest pace, the dark hedgehog’s heart only beat more slowly.

Astrailyx was no longer hovering, she was against the wall, standing, choking from the grim gravity pressed against her mind. Her eyes stared now at Shadow rather than the machines, feeling locked in place with panic holding her will to move and fear clouding her ability to think. Blaze looked from her doings for a moment, and seeing Astrailyx standing on the floor gave her a reason to rush over and see how she was doing. Anyone who knew anything about Astrailyx was that she couldn’t walk any more than a few steps, and if she was ever on the floor and it wasn’t sitting on her tail, something bad was going through her mind. It was obvious that she was fearful for Shadow’s condition, especially after what had happened to Ace, but seeing the dragon this unusually calm, almost border lining disturbed was very out of place for her. Putting one hand on her shoulder, Blaze stood between Astrailyx and what she could see of what was going on, trying to talk her into a better state of mind.

“Astrailyx, I think it’s better for you if you step out…you look like you’re going to go into shock.”

“I…can’t…let someone else die…” She managed to say, trying to focus her energy on Shadow’s condition. “I need to try and heal him…”

Blaze knew that wasn’t a good idea. “You haven’t been able to do that since the universal crash and you aren’t even completely recovered from that either, you may be now if you didn’t create the Echo shield, but you can’t try that. Even if it did work, that level of an attempt would cause you to become unconscious. You even say yourself, it’s almost impossible to heal someone when they can’t perceive their own injuries.”

Despite the fact Blaze was right, Astrailyx couldn’t help but feel she had to anyway. The dragon had an odd healing power of sorts, mostly involved where she changed the viewpoint of the ailed, and that meant they had to be somewhat conscious. Shadow was out cold, and even if her healing ability wasn’t completely gone and was working, it wouldn’t have worked. She was helpless to do anything and that only made her feelings paralyze her with grief. There was nothing…



EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE__________________________ ______________________

That’s when everything stopped. As soon as Shadow’s heart stopped, everything else for Astrailyx seemed to stop. Blaze threw her head over her shoulder at the sound of the heart monitor screaming it’s mortal sound, crying out the ceasing of the living beat. Before anyone could say anything, the lead doctor ran over to the other side of the room, pulled over the defibrillator and began rubbing the paddles together. The one pumping air into Shadow’s airways moved, taking the long, bloody and sticky tube out of him of prevent any complications.


One time, and as the electrified paddles hit, Shadow’s body jolted but there was no sign of the heart getting it’s extra kick. All Astrailyx could hear was the thudding of electricity passing through the hedgehog’s body while fear and panic forced her into a bubble, making everything sound like it was underwater. The doctor began rubbing the paddles again for another round.

‘You can’t…’


Another sparked contact with Shadow’s chest, and still, no sign of a beat. The doctor went for a third go around, when he noticed the volt level on the defibrillator. It wasn’t up to par with what it had to be in order to get Shadow’s heart started, and that, was critical.

“Why isn’t this thing charged at full?” He demanded, going for the third try anyway.

“Sir the entire medical bay is up and running at full capacity, the distribution of electricity in this area isn’t allowing for recharge without a delay!”

“We don’t have time, we have only less than a minute left to get that heart back up and running!”

The situation, it was clearly hopeless, but even with that, everyone was trying their hardest to save Shadow. Astrailyx only stood there, nearly buckling from the weight of it all, eyes frozen in a fear stricken gaze as all she could see was Shadow’s face. She couldn’t let him die, she couldn’t watch him die, the thought of it, and she couldn’t even process it completely. She blamed herself for Ace’s death, and she couldn’t heal Shadow. As the doctor tried the defibrillator for the second last time, she felt the electricity getting weaker and weaker, the energy just not enough to fully kick start his heart again. He was slipping away completely, there was no way of getting him back with what they had.

‘…I won’t let you die!’

After everything moving in slow motion for her, all Astrailyx could remember next was coming to the other side of Shadow’s table almost instantly, unable to remember actually moving there at all. Fading her tail into the floor she grabbed the nearest power conduit and let the charge take over her body, her energy imitating the slightly unstable nature of electricity and having her lavender and purple scheme change to that of a gold and white, tinted with electric blue. Putting her hand directly on the side of the defibrillator, it’s volt readings spiked just as the lead doctor made the last attempt at bringing Shadow back, not realizing Astrailyx had jumped the device by redirecting electricity and causing the lights to flicker when volts were passed through Shadow’s body for a last time. As he turned and looked at the dragon, almost angry she did something so impulsively, he looked back at the heart monitor.


Astrailyx turned back to her normal Iylix energy, taking a few steps back but not before buckling backwards with her inability to walk. She leaned up with her arms, hearing nothing but the deafening sound of a high pitched monitor squealing death. Everything in the room became as silent as death, and all anyone could do was close their eyes in grief. Blaze looked towards the floor, and Astrailyx could only close her eyes in disbelief. Everything started to shut out for her as sorrow started to fill her mind. Everyone quieted down and slowly started shuffling about, while one looked at the time and started making a record. Blaze walked over to Astrailyx and did her best to help her up. Though an energy being weighed nothing, Astrailyx felt gravity were locking her to the floor and dulling any other part of her mind.


Astrailyx’s ear’s, along with Blaze’s twitched at the sound, looking at the monitor again to see if their senses were playing horrible tricks on them.


Soon everyone started to come around it too. It wasn’t a malfunction. Looking at Shadow there was a very light rise and fall of his chest, and soon came wheezing, and even a sudden twitch every so often.

“He’s alive! Get back to your stations people we’re keeping him like this! Let’s move!”

As Shadow’s heart rate began to rise, Blaze helped Astrailyx back out of the room, siting her down in a chair just outside as she came to terms with the reality of what just happened. All the heavy weight just seemed lifted from Astrailyx’s mind as she sat there, almost in a daze. Blaze stood across from her with both arms down at her sides, unsure of what to think of the situation.

“I think now you need some time out here.” She said, trying to be comforting but also trying to calm the dragon down. “What you did saved Shadow’s life, from here he’ll be fine. I’m going to go make sure that stunt of yours didn’t offset everyone else alright?”

“Yeah…yes alright, I’ll be fine.” Astrailyx told her, still a bit shaken. “I’m sorry…I just…”

“You are fine, just relax, and wait, things will be alright.”

With that, Blaze had left to find out the status of the other injured, and help in as best way she can, as Astrailyx sat there, slowly returning to her usual, calm state.

06-26-2012, 06:16 PM
Guy Kurogane
Park Lords
Viridian Forest - Route 2, Kanto
Affected RPers: None

A complete plan formed in Guy's head as he reached the southern exit of the Viridian Forest. A risky, even reckless plan that would get him killed if he so much as missed a step yes, but it was a plan that would save all the dozens that the trainer and ranger had put under his protection. Not a moment too soon either, for the moment he peeked out of the forest, he spotted a platoon of Badniks making their way up to the forest. Whether or not the robotic army had figured out that the Viridian Forest was a great hiding spot made no difference at this point. Simply letting them into the forest was too great a risk to bear. Hiding was impossible with such a large group, and simply destroying them would just make it obvious that there was a source of resistance in the woods. That left only one option: Cut a path through them and leave. Immediately.

"Mom," Guy whispered into his phone, having called his parents the moment he identified the enemy's presence, "get everyone to pack up and head to the south side of Viridian Forest. Now. Enemies."

"G-" She barely managed to start before he cut her off, stepping out of the forest with a Pokeball in each hand. Guy loved his parents to bits, and he knew they cared just as much about him, but they were simply not at ease with him placing the responsibility of the entire group's lives upon his own shoulders, simply because he was the strongest of them. It was only right for parents to be worried, but it was also only right for children to do whatever the hell they wanted anyway. Perhaps it was true that his life would be easier with a bigger fighting force behind him, but while each victory would come more readily, the risks he took of having casualties commanding lesser trained Pokemon would be substantially higher; and far more important than a difficult victory, a Ranger had to prevent any unnecessary loss of life.

Guy looked up at the troop of Badniks headed his way as he stepped into view, feeling every one of them turning their guns towards him. All he saw was a mass of metal with guns, his mind having long blocked out any unique features that could identify them as the people or Pokemon they once were. It was the only way that a person such as himself, so used to battle but never for war, could possibly fight without breaking down. His Pokemon managed differently, many of them inherently willing to fight to the death as part of their predatory nature, others simply accepting the necessity of war more readily than the fragile human who led them. Regardless, they were all capable of fighting, and they burst forth in an instant, letting loose long before the robots could do so.

Robots were fast. Bullets were faster. Lasers were even faster still. There was no time for orders in this war, no friendly exchange of attacks where trainers decided the flow of every attack and defence made. Guy had to trust that his training was good enough, that his Pokemon knew their tactics well enough, and that they understood each other enough that they could communicate without words.

The trainer leapt left, rolling into the ground as blasts struck where he was standing a moment ago. The Rhyperior Big appeared in a flash of light in front of him, ready to stop the next wave of attacks with its own body, infinitely tougher than the fragile flesh and blood of humanity as it was. The Charizard Nataku scorched a line into the air overhead, instantly melting several into slag heaps with gouts of deadly flame, prompting most of the robots left to point their guns upwards at the biggest threat. Then, Bolt spun out, the Magnezone's powerful magnets dragging the Badniks towards it, gathering the lot of them in a clump as they were dragged together against their will. Big then drove one of its arms into the ground just as Guy bounced up and grabbed onto the floating Magnezone for dear life, the Rock and Ground Type channelling raw energy into the ground beneath it for a huge Earthquake.

The ground shook, deformed, and then broke. Crevices opened and dropped Badniks into the holes to be lost forever. Rock formations burst out of the ground and shattered the robots with sheer force. Others were simply shaken off balance, damaged but not destroyed, as the mightiest Ground Type attack from one of the mightiest Ground Type Pokemon ripped the land apart, the trainer, his Magnet Rising Magnezone and and his Flying Charizard the only the only ones in ranged left unscathed as the rumbling ceased and the cracks in the ground closed, leaving only shattered robots and the beginnings of mountains behind.

Bolt, finish them off! The Pokemon trainer gestured, and the Magnezone complied, Thunderbolts launching from the magnets on each side, overloading the Badniks with an electrical surge and leaving only empty shells behind, as sporadic weapon fire bounced weakly off the Steel Type's nearly impenetrable shell between shocks.

About 30 Badniks, all destroyed quickly and without too much fuss, just the way Guy liked it. He had to be able to do this much, or he would never be strong enough to defeat Red when this was all over and they returned to their normal lives. Just about time too, as the refugees had started making their way out of the forest and they all started heading towards the ruins of Viridian City.

06-28-2012, 03:45 AM
Cassie Sheppard (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3398017&postcount=90)
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
those affected: none yet

“Scuse me,” Cassie said approaching another clean-up crew. “Could you help me find something?”

The grey cat she was talking to glanced over. “Not right now.” His answer was alternated with calls into a radio to the team lifting a steel beam off the roadway. “Hey! Keep that high line tight up there! In case you can’t see, we’re a bit busy here right now. I thought I told you to take up that slack! You should back off. It’s dangerous in this area and right now, I’ve gotta keep my attention-” He stopped mid-sentence and started running toward the ground crew while hollering into the radio. “What are you doing!? I said take up that slack! Stop the lift!”

The amount of damage in the city had stretched resources thin. A steel beam that had broken from one building was threatening further damage to its neighbor across the street and needed to be moved. Without heavy equipment, the crew was using a set of winches on both sides of the street to lift the beam away from the structure. BJ pointed upwards. The team on the roof where the steel was leaning was not keeping up the slack in time with the end rising off the street. With the free end now higher, the foreman called a stop too late. Several things happened at once. When the jammed end suddenly fell away from the wall –taking glass and concrete with it- the slack in the line allowed it to swing back sending the other side into the already damaged building it originated from. The ground crew who were there to avoid standing under the operation found themselves ducking for cover as masonry and debris fell from the smashed wall. Even with the high capacity cable, the abrupt stress from the weight caused the line to snap.

Cassie was already acting when she saw the beam slip from the wall. Normally, Rangers would not be carrying pokeballs, but that changed when the worlds merged and they found themselves in need of extra support. Pulling a pokeball from her belt, Cassie released a creature from another age. A large, grey dino-like creature was now holding itself in the air on a fifteen foot wingspan with violet inner membranes. The Aerodactyl saw the trouble and without having to be told caught hold of the free end of the steel beam before it broke away from the other cables. More than one person in the ground crew was hit by falling rubble and the big rock type was straining to keep the beam from smashing into the building again.

“Hold on, Roxo!” Cassie called up. “Help’s on the way.”

The Aerodactyl could only grunt in response. Taking another pokeball from her belt, Cassie looked around quickly. She caught sight of an opening on the fourth floor. A flash of light released another Pokemon. The blue, four-legged creature standing in front of her had a pink flower bud that was tipped white, unusual for an Ivysaur, growing from her back.

Pointing up to the opening, the Ranger looked down. “Can you reach that spot, Dahlia?”

It only took a moment for the Ivysaur to extend her vines upward and find a sturdy hold. Once she had pulled herself up, Cassie directed her get a hold of the steel beam to help Roxo. Dahlia spun vines around an exposed pipe to stabilize herself before throwing a vine out to catch on the beam. As Roxo held up the weight, Dahlia continued to coil her vine around the steel, pulling it away from the side of the other building. Once it was clear of both structures, the cat foreman radioed up to the teams still working winches. They began lowering the section of I-beam along with Dahlia and Roxo until it was sitting on the flatbed waiting beneath it. Once the steel was safely on the ground, everyone began taking stock of the damage. Several people were scratched and bruised from falling debris. A badger’s leg had been pinned under a large piece of masonry and a report from the rooftop said that someone had been hit by the recoil of the snapped cable –he was lucky to still be in one piece though. BJ was helping to free the badger who obviously had a very broken leg.

The foreman walked over to Cassie. “I guess you didn’t really have to worry about trouble the way you reacted there.” He ducked slightly as Roxo landed beside them, Dahlia on his back.

“Rangers have been in worse situations than falling steel,” she said with a shrug. “Try a whole mountain falling on you in an avalanche then talk about reactions.” The cat looked a little surprised as the young woman walked over to the injured badger. “We need to keep that leg still until he can get to a doctor. Which judging by the state of the area, the hospital might be a little crowded right now. Someone hand me that board over there.”

Cassie began pulling bandage and antiseptic out of her pack. The badger’s leg was too much of a mess to simply splint, so after loosely wrapping the worst gashes they bound his whole leg to the board. Meanwhile, Roxo was already carrying the injured worker from the roof along with someone to show the way to the nearby hospital since he was in worse condition. After the badger was loaded onto a truck, the rest of the crew who was able to started back to work.

“What do you think?” Cassie asked the foreman as she brushed off her hands, smiling. “Any chance I can get those directions now?”

The Ranger received a look from the grey cat, as if he was weighing her up. She was acting as if the whole incident had not happened. After a moment he just shook his head. “I think I owe you that much after your help.”

06-28-2012, 04:15 AM
[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog/Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Medical Bay
Affected RPers: None, really
<From Glowstick to Flare>

Where...? This place...Is just darkness. Have I been here before? ...No, no I do not believe so. This is...not a dream... Dreams are either pleasant or full of horror. And I would not realize it...yet I am fully aware here. A conscious thought amidst a black world... I should not be here, yet I am. Why is that? Why would I be perceptive of my surroundings - or lack thereof - when I should not? It doesn't make any sense... This goes against everything science has learned, of the brain. ...What is that? A light? ...So peaceful... How could something so beautiful and bright exist in such a dismal pit of nothingness? It even seems to call to me. ...Wait... Conscious when I should not be, surrounded by darkness, with a comforting light that calls... No. That means I am dying...Or even dead. ...I cannot accept that. I will NOT accept it! The other way is clear, with no light in sight. It is the safest option. If I get lost in the darkness, I might never return, but if I go to the light, I will have no hope of it.

...Another light? It's approaching quickly. I won't be able to escape! I don't...!

For the briefest of moments his consciousness came back to the world before flickering out to rest, but in that millisecond he felt immense agony throughout his body...And was comforted by it. The dead do not feel pain.

As the hedgehog stabilized, the doctors chose to move him to a hospital room, to free up the surgical area for another patient. Placing him on a gurney with the IV pack held by another, they began to wheel him out and towards the elevator. As it opened, they slid in, and took him to a rather clean, albeit small, recovery room. Placing him on the bed and pulling covers over him, they hooked him back up to machines to monitor his heart and brain activity; they also placed a mask over his mouth to deliver precious oxygen to speed up the production of blood cells. Perhaps the most important step was introducing powerful pain killers into the IV along with the water, to numb the bite from his wounds when he woke up. After what he had gone through, it was a small blessing that would be appreciated.

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx/Blaze)
<Just 'Overing In and Being Jais>

And while this happened, a pair of certain Beetles finally arrived back at base, making themselves known. Rather, Jais did. Hovering in to the shock, trepidation, and amusement of other soldiers, the machine deigned to make a slight twirl. "Why, 'ello everyone! Long time no see, I presume. Jais is back in action, accompanied with the ever so lovely Delilah." He waited for a moment, before continuing. "Jolly good. Now, I am off to the medical bay. Delilah, my dearest love, stay and 'elp get things in order 'ere, please. They need a level'eaded bot to guide them in these times." She nodded slightly, as his words were true despite how skittish she could often be. With that said, he hovered to the medical bay, quickly going down to the level designated for surgery.

It was absolutely terrible. Cries everywhere, the moans of those injured and the screams of those in agony reached his receptors. Had he been flesh instead of steel, a violent shudder would have run itself through his body. However, as much as he looked, he couldn't find the one he sought. Rotating his body around, he scrutinized the area, spotting both a purple form and a lavender one. Turning his attention, he hovered forward, ignoring the somewhat suspicious looks and fear that other had upon seeing the machine. After all, they had just been badly damaged, er, injured, by other mechanical creations. His own disappearance and subsequent reappearance also raised questions, no doubt.

"Blaze, Astrailyx?" His accented voice rose above the cacophony. "I 'eard about what 'appened. I found myself offline...That good chap Axel came and fixed myself, as well as my beloved Delilah, up. But..." He no doubt noticed the energy dragon's rather vacant stare. "Are you okay, milady? You seem rather pale... Do you need a pint of water, or to lie down? I am rather concerned you will faint, and that will do nothing for your fur." The Beetle nodded to himself. "No worries, my dear. All of this will clear up in due time! If only the commander would do something about it. Where is that man? I dearly need to speak with 'im about the current state of affairs. I fear what the young soldier told me may 'ave been quick and inaccurate, and I would rather not bother either of you in such an 'orrid place...and why no one came to locate us when we went offline. I thought we were valuable and appreciated! My, 'e will get quite the tongue lashing!" It was obvious that he was a little steamed at being abandoned.

"...But I digress... Your well-being takes precedence over mine. Please rest, and I will fetch you some water, Astrailyx."

Dog of Hellsing
06-30-2012, 02:31 AM
OOC: Late post is late, sorry x___x. Been busy lately lol.


IC: Name: Kiju Shadowpelt
Team: Park Lords
Location: Slateport City Outskirts, Hoenn
Affected RPers: Enkakku
<Now I know where to go, but how to get there?>

My ears perked in interest when the human mentioned that he had a map, which he proceeded to dig out of a large bag. After unfolding it, he pointed at an area that had been circled and informed me this was where Robotnik’s flying fortress had landed. He then traced his finger over the map to our current location; it would be a rather long trek to get there, and even then the area Robotnik’s ship had alighted on was an island. No doubt flying and swimming Badniks would be guarding the Egg, as well as its own impressive weaponry. Getting there would prove to be a serious challenge.

"It's quite a journey. You really don't want to go there, though. The Egg is massive and it'd be pretty pointless trying to fight through all of the monsters there,” the human said, pulling my attention from my musings. Before I could reply, he glanced in the direction the android had been thrown and added, "I haven't seen anyone like you, either. Sorry if this sounds rude, but might we move a little? That android has been chasing me for quite some time and I would hate to get caught by him again."

“Yes, moving is a good idea. Only a mey stays in the open when in an enemy’s territory.” I then growled, an unconscious action as I remembered the chase I’d led the Badniks on. “But give me a moment to retrieve my pruzaak.” I loped to the last tree I’d been in, climbing it much the way I had the other one when first reaching the forest. I then grabbed the bags containing my food and leapt back to the ground, yipping softly in pain as the cut on my inner thigh flared from the impact. It quickly died to a dull stinging ache, easily ignored as I rejoined the human.

“Come, let us find somewhere safe to speak further,” I said, glancing about. “Perhaps somewhere deeper in the forest, or, if you know of any, a renegade camp fighting against Robotnik. There must be pockets of resistance in this region fighting the tyranny of that sahlohkul.”


OOC: Translation time!

Mey = fool
Pruzaak = combination of “good” (pruzah) and “eat” (naak); roughly translates to “food”
Sahlokul = combination of “cowardly” (sahlo) and “son” (kul); roughly translates to “bastard”

Also, here’s what Kiju was saying in my post before, in the order of saying it, in case anyone is interested:

“No, I do not know it.”
“Tell me, human…”
“I…am seeking family...”
“…members of my family, my Pack.”
“…from when my Pack was attacked…”
“My Pack…my family…he will suffer for this sorrow.”

And Enkaku, feel free to have your character hop into Kiju’s mind to get an idea of what she’s saying lol. She has a habit of saying things in Grohiik but not translating them.

Dr Robotnik
07-01-2012, 01:58 AM
Almost in Cherrygrove
Talking to a squishy human.

