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most duded
06-06-2012, 10:31 PM
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The year is 2058. Earth has been targeted by two planets, and have allied one. Earth has been targeted for one thing and one thing only: One planet attacked for power. Earth was targeted by the planet Xroxis and Hyprokure. They managed to eventually make an ally out of the planet Intov. Earth has become the battle ground. The war has left damage. All around the world are injured bistanders and ruble. The only place on Earth still running is Aylia. This is a city under water. It was made for a panick city and was perfect for this war. It has maintained a government and a hidden identity. It never ceases sending out soldiers. It is hidden underneath the coral reef.


King:Ken Gheng (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3392349&postcount=3)-most duded
Allied planets:N/A
available positions:spies, warriors

Hyprokure started this war. This planet is in this war because they are looking for expansion. They own at least five galaxys, but have an army of 2000. This planet is made up mostly of super-powered beings. They had declared war on Earth unexpectadly and got them offgaurd. They wiped out the Americas in a days time. They took states at a time. The president escaped in a secret jet along with other government officials. Soon after Europe, then Asia, and finally Africa. They are currently attacking Australia. They attack in large circles, making it able to defend all sides. They have, on the edes of the circle, "defenders". These "defenders" create small force fields that things can go out, but not in. . No more is known about this planet.
Current Position:Invading Australia

Accepted SU's:
Ken Gheng (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3392349&postcount=3)-most duded
Kuxir Sixoraw (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3399156&postcount=27)-Necromancer

Allied planets:Intov
available positions:President x1, Vice-President x1, warriors, spies, war generals, super soldiers x2

Earth was in this war against their will. Since the start of the war, their population nearly halved. They needed to defend themselves. They already would have lost if it wasn't for Intov. Earth is mostly the same as today, but more high-tech. Some new inventions are hover cars, rapid fire sniper guns, teleportation devices, etc. America was wiped out on the first day of war. Europe, Asia, and Africa went soon after. Australia has been attacked and have had half of the continent invaded. One city, Aylia, still remains at large. But this planet has one advantage over the others: It has a common goal.
Current Position: Defending Australia

Accepted SU's:
Ryuuka-Jinn Masamune (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3392768&postcount=12) - timothyg016
Alex Hagar (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3395746&postcount=22) - Ninja TK

Head Intelligence:
Allied planets:Earth
available positions:Head Intelligence x1, cyborg x2, tank x1, warriors, spies

Intov can't sit and watch the underdogs being killed. They have decided to help these underdogs, Earth, until the end of the war. Once the war ends, they plan to stab the citizens in the back for resources. Since the start of the war, Intovians have been going to Earth like moths to the fire. Intov is made up of extremely intelligent people, and they are far more advanced technology wise than any other participating planet. They have inventions that are millions of years ahead of Earth, and the Kindergarteners of this planet could assemble a working teleportation device.
Current Position: Hovering above Australia in their master ship

Accepted SU's:
Cyroz Hurtigo (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3394521&postcount=18) - most duded

Allied planets:N/A
available positions:General x1, assassins x3, warriors, spies

Xrosis joined the war because they loved war. They are non-stop, merciless killers. Their whole race is one big army. Since the war started, they have gotten pumped. They get more powerful the more they kill. They have had war against Intov before, and marked them as their main target. They are constantly coming out of nowhere behind the Earth and Hyprokure's lines and killing of many. They are split in half in this war, but are still difficult targets to attack. They are the same shape of humans frome a distance, but up close, no one lives long enough to say.
Current Position:(1/2)In the Intov's ship attacking. (1/2) Attacking Earth and Hyprokure's armies.

Accepted SU's:
Sabrina Coehlo (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=3392368&postcount=5) - mintjelly

