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The wondrous world of Pokémon as we know it is full of dreams and ambition of freshly sparked spirits. From all over the globe, Trainers, Coordinators, Breeders, Gym Leaders and those of the Championship all convene together with the Pokémon they know and love dearly. Even times seem unusually peaceful around the world, but no one bothers to complain, peace is something hardly achieved on such a large scale. People did not need to worry about large criminal organizations trying to rule the world, tampering with the balance of nature, or on their own wayward path to power. Everyone could sleep easy…

Or could they sleep…?

Only a few months ago, an odd illness has spread from the reaches of Unova and Kanto, one that puts a person and Pokémon into a great state of insomnia, seemingly, not affecting the person in much of any way health wise. However some humans and Pokémon, needing their sleep, were affected greatly, such species as Abra were beginning to lose their abilities, being unable to perform tasks properly or comprehend reality. Doctors worked around the clock to find ways to bring these people to a restful sleep, and when they did, they had thought they had succeeded when patients were starting to sleep for days, catching up on their lost hours.

Sleep they did, and was all they ever did…

After an abnormal amount of time in slumber, those affected with the previous insomnia, were stricken with a never ending sleep. In a coma like state they slept for days on end, some showing signs of nightmares, some being able to speak slightly within their dreams. Some were even able to sleep walk and keep themselves up kept, but never truly waking up. The epidemic seemed to have no solution for it, even with scientists, mystics and even philosophers trying to come up with a theory as to why this was happening. Dubbing the odd illness ‘Insomance’, many believed there was an unbalance between Darkrai and Cresselia causing both the incredible levels of insomnia and sleep. Having something to blame the issue on, many were starting to feel a broken bond between Pokémon in general. Unknown to everyone else, the legendary Pokémon that represented the moon were not to blame.

But something was…

So there you were…finally managing to find your way to sleep, after being stricken with insomnia for a long amount of time, too long. You find yourself wandering a forest, one with linking groves here and there, where ultimately, you came to a small fountain. There, you see other people, some confused as to where you had come from, wondering if they were dreaming a vivid dream. You have an odd urge to look at your C-Gear, Poke Gear, Poke Nav, finding it’s acting oddly in a way it never did before. Soon enough, you realize this is not a dream, and you are not asleep, but awake, in some odd place of light headedness and mystery. A large, shadowy, wispy being appears, looking like a Pokémon of some kind. Impulsively, your Pokémon attack it, defeating it quickly with a joint effort, having the beast fade away into nothing. After a moments time, a white blazing dragon appears before everyone, flapping its fiery wings, looking down upon you all.

'People of sleepless ambition, you have been granted the ability to walk the path of dreams. To never sleep, is to be able to fully submerge one’s entire mind into sub reality of people’s dreams, and also their nightmares. I am Reshiram, the embodiment of truth, and am here to warn you of the darkness of eternal sleep plaguing both Mon and Man. Use the Entralink to travel the mirror world of the subconscious and vanquish this entity. You may traverse both your world and the Entralink at will with your devices to aid you. Should you fall to rest however, you will remain so, forever…'

With that Reshiram was gone, leaving you and the others wondering…given this task, to fight the anomaly known as Insomance, is it possible to cure the world of insomnia and hypersomnia?

Playing as a Dreamwalker means that your trainer is plague with unusual insomnia that does not handicap their mental or physical state. They have the ability to go between the Real World and Entralink world, [a world exactly like the real one, only inhabited by odd, shadowy creatures known as the Insomnace] and defeat Insomance Pokémon and Person with their own. A Dreamwalker that loses or has their C-Gear/Poke Nav/Poke Gear destroyed, may not traverse worlds until it is replaced.

Insomance is an infecting, odd lifeform that is clinging to the subconscious of people and Pokémon alike. They come in an identical appearance to that of which they are clinging to, be it human or Pokémon, only in a solid black and purple form with white eyes, and blue wisps burning from their bodies. Having these beings attack you enough will result in your trainer falling into eternal slumber. If one of your Pokémon is defeated by these beings, they will also fall into eternal slumber. Defeating the Insomance that has put a Pokémon or person asleep, will result in the affected people/Pokémon, waking up, but being cured of both sleepness and sleeplessness. They only appear in the Entralink world.