Lambda was a bit surprised when the girl seemed to react so violently to the thought of going to the refugee facility. It took a moment for him to recognize the name Pallet Town, but he turned around to face the human anyways. "You mean that town in the Kanto region? Unfortunately Dr. Robotnik decided to make an example of a couple cities before he was convinced to start bringing in refugees. And the war robots tend to be a little overzealous; that's what you get when you program a robot with the brains of a refrigerator. But anyways, what do you expect me to do? Do I really look like a war robot to you?" the little robot asked Zippy, crossing its spindly arms. It made a motion with its body in a phantomime of shaking its head.

"Well anyways, even if you don't want to stay you should at least come inside so I can download the troop movement schedules to your Pokegear so you can avoid the troop movements. Believe me, those things even shoot at me if I'm outside while they're moving through. I forget where exactly they're headed, somewhere in the Unova region last I heard. I didn't actually receive the full transmission," the little robot said, turning again and rolling in to Cherrygrove. The buildings were still standing, though there was a lot of construction equipment strewn about and some humanoid worker robots were ambling around constructing various things. The robot stopped around the Pokemon Center, turning around again. The door to one of the factory construction floors was open, with the entire skeletal structure rising up like some twisted metal corpse. "I'd advise avoiding the factory floor; the construction bots are known to drop things from up high, and it's very dangerous inside. A lot of the support structure hasn't been set up yet, so I don't think a hard hat would help that much. Anyway, follow me please!"

The little robot rolled to an oddly placed control panel in the middle of town, and went to pressing buttons. After a moment he smacked the panel a few times and, finally, there was a loud sparking sound before the ground in front of the little robot opened up, an elevator platform sliding upwards in to place before the hidden doors had a chance to finish opening. "The settlement is just down this elevator. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to set up environmental systems for an underground area like this. Please step on to the platform!"

Eternal Moonlight
07-01-2012, 08:31 AM
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: RU characters

There are many unwritten rules a person should learn throughout their lives. Do not tempt fate is one of the most important ones, especially if said person is in a battlefield, defending their fraction’s base against attacking robots. That’s why Cadence should never have even dared to think things were going decently. Since she, Socrates and Schrodinger had arrived on the scene, it seemed the defense effort had taken a positive turn. She continued to believe this, even after the forced withdrawal of an overwhelmed Hannah. It should have been a sign, the situation was about to get worse.

The enemy’s retreat, despite the increase in resistance from the Revolution’s end of things, had been quite unexpected. Cadence had calculated this would be a long, bitter fight, but it turned out the enemy had other plans.

See, when the Empire has “other plans”, it’s never a good thing. Destroying the Headquarters had apparently not been the prime objective of the enemy fraction. That left one alternative…

This is where the “tempting fate” issue came into play. The flurry of bullets flying across the yard stopped, which would normally have been a good thing. It wasn’t.

The assailant robots turned suicide bomber, echoes of explosions replaced the whizzing of bullets. It didn’t take long to understand what they were doing, charging the closest being and turning them into gory confetti.

Unfortunately, neither Cadence nor Socrates had the proper defensive gear to prevent themselves from meeting an identical fate should they become the next targets. Leaving the…

She didn’t have time to finish or act upon her thought, however. The next moments were a real blur, the P.I weaving through the rain of destruction, using the anthropomorphic cat’s voice as a beacon of sorts. He had her hand in his, never once did it loosen or falter, even as they neared the safety of their base.

The communications building was heavily reinforced, which was probably why it still stood, even after everything it was made to bare. Once inside, the piercing sound of countless deadly explosions was muffled some, much to the woman’s relief. Still, realising that most, if not all, of those sounds represented a live lost was a bit hard to swallow.

Her facial features didn’t allow this to show, however. By this point, Socrates had released his grip on her hand, and was wearing an ever familiar look on his face. A psychic link had been established, no doubt.

She sighed, moving her gaze to Schrodinger, who too appeared to be in communication. Judging by the look on his face, the news he was receiving was not pleasant in any way. This could only mean one thing, something had gone wrong. And, that something was more likely than not relating to the Chakram mission.

"Sh*t!" The anthropomorphic feline rarely used such a tone, as he shot more Badniks that had been heading their way. Still, Cadence knew better then to assume the robots had been the cause of his unusual curse…

When he turned her way, she’d braced herself for anything, or so the woman thought anyway. Still, before any significant words could be exchanged, Socrates filled a short lived pause.

"I have another plan. This one won't be destroyed instantly by one unseen order, as it is rather flexible." He started, referencing the now obsolete plan he’d conceived earlier. Cadence made no effort to stop him, carefully following along. She nodded and gestured a few times, although they were nothing too expressive, just enough to show understanding as he divulged his ideas.

Calling them ideas, though, sounded a little crude for some reason. Once the man finally stopped, Cadence made sure to get the first word in.

“I’d be hard pressed not to agree with that course of action,” she announced with a final firm nod, a much more concrete response then before. This was perfect, and it was a big push. The death and destruction occurring on the battlefield was proof something needed to be done.

“Before continuing, however, I would like to know what you were going to say,” Cadence added, turning towards Schrodinger.

That communications rookie
Revolution Uprising
Base XFA (HQ), Fight Area, Sinnoh
Affected RPers: Max (Tails)

Following Tails’ instructions, getting the requested item hadn’t been too difficult. Like a good underling, he had made sure not to touch anything else. Disobeying would more likely then land him in an unpleasant situation, especially considering some of the fox’s works. Ending up with a barbequed hand or a hole in his head didn’t seem like farfetched possibilities. Either way, he would rather avoid sustaining severe bodily injuries.

Heading back to the currently useless radio room, the rookie noticed the trio of higher ups from before, all hanging around the main doors. He couldn’t tell, from his distance, if they were even talking, but felt it was important. And possibly dangerous. It might be worth mentioning to Tails…

Delivering the goods, the younger man plopped himself down on his chair, holding back a sigh.

“I made sure to follow your instructions,” he made sure to announce before mentioning anything else. Though the twin-tailed fox didn’t really intimidate him much, it was good to say away from any high ranking member’s bad side.

“The people from before,” the rookie gave himself a mental slap for his poor wording, “were gathered at the main doors. It looked like something noteworthy might be happening.”

He couldn’t say what Tails would choose to do with the information, but despite the not-so-great start, felt content with himself. It was nice to feel a little positivity during such a grim time…

07-01-2012, 09:07 AM
Charlie Webb
Eggman Empire
Kanto, En Route to Cinnabar Island
ARP's ~ None

Charlie reached the back end of the power plant and had run into the final room before Spectre popped up next to her. The room was silent and completely empty, there was nothing there and there never was. She looked at the ghost hoping at least her had found something but no luck. She grumbled before walking the rest of the way out of the Power Plant. Ok, so her plan wasn't goin too well, she didn't know what she was supposed to be doing. All she knew was that she had to find some stupid assed legendaries for eggman and get them turned into robots. She didn't exactly know how she was supposed to catch them, but she thought tricking them into going with her could be a good plan.

When she had got back outside she looked to Spectre with a knowing look at the ghost nodded before vanishing again. She sat down on the grass and took out another pokeball and opened it up to reveal a large fire lizard. The pokemon looked at his trainer strangely and tilted his head. Charlie let out a small giggle at that.

"Were traveling soon, your going to have to be my ride for a while." The Charizard nodded at this when Spectre appeared again, this time with a half singed map.

"This really the best you could find?" The Gengar nodded as Charlie sighed and placed it on the floor. She got her bearings and directions right and found her place on the map.

"Ok so we're here." She placed a finger on the map. "And we need to go here." He finger followed a straight route to Cinnabar Island. "Which means we need to go in that direction." She said pointing to somewhere behind her. She sighed, glad that Cinnabar hadn't need burned off the map and stuffed it in her pocked, for possible future reference. She went over to the Charizard and climbed onto his back, Spectre climbing onto her lap.

"Ok Fire Haz, let's go." Hazard grunted before opening his large wings and taking off in the direction that Charlie had pointed in earlier. Charlie smiled as she looked down at the changing scenery underneath her. She watched trees and mountains and caves and buildings rushed underneath her as Hazard sped towards Cinnabar. In no time Charlie could see the edge of the see.

"I hope to hell that we get some luck with Articuno." She grumbled and Spectre made a noise of agreement halway between a snore and a giggle.

Dog of Hellsing
07-01-2012, 02:27 PM
Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City
Affected RPers: n/a
<Time to get involved>

Blood. The scent of it was thick in the air, along with the heavy reek of death, fear, and rage. When the giant flying ship had unleashed its fury on the city below, great furrows had been torn into the ground, buildings had fallen, and many had been slain. Kioji, normally one to stay out of sight of others, had instead rushed into the madness to try and help those he could. Some people had been trapped in collapsed houses, others had been pinned beneath fallen debris. Some were caught in burning buildings, but the flames hadn’t been much of a challenge for Kioji to get around, and he’d been able to save dozens. But there were many more who had passed on by the time he’d reached him, their bodies already cooling and stiffening. Even though he was young, Kioji understood death far too well, and it made his heart ache to see so much of it.

There were teams and crews out, of course, since the flying ship had left and the Badniks had self-destructed, but there were so few of them compared to the number of civilian casualties. Kioji had been helping a few teams here and there, but had decided he could do better work in areas where no help had yet arrived. Thus he found himself in a particularly hard-hit section of town, where there was not a single building left standing for miles and fires raged everywhere.

“Ful pogaas feyn…ful gut fin rinlass,” the young wolf said as he took in the sight of the destruction around him. He briefly wondered if there could be any survivors here, as it most certainly was the worst he’d seen, but the possibility that someone might be alive prevented him from simply leaving. Instead, he walked to the nearest pile of rubble and began sifting through it, careful of shattered glass and broken steel that would slice through his flesh. Every so often he would poke his nose into the remains of the building to try and catch the scent of any caught beneath the concrete, but his nose was filled with the stink of death and he could smell nothing else. His ears, too, constantly swiveled, listening for cries of help, but all he heard was the dull roar and crackle of fire.

After a few moments he abandoned his search of the rubble and moved to the next ruined building, trying to avoid looking at the mangled bodies strewn about like morbid party decorations. His search yielded nothing here, either, and for the next hour or so he hunted through the wreckage in the hopes of finding at least one survivor. His hopes were met with disappointment, and eventually he paused for a moment to rest and catch his breath.

After his break, Kioji spent another hour or so searching for survivors, but once again didn’t find any. Despite how sad it made him, the wolf soon realized that he wasn’t going to find anyone still alive here. Even though he wanted to keep searching, he knew that wasting time here might cost someone else their life in another part of the city, so he turned away from the ruined area and continued on his way.

He walked for about thirty minutes before realizing the destruction was getting less and less noticeable; he was leaving the part of Central City that had been hit the hardest by the attack from the flying ship. He was seeing more crews, and many of them gave him strange looks when he noticed them. It wasn’t until he passed a broken mirror going by a partially-collapsed house that he saw the state he was in; dried blood, dirt, and soot from the fires had matted and dirtied his golden coat. In some places his fur was standing up in stiff spikes, and his shorts were stained and ripped in certain places. He basically looked like he’d spend the past few hours rolling in blood and filth. He wrinkled his nose at his reflection before turning away with a sigh. He could worry about his appearance later; for now, he was beginning to feel wary being around such numerous crowds, and his instinct to hide and observe was pestering him to use the burned-out, leaning buildings as cover in his hunt for survivors.


OOC: Translation time!

"Ful pogaas feyn…ful gut fin rinlass.” = "So much destruction, the worst so far." (or literal translastion, "so far, the worst"). Rinlass is a combination of rinik (very) and and folass (wrong), and translates roughly to "worse/worst".

07-01-2012, 02:54 PM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Location: Cherrygrove City
Talking to Tinhead

Crud! Why did this robot have to be so nice? Even after Zippy pulled a pokeball out on Lamda, it still calmly reasoned that it was not programmed for war. Furthermore, the robot explained that Pallet Town was an unfortunate incident, one that was not repeated too many times. The ranger only had Lamda’s word that everything was OK. It wasn’t quite enough to convince the girl, but the robot was offering troop movement schedules. What kind of army would freely give out that kind of information to anyone? Though suspicious of what was really going on, Zippy did want to see how Cherrygrove was doing. Besides, her plan did involve infiltrating Cherrygrove. If she was able to get this robot to let her in without fuss, so much the better, right? The ranger directed her pokeball to her shoulder, allowing the emolga inside to materialize upon her.

“Stay close and keep an eye out for any other badniks,” Zippy said calmly as she ventured into the city with Lamda. The junior ranger took one last look behind her, hoping for Shaveh to appear out of the bushes to stop her. No such luck…

Zippy was shocked to see the condition of Cherrygrove. Aside from the new construction, everything else seemed…normal. At least, as normal as it could get without any people around. Buildings were still standing, the water was still clean, and even the automatic door to the pokemon center was still operational. The only thing out of place was the overgrown grass and shrubbery, both lacking the usual maintenance from landscapers. It all seemed very eerie to the girl and her emolga. A city devoid of people, yet kept entirely intact by robotic overlords. Lamda led the ranger to one of the newer additions to the city: an elevator leading to the refugee camp. At its sudden appearance out of the ground, Zippy took a step back. Feeling her trainer tense up, Gaga looked down upon the robot, growling to look more ferocious.

“Woah woah woah!” Zippy shouted as Lamda asked her to step on. “You may have gotten me into the city, but there is no way you’re getting me into that hole in the ground!” Hot tub or not, this smelled of a trap. The ranger had a pretty good idea of what would happen: she’d enter the refugee camp, the elevator would never come back down, and she would be trapped forever, or when the robots were sick of keeping the refugees around. Lamda could start flirting with her and she still wouldn’t be swayed to enter the camp.

“I think we can stay above ground just fine,” Zippy continued, her hands back on her hips in an authoritative position. “Now, since you’re so willing to provide information, I‘ve got a few questions of my own. Why are you here in Johto and Kanto. Heck, why are you even on our planet?”

Saraibre Ryu
07-01-2012, 09:13 PM
Astrailyx and Blaze
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City HQ, Medical Bay

Affected RPer's: Grassy [Jais]

Astrailyx sat, remembering her meditation practices from Reaver so many years ago, slowly growing more and more her usual calm state. She hadn’t panicked so much in a long time and she certainly didn’t like it just as much as the first time. She wasn’t sure how long she was sitting there for, but she could still feel a bit of electrical static in her one arm, a stray spark jumping through her embodiment every so often. She thought it was maybe the impulsive action of her going electrical that had the lingering feeling of anxiety after the fact everything became a much brighter situation. Maybe it was because of the fact she may have disrupted everyone else because of that decision that made her worry just a little bit still. Astrailyx would to her usual, personal rounds to make sure everyone had everything they needed and was doing alright. She cared about the people more than anything and felt it was her job to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The dragon looked up when her ears picked up a familiar voice in the distance, and only a few seconds later did she find herself looking at a familiar beetle she hadn’t seen in a long time. His presence seemed to perk her up a bit as it was a found soul rather than another lost one. Just as Blaze returned she noticed him as well and seemed to feel a bit more relieved by his presence.

“Hi Jais, it’s nice to see you again.” Astrailyx greeted.

The feline nodded in agreement. “Yes, it’s pleasant to see someone come back to us.”

Astrailyx wasn’t sure what Jais meant by her looking pale. She took a quick look at her colouring and indeed the hue was not as up to par in vibrancy as it should have been. It would make sense as to why there was still static in her arm since her colouration meant which energy she was attuned to most.

Astrailyx gave a lighthearted half smile. “I guess I am a bit tired, but no I’m alright Jais.”

Blaze found it better to not say anything, given the situation, so only stood there and listen to Jais continue speaking. His explanation of no one going to look for him when he went offline, along with Delilah, surprised both of the pastel schemed beings, causing them to give each other a quick look before looking back at Jais. Astrailyx would have sent someone out to look for him, however she had to think of a reason why not send them immediately.

“I’m sorry about that Jais, with a lingering attack I think most of our resources were put into defenses and research.” The dragon explained. “I would have gone and looked for you myself personally if things here weren’t so frantic.”

“The group that was sent out to look for you was most likely recalled in the event of the attack.” Blaze finished. “I wouldn’t be sure though, I was off on another assignment when the attacked happened and only returned a few minutes ago myself.”

As the conversation continued, Astrailyx and Blaze weren’t sure who should tell Jais first that Shadow was the man in charge or not. Giving the circumstances Blaze was thinking it may have been better to save that information for when the hedgehog was conscious again. Then, as if their thoughts had materialized, Astrailyx saw Shadow being wheeled out , IV being held by one of the nurses and two others pushed him along. Looking at the awkwardness of trying to move with everyone seeming to be in the medical bay at one time, Astrailyx flapped her wings and took it from the nurses hand, holding it with her own. A bit surprised the female looked up, only to be greeted with a calm smile.

“It may be easier if I hold it until it’s hung on a rack.” She stated.

“Yes, not everyone can fly or move through solid objects.” The nurse replied, trying to make some humor out of the situation.

Blaze only shook her head as she saw Astrailyx go to wherever they were putting Shadow. No doubt in some quiet recovery room where he would not be bothered by anyone.

“She spend more time worrying about everyone else than herself.” Blaze told Jais quietly, knowing Astrailyx was out of ear shot. “I’m not even sure if she’s fully recovered from the whole, universal crash yet.”

The dragon in question help the nurses set up Shadow’s room, setting his IV on a stand so that no one had to hold it for hours on end, even limiting some of the light that came in for when he did wake up, nothing would be hinderingly bright. She knew pain killers were in the IV but she could only wonder what kind, as she hadn’t remembered if he had ever had pain killers before. As she let go of the IV, she felt a slight twinge in her arm she had used to send the boost of electricity to in the defibrillator. She flexed her fingers, feeling as if that were the last of it. She left Shadow to his room and would be sure to check on him later, right now she needed to take her mind off of things and look at everyone else who had suffered these events.

As Astrailyx returned back to the hallway where Jais and Blaze still were. Blaze gave her a concerned look that caused the dragon to stop mid flight.

“I think you need to take a few moments and rest yourself. It’s my own personal recommendation.” She told her a bit firmly.

“I will, don’t worry, I’m going to ask the engineers if I can have a time slot for some welding tomorrow morning so I can make something, then later tonight do a quick walk around to see how everyone is doing.” Though Astrailyx said walk around, it was more of a hover around since she could barely walk herself. “I’ll take it easy in the meantime, on my word.”

“Alright then…I’ll send you that report of what I found by tomorrow afternoon so you can look at the data.”

“Sounds good.”

Blaze stopped her again, only this time, out of curiosity. “Also, why do you need to weld something, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Astrailyx was slightly disheartened by the question, but kept a cheerful demeanour despite that. “Just something so we can remember what we have left of Ace…and reinforce his memory so it lasts.”

07-02-2012, 02:03 AM
Elisabeth Smith
Heading towards Sinnoh via Lapras
Affected RPGers: None

The sun shined brightly down on Elisabeth's head. She wiped some sweat from her brow and scolded her self for deciding against bringing a hat and deciding to wearing dark colours. Climbing over Big Blue's back, she cupped her hands and took some of the sea water to dump on her head. Big Blue made a concerned high pitched noise.

"I'm okay Big Blue, just a little hot." she said kindly to her Lapras.

The concern from her friend pushed away all thoughts of how hot it was to focus on the mission. She took the map and compass out of her bag. She started to memories the map while peering at the compass from time to time.

The map only showed the Sinnoh region and not the ocean they were crossing. However, she did know that Sinnoh was towards the east and her compass stated they were going in that direction. As long as they kept going east they'd be fine.

As she was putting the map and compass back into her bag she noticed some thing in the distance. She quickly pulled out her binoculars and searched through them.

"Sinnoh." she said with a grin as she saw the large land mass ahead of them.

She looked to her Lapras to see if he had seen it as well but his sight was not on the horizon before them but rather to the north. Elisabeth frowned and looked in that direction. All she could she was a black speck. She quickly looked through her binoculars and saw a ship. However, it was too far away for her to tell who's side it belonged to. All that could be seen was that it was heading straight towards them.

Elisabeth had a few options. They could flee in the other direction and hope they didn't notice her. That was not a option she didn't like as it would mean running away. They could speed up and try to get to shore before the ship got there. That might make them suspicious and attack her if they didn't get there fast enough. Lastly, she could keep the same speed and course and hope it wasn't the enemy. If it wasn't they most likely ignore her, if it was well, they might attack or they could also ignore her. The ship looked pretty big, they could sneak by unnoticed.

"Blue, keep course. Don't panic, don't rush. Just keep cool." she told him.

Big Blue kept pace though he looked terribly nervous while doing so. If he had sweat glands he would have been sweating bullets. Elisabeth cocked her rifle back and turned off the safety. There was no way she could win a fire fight but if they started to shot at them she could at least attack back.

Dog of Hellsing
07-02-2012, 03:38 AM
Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City
Affected RPers: k_pop
<A new friend, maybe…?>

Kioji had been moving more among the rubble than in the open as he came across more crews working on restoring the city. As he moved about, going into the occasional precarious building to help one trapped person or another, he started to wonder why so many people were working on the parts of the city that weren’t as damaged. To his young mind it seemed a better idea to start at the worst-affected areas, where there were more injured that needed immediate help.

As he wandered, he noticed yet another crew in the distance. But then he saw a large, gray flying…thing…holding what appeared to be a large piece of metal. The sight of the beast made him even more wary than he was before, but curious as well. If it was helping find and save people…such an ally would be beneficial in his search to find any members of his Tah that might have survived the slaughter of months passed. A growl rose in his throat at the memory; despite him having been so young when it happened, he still remembered every howl, every snarl, every scream. The sights and smells and pain were as fresh in his mind as if they’d happened on hours ago instead of years. The growl quickly petered into a whine, though, as Kioji’s thoughts turned to his imprisonment.