most duded
06-06-2012, 11:08 PM
1)All PE2K rules aply.
2)NO GODMODDING! If I catch you godmodding, I will have your character killed. If you are the leader of a planet, I will be somewhat lenient on this rule. BUT NOT VERY.
3)You can control small enemies that you fight, but the leader of the planet can control bosses and large groups of their soldiers.
4)You may NOT post in the RP until you have posted here and gotten approved.
5)When you post in the RP, all posts must contain at least 5 sentences.
6)No attacking your own team unless there is a good reason.
7)The password is "Cheereo!"
8)You can not have the abilities or characteristics of another planet's race.
9)You may not steal any SU's ideas.
10)You may not steal any ideas from TV shows or movies.
11)Only the leader of planets can use bosses or large groups of soldiers.
12)Just because your a leader, doesn't mean you can boss people around.
13)Keep violence and romance at PG-13
14)Keep swearing down. If you die, don't put "**** ******* **** ***** ****"
15)One person can have a maximum of 3 characters. But if one's a leader/general, no other can be either of them.
16)No bunnying, or your character will be killed.
17)No using OOC knowledge. You cannot use weaknesses, if added in an SU, in the role play unless you find them out in the RP.
18)If you are inactive for more than a month, I will have you character killed. However, you can make a new one here. If you are a King, President, Vice President, Representative, Head Intelligence, or General, same rule exept a week. Unless you telll me before hand and it's a good reason, like vacation.

SU format
*=unmandatory /^ =f you are going for a general or leader
Appearence:10 sentances or more. (not sentences like:He is tall. Sentances like:This character is tall for his age, standing 8'6 and has always been tall.)
Personality:Same as appearence.
History:same. Should include reason for joining war.
Place in army:(General, spy, soldier,Leader etc.)
What planet are you working for:
*Equitment:what equitment do you have?
^Why would you make a good General?:
@Powers: A maximum of 5 powers. (example: Controling fire would count as 1 power). About 3 sentences a power.
>What are you smartest with?:3 sentences at minimum
<What weapons are you fluent in?:5 sentences at minimum
}*Why would you make a good President?:5 sent at minimum
>*Why would you make a good Head Intelligence?:5 sent at minimum
<*Why would you make a good General?:5 sent at minimum

most duded
06-06-2012, 11:09 PM
Name:Ken Gheng

Appearence:Ken has a mysterious appearence, about 8 ft tall. He hovers in place always, and brings the top of his head to 10 feet. He has pure pale skin, with cracks in it. He is rarely seen because he weres a black robe always. This cloak is long enough to conceal his arms, legs, and face. His eyes have never been seen by a soul who has lived more than 20 seconds more. He has a longue, forked tongue and rotten, yellow teeth. He has long fingers that are 5 inches each. I have an extremely long mouth, horizontally, and it is nearly never open. He can bleed at will, but this blood is like acid.

Personality:He is lighthearted to his kind and allies. He will kill at the slightest provoction. He spares no mercy on allies nor enemies. He is horrible to P.O.W.'s and feeds them a meal a week. He is extremely wise and acts like the war is a game. He is never missing a chance to expand his country. He kills all people on the conquered planet and absorbs all resources. He is never giving anyone any power and participates in the war himself. He will torture any spies let into his ranks, but makes this rarely happen. Once he has declared war, there is no convincing him to stop.

History:Ken was born in an unknown year and his age shows. He was put into the army at the age of 8 and participated in countless wars at the age of 12. He was in the army until a year ago. He then became king with his incredible powers. He killed the king with no mercy and took the throan. He has constently attacked random solar systems and hasn't left his planet free of war for more than a week. He, since the attack on Earth, has killed at least ten-thousand people as an individual. He has destroyed planets into small pieces and enslaved whole races. He has killed the last of a race or two, putting them into extiction. He single handedly killed U.S.A.

Place in Army:King

What planet are you working for?:Hyprokure

Equitment:He carries only one thing. His staff. He has a gem in the hand hold of the staff, and this staff makes his powers twice as powerful. If this gets into another being's hands, it will self-destruct.

Powers: His main power is his psycich powers. They allow him to float, read minds, and bring the dead back to life. This power allows him to also travel back an hour in time and change the past. This power turns out to be very useful.

One other power he haw is frost powers. These allow him to create blizzards, create ice blasts, and freeze stuff on contact. He uses these powers in a very usefull way and has frozen all destroyed continents to no survivors would be left.

His final power is the ability to absorb the powers. He can use the power of the last living being he touches. He can absorb the extreme intelligence if he touches an Intovian.

Why would you make a good King?:He has never lost a battle before and has millions of years of experience with the Hyprokure. He was the killer of the king. According to law, if the king is murdered, the murderer becomes king. He hase been living in the Hyprokure army for ********* years and has killed at least five million people in the last year. He will actually participate in the war.


most duded
06-06-2012, 11:18 PM
We are open! You can now post your SU's. We will begin when all planets have a leader and at least 5 other role players!