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Sami "Sammy" Faller
Entralink, Unova

There was hardly a cloud in the quiet endless sky. A soft breeze passed through the fort of trees that seem to stretch beyond the eye could see. Sami was busy climbing these green and rugged towers, almost as if she were keeping a look out. Beside her was her Togetic, Truist; the small fairy-like Pokémon hovering in the air, his little wings flapping almost like a Beedrill’s. Below them, a soft snoring could be heard from a larger than usual Typhlosion. The bear-like being was having her occasional nap after having her usual snack. It wasn’t so much of a nap due to the insomnia everyone was struck with, but it was good to rest one’s eyes regardless.

“I think this place expands all over the world…there some mountains in the distance even.” Sami spoke as she gazed upon the wide landscape. “I wonder if special Pokémon live around here. I read up on it and there is said to be special circumstances of which you can meet special kinds.”

‘Oh Sam you read too much, exploring is where it’s all at!’ Truist explained. ‘I’m just glad this whole, Dreamwalker thing has allowed you to understand me better.’

“Yes, I can understand what Drae says in her half naps now.”

Drae might have had insomnia, but she still liked to pretend to sleep, and pretend to mutter as she did so as well. The one Pokmon of Sami’s who was really taking advantage of the no sleep clause was Shudo, a somewhat bipolar Scyther who was working on unifying his mind. No doubt he was sitting in some tree with his eyes closed, at least to Sam’s thoughts. Sami enjoyed the Entralink world entirely, she almost didn’t want to return to the real world. She had guessed since the incident with Reshiram, she had spent the most time here, looking for ways to stop the Insomance and return the world to normal.

“If she keeps eating all the food, we’re gonna have to go back to the real world to get more.” Sami thought aloud. “Get those crackers we all like and more Moo Moo Milk.”

‘Enough so that Drae doesn’t drink it all on us again?’

“Yes…exactly. Orr maybe we could ask one of the other people we met?” Sami suggested looking upwards at the sky. “That sounds really lazy though…”

‘Yes, yes it does.’

06-12-2012, 09:05 AM
Michelle Toya and Desmond "Des" Archer
Entralink, Hoenn

She wasn't quite sure why she'd asked Cam to take her there, but she had, and she'd promptly left the real world behind for the Entralink, where she found herself in a beautiful field of flowers. This was where she had decided to settle for awhile, laying on her back in the flowers, eyes closed as though she was sleeping while Cam played with her hair, braiding and twisting little flowers in here and there. Next to her, the girl's Lilligant, Fair, sat amongst the flowers as well, making wreaths of flowers. A few feet away, a Houndour watched the girl's Dewott and Krookodile spar playfully, as Kai was still young and overly confident as opposed to Hook, who knew who to handle both himself and his trainer with a calm gentleness that could quickly turn savage. Oka viewed the fight with barely present interest, but it was the only thing really going on that she could do since she could no longer sleep, and it was the fact that they could no longer sleep that kept Eva inside of her pokeball rather than with the other pokemon, as the Musharna's inability to sleep made it difficult for her to function well. Michelle felt horrible for the poor thing, and since let Eva rest inside her pokeball unless it was time to eat.

Michelle knew there were others like her out there, she had seen them the first time she had traveled to the Dream World, however she wasn't expecting one to stumble across her. That was what happened though, and that was how Desmond Archer found her--laying in a field of flowers, eyes closed as though she were sleeping, her Gardevoir braiding and twisting flowers in her hair as gently as a mother might. It looked like something from the fairy tales Dizzy had shared with him once their mother had told them to her, where the prince stumbled across the princess of a foreign land...immediately the girl piqued Cain and Anna's interest, and moved to fly towards her before he let out a soft yet firm murmur of "Leave her alone." His Zorua, Lycoris, had taken up her human for long ago, and the small child's hand gripping his own so firmly tugged him forward, seeming to insist that he make sure the girl was alright. Of course, that first whisper had given him away--looking back up from where Lycoris had gotten his attention, Des found all of the pokemon near the girl had frozen and were staring at him. After a few awkward moments, the girl suddenly sat up, opening her eyes.

"Alright, you guys keep blasting me with different thoughts, what...?" The words died on her lips as she saw him standing there. She hadn't spoken very loudly to begin with, however it got almost awkwardly quiet as they stood there, watching each other without speaking.

""I'm sorry," Des finally said, and only got a blank stare in return. "I was wandering around here just kind of exploring when I ended up in this place by...well, accident, I guess. I'm sorry to have disturbed you, miss..." he said, the blank stare continued, as though she didn't quite understand the words coming out of his mouth.

/He's apologizing, Michelle, he seems like someone nice,/ Cam nudged her trainer mentally. /Try being nice back, maybe you might make some real friends?/ Michelle's head whipped to the side to glare at he Gardevoir.