With a fair amount of willpower, he soon pushed those dark thoughts away and loped towards the crew the gray beast was assisting. As he drew closer, the proximity of others made his wariness spike, and he slunk behind a partially-collapsed house as he saw a young woman finish patching the leg of another anthro. After that had been done, the anthro was taken away in a truck and the main crew went back to getting this area of the city cleaned up. A few moments later Kioji’s ears pricked at the sound of a female voice speaking. He could only barely understand what she was saying, not having a very good grasp on the strange humantongue called English.

The female is looking for directions…to what? To where? Maybe allies, others who can help me in my search for survivors of my Tah…Kioji thought, peeking around the house to see the female who’d patched the anthro’s leg speaking to another anthro, this one a cat.

07-03-2012, 07:14 AM
(Uh, yeah. Shadow's part is going to be creepy, guys. Just a heads up. Quite frankly, I think he's still in character...Considering what the dream is about. ...Plus, pain killers freak out the mind for anyone XD Really PG-13!)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Hospital Room
Affected RPers: None...?
<Maria in Nightmareland>

Augh...Where? Darkness...No...Not darkness. Not quite. This room...it is black, yes, but it seems different. Before there was complete nothing, save a light. Here...I see shapes. Bleak, lifeless, and without definition, but I can make out the blurred figures of solid objects. The ground is firm, but I cannot quite tell if there is grass or not. I can only presume in this...place...I retain my form, although this notion quickly - and why would it not? - makes me check to be sure. Thankfully, I am correct in my assumptions, otherwise it might cause some problems in the future. Now the issue was, however, how I was going to see. As sharp as my eyes are, they cannot pierce such darkness, and I would rather not trip on something which could cause harm to myself. In truth, I have no idea where I am...A dream? Unconscious? I know I am not dead, for the pain I felt ever so briefly from that fast approaching light earlier...

I certainly wasn't in Hell. No fire, no laughing demons...

How dull.

"So, 'aving fun yet?" Flicking my ear, I am nearly blinded as the room suddenly lights up. I can now see that the objects I saw before are in fact computer consoles, attached to large screens with closed doors on either end. Thick cables above pulse with blue energy, powering the area and also places beyond. Hovering nearby, the familiar figure of Jais - annoying babysitter extraordinaire - is looking me over, scanning me with his optical sensor. "I 'ope you are not too startled? It 'as been a long time since you've seen the ARK..." I knew the place was familiar. "Anyway, 'ow 'ave you been doing?"

That is an odd question, considering the current circumstances. "Fine. How did I get here?"

"Impatient as always. I am glad you are all right. You were always 'ere, Shadow. You returned to the Space Colony ARK after joining G.U.N.; I find your current behavior questionable. Are you indeed sure you are okay?"

Wait. I returned to the ARK? But... "No. I periodically check on the ARK, to which circumstances I can no longer, but I did not return to live on it alone." As much as I detested admitting it, I did find myself craving some sort of social interaction. Perhaps I was growing too soft. "I believe you need to get your memory unit fixed, Jais. The facts you state are erroneous."

The machine halted for a moment, performing a self-diagnostic check. "...No, Shadow. My facts are correct. I am the perfect machine - I would not mix up something such as this lightly." I am quick to state that they were messed up, as I have no recollection of being on the ARK for as long as he said I had. "...Would you believe the computers 'ere?" Shaking my head, I proceed over to one control console, activating it. There are logs here, yes, but as I watch them, I notice inconsistencies. Difference in coloration, voice being off, dates and times not fitting together...

"These are fraudulent videos, Jais." Turning, I raise an eyebrow when I notice he is not there. Noting the door is open to the room beyond, I follow it through, and lo and behold it shuts behind me. I can't say I was NOT expecting it, because I was. Ahead, a green shifting light, contained within a large cylinder with a hazard sign painted on the front. I recognize the volatile compound within, which is casting the sickly illumination. It is the only light in the room...And beside it is a young girl, dressed in light blue with thick blonde hair. With great hesitation, I approach, for I know that the girl before me has been dead for fifty years. Yet, secretly, I truly hope she is alive. "...Maria?"

The figure turns, and I can see she has been crying. I quicken my pace to be by her side. "...Shadow?" As I reach out out to provide comfort, she suddenly slaps my hand away, scrabbling backwards. "Don't touch me!" NOW I am confused. Why would she act like this? "You...You didn't do anything..." She shook her head. "You didn't do anything to save me! You let those horrible men...Come and kill everyone. And then they shot me!" As she stood, she approached, reaching out. Gripping me by my arm, I am - admittedly - horrified to see her skin rotting, bones and muscles exposed where the filthy dress did not cover. Her grip was cold yet ironclad, refusing to let go as I struggle.

I don't want to hurt her; she is still my sister, even if not by blood. "I tried to help you, Maria. I failed. I'm sorry...But the past is the past. It cannot be changed."

"You didn't do anything!" And suddenly, I'm slammed against the volatile container, hearing the glass crack softly from the hit. Her eyes are blank, mere slits, with bloody tears pouring constantly from the organs. A pulsing wound in her chest signified where the lethal blow had struck, and it reminded me all too much of my own pain. "You...You watched me die! And then you had the nerve to join the ones that killed me! Imprisoned you! You...! YOU ARE NO SAVIOR!" Again, she slammed me into the container, and it cracked more.

"...Forgive me..." Ignoring the creature in front of me - for it was clearly NOT Maria as she was the sweetest soul - I grabbed the hand holding him, twisting. The sound of popping bones and ripping tendons reached his ears, and a strangled scream of agony as I was dropped unceremoniously to the ground. Leaping forward, I kick out with my legs, sending the demon toppling into the twice cracked compound. It shatters, and a shriek is quickly drowned out by a loud bang and fire, pushing me forward into more darkness.

A single red glowing eye greets me, along with a wide grin. "So, had enough?" That voice?! That gruff, old voice...Usually so kind...Gerald? My creator? But...How? "You were supposed to be a powerful weapon. Soulless, with all the strength in the world...Yet, look at you." The white teeth set themselves in a grin. "You're so pathetic. You truly aren't my greatest creation...Rather, my greatest failure!"

"Now I know that is a lie. You created me to be humanity's savior, to bring peace and a cure for diseases. You...Are nothing more...Than a nightmarish creation of the mind! Of my doubts, which I thought I long since buried!" A new container floats into the area, revealing that Maria - whatever it was - was nothing more than a charred corpse. But the figure in front of me was one that I knew...And didn't know.

Jais stared at me, ripped wings in place of jet wings and three spindly legs from the bottom tipped with two claws each. The machine gun was gone, having been too close to the large mouth he now possessed. From the engines on his side, copious amount of thick, viscous fluid dripped to the floor, painting it red with its crimson menace. Opening his mouth, saliva hung in strands, a heavy, large tongue set behind the pearly whites. Flapping his wings, he circled around, slowly, fading away into darkness only to reappear beside me in an instant.

"Oh, you say that...But do you believe it? I went insane. Can you trust what I said before? What I say now? What about yourself? You have recordings...They can be changed. You saw it yourself." Sticking his tongue out, it stretched a ludicrous amount in such a short amount of time, wrapping around my torso and lifting me clear into the air. His spit dribbled down and slicked my fur, making it shine with...Well, spit. It stung, burning. "Truth hurts doesn't it? You look so adorable like that. I could eat you up, my little failure."

"All right, that's ENOUGH!" Forming energy on my hand, I lash downward, cutting through the thick muscle with a "slrk" sound, causing a mix of oil and blood to spray out, blinding me. As Gerald - Jais? - roared in laughter, I felt a claw sink into my spine, pushing me into the ground. The pain was unbearable, the darkness piercing my body, my muscles, into my very marrow. I felt...Different. Powerful, but angry. I know I am powerful already. Maybe now it just finally occurred to me...

This was a nightmare.

In my head.

...I can control it.

Feeling newfound strength, I twist my head around to clamp my fangs on the leg, breaking it like a twig with an easy crack. Striking out with my claws, I tear at at the other two legs, bringing down the monstrosity to my level where I proceed to rip out the eye. The entire time, he laughed. LAUGHED. Even as I tore out the engines that bled so much, the wings that could not fly, the teeth that were too pure in the darkness. I tore apart the metal, stabbing into the core...Only to feel something soft and warm.

Opening the steel up, I gazed at the figure before me. Pelt darker than black, crimson stripes jagged and fiery...It looked malformed, with ribs sticking out of its sides and a spike on the tail...Or rather, it WAS the tail. With a start, this mutilated creature...I realized it was me. Maybe? Was it my inner fear? Doubts? Evil? I had my own blood on my hands...I felt horror. It would be worrisome if I felt nothing.

Shaking myself, I stand, figuring that with these demons gone I could perhaps figure out how to wake up.

I never saw...Myself...Rise from the broken cocoon he had been entombed within.

I only felt white hot pain in my chest, claws protruding through ribs, and vicious amber eyes glaring hatefully at me as everything began to fade.


Apparently I hate myself. Who knew?

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Medical Bay
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astra/Blaze)
<How Drab This Is...>

Upon hearing the explanations, the machine relaxed. "Oh, I see. Well, I suppose protecting the city is more important than finding me and Delilah. Still..." He sighed. "Oh well." Hearing her state she was just tired, he would have frowned if he could. "You? Tired? You are made of energy, dear Astrailyx. I find it rather difficult to believe you 'ave run out...But, 'ho am I to say? Some say motherboard isn't installed properly. Hmph. The nerve." As the dragon got up to head somewhere else, he turned to Blaze. "Just got back a few minutes ago? Ah. You must 'ave been busy. 'Opefully it will 'elp the ever so illustrious Guardian Units of Nations..." Spinning slightly, he heard a beep, and stopped as he listened to the other end. "Ah, seems my dearest Delilah is already delivering messages again. What a fine dear, she is. I am so lucky to 'ave 'er." He floated up a little. "If you 'ave nothing you need 'elp with, I will go and assist in locating missing personnel. Give Shadow my regards, will you? I cannot be bothered to find the chap out myself, as 'e is far quicker than I am. Maybe eventually I will get 'is blasted motif off my chassis...Although I admit, the color scheme is rather ravishing."

Turning while humming, he stopped. "There...Is nothing you need 'elp with right now, yes? If you do, please speak up now milady. Otherwise I will not 'ear, and I would be shunned if I left a fine young woman needing 'elp alone." Even if he wasn't facing the feline, he dipped his head. "After all, I am the best machine for the task. Unit zero-five-zero-zero-zero, Jais. The first sentient machine Guardian Units of Nations ever created, and by far the most dapper!" If he had an ego chip, it had to be severely malfunctioning at this point. It would be far too big to work right at this point in time!

Dr Robotnik
07-05-2012, 05:30 AM
GUN medical bay
Medical robot

The small body machine had managed to escape from its lumbering caretaker Omega in the mass confusion that was the GUN base's main lobby. The hulking machine hadn't been able to follow and quickly lost him, though it was likely the red machine knew well enough where the small robot would go. And he was there now, white and red shining in the stark white light. It didn't take long for the robot to find the room where Shadow was sleeping, and encounter a nurse outside writing on a form of some kind.

"Greetings!" the little robot said, giving a mock bow to the nurse. "I've been asked to assist GUN with their medical operations starting with Commander Shadow!" The nurse gave him an odd look, but after checking over the papers again she smiled and apologized, opening the door for him. The little robot rolled inside as the hallway behind him was filled with the broad red and black shoulders of E-123 Omega. It reached inside of a small chamber of its body for a needle filled with the smallest bit of red fluid. In just a few moments, the robot had injected the fluid and begun drawing out blood of the exact same color for investigation.

To say Omega ripped the door off its hinges would be an understatement of several magnitudes. Chunks of rubble and shattered wood framed an oddly Omega-shaped hole in the wall as the lumbering behemoth gripped the small white robot in one hand by the head in a grip tight enough to cause the metal to cave in. "EXPLAIN YOURSELF. AUTHORIZATION WAS NOT GRANTED FOR ACCESS TO MEDICAL BAY ALPHA." Omega demanded loudly, drowning out the squeak of the nurse behind to be careful around the injured commander. The little robot made a terrified shriek of its own and pulled its limbs and wheel in to its body, quivering in Omega's grip...


The little robot puzzled on its own for a moment at the questions, tapping a hand beneath its eye socket as it thought. After a moment it put its occupied hand on its side and gestured with the other. "Well, I'm not sure of the specifics myself. Something about Chaos Emeralds and portals to another world or some other crazy talk. As for why we're in Kanto and Johto, the Director asked Dr. Robotnik to not kill or roboticize everyone on the planet. Let me tell you, appealing to that guy's ego will get you just about anything you want. So Robotnik caved and the Director was allowed to set up these refugee camps; they have to be underground though because Robotnik wasn't nice enough to actually keep a running list of actual refugees to live in the real towns. We're more than happy to send a retrieval robot back to wherever you might have lived and get what you left behind in your stead though."

The little robot made a motion much like scratching the side of its head before shrugging. "It all goes over my head honestly. I'd much rather be back home at the Hyperion corporation headquarters; at least then I wouldn't be rusting apart out here next to the ocean. Director Percival has been the head of it for almost fifty years, but for one reason or another he's had to help Robotnik. Something about saving his life with some kind of nanobot to fix an autoimmune disease or... something. No one tells me anything; I have to find out from second hand sources. I can patch you through to a comm line below and see if anyone'll come up if it'll make you happy; I'd rather pass off the data I have rather than see an innocent traveler blasted to bits by those bloodthirsty war robots. I hate those things!"

((Complains a lot, don't he?))

Saraibre Ryu
07-06-2012, 12:47 AM
Astrailyx and Blaze
Guardian Unit of Nations
Central City HQ, Medical Bay

ARPer's: Grassy and the Doctor

Astrailyx only tilted her head with a smile at Jais. Yes she was an energy being, but she wasn’t always, she had an organic body of some kind in the past, and even though it was gone, she tried her best to think she had one. She laughed at his comment about her running out, knowing he meant well and the idea did seem rather amusing, though it was still possible for her to run out of energy. She was her own, living unique energy and she wasn’t able to find another source of it, she was the source of any and all Iylix energy in this universe.

“Even a mind grows tired Jais, and I try my best to simulate the physical body I once had…at least what I remember of it.”

As Astrailyx hovered away, Blaze was left to converse with the beetle. Where Blaze didn’t find him a terrible nuisance, she didn’t mind his presence at all, especially in these times where friendly faces were hard to find. Yes, Blaze was gone on her own mission, one Astrailyx had sent her on once she knew what had happened with the two universes colliding. She wasn’t sure what she wanted the information for, other than being concerned for her own well being, but if anyone knew the dragon, Astrailyx never had selfish motives and there was always more than one reason for looking into something, should the initial reason seem small.

“Yes I was sent to look at energy fluxes and find their epicentres, or at least help pinpoint them as Astrailyx asked, though I am not entirely certain why.” Blaze explained. “I don’t doubt we will find out soon enough.”

As Jais turned to leave, Blaze couldn’t help but smile a bit as he almost seemed to complain about Shadow, but she wasn’t certain if complaining was the proper term for it. Even still, the insect was insistent on helping, and found his manners of helping a woman in need first, and though Blaze preferred to work alone and wasn’t shy of letting it be known, she knew Jais was only being, well…Jais.

“If we need help with anything, I will make sure you are the first person to be asked. Please day hello to Delilah for myself and Astrailyx.”

Astrailyx hovered more closely to the ceiling than the floor, passing along soft cotton blankets to the injured and ill, clearing away dishes and helping replace bandages, and even changing the elevation of the beds. Helping people kept her busy and everyone appreciated her extra bit of effort and that second glass of water. Helping bind casts and administer medicine to the most stubborn of soldiers and operatives made her feel like herself again and put her depressive state of mind behind her. In about forty five minutes she had cycled through the majority of the medical bay and everything seemed in fine order with everyone moaning a little less and even snoring a little more. As the dragon was about to re-enter the hallway, she was stopped by a nurse.

“Doctor Rogi wanted me to tell you about Shadow’s brain activity.”

Astrailyx seemed a bit surprised it was already so soon he was coming around. “What do you have to tell me?”

“Well, he said it was a bit…erratic and, well he said ‘unpleasant’.” The nurse seemed nervous.

Astrailyx knew that Rogi could be a bit of a…well weirdo most times and turn people away just by how he acted. Nevertheless if that doctor had told her something, or rather someone to tell her in his place, she should be on her way to take a look herself.

About halfway down the hall, there was a thundering crash as if someone had just blown a wall out. A bit panic stricken, the nurse and Astrailyx rushed towards the room they placed Shadow in, even catching Blaze along the way who had heard the commotion as well. The last thing anyone wanted to hear was a break in, and before anyone knew it, there was a small crowd , sheepishly peering around the corner, almost cowering, looking upon the new mess the medical bay had to deal with. Astrailyx hovered above the mess while Blaze was careful to step over it, making their way slowly towards a very large and dust covered Omega, who was holding a small and now trembling robot between his massive claws. The dragon remembered the robot and knew it was the one the Director had given them earlier, for reasons she still wasn’t sure of. It looked as though Omega was going to pop it’s head at any moment. She hovered in front of Omega, putting one hand on his arm and making sure he wasn’t intent on disabling the machine immediately for the long term.

“Omega, stand down, this robot is fine.” She instructed the giant machine of spontaneous remodeling. “It’s here to help heal Shadow, please remove your grip and put him down.”

“Where did he come from?” Blaze asked. “I know I am not familiar with him inside the medical bay…”

“It’s a long story, I’ll explain it to you later.” Astrailyx answered. “In the meantime, can you get me a wheelchair? I think we’re going to have to move Shadow again since…the wall needs to be replaced.”

“Yes…” Blaze repeated, looking at the mess around them. “I’ll get the clean up crew as well.”

Astrailyx began to remove the robot from Omega’s grip, carefully making sure that it wasn’t going to harm him. She hovered closer to the floor and put the robot on the floor, giving him a somewhat kind look, though was still unsure about the mechanical being all together.

“Would you be able to help Shadow as we wheel him back into his room?” Astrailyx asked the machine. “He can’t exactly rest in here anymore.”

As the dragon finished, Blaze returned, both hands on the handles of a wheelchair as she shifted rubble around so they could wheel the recovering hedgehog out of the room without getting caught on anything as he was moved back to his room. Astrailyx was still astonished by how fast Shadow had come to, as he seemed incredibly agitated by something, even acting hostile towards the nurses as they tried to move him into the chair slowly. Between swatting and making grabbing motions, and even between snarling as he started to fully wake up, the nurses had a hard enough time getting him into the mobile furniture, never mind being worried about him possibly biting them with the white fangs he seemed intent on showing off. She wondered what caused him to be so agitated, and could only conclude that it had something to do with his brain activity-


The lavender dragon jumped back, seeing the hunched over and gloomy looking Doctor Rogi staring at her with half open eyes, his long white jacket almost draping to the floor as he stood there amidst the commotion.

“Oh…Rogi you startled me…”

“I noticed.” Rogi replied in a long drawn out manner.

“You wanted to see me about Shadow’s brain activity?”

“Yes…” He looked over at Shadow for a moment, watching the black and red, half-awake being, being moved into his new mode of transportation. “His brain was acting very upset…very unpleasant…like a nightmare, I was going to ask your opinion if we should wake him up or not, considering he needs the rest…but…”

Astrailyx only looked around. “Yes he’s…certainly awake now.”

“If you’re going to move him into his room, I would suggest making sure he needs not his IV…he’s awoken so quickly…it’s almost abnormal…”

Astrailyx nodded. “Yes…it is…Blaze would you be able to leave Shadow in the lobby when it’s quiet while I figure out what else he may need? I’ll move him down there myself shortly afterwards.”

“I can do that, yes.” Blaze replied, looking back at the still a bit groggy, Shadow. “No more biting for you, you just sit down and don’t move.”

As the feline made her way around the rubble and moved through the somewhat empty hallways, she stopped inside the lobby, leaving Shadow close to the wall and next to the coffee machine where it was the most quiet. Locking the brakes in place so Shadow wouldn’t move himself anywhere, she waited until the dragon returned from her small task before leaving to work on her own things. It was getting much later into the night as the lobby was clear of people who had done their job during the day and had set off to bed. There was only herself and the hedgehog, which meant good quiet as to not provoke the odd behaviour into escalating, though Shadow still seemed out of it all together and was no longer acting estranged in feral habits. The sound of flapping came to Blaze’s ears as Astrailyx returned, looking ready to take Shadow on the rest of his way.

“He’s healing almost at a rate that’s alarming…or so I’ve been told.” Astrailyx told Blaze. “I’m not sure what to think of it.”

“Perhaps something happened when you shot the excess amounts of voltage through his body…?”


Blaze left her with that and left the two of them in the lobby. She had no idea what events she was about to miss.


07-06-2012, 05:52 AM
(DEAR. LORD. This was fun to write. Permission granted to me by both Metal (AKA our illustrious GM/Judge) and Sabi to bunny their characters, although Sabi helped me with portions of this post involving her character - essentially a combo post. And yes, this is completely out of character for Shadow, but the guy is HIGH on PAIN KILLERS. Did you expect anything LESS?

Also, IMO, Sonic characters aren't naked as long as they are wearing one article of clothing aside from gloves - guys, at least. Why am I telling you this? Read on...)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Private Quarters
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx) and Metal (Adorabot)
<Highlarious Hi-jinks>

Everything was a haze. Between a pinching sensation in his side to a loud bang forcing him awake, he couldn’t tell what was up and down. Thus, when he awoke, it was only natural he awoke in a hostile state. The nightmare lingered in the back of his mind like an unwanted cousin, pricking at his anger and disorientating him. But that wasn’t the only cause – the room swam with the slightest head movement, and he still felt terribly tired. When humans began to reach for him, he responded with a low growl, curling his lips back in a snarl that displayed his fangs as he tried to slap, or in some cases grab, the arms of his attackers. Eventually he felt himself being placed onto a solid surface, his mind numbly registering it as a wheelchair, before he was wheeled out of the room along with a voice stating “No more biting for you, you just sit down and don’t move”, briefly wondering who it belonged to.