06-06-2012, 11:58 PM
Name: Sabrina Coehlo
Appearance: She stands at a height of 5'8". She wears black high heels during battle, bringing her height to a towering 6'. She is slim in build, with a pale complexion. She wears a skin tight black leather suit. Her face is soft and gentle; she uses this to an advantage, luring prey into her trap. Her fingernails are long and sharp; capable of ripping off human flesh. She is known for her eyes; her pupils are colorless, appearing as if she has no pupils. When luring in her prey, she uses colored contacts to give her eyes a baby blue appearance. Her hair reaches down to her ankles; it is pin straight and purple. On her left foot is a scar she received when training with her grandfather.
Personality: At first glance, she appears to be a helpless woman, looking for a caring man to help her get out of the war zone. She acts like a black widow; she is manipulative. As soon as she has the trust of her prey, she kills them. She shows no emotions when killing. After a death, she enjoys celebrating by drinking the blood of her victims. She is independent in her work, reporting only to the General himself. She tends to stay away from targeting the elderly; they remind her too much of her grandparents. Sabrina suffers from a fear of hospitals, especially mental hospitals; she does not want to seek help for her sociopathic nature. She is self-conscious about the scar on her foot, and will have mental breakdowns when her scar is mentioned, looked at, or touched. After her breakdowns, Sabrina acts like a young child, and requires help from others to perform simple tasks, such as putting clothes on.
History: Sabrina has been independent and manipulative since she ran away from home when she was fifteen. At seventeen, she was recruited by the general as a soldier. She quickly worked her way through the ranks to become a spy. It has been five years since; she is now twenty-two years of age. She lives a solitary life; only communicating with others when it means she can taste blood once again. As a child, Sabrina's parents abandoned her on the doorstep of her grandparents. She was raised to resent and hate everyone around her. Her grandfather trained her in armed combat, most notably with swords. Before she ran away from home, her grandparents learned that teaching her to resent and hate was wrong, and attempted to take her to a mental hospital to correct her mental state. Due to this, Sabrina avoids seeking help from anyone, in fear that they will try to take her to a hospital.
Place in Army: Spy
What planet are you working for?: Xrosis (Attacking Earth and Hyprokure's armies)
Equipment: Sabrina always carries around the same two weapons. The first is a hunting knife she found after killing a young couple from Earth. The knife is her most prized possession, being of ancient Earth origin. The second weapon she carries is a Musket. She bought the musket from a pawn shop, with the money she looted from the same couple she get the knife from. The musket is rusted, but fires a powerful shot.

most duded
06-07-2012, 12:04 AM
Make a little longer.
Appearence: 1 more sentences
Personality:4 more sentences
History:5 more sentences

most duded
06-07-2012, 01:53 AM
16)No bunnying, or your character will be killed.
17)No using OOC knowledge. You cannot use weaknesses, if added in an SU, in the role play unless you find them out in the RP.

Saraibre Ryu
06-07-2012, 02:12 AM
Remember, you can just edit your posts most duded. ^^

most duded
06-07-2012, 02:32 AM
just makin sure the peolpe (Mintjelly) knows, most people don't reread the rules.

Saraibre Ryu
06-07-2012, 02:53 AM
just makin sure the peolpe (Mintjelly) knows, most people don't reread the rules.

You could always edit your post with some red or other coloured text so people know? That's a good way to do it so you don't double post too much. ^^

most duded
06-07-2012, 02:56 AM
Alright, thanks. I'll do that next time.

