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06-21-2012, 10:10 PM
Greetings =)

I went looking for a nice community forum to start my pokemon breeding projects.
The Breeding Projects are basically just breeding a pokemon with a specific moveset.
With the administrator's and moderators permission, I'd like to start a topic to get the project up and running, and maybe recruit others to help out. Like IV/EV trainers to get their stats up, Traders to know the true value of said pokemon and exchange for other valuable pokemon, other breeders if a particular project is a hassle, or even to run a completely separate project.

I have Pokemon Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, LeafGreen, and FireRed. (And Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness)

And I like helping people out, in fact earlier today, I helped someone who just started SoulSilver get all the Starters in one sitting. And one thing that I WILL NOT tolerate, is someone being a jerk. I'll walk away from a trade if someone is being tool or unnecessarily mean.

06-21-2012, 10:17 PM
Welcome to PE2K, you can call me Minty.

I'm just starting to learn IV/EV training/breeding, and I try to spend time in Pokemon Interactive Center.
I actually have a thread there for specifically the purpose you're talking about, so if you want, you can check it out :)

Pokemon Trainer Sarah
06-27-2012, 11:32 PM
Hi Wilben, welcome to PE2K. Your idea sounds really interesting. If you need any help with it, feel free to PM me. Good luck! And have fun!

Neku Sakuraba
06-28-2012, 04:21 AM
Welcome, Willben! What you do sounds pretty interesting. And you won't really have to worry about anyone being mean here. Just about everyone I know here is nice. ^^ Have a nice time!

Assaundrell Yumerai
07-01-2012, 09:07 AM
Welcome to the nice community my friend(^^)