The trip to the lobby was a blur, although he noted the contraption they stopped next to wait; in his case it was sitting, but that didn’t matter. Set upon the desk was a black body, with a digital blue reading on the front and a container of water behind it, and he had grabbed the drink that often came from it many times for a much needed boost of energy. The coffee machine had never captured his interest like it did now, however. His muddled mind saw it warp and change, and before he knew it, the device had sprouted arms and legs with the mouth being where the mix for the coffee was inserted, the eyes being the digital display. From it, it also produced a cane and a top hate. And then, to his complete and utter amazement, it began to sing and dance. The lyrics went along the lines of, “Hello my baby! Hello my darling! Hello my ragtime gal!” as it went dancing in the same spot. This all seemed too good to be true, quite frankly, and he narrowed his eyes in suspicion, although he found it rather amusing regardless.

As Blaze left, Astrailyx hovered next to Shadow, noting his extreme interest in the coffee machine. She wondered if he was just trying to focus on the time, of which was very late, but after hovering for a good few minutes, it seemed like too long. Looking between Shadow and the coffee machine, she was hesitant on disturbing the hedgehog. Eventually, she put her one hand on the handle of the wheelchair, and another ever so gently on his shoulder. She was slightly concerned for his behavior, especially after what just happened.

“…Shadow? Are you feeling okay?” Astrailyx asked him quietly.

His ear twitched toward her, but he refused to take his eyes off of the spectacle that was unfolding before him. “The machine,” he was a bit startled with how weak and quiet his voice was, “is dancing and singing. With a top hat and cane. …It also says hi.” Once she had appeared, it had quickly stopped dancing and singing, although it was now currently waving and speaking many words that flowed together into a jumbled mess. At least it was polite enough to greet his companion, although he was unaware that it was the pain medication that was forcing the hallucination and that it actually wasn’t doing any of the aforementioned antics.

Astrailyx listened carefully to Shadow’s words and was entirely surprised by it. The coffee machine was singing…and dancing? She was starting to wonder what on earth kind of medication they gave Shadow, or was it from him not actually needing them before? The dragon wasn’t sure but it was clear as day in night, he needed sleep. Waking him up from the nightmare from before seemed to only bring more weirdness, but at least he wasn’t growling and snarling again. She patted Shadow’s shoulder and grabbed both ends of the wheelchair.

“Hi there coffee machine.” Astrailyx responded, trying not to sound as unnerved by it as she actually was. “Say goodbye though Shadow, it’s time for you to get some rest alright? You can see the dancing and well-dressed coffee machine tomorrow.”

With that, she slowly started wheeling him away, giving him a chance to say goodbye, even though that would do nothing for him not having hallucinations. He did say a rather gruff farewell to it, before they hurried down the corridor. They took the wing down to resting quarters, although this particular one was for the commander, and some lower ranking officials, as putting them all in the same wing would lead to disaster if a strike happened to that particular area. The door at the end of the hall had a security code, which she was able to access easily, although she shielded the medical bot’s view from it.

Inside, the room was spacious but grey, with dark blue curtains over the windows and a bookshelf with various implements and authors. The bed was white and was obviously built for a human due to its size, with the floor being the same color as the curtain except for a maroon rug. No light filtered through the window, and the oak furniture – nightstand and dresser – were obviously untouched, although pristine. A fan overhead was set on low – to which the dragon quickly turned off – while the lamp, cover a pale yellow, next to the bed flicked on with the light switch. Another lamp, this one tall, was set further back in the room, but similarly responded.

As Astrailyx looked around the room, she noticed the bed was a bit sparse. She was given instructions to have Shadow be kept warm in order to help his core temperature stay up, and the one blanket to her just didn’t seem enough and she wasn’t one to go rifling through another person’s belongings, be it anthro or human. She wheeled Shadow next to the other side of the bed, making sure the brakes were on just in case he tried to move anywhere, knowing even his side wouldn’t let him stand up for more than a few seconds if he was stubborn enough. Thinking he was too medicated to be stubborn, she hovered over to the other side of the bed, and toward the door.

“Shadow I’ll be back with another blanket, just in case you get too cold.” Astrailyx told him gently and a bit slowly so he would know where she was. “Please don’t get up until I get back to help you in bed.”

Being incredibly careful not to disturb him with even the slightest of noise, she carefully opened the door, and watched him carefully as she closed it behind her. The hedgehog, however, was not one to listen. Rather, he felt nothing, and was too exhausted to care for much. He had never used the bed before, but he had been convinced early on to keep clothing around just in case. Bracing himself, he pushed himself up, although a dull ache in his side reminded him of his injury. What nearly threw him off was the extreme amount of dizziness which swarmed his mind, the entire room spinning. The dresser wasn’t far, and for the most part he put all his weight onto his good leg and whatever was nearest him at the moment. He grabbed the first pair of boxers he could find, noting with a bit of dismay that while the color match – red – they were covered with what appeared to be darker red flowers. The style was Hawai…or something like that. At this point, he didn’t care, struggling back to the bed where he sat and removed his gloves. They were covered in a little blood, so he placed them on the nightstand to be dealt with later as well as putting his belt and guns in the drawer, before working on getting his shoes and socks off. Feeling the tough fibers of the carpet beneath his feet, he absentmindedly wondered how humans put up with the rough texture. Reaching over, he stood, looking rather drunk as he tried to balance on his good leg in order to start slipping on the article of clothing.

As Astrailyx came back from a nearby supply closet, a heavier and warmer blanket in arms, she looked back on today and as she did, there was something that pressed on her mind. Someone had called her sub commander, and as far as she was aware, she wasn’t that rank. Was it a new person perhaps who mistook her rank? She wasn’t sure, everything from earlier she couldn’t remember quite clearly at the moment. As she came onto Shadow’s door, she turned herself backwards as she opened it, still a bit lost in thought while carrying the extra blanket, almost silently shutting the door behind her.

Upon hearing the door, Shadow froze when he noticed the dragon. As soon as she started to turn toward him, however, he suddenly gave a rather loud yelp, his leg giving out as he grabbed at the blanket beneath him. It flew off, and as he hit the ground – giving a slight whimper of pain from his broken ribs complaining about the impact – it fell on top of him, shielding him from view. Even in his stupor, he managed to get his face free from the entangling sheet, although he felt a distinct warmth flooding his cheeks as a result. Embarrassment was a foreign feeling to him, but he’d seen others experience it enough for him to recognize it.

As Astrailyx heard a soft thud on the floor, followed by a whimper, she turned around suddenly, only to find Shadow not in the wheelchair and…actually not in her direct line of view either. She wasn’t sure what was going on but it wasn’t long before she spotted a pair of red eyes out from under the blankets that had previously been on the bed. It didn’t take her more than a second to realize what was going on, for as she looked around for Shadow, she remembered seeing slightly stained gloves on the nearby nightstand, and even his shoes next to the bed. Within half a second of finding Shadow hiding under the blankets, she looked away and folded her wings in front of her face while curling up out of response and landing on the floor, completely encircled in herself and the blanket she was carrying, blind to everything else but the inside of her wings which masked her face entirely along with the fluster she was becoming more and more familiar with today.

It wasn’t the reaction he had been expecting, but nevertheless, he finally managed to catch his breath again to speak. Opening his mouth, however, he grimaced as nothing more than a slight squeak popped out of his maw, and it only made the warmth intensify on his muzzle. Gathering his flagging energy once more, he again attempted to speak, this time succeeding. “Have you not heard of knocking?!” The indignation in his voice was plain to hear.

Astrailyx only thought for a moment. Yes she could have knocked but she wasn’t expecting Shadow to actually be up and about, never mind with barely anything on. She coiled herself up more at the indignation in the hedgehog’s voice, knowing she could have tried to knock, but was concerned for his health.

“Yes I could have but I wasn’t expecting you to actually be up!” She told him. “I was worried about causing you any further headaches…anyway I can’t see anything and you so…you can put on whatever you need to put on…”

He squirmed a little bit with that answer. “Are you sure you can’t see anything?”

Astrailyx seemed a bit confused for a moment, wondering if Shadow actually heard her the first time or not, or if it was the medication. "Yes, I wouldn't have told you I couldn't see anything if that wasn't the case...Why are you double checking?"

“…Because…I’m afraid you’ll peek…” His voice sounded oddly sheepish, although given the subject matter it was appropriate.

Astrailyx had her eyes wide open, though still under the cover of her wings, with such a statement. Meds or no meds, she spoke out immediately within seconds of regaining her composure, if a coiled up dragon had composure to begin with. “Peek? When have I given off the impression that I'd peek in this kind of situation? I would have thought you knew me better than that!" She spoke defensively, almost as if she were insulted, something of which she still wasn't sure if she was or not.

“I don’t think you would, but I’ve been told I’m…handsome, apparently.” He certainly knew what it meant to be embarrassed at this point, especially since his muzzle felt like it was on fire. “At least, that is what I have heard. …Do you think I am?”

Astrailyx felt a bit better by the first part of his comment, but was completely caught off guard by his question. Behind her wings she looked off to the side, unsure of what to say as she wasn't one to lie for no reason. After a few moments, she managed to say something, albeit, starting off very slowly.

"Well...I suppose," she started, finding something to finish off with, “people have a reason to think that you are, handsome, as the correct term is. I'm sure you'd like to get fully dressed so I'm just going to sink into the floor until that is so, then come back up when you say you're ready so I can remake your bed...I suppose it's my fault it was messed up." Before he had a chance to say anything else, she did exactly that, although he was a bit confused by her response.

Once he deemed that she wouldn’t be coming back up, he – nervously – managed to get to his feet, quickly finishing putting on the boxers and musing that he did indeed look good in it. By now, however, the adrenaline from being frightened by her unexpected appearance was running low, and his exhaustion was shutting down his mind. “Ready, Astrailyx. And if it means anything, I think you’re handsome too.” He stated, yawning. Despite the fact she wanted to make the bed, he just couldn’t wait anymore, and was quick to lay down on the mattress that was too big for his size. To him, the pillow was the softest thing in the word, and he made sure to stay on his left side which had relatively no damage done to it, except for his ear.

Astrailyx could still hear Shadow perfectly well in the floor, and wasn't sure about what Shadow just told her about her being handsome. She wasn't sure if it was his pain killers talking, or if he was aware of anything that was going on. It took her a moment to let the more than pink feeling from her face fade before coming back up through the floor, seeing Shadow already fast asleep.

So much for making the bed. She thought as she picked up the extra blanket. Hovering over the bed, she covered the weary hedgehog with it, making sure he was as comfortable as possible, at least by looking at it. Putting the other blanket within arm's reach, she looked back at the stained gloves on the nightstand, picking them up and looking at the bloodstains. I suppose I could wash these...I'll have to check up on him again later just in case he feels the need to try anything again... She thought to herself, taking the gloves with her in hand.

She stopped just outside the door, looking at the little machine that seemed intent on helping them. Sighing, the dragon looked at him, and asked him in the quietest of voices, "Could you try to help mend the wounds faster? Just until I come back at least. I don't want him disturbed further." In response, it carried the metal box into the room, placing it on the nightstand where it activated. The light on it turned green, and a little transmitter appeared on the top, but other than it giving the softest of hums nothing else happened. The little medical bot wheeled back out, stating it would go and help others that were injured.

As she went to leave the room, she took one more look at Shadow to make sure he was actually asleep, noticing his face becoming a bit paler but not due to lack of blood flow. She wasn't sure about it before, but that only confirmed that she had actually seen him blushing. She couldn't help but smile as she closed the door.

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Medical Bay
Affected RPers: Sabi (Blaze)
<No Luck With the Ladies>

“Even a mind grows tired Jais, and I try my best to simulate the physical body I once had…at least what I remember of it.” Well, that was certainly true. As she got up to leave, the machine turned to Blaze, whom began to explain she'd been sent to investigate energy fluctuations and the like. The feline quickly stated she didn't know what it was for, but that they would more than likely find out soon. While she didn't need help, she assured him he would be the first person they came to for help, and to pass their regards on to Delilah. Nodding as the cat left, he turned, and began to hum as he entered the elevator. Sending the message to Delilah about regards, he figured that perhaps he should start to go out and search for survivors, or perhaps...?

Right 'o, it's getting late. Maybe I should figure out 'ow to deal with this "Leviathan" tomorrow. Surely it cannot be as big as they say it is... But for now, he would hover around and see what he could do to assist. Planning would come later, as everyone was exhausted and confirming there was still a threat out there would just send everyone back into a panic. Which really would not be the best move at this point in time. Still, with that thing out there, no boats or shipments could be made except by air...and that was incredibly risk in its own right. Something had to be done.

By golly, if THEY wouldn't do it, he would!

07-06-2012, 02:37 PM
Schrodinger Salvo
Revolution Uprising
RU Headquarters - Sinnoh Fight Area
Affected Roleplayers: Fight Zone People.

Schrodinger collapsed against a wall, clutching at his chest while he waited for his ears to stop ringing. He fiddled with his tie and tux, trying rather desperately to make sure that everything within his power to arrange - the singe-marks on the fabric did not count - was neat and orderly and downright godd*mn perfect. Fortunately, the candy-red tie around his neck had escaped damage, and the black of his tuxedo would hide its scuffs and scorches until a replacement could be appropriated.

As he did, the little cat allowed his mind to wander. He avoided touching Socrates's consciousness, but he did let himself touch thoughts with several others throughout the base, trying to figure out exactly what was going on. Some were still in a state of complete disorder and panic; however, Tails the fox was managing to make some repairs and get things done. Good, thought Schrodinger. All communications would need to be up properly for their recovery to be swift.

Recovery... the thought was rather bleak. One of them would never recover. Chakram was dead, and the chance for a Chaos Emerald was lost. With a groan, Schrdinger pushed himself to his paws. The moment for indulging his exhaustion had come and gone.

"I have another plan," said Socrates. This statement was rather expected, given that he rarely didn't have a plan. What was surprising was the inordinate calm he radiated. "This one won't be destroyed instantly by one unseen order, as it is rather flexible."

Schrodinger listened as the human explained, his face impassive but his ears twitching with interest. The plan concerned him rather heavily; it placed quite a bit of responsibility in his paws. It also happened to coincide with the very goals he had in mind. But there was something about it that he did not understand - nor could he pry the knowledge from Socrates's thoughts, for obvious reasons.

“I’d be hard pressed not to agree with that course of action,” announced Cadence, her voice firm and strong. For all the human's softhearted faults, Schrodinger had to admit that he respected her ability to lead. “Before continuing, however, I would like to know what you were going to say,” she added, turning to Schrodinger. He nodded slowly.

"Heatran," said Schrodinger as coolly and calmly as he could, "has been captured by Robotnik's forces. To further complicate matters, they apparently possess another Pokemon of great power, which my telekinetic contact calls 'Deoxys'. If what I understand is correct, it... eviscerated... Chakram and his Dragonite. Except for Card, her Pokemon, and yours, Socrates, nobody on our side made it out of that place alive." He paused to let that sink in. Then he added, "About this plan of yours, Socrates... It's as reasonable as any, and I won't argue with it. But one has to wonder... What will you two and Card be doing, exactly, staying around like this?" an edge crept into his voice. "I do not like being left in the dark, and as an advisor and ally to the Uprising I think it is my right as much as anyone's to be let in on the plan-making, if only to know what is going on and being able to make decisions and plans accordingly." His speech finished, he stood calmly, waiting for the reactions of the other two.

Alice Card
Revolution Uprising
Stark Mountain.
Affected Roleplayers: Those at the Fight Zone base.

Gretchen continued to fly, her breathing labored. Alice was worried about her, but there wasn't exactly time for her to stop and let Alice check her over. When they returned to the base, Alto could do that. As they flew, Alice closed her eyes and began to think, mulling over the preparations she needed. However, it wasn't long before Oracle broke into her reverie with yet more news.

A Togekiss, he said, wants you to know that you will be joined by Cadence and the one called Socrates. She also stresses that Socrates wants you to know, and I quote, that you've 'got balls'.

Despite herself, Alice let out a chortle of laughter that coupled with a rather unattractive snort. She grinned rather manically. Yeah, well. I suppose I can thank him myself when we get there, eh? She sensed Oracle's mingled disapproval and disgust. Lighten up, will ya? Anyway, it'll be good to have company - even if it's serious Cadence and that weirdo Socrates. Whatever the telepathic equivalent of rolling one's eyes was, Oracle was doing it.

Anyway, the Xatu continued, apparently there's a big plan. He filled Alice in on the details. That said, do you want me to fly ahead and round up the others so that we can depart more quickly?

Fine, Alice agreed. That plan sounds pretty solid. But you'll have to help keep everyone in touch. I still don't trust that little hairy weasel, even if Cadence does. she didn't have to name the 'weasel'; Oracle knew exactly who she was talking about: Schrodinger, the conniving little cat that could manipulate emotions and thoughts. Alice, who maintained that her freedom was one of her favorite privileges, hated the very thought of being controlled.

"It looks bad," murmured Gretchen when they were in sight of the base. "Not on the outside... But they are scattered and scared on the inside. I can sense fear." Alice didn't argue. Most predators were excellent at sensing fear, and Gretchen was no exception.

When they landed, Oracle, Alto, and Liberty were already waiting outside, on grounds that looked suspiciously like they had seen several large explosions very recently. Alto was taking chugs from a Max Elixir, her other hand occupied by a roll of bandages. As soon as Gretchen landed, Alice hopped off of her and allowed the Audino to tend to her dragon's wounds.

Alto whistled lowly, placing a hand on Gretchen's chest. "This," said Alto, "is weird. The skin is completely black, but the burn isn't very severe at all. Does it hurt?"

"Feels like I've been poisoned," Gretchen hissed, flopping onto the ground. "Can't you use Heal Bell and make it go away?"

"Ain't poison," said Alto. "Most of the wounds were like that... Apparently some black lightning hit some people's hands. I don't know what the deal is, but that sh*t's pretty nasty." Alice, who swore so freely, made no comment on the rude healer's vulgar language. She shuffled her feet.

"Alto, can you heal the others as well? We're going to be going to Spear Pillar soon, and I want -"

"Spear Pillar!?" Gretchen growled. "That's your plan? Are you mad? That place is the gods' playground! It's not a place made for humans."

Alice snorted. "Neither is Stark Mountain. We need the help of Legendary Pokemon to fight Legendary Pokemon, and that's the end of it. That tentacle thing, Deoxys? It could have killed us all. But if we get help from the legendaries..." she let the sentence hang. Gretchen seemed disapproving, but she didn't argue.

"Yes, I can heal everyone," Alto said. "But you'd better get in there quick. They're makin' plans, and I heard your name mentioned." Alice smiled - she already knew what was going on. She nodded, then released the rest of her team. Bessie, Garda, Jack, and Darius all appeared. Bessie, a tall, proud Scolipede, lay down tamely. Her exoskeleton was covered in scratches; it was cracked in at least three places. Garda the Krookodile had a fang missing from her wide smile, and she clutched at her side as though it pained her. Jack the Simipour seemed not too worse-for-wear; however, he flopped on the ground immediately - he was exhausted. Only Darius the Serperior, Alice's first Pokemon, seemed unaffected by his wounds, which were actually quite minor. He had a long, shallow scratch across his scarred face where a bullet had grazed him, and his great golden collar was a bit frayed. He fixed Alice with his knowing brown stare. She nodded, understanding his message; he was fine, and he wanted to come along. Alice thanked Alto and walked into the base, Darius by her side.

They didn't have to walk very far before they came upon Socrates, Cadence, and Schrodinger. Alice immediately noticed an air of tension between the odd trio. Putting on a Krookodilian grin, she asked, "Hey, all, I'm back! We've got no time to waste, so let's get this freakshow on the road before the good Doctor decides to try and kill us all again, yeah?"

07-06-2012, 02:37 PM
Charlie Webb
Eggman Empire
Kanto, En Route to Seafoam Islands
ARP's ~ None

Charlie smiled when she appeared over the water, it wasn't far now untill she got to Cinnabar Island. She had thought about landing Hazard onto one of the islands and going in that way, but she needed to find a map of the area first, hopefully there was one on Cinnabar, if there wasn't she would just have to risk it. However Hazard was starting to get tired. As if on que the Charizard turned his head and snorted at his trainer. Charlie woke up Spectre, who had fallen asleep at some point and pointed to Hazard.

"Translate, please." She smiled at the ghost. Hazard snorted again and Hazard tiredly translated the words.

"He's asking, like most of us, why we are even bothering to search for these legends. It doesn't seem like were going to find anything." Charlie sighed, she knew this would come up eventually.

"Look I know this seems stupid and tiresome but imagine meeting a legendary pokemon. Look we only need to go to a few more places before we can give up searching Kanto. Seafoam Islands is a hard place to get to, we should be able to get there no problem, but the robots would be eaten alive before they can even get into the caves. If im right, Articuno shouldn't know whats happening, and hopefully we will be able to defeat the pokemon and take it to this Doctor Robotnik person." The two pokemon exchanged looks before Hazard went back to flying.

"Yes, that sounds reasonable, but the question that we all want to know the answer to, you probably want to know as well, is how the hell are we going to catch a legendary?" Charlie smirked at this.

"I hoped you would ask me that. Well all we have to do is weaken it in battle, you then, my ghostly little friend can hypnotise the pokemon to sleep and Hazard can then carry it off in a large net." Spectre nodded, sort of, at this. The plan seemed to have way to many flaws, but he couldn't argue with his master, plus if this worked, it would be quite the epic acomplishment.