06-09-2012, 12:39 AM
Name: Ryuuka-Jinn Masamune
Appearence: This character is 19 years old. He is 6'1 in height. He has black curly hair and is tan. He is part Japanese and part Caribbean. He is very well built and good at sports. He is very smart as well. He has light blue eyes. He does very well with guns. He always get straight A's in school and knows things his peers don't know. He is very good with technology.
Personality: Jinn's personality is calm. He is quiet but outgoing. He also likes to view the situation well before he does anything. He is a cool and sometimes energetic person. He likes to keep his cool in any situation. He thinks of any situation or problem like a chess game and the goal is the king. He can be twisted in his plan creation. For example, he would get his arm cut just to get close to an important enemy to kill him.
History: Ryuuka-Jinn was born in America to his parents, Lan Masamune and Kim Masamune. He always the center of attraction at his school ever since he was a little kid. He excelled in sports and in grades. This caused jealousy among his peers and barely had friends. He felt alone for a while. A boy named Joshua, however, made friends with Jinn. Jinn basically grew up with Joshua. One day, when he was about 10, he met a girl named Lisa. He made friends with her as well. Jinn finally felt happy. Then one day, when Jinn was about 14, a tragedy happened. Invaders from another planet attacked America. New York, where Jinn and his friends were getting ice-cream, was one of the first places that was attacked. Jinn and his friends ran to his home. His parents weren't home so Jinn got the gun that he and his father were working on, the SVU-FLASH. He went to the place where his friends were and found Lisa dead and Joshua standing over her. Jinn quietly took cover. This wasn't good. What happened? Then he heard Joshua speak. He told Lisa that he was really with the invaders. Jinn learned all what really happened. With that, Joshua left. Jinn went to the top of his rooftop at a hidden sniping area. He killed some invaders but noticed that he had no more ammo. He was doomed. Then, a helicopter came and a man with yellow hair took Jinn up and took him to an underwater city where he was trained for 5 years. He later became a Navy SEAL and others started to look at him in awe. He was asked to volunteer to become a test subject for PROJECT: SOUS. (Supreme Optics Ultimate Soldier) The project was to see if scientist were able to make a Super Soldier. However, the experiment failed. Even though the experiment failed, Jinn's physique and intellect increased by about .50 more than a Ph.D. and physique about .50 more than a bodybuilder. He also gained the power to see up to 10x what the sharpest eye can see. But his lifespan is shortened. He was shipped off from Aylia to the Intov master ship for faster deployments. This is where he stays for a while. His reason for fighting is revenge and a cure for his defect.
Place in army: Navy SEAL
What planet are you working for: Earth
-His main weapon is the SVU-Flash. It is a weapon that he and his dad worked on together. It is a regular SVU sniper rifle with a Rail Gun attachment. The Rail Gun can only shoot up to 5 times and it has an increadible recoil damage. The rail gun's cooldown is 5 minutes The SVU sniper rifle can shoot AP bullets and Ray Lightning bullets. Ray Lightning or R-Lightning bullets is a type of bullet that Jinn and his dad worked on. It's an Electrical-type bullet that explodes upon contact and electrifies the field around the impact within a 30ft radius. It is able to change the type of camo he adds to it. This weapon is Automatic. Jinn only uses this weapon on a Recon mission so he almost never uses it.
*-He also has a Automatic SLIVER and GOLD pistol. The SILVER pistol was made in an experiment by scientist. This pistol is an automatic shotgun. It's only downfall is that it's capacity is 32 rounds. It was made as an ANTI-ALIEN weapon.
The GOLD pistol was also made by scientist. It shoots small micro-laser bullets that can do alot of damage. This weapons chamber capacity is 50 and it is automatic.
-Jinn uses only one type of pistol at one time because SILVER and GOLD do not go good together.
*-He wears an Laser-proof vest and pants.
*-He has a spywatch with a storage device within it. Jinn can store any weapon he likes and touch the weapon on his watch to have it appear in front of him. He got this as a present from Intov. (This is like abc technology to Intov)
*-His final weapons are a laser katana (like a lightsaber) and 2 plasma grenades.

^Why would you make a good General?:
- Ryuuka-Jinn did not become a super soldier but his optics or vision became 10x what the sharpest eye on Earth can see. But because of the experiment, he gains a weakness. His life span has been shortened to age 45. He is currently looking for a cure to his weakness.
-He is abnormally stealthy. He trained under Raj, one of the last remaining ninjas in the world for about two years. He picked up a few tricks from him as well. He is very stealthy because of his training.