"Camellia," she hissed softly. The Gardevoir held her ground against her trainer.

/Michelle, talk to the guy. You both startled each other and he apologized. That least you could do is tell him that his apology is accepted,/ she suggested, Michelle frowned at her, and that was when the boy began to walk away.

To Michelle, he looked fragile, like he was probably always cold, and just as vulnerable as her. The ghost pokemon floating about him only made him look even more fragile, as though they were just waiting to steal his life from him. /Darn it all, Mimi! Why do you have to--!/ Cam's mental scolding was cut off by as Michelle sighed and stood in the same moment the young man turned to go back the way he came, irritation rolling off of her.

"Wait," she called--if "called" could even be used to describe the pitiful single word spoken at a little louder than normal room volume, but he stopped. "You didn't disturb me. If it weren't for these guys overloading my brain, I never would have noticed you there. And I'm not a miss." The boy blinked before turning around. The girl holding his had looked at her with curious brown eyes as he smiled.

"Well then, what are you if you are not a miss?" he asked, sounding amused.

"I'm a Michelle." Cam almost laughed at how serious she sounded--the girl had grown tired of cute nicknames and most nicknames in general.

"Alright then, Michelle, I'm sorry I got that wrong as well."

"It's not the worst I've deal with, sir," Michelle replied. Des gave her a humorous grin.

"I'm not a sir," he replied. Michelle cracked a smile in return.

"Well then, if not a sir, what are you?" she asked him.

"I'm a Des."

06-13-2012, 10:44 PM
Crystal Momoyia
Pallet Town, Kanto
ARPers: none
Crystal sighed heavily, stroking the only non-nicknamed Pokemon on her team. The soft fur was a reminder that she wasn't alone at the moment. Whenever the cat-like Pokemon was near it seemed like there was a sense of peace. But even so her mind was still racing even with the comfort of a companion. She didn't like that she was lying to her older sister, who was so busy studying this new condition that appeared. She again sighed, closing her eyes to rest them.

"You keep sighing like that and someone is going to think you have something heavy on your mind," the feline next to her said, shifting a bit so she can place her head on her trainer's shoulder.

"But I do, Persian," Crystal replied. "I don't like going behind Keynoma's back. She deserves to know, but I also don't want her worrying about me when she finds out."

Persian turned her gaze upward. The two were currently in the fields just outside of Pallet Town near the Momoyia household. They had come here to rest. Before they would take naps out here, but since neither could no longer sleep they just came here to rest both physically and mentally. Or at least attempt it in Crystal's case it seemed.

"I'm not sure what to tell you. You'll know what to do when the time is right."

Crystal rested her hand on Persian's head, stroking the cat's fur with her thumb. "I hope so, partner. I hope so."
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Lee Thatcher
Reality//Castelia City, Unova

Narrow Street had always been a shady place in Unova’s bustling gem, Castelia City, but things only got worse after the Insomance epidemic. Before, it was haunted by brutes and thugs; now, it was flooded with the deranged and destitute insomniacs. Criminal activity had spiked when many stricken with the new disease became desperate to find an escape. Some of the measures they took were slightly less than legal. Thanks to the shelter its shadows provided, Narrow Street became a hot spot for Underground activity.

With this notoriety in mind, it was easy to understand why on this day a hooded figure felt uneasy about flitting about the alley. By no means was this a place she would want to hang about on any other afternoon, but like so many before her, she was at her wit’s end. A passing rumor had revived a flame of hope within her, and if there was a chance… She would take it. No matter the cost.

The hooded figure glanced over her shoulder multiple times, but didn’t stop until she reached her destination—the Café Sonata. Even before she pushed open the door, she could hear the solemn jazz music playing within. The song seemed half-heartedly played, as if the players were falling asleep at their instruments. She pressed her lips together, knowing that it was probably the other way around. Bracing herself, she eased the door open and slid inside.

Despite being high noon, the café was abandoned. Only two other people occupied the dimly-lit building besides the waiter and the band. Glancing to the other customers, the hooded figure wondered if she was too late. They didn’t seem familiar. Had she missed him? Keeping her hood up, she walked up to the counted as quietly as she could. No one but the barista paid any attention to her as she approached.

“’Cuse me,” she squeaked in a soft voice. “I’m looking for a Mister Thatcher?”

“Aren’t we both?” the barista grumbled, loading his coffee machine. “He owes me two week’s worth of rent.”

“Rent?” the young woman furrowed her brows beneath her hood, not following.