A few minutes after their conversation and Hazard signaled that they had arived at Cinnabar. Charlie returned the pokemon, he was a faithful companion. She then looked around, noticing a few guide maps for the Seafoam islands. They weren't very detailed, they just showed you the first few, unimportant caves. Looks like she would have to explore the hard way. Charlie sighed before throwing the useless peice of paper away. She walked back to the edge of the island where Spectre was waiting. She pulled out another pokeball and Beach happily emerged from it.

"Ok Beach, lets go to the islands." Charlie said while climbing onto her pokemon's back. Beach sqealed in delight and set off. Along the journey Spectre decided to nap, again, in Charlie's lap, while Beach would let out a purr ever now and then when Charlie would pet her.

"I hope we have more luck this time." She sighed.

07-07-2012, 03:58 PM
Park Lords
Talking to Lamda

Even with Zippy’s attitude, Lamda was as calm as ever, kindly explaining what he knew of his boss and their motives. It was quite difficult for the ranger to keep her furious stare in light of the little robot’s opinions on the war. He (the ranger was starting to move away from “it”) just wanted to go home. Maybe they weren’t so different after all. In fact, Lamda was so willing to give answers, Zippy decided to delay her plans of escape in order to get as much information from the little guy as she could get.

Of course, that didn’t mean she could trust his companions. Offering to bring someone from the underground compound was a discreet way of bringing up a coerced decoy to offer a bright opinion of the new overlords. There was only one way to see how the refuges were doing, so in a complete reversal from earlier…

“Hold on there,” Zippy said to Lamda, “How do I know there won’t be some actor coming up and pretending everything is all honkey-dory? You can’t fool me that easily! Now get me into that hole in the ground! And you’re coming with me too!”

In an ironic twist, Zippy overthought the situation and was doing exactly what she thought she would never do. Zippy followed Lamda onto the elevator pad, all the while continuing with her questions.

“So these guys, Robotnik and Percival. They’re your bosses, right? And if you’re not set up like those war robots, what are you here for? Even better, what were you doing before all of this?”

As crazy as her world was, the ranger never thought she would have an engaging conversation with a toaster on a wheel.

Dr Robotnik
07-08-2012, 12:11 AM
Cherrygrove, refugee camp

Lambda couldn't help but stare when the young woman, instead of letting him bring someone up, demanded now to go to the camp herself. Some people were just so confusing... But she still continued her questions, and so a few button presses later the elevator started down and he wheeled back to face her, small white lights on the sides of the shaft keeping it well lit despite the flap above closing shut again. "My boss is actually Director Percival, the head of Hyperion. Before I was more or less forced to work with Robotnik, I was one of the Director's assistants. I usually handled stuff like shipping and minor management stuff where he couldn't get to it himself," the little robot replied cheerily, giving another pseudo-nod. "Something or other happened to him over the last month or so and he's been having to help Robotnik. Last I heard it was his autoimmune disease acting up again, and I think the world merge ended up blowing up some fairly large equipment he liked to keep in his office. I told him that was a bad idea... he seems to be okay enough now, though."

By the time Lambda had finished speaking, the elevator had reached the bottom of the shaft at a fairly large door. With a loud unlocking sound, it opened to reveal a nicely lit, almost perfect replica of the town above, with several extensions in the form of small mountains and a minute forest. The metal ceiling high above had a series of bright lights mimicking sunlight well enough that it seemed to almost be daytime inside despite the night above. There were neatly made paths of brown brick leading to various areas, and it looked like the people were winding down for the day. Several looked at the opening door and several more waved and smiled, but it seemed they were content keeping to themselves.

"Welcome to the Cherrygrove Refugee Facility! It was only recently finished, so we haven't really had time to come up with a decent name, but hopefully that'll be solved soon. To my knowledge, the Director should be coming by soon for my monthly tuneup if you'd like to meet him, or we can get straight in to the tour... unless you just want to get the troop movement schedules and be on your way, which is perfectly fine too. Oh! Right, the elevator code is 2213 for whenever you want to leave, though I would suggest avoiding nighttime movement. There's a much larger troop movement at night than there is in the daytime, I'd guess because Eggman has some covert operation or something going on. Either way, it's up to you." With that the little robot rolled up the path a little bit before turning back around, waiting for a response.

Saraibre Ryu
07-08-2012, 11:14 PM
OOC: Bunnying permission from Grassy

Guardian Units of Nations
Central City HQ, Private Quarters

It wasn’t that long of a ‘walk’ from Shadow’s room back to the medical bay where the vast majority of the cleaning supplies were. Anything to get blood stains out was going to be here as Astrailyx left the gloves to soak a bit before properly washing them out. As she waited she hovered around and turned off lights of those who had fallen asleep, resting on cots and elevated mattresses, clearing away empty glasses. Everything was incredibly quiet as there were only a couple of workers even up this late at night. Astrailyx didn’t sleep often, she didn’t really need to but she did so to keep her mental state in tip top shape. Being composed of energy in it’s almost entirety had its benefits, but the dragon still wanted to return the way she originally was a very long time ago.

Coming back to the sink a few minutes later, now with some cleaner added to what would be scalding hot water to some, the water started it turn a slight pink as the blood was dissipating from the cloth itself, leaving it white once again. Just a bit of wash work and everything looked clean on the pair of well used gloves, almost looking better than they were before the stains. Satisfied, Astrailyx started her way back to Shadow’s room to return his items after leaving them in the dryer for a few minutes. Still a bit damp, but they would be dry by the time Shadow would need them again.

Hovering down the hall was incredibly quiet, the only sound being made from her occasional flap and the slight clink in her anklets. Some asked her why she wore only just those anklets, and never took them off. If she didn’t the force of gravity on a planet would be too strong for her, and she would have very little to withstand the force, and end up being stuck inside the center of the planetary mass. That was one of the downsides to being her, she was victim to gravity a bit more than people realized. With them on, yes she could hover and fly without needing to follow the laws of physics and use her wings much at all, however she wasn’t keen on the idea of being compressed by pressure and heat for the rest of her life.

That was another thing people often asked her about; life. As an energy being, she, at the moment, had no organic matter in her, though her body best simulated the one she once had. That meant she wasn’t affected by sickness or spread it, didn’t seem to age as energy was a constant, and that she was assumed could not die. Astrailyx often wondered that herself, wondering if she had none of her energy left to live off of, would she die? The dragon believed she had a soul and a sentience that gave beings life and existence, but since she could change her own energy to that of another, if all of her Iylix energy was gone, would she cease to be? It was something she often thought about, though was unsure of even attempting such experiments to go as far as even thinking of such things to risk her life with.

Coming back to the door, she opened it, knowing she had to since she could not phase herself and solid matter through another piece of solid matter. She let the medical bot out of the room and locked the door behind her, knowing she could just hover through it later. Astrailyx replaced the gloves back on the nightstand, albeit a bit neater than they were previously, and looked around the room a bit more. The wheelchair seemed to not have moved, neither did his shoes, and even the way Shadow was laying down looked the same from when she left. She moved the wheelchair just to the side of the bed just to keep things neat, and looked at Shadow one more time as he shuffled a bit in bed.

‘Well…you’ve seemed to have been actually sleeping and not gotten up again…’ She thought to herself, turning around towards the door. ‘I wonder just how fast you’ll-'

As Astrailyx tried to move away, she felt something stop her, something that had grabbed her tail. Turning her head she saw it in the clutches of a black arm of the sleeping hedgehog. Astrailyx put her hand to her face, knowing that she couldn’t even try to phase through Shadow since he seemed to be recovering at an abnormally, positive rate. Doing so would result in a chaos energy surge and that would be dangerous for her. Even with Shadow this weak she didn’t want to risk it, and she also didn’t want to wake him up. His deadweight didn’t allow for her to simply pull her tail out without making the hedgehog come off the bed itself. So Astrailyx reverted to the other option of trying to move him without waking him up to get her tail free so she could leave him in peace. Slowly, she took her left arm and gingerly took Shadow’s left wrist, the one arm that had gotten a grip on the end of her tail. As she started to lift his arm up, and her tail becoming free, Shadow moved once again and had his right arm grab onto the dragon’s left arm.

Leaving her stuck on her side on the bed with a sleepy hedgehog using her arm as a teddy bear.

Astrailyx was unsure what to think, but as far as she could tell, she was stuck. Even moving a bit she couldn’t get her arm around to the other side, as even making her energy less dense so she could move through the mattress was going to risk an energy surge. If Astrailyx had the hand to do it, she would facepalm at her own situation, because as if the conversation earlier wasn’t awkward enough, now she was stuck until Shadow so much as loosened his grip so she could leave the room and not provoke any other odd and embarrassing situations.

‘Wonderful...It looks like I’m not getting any other work done tonight now that I’m stuck here…at least he seems to be sleeping better than before.’

She had avoided looking at Shadow’s face due to such close proximities to her head until now. Astrailyx wasn’t too fond of people touching her head, but she couldn’t quite figure out why, still unclear to it being trauma as her solution to the puzzle. There wasn’t any contact with her head as of now, but she was conscious of keeping it that way. It was a bit hard to relax but at least Shadow looked like he was perfectly happy sleeping for once. The hedgehog didn’t know good rest and this may have been the best he had in a while, and it only took emergency surgery to do it.

‘I’ll just have to keep awake and see when he moves again so I can get free…though since he’s so tired I doubt th…wait…is that…purring?’

Astrailyx had to move her head a bit to listen better, but after a few seconds, Shadow was, indeed, purring in his sleep. It was a low and deep rumbling kind of purr, but a purr nonetheless. Astrailyx silently sighed to herself in response and was mentally shaking her own head.

‘Oh Shadow…’

The sign of comfort was at least comforting to know that he was resting that well, but the sound was something that would make someone drowsy. Astrailyx figured this was some form of higher power karma, and had a feeling she was going to be here for a long time yet, and staying awake was going to be difficult. Even just closing her eyes to think about various, complex theories and hypothesis wasn’t enough to keep it away.

07-11-2012, 02:22 AM
(Well, it's night for this, but not for long methinks. This is just filler pretty much, and the last chance I have to have Shadow act a little bit OOC. Let's face it - he's cute when he isn't all grumpy and serious! Also, nothing for Jais. He's just hovering around being himself.)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Bedroom
Affected RPers: Sabi (Astrailyx)
<Confusion and Comfort>

Once more, darkness. Honestly, I'm rather bored with this whole scenario playing out over and over again. Can my mind not find anything new to toy with me? This is rather irritating. Rather than move around too much, I decide to do the most logical thing; I sit down on the ground, which is smooth and cold. By my summary and logic, it is most likely concrete, churned so well and smoothed over that it will not even be that uncomfortable to lie on. Given, I have no inclination to do that, as lying on my back will leave me vulnerable to the monstrosities that my mind will unleash upon me. Oh yes, I have no doubt something will emerge to tear at my skin and attempt to kill me. After the last nightmare, which still so clearly rang in my head, I knew better than to expect "happiness" and "flowers" in a place as dismal as this. I am no fool, and I am certainly not ignorant of the facts. Sometimes though, I question if living a lie would be better for my health. ...And then I recall my forged memories, and how distraught I was when I thought I was an android...

Yes, truth is painful, but it isn't nearly as terrible as a twisted lie.

Sitting there, thinking, I find it ironic. I am in my head, yet I am thinking...Just how does that work exactly? "Very easily, actually. This is your realm of dreams. Anything you want, becomes real. Anything you don't like, however, can also become real..." The icy voice slid through the void of the darkness, but I do not bother to look. As before, I recognize it as being my own, and I am quite certain there are a set of amber eyes glaring at me hatefully as it speaks.

"So, my insecurities and doubts have fully manifested now? Hmm. Drugs do that, I suppose." My voice is a little lighter, but completely impassive to the other. Showing any sort of fear would be very bad here, although being a part of myself, I most likely wouldn't be able to hide it. "Do you not have another soul to torture? Perhaps an innocent little bunny protecting her young? Or that kitten stuck up in a rotting tree?"

I can hear a growl, and it pleases me to no end to realize I have hit a nerve with him. "I prefer talking to you, frankly. After all, I know everything about you. You are myself, albeit seen in a...softer light." Softer light? "Well, I see you as being a bit misguided too..." What does he mean, exactly? Misguided? I am rather certain I picked my own path, following my instincts. Why do I not say this out loud? Because judging from the flash of a smile in front of my face, I can tell he is reading my thoughts. It makes sense, considering the location. "You choose to help humanity. But they still do not trust you, still loathe your power. Why do you help them?"

That is a simple answer. "Maria asked me to. You know that, being a part of myself.”

I feel a distinct sneer aimed my way. Whatever I have just said has apparently amused him in some sort of sick, twisted way. “I do know that, yes. You gave them a chance already, however. Lost your memory, true, but the fact is the matter you were copied into androids by a human.” Doctor Eggman, yes. An evil human. “And what of Commander Abraham Towers? The illustrious leader of the faction YOU now lead? He didn’t want to hear your side of the story…He just wanted you dead. Will you excuse him for his folly?”

“But of course. He is only human, and I did cause him quite a bit of pain.”

“Perhaps…” Shrouded in darkness, I can see the glinting of three blotches of amber watching me. I return the stare without blinking, well aware that if I do he can disappear in a mere instant. “But answer me this. If you truly had made things up with him, why – when you joined – did he have his little pet machine babysit you? One that had tranquilizers loaded into his gun powerful enough to knock you out within minutes! Explain that!”

“You already know. Again, you are me. What I know, you know.”

A somewhat psychotic grin. “I want to hear you say it.”

Giving a sigh, I realize I might as well entertain my doubts. “I’ve made mistakes. Of course they did not expect me to be on their side. Not completely. Had I begun to act unruly, it was Jais’ duty to ensure I could not escape. In that way, I would not hurt anyone else from a rash decision.” As I stop, he waits. I know why, but the staring seems to compel me to continue. “I don’t know what they would do with me, though.” I lied.

Boy, did he catch on, breaking out into vicious laughter. The scary fact is that technically, I can laugh like that as well; I make a mental note not to. “Well, if that isn’t a rather big loud of bullcrap, I don’t know what is. You know perfectly well what they would do to you. You are powerful, and G.U.N. has shown themselves to be corrupt, like many governments and militaries. They want that power. You’re whole existence is because of them. What do you think they want to do with you? You are a weapon.”

“I prefer a shield.”

“A shield can just as easily be used as a weapon if you sharpen the edges and throw it just right. You are a weapon, face it. The moment the opportunity arrives, they’ll throw you into the fire. Oh wait…They already did.” What? “If you fail, or make a mess of anything as Commander, they’ll punish you. Who falls the hardest? The leader. They will look for the smallest excuse to take you down and control you for your power.”

“I’m not a weapon.”

“You are. A rocket fired by a computer – a conscious – is still a weapon. Admit it!”

I can feel my own anger washing over me slightly. “I already told you I’m not, so stop pestering me!” Yet, it only seems to make him laugh, quick to point out that my angry response suggests something else. “You keep pestering me over something I am not – quite irritating.”

“Truth hurts, doesn’t it? You thought it earlier…The truth is painful. A twisted lie is painful. This is both. You are living a twisted lie to believe that they have no intention to use you as anything other than the truth – a living weapon that does not age, does not rust, only gets stronger. THOSE are the facts, so stop deluding yourself to them!” His voice raises and echoes, the ground crumbling beneath me as I suddenly fell. As much as I didn’t want to, I knew that my doubts had some sort of truth to them, stemming from my insecurity; I want to remain blind to the facts yet even that was denied to me...

Trembling ever so slightly in his sleep, pinning his ears to his skull as the inner turmoil took root, the talk of weapons caused the hedgehog to mutter something along the lines of “I am not convinced that I am not a weapon”, tugging on the dragon’s arm with such force she was pulled up beside him. It was enough for him to bury his face into the top of her skull with relative ease, the effects of the pain killers still working their terrible magic as his mind succumbed to the horrors of sleep. There was no knowing what was happening now, of course, for he was experiencing the lull in dreams that happened regularly for any resting soul. Yet the memory lingered, and even with his face buried into the lavender dragon’s head it brought no peace.

Suffice to say, he’d probably never take painkillers again.


07-11-2012, 08:06 AM
OOC: Shooorrt. Sorry Jess, I feel bad that this is coming so late. >.< Thanks for coming round and waiting on me though. And yay! You get BJ's first line. ^^

Cassie Sheppard (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3398017&postcount=90)
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
those affected: DoH

After helping to free the badger’s leg, BJ stood aside while his partner took care of the injury. He caught a glimpse of a young wolf ducking out of sight behind a damaged wall. His generally impassive gaze registered mild curiosity and, without drawing any notice from those nearby, the Lucario leapt up to the open level above him. With a few quick steps, he was able to move along lightly without dislodging the damaged masonry before he stopped on what was left of the roof over a house. The building looked as if a team had started demolition before taking a break. BJ had seen the wolf take refuge behind the structure. He closed his eyes, letting his senses reach out around him. The creature below him seemed to have a rather jumbled Aura, but there was no indication that he was a threat or meant to attack. Raising his gaze, BJ leapt down neatly on the open street to avoid startling the young wolf. He walked a little closer with paws crossed over his chest. The Lucario’s stoic expression did not change except for a slight cock of his head.

“A strange thing to hide when you want to be found.”

His mouth did not move when he spoke, the words being audible by his Aura. Though few knew this since it was a rare ability of experienced Lucario. It was certainly a rare occurrence for BJ. He did not say anything else, and he did not look as if he expected an answer. While he could vaguely sense the feeling, BJ’s abilities could not reach any further to know what the wolf was searching for. Looking back up the street, he stood there waiting calmly for his partner to catch up.

The cat foreman was shaking his head as he went back to his crew’s clean-up. Dahlia was grumbling behind the Ranger at every obstacle they had to walk around as they went down the street. BJ was not waiting too far away. When she got closer to the Lucario, Cassie pointed in the direction she had been walking.

“The GUN base is only a couple blocks away and the foreman back there said that most of the big obstacles were already cleared out to make way for the trucks going to the rest of the city.” She glanced slightly at the corner of the building where BJ was standing. “So, did you find someone new? I wondered what caught your attention.”

A slight smile momentarily twitched at the edge of his mouth when Cassie guessed correctly. Turning his head, BJ watched calmly and made no move to draw the wolf out from his hiding place. Waiting instead to see what he would do.

Dog of Hellsing
07-12-2012, 04:42 AM
Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City
Affected RPers: k_pop
<Need more English lessons.>

Kioji sensed the strange creature’s approach but paid it little mind, thinking it to be a passing beast. When the bipedal wolf-not-wolf dropped to the pavement before him, though, Kioji instinctively jumped backwards several paces. His hackles rose with a soft growl, but it quickly petered out when he realized the other meant no harm. He warily eyed the creature as it came towards him a few steps, its arms crossed over its chest as it tilted its head to the side a bit.

“A strange thing to hide when you want to be found,” a male voice suddenly said, causing Kioji to flinch in surprise. Another growl rose in his throat as he glanced back and forth, but there was no further response. Seeing and smelling no one else nearby, Kioji returned his cautious gaze to the wolf-not-wolf in front of him. His eyes narrowed a little as he realized that somehow, the beast must have spoken despite the fact that its mouth hadn’t moved.

“Geinrok…tinvaak?” the young anthro asked, then clumsily switched to rough English. “You are speak?” He shook his head a little and his ears twitched in annoyance at the language he understood so poorly. “I not try to found be. Try to sister find. Try to Pack find.” Grumbling, the gold-furred wolf shook his head again and switched back to Grohiik. “Geinmaar’i yah geinmaar’i briinah, geinmaar’i Tah. Geinmaar’i yah ni wah kos siiv. Nuz…geinmaar’i dralaan bolaaz…”

After a few moments of silence, Kioji heard the same female voice from earlier saying something else, though he only caught a few words. He noticed the faint curving of the wolf-not-wolf’s lips after the female finished speaking, but made no effort to actually reveal Kioji was there. For a moment the young anthro simply stared at the other before him, trying to decide what to do. Part of he him longed to be in the company of others, to not worry about anything and simply be part of a group again. Part of him whispered darkly about his imprisonment and how the same thing could happen if he was careless. Another part of him urged him to flee into the wilderness and continue his hunt alone. Yet still another part of him suggested he ask the female to let him accompany her, wherever it was she was going.

Torn by so many choices and uncertain which was the best to make, Kioji scooted a few paces away from the blue-furred wolf-not-wolf in front of him, unaware of the movement as his ears went back and his hackles rose again. His lips curled from his teeth, not in a snarl of aggression, but instead a grimace of indecision as he tried to figure out what to do.


OOC: Translation time!

"Geinrok tinvaak?" = "You talk?"

"Geinmaar’i yah geinmaar’i briinah, geinmaar’i Tah. Geinmaar’i yah ni wah kos siiv. Nuz…geinmaar’i dralaan bolaaz." = "I seek my sister, my Pack. I seek not to be found. But...I need help."

Geinrok = combination of "oneself" (geinmaar) and "he" (rok); is the masculine form of "you" (geinrek) is the feminine form, as rek means "she"
Dralaan = combination of "pray" (draal) and "request" (laan); roughly translates to "need"
Bolaaz = combination of "beg" (bolog) and "mercy" (aaz); roughly translates to "help"

Also, a lot of these combo words I'm just making up. The Dragon Language doesn't have many words, only a few hundred I think, so a lot of words are just mixes of existing ones. Also, certain words have multiple meanings, and the meaning of any given word can be heavily dependent on the context in which it's used. For example, geinmaar means "oneself" and when adding an "i", becomes possessive. Depending on the context, it can be used to mean "me", "my", or "I", among other things.