Later On...
1. Instant Regeneration - Jinn can instantly regenerate himself anywhere. This powers weakness is that if Jinn keeps on using this, he will eventually kill himself. He also cannot regenerate himself if he is dead.
2. Modify - This allows Jinn to change his body heat to adapt to his enviroment. This also allows control over 100%+ of his mind and body thanks to Intov. He can activate telekinesis. He also can modify any part of his body to do anything that a human is capable of. It's weakness is that if he does anything too much, he can eventually explode his heart.
3. Physique & Silk Skin - His physique has become 10,000,000x the strongest human on the Earth. His heart has also been modified to adapt to the change and cannot shut down from the change. He also has a Silk Skin ability. Regular bullets, AP, lasers, and melee weapons have no effect on him. What does, however, is alien nuclear technology, PHEONIX laser technology, and some MECHA technology.
>What are you smartest with?: Ryuuka-Jinn is the smartest with technology. He and his dad always fixed peoples computers and checked out modern and old technology.
<What weapons are you fluent in?: He is most fluent with the katana. Jinn was trained by his grandfather in Kendo since Jinn was about 5. He is what you would call a modern day samurai. Jinn is also fluent with pistols and Sniper rifles.

most duded
06-10-2012, 11:10 PM
approved. I thought I wouldn't get any Earthans.

06-12-2012, 11:24 PM
Great when will the RP start? Also, my character will have powers later on in the RP.. should I mention them now?

most duded
06-15-2012, 01:24 AM
Um, just tell me about them. Minty, aproved.
It will start when each planet has a leader, and at least 3 other members.

06-15-2012, 02:26 AM

Later on, he will become a subject for an Intov Super Soldier project with its latest technology. This will be a 100% success and Jinn will become a Super Soldier that will become a threat to all the planets. This will also remove the limiter on when he will die.

Some of his powers.
1. Instant Regeneration - Jinn can instantly regenerate himself anywhere. This powers weakness is that if Jinn keeps on using this, he will eventually kill himself. He also cannot regenerate himself if he is dead.
2. Modify - This allows Jinn to change his body heat to adapt to his enviroment. This also allows control over 100%+ of his mind and body thanks to Intov. He can activate telekinesis. He also can modify any part of his body to do anything that a human is capable of. It's weakness is that if he does anything too much, he can eventually explode his heart.
3. Physique & Silk Skin - His physique has become 10,000,000x the strongest human on the Earth. His heart has also been modified to adapt to the change and cannot shut down from the change. He also has a Silk Skin ability. Regular bullets, AP, lasers, and melee weapons have no effect on him. What does, however, is alien nuclear technology, PHEONIX laser technology, and some MECHA technology.

I may add more before the RP starts. But how is this?

most duded
06-15-2012, 10:50 PM
ok. just add it to your su and it'll be fine.
Anyone reading this, please tell me ideas to get more members or make it a better rp.

most duded
06-16-2012, 09:11 PM
Name:Cyroz Hurtigo

Appearence: He is a tall, muscular man, standing at 10 ft. He has rough features and colored skin. His eye that is not mechanical is dark green. A top quarter of his head is mechanical, making the eye a metal, laser shooting sphere. One of his arms and the part of his chest nearest is machanical. The mechanical arm is strong enough to break diamond. He has both mechanical feet with miny jet packs in them. One of this legs is completely mechanical, while the other is all skin. He wears a mechanical suit. His mechanical hand can become a mechanical laser machine-gun.

Personality: He shows much mercy if he hears the victims voice or looks them in the eye with his non-mechanical eye. He does not enjoy war so he has someone program him to attack. He is never smiling because grief fills him. He is always looking for another way, but ends up killing them. He is always trying to help the enemy, but he is not a traitor. He just want's the war to cease. He loves the feel of pain; he feels like he deserves it. He would sacrifice himself to save a young child or inaccent person. He burries the bodys he finds and gives them flowers in non-war time. He never
would harm a bistander even if he was programmed to.

History: Cyroz was born a normal boy. While visiting another planet for a field trip, Hyprokure attacked. He was on of the few survivors, but was missing most of his body. They replaced these parts with mechanical parts. He never wanted any war, but was drafted. His family was killed in the war as soon as they went. He went to establish defenses, but he was but into the battle field. He killed at least 200 in the short amount of time he was their. When the Xrosis attacked the ship, he was beamed up to help defend. He has, since then, tried to kill as little people as possible.

Place in army:Cyborg

What planet are you working for:Intov

Equitment: He carries no equipment because, well, he is equitment. He does, however, return items from dead bodies to their rightfull spiecies. So, at times, he has that equitment.

Powers: His mechanical eye can sense heat and lock on. Once locked on, it fires a laser that is 500 degrees farenhiet. This laser kills on contact.