With an exasperated sigh, the barista pointed towards upwards. “Yeah. The scamp’s been renting out a room upstairs, and hasn’t paid us a cent since coming here.”

“Is he up there now?” she followed his pointed finger.

“Beats me. Stairs are over there,” he indicated with a nod of his head. “Feel free to go check. If he is up there, would you mind telling him that he’s got 24 hours until my boss sics his Krookodile on him.”

The hooded figure thanked him and quickly made her way up the stairs, feeling awkward the whole time. She prayed that he would be here—if not, she wasn’t sure what she would do. The attic of the café was musty and dark, and the stairway led up to only a trio of doors. One had a sign declaring OFFICE on it, while another had an eyehole in its center. Taking her chances on the latter, she briskly rapped her knuckles below the hole.

Despair overwhelmed her as no immediate reply came. She tried again, but as minutes rolled by it seemed clear that she had reached a dead end. The young woman stood in place and stared at the door as she fought back tears. What a fool I was, thinking there was hope, she scolded herself. Just as she was about to turn back around, the handle moved. She held her breath as the door slowly cracked open, but instead of seeing the person she was expecting…

A golden, fox-shaped face looked up at her expectantly.

An abra? She blinked in surprise. Now that wasn’t a creature you would see very often in Unova. She waited for its owner to appear, but the silence only deepened as the Pokémon continued staring at her through slitted eyes.

Growing uncomfortable under its unflinching gaze, she finally cleared her throat and asked, “Er, is Lee here?”

The Abra said nothing of course, and the woman immediately felt sheepish. What point in there was talking to the Pokémon? It probably didn’t understand her! And how was she supposed to understand it, if it tried to communicate back? Still… she needed to find Lee Thatcher.

“Look, I just want to, er, inquire about his… Um, his services.”

The fox-like creature stared for a moment later, then slipped back behind the door. Seconds later, a hand shot out from the darkness beyond—a human hand—and caught hold of her forearm. She shrieked as she was practically yanked from the hallway.

“Shh!” a voice hissed at her. “Keep it down! Don’t want to disturb the neighbors, do ya?”

She yanked free of the mysterious hand’s grip and stumbled backwards in the dark room. “Who are you?” She narrowed her eyes, trying to discern the forms around her, but it was too dark.

“Your worst nightmare…” the prior voice took on a creepy, gravely tone—though its effect was quickly dispersed when it let out a sudden guffaw. “Nah, just joshing ya. I’ll tell you in a second, but first you gotta tell me. What kind of services do you need? Cuz I’d be more than happy to accommodate a fine young lady like yourself.”

Was this guy for real? Taking on a stance she hoped was defiant, she bluntly declared, “I need a Dreamwalker.”

“Oh,” the voice sounded a little disappointed. “That kind of service… Well then, in that case...”

A light suddenly switched on, stinging the young woman’s eyes. Blinking past the pain, she finally caught sight of the voice’s owner: a spiky, black-haired young man with a cocky smirk plastered across his face. The Abra she had seen earlier was at his side, continuing its merciless scrutinizing.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” the teen gave an exaggerated bow, twirling his wrist in circles. “I am the notorious Lee Thatcher, and this is my trusty partner Shadow. What can we do for you today?”

She studied him cautiously. This was the Lee she had been searching for? A boy? Well, he certainly wasn’t what she had been expecting…

“Is it true that you can...” she hesitantly asked.

“That I can cross over into dreams?” the boy flopped down into an armchair across the room. Folding his arms behind his head, he affirmed, “Yep, sure have.”

Still uncertain, she went further, “And is it true that you can…”

He chuckled, “Man, quite the skeptic, aren’t ya? Come on, if you’re here, then you must already know—Yes, I can cross over into dreams and fight the Insomance. And yes; for every one of those suckers defeated, someone on this side is cured of their disease. Well, one of their diseases, anyway.”

“So…” she swallowed, fighting back her nerves. “You can free a friend of mine?”

“I could,” he frowned, acting aloof as he scratched his chin. “For a price… It ain’t always easy, ya know.”

Now came the moment she dreaded. Still, she was prepared. “I’m willing to pay however much it takes.”

“Is that so?” Lee cocked a brow.

“I’ve lost someone very important to me,” she fixed him with a hard glare. “And I want him back.”

That cocky grin of his returned. “Is that so?” he repeated. “Sounds like we’re in business.”


(OOC: Just thought I'd do this first point in some random person's point of view. She's not a major character or anything, but she'll be part of Lee's motivation throughout his story ;D)