Finally, @ k_pop: Don't worry about it, been keeping busy w/ the Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim these past few days lol.

07-13-2012, 10:11 AM
Cassie Sheppard (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3398017&postcount=90)
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City
those affected: DoH

When the wolf had replied, BJ only blinked at the strange language. It was easy to tell that it was a struggle for the younger creature to speak with others. The Lucario was able to understand well enough from the little English spoken what he was trying to say though. After Cassie caught up, it became quite obvious just how little experience the wolf had with others as he was backing away uncertainly. BJ did not move, so Cassie finally looked around the corner of the building, Dahlia appearing at her side. The Ranger would not have worried so much over the road grit and concrete dust that powdered her hair and clothes –had she been bothered at all in the first place- after seeing the figure in front of her now. There was not much chance of guessing his original color with all the dirt that caked his fur.

Seeing that the wolf was still hesitant, BJ filled his partner in. “He is looking for his sister and pack.” Almost as an afterthought, he turned to the younger creature. “Yes, I speak.”

As if he had accomplished his job, the Lucario leaned back against the wall and set about the important task of cloud-gazing. Cassie chuckled before turning her attention to their new acquaintance. She was not sure if he was from the city or if he belonged somewhere else. The latter was more likely with how unsure he seemed. She could not blame him being a country girl herself. One thing was certain, just a look said he had been through an ordeal. Well, first things came first.

“I’m Cassie,” she said, putting a hand on her chest. She pointed first at the Lucario then Ivysaur beside her. “This is BJ. And Dahlia.” After a second’s thought she smiled and nodded as if answering her own unspoken question. “I bet you can use some water.”

She crouched down while pulling her backpack off. The canteen strapped to the side was still nearly full. Unscrewing the cap, she offered the container to the wolf. For a moment, she considered what there might be to eat, but after her last morning of travel there were only a few broken pieces of dry fruit. And she did not really have anything that would help him clean up other than a soak-down from Byte, though she doubted that was ever a good plan. Leaving it at what she had to offer, Cassie shouldered her bag and looked in the direction they needed to go as she stood.

“We’re on our way to offer help. I hope there is a way to stop all this trouble.” The young woman was half-voicing her thoughts as she spoke slowly. She turned back to the wolf. “You can come, if you want to.”

OOC: Glad I wasn't holding you up. XD And aww! Kioji is so cute and unsure, I just wanna hug him!

Dog of Hellsing
07-13-2012, 04:43 PM
OOC: Free hugs for everyone! 8D And yes, Kioji is just a giant ball of cuteness ^__^.


IC: Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City
Affected RPers: k_pop
<Maybe this is one who can be trusted.>

Kioji fixed the young woman with an intent stare when she came into view, feeling more anxious around her than the wolf-not-wolf that had first appeared. A moment later a strange green beast appeared next to the young woman; another of these bizarre Pokemon this world was full of. Kioji tilted his head back and scanned the sky, expecting the large gray beast from earlier to randomly show up as well. He scowled a little when it failed to appear, instead lowering his gaze back to the human. He quite suddenly became aware of how filthy he was as she introduced herself and her partners; he fidgeted a bit and ran his claws through the fur on his arms, not really aware of the action.

The human named Cassie then spoke again, and Kioji blinked as he struggled to keep up with what she was saying. After running the words he’d heard through his head several times, he eventually decided that the human had been talking about water. He cautiously watched as she crouched down and shrugged her pack off, removing a smaller container of some kind and twisting a piece off the top of it. She then set the container on the ground and stood, putting her pack back on her shoulder.

“We’re on our way to offer help. I hope there is a way to stop all this trouble,” she said, though Kioji only understood a very small bit of what she said. From her body language and what he could gather from the context of the words he understood, he guessed the human was headed off to try and help deal with all the problems that had started after the merging of the worlds. “You can come, if you want to,” she added, facing Kioji directly. The wolf cocked his head a bit, working out the words again and realizing the human had offered him the chance to travel with her.

He didn’t reply right away, instead slowly approaching the strange container Cassie had set on the ground. She’d mentioned water, and even though he’d been too focused on finding survivors before to notice, Kioji could now feel a tight burning in his throat. He bent down and carefully gripped the container, picking it up and sniffing the opening for a moment. All he could smell was water; there was no sign of taint or poison that might knock him out or make him unable to fight if need be. Ever cautious, he poured a bit of water into his jaws and let it sit on his tongue for a moment. It tasted a little weird, sort of metallic, but there was no bitterness or sourness that would indicate the presence of drugs or toxins.

A few moments later Kioji had depleted the container to about a fourth of its original contents, resisting the urge to dump the rest on his fur and clean some of the grime and blood from it. Instead, he sheepishly set the container back on the ground. He hadn’t meant to drink quite so much of the human’s water, but he’d been laboring for hours and had worked up a serious thirst. After putting the container down, he focused on Cassie and studied her for a moment. His gaze was sharp and intense, not missing a single thing, but it also wasn’t menacing or threatening. After a second he turned his gaze to Dahlia, the strange toad-like beast, and studied her as well. Finally, the wolf-not-wolf called BJ received a close inspection. His nose twitched, his ears swiveled, but other than that he didn’t move save the occasional muscle jumping under his pelt.

After several seconds, Kioji returned his gaze to Cassie. He didn’t know the human, hadn’t had a chance to watch her or her partners, but there was something about her that radiated…something. He didn’t understand concepts like trust, but the feeling he got from this human and her friends put him at ease. It was enough for him to decide they were likable enough, and even though he had decided they were all right, he didn’t completely lose the cautious nature he’d developed as a result from being imprisoned for months on end.

“Kioji Sunburst,” the young wolf said slowly, patting his chest with a paw. “I not talk well, not your words. Talk my words, Grohiik, wolf-tongue. You not know, learn maybe? Maybe I your words learn better, too.” The anthro continued to speak slowly, making sure to pronounce his words as clearly as he could and hoping Cassie could understand him well enough to know he was explaining he didn’t speak English very good, that perhaps she could learn some of his language and that he was trying to better his own understanding of hers.

07-14-2012, 01:36 PM
Zippy Lane
Park Lords
Cherrygrove Refugee Facility
ARP: Dr. Robotnik

Before Zippy could ask what the heck a Hyperion was, the shaft opened up to reveal what appeared to be their previous location. The ranger had to do a double take; she almost thought Lamda pressed the button twice to lead them back to the real Cherrygrove. The warehouse ceiling gave it away: this refugee camp was modeled exactly like the city above it. The people within were minding their own business as if nothing had changed in the past three weeks.

With everything seemingly OK for the refugees, Zippy was tempted to head out for the ranger station on the Whirl Islands. That was when Lamda informed her of the increased troop movement at night. Obviously, she wasn’t pleased with this development.

“Figures,” Zippy replied with a sigh, “Guess I have no choice but to stick around. I suppose you just planned it out this way, huh?” The ranger was mad, mostly at herself for getting tricked so easily into staying here. Not wanting to risk getting turned to swiss cheese outside, she opted to continue following Lamda.

“I guess I’ll meet this director of yours. Not much else I can do now.” She looked over to Gaga, unsure of where this path would lead to. The emolga simply gave a wink, a sign that things would be OK with her around.

One could only hope…

Saraibre Ryu
07-15-2012, 05:40 AM
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City HQ, Private Quarters
Affected RPer's: Grassy

Astrailyx laid there, wondering how to get herself out of Shadow’s sleepy grip, though his purring she found rather cute. In her thoughts she wandered from working out probability to trying to find the best way to slowly pull herself out, at such the pace a plant moved while trying to keep a face to the sun. She was trying to wonder why Shadow was acting so strangely, even though this was his first time taking pain killers. She rolled the day through her head, from the attack, to recovering, her first panic attack in the surgery room, moving him and helping carry the IV, Omega making a much larger doorway, and as she ran it through over and over, she went into more detailed thought, almost unusually clear detail. She remembered some static coming off her arm from the electrical charge she was slowly changing her energy back, and then she remembered it being gone when she replaced the IV on the stand.

That’s when she realized that the ionic charges must have transferred into the IV drip bag, and her energy incoherently and accidentally boosted the pain killers. That would also add to how he was healing so fast, and right now, Astrailyx wished she had a free hand to facepalm with.

As Shadow began to stop purring, and even started to tremble just a bit, the dragon became more alert, wondering if he was actually worse, and paid close attention to him. She noticed his ears pin back but as his head made contact with hers, she curled up tightly, trying to prevent him from doing so, but had nowhere to move to. For some reason that was unclear to her, Astrailyx cringed whenever someone tried to make contact with the top of her head, and now stuck and not being able to avoid Shadow doing it, she shut her eyes and silently became uneasy, and put most of her restraint in not trying to shudder from the contact. She knew he was asleep and was very adamant on not waking him up, she wasn’t sure how she would handle this. Shadow was using Astrailyx as a teddy bear and the closeness was just a bit out of her knowledge zone for knowing how to deal with it. She was about ready to try and pull herself away when that certain phrase hit her ears and completely made her forget about the entire thing.

“I’m not convinced that I am not a weapon…”

That one statement, something often questioned by rude people, was the one thing Astrailyx would argue with full heart he was not. She sighed, knowing she couldn’t move her head, and had extremely limited movement of her one arm that wasn’t being clung to, but Shadow needed some comfort from whatever dream or nightmare he was having. Being stuck there, she felt like she learned something new, however couldn’t put a clear definition on what it was exactly. This was one thing Astrailyx had always said something to, and even as Shadow slept, she still said something, though in the quietest of whispers, taking her proximity into consideration.

“You are not a weapon Shadow…weapons have no feeling, no sense of friend or foe and are loyal to whoever controls them…a soul is what defines the life…if you were a weapon, you would have no soul…no sense of remorse, or…think coffee machines were talking to you…” Astrailyx spoke slowly, trying to find things that were most prominent to make her argument valid, though all the thinking was making her just a bit tired. “…weapons also don’t feel…especially pain…weapons can inflict it, but anyone can, it’s a choice we are given…but what draws the line is the ability to feel anguish and that same kind of pain…and you’ve endured so much…yes you were made…and you may not age…but neither do I…and I was made…well, rather remade…and that’s thanks to you. Even if people think you’re a weapon…and how much I don’t believe…you are…sometimes…it may be…what you need to…defend those…that don’t have…the power to…”

As Astrailyx spoke, she managed to shift her one, somewhat but not really, free hand to try and pet Shadow’s arm, the only one she could reach. As she continued to speak, she only found herself becoming more and more drowsy, eventually losing herself in the same type of slumber that had taken Shadow, her not knowing if the hedgehog was any better.


There was a soft feeling on her face, one that felt warm and comforting, but Astrailyx hazily awoke, barely able to move her head from whatever she was resting it on. Her vision was blurry, and it had felt like she had been speaking, or thinking all night. Blinking a few times, her eyes cleared and Astrailyx still found herself on the bed, Shadow not having moved since she could remember from last night, realizing she was using Shadow as a pillow. Slightly embarrassed by it, and realizing what time it was, her mind snapped awake, knowing she had to get out of there before risking another awkward moment, and from what she could feel, Shadow had gotten his chaos energy back, and there was no way she could get out without him moving.

‘Shadow…for once I need you to wake up a bit and move please…’ She thought to herself.

She waited, eyes not blinking to see if he so much as twitched. Then, as if there was something watching her, Shadow began to stir, moving his one arm that had the dragon stuck all night. He moved slowly, and a bit stiffly, and Astrailyx kept watching, waiting for him to move just a bit more and to hope he didn’t open his eyes. Darting between him moving and his face, once the dragon felt enough space to move, she took it, moving incredibly fast and rolling off the bed side, now free of the black and red hedgehog. She didn’t phase herself fast enough, making a small thud on the floor that only made her vanish into the infrastructure below her. She moved until she felt heat, opening her eyes and looking up, seeing nothing but a dark floor with metal plates on the ceiling, concealing the pipes and wires she just passed through. With a heavy sigh of relief, Astrailyx turned, remembering she had to get some metal work done and examine the energy reading Blaze had sent her. She rubbed the sides of her face, trying to calm down just that little bit more and get to the welding stations far underneath the building. She still couldn’t believe she fell asleep, never mind making the situation any more awkward by falling asleep on Shadow. Nevertheless the dragon went, trying to stick the entire event in the back of her mind for the time being.

As odd as the entire situation was though, she couldn’t help but find some parts of it pleasant.

07-17-2012, 06:02 AM
Cassie Sheppard (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3398017&postcount=90)
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, on to G.U.N HQ
those affected: DoH, and anyone not busy atm

Cassie was glad when the young wolf accepted the canteen of water. Even more so when she saw just how thirsty he had been by the way he was draining the contents. When there was no immediate answer however, she set about checking the Styler on her wrist. Dust had settled around the capture disc and she wanted to make sure the area where the device docked in the Styler was clean. She was not too surprised to find that no dirt had infiltrated since the two pieces fit firmly together. The wolf’s hesitant introduction made her look up.

“Kioji Sunburst. I not talk well, not your words. Talk my words, Grohiik, wolf-tongue. You not know, learn maybe? Maybe I your words learn better, too.”

He spoke every word carefully. Cassie realized that he did not understand the common language well. She could not blame him, often finding frustration with all the rules that applied to a single sentence of English. The young woman still found that his simple grasp of the words were enough to understand what he was saying. Still, she was always willing to learn something new. Until then, she would try to keep things simple.

She smiled again and nodded as she bent to retrieve her canteen. “Grohiik? I’d like to learn.” Cassie was about to start walking when she heard a snort and looked down at the scowling Ivysaur by her heel. “Really, Dahlia. It’s only a short walk. You don’t want to go that far even?” Still scowling, the Pokemon only shook her head. Chuckling, Cassie pulled a pokeball from her belt. “Your choice.”

The Ranger returned a much happier looking Dahlia to her pokeball before jerking her head at Kioji to follow. BJ left his spot against the wall to walk after her as well. She had been correct that the GUN headquarters was only a short walk. One block over and one block down they came to a group of large buildings all built in the same style. Following the instructions the cat foreman had given her, Cassie bypassed the first entrance which seemed to have more of a crowd going in and out. She went to a smaller entryway that said “Administration”. Through the glass door she could see a few people and a pair of large doors behind the desk.

The Ranger looked at Kioji knowing that if he was hesitant with just her, a crowd might be a bit difficult and decided to warn him. “There may be more people here, okay?” She then turned to open the door.

One of the security officers -another cat, though this one was bright orange- looked up at them. “All visitors seeking medical and housing aid, or directions to an evacuation site must enter at the Main gate outside and to the left.”

“Actually, I was told to come here. And I’m not looking for aid. I’m here to offer some.” She handed the officer a piece of paper. “Cassandra Sheppard of the Pokemon Ranger Union. I am supposed to speak with one of your superiors about assistance from the Ranger Union. Oh,” she said indicating the young wolf, “and Kioji Sunburst. A friend I picked up on the way looking for his family.”

The orange cat glanced over the letter from her base leader then looked at those accompanying her. Turning back to the Ranger, he eyed the shotgun holstered behind her backpack and the belt of pokeballs. “Hmm… I’ll let someone know you’re here. But, since you don’t have clearance you’ll have to leave any firearms and your Pokemon at the front.”

Cassie shrugged and pulled the shotgun from over her shoulder. Laying that on the desk, she unclipped her belt and laid it down as well. “BJ is my partner and does not have a pokeball. He stays with me.”

Frowning, the cat looked at the stoic Lucario again. “Very well, but you will be held responsible if he causes any trouble.”

“I doubt that,” she replied with a chuckle.

Still frowning, he turned to make a call inside. After a moment, he turned back to Cassie and handed her a lanyard with a visitor’s tag as well as her letter. “Go through the doors and you’ll be inside the main lobby. Someone will come to meet you.”

“Thanks very much,” she said while sliding the tag over her head.

Passing through the heavy doors behind the desk, she was met with a rather different scene. The main lobby was a large open space and a hub of activity. While it was not exactly crowded, there were humans and anthros passing through constantly on their way to some task. Some would stop and talk before going in opposite directions. Recovering from the attack on the city was still fresh on everyone’s to do list and there was apparently a lot of work to handle. No one seemed to pay much mind to those standing by the door except for a curious glance or slight nod in greeting that Cassie would return with a small wave.

“Hm, wonder who will be meeting us,” she thought aloud, glancing back to see how Kioji was managing the bustle.

OOC @Jess: I'm assuming that Kioji followed Cassie inside. If my assumption is incorrect, please inform me. And I actually love how he speaks English. Remind me, like Yoda it does. <3

07-17-2012, 07:47 AM
(Kawaii cute~ And finally, I get to post for Shadow without waiting on any-oh wait. ...Never mind XD I'll try and edit in Jais later. If not, no big deal. Kris, Hellsing, you could bunny Delilah [remember she's very shy!] if you need to, or you could spot Jais at the end of one of your posts if you wish to talk to him. ^^ Givin' ya options yo. And yes, this is very short ._.)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Room
Affected RPers: None
<Just One of Those Days>

Thunk. It wasn't the loudest of noises, nor the most frightening, yet it still rang through his skull with far more ferocity than one would have thought possible. The black hedgehog jolted awake, although the fog that clouded his eyes made it difficult to see, but as he blinked to clear it he made out the hazy forms of objects. Waiting a few moments as he gathered his senses, those objects became far more definable, forming into a puzzle that he quickly solved as being his room. For the love of himself, however, Shadow couldn't recall how he got in his room. The previous night was incredibly blurry to his mind, and the voices distorted. It seemed as if the only thing he could remember were the four "dreams" he had; his death was notable, the nightmare involving Maria he pushed out of his mind, the third dream made him shudder with its truth, but the fourth…The fourth dream had been gentle and only filled with words. They had been kind, lifting his tired spirit and filling him with confidence, although now he regretted that he couldn’t remember them very well. They were distinctly comforting, however, and that was more than enough to get him going.

Stretching, his joints cracked as they realigned, but he quickly realized that even the arm he had in the sling was working properly with minimum pain. Unhooking it, he carefully felt around his ribs, noting the area was very tender but otherwise all right. Even his hip, which he knew had nearly killed him from blood loss, had healed, although it still had a faint line where there was no fur yet. Although when he stood up and put weight on it, the healed injury was still present in the sense his leg was weak. No, not just his leg, actually; the entire room spun as if caught in a hurricane, viciously jumbling everything into a mosaic of mass chaos to the point he had to sit back down. It circled him for a few minutes in increasingly slow revolutions before it finally slid to a stop, although it took him a few moments to register that fact. Standing up once more – slowly – the room quivered ever so slightly before resting, he managed to grab at his gloves on the nightstand next to him, slipping them back on. They felt unusually clean, although he recalled the blood on them before and attributed that feeling to the fact they were white as snow. Shadow was quick to change back to his shoes and belt, removing his sleeping garment before he noted the sound being slightly distorted on his left ear. Lifting his hand up, he removed his glove – noting how redundant it was – to feel his ear. He discovered that while everything else had healed, it has still left the nick in his ear; it was small, and upon gazing at it using the mirror in the bathroom, he decided that for the time being it wouldn’t hurt to keep it.

He could, after all, just heal it later on.

Figuring he was as ready as he could be, he walked out of his room – turning off the active machine on the nightstand which he figured had something to do with his recovery – and began to walk. He had to get to his office, and, well, do paperwork. He figured, however, Astrailyx would not mind him doing that job as he was sitting down and not really doing much. The hallway threatened to swirl into a vortex if he moved too quickly or suddenly. Sighing, Shadow noticed people giving him looks, catching the occasional whisper of “he’s up already?” but he chose to ignore it. Spotting the secretary, Ruby, she bolted upright saluting.

“Sir! Commander Shadow, are you really okay to be up? You were so gravely injured.” She stated quickly. “Not that it’s a bad thing. But I just worry you might be overexerting yourself.”

He glanced at her. “I appreciate the concern, but I am fine. A bit woozy, under the weather and sore, but fine.” Peeking into the office, he noticed two stacks of paper on the desk, each at least a foot high. Oh, how fun, he thought with annoyance. “Ruby, since I’m not one hundred percent and feeling as if I am getting sick,” he had never fallen ill before but he knew from others how it felt, “would you please go down to the lobby and grab me some food and water? I feel coffee would not be a very good idea at the moment, and I already feel well rested.” She nodded, getting up and scurrying away.

As for him, he went into his office, parked his butt on the seat, took a pen and began the long job of reading through the mountain of papers. They consisted of condolences, destruction of buildings, food distribution…but most of it was the death certificates. His flowing cursive – his signature of course – did little to ease the pain he knew the families would feel. Shadow couldn’t help but feel bad for them. He’d have to be heartless to not feel the agony of losing a loved one, something he was all too familiar with. It tore at the soul, leaving nothing but despair and anger, rotting the core from the inside. He wished no one else would have to go through that.

But that was a fact of life he was forced to acknowledge, even though he didn’t like it.

Glancing up as Ruby appeared with some pancakes, toast, and water. "Here's a fork, a knife, and a napkin too." Shadow gave her an odd look, his expression clearly questioning if she thought he was an infant. "Oh, sorry sir." She glanced away, hovering. Growing a bit uncomfortable with her behavior, he asked her if there was anything else she needed or wanted to say. "Oh, well, you have a call from the Hyperion Corporation." Who was that? "Well, they manufacture goods. The former commander often placed orders there. It must have somehow come with during the merge. It's line one." She bowed slightly before leaving, shutting the door.

Taking a quick bite of the food - noting that it was actually pretty good and giving credit to the chief who made it - and washing it down with some water, he picked up the phone and hit the button to switch the line over. "You are talking to the commander of Guardian Units of Nations. State your business, please." He tried to be polite, but it wasn't something he was really used to, and no one ever really called the phone. It was incredibly awkward for him, and the word "please" was still very much unknown to him in terms of using it.