His mechanical fist is stronger than diamond. It can punch through everything exept for flesh. He cannot punch through it, but he can crush them to death.

This hand can also morph into a rapid fire mini gun. This shoots the lasers from his eyes at 10 lasers per second. In 2 minutes, he could destroy a pyramid.

What are you smartest with?:I am smartest with technology. Mainly weapon technology. My systems can hack enemy weapons.

06-17-2012, 05:39 PM
question.. can we start the RP then for anyone who wants to join, they make an SU and if approved, they can go ahead and start posting in the RP?

most duded
06-17-2012, 05:42 PM
I will make the thread when every planet has at least a leader. remember, everyone can make 3 trainers, but only one can be a leader.
king is taken
president is needed
head intelligence is needed
general is needed.

06-17-2012, 11:00 PM

Ninja TK
06-19-2012, 03:46 AM
I'm liking the concept behind this. However, there are some things I still need to know. What kind of forces these other planets have, their methods of attack, things like that. In detail, not generalizations. Having an army of 2000 galaxies doesn't tell me much about the things that comprise it. How was America and other said continents taken over? I do plan on signing up for this, I just need a little time to create my SU. I haven't RP'd too much, and the last time I did was like 3 years ago on this site during the WAR, so I don't even remember it lol.


Here is my sign up form.
Hope this isn't too bad.

Name: Alex Hagar, nicknamed "Axe".

Appearence: Alex stands 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a muscular body type. His eyes are colored a deep blue, often so dark they seem black from a distance. His hair is a light blonde that shines when in the sun. A series of scars cover his right arm, while the left is in a sling. Dressed in the standard uniform for soldiers, a camo short sleeved shirt in which he tore the sleeves off and camo pants with light tan combat boots. He also carries a mid-sized backpack over his shoulders.

Personality: Alex is known for his quickness to think, as well as act. He never wages into a war he knows nothing about, nor has he ever been in a situation where he hasn't had total control, despite which side is winning. His calm, laid back nature helps aid him in making the right decisions on hard tasks at hand; always weighing the pros and cons before chosing a path. Alex has a huge heart for the country he loves, protects, and serves.

History: Alex Hagar, known in his ranks as "Axe", was a Major General stationed in northern Texas to help train new recruits for the United States Army as well as oversee the research facility in the area. In this particular facility, scientists were researching the effects of a newly created serum that would give the U.S. the upper hand no matter what the enemy or odds by boosting the soldiers' strength, stamina, speed, reflexes and vision. Without an apt test subject, the scientists were unable to fully test this serum, until Alex stepped forward and put his life up for grabs. In hopes of creating a so called "Super Soldier" the scientists then prepped Alex for the upcoming tests. Before being subject to the trials ahead, he made time to call his wife and newborn child back in California, vowing he would visit soon after the recruits were trained. The serum ended up working and halting astounding results. All of his senses had been increased ten fold. Only moments after conducting the final test, a foreign force of unknown magnitude came upon Earth, starting with America. These forces were spread across the entire U.S., attacking entire states at a time. The facility was chaos; scientists rushing to gather data and make an escape. Alex, still being inside the machine (much like one used for cat scans) was unaware of the devastation going on outside. Unable to free himself from the machine on the inside, he was only able to scream for help as he heard the cries of the men around him. Explosions could be heard as well as returning gunfire. After a while, the noise began to fade. Whatever was going on outside, his men and the scientists had lost. A loud beeping noise could then be heard. The intruders had sent a missle plumetting toward the facility, detonating near Alex's location. The machine was sent soaring, twirling in the air. Alex, being stuck in the machine, started to fade in and out of consciousness, until finally a white light was seen before him as the machine hit the ground. (Not wanting to really reveal more than that at the moment because of the significance it will have in the story.)

Place in army: Major General of the United States Army (soldier now that the Americas have fallen).

What planet are you working for: Earth

*Equipment: Alex has a small variety of weapons at his disposal. Two pistols contained in their holsters, one on each side of his body. He has a backpack he carries that has 3 flashbang grenades, two explosive grenades, ammunition, and a flare gun with two flares.

@Powers: Alex doesn't have any "powers". He can heal five times faster than a regular human. His senses have been heightened beyond that of any mortal.

>What are you smartest with?: He knows a lot about weapons in general. There isn't a gun he has encountered in which he doesn't know. He is also good with strategies, as well as actual hand to hand combat.