Dog of Hellsing
07-17-2012, 07:21 PM
OOC: Wheeeee, more character interaction!


IC: Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City, G.U.N. HQ
Affected RPers: k_pop, whoever else feels like replying
<Too many people, too much noise...>

Kioji brightened a bit when the human…no, Cassie, she had a name after all and it would be rude not to use it…mentioned she’d be willing to try learning his language. Most people didn’t seem fond of the idea, which meant he always had to try using Grohiik as little as possible. Not an easy feat for one who had only the most basic grasp of English. But if Cassie was willing to learn, then slipping into his own language would be less of an issue, as he could always translate (as best as he could anyways) and then not worry about saying the same things in Grohiik later on.

After that was out of the way, Cassie pulled a strange red-and-white sphere from her belt, releasing a flood of red energy that engulfed the odd toad-beast and sucked it into the orb. He’d seen this baffling process done before, as well as having seen Pokemon of immense sizes being released from such tiny balls, and it never failed to leave him completely bemused as to how the whole thing worked. He would have asked, but decided the answer would have probably only confused him further. Instead, he followed the others as they started off, loping uneasily behind the two and casting wary glances all around as they headed towards their destination.

It wasn’t a long walk, and by the time they arrived at the building Cassie had been searching for, there were groups of people rushing everywhere. None of them paid any attention to the newcomers, but all the same Kioji felt an overwhelming desire to flee, to hide somewhere and watch this bustle of people. The thought that any of them might be an agent of Robotnik’s, waiting for the perfect time to snatch new prisoners, made him jumpy and anxious. Without being aware of it, the young wolf bared his fangs in a quiet snarl, an instinctive warning to those who might try to come after him.

After a moment, though, the anthro’s lips covered his teeth as his ears swiveled back against his skull, his hackles up as he forced himself to follow Cassie. As they reached a door with a label Kioji couldn’t read, the young woman paused long enough to look back at him and say, “There may be more people here, okay?” Kioji simply nodded uncertainly before they passed through the door. They stopped before a feline anthro, who Kioji ignored as his eyes roamed over everyone going here and there. He only started to pay attention when he heard Cassie mention his name; he faced forward and looked between the human and the anthro she was speaking with, his ear perking up just a bit when the cat replied. After all, the response would directly affect him; all the same, his ears began to twist and twitch like mad, constantly listening for anyone who might try to sneak up on him. He only understood a portion of the cat’s reply, but after a moment Cassie put her belt and gun on the counter. She then said something that Kioji worked out to mean BJ would be staying with them.

A few minutes later, Cassie was given a few items and they were allowed to continue on their way. They went into the main lobby, where there were less people but just as much activity. Kioji unconsciously positioned himself behind Cassie, peeking around her sides at those who were passing them on their way in or out. Occasionally someone would offer a nod or quick greeting, which Cassie answered with a wave. Kioji offered no response to those who acknowledged them, instead focusing on any potential threats.

“Hm, wonder who will be meeting us,” Cassie suddenly said, causing Kioji to jump. After a moment she looked back at him, and the young wolf took the action to mean she was expecting a response. He tilted his head a bit, ever alert to danger as his ears and eyes followed the various busybodies around them.

“Not know, but hope they soon come. Go other place. Not here stay, too much peoples. Loud. Not safe.” As he spoke, Kioji focused on Cassie for a moment, a haunted look in his eyes and a worried expression crossing his face. “Too much peoples, enemies here be, maybe. Not want get again caught…”

As he spoke, his ears picked up on an odd sound amongst the general commotion of the people around them. Instantly tense, a loud growl burst from Kioji's throat as his gaze snapped in the direction of the sound. A hovering robot across the room was the source of the faint sound, its red and black coloring making it stand out in stark contrast to the area it was in. For a brief second Kioji was sent back to his forest homeland, his memory showing him robots that somewhat resembled this one attacking and killing his family. The moment passed within a breath and Kioji was back in the present; fear gripped him at that point, obvious in the way his ears went back and his tail curled up between his legs. He hunkered over in an effort to protect his soft belly, lips pulled from his teeth as his eyes went wide.

With a stuttering growl, the frightened wolf released a burst of solar energy. This caused the air above him to ignite into a basketball-sized orb of intense red flames. Kioji wasn't even really aware of the fact that he'd generated a fireball, but unconsciously he held a firm grip on the attack. Even in the clutches of terror, he wasn't willing to possibly harm any of the innocent people that were now yelling in panic and avoiding the anthro as though he were foaming at the mouth.


OOC: So to make things more interesting, let's say it was Gun Beetles that found Kioji's Pack. Keep in mind Kioji is still young, actually still considered a pup among his kind, and the sight of something similar to what destroyed his Pack is pretty much overriding all common sense lol. Yeah, he doesn't notice that no one else is freaking out over Jais being there.

Dr Robotnik
07-18-2012, 03:13 AM
Hyperion caller
GUN hq

Shadow's greeting was met with background music for a moment before a mechanical voice picked up. "Greetings commander! This is Hyperion Registry CL4P-TP; please hold for a moment while we transfer you to the vice president, Mr. Martin Blake! We sincerely apologize for the wait, but are happy to inform you that the recent shipping delays have been resolved! The new shipments of Class V robotic components will be arriving shortly, as will your order of custom fitted uniforms for your soldier groups! Hyperion is happy to serve the Guardian Units of Nations as its number one weapons and technology provider!" the voice said, and after a moment there was a second click. The voice answering was cold and, while not unfriendly, it certainly wasn't friendly either. A definite heartless businessman voice.

"Good morning commander. I hope the recent attacks have given the prototype equipment you last ordered a proper field test." The man said coolly, not allowing Shadow the chance to speak. "However, I regret to inform you that your organization's largest purchase, the clone you requested of Shadow the Hedgehog has been stolen in transit. It will take some time to create another, my apologies. That is all." And with that, the line clicked and went silent.

07-18-2012, 05:27 AM
(And suddenly, crud becomes real. Metal told me I could bunny Omega for this briefly)

[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Office
Affected Rpers: Metal (Omega)
<When the Walls Come Tumbling Down...>

When he heard the robot, it left him very confused. When it stated new parts where nearly there, as well as custom uniforms, it clarified up the situation a little. So he was ordering machinery and uniforms...It makes sense, I suppose. Factories here might not have been able to fulfill that wish, preoccupied with other objects. A click signified a switch to another line, where a businessman began talking to him about prototype equipment getting a proper field test. Shadow attempted to speak up, but he was cut off before he could even get the first word out. That was the least of his worries as the man continued, speaking of a clone being lost in transit before hanging up. C-clone...? ...Of...me...? They made a clone...of me...?! The memory of the nightmare came to his mind, how his doubts had spoken of them wanting to use him as a weapon. Problem was, they couldn't use him as a weapon because he refused it. So their response was to create a clone...

He called Ruby, and requested for any orders of the company to be brought to his desk. It only took her a few minutes to find them, but in that time span his anger only bubbled and grew. When she slipped in and set the rather large folder down onto his desk, he quickly began to search through it. It didn't take long, as the newer orders were near the front, but they didn't have anything about a clone. Unless... He scrutinized it more closely, reading every line carefully. What he found was a clear attempt to cover it up; the paper was inconsistent on a part where there appeared to be a white film over an area. Taking the knife from his meal, he carefully scrapped away the texture. Beneath it was some blurred lines, but he was able to read it...but he wished he hadn't. It only confirmed that a clone HAD been ordered.

"...You thought you could hide this with some White-Out?" He growled, standing up. The woman looked scared, but she held her ground. How foolish. "This...You ordered quite a lot from this Hyperion, haven't you?" She stated the commander had. "But you received receipts of each order. Otherwise you would not have these. Right?" She hesitated. "RIGHT?!"

"Y-yes, sir."

Barging up to her despite the flood of dizziness it caused, he practically shoved the paper in her face - despite being much shorter - as his frown began to turn into a snarl. "Then explain to me why you ordered a clone of me!"

She flinched. "I...I don't know." A glare made her tremble. "I can't tell you! I was ordered to secrecy!"

Holding up his hand to form the familiar shape of Chaos Claw, he growled. "Try me."

At this point, she was backing out of the office, although he continued to follow at a slow and even pace. "W-well...With what Jais and others reported...How you didn't seem to like killing...Because of that promise you've talked about and the fact you could be disobedient...H-he wanted to see if he could get a clone of you made that would follow any orders given." She stuttered.

At this point, his anger peaked. Jumping forward, he tried to bring the attack down on her - aiming more for the shoulder than the neck - but a sudden motion nearly halted him. Quite literally, he was suddenly stranded in the air, metallic claws gripping him as Ruby ran away. "Omega, let me go!" He snapped.

"ADVISE STANDING DOWN OR ACTION WILL BE TAKEN." Came the machine's response.

Shadow growled a little more. "You realize they lied to me, right? And now they created their own puppet of me, without consent or approval, so they could get rid of me in favor of it!"


The hedgehog froze for a moment to process the information. "...You...knew?" Omega responded with an affirmative. "Why didn't you tell me? Did you not think information regarding a clone of myself wasn't important enough to tell me?" Omega began to repeat what he had said about his behavior, the hedgehog squirmed before suddenly warping just enough to get out of the ironclad grip. "No, enough! I have had enough right now! The commander, secretary...Even YOU...None of you cared to think about how I would feel about this. Instead, you still try to use me for your own gain! I have had enough!"

Turning, he simply ran, warping once to avoid the lobby and to get directly outside. Panting slightly as his body ached, he accelerated until a sonic boom rattled the area, headed for the outskirts of the city where there was some forest left. He just needed to be alone, to have time to think, time to gather his thoughts. Shadow didn't know why he had been backstabbed after helping save the world at least twice, after making everything up to the former commander...It hurt far more than it should have.

And all the while, his head spun and his body complained about the use.

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base/Lobby
Affected RPers: Kris (Cassie), Hellsing (Kioji)
<Many Pardons, But I Did Not Order a Sun>

He had been minding his own business, helping direct traffic through the often congested lobby, when a sudden noise alerted his senses. It sounded very much like a "fwoosh", and it computer quickly analyzed and registered it to the sound of something igniting. The following screams of terror that quickly erupted from the people around him made the Beetle pivot where he hovered. His eye examined the human ranger who seemed a bit stunned by the anthropomorphic, filthy wolf behind her, who was cowering with a giant burning ball above his head. Well, that wouldn't do at all. His mind immediately registered him as a threat, and while everyone else was scrambling to get away, he began to hover forward, gun activating. It rumbled as it switched to a different round of ammo, the six potent tranquilizers. Jais really didn't feel like killing anyone today.

Far too messy.

"I do say, put that fireball away this instant young man!" His sensors indicated he was young, at the very least. "You are going to 'urt someone! I would prefer not to fire upon a child such as yourself, but if I must use nonlethal force I will!" However, in the chance of a retaliation move, his generator made a low hum as a circular shield flared to life around him. It actually covered a decent amount, not hugging his chassis too tightly but not being too ridiculously large either. It danced with blue electricity, making touching it a painful proposition, but it would also deflect the possible attack. In order to fire the tranquilizer, however, he would have to deactivate it.

And there was another issue - they were built to knock out Shadow, whose very immortality made it more difficult. They were very potent. There was the risk it would be too strong for the wolf's body, and it could turn from nonlethal fire to lethal in an instant. "Please, stop with the fancy fireworks! I mean no 'arm, but I will protect this place and the people within it by using force, if necessary!" He switched to thermal imaging for a moment, registering the temperatures of the flames. They weren't the hottest around, but getting hit by them would burn someone easily, and he didn't want to get hit either. Ammo was not a good thing to stick in a torch.

He noted another wolf like creature, blue, standing off to the side, but it was considerably more relaxed than this one. He deemed it very little threat. As for the human, he hoped she would get out of the way, although his targeting system assured him he would not miss if it came to that. Oh, why me? I seem to be a magnet for trouble...First I get paired with Shadow to babysit him, then I get knocked offline for two weeks, and now I 'ave a little wolf trying to fling a giant fireball at me! 'Ow did I ever get this job?!

(If need be, Hellsing, you could bunny Jais to fire at Kioji if he attacks him. The shield will switch off after the fireball hits. Tranquilizer darts, fwee! And Kris, I hope you didn't mind me saying your character was like "O.o". I bet she didn't expect little Kioji to suddenly conjure a mini sun behind her back XD)

07-19-2012, 04:27 AM
Cassie Sheppard (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3398017&postcount=90)
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, into G.U.N HQ
those affected: DoH, Grassy

Kioji was looking very nervous when he answered. “Not know, but hope they soon come. Go other place. Not here stay, too much peoples. Loud. Not safe. Too much peoples, enemies here be, maybe. Not want get again caught…”

Caught again? Cassie noticed his worry. The Ranger had been able to tell that the wolf went through something rough when they had met. Apparently, this was a part of the answer. But did he really think that she would just walk into a place that was dangerous? Okay, so maybe she had managed to put herself into a couple of minor situations before. There was no way that she would ever intentionally put someone else, especially a kid, in danger. She was about to tell Kioji that there was nothing to worry about when he let out a sudden growl and his expression changed to one of fear. Where he had been nervous before, he was now terrified. Cassie and BJ found themselves jumping back from the release of energy that resulted in a ball of fire hovering over Kioji’s head.

“Whoa,” she said, in half surprise-half awe.

So her new friend had a few surprises. Well, that was certain to make an impression. While several people were yelling and moving away from what they believed was an imminent attack, Cassie turned to see what could have made him react like that. A robot that looked like a large, red and black bug was hovering in the air. As it moved toward them, its attached gun shifted to take aim. She was not really surprised since there appeared to be a threat in the building. But seeing how frightened Kioji was at that moment, she could not help being slightly annoyed that everyone thought he was trouble. She could see other security appearing out the corners of her eyes.

"I do say, put that fireball away this instant young man!" Cassie looked back at the beetle when it spoke with a commanding, but still polite voice. "You are going to 'urt someone! I would prefer not to fire upon a child such as yourself, but if I must use nonlethal force I will!" An electrically charged shield appeared around the robot’s body to protect itself from attack. "Please, stop with the fancy fireworks! I mean no 'arm, but I will protect this place and the people within it by using force, if necessary!"

Cassie had enough by this point. Kioji was so afraid of being captured that he had unknowingly put himself in danger. And this robot was not going to help matters any, even though it was simply trying to protect those in the base. BJ was as passive as ever, but still watched those around them carefully. Since it seemed to be the greatest point of concern, Cassie stepped in front of Kioji, shaking her head at the hovering beetle.

“No need to jump to conclusions here. My friend is very frightened. You seem reasonable, so let me have a try, please?” She turned her back to the robot, speaking calmly and slowly. “Kioji, no one is going to hurt you. I promise. I won't let them. Everyone here fights Robotnik. This place is safe, alright?” Thinking quickly, Cassie had to direct the young wolf’s mind elsewhere. “Tell me, Kioji. What is the Grohiik word for safe?”

The situation was far too tense. The Ranger hoped that if he knew she was not afraid of this place, Kioji might calm down enough to drop the fireball. If it came down to it, she would get him out of the building. There would not be much hope of helping anyone –the battle against Robotnik or Kioji- if a fight broke out in the middle of the GUN headquarters. For a Ranger, reaching a Pokemon's feelings was much easier. Cassie wanted badly to get through to the young wolf.

OOC: Great, as if Kioji needed more pressure. And Grassy, you should know me better than that by now to think that I'll just sit by and allow possible allies to get into a fight. =P And actually, Cassie was startled by the sudden burst, but very little truly surprises her. ^^

Dr Robotnik
07-20-2012, 04:22 AM
Central City

Shortly after Shadow left the building, he found himself in a parking lot a fair ways away. What happened next was unexpected and very violent. A huge bolt of crackling red energy blasted in to him, directed from a very familiar looking figure. He looked almost exactly like Shadow, but where Shadow had red highlights, this one's were an almost orange shade. It even wore a copy of his jet boots and gloves, though it lacked inhibitor rings and yellow chaos energy crackled around its body. The clone Hyperion's vice president mentioned, no doubt. It obviously wasn't happy to see its original, and the wicked grin it wore made its intentions more than clear. It was going to kill the original.

The clone flipped a small gemstone in its hand and, in Shaow's familiar voice but much lower, exclaimed "Chaos Control!" The copy disappeared in a flash, and the next thing to happen to Shadow was receiving a powerful kick to his side, sending him flying in to one of the cars parked there. The clone loosed a grunt as it fired off another, much smaller red shot of energy in the shape of an arrow at Shadow, advancing at a quick pace in an attempt to pin him down and kill him...

Metal Sonic
GUN HQ, top floor

There was a sudden sound of metal being wrought before the ceiling of the GUN headquarters smashed inwards, a streak of blue and red the only thing visible as machinery and support structures were torn to shreds. When the figure finally stopped, the entire top floor was in shambles, and there stood a mechanical form that mimicked Sonic's form very well. He was Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman's greatest creation. And he obviously wasn't looking to make friends. The machine's red LED eyes glanced around the floor and, apparently not seeing what it was looking for, Metal Sonic leapt in to the air and smashed through the floor to the next, engine roaring loudly as it shot fire from the back of the machine. Whatever it was looking for, it didn't seem to want to be held up and wanted to cause as much destruction as possible to the towering building...

Saraibre Ryu
07-20-2012, 07:48 AM
Affected RPer's: Anyone in the Base, the Doctor

Down in the deep, heated bowels of headquarters was where all the metal work was done. Astrailyx had taken her time in finding a small corner of the area to work outside of the ways of those doing repairs. A solid metal table was before her as she hovered in the air, her wings keeping the heat from escaping as she molded metal into a frame with her own claws. Controlling the very intense heat of a welding torch was something she was familiar with, though her colour scheme raised a few questions.

Instead of a lavender body, it was replaced with soot hues in order to absorb whatever heat came near in the most efficient way possible. Her markings and her wings, now a reddish orange that altered in brightness based on how much heat and light she was giving off, as if that part of her were magma from the earth itself. Even her mane gave off the same, ever changing hue. Her gem, once looking like an amethyst, not looked like a deep red garnet. The metal was bending to the movements of her hands, being recreated into a wall mount, one to fit a quiver and bow and arrow of a lost comrade. She worked away silently, trying not to think of what happened the night before too much.

“Right…this should be moved over an inch…then this should cool at this joint and-”

Before she could finish, alarms started, blaring, taking everyone’s attention from their tasks. Immediately Astrailyx stuck her work in the nearest tub of water and bolted through the ceiling, still bearing her heat energy signature. Astrailyx knew those signals well and knew there was severe damage to the building. She flew up to the defense console and looked for the head administrator. She looked at her a moment before giving her the answer to the question within her mind.

“Astrailyx, we have reports of explosions out in the industrial sector 8-Y, and damages to the higher floors with some personnel reporting that Metal Sonic…just broke in through the ceiling. We’re trying to hold him off but he’s coming in through the floors as if they were paper.”

That was no good at all, there were soldiers still recovering and a direct attack on the base was something they didn’t need right now. If Metal Sonic was here and too busy crashing through the building, rather than killing people, then he was here for something other than annihilation of the entire faction. There was no time to set up a proper defense and Astrailyx was not going to let anyone die on her turf again.

“Lockdown all the levels that he hasn’t broken into yet and evacuate everyone down to the main floor and below if they aren’t operating vital equipment, have the injured moved to the emergency housing and taken care of. I want that industrial sector free of any civilians immediately if there are any.” She told them, getting ready to go to the higher floors.

“But Astrailyx, what should we do about Metal Sonic?”

She turned and looked at the administrator with a serious look she rarely gave out to anyone. “Leave Metal Sonic to me.”

Before she could protest, Astrailyx was gone. As the entire tower was going under lockdown and evacuation procedures, Astrailyx passed each floor, quickly reaching near the top, knowing to stop once the air temperature around her had changed and she sensed the electrical energy of Metal Sonic’s framework nearby. The faster she moved through each floor, the heat from friction built up, and she took in every bit of it, knowing the machine of Robotnik was not going to leave easily. Astrailyx was not going to let him stay though; no she wasn’t going to let a single one of her comrade’s die on her watch again.

As she passed through the last floor, she could feel the energy of Metal Sonic just above her head, and she immediately made herself as physical as possible, melting the floor she was in within fractions of a second. The energy dragon was a mass of intense heat, one of that from the welding torch she had taken the very signature from. The idea was to crash into him hard enough to get him away from the building, and cause severe heat damage to his body, disallowing him from very speedy movements for a while, or risk overheating. No, Astrailyx was not a soldier, very much a pacifist, but she could fight when she had to, and this was one of those times. The dragon didn’t stop after throwing herself at the machine; she rose up into the sky, breaking away from him and looking down on Metal Sonic with the sun to her back. Heat emanated intensity from her wings and markings, distilling the image around her. Her body was borderline ready to ignite into flames and the only one who was a painted target right now was Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic was going to fight her whether either of them liked it or not.

Central City
Affected RPer's: Grassy, the Doctor

Blaze was doing her usual rounds around the building during the morning, checking in on the patients and making sure things were well for the most part. She rose earlier than most, helped waking up those that were still groggy and wished they had an hour or two more in bed. As the feline came around the lobby, she had thought to check on the condition of the black hedgehog from the night before. As she stepped forward once, a rattling sonic boom shuddered the entire building, and Blaze immediately stopped. She turned in the direction it came from, knowing that there was only one being capable of making a sonic boom present among them. Without another thought she darted out of the door and followed the direction of the remaining sound waves, getting a good idea of what direction Shadow had gone in before they vanished seconds later. As the cat ran at a speed that was respectable to, but not close to matching that of the speedy hedgehog, Blaze came upon Shadow in a parking lot, not sure why he was there, or how long he had been there. Standing on a rooftop and making her way down, only less than a block away from the dark hedgehog, she looked up when she heard the word’s Chaos Control, seeing nothing at first. Shadow hadn’t moved but her question was soon answered when she found another Shadow, in far better shape than the other, sending himself into cars within the parking lot. Blaze leapt down the building as fast as she could, trying to make it there before any further harm had come to the GUN commander.

Blaze dashed down the street as fast as her flames would take her, seconds passing as if they were hours, the feline rushed, seeing a bolt of red flash forward from the other Shadow, at the one sitting in a crater of metal. Refusing to let the other Shadow be harmed, her determination, and some what a bit being pissed off, came across her fingers in a blazing flash, forming a bolt of fire as her hand and arm swung out in front of her body, aimed directly at the red bolt, determined to not let it hit Shadow. It would at least deflect it. Dashing between the two of them, back to the one in the cars, Blaze sent a volley of flames to cover Shadow from any further red bolts. It wasn’t a question of which one was the real one, he still retained one bandage around his chest. However, Blaze knew not to stay still for long as this was another Shadow, and she wasn’t entirely sure what that one was capable of. She could only give Shadow time to recover and do her best to assist him.

OOC: Crappy post is crappy. =-=

Dog of Hellsing
07-21-2012, 06:31 PM
IC: Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City, G.U.N. HQ
Affected RPers: k_pop, Grassy
<Just can’t catch a break.>

When the robot started to approach and aim its gun at him, Kioji’s fear rose from submissive terror to aggressive terror. He didn’t hear the thing’s words as it commanded him to put out the fireball he still didn’t consciously realize he’d summoned; all he saw was a potential threat coming towards him, its weapon ready to fire. His posture straightened but his ears remained pinned back and his tail stayed between his legs; his jaws parted a little as his lips curled farther from his fangs in a loud, vicious snarl. In his mind, a scene replayed itself in the span of a second, though it felt like hours…

Many of the metal beasts had swarmed the forest and invaded their territory, their slender gray arms shooting out tiny pieces of steel stone. The pup whimpered, terrified as the sounds of battle raged around him. His family was being killed, and though he didn’t understand what murder was, he knew something was wrong when those hit with the little round steel rocks fell and never moved again. The scent of blood, fury, and death assaulted his nose, making him cower in the grass as he shivered.

He heard savage howls and found his eldest sister Vedziisuleyk using her power to become as feral as the common beasts that they shared the forest with. Her hackles were up, tail stiff and straight, ears swiveled towards her foes as she lunged at the nearest metal creature, grabbing its strange slender arm before it could fire any of its little steel rocks. She jerked the metal thing towards her, swinging her other arm around and slashing through her enemy’s metal hide with deadly claws. The steel shredded as if tender flesh, and a few more swipes rendered it a heap of sparking scrap.

Then he heard a sharp yip from behind and turned, finding his mother being attacked by another of the wretched creatures. Even though he was scared and didn’t know how to fight, he let out a puppyish howl and rushed to his mother’s aid. Before he cleared ten steps, though, something abruptly tangled itself around him. A series of sharp whines broke through from his throat as he tumbled to the ground, firmly caught in a net that had been fired from behind. He squirmed and wiggled, his whines raising in pitch to frantic yelps and cries as he felt himself being lifted into the air. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get free of the net, and the others were too engaged in their own fights for survival to realize he was being taken away. The last view he had of his Tah was the few left standing either getting mowed down or being captured as he was…

Kioji’s snarl fell to a growl as he stepped towards the robot. He didn’t want to get captured again or to end up dead, but he refused to let his new friends end up like his Tah. Fear urged him to run, but anger demanded he stay and fight as he couldn’t do those years past. It was then he noticed the fire above his head, and he was ready to fling it at the approaching menace when Cassie suddenly stepped between them. Instantly Kioji’s growl ended and he moved back a step, blinking at the human in front of him. At first he was confused; what could she do against the robot? But then she shook her head and spoke to it, something which bemused the young wolf even more. What good would talking to the thing do? Didn’t she realize she was putting herself in danger? Her skin would offer no protection at all against the robot’s weapons.

“No need to jump to conclusions here. My friend is very frightened. You seem reasonable, so let me have a try, please?” Kioji’s face crinkled a bit as he tried to understand exactly what was happening; from what he could gather, Cassie was telling the robot to let her try calming him down. Since he hadn’t heard the robot’s words earlier, he was bewildered by what was happening now. He blinked what Cassie turned her back on the robot to face him. Her voice was even and her words slow; she was clearly calm about the robot’s presence. Taking cues from her as well as BJ, who Kioji now realized also seemed unbothered by the robot, Kioji’s tense posture slowly relaxed. His ears rose from his skull and his lips covered his fangs, though his tail remained between his legs. “Kioji, no one is going to hurt you. I promise. I won't let them. Everyone here fights Robotnik. This place is safe, alright?” His fear and aggression abating to intense unease around the robot, Kioji simply blinked in response before Cassie added, “Tell me, Kioji. What is the Grohiik word for safe?”

“Safe…safe is vofeyn…” he said after a moment. He then allowed the fireball above his head to go out with a soft whoosh, though it was clear he was still wary with the robot’s presence despite Cassie’s words and the fact that no one seemed to mind it being there. In fact, now that he wasn’t gripped by mindless fright he realized people seemed more worried about HIS presence. “Geinmaar’I krosis…I sorry. No mean others make scare. Nii lost ni geinmaar’I aan…not what want to do.” He then lowered his gaze, avoiding eye contact out of instinct. He didn’t want to seem as though he was challenging anyone, least of all someone he’d decided he liked.

He was distracted from that when a sudden muffled boom made the building tremble a bit; only a few moments later his sharp ears picked up on more blasts coming from above. And then the sirens began to wail, and instantly people started to panic. The sudden chaos made Kioji hunker a bit and his ears went back once more, but his tail straightened as his earlier fear faded to determination. Perhaps he couldn’t have fought for his Tah when the robots attacked, but he could fight now, and he wasn’t going to let his friends get hurt. As the others around him rushed around in a frenzy and the alarms continued to shriek, he rose his gaze back to Cassie’s.

“We help.”


OOC: Translation time!

"Vofeyn" = combination of “bane” (veyn) and “opposite” (vo), roughly translating to “opposite of bane” and meaning “safe”

"Geinmaar’I krosis." = “My apologies” or “I’m sorry”

” Nii lost ni geinmaar’I aan” = “It was not my idea”, meaning in this case “not my intent”

Also late post is late! I'll end up posting for Kiju later, not sure what's going on w/ Enkaku.

07-24-2012, 03:45 AM
[Commander] Shadow the Hedgehog/Biodragon - 1
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Parking Lot
Affected RPers: Metal (Clone), Sabi (Blaze)
<Seething Anger, Sudden Pain, Increasing Doubts>

He had stopped in a parking lot to allow his dizziness to subside, when all of the sudden he felt bristling, hot negative energy smash into him. His own stores of energy jumped from it, but there was no way he could absorb everything and the rest just caused his body to feel as if it suddenly burst into flames. The pain was terrible, and it broke his concentration; that being said it wasn’t like there was a whole lot to break, and his running had come to an abrupt end earlier. Still, it didn’t stop him from staggering to his feet, after he had slid back a few feet to glare at his opponent. It went from anger to shock, however, when he realized he was essentially staring at himself, although there was differences such as the shade of the stripes or the lack of Inhibitor Rings. Seeing his clone, however, flipping a Chaos Emerald like it was nothing and grinning with wicked ease at him. In the next moment the familiar words of “Chaos Control” escaped his mouth, and he felt something smash into his still sore side. With as little grace as a cow in a slaughterhouse, he was thrown into a nearby vehicle with such force the alarm was disabled, glass shattered, and it slid back several feet.

And yet somehow, his bones weren’t broken.

Gritting his teeth, a Chaos Spear was launched his way, but before it could make contact a flaming arrow smashed into the attack, rendering it harmless. She fired more attacks at the clone, while Shadow himself got to his feet. “Killing me won’t make you feel any more accomplished. You’re still a clone – my death wouldn’t change anything.” Narrowing his eyes, he gathered energy in his hands, launching off a volley of sharper, more accurate Chaos Spears at his enemy. “I’ve got more experience at this than you, and furthermore,” he growled, “I’m quite angry. I also have this little handy trick.”

Having been gathering energy, he sent it straight into his DNA, unlocking the form that he had originally started life as. Deemed too uncontrollable, only once his mind had developed from experience and age had the access been safe enough to use, although there were time he still found himself struggling against the nature of the beast. He felt now was a good time to bring it out, and the energy that helped compose him flowed over his body, remaking it into something grander. The sphere rapidly grew in size, elongating and molding itself into a new shape. When it stopped and began to recede back into his body, the full ninety tons of his girth came down onto the ground, shaking it as he opened his jaws to let loose a roar powerful enough to shatter windows.

Arching his neck to gaze at the now significantly smaller clone, he flared his wings and stomped one foot. ”You dare to think,” he assumed that as his clone would at least be able to understand him whereas others could not, ”that I would idly stand by while you tried to kill me? You are such a misguided fool in that regard. I may be thoroughly fed up with the organization I lead, but that still gives you no right to come into MY city!” He growled, inhaling air into his lungs. Even after his previous Chaos Spears had been dodged – he figured they would have been – he took the temporary stunned reaction of his foe to expel a multi-colored mist over him. Chaos Mist was a volatile cocktail of energy, being capable of poisoning, paralyzing, burning, and even freezing the foe.

Since Shadow was more angry than anything, there was more Negative Chaos Energy, and he grinned as the mist simultaneously combusted as it quickly engulfed the clone. ”Now get out before I lose my temper completely!” He roared, launching another volley of Chaos Spears at his opponent. The dragon suddenly cringed, recoiling into himself as pain surged through his body, unfettered and raw. It was bone deep, his muscles aching as his vision shuddered briefly. Breaking into a hacking cough, he arched his neck as he unceremoniously hacked up some blood. What…? I don’t understand. My ribs are healed, why am I still coughing up blood? This makes no sense…and this pain, this pain is nearly unbearable. What is wrong with my body? His chest rumbled in annoyance and anger. This clearly wasn’t his day.

Unit 05-000 Jais
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City/Base
Affected RPers: Kris (Cassie/BJ), Hellsing (Kioji), Sabi (Astrailyx), Metal (Metal Sonic)
<Well, That Was Thrilling>

As he approached, the wolf suddenly grew angry, stepping forward as his lips pulled into a snarl. Jais feared he would have to take action when all of the sudden the other human stepped in front. “No need to jump to conclusions here. My friend is very frightened. You seem reasonable, so let me have a try, please?” Jais nodded by dipping himself forward slightly, and watched as she turned to talk to him. She told him no one wished to harm him, and then asked him something about how to say the word safe. Kioji, as he gathered from her talking to him, quickly stated it was not what he meant, letting the fireball disappear into nothing. Jais was rather satisfied with the result, allowing his shield to power down as he listened.

And suddenly, the alarms began to blare their eerie wail. Alerts came in about Metal Sonic attacking the base, and Astrailyx had gone off to intercept. Reeling, Jais activated his intercom unit, contacting Delilah and making sure she was safe before telling other to initiate cannon fire once the mechanical monster was out of the building. "We help." Hearing that guttural tongue, Jais turned to once more look at Cassie - joined by BJ - and Kioji. Remaining silent for a few moments as his gun shifted to armor piercing rounds, he hoped it wouldn't hurt to allow them to help.

"Considering your, eh, firepower, I believe you can assist. Please, 'owever, be careful." He waited, confirming locations. "Astrailyx 'as knocked Metal Sonic out of the building. I 'ave asked one or two cannons to fire upon 'im to 'elp 'er, so try to avoid the crossfire. I would give you a lift, but I need to 'elp! Please, be careful!" As he spoke, his jet wings emerged and the lights on the ends began to blink, the engines beginning to rumble as his hover disk turned off. "I must be on my way. Do 'urry!"

With that, he rushed out, quickly climbing the outside of the building. Spotting Astrailyx hovering in coloring just like Shadow, and giving off enough heat to distort the area around her, he saw Metal Sonic. With little warning, his gun gave a loud cry as it fired multiple rounds, attempting to pierce his opponent's metallic hide. "I do say, you came 'ere without an invitation! I must insist on escorting you out, sir!" Ah, Jais good boy, you are so witty and clever! Still, keep your eye on the prize. Metal Sonic will not go down without a good scuffle, and it will be difficult to best the chap. We must prevail! The fate of everything depends on it!

(Jais is blah. And sorry about the slight bunnying Metal XD I figured it wouldn't be easy to hit your clone...And that count next to Shadow is the post. Upon it reaching 5 he must turn back or he'll be stuck like that :P Also, ONLY DRAGONS/DRAGON TYPES can understand him. The clone is, well, a clone so the key to understanding him exists in the DNA, so he gets an excuse XD)

Dog of Hellsing
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IC: Name: Kioji Sunburst
Team: Park Lords
Location: Central City, G.U.N. HQ
Affected RPers: k_pop, Grassy, Metal, Sabi
<Into the fire, as they say.>

Kioji scowled at the robot as it spoke, barely able to comprehend its words because of the odd accent it spoke with. He’d never heard anything like it and it make it that much harder for him to understand a language he only had a very basic working knowledge of. After the robot flew off, Kioji took another few seconds to realize it had essentially told them to follow it in order to help.

He? Kioji briefly pondered, having picked up on the masculine tone with which the robot spoke. Gender assigned to a robot? When did such things happen? He then made a sort of growling rumble in his chest and shook his head, pushing the thoughts aside. They were unimportant and doing nothing more than distracting him from what mattered. He focused on Cassie and BJ long enough to say, “Help others,” before dropping into an awkward position on all fours. He then leapt into a powerful stride, following the scent of exhaust fumes from the robot’s engine.

When he finally caught up he saw a draconic anthro that was giving off enough heat to make the air around her boil. Her foe was a red-and-blue robot in the shape of a hedgehog; the robot from earlier had his weapon aimed at the larger bot. The heat in the area would have made others uncomfortable, no doubt, but it didn’t bother Kioji in the least.

Standing upright, Kioji used his instinctive fear of robots fuel his determination to defeat the one that had invaded the building. He couldn’t fly like the others, but his target wasn’t so far away that it was out of range. Taking his natural bipedal posture, Kioji pulled himself to his full height and allowed his gaze to go out of focus. He concentrated on the pulse and flow of solar energy in his skin and fur, felt the comforting warmth as it filled his body. He slowly took in a breath, filling his lungs with air as super-heated energy began pouring from his body. The air in his lungs turned into pressure in his chest, which then forced its way up his throat and out of his gaping jaws in a ringing howl.

At the same time the howl burst from his throat, the solar energy cascading from his body caused the air around him to ignite, creating several large fireballs that were nearly white with heat. These spun around their creator’s body for a few seconds, momentarily erratic in their first seconds of existence. They were never in danger of spiraling out of control, though, and a few heartbeats later they aligned themselves in a circle around Kioji’s upper body. They then began to spin, picking up speed until they seemed to become a flaming wheel encircling the young wolf.

The fireballs then abruptly shot off towards the robotic menace that had arrived; a few went dead center while the rest fanned out in a tight spiral. Kioji hoped that if the robot tried to avoid the fireballs coming dead at it that it would end up dodging into the path of another. He watched closely to see if his attack would hit, taking a quick check of his energy stores while he waited. He had enough power for two, maybe three attacks of the same size before he’d need to recharge.

Hopefully the battle wouldn’t last that long...

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Cassie Sheppard (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3398017&postcount=90)
Guardian Units of Nations
Central City, into G.U.N HQ
those affected: DoH, Grassy, Sabi maybe a lil

Cassie felt awful that such a young kid would feel so nervous or fearful. Before she could tell Kioji that he had nothing to feel guilty about, heavy thuds and the terrible sound of rending metal came from above them. Alarms in the building began to blare and put everyone into motion. Those in the lobby who had been watching the scene with Kioji took off in different directions as more flooded down in escape of the upper levels. Something was attacking the GUN base.

“We help.”

Kioji’s simple statement caught Cassie’s attention. He seemed intent to help, less hesitant than he had been before. Cassie only nodded before the robot who had been trying to stop Kioji a moment before addressed them. He accepted any assistance, while cautioning them, then mentioned Astrailyx and Metal Sonic. Cassie had heard the name Sonic mentioned before, but not a Metal Sonic. She assumed that was who had attacked since the robot said the other, Astrailyx, had pushed him from the building. The Ranger started into action after Kioji took off to follow the robot. She wished him luck as he was out of sight before turning to BJ.

“Go up through the building. Help out if anyone’s trapped from damage up there. I’ll follow after I get the others.”

The Lucario nodded and started working his way up. Finding the stairwell still had people coming down from the upper levels, he leapt his way upward by using the railings as a ladder. As he worked his way through the building, Cassie went back through the lobby door to the security desk. The officers working there were directing people to a safer building and keeping in contact with others by radio. She spotted the orange cat from earlier and walked over.

“I could really use my things back.”

He glanced up at her with a look of exasperation. “We’re in the middle of a situation. You can’t just come in here, calm as ya please and start asking things of me!” The cat stopped to give a short reply to a shout from the radio.

“I realize you’re in a situation here,” Cassie responded, still not raising her voice any further than she needed over the din of alarms. “Losing my head won’t help anything. I can however get my Pokemon back to help out so I can do my job.”

The cat looked at her again. There were people still hurrying through the door and another security officer was yelling at him. He finally shook his head and told her to get her things from the desk. They had not been put away yet since she had only just come in a short time before. After sliding the shotgun back into its holster under her pack, she swung the belt back around her hips and pulled a pokeball off. The dark, heavy-clawed figure that appeared in front of her had a deep red feather crest and collar. With all the activity, he could sense trouble in a glance. He looked up at Cassie with his ever present smirk.

“Feel like a stretch, Shard?” The Weavile’s crooked smile deepened. The Ranger nodded. “There’s trouble up on the roof. BJ’s already on the way up inside. Think you can get there from the outside?”

Without answering, he jumped up on the desk. Instead of dodging around everyone going out, he leapt over their heads to kick off the wall and out the door. Having settled that, Cassie released another Pokemon. This time a purple monkey with a hand-like appendage on her tail came out like a whirlwind in all the excitement. As Cassie was walking away, the Aipom clambered up onto her shoulder.

Upstairs, BJ had reached the floors that Metal Sonic smashed through before being ejected from the building. Broken metal and tile created sharp piles of debris. Electric arcs sparked between the exposed metal and severed wires. There were soldiers and other GUN employees trying to make their way around gaping holes and wrought steel that now blocked hallways. He spotted a team trying to clear a space that was cutting a group off from the exit. When he walked over there were several odd looks at the Lucario. BJ did not pay attention, noticing a weak spot on one side of the metal beam.

“Step back.” His deep voice cautioned those on the other side.

Taking a step back himself, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the object in front of him. With a low growl, his paw shot forward. The Focus Punch broke through the twisted metal, allowing them to create a gap for the group to escape through. It was then that Cassie caught up from the stairway.

“Is everything alright up here?”

The people on the floor looked at each other, before a soldier spoke up. “Oh yeah. We’re just peachy.”

His sarcasm was not lost on the woman, but she smiled approvingly nonetheless. “Good to hear. Now, is there someone in charge up here?”

“Not that I know of,” the same soldier shook his head. “Anyone up here in fighting condition followed after Metal Sonic. Those not going after the intruder were told to help evacuate the top floors. But, it’s a big job with all the damage he did.”

Cassie looked around. She was about to ask if there was anyone else on that floor when the lights overhead began exploding from the fluctuations in electricity. Everyone ducked, trying to get out from under the damaged fixtures. As they approached the end of the hall, there was a room with backup generators. The wall was broken in and a generator had been crippled during the intrusion. Sparks would fly every time the power surged. It was near overloading and the next machine could be damaged if it blew. No one noticed while they were trying to avoid the bursting lights overhead. The Aipom on Cassie’s shoulder was tugging on her collar and screeching in warning, but the Ranger did not catch on at first.

“Hang on, Kiwi! We have to get out of here!”

She looked up when the generator began to make a horribly, grinding shriek. Smoke was beginning to rise when BJ tackled the Ranger to the ground. The noise rose in pitch and decibels with the flickering electricity. The others all hit the ground. But the noise suddenly hissed to a stop. Cassie and BJ looked up. They could hear the turbine inside slowing down. The generator looked as if it was still covered in sparks, but they were bright blue and red.

“Byte?” Cassie questioned. A pair of glowing blue eyes appeared on the side, making a couple people yelp in shock. A buzzing giggle came from the machine and Cassie gave a sigh of relief. “You always wait till the last moment don’t you?”

The Rotom emerged from the now shut down generator, his bolt-like arms of electricity shifting constantly as he waved them happily. Kiwi was chattering excitedly from Cassie’s shoulder, obviously impressed with Byte’s entrance. Another fluctuation in the power caused the remaining lights to flicker again and the Aipom ducked under her trainer’s arm.

Cassie looked at the soldier behind her. “Is there anything up here that needs a lot of power?” He shook his head, there was nothing to his knowledge. She turned to the Rotom hovering in front of her. “Go find the breaker and shut off electricity up here before the whole building blacks out from a power surge. Then make sure the other generators haven’t been damaged. And no playing,” she warned. The little Pokemon gave a disappointed hiss like static. “You’ll have plenty of time to play later, alright?”

Brightening up immediately, his voice crackled happily as he shot off into the power lines in a bolt of blue energy. While the group moved up to the next floor, Byte found the electrical breakers and switched off the power to the upper levels. Everything that was not damaged upstairs would be running from the emergency generators now.