<What weapons are you fluent in?: Alex can use any gun put at his disposal. From sniper rifles, to hand guns, he can use each with 100% efficiency. He also knows how to use a variety of vehicles, including tanks and helicopters, even submarines.

most duded
06-19-2012, 03:07 PM
approved. I'll work on that. Thanks for the ideas.

Ninja TK
06-19-2012, 05:12 PM
Sweet. I'll keep my eye out for this and see if I can't get more people to join.

06-27-2012, 03:02 PM
Plannign on signing up, but define "Tank" please?

most duded
06-27-2012, 11:41 PM
tank is someone stronger than regular soldeirs. they're powerful and normally stand out from the rest. I'll reserve you, what planet what spot.

06-28-2012, 09:47 AM
Reserve me as a tank in Hyprokure, please :3

SU here (WIP);

Name: Kuxir Sixoraw

Appearence: Stands 11 feet tall and very muscular, Kuxir is a living Bastion. No one has yet seen him without his armor, as he is constantly out fighting. He has a black-hued skin, and his most distinctive feature are his large, Pale-Green irises. While his natural size alone is massive, he wears a thick black armor suit. A black helmet, adorned with several spikes pointing backwards Offers full head protection, While the eyes, nose and mouth are left open. An invisible forcefield covers this opening. His shoulder pads are adorned with a small, single spike, with small gray chains attached to it, With real miniature skulls hanging from them. The black body armour that he wears features a distinctive jetpack on the back; Two artificial bat wings that are fully controllable by small transmitters attached to Kuxir's brains. The mains chestplate features a muscle motif. He wears a belt, featuring all kinds of mettalised skulls; From all the different races he fought. Some are big and feature huge tusks, others are sleek and resemble a canine skull. His left arm is covered entirely by one big Pitch-Black arm cannon; A long Bar with 6 sides, and a small hole at the end. The arm cannon can change forms; and is controlled using a control unit around his right leg, appearing as a thickened piece of black armor. He also wears a green cape, featuring an animated flame print on the inside.

Personality: Kuxir is usually a calm and docile person, not easy to provoke. Even during a war or when fighting; He keeps a calm, Carefree altitude. As if playing a mere game. His actions are usually taken as Sadistic though, as he takes enjoyment in blasting hostile lifeforms with his powerful arm cannon. He has a lordly air around him, obtained by never making any mistakes and never losing any battle; Although his massive power alone is enough to make everyone obey him.

History: Kuxir was born as one of the many normal civilians; Serving in the army as a soldier. However, his father, a prestigious scientist, Discovered an alternate way to creating energy, far bypassing the destructive forces containd in Nuclear fusion. He put such a generator inside an old custom arm-cannon model, as it was the only weapon with fit material. He equipped his son with this devastating weapon in tandem with a control unit around his right leg, in hope of him reaching the rank of a super soldier. However, during Kuxir's first battle, it became clear that he would far surpass the rank of Super soldier; One shot of his cannon blew up a whole formation of hostile battle vehicles. Noted for his Terrific power, he was quickly put in the rank of Tank by the King, Ken Gheng.

Place in army: Tank

What planet are you working for: Hyprokure.

-Arm cannon; Also known as 'The Rod Of Demise'. This cannon can create energy inside itself, and release it through the small opening at the end. The intense beams of power can instantly vaporize nearly everything. The Control unit around Kuxir's leg helps him in charging and releasing the power. Also Substitues as a hefty club.

-Jetpack: Kuxir's unique jetpack, which substitutes real bat-like wings, make him capable of flight. One mighty flap is capable of lifting him and his apparently heavy, but lightweight armor up. The wings are made out of a very precious metallic substance, which is very flexible and durable.

-Arm cannon: See Equipment.

-Flight: See Jetpack.

-Psychical powers: Most of the race of Hyprokure inhibit a slight ability of Mind-control, telepathy, telekinesis, etc. This is also true for Kuxir, as he has minor psychical abilities. He is capable of lifting lightweight objects, and using his Arm Cannon and Control Unit as if it were a part of him.

-Nuclear fusion: Having mastered the immense powers contained in his Arm cannon, he is capable of creating small amounts of Nuclear fusion power nearby. Mostly involves creating violent explosions, but can also be used to backup power supplies.


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